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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rob and Kristen Share Everything


Do you want to know what I find 
BEYOND amusing?
The way people latch onto the fact
that Rob and Kristen share luggage...
and clothes
and spit.

OK... the spit was a JOKE
(Kinda... but you know what I mean)

This old thing? I just threw it on...
I ab-so-fucking-lutely LOVE
that Kristen is wearing a shirt of Robs
which she does quite frequently... I might add...
and people go bonkers.


There is one side that just loves that Kristen
wears Robert's clothes.
And admit it...
It is rather adorable.
I mean...
Who can blame her for wanting some part of him
next to her at all times?
And which one of you ladies hasn't wore
your significant others clothing from time to time?
There is something warmly comforting about it
And yeah..
You know...
It just shows what complete
TOTAL access
Kristen has to Rob
and everything he owns.

I better get this home, I think Kristen wants to wear it next...

They have shared numerous articles of clothing in the past.
Probably more than we are even aware of
(Think what you will... hahaha)

But it's pretty obvious this plaid jacket is a favorites of Rob's.
He's been wearing it for years.
And for Kristen to show up wearing it
just makes me SMILE
Rob + Kristen = Love!

Yes... it has a ZIPPER!
Yes. A Zipper.
Because it's VERY important to the rabid Foamers
to distinguish between buttons and zippers.
Kristen does also own a similar shirt with buttons.
So it has been pointed out.
Again. And again.
But come on.
Now Kristen is either STEALING Rob's clothes
unbeknownst to him
She's actually out buying duplicates of all his shirts and things
just for the sole purpose of taunting her fans!
Because apparently that's what Kristen does...
She copies Rob just for attention!
It has NOTHING to do with the fact that 
Rob and Kristen 
live together 
and naturally share things as part of their relationship...
No no no
That would be way too logical.
Of course it is part of a nefarious plot
I'm sure Summit makes her wear his clothes
while she is promoting a movie
that has nothing to do with Twilight.

Does it Foam?
Wow... Rob smells like Balenciaga perfume...

I love it.
I think its cute and sweet and incredibly adorable.
And while it might be silly to get giddy
over the fact that Rob and Kristen share so many things
in their lovely relationship...
There ain't nothing wrong with a little giddy
in one's life...
And giddy is GOOD
Foamy... Bad.
Giddy... Good.

OK then...

This post is brought to you by SWATH

SnowStew is the fairest of them all.

There were 4 BTS the scenes videos from SWATH
released yesterday
I'm sure you have seen them by now.
The whole movie looks incredible
and we even got a snippet of Kristen's accent.
It was similar to how Charlize talks...
Kinda OLD English...
And I loved it.
Every second of it.
(and if you haven't seen it... go to RobStenation. Now)

And this post is brought to you by...

Any guesses?

Me! Me! Pick me!!


Thomas Sturridge.

Puff. Puff. Pass.
Thomas has come close to the plaid jacket...
But he seems to have one of his own.
I've seen him wearing that red plaid many times...
(and perhaps Sienna was wearing it in NYC?)

I adore him.
As always.

Until next time...

Bye for now


TwiHusband said...

LOL I've *never* understood the bitterness that always spews from the other side on this issue. YES, the kids share wardrobe articles, among other things. That shit happens when you're a tight couple who share living accommodations. Especially when you're still in that googly-eyed love phase, which after 4 years (?) shows no signs of abating.

The black hats should just take a chill pill the size of Yankee Stadium and get the hell over it.

Good post. Lovin' the music.

Dottie said...

Rose, this was a sweet post w/just the right amount of snark. :)

There is definitely something comforting about shared things, especially when you have to be apart. (Today is my anniversary so I'm feeling extra sappy) What I find completely adorable in the shared shirt pics is how huge that shirt is on Kristen.

Hello to my friends! I hope everyone is good & enjoying life.

Has anyone heard from Robert lately? It's been a while since he checked in. I hope his absence means he is doing so well he doesn't have time for us.


Leni said...

Rose, I just love coming here and reading your sane words - thanks!

The bf is away quite often because of work and I love sleeping in his shirts - it's just natural and comforting. (But of course the ninnies would have no idea about that, given that their relationships seem to be with an Edward cutout board LOL)

Dottie - happy anniversary! Hope you and the hubby are having a great time ;)

I also wondered just recently why we haven't heard about Robert in a long time? And where is Claire?

