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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rob is in love for the LAST time. With Kristen.

When will it stop?

Here I sit.
Reading Twitter
and email
and DMs
This fandom is fascinating on so many levels.

I was sent this little blurb in my email...
I think I know where it's from
But it's pretty obvious who it is from

"Rob and Kristen couldn't have a real relationship right now.
 Shippers are so fucking sick and scary, 
Rob's real girlfriend would be harrassed and threatened."

You see...
The complete delusion in those two sentences astounds me.

1. The continued denial of Rob and Kristen being in
a REAL relationship.

2. Rob's REAL girlfriend would be harassed and threatened.
Well... guess what?
Kristen is harassed and threatened on a daily basis.
By people like YOU.
And you don't see that.
You ignore the fact that you are posting this
on a forum dedicated to hating Kristen.
Because deep down in your black bitter heart...
You know Kristen IS Rob's REAL girlfriend.
And you seem to think that it's perfectly OK
to sling insults and trash her every day.
Rob's real girlfriend does get harassed and threatened.
By snarling rabid hyenas...
Like you.

The complete lack of logic hurts my brain.

I know.

"Rose... You're not going to change anyone's mind"

But I'm not trying to change their mind
(what's left of it)
I would love to be like some people...
who think it's best to ignore the hate.
They pretend it doesn't exist...
But it bothers me.
They hide behind 
"I've got a right to my opinion"
"I'm allowed to not like her"
"I just don't like her as a actress"

And that's all fine and dandy.
But the stuff that is out there everyday
The stuff I see whether I want to or not...
Isn't OK.
I realize she doesn't need me to 'defend' her...
But I want to.
I want to stick up for her.
I want to protect her.
I wish I could shield her from all the disgusting hate.
It makes me want to just stand in front of her...
Blocking it all...
So she would never have to know what is out there.

Kristen has never done anything to deserve the shit she gets.

Smiling Pretty.

What has she ever done... really?
She flips off disgusting paps?
You know.. the same ones that harass her
stalk her
spit on her
screech insults at her.
I can see why that upsets you.
She takes off her heels and puts on sneakers?
Because Kristen doesn't have the right to be comfortable.
I can see why that would upset someone.
You hate the way she acts in movies?
Why do you watch every one of them?
You hate the way she poses /dresses for photoshoots
Why do you look over every picture
and scrutinize every detail?

I already know why.
2 very obvious reasons.

1. The more painfully (for you) obvious it is that Robert
chooses to spend his time with Kristen
loves. adores. wants to be with.
The more you need to bring her down.
The fact remains.
Robert has chosen Kristen.
Not you.
He vacations with her
Buys shelter puppies with her
Spend holidays with his family
with her
Goes to her movie sets...
Is seen cuddling and canoodling
(I really just like the word canoodle)
with her at SoHo club
and various other places
He goes to concerts of his friends with her
He flies over the ocean to be with her
during Fashion week in Paris.
Rob. Fashion Week.
Come on.
If that's not true love...
What is?
And no... not EPIC LUURVE
(only idiots say that)
But love that is true.

And the last very important reason...

Laughing AT you...

2. Kristen Fucking Owns You.

Kristen's Prisoner

You can't go a day without talking about her.
Thinking about her.
Writing about her.
She's in your head.
And whether or not you choose to believe it...
You DO care.
No one goes to the extremes you do
about one person
(Writing Rob's people to get her out of his life? Really?)
Without caring
For you...
It is insanely serious business.
Keyword here?

Um. Wow.
On to other things
(for the moment)

1. Magnolia Pictures acquired 'Bel Ami' 
and there's finally a US release date: JUNE 8th 


Does this mean it will come to a theater near me?
I hope so!!
Imagine seeing Rob being all smarmy and nasty.
I like it.
I want it.

"Can you smoosh into me a little more?"

2. Enough with the Katy Perry desperation.
ANYONE but Kristen.
Because we've seen Rob all over the place with Katy
haven't we?
Or are we just CLINGING to the birthday party pics
from years ago?
You know... the one where Katy was with
Russell Brand?
Keep trying to 'ship' Rob with anyone he happens
to casually come across...
Emilie (bwahaha)

And keep dropping to your knees and crying
when he shows up with Kristen
And Again.

