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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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and are in no way meant to cause anyone harm, grief or despair.
If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
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Monday, November 26, 2012

Rob and Kristen- TO-GETH-ER

 I had a long weekend.
Like millions of people around all the time kinda long.
The kinda long where you don't get more than 
a few moments to yourself.
So it's been a while since I've posted...
and what happened?


 Well... remember right after BD2 promo ended
and Rob and Kristen were seen in some market 
somewhere in England?
And it was all fake this
old that
look at that leg there and that weird arm here...

So then we get the above picture
from a lucky fan who happened to be on the same
flight from London to NYC.
Imagine that!
So she even got a pic
to silence the 'pic or it didn't happen' criteria
that seems to rule this fandom.
But no.
Old pic.
Fake pic.
London was much colder than that pic.

We even got the looniest of the loons
marking her words
that Rob and Kristen would never show up 
together in NYC.


Lo and behold.
Rob and Kristen not only turned up in NYC...
But they turned up 

Did you ever watch "Sandlot"?
Great movie.
Theres this scene where they are up in a clubhouse
telling this scary story about this giant dog (the BEAST)...
And this kid keeps repeating
over and over again.

My point?
That's how I feel about Together.


You gotta love protective Rob.
That's his girl.
He's not going ANYWHERE.
Got it?

Some dogs will chase their tails 
(see what I did there?)
but they never get anywhere... you know?
They just get angrier and more bitter
because they never get what they want.

While on the right side of this fandom...
We look at these pictures and smile
and get happy that they are 

That's what Rob and Kristen want.
That's how it should be.
That's how it is.

How would you rather spend your time online?
Laughing and being all happy
for two people who found love and happiness?
Being sappy and silly over their continued sightings
loving that holding hands is their modus operandi
and that they save the biggest smiles for each other?

Or would you rather just sit on twitter
bitching and moaning and whining
and making up lame excuses 
and lying about and hating on someone
who has never done anything to you.
Being bitter and angry all the time
because Rob and/or Kristen
don't behave the way YOU think they should?

It's good being on the RIGHT side of this fandom.
The GOOD side.
The HAPPY side.

A dear friend of mine sent this to the women he loves...
I thought I would share.
(not sure of the author)

I cannot exist without you - 
I am forgetful of every thing but seeing you again -
 my life seems to stop there - 
I see no further.
 You have absorb'd me. 

I have a sensation at the present moment
 as though I were dissolving ....
I have been astonished that men could die martyrs for religion -
 I have shudder'd at it - I shudder no more -
 I could be martyr'd for my religion -
 love is my religion - I could die for that - 
I could die for you.
 My creed is love and you are its only tenet -
 you have ravish'd me away by a power I cannot resist.

Rob loves Kristen.
Kristen loves Rob.
"I cannot exist without you"

They are ALL in.

This post is brought to you by powers you cannot resist.

For Rob... that is Kristen.

And this post is brought to you by red plaid shirts.

And Thomas Sturridge
who loves his red plaid shirt.
A red plaid shirt that I could write a whole post about...
and I just might.
I adore Thomas Sturridge.
Long hair.
Blue sunglasses.
and "why the fuck are you taking our picture'
kinda look on his face.
Protective Father face.

As of this writing...
There have just been some random sightings
of Rob and Kristen in NYC.
I kinda like it.
Yeah... OK...
I would look at any pics of them that popped up.
But I do like that they are having down time
time to do what they want
Ready for it?


You know.
I know.
is how 
end up.

Until next time.

Bye for now


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parker said...

happy to see a new post Rose!
as always, you say it best.

Kami said...

Dang it PL you stole my Zig Zag item...sewing machines!! lol

parker said...

@Annie, thanks for the link on the gandolfini article.

@Kami and ali, i agree. what i don’t know won’t hurt me.
it doesn’t mean i condone any of the vitriol – i think it’s disgusting.
unfortunately, there is a market out there that likes to hear snarky stuff & revel in it so those shows live.
it’s the same with any other trash mag or site out there.
i just can’t invest any time being bothered by something i can’t control.
so i just avoid it. and just stay right here where it’s mostly tame.
anyway, i still believe that there are more smart people than idiots in the world.
despite perceptions, more people scoff the trash than take it seriously.

Anonymous said...

I love the fact that they are obviously very much together and no one has seen them. Although I would really love to see their pictures in NYC, I hope no one would bother their private times TO-GETH-ER.. :)
Nice post as usual Rose.

Anonymous said...

Yay Rose! Great post. I'm so happy that Robert and Kristen have been enjoying relative quiet time in New York (I say relative because I'm sure they know pappz are lookin' for them). In fact, I'm beyond happy they are enjoying New York right now.

As for the ninnies or nonnies or whatever...they're the sound of one hand clapping.

katy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kami said...

Parker, I completely agree there are more wonderful, loving and kind people in the world than there are mean, vindictive, gossiping, cruel, catty idiots. The idiots get the attention, and people who make a living out of being catty and spiteful, love the extra attention..it gives their paycheck a couple more zeros if they're controversial!

On a purely self indulgent note. I have spent the day enjoying Cyber Monday..beats the hell out of Black Friday. The only idiot I have to deal with on Cyber Monday is well..me. lol

katy said...

Love this post, Rose

Awww, beautiful words, that your friend sent to his other half!!!

I love being in the right side of the fadom. The happy side. The one where people are happy for happy inlove Rob and Kristen.

"Rob loves Kristen.
Kristen loves Rob.
"I cannot exist without you"

They are ALL in.

I would love pics of Rob And Kristen strolling in NY, but happy that they are enjoying some peace and quiet without people bothering them.

I like Tom long hair, he looks cute.

Litmom said...

Ah, Rose -
I love being happy and sappy and silly. And smiley. I love smiling.

Oh, and John Keats. :-) Someone has good taste.

PL said...

Sorry to get your hopes up, I didn't know it was wholesale. And might I add, my IPad makes your name to be Pist up. I told you that would happen.

I should have left the zig zag sewing machine for you since you are such a little seamstress...big LOL.

Holy said...

Rose-brilliant post. I love it "The Powers you cannot resist for Rob that is Kristen" Wow,James G.who is one of the most amazing actors,talking about Kristen's performance in OTR is awesome. Daddy Tom is so damn adorable.

Kami said...

PL LOL Yep you know me...I just sew all the time! NOT

PamH said...

Your post was well worth the wait :)
You summed it up nicely TO-GETH-ER

I LOVE the photo of R&K beside the car, Kristen just has this all American girl look, almost glowing, with hardly any effort she looks absolutely gorgeous with her ponytail and glasses.

I hope they are having a good time where ever they may be right now.
I dont see them being away from their babies to long.

I think the ninnies need to find themselves a good 12 step program to ween them from their addiction to hate.

Second Chance said...

I'm so happy that Robert and Kristen have been able to disappear in New York. It's such a romantic city this time of year. It's on my list of places that I'd like to visit someday. I fell in love with it the first time I saw the movie Serendipity.

Serendipity...it's one of my favorite words...


Oneheart said...

Loved this new post Rose. Kept me smiling from the very first word to the last. I am so happy for these two. I wish them a lifetime of love and happiness.

Your dear friend really chooses romantic words to send to the woman he loves. Beautiful!!! I think the line below is a perfect choice for Rob and Kristen. We see it so often when they are in their bubble. Which is usually all the time when they are together. LOL

"My creed is love and you are its only tenet" -

Hope everyone here is doing well and had a blessed Thanksgiving.

Tracybell said...

Awesome post Rose. Love the pic of London premiere. He always seems to do that. Just lean in say something in her ear..he can't help it. I want a flannel like that. But I want it to hug my body not swallow me lol. Yes do a post on Tom's red flannel and maybe even robs red pants...oh and doesn't Kristin have a red leather jacket? lol. I could totally get into that.

To everyone, I feel like I abandoned this site the last couple weeks. My life has been extremely busy with helping kids get settled in jobs, new homes, college stuff. Me and my daughter saw bd2 10pm showing first Thursday night and it was complete awesomeness. I loved every second of it and I feel so happy for everyone who is a twilight fan. Even kid kraddick thought it was good lol. Hope everyone is doing well and has got to see it. Going back again this week because once isn't enough.

It's weird that twilight stuff is over but I'm not going anywhere. I love rob and Kristin as individuals and together. I love to talk about their movies and really like to discuss their clothes. Btw loving Kristin grey sweater in ny. I wonder if its robs because of the chunky buttons. I wonder how many peeps will check out court justice and go buy it? I'm already on it lol. I love how they effect fashion and trends.

HEY Rose, hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving. Love your blinkies and just your overall attitude. It sure is nice being right isn't it?

Have a great week roselanders!

RC said...

Great Post Rose!

The Gandolfini review was epic & it's the actor on actor SAG Review yay. Great years ahead for Kristen & Rob & I'm going to enjoy the ride with an open purse.

Tracybell said...

Oh and rose? Sooooo digging that poem. Very romantic guy that one, lucky girl.

