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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rob and Kristen- Isn't It Lovely?

Hunger Games! Twilight!

I have this girlfriend.
(really... I do)
She is an avid reader like myself.
She is the only 'real life' friend who shares my
love of all things Twilight.
So she calls me the other day and asks if I want 
to go see "The Hunger Games" when it comes out this weekend.
She read the books.
Now... I've seen LOTS of THG talk online.
My Twitter Time-Line is always full of it.
My emails are forever comparing THG books to Twilight.
You see the supposed 'fight' between Jennifer Lawrence
and Kristen...
It's endless.
I've stayed away from getting involved in any 
of THG fandom.
Seriously... who needs more lunatic fringe?
And I hadn't read the books...
Until now.

The only competition is in your head.

I read "The Hunger Games"
and I'm 1/2 way through "Catching Fire"
And yeah...
THG was a good book.
And I'm hearing great things about the movie.
And yeah...
I will go see it with my girlfriend
and I will probably like it.
See how that works?
You can like BOTH series of books/movies!
And you want to know something else?
I loved the Harry Potter Books/Movies Too!!!
How could I??

I don't get the big 'competition' with Hunger Games.
At all.
Now... granted...
I haven't read all the books yet in the trilogy...
They aren't anything like Twilight.
At all.
At least for me.
Don't get me wrong...
Katniss is an incredible character.
I love her.
And while there is a love triangle
with Peeta and Gale...
(and hell... Liam Hemsworth is all kinds of cute)
The books are good in their own way.
Not in a Twilight way.
Not to me.

This picture of Robert sealed the deal for me...

It was Edward that drew me into Twilight.
It was Robert's Edward that made me see the movies...
And Again.
It was Edwards thoughts...
His feelings.
And I love that Edward is a vampire.
I have a thing for vampires.
It was Robert's goofy charm and wit.
His complete adorkably sweet self
It was all of it.
(And let's not discount how incredibly gorgeous 
Edward and Robert are...)
But it was mostly Edward.
He made me fall in love with these books.
I can't tell you how many times I've read them.
It was Edward that drew me to Fan Fiction...
Because I wanted to read about Edward/Bella
beyond the Twilight restrictions.

And it was Edward that led me to Robert Pattinson.
And all these years later...
I'm still intoxicated.
And no other book character has ever affected me like Edward.
And no other actor...
(With the possible exception of Tom Sturridge)
Has ever knocked me off my feet like Robert.
It's still perplexing to me.
So no...
Hunger Games didn't do that for me.
It's still Edward.

And of course....
Twilight also brought Kristen to Robert.
Or Robert to Kristen.
Either way...
They found each other.
And it has been fun
(and often amusing)
taking the journey through this fandom...
and following Rob and Kristen's relationship
and seeing them fall in love.
In. Love.

What have we learned?

1. You can be a fan of more than one book series at a time.

2. Other than a love triangle... I see no real similarities
between a book about a girl who falls in love with a vampire...
and a girl who is fighting for her life in a post apocalyptic world.

3. I adore Kristen Stewart.
But I really like Jennifer Lawrence as well.
I saw her on Letterman last night...
And she was all hyper and silly
and admits that's how she gets when she is nervous.
Very cute.
They are two different personalities...
Both beautiful and talented.

4. Whether Hunger Games does well at the box office or not
(And I assume it will)
will NOT affect Robert and Kristen's relationship.
Comparing Kristen and Jennifer
will NOT affect Robert and Kristen's relationship.
Why would it?
Robert made his choice long ago...

Is it possible that I miss that damn hat of Tom's?

Marcus Foster was on Fallon last night.
He was really pretty damn good.
The boy can sing.
And you know what else?
He looks better 'live' than he does in pictures.
Not sure why that is...
But he fucking rocked on Fallon.
I will admit...
I don't follow the other 'Britpackers' around.
Bobby Long
Sam Bradley
I've heard them all play
And they are very good.
Like Rob.
(Why doesn't Tom sing??)

I will be honest here and admit that I probably never
would have even heard of them
if it hadn't been for Rob.
And I'm sure a lot of their fans are because of Rob.
But that's OK.
Because they really are a talented bunch of guys.
And it's good that they are getting heard.
And imagine...
One day...
Seeing Rob on stage with any of them
All of them.
Now THAT would be a show.

I miss shaggy and scrappy do....

