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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Birthday Wishes

You may or may not have noticed that I was  'out of touch'
this past weekend.
OK... so you probably didn't notice
But it does seem that whenever I have limited access
to the internet... Stuff happens.

Well this time it was the Academy Awards.
Kristen was invited to present.
She showed up looking lovely
Perhaps a bit disheveled because she was struggling
with crutches... and nervous...
But lovely just the same.
How could she NOT be beautiful?

Kristen exists
therefore the same lame tired 'jokes'
make an appearance.
Thing is...
Kristen didn't do ANYTHING wrong.
She gamely showed up...
She smiled and did her part
(and yes... she DID smile. A lot)
But yet...
She got attacked by the low level
Z listers looking for attention.
I guess that is what happens.

Attention seeking 101
Criticize Kristen Stewart 
and have your 5 seconds of attention.

Here's what I learned from the Academy Awards.

1. It doesn't matter what Kristen says...
Doesn't say.
Doesn't do.
There will always be people who want to put her down.
Was this Kristen BEST look ever?
No. (Cannes still wins that one for me)
But she still looked lovely.
You try hobbling around on crutches in front
of millions of people with all eyes watching
and analyzing and criticizing your EVERY move
and tell me how you would do?
I can tell you.
You would fucking FALL APART under the intense
scrutiny that tiny girl gets every day.
Every fucking day.
And for what?
As far as I know...
Kristen has NEVER criticized another actor 
or said a bad thing about anyone personally.
She's not committed any crime
Or failed to show up for work.
In fact...
Anyone that actually KNOWS Kristen
The one person who would ever have any right
to be personally affected by what Kristen has said or done
has chosen to love her and be by her side.
What does that tell you?

2. There are dozens of pictures of Kristen looking beautiful
and smiling.
but what pictures do the hags and rags focus on?

“People have decided how they are going to perceive her,” Rob says.
 “No matter how many times she smiles, 
they’ll put in one picture where she’s not smiling.”

And Rob should know... shouldn't he?

"That whole system of Internet journalists,
 where no one is called to account, is almost entirely about hate. 
All these people get away with doing it
 because they have no responsibility to anyone."
With Stewart by his side during in the interview, 
the 24-year-old Brit adds angrily, 
"There are so many little nerds behind their computers, 
on their little blogs."

Let's face it...
Most of these low level comedians/actors/nerdy bloggers
use the 'comb your hair' and 'Smile' bullshit
to get noticed...

And as far as insults go... 

 They are insignificant.

"The strangest part about being famous is you
 don't get to give first impressions anymore. 
Everyone already has an impression of you before you meet them."

3. I realize the hags and the rags have enjoyed these moments
of trashing Kristen for EXISTING...
But the people that matter?
They don't care what low life scum have to say.
In fact...
It just makes them all the more protective.

"It's OK."

“I felt so bad,” Daniel said. “I just wanted to pick her up,
 put her in my arms and carry her onto the stage.”
“I probably would have dropped her and opened her wound again,” Daniel joked.
Kristen and Daniel obviously have a mutual friend…Robert Pattinson. 
But interestingly enough, this was the very first time the two met each other.
“I felt like this was a long time coming,” Daniel said.
 “I feel like we've been meant to meet.This was the perfect way.
 And you know what? She is so nice—really, really nice.”

“I think that it’s awful when people misinterpret my being uncomfortable as,
 like, ‘I don’t want to be here.’ 
It’s really the opposite- I’m too concerned."
She then added: "I absolutely love it so much. 
I don’t expect to seem cool to everyone;
nor do I want to be. 
I think that’s the opposite of the definition of cool.
 So I don’t care at all"

"It's not a terrible thing if you're either loved or hated. 
But honestly, I don't care 'cause it doesn't keep me from doing my thing.
I apologize to everyone for making them so angry. 
It was not my intention." she said.

4. Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart LIKE each other.