Tracybell said...

Omg I just clicked on the London pic and realized it was a gif. What a smile and laugh on both of them. I wonder what he said to her and what she said back. Gawd they look so friggin happy.

Tracybell said...

Oh and rose? Sooooo digging that poem. Very romantic guy that one, lucky girl.

ADD said...

So romantic. "The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return."

Lanette said...

I totally agree that the right, happy, and good side is the best side to be on. I feel sorry for those who hang on the other side. What a sad existence they live.

Intruth said...

Ah, Rose! Beautifully said! Love the pics and gif you chose, too.

As Litmom pointed out, those words are John Keats. Not a poem, but a letter he wrote to his love, Fanny Brawne. So glad you gravitate to Keats!! Me, too! Loved reading his romantic words here. If anyone wants to see a quietly gentle, burningly romantic film, I highly recommend "Bright Star". It's the story of Keats and Fanny.

I chose the handle, Intruth, because of I was really into studying Keats and the other Romantics when I fell in love with "Twilight"... I was on a quest for beauty, and was intrigued by his lines equating beauty and truth. Then there's a Star Trek episode title that has stuck with me from childhood, "Is There in Truth No Beauty"... Anyway... I saw a lot of beauty in Twilight, and then in its two leads! I think many of us, without knowing it, are part of a Romantic Revival movement in art.

I love following Rob and Kristen because they are beautiful people (YAY James G!!! I totally agree!!!) who are making beautiful art in film. And seeing them so obviously in love is another dimension of beauty. It's SO FUN and HAPPY to see them TO-GETH-ER. Just like you said! I'm glad to be on the happy side. Wish with all my heart the haters could join, but I'm afraid hate makes them happy :(

RC said...

Awww Rob & Kristen are finally like f.u. Love the new pics but its kind of rock & hard place because I want the paparazzi to gtfo.

tufenuf55 said...

New pics up on Robsten Dreams of our special couple leaving NYC...Dean is the protector this time!

Barbara Fenwick said...

Great post Rose, as usual. I too am happy to be on the happy side of this fandom, and refuse to waste my time on all the negative.


I am so happy they are happy.

Have a nice week Roselanders. Let us all stay happy.

beacullen said...

Great post, wow they both look great!!!!

Freddie said...

Hi Ladies (and any lurking gentlemen) - I hope everyone is well and having a good start to the week.

I hope that Rob and Kristen enjoyed their short vacation and found the peace and quiet that they so deserve. They both look well for the break.

I'm just dropping in quickly and was pleased to see a new post. Thanks Rose.

Have a good evening ladies.

PamH said...

I love how the big apple behind R&K looks like a Giant Heart behind them as they walk through airport...it made me smile.
My other fav is Kristen totally being hidden by Dean, all you see is some yellow from her backpack and some of her jacket as Rob appears to be looking or talking to her.
It always makes me feel better when Dean or HBG is with them.
Bet they are missing Bear and Bernie

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Good Evening ROSELAND

"Oops".....BWHAHAHAHA.........BWAHAHAHA......Love it ROSE!!!!!!

Holy said...

R/K looks healthy and beautiful.I bet Bear and Bernie miss their mom and dad.

Birdie said...

Loved this,Rose. These two, together, as they choose. Do I dare hope that more than a few people might be groveling someday over the vitriolic spew coming out of their mouths? Fingers-crossed.

Loved what James G had to say. Impressive. Thank you for sharing.

Loved what you had to say. Romance is not dead!

Out and about,yet?

Kay said...

Love the sweet, happy togetherness. :)

Take care, Roseland! ❤



DreamerKind said...

Many arrive at a point in their lives when we let go of expectations (usually when older). At that point, we are ourselves.

People will make money on us, and we are not Rob & Kristen. We are the people of the billions of peoples.

I freely give my money or efforts to create, in the universe, and trust it will reverberate for all. What I am saying is it is a force for good.

Thank you, sweet R & K, for side by side, real life, loving shots of you. We are One, in all things shared.

I just ate a vanilla ice cream dessert, with maple praline, caramel, Baileys, & fresh apples as sauce. Picture it.

Ah, sweet, sweet life.

DreamerKind said...

Sweet Life

Paul Davis (1977):

She's got your eyes
She's got my nose
Oh, and I get high
Just watching her grow

We always dreamed
We'd live in a castle
Oh but
We're in the same old shack

Sometimes we get into a hassle
But we always take each other back
Oh, you know
This whole world seems
To be in a hurry

But darlin' we'll just
Keep on taking our time
'Cause we're living
Such a sweet life
Oh what a neat life
Sharing my love with you

Oh, we're living such a sweet life
Oh what a neat life
Making our dreams come true
We're making our dreams come true

You are my love
You are my life
Oh, and I get high
Just holding you tight

We always dreamed we'd
Make a lot of money
Oh but I don't mind being poor
'Cause when you
Make love to me, honey
I couldn't ask for anymore

Oh, you know, all our friends
Seem to be in a hurry
But darlin' we'll just keep on
Taking our time
We're living such a sweet life
Oh what a neat life
Sharing my love with you

We're living such a sweet life
Oh what a neat life
Making our dreams come true
We're making our dreams come true

Thank you/c1wang

DreamerKind said...

You Can't Resist It

Lyle Lovett (Skip Ad):

She was old enough
To know better
And she was strong enough
To be true

And she was hard enough
To know whether
He was smart enough
To know what to do

And you can't resist it
When it happens to you
No you can't resist it
When it happens to you

And you can tell your story
And you can swear it's true
But you can save your lying
For some other fool

And you can't resist it
When it happens to you
No you can't resist it
When it happens to you

Thank you/ksdaman

sue said...

Yes Rose yes.
You hit the nail on the head again. For years I asked myself why people can't just be happy for them, while it's so obvious they are with each other.

Happiness & love versus bitterness & hate.

Would not any sane person choose the first? Hate and negativity is so unhealthy. It's so simple people stop being such miserable gits, love is a beautiful thing.
I don't get it that people spend so much energy hating this beautiful young couple very much in love. Is that not what all of us want, being loved?

@InTruth, how are you doing girl? A few of us ex-Robstenators found our way to Rose.
I read your comments on Rose's former post but I didn't comment as I had nothing sensible to add so I just shut up.
I still didn't see BD2 and prob won't till it's on DVD.
I'm a terrible cinema fuddy duddy. When I watch a movie, I want silence and I just know I couldn't handle giggling teenagers/women laughing at R&K having sex or kissing. Plus (main reason) I feel I'm too old sitting there on my own feeling like some perv. I'm too conscious of what others think of me.

I read everybodies (286) comments late last night and got rather emotional.
I don't exactly know why, is it cause of the end of the Twilight era that brought us all together? Our life stories? The beautiful ride I/we had during these years?
It certainly was an experience I'm glad I didn't miss out on.

@Ginger, you got to me.
I knew your brother died but not like this. It must have been one tough decision to make.
It brought back the day I saw my brother falling past my window, trying to kill himself after trying to poison himself first.
Not that it's a similar story but he was on IC for a long time, touch and go. The what if's and how's still, after all those yrs, flash through my head.
I don't know you but sometimes I feel where you're coming from if that makes any sense.

Right enough. Maybe I should have commented on Rose's last post so I wouldn't be so long winded this time. Anyway, lot of love.

Oh the airport pics, Rob looked so mighty 'don't mess with me', looking after his girl. Together together together together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wig4usc said...

Hello, Roseland!

I've been catching up on Twitter, saw R&K leaving NYC, and also arriving in LA. Oh, our paps here are particularly vile. I didn't see video, but lots of pics, they don't look happy, and there's one in particular that's pretty frightening, K basically surrounded. HBG was there in LA guarding them: http://imgbox.com/adptXbsv

So the looniest of the loons, Rose, it looks like after her failed "no NYC" prediction, she closed her Twitter?? I think its all so hysterical, you reap what you sow, KARMA's a bitch, etc, etc!

Ready to hit the hay, glad they're home, hope they get some quality down time. Good night!

Intruth said...

Ah, Sue, if we only lived nearby each other, I'd love to go to the cinema with you! I know just what you mean about feeling self-conscious going alone. It brought visions of me sitting ABSOLUTELY ALONE in a theatre watching "Remember Me"... yeah. Felt especially weird when the usher came in and stood there and "scanned" the audience--- of one. LOL!

Wow... I was touched by the tiny bit you shared about your brother and also what Ginger shared and others, too, in the Thanksgiving post. Sometimes I feel like I'm reading people's personal thoughts and want to be careful about commenting, so I haven't said anything. It does make me feel rather like we're friends to read the bits of life stories that are shared.

Annie said...

i think Rob and Kristen handled the LAX arrival well. We and I suspect Rob / Kristen and their security expected the LAX paps to be aggressive, insulting assholes ......(when are they not?)

In the end all they got were tons of the same pictures and Rob and Kristen with their pap faces on, try as they hard as they could to get a rise and a reaction from them to sell. Didn't work........Bravo to Rob and Kristen.