And Robert was photographed yesterday...
coming out of an office or something.
I don't know.
The pictures were shitty as hell.
All grainy.
Even though there were a few walking pics...
(and you KNOW how I love me some of those)
I just couldn't post them here.
Robert walking is always good stuff...
But you want to SEE him
You know?

Walking AND a cigarette...

So I got a bit nostalgic...
And decided to add a couple of my faves...

and this one?

Suit. Sunglasses.Smile.Swagger.

One of the BEST ever.

And come on....
Don't you feel better now?
How about one more?

Fingers in his mouth...
Being adorkable.
And that little triangle of tummy.
How cute is that??
You KNOW you feel good now!

Haven't done that in a while.

So natural...

Final Thoughts.

1. I can only hope that all the people who are hating
on Twilight and Kristen/Rob at the moment
will get the fuck outta Dodge

and get into The Hunger Games!
Go join that fandom.
The people who are SO disappointed in Rob
for following his heart
(and aww... it didn't lead to YOU
What a shame)
The people who are toxic and relentless in their
hatred of Kristen
(and awww... He still didn't pick YOU)
The people who seem to think comparing
actors from other book/movie series
is somehow going to change anything
(and awww... He will still love Kristen!)
Go to The Hunger Games fandom!
You might even have a day or two
before they get sick of your creepy ass.


2. Dare I ask where Tom Sturridge is?
Should I just be happy to post a picture or two
and leave it at that?
Because every time I ask...
I receive.
I do.
And then I see Tom alright...
Being all snuggly and happy with Sienna
Who is looking all glowing and lovely...
Let's wait and see.

But I do adore Thomas.
SO much.
I could say more.
But maybe another time.

And another picture
Because it's my blog
and I can.
So there.
Nanner Nanner.


I love that Robert and Kristen are in love.
Maybe I feel like I've been there from the beginning...
I've gotten to see them fall for each other
And finally succumb to their hearts true desire.
It's been an interesting journey.

I look forward to the next step...
and seeing Rob and Kristen continue down their chosen path

Until then...

Bye for now


Lanette said...

I seriously don't understand why people can't like all the fandoms if they wish. I see so much of that in my time line as well. I am not a fan of the hunger games, but I do not go around telling other that they can't like them and other fandoms as well. If we all liked the same things we would be a dull and boring group. I love Twilight and Harry potter equally. If folks don;t like it. To bad. I really enjoy your posts. They really make my day. Keep up the good work.

Groovie said...

Nice post, wonderful pix, true words and a touch of sap thrown in! Lol!

I read the hunger games before it was a big deal & before a movie deal was in the works and I loved it.
It really is possible to enjoy twi, hp & thg all at the same time. They all bring something different to the table.
I'm seeing THG at midnight tomorrow and sure I'm excited but not like I was for Twi films and that has a lot to do with Rob & Kristen and what *they* bring to it and being a fan of theirs separate from twilight.

Anyways..I too hope some of the psychos go see THG for the BD2 trailer & fall in love with Josh or Liam or Jennifer & get involved with that fandom, they can have them! Lol!

Hope u are all having a wonderful Hump Day! :)

angelica1 said...

I've never understood the comparison between any of them,they're not even similar. It's quite possible to enjoy all 3 and many other films too. It speaks volemes for the level of maturity of the "fans" in question really

Sydney said...

I have to admit to having less than zero interest in The Hunger Games. But I don't dislike it either...I just don't care. I do love HP though. All three are totally different. Apples, oranges and pears.

Just saw the BD Teaser trailer. Bella as a vampire! They probably didn't even need makeup for Kristen and her flawless skin.

beacullen said...

I dont get the need to compare the two movies, people are so weird.Lol They tried to make it sound like there was a "cat fight" between Kristen and the lead, I don't know her name. Apparently they exchanged emails and Kristen told her "welcome to the world where everything you say gets turned around" something like that.

I loved your post, so true, but I LOVED your suggestion that the little hater pack go to the Hunger Games fandom..sounds like a perfect suggestion to me hahaha. thanks Rose.

sjjw said...

Rose, you hit it out of the park with this one! Hi Roselanders!!! It's a beautiful day, Rob and Kristen are beautiful, and so is Tom! Sienna...glow doesn't begin to cover it! She is looking so absolutely beautiful as an expectant mommy!