When Jennifer Lawrence spotted her fellow actress hobbling along 
with the walking aids, she rushed over to hug Kristen, 
exclaiming: 'Hey, what happened, Dude?'

They both say "DUDE"
They are both young and gifted...
gorgeous and talented
They are both a bit clumsy and awkward
And say things that are misinterpreted and misunderstood.
One is cherished for being 'adorkable' and cute
One is crucified.

Jennifer Lawrence flips the finger in the press room
at the Academy Awards...
It's charming and cheeky
She's graciously goofy.
When Kristen does it?
She's a spoiled ungrateful brat
who needs to smile more.
See what I mean?
Can you imagine what would happen if
Kristen had flipped off the press at the Academy Awards?
Boggles the mind.
But no matter
she does gets persecuted for looking 'bored'
It's all about perception, I suppose.
Which is rarely... reality.

This is most definitely Jennifer Lawrence's time to SHINE
and she is glowing brightly.
She deserves all her success and awards.
But her success has nothing to do with Kristen.
They are friends.
Deal with it.

5. Last but not least...

Robert Pattinson.

Do you think the vitriol being spewed about Kristen
has affected Rob and Kristen's relationship?
We all know how protective Rob is
(Let's ask Nikki about that... shall we?)
Even when he's thousands of miles away...
You can be sure he is taking care of his girl.
Don't you worry about that.

And here's the bottom line.

Kristen is still prettier than you
Skinnier than you
Richer than you
More famous than you
BETTER than you.
And guess what?

Robert Pattinson loves her.

So laugh on about her hair...
or her lack of smiling
or whatever obsessive bullshit you need to spew
(because let's face it...
You can't go 5 minutes without talking about her)
At the end of the day
None of that matters.

Robert loves her.
And that's really what this is ALL about.

That is what REALLY matters.

The lame jokes will fade.
The insults will disappear...
Robert and Kristen

Chew on that.

I don’t care about the voracious, starving shit eaters
 who want to turn truth into shit. 

this post is brought to you by the shit eaters.

Enjoy your shit.
I'm sure it's as bitter to swallow
as it is to spew.

Final thoughts.

1. Stop telling me to change the name of my blog.
Go write you own blog and you can
name it anything you want.
Write about anything... anyone you want!
What a concept!

2. I often get asked what I will do IF
Rob and Kristen ever break up.
I will do nothing.
What should I do?
I will continue being a fan of BOTH
Robert and Kristen.
Regardless of their relationship.
But I'm not worried.
At all.
The force is strong with them...

3. Yes.
It's my birthday.
Happy Birthday to me.
I'm older.
And one step closer to death.
Thanks for all the birthday wishes!
It makes me smile

4. As long as I'm having fun
I will continue to write about
Robert, Kristen and Thomas.

Especially Thomas.
I fucking adore him.

I made some pretty fantastic birthday wishes...
Let's just wait and see which ones come true.

Until next time.

Bye for now


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blessedby3 said...

Totally agree, well said! Happy birtjday

Anonymous said...


I wanted to say it on twitter but you wouldn't see my message since I'm locked and you're not following me.

I want you to have a fabulous birthday. And thank you once again for such a wonderful read, on your birthday no less! It should be you who is rewarded with treats.

Anonymous said...

May all your dearest wishes come true in the near and distant future. I love this blog and together or apart Rob and Kristen are two of my favourite actors. So I'm very happy to know Rose that you will always be here for them and us! This is an oasis in an insane world.
"Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye." - H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Anonymous said...

The points you made were spot on, but they always seem to be spot on with you. You say it like it is. The use of quotes from Rob defending her, Jennifer saying about her seeing Kristen on the carpet, and Daniel Radcliffe's comment about meeting her at last, gah. Brilliant.

