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Monday, October 29, 2012

Rob and Kristen- Q and A

Mail Day!

I know... I know...

So many questions.
So few brain cells.
So little sanity.

(The names have been removed and the spelling has been
corrected to protect those of us with functioning brains.)

This Kiss. This Kiss.

Why do you think nothing was really said about the mystery blonde?
We see all these pictures of Rob flirting and smiling and then nothing.
Do you think Summit is behind squashing this to protect their movie?

I think nothing was said about the 'mystery' blonde because there
was never a real mystery.
Rob knows who he was talking to.
His friends know who he was talking to.
Kristen knows who he was talking to.
The people that matter
KNOW who she is
so there isn't a mystery except to the lunatic fringe
who get all worked up because Rob was talking to someone.
If Summit had the POWER to squash pictures...
There would never had been any drama this summer.

Rob seems to have a thing for Kristen's upper lip...

Rose you really are such a stupid dumb bitch. You act like you are an insider
and know what is going on with Rob and that slut. You don't know shit.
It's obvious those pictures in her house were staged. It was something right out
of their movies. It's all damage control to try and save that skanks career.
Rob is just doing his job. When BD2 is over, so will your beloved Robsten.

Thanks. You're too kind.
I have never claimed to be an insider. 
Anyone who actually knows Rob and Kristen would never betray them
by discussing intimate details with gossip sites.
I do enjoy how idiots like you scream PR/Damage Control/Exit Strategy
every time there are personal pics showing Rob and Kristen being
well.. Rob and Kristen.
If they show up to a PRIVATE Prince concert...
where there were a zillion other celebrities and their phones
were confiscated at the door...
That somehow becomes Promo for a movie.

Rob and Kristen don't have to stage pictures with the paps.
They are stalked and harassed everywhere they go.
Why would they sell out the privacy of their home
if they could simply walk down the street holding hands?
 The PR bullshit is done.
You know it.
I know it.
Anyone with an IQ over 50 knows it.
(Unfortunately... that leaves out most of the Ninnies)
Everyone is just laughing at your excuses now.
Laughing at YOU.

Not with.

Was this for a movie?

What do you make of this Riu person on Twitter
who is always crying and creating so much drama about Rob and Kristen?
She's an embarrassment to real Robsten fans.

I think this 'person' is a fake and a troll.
I've seen some of her tweets and seriously...
The only people that are falling for her act are the fools
who lack common sense and logic.
Come on.
I'm sure it's some bored hater who wants attention
so what better way than to 'act' like lunatic 'shipper'.
It wouldn't be the first time someone from opposite sides
pretends to be delusional and needy to make themselves look better.

And seriously...
You tell me who are the people RTing her every word?

Robert. The REAL 5th Beatle.

I just had to post this...
5 of my favorite people. Ever.
(is there a way we could get a running Tom into this picture?)

What are your thoughts on the Rob twitter that so many
actually believe is Rob? He calls himself the "beautiful stranger"
and really seems like it could be him.

Yeah... I've been sent some of his tweets and stuff.

Here's a couple of hints.

1. Rob would NEVER call himself a beautiful stranger.
Good grief.

2. This guy says he never claimed to be anyone...
but has posted blurry pics of Rob and/or someone
who closely resembles Rob. 
He also magically goes to Australia at the same time...
Plays guitar. Wears the same baseball hats.
And tries way hard to be "English" 
You get my drift.

3. Biggest clue that it's NOT Rob?
He is chatting and flirting pretty much with just Ninnies.
How did he manage to just find them?
He panders to their 'hate Kristen' mentality.
Rob would never do that.
I have no doubt that Rob probably goes on social media
and reads about what is happening in this fandom.
But there's no way he interacts with the biggest
known psycho in this fandom.
No way.
No how.

Nobody Does It Better. Nobody.

How can you be Kristen's fan after what she did to Rob?
You can't possibly be a REAL Rob fan if you can forgive her for
hurting him and publicly humiliating him.
She fucked Sanders for all the world to see and who knows
how long it was going on before she was caught?
Kristen will never work in this industry again, unless its porn.
Rob gets to go to all these A-list parties and functions
and Kristen sits at home alone and uninvited because she is
a slut and a home-wrecker and no one wants anything to do with her.

Oh dear.
Such hostility.
Here's the deal.
I don't need to forgive Kristen.
She didn't do anything to me.
That is between her and Rob...
and oh my... guess what?
Looks like Rob has forgiven her!
That must burn your biscuits.
And honestly.
She let that old lecherous fool put his arms around her
and kiss her a few times.
Hardly a scandal.
Definitely not cool.
But not the end of the world.
I don't get where she was 'fucking' him?
In a Mini?

Have you ever seen the inside of one of those cars?
Does the word MINI give you any kind of hint?
Besides the fact if there was any thing more scandalous
than some awkward kisses...
You don't think anyone would have noticed?
I know you would LOVE to think this was some long ongoing affair
But at her most vulnerable...
 her most emotionally honest public moment...
Kristen called it a 'momentary indiscretion'
and I believe her.
Why? Because she is constantly followed and stalked
and if there was more... we would have seen it.

Kristen OWNS you (and Rob). Admit it.

As for Kristen's being blacklisted because of a few kisses?
Good Lord.
You don't think her fellow actors haven't made mistakes?
Much more serious and damaging than anything Kristen did.
Arnold Schwarzenegger slept with his housekeeper 
while married and she gave birth to his child.
And golly gee... he's still working.
Aston Kutcher stepped out on Demi with a few ladies...
and now is the highest paid actor on TV.
Robert Downey Jr. had years of drug problems and arrests.
One of the biggest stars in Hollywood right now.
I can see where Kristen is so much worse than those examples.
Thing is...
Hollywood has already forgotten what happened last summer.
The only people clinging to this are the delusional haters
and gossip sites.
Outside of this fandom...
People have moved on.

Rob and Kristen have...

I'm cool. Truth.

What is your silly obsession with Tom Sturridge?
You should change the name of your blog to 
Tom Sturridge Intoxication.
Do you even like Rob any more?

I admit that I'm quite taken with Mr. Sturridge.
It kinda started with "Pirate Radio"
He was so damn cute and charming in that movie
and his voice...

It makes me all melty and stuff.
I adore Thomas.
I admit it.
He's been a true, loyal friend to both Rob and Kristen.
Did you see the way he took care of her
during the Cosmo red carpet in Cannes?

Lean on me...

How can I NOT adore that man?

And stop with the name change of my blog.
I've been getting shit about that from day one.
I hate Rob because I talk about Kristen.
I hate Kristen because I talk about Rob.
I hate Rob and Kristen because I talk about Tom.

I love and adore Rob and Kristen.

Bye Rob!

Unlike so many others...
who were SO eager to throw Rob and/or Kristen
under the bus.
I have never turned my back on either of them.

This post is brought to you by Truth.

Rob and Kristen

Until next time.

Bye for now


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Litmom said...

It just blows my mind that people send you e-mails like that.
#1 - They're trash.
#2 - They're obsessed and delusional.
#3 - They're obviously desperate.
Mail day is really eye-opening.
Sad, really.
It's so obvious -

Lanette said...

Well said Rose. It really blows my mind the kind of trash emails that people send you. Some people I think need a new piece added to their wardrobe. Like a nice jacket that hugs them tight. lol These people are just so desperate that they cling to anything.

deb said...

There you go again MY FRIEND just saying the TRUTH YEP Rob and Kristen ALWAYS end up TOGETHER.These SO CALLED fan's well never get it. WHY because they only are thinking of them self. THEY DON'T care for Rob or Kristen NEVER have an NEVER will. its all about them and their HO SO LONELY LIFE. i think it's just funny I don't even think it sad ant more.I LOVE YOUR POST ROSE.thank you once again :) DEB.

deb said...

Opps i meant any more hehehe DEB.

PipDancer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Annie said...

All those people really have are those hateful, vile E-mails.
Every theory they've ever had has been busted, so all they're left with is hate.

Flee fom hate, mischief and jealousy. Wake Up And Live!-
Bob Marley.

katy said...

Great responses to the psychotic ones, Rose!!!

Take care everyone

Maria said...

Great post Rose! I can't believe how many delusional idiots are out there!

Birdie said...

First, may I say that the banner is one of my very favorite pictures. Love the picture of Tom,too. You certainly have to have the best sense of humor, Rose. The only way to deal.

Again, I hope all you Easterners are staying safe.

Smitty, Gruff and Syd, I hope all is right in your world!

In the words of Olivia,
Respect Kristen and Robert

Birdie said...