Kristen didn't even flip them the bird, she and Rob basically ignored their taunts........I'd say that fact wasn't what the paps and their agencies wanted nor expected.

Have a great day everybody.

parker said...

@Tracybell, was wondering how you were & what you thought of BD2.
glad you saw it already & agree with everyone about its awesomeness.
i have to admit that i saw it again this past weekend – making it my 3rd viewing.
a first for me – i’ve never watched a movie more than once in its theatre run.
but i was with another group of friends who haven’t seen it so after shopping, what to do …
of course, i never admitted i’d seen it already – twice :)
on 3rd viewing, love kristen playing a mom. i think she’d make a good one for real.

@Kami, missed cybermonday – was a bit busy.
but i already spent way too much on black friday so i was glad i was busy yesterday :)
i understand it was a really good weekend for retailers raking in $59B in sales excluding cybermonday!
really good sign for the economy.

Tracybell said...

Some of you guys posted about the lax vid and said it was awful but I didn't realize awful meant disgusting and sad. I'm sorry I watched it the things that one pap said was very disturbing. I think rob did turn to him instinctively and looked the direction of the guy yelling shit but the bodyguard put his hand on his back and moved him along. How in the world does a person not deck them. I guess celebrities have learned from Russel Crowe, Sean Penn, and others who have lashed out at paps that it doesn't help at all and earns a reputation odd being a hothead. I actually never watch these kinds of vids at airports this was the first (and last) time. No wonder Kristen flips them off, I would too or worse. Curiosity got the best of me, like looking at a wreck on the road, except this was worse because I actually looked it up and pushed play. I'm ashamed of myself I have to admit. I kept thinking "holy shit what if these were my kids, my son and daughter in law?" My chest hurt and I nearly cried when I put myself in the situation.

Please if you haven't watched the video don't do it. It's not worth it I wish I never saw it.

Tracybell said...

Hey girl, yeah I've been out of pocket. I get what you mean about seeing it more than once. You gotta strategize about who you see it with so you can see it multiple times lol. Lucky for me my daughter turned to me after it was over and said "we're going again" lol. I have a feeling more people will do that and the ticket sales will be steady for a while. Hope you a beautiful day!

I so love the Sweet Life song. I was 12 in 1977 and I remember that song clearly. I remember sitting in the back seat of our parents station wagon with my 5 sisters and one brother and all of us singing along and knowing every word. Such a sweet sweet memory...so thank you honey.

I'm going to see BD2 again on Friday. My second and my daughters third. Every showing has been sold out since opening and I'm so happy because we live in small town. You know what's funny there were a lot of guys there that first Thursday night. Young and old! Married couples too. Older married couples ;) maybe guys are finally figuring it out, the way to our heart's is thru twilight? and thIs past Saturday my daughter said it was the same thing. A lot of guys :) Did anyone else have that experience? Because there is no way in hell my husband would go with me to see it lol.

Stella said...

After reading your great-as-always new post, I got up from my desk to go make some coffee. It was then, waiting for the water to get warm, that I've found myself chanting: TO-GETH-ER...
Silly, huh?

Tracybell said...

Some of you guys posted about the lax vid and said it was awful but I didn't realize awful meant disgusting and sad. I'm sorry I watched it the things that one pap said was very disturbing. I think rob did turn to him instinctively and looked the direction of the guy yelling shit but the bodyguard put his hand on his back and moved him along. How in the world does a person not deck them. I guess celebrities have learned from Russel Crowe, Sean Penn, and others who have lashed out at paps that it doesn't help at all and earns a reputation odd being a hothead. I actually never watch these kinds of vids at airports this was the first (and last) time. No wonder Kristen flips them off, I would too or worse. Curiosity got the best of me, like looking at a wreck on the road, except this was worse because I actually looked it up and pushed play. I'm ashamed of myself I have to admit. I kept thinking "holy shit what if these were my kids, my son and daughter in law?" My chest hurt and I nearly cried when I put myself in the situation.

Please if you haven't watched the video don't do it. It's not worth it I wish I never saw it.

ali mac said...

Hugs for everyone who has suffered family loss or the loss of a friend.

Intruth this place is like an extended family at times :)

I laugh every time I see the words black Friday. They refer to something different here. I may have mentioned it before but what we know as black "eye" Friday is when workers used to get their two weeks holidays and their two weeks wages so many of the men went out drinking too much and so many ended up fighting and therefore getting black eyes. lol

Have a great day everyone xx

parker said...

@Tracybell, that’s what i noticed too – i saw lots of males – with wives, girlfriends but others were solo.
which really surprised me!
just not sure who they were there for – kristen, rob or taylor :)

i’m one of those that doesn’t like to see paps airport pics or vids.
that’s why i choose to view pics & vids of them at strictly robsten which has a “no pap policy”
i’ve never understood the fascination with airport pics.
when i first got into this fandom, i used to look at a few of those cos i was naturally curious.
then when it became the same old, same old LAX terminal with the same old, same old expressions and same old, same old clothes, i lost interest.
i think i’d be more interested if it was at least several months that they weren’t sighted.
but having just seen them in their gorgeous red carpet clothes, who wants to look at airport pics.
i just don’t feel like i’m losing anything by passing on airport pics but losing a lot if i look.
the subsequent rage i feel after viewing stuff like that is just not worth going thru again & again.

Tracybell said...

Your comment was funny about wondering who the single men were there for lol. I didn't see that because the ushers were making sure everyone left no space between. Everyone looked like they were there with someone ha! The empty seats were the ones that were reserved for the marathon. Can you believe someone bought a marathon ticket and didn't show up? Did you cry at the end? I did. My daughter started crying as soon as Aro had carlisles head and she didn't stop till we got to the car. Bella showing herself to Edward, the whole cast, and the turning of the pages really got to me. I wanna send a love letter back to BC so bad. I think he understands the fandom seeing as he's a movie lover to.

Pisteuo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sue said...

My god, just saw all the pics of them coming home.
It looked like hundreds of vulture paps. I actually feel sick in my stomach and I didn't even see the vid, I read on RobstenDreams what the paps were shouting, MF bastards.
Oh how I would love to put a strong watercanon on them, followed by a ton of manure and wash them literally down the drain. Disgusting vile lowlife pieces of shit.
Grrrrr, my claws are out!

ali mac said...

SUE how they manage to justify what they do for a living to themselves!! I just cannot get my head around it.

PamH said...

Hello everyone

@ LIZ and Ginger
Hope you both are ok, haven't seen you post yet ?

We should have known they wouldn't make it through LAX without having to take the crap from he crazy papz, I'll never understand why there has to be so many to just get pics of them walking and getting in a car. Or the need for them to say HATEFUL things as they do, I didn't see a video but people were saying they shouted bad things about K cheating...not sure if it's true but I can see them doing that....

Wonder if Rob will be able to attend Kristens OTR premier in NY in Dec. not sure when he will have to be available for preparing to start his first movie project.

parker said...

@Tracybell, there were a few moments here & there that i felt my eyes well up.
but the 1st time i saw it was with my boyfriend.
he was relentless – nudging me when he thinks it’s a scene where i’d cry.
so i spent the whole time nudging him back & slapping his wrist to make him stop.
the scene between charlie & bella makes me tear up every time i saw it.
i didn’t really cry at the end during my 1st viewing.
but the 3rd time, the last scene in the meadow with the montage got to me.
i wish the audience where i watched was a little more animated – they were too polite.
1st two times i watched, not even a single applause – just polite chuckles & gasps at the right moments.
on the 3rd, i finally heard some people clapping after the credits for everyone not specific characters.

tufenuf55 said...

After seeing the paps pics of Rob & Kristen arriving in NYC, leaving NYC and especially arriving in LA, I do not want to see any more paps' pics of them. To see Kristen surrounded by swarming paps in LAX was so frightening. These pics, they are never smiling (don't blame them); in fact, they look miserable and angry. When I see a pic of them, I want a smile, holding hands or just them being happy. As much as I love seeing them, these types of pics are unsettling and depressing for me. Next time I'll just pass on paps pics. Promise to self!

tufenuf55 said...


I have not and WILL NOT watch the video.

tufenuf55 said...

Rob & Kristen are my celebrity heroes! They never give in to the paps.

tufenuf55 said...

I really loved hearing what James G. had to say about Kristen. I thought she was fantastic in Welcome to the Rileys as was he and Meliss Leo.

tufenuf55 said...

Had taken my mother to see BD2 last Saturday. She loved it so much. She laughed, gasped and clapped. Love my mom!

Holy said...

Hello guys.

I feel bad for this kids being harass by those assholes.Rob shows a lot of restraints.I'm so proud of him and Kris for not reacting and giving them what they want.

Here's PapaStew and PapapPatz pic. pic.twitter.com/fgrfOyNY"

Annie said...

If Rob and/or Kristen had not ignored the paps on their return to LA the headlines on the Internet would not be ....

