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Monday, March 19, 2012

Dear George: Rob and Kristen. No Matter What.

He's laughing on the inside. Really.

Dear George,

     It's been a while, hasn't it? I'm sorry for not writing sooner...
There is much to talk about. Laugh about, really. 

Yes. I'm pointing at YOU.
Where do I start, George? Where?
Hmmm. Let's see...

Welcome to the jungle!
 How about this picture, George?
Recognize the shirt Kristen is wearing under her jacket?
Take a closer look George...
I know you don't usually notice these types of things.
But here's a hint...

Another day... another shirt.

And what was the hub-bub all about?
Some of the reactions,  George...

1. Kristen desperately needs attention so 
she wears Rob's clothes.

2. I'm sure both Rob and Kristen got the same shirt
from... Cincinnati?

3.  Kristen just goes out and buys duplicates
of everything Rob owns.

4. I wear my friends clothes ALL THE TIME
it doesn't mean anything.

What do you think George?
Any of those 'reasons' sound logical?

A. The only people who really notice that Kristen
is wearing Rob's clothes would be people in the fandom.
While the average person might notice the sweatshirt
(Kristen has become a fashion icon of sorts... so her clothes get noticed)
Most would never connect it to Robert.
Kristen is out promoting her HUGE movie SWATH right now.
Does she NEED more attention?

B. Oh George.
That people are so UPSET
(I'm sure you can hear the whining)
over shared clothing is hilarious.
And to actually think that Kristen goes out and buys
copies of Rob's shirts...
They don't share clothes. NO!!!
Well.. George...
It's beyond comprehension.

Bottom line, George?

Kristen and Robert share everything.

And the thing is, George...
That sweatshirt looks a bit smallish on Robert.
(Look at how short the sleeves are.)
It's very possible that it is
in fact
Kristen's sweatshirt.
And Robert is the one who borrowed it.
We all know that has happened before, George


Rumor has it that this was Kristen's T-shirt
(or perhaps her brothers...)
Winky. Winky.

So it's not the first time they have worn each
others clothes.
Nor will it be the last time.
It only cements the fact that they have 
access to each others wardrobe.
You know...
Like people do when they LIVE TOGETHER.


Mirror. Mirror. On the wall... Whose the fairest of them all?

There were SWATH trailers and videos released
Kristen and Charlize have been giving interviews...
It's been a plethora of Kristen goodness.
And I keep watching the extended trailer, George.
There is even a part in it that makes me a bit... weepy.
I mean...
It's only a fucking trailer, George...
5 hurried minutes.
And I'm already all involved and anxious
and want to see what happens next.
Charlize Theron is a goddess.
She's not only gorgeous...
But she is witty and charming and you can tell
she is looking out for Kristen...
Perhaps helping her out when she gets a bit shy.
They are the perfect team.
Brilliant casting.
Kristen looks amazing.

Go here

To watch the videos and trailers
and get all the good Rob and Kristen pictures.
Brilliant blog.

I just want to keep what's MINE.

And finally, George.
The desperate Hunger Games comparison.
Some people want Kristen to fail so badly.
They will compare her to anyone they think will do 'better'.
So now the hateful will latch onto Jennifer Lawrence.
Perhaps she will save them.
So they go on and on about how much better she is.
In every conceivable way.
And believe you me, George...
I have nothing against JL
She's young and gorgeous and talented
Just like Kristen.
But people are trying so hard to make it a fight...
A competition.
Like it matters to Robert.
Guess what?
No matter what they say about JL...
and no matter how well THG does in theaters...
It's not going to alter Robert's feelings for Kristen.
He's still going home to her every night.
He's still flying to Paris to be with her.
He's still smiling that smile only for her.
And she still is in his arms...
Whether you prefer JL or not.
Because Rob has made his choice.
It's Kristen.
It's always been Kristen.
She wins.
No matter what.

So last but not least...

This letter is brought to you by my complete
adoration of Thomas Sturridge.

Good Lord.

And by Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.
Whom I love and adore
and knowing they are happy together...
Makes me happy.


Thanks George... 
For listening.
You are a wonderful stuffed dog.
And a great listener.

Until next time.

Bye for now


jen said...

omg--I thought the same thing about CHarlize!!! Like she knows this isn't Kristen's strongest point -interview promos where you need to encapsulate things into one liners. And Charlize has already said, she's just a kid, 21, and all this crap's been put on her celebrity wise. And when I watch Charlize I see her sorta taking the reins a bit, lightening kristen up with her hilarious wit. Even sorta mocking everyone, it's hilarious how she puts interviewers intheir place, but with a laugh and a smile, and it cracks Kristen up. lol I got
A the same vibe too about Charlize-she comes off like a big sister!

Groovie said...