See, all is good in the world. Beautiful day, beautiful people living their lives beautifully. And Marcus killed it, beautifully too!, on Fallon last night.

Sigh. I love it when all'l right with the world.

Thanks Rose. Great, positive words.


ladyevenstar22 said...

i love both HP and twilight! twilight is my first and only true love, and harry potter would be my jacob: i love him dearly but as a friend (the best of friend)! for one i read twilight a week before the film came out it was love at first page followed quickly by first sight lol...
harry is different i watched the films first but never truly connected until i read the books a few months before last film DH2 came out (cried like a baby reading the last book) so now i have no problem affirming loud and clear i'm a fan of both deal with it!
i'll admit i haven't read THG because of backlash their fans or maybe media keep wanting to compare it to twilight or surf on twilight success to market it or say its better than twilight!!!
i know eventually i will give it a chance once that hoopla dies down, more likely i'll go see the film as i haven't been to the movies since i saw "hugo" in early feb....
ps: rose thank you for that gorgeous pic of kristen and rob , if you could bottle happiness it would look like them in that pic! sigh...edward is a dream but rob is real.

ladyevenstar22 said...

i love both HP and twilight! twilight is my first and only true love, and harry potter would be my jacob: i love him dearly but as a friend (the best of friend)! for one i read twilight a week before the film came out it was love at first page followed quickly by first sight lol...
harry is different i watched the films first but never truly connected until i read the books a few months before last film DH2 came out (cried like a baby reading the last book) so now i have no problem affirming loud and clear i'm a fan of both deal with it!
i'll admit i haven't read THG because of backlash their fans or maybe media keep wanting to compare it to twilight or surf on twilight success to market it or say its better than twilight!!!
i know eventually i will give it a chance once that hoopla dies down, more likely i'll go see the film as i haven't been to the movies since i saw "hugo" in early feb....
ps: rose thank you for that gorgeous pic of kristen and rob , if you could bottle happiness it would look like them in that pic! sigh...edward is a dream but rob is real.

Dottie said...

I agree w/SJ. I love it when all is right in the world. There's so much to look forward to in the coming months. No way will I let a few fringe-dwellers spoil my fun. :)

I hope everyone is enjoying the day. It's perfect spring weather here. All I want to do is lay on my lounge chair and soak in the sun!

Hump Day Hugs to all my pals!

olivia said...

Hi Rose,

Love the post today! Am nodding my head in agreement with all your words. Plus, what great pics today! Honestly, you always give us the best pics. I'm smiling!

Sydney, spot on! Apples, oranges and pears. Enjoy and appreciate each one, be it actor, book, or film, for its own uniqueness, talent and message.

I read all three HG books last June in about a week. (Many of my freshman students had read the first book as an optional selection in their English class. ) So, as with Twilight, I picked them up to see and understand what they were reading. ) The HG series is good, entertaining and thought provoking. I will go see the movie to see how it was interpreted onto the screen. Must admit, the entire time I was reading them, I kept thinking, yeah, I can see that on the screen, oh, I imagine that was included to be transferred into a great visual scene on film. I honestly felt it was written (and then published by Scholastic) with the hope/intent of being sold immediately as a film trilogy.

Take care everyone.
Hugs for y'all.
Hugs for Smitty, Gruff and Syd.
Life is good.

Freddie said...

Rose – thanks for the post. I really enjoyed this little trip down memory lane.

On the THG and Twilight comparison, I also fault the media for constantly bringing it up. They have to find something to create controversy, don’t they?

sj – nice to see you pop in, and I agree with what you said. You made me feel good just reading it.

dottie – “Hump Day Hugs” – cute. Right back attcha.

ladyevenstar22 – “edward is a dream but rob is real” - So true.

We too are having incredible weather here (weather that we don’t usually get until later in April or May), so I hope everyone is enjoying some sunshine wherever you are. Hope and Olivia – I hope your rain has ended.

Hi to Groovie, Lanette, Angelica, Sydney, Beacullen and all the regulars. I hope you are all well.

olivia said...

Hi Freddie,

A ((hug)) and a *wave* to you up there!

Yes, the rain has ended; thankfully no hail or wind damage occurred in this area. Today we have beautiful sunshine and a deep blue sky.

I have been amazed at the unseasonably warm weather this winter in so many areas. Enjoy that gorgeous weather!

katy said...