Oh and I forgot to comment on Rob in Gucci. Although he wouldn't call himself beautiful, I will. Such a handsome man.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Rose - I have no idea how you do it. The stuff people send you is awful and beyond delusional, I for one am glad you have such a great sense of humor with dealing with it all. I personally love your blog and applaud you for being who you want to be. One day they will learn - they always end up together and those holding on to their hate will just rot in it.

ali mac said...

ANNIE Glad to see you checked in again :)

ROSE my favourite line "that really must burn your biscuits" lol pure class

BIRDIE I concur Rob and Gucci=perfction

Annie said...

Hi Ali: Still here, just watching the tree branches in front of my window being whipped around by the strong winds and hoping it doesn't do any damage.

How are the preparations for your daughter's birthday party? She must be very excited. :)

Birdie:I love those words from Olivia as well........Respect for Rob and Kristen.

Hi Ginger...Hi all.

PamH said...

My hats off to you, having to deal with all the crazy people sending you crap. I bet you wish you could RETURN TO SENDER on email. Thanks for never backing down and giving all us fans a really cool place to hang out. You've just given me my next new saying " BURNS YOUR BISCUITS " I love it. Love the kissy gif and all the blinkies.

Rob and Kristen always end up together

Hay, missed ya yesterday

Gucci should be paying Rob for making them look so good

I hope everyone is safe in the storm path

PamH said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
PamH said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Freddie said...

Hi to everyone.

Birdie and ali mac – you are so right! Rob wouldn’t call himself beautiful, but he sure is. Rob and Gucci together are perfection. Just like Kristen and Balenciaga.

Best wishes for everyone in Hurricane Sandy’s path. I hope everyone stays safe and dry - with heat, food, electricity and no home damage. Take care all.

parker said...

oh goodie, new post!
lord have mercy, those kisses are killing me!

@Rose, i don’t know how you manage to even read those emails & stay humorous. kudos to you for what you have to put up with.

i don’t really follow all pics posted but where is that solo pic of kristen taken? she looks stunning in it.

@Freddie, agree, rob in Gucci, no one else comes close.

to everyone in sandy’s path, be safe!

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Annie - Hey - I hope you are bunkered down and safe !!

@Pam - Hey - I was peeling my kids off the wall yesterday - they have way too much energy :)

@Maria - I am glad you are safe too

ali mac said...

ANNIE I have most of the baking done and all the disco lights set up lol. She is having a "One Direction" cake!! I have wrapped up the "pass the parcels" do you do that for kids parties?

ali mac said...

FREDDIE good to see you, are you out of the storms way?

katy said...


"Rob and Gucci together are perfection. Just like Kristen and Balenciaga."

I second this statment.

And, now we just have to wait for Gucci to make a deal with Rob. :)

Also, wishing everyone on the East Cost to stay safe.

Take care

Freddie said...

Hi Katy – totally agree that Gucci needs to sign Rob on – assuming Rob would want that. I hope all is well with you.

Ali mac – I’m behind in the comments, but I take it your daughter is having a birthday. I’m truly impressed with the disco lights and the cake. It sounds wonderful and I’m sure she will be the talk of the town with her party thanks to her mom. For the storm, we’re not in the direct path of the storm but are expecting it head north to Canada and hit us with rain and high winds starting tonight. So far, it just looks like a normal, dark fall day here.

Parker – Hi there. I hope all is well with you.

Annie – stay safe.

Hi to all other ladies.

ali mac said...

FREDDIE glad to hear you are out of harms way.

I'll let you all know how the party goes tomorrow, if I'm not too exhausted lol

Annie said...

Ali: I think your 'pass the parcels" is similar to our handing out party favors (small gifts for the kids who attend the party)

Sounds like the party will be great fun...Happy fifth birthday to your little girl. :)

Ginger:I've been in all day. So against my nature but it's what the authorities have asked us to do.

Freddie: Hi there.:) I'm staying safe. Transportation here is shutdown through tomorrow and many of the major bridges are closed.
We are in for a rough night wind wise, so it's dangerous to be out.

I really hope people are heeding the warnings.
Power is still on in my area.

olivia said...

Dear Rose,

Hugs and sympathy for you as you deal with the emotionally warped and needy.

Thank you for the beautiful pics of Rob and Kristen, and as always, of handsome Tom. I must add, I absolutely love the manip of the Fab Five! It screams "screensaver - look at me every day and smile!" What a marvelous gift that would have been for Rob ( and Kristen too) to have had the opportunity to meet John, Paul, George and Ringo in their heyday.

Keeping all the dear Roselanders in the path of the storm in my thoughts and prayers. Stay safe and as warm and dry as possible.

Hugs for y'all.
Hugs for Smitty, Gruff and Syd and their family and friends.

: D
My "Respect Rob and Kristen" is the
mom and teacher in me peeking out.

Kami said...

Ali your party sounds wonderful I think your daughter is going to have so much fun!

Has anyone heard from Patty today? They were just on CNN saying that the storm was really causing problems in Maryland, not sure if it's winds or waves.

Litmom said...

ali mac-
Your party sounds awesome! Your daughter and her friends are going to have such fun!

I'm not familiar with "pass the parcels" - Annie, you may be right - party favors, maybe? Or is it a game?

Hope you survive!

Kami said...

Anyone in the path of this storm, they just announced that at the end of this storm there is a chance of 2 feet of snow....God bless everyone....I hope you stay dry, warm, with electricity and food.Prayers are with you all.

Tracybell said...

Hi everyone gawd I'm finally home and I get rewarded with this f*ck awesome post! This is more evidence that rose is my soulsista lol. With every word I read my brain is going "Damn straight that's exactly what I would've said" ...well sorta...prob not as eloquently ;) but you all know what I mean haha. So glad I found you all here. Hope everyone in sandys path is safe and pray you don't have to deal with to much damage. After everyone is accounted for that part sucks big time.

I'm in such good mood I think I'll twirl a little....

parker said...

@Freddie, hi thanks for asking! i’m very well. i’m in the west right now at a client site so i’m safe from sandy but i’ve got tons of friends in the east and family in new york so i’m praying everyone will be safe.

@Kami, i heard too that it will be like 3 feet of snow in the upper elevation of west virginia. i can just imagine if this happened later in the season when it’s colder – the whole northeast and mid-atlantic would be buried in snow.

@ali, your kiddie party sounds fun!

@Tracybell, yes, rose just knows exactly how to word it, doesn’t she?

ali mac said...

Pass the parcel is a game. The present is wrapped in lots of layers and the kids sit in a circle and pass it around until the music stops, no one knows which layer is the last piece and who will win the prize.

Holy said...

Hello everyone.

Rose-amazing post and yes I admire you for not turning your back on Kristen.Thank you.

To all of you guys that are being affected by the storm,be safe.

@Ginger-hey there.

Pattybg said...



Pattybg said...


ali mac said...

Good to see you check in PATTY stay snug as a bug :)

Goodnight from my side of the world roselanders ♡♡

LIZ said...

HI ROSE!!! You've done it again, said what we all want to say but we never have your way with words. Rob & Kristen ALWAYS end up together. I can't wait to see them together on the 12th in LA or possibly before.

I am in the NC mountains and the wind is howling and we're having a blizzard. Not that much snow on the ground (it's all blown away, LOL) but winds are fierce. I lost a 30 foot tree, unfortunately has fallen on a neighbor's house. This is nothing like what they're going to get up north. We're expecting about 8 inches of now tonight and tomorrow. I'm staying in!!!


katy said...


We don't have Gucci Rob...but we are going to have RobDior.

Rob is the new face for the Dior's men Fragrance, according to EONline.

"E! News can exclusively reveal that the Twilight star has signed a mega-deal with Christian Dior.

Pattinson will star in a series of ad campaigns for the French fashion house's line of men's fragrances.

"Rob likes the brand," reports a source, who estimates the deal at being worth close to $12 million for three years."

And, How cute and adorable that both Rob and Kristen are the face of a fragrance. <333333

Congrats, Rob

bubblejoi said...

OMG. I've been MIA a bit but I just read on RPLife that ROb is the new face for Dior men's fragrance. YIPPEE!!!! Isn't that interesting. He and his lovely lady are so on the same page.


For those of you who are or will be affected by Sandy, I hope you and all those you hold dear make it safely through.

tufenuf55 said...

Rob has just signed $12 million deal (over three years)to be the face of Dior Men's Fragrance. He wore Dior tux at Cannes and Jeans at Teen Choice Awards. Go Rob!!!

Oneheart said...

Rose loved your post today. You have my highest respect for reading the delusional garbage you get in emails. After reading some of the questions and comments you get, one thing I am certain of when it comes to the ninnies, haters, trolls whatever you choose to call them..It sure sucks to be them.

Hope everyone in the path of the storm is staying safe. My prayers are with you.

PamH said...