You know what made me laugh a little? I'll tell you what it was, that Kristen apologizes for angering people. She breathes and she makes a bunch of people angry. By not even making an appearance she makes people angry. It is everyday that people spread the hate for her, it just explodes when she's at an event like the Oscars. It explodes even more that she's smiling and looking gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

After an event like the Oscars, it makes me wonder if Kristen goes online to see what is said about her. Or at least, is she aware what is said about her? Does it bother her? I've started to think no it will not bother her, because, otherwise you'd see it in her face. But then, don't we all snap at some point in our lives? So I imagine if she's feeling nervous or silly, or incapable, or harrassed, that Rob does protect her whether right by her side or if he's protecting her when he's across the continent soothing her with words.

PS. I love all the pictures you've used, I love the order of everything in this post for example; the gif of them at Oprah before you remind everyone that he is taking care of his girl.

Joy Tolosa said...

Happy birthday, ms rose...have a wonderful celebration with your loved ones. And I love you for loving robert and kristen, together and separately.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Rose Happy Birthday again. Thank you for being here for us and for Rob and Kristen.

Perception is in the eye of the beholder and how they view the world. There will always be people who look at the world and see misery, ugly, hatred and that have nothing but contempt in their own life but there are enough people to overpower them out that see joy, hope, possibilities and love.

Here comes the Sun

Birdie said...

Happy Birthday,Miss Rose!
Wow, were you spot on and said exactly what I was feeling. It makes me sad that people are so cruel and somehow think it makes them cool. Creepy,shallow people that I have absolutely no respect for whatsoever.
Kristen,to even show up displays courage. Rob,to stay true to his heart shows integrity.For this couple to live their lives the way they want in spite of all the hypercriticism is impressive. These people I respect.

Kay said...

~*Happy Birthday, Rose!!*~

Take care, Roseland ❤

Henny said...

Thanks so much for that post. Well said as always! Please keep these posts coming. I hope you have a wonderful birthday. <3

ostrovmargit said...

Appreciate your blog and share your ideas.

ostrovmargit said...

Appreciate your blog and share your ideas.

Anonymous said...

Great post! Everything you said is so true. Girl can't catch a break. But I think (hope) Kristen knows that there's a very large group of her friends, family, peers, and fans that will always have her back. Thanks for your post and Happy Birhday!

sue said...

Hell Rose you are so articulate, wow, yes you are spot on again. It doesn't matter what this girl does, she'll never win, too many numb nuts jumping on the bandwagon or just too stupid/mean to have a good look at themselves.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Great work on your blog.

Dana said...

Best blog post EVER.

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to watch Dancing with the Stars.

ADD said...

Happy Birthday Rose! I hope all your birthday wishes come true.

@Danatech said...

Super Happy Birthday! <3<3<3
Love your witty blog ;-) and your b'day wishes.
Enjoy your day :-D

claud9z said...

I love what you said today and couldnt agree more. I love Rob and Kristen whether they are together or not. Kristen showed such grace and strength during the oscars, as she always does. I hope she enjoyed such a special evening. Love your post. Thank you for being the voice for all of us. Happy happy birthday. May your every wish come true♥

30 said...

Happy Birthday ROSE! :)

I really do not have much to add after your post just well fucking said. The Jennifer thing and comments pissed me off and I have not even thought twice of this BS as of late ,but really god forbid Kristen did that can you imagine?

MG said...

First of all Happy Birthday and may all of your dreams come true. Second, thank you for such a great site and being a true fan to Rob and Kristen. The garbage has mostly been from E and the so called humans on their shows. It is pathetic, how many times does this girl have to be stoned by the masses for a mistake? People have done worse and they are held in high esteem. What is happening to our humanity.

midnightgurl said...

Happy Birthday fellow Pisces! You and your blog are the best around! Lots of love and support to you, Rob and Kristen!

Litmom said...


And Happy Birthday!!

Miri said...

Happy Birthday Rose and thank you for being Rob and Kristen guardian angel. You have such a big beautiful heart! I love reading your blog it's like a ray of sunshine! I only wish that Kristen and Rob would know about it and see how much they are loved.

