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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Love, Peace, Rob and Kristen in 2013


I'm kinda a sucker for numbers...
I have favorites.
Lucky ones.
Important ones.
Sentimental ones.
Not usually a big fan of 13.
So I guess there are superstitious ones.

But I have a feeling...
A feeling deep inside
that this number
is going to be a good number.
Great number.
Brilliant number.

Earlier on Twitter...
People were tweeting their

There is NO doubt about it.
2012 was a helluva fandom year.
All around.

And outside of some momentary darkness...
It was pretty ok.
Wasn't it?

So I gave some thought to my favorite
fandom moments of 2012
and there were many.
So I narrowed it down...

One before 
One after
2 moments


Cannes of course.
I mean... truly
There is nothing that compares.

We got to see Rob
all shiny and pretty in a tux
And we got to see Kristen
Shimmering sexy in red

 We saw Rob show up to support Kristen
at the OTR premiere

Then we got to watch Kristen
looking drop dead gorgeous
to support Rob for Cosmopolis...
With handsome Thomas on her arm.

What a glorious time.
A stupendous incredible wonderful time.
Could it get even better?
Is it possible?
Oh yes my little chickadees...
We all know how it got beyond anything
we would ever imagine happening...

There really aren't words.
In fact...
No words are really needed.
Pictures are indeed worth a thousand words.
A million words.
Fuck the words...
They are priceless.

But then...
As wonderful and incredible as Cannes was...
Something else happened
a bit later.


Loving and living together.

And lets not forget the one that
made everyone smile...
Almost as big as the smile Rob has
on his face as he looks at Kristen.

OK, I know these pics are intrusive and shit.
I know.
But these pictures were sooo important.
Because they were AFTER.
you know?
Seeing Rob and Kristen KISSING
Loving and hugging each other
Still in LOVE
These were a BIG fucking deal.

We knew then...
They were going to be all right.
And that's all we really wanted...
For both of them to be ALL RIGHT.

Rob and Kristen came out 
on the other side
They never gave up.
WE never gave up.
Proving the Rags and the Hags wrong.

So many turned their back on them...
So many showed their true colors.
So many judged and criticized.
And sadly... so many have chosen 
the moment of Rob and Kristen's public pain...
as their BEST moment of 2012.
Doesn't that pretty much tell you
what kind of people they truly are?

So my BEST fandom moment really is
the fact that Rob and Kristen
That they still love each other.
That they walked through the fire
holding hands.
And that they are moving forward...

This post is brought to you by 2013

I hope that everyone finds 
love, peace and happiness
in the new year.

By Tom Sturridge...
Because what would a post be that 
wasn't brought to you by Tom?

And smile.
Life really is good.
For Rob and Kristen.
For you.
For me.

Until next year.

Bye for now


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Kami said...

Happy New Years everyone. I hope you all have a happy and blessed 2013. God bless!

Ginger with a Soul said...

My favorite moment is when 2 people chose their path for themselves allowing us to see pieces of their love. When the negative did not win but instead 2 young, brilliant people forged a future together based on what they wanted. I watched so many that jumped ship when the waters looked rough only to try to slink back on when they tropical island was on the horizon. Your true colors shined through and they were fugly.

Happy New Years Rose and Roseland !Happy New Years to Rob and Kris - I wish nothing but the best for all involved and here is to a beautiful 2013

Anonymous said...

This was so lovely!! Happy New Years Rose!

PamH said...

You summed it up nicely as always. Your two choices would also be my two picks of best moment. Cannes will forever be a time that they let the world see how they feel about each other. The photos from home just showed how much of a normal couple they: showing affection for your partner, playing with your pets and hanging out with friends.

Kay said...

Wishing everyone much love and happiness in 2013! ❤

wig4usc said...

Happy New Years to Rose and my fellow Roselanders! I'm still in 2012, but joining you soon!

Claire Riese said...




Holy said...

Happy New Year Rose and to everyone. Rose you're been very supportive to both R/K since the beginning and we thanks and applaud you for that. HAPPY NEW YEAR to ROB/KRISTEN. I know that 2013 will be a good year for this two.

Birdie said...

Happy New Year, Roseland!

Dear Rose,
Thank you for your years of writing the best blog out there!

I have to agree that Cannes was the best, by far. So cool, that Tom was with them.
It was a year of growth for these two, professionally and personally. The end of the Saga and on to new exciting projects in careers that will continue to flourish.
It was a tough year, too. This young couple handled such a difficult time with such class. There are more than a few "adults" that should take note. That they came through by each other's side speaks volumes. Pretty special, these two.

Quite a year for Tom,too! He and Sienna have been quite blessed.

I hope that 2013 gives Rob and Kristen some peace and privacy. I hope that 2013 brings wonderful things to Rose and all you Roselanders.

Have a great first day of the year!

Stella said...

Happy New Year, my fellow Roselanders!

I wish you all love, health, patience, optimism and stength for 2013!

I wish Rob and Kristen all the happiness an success in the world, because they deserve it. Rob and Kristen, you make me smile every time I see you happy together. Stay that way, happy together...

I wish the haters better judgement this year and less hate. I've said it before, but the good thing with hate is that it affects first and foremost the one carrying it. So, open your eyes and see the truth.

If only I could wish "world peace" and "end the hunger in the world" and make it happen! But I can't. What I can do is live each day of the new year the way that I'm not ashamed of what I did or said that day when I go to bed.
Love makes US feel good. Hate makes US feel aweful. It's our choice, after all!

@Rose, I totally agree with you for the most monumental moments in 2012. The one that said: "We're happy together" and the other that shouted: "We're STILL happy together"... It might be paps pict but I loved them.

Take care, all!
Love for Rob, Kristen, their family and friends!

Ayli said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!:) Hope you had a great time celebrating the new year! I hope the new year will bring happiness, health, love and peace to all of us!
2012 was a really full year; with all those ups and downs, with the happiness but unfortunately sadness too. But anyway, it's a new year, we leave what happened in the past and look forward to the future.

May 2013 bring so much happiness, privacy and success for Rob and Kristen. I wish nothing but the best for them. :))Hope we will have more moments of Rob and Kristen like Cannes and we will fangirl together. ;)

Rose, I am really thankful for everything you do. I enjoy reading every post of yours. Also thank you soooo much for being here from the beginning. You are amazing:) I wish I had found this great blog earlier but anyway I am glad that I am here now!
Hugs and kisses to everyone!:D

AE said...


AE said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Annie said...

Happy New Year!

ADD said...

Rob and Kristen remain. They are happy and that's all that matters.

Life is for Living by Coldplay
Now I never meant,
To do you wrong,
That's what I came here to say.

But if I was wrong,
Then I'm sorry,
I don't let it stand in our way.

'Cause my head just aches,
When I think of,
The things that I shouldn't have done.

But, life is for living,
We all know,
And I don't wanna live it alone.

Ah, ah, oh,
Ah, ah, oh,
And just think,
Ah, ah, oh.

katy said...

Happy New Year, everyone!! I hope you all had an amazing time celebrating NYE.

Wonderful post, Rose.

Much love and hapiness for Rob and Kristen. I wish with every fiber of my being only good...wonderful things for them. They are good people and good people deserve nothing but the best of everything. TOm as well and his beautiful little girl.

Take care everyone.

Oneheart said...

Happy New Year Rose and all of you who come here to Roseland. I smiled the whole time I was reading today's post. Wow 2012 had so many good moments and a few bad but through it all what I will remember is how TRUE LOVE NEVER DIES. It's easy to say you love someone as long as everything is going great but to remain in love and to stand by someone when times are bad is what the true meaning of love is.

Like Ginger said many jumped ship that day and didn't give a thought to was there more to it. Like anything in life that is worth fighting for you don't run, you stop and try to find answers, you listen to your heart and soul. Rob and Kristen listened not to the world but to each other. They knew it isn't always black and white sometimes there's more. That more can mean all the difference in life and it can often save the life that you are living.

RKP said...

Thanks Rose and Happy New Year to you and all Roselanders!

Oneheart - really like what you have to say.

Rob and Kristen have some awe inspiring love going on.

Love truly does make all the difference in life, so I wish everyone a 2013 filled with love!

olivia said...

Thank you dear Rose!

Yes, priceless perfection. Soul mates. The photo where Rob is leaning in toward Kristen after the Cosmopolis screening at Cannes, is one of my favorites. They seem to give each other strength, constant encouragement and also sanctuary in the middle of the public storms that they must pass through. And again, in complete agreement with you, the photo with the coffee cup, a small gesture accompanied by body language that speaks volumes of happiness and contentment.

Am so excited to see the new artistic endeavors Rob and Kristen will shine in brilliantly this coming year.

