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Friday, January 25, 2013

Lists, Lies and Lunatics.


It's been an interesting few days in this fandom.

A week of Lists.
And Liberty.

Here's my list...

 I always thought that these low class rags were written
by schizophrenic idiots...
They can never make up their mind whether
Rob and Kristen
Not that the truth actually matters to them.
So they just continually go back and forth...
Letting the voices in their heads argue.
For example... Australian rags have been harping on
 Rob getting together with Emilie de Ravin?
I'm pretty sure she is filming her TV show
Once Upon a Time
(Which I love btw)
But... hey... she is Australian
(and married)
So why not throw them together?

Just goes to show how they can make up
any lame bullshit they want
and print it like its true.

It's ALL made up.
They don't have any sources close to the couple.
They don't know ANY intimate details.
They don't know.

2. This picture created quite the buzz.
Because there's a sorta kinda drought thing going on.
So any picture is clutched tightly to the fandom bosom.
Even ones where he is simply riding a bike.
All I have to say is...
Where is your helmet, Rob??

You best be careful, Mister.
That's some pretty important stuff you have up there...

3. Lunatics.
This is kinda how I picture the Lunatic Fringe...
Always green.
Always bitter.
Always wanting what they can't have...
and jealous of those who have it.
Always stalking and hating and obsessing
over one small girl.
And always getting what comes to them in the end.

What a world... what a world...

Guess what?
The witch doesn't win.
I hope you're ready for it.

4. Lists.

There were some lists being made on Twitter.
List of haters.
List of people who blocked haters
List of people who made list of haters
List of people who made lists of people
who blocked haters who made lists...
And the list goes on.
But some 'people' were getting pretty bent
over being on a list.
It was kinda amusing.
How many times did I type list?
Get back to me on that
or you will be on a list.

5. Lunatics.
Liberty (who?) Ross filed for divorce
from Ruperv Sanders today.
Yeah I had forgotten about them too.
Lo and behold...
She's being touted as some sort of saint now.

I don't wish any ill will on Miss Ross.
I just don't care what she is doing.
But every now and then (like today)
Her face and that of her lecherous soon to be ex
get thrown in my timeline...
The woman is getting a damn divorce, people...
Get off the ridiculous soapboxes about
what a great heroine she is.
People get divorced.
ALL the time.
That doesn't make her special.
Or brave.
Or an incredible warrior.
It makes her 1 out of every 2 marriages
that have failed ~ ordinary.
Sad. But true.
Sure... the Fringe will pounce all over it and
use this as another opportunity to call Kristen vile names...
Instead of pointing their green talons at the real bad guy.
But according to previous interviews
and previous filing for separation...
Things weren't all shiny and pretty
in the house of Sanders anyway.

Let's be real.
The ONLY reason anyone even knows
anything about these two people
is because Kristen's name is sadly attached to them.
Remove her name.
No one gives a shit.
Only the HAGS and the RAGS
 will squeeze every bit of blood
out of this tired, dried up old topic...
The rest of the world has moved forward.
Leaving it behind.

Join us.
Or watch out for that bucket of water...

In each others arms... AFTER.

6. Here's the deal.
As awe inspiring as LS is for getting a divorce
(yes, I'm judging you)
It doesn't impact Rob and Kristen's relationship.
Why would it?
Rob and Kristen have made it perfectly clear
where they stand.
Next to each other.
They have moved FORWARD
They are looking ahead.
They have worked through the past issues
and are living in the present...
with eyes on the future.

Rob is in Australia because he's working.
He does that from time to time... you know?
Sometimes it takes him out of the country.
Sometimes Kristen has stuff to do before she can join him.
That's all there is to it.
So simple.

Rob and Kristen

Always true.

This post is brought to you by Orphans.

This is a big fucking deal.
Tom's talent will be seen on a bigger scale.
He's SO watchable.
I can't take my eyes off of him.

The best is yet to come, and baby wont it be fine
You think you've seen the sun, but you ain't seen it shine

Until next time.

Bye for now


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Holy said...

Rose-you did it again.Thanks.
You're definitely right with quote.

"Let's be real.
The ONLY reason anyone even knows
anything about these two people
is because Kristen's name is sadly attached to them.
Remove her name.
No one gives a shit."

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Rose - Aahaha - I was going to say bet we see those bike pictures in Rose's blog and low and behold there is one.

I thought everyone that was on that list got a good laugh that someone took that much time to put it together - good grief but don't forget the ones blocked are not haters, they are all sweet as apple pie and are being singled out for doing nothing wrong to anyone ever.... I bet they even pull over to pick up trash they see on the side of the road while driving because they are so fucking charitable. OK, I had a hard time writing that bullshit out, the ones that got blocked are basement dwelling assholes and need to read or stop creating 20 accounts to see why they got blocked and by so many people.

I hope you get a chance to see Tom on Broadway - I bet you would be smiling big cheering him on.

marley said...

I really loved this post Rose! to bad it wont be the last of the same crap (lies and utter BS).

marley said...

oh wow how did i forget this part. proud of Tom wish i lived where they are performing.

DreamerKind said...

A breath of fresh air blows the stale air away. At the top of my list for twitter do's and don'ts, while not really giving any fucks (hopefully like R&K don't either).

I have what you're having. Delicious.

Kami said...

I couldn't agree more.

I think if LR or RS are hoping for free publicity over this...then we should make sure they don't get it. Apparently they want to be talked about...you know that "No such thing as bad publicity" crap...so why give it to them? I think it would hurt them more to completely ignore their very presence on the Earth. IF we don't talk about them then the media will move on...right?

Jessi Jaldin L said...

Rose this was amazing!! thank you!!!
well Rob's is working on Australia and Kristen doing her thing in L.A
in some point they gonna be together!!!
and if they don't this is not our problem is their lifes, theirs decisions!!
but they gonna have our LOVE ALWAYS!
and that's is important!!

and i really don't care all this sh*t about that old and fuck*ing men and Liberty divorce...

and im extremely happy for Tom and his performance on BRODWAY!!!

parker said...

Rose, love the list of the list of the list …
i envy the amount of time these people have to invest on such lists :)
wish i have an iota of their seemingly endless time cos i badly need some.

and … i sincerely wish for you to get the chance to watch tom on broadway.
i’d do the same thing if i get the chance.

Kay said...

Life is too short to get sucked into all of the drama and bullshit the rags, hags and lunatic fringe are trying to get everyone jacked up over. Rob and Kristen are happy and together, The Rover has started filming, and Tom has a new BFD project...lots of things to smile about.

Take care, be happy and just breathe, Roseland. <3

PamH said...

@ Rose
Putting all those mag copies together just puts in perspective how insane that industry is, it'll give you whiplash from all the back and forth.
It's my most desired wish that RS/LR would crawl back under the rock they came from before K had the misfortune to meet them, you know back when no one had a clue who they were, and may Kristen and Rob never cross paths with them again.

I hope someone has the fortune to see Tom perform so they can share the experience with us.

Delle1 said...

I noticed no helmet too Rose,hope he invests in one soon other than that I luv this blog,good luck with seeing Tom on Broadway...I believe Rob and Kristen alwsys end up together too.

wig4usc said...

Those OK covers, and seeing the range of fiction they create is an awesome visual. To see how that pendulum swings, and none of it based on any truth, amazing. Who buys those mags???

Lying, and tabloids, and BS, oh, my!

Topaz Emerald said...

As long as they continue to famewhore themselves, those magazines you posted will never end because there is so much hatred for K. I'm telling you, they are trying to destroy her career. You think she doesn't know this? She's young and bright, she doesn't live under a rock. She's not immune to this. I feel so sorry for her.

"I don't care about the voracious, starving shit eaters who want to turn truth into shit"- Kristen Stewart, Vanity Fair

She doesn't care, but I bet she is hurt and more than annoyed every time the incident is brought up, even if it's just a sentence. I just hope this doesn't affect her career. If she wants to stay in the game, keep pushing forward and don't look back.

Topaz Emerald said...

Or walk away from it completely....

Topaz Emerald said...

