"You can only see things clearly with your heart
What is essential is invisible to the eye"


The information, content and images on
these pages are purely in fun
and are in no way meant to cause anyone harm, grief or despair.
If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
please, don't go any further.
Some places, names, and events are fictional
and any resemblance, likeness,
or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Rob and Kristen- Sticks and Stones

There has been a lot of heads buried in the sand lately.
The Lunatic Fringe have mastered ignoring reality.

They always seem to become even more vocal
(if that is possible)
Every time Rob and Kristen are seen together.
The excuses and rationalizations come so fast
in an apparent need to sooth their bitter soul.
It's a lost cause.

As always... The reactions are ever so much
more entertaining than the action.

The frantic fringe goes immediately into
the 5 stages of grief.
The lunatics are ALWAYS in some stage of grief, aren't they?
Can you imagine going through that sort of thing
every fucking day?

It's their life now...

A simple picture of Kristen carrying a jacket.
But not any jacket, is it?
The infamous brown bubble jacket.
Well known in Robert Pattinson lore.
Seeing Kristen carrying this particular jacket
sent shockwaves throughout the fandom.
Because something SO well known to be Robert's...
was in Kristen's arms.

Denial comes first.
"That's NOT the same jacket!
The bottom is different.
It's a different color.
It's not the same jacket!"

"What a fucking famewhore!
She knows exactly what she is doing by carrying
Rob's jacket through the airport!
She's just trying to stay relevant!
She probably took it without him knowing it!"

"Sheep obviously don't know that 
Rob and Kristen are given these things.
That jacket is too small to be Rob's.
Well... Even if it IS Rob's...
It doesn't mean anything."

"I don't care.
This is how many fucks I give!
(after writing a novel dissecting every pixel)
Rob is a doormat who doesn't seem to care
that Kristen is playing him for a fool."

Hasn't happened yet.
I don't believe this word is in their
very limited vocabulary.
They just go back to Denial
and start all over again...

All of this over a jacket.
I mean...
Rob and Kristen had been traveling together
From London to NYC
Maybe Rob forgot the jacket in their hotel room...
Maybe he knew it was going to be cold in LA
and told her to take it with her.
Maybe it doesn't really matter
even though it's still kinda cute that
they share clothes.
(and because it makes the fringe furious)
Imagine if Kristen ever was seen wearing 
the grey Stoli shirt??

Ah... Nostalgic, isn't it?

I sincerely think heads would explode.

Foam everywhere!
Kristen... if you read this.
(Of course you do!)
Find that shirt and wear it.

He's walking... Yes indeed he's walking...

Next drama?
Rob presented at the Golden Globes.
Looking dapper and handsome.
Kristen did not show up until
the after parties.

Why would that cause drama you ask?

It's the foundation with which this
fandom is built upon.

The fringe REFUSE to believe that Kristen
did indeed meet up with Rob later...
Even though they both have done this before.
They try to focus on what Kristen was wearing...
How DARE she wear jeans to a party!!
They make excuses for all the people
who say they saw Rob and Kristen together...

So that sends the fringe back
into their grief spiral
(see what I mean? It's ongoing for them.
Scary... huh?)

Mostly staying with Denial and Anger.

And again there is no Acceptance.
Just constantly chasing their tails

Never getting anywhere...
Always bitter and angry that the damn tail
is so fucking close...
but they can never catch it!

It must really suck to be 
a part of the lunatic fringe.
So angry.
So pressed.
So bent.
So bitter.
All. The. Time.

And while they are foaming about jackets and PR...
Rob and Kristen are at parties doing this...

And this...

And this...

And most definitely...
Almost guaranteed
that they were doing this...

With acceptance comes peace.

This post is brought to you by 
Thomas Sturridge.

He's performing in a play called "No Quarter"
at the Royal Court through Feb 9th.
I've already heard good things.
But then...
I think Tom feels quite at home on a stage.
I love watching him act.
His face is very expressive.
He can be menacing... yet vulnerable with that face.
It's a good face.
a brilliant face.
I love that face.

Be happy.
And be grateful that you are on the GOOD side of this fandom.
A wonderful place to be.

Until next time

Bye for now


Litmom said...

Thank you, Rose! I had a feeling we might hear from you today (*snicker, snicker*).

That little exploding head is pretty funny - as are the endless excuses and rationalizations that come from the other side. Yeah, I'm glad I'm on your side :-).

Birdie said...

I am so glad I live in a different reality. Wow,hard to fathom being that bitter every day. Me, I'm happy and happy for Rob and Kristen. May they continue to enjoy living life their way.

Sorry about the Packers, Rose.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


Great post:)))). And yes. K. PLEASE find that Stoli T Shirt!!!!!

Congrats to Tom. Hope the play goes very well !!!!

DreamerKind said...

Lover. A word for someone who feels love, and heals because.

You as ever, go boldly forth, dear Rose!

I'm on the good side, too. Much good it does me. Literally.

Hello! I knew it would be a good day, you appeared.

Have you given up on me? Blast that early to bed stuff, for both of us, as I am off kilter going to sleep early these days. Wine fosters that effect.

Birdie said...

Well,imagine seeing you here at this time of day DK! How goes it?
Good afternoon Super and Litmom!

Kelly said...

Happy New Year, Rose! Yeah, I'm a bit late on that. Somehow I just got behind. I just caught up on your last five posts. Of course I loved them all. Oh the Stoli T, that would be priceless wouldn't it? Hope your day has been swell. xoxo 1918 EC

DreamerKind said...

And seeing you here, at this time! Remember, our 5am chats, almost every day? Night shift fun worked some magic!

Still working out, and doing your pets patrol, I imagine? I'm still not doing anything productive, only reduce, reuse, refuse, stuff like that.

cjrob said...

I always enjoy reading your posts even though I rarely comment! The people here are much more level-headed than on another Rob site, and I'm sure you all know which one I mean! Great job, Rose!

DreamerKind said...

Other good news today, that I am too young for the local senior services!

DreamerKind said...

Lurkers, now commenters (cjrob & Kelly) welcome and keep in touch.

Thank you all for helping me avoid doing my laundry so early. Put it off for 4 more hours, with fun to be had now instead.

Birdie said...

Haha, we know you are to young at heart to qualify for senior services. DK and senior just don't jive.

DreamerKind said...