Did watch Cosmopolis yesterday afternoon. Phenomenal.....I loved it! Please try to read the very short novel before you view the film. That way you are able to follow the intense dialogue word for word. Especially loved the barbershop scene, where we finally see Eric humanized with a connection to his past, and also the entire end of the film with Paul Giamatti....extremely intense. Decided to watch the Citizens of Cosmopolis featurette after dinner and we totally enjoyed it. Lots of insight into the filming, it has interviews of the cast and lasts as long as the film itself. Especially liked the interview with Paul Giamatti and the explanation of the ending of the film versus how the book includes Benno's diary entries and how Cronenberg decided to exclude those from the film. Lastly, really enjoyed the connection with art. Mention of the Rothko Chapel in Houston, and the opening and closing credits have art by Pollock and Rothko. (See interesting link below.)


A very Happy New Year to you and all of Roseland.
Hugs for y'all.
Hugs for Smitty, Gruff and Syd and family and friends.
Respect Rob and Kristen. They have earned this private, hideaway time with each other, family and friends.
Life is good.

Freddie said...

Some beautiful words shared by everybody today.

I wish Rob, Kristen and Tom much happiness, health, creative fulfillment, peace and of course, love in 2013.

I wish you ladies and gentlemen much of the same.

Holy said...

Hello guys,I hope everyone are having a wonderful 1st day of 2013.

sue said...

My absolute fav moments of R/K 2012 moments too. Cannes was beyond words. The love that oozed from these two lovely kids stuck with me when all the shit was happening. Cannes was real and true love and not some stupid Romcom. I love them and they will always have a special place in my heart.
Shit I just had to delete the rest of my crap. Too depressing for the New Year I think. I don't think any of you are interested anyway, I wouldn't either.

I do wish you the best for 2013. May you find the love, happiness, health and peace you deserve. Trolls or haters not included.
Yes, I am a bitch and a not very forgiving person, I've come to realize lately this is one of the reasons I don't really belong on this blog.
I'm too much of a foulmouthed gutter kind of cynical bitch. I don't pray, don't believe, eclectic taste in music,the weirder/harder the movies the better, mad about cooking but not the type to exchange recipes etc etc. Half the time I feel the need to be someone I'm not just to fit in with you lovely people.
Rose, I have great respect for you, doing this for so many yrs, you are the best and no I'm not the slimeball kind of person either, your words crack me up, love your sarcasm, something I can relate to. Thanks for having me as your guest, I feel my invitation is about to be withdrawn.
Thank you, you lovely girls/gents for the last 6 months. I've enjoyed a lot of your comments and I'll still be reading them. This blog is still the best that's around.

Love sue,

Freddie said...

Super – my thoughts are with you. I hope you are managing to find some peace and comfort - and rest from work.

Pisteuo – thanks for posting the poem on the last thread. As Birdie said, it gives one hope.

Olivia – I truly enjoyed Cosmopolis as well. Your observation on the hair cutting scene was interesting. As I noted once before, the last scene with Paul Giamatti was worth the price of admission for me. I kept on smiling with pride at Rob’s performance. Thanks for posting the Ring Out Wild Bells video to accompany Pisteuo’s poem.

Ali mac - how wonderful that New Year’s Eve has such special meaning for you and your husband. I hope you had another memorable one last night.

Pattybg – congratulations on your almost 50 years of marriage. That is indeed very special these days.

parker – I hope you enjoy the Tournament of Roses parade. It must be quite something to see in person.

Hope and DK – I hope you ladies enjoyed your parties with your friends.

Second Chance – I’m glad that you are better. I hope that this has been a wonderful holiday for you.

PL, Kami, Katy, Kay, Birdie, Annie, missing friends and everyone else who has posted – all the very best to you for the new year.

LIZ said...


GINGER & STELLA --- Both of you have summed up everything I could possibly say.

Hello to everyone else, I hope all of you are having a nice January 1, 2013. I wonder how long it'll take to get used to typing 2013 ...

I am so thankful that R & K had such a tremendous year, professionally AND personally. Several months ago, we were all waxing philosophical ... and sadly, it always comes true ... that no matter what happens in life, no matter how bad something is, that something good usually comes of it. We may never know what "good" could come of the public lynching of Kristen and how horrible is was for most of us to watch, helplessly, while it happened. The most that any of us could do was to hide the magazines in the grocery story under the meat or in the ice cream freezer, LOL. I felt justified in doing it and I know a lot of you did it also.

They have come out the other side of that "darkness" as Rose put it and are much stronger for it. We will ride the coat-tails of their love and enjoy this new year.


Super RN Gas Passer said...

Good Afternoon ROSELAND

FREDDIE. Thanks. I'm trying to get my groove back. I know my friend would want me to.

OLIVIA. I tried to post a comment several days ago but am having trouble with my I Pad and posting from it so Im on the I phone now. But thanks for the update on your current reads and thanks for your comments as to how I'm doing. I appreciate you!


There will ALWAYS be CANNES!!! Haha. They can never take that away from us in curable romantics , can they?

Hi and Happy New year again to ALL:))))

ali mac said...


FREDDIE Thanks we did have another lovely New year.

PARKER let us know how the parade went. I'm sure it was lovely.

ali mac said...

Hi Super, glad your trying to get back to normal ((hugs)) it's never easy.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Happy New Years Ladies and Robert

@Sue - You adore them and that is all that matters and you have always had funny things to say. I can understand the sentiment of being a bitch because when I type I can think out my responses and word them less offensively - ear to mouth I swear like a sailor and am feisty as crap - diversity can be a good thing

PamH said...

Hello Ladies and Gent

Hope everyone had a fun and safe night :)

@ Sue
I really hope you change your mind, this place is so great because we are all different in personality, likes, dislikes, age, religions, politic, etc. etc. But that's what it takes to keep it interesting and fun.....PLEASE STAY

@ Ginger
Your avi cracked me up. Hope you all had a good night.
I take it all is quiet on twitter, no sightings or instagrams ?
I wonder how long they'll stay in London and if all three will travel back together. Before we know it Rob will be heading to the land down under.

LIZ said...

sue -- Please don't go ... we need varying viewpoints here. Yea, sometimes we say "effing" instead of "fucking" and sometimes we talk about prayer ... but we LOVE everyone that loves R & K, together or separately.

Again, I'd really like you to stay and I believe there have been other comments as well.


Ginger with a Soul said...

@Pam - Twitter is weird - we have seen pictures of where they are just not them (friends in pictures but not R/K) - judging from the pictures not IOW but the English countryside in a very remote place. I would guess they would leave Friday maybe but they are so stealth right now who knows. I am all about singing out loud - ha. Dancing and singing is happiness :)

LIZ said...

GINGER -- So are you Dancing & singing in happiness because of their not being papped or what? We already knew they were together. Sounds like they had a house party in the country, doesn't it?

PAMH -- Hi !!! Did you get a lot of snow? We only had rain today and it has melted most of our snow.

LADIES -- What are going to do to keep SUE from leaving? I'm starting to wonder if we're putting out some sort of "goodie two shoes" vibes so that regular people don't want to post here. What do y'all think? Only think I know that we try to keep up here is that we show RESPECT for R & K and for EACH OTHER even if we agree to disagree.

beacullen said...

Happy New Year!!! I think 2013 is gonna be great! I cant wait to see all the new films Rob's going to be working on. I cant believe people chose his lowest point as their fav moment, that's no fan. Great post Rose.!!!!

LIZ said...

OOOPS --- TYPOS -- meant to say "ONLY THING" ...

Annie said...

You don't have to be someone you're not to fit in here. You might say that I'm polite when I comment but I'm not all the time...... Sometimes you just have to tell it like it is when certain people have shit for brains. :)

So, stay, comment and have fun with the rest of us......Get to it. :)
Hello ladies and guys too.

Stella said...

@Liz *waves* How are you today?

@Sue I'm a newcomer here and it's not always easy to be that, especially in a blog where people have already bond with each other.

BUT, believe me, not all of us abstain from cursing or from having bad thoughts or from having thoughts that could be received as disrespectful by some others. We're not the same, we come from different countries, from different cultural backrounds, we have different characters and often different values and that's the beauty of it!
Not everyone has to like what I'm writing here and if there's a conversation in which I don't feel like participating, I just don't.
We all come here because of our love for some very special people and, as long as we are respectful towards them and towards the other visitors of this blog, I don't think anyone else, apart from Rose, could make me leave or to stop me from commenting, just because they don't like what I have to say or because they don't agree with me in some points.

Beauty comes from diversity. It's good IMHO to spicy things up a bit every now and then.
The more the merrier.
Be sure, Sue, that if, starting from tomorrow, everyone here shared the same opinions and thoughts, it would be very boring for me to visit this site to read the comments. If you stop commenting, if anyone stops commenting, it will be a loss for me personaly and for all of us.

