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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Robert and Kristen-- They Get It

“I have been criticized a lot for not looking perfect in every photograph,”
 Kristen Stewart tells Vanity Fair contributing editor 
Ingrid Sischy in July’s cover story. 
“I get some serious shit about it. I’m not embarrassed about it. 
I’m proud of it. If I took perfect pictures all the time,
 the people standing in the room with me, or on the carpet,
 would think, What an actress! What a faker!
 That thought embarrasses me so much that I look like shit in half my photos, 
and I don’t give a fuck.
 What matters to me is that the people in the room leave and say, 
‘She was cool. She had a good time. She was honest.’
 I don’t care about the voracious, starving shit eaters
 who want to turn truth into shit.
 Not that you can say that in Vanity Fair!”

On the fandemonium that exists around her everywhere she goes: 
“It’s not the fans that are scary. 
Each one of them is different.
 But large groups of people are scary — there’s no individual there.

Here's the deal.

1. SWATH had a great weekend Box Office.
All the idiots who predicted failure are eating shit.
They must have developed a taste for it by now...
Considering how much they eat.

2. Kristen and Rob won "Best Kiss" for the
4th year in a row.
Yes. Of course Rob and Kristen discussed it.
Rob told everyone that Kristen would 'kiss herself'
and she did exactly that.
They knew.
They planned.

3. Kristen was adorable and giggly and 
gloriously happy at the MTV Movie awards...

Contrary to what some B list actresses have to say...
Kristen smiles plenty.

“People have decided how they are going to perceive her,”
 Robert Pattinson tells V.F. of Stewart.
 “No matter how many times she smiles, 
they’ll put in the one picture where she’s not smiling.”

Isn't it sweet how Robert defends his girl?
Is it any wonder that Vanity Fair went to him...
Someone who knows her intimately
Probably better than anyone else
To talk about Kristen for the article?
(No... Sorry... Not Garrett Hedlund... HAHAHA)

Who has also looked gloriously happy lately...
I think not.

“The perception of her is that she’s ‘awkward,’”
 Rob admits. “But it’s funny knowing her. 
It’s the absolute opposite of what people think. 
She’s insanely confident.” 

Oh Robert.

Kristen has every reason to be confident.
Beautiful beyond words.
Talented. Focused.
A force to be reckoned with...
and of course...
She has him.

What a pair they make.
Perfect match.
They compliment each other.
Ying. Yang.
They fit.

The right pieces of the puzzle.

And Kristen is right...
She gets a lot of shit.
Serious shit.

And for what?
Because she doesn't smile enough?
Because she changes out of her heels for Chucks?
Because she fidgets in interviews?
Because she doesn't say the right thing at the right time?
Because she flips off the disgusting vermin
known as paparazzi?
(And since when do people defend those vultures?
Since when are the paparazzi the VICTIMS here?)
Because she curses in interviews?
Because the most desirable and wanted man
on the face of the earth chooses to spend 
his free time with her?

Are any of those legit reasons to give her shit?
Or are they just excuses to hate?
Kristen doesn't hurt anyone.
She doesn't talk shit about other actors in interviews
or on Twitter...
She's not criticizing what you wear or how you talk.
She's just living HER life... the best she knows how.
She works hard. She shows up on time.
She does what is asked of her.
Isn't that good enough?
Will it ever be good enough?

You might not understand Kristen.
But that's OK.
You don't have to like her.
That's OK, too.
But obsessively hating her?
That's not OK.
And when adult actresses insult her on Twitter...
Unprovoked, I might add
Isn't that giving her undeserved shit?
And for what?
Why must they pretend to know why Kristen
behaves the way she does and then criticize her for it?
Do they talk to her?
Do they actually try and listen to what she is saying?
Or just judge her on how she says it?
Kristen isn't perfect.
She has never claimed to be.
In fact her flaws are part of her charm.
I don't even think she cares if we get her or not.
Because lets be honest... the people that matter to her?
They Get her.
Those are the ones who have nothing but wonderful things
to say about her.
Those are the people who praise her...
who adore her
who smile at her
who protect her
who love her.
Like Robert.
He gets her.
and in return...
She gets him.

This post is brought to you by the letter T
(guess why)

T for
They do try to turn it into shit.
But the truth remains.

which brings us back to 

T for

Rob and Kristen always end up TOGETHER.
Holding hands.
You know...