Ugggh, damn that snake and his Famewhore. Despicable opportunists.

I am taking a break from this fandom. All my best to Robert and Kristen and may they hold on tight and never let go. Only a strong love will survive.

katy said...

Excellent post as usual, Rose!!

I can't think of two people, besides Nikki, that I could care less, than LS and Repulsive, I wish his Dick would fall off Sanders. Can't wait for the day, that I don't have to hear from them again.

Who, I care about....Rob and Kristen. And them, I wish nothing but the very best of everything.

Those pics of Rob cycling...I know that they are just simple pics him on a bike, but he looks just so damn ADORABLE, though it also crossed my mind...where is your hermelt Robert Pattinson? you got to protect that beautiful head.

Congratulations to Thomas on this new endeavour!!!

Take care everyone.

DreamerKind said...


Tony Robbins ‏@tonyrobbins
Alex Haley the author of Roots lived his life by these six words:

"Find the good and praise it!" What a magnificent & worthy life philosophy!

DreamerKind said...

"The longer we dwell on our misfortunes the greater is their power to harm us."
-- Voltaire

"To see what is in front of one's nose requires a constant struggle."
-- George Orwell

"When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?"
-- John Maynard Keynes, also attributed to Winston Churchill

"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read."
-- Groucho Marx

Annie said...

Morning all.

The tabloids, the bloggers, other media and individuals who have refused to let this drop since last summer will milk the LS/RS divorce for all it's worth and insert Kristen's name whenever they can...... Kristen's name is what gives the otherwise dull story mileage.

Ms. Ross before SWATH, before July was barely known outside of the few who remembered her as a successful model. Her husband however was getting high praise for his turn as a first major movie director.

I don't know the woman but I recall her saying in an intrview that she hadn't left her home since the scandal broke which was a complete lie because she was seen everywhere. Hmm.....

America's tabloid culture tends to make heroes of the undeserving.

If LS/RS wanted to save their marriage and not file for divorce they could have. Seems like they attempted to dissolve the marriage many times before.

Kristen survived July and the months after it. She will survive this.

Birdie said...

Good morning, Roseland!

Interesting that this young couple have remained committed, but a married couple with children have given up on their investment. Speaks volumes. Oh, and fuck the bullshit that will come with this!

I like your advice, "Let it go".

I love your openness. I was once forced to drive some switchbacks in Utah. I do not like heights. My legs were shaking so bad when I got done that I could barely stand. I completely sympathize. Not a trip I would take willingly, unless heavily drugged.

DK, fairy dust!

Oh, how I would love to make a trip to Broadway. Go, Tom!

Stella said...

Good morning/evening ladies!

Rose, wonderful post, as always.

Annie, you seem to have a point there with what you said about LS and her soon-to-be ex-husband.

Rob riding his bicycle is one of the cutest things ever! What can I say, I'm biased and I proudly admit it!
I think that a bit proportion of all this hate Rob and Kristen reciece derives from jelousy. That alone shows that they have so many things to be envied upon.
I might have said it before, but thowing names at someone shows not who they are, but who you are.
Enough said.

Everyone be safe today, especially if you're travelling.

Take care, all!

mayfair20 said...

I missed the list thing, what was that all about? The harpies spend day after day talking about Kristen, making up cr@p & just plain old obsessing over her. They pretend to be morally outraged on Liberty's behalf, and in the next breath show they have no morals what-so-ever. Harpies who go on & on about karma, yet can't see that every day pouring out hate about Kristen (or Rob) is doing their own karma score harm. If you spend your day hating on people,you just become hateful and bitter yourself. Another great blog Rose!

katy said...


Apparently, LS house was the entire city of LA.

Robert said...

i wanna say two things here, the first is very sarcastic and the second one is not

its about time somebody nailed kristen stewart for destroying the sanders' marriage. i mean we all know that she alone is responsible for their marriage. i just don't know how she found the time to squeeze it in what with her being solely responsible for the jfk assassination and 911 as well.

i miss rhonda

rhonda please check in and let us know you are okay

valéria said...


valéria said...


valéria said...


Annie said...

Valeria: We all knew you would get off on the LR/RS divorce news.

valéria said...

You're a fucking hypocrite Rose! your precious Stew had a half part of responsablity in this divorce! STew is a whore and a homewrecker, is like that the entire world see her now and it is not yours twisted reasonings you publish here who will change that!

katy said...


Two words. Seven letters. Fuck Off.

valéria said...

I'm very well and often fucked by a real man ,thank you, not like you, poor cheap whore defendres, you're fucked up persons!

Annie said...

Really Valeria?

You obviously want to chat, so let's engage shall we.......

If you think that RS acting like a single man and forgetting the fact that he is in his 40's with two very young children and a wife who it seems was willing to end their marriage long before Kristen Stewart was known to either of them, then you need a dose of common sense.

You can hate on Kristen all you want, call her every vile name you can come up with........It takes two and a marriage that was in trouble long before the events of 2012!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Good Morning ROSE and ROSELAND

ROSE. I'm sitting in the lobby of a beautiful new student center at Gardner Webb University in NC waiting for a astro conference that hubs is giving a talk to this morning. It is freezing cold here but nice inside

I loved your new post!!!! I agree 100 per cent with everything you said. The media has no moral compass, no ethics, it's just a symptom of a much greater problem, people love to read and buy these rags. Bottom line. It's all about sales and the majority of people want to read lies an they don't care

I have to say that I'm just not feeling sympathy for LR. The kids of course but SHE. Wasted no time being out and about with another man. So.....

Have a great Saturday Every one even Valeria, I know something is horribly missing in your life for you to come here and beat up on people Like you do. I'm sorry for your pain and I hope you can find some professional help

Birdie said...

What a bitter, mean little woman you are. No one can spout this kind of shit and not have real major relationship issues in their life. Hard to hide your kind of character. Go ahead and deny it, but every one of you harpies is missing something in your lives, maybe kindness or compassion?

Freddie said...

Hi ladies and Robert,

Rose - the wicked witch picture was perfect for your post.

I hope everyone is well on this gloomy morning (at least it’s gloomy here).

“I know there is strength in the differences between us. I know there is comfort, where we overlap.”
― Ani DiFranco

I was hesitant to comment and reopen a can of worms on a fresh and clean post but I really felt the need to add one point after reading last night’s comments. The “merger challenges” here on the blog are no one person’s fault. It’s unfortunate that feelings are raw such that PL’s single comment prompted so much discussion. But this is not at her feet. I can say without a moment’s hesitation that PL is smart and funny but most importantly a good person – It would be shame if people didn’t get the chance to know her.

With that said, I hope everyone – yes everyone (excluding the troll) – has an absolutely fabulous day, and that you are all safe, warm and happy.

Robert said...


was the software that came with your computer equipped with spell-check? or maybe you just haven't turned it on yet?

tufenuf55 said...

As Rose said, "Let it go".

katy said...

Freddie, Agree!! I hope you are well. And have a fabulous day, as well.

Litmom said...

Good Morning, Roseland.
I missed this last night - just now catching up...

Thank you Rose - why, oh why can't the fringe JUST GO AWAY??? They must be literally exhausted, using all of that life energy to create such unnecessary drama and lies.

Happy Saturday, (almost) everyone!

PL said...

I can't believe my one comment caused all the uproar of last night. It was not my intent.

To clarify, when I spoke of fans being too needy and maybe a little pathetic in that neediness, I was speaking of fans in the collective, as a whole. I was not talking about any one person. If what I said touched a nerve with anyone, well, that's kind of on them and not me.

To my good and loyal friends here, thank you all. And, Parker, thank you for the inflated opinion of my value here. That was worth a laugh or two.

I didn't catch where you were going but it sounds like it may be a dangerous drive, so be careful and don't take any risks.

PL said...


I think we need to have the book finished to discuss. As you will see, so much of what happens in the beginning influences the rest of the book and if we were to discuss as we go along then I'm afraid the ending will inadvertently get revealed. I really don't know how we will do this since some that are waiting for the library may have a long wait and I don't want to ruin it for them.

