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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Rob and Kristen- Yurts So Good

So Robert Pattinson and Kristen Steward went to my friends, 
mates restaurant on #NYE in London, only just told us :-(

How simple can that be?

On my side of the Twitter Timeline...
It was all about



Because we all missed Rob and Kristen
and getting a fan pic
is ever so much better
than a pap pic...
And don't we always get fan pics on NYE?
Pretty much.
Because Rob and Kristen
Spend NYE

On the 'dark' side of the fandom...
All was not well.
Oh no.

They are having an 'epic' meltdown.
And I use epic because they seem so fond of that word.

Out came the red circles of delusion...
The pathetic excuses

Yeah. So... Rob was wearing the same coat
and a white t-shirt!!!
and Kristen was wearing the same coat
A hat
and a white t-shirt!!!
What does that even mean?
You can tell they are wearing the same clothes
from BEHIND?

Anything to try and avoid the fact (yes...fact)
That Rob and Kristen are together

The theories and excuses are amazing.
Let's have a look... shall we?

1. Rob is gay. I knew it.
They are both gay.
Look at all the fucks I don't give!

2. Rob doesn't have a beard!
He's working!
Gotta sell that DVD next month!!
Look at all the fucks I don't give!

3. They were out with a group of friends!
So what?!
It doesn't mean anything!
They always go out with their friends!
Who does that on NYE??? WHO???
Look at all the fucks I don't give!

Admit it...
The thought of where they ended up alone LATER that night
is what is truly killing you.

4.We scoured the Internet for proof
that Rob and Kristen didn't spend NYE together!
How could they possibly be in a restaurant on NYE
and partying with their friends in the yurt?
HOW can they do that?
We found a pic of the same waitresses on NYE
in different clothes! SEE!!!!
Look at all the fucks I don't give!!

Oh dear.
I suppose the fact that Rob and Kristen
(Who have been together in London for how long now?)
Possibly went to this restaurant EARLIER in the day
on New Years Eve...
With plenty of "Yurt" time with their friends later
has completely slipped from your grasp?
And truly...
Does it REALLY matter that much to you
if they are together on NYE or not?
Does the thought of them kissing in the new year
in each other's arms...
cause you THAT much pain?

It does.

Ah well...
You would think the Ninnies would be used
to being wrong ALL THE TIME by now...
But I honestly believe they get off on it.
It's their life. It's what they do.
They must like wallowing in their bitter hatred.

How sad indeed.

So what have we learned?


Of course
The number one mantra is


But outside of that...
Rob and Kristen like bringing in the New Year
in London...
With friends...
And at times... without
(wink wink nudge nudge)

And that they CHOOSE to be together
(That's what went thru my mind, OK?)

So now we all sit and wait...
to see if Kristen makes the trip to Australia...
Will she?

Imagine the meltdown then.

Ah yes...
2013 is turning out to be a spectacular year already!
And we are only 5 days into it!
Imagine what the rest will bring!

This post is brought to you by red circles.

When you have to pull out the red circles
to prove your point... it's already lost.
And that goes to both sides of this fandom.

And this post is brought to you by
Tom Sturridge

People like to think he's not around much anymore...
But you would be surprised.

I fucking adore him.

This post is brought to you by Yurts.
A surprisingly plush and cozy way
to ring in the new year...

Everybody Yurts.
Yurts So Good.
You Always Yurt the One You Love.
Love Yurts.
Love Really Yurts Without You.

And this post is brought to you by Rob and Kristen.
who always prove to everyone
that they always end up together.

Truth is fucking truth.

Until next time.

Bye for now


Ginger with a Soul said...

Rose - Epic Post - so funny that they neglected to mention that most of the friends with them on NYE were couples as well. Funny how that works

The truth is killing them this morning and grasping is at an all time high. They were/are together and the sooner that certain people accept it the sooner they can move on to things that might make them happy or at least more sane

Super RN Gas Passer said...


