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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rob and Kristen- Really Reality


I've been reading a lot of 
and it's been fascinating...
and also scary creepy.

All the shouts about Lainey's post
saying that Rob and Kristen
staged the pictures at their house.
(and how cool that now you WANT to believe her!)

Thing is?
Although Lainey does have a source or two...
(She was right about them being together)
Her opinion on whether those pictures were 'staged'
is just that.
Her opinion.
What is gossip without controversy?
Pretty boring, huh?
Here's the deal...

1. Rob and Kristen would never pay paparazzi
to take staged pictures.
No way.
No how.
They have shown nothing but disdain
and disgust 
at the way those vultures do their job.
The paps shout obscene things at Kristen
they start fights and are rude
to the people around her
They harass and stalk
and scare the shit out of her.
Rob stood around for hours
pleading with them to just leave him alone...

You REALLY think they stage pics with these assholes?

Besides common sense
(It's too bad its not really common)
tells you that Rob and Kristen 
don't have to stage pics
when they are hounded 24/7 by these scavengers.
Now they are going to cut them a deal?
And from their HOME??
Their home.
Their sanctuary.
Their safe place.

Give me a fucking break.

IF Rob and Kristen wanted to show the world
they are together 
They could have easily been all kissy and huggy
when they were standing outside the restaurant
in the bright shiny light of day.
Nice clear pictures.
Not some grainy shit that was taken
who knows how far away with a powerful lens.
If you are going to 'stage' pics...
Surely they could have gotten better access?
Better quality?
Surely Kristen wouldn't have been in camera range
wearing ripped up pants
and swimming in her underwear?

They could 'stage' pictures anywhere
But invading the privacy of their own home?
Yeah. Sure.
If you need to believe that...
I feel sorry for you.
I truly do.
I bet even you feel sorry for you.

Those pictures really were the proverbial straw
that broke the hater's back.
You could just call that straw...

Here's another thing...

2. For four years...
The Ninnies have been screaming PR.
Oh yes.... Poor Rob
being forced to pretend to be in a relationship
with that evil Kristen.
Poor poor Rob.
Summit really roped him in with their binding contract.
4 years of Ninnies screeching PR
every time there was a picture
showing Rob and Kristen
going on vacation together
visiting each others movie sets
spending holidays together
4 years of excuses

So why are these pictures any different?
NOW people are whining about what a sell out Rob is...
NOW people are complaining about how this isn't the
"Rob" they thought they knew.
NOW they are SO disappointed in Rob.

But wait a minute...
Hasn't Rob been doing this since day one?
Hasn't he been selling himself and his personal life
because he's obligated to?
Why have these pictures...
Showing a happy Rob and Kristen
Caused such an uproar this time?
Isn't it the same deal as always?

Remember that Reality straw?

The reason so many Ninnies
are so distraught and angry
is because they actually see that
Rob is in fact...
In love with Kristen.
There's Rob bringing a towel
and a nice cup of warm tea
(Yeah, I see Rob making Kristen tea...)
With a big ol' smile on his face...

Rob has forgiven Kristen.
Rob loves Kristen.
Kristen loves Rob.
They are together.

If you want to believe its for the sake of movie box office...
See you in December

If you don't approve.
Too bad. So sad.

It's always been pretty obvious to me
that neither Rob or Kristen
will let 'fans' dictate their personal life.
They don't care what we think.
Why should they?

Say you had a neighbor...
A stalky neighbor
who watched every move you and your partner made.
He sat in his house staring out the window at you
with his binoculars and telephoto lens.
For  years.
He never talked to you.
He never got to know you.
And then one day the neighbor comes across the street
and knocks on your door...
and proceeds to tell you how you should live your life.
He thinks you should break up with your partner...
He doesn't approve of your partner.
He has watched from afar and thinks he knows 
what is best for you.
You should listen to him!
He has watched you everyday!
He has every right to tell you what to do
with your personal
private life.

I'm guessing you would think the fucker is crazy
and slam the door in his face.

And that's what Rob and Kristen are doing.
They aren't listening to the lunatic fringe.
They don't fucking care about the crazy neighbors out there
that think they have a right to tell them how to live their lives.

They are following their hearts.

And that has led them to each other.


The BEST picture of Rob from Australia.
That 2009 mop of hair.
Buttons... Unbuttoned.
(Why is that so endearing?)

And Kristen.
All smiles and cuteness.
Looking lovely as always
after a long flight to Japan.

And Tom
Because I adore Tom.
And I like posting pics of Tom.

This post is brought to you by the letter D

D for 

The orange Oompa Loompa guy
with the weird hair
who name-dropped Rob and Kristen
to try and be relevant on Twitter.
The only people who listen to this
Misogynistic blowhard
are those who realize that 
THIS is the best they can do.


Until next time.

Bye for now


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wig4usc said...

Yay!!! For once, I'm here during "normal" business hours!

Hello, Rose and all the Roselanders! There are a lot of people in this world, I'm realizing more and more, that cannot deal with reality. And I totally agree, I think some are particularly maniacal because finally, they're rationalizations and excuses are caving in, like quicksand, nothing to grab onto, sinking quickly!

Goodbye, Ninnies!

Have a great day, everyone!

Lady Fallow said...

I totally understand Rob's reasoning when he said he 'hates people but loves dogs'

Stupid should be painful... extra painful in their case.

Love your post Rose...

And about what Trump said in his tweet...what a twat!!

Anonymous said...

Rose, you've had many, many wonderful posts over the years, but today's is right up there with the best of the best. Bravo! No way Rob or Kristen would ever consort with the enemy paps to sell anything, much less their relationship. And you're right again about how everyone who has been on the PR-train for 4 years is now in a twist that Rob is selling out with the latest pap pics. Can't have it both ways. lol.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Great post Rose !!

They are realizing he is not who they thought he was - that is the funny part because they never knew him nor will the ever know him at all - they were only concerned with making him into a unrealistic person while drooling over him. I like the Rob I see - because the Rob I see is a normal person in love with Kristen who loves him and life happens - sometimes we have to pause to move forward and I for one am happy to see their journey continue together.

@Wig I agree - Laters Ninnies

Freddie said...

Thanks for the post Rose. Wishing Rob and Kristen safe travels on their respective return trips to the States.

Kami – I’m so happy to hear that things went well with Taylor. She is indeed a brave girl. Continued best wishes for her and your family.

Wishing friends, those present and those absent, the best on this rainy day (at least here).

Take care.

Lanette said...

Love the post. I think no matter what goes on the ninnies are always going to have to complain about something. The comment that Trump had was just so pathetic its laughable. I really don;t think he has any room to talk. How many times has he been married? lol
Rob and Kristen will do what they want and not care about what people think.

Sue_V said...

I love you Rose! I love your comments,you always make my day! Thank you for being here and saying so brilliantly what the rest of us would like to say!

Litmom said...

Brilliant, Rose.

You tell it like it is. And this IS the way it is.

Oh those pathetic Ninnie/Nonnies -
"You can"t HANDLE the truth!"

Always, always - Thanks, Rose!

katy said...

Love this post, Rose!

The idiots,( and don't mean only Ninnies by idiots), with the PR theories, will be proven wrong with time.

What's been proven to Ninnies, after this past summer, is indeed the fact that Rob is in love with Kristen. That he truly LOVES her. And this is killing ninnies.

Rob and Kristen both look amazingly gorgeous as always and happy. I am happy for them.

Hope you are all having a great day, Freddie,Ginger, Wig, Laurie and everyone else that I may have missed.

Take care

katy said...
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AE said...

Perfect words!! I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The next weeks will be wonderful :) one last time ...

De said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
De said...

Lovin' your post today Rose!!! Especially your Oompa Loompa!!!☺☺☺

deb said...

Love it Rose and i got another one for you what about when the paps made kristen cry ya she just loves them to death she want them to be and know ALL ABOUT HER AND ROBERTS LIFE YA RIGHT Thats why she SMILES and waves to him blows them kisses.(I DON'T THINK SO ASSHOLES)the Ninnies are always going to be crying because they DON'T have a LIFE.They should go hump That ASSWIPE with FUCKUP hair . Thank's again Rose :) DEB.

Omoiyari said...

