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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Letters to the Editor

Mail Day.

The mail you are about to see is real...
The names have been changed to protect the innocent
or the stupid.
And the spelling.
I just can't deal with the spelling.
So yeah... I corrected that too.

You constantly post paparazzi pics on your blog 
but I always see you complaining about how
 they treat Rob and Kristen on Twitter.
So only if the pictures are what you want to see
than those pictures are OK with you?
Hypocrite much?
You are pathetic with what you pick and choose.
- Suzy

Dearest Suzy--
I realize that I am vocal about my disdain for the paparazzi.
It's my opinion. I'm entitled to it.
But there are degrees of aggressiveness and disgusting behavior
carried out by these vile vultures.

Take for example the pictures taken Thursday
of Kristen arriving home to LAX.
Did you see the video?

Those paps crossed the line.
They were abusive
yelling and screaming at the people Kristen were with.
They pushed and shoved several people
They were swearing and abusive.
When it was just the two guys left...
They circled them like a pack of hyenas.
Snarling. Provoking.
Going so far as to go in the trash...
Grab someones used soda
and pour it over one of their heads.
And someone got SPIT on.

I get that there will always be paparazzi.
It's an unfortunate byproduct of being famous.
But they are getting scary.
These people were out of control.
And for what?
Some pictures of Kristen walking through a damn airport?
Yeah... like no one has ever seen THAT before.
There should be a set distance they are kept away from people.
They shouldn't be allowed to get up close and
get away with shoving and trying to start fights.
Touching should NEVER be allowed.
Why do these assholes feel the need to get physical
and violent?
If you or I were walking through an airport and
someone started yelling at you and pushing a camera in your face
and began shoving you around...
Would that be OK?
Of course it wouldn't.
But somehow it's deemed acceptable if you are famous?
Hypocrisy indeed.

And now look at this video...

 I realize that this video was taken by paparazzi as well.
But let's review, shall we?

The guy filming it was a good distance away...
(at one point he zooms in and out)
Rob and Kristen were in a public place
and weren't even aware that they were
being photographed...
No shouting... no shoving...
It still is a bit intrusive
(but oh so sweet)
But no one was harmed or scared
while this was going on.
See the difference?

So yeah.
Like I said... degrees of difficulty.
If the pics are taken with some restraint...
Without Kristen and/or Robert being terrorized
if they are taken from a safe distance away
and not treading on private property
and don't involve verbal and physical abuse...

Then I can deal with those.
But that's just me.

We all have our own paparazzi compass.

I don't know why you bother trying to convince anyone
that Rob and Kristen are together.
My friends and I can come up for a reason they aren't together
to debunk every reason you think they are!
I will always have my seat firmly on the NONSTEN bus.
Give it up already. You aren't changing anyone's mind.
- Bus Driver

Dear Road Rage--
I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything.
I don't have to.
The pictures and interviews
speak for themselves.
(Actions do speak louder than words)
You can come up with excuses
(Damage Control, Exit Strategy, PR!!)
for every thing that is out there.
So what?
I say the sky is blue.
You say the sky is purple!
Being contrary doesn't make you right.
It just makes you look like an idiot.
You see a video of Rob and Kristen kissing and hugging
and being all sweet and adorable in Cannes...
And you will ultimately scream PR!
It's the standard GO TO excuse.
It's not a legitimate one...
And it most definitely isn't logical.
But it makes you feel better
and it makes that scary bus ride feel a bit less bumpy.
So enjoy the ride!

Keep working on excuses to explain why
Rob and Kristen

"We give it ONE more movie"
(2 movies ago)

(Good luck with that)

Dear Rose--
I LOVE your blog!
Did you see the pictures of Kristen's hand
when she was at the airport?
What do you think "HAD 2 B U" means?

Hi Alice--
Thanks for the kind words.
Yes... I saw the words on Kristen's hand.
Within a matter of minutes I was overdosing on all the
references to that simple phrase.
Kinda typical of this fandom to take any little thing
Rob and Kristen do
and beat it into unrecognizable submission.
But do I know what it means?
Let's see...