3. Kristen is going to be on the cover of
ElleUK in June.
More gorgeous pictures
Now we just need one or two
photoshoots of Rob and Kristen together.
It's only natural.
Nudge Nudge

This post is brought to you by sanity.
I have it.
I treasure it.
I cultivate it.
I crave it.
I demand it.

And this post is brought to you by...

Thomas Sidney Jerome Sturridge.
Because you might as well get used to it
All my posts are going to be brought to you
by Thomas.
I adore him.


Rob and Kristen

Love it
Leave it.

Until then...

Bye for now


cee said...

aww cute...
Now I want you to write about ''Jobless Rob'' lmaooooooooooo..
His hags needs to focus on that. Their Robbie boy sooo done after Twi.

Groovie said...

Not much to say, because Rose said it all..so ditto! Great post!

Photoshoots are weird if u really think about it, getting all dressed up & stuff. Reminds me of playing Barbies lol! But hope Kristen is having a good time on her Elle shoot today!
Loved the 2 shoots & interviews she did previously so it should be pretty amazing :)

Hope u are all doing well! I'm off to California tomorrow. My littlest sister & I usually go to SoCal for a few days in the spring & fall just to relax, hang out, go to the beach, do some shopping. We leave tomorrow morning, can't wait to have a nice break from work! :)

ali mac said...

Rose you are really spoiling us with all these posts :0)

It must be weird to be infatuated with someone you supposedly hate no matter how hard I try I can't understand wasting time on it, there is one actress I really have no time for and I purposely don't watch her films or if she is on the cover of a magazine I won't buy it, cos I don't want to look at pictures of her or read what she thinks. So I just can't work it out?!?!?!?!

DK so pleased to see you got the unit you had your eye on, I think will try your advice and dream of the house I want, you never know
I might be as lucky. Good luck with the packing I don't envy you that bit!

katy said...


katy said...


You said everything perfectely as always.

Hope you are all well. Take care.

Cee, you can GO and jump off a cliff...head first

Dottie said...

Rose, If people have a right to bash and hate then you certainly have the right to defend. And you do that very well!

Groovie, Hope your trip is safe and fun!

Hello to Katy, Ali and all the others who pop in.

ali mac said...

Hi Dottie, Groovie and Katy x

Leni said...

Absolutely loved the post, Rose!
I also always feel like protecting Kristen (and Rob)!

Groovie - have a fun trip!

DK - happy for you :)

Have a great day/evening everybody :)

angelica1 said...

I wonder if,in 10 or 15 years time when Rob and Kristen are still happy and successful,these delusional freaks will be take a couple of minutes away fom their obsession to consider the fact that all these years they could actually have had a life of their own,instead of trying desparately to project themselves onto someone else's and failing dismally to have any impression whatsoever,time and time again.

Groovie - Have a great trip!

DK - Happy new apartment :)

Birdie said...

Loved the post,Rose. Some shit never changes.
Katy- bravo!
Or they could have spent 10-15 years being happy for someone else and enjoying the ride. But no...it is so much more "fun" to hate. Pathetic!
Hope all you ladies are having a great day!

Hope said...

"Kristen has never done anything to deserve the shit she gets. EVER."

AMEN, Rose, amen!

DK ...Congrats on getting your dream apartment.

Groovie...have FUN on your trip.

Angelica...well said!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Freddie said...

Hi all,

I hope you are having a good day.

Angelica – well put!!

DK – congratulations on getting the apartment you wanted. Good luck with moving downstairs

Groovie – California sounds wonderful. Have a good time and safe trip

Rhonda – I hope you are well. Long time no talk to.

Olivia – I had a wonderful shopping trip on the weekend – thanks for asking – but I suspect I will be paying for it later (truly)!

Katy – I meant to tell you that I smiled so hard the other day when you said “I wanted to be there armed with a bat and go medieval on those pappazzi and protect Rob.” Loved it.

Hello to everyone who has popped in or has yet to pop in. Take care all.

Rhonda said...

Rose- you're right, Kristen may not need you to defend her, but I'm so glad you do. Thanks for another great post <3

DK- happy you got the apt :)

Groovie- that sounds like a very nice break. Have fun!

Ali- I hope you've gotten over your cold, and feeling much better now.

Hi everyone- I hope it's been a great day..

Rhonda said...

Hi Freddie- I know, we're almost never here at the same time anymore. I'm good, thanks. Hope you are too :)

beacullen said...