We are talking about intolerance,misogyny and cynicism.This is the only truth.the only problem is that Haters or bloggers or orange Oompa Loompa guy believe that they are omnipotent or something.The motives behind these violations are quite basic,indeed the bullying on Internet ,FB ,twitter have no legal laws .but the day will come ;-)

All I need say is :My heart is with Kristen.

Samantha Nkhata said...

I think anyone who knows Robert(with how he always acts self-conscious about his body) knows that if it was a publicity stunt he wouldn't have been photographed in his boxers. And I know the picks aren't clear but from zooming in it looked to me like Kristen had just woken up. Robert looked good and fresh (love him in a white tee), like he had come over or showered. Moreover, if the pics were going to be viewed by the public, one would think that as a man Rob would use the opportunity to really show the 'passion' that him and Kristen shares rivals that of Kris and "that man". SO he would be ALL OVER her.

Unknown said...

OMG Rose ur words are amazing!!!, how true they are!!!, I take out my hate and salute you!!!!, ur my idol!!!

Unknown said...

I meant to say my hat no hate!!! Sorryyyy!!!

PipDancer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
faa said...

Great words from you Rose, as always.
Thank you for stating the obvious truth to the obviously moron ninnies.
You are always the voice of reasons, the bearer of hopes and the staunch believer.
I am with you Rose.
We are all with you. Always ;-)

Rob & Kristen will always end up together.
In Paris.In Vancouver.In Montreal.In Rio.In Los Feliz definitely ;-)

PamH said...

The haters and ninnies are hanging on by the tips of their fingers pulling the same old crap reasons they are together or that R isn't the man they thought him to be since he took her back and last but not least...staging pics themselves...anyone who has ever listened to R&K know that is something they would never do and as Rose said there are to many times they have been photoed together that they could have layer on the PDA if they wanted to do that but that will never be how they will conduct themselves.
I think the delusionals better be taking this time to come up with better reasons for them being together because next year WHEN THEY ARE STILL TOGETHER the old ones might not work so well -- and the rest that are just haters ---OOHHH WELL sorry bout your luck

irene said...

Love it, Rose!!
LMAO at the Ninnies, always struggling to make any sense whatsoever.........!!! RME & SMH!!!!

Second Chance said...

The Story of Love and Time

Once upon a time, there was an island where all the feelings lived: Happiness, Sadness, Knowledge, and all of the others, including Love.

One day it was announced to the feelings that the island would sink, so all constructed boats and left.

Except for Love.

Love was the only one who stayed. Love wanted to hold out until the last possible moment.

When the island had almost sunk, Love decided to ask for help.

Richness was passing by Love in a grand boat.

Love said, ”Richness, can you take me with you?”

Richness answered, “No, I can’t. There is a lot of gold and silver in my boat. There is no place here for you.

Love decided to ask Vanity who was also passing by in a beautiful vessel. “Vanity, please help me!”

“I can’t help you, Love. You are all wet and might damage my boat,” Vanity answered.

Sadness was close by so Love asked, “Sadness, let me go with you.”

“Oh . . . Love, I am so sad that I need to be by myself!”

Happiness passed by Love, too, but she was so happy that she did not even hear when Love called her.

Suddenly, there was a voice, “Come, Love, I will take you.”

It was an elder.

So blessed and overjoyed, Love even forgot to ask the elder where they were going. When they arrived at dry land, the elder went her own way.

Realizing how much was owed to the elder, Love asked Knowledge, another elder, “Who helped me?”

“It was Time,” Knowledge answered.

“Time?” asked Love. “But why did Time help me?”

Knowledge smiled with deep wisdom and answered, “Because only Time is capable of understanding how valuable Love is.”

Author Unknown

Krisea1112 said...

Love the post Rose!!!you nailed it!!!Bravo!!!

Kami said...

Freddie, thank you. Tay is doing ok today, it's been a rough week, but we're very hopeful that they got all of the cancer and that she is not going to have any more problems. Unfortunately with kids who have bone cancer after they have gone into remission with that the same form of cancer likes to hide in the lungs. BUT she's great and again to everyone thank you for your prayers. I didn't want to mention her being sick here but, well Roseland prayers have helped us before and we needed a win. Thank you all.

Holy said...

Hello ladies and gents.

Rose-amazing post.Thanks again.

Nonnies are losing their mind and drowning again and again.

Ginger-hey there.

@gargamel-hello,do you still have your ribbons and still twirling like us.

Anonymous said...

Rose, once again you hit another home run out of the ball park. Way to go!!! Spit my water out at the pic of "the donald" small caps and implied sarcasm inserted. Loved his given nickname from you "Oompa Loompa"

I also want to thank you, get down on my knees and thank you, for putting up with all the shouty caps, the diatribs, the diarrhea from the Ninnies. You're a star!

Oneheart said...

Hi Roseland..Dropping by to tell Rose how much I loved her post today. Especially this part:

Rob has forgiven Kristen.
Rob loves Kristen.
Kristen loves Rob.
They are together.

The ninnies, nonnies and haters need to realize

Rob will not forgive you.
Rob does not love you.
You do not love Rob.
You are not with him, a part of him, nor will you ever be.

Oneheart said...

Second Chance thank you for posting that beautiful story.

parker said...

i’m cracking up on your oompa loompa visual rose. classic!

great post as usual and really happy to finally see the BD2 promos and all sorts of goodies coming out from rob & kristen. they just seem so relaxed and happy that all the gasping-for-breath negativity from the haters can’t spoil the happiness. can’t wait for nov!

good evening to all you roselanders! happy days ahead!

PamH said...

After watching Kristen's interview from Japan I'm amazed how she ever understands anything, having the translator talk while you try to answer the question must be so distracting, I'd definitely lose my train of thought.
To bad R&K can't do Kelly together. I think that would have been a lot of laughs. Still hoping Josh will talk to them one last time for MTV.

Robsten Dreams has post for PC awards voting beginning but looks like to vote for R&K / Twilight they have to be added to other for most categories..

Barbara Fenwick said...

Thank you Rose for this delightful post and thank you for addressing this ridiculous theory. Also, thank you Second Chance for that beautiful poem.

I know Rob and Kristen would never pay for staged pictures like the ones taken at their house. I have been saying it over and over, but these people want to believe what they believe.

Take care Roselanders.Kami, I hope Tay continues to improve.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Good Evening ROSELAND

I was commenting on " Donaldisms" on FB earlier today. I said I wished he would spend more time finding a good hair stylist and less time commenting on how R and K should live their lives....none of our business and nine of his...

Hello to KAMI, HOLY, PARKER, ONEHEART, FREDDIE, SECOND CHANCE...everyone deserves at least, PIP,KATY, LITMOM and anyone else I missed..

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Oops...none, not nine...ugh!

BARBARA FENWICK...I missed you while I was posting. GLAD to see you pop in!

LizzieD said...


Sorry I've been MIA for a couple of days, too much work interfering with the fun stuff. BUT I'M TWIRLING!!!

KAMI -- I hope things will be okay for Taylor. My Dad had lung cancer 22 years ago and only has one lung but doing well at 80!!!

ROSE -- Your words just keep getting better ... always so true and so well said. We love you for it!!!

The next 3 weeks are going to be so much fun, though I hate to see "our kids" so worn out. I think Kristen looks the most beautiful I've ever seen her from her TV appearance yesterday in Japan ... must mean she's happy. AND Rob ... looks so relaxed and happy, can't be said enough.



Samantha Nkhata said...

In church we're taught that the role of older men in the community is to act as a father figure to all. That means he is meant to protect and guide those that are younger, especially women and children. That is what upsets me the most about the Donald Trump tweet (oh and that other guy that said Rob was a douche and that Kristen should have cheated sooner. In this instance as an older man, Donald should feel protective of these younger people that are going through a hard. He should be using his considerable influence to speak out against the ridiculous fabricated tabloid stories and encouraging people to boycott these tabloids. Or even encouraging Robert and Kristen to be strong during this difficult time if he really felt he needed to insert himself into their private life. Donald has a daughter so his lack of compassion is saddening.

David Cronenberg was such a great example of this; jumping in whenever Robert seemed flustered or overwhelmed during interviews (before and after the 'incident'). Subtly encouraging Robert, building his confidence. Defending him against naysayers who alluded that Rob was a bad actor.