Wow, Rob the new face of men's Dior fragrance. Not something I was expecting, maybe he seen how positive an experience K has had with Balenciaga and said why not since it's a product he likes. Think of all the gorgeous ads we will get :-)
Pics of K on Robsten Dreams arriving at Four Seasons with John (ASB) if it's not for BD2 promo I HOPE it's about a new project in the works.

parker said...

@katy, that’s so cool – when they were in cannes at the same time, i was awed by how their careers seem to arc in a similar path. and now both of them are representing fragrances … you go rob! gosh these two … i just can’t, too much goodness!

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, I am sorry you receive such hateful mail and cannot imagine who would send it to you. I can't even believe people are filled with such hate towards people they have never met, nor will likely meet.

Rob and Kristen together forever.

I too love Tom Sturridge and adore Pirate Radio.

Take care Roselanders and I hope everyone has a good week. I pray all the people on the East Coast are safe.

katy said...

Parker, Exactly!!!! :)

Beautiful things happen to beautiful sweet people.

ADD said...

"How can you be Kristen's fan after what she did to Rob?" I can't stand that holier-than-thou attitude from some of those people who criticize Kristen. I guess the world is filled with angels or should I say hypocrites.

Kay said...

Take care and stay safe Roselanders and everyone else lurking out there! ❤


parker said...

@katy, yes, it certainly does. couldn’t have happened to more deserving people. please just don’t let the Dior ad be like brad pitt’s Chanel no 5 ad. i still can’t get the visuals of conan’s parody of pitt’s ad out of my head – it was so freaking hilarious.

Holy said...

Wow,Rob with Dior and Kristen with Balenciaga.It seems that R/K plan their careers and match perfectly with each other.

Freddie said...

Katy – isn’t it weird that we were talking about Rob representing a designer and then it happens (even if we got the wrong designer). So funny. He is making wonderful career decisions – just like Kristen.

Kay – so wonderful to see you pop in. I miss seeing you here on a regular basis. I hope you are well. Hugs back.

Olivia - nice to see you (virtually). I hope you are well despite your hectic schedule. I've missed your words. You made me smile as I read your comments earlier. Take care.

DK and Super – hope you are well.

Hi to everyone who has popped in since earlier today.

tufenuf55 said...

Our Rob and Kristen have grown up to be mega stars and guess what? They have managed to keep their sanity and their love. I am soooo very, very proud of these two. Almost like a proud mama bear :D

tufenuf55 said...


I know that even though you ignore most of the ignorant emails you get, if you ever even for the slightest moment listen to the hate that is spewed towards you, remember who you are and that you have some amazing people on this blog that love and respect you for your continued devotion to truth and admiration for Rob, Kristen and of course, Tom. Thank you for keeping this blog open when others have closed theirs. Thank you for a safe haven during a turmulant storm. Thank you for the peace in your posts. Love you!

NjCullen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
NjCullen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DreamerKind said...

Been dragging behind all day, for silly reasons and just discovered this new Rose post. Oh, happy We!

Now, if we could all use our powerful minds together, and just diffuse that Hellcat Sandy, with our thoughts, all would be well. (The wand is waving furiously and my mind is set on calm for everyone.)

Thinking of you, Rose, and Smitty, Gruff, Syd & All!

Kudos, Rob & Kristen for making your own special way in the world.

DreamerKind said...

Thanks for the compliment. YouTube is the music library that rocks me. I only put the tunes to the relevant happenings of the moment, as any good dj does!

DreamerKind said...

Minds Without Fear

Imogen Heap:

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So this story continues with
Minds without fear

Thank you/fanetworktv
Lyrics: www.azlyrics.com

Ginger with a Soul said...

@DK - How are you this evening

I hope everyone that is in the path of Sandy is safe - I know a lot don't have power but my prayers are with you all

DreamerKind said...

Every Storm Runs Out Of Rain

Gary Allan:

I saw you standing in the middle
Of the thunder and lightning,
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Every storm runs
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Omoiyari said...

Arnold Schwarzenegger ,Aston Kutcher,Robert Downey Jr..they are men.
men were allowed to do anything they want.
this double standard in hollywood and in the real life is embarassing for the modern society.
Kristen is smart,young and she is dedicated to her work and has always shown good spirit. Like A Phoenix, She will rises Again.

I'm gonna laugh so hard when people talk about "PR couple" .Indeed ,the recent events have demonstrated that the real PR remains focused on Robert pattinson .. That's all.only Rob.
this is the reason why Whilst Kristen was in tough times,Rob's team has ensured that Rob was far away from Kristen.

He is really lucky to have kristen in his life. indeed they are still together .
No other woman ,no other young actress would endure this situation.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Good Morning ROSELAND

I decided to watch Hurricane News instead of exercising Thai morning.....Very justifiable in my mind...I will work it in later in the day...ugh



I think she is moving on. She is getting back to business...doing the things she needs to do...going on with her life...too bad for others if they won't....i


Good to see you and to the rest of our Northeasters...BE SAFE.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

THAI. ???? This morning. Lol

ali mac said...

SUPER I was wracking my brain trying to work out what Thai exercise programme you might be doing LOL

Annie said...

Morning all.
Ali: Are you all set for your daughter's birthday party? :)
What time are the kids arriving?

laurieo76 said...

They say living well is the best revenge. It has got to burn an obvious segment of the fandom that Rob has forgiven Kristen. They continue to show that they're not the fans of Rob they pretend to be. True fans would want him to be happy. As you point out, since he has forgiven her, why can't they just let it go? No, instead they reveal themselves to be bitter harpies who not only hate Kristen (for being with Rob) but also don't really even like Rob. They are infatuated with a cardboard cutout of Rob. That way they can project their feelings onto him and write the script of what he will say and how he will act. Well, he doesn't ever follow their sad script. He lives his own life on his own terms. And I for one am even more of a fan of his for the way he's handled the entire incident. He has stayed true to himself and also shown everyone that the amount of love he has to give is really remarkable. How many young, sought-after, heart-throbs would be true enough to their feelings to stay in a relationship after being publicly humiliated, knowing he would be perceived as weak? Not many. Not when there are so many women throwing themselves (and disgusting pictures of their private parts) at him. But he loves Kristen. He has always loved Kristen. And that is worth more to him than whatever people think of him. Bravo to him!

ali mac said...

@ANNIE They are coming for 4pm, it should be getting darker by then for the disco lights lol Glad to see you have survived so far!! has the worst passed yet?

Annie said...

Ali: For us, where I am it seems so. Other parts of Manhattan, especially downtown, in the other boroughs and New Jersey and Connecticut had some serious damage and flooding.
Power is out in many areas of downtown Manhattan.

:)..... The party sounds like such fun. Hope everyone has a great time! :)

Pattybg said...





Tracybell said...

What kind of exercising do you do? I run and I've been trying to add cross fit stuff in gradually but man that takes a lot of muscle and lung lol but I guess that's the point ;)

My son left west Virginia one week ago. That area got hit hard by the snow he's now in Illinois but everything ok there. I can't believe this storm...I'm in the middle of the country and have been watching tv this morning and looks like they are relying on facebook, cellphones and Twitter for pictures. I love the ocean especially the gulf coast but I think I enjoy heat and dirt after this storm.

Anybody out there know how to better navigate this site on a Samsung galaxy. Also, Wats the best way to view posts when it gets like 200-500 comments?

Have a good day ladies can't wait to buy florabotanica (sp?) I'm sure it smells delicious I so want to support our girl! And Dior for rob? Well that might be hard becuz hubs smells divine in polo...always has...lol!

Annie said...

Gotta run but Traceybell:
I have an I-phone but the best way for me to view 200 plus comments is to view them in the web version NOT mobile version.......I just click Newer/Newest or Older/Oldest to view the comments. Hopefully, it works the same with the Samsung Galaxy.

Litmom said...

Tracybell -
I have a Samsung Galaxy, too - and I click Newest or Older to go back and forth.

parker said...

@Tracybell, i do the same thing as Annie on my iPhone. or …

this blog has RSS feed. if you click on the current article, “Rob and Kristen – Q and A” and scroll to the bottom of the article below the comments, you will see a link “Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom)". if you click on that link, it will allow you to subscribe to the feed via your choice of RSS reader. i’m an iPhone user so my default is a .mac reader RSS app. but i can also download an iPhone app that I can alternatively use to read the feed. i just haven’t done it. there are lots of free Android RSS reader apps available. i don’t know which one is the best for droids but i heard google reader is good.

Kami said...

Annie, Patty, Super and anyone else I missed I am so glad you all made it through the storm, I was really worried last night when I heard about flooding in Manhattan and was very relieved to hear from you Annie.