I suspect the majority that have the book will be reading this weekend. It took me 4 days of reading whenever I had a chance.

Anyone have ideas how to do this to include as many as want to join in?

Ginger with a Soul said...

@valéria- I actually had a response done to you then decided - why? you are just to filled with hate and are looking for someone to be your friend and quiet frankly - you are not my cup of tea. You are irrelevant and at the end of the day you are nothing in their lives kinda like you are in your own life. That is sad and you might want to make a life change

wrighthangal said...

Loved this post and so true..Rob and Kristen are fine.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@mayfair20 - the list was so stupid, one Kristen hater that really hates Rob as well because she has started a lobby to tell everyone he is gay went through and tried to see if they were blocked on twitter by people. Mind you the people that are blocked are vile, often spew there lies and name calling to people that are famous or to public forums to show how absolutely insane they are. They tweet their friends, co-workers, send their lies to the trashy tabloids to be sources all the while sitting behind their screens with no life to show for themselves. Finding who is blocked is no easy feat since you have to go person by person and through their following lists - days were spent on this - DAYS.

ali mac said...

FREDDIE I have to say I love what you had to say about the comments last night. I didn't know how to say anything without adding to the drama, I think you said it really well xx

SUPER are you "super" proud of your hubby when you are watching him on stage, or are you nervous for him the whole way through his speech?

ali mac said...

GINGER your dilemma reminds me of one of my trips in France. We were driving to Annecy in the alps region and to get to our final destination we had to drive over some mighty high viaducts that just seemed to be floating in air!!! there may have been a fence but that didn't help my nerves at all.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Thanks guys, the war wages on - as a whole his side has a history of lying to me about heights or the roads until it is too late. If I can see through the stairs going up 3 flights I have to talk myself into I am so scared. The last time was being on a dirt road in a passenger van going up dinosaur ridge in South Dakota to bury his grandmother - they all thought it was really funny when I had a panic attack when I saw how high it went - probably another reason to add why they are my outlaws

ali mac said...

Ginger I can't stand stairs with openings, I hold onto the handrail like a freak! My worst stair experience was when I went to kiss the blarney stone. You have to climb up winding stone steps in an old dark castle, coming down was even worse there was nothing to hold onto. I was never so glad to get down and out of somewhere!! That was about 16 years ago, I wonder if they have had to add a grab rail and some lighting with all the health and safety laws now?

mayfair20 said...

Valeria I don't know how to break it to you but Rampant Rabbit's don't count as a real man. And your comments count for even less, because they are formed from media BS & not the true facts. When you find out what truly happened that day in July, then you can jump on your moral high horse. While Rob & Kristen moved past and forward in their relationship, Liberty & Rupert who had problems long before July chose to end theirs. It was up to them to work on what they had or walk away, and it was their choice to break up. Kristen made a mistake, which she held her hands up to. Rob must think-based on the true facts- what they have is worth fighting for, while Liberty didn't feel the same about Rupert.

tufenuf55 said...

I am choosing to treat Valeria as I do rags and hags.

tufenuf55 said...

I believe there are people on this blog that are funny and good, including myself, that would be great to know. I'm looking forward to learning more about everyone and sharing our mutual love for Rob and Kristen with each other.

Rose said...

@valeria and which wicked witch are you?

Kami said...

PL we'll have to come up with something, I'm sure if we all put our collective heads together we can figure this out lol.

As for last night's upset, I want to say one thing, the I am not going to deal with this anymore.

I agree with both Freddie and PL, when comments on the blog make you think that someone is condemning you personally over something, even though no one singled you out or meant the response for you, that's ON YOU. IF someone singles you out that's different. The drama from last night was undeserved. Ok I'm through with that.
and for furture references THIS is how a comment directed towards someone specific looks:

Valeria, you are a sad, pathetic, disgusting sorry excuse for a human being. You belong under a bridge with your billy goat like all the other trolls....oh and I'm going to guess that you're confusing the goat or an imaginary boyfriend for a real man. Get a fucking life you're disgusting.

ali mac said...

I'm tempted to buy the book online, but I have a funny feeling as soon as I do I'll get an e-mail from the library to let me know my copy is ready!!

Kami said...

lol Ali that does seem to be the way these things work out doesnt it? lol

Pattybg said...



gargamel said...

You bang yor fuken hed agen? Go see doctor Wu.

Pattybg said...




mayfair20 said...

It truly is insane the lengths people will go to fuel their hate, why would you invest so much of your day on someone you think so little of? I'm quite new to Twitter, so I'm just going to scratch my head Ginger and say "ok, it all sounds nuts to me". Thanks for the info though.

Sandra Martinez said...

Rose - I have followed you a long time. You certainly have every right to post whatever thoughts you have on your blog. But what I am seeing today really disappoints me. I hope you understand that you have become no better than the haters you love to make fun of every single day. You are perpetuating lies to further your own idea what you think you know about these people. The Sanders' did NOT file for legal separation in 2011. I suspect that you know that it's a lie but you choose to ignore it because it doesn't serves your purpose. You are knowingly spreading that untruth to all of your followers as some feeble attempt to deflect the responsibility of an accomplice in a fidelity that helped to break up a family. None of what you post is the truth regarding this situation. It is what you want to believe by publicity team that is trying to salvage the image of a Hollywood actress. The last time I ever believed what a publicist' side of the story was never. You go on and on about how nobody really knows what is going on in Robert and Kristen's relationship yet you feel free to comment on the state of the Sanders' marriage over the years? How is it that you came upon these truths you claim to know? Your flippant and callous dissertation on how divorce shouldn't cause a drama because it happens every day? Wow. I hope that when divorce hits close to home and when it involves two small kids, you have the same flippant attitude toward your loved one that is going through pain. Furthermore, I hope you have the same charitable attitude towards the other woman. I don't know what happened in July, but I do know what my common sense tells me. You certainly are due your opinion and this being your blog, then have at it. But telling lies and backhanded insults towards the wife and mother of two kids who didn't ask for this is low and I'm quite frankly really surprised. You complain about how unfair it is for Kristen Stewart's name is tied to this but the fact is that she gave them the opportunity by messing with a married man, not matter how far it went. That doesn't mean I think she deserves to be slutshamed because I don't agree with that at all. But deflecting responsibility by defaming another person isn't right either. The hypocrisy over what is considered unfair toward one person and considered fair towards another is so sad. I am very disappointed in this fandom and in the people that are supposed to be the sane ones being no better than the haters they deem below them. You are wading in the same waters, whether you believe it or not. We can agree one one thing, Tom Sturridge is fantastic. Good luck to him on Broadway.

ali mac said...

PATTY ha ha the funny thing is I didn't actually kiss it. When I got to the top and seen the old man perched at the stone to hold you whilst you bent backwards to kiss the stone. I kind of felt he was enjoying his job a bit too much lol How long ago where you there?

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Hi ALI MAC. I am proud, not nervous...he gives a lot of lectures, etc. We just finished lunch and are getting ready to go back in

I wasn't trying to "cause drama" last night..by the way...just laying cards out on the table...

TUF. I'm with you !

Rose said...

@Sandra Martinez Divorce hits close to every home... because it happens so frequently. No one is immune. I have a lot of family and friends who are divorced. I am a child of divorce. So I guess it has 'hit close to home'. I think Kristen may have been the straw that broke the Sanders marriage's back... but the camel was already on the ground gasping for breath.
I don't have to lie or make shit up... it's all a matter of public record.
As for wading in the same water?
You're in pretty deep yourself...
How very disappointed you must be.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Sandra Martinez - while Rose never needs me to defend her or her blog are you sure you have the facts straight? It came from the horses mouth all the marital issues, we have all seen the accusations of infidelity for both of them, and sorry she was so heart broken that she had a boyfriend before his side of the bed was cold. I am going to lay the blame at the feet where it most certainly belonged from day one - his feet. We have no idea what happened in July and the fact that everything was so out of character leaves room that nothing is how it appeared but beyond that it was his vows to hold up period. Society always holds the door open for the women to be the temptress and seducer because otherwise there is no way the man would ever stray, bullshit. I also want to say at the end of the day I honestly don't give a shit if they divorce, stay together, make mud pies, sell jewelry on the highway coast line whatever but please call a spade what it is. She is so devastated she had a statement released saying she was filing divorce on the heals of tabloid drama kicking up with Rob and Kristen as well as her sad attempt to make a come back - that is called opportunity period and she is using Kristen all the way for it - that makes her a better person exactly how?