I'm exactly Kristen's age and the thing I'm panicking about the most right now is my French oral exam on Thursday, not being the "most hated woman in the world" according some newspapers. What's worse is that his statement implies that this 'incident'should define her forever and like it is the essence of her character.

wig4usc said...

I don't know if any of you have the same observation, but I think Kristen looks...different, like she's truly happy. It could be an acting job, I'd hate to be in a different continent than my love, but her smile seems truly genuine, like her whole face is lighting up. I hope its that she's in a great place, happy with life. Its truly nice to see.

@Ginger - Totally agree, its why I think I enjoy R&K, they aren't the glossy, magazine cover types of celebs.

I loved Rose's example of the nosy neighbor, its just perfect! Most of us have come across this, one way or another, in-laws, siblings, parents, let me tell you how to do things the right way. Its so annoying when its someone you know and love, imagine it from crazy mobs. I'd need a shrink! LOL

Hello's back to all of you, hope you all are enjoying the goodies so far! I'm so excited for BD2, can't wait for my marathon event!!!! :)

Oneheart said...

Wig4usc wow do I know what you mean about nosy people. I'm thinking of two right now. If I'm a lying I'm a dying..if they give you a recipe they will call you all day long every day until you make the recipe. Then they want to know your reaction to it, your husbands reaction to it, who did you give it to, what did they the time you get done you feel like the recipe has become your last meal before execution. You wish they had never given it to you. LOL

Oneheart said...

Kristen is so incredibly beautiful. She looks like she is glowing in those pictures from Japan. Obviously she is a very happy young woman and Rob looks handsome as always, he too looks very, very happy. Love will do that to you.

Ginger with a Soul said...

As far as the Donald is concerned is as simple as this - he got tons of responses from his tweet - mission accomplished - he wanted to generate controversy with him at the helm - he has even went as low as to discuss the presidents marriage. Taking any type of relationship advice or guidance from him is like asking an 80yr old virgin nun what he best sexual position is from experience. Defies logic, common sense and maybe he should take his own advice and worry about his own life. His crack glass windows won't be able to withstand his judgements in his own home.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Oh hi Ladies !!!

Beautiful story Second chance and as always nice to see you Oneheart

@Wig - they are so anti Hollywood and that I like so much as well

Berry said...

You go Rose! Great post!

Litmom said...

Wig - I have been saying the same thing. She looks genuinely happy- more contented than I have seen her in pics in a while. So happy for her!

Oneheart said...

Hi Ginger love your description of the Donald. The only way he can be noticed for anything is if he tries to put his name with someone more popular than him. Right now that would be just about anyone. He has other things he could focus on, for instance he needs to work on the hair it looks like he's got the mange.

I hate combovers. I understand not wanting to lose your hair but there comes a time when men like Trump need to just let it go. It's dead like Rover. Get a buzz cut or shave their heads anything but a combover. Makes me cringe.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Oneheart LOL - I was laughing out loud at that one - oh man. His hair is like a whole other entity - I am afraid it might start talking and tweeting too.

Oneheart said...

Ginger he needs to call Lloyds of London and have that mange insured. Wait I don't think they'll insure something if it's already dead, will they? LMAO

Oneheart said...

Hi Litmom Kristen almost sparkles she is glowing so brightly in Japan. Beautiful.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Oneheart Ahahahahaha - good times I swear

Kristen sure loves her 2 dogs :) she looks so happy - you can't fake the happiness when it shows in your eyes.

Oneheart said...

Waves Super I missed your post..LOL yes a GOOD Hairdresser would be something he needs to look into, the one he's got only does combovers it seems.

Oneheart said...

Ginger that is true genuine happiness we are seeing in her eyes this week. It is contagious because when you look at her you can't help but smile.

Oneheart said...

Kami I'm sorry for not mentioning Tay just went back and read. It breaks my heart to hear of kids that have cancer. It's not fair. I pray that she continues to improve and I will definitely be praying for her and you and your family.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Oneheart - they both have it - their smiles are def infectious. I wonder what Kristen is going to wear tonight.

Oneheart said...

I don't know but I like her in short dresses and heels. With legs like that it's a shame to hide them.

Clarisse said...

Rose,I like your post very much!
You are an excellent communicator. Your examples are so clear, and funny, and appropriate.

Roselanders, I am lost about Donald tweet but, after reading your comments, I think that I don’t miss anything good…

@Second Chance: thanks for that cute meaningful story.
@Kami: I wish the best for Tay. I am a believer in God. I am sure that He takes care of Tay.

While I was reading Rose’s post I was listening to Jorge Drexler’s song… he is a gifted Uruguayan composer and singer. I am thinking that this song is perfect for this occasion… I take the risk of translate part of one of his lyrics: “All is being transformed”
“… And while the wine dropped, I knew the Love that you would give me, it would return -transformed- to you to thank you, one day… People give thing that they receive, and they receive the same thing that they give. It’s simple and there isn’t another rule. Nothing is lost, all is being transformed”

A huge hug :-)

PamH said...

Has anyone seen the photo, from RPLife fan photos post, were Rob has his mouth wide open from a side angle ? It's sooo funny. When I first seen it I thought that's what he should have done when Ellen tried to play TL grape catching game.

I loved when Kristen told that guy she liked him after he told he did the voice over of Edward her smile was lite up. Hope we see some more promo stuff with her soon.

Oneheart said...

Good night Roseland..Ginger thanks for the laughs.

Clarisse thanks for the beautiful words and video.

You are right you didn't miss a thing by not reading that tweet. Nothing!!! LOL

Good night talk to you later. Hugs.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Oneheart Night !!!

@Pam we should be over flowing with Kristen pictures by morning

PamH said...

Wonder if Rob is still in AUS or if he managed to be a ninja and made it back to LA, he said he can't ever make it through LAX without being caught.

The promo events are adding up fast, they are going to be so busy in Nov. Kristen is even doing an OTR premier (maybe someone will attend also) between BD2 stuff.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Pam - Ha you read my mind - I hope he goes with her

Kami said...

Thank you again everyone for all of your wonderful comments of encouragement, and the prayers and good thoughts you've sent our way. I would name you all but I'm afraid I would miss someone in my tired state. Everything is looking up.

Tomorrow I will unfurl my 'bitch flag' and be prepared to run it up the pole if anyone comes here to cause problems... hey a girl has got to have some fun. But I will use it only on those who are up to true night everyone.

wig4usc said...

You guys are cracking me up tonight, I love beating up on The Donald like a pinata! I've never been a fan, Ginger - I LOL'd when I read your 80-yr old virgin comment!

@Kami - Please let me add my thoughts and prayers. I'm a cancer survivor, my son was only 15 months when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Pediatric oncology was across the way, I'd look over there every time and thank God it was me, not my son. I'm so glad you have good news and pray that will continue. I have a ton of respect for parents who have to deal with a child who has a medical condition. How old is Taylor?

Back to R/K, did anyone see the stupid Perez article about K? Some mess about how awkward she was, having to go to Japan was punishment and she looked miserable. I couldn't disagree more! He's an idiot and a shit-stirrer, but I'm sure we all know that! ;)

Well, Roseland, I'm going to try to not stay up until midnight tonight and go to bed at a reasonable time.

Annie said...

Morning all. :)

Kami: So very happy to know that Taylor is doing well and the surgery was successful.

Rob and Kristen have the shit-stirrers, sanctimonious assholes, delusional twats, ninnies, nonnies, tabloid media all in meltdown mode...........In a flux are they? Fanfuckingtastic!

Have a great day all. Fighting a cold but hanging in there.

Second Chance said...

Kami, I'm sorry to read that there's a little one with Cancer in your family. The scariest part of Cancer is not knowing why you have it. Even if you beat it, there's always a part of you that is going to worry that it is going to come back. I'm praying for her continued recovery and peace of mind.

Second Chance said...

Kami, I'm sorry to read that there's a little one with Cancer in your family. The scariest part of Cancer is not knowing why you have it. Even if you beat it, there's always a part of you that is going to worry that it is going to come back. I'm praying for her continued recovery and peace of mind.

Birdie said...

Truth is fucking truth. I think that says it all. I think Rob and Kristen look happy, confident and yes, beautiful as always. The inner strength these two have shown through all this is admirable. Grace under fire. It's what you see not what you hear.