Hi Rose and Roseland,

Frist...WOOHOO tomorrow we will have a teaser of Cosmopolis!!! Finally!! :)

I would LOVE, to be able to enjoy the last Twi movie without any stupid drama or hatred between fandoms.

About the Hunger Games:

1. I have zero interest in seeing it, but don't have anything against it.
2.I hate when people trash Twilight, so I certainly don't/will not go around trashing The Hunger Games. I stay away...just like anything that I don't like.

I love Twiligh saga, but my love and support for Rob (I too am still intoxicated/fascinated by Rob after all this years) and Kristen goes behond the chacters that they played in TWI. I'm SOOOO looking foward to their future projects. I CANNOT wait!!!

Sweet Thomas, I still have a hard time believing he is going to be a dad, but I think he is going to be an amazing father. I am happy that he is happy with Sienna, he deserves all the hapiness in the world. Wishing them the best of everything.

OHH and yes, I also hope all the crazies migrate to the Hunger Games fandom. They are welcome to have every single one of them.

Haven't seen Marcus on Jimmy Fallon. Does anyone have a link?

Hope everyone is having a fabulous day. Take care

Vangie said...

THIS IS MY HONEST OPINION! i do not want THG beating BD1, i know this sounds childish, but golly! i cannot stand the critics, just waiting to nail the door shot, of the coffin! on twilight. Iread a Rolling Stones article today, calling bella a wimp, compare to JL, and he said bella, and JL,the oscar nomanie,why are so much people bashing twilight, I HATE THIS! or how i wish no twilight fans, if they could just hold of for 76hrs, but i know, that ain't gonna happen, i feel sad!TEARS

Leni said...

Thanks for posting, Rose!

I haven't read THG (not really my kind of book), but I have nothing against it. In fact I have heard many good things about it. I also really like HP and comparing any other series to Twilight just seems silly, but I guess some people need that kind of fake drama in their life..

Marcus Foster was amazing on Jimmy Fallon - katy here is a link:

Hope you are all well :)

Leni said...

Oh I have just read that Kristen's Mom tweeted that Kristen will be playing a small role in K11 - I'm sure both are really happy about that <3

katy said...

Thanks, Leni! :)

Leni said...

Your welcome, katy :)

katy said...

Leni, I am sure they are. I love supportive Kristen!

Dottie said...

Just popping back in to catch up on comments. Interesting discussion here today.

IMO there's room for all kinds of movies and franchises. The success of one doesn't take away from the success of another.

I do think THG will do well at the box office but I'm not sure that it is a movie that people will go back to see again and again, like they do with the TWI films.

TWI has made it's mark on our culture and no other movie that comes after will change that, no matter how successful.

Oh well, just my 2 cents!

Anonymous said...

Thank you again, Rose, for another brilliant post. I don't get all the Twilight/Hunger Games competition either. You really hit the nail on the head with your reasons.

I agree with you about what Robert and Kristen bring to Twilight that make it so much more special than just the movie, the book, or the characters. I mean, I loved the books...but Robert made me LOVE Edward and his chemistry with Kristen as Bella is just so unbelievable and untouchable.

I read the first book in Hunger Games and I don't know, I just couldn't get into then but then so much was going on for me so maybe it just wasn't the right time.

Still, I don't get the competition or comparisons. They are completely different. And God, life would be pretty boring if you could only like one thing.

Thanks again for a great post!!

Sydney said...

I think the biggest difference is that THG does not have Rob and Kristen. Any two other actors on the planet and Twilight would not have done near as well. Rob and Kristen and their freakish chemistry fully translated from book to bigscreen. it is their connection, their charisma that kept people coming back for more. I don't feel anything of the sort with this Hunger Games cast.

I'm sure it will do well though. But what - does every dollar made take one away from Twilight? No. So who cares how well it does?

Anonymous said...

I forgot to ask, that third picture from the top...I always thought that was a manip. Is it real?

Melinda said...

Happy hump day Rose and company!

I've never read any of the HP books nor seen any of the movies. Same goes for THG trilogy. Not enough interest for me. However if others are excited about them I'm cool with it. I'm over the media pitting all of them against each other though. It's stupid and trivial.

Love the walking pictures. Always a nice treat! Excited for the things to come for Rob and Kristen. Bring on the good stuff!!