1. It's a love song.

It had to be you
it had to be you 
I wandered around, and finally found 
The somebody who 
could make me be true 
Could make me be blue 
or even be glad 
Just to be sad just thinking of you 
Some others I've seen 
might never be mean 
Might never be cross or try to be boss 
But they wouldn't do 
For nobody else gave me the thrill 
With all your faults I love you still 
It had to be you 
It had to be you 
It had to be you

So you tell me... who would those lyrics apply to?

Can you imagine Rob playing that song on the piano...
Perhaps singing it to Kristen?
I can.

But who knows.
Mayhaps Kristen was just bored on the long plane ride
and didn't have any paper to write on...
Or she was thinking of getting a vanity license plate
Or she wanted to remember those words for some reason...
Maybe Rob had sung (sang?) it to her over the phone
and she got all mushy and sweet
and had to write it on her hand
as a reminder of his sweet
(and yeah, I'm being a bit sarcastic.)
(but only a bit.)

I know what I like to think.
But I guess only Kristen really knows.
(and of course Rob... always Rob)
I doubt it's up for discussion.

Final Thoughts.

I don't think I have any.

This post is brought to you by the number 2

Because it's my favorite number.
Not quite 1
but right on his tail.
Not as much pressure as 1
But still close enough to enjoy the view.
2 is a great number.

And of course...
This post is brought to you by 
the brilliance that is
Thomas Sturridge

You are Green Sheep...

Until next time.

Bye for now


Lanette said...

Your posts never fail to make my day. I give you kudos for putting up with all the nonsense that people write to you. I would probably go insane from it all. But you never let it get to you. It is sad to know the paps will never go away. I agree with on the airport pics. I mentioned that in a post of mine. Why do they need to be there. We have seen them at the airport all the time. Been there done that. Well I just wanted to let you know that I enjoying reading your posts. Keep up the good job.

Love ya.

Dottie said...

Hi Rose! You always know just the right thing to say to the delusional. :)

Pap videos make me so nervous and sad, I can't watch. How do they live w/themselves?!

Hope everyone is enjoying the week end. I'm heading out to do some errands. It's a beautiful day!

Love to all!!! xo

*Still no word from Freddie? I miss her.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post. Could not believe all of that was taking place in front of children. The people did not have any idea what was going on and the kids were right there when the F bombs were going off. I think that he paps went to an all time low when the dug drinks from the trash to pour on Kristen's team. Something really needs to be done before someone really gets hurt. I can't imagine being at the airport and my children being subjected to that - HORRIBLE!

Kay said...

So, I didn't watch the awful pap video (no high-horse, just decided not to watch that one) and what I want to know is at what point do the paps get charged with assault for what you described? I'd be willing to bet the vultures wouldn't hesitate if the situation was reversed. What exactly gives these nasty, skeevy men the "right" to behave the way they do? I'm glad that both Kristen an Rob have the right people around them to keep them safe, it's disgusting that those creeps have to behave like such jackasses.

Happy weekend everyone...take care and have a great one!! <3

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who thinks this was an attempt to get money from Kristen's team? They were trying to get a reaction. If any of Kristen's team had defended themselves, there would have been all kinds of ramifications. John and the rest of Kristen's team were very restrained. Kristen has to be proud of them.

Litmom said...

Happy Saturday, Rose! Happy Weekend to ALL!

My daughter and her husband are here this weekend from NOLA, so all is right with the world...

...except that there are still disgusting, vile, rude people in it. So, so sorry that Kristen and Rob have to deal with them. Tired is right, it's a good thing they have a strong team. Hooray for John!

Super RN Gas Passer said...


What logical answers to such illogical thinking! It just goes to show that Nonstens just see only what they want to see. Unfortunately, it's not reality... Mental hospitals are full of people who for whatever reason have lost touch with reality but they have an excuse...they are insane! I prefer to deal with reality on all levels...regardless of how unpleasant it may be... than to live in a make believe world that doesn't really exist.