Have a great day/evening everybody :)

Freddie said...

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well.

Dottie - congratulations on this happy milestone. I hope you have a wonderful anniversary with your hubby and your boys.

TwiHusband – I enjoyed your comment. Welcome (although, I suspect you’re not really new to the whole twi-fandom craziness).

Hey Leni – I hope you are well.

Hi to all the regulars. I hope we get a chance to chat soon.

katy said...

Hi Rose, Freddie, Twihusband, Dottie, Leni.

Sweet post!!

Being logical is not Ninnies strongest points, isn't it?

I also think is absolutely adorable when Kristen wears Rob's clothes. I even mentioned this yesterday. It made me smile big and 'AWW' when I saw her wearing that particular shirt of Rob on the set interviews of SWATH...especially because we had seen Rob wearing that same shirt during BD promo.

Have a great day everyone. Take care.

Motherhin said...

My husband has a couple of jackets that I'll grab to put on when I want something big and comfortable to wear. I have noticed Kristen and Rob dressing alike and sharing clothes since the beginning. It's obviously something they do as a couple but when you have issues with them being a couple in the first place, you aren't going to want to admit that it's the same jacket.

It's sad really, if you think about it. The level of negativity that pours from someone shows how sad and unfulfilled their life is. I'd hate to be in their shoes.

katy said...

Dottie, Happy anniversary! Hope you and your husband enjoy your day.

And, yes where is Claire, Robert and PL?

angelica1 said...

Hi Everyone,

I wear his t shirts and hoodies all the time, it's totally normal. I hide my favourites so he can't take them with him when he's away :)

dottie - Hapy anniversary!

Groovie said...

Nice one!
Kristen can rock the glam'd up look but she seems most comfortable in tshirts & her man's shirts are probably extra comfy. Can't blame her! I wouldn't wear a dress at all in less someone held a gun to my head lol!

swath looks amazing! I'm really excited! And that WonderCon thing in Anaheim coincides with my trip so my sister & I are going on Saturday to check out the swath thing & see what Rupert Sanders has to say. I've never gone to a convention like that so we'll have fun!

We are headed out to lunch and then the Griffith Observatory and probably hit the beach around sunset, hope u are all having as good a day as I am! :)

Leni said...

Hi katy and Motherhin!

Yes Freddie, I'm well - thanks :) You too?

angelica - your comment made me laugh, because I do the exact same thing. I hide the stuff I don't want him to take with him LOL

Groovie said...

Oh and Happy Anniversary Dottie! Hope u have a nice one! :)

Leni said...

Hi Groovie - have fun at WonderCon :)

Blondemel47 said...

Lovely post. Agree with all you say! Love the icons (as does my daughter)lol You never cease to make me smile! Have a good un!!

Robert said...

hey Dottie, Leni and anyone else who has noticed my absence. i am really sorry i have not checked in. i have been lurking but haven't been able to post


well because now that i pretty much have my old life back, i realize that i am not in shape enough to keep up with my old life

parkinson's drains you and i used to be able to cut corners because i had to and now i don't have that excuse so i am completey beat up by the end of the day

plus, i have formed a new band and we are really coming together nicely, we do old blues covers and my origninals. we are called kill the messenger. we will have a web site up before too long so i'll keep yall posted

also, i love the fact that she wears his clothes, could she be any cuter. and in that BTS Action clip when she says "you are gonna throw your coke and go 'yeah'" i just love her oh and can we just stop this game i mean the guy got on a plane to be with her at paris fashion week. are you kidding me, that is love. not friendship [you didn't see taylor there did you?]

anyway, i'll try to drop in now and again

ali mac said...

Come on PL and CLAIRE your turn now!?

Happy Anniversary Dottie, hope its plenty sappy :0)

Groovie enjoy your convention, it sounds like fun!

The only clothes I wear of my hubby are his t-shirts as nightshirts sometimes but I look pretty silly in his clothes as I'm tiny and he is extra large (take that whatever way you like) and I just look daft. I can def see the point of it especially when you are separated for long stretches, it keeps you close..