Many blessings to you and your family.

Minuschi said...

Perfect as always!!

Stella said...

Happy birthday, Rose!
I wish nothing but the best for you and for everyone you love.

I think the hate directed towards Kristen, mainly, and Rob, secondly, is nothing but a combination of our bad nature as human beings and the ferocious seek for attention and publicity.

But that really doesn't matter. Rob and Kristen own their haters, as you very eloquently said.

Take care, all!

Stella said...

Life is good!

katy said...
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katy said...

Excellent post, Rose!

Endless LOVE and HAPPINESS for Rob and Kristen!!! I wish only the best of everything for them.

And, again...Happy Birthday, Rose!

PamH said...


THANK YOU for this wonderful blog that you share with us :)

ROB and KRISTEN forever together

Barb said...


And B. What a nice diplomatic way to tell them to FUCK OFF

Jen really is a sweetie. Best way to get back at the haters is to have the people they love as a best bud! SUCK IT HATERS!!!

Love this post Rose!

Have a wonderful day!

Topaz Emerald said...

Rose, awesome post! And happy birthday wishes to you again. But just my humble opinion, her best dress for me stye-wise from head to toe is this year's Oscars 2013. She got everything right this time. The looked good at Cannes wearing that red dress, but there was major design flaw on the back of that dress that just left me clueless, designer's fault, lol. But I am sure there will be another and another dress she will wear in the future that will trump previous ones.

Ginger with a Soul said...

New pics of Kristen - no date yet on them on Robsten dreams

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Rose! Even though we don't know each other, I do love to come by this site at least once a week to see what insightful things you post. Somehow I always leave feeling a little bit better than when I came in.
This week has been sort of blah for me. I watched the Oscars and I thought Kristen looked lovely. Maybe not Cannes beautiful, but just really pretty and sweet. Then every one started knocking her; it was sickening. One of my friends on fb made a comment about her appearance and I couldn't believe the hatered that spewed forth towards this young woman. I was disgusted because these are not haters or fans by definition, just regular folks who decided to share their opinions. It's like the world just decided to assume they know her because of those stupid pictures from last summer. That isn't who she is, at all. But of course no one wanted to hear me play devils advocate or even offer them a different point of view. I left feeling sorrier than ever for her and wishing more than ever that Rob was back in the states so he could be with her. Anyway, just wanted to pop by and say thank you for making me feel better. I hope your birthday is a magical one!

Stella said...

Ginger, thanks for the heads up!
I love her t-shirt... and she does look like she's walking a bit better.
Is it really so hot in LA?

Topaz Emerald said...

Ginger, I love your green leaf avi. I guess it is still snowing and storming your way? That is too bad, I wish I can magically sprinkle some Californian sunshine above your house. Spring green is coming nicely for us folks here in northern California.

Topaz Emerald said...

Do these paps spy on her 24/7? What the fuck. It looks like someone's residence. This is fucking disturbing. I just can't......

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Topaz - it is still snowing but Feb and March are the worst for us. I am not sure they are from today but she is ninja - she will shake them off

@Stella - they like Tom's shoes

Pisteuo said...

Oh well...I don't know why people pay attention to negative bullshit anyway. Who really gives a shit?

Most everyone I'm around adores Kristen and thinks she is super sweet and beautiful. So, Kristen...it's not all bad, hon.
You have so much to offer and MOST people know this.

So, I think we need to get this party started!! Cheers to the Birthday girls!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Rose, another great post

Stella said...

Ginger, like them for sure.

PamH said...

I like Kristen's trousers :) manly but sexy at the same time. Wonder if she's driving a Yaris now instead of a Mini Cooper or maybe the girl in the pics is driving because of Kristen's foot.

irene said...

Happy Birthday, honey!!!!

Haters just ain't worth a fart........

Pisteuo said...

Some Birthday tunes for the Birthday Girls!!