Didn't Rob say the shirt was lost? I read fans sent him a new one, that was extremely difficult for them to find. Wonder if he got it?
Perhaps not, since that was 2 years ago, and he hasn't worn it, which he would for he recycles all of the clothes he stores all over the world, he has said. I believe and admire him for that. Very pleasing attribute.

Birdie said...

I do miss those early chats and the night owls.

tufenuf55 said...

Rob said a long time ago...maybe with the first Twilight promo that someone had stolen that Stoli shirt and that he was quite upset about it because his mother had stitched a tear in it; that it meant alot to him. So, if anyone knows who has this shirt, beg them to give it to Kristen so she can wear it in a photo and then give it back to Rob. Love your post Rose. TESTIFY!!!

DreamerKind said...

Love the jive talk. I met a lovely lady last week, who is actually older than me, and we hit it off. She had an adorable flower in her red hair, and I knew we would right off.

Birdie said...

It's all about the heart,DK.

DreamerKind said...

Honestly, if I had it, I could not part with it, and would store it in glass, as they do famous sports gods team jerseys. However, if Rob & Kristen would fly me CA and have me at Los Feliz (and a nice swim-a-long) to give it back, I could not refuse. Graciousness. Gratitude. Giddiness.

Kay said...

The initial reactions to Kristen wearing the Stoli shirt somewhere would be absolutely priceless....the excuses are predictable.

Happy for all the great things going on for Rob, Kristen and Tom these days.

Take care Roseland! ❤

Super RN Gas Passer said...


Now that you say that I believe you are correct... About the shirt....lol

I'm having dinner...will try you again shortly but don't stay in on my account!!!

DreamerKind said...

Hullo! I agree with you and Tuf. Kristen in the original Stoli shirt would be a delightful sight.

DreamerKind said...

A helicopter is hovering over my building about 300 feet up. Rob? Kristen? Cops? News reporter?

DreamerKind said...

You make me hungry and happy at the same time.

katy said...

Excellent post, Rose

Ninnies, as always, pathetic, bitter, delusional and in denial. There is no hope for them, is there? Let them keep pressed. Rob and Kristen are enjoying their lifes, giving zero fucks for what they think and say.

Rob looked very, very handsome in his tux at the GG. It was amazing to get the chance to see him before he goes to Australia to shoot "The Rover".

Oh wait...God, imagining Kristen wearing "THE" grey Stoli shirt, BWAHAHah...I think your right, Rose. Ninnies head might just explode. FIND IT.

Take care everyone.

Holy said...

Hello everyone.

Rose-thanks again.

Oh Kristen definitely have that old Stoli shirt. And she probably wears at home even with all the holes in it.LOL.

I wish Tom will perform in US next time so we can watch his show.

Oneheart said...

Great post Rose. Hi to Litmom, Birdie, Super, DK, Kelly, CJRob, Tufennuf, Kay, Katy, and Holy and anyone else I may have missed.

I'm so happy to be on this side of the fandom. It's so much better to be happy and giddy than sad and bitter. I'm glad Rob and Kristen are managing to have some kind of privacy and hope it continues. So happy for them and wish them the best of everything.

Hope all of you are doing well. Where I'm at on the East Coast I think I may have to start building an ark. Where can I get some gopher wood? It's been raining heavily for two days and day three is calling for more of the same.

twilightnan said...

Wonderful post Rose!..yes,I'm so glad I'm on this side of the fandom...greetings to all from England:)

JMF said...

Great post Rose. This is what has me tearing my hair out this week, all this foolishness over Kristen and a jacket and wearing her tshirt and jeans to the after party. I swear these people need to go to counseling for bullying. I can usually ignore it or rant and get over it but this time it just really got to me.
These two are in love. Leave them alone. These people are so jealous of Rob and Kristen it is sickening. Here's the solution, get out from that computer and get a life. Go find YOUR true love and make magic happen. Find your own soul mate and just admire Rob and Kristen for the upstanding actors they are. Admire them for their careers. Gosh I think I gave myself a headache!!!
My quote for the day"
"Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that." I hope everyone has someone to love.........it's a blessing.

Christina said...

Rose you're spot on, as always! You always make my mood better when I come here, thank you! :)

Stella said...

I was smiling the whole time I was reading this. Noone can deny that you have the good sense of humor only smart people have, Rose, and I admire you for that...
Here is the good part of the fandom, not only because we say good things and make good thoughts, but mostly because it feels soooo gooood to be here. That's the important thing. It feels so good...
So, if some still want to be miserable, I say: "Let them be. It's their day that gets ruined, not ours!"
I hope Rob and Kristen spend their last days before Rob has to go to Australia in peace and enjoying each other's company.
Smile, people, because it feels good!
Take care, all!

DreamerKind said...

So much rain where you are! We, here in Illinois need lots more for our water tables. Snow would do it, too. Blow hard, and send some our way!

Great quote! We need some inspiring quotes.

Oneheart said...

Beautifully said JMF...I loved this and you are so right Love is indeed a blessing.

" I hope everyone has someone to love.........it's a blessing."

Oneheart said...

DK I'll huff and puff and see what I can do. I am thinking about trading my tires in for oars. LOL

Henny said...

Well said! As always I laughed as I enjoyed you wisdom.
I strongly believe Tom took that t shirt. ;-)

Berry said...

Have been waiting for your post Rose! Well said...so glad I have no delusions!

PamH said...

Your the best :)

Hello Ladies and Gent

I felt bad for Rob when he talked about losing his favorite Stoli tee and hoped one day he'd find it...maybe in all the storage bins he would laugh about having. Kristen would really look good in that shirt.
I think at this point Rob and Kristen could be side by side and him strip his shirt off and give to K to put on and the ninnies would still argue it's not the same shirt.

He said at GG he was leaving in a few days for Rover, I hope the haircut helps with the heat.
Glad they got to hang out with Sienna ( I imagine she wishes she could be in two places at once to support Tom's show) and Eddie.

LIZ said...

ROSE, ROSE, ROSE ... what more is there to say? BRAVO ... you ALWAYS say what we are all thinking here in Roseland. Thank you for putting it all together so eloquently.

I hope everyone has had a great day (it's evening where I am) and didn't have to work as hard as I did. Had a hellacious day. BUT, my Mom got good news that it doesn't look like she has lung cancer. She does have fluid around and in her lungs so will have to get that taken care of, maybe next week. Anything and everything is serious when you are 85 and only weight 102 lbs. We're optimistic.