Video! Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Mobbed at LAX

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Together As They Arrive Back In Los Angeles (PHOTOS)

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson news: Photos show couple returning to L.A. (Video)

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart love news: Attached at the hip (Video)

I will take the above headlines over ones which could have read as Robert Pattinson in slugfest with paparazzi and paparazzi to sue Pattinson/ Stewart over blows at LAX etc, etc.

The paps wanted a reaction in their favor, as it stands they appear as the vultures we all know they are.
Ginger: You won't stop commenting will you?
I hope things are ok.

Hello to all.

RC said...

Why is it ok for stalkers to stalk with camera's but without its illegal? The laws are bs.

Kristen is like 100 lbs wet & these massive grown ass disgusting pigs are like swarmed all around her. The fat ones pants are even unzipped... Rob was 2secs away from losing it. Those pics where you can see his eyes behind the glasses are haunting & it makes me sick that I even looked at them. I'm glad they didn't react. Looked like he did say something to the annoying loud bastard. No more pap pics for me.

Stella said...

I'm very proud of them and of how they managed to keep calm in the craziness in LAX. I know I couldn't do it. I agree that Rob was closer in loosing it. You can see his angry eyes behind his glasses and his face and neck are really red.

I really wish there was some law to prevent these things from happening again. It's not logic to be so difficult for two young people to use the airport, even when they have both their bodyguards with them. It's crazy.

RC said...

Kristen girl you have the mental strength of a... I don't even know. You can see how protective Rob is of her in a lot of those pics you can see his head turned so he can keep an eye on her.

I have a short fuse & my husband's is even shorter lol. He would've swung after the first comment was made by the ignorant mfer & then we'd both be in jail because I'm pretty sure I would've jumped in the fight too.

Kami said...

Annie, Ginger is still commenting on the last post, I am not sure if she knows a new one is up yet or not.

Annie said...

If it were as it is at Narita airport (Japan) it would be safer for everyone, including celebrities.
Can any of us even imagine trying to get through the airport with that chaos?

Annie said...

Kami: Ok. Thanks.

Litmom said...

Intruth - I loved your post. :-)

We just started our Romanticism Unit in my class. Not British Romanticism, but American/New England Renaissance - still some beautiful words to share.

DK - I AM picturing your dessert. And my mouth is watering just thinking of the ice cream, the maple praline, the Bailey's. Mmmmm.

I'm still smiling - hope you all are, too! Later!

Oneheart said...

Hi everyone. I was so proud of Rob and Kristen how they conducted themselves yesterday. They kept their integrity and lived up to their standards and came out more admired than ever.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Kami - Nope - I didn't see the new post at all - that is what I get for being too deep in twitter world and work - thanks for the virtual slap into the here and now :)

@Annie - nope - petty shit won't get me to stop posting - I have way too much fun here.

@Pam - Liz is as bad as I am about work so neither of us even realized there was new blog but she will be on later

Holy got to post it on the new Blog since I posted it on the old - LOVE LOVE the dad's together - takes away from the nasty LA pap's - I think they are just looking for a lawsuit because the rest have been dare I say pleasant compared.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Rose - be fore I forget - awesome post as always - I got to enjoy the horses first hand embarrassment and later speech about being wrong once (hehehe that is another lie). The haters will never get it because they base everything on hate.

LIZ said...

Enews is talking about the R & K paps fiasco ... at least they are admitting how horrible it is for them.

Annie said...

Ginger: Here you are. :)

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Liz - I felt bad for them and embarrassed by how those people act. We know they are going to take pictures if they see them (not saying it is ok but it is what it is) but they really can keep their mouths shut - their job is not to be a level below a cockroach.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Annie - waves - I was lost but now I am found :)

LIZ said...

Hi Everyone -- HAPPY TUESDAY!!! I'm having a hard time being happy when R & K had to deal with that horrible scene at LAX. I just watched the videos because I had heard about them all day. I think they need to hire more bodyguards when flying into LAX.

I think we all knew this would happen eventually, the awful paps screaming terrible things about Kristen while trying to get a reaction out of Rob. I hate it for both of them SO MUCH. I believe that most of us HERE AT ROSELAND realize that Rob & Kris never did breakup. Also, I believe that when they continued their relationship, they both KNEW that they would have to deal with this garbage for a long time. They are strong people. And now that they are home, they can hold each other and the dogs. I hope that since they left for the BD promo that something has been done to hide their backyard.

LIZ IN LALA LAND ... a bit sad and a bit mad ...

LIZ said...

ANNIE & GINGER --- LOL, usually when a new post is up someone comments on the old blog to let everyone know. Guess we just kept going and wondered why so few people were "hanging out" ...

Annie said...

Ginger: ..... Was blind but now you see there's a new post . :)
I love the pic of the dads together.......That shut up many more I think.

Annie said...

Liz: :) Usually, it's DK who alerts to a new blog post.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Annie - I think you have those couple holding out until after the DVD and they will flounce when they are still together but I think there are a few trolls that pretend to be a fan of Rob's but really I think they hate them both (and themselves the most).

@Liz - I think we hate hearing what they say the most because the LA paps have been saying god awful things to them for 5 yrs now. I think they made a stance - no headphones no hiding - they walked together, they got in the car together, and went home together. It may piss them off as it would anyone but they are showing the world how together they really are.

LIZ said...

ANNIE -- I love the "DADS" photo, yea, they look pretty comfortable together just like MamaPatz and PapaStew did when exchanging photos from their cell phones (that pic came out right after the premiere).

GINGER -- well said, you are right, no head phones, no hiding. It still makes me hurt for them.

PamH said...

LIZ and Ginger
I didn't think about you not knowing about new post, usually I'm always late to the news myself, I would have let you all know.

I LOVED the two dads photo :) they both seem like they would be interesting guys to hang out with.

I truly don't know how those two manage to go through all the papz saying the shit they say and not punching someone's lights out, Kristen didn't even flip the bird. I think her and Rob both should fly them together at the papz.

Kristen will have to go through this again next month, I hope Rob is free to go with Kristen to premier.

Annie said...

Ginger: After the DVD? LOL

PamH said...

Never noticed till you mentioned it about them not wearing ear phones, it is something they usually always do. I guess maybe they think they've heard everything by now.

Holy said...

Hello again.

@Ginger-hey there,is it true that the pic of PapaStew/PapaPatz was hacked by someone?

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Annie - yeah some of the really crazy ones seem to think the DVD needs promotion so they moved the "breakup" date until after the DVD. I swear I want to to believe these are kids saying this and every damn time I am disappointed to find out it is middle aged chick or older saying it. I am not trying to offend anyone by this and I shouldn't be because everyone appears sane on this subject to me but there was a 50 something old grandmother that is a star hater that said she will be waiting for Rob to be her. WTF even do you say to or about that, that is some serious delusion there.

@Pam - They are saying it without opening their mouths now, more than before.

I hope he goes with her on the 13th - last promo we will have of theirs for a bit - I bet they are relieved and maybe a little fearful all at once - new chapters in their lives.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Holy - it is true - someone got the photo off someone's private Facebook (one of the 2 women in the picture) and threw it all over twitter

Super RN Gas Passer said...


I'm just reading all the comments. I am so upset to hear they had such difficulties at the airport. I don't understand why their management team can't assemble a " posse" or something to shield them from all of that!!! Bella's shield along with the vampire that zaps you...what's her name?...that is what was needed:(.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Super/Liz - well it gets worse. Kevin from the Insider was on the flight with them. Said they were holding hands during the flight and they believe they are a real couple because they always see them so affectionate but the gates open and the paps were waiting for them to exit the plane - they apparently bought tickets to ambush them as they got off the plane so they had no warning.

Holy said...

@Ginger-there's probably more than one pic.We'll it's nice to see their dads together.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Holy - I am sure there is - you know how that goes - we will be getting pictures for months here and there.

LIZ said...

GINGER -- OMG, that's awful. So the paps bought tix just so they could get past security? I never thought of that ... last minute plane tix are very expensive, outrageously expensive ... don't see how most of those guys could afford that.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Liz - could have been to some weird nowhere place and it was cybermonday - one way tickets were cheap. LA paps are just in a class of their own.

PamH said...

Didn't realize the two Dads' photo was stolen.
As a fan it's frustrating to see things that make us happy to in turn find out it was obtained in a bad way is such a let down...wish it was out because a fan wanted to share their photo not because it was hacked from their personal accounts.

I wish there was a law to stop papz from being at any airports or at least a law to keep them a certain distance away from drop off or pick up areas.

I'm also hoping he can attend the OTR premiere with K because it is the last chance to see them in that type of setting for a long time. I also would LOVE to see TS and SM attend.

Holy said...

@Pam-I don't understand why FAA are allowing them to get inside though.FAA employees are just too lazy and slacking off their job.

DreamerKind said...


Rough seas today for R & K. So proud, they stood their ground.

You are very welcome! Love those memories of family.

Pretty awful for sure. RK et al will regroup and plan a different tack, I'd bet my usual hundo.