I will show my ignorance...what exactly does " yurt" mean?

Litmom said...

Thanks for posting today, Rose.

You know, I usually avoid all of the ridic drama on Twitter and elsewhere, but for some reason, some retweets started showing up on my Twitter feed (is that what you call it?) and I ended up peeking. Good Lord. Those crazies are...CRAZY. The excuses and "explanations" are just - grasping? silly? desperate?

I love that a group of friends (and lovers :-) )can get together for a while and have a relaxed, chill, low-key holiday...in London...and the surrounding countryside...without outside forces interfering (too much).

Yep - 2013 is turning out to be pretty darn fine.

And I love the inside of your yurt. Pretty awesome digs.

parker said...

Rose, i’m cracking up with the yurts songs LOL.
@Super, a yurt is a tent – more technically, a portable one used by nomads in the desert.
like the one on the pic that Rose has on this post.
i believe RK & company were partying in some tent for NYE?

B_ said...

Love that the gang are having so many fun times:

-- returning from night out, at Victoria tube station

-- yurt in Buckinghamshire

-- delicious mexican food

HNY to all!

Anonymous said...

I thought the picture in the subway of the group was from Saturday and the new picture of just them two was from Monday (12/31).

parker said...

i have to say again Rose that you are so creative in your writing.
i still can’t stop laughing about the yurts songs – how do you come up with this …
and the red circles LOL.
this post made my day.
thanks Rose.

PamH said...

@ Rose
Thanks for the post...great as always
You have a couple of pics I've never seen before, the photo of everyone walking in a wooded area is it new or old ? and I'm guessing the tent photo is the one GINGER told us about ? WOW want a great place they created for a get together for all their friends...can you just imagine the music and laughter that was had in that tent :)

YES now we see if Rob travels alone to Australia. I think he will because he'll be wanting to focus on starting a new project but I guarantee K will visit and me may never even know she is there.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Parker - there was a tent outside of the house that at least the friends were at (R/K might have been there or just the 2 of them alone). The white arrows are insane

@Litmom - the retweeting you are seeing is the crazy that got called out for the Sydney debacle - she is insane and vile

Ayli said...

OHH GOD!! This is the first time I have seen this tent pic! It looks really cute and cozy: can't help dreaming about Rob and Kris in that tent:,)

Thanks a lot Rose! :)
I hope everyone is having a great day/night:*

benny said...

"And don't we always get fan pics on NYE?"

I' ve always loved the smile of the little girl in IOW (how we all loved when it surfaced!)

the word yurts... going to google it

Holy said...

Hello,I hope everyone are having a good weekend.

"The thought of where they ended up alone LATER that night
is what is truly killing you." The truth hurts isn't. And too bad haters,because Kristen owns Rob and Rob owns Kristen.

@Ginger-hey there.

Stella said...

Rose, I'll never get tired of saying how much I love your posts. They are always right to the point.
I can only laugh with the excuses people are making to explain why Rob and Kristen spent, once again, NYE together. What made me laugh hard was that, if Rob was into men and Kristen into women, they would, even then, be ideal for each other (you know, with each one pretending to be the other etc... )LMAO
What matters is that they are together (as usually), happy (as usually) and not giving a damn about what all those crazy people think about them.
PR my ass! LOL

DreamerKind said...

You gifted me with my first belly laugh of this day. Oh, thank you!

Good day, all. It's snowing here for the first time, but not accumulating yet.

Hope it waits until after the lovely massage therapist finishes my massage, so she can drive safely.

Yes, I am spoiling myself today, and for good purposes. As Litmom suggested, a super secret bday is coming upon me soon!

Expect a new, looser me to show up here later.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Holy - Waves !!!!

parker said...

@Ginger, thanks!
that pic with the red circles & arrows is hilarious.
is that something from twitter crazies or did Rose do that?
so just wondering since i honestly don’t follow any other celeb site.
are other sites like bieber’s have crazy folks that also do this blown-up pics, circles & arrows?
or is this unique to the RK fandom?