Kristen is rocking it on the red carpet once again. Best legs in Hollywood,hands down.

Have a great day Roseland.!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Good Morning ROSELAND

I'm just smiling and enjoying the pretty this morning

I'm home and just enjoyed looking at Tokyo K. I love the outfit...what do you call it...a jumpsuit maybe??? I'm sure something much more sophisticated. Lol...I agree about the leg comments...what a shame to cover them up...most of all, she looks happy and that's what I pray for her everyday.

And Australian R...the HAIR.....I feel like that is vintage gorgeous again, like K ' s legs...a shame to cut off the That explains why the DONALD is paying attention to R...he can't help but wish he had hair like that...right???? Heh

Have a great day ALL:)

Annie said...

Birdie: I completely agree.

Kristen looked drop dead gorgeous in Tokyo.........Everything about that look was an A+

Super: Morning. :)

Ginger with a Soul said...

Morning Ladies !

@Super - I wanted to call it a romper - now I am not a high heel person at all but her shoes are killer !!

@Annie - I hope you feel better

Smiley Kristen and Giggly Rob - how can one not smile back

Annie said...

Morning Ginger: Thanks. :)
You know my usual question to you. :).....How's Twitter holding up this AM?

The Japanese fans were fabulous!

parker said...

@Birdie, kristen certainly did rock it in tokyo. i honestly think kristen genuinely loves the japanese fans. based on what i have seen in past twilight saga japanese promo, japanese fans are, i think, the most polite fans in the world. they don’t make rude interruptions during fan events vs fans during twilight conventions in LA – who i think are quite rowdy. my guess is that’s the reason why kristen chose to do her solo promo there. it’s a safe place for her.

@wig, i don’t read perez but i agree with you, he couldn’t be more wrong. i don’t think anything he says is even worth spending a second on but to state that going to japan is a form of punishment is an insult to the japanese, but what can you expect from vermins like him.

loving the promo!

PamH said...

Wow K really looked great in her one piece LV shorts outfit, with her body type she pulled it off perfectly, her shoes were awesome ( they would be a death trap for me ) made her legs look long. I love the little rope like bracelet she has on, also has a triangle on thin gold chain

Glad to see Rob did get out some, talking next project with DM and getting to know each other better.

Wonder if TomStu will attend the OTR premier in LA ?

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Annie - My TL was so packed with Kristen promo I could only go back 3 hours and I am still reading through at least 1,000 tweets. Rob is still in Australia with the Rover folks - gotta say so far both countries have been so respectful. There is so much happy going on I don't see any bad and I really really like that.

@Parker - Perez is yuck. Japan was awesome !!!

@Pam - wouldn't that be great - maybe Marcus too since he has been hanging with the LA gang this past week. Bring on the hobo pack - I love it

Tbell said...

*peaks around corner* hi ladies, I've been lurking a while to see what you ladies are about, I'd like to intro myself. I popped my blog cherry on ROaR. When she quit I headed over to Robsessed to keep up with r&k, Becuz first and foremost I am a r/k fan first. I fell in love with them as a couple. Lately, robsessed became lunatic central and someone on there mentioned rpi and rosesee and I googled that shit and bam I found you guys lol. First off rosesee? You are my brand of common sense! Occam's Razor anyone? I'm not saying I know the truth of everything or even rose does. What I am saying doesn't matter! From the beginning of all this I'm thinking these poor kids *shakes head* I won't even comment on people who say bad stuff about r&k, I think I just subscribe to the philosophy...who cares? R&k sure don't lol. What I see here is that you ladies *and gent?* are good people who don't fantasize about getting into r&k pants lol or at least you don't admit it haha. And you believe they are in a serious, honest to god, real *emphasis on real* relationship. I think I'm a likeminded soul peeps. So...what I'm sayin is I'll prob be hanging out with ya.

tufenuf55 said...

Rob and Kristen both rocked their promos. Kristen is radiant. She is really coming into her own. She is absolutely GLOWING. Love her outfit, her hair, her makeup. PERFECTION! I've always said if they made a movie about Elizabeth Taylor when she was in her 20's, that Kristen would be my choice for that role. Hope Rob keeps his hair the current length for The Rover. AREN'T WE THE HAPPIEST...I TOLD YOU SO...FANDOM IN THE WORLD WITH BEST BLOG FROM ROSE. YEP!!!

Tbell said...

*peaks around corner* hi ladies, I've been lurking a while to see what you ladies are about, I'd like to intro myself. I popped my blog cherry on ROaR. When she quit I headed over to Robsessed to keep up with r&k, Becuz first and foremost I am a r/k fan first. I fell in love with them as a couple. Lately, robsessed became lunatic central and someone on there mentioned rpi and rosesee and I googled that shit and bam I found you guys lol. First off rosesee? You are my brand of common sense! Occam's Razor anyone? I'm not saying I know the truth of everything or even rose does. What I am saying doesn't matter! From the beginning of all this I'm thinking these poor kids *shakes head* I won't even comment on people who say bad stuff about r&k, I think I just subscribe to the philosophy...who cares? R&k sure don't lol. What I see here is that you ladies *and gent?* are good people who don't fantasize about getting into r&k pants lol or at least you don't admit it haha. And you believe they are in a serious, honest to god, real *emphasis on real* relationship. I think I'm a likeminded soul peeps. So...what I'm sayin is I'll prob be hanging out with ya.

ali mac said...

Tracey, I think you hit the nail on the head with your description of everyone here ;)You are very welcome here.

Hi everyone, hope you's are all well. I'm enjoying all the promo goodies too :-)

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Tracybell - welcome - yeah we support both and you will love it here - this place is so nice and Rose is always awesome !

@ tufenuf55 - they wear love so well - happy couple makes you smile so big !!!

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Ali - morning :)

ali mac said...

Hi ginger, how are you? I've just finished work and am home now. Treating myself to curry tonight, one of my favourite treats :)

ali mac said...

Hi ginger, how are you? I've just finished work and am home now. Treating myself to curry tonight, one of my favourite treats :)

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Ali - I am good - had to burn some more vacation so I took today and tomorrow off - kids are back in school after their 3 weeks off track so I can really clean the house - so funny that us moms are like yeah I have a day off to clean

Tbell said...

Hi Ali, thanks for the nice welcome. Been reading through older posts, and wow, sure would have been nice to read a voice of reason when the sh*t storm was in full force. People are crazy aren't they? Lol. my lIfe number Is 8 and I'm pretty blunt *but with a smiley face* and I like people to shoot straight and be truthful, so I'm wondering what roses life number is becuz she's like my soulsista lol. Have a great day and we are in for so much fun in the coming weeks!

ali mac said...

@Ginger lol nothing like a good clean house when you know it's going to last more than 10 minutes!

@Tracey we try to stay sane around here, but I think most of us will admit to freaking out now and again :0)

PamH said...

Glad you are joining us, you'll love it her. Like you many of us came from other blogs and tried the same ones you did but couldn't stand the way they talked about Rob and Kristen, but here, everyone of us love both separately and together....and Rose is the word whisperer LOL

@ Ginger
We have like minds today. I'm spending it at home catching up on house work's sad that were happy about that :-)
I would love to see a mini brit pack reunion at OTR premier, maybe Marcus is house and dogs sitting while their away.

@ ali mac
Hope you enjoy your curry

Tbell said...

HI ginger, Thanks :) have a great day it's absolutely beautiful here today. I've been devoting 100% of my time to hubby while he was home from work so now I'm just getting caught up on promo stuff. Boy aren't those two something? Robs shirt at event was a little...I don't know...uh 1970ish cheesy disco? But you know what only he could pull that off lol. Unbuttoned rob was much better. And Kristen...well she was just perfection. Have a good day girls...

ali mac said...

@Pam, thanks I will. My kitchen is smelling really good right now :)

Tatja said...


Let me just say, girl, dear friend you f*****g nailed it. I so agree with you one hundred percent.

I'm so fed up with all the shit flying around Robsten. They doesn't need the shit and the haters for four long years they have been trying to prove that they are not really together it's fake, Robert is an ass, Kristen is an ass ETC.

And now this, they are going trough the hard time in their relationship and they are stronger than ever, because they are succeding. Oh my I can imagine the nonstens pulilng their hair out.