And last but not least...
T for
Thomas Sturridge

Thomas Sturridge.
Whom I adore.

Until next time.

Bye for now


bernadette said...

We got it Rose! Wonder if the ninnies got it too! Cool! Well said...ALWAYS!

Groovie said...

Wonderful late night surprise post!

I think "voracious, starving shit eaters" may just be my new favorite phrase!
Vanity Fair has a cool concept, looks beautiful and I enjoyed the article as well.

Hope Rob & Kristen can have a well deserved little break at home now that promo stuff has died down some.

Hi to all the regs, have a happy hump day!

Dottie said...

Rose, I was just about to shut it down for the night and saw your post. It's a good one! I'm glad you are still here defending Rob & Kristen. There will always be jealous, negative people who want to tear down those who are happy and successful.

I'm glad Rob and Kristen have such a strong support system and most of all, each other. I hope their reunion is sweet and they can enjoy some quiet down time together now.

Good night!

LiveLoveKstew said...

I've always read your posts, but IDK why I've never commented before. Anyway I am now :) Yet another well said post. I get her, adore her, and will always support her. Yes, who better than the effing BF to defend his GF <3 *bitchstew face at you nonnies* T for thank you for another awesome read! Xo

Carly said...

love love love the VF shoot and the article as well. she looks stunning and I like how honest and not-holding-anything-back the article is.

I loved how smiley Kristen looked at the MMAs. she seemed to have a really great time and we got some lovely fotos

did you see SWATH yet, Rose? casue I'm really curious about your opinion. I enjoyed the movie a lot though it was by no means perfect. visually really stunning but story-wise I think it warrants a sequel all right.

and I like how well Rob seems to get on with David Cronenberg. I hope they do another movie together. and if Vigoo is in it as well, only better

hapy said...

é isso aiiiii ,lindo o q vc escreveu ela é autenticaa .........amoamoo d++++++++ robstenn

DreamerKind said...

"Them that's got, shall get."
"Them that's not, shall lose"

Great post from Rose for lucky us!

Berry said...

Great post Rose! Well said! Delusional people need to get over it!

Saw SWATH last weekend and loved it. Can not wait to see it again!

Hope everyone is having a good week!

olivia said...

Thank you dear Rose,

Love this post.
Hear! Hear! Truth is spoken here!

Hugs for y'all.
Hugs for Smitty, Gruff and Syd.

katy said...

Hello, Rose and Roselanders,

Excellent post!!

Kristen looks absolutely stunning in the Vanity Fair photoshoot and the article is great and insightful, and I love love that they have included Rob's quotes defending his girl!!

Indeed, Rob and Kristen both look very happy and that make me happy!!
Ohh, is it just me or are they even more gorgeous, since Cannes? Is that even possible?!

Wishing them as always the best of everything and hoping as well that they can enjoy some well deserved rest together, now that promo as slowdown.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*I*Believe* said...

BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO! (in loud shouty caps!) Rose, you nailed it.....awesome as always!

These are the exact reasons why I love Kristen. She rises above the crap. She is who she is and lives HER own life. I'm so happy that she's happy!

Hope~School is almost over. Only two weeks left....I am holding on....

Did 30 get married yet?

Shout outs to all the regs that I miss talking to. Wishing everyone well.

Waving to Rose, Smitty, Gruff and dear old Syd!!!

Rhonda said...

Love this post, Rose <3

Spot on and perfectly stated, as always. Truth is truth...

Hi everyone, happy Wednesday. I hope you all are having a great week. Lots of love...

Rhonda said...

IB- long time, no talk! How are you?

Kay said...

LOVE the July Vanity Fair...GREAT article and gorgeous pictures. Can't help but smile seeing how happy they've been together and through all of the crazy-busy promo and Cannes. Now that they are both safely home, I hope they have at least a little time to just relax and breathe together before their next projects start.

Happy Hump Day, Rose and Roseland! Take care, and I hope eveveryone has a fantastic rest of the week! <3

Kenzz said...

Yet another spot on post! Thanks, Rose, for your continued insightful commentary on the haters...

To our Roseland teachers, hope you all enjoyed a successful school year, and take some time to enjoy your summer...

Congrats to R & K for remaining so true to themselves in such a crazy environment .

Lots of love sent out to Smitty, Gruff, and the wonderful Syd

crisk said...