Sienna is looking all cute pregs. She had a great fashion sense before so I'm not really surprised. They are beginning the home stretch. Wishing the next few months are peaceful before the little one arrives.

Hope the week is going well for all. "My Week with Marilyn" came in the mail today so off the watch it I go.

Love and happiness!

Barbara Fenwick said...

Great post Rose, as usual. I do not understand comparing Twilight with Hunger Games. I have read the first book of THG, ad it is nothing like Twilight. I am sure it will be very successful.

I feel the same way about Robert and Kristen. I feel like I have watched this incredible romance from the beginning, and it has brought me so much joy. I am anxious to see where it goes from here.

Take care Roselanders and enjoy the rest of the week.

Birdie said...

Loved this post Rose. It felt very nostalgic.
I read Hunger Games-my teens were reading them. It was good and I think the movie will be entertaining,too. The Twilight series was all about the romance for me and I am a sucker for romance. I saw the movie first and the chemistry between Rob and Kristen cinched it. I think they are both very intriguing people. I don't know why, but seeing them happy,makes me happy.It's that simple. I just think they are good people.
Sienna really looks lovely and Tom must be so excited. Marcus was fantastic on Fallon and I highly recommend the CD. He is very talented.
There is lots of room in this world for a variety of talent. I don't know why people can't just enjoy it.
So nice to see all of you ladies tonight. Lots of good things coming this way!

DreamerKind said...

Good day!

Yes, I so agree!
("1-2-3, oh, how elementary it's gonna be. Come on, let's fall in love, it's easy, like taking candy from a baby.")

During my many years of reading books and watching movies; it was Twilight and Pride/Prejudice that changed my life in happy ways. :)

And, Edward & Bella did the same for me, and later, Rob & Kristen's love.

Enjoy it all, as you say, Rose...

Teeth said...

Why do Rob and Tom's beards always look so fluffy??

Just a thought.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

ROSE...OMG...THANKS for the pics! They are the BEST and I love Edwards pic...Edward with dark hair and piercing eyes...

Rose...That pic of Tom reminds me of a pic of a Beatle that had a beard like that back in the day:). Was it during the recording of Abbey Road? I recall pictures of Paul with a beard like that...

Good Evening DK, TEETH, BIRDIE and the rest of ROSELAND:)

DreamerKind said...

Hi, Sweetie! Why are you up?

DreamerKind said...

Thanks, darlin' for the link.

Marcus, he got the rockin' blues, baby!

Mint said...

maybe I haven't followed your blog long enough, or maybe i have missed something. but, I'm curious... what is green sheep? Why green sheep? I know you refer to Tom, but is there any reason behind it?

love the photos your posted. I think I haven't seen the two twightlight promo pics you posted. the one with "awww" and "sweet" :)

I haven't read the Hunger Games. I only read the twilight series after I saw Twilight. I'm going to see the Hunger Games. Not because of any actor in particular. But just because the movie looks interesting. Then maybe I will read the books.

And I really hope the haters can move over to another fandom if they don't like this one. Oh.. you know, it will never happen. But, hope is hope. ;)

DreamerKind said...

For Rob & Kristen


Len Barry & Fred Astaire:

Oh, that's how elementary
It's gonna be
C'mon, let's fall in love
It's easy (it's so easy)
Like takin' candy (like takin' candy)
From a baby

A-B-C (A-B-C)
Fallin' in love with you
Was easy for me (easy for me)

And you can do it, too
It's easy (it's so easy)
Like takin' candy
From a baby

Baby, there's nothin' hard about love
Basically, it's as easy as pie

The hard part is livin' without love
Without your love, baby
I would die

One and one are two
I know you love me
And oh,oh, how I love you

Don't try to fight it
Cause it's easy (it's so easy)
Like takin' candy
From a baby, yeah

Oh, that's how elementary
It's gonna be
C'mon, let's fall in love
It's easy (1-2-3)
Oh, that's how elementary

Thank you/kiddysoulgirl99

Hope said...

Rose...thank you for another great post this week! You are spoiling us.

Sydney....I completely agree with you. Rob and Kristen's killer chemistry made Twilight the phenomenon it is today! The Hunger Games will do well at the box office, but the cast is not that interesting..... unlike Rob and Kristen...intoxicating indeed.

BD 2 teaser....OMG... Rob's/Edward's hand on Kristen's face and Bella's EYES!! Gahhhhhh !!!