I got a new job today (one day a week) which is more that enough for me at the moment :0)

Dottie said...

Thanks so much for the Anniversary wishes, everyone. What a sweet bunch of people you are!

Robert, Thanks for letting us know what's going on w/you. The band sounds awesome. Love the name! Be sure to give us the link when you get the website up and running.

TwiHusband, I always enjoy your comments when you grace us w/your presence!:)

Congrats on the job, Ali!

Groovie, Can't wait to hear all about your adventures. Have fun!

I had to chuckle about Angelica hiding hoodies. There is a certain hoody that my hubs and I fight over. Clearly we don't share as easily as other couples -- at least not that particular item! LOL

DreamerKind said...

Happy Day, All!

Me! Me! Pick Me! (Loved the whole post, naturally)

Many happy wishes for your special day with the hubster!

Good for you! Normal life and a band, can't beat that. Mwah.

Have a ball!

So excited to see a new post and all of you, too.

Barbara Fenwick said...

This post is fantastic, Rose. You always know exactly what to say.

I will never understand why the haters get so worked up about Kristen and Rob, and the things they share. They are in love, and that is what lovers do.

I keep hoping these people will finally understand and stop all the name calling and hate that is shown to Robert and Kristen.

Take care Roselanders and enjoy the weekend that is coming.

LIZ said...

Rose, great post as usual. I love to see them sharing, is so much like normal, everyday, young people. Not that us "older folks" can't wear their spouses clothing but usually it's only at home, right? I hope they are enjoying some nice, quiet peaceful time together.

Liz in NC

Rhonda said...

Sweet post, Rose..

I think it's all kinds of adorable that Kristen wears Rob's clothes <3

Dottie- Happy Anniversary!

Robert- great to hear from you. Best of luck with the band.

Ali- I hope you enjoy the new job.

Groovie- have fun!

Hi everyone- I hope it's been a great day...

Melinda said...

Sweet and sappy words...life is pretty sweet for most of us.

Couples that share a life together of course share everything. Pretty easy to comprehend unless your brainless.

Dottie- Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. Dottie! Hope ya'll have had a wonderful day!

Robert- Glad that life is going really good for you! Good luck with your band. Cool name too!

Ali- Congrats on your new job!

Hope all ya'll are having a fantastic week. It's almost the weekend! Woot!

Birdie said...

Fun post,Rose. I love how they color coordinate when they do public events. My parents,who have had 60+ years together, often do the same thing. They are each others best friend and sharing is part of what makes them work.
So excited for all the upcoming movies. I am loving all the tidbits they are throwing our way. SWATH looks to be very cool.
It is so nice to see happy endings and am so glad this surgery changed your life.
Are you getting settled in?

Have a great Friday everyone!

Leni said...

Robert - thanks for stopping by - so happy for you :)
Awesome band name!

Ali - congratulations on your new job!

Have a great day everybody :)

Hope said...

Rose....Cute post and love the captions!!!

Ali....Congrats on your new job!

Robert...Glad you stopped by to let us know how you are. Good luck with your band!

Dottie...Happy Belated Anniversary.

Have a great weekend everyone!

DreamerKind said...

Oh, what a beautiful day! Chicago is unseasonably hot and sunny, and we'll take it.

Wishing the same for you all, and later, when I break from my moving projects; I'll play some tunes.

Not settled at all, lol. Soon.

@Ali Mac
Happy workday, whenever it is!

Hugs for Rose, Smitty, Gruff, Syd and Roselanders.

beacullen said...

Happy Friday Roselanders. Geez Rose, don't give them the idea of Kristen buying duplicate clothing, that'll be the next excuse. hahahahaha, LOVED this post, and I think it's supercute that they share clothes. I love what I've seen of SWATH, hmm wonder if Rob will show up at the premiere? I would love that. Great post Rose. thanks :)

marley said...

Hello everyone! Rose great post as always. I honestly don't see what the big deal is I used to do the same thing when my guy was gone, even now days I do the same as what ali mac said and wear his t-shirts as night shirts or during winter months I've worn his sweat shirts around the house as he stuff is really big on me but so comfy. I say it's cute and it just shows how much of a couple they are!!! I LOVE LOVE the picture of Kristen sitting in the chair with the green animal print dress.