I'M TWIRLING because Rob & Kristen are happy. I really hope they can have some fun time in Australia but will depend on his schedule there. Sometimes the actors have no down time and if that is the case with this movie, then Kristen might stay at home. We shall see!!! OR, we may not see, they are really good at hiding... good for them!!!

Oneheart said...

Liz I am so happy for your mom and you. That is such wonderful news. Lung/liver cancer is what my mom died from and whenever I hear good news like this it makes me so happy. God Bless Your Mom and You Too.

LIZ said...

ONEHEART -- Thank you for the kind words, I'm sorry for your Mom's loss.

So, I saw you and DK commenting about all the rain ... join the club. I'm in the mountains of NC and we're very soggy, it's been raining for 3 days. Need a row boat. I laughed about your comment of using the tires as oars, LOL.

Oneheart said...

Liz, You must not live too far from me. I live in Virginia near the Blue Ridge Parkway. I haven't seen this much rain in quite a while. I live on a hill overlooking a river and I noticed that it is starting to rise. Thank God it won't rise this high.

LIZ said...

ONEHEART, I live about 10 mins. from the Blue Ridge Parkway!!! Also, about 10 mins. from Grandfather Mtn, does that give you any idea? How close are you to the NC line? Are you near Roanoke?

Ginger with a Soul said...

Evening ladies

@Rose - as always well said. I am damn proud to be on this side of the fandom.

1 Stoli shirt - 15.99
Large Soda and Box of Popcorn - 10.00
1 Blown up raft - 15.99
Camera used to snap picture to post on line - 250.00
Watching the epic meltdown and floating in the tears of the delusional - priceless

Oneheart said...

I live about an hour from Roanoke. I love Grandfather Mountain. The Boone area also. We use to go to Tweetsie Railroad all the time when I was younger. LOL I probably live about a couple hours from Grandfather Mt. I don't live far from Mt. Airy.

Pattybg said...


LIZ said...

ONEHEART -- Perhaps in the spring, we could meet halfway for lunch?? I had no idea there was another Roselander this close.

GINGER -- LOVE your recipe ... AND so right ... would be priceless

Kami said...

I don't really understand why people devote so much time and energy into their relationship and whether it exists. Kind of makes me sad for them. Must have very sad boring lives.

Holy said...

@Ginger-hey there,that recipe is delicious.LOL

Oneheart said...

Liz that sounds like fun...lots of great places in the area. It's a small world.

Time for me to call it a night. Sweet Dreams to everyone.

dano328 said...

Oh I still enjoy a good Rose. I hope K finds that shirt and wears it plus glasses.

Pisteuo said...

Love your post Rose! LOL!!

Oh dudes, have you seen these? I almost peed my pants!


DreamerKind said...

Very funny! The vid's been around a while. Genius script. Tongues!

When are you here in Chicago for the convention? We could have a Roseland gathering, too.

parker said...

@Pisteuo, never seen that vid! omg i’m crying from laughing at that video.
thank you, i needed that tonight as RL is kicking my butt really hard and i needed the break.

great post Rose!

i’m missing everyone here but too much stuff going on so just wanted to give a shoutout to all the special ladies here – ali, Intruth, DK, Ginger, Birdie, Litmom, Super, Annie, Oneheart, Kami, PL (i’m missing your posts!), Freddie, olivia, katy, Pam, Liz, Stella, Holy, PATTY, Kay, twilightnan, JMF, tuff, cjrob and everyone else i missed & lurking & posting later!

DreamerKind said...

@Oneheart, LIZ, parker & Rainy Day People

Chopin Prelude, No. 15, Op. 28 in D flat-"Raindrop")

Arthur Rubinstein:

Thank you/ARubMusic

DreamerKind said...

Keep practicing for best results


Frank Sinatra (1957):

Those fingers in my hair
That sly come hither stare
That strips my conscience bare
It's witchcraft

And I've got no defense for it
The heat is too intense for it
What good
Would common sense for it do

'Cause it's witchcraft, wicked witchcraft
And although, I know, it's strictly taboo

When you arouse the need in me
My heart says yes indeed in me
Proceed with what your leading me to

It's such an ancient pitch
But one I wouldn't switch
'Cause there's no nicer witch
Than you

Thank you/JazzBreakTV

DreamerKind said...

The World I Know

Collective Soul:

Has our conscience shown?
Has the sweet breeze blown?
Has all kindness gone?
Hope still lingers on.

I drink myself of new found pity
Sitting alone in New York City
And I don't know why.

Are we listening?
Hymns of offering.
Have we eyes to see?
Love is gathering.

All the words
That I've been reading
Have now started
The act of bleeding
Into one.

So I walk up on high
And I step to the edge
To see my world below.
And I laugh at myself

While the tears roll down.
'Cause it's the world I know.
It's the world
I know

Thank you/valleynissei

DreamerKind said...

We're Gonna Change The World

Matt Monro:

Shirley Wood gulped down her breakfast
Shut the fridge and joined the throng
Margaret Beatty snatched the milk in
Scanned the news and went along

Annie Harris drew the curtains
Screwed her eyes up, had a peep
Saw the marchers, heard their voices
Making early morning noises
Stumbled back to bed and tried to sleep

Come with us, run with us
We're gonna change the world
You'll be amazed, so full of praise
When we've rearranged your world
We're gonna change your world

Shuffling through the cold black morning
Went the marchers, spirits low
Grunting greetings, grimly pressing
Onto where they had to go

When the sun came up, they brightened
Stopped to have their thermos brew
Annie Harris got up gladly
Pondered for a little, sadly
Then got on with what she had to do

So, come with us, run with us
We're gonna change the world
You'll be amazed, so full of praise
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We're gonna change your world

At their target, numbers swollen
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Margaret Beatty had her face slapped
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DreamerKind said...

Breathe deeply

Sigh No More

Mumford & Sons (Skip Ad):

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Lived unbruised

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And I'm sorry
I'm sorry

Sigh no more
No more
One foot in sea
Une on shore

My heart was never pure
You know me
You know me

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Oh man is a giddy thing
Oh man is a giddy thing

There is a design
An alignment to cry
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The beauty of love
As it was made to be

It will not betray you
Dismay or enslave

It will set you free
Be more like the man
You were made to be

Thank you/burrock

DreamerKind said...