But me here, I'm not gonna give a shit to them. I'm smiling in here, happy and wishing Robsten the very best and loveliest time now and forever. :)

You go girl!

Kami said...

Wig, what a horrible thing to have to go through at any time in your life but especially with a new baby. I am so glad that you are doing good. Thank you for your kind words.

Ali, were you the one the other day who fixed Mexican food and said that it made your kitchen smell bad and wondered why? I read that the other day and then have thought of it off and on over the week, because I know why. As you can imagine we make a LOT of Mexican food in Texas, and there is one spice in all of the dishes, Cumin and if you smell it by itself you realize it smells like...well you know those older men who seem to not wear deodorant and just walk around gasing people with their funk? That's what it smells like. B. O.

I love the spice, it makes the food taste delicious, and NOTHING like it smells, but it will about knock me out whenever I use it.

Off to do some shopping. I haven't had a chance to get to the store and we're out of everything, except...Cumin for some reason I have 3 jars

parker said...

@Tracybell, you got that right. occam’s razor, yea! that’s rose’s blogs – succinct, sarcastically witty but never nonsensical. i myself don’t subscribe to many R&K blogs. this is one of the sane blogs & pretty much the only one i visit now and “strictly robsten” for the pics & promo stuff. the ladies & gents here are respectful even during exchanges where people disagree. you couldn’t find a saner group of posters – a good mixture of twirling and non-RK smart discussions. you’ll love it here.

@ali, i love curry & indian food – wish i knew how to cook it. happy eating! gosh, now i’m craving lol.

@Ginger, hope you get through your tweets – that’s wild but i guess once this is over, your TL will go back to a normal volume.

Annie said...

Ginger: This is my reaction about your TL on Twitter.....:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Hi Alimac:Now I'm craving curry for lunch :)

Tracybell: Hello and welcome! :)

Bye everybody. Enjoy your afternoon/evening.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Annie - HaHa I am laughing and smiling my ass off right now. Soooo I guess Congratulations are in order for Stephanie Ritz who got married in September - the "gig" Rob played with Malroney was her wedding in Sept - guess both Rob and Kris were there together - anyone shocked? Not me

@Parker - I think twitter will be on super overload until promo is over but seeing them smile and being happy is worth the reads :)

ali mac said...

LOL sorry for causing cravings, I'm just tucking in now and it's delish ;)

Tbell said...

@Pam thanks and yeah I like how you say separately and together ha yeah that's me.

@ALI hey it ok to freak out lol it's just that some never knew when to stop ha!

Omg lol some gossip chick on Wendy just said she talked to a friend of robs..

...ok, let's just all stop right here and all have a really good laugh, go ahead, pee yourself and everything, becuz she said she talked to one of robs friends...really? Which one? Ok it gets better...

She said this friend said the relationship was shaky becuz Kristen was being needy and like a stalker *lol* that she even was acting like a crazy ex girlfriend who bought a house down the street. You guys, it was so funny becuz (1) what friend of rob would ever be in her presence and (2) What friend of rob would ever answer "any" question? I'm still laughing. She must have been sleeping for the last week! Wendy needs a new gossipgirl.

Have a great day everyone!

parker said...

@Ginger, yes definitely, there’s just too many happy moments right now, so just keep it coming. savour it before we hit a drought after BD2 :) stephanie ritz, isn’t she rob’s agent who was once shipped with rob by the haters? LOL.

ali mac said...

@Kami, I could never work out what was causing the smell!! for some reason it gets into every room in the house.

@Parker I will post my recipe for my curry, it's really easy and I love it.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


It is the most incredibly insane gorgeous day here that I may have ever had the pleasure to enjoy. I took hubs to pick up his car ...his engine in the almost 300K miles died the week before and he is now the proud owner of a gently used...just 24,000 mile engine for his black

Then we went to vote at the court house as absentee' s. How wonderful it was to get through the whole process in 15 minutes, then we went to lunch, then I went by the business for a minute and now back home. I think I will watch some Dark Shadows PARKER before I have to go to my real job as Gas Passer:)

WELCOME TRACEYBELL...join right in, the water is lukewarm ... most of the time. We like to have fun and friendly banter...most of us anyway!

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Super - Hi!!!!! How are you today?

@Parker - yup that she is which is why I smiled - guess they can mark her off that check list - too funny

Tbell said...

Hi Parker, yes to everything you said :) I am one who never believed they broke up. Tuff time? You bet..broke up? No! My thing is, is I don't really argue personal life stuff becuz no one really knows the internal workings of anyone's relationship. Can we give opinion? Hell yeah! Is it the truth? Who knows. I'm like rose, all we know is they are together and we get to squee every time we see them that way lol!

Ginger with a Soul said...

And the goodies just keep piling in dear God I never thought I would say this but Franco - I give you 2 thumbs up

I also hear that I've been dating Selena Gomez, Kristen Stewart and Ashley Benson. Hot damn, am I a lucky guy. I wish I had actually gotten closer than the 13th row of the theater in Toronto where Kristen gave her On the Road Q and A, but I didn't; not only did I not talk to her, I didn't even go to the SoHo house where I supposedly asked her out on a date. As for Gomez and Benson, those are Bieber's girls and I wouldn't dare tangle with the Biebs. I heard he wants to kick my ass. Yikes!

ali mac said...

2 tablespoons plain flour
1 teaspoon curry powder
1 teaspoon cumin
1 teaspoon coriander
1 teaspoon chili powder (I use mild)
1 teaspoon tumeric
1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1 teaspoon paprika
4 chicken fillets

mix all the powders and flour together and then cut up four chicken fillets and mix it in.

Finely chop an onion and a small piece of root ginger (you can cheat and use pre chopped ginger)

You will also need

2 tablespoons tomato chutney
2 teaspoons brown sugar
1/4 pint light chicken stock

Heat a couple of tablespoon of olive oil in a non stick pan and brown the chicken for five mins, keep stirring so as it doesn't stick. Then turn the heat down to half way and add in the chopped onion and ginger, let this soften for at least five mins.

add in the chicken stock, tomato chutney and sugar and stir well. Let this simmer for 15 minutes. At the end you can add a little bit of cream or coconut milk if you prefer a korma. You can also add frozen peas at the end and simmer for 3 minutes if you like.

Serve with boiled rice and some nann bread :0)

parker said...

@ali, thanks in advance for the recipe! about the food smell, i think your solution last time is very effective – baking brownies! i find that really absorbs the smell after i’ve sautéd garlic & onions. and of course, i could never say no to eating the brownies later :)

i also read, but never tried it yet, that boiling water with orange peels and cinnamon and letting the vapors go for a while is also good for absorbing those left-over food odors.

PamH said...

@ ginger
Now the music collab makes since being for Steph's wedding. Wish her all the best. I didn't know K was also there..but of coarse she would be. Did this come through twitter ?

@ Tracybell
I agree.
I don't understand why the media keeps saying crap like that, the only people who really believe all the things said about them are haters of one or the other. Any real fan of either knows their close personal friends would never give any info about their personal lives. It's just like know matter what story they write about either one that they still have to add somewhere in it about her cheating with Rupig on's been 4months...enough already

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Ali - I think I am going to make a huge pot of Chilli - we are supposed to get more of the nasty white stuff tomorrow and nothing beats chilli and crackers !!!!

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Pam - it is just hitting twitter right now - didn't even know she got married let alone that was what they were playing for until about an hour ago. It will go back and forth on the fighting was she/wasn't she there and then BAM we will get pictures

parker said...

@Ginger, LOL on the franco comments … “i wouldn’t dare tangle with the biebs” haha. the biebs’ hair would kick franco’s ass, that’s for sure. lol.

PamH said...

@ ginger
That Franco story was so funny. I like him a little more now :-) just goes to show people make up the craziest Sh* t and some people really believe it. At least people waited awhile before spilling details.

ali mac said...

@ Ginger, our weather is to take a dramatic drop in temperature by the weekend (we have talk of the white stuff too) it's definitely time for winter foods, yummy :)

@ Parker, I hope you try this recipe cos it's so easy you'll surprise yourself! Also putting orange peel into a warm oven helps with the smells, but I always remember these things days later lol

Super RN Gas Passer said...