It is sweet of you to notice me, so often. I return the flavor.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Pam - in all honesty most of the really good pictures we have gotten are cough cough stolen in one form or another. I know people think their Facebook is private but it is not the second you add 1 friend and it says it from the get go. Not saying it is right but I look at the pictures too so yeah..

@Holy - all the have to do is buy that ticket although how they let them hang out blocking a departing plane amazes me.

DreamerKind said...

Our Hearts

Leah Siegel (Firehorse project):

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The moment we took shelter
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Thank you/thisisfirehorse

DreamerKind said...

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Thank you/DjPaulCarte

DreamerKind said...

No Other Way

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Thank you/FlipsterR10

Kami said...

First please let me say with heartfelt honesty I am not attacking anyone, I am not going to judge anyone, I am not secretly talking about anyone.

I was catching up on comments when I saw where someone, I think it was Pam, please forgive me if it wasn't, said that those pictures of Rob and Kristen's dads had been stolen! And like you I was shocked and sickened to my core.

I agree with you Ginger that it's very easy these days to post something on Facebook and then find it floating around out there where a friend of a friend saw something of your's and reposted it. Happens all the time even to regular people like us.

However, tonight I'm mad...not at anyone here, but at those people who think that just because someone is in the public eye it's ok to stalk them. I am mad that they think it's ok to belittle and berate them and I am mad because they think it's then ok to take pictures of their kids, their homes, of them in their homes sometimes with their kids, and or that it's ok to steal pictures of their families and post them for the world to see.

The way I see this is, this fandom, and I am not talking about the Nonnies, ninnies or the hyenas, I'm talking about the fans who truly care about Rob and Kristen, have had the joy of watching their relationship grow over time, we've watched both of them grow. We've seen their ups and their downs, and we've commented on both sides of the fence on how we felt about those stumbles. We've expected a lot out of them and for the most part, they've delivered.

Were they perfect? Of course not, they're human just like the rest of us, they make mistakes...just like the rest of us...but for the most part they have endured, more gracefully than I ever could, the intrusion into their lives of the fans who adore them and wish them well. They have graciously posed for pictures while out at restaurants, pubs and just walking down the street with fans who have asked for their time. They have shown their fans, the true fans that they appreciate them for supporting them. They've ALLOWED the fans a glimpse into their personal lives. Not many celebrities do that. Not many celebrities smile and talk to fans as they are being cussed at by the paparazzi.

I think it's time that we, as fans GIVE BACK to them. It's time for us to stand up TOGETHER and say to the media, who promotes the kind of intrusive behavior of the paparazzi who from what I've heard, I haven't seen the video, said horrible things to them trying to get a reaction out of them so they could get their 'money shot', to the idiot who will take a personal photo and 'steal' it selling it to the highest bidder in most cases, ENOUGH!!

How much longer are we going to rely on the stand by of "Well the pictures are out there so me looking at them won't hurt?" and believe me folks I am talking to myself as much as I'm talking to any of you, I am not perfect either.

We have gotten a lot of joy out of their relationship and I think it's time we return the favor but telling the media and the paparazzi, and the idiots who steal photos that we're no longer going to put up with that!

We do that by NOT looking at those pictures regardless of what they show. Even if it's Bear romping cutely in the grass in the backyard of their house, we DON'T look at them.

As the public we make the calls, we have the power because we spend the money, money makes the world go around, so unless it's a magazine where they gave an interview and had a photo shoot, we don't buy them..no matter how tempting. We don't visit the websites, we don't look at the pictures.

Don't we OWE THEM something? They can't make this stop on their own, they need us to make a stand with them. I personally think we owe it to them.

PamH said...

@ Ginger
Your right most every pic we ever see relating to Rob and Kristen is gathered and released that way...and we do LOVE seeing most of them so I guess we take good with bad.

I made the mistake of seeing the clip of R&K at airport when my hubby left the channel on E. Can't imagine how K feels having to listen to those idiots ask if she's going to cheat on R again as he's walking right beside her, you could tell R just wanted to SAY or DO something to them. Now I remember why I never watch those kinda shows anymore. These two people have so much class for dealing with the crap they have to continually go through.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Kami - it was one fan to one fan - so thank God it was not paps. I think there are real lines. I didn't talk about it when it happened on the blog but since it is old now I will say part of it. A fan - one that likes them both and likes them as a couple - during the LA camp took it upon themselves to go to LF2 and enter their backyard. They made comments about looking in their house and what was on their porch and how the pap could get those pictures without climbing a tree. This is a line and a huge line. I don't care how well intentioned you are you just have to know that is not ok. Besides being criminal and quite frankly creepy - it is their house , no one would be ok with someone creeping in their yard so why they think it is ok to do it to them is mind boggling. When they are in public they know people are going to notice them and really if people don't bother them I don't see the big deal in that. All about lines. Don't ask for a picture or autograph while they are eating - just let them be.

@Pam - the worst is when they asked if she was pregnant while the other asshole was yelling at her. If you think she is pregnant why in the hell would you harass her like that - I think that one guy could use a lesson in being a half ass human being. I did laugh a little when Rob picked up his duffel bag and shoved them out of the way because one almost fell but to think it is acceptable to have 40 deep to take a picture of them getting in a car is beyond ridiculous - they aren't going to perform for them so besides making them miserable they get nothing.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@sue - I just got caught up since I was on the wrong blog forever - hugs:) I feel you too !!! I plagued myself with a lot of things and if I made the right choice in the beginning - (12/26 will be the 1 yr anniversary) but we knew he was gone and I think I just wanted to undo it more than anything. I wanted time to talk to him more often and to slow down the things that I thought were important and to enjoy the things that really were. I always said he was just too big for this world but we all got the gift of being part of his no matter how short it was. I remember the 1st thing I said when we got to the hospital was they had him in these tight like socks and boy would he be absolutely pissed if he could see them on him. The reason we chose the birds on our tattoo was because his body was plagued by his disability but now he gets to fly and be free. It helps when having faith that when I look around I know he is soaring somewhere out there doing nose dives in the wind and spreading his wings.

valéria said...

I admire your ability to self-persuasion shippers, see a valiant and protective Rob where there only is a Rob who don't give a flying f* when his beloved gf is calling a whore or slut says a lot about your state tsk tsk. Even in the car he doesn't make her a single gesture of tenderness or empathy, oh yes, of course I know what you're going to say : they never do pda in public, they never act as a real couple in love, neither when one of them is insulted, nor in the red carpets, nor in bars, restaurants (except when there are no photos to prove it), there is only a place where they are tender, loving and kind to one another: in your ultra-cheesy fanfics, lol!

Ginger with a Soul said...

@valéria - Awwe little nonnie - hate to burst your little bubble but they do act loving in public - even one of your fellow nonnies got a view of it in NY along with people that support them both. Oops guess you also missed the date night they had tonight. At least if you are going to spout shit do it originally and correctly (saw the same speech earlier yawn)since some of us actually saw the video - I didn't hear any name calling just another dumb ass asking questions about something - like you - he knows nothing about. You might need to borrow some floaties since you will be treading water in that river of denial for a while.

valéria said...

I forgot to say: in the photo you show to illustrate that Rob "protects" (hahahah) the offending wench, is the hand of the creepy Kristen's BG we see, you know the one which the hands seem be nailed in Kristen's ass. And another thing, it's them who wanted the circus, there are others private exits at LAX, think about this: without their shitty relationship's spetacle , everyone would have already forgotten them.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@valéria - again - so funny how you repeat the line (saw this one on twitter earlier as well) and yet have nothing to support it ahh but I do - the paps were waiting for them when they got off the plane not at the exit - but what are facts to you guys since all yours come from the voices in your own heads (they have meds for those). I see Kristen still owns your ass since you spend all this time researching everything you can on her - can we say girl crush anyone? It is ok you can come out of the closet and let us all know what that you have a crush on her - it is soooo obvious.

If they show PDA they are PR and if they don't he hates her. Yet he is always with her - burns your ass doesn't it - he is always with her. Here we are post Twilight and who is Rob with ......that is right - Kristen get used to it or choke on it - your kool aid is so very green.

valéria said...

Ginger: oh yeah, in the plane, Rob says "Wake up angel....." hahahaha
The date last night ok.(???)...when I think of all the other couples who live their lives and dont need focus groups in the net to prove that they are real or pictures with circles and arrows and all that crap ...
Well,I'll let you graze quietly in your meadow, adoring your talentless whore and her alcoolic doormat of boyfriend. Bye :-)

valéria said...

What?! i have a crush on KStew?!You are disgusting! if one day I become bisexual, it would be with a woman who looks like a woman, who likes to shower and has education. I wouldn't ever sleep with the first scum I find on the way! you might confuse me with you or your loved ones, ugh!

Ginger with a Soul said...

@valéria - Did you see me say I believed that? I actually don't believe there is anyway for that guy to have heard anything since they would have known he was there for him to be that close. They prove they are a couple by being together like you know normal people do.