Only one question remained: Who is the actress talked about Kristen ..... would love to know ..... repay the shit!

Jennifer1 said...

No matter how much I try to keep up, I always miss something, LOL. Of course, I don't go to twitter much anymore. What actors are dissing Kristen????

These two really seem to understand each other and they understand what is truly important...being yourself.

Great job Rose! Maybe it will eventually sink in to the ninnies; although I seriously doubt it.

Jennifer1 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Leni said...

Thank you Rose for always defending Rob and Kristen <3

DK - So sorry about your friend. I'm sending good thoughts your way.

Angelica - The bf left just an hour ago so I understand how you're feeling.

Wishing you all a happy day :)

Hope said...

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for the new post, Rose.

Welcome home, Rob!
Hope Rob and Kristen enjoy some R&R after the whirlwind promotions for OTR, SWATH and Cosmopolis. Congratulations!

IB...2 more weeks of school?!! Hang in there. We finished 2 weeks ago....sorry...but we start back August 18th.

Freddie....where are you???

Have a happy day!

Litmom said...


This is me clapping for you:

Thank you for always defending both Rob and Kristen! They are on top of the world right now, and should be able to enjoy their happiness without the ridiculous goofballs trying to negate it.

Greetings to all!

angelica1 said...

Hi Everyone!

Rose - It's interesting that in my daily newspaper today, which isn't a tabloid rag, I hasten to add,they printed several paragraphs from the VF interview,along with Rob's and Jodie Foster's quotes and several of her smiliest pictures and actually had the grace to devote a full column to how,having thought she was miserable at the beginning of Twilight,they started to see a different side and have grown to really love her for being completely and unapologetically, herself. They also admitted that having met her, she's incredibly sweet. That seems to be the pattern with Kristen,when people actually get to know her they can't help but warm to her

As for the "shit eaters" well surely the best revenge has to be her obvious happiness with her life and the huge smile she constantly puts on Rob's face.

I was also really pleased to note when I saw SWATH for the first times, that every single age group was represented and there was a fairly even male/female split too :)

Em and Leni - Thank you for the kind words. I should be used to it by now :)

Dottie - He's been transferred to Singapore for 2 years but fortunately,he seems to be backwards and forwards more than we initially expected :)

ali mac said...

Angelica so glad you got to spend Jubilee weekend with your beloved :0)
Wow Singapore is a long way away, thank goodness for Skype!!

I too am curious which actress was slagging Kristen off..

20 days until my holidays!! yeah
I didn't realise school finished so early on the other side of the pond. The schools in N.I go on to the end of June and start again at the beginning of September.

Have a good night everyone xx

Dottie said...

Angelica, You are proof that long distance relationships can work!

Anyone else remember when school let out for summer vacation at the end of May & you didn't go back until after Labor Day??? Or was that just a southern US thing?

I think Mr Dottie and I are going to see SWATH this week. He hasn't seen it yet and I need to see it once more. There's too much to take in on just one viewing!

Rhonda said...

Dottie- I remember when I was in school we always got out in May and went back late August or early September, but I'm a Southern girl too ;)

Angelica- ((Hugs))

Ali- I saw a little of the Jubilee celebrations on tv here, it looked like fun times :)

Super RN Gas Passer said...

hi Dear Roselanders and Newbies!!!!

LONG DAY...I am sitting here eating dinner and watching the news with the Hub:)

ROSE....I GET IT!!!!!! Bottom Line. Everyone that has ever worked with K loves her except for EIEIO.Any other shit stirrers are profoundly insignificant in my mind.

HOPE...I have asked the same question...WHERE ARE YOU FREDDIE???????

Love to ALL:)

Anonymous said...

Great post Rose! Who is this B actress putting down Kristen? Jeez, I'm out of the loop!

Love the Vanity Fair article and pictures. My belly gets a flutter when I read Rob's quotes about her. I have to say my favorite quote though is the one about Kristen becoming a fashionista "I never saw that coming." Lol.

My other favorite quote, from Kristen, was just when she referred to The Herb (sorry, I can't remember how to spell his name so I'll go with that) as the "ex-boyfriend." I don't know why that made me squee but it did.

So glad they made it a 4-peet at the empty-V awards, even though I couldn't vote. Twilight fans are da BOMB! when it comes to supporting their movie and Rob and Kristen! Ratings were down too, but I heard one site is claiming it's because Twilight is fading. Uh...I thought THG were supposed to save the day???