RKsoulmates913 said...

@SandraMarinez ~maybe Kristen she gave them the opportunity by messing with a married man,a man almost the double of her age, a man who was her boss, a MARRIED mand who showed no respect for his wife and kids. You see, Rob and Kristen ARE together, they are moving forward and it just proves that she is trying to make it right, and guess what? Rupig isn't, and I agree with Rose, Kristen may have been the straw of it, but lets face it, it was already going on, it was a matter of time, what is sad is that it was Kristen and haters, delusionals will always shout it out loud, bc they do not have a life. And if we are talking about infidelity, lets talk about heavy stuff here, lots of famous man in HW are caught with no pants, and you know that in a week NOBODY gives a fuck about it. And a little indescretion is not a reason to crucify Kristen.
What Rose is trying to say is "YESTERDAY is HISTORY, Tomorrow a Mystery, Today is a Gift, Thats why it's called the Present"

Rose, I couldn't agree more with you!


Super RN Gas Passer said...

GINGER. Did I ever tell you...you have such a way with words !!!!! :)))))

tufenuf55 said...

Thanks, Super.

tufenuf55 said...

Having a good day. Just make two egg custard pies which came out very good. I'm going to take one to my Mom & Dad.

I'll check back in later. Have a good afternoon Roselanders.

Stella said...

Ok, my English seem to fail me once again, because I went back up and re-read Rose's post and I couldn't find a word that was a lie or was offensice towards LS.
When was Rose spreading lies?
When she said that we know of her only because she has her name typed next to Kristen's? I surely wouldn't know her if that wasn't the case(but that's just me, right?)
When she pointed out that Rob and Kristen moved forward from what happenned (whatever that was - or wasn't) in July because they thought their relationship worthed fighting for, whereas R and L didn't. The only reasonable explatation to that is, from my point of view, is that, unfortunately, their marriege had already problems. I'm not happy with that, but I cannot feel overwhelmingly sorry for every couple that splits, because that's just crazy. So many bad things happen around us every day and, even if someone thinks that's just selfish, I cannot feel sorry for the unfortuaties everyone faces, for people I don't know, because I would be depressed all the time.

But I guess we'll just have to agree that we dissagree.

Just for the record, I'm not dissapointed from this fandom because I've met some wonderful people there. I don't have to like everyone, and just the same, not everyone has to like me, it's just like life goes...

But let's not being unfair to Rose, who has proven countless of times her love and loyalty towards Rob and Kristen.

Take care, all!

Oneheart said...

Hi everyone...another great post that simply tells it like it is. I could care less about Liberty and Rupert but I do wish their children stable lives and the love of both their parents whether together or apart. I don't hate Liberty, I don't hate Rupert, I don't know them so how can I hate someone I don't even know or have never met. I don't care for Rupert's actions on that day and I have my own personally feelings about his role on that day and it isn't a good opinion, but I won't go into that. It is water under the bridge. Rob and Kristen have moved past it and so have I.

I want whatever Rob and Kristen want. It's their life, their business, their choice and I don't think they really care what I or anyone thinks. I never got a call, a text or an email from them asking my opinion, so what I think or anyone thinks isn't really relevant to their lives. I'll do what they do when it comes to my life...I'll stay out of it and let them handle it. They're doing pretty good on their own. I'll continue supporting them as individuals and as a couple. I'll applaud their successes and stand by them when they need support in their professional lives. I'll be happy for them in their personal lives because like I said I want what they want and if they are happy then so am I. .

On to something else...

PL... I am reading the book..LOL I will admit it is unlike any book I have ever read. It gets better as it goes along...the first part had me wondering do I want to continue. LOL I'm looking forward to the discussion. I like this book club. LOL

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Super - LOL thanks :)

Ok ladies and Robert wish me luck I am off - there is supposed to be a back road that is all trees since I am being a huge bitchy baby about going up a 7k foothill - I won't plague you with the response I had for that.

Robert and Kristen always end up together because that is where they want to be and no matter what lies someone spreads - it won't change it

gargamel said...

Rags and Haters are trying to shame Kristen by constantly bringing up an OLD NEWS. But they NEVER SUCCEEDED. IN their minds they did...but FAILED to sway the R&K supporters. Truth of the matter is they're getting stronger. Scary as shit? If you dont like them..dont follow their lives. Bout the SANDALS family anthology....I BELIEVE THAT THIS BLOG IS NOT ABOUT THEM??? For all we know they are the ones paying these ninnies and freelance bloggers to advertize themselves by constantly referring their SURNAME to pasts summer's rag fiction. Because if they didnt ...WHO ELSE would remember them?

Oneheart said...

I think we all have divorce in our families and it is sad when it happens. No one makes light of it. My sister went through it. I admire her so much. After she got past the hurt and anger she sent the other woman a thank you card for letting her see what kind of man she was married to and that she didn't have to live her life married to someone who was using her for a cook, maid and an occasional romp in the hay. She picked herself up and has done well ever since.

Oneheart said...

Ginger have a safe trip. I'll be thinking of you today.

Loved what you said and I agree...
"Robert and Kristen always end up together because that is where they want to be and no matter what lies someone spreads - it won't change it."

You are a wise woman Ginger.

Birdie said...

Well, I concur that Rose needs no one to speak for her but I feel loyalty here. I do not believe Rose has ever had to stoop to lying in her posts and I just don't see the defamation of character.
I have seen the defamation of a 22 year old woman for 6 months and that bothers me. I too believe that what happened was out of character and therefore not clear. It will just remain one of life's little mysteries. I also do not care, not my business. End of Story.
I do find LS continued presence in the media slightly suspect but I really don't care about that either.
I do care about Rob and Kristen. I believe they are good people and am soooo tired of seeing others try to hurt them. If they are happy,well then I am happy for them. How lovely that they have been able to move through all this together.

So Sandra,
I am of the opinion that you are way off base. I kind of think we are standing on the shore with Rose. She is a wise woman and yes, a bit of a wise-ass. That's why we love her.

DreamerKind said...

As ever, the respect and affection that lies between us roars to the surface when needed. So pleased to know those truths and all of you.

Sandra Martinez said...

Rose - where is this public record you speak of? I would be interested in seeing the proof of your assertions. The only waters I'm wading in are those that are free from delusions and lies being spread by people that can't accept the truth. The truth is out there and neither you nor I know it but I think it is a pretty safe bet that it is not what a publicist is telling you. The state of that marriage has no bearing on the actions of TWO very selfish people. That's like me saying it's ok for me to steal money out of a vault because it was open and nobody was looking. At the end of it, none of it is anybody's business right? Which means both relationships should be off limits, yes? This is your blog and I respect that. I've not said anything hateful or derogatory, but it seems that expressing an opinion that is different gets viewed as being hateful even if it respectful and logical. I hope it all turns out the way you hope. And I look forward to you proving your assertions of the public record of this lie, knowing you won't post something that doesn't exist. I believe that every person is human and karma the ultimate equalizer. I look forward to every person involved in this getting what is due to them. Good luck to you, and to everybody here.

Robert said...


while you are a douche bag loser; i really have to admit that "i am well and 'often-fucked' by a real man" is a great line.......i like it a lot


be very careful please


Sandra Martinez said...

How do you know it was out of character? You don't know her, nobody does. Nor does anyone know what occurred or for how long it went on. I hope you all realize that making her weak-minded and incapable of saying no to a married man makes her look weak and very much the opposite of the fierce, kick-ass person you admire so much. It seems fairly obvious that this thing was not one-sided. I has never appeared like this woman does anything she doesn't want to do. We all have it in us to be bad people at some point in our lives. Is that so hard to accept? The other side of that is redemption. Rupert Sanders is a pig - 100%. But seeing all the excuses and the convenient choices people make in what they want to believe is quite entertaining. Carry on, by all means.