I haven't talked much on the blog in a while about comments people leave about Rob and Kristen lately, had more things on my mind and didn't really care, however things are getting easier, and today I read a comment I'd like to RESPECTFULLY comment on.

I say Respectfully because that's the rule...right as long as people are respectful?

Omoiyari, while you did make a valid point about the double standards that exist in the world, where a man can play around and it's described as "Boys will be boys" where as if a woman does she's a slut...so I get your point.

Here is where I am going to respectfully take issues with a couple of things.

First of all to compare Kristen and what happened this summer to Arnold, is like comparing a Gold fish to a Great White. Arnold slept with everyone. EVERYONE. Kristen had a heavy petting session and a kiss. NOT REMOTELY THE SAME.

Secondly I am going to take issue with you on another thing, why do you continue to try and find a way to blame Rob for everything? Or his people? It's unfair, and to be perfectly frank it's insulting to Kristen.

Here is why it's insulting to her: Kristen has never allowed people to have any kind of say so in her life, she has kept her relationship with Rob private in regards to the media. She is shy, let's face it, Kristen might be in a job where she stands in front of a massive amount of people and acts, but one on one she is shy and uncomfortable, sometimes to the point of making me uncomfortable....so for someone who is so private and so uncomfortable talking to the media to make a statement HERSELF not through her people but HERSELF saying that she had made a mistake and to take responsibility for that mistake without blaming ANYONE ELSE, was a pretty fucking amazing thing to do, and every time you come on here and try and put the blame on Rob, you're basically disregarding and disrespecting what Kristen did.

Lastly for the love of God please stop blaming Rob, his people, family, friends, neighbors, teachers, pets and whomever else you can come up with for this.


Rose Fosler said...

I think they havn't been going to parties and events together is because of all of the attention they would receive distracting from the event.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Morning ladies and Robert

@Rose Fosler - I agree whole heartily. No matter what until Twilight is over where ever they show up it becomes about them and not the event.

LIZ said...

HAPPY TUESDAY ROSELAND!! I'm happy to report from the NC Mountains that we are surviving, haven't lost power at my house. Still very windy but haven't lost any more trees so far.

Hi everybody!!! I'm praying for those in the northeast who are in trouble. Hope the nightmare will be over soon.

ROSE FOSLER -- You are 100% correct (at least in my opinion) as to why R & K don't appear at anything major together... would be a circus. Always has been that way for the past 3 years. As far as they are concerned, that would scream PR, PR, PR ... and they don't want to do that.

Kristen has plenty of money and while her career is important to her, she's always done what she felt was right, now necessarily what would get her the most notoriety or the most money.

I believe they're going to be fine, TOGETHER and apart. They are both strong people and this "incident" has probably made them much stronger.


Pattybg said...






Tracybell said...

Hey Parker ♥ litmom ♥ Annie guys thanks, I think getting off mobile is the key to the maze of blogdom lol. Plus really sh*tty connection doesn't help either.

Read some above comments and heres my two pennies... I think with both of them fronting fragrances, building interesting resumes, lining up with cool hip directors (cronenberg/mischod/etc...even the Cali project she backed out of) and bank accounts, that they'll establish their own production company and charities. Could y'all even imagine the movies these two could make? I could totally see rob and Kristen producing and directing. Kristen reminds me of the lady who directed Hurt Locker *argh Wat is her name?* and rob could totally be Kevin Costner *Dances with wolves* I mean Costner was just awesome when he did it all.

But then agaIn they might want to pull up anchor start making babies in London...who knows I sure don't I'm just fantasizing lol. I think I migrated to Liz's lala land ha!

Tracybell said...

Hey Parker ♥ litmom ♥ Annie guys thanks, I think getting off mobile is the key to the maze of blogdom lol. Plus really sh*tty connection doesn't help either.

Read some above comments and heres my two pennies... I think with both of them fronting fragrances, building interesting resumes, lining up with cool hip directors (cronenberg/mischod/etc...even the Cali project she backed out of) and bank accounts, that they'll establish their own production company and charities. Could y'all even imagine the movies these two could make? I could totally see rob and Kristen producing and directing. Kristen reminds me of the lady who directed Hurt Locker *argh Wat is her name?* and rob could totally be Kevin Costner *Dances with wolves* I mean Costner was just awesome when he did it all.

But then agaIn they might want to pull up anchor start making babies in London...who knows I sure don't I'm just fantasizing lol. I think I migrated to Liz's lala land ha!

Tracybell said...

Help why do all my comments post two and three times?

Tracybell said...

Ha! Kathryn bigelow! I kept thinking Hardwick lol but I knew that wasn't right. I remember watching Oscars when she won and thinking wow she looked very out of place and uncomfortable but was prob just shocked she won. I loved hurt locker, not ur common story with predictable ending fosho. Her and Kristen seem so similar, maybe it's the tomboyishness in them?

Omoiyari said...

I perfectly know that compare Kristen to this kind of men is crazy and absurd .Indeed the first thing I wanted to say, really, is to emphasize that the Hollywood rules ( et cetera )are erroneous and startling.

second thing
I don't live in a fairytale .Robert and His people makes money .A LOT of money. and if I say that he and his team know how to do their work ,well this is not a blame ...absolutley not.
wait,maybe you think that robert pattinson is a "sweet hobo " and his people ,manager and more are only good friends, loyal and free from ulterior motives.
good to know .
errrr NO
he is in Hollywood ,baby .he knows the game and his people too .he is not "naif" as kristen. he is very practical in my humble opinion.
As I said the recent events have demonstrated the clear split between public and private decisions .public and privare image . and it's totally totally normal .I don't know why you believe that this is an 'insult' or 'blame' .
he stays with kristen in private this is a fact ,and he doesn't say nothing in public this is another fact. end of the story .I don't blame Rob. Indeed I laugh when his (extreme)fans talk about pr couple. this is the worst pr couple ever lol the real pr is let these women think that he is ....accesible .

BUT probably my view is far away from your view about the perfect boyfriend or perfect man that lives on a tree dreaming about the love of his life .

Freddie said...

Hi ladies,

Annie - I am so glad that you are safe.

Kami - I agree with your observations. I hope Taylor is doing well.

Omoiyari - whether you realize it or not, your comments do always come across as being negative towards Rob - and as someone who likes Rob, as you have indicated you do, I would assume that that's not how you would like people to interpret your motives. So perhaps it's not what you say, but how you say it. That may be the reason for the responses you tend to receive from others.

Kenzz, 30, IB, Em and any of the Northeast Roselanders that I've missed - I've been thinking of you. I hope you have all weathered the storm and are fine.

Take care all.

Pattybg said...



Ginger with a Soul said...

@Tracybell - they both seem to be taking the steps needed to break the Twilight stereotype mold and good for them. It will be interesting and fun to watch them break the stigma and progress from teen to adult casting.

@Omoiyari - double standards will exist as long as people allow them to exist - her sins were what 13 yr olds do at a after school dance but have been treated as if she killed half a village. The media is coupable in a lot of what has happened but if they didn't have an audience to play to then they wouldn't have anyone to sling the crap at. His team isn't going to say anything because every time something is said they just go after her more. Here's to hoping in a month or 2 people let this be a bi-line and let it go instead of embellishing what we all saw or holding on to it like they are victims no matter what side of the fence you are on. I personally like my chair in the middle.

Tracybell said...

@Ginger in response to what you said to omiyari (nailed it) media is moving on. First sign? Eonline reporting of diorRob had no mention of "scandal". I think this is first article I read where it wasn't mentioned, although I could be wrong and I'm not going back to check lol. I'm so tired of even talking thinking about It, let alone typing about it on this freakin small keyboard, aren't you?

Ginger with a Soul said...

@ Tracybell - been over it for months but then again I never put myself in the "victim" shoes like she did something to me so there was nothing to let go. Over the hate, over the bitter, over the harpies!

parker said...

@omoiyari, i don’t understand the constant harping about rob’s PR of letting his fans think he’s accessible. his accessibility has always been in the mind of the lunatics & obsessed. twilight is over. i hardly think rob wants to continue just having screaming & anatomically-obsessed audience. if there was any planning going on with rob’s publicity team, i honestly think that the target audience for growth post twilight wouldn’t be twitterpating women but mature male & female audience. that’s what ensures longevity in the business. at least two of the first movies he is making next year indicate the shift in their focus. of course that won’t stop women from flocking into theatres. but the fact is, rob is moving away from his tween image. so there is no accessibility PR to sell.

and about double standard, yes it still exists. but I just remembered something i read recently. katherine hepburn’s biography – she lived in an era when it was unheard of to defy HW and be yourself & was for a time labeled “box office poison.” a woman who navigated the pretty much male-dominated world of HW in the 1930s-60s was able to rise beyond all the negativity thrown at her & was nominated Oscar best actress 12 times and won 4. goes to show, if you’re that good, nothing in your personal life will stop you from success. so let the chips fall where they may. there are so many good things to look forward to.