TO R and K...should you be in cyberspace...

I'm so sorry about the terrible pap situation. I wish there was something that the authorities could do...You so do not deserve to be harassed like that! I can't help but wonder why there are all kinds of laws about harassment in the workplace, physical, verbal, and sexual. WHY are the paps allowed to behave like that and why can,t the airports police these areas so that you can come and go in peace? Something has got to be done about these people!

Have a good weekend EVERYBODY

Blondemel47 said...

Hi Rose, Enjoyed reading your post as always. I totally agree on both counts - Nonstens are just disillusioned idiots who can't see whats in front of their faces. And papz are the lowest of the low.
When I first saw the vid from another angle I could just not believe how they pushed John & to do what they did afterwards. Disgusting - John & Co should be able to file assault charges for the papps behaviour & yeah something really needs to be done about this. Where's the police when you need them.
Have a great weekend...till next time Best wishes Blondemel47

Hope said...


OMG!! That pap video is disgusting!! How dare they shove John and think they can get away with it!!?! F*cking idiots. Where was Airport security? If I had witnessed that with my family I would have called the police and given them a statement.

Thank God, Kristen was whisked away safely! I'm always glad to know she has arrived home safely BUT not like this.

Have a nice weekend Roseland!

Groovie said...

It juat goes to show what a joke airport security is. There will always be papz at LAX, but the verbal abuse and the yelling are too much and the spitting and shoving is assault...yet airport security is nowhere to be found.

The "bus driver" email was so stupid, all you can do is shake your head and laugh at the idiots.

Hope you all have a good weekend!
I'm going to go lounge in a pool all day. After the week I had (we put our family dog to sleep, and work was crazy busy) I'm ready to relax and enjoy peace and quiet.

LIZ said...

Hi Rose, great post, as usual.

I hated that the paps got that close, very scary. At least I didn't hear any really rude remarks and comments made to Kristen (that I heard, anyway). I don't understand why they can hire 6 guys each time they are going in or out of LAX or other high profile airports, that way they could completely surround Kristen or Rob, sort of like the secret service does the president. I would feel better about it.

Have a good weekend!!

Hope said...


I am so sorry you had to put your family dog to sleep. It's heartbreaking....I still mourn our Scarlett that we put down 2 years ago....still get choked up about it to this day.
Hope you have a relaxing time by the pool.

Groovie said...

So weird, I've posted my comment twice and it disappears!
Oh well!

And thank you Hope,it is always very sad. The dog in my avi isn't the one we had to put down, it was her best little buddy.

Dottie said...

I couldn't stop thinking of those awful paps while running errands today. At what point does it cross the line and become assault? It seems like legal action could be taken for what was done the other day. I'm more thankful than ever for the people who protect Rob and Kristen.

Groovie, I'm so sorry about your dog. ((Hugs)) to you and your family.

Leni said...

Great post, Rose!

That pap vid was scary! It really shows what kind of people these paps are.. not only do they have a vile job, but after said job is done (Kristen drove away) they keep harassing her team just for the sake of it! I mean, does John now need a bodyguard too?!

Groovie - So sorry about your dog ((hugs))

Hope you are all well :)

Rose said...

Groovie- you were right... Your comments were going straight to the spam folder.
I have absolutely NO idea why this happens.
I published your comments from today's post.
Thanks for letting me know.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


My sincerest condolences on the loss of your dear pet...

beacullen said...

They really are like rats, clinging to that last chunk of floating debris. lmao So I saw that video on TMZ and they were saying how Kristen never smiles. Well I wonder why! omg who could smile through all that bullshit. UGH. Thanks Rose, at least the little crazies are somewhat entertaining..in a stupid kinda way hahaha. thank!!!

ali mac said...

Groovie sorry about your dog, pets are wonderful but it's heartbreaking when we loose them!! :0(

I agree with everyone else here about the scum at the airport, they were so abusive, they should be locked up! poor John and the others they did nothing to deserve that.

Have a good weekend all xx

Rhonda said...