Christina said...

What I don't get with this same day's pics theory is what does it really prove? Let's assume the pics were taken the same day. How does it prove that Rob & Kristen didn't spent NYE together?

Adriana Castro said...

So let me get this straight... the crazies brought out the arrows and red circles to prove that the restaurant pic was the same day as the London subway pic?? Soooo....I don't understand what difference would it make when the pic was taken, because either way...they are STILL together IN London...no matter when it was taken..they CAN'T disprove that they were/are together in London....so what's their point?? They're logic never ceases to amaze me!

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Parker - that whole get up was from the nonnies and I am still not sure what they are trying to prove. Even their depiction proves Rob and Kristen were together in London and Kristen specifically flew to London to be with Rob - it has to hurt to be them sometimes because they chase their tails and it still doesn't prove anything different then Kristen and Rob always end up together and we all know they were together on NYE's and they shared that midnight kiss (well I mean they kiss all the time like a normal couple so what else would they expect)

LIZ said...

ROSE, THANK YOU for a great post and some great pics, some I'd never seen before!!! So great to see them relaxed and having fun. Glad they weren't bothered too much by fans.

HELLO TO EVERYONE, sorry not mentioning everyone's names ... just doing a "drive-by" and having computer issues :( ... I hope everyone is doing okay and happy that R & K are together.


Pattybg said...




Kami said...

I seriously do not know why everyone is so upset over a picture taken where they weren't walking side by side and holding hands. Why is it that some people refuse to accept that they're normal people? Why do they always expect them to be constantly kissing and pawing on each other? If they're not dry humping each other everyone gets all upset and begins either freaking out or all excited because "They aren't walking side by side!" I seriously think that the people worrying about that kind of thing needs to get a life.

LIZ said...

KAMI -- I have to agree. Normal couples aren't usually always all over each other. And, I don't know about you I get uncomfortable when couples act like that all the time ... you know, GET A ROOM is what their friends would be shouting to them, LOL.

Intruth said...

Love this post, Rose! Thanks for the pics-- I would have never seen the yurt or known the twitter bits without you, or maybe Ginger (*waves to Ginger*)

Wow! That yurt is so awesomely decorated!!! Beautiful Arabian Nights/Hippy Dreams, lol!

Hugs to everyone!

Intruth said...

Oh, @Parker, forgot to say regarding the previous post, please don't feel guilty about bringing up Robstenation. I don't mind reading what everyone thinks or has heard, and it was nice to get to put some of my own thoughts into words, too. It's nice to have a place to share being fans of Rob and Kristen, and the past is the past. I'm still processing it. Anyway... I appreciate being able to be open here and not having to face a firing squad over it, either :)

Topaz Emerald said...

Waves everyone! And wonderful post today!

Kami and Liz,

I agree. My hubby and I rarely show PDA in public. It is so completely normal. In fact, last night after dinner, I walked a few paces ahead of him with my hands in my coat pocket and didn't bother to look behind me. Oh no! Does that mean there's trouble between us? :) We don't always hold hands in public. And especially amongst friends, we don't do that and can even get separated while walking and even sit apart from each other during dinner amongst friends. But that's ok because we we always end up together.

Birdie said...

Rose, yurt so damn funny and isn't it so much better to be happy.

Oneheart said...

Rose what a great post. My new favorite word is yurts. I'm so happy they have managed to have privacy and we still got a fan pic of them TOGETHER. We can always count on our fan pic hope that tradition continues.

Hope all of you in Roseland are doing well. DK glad you are getting a much needed massage and we'll be seeing a looser you soon. LOL

Pattybg hope you feel better soon.

Waves to Ginger, Super (have been thinking of you since you lost your friend. Hugs.)Litmom (hope you are feeling better too, ear infections can be bad),Holy, Topaz, Christina, Benny, Liz, Ayli, Pattybg, Nola, Adriana, PamH, B_,intruth, Birdie,Stella and Kami and anyone else I may have missed.