I feel like I'm writing for the first time, since I haven't been on here in awhile even though I still find time read every day. It's been SSOOOO nice out, that I can't help but be outside with my daughter as much as possible. I even got a little tan on my shoulders, in MARCH!!!! I've seen people wearing swim suits sitting on some of the beaches around. little early for me but they've said "80's" around the corner on the news so maybe!!!

Ali Mac- Congrats on your new job, I hope you like it!!

DK- Happy you got your dream place and settle in nicely.

Dotti- I know it's late but I hope you had a great anniversary!!!

Everyone else I hope you all have a AWESOME weekend filled with love, fun, and wonderful weather!!

DreamerKind said...

Forever Young

Pete Seeger:

May God bless and keep you always
May your wishes all come true
May you always do for others
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Thank you/AmnestyUSA

DreamerKind said...

Look To Your Heart

Frank Sinatra (1959):

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And never leave your love

Day by day
We go our thoughtless way
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Too late to find a word
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Speak your love
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Look to your heart
Your heart will know what to say
Look to your heart today

Thank you/tommy194070

DreamerKind said...

St Patrick's Day

John Mayer:

Here comes the cold
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And when it snows again
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February, won't you be my valentine
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'til St. Patrick's Day

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Something in the way that blue lights
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And if our always is all that we gave
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I'll be alright
If it was just 'til St. Patrick's Day

Thank you/RoomForSquares14

DreamerKind said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Irish Fiddle Jig & Reel


Thank you/wpo1956

DreamerKind said...

Thanks. So nice to see you here.

kristinson60 said...

I love it!!! It's just great when we get to see Kristen in Rob's clothes she just looks so happy when she's in his clothes which makes perfect sense being she doesn't get to be with Rob as much as she needs & wants to be. I remember when my husband and I got married and he was real skinny like me I could wear his clothes whenever I wanted and being he was in a band and traveled a lot having something of his on that had his smell just made me feel close to him and happy. I don't imagine Rob gets to wear Kristen's clothes much even t=shirts since she is so tiny and he is huge, it would look almost like a halter top on him for him to wear one of her shirts. Actually I think that would be kind of funny for some odd reason.
The Kstew haters are always going to be blind to these kind of things between Rob & Kristen because in their crazy little minds they just want to keep living in the fairy tale that Rob is single & some day he will run into them somewhere and they will fall madly in love and live happily ever after. Unfortunately for them he has already fell in love and is living his happily ever after with KRISTEN!
I like what TwiHusband said about them still being in the googly-eyed love phase after 4 yrs with no signs of abating. The fact that they are still that totally crazy in love like the first day they met is a very good sign for them to have a long happy life together. And being Rob & Kristen do everything totally backwards and upside down from other hollywood actors they can keep their love for each other to themselves and strong.
I cant wait to see Snow White & the Huntsman it is going to be totally awesome. I know Charlize Theron does a supurb acting job as the Queen but I have no doubt that Kristen is going to be even better.
One thing that has had me pissed off for a long time now is how so many people just say the most horrible things about Kristen's acting but if anyone could doubt her acting after seeing the making of BD1 with the birthing scene and how much she puts into her acting they would never doubt her talent again. She was totally incredible filming those scenes, so into character that I actually thought she was Bella.

marley said...

Happy St Patrick's Day Everyone!!!

ali mac said...

SUPER -I tried my best to get you a picture of a leprechaun, this is the best I could do....

Happy St Paddy's Day everyone xxx

Freddie said...

Hi folks,

I'm just dropping in to wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick's Day and a great weekend.

Stay well all.

Leni said...

Happy St Patrick's Day to everyone celebrating and a happy day to the others!

Melinda said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

If you celebrate have fun. To those who don't, happy Saturday. Hope you all are enjoying/enjoy the weekend.


Dottie said...

Happy St Patty's Day and Happy Week End!!!


Super RN Gas Passer said...

ALI MAC... Thanks! A cute dog...all decked out!!!! Happy St Patricks Day ... I watched the video also.. you live in a beautiful place... How lovely!

Have a great weekend ALL:)

Birdie said...

Happy St Patrick's Day to everyone here in Roseland!
Summer in March! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

DreamerKind said...