Ok so I read in a post on fb that someone said they were tired of reading about Katbert? WHAT THE FUCK!!! omg you called it exactly like it is, a sick jealous obsession. Time to let that shit go and come back to reality. There is no way Rob would go to fucking fashion week with Kristen if they weren't together..NO WAY. He obviously loves her and she loves him. Jealous assholes. lol THanks for the sanity in this insane fandom.

Dottie said...

Angelica, You made a great point. These people waste so much time on hate when they could be enjoying their own lives or finding a true love of their own.

I liked Katy's medieval bat idea from the other day, too! Very creative! :D

It's sad and ironic that they keep trying to paint Rob as this womanizer when he appears to be one of the most devoted and faithful men around. Some fans, huh?

Hopefully all of the well wishes from Roseland and other happy places is enough to drown out the crazies. :)

Rhonda said...

Angelica, Birdie, Dottie- that's what I can't understand. People wasting their own lives trying to disprove someone else's....

Dottie said...

I'm with you, Rhonda. Also, all that time spent in negativity can't be healthy.

Teeth said...

Gosh, I hope you guys don't think I'm weird but I absolutely love Rob and Kristen's smile.
They have beatiful smiles!

And we all know Taylor's is flawless.
First thing I notice when I see them.


Dottie said...

Well, Teeth... coming from you that isn't at all surprising! hahaha

Yes, nice smiles all around! :D

angelica1 said...

Teeth - LOL! I don't think appreciating someone's smile is ever a bad thing :)

Rhonda said...

Teeth- Lol that's not weird at all. Great smiles should be noticed :)

Super RN Gas Passer said...

ROSE....Thanks for the great post!

GROOVIE....Have a good time at the beach:)

ALI MAC...I agree with you, Rose IS spoiling us...isn't it wonderful to be spoiled!

KATY...I DITTO what you said!

TEETH...You are uniquely qualified to comment on R and K's smiles! I hope you have a long and happy career...How much longer before you graduate? Being in anesthesia, I spend ALOT of time in people's mouths and I can honestly say, you've got your work cut out for you:)

Hello to ALL the wonderful regs....xoxoxox's!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

WELL, this is sad...ET has just reported that Jenny Garth and Peter Facinelli are divorcing...they have 3 lovely daughters....I hope that maybe its not true..

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, I totally agree with you, I always feel the need to protect Kristen. I hate the remarks made about Kristen, all the hate directed at her, and none of it is deserved.

I don't understand why people cannot accept that Rob loves Kristen and Kristen loves Rob. It is there for everybody to see, whether or nor they ever admit it.

I just wish all the haters would leave Kristen alone. She is a talented, beautiful young woman, and Rob loves her...leave her alone.

Take care Rose and all Roselanders. Enjoy your week.

Melinda said...

Once again Rose you speak the truth. Too bad it falls on deaf ears. Their blatant denial just proves how really immature and nutty they are. They suck plain and simple!

I saw the OTR trailer. WOW just WOW! Looks really good! Hope it gets picked up so it comes to a theater near me.

As for Bel Ami getting a US release date. About effing time! I can't wait to see Rob play a swarmy character!

Excited to see Kristen gracing some magazine covers. Would love to see a Rob cover too! Icing on the cake would be both of them together. Maybe one day...

I was just checking twitter and Jillian Dempsey (who did the makeup for the ElleUK shoot) did a little shout out saying she loves Kristen. Then ElleUK tweeted that Kristen has class. I love seeing people who know her praise her, especially when she gets so much BS spewed at her.

DK- Congrats and good luck on the move...

Olivia- Enjoy your spring break!

Freddie- In my opinion retail therapy is never a bad thing! :)

Katy- I love your fierceness when it comes to defending Rob and Kristen.

Super- I read about Peter and Jennie impending divorce too. It's sad all around no matter what the reason for it. I hope for the sake of their children it's amicable.

Groovie- Enjoy your vacay with the sis!

Ali Mac- How's that new niece of yours? I hope everyone is settling in all right.

My sister-in-law's brother and his wife welcomed a new little one into their family on Sunday. Being that they love the Beatles he was christened Lennon River (River's his middle name).

I hope everyone is having a great start to the week. I'm still adjusting to the stupid time change. It's crazy how one measly hour makes a difference!

Much happiness to all!

dd said...

Rose, if everyone chooses to ignore the hate, there will be no one left to defend them...

I'm glad you don't :)

ADD said...