I actually do think you have a huge crush on her. I bet you dream of her every single night. I bet the 1st thing you do when you get up is look at her pictures and check any and all news you can on her. I mean if you want to call them names why bother unless it is true right? If you decide to be bi-sexual - snickers - she wouldn't touch you with 2 hefty bags and a bottle of hand sanitizer but I can see the hard core girls crush you have. It is ok we won't out you.

valéria said...

But Ginger,girl, try your luck with Stew! go! I'm sure she would not be shy in front of a girl so excited and enterprising as you! Live your fantasy until the end! Who knows, Rob would even be happy to watch you two in action! :-)

Ginger with a Soul said...

@valéria - ahh see you caught me yup. I guess my kids would be shocked to know they were conceived via immaculate conception and not from actual sex. You understand what sex is right and I don't mean the quality time you spend hugging your Kristen pillow since I can see how in love with her you really are. You sure are super interested in her sexual activities now aren't you for someone that supposedly doesn't like her. Come on girl - you can share your feelings here - we are very welcoming. I understand you are mad that she would never return your love since hers is reserved for Rob and that bursts your fan girl heart. The 1st step to feeling ok with yourself is admitting it - kinda like the Grinch - maybe your cold black heart will grow - hell the truth will set you free !

Ginger with a Soul said...

@valéria - as entertaining as I find you I must drift to dreamland but I know you won't be lonely since you have the voices in your head to keep you company. Get some rest chicky, clear your head and remember Rob and Kristen own you with their love for each other and they won't lose a wink of sleep over you hating them. You just keep dwelling over them with your pitiful hate and unfulfilled life while they live life large. Calling them names on line shows who you are not who they are. Your hate is a direct reflection of your life and the choices you have made in them - desperation is not pretty on anyone.

P.S. Sweet Dreams !!!!!!

valéria said...

I'm sure your children would be happier with a happy mom (aka sexually satisfaied), go! we are on earth to be happy,don't be afraid of your feelings, follow the Stew's words of wisdom: do what you want and don't giv afuck to others' opinion! if you want to sleep with a woman, your bodyguard, your work's colleague's husband, if you are a underage and you want to see the movie of your idol against the advice of your parents, go! be happy!

valéria said...

Bye Ginger darling! you shippers are too funny! don't understand people who find you unbearable! whatever, sometimes I feel a certain malaise: it's like making fun of schizophrenic patients during group therapy.!

ali mac said...

KAMI I wish I could stop wanting to look at pics of them. I have tried and failed. It's a hard habit to break, what makes it harder for me is when I read someone saying don't look at this pic or vid it just makes me want to look at it even more. It's the rebellious streak in me lol I do agree that part of the problem with the papz is that it's to feed the beast and we are part of that beast just by being interested in them. For me to achieve not looking I would have to stop coming here and reading comments and that would be hard too.

ali mac said...

KAMI I love your avi

DreamerKind said...

Time to wave the Fairygodmother's wand over Roseland and dust us all with some mutual kindness while choosing peace.

Sleep well, dear one.

With acceptance comes peace. Respecting all is the way.

Off I go to my sleep haven, too, while posting a lesson (# 332)from A Course In Miracles:

"Fear binds the world. Forgiveness sets it free. Truth undoes its evil dreams by shining them away. Truth never makes attack. It merely is."

Birdie said...

Good morning Roseland!

So sorry that Rob and Kristen's trip ended with that circus of a return home. If they can keep it together and give them nothing, hopefully it will eventually become not newsworthy. I am amazed at their self-control, it has to be frightening and make them all so angry. Again, no one should have to put up with this.

I see you stood alone to do battle.
Your last comment was perfect.

Dear Vacuous,Vitriolic Valeria,
Please find somewhere else to spew your BS. BORING.

DreamerKind said...


Collective Soul:

Give me a word
Give me a sign
Show me where to look
Tell me what will I find
What will I find

Lay me on the ground
Fly me in the sky
Show me where to look
Tell me what will I find
What will I find

Yea, Yea, Yea
Oh, heaven
Let your light shine down
Love is in the water
Love is in the air
Show me where to go

Tell me will love be there
Will love be there
Teach me how to speak
Teach me how to share
Teach me where to go

Yea, Yea, Yea
Oh, heaven let your light shine down
I'm going to let it shine
Heavens little light
Gonna shine on me

Yea yea heavens little ligh
Gonna shine on me
Its gonna shine, shine on me
Its gonna shine, come on in shine

Thank you/StreetSurvivors77

ali mac said...

DK put across so calmly and so well as usual. I hope you sleep well xx

BIRDIE have a great day.

Birdie said...

I wish I could be as sweet as you. Something for me to strive for...

I think it is a personnal thing. I have no problem not buying the tabs or going to the gossip sites(I even refrained from FP). I lurk in Twitter and pictures and comments are everywhere. I would have to withdraw from there and am not quite sure I am ready for that. Haha

ali mac said...

Birdie I think we are all in the same boat and nobody wants to jump out :0)

ali mac said...

BIRDIE your not missing much with FP I think it has the wrong name as it's just an excuse to be nasty about celebs in general.

katy said...

I think this http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_maxflgQLYE1r3cvyr.gif basically
describes Valeria

Wish everyone a happy Wednesday(your not included Valeria)

Anonymous said...

Loved your point, Rose, about the two segments of this fandom. One is bitter and wastes their time trying to contort into pretzels to justify their position. The other is happy and twirling with each new sighting. It is a much nicer place to be, for sure.

Annie said...

Oh dear......I missed the Valeria meltdown.

Valeria: Just let it go. Enjoy your life. Rob and Kristen are enjoying theirs.

Have a great day all.

gargamel said...

There's a MANHUNT for that RAZZO who yelled at stew @ the airport. If he ever survive the wrath of the angry fans...i will switch to his religion...HE MUST HAVE SUM GOD he prayed to. At the same time he's being tracked down...a DONATION DRIVE is ongoing for his family.

Kelly said...

Great post! Loved it as usual. :) xoxo

PamH said...

@ Ginger
Wished I hadn't went to bed when I did. You were left alone to battle the in the closet TROLL...BUT YOU KICKED ASS!!!!! She desperately needs to come out of the closet or find a home with those that hate BOTH and never come here again. It's obvious she is friendless and has no significant other because if she did she wouldn't need to continually come here to start a fight just to have HUMAN INTERACTION with someone.

parker said...

@Kami, i try to do what you’re requesting & i pretty much stick to it.
but i think it’s a losing battle – most people are just too curious.
so the supply will always be there as long as there is demand & there IS a very high demand.
anyway, every time there are pap pics/vids the same thing happens.
people scream bloody murder then follow it up with it’s a double-edge sword, we can’t help watching.
yes, the scumpaps’ method is revolting, but … why do we expect them to stop when …
not even 1.5 weeks after their last red carpet appearance and people are already “needing” to see R&K.
we don’t want to feed the beast but when it really comes down to it, people would rather see rob & kristen regardless of the means employed …
people even admit that they are a huge part of the problem.
i get that … & i don’t expect others to do as i do.

i guess the only thing that really annoys me … and i don’t mean to offend anyone …
is the constant bringing up of the trash here – i understand that people are curious & want to see.
so go ahead and see …
but bringing all that vileness in here just serves to propagate it even more.
and please don’t say don’t read the comments.
i do that for the most part but there are cases when there’s like 50+ comments on the subject.
it’s kinda hard not to read some of it.
okay so we know there were vile & disgusting things said out there.
and i respect some of the posters who said it was vile & disgusting but stopped at that.
but for some, must you actually mention details of what was said?
so that those who chose not to look and ignore end up knowing anyway?
you and i know we can’t do anything about it.
vent here if you must & state it’s disgusting but please leave the details out.
those who were interested already saw it so why repeat it here?

again, what olivia always says, “Respect Rob and Kristen”
mentioning the details of the trash they go through isn’t.

so to Kami’s point, perhaps our own small way of giving back to R&K is not to “trash” them even more by gossiping about the gossip here.


ali mac said...


I would love it if that happened as I said earlier when I read about "it" whatever the new thing is and how bad it was and what they said it makes me want to go and look and probably if I hadn't seen it here I wouldn't even know about it. But we have had this discussion here before and people have different ideas on what we should discuss and what we shouldn't so it's a bit of a stalemate really.

katy said...

You're not your

PL said...


It is like you were reading my mind. I was wanting to say the very same thing, but since I have pissed people off around her so often harping on this, I hesitated.

None of us can control the pictures or the articles and Rob and Kristen know that, they can't control it either. But we can control how we react and we can control the impulse to talk about it ad infinitum. Rob and Kristen's lives are not science experiments that we need to have a hypothesis, alternative hypothesis, statistical data and then proof.

I'm backing out of the ensuing fray, because people will come. People most definitely will come to discuss.

RKP said...

Awesome post Rose, you rock!

I feel so bad for Rob and Kristen. They have as much right as anyone, not to be harassed and mobbed at the airport. It looked dangerous for R & K as well. There should be rules for how close paps can get, ha! not like they would ever follow them!