Rose- yeah, I agree..."degrees of difficulty." I guess we all have to decide what we're comfortable with seeing, and what we're not. I couldn't watch the first video, but I did see the second. It's always a double-edged sword for me...

Groovie- I'm so sorry about your dog. That's a tough thing to go through ((Big hugs))

Hi everyone- I hope you all are having a great weekend <3

Birdie said...

Hello Roseland,
I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.
So sorry to hear about your family dog. I've been in those shoes and it is so hard.
I love how the loons never ruffle you. I can't say the same for the paps. Absolutely can not believe that harassment is allowed. I would hope with them on tape something could be done. Better yet, plaster their behavior all over the internet and tabloids so people can see what kind of creeps they truly are. That would be justice.

Litmom said...

I missed the original post about losing your dog. It's so hard - our pets become such a part of our families; it's sad to lose them. I'm thinking about you, and sending a virtual hug.

And, my post from the other day went to Spam, too. Sometimes it happens - it will be here for a bit, and then *poof*. The internet is a strange being...

Waves to all!

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, great post. I agree with everything you said...the paps are getting ridiculous. Something needs to be done before somebody gets hurt really badly.

It is hard to believe there are people who believe Rob and Kristen are not together. They have to be stupid to not see what is right in front of them.

Take care everyone, and I hope you have a great weekend.

Barbara Fenwick said...

So sorry to hear you lost your pet. I know it hurts so badly. Pets are a part of our family and it is sad to lose them.

ADD said...

Wow that video is disgusting! I wish the police could do something about it.

Belladonna said...

I'm sorry to see these kinds of odd ball comments here. Maybe I should be used to the oddities of Robert and Kristen's fandom, but I just don't get how these people can really be fans...of anyone.

They've got way too much time on their hands to spend so much of it trying to find reasons why two adults who are seen around the globe together, in public, in private, and who do not hold back from showing their brand of affection to each other when they are seen, are NOT a couple.

Just think what could be accomplished if all that negative energy would be turned towards bettering the world instead of spreading anxiety, fear and utter nonsense? We could stop hunger, decrease the international debt, educate the world, and maybe even stop global warming.

Which are the wolves that survive and grow strong and snarling?

The ones we feed.

TwiHusband said...

All I can say is, thank GOD I wasn't there, and that isn't just male posturing either, because I think would have had to beat the everliving hell out of some people, and to hell with the consequences. I was that livid. That was totally uncalled for. Monstrous. It must have hurt Kristen a lot to see her team being assaulted.

You're right, I may angst over the invasion of their privacy the some to the tender moments we've seen entails, but there's taking a non-intrusive photo, as in Cannes....and then there's that insane melee at LAX. I know which one bothers me most.

They're public figures. Pictures will be taken. They can engage in all the evasive tactics they want to...it's their by god right to avoid cameras if they want to, but the cameras are still going to catch them occasionally. They know it and we know it. But that has NOTHING at all to do with the behavior of those animals at LAX. I think maybe it's time to start sponsoring a boycott of outlets that display photos acquired in such shameful displays.

As for Road Rage and his/her ilk, let'em talk. All they can make us do is point and laugh at the funny people.


Becca said...

Hey Rose...While there IS a song called 'It Had to Be You' (an oldie but goodie), there is ALSO a song called 'Had to Be You' (not so old...but still good). I just made a video with it last night 'cause it's a really good song. :) Oh...the singer's name is Dara Maclean.

kristinson60 said...

Great post today Rose, I think your explanation of good Paparazzi verses bad Paparazzi was so good a first grader could understand it; if there is anyone out there that knows how to turn on and use a computer at all doesn't get it after that explanation then they should not be on a computer in the first place.
I had not seen that video of Kristen landing at LAX that was just disgusting what total SOB'S. I hate when they get in Kristen's face like that i'm afraid one day they are going to end up really hurting her she's so small and they almost run her over. I don't like when they do it to Rob either but at least he's a big dude & can take care of himself better; and if one of them ever hurts her when he's with her there is no telling what he will do. I mean you can only take someone being extremely abusive to your girlfriend for so long.
BTW, thanks for posting that Cannes video again I just love seeing them being all cuddly,& huggie kissy. I'm so glad they are so extremely happy.
Have a good week!