Good post!
All the swath stuff is seriously awesome!
I went to wondercon for the swath panel before driving back home to Phoenix on Saturday and it was so cool! No words to describe the awesomeness of the 5min cut they showed and the excited energy when Kristen walked out on stage!

Hope Kristen had a safe flight home from NYC!
And I hope all of you had a happy Monday! A couple more hours at work for me :( hope they go fast, I'm sleepy!

Dottie said...

Hey Rose and George!

Groovie, I'm glad you had fun in L.A. What a treat to get to go to WonderCon and see Snow White herself!

Monday ((hugs)) to all the regs. :)

Freddie said...

Hi everyone,

I’m so glad to hear about all the good things happening for Kristen. She has definitely earned them and she looks so incredibly happy. I’m also hoping we get to hear some news about Rob soon. I really hope he’s getting to do what he wants and that projects are lining up as he hoped – be they in front of the camera, or in other creative pursuits like writing or his music.

Above all, I hope they are both happy.

Hi to Groovie, dottie, jen and all the regulars. I hope everyone is having a good start to the week and that we manage to catch up sometime soon.

Freddie said...
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Super RN Gas Passer said...

ROSE...I LOVE it!!!!...the POST and wholeheartedly AGREE with every word. Kristen IS the fairest of them ALL :)

Good Evening ROSELAND and Congrats to Charlize on the recent adoption of a baby!


Super RN Gas Passer said...

Hi FREDDIE...We posted so close together that I missed you. Hope you are doing well:)

katy said...

Hi Rose,

Excellent post has always!

I absolutely love the clothes-sharing. It never fails to bring a smile on my face!!

SWATH looks bloody FANTASTIC!!! Kristen looks incredibly beautiful and I think she nailed the english accent.

Wishing the best of everything for Rob and Kristen.

Take care everyone.

Freddie said...

Hey Super and Katy - I hope all is well with you both.

Sorry for the double post earlier. It seems I'm not on the best of terms with Blogger these days.

Melinda said...

Hi Rose,

Cute post and excellent points! Sharing is caring...

I seriously love that red and black picture of Rob and Kristen. They look happy and content.

SWATH- This movie and the promo done so far are getting me super excited. You can tell they put a lot of work into it so it's just not an "action flick".

I'm hoping we hear of some new endeavors from Mr. Pattinson soon. However since he has worked non-stop for the last several years he does deserve some time to recharge and see where the road leads him. I can wait.

Groovie- That's so cool that you got to sit in for the SWATH panel!

Ali Mac and Angelica- Happy belated Mother's Day. Hope you both had a fantastic one!

Much happiness to all the rest of the regs! Hope you all had a great weekend!

Birdie said...

Totally agree, Rose.

Hello ladies! SWATH is going to be fantastic. Another vehicle to see the wonder that is Kristen. Lots of excitement over the trailers.

Groovie, how lucky are you!

I agree. Charlize does seem to put Kristen at ease. I loved the interview with Ben Lyons and Kristen laughing. Too cute. That Charlize does have a rapier wit.

I hope Rob and Kristen are truly enjoying this time together. They've earned it. Two smart cookies!

angelica1 said...

Hi Everyone!

Loving the SWATH trailer and Kristen and Chalize seem like a great team

Groovie - Glad you had a good time :)

Melinda - Thank you, there was chocolate and pampering so I can't complain!

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, great post, I think it is adorable the way Rob and Kristen share each other's clothes.

I love watching Charlize and Kristen during interviews. I agree, Charlize seems to take care of Kristen, which is great to see. I believe SWARTH is going to be a great movie.

Take care Roselanders and Rose. I hope everyone is having a great week.

LIZ said...

ROSE, great post, as usual.

I'm looking forward to THG, BUT, from what I can tell on TV interviews, etc. JL is a bit immature. Not sure of her age but Kristen is way more mature.

As for the "nonnies", it's hard to believe there are still any out there. I finally got to listen to Bill Condon's commentary on BD DVD and he pretty much indicates that R&K are living together. He mentioned that Kristen had him over for dinner one Friday night and in the next breath said he had stuff to show to Rob & Kristen. He didn't say that Kristen invited him AND Rob for dinner!!! We all know it, those of us with any sense can see it, even Kristen said that sometime last year ... it's pretty obvious.

BUT, it still makes me happy to know that they are together and happy.

Take care, all ...

Liz in NC

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Mint said...

agreed with every line on this post.
I love our big sister, Charlize. Seems like she's really helping Kristen out.
And yeah, I saw the sweat shirt, I'm in the fandom, and I linked it to Rob. It just that I didn't think of it vice versa like you did. The shirt could very well belong to Kristen at the first place.
Anyway, love them.
I love reading how you process your thought. :)

kristinson60 said...