DK....Yes! Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorites too...both versions!

Marcus Foster's TV debut was fabulous...you could tell Jimmy F loved it too.

Freddie....we had a beautiful day after all the rain and flooding. Thanks for checking on us. Hope things are going well with you.

DreamerKind said...

For The Fruitfly In My Pinot Noir Who Did

I Will Give My Life For You

Tony Bennett:

I will live my life for you
Just for you
Only you

I will give
All I possess
For your happiness

Every wish I will fulfill
Even make the world
Stand still

So until I'm old and gray
I will pray
That I may
Live my life for you

Thank you/CeeCeeable

DreamerKind said...


Really, why live, if not to love, and take love in every form it appears, right?

I love Rose, Roselanders, Smitty, Gruff, Syd, Rob, Kristen, and Tom, with my best intentions, in special ways.

Isn't that the way they say it goes?

DreamerKind said...

Youse Guys Know My Ways

I'll Have To Say I Love You In A Song

Jim Croce:

Well, I know it's kind of late
I hope I didn't wake you
But what I got to say can't wait
I know you'd understand

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Thank you/boswell69

DreamerKind said...

Most Of Us Love True

True Love Ways

My Morning Jacket:

Just you know why
Why you and I
Will by and by
Know true love ways

Sometimes we’ll sigh
Sometimes we’ll cry
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Thank you/brownstone28

Hope said...

Well....thanks for posting tunes for us this evening.
Time for me to join hubby in between the sheets.
6:30 am will be here before too long.
Sweet dreams....

Yassie said...

i agree, it's crazy how people keep on fighting about this... anyway, im curious how much you really like Edward, hehe Rob is the greatest guy ever and he'll always be~ but for a book character,I forgot all about Edward when I read Mortal Instruments and met Jace~ ^^v

Hope said...



COSMOPOLIS TRAILER is up at Robstenation.

How can I sleep now?? Oh ROB!!! BRILLIANT!

DreamerKind said...

I Was Hoping

Alanis Morrisette:

As we were talking outside
It was cold
We were shivering
Yet warmed by the subject matter

My wife is in the next room
We've been having troubles you know
Please don't tell her or anyone
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Five minutes before I died
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What about the man that I saw handcuffed
In the emergency room
Bleeding after beating his kid
And she threw a shoe at his head

I think what he did was wrong
And I wouldn't
Have had a hard time feeling
Compassion for him

I had to watch my tone for fear
Of having you feel judged
I was hoping

I was hoping we could
Dance together
I was hoping
I was hoping we could be
Creamy together

Thank you/tashificationable

DreamerKind said...

Off I go to peek, and you can sleep with that lovely hubby beneath the sheets..

DreamerKind said...

Poof! I've burst into flames!

Yet, I'm hoping to be alive enough to see Cosmopolis in it's entirety. Now that's entertainment.

I'm hoping..

DreamerKind said...

Cold, cold beer is called for and is coming right up, right now.

DreamerKind said...

Mr Pattinson,

You are something else, with no holds barred and no bars at all, to what you are willing to give.

À votre santé!

DreamerKind said...

Some (R/K )Have This In Spades

All Or Nothing

Au Revoir Simone:

Everywhere is somewhere, baby
So can't you see
We're in the middle of somewhere

Nowhere just means knowing nothing
Of where you've been
Or where you're going feels farther

You're a sight to see this early
Morning getting lost
In my own neighbourhood

The same freedom you feel
Is what's been blowing in my sail
Since I arrived here

It's all, all, all, all
It's all, all, all, all
It's all or nothing

Slowly coming into view
The images are slowly
Slowly coming into view
The images are slowly

Finding out for once I know
There's less to life
What's more is looking for me

Saying yes instead of no
Not wondering
What might come my direction

Won't be long
Best just to gaze
And daze
And fall
To dream something familiar

It's all, all, all, all
It's all, all, all, all
It's all or nothing

Thank you/pulga1979

DreamerKind said...
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DreamerKind said...

I must now pack a dozen, equally beautiful and wonderful, vintage vases and candy dishes. All are essential pieces I cannot live without, so I say. So, then it is so.

May be back, may fly away.

DreamerKind said...