“When we are sure that we are on the right road there is no need to plan our journey too far ahead. No need to burden ourselves with doubts and fears as to the obstacles that may bar our progress. We cannot take more than one step at a time.”
― Orison Swett Marden

“Everyone has inside of him a piece of good news. The good news is that you don't know how great you can be! How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential is!”
― Anne Frank

"Nature...pardons no mistakes. Her yea, is yea, and her nay, nay."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

"The fact that an opinion has been widely held is no evidence that it is not utterly absurd..."
- Bertrand Russell

"No vision and you perish
No ideal, and you’re lost
Your heart must ever cherish
Some faith at any cost.

Some hope, some dream to cling to,
Some rainbow in the sky,
Some melody to sing to,
Some service that is high."
- Harriet Du Autermont

DreamerKind said...

"The words printed here are concepts. You must go through the experiences."
- Carl Frederick

I feel some cyber experiences luring me. Away!
Until another day, when we meet again.

ali mac said...

PISTEUO thanks for posting that I'd never seen it before. My favorite bit was when Edward said "that cakes my most bestest creation, why'd you eat it?" class!! :0)

PARKER I hope real life stops kicking your butt soon!!

Hope everyone's doing well :@)

katy said...

Hello Roseland,


LMAO...that vid is hilarious!! Thanks for posting the link here. I was in need of some serious laugh. Thanks!

Take care everyone. :)

DreamerKind said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DreamerKind said...

I forgot what a doofus I can be sometimes. Remembered just in time. Deleted comment is mine. Really should take my own advice, and think twice. ;)

sue said...

Oh my oh my, sad little people getting alllllll excited about a coat, jeez what's wrong with these women. Get a fckn life. If all that hate could be turned into positive thinking, wouldn't the world be a wonderful place. Wishfull thinking Sue.
Another day ruined for them when Kristen showed up at the After Party, damn damn how dare she.
All this BS about the clothes she wears, my god if it wasn't so pathetic it would be hilarious. Endless comments about a coat and a pair of jeans, so so sad.
The famous Stoli tshirt, ha there would be a frenzy, foam on their mouths if Kristen would wear that.

midnightgurl said...

Rose - always look forward to your posts. So calm, reassuring and practical. I am a loyal reader to both your posts and all the comments. I love all the 'regulars' and their stories. You have a great fandom of your own! I really hope R/K read your blog and Kristen finds that Stoli shirt. Count me in on helping fund getting a new one to her if that would help the cause!

Annie said...

Morning all!

Rob and Kristen are living their lives...........
I think the thing they would want the most is for the needy (fan or not) and the obsessed creepy, overly invested (everything needs a red arrow and circle and be argued about ad nauseam) drama llamas, hateful unsatisfied bitches and harpies to live theirs too!
Such crappy weather today. Take care everybody.

parker said...

@hey ali, am so frustratingly slow catching up with the blog …
too much criss-crossing between east & west coast for me the past few weeks.
i have a lot of sympathy for rob & kristen when they do all those Twi marathon promos.
4 days, 3 cities, each a 5-hr brutal flight of back to back coast to coast, children crying, people coughing.
hardly got any sleep & the hardest part is looking fresh for clients when you feel so crappy inside.
was just trying not to fall asleep during presentations and embarrass myself :)
the weekend can’t come soon enough.
i need a massage, some really good food & feet up watching telly !!!
hope life is treating you & your family well.

i guess i haven’t miss much though.
haters, needy fans, worriers all still tripping over each other with their verbal diarrheas.
they are so irrelevant.

benny said...

aboout the lunatic fringe, I'd say 50 stages of grief....

Maria said...

Good day to all!! I hope everyone is doing well.

Great post Rose. You have a wonderful knack of posting what I - and everyone else on this blog - are feeling about the lunatic fringe in the fandom. Yes, the crazy do provide us with some entertainment. How could their delusional selves not? But the nonsense and their constant denial can be a bit much to take when we don't have the patience for their nonsense. And that is what their opinions are ... utter nonsense.

Yes, please Kristen, find the Stoli shirt. We are long overdue for that meltdown.

Snow day at this end. Snow is tapering off as I'm writing this. Probably got about 4 or 5 inches. Kids were supposed to only have a two hour delay today, but then we got a call this morning that school was cancelled instead. I'm trying to build up enough "enthusiasm" to go out and shovel later on this afternoon.

Take care everyone. BBL.

ali mac said...

PARKER Things sound crazy for you at the moment. I hope you get to slow down a bit soon :) That massage sounds good and the food too lol

ROBERT (if your lurking you might see this) hope things are good with you at the moment. I was thinking about you when I noticed Hart of Dixie was starting again for you last night. I'm still waiting patiently for it to start here in the Spring, fingers crossed!

OLIVIA I'm interested to hear what you thought of the start of the new series of Downton, let me know if you get a chance.

ali mac said...

MARIA I meant to say, I'm jealous of your snow. It was looking like we were to get some on Friday but things have changed and it will probably be rain now instead, bummer!! :(

gargamel said...

In case we havent noticed yet...the ninnies have turned into fly by night RAGLOIDS...and they have become the "sources" of the older tabloids desperate for NEWS from these two lovebirds. Yep...those morons abandoned their day jobs and took their lunacy to another level.

ladyevenstar22 said...

haa i wondered if she showed up afterward but too lazy to find out!
i downloaded the show , and wouldnt you know camera caught rob putting beeer to his mouth, i pause the frame and took a screencap!
oh to be that bottle hmmmmmm.....

too bad the loonies are in a groundhog day loop!
i guess they hanged out with sienna as her beau wasnt there with her...

KStew Krew said...

Rose, thank God above that we have you to keep us sane in all this chaos. I really get down hearing all the negativity surrounding these two awesome people. I love them both. Today they are posting about "a whispered split". Sad. Sad for all the ninnies and haters that they have to keep making stuff up. Yes Rob is headed to Australia and Kristen I am sure has plenty on her plate too. Do they have to be together 24/7...NO. I refuse to read the nasty posts from sites like RadarOnline, HollywoodLie, and most of all Perez. So, to that I am glad I have found this website. You are very funny and I laugh my ass off with every post you make. Thanks for making me smile and laugh. I also like seeing all the positive posts from your guests. Like I said, I am glad I found you!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Good Evening ALL

PISTEOU. I watched the vid. Omg. How FUN:))))

Speaking of the weather. It was sunny and in the 80's here for like three days and now we may have a wintry mix on Friday. Low may be 31 Geez. And everyone here is sick, sick , sick with various flu viruses:((

Hello to regs old and new. Good to see you all

Annie said...