DreamerKind said...

Dreaming while awake, of being at a wedding in Jersey, doing the Electric Slide with a really cute couple. Could happen ya know.

Love is...

DreamerKind said...

Love Is

Vanessa Williams/Brian McKnight:

They say it's a river
That circles the earth
A beam of light shining
To the edge of the universe
It conquers all
It changes everything

They say it's a blessing
They say it's a gift
They say it's a miracle
And I believe that it is
It conquers all
But it's a mystery

Love breaks your heart
Love takes no less than everything
Love makes it hard
And it fades away so easily

In this world we've created
In this place that we live
From the blink of an eye, babe
The darkness sets in
Love lights the world
And lights the lovers for eternity

Look at this place
It was paradise
But now it's dying
I'll pray for love
I'll take my chances
That it's not too late

Love breaks your heart
Love takes no less than everything
Love makes it hard
And it fades away so easily, oh...

Love breaks the chains
Love aches for everyone of us
Love takes the tears and the pain
And it turns it
Into the beauty that remains

Thank you/ARAlexabdr

DreamerKind said...

Better Fill 'Er Up

Till Your Well Runs Dry

Peter Tosh:

You said you love me
And then you left
You broke every promise
Oh yes you did

You win every bet
You never miss your water
Till your well runs dry

Tell me, tell me
Whatcha gonna do
When your well runs dry?

I'd like to know
Whatcha gonna do when
Your well runs dry?

Listen to me, darling
You cheat and you lie
Now you come a running

Wanting second try
You never miss your water
Till your well runs dry

Sat down and sighed
And I heard you packing
I watched you pass by me
But you said nothing

Not one single word
But I know you're gonna miss me
And you're gonna be blue

But tell me, tell me
Whatcha gonna do
When you're feeling blue, Lord?
Whatcha gonna do, woman
When you're feeling blue?

Gonna do when your well runs dry
Whatcha gonna do?
I'd like to know...

Thank you/Rodseve408

DreamerKind said...

Who Sir, Me Sir, Yes Sir, You Sir

Had To Be You

Dara MacLean:

I've been, prayin'
For the, day when
We'd be walkin' side by side
Love was in hiding
Til heaven's timing
Paved the way for you and I
Now I can't believe
You're mine

I've been waiting all my life
Just to find
Someone like You
Love you caught me surprise
One look and I
Just knew
It had to be You

I've heard love stories
But this one is for me
It's perfect, darlin'
Did you know
Right from the start
You stole my heart
And you won't ever let it go

No one else
Could love me like you do
Eternally I'm yours
You know it's true
Nothing in this world could ever
Change the meaning of forever
Me and you

I've been waiting all my life
Just to find
Someone like you love

You caught me surprise
One look and I
Just knew
It had to be you
Oh, oh, it had to be

Thank you/daramaclean

DreamerKind said...

See Peace

Sunday Morning


Sunday morning rain is falling
Steal some covers
Share some skin

Clouds are shrouding us
In moments unforgettable
You twist to fit the mold
That I am in

But things
Just get so crazy
Living life gets hard to do

And I would gladly
Hit the road get up
And go if I knew
That someday it would
Lead me back to you

That may be all I need
In darkness
She is all I see

Come and rest your bones with me
Driving slow on Sunday morning
And I never want to leave

Fingers trace your every outline
Paint a picture with my hands
Back and forth we sway
Like branches in a storm

Change the weather
Still together
When it ends

But things just get so crazy
Living life
Gets hard to do
Sunday morning rain is falling
And I'm calling out to you

Someday it'll bring me back to you
Find a way to bring myself
Back home to you

And you may not know
That may be all I need
In darkness she is all
I see

And rest your bones with me
Driving slow
On Sunday morning

Thank you/blackspider0

DreamerKind said...