I'm really good today but I haven't gone to work yet so the barometer will probably change

CONRATS to Stephanie

Keep the Beiber away from me plz....after what I heard about the video from the other week....eye roll


That recipe looks very good! Did you know that cumin, cayenne, turmeric and coriander are very good for you? In India there is almost zero dementia...we should include those spices in our cooking more often


ali mac said...

@ Super, I didn't know that. Even more reason to eat it more often !!
Every time I make it for someone new they always want the recipe, it's mild enough but full of flavour.

parker said...

@Super, i heard about turmeric being a really good antiseptic & a cure for tummy ache but didn’t hear it helps with preventing dementia. definitely a spice that deserves a closer look.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


It's true. I subscribe to several online newsletters that talk about Functional foods. They contain compounds in them that reverse disease..that would NOT include the typical American diet of a hamburger on white bread, French fries and a Diet Mountain

parker said...

@Super, haha, yes i think anyone on that diet would have to worry about heart attack first before dementia.

Tbell said...

Hi Annie, thanks:)

Tbell said...

Hi SRNGP, thank you, have a good day!

Tbell said...

That was the first time I actually heard a gossip idiot say "I" talked to one of robs friends and he said...*shakes head" I think people are getting desperate to continue a nonstory

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Super - isn't that how it usually works - although the reverse is worse when it is junky outside and then you get work and it is beautiful and you just want to sit in the sun. Not a fan of Biebs myself - his music makes my ears bleed

@Ali - Living here you would think I would get used to the white stuff but I really dislike driving in it - if I can sit inside under a blanket reading a book I am cool with it

@Pam - Lies always crumble down

@Parker I laughed at that whole comment

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Tracybell - ahh I have heard that many times -an ominous friend, source, or someone in the know - never ever a specific so they can't be sued

Tbell said...

@ginger and everyone who heard about steph wedding? If pics emerge that shows Kristen there? Boy, won't that blow every gossip story out the back door door lol.

Ginger with a Soul said...

OMG they made an arrest In the Jessica Ridgeway case - press conference on - a 17yr old boy - OMG

Tbell said...

@ginger and everyone who heard about steph wedding? If pics emerge that shows Kristen there? Boy, won't that blow every gossip story out the back door door lol.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Tracybell - if we get pictures I will laugh and they will claim the wedding is PR - they are like a broken record.

Sorry I am in shock - I thought we would see some creepy older guy do this to Jessica - I never ever would have thought another child did this - I am just sick to my stomach

Annie said...

Traceybell: The gossip idiot probably put up a picture of one of Rob's friends, stood in front of it and because they weren't getting a response figured it was confirmation to go on a talk show and show how stupidity really works in a public forum!.

parker said...

@ali, i’ll definitely try your recipe. sounds easy enough. and the orange peel after. though i still have a personal preference for baking brownies to remove odors, for obvious reasons lol.

parker said...

@Ginger, it’s awful, and that’s 2 stories today that i heard where minors were involved with murder, the other one being autumn pasquale’s killers. just horrible.

Annie said...

Ginger: A 17 year old??

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Annie and Parker - 17yrs old - they have his picture up all over our news. The way they found her just my God that kid has to be seriously fucked in the head

Super RN Gas Passer said...


I'm sorry to hear about Jessica's murderer. Something is terribly wrong in our society I don't know what he did to her. If you feel like dropping me an email about it feel free. I will be interested to know of his history. Was he abused as a child? Or maybe bullied at school? Or is he just psychotic or sociopath? I read a book awhile back about Jack the Ripper. You know they identified him from DNA analysis of his saliva from licking the envelopes he used to send letters to Scotland Yard...100 years later... amazing

parker said...

@Super and Ginger, i agree, really tragic to learn that the killer is a juvenile and for the murderers of autumn pasquale, 15- and 17-year-old brothers, it must be heartbreaking for the mother to turn in her two sons – tragic for both the victim’s and killers’ families.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Parker - a friend from work that lives up there just told me about that one - she was killed for Bike parts - I just want to know when human life meant so little - I don't understand. Sometimes I do wonder if this is a result of being so desensitized by what we see on TV, Movies, the news. I have never been able to stomach the violence - one of my favorite movies ever is American History X - I watched the curb check 1 time and that was 1 time too many for me

Jane said...

Why is it so imperative that Rob and Kristen get back together. Maybe they both like their new space. She has her pad, he has his. She is concentrating on getting her career back and he has films for the whole year of 2013. It would be nice for them to hang out awhile before getting all serious again. Kristen has never been on her own and this should be good for her having her own home and to see what it is like being on her own. She definitely could use more education.I think she would like college. Further education would do her a world of good in finding out what she wants out of life.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Just aweful they charged him in another case of trying to abduct a female jogger by his house - Yikes

Emily said...

"Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it.

Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many.

Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books.

Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders.

Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations.

But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it."


Ginger with a Soul said...

Over the depressing news - so I hope they color coordinate for the premieres like they have in the past. I feel super Bad for Taylor because hardly anyone is talking about him.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Emily - Buddha sayings are so good - couldn't agree more

ali mac said...

Scary stuff, children who kill somehow seem even more difficult to get your head around.Thank goodness he has been arrested!!!

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Ali - it is the truth. I mean maybe I am wrong but the teenage kids around me never worried me - my little girls are too young to play with them but damn - I guess a lot of troubled peopled are troubled for a long time

Emily said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Emily said...

@ginger i saw that today and i found it perfect and wanted to share it with everyone :)

PamH said...

I've yet to see anything with Taylor either, maybe on blogs just for him.
I'm with you about coordinating their wardrobe. I would love to see K in a color she hasn't done before or a lot of. Has she ever done a deep purple/violet can't remember ? Maybe a green.

Holy said...

Hello guys.

Wow,just wow,Rob/Kristen are both gorgeous.


Holy said...

I'm glad that James Franco made a comments about the tabloid gossips.

Samantha Nkhata said...

@Ginger and Pam
Taylor landed in Rio a few hours ago. I kinda feel bad for Rob because he has bare the brunt of the Promo tv interviews here in America,Kristen isn't doing anything else besides the "Kelly" thing and the LA press Junket. I don't know if it's because of 'On the Road' or the 'incident'.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@NjCullen - well she will be in NY with the boys - it might have to do with audiences which is really sad - we lose because people don't know how to act appropriate in public. I am still holding out for hope she does a few more like Kimmel just not Letterman or Fallon

@Emily - :)

@Holy - Hey chicky

@Pam - GREEEN!!! Dark green would be lovely

Ginger with a Soul said...

I have to say this - man the fans in Japan are awesome - they have been so gracious and really made it nice to watch - I wish I knew what they were saying but seeing her relaxed and comfortable on that stage speak volumes.

Samantha Nkhata said...


My mind isn't even on colours all I want is for the two of them walking the runway together looking the best they have ever looked as a big F*** You to all the haters. (I secretly hope Rob shaves and gets a hair cut because I think what makes him so good looking is his incredible bone structure and I think the beard hides that a bit, don't get me wrong I like a bit of scruff just not too much). Sadly, gossip sites like Hollywood Life are probably gonna get a body language expert to analyse their every move. Can't wait to see them together but I'm afraid that he might not look at her the way he used to orient his body in a way that makes it seem like he is aware of her the whole time. Ellen would have been the best but I think the audience is largely female...

Litmom said...

Hey guys -
Just checking in...

Could Kristen have looked any more perfect than she did in Japan?
What a darling girl. Happiness exuding from her pores.

DK - where are you, my friend? Second Chance - LOVED your story.

Take it easy, guys - RL is driving me crazy lately. Thinking of you all often!

Ginger with a Soul said...

@NjCullen - I am waiting for F You to the haters after all the Twi stuff is over because then what do they have then. I don't think either one can help but to look and gravitate towards each other but you are very right - everyone will dissect ever ounce of their joint promo together. The only thing I can do is shrug, laugh a little (well a lot) and just roll with it for now cause their screeching will be the loudest during that time. Maybe a picture of his parents with her will quiet it a little although they will say they are on the payroll too. With all that payroll going around I just want to know why they didn't have better special effects or basics like wigs - LOL :)

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Litmom - waves :)

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Super I dropped you an e-mail on what the news has said. They have the arraignment for him tomorrow but not sure how much they will release

parker said...