Hello all!
There are levels?
Those people are so desperate to be right and save face that the word lunacy doesn't even cover it!
One can just predict that their ultimate meltdown will be one for the ages.

Annie said...

Hi Super......Sorry to hear everyone around you is sick.

tufenuf55 said...

I don't know why I look at other sites. I really don't. All it does is make me sad, worried and unsure. Latest thing is that Rob has broken off with Kristen; that she is moving to NY; that he just wants to be friends. Can that be true? I need to hear from friends here that this is just "rag" talk. I would be very sad if this was true. Not for me but for them as they are truly meant for each other if any couple ever were meant for each other.

Holy said...

Hello guys.

@gargamel-hey there.You're right the rags sources and insiders are the ninnies.

@Parker-hello,how are you.


Annie said...

I think you have to look at the source of that story and if you believe Rob, Kristen, their friends and family would release that type of info to rags such as The Sun.

Anonymous said...

I always expect your posts. :)
Yes, it is really good to be on the GOOD side of the fandom. We're all sane.

katy said...

"The tabloid industry does terrible, terrible things for the world. It makes people stupid.” Robert Pattinson

LIZ said...

TUF -- Do you really think that Kristen's Dad would have walked over to Rob at the GG's just to hug him and say hello if that "garbage" were true?

Whatever sells ....

tufenuf55 said...

Thanks for bringing me back to saniety. Don't know what I would do without Rose's blog and the many good friends I've "met" here. A big sigh of relief when I read the posts of "reason" from Annie, Katy and Liz. Love you, guys!

Pattybg said...




Pattybg said...


LIZ said...

TUF -- Glad to have you back "in the saddle of RK love" ...

I'm not naive enough (or I try not to be) to believe they just might not be together forever even though they appear to have what it takes. BUT, although after July I tried not to be so "invested" ... yea, well, that ship has sailed and is in the middle of the ocean. I'm just as invested or possibly even moreso ... just can't help it!!! I'm just a crazy old lady, I guess.

LIZ IN LALA LAND --- TWIRLING ... Rob should be safe in AU now ... I'm sure he'll be working hard. Just maybe they'll get to have a little time together doing something fun down under.

DreamerKind said...


Lulu Robsten ‏@LuluRobsten
Have just seen new pics of Rob at Melbourne airport - carrying his guitar, big smile :) xx

Holy said...

We know that the rags will sensationalize Rob/Kristen relationship more while Rob is Australia.We just need to believe and trust them both,because the way I see it,they're relationship now is stronger than before.

DreamerKind said...

I believe in Rob and Kristen's ability to manage their own lives, to suit themselves. Guitar? Big smile? I call that happy Rob.
I'll take that instead of worrying so much. Love makes the world go 'round. Even in OZ.

DreamerKind said...

Pardon my dust, for more laundry to wash, I must. Getting too efficient, so will stray back, to play later, luvs.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Evening Ladies

This is how I see it - although I put zero weight in GC and their debunking but they did that to the stupid Sun article that was probably pre-written waiting for him to leave for Australia just to stir up drama because face it for the past 4 yrs you say their names and you get drama but at least it was funny to read the snarky come back. No one that is close to them is talking to any of these rags and they would be the only ones that have any clue as to what is going on with them. Her dad loves her and is very protective of her and him approaching Rob and hugging him says more than any words could. Her going at 1 in the morning just to be with him says even more. I for one will miss seeing them but on the other hand welcome the drought with him being on a remote shoot brings and with her going to visit because maybe some of the crazies will lose interest and move on to new prey. If they aren't seen and there is nothing to conjure up they will find a replacement - haters and tabs alike although aren't they the same beast?

@Holy - waves

Welcome to all the lurkers posting and new posters :)

Maria said...

Just popping in for a quick "hello". Totally sore from shoveling earlier. So calling it a night soon...

An evening shout out to DK, Liz, Super, Tuf, Gargamel, Ginger, Ali, Pisteuo, Annie, Litmom, Pattypg and everyone else that I know I've forgotten because I can't concentrate and I don't dare scroll up on my phone, because I know my post will get messed up!

Ali...sending snowy wishes your way.

Glad to hear Rob landed safely in AU.


Holy said...

Just saw pics of Rob arriving in Aussie,he's full of smiles and overflowing of happiness.And wearing that ugly sunglasses that Kristen also wears.LOL.

tufenuf55 said...

Rob looks so happy to be back at work!

LIZ said...

Hi All, I'm so glad to see Rob smiling and that he arrived safely in Adelaide. I am concerned that it looks like he's alone? Without a BG or an assistant? Surprising. I'm sure he and Kristen will be burning up Skype while they are apart.

Gotta say GoodNight All. My Mom is having a procedure tomorrow to take some fluid from her lungs to try to determine the cause ... doesn't sound fun. We'll have to plow through the snow to get to the hospital.

See y'all tomorrow night.

DK -- You are right, Rob is always SO HAPPY to be working. He always says he LOVES to work.

DreamerKind said...

Smiling & laughing as usual

They All Laughed

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Thank you/Reader12345678910

DreamerKind said...

Plus Cosmopolis was a triumph at Cannes, and his Eric Packer, an acknowledged tour du force. What's not to love?
He and Kristen appear to share similar ideals. They shine like beacons in the darkest night.

Kami said...

To all of you wonderful ladies who have the patience to trudge through the mire, muck and lies of tabloids, Nonstens brains and people who are just pissed off because two celebrities are in love, I take my hat off to you because personally, and this will come as no shock to anyone. I do not have the patience for it.

I find myself getting agitated whenever I hear or read some stupid comment made either by a 'fan' or someone like Perez Hilton..who I do not believe deserves the title of Hyena, it's too insulting to the hyenas. So I avoid them. My way of staying "Happy". And this isn't just about Rob and Kristen but many other people as well.

I finally realized something though, I guess in my drug induced state while at the dentist office today as I listened to two beautiful women who are as sweet as possible, arguing over whether or not Rob and Kristen were truly together. I wanted to tell them that they were silly and as I felt myself getting aggravated, I suddenly had a wonderful thought.