Kami said...

OM I will admit I couldn't follow a lot of what you were saying but a few things, please, if it was directed towards me do not call me baby.

Secondly, I'm trying to be respectful here, but why are you placing blame on anyone? Rob, his people etc? Do you think that it would ever earn you brownie points with Kristen to see you blaming Rob? I doubt it, I seriously doubt it,I do not have access to Kristen's mind but I am a woman who loves my husband and I can tell you right now, I can call him anything in the world that I want to but let somoene else try it and the fight is on, so by you putting the blame on Rob, his people or anyone else, would be extremely insulting to Kristen as I'm sure it would be to every woman here if someone did that to their significant other.

Rob has done nothing to deserve that kind of criticism at all, just because he didn't jump in front of a camera and begin telling people to "Leave my woman alone!!" doesn't mean he hasn't been there for her all along.

Why do you think that a private couple would suddenly begin carrying out their communication with each other in public?

Do you honestly believe that if Rob had stepped in front of a room full of reporters and said ANYTHING at all in connection to what happened this summer that it would have HELPED Kristen? NO it would not have it would have made those people who dislike her angry because they would say Rob was being forced. For people like you, nothing he said would be enough.

Lastly, we are talking FACTS here right? I haven't gone beyond what I know as fact or can deduce based on personal experiences correct? So here's my question to you, how in the he......world do you know what Rob's people did or did not do? You don't unless you're one of his people, and based on your comments I think I can safely say you're not.

All I'm asking is that you please for the love of God stop judging him, you're not him, you do not know him and given the public facts we know about him he doesn't deserve this. His relationship with Kristen is his business and he doesn't have to satisfy you with details any more than he does me.

I hope that they are happy that's it, happy. I am not going to bash Kristen, nor am I going to stand by and allow anyone else to do so and I certainly am not going to sit back and allow someone to continue to promote their agenda against Rob. STOP it. Move on. Get over it and we can all get along again.

Kami said...

Oh an OM I just read the last sentence in your statement. I've been married for 23 years and I know what love and marriage are and I would appreciate it if you would kindly never mention my personal life again. and lastly from the bottom of my heart


Kami said...

Please note to anyone inclined to defend OM against the last comment I made to her about her words on my PRIVATE life..if you do be prepared to pull back a bloody stump. I've had one hell of a month from my niece having her lung removed to the death of my father during that time and I'm in NO mood to put up with idiots so please dont' try me.

Tracybell said...

@ginger uh huh agree

@parker uh huh agree especially last sentence.

@Kami uhmmm huhhh totally agree. Been married 26+ years and when ur married that long one can't help but go through sh*t sometimes and yes when ur through you become super protective of your family I know I do. Hate to he cliche and you already know it being married 23 years, but time does soften the edges sweety.

NjCullen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kami said...

NJCullen and Tracybell thank you,

Tracybell, I have the world's most wonderful husband, lol anyone who I have talked to off the blog will be the first to tell you I am spoiled rotten by a husband who goes above and beyond to make sure I have everything I want...not need but want, I am a very lucky woman, but we have like I'm sure you have, a normal marriage and him being a man...no offense to the men here...he can get on my nerves lol and I get angry, and complain...but let anyone else say something and look out! lol

Tracybell said...

@nj I usually don't give a shit what people think but fyi, I've been married for 26+ years and my husband completely adores me but if you ask him when is my birthday he has to stop, think about it and then he'll say the month and come up with date and then he'll eventually get the year and I'm not annoyed one bit lol. Annnd, just because this annoys you why should it annoy Kristen?

Kami said...

LOL Tracybell, I know you meant that towards NJ but I have to say, I'm not as nice as you, if Heith can't remember my birthday...never been a problem...oh I would be very, very angry. He can tell me my birthday, anniversary and the date we met, but cannot tell you his mother's birthday.

Tracybell said...

@Kami lol a little inside info on my hubs. He puts reminders in his phone for everyone in the family bday. It's hilarious and a running joke in family. January 1 rolls around and he'll be like "you have a birthday coming up right?" Same with anniversary! I blame his mother to this day she doesn't understand why I make a big deal about bdays becuz she didn't ;)

@Nj I didn't mean to sound hateful but I think I did on accident. Just saying when put on the spot don't think a lot of guys could spout off important dates especially in their sitch.

PamH said...

Looks like the trio will have an MTV sit down on Nov.1 but not sure who with ....I hope it's Josh :)

Tracybell said...

@Pam holy crap that's awesome! It's gotta b josh hasn't he done all of them?

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Pam - just announced by Josh - Rob/Kristen/Taylor interview for MTV 1st

Tracybell said...

Woohoo ladies I wonder when it will aire?

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Tracybell - Thursday 8pm followed by a long interview on line after

PamH said...

I'm so happy !! I knew Josh wouldn't let us down. To me without him doing a final interview it would feel incomplete somehow.
I see they are taking questions, I hope people actually ask good questions and not he same things people always tend to ask.
I'm so excited for Thursday :)

Annie said...

Hi all.
Kami, Freddie and everyone who was concerned about me during the storm.......Thank you. I am fine but so many others in so many areas are not.
I really hope that the other Roselanders who live in the Northeast and those who were in the hurricane's path are safe as well.
Rob and Kristen don't follow anyone's playbook. The media and others try to put them in a category with everyone else and fail miserably. The majority of us admire and respect them for how they've always done things their way, warts and all.
Yeah to Josh landing the interview with the trio.............That's the way it should be! :)

Alimac: Waiting to hear about the party! :)

Annie said...

Ginger: How's Twitter holding up?

PamH said...

I know it's awhile away but do you all think we will get Rob and Kristen commentary on the DVD this time ? That to me would be the best gift to the fans to end the saga, there great chemistry and banter was always what I looked forward to on the DVDs. Jack if your out there can you help us out PLEASE...lol

Tracybell said...

@ginger thanks girlio

@Annie yeah I agree on josh his interviews are so classy. He does a better job than that twat stephomanpoloopy (nailed it) who supposed to be a "professional" (not). Josh always asks intelligent and meaningful questions but has fun to. No wonder he gets so much time with them. Can't wait....

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Annie - forever embarrassing - Josh asked for questions and yeah - some make you want to throat punch someone and others make you want to walk out of the room with your head down. Well there are funny ones too - people are super concerned with their plants and who waters them. I am so glad you weathered the storm :)

@Pam - it would be sweet if they did the commentary for the finale one.

parker said...

i saw that on the MTV sked this past weekend & programmed the DVR to record. on the sked it shows up as a 7 min interview. josh always gets good interviews with them. looking forward to it!

@Pam, a DVD commentary would be great!

Annie said...

Traceybell: Josh H makes watching MTV tolerable. Love his interviews no matter who he is interviewing. Looking forward to this interview.
It would've been so unfair if Josh was not the interviewer.

Ginger: Thank you. :)
I must have missed the memo that said showing stupdity on the internet was the new form of intelligence. Some people just continue to constantly make an entire fandom look like utter fools.

I too wish Rob and Kristen do commentary for BD2.

Kami said...

If anyone hears from 30, I know a couple of people communicate with her off the blog quite a bit, would you please just let us all know she's doing ok please.

IB if you're out there girl reading this please send messages to your two worried friends lol. I know you're probably ok, I'm a worrywart, but I also know you have family who were in the storm's path so just a note.

Kenzz haven't heard from you yet, praying you and your family made it through unscathed.

I 2nd what Annie said, to anyone on the blog, past, present and even lurkers who have been in the storm's path and haven't let us know you're ok, please, please check in. If you don't want to post on the blog, my email address is on my profile. We truly care about all of you and are desperate to hear word on how you're doing.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Annie - the amount of utterly embarrassing porn like personal questions being asked it enough to make you shake your head - why do grown women act like 12yr old boys on the internet - good grief - they need to invest in more batteries or fresh air

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Kami - not to answer for Kenzz but she made it through the storm ok

Karen who is in NJ made it through as well

Kami said...

LOL sorry Ginger, I know that comment was to Annie and not me, but it made me laugh because my grandmother used to say if you ever wanted to truly hear vulgar conversations, forget the men's locker rooms, attend a quilting bee, because there was nothing quite like a group of elderly women sitting around talking about 'bedroom' matters...lol

Kami said...

Ginger...THANK YOU for the info about Kenzz, I am relieved to hear news.

ali mac said...

ANNIE the party is over and it went really well. It's just after 9pm here now and I'm in bed watching t.v exhausted lol 5 year old's have so much energy !!!