JMF said...

Happy New Years to all of you here!
I hope you had a wonderful celebration with your family. I am happy knowing Rob and Kristen are in some remote part of England with friends, enjoying themselves without being under the microscope. I would love to have them teach me how to do it! LOL A busy time is ahead for Rob with new movies to do, and I for one couldn't be happier he had time to be with his family and Kristen during the holidays all unnoticed. As it should be.
Here's to a new year, filled with wonderful things for all of us, love, happiness and friends.

Robert said...


you can't leave. i simply will not allow it [how's that for setting the women's, movement back about a hundred years]


i hope you are okay


thanks for the updates

okay, i am embarrassed to admit that i read fan fiction. there i said it. i was wondering if anyone had ever read a story where the trio are in high school, and jacob dies in a motorcycle accident and makes edward promise to be nice to bella.

sound familiar to anyone?

ali mac said...

ROBERT lol with comments like that we will be calling you Mr Darcy or some other gentleman from that era :0)

Robert said...


mr.darcy gets the girl in the end so i am okay with that

meanwhile i found that story

ali mac said...

True Robert, and a feisty girl at that ;)

PamH said...

@ Robert
Don't worry, admitting to liking Fanfics makes us like you even more :) now we can bombard you with recs.

@ ginger
Do you think it's possible that the gang was at the place Sienna talked about staying around Xmas time? But seeing how all the Brit Boys have grown up and traveled a lot I'm sure they found a remote country location to celebrate were know one could find them.....VERY SMART

We had a rain/sleet mixture last night that ended up melting a lot of the snow. I don't think were getting anymore anytime soon.

ali mac, LMF, Stella, Annie, beacullen and anyone I missed or lurking

Pisteuo said...

Hey Sue and Liz....Shit, damn, fuck, hell, bastard, bitch, son-of-a-bitch, mother fucker!!!

Did that help?

Oh well, so much for trying to clean up my potty mouth-a new years resolution. I'll work on it later. This is just the first day.

LIZ said...


Sue -- you sure know how to stir the pot!!!

This has been very entertaining.

Robert -- I'll put out some feelers for your fanfic.

Pisteuo said...

Oh, Rose...another awesome post and...Happy FREAKING New Year ROSELAND!!!

@CrisRK913 said...


You are amazing,sunshine!

Happy New Year! Happy 2013!

It's gonna be an AWESOME year! I like odd numbers...they bring me luck too! ;)

"Rob and Kristen came out
on the other side
They never gave up.
WE never gave up.
Proving the Rags and the Hags wrong."

As you Say "RK Always End Up TOGETHER"
I Say " The blindenas are ALWAYS WRONG"

My sweetie Ladies, I wish you all the Best, love, peace and health!


I love the idea of RK in LONDON, together and with thier friends and maybe family and NOBODY bothering them, bc we know RK are NINJA! :)

ali mac said...

We all click or bond with diferent people on here, like in any situation in real life. Just relax about it and comment when you feel like joining in on a conversation or if you have something you want to discuss go ahead.. there are times I don't comment for a while as I dont feel I have anything to add.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Liz - I feel asleep - the kids went 1st then I couldn't help it but nope my love of music and dancing has nada to do with Rob and Kris - music to me is just the language of life ...it speaks to you when you are sad, angry, happy, and celebrating. Nothing like kicking your feet up and dancing

@Robert - I have read said story
When Love and Hate Collide by Gelix

LIZ said...

ROBERT -- GOOD NEWS!!! Link below to your fic ...


I can't claim responsibility for finding it. There's a group on Facebook for this kind of thing so I asked a friend who "hangs out" on FB all the time to put out the word. They are quick.

So, should we ALL read this one?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post Rose. It's so wonderful to see it all again and remember that true love prevailed.

There is so much inspiration in your blog. Reading back over the year, I'm inspired by your courage, understanding and the fact that you never gave up.

Happy 2013 to Rob & Kristen and each and everyone of you.

tufenuf55 said...

I remember reading that Kristen was not feeling well when she went to Rob's premiere of Cosmopolis in Cannes. The photos show that she was, indeed, not feeling well. Rob was so tender and appreciative with her.

Pattybg said...


Pattybg said...


Anonymous said...

@ Robert. I have read the fic and it was a really good one. The author pulled it last year because she is now in college and wanted to clean up some of her grammar (English is not her first language.) If you g on A Different Forest there is a campfire there where you can request copies from other campers for pulled fics. I didn't save a copy (sadly) but I am quite certain someone has one. I also read (and write ff). I know there are some who like to mock others for this guilty pleasure but I am not one of them!

I rarely contribute on this blog but I never let a week go by where I don't check for updates. Rose's blog is one of the best there is. In fact...it is the best!

Happy New Year to everyone!

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, you are such an inspiration. This was a wonderful blog. I hope Rob and Kristen are having a wonderful time, totally out of sight of the paps.

I want to wish all Roselanders, Rob and Kristen a fantastic 2013.

Anonymous said...

@Robert...oop's I didn't realize that Gelix reposted this story. I'm glad someone else provided you with the link. I'm now saving a copy for myself as well!

Maria said...

Happy New Year to all!

I've been "away" for awhile...just having time to read the posts. RL has been kicking me in my well padded rump lately. Ah well...

Great post as always Rose!

Happy to see familiar "faces" and a warm hello to all the newbies.

Wishing everyone much health and happiness in the new year!

Best wishes to Rob and Kristen. So proud of how they have handled themselves these past five years. Wishing them continued success in their careers and loads of happiness in their personal lives.

Take care everyone.

Robert said...


thank you for helping me track down that fic. i have already gotten to the point where their families go to Hawaii together.

LIZ said...

ROBERT -- Did you ever get to read The University of Edward Masen? It's now been published into two books with a 3rd one coming. Gabriel's Inferno was the first book. Anyway, I have the PDF of the fanfic and would be happy to share if you're interested.

GOOD NIGHT, ROSELANDERS!!! Back to work for me tomorrow, ugh!!! What a rude awakening to the new year.

Kenzz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kenzz said...

Happy 2013!!!

Need to catch up on all the comments, but hope all friends here have a wonderful start to the New Year...

Litmom said...

Ah, Rose - YES! Yes, indeed!

Great post - made me all kinds of teary-eyed. Cannes was spectacular - so affirming. And then, YES - the veranda/coffee shots, as I like to call them. Made my heart feel all good.

2013 is going to be BITCHIN'!

Happy New Year to ALL! And crap - I have to go back to work on Friday...

Topaz Emerald said...

Good evening everyone,

It was hard seeing my little brother off early this morning back to military camp. AFter that, they will send him to North Carolina. And then I don't know where after that. He said he doesn't know when he will get to see us again:(

Can Robert and Kristen work together again, please? I liked WFE, but I'd like to see them do a better version of Water for Elephants with Kristen as Marlena. Why didn't they cast Kristen? She would have been so perfect as Marlena. Imagine a glamorous Marylou on top of Tai the elephant.

Robert said...


i would love to read it. what do i need to do?


gargamel said...

MOUNT OLYMPUS...next chapter plssss

DreamerKind said...

Happy New Year!

Just sliding in to say how special it is to see, so many here these past two days. Old & new good times continue with uplifting posts from Rose, and the Roseland bunch.

I did have a great time out with the ladies last night, and am recuperating today. (Worth it!)



DreamerKind said...

For Rob & Kristen This New Year

Let The Rest Of The World Go By

Ringo Starr:

With someone like you,
A pal so good and true,
I'd like to leave it all behind
And go and find

Some place that's known
To god alone,
Just a spot
To call our own.

We'll find perfect peace
Where joys never cease
Out there beneath the kindly sky.

We'll build a sweet little nest,
Somewhere in the west
And let the rest of the world
Go by.

Thank you/BeatlesHQ

DreamerKind said...

For Our Rose

I'll Never Find Another You

Richard Carney:

There's a new world somewhere
They call the Promised Land
And I'll be there someday
If you will hold my hand

I still need you there beside me
No matter what I do
For I know
I'll never find another you

There is always someone
For each of us they say
And you'll be my someone
Forever and a day

I could search the whole world over
Until my life is through
But I know I'll never find
Another you

It's a long, long journey
So stay by my side
If I walk through the dark
You'll be my guide
Be my guide

If they gave me a fortune
My treasure would be small
I could lose it all tomorrow
And never care at all

But if I should lose your love
I don't know what I'll do
For I know I'll
Never find another you

Thank you/Richard Carney

DreamerKind said...

Never Know The Future So Live Now

Stop The World I Want To Get Off

Sammy Davis Jr (1980 collage):

Thank you/josmanms

DreamerKind said...