For anyone who says they can't help wanting to look at pap pics, just go to RPLife, Robsten Dreams or ask a friend for a safe link. But please don't encourage paps to keep being vile by giving their pics on gossip sites more hits.

Great job kicking Troll ass @ ginger!

RKP said...

@ parker I agree with you. Of course we are curious, so the fact that we are fans makes us want to see pics and read articles about Rob and Kristen. And we also want to keep up with what they are doing as well.
Everyone can be careful and choose to find information in good fan blogs and sites that are respectful to Rob and Kristen. I've learned to be very wary of clicking on a link if I'm not sure what is on the other end!
I'm all for less trash and more positivity.


Ginger with a Soul said...

Morning Ladies

Not being able to sleep last turned entertaining, so over the silly unwarranted hatred and the blatant twisting of facts.

@RKP - I see 95% of the pictures from RPLife and Kstewfans - although I swear they should just merge to one site since they share everything and Robsten Dreams. All 3 blogs support both so it is a nice place to go without walking through mine fields.

The rest is what it is - what one finds offense doesn't offend another and vice versa. Hell I have issues with people that come on and pretend or try to insinuate to be "people" they are not and so on and so forth - it is like going to the amusement park - not every ride it for everyone and some people frolic in the house of illusion while others go for the roller coasters.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Ok I have to share this video - Non R/K - I can't even explain why I find it so funny other then almost everyone in it huddles in the corner and covers their eyes like it is going to make her go away. I am not saying I wouldn't be scared as I would probably start swinging but none the less I died laughing at it


Kami said...

Ali isn't this cat cute? LOL I saw it on Facebook yesterday and I had to use it.

Parker beautifully said. I completely agree with what you had to say, I too wish those things didn't get brought to the blog, as a matter of fact that is exactly why most of us came to Rose's blog, because that stuff never came here. I sometimes find myself biting my tongue because in the world yes there are shades of gray, other than the book (lol) but in some cases there is black and white...something is either wrong and should be condemned or it's 'ok'.

To get upset over paparazzi pictures that make it on sites all over the internet, because they are of something you detest and then to become euphoric over pictures taken with a telescopic lens that show Rob and Kristen in THEIR HOME, makes no sense to me. I'm sorry.

It makes no sense to me to hear that those vile reporters said vile, hurtful and disgusting things to Kristen to get their "Money Shot" which for them would have been Kristen in tears, that people still look at them.

I am NOT referring to anyone in particular. Everyone has to make up their own minds as to what they will and won't accept, but at the same time if you're looking at those pictures don't bitch about them.

I personally cannot stand the thought of Kristen or Rob being stalked by the paparazzi like a hunter stalks his prey. That these assholes scream horrible things to Kristen hoping to make her cry or lose her temper. As her fans, and as fans of Rob too...don't we have a responsibility to try and make this stop? The only way it will ever stop is if WE...I am including myself in this too because I have been as guilty as anyone else....STOP looking at them. In some things in life there are no shades of gray, it's very black and white....while there is a DEMAND the paparazzi will SUPPLY.

I am no longer going to put my desire to see those cute and funny pictures over what's best for Kristen. I'm sorry if I have offended anyone with my comments. I didn't mean to. It breaks my heart to know that because of our need to see and know everything about them...she is being hurt. I've had enough.

parker said...

@ali & Kami, yes it’s wishful thinking on my part & like i said a losing battle.
i try to keep my mouth shut at the inevitable complaints that follow after every pap episode.
and the predictable but we-can’t-help-it cos-we-love-to-see-them cliché.
to me it’s about as effective as a gnat’s piss.
and before anyone takes offense, i’m not referring to anyone in particular here.
it’s the whole fandom since i’ve observed this too in the other blogs that i used to visit before i made RPI & SR the exclusive blogs i visit.

at least everyone knows that paps are scum so we know to avoid them if we want to.
i think fans who should know better are worse when they repeat stuff that you don’t expect in RK-friendly blogs.
people get so outraged at people’s negative retweets.
it maybe at a lesser scale but how is repeating vile stuff in blogs any different?

@PL, that’s the irony of it.
regurgitating disgusting details isn’t defending R&K.
unintended as it may be, it still adds to their injury.

ali mac said...

KAMI I posted a great one of a cat on facebook one side of the photo was a gorgeous groomed cat with the words "profile picture" and the other side of the pic is the ugliest cat with the words "pictures your tagged in". I though it was so funny and true.

parker said...

@Ginger, you know, a colleague at the office just showed that video to us this morning.
we were saying what if a “victim” had a heart attack? they could be sued if it was in the US.
and one of the guys, who’s a loud mouth, kept saying he’d never fall for it. oh yea ?!?
so at lunch time, one of the other guys sneaked up behind him & startled him.
he screamed like a girl – it was soooo hilarious !

ali mac said...

GINGER I watched the video!!!! if I'd been in that lift I'd be dead now. How someone didn't have a heart attack I don't know!! the reactions were great. I loved the man looking through his finger as if he was watching a scary movie lol

Caroline said...

To Ginger and Valeria, that was entertaining reading!

Sorry Valeria, but Ginger won. Time to find another interest.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Parker - I just couldn't believe that each one hid in the corner - only one guy tried to escape. I know I shouldn't laugh but it is funny - hell I die laughing watching that show Black Out. No way no how will I willingly sit in the dark and touch unknown objects.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Ali or the guy that shielded himself with his bag. Oh man

Kami said...

LOL Ali. I posted on a few days ago of a cat sitting in front of a table his paws out in front of him looking so serious and the caption read "There's no easy way to say this, You no longer have a hamster"

ali mac said...

Ginger the men were the funniest they're meant to be tough lol

Kami I love animal pics they are so funny.

sue said...

Oh Ginger, lol, hope never to be in a fight with you, haha.

@Valéria, just curious, what exactly is your fucking problem?
If I hate something with so much passion, like you seem to be doing, I definitely wouldn't waste my precious time and energy on it. I would get my kicks somewhere else, than again I don't get off on hate.

@Kami, I know you're right. I felt so much anger seeing R&K being mopped. Rob looked so anxious and angry, one of these days he's gonna lose it and than they would have won. They're trying to be above it, to be the better person but it must be hard not to snap and that's exactly what them paps are pushing for. Everybody has a breaking point.
Saying all this, I don't think it's feasable for not looking at the pics. They are everywhere, the only way is, is to cut off internet.
I really try to do my bit by not clicking on gossip sites or buying rag mags and Spunk-Ransom puts offensive shit under a cut, they refused to post the last LAX ones. They did it with those horrible mags the last 4 moths so people wouldn't buy them.
Nice pic of the dads.

ali mac said...

PARKER in my old job we were always playing jokes on eachother and one day I hid under the desk where we all kept our handbags/purses after five mins chat one of the girls reached down to get her bag and I grabbed her hand, she nearly peed herself and fell out of one shoe =) it was hilarious at the time.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


If all you profess to believe is true then could you please tell us Why In The Name Of Porky the Pig are you here???? HOW do you know soooo...soooooo..oooo..much about Ks personal life and what's it to you?

Just curious......

And do you have some kind of sexual problem you want to tell us about? I mean, every other comment is linked to that topic....we're you abused as a child? Did one of your friends growing up look like K and bullied you at school or something? You obviously take it all VERY PERSONALLY....

I'm trying to get to the root of your problem!!!!!!!! It can't be that personal to you if you don't know her personally...right?????

parker said...

@Ginger, one of the peeps at work was wondering what if someone beat the girl? lol.
we were waiting for someone to do that but no one did.

@ali, that’s so funny. one of the funnier things i’ve ever seen in an office is of a guy flapping his hands like a girl & screaming cos of a cockroach. and he is a tall, slightly muscled guy. he was so embarrassed when i calmly put my foot on top of the roach, there, you can come down that chair now lol … seriously i’ve never seen anyone react that way to a roach.

Pisteuo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DreamerKind said...

Good Day!

TWEETS about no RK press in rag mags!
Lulu Robsten ‏@LuluRobsten
The OK story is basically saying they're happy and in love xx

13h Lulu Robsten ‏@LuluRobsten
Am just looking at the mags! No RK on the cover of Star and Us. But they are a smaller story on the cover of OK - "Rob & Kristen after Twilight: 'We're not splitting'" ....

Lulu Robsten ‏@LuluRobsten
There's no RK in People, In Touch or Life & Style. xx

DreamerKind said...

News of Tom Sturridge

Saturday, November 24, 2012

New Polly Stenham play cast announced

Opening in the Jerwood Theatre Upstairs from 11 January (press night 16 January), On The Road star Tom Sturridge and Downton Abbey’s Zoe Boyle will lead the cast of Polly Stenham’s forthcoming drama No Quarter, the playwright’s third play to premiere at the Royal Court Theatre.

27 year old Sturridge (represented by Curtis Brown) will play Robin, a man who finds solace in the sanctuary of his remote family home but must decide how far he will go to save it when his kingdom begins to crumble around him


DreamerKind said...