DreamerKind said...

You are also priceless, luv!

Sandra Martinez said...

Neither of them showed respect for the wife and kids, sweetie. I'm not trying to hate and quite frankly Robert P has shown himself to be really a mature and kind person throughout all of this. I wish the best for both. I just disagree with insulting the wife and diminishing situation her family is in because people can't accept that Kristen Stewart played her part. Liberty Ross was humiliated for the whole world to see, where is the empathy? Apparently it empathy isn't a universal concept, it only applies to one person. And apparently spreading lies is ok when it's used to defend the indefensible. Still waiting on the proof.

Sandra Martinez said...

That's fine Birdie. Everyone has a right to what they believe. This is Rose's blog and she entitled to say whatever she wants. I used to love coming here and I think it's so sad that its come to this.

Sandra Martinez said...

Also, if Liberty Ross was looking for media mileage out of this she would have filed Monday mining. Just a thought.

marley said...

hello everyone. what an intense morning. hope everyone finds themselves well. my daughter and I are goi g to see the ice castles today and i think i will have to make a trip to Ikea as well.

I missed what book everyone is talking about??

@super i agree with u about Ginger she is awesome with words..lol love it.

Oneheart said...

Hi Marley it sounds like you are going to have a fun day. Enjoy!!!

The book we are talking about is Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.

Annie said...

Come on Sandra Martinez......You think Liberty Ross isn't getting mileage out of this?
This is a woman who is on record as saying she didn't leave her house for weeks after the scandal broke.....On record!
She was photogrsphed all over LA, smiling at the paps every opportunity she got.
i can feel empathy for the children because divorce is a painful process but to believe that LR is not enjoying her long overdue "15 mins" is naive.

Robert Pattinson has the one thing you and others including me don't have and that is the truth!

His truth/ their truth allows them to stay together and that tells me that the rest of us know absolutely nothing!

Pattybg said...



parker said...

@Sandra Martinez, you are entitled to your opinion even though i wonder as you question Rose’s sources of her “truths” you don’t illuminate us of the sources of your own “truths” & why it’s more valid than Rose’s claims …
but what i resent about your post is your summarily implying that people who read this blog (Rose’s followers, as you called it) believe that all that is written are facts.
c’mon, it’s.a.celebrity.blog – not to be taken too seriously (read Rose’s caveat) … AND …
that’s why it’s called a blog – it’s opinions, not facts & there are lots of people here who ARE smart enough to know the difference.
i’d be concerned if i was reading a blog that was spewing out “opinions” that would influence people to make decisions that would impact my future and my future children’s future … like political blogs maybe?
but this blog? it’s mostly for fun only ! it says so at the very top.

there are about 7B people in the world.
out of that, maybe only .0001 are even aware of rob/kristen.
and out of that .0001, maybe only .0001 are obsessed & will believe anything they read.
the rest of the whole fucking world doesn’t care or …
if they even catch a story here & there they forget it the very next second & can’t for the life of them repeat what they saw or heard … my boyfriend is one of them …
put in that perspective, it really is NBFD.

i don’t believe everything i read on the internet, least of all celebrity blogs.
i read Rose’s blog because i like her acerbic wit & she makes me laugh at people’s stupidity.
so what makes me come back isn’t so much the facts about rob or kristen or whoever else Rose happens to be targeting.
to me they’re just “source” material – it’s her “delivery” that draws me in.
to me Rose is like one of those late-night comedians like letterman, leno, fallon, kimmel …
using celebrity stories as a source to spin humour. but it’s the way she spins it that i’m after.
anyway, when it comes to hard facts & values, i believe most Roselanders march to their own tunes & have minds that aren’t that easily influenced.
but they do appreciate good humour.
and so far, i’m still “getting it.”

Oneheart said...

Annie I totally agree. Robert Pattinson isn't a fool. He could have left if he chose, perfect opportunity but he didn't. Why? Well it sure isn't for lack of women who would throw themselves at him if given the chance. His career was taking off about that time, so he would have been fine professionally, He had lots of fan support and sympathy. Yet he stayed and stood by her, his love never died, and that alone tells me he knows a whole lot more than we do.

All you have to do is look back at the pics during that time and you see what they went through. I have no doubt he knows the whole truth, he stayed, he loves her, so I agree that tells me all I need to know.

marley said...

thanks oneheart!! i will post a pic on twitter for u that i know on there later. they say it looks awesome all lit up.

DreamerKind said...

Endless, endless debate with no known true facts about other's lives, can be diverting. Yet, we may never know.

Like Birdie, I am content with what I believe, as we all must be, for it's all we can know, our beliefs/truths.

I choose to call it all good. Good for me, to believe in the end, it's good for all.

parker said...



parker said...

@PL, yup you missed all the fun last night :)
i’m halfway done !
going to read some more now …

parker said...

@Ginger, wish i could hold your hand – heights is something i don’t’ shy away from :)
but hope you make it back down safe & sound.

DreamerKind said...


KJ ‏@MusingsOnOther
A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song. - #ChineseProverb

Super RN Gas Passer said...

ONEHEART. You know you have a way with words also :)))

Hi DK. The seminar is finishing up. We will be on the road shortly

Catherine said...

Hello Rose,

It's my first time commenting here, but I have been reading your blog for quite a long time, and just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to write your posts. I always enjoy reading them and love your take on all things Rob and Kristen.

I do not know either of them personally but it's my opinion that they're not only extremely talented, but they are decent people who deserve to live their lives the way they choose.

I wish them continued success in their professional careers, and am hoping that the day will come when they are not constantly stalked by paps, press & so called fans. They deserve that peace.

Also, I know by reading your posts Rose that you love Mr Sturridge. I just watched a movie called Junkhearts & Tom was wonderful in it, I think he really is very talented.

Anyway, I better go, I am at the pub celebrating my younger brother!s birthday, & it's my round! I think the beer and wine have given me the courage to write this comment lol!

Apologies for the long post & hope you all have a great weekend!

Christina said...

@Sandra Martinez Nobody said that Kristen doesn't have her share of responsibility for what happened in the summer. And not many accuse LR for wanting to get a divorce, no matter the contribution the July incident had in her decision.
However the way she handles things after July makes me think that she's taking advantage of an unfortunate situation. Let's stop and think for a moment who was LR before July. A former model known only to people in the fashion industry who wanted to be an actress. Don't more people know who she is after July? Isn't she more popular now?
And please don't tell me she's the poor little wife, the way she handles things after July doesn't show that. They show a woman who knows exactly what she's doing. This woman was working from her teens probably as a model & everyone knows how competitive people can be at the fashion industry. So I refuse to believe she's some ignorant. She might be hurt by what happened but I don't think it was a great surprise, she herself had said she was facing marital problems. Now she files for a divorce after her new nude pics hit the internet. Do you think the timing is a coincidence? I don't.

Oneheart said...

Thanks Super coming from you I take that as quite a compliment. Have a safe journey home.

Robert said...

@sandra martinez

i don't want to speak for everyone on here, but i think i can pretty much sum up what most of us are thinking by saying ... no one thinks kristen did nothing wrong...she did and she took responsibility for her part immediately. the problem is thanks to people like you she is still having to pay the price. how is that fair?

for fuck's sake the punishment stopped fitting the crime about a week after the damn thing was committed yet here we are 7 months later still trying to tear her apart.
i mean jesus, you are talking about a girl who has had to deal with tee shirts, death threats, and having her likeness put on pinatas and people being given bats to bash them with.

forgive me if i am not all that concerned with liberty's feelings

Super RN Gas Passer said...

ROBERT. You have a way with words as well. HUGS !!!

CATHERINE. Welcome and we hope to see you on a regular basis :)))

Annie said...

Oneheart and Robert: Exactly!

Catherine: Welcome also and Christina, I don't recall if you've posted here before but ......Hello.