It's A New Day


It's a new day
It's a new day
It's a new day
It's a new day

It's been a long time coming
Up the mountain kept runnin'
Souls of freedom kept hummin'
Channeling Harriet Tubman

Kennedy, Lincoln, and King
We gotta invest in that dream
It feels like we're swimming upstream

It feels like we're stuck inbetween
A rock and a hard place,
We've been through the heartaches
And lived through the darkest days

If you and I made it this far,
Well then hey, we can make it all the way
And they said no we can't
And we said yes we can
Remember it's you and me together

I woke up this morning
Feeling alright
I've been fightin' for tomorrow
All my life

Yea, I woke up this morning
Feeling brand new
Cause the dreams that I've been dreaming
Have finally came true

It's a new day
(it's a new day)
It's a new day
(it's a new day)
It's a new day
It's a new day!

It's been a long time waitin'
Waiting for this moment
It's been a long time praying
Praying for this moment

We hope for this moment
And now that we own it
For life I will hold it
And I ain't gonna let it go

It's for fathers, our brothers,
Our friends who fought for freedom
Our sisters, our mothers,
Who died for us to be in this moment

Stop and cherish this moment
Stop and cherish this time
It's time for unity
For us and we
That's you and me together

I woke up this morning
Feeling brand new
Cause the dreams that I've been dreaming
Have finally came true
Yea, I woke up this morning
Feeling alright

'Cause we weren't fighting for nothing
And the soldiers weren't fighting
For nothing

No, Martin wasn't dreaming for nothing
And Lincoln didn't change it for nothing
And children weren't crying for nothing

It's a new day
It's a new day
A new day

Thank you/bepdiogo

DreamerKind said...

Non Je Ne Regrette Rien
(No, I Don't Regret Anything)

Edith Piaf (Live):

Non, je ne regrette rien
Non, rien de rien
Non, je ne regrette rien
Ni le bien qu'on m'a fait
Ni le mal;
Tout ça m'est bien égal !

Non, rien de rien
Non, je ne regrette rien
C'est payé, balayé, oublié
Je me fous du passé !

Avec mes souvenirs
J'ai allumé le feu
Mes chagrins, mes plaisirs
Je n'ai plus besoin d'eux !

Balayées les amours
Et tous leurs trémolos
Balayés pour toujours
Je repars à zéro

Non, rien de rien
Non, je ne regrette rien
Ni le bien qu'on m'a fait
Ni le mal; tout ça m'est bien égal !

Non, rien de rien
Non, je ne regrette rien
Car ma vie, car mes joies
Aujourd'hui, ça commence avec toi


No I Don't Regret Anything

No, nothing of nothing
No! I don't feel sorry about anything
Not the good things people have done to me
Not the bad things, it's all the same to me.

No, nothing of nothing
No! I don't feel sorry about anything
It's paid for, removed, forgotten,
I'm happy of the past

With my memories
I lit up the fire
My troubles, my pleasures
I don't need them anymore

Broomed away my love stories
And all their tremble
Broomed away for always
I start again from zero
Because my life, my joys
Today, they begin with you.

Thank you/Benjamin Dudoit

valéria said...

subliminal message of this post: even if you do not see them together anymore, if they longer act as a couple, please still continue to fantasize about them in your fanfics and above all: do not forget to buy the dvd.help your idols: Kristen's career has stalled and Rob's is very uncertain, help them pay for their drugs and maintain their courtiers.
P.S.("Rose" darling, thank you for your long and faithful service in the robsten marketing, your last check has already been sent)

valéria said...

* if they no longer

katy said...

Subliminal message of Valeria comment, "I am still a delusional bitter jealouse bitch"

Stella said...

@Valeria, you would be funny if you weren't pathetic.
Even with their careers "stalled" and "uncertain", they still have you hooked up, don't they? You still spend your precious time reading and writing about them.
On second thought, I think you're mostly funny, after all! LMAO

Maria said...

Valeria...my suggestion to you for a new year's resolution...let go of the hate. It doesn't suit you.

Good morning Roseland! In the single digits in my neck of the woods. I so don't want to leave the house!

Have a good day all!

p.s. DK...last night's selections were beautiful. Happy New Year to you.

valéria said...

oh, i forgot, Happy New Year, losers!

Annie said...

Aww.......Come on Valeria, that is lame even for you. After all the shit you posted here in 2012.
Not much fun in being wrong all the time is there?

It's the second day of 2013........So let me just tell you.......With acceptance comes peace snd we have that here because we know that Rob and Kristen always, ALWAYS end up together!

Morning all. Have a great day everybody. It is freezing here!

@Katy and Maria........Valeria is a perfect example of shit for brains.

valéria said...

I love coming here when I'm tired or discouraged, you made ​​me see that there are people with a so shitty life that mine immediately becomes super attractive, thank you!:-)

Stella said...

@ Valeria, I'm glad to be at your service. Makes my life so meaningful... I owe you!

Annie said...

I could understand being tired and discouraged........Well hell, if I came to a blog with all the shit you posted over the past year damn if I wouldn't feel the need for a little clarity.

It's January 2........ Tired and discouraged already?

Annie said...

Morning Stella......:)

Stella said...

Morning Annie ;)

ali mac said...

For some reason I'm reminded of so many High school movies with mean girls, they usually end up seeing the error of their ways. That's only in movies though. I think this girl/woman (I can't be sure but I guess a girl because it all seems so childish) is beyond that. I think her New Years resolution should be to just GROW UP!!!!!!!!

olivia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
olivia said...

Que vergonha!
Honte à toi.
¡Qué vergüenza!
Shame on you!

katy said...

It is sad that being angry and bitter is how poor pathetic moronic Valeria chooses to continue to be in the New Year. And, funny that she call us "losers" since she is the one coming to a fan blog spending/wasting time to talk/ bitch about something she doesn't believe or approve.

Hi, Annie, LOL "shit for brains". PERFECT!!!

Hi, Maria, Ali, Stella :)

Hope everyone is well. Take care.

Teresa Holmes said...

i love all your post but especially this one. only one thing. i wish everyone would stop believeing what the media fed them. rob and k never broke up because scandal is fake. we do not know why they did it yet but we have found and now know exclusive evidence that the pictures were staged by rup and k and that no paparazzi took these picturers. see justiceforkristen.com grand punk 11

Ginger with a Soul said...

Morning Ladies !!

Awe darn it - looks like I missed valéria - well here is my message for you. I hope in the new year you find some peace and joy in your own life, may you venture outside into the real world and look for some source of happiness to fill the obvious void you are lacking in your day to day life. May you let go of all the resentment and anger at the world for your life not turning out the way you expected it but the only way you will achieve any of this is by changing your attitude. What Rob, Kristen, Rose or any of us do should not effect you so much that you become a viper and spew things that I find hard that you honestly believe. I also hope you keep the words you write inside that simple mind of yours before you end up on the wrong end of a fist hitting you in that nasty vitriol filled mouth.

Kami said...

Katy, Stella, Ali and Annie, thank you for making me laugh this morning as I read your comments to Valeria, I doubt they will get through to her, but regardless they made me laugh so thank you.

Teresa Holmes, please know I am not taking a swipe at you, you're entitled to believe what you like about the events of last summer. For me however, it's a new year, and I for one am sick of hearing about them. The horse is dead, let's quit beating it and move on.

Maria said...

Just peeking in during my lunch break...

Hey there Ginger, Ali Mac, Katy, Stella, Annie and anyone else that's lurking!

Valeria is still at it I see...where does she get all this "energy"? I'm still stumped as to her "stalled and uncertain" remarks. Is she even living in the same dimension as us?! I feel like this should be in an episode of Fringe.

Hi Teresa. I also believe that they never broke up. The media likes to feed us a load of poop (I'm trying to cut back on my cursing for the new year), and they have no qualms about targeting a young woman that doesn't cooperate with their demands. As for the punked theory...I can't see Kristen or Rob going along with that. But there's no point to going back five and a half months and trying to figure out what happened. Many of us have hashed out various theories to the extent that we've beaten the proverbial dead horse to a pulp. Doesn't make any sense to waste time and emotions on something that we very likely will never have an answer to, nor should we expect one. What's important is that RK have resolved and risen above what happened and they appear to be stronger than ever. For what its worth, I'm very happy for them, and can only wish them continued happiness together. As for their careers, their chosen projects that are coming up are a reflection of where they are trying to take their respective careers. Films that are meaningful works and not the typical garbage that gets churned out. I applaud their choices and look forward to witnessing their long careers.

tufenuf55 said...

Three underlying reasons why I don't believe the "scandal":

1. Kristen is in her own car. Kristen knows the paps know her car and she would never drive it if she were to ever cheat.

2. Kristen would never make a public apology to Rob. It would be private if true.

3. Rob told Jimmy Kimmel he was living under an "archway, near a dumpster".

Just my opinion.

gargamel said...