They all loved "gangnam style", had to make sure to switch it of each time before it got into "ooh sexy lady" I didn't want any five year old's going home singing those lyrics to their mums ;)

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Kami - I am afraid to look at the hash tag to see all the questions. Yep that right there is why we are all lumped into the freak category. They are even asking about the dogs having sex

ali mac said...

Glad to see so many have made it through the storm safely, keep the info coming :)

Annie said...

Ginger: I think they do it because they believe the internet gives them anonymity.........I would bet that if their real names and location appeared when posting, 99.9% of those idiots would be off the internet!

Tracybell said...

@ginger are you reading questions that have been sent in on Twitter?

Tracybell said...

@ginger are you reading questions that have been sent in on Twitter?

Annie said...

Alimac: :) So, I take it you have a very, very happy 5 year old. :)

Ginger with a Soul said...

@ Tracybell - yeah - Josh asked for questions twitter and they are replying in force

ali mac said...

Annie a very happy 5 year old and asleep two minutes after her head hit the pillow :) which is always a good sign of having had plenty of fun.

Tracybell said...

@ginger omg I guess they'd have to put a staff of 1000 to read through all of them I bet. Or just put a filter on them for parts of anatomy and sexual phrases and it would prob zap out more than half lol.

tufenuf55 said...


Did you ever consider that Rob may have wanted to defend Kristen but she told him not to as anything he said would be twisted, stomped on, totally backwards from his intent? Rob has been called a "gentlemen" by many of his peers and friends. I believe that he is all of this and more. I believe that he saved his comments for Kristen and very, very close friends who would never disclose anything that he says about anyone. Do you believe him to be a "gentlemen"? If you do, then you have answered your own questions and doubts.

tufenuf55 said...


Glad to see there is another "mama bear" on the blog! hehe...

tufenuf55 said...

I am absolutely delighted that Josh will be interviewing our trio. He is the best. I believe he shares some inside secrets with Rob, Kristen and Taylor. For Kristen to joke so openly with Josh tells me she trusts him.

Annie said...

Alimac: :) With the brightest smile on her face no doubt.

Ginger: Poor Josh. He must be cringing at the stupidity........It's the very last time Josh!

Freddie said...

ali mac - I'm glad your daughter's party was a success. I hope you took a video of it.

Kami - so sorry to hear about your father. My condolences. I too was asking after our friends.

Ginger - thanks for news of Kenzz.

Hi to Parker, Annie, Tracybell, Pam H, tufenuff and anyone I missed from earlier in the day.

Tracybell said...

@tuf remember what uma Thurman said to him. You are gentleman on and off the screen or something to that effect. People in his industry know a gentleman when they see one. Of all the things she could have said she chose to call him a gentleman...don't think that was a coincidence. I agree with everything u said.

@Freddie ola!

Ayli said...

OK, I think this is my rant time because I sometimes feel like I am gonna explode and now is one of those times...
I hate that everybody is hating on Kristen, judging her, telling that her career is over that she is not worth the love Rob has for her, calling her names, etc... She doesn't deserve this. None of us know what happened that day. God who knows maybe that pig was annoying her so much she thought to herself that maybe if she let him do what he wanted he would give up and if he wouldn't she would sue him, who knows what happened or hell maybe it wasn't as complicated as I make, maybe it was just as it seemed... But no matter what happened I never stopped loving Kristen, she is still the woman I look up too, she is still the strongest woman I know. I love her so much I would kill that haters if it was the only way to shut them up... Kristen didn't do anything to make them hate her this much or she didn't do anything to gossip sites and mags to write shit about her... I know that Hollywood is a cruel place but I also know that Kristen is a strong, clever girl. She is the most real woman in hollywood.

And when it comes to Rob, I mean when I hear that people are blaming on him in this situation, it makes no sense to me so I am not gonna even comment on that...

I just want them to be happy. And we as fans should stay positive because being worried about everything would tire us. Personally I am so fed up with the nonnies and all those gossip super with their so" reliable" sources and insiders. And I don't even care about what they say: the haters are in denial since they one, I am tired of trying to teach them what is right or wrong and when it comes to gossip sites and mags, well they do it for f***ing money. They don't care about the person's feeling who they write about. That's why I stopped it and started to think positive. Why not? We have the reason to be happy because after what happened Rob and Kristen are stronger and more in love and who says that babygirl's career is over? I am sure that she will get an Oscar. And Rob too! When I can totally imagine their future together, happy, in love, with lots of success, loved ones, beautiful babies then why would I be negative and think that nothing will be the same between them? It was a storm, a bump on the road and R/K successfully passed it. And I am really glad they did. I am proud of them and I always will.

parker said...

@Kami, i just read through your earlier post again. so sorry to hear about your father – so rough having to go through that at the same time as your niece having her surgery. my sympathies.

@ali, glad your party went well !

@Ginger, i can imagine the deluge of questions that josh got & the absolute cringe it effected, ugh !

@Freddie – waves hi back to you !

tufenuf55 said...

Yep, I'm back. Forgot to add my message in regard to Kristen. Heads up!!!

Kristen is NOT laying low. She is choosing to focus on her relationship with Rob. She has had offers but decided "not now" (Cali). I think that Jodi Foster has been a good influence on Kristen (along with her closest, long-time friends). Choose your battles, friends and love. Kristen has done this and has come out of this insane prosecution as a happy and confident woman. If anyone else chooses to bash her (or Rob) they will feel my wrath!

PS: I'm not really this scary.

ali mac said...

Hi Freddie, yes plenty of pictures and video :)

Glad so many of you can say what I feel !!

NjCullen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ali mac said...

Kami I'm glad your feeling a bit better after the hard time you've been having (())

Tracybell said...

@NJ yeah I get it I'm sorry. I picked one or two sentences out and replied sarcastically and it came out all wrong. It's very hard sometimes to get across all ideas in a few sentences. Don't be reluctant to share that's what this place is for. I've been to other sights like raor and robsessed, but when the shit hit the fan women got freakin crazy and it's to bad because tink and co. Were really funny. I like to have fun with a little sarcasm on the side so forgive me. I'll def think before I post again.

Annie said...

Kami: I missed where you mentioned your father's passing.....I send my condolences.

LIZ said...

LADIES -- I have read most of the comments from today (very busy today) and FEEL the "mama bears" coming out for both of our kids. I consider myself a mama bear, also, as I love both R & K. Most of the time I just feel protective of both of them whether they need it or not.

I see both sides of most all the comments made. I believe that everyone is a bit emotional today because of watching so many deal with so much suffering with the storm.

Also, some of us (including me) are getting a bit nervous and excited to see R & K together doing the promo for BD2. I can't wait and I just know that on 11/12 while watching the red carpet streaming that I'm going to be crying seeing them together. I did that last year!!! I can only hope for anything near as good as last year.


Tracybell said...

@Nj oh yeah one more thIng, I don't look at rob through rose colored glasses and I don't think he's perfect, nor Kristen. All I know is what I see In interviews or read in articles where he's given an interview, Kristen to. Oh yeah and rob did use to give lengthy and rambling answers to questions a while ago. Lord I remember one where Kristen had to stop him several times because he was getting into some pretty deep stuff. He can't do that Anymore. He jokes around and gives crazy answers now!

Tracybell said...

@Liz you're very insightful and lovely I think I'll twirl with u some :)

Annie said...

I don't see Kristen as lying low.
She was never one to go to all these industry functions. I think she is doing what she's always done and it's the media and others who expect her to be everywhere, every time.

PamH said...

Even though we joked about the dogs in the photos, I can't imagine someone asking a question about that...for that matter do they really think it would get picked ? To funny

NjCullen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Super RN Gas Passer said...


Good evening and thanks for an update...glad you are doing good in the city. I love NYC so much and having just been there in September I am devastated to see all the damage...

I wish that we could all move off this topic of the July Incident. In no way do I mean to diminish the pain and embarrassment that R and K went through...here I go again but please hear me out...this was a momentary indiscretion....as she stated...and I believe she has the integrity to tell the truth...unlike so many others....eye roll

But there is no comparison that can be made between this and the likes of Arnold Swarzenegger, Bill Clinton and the likes of Elizabeth Taylor ...and Katherine Hepburn had a longstanding affair with Spencer Tracy who was married....President Kennedy had women for sex stuffed around every corner of the White House...multiple encounters on a DAILY BASIS...and everyone is going to lose their minds over.... this??????