Nonnies must be really insecure people if they think you have to be physical with each other 24/7

It must really yurt to be them...glad I'm not.

Oneheart said...

Waves Parker didn't mean to leave you out, I always enjoy your post as I do all of the posters here at Roseland.

Litmom said...

Oh, Oneheart! You're so PUNNY!

Barbara Fenwick said...

Great post Rose, as usual. I was so happy to see that pic, especially because the paps did not take it.

I agree, I think 2013 is going to be wonderful.

I hope all Roselanders are having a great weekend.

Marion said...

I guess what bothers the nonnies even to this day,is that no matter how much vile hatred they spew online,it doesn't make a difference to Rob and Kristen's life. We either shrug them off or laugh at their sheer stupidity,that after all this time,they're still wanting to prove or not prove Rob and Kristen are together. Personally I'd get tired of wiping the custard pie with extra whip cream off of my face.But I guess that's their favorite dessert to get smacked in the face with. LOL!

Pattybg said...


RKP said...

Good one Rose! Loved looking at the pics of Rob and Kristen from NYE. So good to see they are just getting on with their lives, together!

It was 118 degrees the other day where Rob will be filming the Rover in OZ. Definitely gonna be some melting going on!

katy said...

Hi Roseland,

Excellent post, Rose!!

"Rob and Kristen are together

Hey, I wouldn't mind spending my NYE in that Yurt. It does look very confy.

Take care everyone.

Litmom said...


Thanks for the clarification, Ginger. Nutjobs, one & all.

katy said...

Hi Roseland,

Excellent post, Rose!!

"Rob and Kristen are together

Hey, I wouldn't mind spending my NYE in that Yurt. It does look very confy.

Take care everyone.

olivia said...

Dear Rose,
Thank you. Lovely pic of Rob and Kristen with staff from the Mestizo restaurant. The exact day does not really matter. They are together and happy and keeping under the radar. Thank goodness this is a fan pic which was kindly held back for enough time so that their location was not given out while they were there.


Whoop! GIG'EM AGS! Nice job!

Heard this song the other day in a local restaurant that always has great music. Asked the waiter if he knew the name.....he ran into the office and checked the Pandora info and gave me the title and band. Here is a little giftie for a change of beat.....tango......Santa María by Gotan Project. Enjoy!


Have a lovely evening.
Hugs for y'all.
Hugs for Smitty, Gruff and Syd and family and friends.
Life is good.

tufenuf55 said...

Like I've posted before. I'd much rather have R&K put pic out there of them happy and not the pap pics of them being angry & sad. Thanks to R&K to their fans who love and support their privacy and careers.

parker said...

@Intruth, thanks!

@Oneheart, lol no prob, thanks!
yurts is also my fave word of the day :)

Annie said...

Well........Once the red circles and arrows come out, you just know the shit stirrers are in agony.
Evening all.

Kami said...


Kami said...

Olivia: GIG EM!

Holy said...

@Oneheart -hey there.

@Patty-I hope you feel better.

Omoiyari said...

I say ,it's sad that Those crazies are still relevant. SAD SAD SAD

Annie said...

Morning all.
Omoiyari: They aren't relevant, they're just pathetic. I agree with you however that it's SAD SAD SAD.

Rob and Kristen are enjoying their life together, yurts and all, while these people are wasting theirs........ Again truly sad for them.

katy said...

Hello Roseland;

Annie, very well said!

Have a happy Sunday everyone

tufenuf55 said...

Taking it easy today. Going to watch football, especially Redskins game. Go Redskins!!!

olivia said...

Morning dear Rose and Roseland,

Super foggy this morning....cannot even see the house across the circle from me. Been rainy and cold off and on the last couple of days. Found this and will leave the link for another techno tango tune with a rainy London theme. Music by Variety Lab. Enjoy!


Litmom, saw that you went back to school last week. Our first day back is tomorrow. Back to a super early, fast paced schedule. Amazing how quickly vacay flew by.