@Ginger, yes, the japanese fans are awesome. i like it when they’re so shy about hugging kristen.

ali mac said...

Ginger lol at the wigs!!!don't even get me started on them :D

Ginger with a Soul said...

@ali - I watch New Moon last night and I was so distracted by the horrid wigs - oh lord. The fake wave after she jumped the cliff got me too - I was like man this is just bad

JMF said...

Hi all
Great post Rose, I know, I know, I always say that, but its true every time!
I laugh at these people who seem to feel they will EVER have any influence on Rob and his decisions, work or private. Take that hate and channel it into something worth while
Rob looked fantastic in Australia, love his comments about the press and and paps...Kristen looked stunning. I said this on Tempest's blog and am going to repeat myself here.......something has shifted between Rob and Kristen. Something really really good. It is a feeling I have, I can't really put it into words well, but they both are radiant? glowing? They had a strong relationship before this situation in my opinion, and now I feel it is stronger. It is just my feelings, my opinion, and I feel something epic is coming for them. I feel me crazy it's ok. I work with children, at the end of the day I AM a bit crazy LOL

parker said...

@Ginger and Pam, can’t wait to see rob & taylor in nov – to hear rob keep his promise to tease taylor about jake’s relaysh with nessie :)

@ali, yes the wigs, what is up with all those fugly wigs? is there any logic to why vampires had to wear wigs? edward didn’t wear one, bella doesn’t either (well only in eclipse but that’s cos she cut her hair) so why are the rest of the cullens wearing it?

@NjCullen, i wouldn’t mind not seeing kristen in talk shows if it meant not hearing obscenities from haters – she’s been through enough already. and what is yet to come for their red carpet cuteness? who knows what they’ll do but i’m sure it will be epic.

Samantha Nkhata said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
PamH said...

I hope after Twilight is over K visits the set of Rob's movies next year, if she isn't working herself by then, people will have to give up the PR crap by then. There would be nothing to gain for PR relationship after the franchise is finished, so when a year from now they are still together that will be at least one stupid thing we won't have to hear anymore...well until they work together again someday

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Pam - one can hope by then - those ones will have moved on

@JMF - I have to agree with you on that - it is in the air and in their smiles.

Samantha Nkhata said...

The wigs are such an eyesore!!! I just don't understand it, almost every single cast member.

I've posted a link to an interview Kellan, Nikki, Ashley and Xavier did with Alan Carr and the wig thing comes up. Hilarious.
Fast forward to the 3:40 minute mark:

DreamerKind said...

Hump day at last! Happy day to you all, too.

Off running again now but shall return late tonight.

Tbell said...

Gawd the way rose explains away pr is hilarious, but u right, someone will.

So sad about that Jessica girl and good lord a teenager did that? Some things are still so shocking.

Tbell said...

Lol yeah

Tbell said...


Tbell said...

@JMF and Ginger -- I agree with something is different between them. Let's rose this out ha! If they actually broke up then got back together it wouldn't be becuz their union is weaker. If they're just together for convenience and a good roll in the sack, well then they're assholes. We know it not pr and we know it more than friendship. So, why do couples weather storms? Well, becuz they love each other? Why am I still married after 26 years? I can tell anyone that it takes more than love. It takes commitment, forgiveness, loyalty to name a few biggies. They are together and stronger becuz common sense tells me they are. If I went thru a storm in my relationship and we worked together to figure it out wouldn't we be stronger and therefore happier with a huge weight lifted? JMO

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Tracybell - yep - all relationships take a lot of work and most people are in them because they would rather live with a person flaws and all then without. No relationship is without risk but also reward and the rewards are what we are all after - happiness and love. I looked at those pictures and I saw love - no one is happy they were taken at their house but we all saw a normal couple living a normal day

tufenuf55 said...

Rob said that he had to wear a wig in the last scenes that were shot because the haircut in Cosmopolis. He said he hated it. Don't know just which scenes he is wearing it.

tufenuf55 said...

The only time I've seen a woman glowing more than kristen is a pregnant woman. And no, I'm not inferring anything by this, just that she is "over the moon" just like a first-time mom feels. Just think how much more glowing and beautiful she will be when that event does happen for her. She deserves happiness. She has paid for her mistake. If Rob can forgive, so should we.

tufenuf55 said...

On off topic...

One of the things I enjoy most these days is cooking for my entire family and having them get together at my house. When I had to cook every day when my children lived at home, it was mostly a grind to come up with full-course meals for growing boys and a husband. Now, it's enjoyable be cause it is not every day...just when I feel like it. Tomorrow, am fixing country style port ribs in slow cooker, honey-bourbon baked beans, cole slaw, Texas toast.

Also the baby giraffe born (5'8" and 118 lbs.)at our zoo is a boy (I just knew it cause its tail was like its daddy. The momma's name is Autumn so baby has been named Kiko (which means Autumn's birth). Here's a link to see mommy and baby if you want to see:

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Tuff I have seen some pictures where it was a guessing game which one he was wearing the wig in - instead of where is Waldo - it is wheres Wigo

On the forgiveness part - I have nothing to forgive her for because she didn't do anything to me and I am sure we will never get the details of what really happened and I ok with that . It is just old news and I wish the people still holding on to it would let it go because it isn't theirs to hold.

She is happy and after all the crap people laid at her feet I am happy for her and happy for them - they will both be so much stronger getting through this and both handled themselves well - they dealt with their private lives in private and in Hollywood that is almost unheard of. For both being the ages they are they show a maturity that a lot of adults could look to.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Tuff - I spend entirely too much time in the kitchen cooking for kids. I love baking though and now that the cool weather is here for a while I get to enjoy it. I love love Banana Bread. I bet your ribs will be amazing

Tbell said...

Right on girlio

Samantha Nkhata said...
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Samantha Nkhata said...

@tufenuf55, Ginger, Traceybell and JMF

Did notice that Kristen at ease and happy as well. So glad the Japanese media and fans have been so gracious coz I know a person reacts to the energy they are getting from a crowd. As for Rob and forgiveness, I continue to pray for him in this area. The truth about forgiveness, especially when someone has been hurt so deeply, is that it is a moment to moment, day to day decision (especially at the beginning). You think you're ok and you've forgiven someone then you walk past a newsstand with US weekly talking about 'sex therapy' and how Rob doesn't meet her needs (all this from a "close friend" of the couple of course). An interviewer once again alludes to the 'incident', a paparazzo asks about the incident. And that anger and bitterness comes rushing back. And you lash out at the person who hurt you. I'm praying about that coz Rob has to be strong for the both of them coz K is gonna carry around a lot of guilt.

*** Don't know if I'm allowed to say the word 'sex'.I'm new here. I would never go into details about that area of their life (though I know we all wonder) or ponder over it too much

Ginger with a Soul said...

@NjCullen - LOL you can say sex.

I want to believe they ignore most of that stuff - I mean it has been a constant smear campaign for 4 yrs for both with just god awful stuff being said about them. I think in Rob's newer interviews he is showing who his anger is direct at - the tabloids and paps.

Holy said...

I agree with you guys,the press/fans in Japan are very respectful and adores Kristen.

LizzieD said...

NJCULLEN -- Welcome!!! I've been too busy with RL stuff to pay attention to what's going on here.

I apologize to anyone else new that I missed because I haven't been able to read all the comments, only the last few.

I think Kristen looks the most beautiful I've ever seen her look, guess her happiness is oozing out of her.

Rob looks relaxed and happy and his "old self" while showing how grown up he is.

I am so excited that R & K are going to be in NYC together... he'll be there to look after her and I don't think those "haters" would dare defy him. At least I hope I'm right.

Regarding Jessica --- am watching CNN and the news gets more gruesome, what a creep this guy is, thank goodness he's off the streets. Praying for her family to get through this and also the suspect's family, can only imagine how they must feel.



gargamel said...

Yea still twirling with u and Liz...just been closely watching election fever and it's a different world out there but this orange bug called TRUMP keeps pon creeping out like a hemorrhoid in my "a".
I'm in a happy place with baby girl and her jewel.

RC said...

Kristen looked GORGEOUS! Wurk it bb :)

The Japanese are amazing & they just prove how disgusting American culture has become. So polite & all that good stuff.