STUPID ELEVATOR...(a short story about moronic obstinacy analogous to valeria and RK fandom).

Drunk walks through elevator door...but no elevator there...falls five stories DOWN...lands on the bottom...lies there a few seconds...slowly opens her eyes...and then says "DAMMIT, i said UP!" (yaha...toopid elevator)

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Good Afternoon ROSELAND

Well, I will have to say I needed the comic relief and I GOT IT!!!!! LOL

PISTEOU. Thanks for using all that foul language...omg....I don't think anyone can call this blog too sterile to accommodate most of the fandom...except of course the holier than thous, that get their panties in a wad as they critique and attempt to micromanage a situation that they will never have real input into...

ROBERT. Thanks. Getting back into the groove. Slowly but surely as I hope you are also.

VALERIA. Were you born on a Wednesday by any chance? You know they say Wednesdays child is full of woe.....

It's good to see some of our old posters....COME BACK EVERYBODY....we miss you!!!!

Super RN Gas Passer said...


Are you still around by any chance? Please go to my email and send me one if you would be so kind.

gargamel said...

...and she takes the stairs up...tries the same door...gazillion times over to prove a point: UP means UP.

gargamel said...

the drunken female moron is nursing her sore ass and taking a break...but she will be back to try the UP button again. It will get fixed...it MUST be fixed! Dammit people use this elevator all the time.

ali mac said...

Super email sent.

Maria said...

Gargamel...you crack me up. Don't change.

Hi Super!...Glad to be back. I missed everyone.

Pisteuo...hello. How do you pronounce you're moniker? It's unique.

Gotta go think about what I'm making for dinner. BBL.

Super RN Gas Passer said...



MARIA...I face that delimma myself. I just fried up some pork chops..dredged in flour with salt, pepper, and garlic granules and fried in avocado oil...lol...best ones I've ever made and then served the leftovers from yesterday...I'm stuffed and now I'm finishing off the rest of the Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Nog in the fridge...Life is good;).

gargamel said...

Glad to be of service to the gatekeepers of this blog. It's painfully annoying to swat one fly out...it keeps buzzing back.

Maria said...

Super...that sounds yummy. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that I'm going to be a short order cook this evening. My husband and son want pizza, but my daughter has a stomach virus, so I'll be making a very light soup for her. As for me, which ever way the wind takes me...really not in the mood for pizza or soup. There's some frozen spinach pies in the freezer; I've been eyeing those all afternoon. ;)

Super RN Gas Passer said...

MARIA. Those stomach viruses are the pits...hope you and the rest of the family can avoid it. I'm intrigued about the spinach pies...I've never seen anything like that around here. May I ask if you are in the US or outside of US?

Maria said...

SUPER...I'm in the US, more specifically New Hampshire. The spinach pies are actually spinach and feta cheese pies. They are typically sold in Greek/Near East markets, but have become more available through major supermarkets. The brand that I buy is the ATHENS brand. The spinach pies are actually folded into small triangles (perfect size for appetizers). In Greek they are called "spanakopita" or "spanakopitakia". If the markets down where you live are well stocked in international foods, you should be able to find them in the frozen food section. Perhaps in the same section where they would stock the strudel pastry sheets also known as "phyllo".

I hope that helped.

Stella said...

Hello Super, Maria and everyone else.
If anyone's interested in some traditional Greek recipe for spanakopitakia, send me an e-mail. I just had some a few hours ago and they were delicious!
Maria, if I'm not too intrusive, may I assume you have Greek origine?
Take care, all!

PamH said...

@ Valeria
Sticks and stones may break our bones but your WORDS will never harm us.
If you insist on continuing to be childish I'll give you childish words. Everyone here likes Rob and Kristen, Roses blog and each other so no matter how many times you come here with your FUCKED UP words of wisdom...NO ONE WILL CARE. It's a new year and instead of wasting time on something you claim to hate you should use that energy to find something that's productive and makes you happy.....OR just admit you REALLY LOVE IT HERE AND LOVE ROB AND KRISTEN TO.

Hello everyone :)

Just read Kristen's interview in V mag on Robsten Dreams it was really good, a lot of the clothing was from Victoria Beckham line.

All fanfic people
I just started this story and 3 chapters in it looks like a good one. Broken Arrow by TwistingTwilight and it's complete.

LIZ said...


I apologize for being at work all day and also will be working tonight. I'll check-in to see what's happening.

ROBERT: Please click on my name and then send me an email. I'll send you the PDF document.

I hope everyone is doing well. I am SO GLAD that R & K are continuing to hide out. Hopefully, they are truly relaxing.

Maria said...

PamH...like all children, she likes to rebel.

Stella...you're not being intrusive at all. My heritage is Greek. More specifically I'm a first generation American - both of my parents were born, raised and married in Greece. When I was a child my father had a Greek pastry shop. He used to make the phyllo dough that is used in spanakopitas and baklava.

LIZ said...

TUF -- click on my name and email me.

LIZ said...

STELLA -- I hope you are still enjoying your vacation, only a few more days to go for you.

Holy said...

Hello guys,I hope everyone are having a good day. I love that nobody knows where is Rob/Kristen.I know we miss them but I'm glad that they're somewhere enjoying themselves. @ ginger- waves.

Stella said...

@ Maria, so I guess you speak Greek.
Από πού είναι, αν επιτρέπεται, η καταγωγή των γονιών σου? Εγώ μένω στην Κρήτη. Επισκέπτεσαι καθόλου "τα πάτρια εδάφη"? Χάρηκα για τη συνάντηση.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Hi MARIA and STELLA. Thanks for the info...I will look for that...anything with spinach and phyllo...yum...and I love Baklava also....I'm gaining 2 more pounds just sitting here and thinking about it....lol

PAMH. Hi. I have never read fanfic...I was just talking to DK about it and we were discussing that Liz helps edit a lot of fanfic....( LIZ...you are one busy lady).... Please recommend your favorite Twi fanfic publication and tell me how I would get it...if you would be so kind....is any of that genre available on Kindle I wonder?

Have a good evening everybody

Stella said...

@ Liz, during the last 10 days I had a problem with my back and I didn't feel very comfortable. Had to visit the doctor and I'm taking now all kind of pills, even after the x-ray came up clean. I still have a few days and I plan to enjoy it and get some rest, thank you. I hope you'll be able to get some rest too, because you sound really busy lately.

Maria said...

Stella. Yes, I'm pretty fluent in Greek. Unfortunately, I don't have a decent greek keyboard at my disposal, so you'll have to bear with my Greeklish.

O pateras kai h mitera mou einai apo tin Arcadia (Peloponnisos).

I have visited Greece several times during my life, but it has been over twenty years since my last visit. I miss it very much. Such a beautiful country.

Stella said...

Maria, I'm sure you'll manage to visit again some time.
Take care and let me know if you're coming over here!

Holy said...

@Super-yep,that woman was born on Wednesday.LOL.

@gargamel-hello,Happy New Year.

LIZ said...

SUPER -- My favorite fanfic story is called WIDE AWAKE. As much as I love MOTU (aka 50 Shades), Wide Awake is still my favorite. Link is below -- click on the link, then click on DOWNLOAD PDF and then you'll have the document.

As for Kindle -- Just email the PDF document to your Kindle. If you don't know your Kindle email, it should be your name @kindle.com.

Email me if you need further info on how to put personal docs on your Kindle.


Maria said...

SUPER. My pleasure, I hope it was helpful.

Hi Liz!

STELLA. I'm sorry to hear about your pain. Hopefully, you'll be better soon. Kai eyo harika parapoli. Apo pio meros tis Kritis?

LIZ said...

STELLA -- So sorry your back is out. Have you tried exercise, like walking or even some crunches? I remember once when I had some lower back problems, once the pain eased up, I was advised to start doing crunches to strengthen my abdominal muscles which would eventually help the back.

Hope you feel better soon.

Holy said...

Kristen is gorgeous as always in the V magazine photo shoot.

Maria said...

HOLY. I agree. Beautiful pictures - I don't think I've ever seen a bad picture of her.

Stella said...

Maria, meno sto Rethymno. An, h kalitera "otan" ksanaertheis Ellada, na mas episkeftheis...
My back is now a lot better now, thank you, the medicines are doing good job. I just need to keep resting for a while. I don't have a problem with that LOL

Holy said...

@Stella-I hope you feel better soon.

@Maria-and that was a good interview too.

Maria said...

Stella. Thank you. I will definitely keep you in mind. I have always wanted to visit your area.

Well ladies and gents (Robert I know that you're lurking), taking a break to put the kids to bed. I'll be back later.

Stella said...