More Paradise Can't Be Resisted

I'll Build A Stairway To Paradise

Rufus Wainright:

Thank you/jonahtiba

DreamerKind said...

Shake That Thing

Vince Giordano:

Thank you/jonahtiba

DreamerKind said...

I'm heading out soon, to shake my thing, which is 1/2 an Irish thing at that!

Erin Go Bragh!

Jigs & reels with ya, Rose, Smitty, Gruff, Syd, Roselanders and our sweet Irish babe Ali Mac!

DreamerKind said...

I Got The Music In Me

Kiki Dee:

Ain't got no trouble in my life
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Thank you/fritz51344

Litmom said...

Hello, Roses,
Great music, Dreamerkind. Especially the Sinatra & Seeger. :-).

Speaking of sharing...sweet Kristen in Rob's shirt at WonderCon today, and looking lovely, I might add.

DreamerKind said...

Ah, I got the music in me and some great food, too. The music wins.

Don't know what to do now, so hit me up, if you please.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Good Morning DK and Roseland...it is raining this morning .. A good day for me to stay home and get down to some serious domestic chores.

KRISTEN... I enjoyed reading about the Con and seeing the pics. That jacket is to die for....lucky girl! SWATH is going to be fun to watch...can't wait to see it!

Have a great day :)

Rhonda said...

Morning all, happy Sunday..

It was great to see Kristen and Charlize at WonderCon. I loved the comment from Charlize about being in her "bitch period." LOL I can really relate to that ;)

Super- it's raining here too, but I'm off to work for a few hours so I guess it doesn't matter so much. Good luck with the domesticating :)

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms in the UK.

ali mac said...

I've had a lovely Mothers day today, started with breakfast in bed. Then I made Sunday lunch for my Mum and Dad and my Mother in Law. I'm looking forward to getting a few minutes soon to watch the SWATH panel videos. Have a great day everyone xx

Malica said...

Yawn-this is getting boring

Malica said...

Hello? Rose? aren't you curious at ALL? Such self-restraint

Malica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Malica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Malica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Malica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Super RN Gas Passer said...

B O R I N G and DESPERATE to make an ass out of yourself tonight I see! Some things never change, do they Malica?

Teeth said...

Ohhh Malica,

I'm glad you found the delete button.

Spring break is over for me, so back to starving at school I go!
Enjoy your week ladies!

katy said...

Hello Roseland,

I see psychotic Malica had to much time on her hands last night. Glad she made the decision of deleting her vileness, though I can imagine the content of her comments. Karma is a bitch and one day freak, your hatred will back fire and come back to bite you in the ass.

Just see the new SWATH Trailer...WOW

Happy Monday

katy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dottie said...

Just saw Kristen on the Today Show. She did a great job and looked beautiful. SWATH is going to be amazing!

I hope everyone had a fun week end. Happy Monday!

Birdie said...

Kristen and Charlize on the Today Show, what a treat! Kristen is such a sweet girl. This movie looks better with each trailer.

dd said...

Well Rose, I think it's adorable that they share things <3

The new SWATH trailer... WOW! The movie looks absolutely AMAZING!
I'm loving all the positive buzz the movie is getting :)

It's wonderful to see R&K choosing great projects and being recognized for their talent.

And with great success always comes jealousy, isn't it?

Malica, you are so transparent... more than you think. No one cares about you and the things you say. Really. Go find a career or something.
The things you say define who YOU are, and NO ONE else.

Anyone with half a brain understands that.

"Jealousy is an awkward homage which inferiority renders to merit."

DreamerKind said...

Good day, everyone!

There has been much to enjoy in our R & K world-so delightful.

Doing my best as usual, not to look at pics or trailers, but not succeeding or surprised with myself. Ah, the Game of Life...

I'm a fool for love, and those youknowwhos, whatever they do.

Nice Today show bit; I don't complain when gifts are given. Pretty smart Babes those two, in my book.

More from me later (bet you can't wait)!

Love to Rose, Smitty, Gruff, Syd and you!

DreamerKind said...

The Game Of Life

Mojo Twanger:

Look in my eyes
Find the love
Look in my heart
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Thank you/ThreeChordGuitar