(Warning below this line a Harry Potter actor's first name will be mentioned)


My one gripe, I hate how people assume they know how Rob feels about the situation & assume they know what actually happened.

I looked at the creepy pics & still no one has mentioned the fact that Rupert has two right feet in some of them. There is no doubt in my mind that that man wanted Kristen from day one & I'm pretty sure Rob knew the situation which is why Rupert kept getting annoyed that Rob kept showing up. How do I know he was getting annoyed? He pretty much said so in an interview a few times.

In almost every pic of the whole SWATH tour Kristen avoided that man like the plague & when she couldn't you could see her face cringe when he touched her very inappropriately if you ask me (but you didn't so.. lol).

I can go on about this subject & I apologize for my delayed reaction, but we will never know the details unless Liberty Ross keeps telling every magazine her life story (or the one she made up). Lost sympathy for her quick.

Now I'm rambling BB looked fierce as hell! Rob & Kristen are glowing with happiness I wish them nothing but the best they deserve it.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@RC - I wouldn't believe it if it was whispered from her moth to God's ear. She keeps trying to make it relevant when Rob and Kris just want it all to go away. I don't know how many times for Rob himself to slam the tabloids for people to get that he is calling them liars - he sure has been very vocal about that since this summer.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Rob has left the land of Oz - sorry I am totally sappy - can I hope they meet on adjoining flights with no judgement.

PamH said...

Ginger--no judgement here. I hope the same thing, either spend a few days somewhere together or travel home together....makes no difference. If some of the Brit pack is still around they probably want to spend more time with friends before next week when craziness will in sue .
Was that all the promo K did in Japan or are they just being slow getting it out ?

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Pam - I know she is done (fingers crossed) and she did press but I think it is slowly coming out. I am not sure if they are still in LA they were yesterday so maybe.

PamH said...

Trying to not watch anymore BD 2 clips wanna save as many surprises for opening day as possible.
When someone mentioned earlier about R doing most of the US promo appearances it made me wonder wether that was something he chose to do so K wouldn't have to face as many people who will try to cross into personal stuff -- taking care of her

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Pam - I think it is a combo of both her not maybe wanting to do them because they tend to ambush even when told not to and him shielding her from it. I am just glad we won't see interviews full of fucking food this time. The cinnamon toast crunch bit was embarrassing and so disrespectful, I wanted to slap George for it.

Holy said...

@gargamel- hey there.Don't pay attention with that man.He's a fame whore.We'll keep twirling in Liz Lala Land.

Tbell said...

I'm lol-ing at the sex thing. I just hitched a ride today myself and I've already dropped a few bombs and no one has said a freaking word haha! I do appreciate you worrying about not wanting to appear like you wanna trade saliva with rob though. I always find it weird that married women talk about how the things they would do with him. Really? What would their husband think? Any way curse away and yeah I'm sure r&k have had or do have or will have a pretty good sex life I mean come one they are in their twenties lol. I just think they are to adorable for words. Have a good night bb.

Tbell said...

@whoever is still awake lol do y'all comment on rob or Kristins clothes becuz common, that hideous blue flower thing with the brownish green suIt was epic. It did fit really well though. I mean Kristen rocked it and rob looked better in his unbuttoned hoboishness, but the shirt? I don't know I guess he felt like experimenting. What say you roselanders?

PamH said...

You could tell Rob just didn't understand the meaning behind it or want to par tack in it at all SO UNCOMFORTABLE for him. Who knows what they will come up with this time.

I'm crossing my fingers for Josh to do a last ever joint interview to close the saga. They're always comfortable with him and he always gets a lot of laughs out of them.

BubbleeChick said...

Hi everyone. Just popping in. Hurricane Sandy is headed straight for us and we should start feeling the effects tomorrow morning some time.

I just watched the Japan fan event and I could not get over how you could not hear a pin drop. What a difference. I've never seen Kristen more relaxed. Usually that leg is swinging away or her knee is bouncing like crazy. Without the screaming she was really able to give thoughtful answers and her love of Twilight really came through.

Rob in Oz. Oh my! Watching him in the interviews really made me smile. He says such crazy things. He looked really relaxed too. Every interviewer seemed to have to let everyone know that Kristen questions were off limits. Anywhoo he was his usual charming, witty, adorkable self.

I can't get over how much healthier and happier they both look. The regain of weight is more noticeable in Kristen for me. I love her fan event outfit and those shoes....I FLOVE them!!!!!! I didn't like Rob's shirt for the fan event he's still yummy. I love to see him suited up looking dapper.

I'm not so patiently waiting to see if they announce joint interviews for the talk shows soon. I'm not liking the schedule as is. I mean it's the only time you get to see Rob and Kristen together talking and laughing is during promo interviews. This is our last shot too until that movie they're writing together become reality ;-)

If the storm remains strong, we'll likely loose power so I may be out of commission for a while.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Tracybell - I didn't like the shirt but I am not a paisley fan - it was the kind of shirt you either really liked or you were like yeah um where is the gold chain

@Pam - Yesssss I want Josh to close it out. They will try to ask how their relationship is - they always do although Kimmel and Ellen will be safe with doing that - Ellen just pimps them out for the cougars in the audience (not sure if that is worse than the cereal).

Ginger with a Soul said...

@ bubblejoi - Be Safe !!!!!

Tbell said...

@joi - hope you are safe and sound and dry. The shirt was awful wasn't it? I mean I guess I was used to his look for cosmopolis promo and then I saw that shirt lol *shakes head* oh well I guess he thought it was "different" :) Kristen just looked so cool but she always does. I'm teaching my daughter to not follow fashion trends but create them. It's so funny girls are already copying her at school. I think Kristen and rob are the same way. They create fashion trends just by being themselves lol. But I really hope no one wears a hideous blue 60s flower power shirt like that hahaha!

PamH said...

We are definitely lacking in joint interviews, I feel our only hope is Josh H at this point.
Hope you make it safely thru the hurricane.

@ Tracybell
I wasn't crazy about Rob's shirt and wasn't expecting that to be what he would wear but maybe he wanted to try something new. But I don't think anything he wears could ever make him look bad

Tbell said...

@ginger exactly!

Goodnight ladies and It just struck me roses little diddy at the bottom is from my most favorite movie of all time knotting hill. I love hugh grant. He was so friggin cute, I guess still is if you squint and give him the sideeye lol. Time has not been kind to him but his smile lines, eyes and boyish wit will always get to me. I know he in that new movie but what I've seen its not for his looks ;) I think I've seen KH, about a boy, four weddings... and Renee z chubby movie to many times to admit but that's another blog that should be started by someone else lol. Night night

PamH said...

I could totally see Ellen making Taylor take his shirt off one last time for the ladies or making them play a game where they feel them up blindfolded or something. Rob will probably tease T about being a pedophile since it'll just be the two together LOL

It did have a 60/70s flower vibe going on :-) I wasn't a fan of the TCA shirt either but LOVED that it matched K jacket.

Tbell said...

@Pam I agree 21515% his suit fit like it always does and he always has the sweetest shoes. I just won't mention the shirt again I'll just act like it didn't happen I know, I'll imagine he had that tangerine/pumpkin shirt on lol. Yeah I also agree he was being adventurous in his fashion. You just wait, guys will be pooping up everywhere with shirts like that :) I know checkerboard outfits will...

Tbell said...

Yeah they did match didn't they? I hope they match for premiere too. I think ginger said green but I vote for blue. The right shade would contrast nicely with her eyes and reflect robs. I have such hopes for that night I guess just have to wait and see...

PamH said...

Looks like Rob got to do a little racing and having fun after all before he left AUS

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Tracybell - See that night will be interesting - there is no way he will ignore her in fact I think he will be way more guarded with her then ever before - she is so uncomfortable in crowds so I feel she will need him so much like in the past. Also I think they have been slowly feeding the haters the truth so they have time to cope or jump off a cliff so when they see them together they don't freak out and pull out their soap boxes to preach Kristen to hell for something they believe she did to Rob or them. They are not dumb they know every single person will be watching them.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Pam - LOL lets hope whatever he drove survived or he has gotten better at driving :)

tufenuf55 said...

Rob leaves Sydney. Going home to BBG. He is walking fast...'cause he knows re-unifications will be sweet and satisfying.

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