Liz, I managed somehow to strangle a muscle in my glutt (that reminds me of someone we all love) while I was sleeping. Now I don't have a problem to walk or sit down so I won't need any grunches, thankfully.
Kristen's new photoshoot is stunning, isn't it?

LIZ said...

MARIA --- Hi!! So glad that you and Stella can communicate in another language ... I'm jealous.

Stella said...

Holy, thank you.
Liz, maybe I can teach you some Greek. It's not so hard as everybody is saying. "It's all Greek to me" is over-estemated LOL

Super RN Gas Passer said...


Just saw you are having back problems. there are 2 books I would like to recommend to you. Both can be ordered online. The first one is called " 3 Minutes to a Pain Free Life" by Dr Joseph WeIsberg and the other one is called "Arthritis Interrupted" by Dr Stephen Sinatra. Both are paper back and enjoyable to read. Those two books will get to the root of your problem. Good luck and I hope you feel better very soon.

OK, goodnight...this time I mean it! Lol

Super RN Gas Passer said...


LIZ. Thanks

HOLY. I meant to say hi:)))) over and out...I promise!

gargamel said...

Hello there @Holy...and everyone else. I love Baklava.

PamH said...

@ Super
I have 3 main sites for fanfics that I use 1) fanfiction.net 2) thewriterscoffeeshop.com 3) twilighted.net you can set up an account or just browse for stories, looking at Most Resent is a good way to find something until you gain favorite authors. LIZ is helping on a story I REALLY like called IN PLAIN SIGHT by Dishie , Bella is blind and Edward is a Dr. that helps people see again, check it out. I'm sure everyone can give you authors they like also.


Maria said...

PamH...thanks for the rec. Always looking for some new fanfic to read.

Liz...do you beta?

Everyone, I'm calling it a night. Good talking to old friends and meeting new ones.

Goodnight all and pleasant dreams!

LIZ said...

MARIA -- Yes, I beta some, am a Tech II Beta for Sparkly Red Pen. BUT, I mostly do prereading for a couple of writers and my favorite thing to do is help get stories ready for publishing!!! It's very rewarding to see a writer get their first book published. I feel like a "Proud Mama" when it happens.

PAMH -- So glad you are still enjoying IN PLAIN SIGHT by Dishie. It's a great story.

Bedtime for me, y'all. Going back to work was a struggle today, LOL.

LIZ IN LALA LAND --- TWIRLING because "our kids" are at peace.

DreamerKind said...

Good day! Pray you are all well and going to prosper in 2013.

Thanks for enjoying the tunes!

@ali mac
I'm working on putting on a new photo of myself as an avi, so you won't miss my face for long. Mwah.

Tomorrow is the son's wedding dinner tasting, and I'll see what's new in the planning for the June event. No dress for me, yet. Details will follow, when they are interesting.


Ginger with a Soul said...

Evening Ladies

@Holy - waves

@Maria - nice to see you back on here although i get you on twitter so it is double the goodness

@DK - evening lovely :)

ali mac said...

DK looking forward to the new pic ;) and hearing the details of the food tasting!

Birdie said...

Good morning Rose and Roseland.

Very cool article and a beautiful photoshoot, Miss Stewart. It takes something special to come out of this last year, stronger and wiser. Onward and upward!

Back to work. Hope you all have a great day.

ali mac said...

I was just sitting down with a cup of coffee after taking down all the Christmas decorations and putting them all away in the roof space and I spy one reindeer decoration hiding on the bookshelf. It happens to me every year!! there is always one that I forget :0)

Maria said...

Goodmorning Roseland!

Hi Birdie and Ali!

DK and Ginger...sorry I missed you.

Maria said...

Oh for crying out loud where did my post go?!?

Ah well...Good morning Roseland!

Hi Birdie, ali, DK, Ginger and everyone else that is lurking this frigid morning!

Off to start my day. Have a good one all. BBL.

Maria said...

Ok that was strange. Its back again. oh well...double the wishes!

parker said...

late on my Happy New Year’s Day greeting to everyone but Happy 3rd Day of 2013 !!!

@Freddie and ali, the Roses parade was wonderful – a bit cold but once the sun came out, it was better.
the floats were spectacular !
afterwards, we went to the post parade showcase of the floats where you can see all up close.
the flowers smell so good & it’s really amazing looking at the details …
they use all kinds of natural materials aside from flowers – beans, flax seeds, coconut, rice, fruits …
so funny though, the ones who got the most cheer from the crowds were the horse poop sweepers.
they’re a bunch of young folks (3 volunteers to a group) who follow the horses (lots of them in the parade) & make sure that their waste gets cleaned up right away so that the marching bands following the horses won’t step on it.
it’s a skill & the young kids doing it were really good at it & deserve the cheers from the crowd :)

then yesterday, we went up to the Griffith Observatory and to get there we had to go through los feliz.
as we were driving through los feliz blvd, i couldn’t help looking up at the nice houses up the hills and wondering which one of those is kristen’s/rob’s house :)

hope the duo and their friends are enjoying their vacation wherever they are.

hello to everyone in Roseland !

Annie said...

Good morning all.......Early risers......Birdie, Ali, Maria, Parker.
DK: Before you know it, the wedding day will be here. Have fun at the tasting.

I'm on my second cup of coffee( which is really my first because that first cup was so bitter it shouldn't count!
Has anyone ever heard of putting salt in coffee to counteract the bitterness?

Have a great day everybody.......Another very, very cold day here.

sue said...

Fucking hell, haha, I'm not leaving but I am a twat or twit (at least not a tweet).
You know what it was, the last weeks I just got so fed up with the childish fandom. I started doubting myself whether I was losing interest in R&K or not as I was getting annoyed while I had no right too. Asking myself what the hell I was doing and that maybe I was getting too old for this shit and that my time had arrived to say goodbye.
I felt my cynical bitchie bitch taking over my body and brain, haha, ready to lash out.
I was reading comments, no names as I don't want to insult the blog, wondering if I landed in the Disney Club or something. "OMG they are not together on Xmas", "OMG they are not walking beside each other", "OMG that is so not Rob's coat she is wearing" "it is, no it's not" etc etc. Bloody hell.
I was gonna ask you all, if the fandom was always this silly but instead I figgered it was just me. I also realized that probably spending all those yrs on Robstenation, where you were spared from arguments, hate, over fanatical childish fandom, you lived in a nice safe little bubble too much, protected from all the BS and crap.
Maybe I should have deleted my former post as my head was still spinning from too much Sake and wine from NYE but no that would be too cowardly so now at least I get to enjoy my Sally Field Oscar acceptence moment, (one of the most toe crinching ever) "Oh you guys, you love me, you love me".
Sometimes I just need to bang my head against a wall and stop thinking too much and not pressure myself to comment all the time when I have nothing to add.
Babble ramble, jeez work is so bloody boring these last 2 days, hardly anybody here. Catching up with FF and TWCS, if my conservative collegues only knew what I was up too, me reading about wips and playrooms, haha I'm cracking myself up, sorry.

Toedeloe, love sue.

Pattybg said...




ali mac said...

Morning all (afternoon here now)

PARKER It sounds like it was worthwhile going to see the parade in reality, little details like the smell of the flowers can only be appreciated in reality :)

ANNIE I've never heard of adding salt to coffee and I don't think I would like to be the guinea pig in trying it out either lol

SUE I think we have all had our moments on here :0)

ali mac said...


Ayli said...

@parker:Ohhh God! I would die if I saw their home!!!! I would start screaming and then I would start dreaming about them in their home:cuddling,kissing,sleeping and doing other activities on the bed, ;) then one of them waking up the other one with kisses and then Kristen making the breakfast with Bear and Bernie running after her... Rob and Kristen swimming together in the pool... Awww my poor fangirl heart:,)

parker said...

@Ayli, settle down lol. at my 1st mention of rob & kristen living in one of those mansions, my BF said, “eyes on the road please, no reason to be looking for bella & her fella (an alias that he knows annoys me), vampires don’t come out in the sunlight” cos i’m the navigator & the road up has many turns & twists. then when we were up in the observatory & i was using one of the telescopes to view the scenery, he snuck up behind, “you’re not by any chance trying to look for a special bat house, are you?” just to annoy me again.

by the way, yesterday i was watching CNBC for movements in the stock market & on the side bar, this news flashed: “photographer was hit & killed by a car while trying to take a pic of justin bieber’s ferrari.” first of all, i wasn’t aware that they ran newsflash of that sort in a marketwatch channel but apparently they do. did any of you hear that news? i felt a bit bad because my immediate reaction was not of sadness on the death of someone but i wondered if the paps was one of those who hound R&K & i didn’t feel sorry right away about what happened to that paps :(

ali mac said...

PARKER Are the paps well paid? I'm wondering this because they seem to put themselves in danger quite a lot, where moving cars are concerned. This is very sad for the pap and his family if it's true.

parker said...