Who cares? Who cares what other people think? Who cares what they say? Those people who do not want to believe that Rob and Kristen are a couple, will NEVER believe it no matter what proof is given to them. So I refuse to give them one more minute of my time.

Let them believe whatever they choose to. Gossip, lies, and delusional speculation will never change what is true. What is real.

What is true is very simple. Rob and Kristen are in a relationship. They seem to be committed and in love. It is their relationship, no one else's and they do not need, want nor have they asked the world's opinion about it. So let the gossiping hens cluck, because at the end of the day, no amount of lies, gossip or crazy speculation can ever change what is real.

DreamerKind said...

You're The Power

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Thank you/lyncarlberg

Topaz Emerald said...

I am happy for Rob. Good luck to him. And stay safe and hydrated. Someday, hubby and I will visit Australia.

DreamerKind said...

Hey! Wish we had some snow. Second year in a row, barely any, actually less than an inch so far. I long for the silence of a snow day, where cars are parked and people's feet are making crunching sounds in the snow. Even for just one day, on a weekend, when commuting is almost nil. The air would smell pristine. Ahh.

PamH said...

Hello everyone

@ Ginger
Like you I would welcome a drought while Rob is away. But I'm sure we won't get our wish...not with all the voltures out there. It'll be the cheating story if either is seen breathing the same air with someone of the opposite sex or they ' really brock up ' if Kristen doesn't visit.
I REALLY wish they would move on to another couple but it seems like know one cares about any other couple or they don't stay together long enough to hound them like they do R&K.

@ Liz
I hope all goes well with your MOM.
Good night

@ Topaz
That's also me and my hubby's dream retirement destination. From the time I was hooked on the Aussie show McLeod's Daughters I've just always wanted to

@ DK, Kami, tuf, Holy, Pattybg, Maria and anyone I missed or that's lurking or a new member
Waves :)

I think Rob is excited to be working again. I hope everything goes well for him and that the conditions aren't to bad.

Birdie said...

So, Rob is back to work and I hope to hear soon about Kristen's project. Hoorah! Back to doing what they love (and we love watching),making movies. The rest,a serious waste of print, airspace and cyberspace.

Have a great day Roseland!

Annie said...

Good morning all!

Birdie: You're up and out early too.

Yep! The insecurity in this fandom gives all of us whiplash.......The ragloids and the nefarious count on it.

Have a great day all.

gargamel said...

To all the fans of r&k...stick on this blog if you want the real score. Let's keep denying the shitters their mortgage money. It's amazing how real love battles the EVILS of the MEDIA.
I dont think it's still about the ROCK SOLID love of r&k. THIS IS JUST A PISSING CONTEST BETWEEN the FANS and the RAG-NINNIES tandem. Of course it's the FANS pissing and pooping on them endlessly.

gargamel said...

FORBES reports: .....this is the reason ...NO slice of r&k cake for the rag-ninnies.

tufenuf55 said...

What a great wake-up morning! Pics of Rob in Melbourne and then in Adelaide with Dean. I just love how well Dean protects Rob. Rob and Kristen have learned how to protect themselves from the nasty crap paps scream at them. Rob put in earbuds...pap asked him if he has split with Rob. When Rob and Dean get in elevator, Dean stands in front so paps can't get good pic. Rob looks happy...big grin...to be working again.

Pisteuo said...

If people need so desperately to be entertained, why not read "fanfiction" instead of "tabloid media fiction"?

It may not destroy the brain cells as quickly.

sue said...

@Ginger, somehow I think Kristen might be a bit of a daddy's girl. No way daddy will be hugging Rob if he's gonna hurt his baby.
Yeah BIG NEWS: The SUN, the most upstanding paper in the UK tells us they split up. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
@Tuf, please believe me that 'paper' consists of 99,5% lies, prob the only truth is their name. I know nothing about Perez or TMZ or Radar cause I never visit them but I can only imagine the crap they write.

sue said...

@Pisteuo, absolutely agree with you. You can get one hell of a joy from Fanfiction, hahaha. Read some good ones lately, depends what you're looking for of course.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Morning Ladies and Robert

@Annie - it is the Drama Lama's - haters, insecure fans, and the ones that feel entitled. No one can read between lines or look for the obvious - they all look for the bad. These 2 are connected so beyond their personal beings. I won't even get into their relationship but just the 2 of them as people. They share their lives with each other because they are so important to one another and beyond anything else they are best friends, human beings and partners. I have had this saying a long time - you can talk all the shit you want about me but don't talk about the people that I love in my life or we will have some serious issues. For anyone to think that either is happy that someone is trashing the other needs to go out and get some real friends/important people in their lives and then they will understand. Tabloids will always do what they do and that is sell garbage for human consumption to make money - they are going to keep this going until people are bored of it. The cycle will rinse and repeat bad/good/bad/good. They will keep guessing she is pregnant until one time they strike gold, guessing the wedding date until they strike gold, - we all just watched it happen with Kate. They know nothing but how to play who stole the cookie from the cookie jar banking that one day they will get that guess right.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Sue - it kills me that people are so blind to facts like that. I think she is a total daddy's girl and he is so supportive of her as are her brothers. The way these people judge things I would hate to be a "friend" of their (if they have any) because you would never be able to count on them in a bind or tell them things on your mind - if they judge strangers like that can you imagine if it was someone they knew - holy crap.

ali mac said...

I'm trying to keep the child in me from getting too excited, I think we are going to get some snow tomorrow :0) fingers crossed.

sue said...

Absolutely Ginger, you van talk shit about me but don't touch my family, friends, the ones I love. I even feel very protective of R&K and I don't even know them. I'm a very easy going, go with the flow kind of girl but turn into a fierce bitch from hell if you talk shit about my nearest and dearest. These delusional women can't honestly think they stand a chance with Rob when they hate on Kristen, do they? No no no, nobody can be that stupid. What am I saying, do these women really think they have a chance if Kristen is out of the way? That would be the only plausible reason for hating the girl. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA. Sorry no, that is just too Twilight Zone like.

gargamel said...

Hi Holy...

tufenuf55 said...

Actually the rags are like two-headed coins. If there together, they predicted it; if they are apart; the predicted it. It seems Laniey and Perez have flip-flopped saying they are not apart. Tomorrow, they will have them splitting up. No one knows what R&K are doing, thinking except them. I'm getting much better of trusting that because of this blog. Thanks to all friends here & especially, Rose!