Now on to one of my favorite subjects Taylor Lautner...Someone made the comment Poor Taylor...There ain't no Poor Taylor....He is a gem and he is so professional. I think he is eternally grateful for all that Twilight has done for him...he has millions too..so I respectfully disagree with anyone who thinks he is slighted or fazed at all about the R and K bubble...or fans paying more attention to them than him...He is not a petty person like that and I think they are good buddies and he feels fine about everything!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Also. About ROB

Lesser men may have bolted...Rob is a good man and a strong man that knows what makes him happy and that is Kristen ...you can bet your bottom dollar on that.

Tracybell said...

@Nj ok we cool.

@super lol me and my daughter were just watching ET and we both commented on how handsome Taylor is becoming and how grown up he is. In the interview he seems genuinely happy and thankful and there were a ton of people at his event.

LIZ said...

FIC RECOMMENDATION -- CaraNo has started a new drabble called White Picket What? It's really humorous, very short chapters. Check it out, LOL

Kami said...

Don't want to speak for IB, but since I mentioned her by name earlier, I just wanted everyone to know she and her family are fine.

Thank you for the condolences about my father, several people on the blog already knew and I really, REALLY had no intentions on bringing it up but sometimes I just get a little frustrated and I forget to.....well stop talking before I spew.

I guess "Mama Bear" is as good of a phrase as anything. I just get very aggravated and honestly always have, when people use the blog, which is NOT my blog and I know that, but when they use the blog as a place to further their agenda. when that person calls me Baby and then adds fuel to the fire the way OM did....well...the fight is on.

tufenuf55 said...

Every time I hear this song, I think of what Rob and Kristen have gone through this past summer. I love JASON MRAZ's voice, too:

"I Won't Give Up"

When I look into your eyes
It's like watching the night sky
Or a beautiful sunrise
There's so much they hold
And just like them old stars
I see that you've come so far
To be right where you are
How old is your soul?

I won't give up on us
Even if the skies get rough
I'm giving you all my love
I'm still looking up

And when you're needing your space
To do some navigating
I'll be here patiently waiting
To see what you find

'Cause even the stars they burn
Some even fall to the earth
We've got a lot to learn
God knows we're worth it
No: I won't give up

I don't wanna be someone who walks away so easily
I'm here to stay and make the difference that I can make
Our differences they do a lot to teach us how to use
The tools and gifts we got, yeah, we got a lot at stake
And in the end, you're still my friend at least we did intend
For us to work we didn't break, we didn't burn
We had to learn how to bend without the world caving in
I had to learn what I've got, and what I'm not, and who I am

I won't give up on us
Even if the skies get rough
I'm giving you all my love
I'm still looking up, still looking up.

I won't give up on us (no I'm not giving up)
God knows I'm tough enough (I am tough, I am loved)
We've got a lot to learn (we're alive, we are loved)
God knows we're worth it (and we're worth it)

I won't give up on us
Even if the skies get rough
I'm giving you all my love
I'm still looking up.

deb said...

I'm just going to ask with the storm going on in NYC do you think Rob and Kris well steel be going on the shows like Kelly/Michel show? JK ?well it steel be bad when they go on the 4/5 i think just asking thank you guys.Ho ya my sister called she lives in PA and said she was ok that it has past her and THANK GOD not to meany death just alot of down trees :) deb.

NjCullen said...


Yes yes yes, me two (Twirling). I've had it on repeat for days now ever since I saw a R and K fan video featuring the video. When things broke out around, my got to song was Westlife (corny and cheesy, I know) "Us against the world"

"Coz it's us against the world
you and me against them all
if are listening to these words know that we are standing tall
I don't ever see the day
I won't catch you when you fall."

Emeli Sande "feel my love"
"Coz when you've give up
when no matter what you do it's never good enough
When you never though that it could ever get this tough
That's when you'll my kind love"

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Super - It was meeeeee that said poor Taylor but that was because people were treating his promo as an after thought - we tend to get side tracked.

@Pam / Annie - the level of second hand embarrassment at the mentions is unreal - I laughed at the dog question so if I laughed at that but shuddered at others you can only imagine. I try not to look at too many of the asshole ones because I had this misfortune of having a nonnie righted in my TL Sat and decided to look. NEVER AGAIN. I have never seen such deprivation of a person before nor will I ever understand hating someone you don't know - dislike all you want but hate is such a strong emotion and if you invest that much time and emotion on someone that could care less about you then more than professional help is needed. Like I said I would totally sucker punch them in the throat to shut them up.

Super RN Gas Passer said...



Tracybell said...

@Liz thanks I love CaraNo

@tuf I just watched him sing that on DWtS it was so beautiful. Yes the song could be very applicable. My son plays guitar and back when he was learning I gave him cd's of Jason and john Mayer. He learned songs of theirs for me. I love their music, such talented guys.

PamH said...

I'll check out the Fic, I love CaraNo
My new fav Fic is -- In Plain Sight by Dishie on TWCS

@ deb
Didn't even think about wether they will be able to attend some appearances due to the storm. Not sure how it will go.

tufenuf55 said...

NjCullen and Tracybell...

Isn't it amazing how we, here, on Rose's blog, think so much alike. United for Rob and Kristen!

PamH said...

I loved the clip of Edward playing piano with Renesmee in the Green Day "The Forgotten" video.

NjCullen said...


Love John Mayer and Jason Mraz. Remember being obsessed with John Mayer's "Heartbreak warfare" and "Say what you need say". And who can forget "beautiful mess" and "if it kills me".

Tracybell said...

@tuf exactly!

@Nj omg a john Mayer fan squeeeeee! He gets so much craps for his personal lIfe but he writes the most beautiful songs and his guitar playing is out of this world. And Jason is right up there with john imo. Hey Wat is link to rk video with I won't give up? I haven't seen that one.

Pisteuo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
NjCullen said...


What you said about his personal life made me laugh coz I remember reading some article about how Katy Perry's family wants to her to dump John Mayer and start dating Rob (R being a grounded young man with family values). Don't know how true that is. You know them "sources", "close friends", and "insiders". Thank God I jumped off the tabloid crazy-train.

The link is:

Amazing video by Fio

Ginger with a Soul said...

Who here reads Dusty -- I need a second opinion on the latest charpter

Tracybell said...

@Nj well sInce It fio then I'm sure it's tissue wworthy. Remember when john called Jessica s. Sexual napon? What's funny is I thought it was a compliment lol I still do! Oh well Katy could do worse that's fer sure.

Pattybg said...




olivia said...

Take care dear Pisteou.
Hugs back and wishing you the very best!

Kenzz said...

Freddie & Kami, I am indeed alive and well after Sandy blew through New England, thanks to Ginger for letting you know :) Prayers sent out to those less fortunate in weathering this storm...

Kami, my thoughts are with you in this very difficult time in your life... May things get easier for you and your family.

Lots of exciting things happening for our favorite couple!

Stay well and safe, friends...

NjCullen said...

I concur, it was definitely a compliment. I wouldn't mind anyone saying that about me. Referring her to a drug, saying things like "I want to quit my life and just snort you". Kinda reminds of Edward and the whole "you're like my own personal brand of heroine". Definitely, definitely a compliment.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


Glad to hear you all are OK.

Hi OLIVIA, KAMI, PISTEOU, PATTYBG, GINGER, and anyone I missed...Good night ALL...

Tracybell said...

@Nj hahahahaha ok that was funny. Well goodnight girl my allergies are killing me and I took a benedryl and I'm getting sleepy. I had fun today glad we worked everything out because you ladies are so cool. Are you going to the marathon on the 15th?

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Kenzz - I was watching all you guys like a hawk on twitter last night to make sure you were ok :)

LIZ said...

PAMH -- I think you are the one that told us about "In Plain Sight" and I am now corresponding with that author and might start working for her!!! She needed a Beta and I'm finishing up another project so offered to help.

It's a great story!! LOL, yea, you'll like Cara's new drabble, it's cute. Have you started Caged by Savage7289? Really good.

NjCullen said...

Nope, I live in South Africa. I don't know when BD2 s gonna be at our cinema's we're usually so behind. Maybe mid December. Got allergies too so I empathise (maybe not the same one's). Nyty nyty.

Tracybell said...

@Liz omg sorry to but in but did u read caged teaser tonight. I just love that woman. I'm rereading surviving Bella right now my fave lol. Awesome that u a beta I'm an avid ff reader and very first fiction I read was lolashoes then wide awake then cw&ia omg I could go on and on. So cool u a beta!

Tracybell said...

@Nj south Africa? Sweet! I'm In Oklahoma so you name the culprit we got the allergy even people without allergies are having allergies right now lol

Holy said...

Hello everyone.

I'm excited for Josh interview.He's been respectful with both R/K.I don't think he will ask a personal question.

@Ginger-waves.I'm glad that Karen is safe,how about Robert,have you talk to him also?

I'm also glad that everyone in here that were affected by the storm were all safe.