Looking forward to seeing the Cosmopolis crew on Strombo tomorrow night. George Strombo (shortened his name 'cause it's too long and it rhymes with snuffleupagus) is a great interviewer. I read part of a transcript and this interview has to be one of Rob's strongest and most intelligent interviews yet. Can't wait.

Thanks always, Rose!!

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, great post, as usual. I am enjoying seeing Kristen looking so happy and smiling, and Rob also.

As for the people who hate Kristen, I don't think they will ever stop, no matter what Kristen does.

I am hoping all of their movies are successful.

Take care Roselanders...have a good week.

Birdie said...

So love how you support Kristen,Rose.
I am so tired of people spewing the same tired shit over and over. None of it ever based on anyone who actually knows her or has witnessed any of the "said" behavior(except the well-deserved finger). Best response is to keep living her life, her way and to continue being happy and fulfilled doing it.
How true that people that meet her are have nothing but good things to say. Sorry to hear about the 2 year stretch. I'm sure you frequent flyers will manage.
So sorry to hear about your friend. Loved your last little quote.

I am jealous of all you teachers heading into summer vacation, but well earned!
I hope Rob and Kristen are doing nothing but vegging after that whirlwind of a month.

Have a great evening Roselanders.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose
You say it all so well. You do everything well except pick out appropriate swimwear.

DreamerKind said...

It's a lovely day, full of good things to see, do and say. Make my days, every day, this way!

DreamerKind said...


I appreciate the kind comments.

Nice to read you!

DreamerKind said...

Things We Said Today


You say you will love me
If I have to go.
You'll be thinking of me,
Somehow I will know.

Someday when I'm lonely,
Wishing you weren't so far away,
Then I will remember
Things we said today.

You say you'll be mine, girl,
'Til the end of time.
These days such a kind girl
Seems so hard to find.

Someday when we're dreaming,
Deep in love, not a lot to say.
Then we will remember
Things we said today.

Me, I'm just the lucky kind.
Love to hear you say that love is luck.
And, though we may be blind,
Love is here to stay.

And that's enough
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Be the only one.
Love me all the time, girl.
We'll go on and on.

Someday when we're dreaming,
Deep in love, not a lot to say.
Then we will remember
Things we said today

Thank you/Nocaro

DreamerKind said...

Pandering For Sleeping Syd

I'm Gonna Be (500 Milles)

The Proclaimers (Live Acoustic):

Thank you/VideoMusicManiac

Litmom said...

DK! Excellent choices tonight- Beetles and 500 Miles (I'm gonna be humming that one in my dreams this evening). May I share them it with Syd? And BTW, Syd - welcome back; it's been awhile. Lots going on in your life, eh?

Dottie & Rhonda - yeah, we Southern Belles remember the olden days of Labor Day through Memorial Day school years. But we never had "Spring Break" either. Anyway, whenever it comes - I sure love my vacation!

DreamerKind said...

Not sure that was Syd, so you are welcome to share that song. Think the weight loss ads have hacked your twitter as they did Chrissie's! Moronos!

Been reading Jubliee news and remembering my young love for Prince Charles. Oh, me, oh, my, the years have flown by.
He is still older than me (thank the heavens) and happily in love I hope.

Rose said...

Thanks Syd... I got my 'swimdress' ordered.
I appreciate your input.... As always ;)

DreamerKind said...

Kristen Shrugs Off Haters

Oh, Me, Oh, My
(I'm A Fool For You Baby)

Aretha Franklin:

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Thank you/bringrealmusicback

DreamerKind said...

I'm a believer now. Been a long time coming but your fashionable self brought "it" on. <3

DreamerKind said...

Sleep well, wakeup hearty, and have a Happy Thursday!

Anonymous said...

Swim dress? I would prefer the swim pants/ high neck long sleeve option as you attract far too much attention otherwise.

Hello DK and the other regs. Glad to see you all still here. Hope everyone is well and good.

olivia said...

Peeking in to give you a **wave** dear Syd.
Always wishing you and yours the very best and great happiness.

Have a lovely Thursday dear Rose and Roseland.
Hugs for y'all.
Hugs for Smitty, Gruff and Syd.
Life is good.

Dottie said...

Hello dear friends! I just read this article and had to share. I don't really have an opinion of James Franco, but I found this to be pretty insightful!