I don't understand how someone can actually hate Kristen. I found her to be down to earth, authentic and smart beyond her years. She's just a regular girl, rather than a media trained actress.

bernadette said...

As always, RoseSee's absolutely right! Haters won't give up really even if they can see the truth bright as the day they were born. And I wonder why they keep on reading your blog knowing they don't believe what you write here. What's the use?! Anyway, great post Rose! I always love the song. I hope we can hear Rob singing it.

Teeth said...

Hahah, thanks.
Sometimes people think its rude when I say that I always notice people's teeth. Idk why, I don't mean it in a mean kinda way.

Super: Honey, I'm at the beginning of my journey! Freshman undergrad.
I've been interning since my junior year in high school and I must say, I'm not entirely excited about certain procedures.
I LOVE patient interaction though. When I first interned at a dentist's office, talking with so many people made me fall in love with dentistry. Also, made me appreciate the ladies up front at the desk who put up with some very rude people.

ali mac said...

TEETH I worked for fourteen years in a dental surgery as a receptionist/nurse so I totally get what your saying, my eye is really drawn to peoples teeth and when I'm talking to some one new I have to be careful not to stare at their teeth:0)
SUPER Long may the spoiling continue!!

RHONDA I am completely better now, thanks for asking.

MELINDA My new niece is just perfect, she has settled well and is so far a very content baby :)

Have a great day Roseland regs x

Super RN Gas Passer said...

ALI MAC... I am just realizing that it's St Patricks Day on Saturday. You live in Ireland? Have you actually seen any Leprachans? :-)... And is St Pats a BIG deal there as it is here in the US?

FREDDIE... I hope you have some more jokes for us! I loved the one... I think you told it... About the leprechaun at the bar.

ali mac said...

SUPER Yeah I live in Northern Irealnd. St Patrick's day is sort of a big deal. The town I live in has a parade and there is a funfair etc. I think it's more of a big deal for some more so than others. I've yet to meet a leprechaun, nor have I been lucky enough to find a four leaf clover lol but you never know :0) I have kissed the blarney stone though!!


Here's a wee ballad from my part of Ireland to get you in the mood for St Paddy's day xx

Anonymous said...

Awesome post. Sad that the delusion continues. Sad and scary the lengths these delusional idiots will go. It's one thing to spew hate but I've read where they've actually threatened harm to Kristen and even Rob. That's beyond sick.

As for Katy Perry, WTF? Is this even a story? I thought it was just rumoured nonsense. Why is it still coming up? Oh, I get it, it's the idiots again. Ah well, 'nuff said.

Thanks for yet another great post! Yur lovely!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

ALI MAC.... Thank you so much and darn... I was hoping you had seen one:). One of my favorite movies is an old Walt Disney movie called Darby OGill and the Little People. It had a strapping handsome very young actor by the name of Sean Connery in it...:)

ROLANGE...Katy Perry is just "the famous person they choose to attach to Robert.... This week.."..lol

Berry said...

No better truth written Rose!

Teeth said...

Kudos to you Ali Mac! I hope you didn't get too many jerks you had to deal with.

And same here, I try not to stare!

ali mac said...

Ha ha Teeth, I dealt with my fair share of a-holes over the years, we always used to say how awful it was that you remember the few horrible people and forget all the genuinely lovely people you deal with :)

Teeth said...

So true!

I'll try my best to do the opposite.

DreamerKind said...

What beautiful weather we're having here today. Hope wherever you are is fair, too.

Thank you all, who made encouraging comments about my upcoming apartment relocation. :)

Lots to look forward to with R & K happenings.

See you later.

katy said...

Hi, Super, Ali, Teeth, Berry, Rolange.

Freddie, glad I made you smile with that comment.

Melinda, thank you for that! and congrats to your sister-in-law's brother and his wife on their new little one.

DK, congratulations and good luck with your move :)

I've read on Robstenation of the possiblity of a Cosmopolis trailer on Friday. Crossing fingers...It would be AMAZING if this was true!!!

Wached the sneak peek of the SWATH trailer and BTS. Its looking fantastic! and I couldn't help but smile and Awwing seeing Kristen with a little piece of Rob when doing those interviews...his shirt/jacket :)...yes, I know I'm weird.

Much love and hapiness to Rob, Kristen, and Tom.

Hope you are all well and happy. Take care.

Off to the land of dreams

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