Dear IB, haven't heard from you lately. Hope all is well with you and your family. Wishing you a wonderful second semester with your little ones.

Litmom and all others who are headed back, have a wonderful, successful and smooth semester. May/June will be here before we know it.

Dear DK,
Happy, Happy Birthday coming up real soon! ((Hugs)) for you! Hope it will be your very best one yet!

Hugs for y'all dear Rose and Roselanders.
Hugs for Smitty, Gruff and Syd and family and friends.
Life is good.
Respect Rob and Kristen. They deserve as much normalcy and privacy as possible especially during their down time.

Anonymous said...

I love it, really funny post Rose!

Ah yes, life goes on for RK. No better way to travel than with a couple pairs of jeans, a few t-shirts, a warm jacket and a favorite hat. Sounds like a real vacation and not a fashion show for so called PR.

Great fan pic. So nice to see everything normal and natural, it made my heart feel good.

I say Yurts! and more Yurts! to those crazies. I love the word yurts! Thanks Rose for the a new noun/verb/expletive word creation.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Morning Ladies and Robert

@Oneheart - waves and hugs

All is nice and quiet and that is really nice. Here is to a great beginning to a new year.

LIZ said...

HI ROSELAND!!! Anything new going on? I'm SO GLAD that R & K aren't being hounded at the moment ... will happen soon enough. In the meantime, LOL, am watching Kristen's movie Zathura on TV and Rob's movie, WFE, is on this afternoon.

So far, am able to work on the computer in Safe Mode but not fun.

Take care, all ...


Litmom said...

Hello, Roseland!
Happy SUnday!

olivia & Kami - Gig 'em Aggies! What a game Friday night! I have a feeling we'll see the Aggies in a BCS bowl next year. Now I have to get primed for the BCS Championship on Monday, so I can cheer on the Crimson Tide!

olivia - yes - I am counting on this semester SPEEDING by! We're going to London for the first time in June, and I CANNOT wait!!!

Hope everyone has a fab rest of the weekend, and great Monday tomorrow. I'll probably be scarce with classes starting (workday last week - real live kids tomorrow).
Yurts forever!

olivia said...

Just peeking in for a moment.

Kami and Litmom,
: )
Next year for the Ags promises to be exciting. I'm hearing hopes of #1.

So happy for you that London is in your plans this June.
Hope you will be spending enough time there to be able to do all that you put on your must see/ must experience list, plus have time to just relax and enjoy the beauty, greenery, history, people and food.

Forgot to mention earlier - So very excited that tonight is the first episode of season 3 of Downton Abbey. Have gotten everything done and ready for tomorrow so that I can sit down tonight and enjoy this marvelous program. Ali Mac and others across the pond, hope you were very pleased with this third season.

Out for a late lunch.
Take care y'all.

Holy said...

Happy Sunday to everybody.

So glad that R/K are able to enjoy themselves without being seen.

@Ginger-how you doing?

Ayli said...

Good night everyone!!! Have an exam tomorrow so have to sleep early:) Please wish me good luck;)

ali mac said...

OLIVIA I didn't love Downton just as much this time. It was still very good but some things just seemed to happen too quickly. I'll look forward to hearing what you think about it :0)

Litmom I was in London for a short visit two years ago with my hubby and kids. We were staying in Oxford and since it's so close to London we took a coach down and did an open top bus tour/river cruise, so as the kids could tick as many sights off their list. They mostly wanted to see Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, The tower of London and the Natural History Museum. We managed a flying visit to all and seen a good few others from the open top bus too. We hope to go back in another few years and do a more detailed tour and catch a show or two. You will love it!! As Olivia says just soaking in the History is amazing. I don't know if you will be able to go anywhere else when your over but Windsor is a beautiful place and Windsor Castle is a great tour.

ali mac said...

Ayli good luck for tomorrow!!

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Holy - I am good how are you ?

New Post up