Super: Hi. :)

Pattybg said...





Oneheart said...

Robert did I ever tell you, you're my hero..ROFLMAO You are gifted with a talent of knowing how to say the right thing.

Kristen didn't run and hide when all that happened..she came forth. She has been punished every single day since. Good grief I look at murderers who are in prison who have had less said about them than her.

Robert said...

@DK, super, annie, and oneheart

thanks for saying so
where have all the cowboys gone

Holy said...

Happy Saturday everyone.

@Catherine-welcome to Roseland.

@Ginger-be careful.

@Gargamel- hey there,nice to hear from you today.Are you still twirling like us?

Why are this people who hates R/K even bother to come here and waste their time,you're not going to convince us with your stories.Go away or STFU.

Annie said...

@Robert: Are you quoting that Paula Cole song? :)

Robert said...


yeah, i am just wondering if i am the only guy still around [and i love that song]

Oneheart said...

Robert if we have only one guy...I'm glad it's you.

Kami said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kami said...

Does anyone else find it amusing that Valera (if I misspelled your name I don't give a damn) goes on a blog, attacks everyone, makes outrageous comments, calls everyone idiots who...what was it that she said..."Enjoys unicorn farts" all the while the Idiot has her email address posted to her profile?

Wow...as far as trolls go...AMATEUR.

LIZZIED said...

ROSE -- Wonderful post, as usual. It's a shame that there are some here today who don't appreciate it BUT, as always, you'll take the good with the bad.

CATHERINE -- Welcome, hope to see you here again.

HELLO to everyone here today, I don't dare try to mention everyone as I know I would leave someone out.

I am ashamed to say that I didn't realize that Rob wasn't wearing a helmet ... yea, he needs to get one asap ...


PL said...

Oneheart and Parker,
I am so glad you are getting through the book and not absolutely hating it. I told you I've been apprehensive about telling others to read it, so you've eased my mind a little. Part 1 is wordy so skim a little if you have to but remember there is definitely several OMG moments coming up.

PL said...

Parker, I forgot to say I agree 100% with your reasoning behind following this blog. It isn't like any of us are doing our thesis on "What is the truth behind Robsten?" and looking for the facts here, at least I hope not. The only people who actually know the facts are Rob and Kristen and I don't think they are sharing with Rose or any of us.

On another subject, I was dragged to that cheesy, horrible Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters today. It is gory, ridiculous, uses the word fuck whenever it can and there is a bit of female nudity thrown in. Have I said how I dislike this fairy tale into movie theme that is going on?

Catherine, You are brave to make that first comment, but after that it gets easy.

Oneheart said...

PL I listened to the first part (audio) on the web since it was free before I purchased it. The writing is brilliant in that first chapter. Like you said wordy but it does get better. I like reading all kinds of books as long as it isn't gory or frightening. LOL

gargamel said...

Hi Holy...yes im still twirling. Thank you. How are you?

Barbara Fenwick said...

I'm not sure how I missed this post last night, but really happy to see it tonight.

Rose, I believe in everything you said, and I am hoping if all the real fans keep saying this over and over, maybe the haters will listen (probably a pipe dream) but I keep hoping.

Really happy for Tom, and I am sure he will do a wonderful job.

I do miss seeing Kristen, I really miss her...glad to see Rob though.

bluebee said...

Can't imagine how powerless Kristen's parents feel right now. To witness your child be ripped to shreds for 7 months by ignorant and hateful masses. But I'm glad that Kristen has mama bear fans to defend her when her own parents can't.

parker said...

@PL, yes it was a bit slow in the beginning.
but all that’s going through my mind now is how is this tale going to end? stay tuned …

yes, inside the fandom, you always have this “omg, the sky is falling/yippee it’s disneyland” vibe.
but step out of it and no one gives a flying f*ck what’s going on.
that’s why i like Roseland.
not all are fixated on RK, even if this is an RK blog.

i totally agree about the fairy tales – i don’t know which fairy tale started it but c’mon.
suddenly it’s all about big action sequences, where’s the storytelling?
hollywood just decided to dumb down the audience by covering their thin stories and half-ass written screenplays with special effects.
now i don’t know whether i want to watch “jack the giant slayer” cos i might just be disappointed.
the last movie i saw with a lot of CGI was “life of pi” but the storytelling was so good.
when i first read that book, i was so engrossed in the story that was being weaved that i didn’t see the end coming – that’s good storytelling.
and i think ang lee was able to adapt it brilliantly into the screen.
the CGI just added a different dimension to it but didn’t take away from the story at all.
so hansel and gretel was a fail huh – too bad, i like gemma arterton esp in tess of the d’urbervilles.

LIZZIED said...

BLUEBEE -- I agree that it must be very difficult for Kristen's parents and her brothers and other family members to deal with this. However, both parents have been in the business for many years and perhaps are somewhat more "desensitized" than the average parent would be. I'm sure the hurt is no less.

LIZZIED said...

GINGER -- I thought about you all day, I hope things went well for you today.

ROBERT -- I like your "way with words"

Oneheart said...

Hi Lizzied did you get much snow your way. We got enough to keep me out of work yesterday and now I just heard we are going to get freezing rain Monday. Spring please come quickly.

LIZZIED said...

ONEHEART -- We got about 2 inches of snow/sleet accumulation. BUT, then we got a coating of freezing rain on top of the snow. The driveway and all the yard was like a white ice-rink, poor dog couldn't even stand up. I hadn't heard about Monday ... just checked and they're not calling for it here. Hopefully it won't be too bad in your area.

Holy said...

@Gargamel- really good.Thanks for asking.

@Ginger-I hope everything went well with you today.

Oneheart said...

Lizzied I saw on the news the roads in Charlotte were so bad that they had over a 100 wrecks this morning. Stay safe and don't fall.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Evening Ladies and Robert

I survived and it went just about how I expected. We went up the back way with very few drops and none that were straight cliffs, see that was my mistake to think it was going to be well. Once we parked at the top by the visitor center they proceeded to walk over to the cliffs and my ex took my younger kids which caused melt down one. Once I screamed that was so not ok they moved over by a slopped ravine. I sat up the hill and did not move down even when everyone wanted me to come enjoy the glorious view that was pure hell. So silly me thought we would go down the way we came up but my former brother in law and ex decided to take matters into their own hands and attempt to cure my fear by making me face it straight on. I spent 30 or so minutes shaking, crying and thinking of a place to hide the bodies as we went down the mountain with turns that were literally V's and I spent 75% of the time with the straight cliff drop on my side of the car. The one part I found funny is when they asked why I wouldn't talk to them except to say how much I fucking hated them.

marley said...

well the ice castles were fun. kinda funny to see people completley under dressed knowing where we live and weher they werd going.

waiting fir later to see what tunes our dear Dreamer will put up. Super hope u made it home safe as well as ginger hope u made it to ur destination safe

Annie said...

Ginger: So happy to see you back here but that whole experience sounds traumatic.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Annie - it was awful - when we were going down we passed para-gliders jumping off at one point - I knew better and let them guilt me into going when I knew they would do this.

Lanette said...

Great post. It is so true that this creepy rags don't know crap. Sad for those who believe all of it. I hear rumblings on twitter about lists. Who cares. People who make the lists really have no life if that is all they have to do. Also I agee that I don't care what Liberty is doing. none of my business.

Annie said...

Ginger: I'm not saying this to be mean but it sounds almost as if this is pure fun for them.........watching you panic.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Annie - Oh without a doubt it was complete joy for them and my ex wonders why I don't like being anywhere near him

PamH said...

Hello everyone

To all the newcomers

To everyone who spoke up for Rose, this blog, RK, and all of us
You are the wind beneath my wings :) Thank You All

@ Robert
Being the only man could have it's benefits for instance you could be KING of all ROSELAND :)))

@ Ginger
Sorry for your shitty day but I'm glad you made it through and are back. Now to plot your revenge...LOL

It sounds like you got all the bad weather we were supposed to have gotten. I hope you stay safe.

DreamerKind said...

Live and learn, right? Choose again, differently in the future. Proud of you for protecting your children. Your turn.