Seems so. Money shots are harder to come by, and fans are not buying or clicking to see the rags as much. Hard times for paps. Wahhhh.

Porky the Pig! Laughing now.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@DK - afternoon sweetness !! I love that egg and I love her more when she drops good news which she was full of last night.

Kami said...


Pisteuo, I truly hope that the scum sucking vermin paparazzi never, ever get their 'money shot' lol

Pisteuo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pisteuo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ali mac said...

Parker I'd probably be up on the chair flapping my hands with him lol creepy crawlers are one of my weaknesses!!

DreamerKind said...

Did you rest up? Lulu is in a related biz and a fan of R & K, and Twi fans, too. Warns us about stuff coming out, so we can avoid it! Amen. XO

I am well and getting the holiday spirit. Best wishes for you and yours.

Kami said...

Sue, I understand where you're coming from those pictures are everywhere. Each individual has to make their own mind up about where their tolerance level is.

I also know that for ME, and I'm only talking about ME...I rationalize things. I say "Oh well it's not going to hurt anything they're out there" "The link was right there and I clicked on it" when the pictures are sweet and cute. But when they're vile and ugly I get angry. The pictures yesterday at the airport...intrusive, revolting, disgusting. The tactics..revolting.

But then again, so are the 'warm and fuzzy ' pictures taken from a long way off with a long range telescopic lens, of them in their house...NO those pictures were WORSE. The ones at the airport, they could see the paparazzi...the ones of them in the house..they had no clue.

Everyone has to do what they feel is best and what their conscience tells them to do. Mine is saying enough is enough. I also feel like, and I'm sorry, I hope no one becomes offended but..if 'You' *plural meaning the human race you* look at the warm and fuzzy pictures, that are as bad if not worse, then don't bitch and complain about the other pictures.

I just think we owe Rob and Kristen a chance at having a private life, and I'm very rabid about it right now, I mean no offense to anyone in particular.

ali mac said...

The only money shot they have left now is for one of them to loose it with the papz scumbags. Let's hope and pray they can stay strong, maybe by imaging the papz naked would help them ignore their nasty comments!!

Stella said...

Hello all!
I think too that, in some ways, this whole paps situation is harder for Rob than for Kristen. She feels safe when they are together and he's very protective of her.
I hope that things will progressively relax from now on.

Kami said...

It has to be hard on Rob to see men and in some cases women attacking Kristen verbally, his natural instincts have be telling him to cause them bodily harm, I'm glad though, that he seems to have a firm grip on those instincts. No sense in giving the scum their money shot

parker said...

@Super, heehee, too funny …

@DK, that’s great news for tom ! Rose would be thrilled !
i’m still kicking myself for missing andrew garfield’s turn on “death of a salesman” in NYC.
too bad royal court theatre is too far away. would love to see it.

@Pisteuo, maybe rob should just learn how to fly. like john travolta.
live in that community where planes are parked in driveways instead of cars.
no paps since you fly right off your private airstrip.

Stella said...

nice avi.
I love "cats" with some attitude...

Ginger with a Soul said...

@DK - I took my power nap and am drinking coffee since today was the 1st day I actually had to trek it to the office in 2 weeks. My boss was trying to prop my foot and I was screeching at her not to touch or I would kick.

Yeah I follow LuLu too - she is super sweet.

PL said...

This photo is great. If only that was the papz cameras in the background. I think even Rob and Kristen would approve of this one.


wig4usc said...

Hello, Roseland!

For me, when people are out in public, absent yelling and harrassing, I don't mind the pictures. I guess I'm a little immune to it, I notice all the time here in LA all the time, at amusement parks, events, etc, at LA Live too, a signs that stated by being there, you give permission for your likeness to be used. With that said, yelling obscenities and insults to illicit a reaction, no way. Going onto someones private property, no way.

I saw the LAX pics from a fan site, didn't see the vid. But for me, I do like to see the "ugly" sometimes, to remind myself how vile and disgusting they are. I think why some celebs got the hot head wrap is because people didn't realize how disgusting the paps are. I don't feel I can speak against something I don't know about, so while I have no desire to fuel the fire, nor do I want to stick my head in the sand. I want to speak with a fully informed voice what I know and what I've seen, how truly awful they are and the lengths they go.

@Ginger, sorry I wasn't here during your battle, good job!

@DK - you are such a sweet, calm force! Its something I need more of!

Hello, to everyone else, we may not all see eye to eye, but we all have something in common, fans, advocates, and even some, protectors of R&K. And I'm sure there are different times and situations where our approaches fit the situation. Some of us are quarterbacks, some the Offensive Line, some running backs and receivers, and Rose is the Head Coach! LOL

DreamerKind said...

You've once again, got me chuckling! Terrific shot.

Did you see the WANTED fanmade posters of papz, being tweeted around?

It's in hopes of identifying them when seen around, so they can be harassed in turn. Hope they don't enjoy that instead.

The old desired 15 minutes of fame is the standard, not the exception.

DreamerKind said...

I'm not far from here, very often, and if you need calm, we'll call it forth, anytime. Hail me.

Pisteuo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kami said...

PL LOL....and on a personal note...STOP ME...I just ordered a Christmas village...have you found that 12 step program yet?

katy said...


That is cool. Badass Rob and Kristen.

PL said...

Pisteuo and DK,
Happy to make you smile. And, DK, can you put up your Lemon Christmas cookie recipe again. I printed it out before and now I can't find it.


I thought you already had a Christmas Village, maybe even multiples. I haven't even decorated but will this weekend while watching Love Actually. I love that movie.

ali mac said...

Kami are you a Christmas decoration addict ? lol

PL said...

Ali, you would not believe how bad she is with the decorations. I've seen pictures, it's out of control. I've been looking for Christmas decorator anonymous chapters in her area, lol.

ali mac said...

PL that's a great feel good movie to get you in the mood for Christmas :)

I love watching Meet me in St Louis, it's old and sappy but love it ♡

ali mac said...

PL I should introduce her to my neighbour, he is a decoration nut and always has to get the new style of tree or lights every year!!

Kami said...

Ali...yes I am an addict for Christmas decorations!! PL knows my personal shame lol she can tell you how many trees I have.

The Christmas village I originally ordered they said they shipped but I never received it, so I got a credit and well I uh upgraded on a few things. Seriously Heith needs to knock me in the head and revive me after Christmas

gargamel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ali mac said...

Kami innocent fun and I don't blame you, I love when my decorations go up. I think it helps get us through the short daylight in December. So I think it's therapeutic lol

Kami said...

how bout if we don't look at the pictures and forgo the monetary offer of money for violence?

Kami said...

Ali, lol thanks I don't know if my husband agrees with it being innocent but he has been really great this year and has said nothing...and put up the big tree by himself so...I'm taking advantage while I can.

parker said...

@PL, brilliant photo – taking it a violent step farther, take no prisoners :)

parker said...

oh and i totally agree about recipes PL.
didn’t Kami mention about recipe exchange for the holidays?
would love to have some.

Holy said...

Hello ladies and gents.

@gargamel-hello there.

@Ginger-thank god that you kicked that lunatic woman ass.Coming here and disrupting us.She makes me sick.

gargamel said...

Same studio will offer a job to one twilight actress opposite de niro in a feature film...may take 3-4 years in the making...
The bounty hunt is for real...RAZZI be warned. FLORIDIANS love STEW-PATZ.

benny said...

hello Roselanders,
don't you think that TomStu looks like a young Bono in that picture, hat, blue glasses... I'd say bring on an early U2 years biopic!

Holy said...

This is why I love this girl,she just wear whatever she likes and
doesn't give a shit.

Kristen rumored to be participating in Variety Studio interviews with possible Golden Globe nominees. http://bit.ly/Tk3wzl

gargamel said...

So glad some unnamed studios are taking a stand against EXPLOITATION OF ACTORS by the papz and rags. I hope the BIGGIES will follow suit.

gargamel said...

Holy...hello..how's the twirling going?

RC said...

Yeah no one really dresses up for these things, but lol ilh!

Kami said...

Parker I would love to do the recipe exchange again this year. We did that with cookies a couple of years ago and I think they did something with meals last year. There are so many good recipes out there.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Holy/RC - yeah - I like the pants not going to lie but I am that person that loves yoga pants and jeans. It is a really big deal that she is there for the nominee interviews I wonder if they are going to have an evening part to this or just what she is at now

gargamel said...

NO MERCY TO THE PAPZ AND RAGS! Im digging the news and i swear ill find the studios' address and ADD my month's salary to the bounty...

PamH said...

@ PL
I LOVED that pic, they look so bad ass.

@ Ginger
That video was cool, it reminded me of the story my niece told at Tgiving about her and 4 of her co workers and 1 ER doctor getting stuck in an elevator at work, she said it was between 3rd and 4th floor at about 1 in the morning, the lights went out and the elevator jerk to a stop, some of the girls screamed while the ER guy said to calm down that everything would be fine as long as no one was secretly The Devil...otherwise were screwed.

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