PamH said...

@ ginger
Your right, they are a Tom's fans.

Marjorie1211 said...

Happy Birthday Rose! Another great post. Thankyou for this amazing blog. I never miss a day reading it and all the wonderful comments.

JMF said...

Happy Birthday Rose! I am locked on Twitter so I couldn't post it there, but I wish you a wonderful birthday full of love and happiness with your family.
And all my love and support to Kristen and Rob, we stand beside you 100%.

Pisteuo said...

This is as close as I could find for a Rob Birthday greeting for you's! Enjoy!



Caroline said...

Always a great read! Thanks Rose, and Happy Birthday.

Kriseala said...

Happy Birthday Rose!!!I love to come here to read all your wonderful post and also all the comments of your followers.Yes,I do believe that kristen and rob will end up together no matter what all the haters say it doesn't bother them.I love,respect and support them together or individual.

Kriseala said...

Happy Birthday Rose!!!I love to come here to read all your wonderful post and also all the comments of your followers.Yes,I do believe that kristen and rob will end up together no matter what all the haters say it doesn't bother them.I love,respect and support them together or individual.

Jeannie said...

Rose, Happy Birthday!!! Of course, you don't know me personally but I have been reading this blog since 2010. And I just appreciate you so much and your continued support of Rob and Kristen. Just like you, I love them and will support them, together and/or on their own.
May all your wishes come through and know that this greeting is sent with much blessings to you and your family.

Pamella said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rose You Rock and so does your Blog!!

Holy said...

Hello everyone.


And thank you again guys for all your wishes.

Kristen looks beautiful as always,she still limping though,poor baby.


paola fores said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. Rose. It's good to read to you from Argentina.

paola fores said...
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tufenuf55 said...

It's being said that the pics of Kristen are from doctor's office, but no one really knows for sure as of last posts I've read.

Emily said...

happy birthday Rose! Wish you the best of luck and all the happiness on your special day! also, can someone explain the line "We all know how protective Rob is
(Let's ask Nikki about that... shall we?)"

Birdie said...

Oh,I think Rose will love both of those,Pisteuo!

Rapper said...

LOL....great post Rose and Happy Birthday to you!!

Barbara Fenwick said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROSE. I hope you have a wonderful day and I hope all your dreams come true.

Great post, as usual. I totally agree with everything you said. I try to stay away from the mean comments, because it only upsets me. In my opinion Kristen looked very happy and so beautiful, even though she had to be in lots of pain.

I will always support both Rob and Kristen whether they are together or apart. I think they will be together however

bluebee said...

I'm sorry I didn't get the Nikkei Reed part. What did she to Kristen for Rob to feel protective when Nikki is around? Anyone please explain.

Oneheart said...

Hi Roseland...Happy Birthday Rose and todays post was great...Left me feeling good because Kristen is so much better than her haters. You said it perfectly with these words...

Kristen is still prettier than you
Skinnier than you
Richer than you
More famous than you
BETTER than you.
And guess what?

Robert Pattinson loves her.

The line above is the part that they can't bear...Robert Pattinson loves her...always has. I agree Rose he's taking care of his girl, and I bet they both are counting the days till he finishes filming and they can be together again.

Rose I can't believe how people think they can tell you to change the name of YOUR BLOG, and what to talk about. I agree they need to start their own blog and quit trying to run yours. Don't change a thing about this place Rose it's awesome.

Oneheart said...

Lizzied I meant to come by yesterday but I didn't get to...Danica Patrick did great in the Daytona Sunday. Wow, 8th place isn't shabby. I wanted Dale Jr. to win but 2nd isn't bad.

tufenuf55 said...


I'm with you. Would like to know what that meant about Nikki.

Anonymous said...

I have one question. What is in that box that she is carrying?

Loui White said...