What mood are we all in music-wise?

Ginger with a Soul said...

All caught on reading and have one last thing to say to you Sandra - ask yourself this one question why do you feel so much outrage for 2 children you don't know that you have to tote the poor Sanders children? While they are innocent bystanders in their parents issues why do you lay so much concern at your feet for them other than another tool to lay more blame on Kristen. Shouldn't their well being be placed with their parents? Shouldn't they be the ones protecting them instead of propping them in front of a camera for the world to see to keep their innocence? (Yes there are pictures to back my statements) Where is your concern for the numerous children that go to sleep hungry because they have no food to eat, children that go to bed alone because their parent (s) can't afford daycare yet have to work or they don't have parents, or even a child that has to wear the same clothes everyday because that is all they have? Do you volunteer at a local school/library to read to children, donate your time to mentor a child that could use a positive role model in their lives or just someone to give a shit about them, or even stop at a local store to buy a pair of shoes to donate to someone in need? Why are their children so much your concern and why the need to have her carry the cross for all the responsibility to everyone involved? You can lie all you want on the internet and even yourself for a while but when you look in the mirror you will see the ugly truths to those questions

Ginger with a Soul said...

@DK - you knew I would fold didn't you - I need to stop letting people guilt me out plus I think I would have been a wreck knowing the kids were up there without me

@Pam - They showed me some niffty places to hide things today

tufenuf55 said...


Glad you're back safe and sound. Always love your posts.

Welcome, newcomers. I'm still quite new myself to the blog.

tufenuf55 said...


Don't mind that you're here to support R&K, if that is why you came. But, to trash Rose, whose blog this is, after all, is WAY out of line. We all have disagreements from time to time, but we appreciate that Rose has set up this blog so we can come someplace to show our support for R&K.

If you decide to stay, hopefully you will support Rose and her efforts to speak the truth about R&K.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Tuff - Thanks :)

Annie said...

I love this song. It was used in a commercial for Citi card ....... I think some may recognize the lyrics used in the commercial.

Here's the link:


marley said...

@Dreamer these days i find myself loving pandora!!!! i have been really into groups like one republic, mumford and sons bennjamin francis leftwich etc.

Pattybg said...



Ginger with a Soul said...

@Patty - that would never ever ever ever be a hobby I would ever do - your son is brave as hell to do it. Never

Robert said...


glad you are back home safe and sound;

so "the king of roseland" huh?

trust me ladies; i have been all over the western world and if i have ever seen a place that did not need a king, it would have to be roseland

marley said...

@dreamer heres one for you by one republic "all this time".

I believe this would be true for Rob &Kristen. Im so happy they founf each other and they have what alot of couples married or not these days dont, TRUE LOVE....so obivious when u see them together.

marley said...

sorry forgot to add to last one .... R&K always end up together!!

@Rose thanks for that awesome line ;)

Holy said...

@Ginger-I'm glad that you survived and safe.

DreamerKind said...

Powerful singer and song!

Checking both performers out.

Thanks. I love getting to know more music genres and singers.

DreamerKind said...

Signing off for now. Smooches.

Pattybg said...






Annie said...

Morning all.

PL: Still reading but I get the impression that the characters are faking who they really are.......We'll see.

olivia said...

Good morning dear Rose and Roseland!

Whew! What a busy week. Finally have a bit of time to come up and breathe for a few hours.

Beautiful full moon shining so brightly when I went out to pick up the Sunday paper early this morning followed by a glorious sunrise. While having my morning cuppa I have caught up on the latest post and comments.

Thank you Rose, as always.....spot on honesty and good sense with the perfect touch of humor. Loved the WW of the N pic. Wow! Glad to have missed the drama. Much prefer a peaceful Roseland, now complete with FGM and King! Long Live Robert! Yeah! : )

Happy you are home safe and sound. Extreme heights and dangerous roads are not my thing either.

Really liked the vid/song, fun Thelma and Louise take....really well done. I would love to drive that T-Bird....perfect color.

Hope everyone with freezing winter weather, snow and ice stays warm and safe.

So glad to hear your son has an awesome new mode of transportation. What an amazing young man with a brave and determined spirit he must be. You are both blessed to have each other.

Gone Girl sounds intriguing...don't have time right now to dive into it but will enjoy following the discussion that will take place among the rest of you here at Roseland.

A big **wave** and ((hug)) to all the dear Roselanders.
Hugs for Smitty, Gruff and Syd and family and friends.
Hoping that life is wonderful for Rob and Kristen.
So very happy for Tom and his upcoming Broadway show.
Respect Rob and Kristen.
Let them be.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


Geez, I'm glad you have that behind you...that sucks...


We passed at least 20 wrecked cars when we went through Charlotte of Friday night.


Thanks, we did get back last night. The roads were perfectly fine by then. We went to Camden SC on the way back home to a really cool upscale Mexican restaurant called Saluds. It's a 2 story structure with a loft. the place was packed. There was a wedding party in there...a happening place !! I had 2 specialty margaritas that had pineapple and a peppery spice in the drink and around the rim with the salt. I don't remember the name...lol....but it was a great ending to the short getaway :))). My son loves Mumford and Sons !!!

Have a great day ALL.

Robert said...

King of Roseland, huh....

i pray to jesus, that Rose doesn't read the comments anymore....

so as King, i just want to thank all the little people....

this is what we call wearing out the elipses....

and.....i got nothing.....

ali mac said...

As we say over here Robert, God Save the King...

Robert said...

too funny

Robert said...

simple case of "in the land of the blind [i.e. no other men in sight], the one eyed man [me] is king"

Litmom said...

Happy Sunday, Roseland -

Gosh, I've missed a TON since my last comment. Thanks to all of the fervent supporters for speaking up for Rose - not that she needs it, I think she speaks just fine :-) - but I love how pssionate we all are when it comes to Rose, Rob, Kristen, Tom,....

Robert - I include myself amongst your humble subjects. You do have a way!

Ginger - I'm proud you survived! Personally, I could not. I'm a basketcase on bridges, can't even do the mountain roads. I just crawl down into the back seat floorboard and have a panic attack.

"Rob and Kristen always..." you know the drill!


ali mac said...

Robert if it was me I'd be looking to hear what benefits come with the job before accepting he he he :)

Robert said...

uh yeah,
what she said

PamH said...

Good morning all

I hope everyones weekend was good :)

@ Robert
As I was finally getting around to watching Follett's World Without End last night while I was reading everyone's comments yours made me think Robert is our KNIGHT for Roseland but then it accured you are possibly our only guy so why not King. Though I can't promise any wealth or power will be entrusted with this title :(( lol

Had to laugh at some of the comments on RobstenDreams from people debating wether Rob's arms and legs were shaved in bike photos...to funny

Holy said...

Good morning/afternoon/evening ladies and gents.

@Robert-LOL,how's the king today.

@Pam-I was cracking up reading those comments about Rob's legs/arms being shave.What the hell,how can they see if it's shave or not.LOL.


Oneheart said...

Annie this book has captivated me....my head is spinning in every direction. LOL I have a feeling it is going to shock me in the end.

Holy said...

@Ginger-that mean woman Kelly O,who criticized Kristen is talking about Rob,that they hang out together when she was 19.This woman is such an attention seeker.

Oneheart said...

Lizzied you said you live near Grandfather Mt. I have been wanting to tell you about getting out on the swinging bridge at Grandfather Mountain and got scared. I couldn't get my feet to move and I was right in the middle. My husband had made his way back after vowing never again. He was in such a hurry to get off that thing, he forgot all about me. LOL

Well, it was windy that day and cold. I had already hollered at my husband and told him to come and get me...he kept saying come on you can do it. The chicken wouldn't come..LOL I honestly started crying, yes I was embarrassed. The bridge was bouncing just enough to scare me even worse.

Finally an old man looked to be in his 80's said I'll come and get you sweetie. He was on a cane for goodness sakes. Well he came out there and got me by the hand and led me back to where I started from.