PamH said...

Hi Roseland

I absolutely LOVED the smirk/smile on Deans's face as he stands in front of Rob so the papz can't get a good pic. It makes you realize how important HBG and Dean are to RK, being away from everyone you know, they take the place of friends and family while they are away and working. I imagine they have become so close because of having to put their trust in these guys with all things work and personal....Now if ever there was a tell all book they would be the ones to have all the good stuff that's truthful :0 LOL and they look like they would be some guys to hang around with :)

Last night I watched DF movie Now Is Good and let me just say I'm so glad I was alone, I didn't think it would affect me the way it did, I cried like a baby.

PamH said...

Should say some cool guys to hang around with

Kami said...

I REALLY wish we could vote Perez Hilton off the island.

Pist, I agree with you. I'd rather read something that actually has more of a basis in truth than the Tabloids...something like Fanfic, or science fiction..any of those have more truth than the tabloids.

Holy said...

Hello ladies and gents.

The rags will continue to invent stories for money.I doubt that they will move on to other couples.Some of this HW couples around doesn't generates revenue with the rags.


Second Chance said...

Good advice: Tell the Negative Committee that meets inside your head to sit down and shut up. - Ann Bradford

olivia said...

Thank you dear Rose,

"The frantic fringe goes immediately into
the 5 stages of grief." So true and extremely amusing.
I am grateful to be on the GOOD side of this fandom; it is a wonderful place to be.

Dear Pisteuo, Thank you for the very fun vid.

**Wave** at Dano. So good to see you drop by.

Dear ali mac,
((Hugs)) for you!
So excited that season 3 of Downton has begun. I am very much enjoying what I have seen even though it is really bouncing around the various story lines quite quickly. Mary was starting to bother me with the constant badgering of Matthew about the money/inheritance, but it does seem that that has now been resolved. I was most shocked by what happened between Edith and Sir Anthony in the church. I felt bad for her, especially how her father meddled. Looks like Thomas will continue his selfish, mean ways. Also, loved it when Carson was singing to himself after hearing the good news about Mrs. Hughes. I think my favorites so far after three hours are Sybil and Tom; but all the characters/actors are truly outstanding. : )

Delighted to see that Rob has made it safely to Oz and am so excited for him on this new adventure/job. Hoping that everything is wonderful and that this is an excellent experience for him.

Wishing dear Kristen some wonderful and quality private time where ever she may be with family and friends before she begins her next film.

Back to reading papers and making some power points. Have been so very busy with back to school.

Hugs for y'all dear Roselanders.
Hugs for Smitty, Gruff, Syd and family and friends.
Respect Rob and Kristen.
Life is good.

gargamel said...

WARMTH @twilighted. Good fanfic.

Stella said...

Good evening/morning all!

It's good to be here, read what everyone has to say. Even if I don't comment much, I read everything you say and I really enjoy being here.
I didn't even go to read all the articles saying R and K broke up or anything because I just find really boring to read every once in a while things like that that couldn't be further from the truth, written by ignorant people.
Someone posted this article and I thought that you might find it interesting. Looks like Rob will be staying in Australia for six weeks. I have a feeling I've heard that before, but I'm not sure. Hope Kristen will be able to join him at some time, but it really is not that long, after all.
So, here's the link, if you want to take a look:

Take care, all!

gargamel said...

RAGNINI will make a better use of its name...how bout an italian pasta or a panera bread? Not some boring rumor-mongering cyborg of sort (half-hyena-half-tabloid).
I will EAT them anytime of the day. Just to have a reason to POOP it out. Please excuse me.

Kami said...

I know this is a pretty simplistic solution, but it might work. IF the tabloids and rag sites upset you AVOID them. That way no "pooping" required.

LIZ said...


Just popping in to say hello. We're having snow!!! Lovely but very heavy on the trees, hope we don't lose power.

For those who said some prayers for my Mom's lung procedure, THANK YOU. She did fine and they removed (aspirated?) about 350cc of fluid from her lung.

I haven't had a chance to read all the comments so I have no idea what's going on. I'll catch up eventually!!!


LIZ said...

STELLA -- You're right, 6 weeks doesn't sound like that long. However, I don't believe they've ever been apart for that long ... they always plan some sort of rendezvous when possible. NOW, if she were working that might be a problem and we don't really know if she's working on something or not. At the least, I'm sure she's reading scripts.

We shall see!!! In the meantime, will be interesting to see if we get any pics of Rob from the down under or in the Outback.

PamH said...

Glad to hear your MOM is fine. For now the snow has managed to miss us but yesterday we woke to ice formed on the trees but not the ground, it was sorta beautiful, but melted rather fast. I hope you don't lose power.
If Rob is indeed going to be there for 6 weeks I hope they are able to spend Valentines Day together, if not before then, even if it's just a Skype date.
I hope we get some photos from there to it's somewhere I'd love to visit one day.

DreamerKind said...

For Rob (who's workin' on it)

When I Paint My Masterpiece

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Thank you/Stephen McElvain

Holy said...

Six weeks is not that long,plus as I remember he said in one of his interview that he spent $20,000/month or something for his phone bill when he's out of the country,I'm sure $19,000 of that is spend talking to Kristen.

@Liz-I'm glad to hear that your mom is okay.

ali mac said...

OLIVIA big hugs back to you. So much happens in this series, so reading your thoughts on it so far was reminding me of so much. The relationship between Mrs Hughes and Carson in that storyline was lovely, as close to husband and wife as they will get I suppose. There is a lot to come and it moves through the story lines quite quickly. Enjoy xx

KAMI I took that advice re tabloids a good while ago now. I have to say it was hard to break the habit at first but once you stick to stopping you have a much more enjoyable time being a fan.

gargamel said...

Like i said.

Annie said...

Good morning all!

Ali: Did you get any snow?.......It's very cold here (27 degrees as I type this) but no snow.

Ginger: I sometimes wonder how these people function in life. Maybe making yourself look utterly foolish on Twitter is the new normal.........My apologies to those who use Twitter and other social media in a responsible way but damn you are in the minority.

Liz: Great news on your mom.

Olivia and Ali: Maybe I'm alone in this but do you get the feeling that Downton Abbey is rushing through it's story lines this season?