Clocking out...

Thinking of you Rose, Smitty, Gruff, Syd & Sweet, Roselanders XO, Mr/Ms One & All!

And, Rob & Kristen:

"Clear the decks! Clear the tracks!
You've got nothing to do but relax.
Blow a kiss. Take a bow.
Everything's coming up roses!"

Birdie said...

Goodnight DK!
I can just imagine you doing the Electric Slide.
Poor Kristen's internal clock has to be a bit confused.
Have a beautiful Sunday Rose,Smitty,Gruff,Syd and all you Roselanders!

katy said...

Hello Rose and Roselanders,

Great post, Rose! Totally agree with everything that you said.

God, the rage I felt when I saw that vid! Poor John! I hope he presses charges against those disgusting...worthless piece of shits!

Happy Sunday. Take care.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


I agree with you!


I had to come back today to say that I really LOVE that pic of Rob signing autographs and running his hand through his hair! Oh My....

DreamerKind said...

One Day Like This


Drinking in the morning sun
Blinking in the morning sun
Shaking off the heavy one
Heavy like a loaded gun

What made me behave that way?
Using words I never say
I can only think it must be love
Oh, anyway
It's looking like a beautiful day

Someone tell me how I feel
It's silly wrong but vivid right
Oh, kiss me like the final meal
Yeah, kiss me like we die tonight

Cause holy cow, I love your eyes
And only now I see the light
Yeah, lying with me half awake
Oh, anyway
It's looking like a beautiful day

When my face is chamois-creased
If you think I'll wink, I did
Laugh politely at repeats
Yeah, kiss me when my lips are thin

Cause holy cow, I love your eyes
And only now I see you like
Yeah, lying with me half awake
Stumbling over what to say
Well, anyway, it's looking
Like a beautiful day

Throw those curtains wide!
One day like this a year'd
You see me right

Throw those curtains wide!
One day like this a year'd
We'll sing it right

Thank you/eezlewax2

DreamerKind said...

It Must Be Love

Madness (1981):

I never thought I'd miss you
Half as much as I do
And I never thought I'd feel this way
The way I feel
About you
As soon as I wake up

Every night, every day
I know that it's you I need
To take the blues away

It must be love, love, love
It must be love, love, love
Nothing more, nothing less
Love is the best

How can it be that we can
Say so much without words?
Bless you and bless me
Bless the bees
And the birds

I've got to be near you
Every night, every day
I couldn't be happy
Any other way

It must be love, love, love
It must be love, love, love
Nothing more, nothing less
Love is the best

As soon as I wake up
Every night, every day
I know that it's you I need
To take the blues away

It must be love, love, love
It must be love, love, love
Nothing more, nothing less
Love is the best

It must be love, love, love...

Thank you/UnionSquareMusic

DreamerKind said...

For Freddie Please Call

Taking A Chance On Love

Jane Monheit (Skip Advert):

Here I go again,
I hear those trumpets blow again,
All aglow again,
Takin' a chance on love.

Here I slide again,
About to take that ride again,
Starry-eyed again,
Takin' a chance on love.

I thought that cards were a frame-up,
I never never would try,
Now I'm takin' that game up
And the ace of hearts is high, high!

Things are mending now,
I see a rainbow blending now,
We'll have our happy ending now,
Takin' a chance on love

I never dreamed in my slumbers,
And bets, ooh, they were taboo!
But now I'm playin' the numbers
On a little green for two.

Waitin' in again,
I'm leadin' with my chin again!
I'm startin' out to win again,
Takin' a chance on love.

Thank you/megaccount

DreamerKind said...

You're darn tootin'. I do a smooth electric slide, esp. would if//when Rob is the DJ XO, and in NJ, and in my dreams. Miss ya.

Think I may as well, be flying o'er the heavens, with my wings o' love.

You all know what I mean.

ali mac said...

I'm off to France in the morning for just over two weeks :0) I'll check in now and again to make sure I'm not missing anything major lol

Have a great week Roselanders xxx