@ali, i guess it depends on who they papped & what kind of photo was taken. this one, apparently the pap thought bieber was in the ferrari being ticketed (& i guess catching a famous celeb while being ticketed would be a big payoff) but bieber wasn’t inside. and the cops told the pap a few times to go back to his car. that was when he was struck by a SUV driven by a 69-yr-old. no charges i think since it was the paps fault.

apparently, this isn’t the 1st time bieber has been chased in traffic by paps & an incident in the summer was witnessed by a LA councilman/LAPD reservist who’s a lawmaker known for supporting tough measures against noxious paps.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Morning/Afternoon - I just woke up and finally feel like I may have turned the corner of this stupid cough - turned into Bronchitis which is always win

There are some days (more lately than not) when I ask the same thing. The stupidity of who has the worst haters, the delusion of people who I watch and basically say Kristen now must kiss Rob's ass for working things out (that is a super healthy relationship there let me tell you), the hackers that get into peoples pictures to disprove something only to prove the truth or better yet nothing at all or what we already knew, the people that think that being in a relationship requires you to be up the other persons ass 24/7 for it to be real and so far the worst are the people with the hero worship as I call it that think one or the other is perfect and must praise every single thing they do and if you don't you are a bad fan. In general it is the people that are extreme that ruin being a fan - do I like everything they do - ugh no, does it make me a bad fan, ugh no it makes me realistic . Hell I don't even agree with every choice my best friend, mother, father, children do why the hell would I do that with a stranger I don't know. To keep the sanity I remember the true friends I have met and cherish from this ride and the fun times - basically taking the good with the bad. I bet in a years time this fandom will have drastically changed that it will be tolerable even at its worst - I hear a bunch of nonstens have latched on to 1 direction and have started to lash out at Taylor swift - poor Taylor but thank god for us

Topaz Emerald said...

agree with everything you said.

As for Taylor Swift and that boy from that band, you know, maybe it's just me, but it seems the media are starting to turn their attention to this new couple?. I looked up videos of this boy band on youtube and they have millions of hits. They are huge now. And a lot of the comments are Taylor Swift haters, poor Taylor. But all of them sound like little girls. I even saw a video where the girls wanted to take a picture with the boy, and Taylor was standing there like, do you mean all of us take a picture together? LMAO. These fans are crazy if not crazier than the RK fandom. I hope the media can turn their attention more to this couple now. RK need their privacy.

LIZ said...


Been working and "lurking" ...

GINGER & SUE -- Yea, I still can't believe the "haters" of the world. Not to get political but back in the early 90's was the first time I ever heard Rush Limbaugh on the radio. The way I was brought up was that our president is someone who deserves our respect, along with teachers, etc. I could not believe my ears when hearing the hate spewed on the radio. I suppose that's when I realized how powerful our "freedom of speech" is.

Anyway, didn't mean to digress, but I just don't understand "haters" ... why not just look the other way. Sure, there are things (and people) that I don't like but I don't start a blog OR a radio show just to SHOUT the hate!!

Ginger, I'm glad to hear that some are moving on to others, though I pity them. It was bound to happen eventually. As R & K mature and their relationship matures (or stays the same, whatever) they'll just get bored. Rob has always said he was boring, maybe they'll come to realize that and leave him alone. Hoping the same for Kristen's opponents.

They DESERVE to be happy just like the rest of the world.

That's all ... laters!!

PamH said...

Good afternoon everyone

@ Ginger
It is sad that people have to jump on board with hatred for another person or couple to give relief to another but I guess that's never going to change.
Soon we will be forced to deal with everyone commenting on Kristen if she doesn't go to AUS with Rob or if she doesn't visit him enough (GOD FORBID HER HAVE HER OWN LIFE AND THINGS TO DO ) same old...same old.

I love that they managed to not be hounded over New Years and hope when they travel back ( if not already ) that it's ninja style.

Topaz Emerald said...

Just seen an interview with this boy and he sounds really high and shallow all the time, and although I am not a fan of Taylor's music, I've seen interviews of her on tv and she seems like a really sweet and genuine person. I hope she can find someone who will give just as much to her as she gives to them. I might be wrong, but I don't think it's him.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Topaz - I haven't been following what is going on with Harry and Taylor other than the enormous amount of hate she is getting but hey if they like each other I am all for the happiness :)

@Pam - it is so sad but these people that spend that amount of time hating on people they don't know are so miserable in their own lives that they have to tear something down to make themselves feel better even if it is in their own minds. They will move on to one person to another until they find something within themselves that either heals their issues or teaches them that what they are doing is wrong - I am sorry but no one has to like the same things but to spend your life chasing someone out of jealousy is morally wrong and damaging to the persons very soul even if they are too blind to see what they are doing to themselves at the time. They even named it as a form of mental illness.

Holy said...

Hello ladies/gents.

@Ginger-hey there.I hope you feel better soon.My goodness,your been sick since Christmas.

Yes,Taylor S is definitely getting all the hate from Harry and band fans.

tufenuf55 said...

I loved how Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone used being stalked by the paps to promote their charities with a message written on "napkins?".

Intruth said...

Late but in earnest! Love this post, Rose. Love the two best moments you chose, and totally agree. So, so true... I couldn't believe Cannes, start to finish, but the rooftop pics and vid were just so satisfying and so beautiful... just what we all knew they must be like together. Then the rest of the summer, and the papz pics, though invasive, were just the perfect balm after all the trash and speculation...a sigh of relief that Rob and Kristen were, as you said, "all right". And together. Perfect. Yes, those were amazing and wonderful moments for those of us who admire these two and love to see them together.

Hugs to everyone, and Happy New Year!!!!

PamH said...

Kristen's interview from Elle UK Feb. 2013 was very good she talks about her fashion style, favorite items and her jewelry.
I like that R&K are having a private holiday before he has to start filming but it makes for a slow time for everyone that runs a fan site for them...next will probably be him at airport heading to Australia.

Good Night All

parker said...

@Pam, i think slow time is good esp when a lot is going on with RL.
gives everyone a chance to breath & focus on something else while also giving the subject of our admiration a break from the madness :)

@sue, i think that’s Rose’s point in a lot of her blogs.
she mocks the ninnies but also the needy, angsty-wangsty ones (even if they’re for RK) …
comes in many flavours & shades …
like you said, they’re everywhere in the fandom even in this blog.

talking about r’nation, yes S blog was great with the filter & stuff.
but her new blog TBB (thebritishboys) is so sterile you can’t even mention kristen.
rob is worshipped there with overused recycled lines in every post.
but the occasional subtle jabs at kristen is allowed … which is unfortunate & suprising (for a filtered site) …
even tried to post there once thanking rob & kristen for the huge success of twilight during BD2 promo.
wasn’t shipping, just thanking but nope … post rejected … oh well …
only visited a few times but it wasn’t my cuppa tea.

so despite the occasional trolls that visit here & the angst of some, i think RPI is still more interesting to visit & read than other sites cos of the diversity of topics & interests of bloggers here.
after a while you just know which ones to follow/reply to if so inclined.

Annie said...

Morning all.
Parker: Hmm...How very, very unfortunate.
Hero whorship is not my cup of tea either, admiration yes but I undestand that we all come with faults/foibles.

Can't and won't speak for Rob but I would find that kind of website more of an insult that a pleasure especially when it essentially dismisses the person you hold most dear to you.
I can bet none of the other girlfriends/sos are excluded from comments.

parker said...

@Annie, yea, i mean i understand if you no longer like someone.
but to disallow an acknowledgement of something that owes most of its success to 2 people even if you don’t like the other one (esp when you’re not even trying to “ship” them but just thank them) is i think a bit extreme.
and yes, they allow “shipping” comments for andrew/emma & others – just not R&K.
i respect that decision but it won’t make me come back.

Maria said...

Good morning all. A bit under the weather today, so this is just a drive by "hello".

Enjoy your day.

Annie said...

Parker: You're a better woman than I am because I don't respect it...........
I think if you allow "shipping" of other couples when it cones to the Brit pack then you either do it for all or none at all!
Rob isn't seeking her permission on whom he chooses to spend his life with or whom he chooses to date.......She doesn't have to like it.
Kristen fought for Rob to be in Twilight, he in turn fought for her love....... Twilight was the success it was and continues to be because of Kristen AND Rob!

Excuse me but people like her (although I was a fan of her former website) should get off their high fucking horses!

Annie said...

Maria: I hope you feel better soon.

Annie said...

This is why I stay at Rose's blog and won't have a Twitter account.
The holier-than-thou attitudes of some in this fandom totally pisses me off!

ali mac said...

Hello Lovely ladies :) I hope you all have a great day.

Annie said...