Have a great day everyone........It's Friday! :)

Stella said...

Hello everyone!
Weather has gone crazy here. In the morning it was bright and shinny and now it's pouring with rain. I bet in about an hour or so the sun will come out again... LOL

Liz, I surely hope they'll have the chance to meet during these six weeks. I think Kristen had said in one of her interviews that she wanted to go to Australia to travel there. Maybe she'll go towards the end of Robert's shootings and they can travel a bit after he finishes. No matter what, I'm sure Skype will be on fire for a while...

I'll have to start working in a few so...
Take care, all!

Ginger with a Soul said...

Morning Ladies

@Annie - I wish Twitter was the worst but Tumbler takes the cake and I have no interest in playing that game at all.

@Stella - I agree with her coming out towards the end - seem to be the tradition that she comes out before he is done and stays so they leave together.

Some idiot radio station gave out the hotel where he is staying and now he has a group of teenage girls that are stalking him in said hotel and posting it on twitter - so much for it being less intrusive down under they are batting zero with the stupid pap at the airport and now this. He will just find a new place to hide if they keep bothering him.

ali mac said...

ANNIE yes it has been snowing all day, but it isn't lying so far :( I'm keeping my fingers crossed for tonight if the temp goes down a bit it might lie (big kid).

About the Downton thing, yes I definitely thought things happened too quickly this time, they seem to rush through some important story lines. I'll think you'll notice it more as the series goes on too. I still watched the whole series and enjoyed it though.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Good Morning ROSELAND

We escaped the wintry mix....sunny here today, the high will be 50.. I'll take it !!!!!

KAMI and PISTEOU. I almost never pick up a "rag". The name in and of itself reminds me that it's trash and always false so why bother

Have a lovely day everybody. My new avi is a pic that was taken on Tuesday for our business. It's amazing what a little makeup jewelry and a good photographer can do with an old lady like me....haha...:))))

Annie said...

Ali: Keeping my fingers crossed for you. I too want snow here, nobody around me agrees though. :)

Ginger: Tumblir.......Another platform where stupidity runs rampant!
That radio station should've known better........The idiocy continues with these radio stations in Oz.

ali mac said...

SUPER you look GORGEOUS in your new avi :0)

ANNIE the snow turns me into a ten year old lol

Kami said...

Ali I hope your snow lies, being from a place where is rarely snows I get the same way whenever we have..well had...a chance of snow. For me it's beautiful, magical and exciting, for people who have grown up around it, it's a 'mess' lol. I agree for ME it's easier being a fan if I just relax and enjoy the good and ignore the bad out there.

Hi Super!

Kami said...

Super your new picture is absolutely gorgeous! Oh I HAVE to tell you this, Heith shares my facebook page with me and the other day he saw a picture of your daughter and told me "Did you see where your friend changed her hair color?" lol he thought it was you.

ali mac said...

KAMI we will get snow maybe once in the winter and it will last a day or two and then disappear, which is very acceptable :) We had none last year and my kids are really hoping for some so fingers crossed.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

I just read this quite on FB and thought I would pass it on to R and K and the Universe

" Be Happy so those that seek to destroy you will shake with fear ".


Hi KAMI and ANNIE and ALI MAC Have a wonderful day ladies:)))

parker said...

my replies are hopelessly stale by the time i get to read all the comments but here goes …

@ali, thanks! i hope so too. though it might get worse before it gets better.
getting feelers from bosses that team might have to head out to some asia/pac clients.
dreading it & hoping it won’t happen – only thing that perked my ears up was talk about OZ …
oz, you said ?!? is it close to somewhere an englishman is filming ?!? :)
but no … the way our sched goes, fat chance we’d even see the outside of our hotel & client site :)
anyway, if ever we end up going, it’ll be in queensland which is too far north of adelaide.
and about downton abbey, i haven’t seen it yet cos of all that’s going on.
but this weekend, i swear, i’m sitting down & watch it online on pbs.org !!!

@DK, you say so much with just a few words & so subtly.
wish more people would get/heed your words of wisdom.
i honestly look forward to your posts.

@katy, ain’t that so true …
people should really listen to that rob quote more often.

@Holy, hey there! sometimes i wonder which ones are more vexing, the ninnies who refuse to believe to begin with or the worriers who say they believe but always worry about every little thing they read. so little faith …

@Pisteuo, definitely – though i’m not into fan fiction, it’s an infinitely better read than gossip sites or tabs.

@Kami/ali, so agree … perhaps the reason why all these crap written by the tabs & haters don’t bother me is cos i truly am not aware of them. i don’t know why people bother torturing themselves reading and then worrying/complaining about it afterwards when there is a very simple solution. just stop reading. in this case, ignorance is bliss :) i have a feeling that even rob & kristen practice the same thing.

@Stella, yes 6 weeks isn’t that long.
and from experience, if you have one heck of a relationship with your boyfriend, the reunions after this long work trips is always incredible :)
i think rob said something to that effect once too – it was a quote i heard him say that sometimes, being away from someone is a good thing cos when you see each other again, you realise how much you love & appreciate them.

it’s friday woohoo !
so looking to weekends these days & crawling into my own bed & sleeping a bit late!
i hope you all have a good weekend Roseland !!!

xoxo to all the regulars as well as new posters & lurkers !
missing your posts Freddie and PL !!!

Second Chance said...
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Second Chance said...

I got such a kick out of that bad lip reading video Pisteuo. Thank you for posting it. I thought it might be fun to try a little bad lip reading of our own. I'll start it off. What do you think Kristen is saying in this gif? http://24.media.tumblr.com/81e3d4a694706da100d7f24a1503abcb/tumblr_mgroewUycO1rix03ro1_250.gif To me, it looks like she's saying "You're upset" and it appears that she finds Rob's reaction kind of funny. :) It looks like a really lighthearted behind-the-scenes moment during filming in Rio for Breaking Dawn 1. The funniest interpretation I read online was that someone thought she was saying "Robsessed". Yeah, I don't think so. LOL

Second Chance said...

Sorry, I had to delete my first post because the gif link didn't work. I hope that noone took the comment that I posted yesterday the wrong way. It wasn't intended for anyone on this board. It was a reaction to the craziness I stumbled accross online yesterday. Some people really need to tell the negative committee that meets inside their head to shut up and sit down!

Ginger with a Soul said...

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Barb said...
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