I told my husband he should be ashamed of himself for letting that old man come out there...He said well he insisted, I was going to but he offered. I just stood there shaking my head. ROFLMAO

ali mac said...

ONEHEART that is brilliant!!! and it gave the old man a good story to tell about having to rescue you too :) love it <3

Annie said...

Oneheart: I don't think I'll be shocked by the ending but it is a page turner. I can't wait to see if it ends the way I think it will.
I only started it yesterday and I'm almost at 250 pages.

Oneheart said...

LOL Ali I think he really did enjoy coming out there to get me. I know I was glad. His wife told me when I got back that he wasn't afraid of anything. LOL

Annie once you get past the first part it is hard to put down. I fell asleep reading it last night and woke up on the couch at 2:15 this morning. LOL

@CrisRK913 said...


You made me cry... like you said, the damn tees, the death threats...too much. And Rupig, what he got?
Nothing... he was THE married one and THE dad. People are hypocrite, and once again women basing women, no matter what.

" for fuck's sake the punishment stopped fitting the crime about a week after the damn thing was committed yet here we are 7 months later still trying to tear her apart.i mean jesus, you are talking about a girl who has had to deal with tee shirts, death threats, and having her likeness put on pinatas and people being given bats to bash them with."

PL said...

Oneheart, Your story of your husband was so funny and just proves what I've been saying, modern man is not the macho man of old. The 80 yr old with a cane was.

Annie, I think you and Oneheart have reached the point when I started obsessing with that book. I got the digital version from the library but I think I'll break down and buy it anyway so when we finally get to discuss it, I'll be able to refer back to it.

One last thought. I just returned from the funeral home. The man who died had been in his 50's and vibrant and robust when I last saw him in August. Cancer struck and now he's gone. Live, love and laugh because we never know what tomorrow will bring.

@CrisRK913 said...

I meant ~ women bashing women.

Oneheart said...

Waves @CrisRK913 how have you been? Send some warm weather my way. LOL

Oneheart said...

PL at the time I wanted to bash my husband. He took off like a scalded dog, no thought of me at all. It was probably his fast tracking across the swinging bridge that made me get scared. LOL

This book is addictive. You can't put it down. Some parts have me scratching my head and thinking what the heck?

Annie said...

PL: It is getting REALLY interesting. :)

CrisRK913: If that were a man it would be forgotten as soon as it happened.........Guaranteed!

The hypocrisy is glaring!

Oneheart said...

PL so sad about the man who died from cancer, it was very quick. We never know when something is going to take one of our loved ones or us, so we need to live each day as fully as we possibly can. I am so sorry for his family and for all of you who knew him.

Oneheart said...

Super you came to mind when I heard about that. Wow, that must have been a mess to drive in.

Ginger glad you made it back safely and all the dread is gone.

PL said...

Oneheart, Thanks for you thoughts. I did not know the man, really, had only met him once. I know the wife much better. Still sad, regardless.

Now, if I may suggest, please get back to reading instead of commenting so we can discuss that darn book!

Oneheart said...

I have to leave for a while...I'll drop by later.

Congratulations to Kristen and The Runaways for winning the RollingStone's Poll for Best Rock Movie of all time.

The Runaways wins: Best Rock Movie of All Time! @rollingstone readers' poll http://wp.me/pE8zK-PK

Oneheart said...

LOL PL I'll get right on it. I'm excited to talk about it too.

Robert said...

the king is fine ...long live--no can't go through with it, can't keep a straight face

yeah, it makes me pretty sad. it makes me mad, but she constantly surprises me with how strong she is

this is me not taking your "modern man" bait
you can't see me so i'll have to describe it for you: i am sticking my tongue out at you; my thumbs are stuck in my ears and i am wiggling my fingers. i am not actually saying anything but the what goes through my mind is "nah nah"
pretty grown up huh?

Freddie said...

Hi ladies and Robert. I hope you are all having a good day.

PL, Annie and One Heart - I'm reading too. I'm not as far along as you ladies, so I'll get back to it. Hopefully I'll be finished in time to participate in the group discussion.

Have a good rest of the day all.

Kami said...

PL sorry about your friend, and you're right, life is very short and we should all concentrate on those things important, truly important in our lives.

PL said...

Robert, Robert,

King you may be, but Macho man would not say "nah nah", but rather he would raise one eyebrow, squint at me, and then swagger out of the house like Denzel Washington, and chop a cord of wood.

Modern man you are.

Robert said...

chop a cord of wood?


maybe order a cord of wood

and some take out

"denzel" that is some pretty funny shit

ali mac said...

I can't get the village people song out of my head now!!

PL said...

Ali, I know. I hum it every time I type out the words.

And can you think of a better swagger than Denzel's? He exudes confidence and machismo.

LIZZIED said...

HAPPY SUNDAY, ROSELANDERS!!! I've just now finished working and now getting caught up on the comments. I guess I'm going to have to order Gone Girl for my Kindle ... it seems to be intriguing to a lot of you.

GINGER -- I'm so glad you made it home without worse incident. I understand now why you went ... you wouldn't want the kids to go without you. As for revenge, hmmm, might be able think of a few things ...

ONEHEART -- Yes, my house is only 10 mins. from Grandfather Mtn, probably 20 to the top of the mountain. Wow, that is some story, bless your heart. So, you and your hubs both are a bit scared of the heights? I'm amazed that you both went out on the bridge. For people that don't know, it's ONE MILE up and made of steel but swings like you wouldn't believe. I haven't been on the bridge in years ... it used to not bother me but I'm not so sure now.

SUPER & ONEHEART -- We get Charlotte news channels where I live and I heard that they actually had about 300 wrecks on Friday, sounds awful. I spoke with a friend, she said they only got ice, no snow.

Did anyone see the pics of Rob driving the sportscar? Someone sent them to me but I have no idea when or where they were taken. Anyone know?

Robert said...

had to step out for a moment to do a little grocery shopping. we were running a little low on meade and gruel

oh and while i was out i grabbed a cord of wood

more swagger than denzel
let's see john wayne perhaps?

Annie said...

PL: Definitely saw one coming........Didn't see the other. Continuing on........

PL said...

Annie, Are you on part 2 or 3 now?

Annie said...

PL: Part 2.

Annie said...

PL: Wow is all I will say for now. Hmm........

tufenuf55 said...

I think the last time we've seen Kristen was at the On The Road premiere. I hope that movie comes to my town. I really want to see it and watch her performance.

Kami said...

I am glad Kristen hasn't had her picture taken while just doing normal things. That means she's getting a break from the stress of having everything she does, whether privately or professionally, watched and examined like a Goldfish in a bowl. I know we all would love to catch a glimpse of her, but well....for her sake and well being I hope she is able to just relax, enjoy life, watch a movie or maybe read a good book without having to worry about a camera pointed at her.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Evening ladies

Thanks everyone for goodies you are all really sweet

@Tuff - 2 weeks and I only knew because people talk about it but it was when she came back from NYC

@Kami - in a perfect world one would believe she goes to the movies and gets to do normal stuff but as hard as she is hunted she probably only gets to go places where she knows people won't sell her out for being there - maybe in time she will get to do more normal 22 yr old stuff. They both talked about not going to movie theaters ever for that very reason - sad

tufenuf55 said...

Thank you, Ginger. You really seem to get what I mean when I post. I didn't say anything about a pic of her; just that I am anxious to see OTR. I think she is going to be great in it.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Tuff - I plan on seeing it as well once it rolls through my neck of the woods.

Kami said...

Yeah you're right Ginger in a perfect world, the only thing I have control of is what I chose to do.

I still hope for Kristen's sake she gets to have some moments where she's not being stalked or gawked at. I couldn't handle the pressure of that at 44 much less 22.

Kami said...

Tuff, I didn't say you DID say anything about wanting to see a picture of her. As a matter of fact I wasn't talking to or about you at all. But I promise if I choose to I will address you openly so there will be no misunderstanding whatsoever.

tufenuf55 said...


Say what you will. And if you do have any response, negative or positive, to any post I make, I'm glad to know you will address me directly rather than through generalities. Thanks!

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