Syd, I have to say I'm rather surprised by your prudishness! haha

DK, Hope your friend is improving.

Hi Olivia! Yes, life is good!

Waves and ((hugs)) to all the regs.

angelica1 said...

Hi Everyone!

Syd - Nice to hear from you :)

Dottie - Like you, I don't really have an opinion of him but that's a really good article.

DK - I hope your friend is doing better

Rose said...

Hahaha Syd! Such a joker!

Sydney... People will actually believe I am buying swimdresses!
(I'm not btw)
Stop it!

Anonymous said...

Hi to everyone
Dottie I am not a prude. I am concerned when a certain beautiful amazing blogger decides to wear basically nothing to a beach. Its dangerous as anyone who has seen her would realize she is going to end up getting lots of attention and I don't like that idea.

She needs to wear a moo moo dress I think-she can wear whatever she wants under it and rent a little cabana and hide in there but then put on the moo moo when she is out in view.

While some might say its no longer my business, I think making sure her bits are covered is most definitely my concern because I adore her and want her to be safe.

Rose said...

The very word MOO MOO...



Rhonda said...

Dottie- thanks for sharing the link. That was a good read :)

Syd- it's nice to see you stopped by. I hope you and yours are happy and well. Take care :)

Litmom- we always had Spring Break too, but I agree, I'll take vacation time whenever I can get it.

Hi to all the regs. I hope it's been a great day..((Hugs))

Dottie said...

Hey Rhonda! We had spring break, too. Gulf Shores every year, baby!!! Hope you are doing well and not working too hard. ((hugs))

Litmom said...

DK! You're right! My Twitter was hacked by the "fat belly" folks. So weird. I mean, I need to lose a few, but goodness! Perhaps I'm the one in need of a moo-moo, not Rose!

I loved James Franco's essay! All hail the QUEEN!

Rhonda & Dottie - I must be older than you rwo. I didn't have a SB until college days. But then - yeah, baby - straight shot to South Padre!

Dani said...

Excellent, Rose. It’s always great to read your posts.

“And Kristen is right... She gets a lot of shit. Serious shit. And for what? (...) Are any of those legit reasons to give her shit?”

NO, they are not.

I’ll be completely honest and say that I don’t particularly like it when she curses in interviews and that I seriously cringed when she flipped off the photographers at Cannes. I do think that she should tone down a bit when she is in a professional environment... if for no other reason than that it can play against her (and it does, always, IMO). I don’t like it either when she flips off the paparazzi, simply because by doing it she gives them exactly what they want AND because the backlash is always tremendous.
BUT, since when cursing or giving the finger defines a person? It surely does not affect my opinion about her. I think that it’s fascinating that the people that call her rude and unclassy for doing it don’t think that it’s rude and unclassy to trash her on the internet. Ah!

The criticism she receives for this or, worse, for such stupid reasons as “not smiling enough” or being nervous in interviews is unbelievable. Gossip bloggers, journalists, movie critics, shitty B list actresses...they perpetuate the negativity towards her. It became a trend to trash Kristen Stewart... Sadly, they seem to forget that they’re talking about a real person.
I can almost understand why some random obsessive Rob fans trash her on the internet (ok, I lie, I don’t). They’re insanely jealous of her. But those gossip bloggers, movie critics, shitty B list actresses... what’s their “excuse”?

Dani said...

(Cont.) That’s why it’s SO rewarding when someone like James Franco, who, unlike those shitty B list actresses, is a talented and respected actor, publicly defends her:

“To me, then, the images of Snow White as a leader of immense strength, charging on horseback across the beach at the head of an army, has less to do with her character and more to do with the actress who plays her. Stewart has braved more scrutiny of her private life than most presidents. She has taken big career risks by doing films like Welcome to the Rileys, The Runaways and On the Road (nudity, I hear). She has worked her ass off. Whatever Snow White may be, Kristen is a warrior queen. Give her the crown.” :’)


As for the review itself, take note, movie critics! This is how you should review a movie. No bashing, just constructive criticism, respecting the effort of the actors and the people that made the movie, even if you have some issues with it.