I love the way you stand up for those who are important to you! Your family and friends are incredibly blessed to have you on their side. Your ability to communicate such raw truth with such elegant humor is one of the things that draws me, (and countless others), to this wonderful place - Roseland.
I think Kristen did an outstanding job at the Oscars. She handled an awkward and difficult situation with grace and beauty. Those that could only offer negative comments are obviously of no importance to anyone. I expect Rob is very proud of Kristen's tenacity and work ethic. Not to mention her allure in the face of adversity.
I offer another heartfelt 'Happy Birthday' to you, (I am honored to share this time with you, as mine was on the 24th). You deserve all the accolades and loyalty that come your way. I hope you continue to enjoy writing this blog for many moons to come - we will all benefit from your posts and your 'cyber friendship'. Thank you again for giving so much of yourself to complete strangers - you are a blessing to so many.

Pattybg said...


Loui White said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LIZZIED said...

ONEHEART -- I watched the whole race, first time in several years. I was proud of her but bummed that she didn't get a top 5 because she got "hung out" at the end. She mentioned after the race that she had a feeling if she tried to move out of line that no one would follow her, thereby causing her to lose many spots.

How much ice did you get? We had ice all day but it's still falling from the trees, very scary to be out there, LOL. We lost power for a couple of hours, nothing too bad.

tufenuf55 said...

Bluebee and I would like to know about the Nikki comment. I am fairly new to the blog, so when comments like this are made, it's not an attempt to stir things up, it's just so we will know what is being discussed. We want to be in the know also. Thanks!

bluebee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LIZZIED said...

BLUEBEE AND TUF -- I don't think anyone is avoiding your questions. From what I know (not that much, LOL) I believe it was a series of incidents and because it was a long time ago some of the details that I heard about are a but fuzzy now. So, it might be that those in the know are trying to remember some of the facts before commenting.

bluebee said...

Oh I didn't realize it looked liked that. Tuf and I are just curious and a wee bit confused. But I promise we are drama free. Thank you :)

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Loui - Happy Belated Birthday

@Holy - waves

bluebee said...

Ok we'll wait patiently :)

Anonymous said...

I do love my house duties. Cleaning, cooking, and running errands. I even got exercise this morning. Just mostly walking. Tomorrow I am going to do my walking. I got to lose more weight. I have pre diabetes. My birthday is in April like Kristen. We are both Ares. Mine is the 16th. Her is on the 9th. I am born in 1974. And she is born 1990.

tufenuf55 said...

Thanks, Liz

Clarisse said...

Happy birthday, Rose!
I don't know you but I like you so much.
I wish you the best... and over all, that love you have given us through this space, return to you, multiplied.

Greetings for all of you, Roselanders.
Life is short and beautiful...
I propose drink a toast for Rose, from our homes.
I contribute a sweet tawny Oporto.

I hope that DK likes it, too =D
Hasta pronto

PamH said...

@ bluebee and tuff
I'm sure maybe Ginger will remember more details about this, she has a great memory. The time around New Moon Nikki was causing problems with Rob and Kristen once she split from MA to be with Rob, she made Kristen upset during filming and when Rob heard about it he told her off and asked to leave. She was friends with MA and also wanted Rob for herself. I think there were also incidents that when they went out as a group she would call the paps to tell where they were. I'm sure there is more but I just can't remember all the details. Kristen appears to have a little contact when needed with her but Rob is never seen talking to her.

PamH said...

I meant Nikki was asked to leave. Sorry!!!!

Topaz Emerald said...