Twirling at Liz Lala Land.

Oneheart said...

Checking in and glad to see that those on the East Coast from here made it through the storm okay. It was so scary on twitter last night reading about the babies from the NIC units. God Bless the Nurses and Doctors who took care of everyone during the storm.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Holy - waves - I am not sure about Robert but I think he is in Louisiana

@Oneheart - the video with the nurse with the baby - gah

Oneheart said...


Is everyone getting ready for Halloween? Since it's Halloween I'll share a true story that is happening with a friend of mine. It gives me the creeps because I know her well enough to know this is the absolute truth.

She has been having some wierd things happening where she works at. She said ever since she went to work there she has been told there is a little boy who haunts the place. She never believed any of it.

She said the creepy stuff started about two weeks ago. She went into work on the Midnight shift. She wasn't scared and was doing her job. Ghost, demons or anything like that hadn't entered her mind. She went into a patients room that never talks. She said she is just a sweet lady and no one knows why she doesn't talk. Well my friend was getting ready to give her some medicine and all of a sudden she grabbed my friends arm and said he's watching you. She said the voice coming from the woman sounded more like the voice of a man, it was real deep and gruff sounding.

You have to know my friend, and keep in mind she has never ever believed in ghost, paranormal type stuff. She said she felt her hair stand up on the back of her neck and tried to get lose from the lady but she wouldn't let go. Suddenly from behind her something fell off the sink. She managed to pry the ladies grip off her arm and ran out of the room.

She wouldn't go back in there the rest of the night. She said all during the night she heard patients saying he's here. Come out and play. A few days later, at the nurse station there was my friend and two other nurses setting and keeping watch over the pts. She said an alarm went off in the whirlpool room..an alarm that some of the patients wear who tend to wonder off so they can know where they are. Well they went there and there was no one in the pool room. They came back to the station and a little while later the same alarm went off but it was coming from a cabinet behind them. They nervously opened the cabinet and it was the ankle braclet of a male resident who had died two weeks earlier. My friend said she got so scared she was shaking, but the other nurses downplayed it.

Last night the face of a man appeared on their computer screens..she said it was like an image and his eyes were opened wide, and his mouth would open and close...She said her and another nurse looked in a mirror that was behind them and that same image was in the mirror.

My friend said she doesn't think she can stay there much longer if this continues. I don't blame her. LOL

Well I thought I would share since it is Halloween, I'm sure there are others who have had strange stuff happen..since it's Halloween tomorrow I would love to read them.

Oneheart said...

Hi Ginger I didn't see the video. I just heard talk about the babies on Twitter. That must have been heartbreaking. Babies tug at my heartstrings anyway and so do the elderly.

Oneheart said...

I have to call it a night. I'll talk to you all tomorrow. Hope to hear other wierd things that have happened to people you know or yourself. I know I have had some during my lifetime. Some that still scare me to this day.

Good night everyone.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Oneheart - night :) uh that was a scary story - I yeah no way - I would quit - I am a huge chicken of things that go bump in the night

Pisteuo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robert said...

@holy, ginger and everyone
sorry that i haven't been around my other life [fighting crime] has kept me pretty busy. i'll try to get on here some this weekend, there is much to tell

Kami said...

Oneheart and Pisteuo both stories gave me goosebumps and chills.

I have a true story that happened to me last year, as time has gone by I find myself questioning what happened, but deep down I KNOW what I saw.

My husband and I moved back to Texas a year ago this month. We rented, sight unseen...NEVER EVER do that...this monstrosity of a house, over 5000 square feet, we were in a hurry to move and it seemed perfect but when we got there, the house was not as 'perfect' as advertised, and I found myself afraid at times.

We had been here two weeks when Halloween rolled around, my husband, Heith had to go into work that morning for some training, we sleep with our bedroom door shut and locked. So when Heith got up he headed straight for the bathroom door on the opposite side of the room, as he walked in front of the bed, I saw that the bedroom door was shut...when he came out of the bathroom 5 minutes later as he was walking to the bedroom door he asked me why I had gotten up and why I didn't shut the door behind me when I came back to bed. I of course was freaked out and swore up and down that I hadn't gotten out of bed. He of course looked at me as if I had lost my mind, and went to put coffee on.

I got up to let my dog outside and then the dog and I headed back to bed...yes I know shouldn't let the dog sleep in the bed...anyway, I made sure when I walked into the bedroom that I shut and locked the door. we got back in bed and I had laid my head down when I heard the bedroom door open I quickly turned on the light in time to see the door open all the way on it's own, then shut on its own then LOCK. I was too afraid to get up out of bed, and the dog was 80lbs of useless, he was trying to climb in my lap and was whimpering. I screamed for Heith and he of course couldn't hear me...so I grabbed the cell phone and called the house phone and asked him if he had pulled a Halloween trick on me. He promised he hadn't and given the look of shock on his face, I believe him. I lay there scared for about an hour before dozing off.

When I got up I was certain I had dreamed the whole thing and began finishing up with the unpacking. I was working upstairs in the Den, and when I got finished I sat down in my chair and dozed off. I then began having a dream that a man in probably his 70s was trying to choke me, and no matter how hard I tried to wake up, I couldn't. Finally the doorbell rang and the dog, who had been downstairs whimpering, I heard him in my dream, began barking and I was able to wake up.

Several odd things happened in that house so my husband asked our landlord if he knew if someone had passed away in the house that was less than 20 years old, Our landlord paused and then said that both of his parents had died in the house from long illnesses his mother passed away in the master Bedroom and his father upstairs. I NEVER felt safe in that house again. I have no proof anything truly was going on but just thinking about it gives me chills.

PamH said...

Yes, I'm reading Caged. I love some of the new stories that are out that show a different Edward or Bella than were used to or has a plot not taped into already.
That's great your going to maybe help on her story. I was hooked after the first chapter, she made you imagine what Bella's life as a blind person is like with describing how her other senses are more heightened.

Kay said...

Ummm, thanks for the nightmares...I mean, creepy stories, Oneheart, Pisteuo and Kami...sleeping with the lights on now.... o_O

It's been good to see people checking in with how they are doing through the storm...hoping everyone can still have at least a little bit of a Happy Halloween...I'm opting for a tiara at the office tomorrow for my costume, instead of the broomstick I ride every other day.... ;)

Take care and be safe everyone! <3

Kami said...

LOL sorry Kay, I hope you do not have those nightmares!

Kami said...

Kay I forgot to add that I loved your costume comment, made me laugh thank you

Kay said...

Yeah, I'm kind of a sissy that way, Kami....my own fault for reading! LOL : ) Have a good night!

Pisteuo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Birdie said...

Thanks girls! I am with you Kay. I was having trouble sleeping and thought I would check in. Yeah, like now I am going to sleep,haha.
I love scary stories,but I must say I am too practical. I grew up in a funeral home. As in the old days, the funeral home was connected to our house. Sorry, nothing scary happened.

But no way I would stay in that house, Kami. Thank god you have a dog!
Oneheart, I would absolutely not be brave enough to keep working at that job.
I would not return to that funeral home again. We had a nice funeral home(if there is such a thing).
Back to sleep and if I have nightmares, I'll be looking you three up!


Kami said...

Pisteuo, yes we bought a house in April, a brand spanking new, completed the day before we closed, house, so far nothing odd happening.

DreamerKind said...

Well, it's here..Halloween! Hoping all children/adults who celebrate this day, will be able to, whenever/wherever, it is safe.

Fondest wishes out to all!

DreamerKind said...




Birdie said...

I read that Chicago was getting high winds-you guys are used to that,aren't you? Did you have fun at your Halloween party? Where is the picture?

Oneheart, Kami and Pisteuo,
No nightmares, thank you very much.lol

So glad Annie, Kenzz, PATTYBG, and anyone I missed, are safe and sound.
Aren't you seeing any of this storm?
Tough times for you and your family. I was so sorry to read about your father. I hope Taylor is on the mend.


allen25 said...

Wow. Reading those irrational comments and harsh tones? Hands down you are the best at speaking TRUTH. Seriously, they are over the top, delusional crazy people who think they ALSO DO KNOW EVERYTHING.Good grief, they wanna believe what the media and tabloids still say. They are the ones who are DUMB. I think their cowards anyway. Using anonymous accounts and not real names. Really, their bordering on psychotic. They already crossed the line for being delusional. They should get serious help. Wait till they see, that after BDp2 ends, they'd still be together. As always, you are right. Rob and Kristen own them. They can't get enough of them.

Always your posts are incredible.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


We have had very windy and cold weather for several days...the outer bands...hope all is well with you...you live far enough away from it I think...

Love the scary stories...IQ have a few I will share today but gotta go to work right now...ugh:)

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