Another great blog today Rose.
I watched the previews of SWATH today when my friend sent the links to me on facebook & it is freaking awesome, actually beyond awesome. Kristen is fantastically amazing,anyone who goes to see this movie and still has any doubt whatsoever of what a great actress Kristen is they need to just go have a labotomy because they are brain dead. I really hope that she continues making movies like this it will broaden her career so much. Not that she has to prove a damn thing to anyone, but for her to get the adoration she deserves in Hollywood just doing Indie films no matter how good you are it doesn't usually get you to where you really want to be and Kristen deserves to have the best. She deserves an Oscar and I would love for her to be nominated for one,I believe she could be nominated for best supporting actress for SWATH I believe it is that good and she's that good. Could you imagine all the whining and crying and foaming if that happened,my gosh we'd have haters jumping off bridges left and right. Till the next time adios and have a great week ahead.

Rhonda said...

Morning all, happy Tuesday...

Nice post, Rose.

The SWATH trailers have been fantastic. I'm so excited to see this movie! Loved all the promo with Kristen and Charlize too :)

Have a great day everyone. Lots of love..

olivia said...

Dear Rose and Roseland,

Been missing y'all. Back to RL after Sp.Brk.

Rose, the last several posts have been spot on.
Yes, Rob and Kristen always do end up together... sharing, caring, loving, inspiring, supporting and enjoying each other, their friends and family. They keep each other grounded, secure and happy.

Wishing them every happiness possible. May they stay under the radar and have as much private time as possible when they are not officially working on their projects.

A big hug for y'all, dear Roselanders. So much to comment on, I know I will miss mentioning most of the happenings. In spite of that, just a couple....
Dear DK, much happiness with your move to your new dream home. Glad that it is a short move, one floor down. Hope it goes smoothly and easily with lots of help. When is the housewarming for your Roseland friends?
Groovie, how exciting that you were in attendance at the SWatH panel. Happy for you!
Dottie, a belated Happy Anniversary to you and your hubs!
Ali Mac, were you the one with the new job? May it be a wonderful one that keeps you inspired and happy.
Teeth and Hope, stay safe in these storms. It is still raining like mad here, flood warnings until this afternoon.

So happy for Kristen! She has had such a busy and very successful several weeks! It is getting harder and harder to wait for her movies and also Rob's movies. What a movie year this will be!

Hugs for y'all.
Hugs for Smitty, Gruff and Syd.
Off to school with umbrella in hand!

Kay said...

The lunatic fringe and their unbelievable beliefs and justifications get more frightening all the time.....seriously, WHY? Sometimes I really wish I could understand their behavior, but I am pretty sure I never will. Wishing Rob and Kristen peace from the craziness.

The SWATH trailer looks AMAZING...very excited for this movie, and all of their others coming out this year!

Happy Tuesday Rose, Roseland and lurkers out there....take care and have a fantastic first day of spring!! :D


Leni said...

Awesome post as always, Rose!

Groovie - glad you had fun at WonderCon :)

SWATH looks amazing and I love the interviews with Kristen and Charlize together!

Have a great day everyone :)

Hope said...

Hi Everyone!

Loved seeing Kristen and Charlize having fun together. Charlize was hysterical with some of her one liners...
'Shake your glass ball..tell us!'....'Damn the historical people.' LOL
She is good for Kristen and I hope they will continue to promote SWATH together when possible.

Olivia...we've received 4 inches of rain so far, but we need it! Hope it's not too bad there.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Hi ROSELAND...Just checking in...Hope everybody had a good day. I was insanely busy today so I stopped by the local Jersy Mikes Sub shop and brought home some sandwiches. Let me tell you..they were lucky to get that and it was delish..or maybe I was just so hungry I could have eaten most anything and been greatful....lol

Teeth said...

Good evening everyone,
hope you had a decent Tuesday!

Yesterday morning while getting ready for school, I turned on the T.V. and lo and behold I saw my favorite Kristen on the screen! Lol

I thought she did really well in the interview and I am so stoked for SWATH!!!!

Anonymous said...

Very nice post Rose! The SWATH trailer is hella good! Kristen knocked it out the park, as did Ms. Charlize. To Kristinson60: since Kristen is the lead in SWATH if she were nominated for a Oscar it would be for Best Actress.

Annie said...

Good morning all.

I am really, really looking forward to SWATH!
Loved Charlize and Kristen at Wondercon and the Today show.........Matt Lauer's inane questions aside.(cringe)

Such wonderful movies to look forward to from both Rob and Kristen this year.

I hope everyone is well. Enjoy the day. Ir's a foggy morning here.

ladyevenstar22 said...

kristen is such a tease!!! why does she torment those crazy zombies LOL heck if i was her i'd do it all the time as a big F U in their faces ha ha ha....even though i highly doubt they cross her mind in the morning when she picks out whatevr sees her fancy in their shared closet !