I’ve seen the movie twice and I agree with everything he said.
The movie is visually stunning, a feast for the eyes, technically very well done and all the actors are great in their roles, but some inconsistencies in the script prevented me from fully enjoying it.
There were several things that didn’t seem plausible to me, because the characters are underdeveloped (except the queen) and some key scenes are missing or are too brief, IMO.
*Spoilers* It’s suggested that Snow and the huntsman kind of fall in love with each other but, other than running and fighting together, we hardly see them interacting with each other. Same thing with the prince. We see Snow White fighting like a pro, but we don’t really see her learning how to fight. We’re told that she’s the one that will heal the land, but it’s not fully explained how and why. I agree with this: “(...) The difference now between Snow White and the Huntsman and Puss in Boots is that we allow an animated cat to cut corners in emotional development, whereas we expect Kristen Stewart's character to develop according to the rigors of reality. (...) the idea that she is the chosen one, fit to rule the kingdom without any preparation or training, is hard to accept.” I also think that the movie could have had more humour and that the middle part (with the dwarves) was too slow and too long.
Nevertheless, the movie is definitely worth watching and I’m really, really happy that it’s doing so well at the box office. I’m not sure about a sequel, because I would prefer to see Kristen doing something completely different, but I’ll support her in anything she chooses to do, of course.

Dani said...

Regarding her acting style, I really don't understand the criticism. In a way, I can understand why she is criticized for playing similar roles. I can see similarities in the characters that she usually chooses to play (edgy, dark, gritty,...), the characters are different but she often has to play similar states of mind. That's why I want to see her doing something completely different, something like OTR, that I'm insanely excited to see. But to say that she can't act? How can anyone say that? I think that she's exceptionally talented, everything she does on screen looks incredibly effortless, natural and realistic. Isn't that one of the goals of a great performance? To look like it isn't a performance at all...?

Ok, I'll shut up now, sorry for the long post!

DreamerKind said...

Good Morning!

Thank you everyone, for your well wishes for my friend. She is feeling more comfortable with home hospice and family care.

You posted lots of interesting quotes from Franco, etc, and your comments, too. Welcome!

My mother wore moo moos and I resisted the urge as I got older, no matter how comfy or cute the moo.

Check in please!!

It was so good to see you come by. More, please, as you can.

Twirling away until later today.

Warm fuzzies for Rose, Smitty, Gruff, Syd & Luv, including Regs, Lurkers, Newbies!

DreamerKind said...

Thinking of you and yours and will be in touch soon.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


I'm sorry to hear about your friend hope to catch up with you this weekend. Everything is doing fine. Ttyl

Have a great weekend everybody:)

beacullen said...

Wow great pic of Tom! I don't get it either, it's like any little thing that girl does the haters are sittting there waiting to judge. Great post, once again your the voice of reason in the insanity. Thanks Rose

DreamerKind said...

Friday Quivers

What Matters Most

Barbra Streisand:

It's not how long
We held each other's hand
What matters is how well
We loved each other

It's not how far we travelled
On our way
Or what we found to say

It's not the spring
You see
But all the shades of green

It's not how long
I held you in my arms
What matters is how sweet
The years together

It's not how many summertimes
We had to give to fall

The early morning smiles
We tearfully recall

What matters most
Is that we loved at all

Thank you/PinkVicccy

DreamerKind said...

Friday Experiments

Brie & blue corn tortillas chips prove delicious and have just enough cheese. I am not a cheese miser as my son accuses me.

Or beer with it, does the trick but he was too young, back then, and I am old enough to do my thing, cheese-wise. Other wise, too.

DreamerKind said...

Water Is Alright In Tay

The Clancy Brothers:

The French drink wine
The English tea
The Yankee drinks
His hot black coffee

The child drinks milk
Nine times a day
The Scotsman sips his whiskey toddy

You can keep your wine
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My curse on him
That brings me coffee!

I'll drink porter
If I may
It makes me feel content and happy

Porter quaffed down with a laugh
The gentry have their aching livers
Water is all right in tea
For fish
And things that swim in rivers

The poor man and the beggar, too
The poet in the corner thinking
If they'd money enough to spend
It's pints of porter
They'd be drinking

The miser hoards and stores his gold
The bee collects the summer honey
When that miser's dead and cold
Someone else will kiss his money

Some go in for counting beads
More go in for chasing women
The scholar stays at home and reads
Give me the glass with porter in it

Porter quaffed down with a laugh
The gentry have their aching livers
Water is all right in tea for fish
And things that swim in rivers

Thank you/Ireland1

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