Say It's So

Mateo/Alicia Keys/Swizz Beatz:

One, two, three, four, five, six
One, two, three, four, five, six
Seven eight
One, two, three, four, five, six

Never felt this far from home
Never left a love so strong
Now the world is stuck on pause, yeah
Cause without you
Emotions go

And I hope this don’t sound wrong
But the day seems twice long
And the pain just don’t feel right
No if it’s mine alone

And maybe you
Sit at the window waiting
Maybe the days just repeat
Then rewind

Maybe the truth is
The walls are caving in
You, say it
Say it’s so

Say it, say it’s so
Now I walk through endless nights
That the streetlights pass the time

And even though you’re call
Don’t come
No way
I still pray you’re by the phone

And I know this don’t sound right no
But I hope you hurt like I
Then I know you sympathize
Your're my peace of mind
Say it
Say it’s so

Oh baby, when you look
At the ceiling
On your back
Before dreaming

ill I be last on your mind
The first thing on my mind

Say what
Say what
Say it
Say it’s so

Thank you/mateoonline

Leni said...

You're welcome DK and yes, Marcus really was amazing on Fallon :)
Thank your for the music - made me totally sappy happy LOL

Just saw the Cosmopolis teaser - NO WORDS!!!
Just incredible!
I don't know how I will be able to go to work now LOL

Birdie said...

Thanks for all the tunes, DK! Hope your move is going well.

Well,well,well...Rob and Mr. Cronenberg. You do not disappoint.

You love Rob walking? How about Rob walking with a gun? Oh my!

All this anticipation for these films....arghhh!

olivia said...

Rob, Cronenberg, Cosmopolis........


**Still speechless**

Deep breath....

One more....

Checking pulse...

This film will be monumental.

angelica1 said...

Morning everyone - Absolutely loving the Cosmopolis teaser. I think Rob made a very good choice with this role

Kay said...

WOW!! Amazingly intense doesn't even begin to describe what we've seen of Cosmopolis....incredible!

Great post....happy Thursday, Rose and Roseland!!

katy said...

Just seen Cosmopolis Teaser for the 10th time...my heart is still racing. I am BLOWN AWAY. I cannot even put in to words what I am feeling...It looks absolutely incredible. Cannot wait to see more of it!!!

Happy Thursday

Rhonda said...

Morning all,

Rose- great post, as always <3

Sydney- I agree. It's like comparing "apples, oranges and pears." They're not the same, and one doesn't take away from the other.

The Cosmopolis teaser trailer: WOW! Rob's going to be brilliant in this movie!

Sydney said...

Holy shit - Cosmopolis.

Dottie said...

Hey Roselandians!

I'm in awe of the Cosmopolis trailer & super impressed by the choices both Rob & Kristen are making. Can't wait to see more!

Have a great day!

Teeth said...

Alrighty, I'm gonna go check out the Cosmopolis trailer.

Be right back!

Teeth said...

Holy shit.

1. That was FUCKING hot.
2. That was FUCKING amazing, I've never seen Rob in anything like this!
3. I cannot FUCKING wait to see this.
4. Did I mention FUCKING hot?

Please excuse my explicit language.
These were Rob induced F-bombs XD

Super RN Gas Passer said...

5-23-12????? I guess I haven't been following Cosmopolis as I should have...5. 23. 12..omg...I am in shock. I thought it was coming out in the fall...Did I see the date wrong?

ROBERT...High Five!!!!!!!

DK..Sorry I missed you...Will you forgive me? I went right to sleep after I posted last night...Wouldn't you know I would miss you!

Happy Thursday Everybody!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

ROB...Oops...High Five to YOU!!!!!

ROBERT...Our illustrious and now very busy professor/ musical artist...I certainly have a High Five for you...I read your last post and so glad you are busy and well!

Melinda said...

Just saw the Cosmopolis teaser. In the words of Rachel Zoe "that was bananas"!!!

And here I thought that DuRob was debauchery personified. Pretty sure after seeing this teaser he has nothing on Packinson.

That swagger walking down the alley...so smug...so many other things too...

2012 is looking pretty flippin fantastic so far!!

Hope everyone is having a great day!

DreamerKind said...
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DreamerKind said...

One more time, correctly:

It's a new Friday! Best wishes to all for a great weekend.

Myself, I believe I've blown a gasket. I have had to recoup all day from my excessive excitement over the SWATH, Cosmopolis, and BD2 bits, featuring the gifted K & R.

Shopping for hours, put all to right with me.

This week has been incredible!

See you soon.