Hi Ali. :)
Have a great evening yourself.

Pattybg said...








parker said...

@Annie, i wasn’t a bigger person.
i waited, refreshed, waited, then visited the next day again.
then when i saw that other posts at a later time than mine were published …
i considered writing an email stating how unfair it was … but decided against it …
i stomped my foot, glared at my screen then yelled “fine by me!”
then didn’t visit again. LOL.

anyway, i truly don’t give a damn – this blog is a lot more fun !

ali mac said...

PARKER and ANNIE I wasn't able allowed to comment in Robstenation, because I once had a laugh with a couple of people about the wigs in Eclipse and some people took it seriously. I couldn't believe they couldn't enjoy a joke about something even the cast of Twilight joked about often. Anyway after that none of my comments ever appeared. I just laughed about it and moved on. There really are more serious issues in the world lol

parker said...

@ali, that’s surprising cos i think the wigs were ridiculous & hilarious.
and yes, even the cast make fun of it.
i didn’t comment much at r’nation cos i also got filtered there once …
talking about technical jargon – i guess that wasn’t kosher.
my thing is that it’s so boring having to gush & talk about anatomical parts all the time.
after a while you ran out of gushy words & end up repeating yourself.
how many different ways to say how sexy rob’s hands are – eh, tell us something we don’t know.

ali mac said...

I think I got kicked out because I told them they needed to lighten up and not take things so seriously ;)

This must be where all the naughty people end up lol

Kay said...

Hehehe - plenty of naughty in Roseland ;)

Topaz Emerald said...

On the topic of Robstenation, I can't help but join in with your conversation. I stumbled upon that blog by chance just like other RK blogs, mostly by clicking on googled photos of Rob and Kristen. I only went to that site for updates on RK not only because they were so good at it, but also because I liked their simple page layout and the pages loaded up faster than other sites. It was very quick access to updates. However, I was always very suspicious of the person? people? that ran that blog because I got filtered so many times, and many times I did it on purpose just to see what would happen. She? They? S? or whatever her name is were beyond ridiculous with filtering the most harmless comments. One time, I wrote a different view of what I thought about The Hunger Games after having read a review of the books online, and was told that my view was too harsh and that she? wasn't going to allow her blog to be about Twilight versus the Hunger Games. I laughed and thought what a paranoid and obsessed woman! Then when the movie came out, I had to persuade and force my husband to go see it with me. We left the movie theater with my initial views of the novel/film affirmed. Overall, my opinion is a very unpopular one and I do not care to watch the rest of it. Sorry not sorry. But my point is that the person? or people? that ran that blog were definitely beyond obsessed and were literally up all day and night and every second of every minute updating this couple
's every insignificant move. In the beginning, I didn't know how she? they? acquired such quick information until I was fully informed about what Twitter really was all about.

ali mac said...

Lol KAY there sure is ;)

Topaz, I'm glad to find out I wasnt the only one made to feel like a naughty school girl!!

Topaz Emerald said...

Ali Mac,

Lol, I don't think we were the only two! And to hear now from some of you here that she now runs a blog called the British Boys?? and excludes K in every conversation, I think she? they? need serious mental help.

tufenuf55 said...

I really believe that Kristen and Rob have "grown" to the point of being believeable in 50 Shades of Grey. I would pay premium $$ to see them in that movie. However, I'm a realist and know they probably will never be in that movie. But, in my dreams, they are! hehe

Ayli said...

Well, since I was one of the commenters in Robstenation I want to write my opinions about it: I started commenting in 2012 August. About your comments which S denied: well I can say that S was really professional and every kind of fan were on her blog,even to the tiniest thing some people would say, the really CRAZY shipper anonymous would cause drama. I witnessed it. And I agree with that S is really filtering when it comes to comments but it was only because she never wanted drama in her blog...

And about her stopping bloging on R'nation and making another blog called Those British Boys: I have to say that I was really disappointed because I though that R'nation would be one of the blogs that stayed and actually I was sure. I was shocked when she said she isn't a fan of Rob and Kris( as a couple) anymore

And I know that some of the regulars who were supposed to be Kristen's big fans just followed S, I really don't know how they did it. After all those years being a fan of Kristen and then not accepting comments about her ...I really didn't expect this.

But anyway, I am REALLY HAPPY that I found here now! I really love everyone here! It is a happy and peaceful place:) Have a beautiful day/night everyone:D

Kami said...

Ali, I agree with you completely about the wigs on Eclipse! Several of us said that the one Bella wore looked like Cousin It. I think even Kristen has been quoted as saying that when she cut her hair for the Runaways that she had assumed that they would find her a suitable wig to wear for Eclipse...and that she'd been wrong. So feel free to mock them! lol

parker said...

@ali & Topaz, actually i thought there were a lot of naughty girls in r’nation.
i mean, girls who i found quite funny with their gutter thoughts.
i guess i don’t mind gutter thoughts when it’s hilariously ingenious.

@Ayli, i wasn’t against the censorship in r’nation.
it prolly helped filter out the trolls & that was good – no drama.
but i always got confused on what was kosher & what was not.
cos what i thought was passable as a comment was sometimes censored.
the criteria was a bit inconsistent.

anyway, i hope i didn’t come out as being childish for ranting here about being censored on those blogs.
i wasn’t bitter – it takes more than being censored in a blog to put me in a tizzy :)
and overall, i still have very fond thoughts for that old site – miss it actually.
it was definitely impressive in their quick-as-a-flash update of all things RK.
the dedication, patience & time put in by the admin was unmatched.

ali mac said...

Kami nice to see you :) I always loved the comment rob made in the eclipse commentary about using his for his cornflakes lol

ali mac said...

Meant to say peter using it for cornflakes.

Topaz Emerald said...

Rob said Peter uses his wig as a cereal bowl. Kristen busted out laughing. I thought that was the funniest thing he said on the Eclipse commentary.

parker said...

@ali, i missed that part of the commentary lol.
of course rob can make fun of everyone since he never had to wear a wig :)
twilight should’ve asked the LoTR wig-makers.
i thought legolas’ blonde wig looked natural.

ali mac said...

Parker, I think the vampire makeup in the later movies made the wigs look worse.

Pattybg said...


parker said...


@ali, i agree on that pasty white makeup though in BD2, kristen didn’t look too white.
they must’ve figured out the make-up formula by the time kristen became a vampire lol.

ali mac said...

I think libenet took a break from making vids after the summer. She was so talented and I to loved the vid comparing them to the newman's. Probably because I am a big paul newman fan:) her and fio are super talented girls!!

ali mac said...

I have to go get some sleep. Have a good night all x

parker said...

@ali, thanks!
yes, libenet’s vids were really good.
i also love fio, honeybuzy and patty13mai.
they were actually how i found this fandom.
i was looking for music & just happened to see their youtube vids & got hooked.
it eventually led me to r’nation & RPI.

parker said...

good night ali.
have a good weekend !!!

Ginger with a Soul said...

Evening Ladies

@Ayli - I used to read there - never commented but I have to say she turned on Kristen so fast it made my head spin that I had no interest in anything she blogged about and I know there are so many people that used to follow her that would like to see her just go away. I was actually shocked she posted the pictures from the LA premiere but I honestly think that had more to do with people outing her as a hater that maybe she was trying to say she wasn't.

@Ali - The wigs were awful and so distracting that I spent a good deal of time staring at them instead of watching the movie because I just couldn't understand. The make up on New Moon was bad too although there was redemption later on for both aspects.

Makes you respect Rose a whole lot more for not giving up and for keeping it going. I say the same for Tempest - good people, good words, good company

tufenuf55 said...


Thank you so much for mentioning that Libnet video. I had never seen it. Just watched it and it brought tears of rememberance (I adored Paul and Joanne) and hope for Rob and Kristen. What I noticed was that these are/were four people of different generations who show love in very similar ways.

Marion said...

Hi all! I don't think I've commented here before,but I love this site,because it stood strong during last summer's turmoil. All of it's members here stood by Rob and Kristen and I guess that's what separates us from fair-weather blogs like Robstenation. It was one of my favorite sites,until S. decided to join in with the rest of the newly converted haters and turn their backs on Kristen.

Thanks for the heads up about her new blog. I'll be sure not to visit it,knowing it excludes any mention of Kristen. Rob and Kristen's love for each other proved stronger than what the press tried to throw at them. It also proved that so-called fans who had shaky faith in their relationship to begin with,were never truly fans in the first place.

parker said...

@Marion, hello & welcome !!!

@Ginger, that’s sad if she did a 180 degree on K.
the fact that she didn’t allow drama on her old site, i imagined someone very neutral.
i can only assume that something about the summer must’ve really struck a chord for her to cross over to the dark side.
but it doesn’t matter now since we have Rose’s blog, right :)

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