Tuf, lol :) I cannot help you. I do not know what she may have said or not said whether on twitter or to someone else. All I know about Nikki is that I remember seeing a pap video of Rob with Nikki walking to the postal office from his car at the parking lot and they came back with huge ass boxes. That was back in Nov or Dec of 2008. At that time, I shipped Rob and Kris but was not as obsessed as I admittedly am today because in 2008, I remember seeing pics of him walking, smiling, and dining with Camilla Belle, she even attended the Hollywood Film Festival awards show with him (he won an award, maybe she presented it to him?) and so I thought they might be dating until I read an article where he completely debunked the rumor that he was dating her, lol. As with Nikki, who knows? Maybe she was helping him move/ship some items somewhere? Other than that, whenever she was around, he always seemed oblivious to her presence. The fandom seem to dislike her very much, but I have no clue why, but maybe she said something bad on twitter. I have no idea what the deal is between her and Rob but my guess is there is no story at all, just fans' wild imaginations and probably false accusations.

bluebee said...

Thanks for your input PamH. That's sounds crazy

Atticus said...

In honor of Kristen Stewart, Happy fucking Birthday, Rose, lol! Too bad the pappz caught Kristen again but good to see Rob. I just love their tee shirts.

Loui White said...


Thanks! I hope all is well with your family. I had my fingers slammed in a car door by my brother when I was little. I recovered just fine, but it is definitely something I remember. Sibling stories become rather comforting in my experience, even the 'bad ones'. By the way, thank you for the 'Twitter Updates'. As someone who will probably never have an account there - I really appreciate when you offer information that is posted there. Your filtered version is always informative and humorous at the same time. Thanks for that!

Topaz Emerald said...

PamH, lol, did Rob really say that to her? I am hahahaha here... how do fans know all that stuff? I am in the dark about this, ha ha. Of course, none of it matters now ha ha.

Oneheart said...

Lizzied we got ice and calling for snow showers Thurs. Fri and Sat...is it Spring yet? LOL

I agree with her I think if she had pulled out and tried to make a move she would have been hung out to dry. Good to see that she is not only a good driver but a smart one. LOL

LIZZIED said...

PAMH - That's mostly what I remember, also. I believe there was more but don't remember the details. One thing I remember is that NR did a lot to dissuade R & K from being together.

PAMH -- Guess what? I'm going to meet the IPS writer ... she's meeting me in Reno on Sunday and we're going to Tahoe together. She doesn't ski any more but will write while I ski. We plan to do a Twilight marathon one day, LOL, as the new DVD will be out.

Topaz Emerald said...

LIZZIED, have fun in Reno and Tahoe. My father in law told me the snow is not that fresh, but have fun skiing and be careful.

PamH said...

That's so great!!!! Please pass on how much I Love her story for me, I have commented a few times to let her know how much I like it. I hope you both have a great time together.

I'm sure there are probably lots of things we as fans don't know about what happened back then, but I do know that at one time they all got along and had fun together and now Rob barely/doesn't acknowledges Nikki at all....and we all know Rob just isn't the type to treat people in that way so something big had to have happened.

tufenuf55 said...

Thanks to everyone who gave possible explanations of what happened in regard to Nikki. I appreciate your responses.

LIZZIED said...

TOPAZ -- You have relatives in the Tahoe area? As for the snow, it'll be enough for me. The forecast for the next 10 days is in the 40's and sunshine so I can't complain.

PAMH -- Oh, yes, I'll let her know how much you like the story. She also did a "ski story" called Black Diamond which is quite good. I'm still reading it, almost done.

TUF -- Like PamH says, we know something really nasty happened to cause Rob to be so cold towards NR. I've heard some stuff but since I don't know if it's true I'd be afraid to pass it on. Suffice it to say, let you imagination run wild, LOL.

I've got to go to bed. GOOD NIGHT, ALL!!!

tufenuf55 said...


I kept looking and looking for a pic I had seen a long time about Nikki arguing with Robert in what appeared to be a parking lot to a club (?) and guess where my research took me? Right here to Rose's blog. So I thing this is as close to the truth as we'll ever get. Here you go:


Holy said...

@Loui-belated happy b-day.

@Ginger-hey there.

tufenuf55 said...

think not "thing"

Holy said...

Gorgeous, pic.twitter.com/Meg0oUEBai , can you imagine Rob seeing this pic of Kristen years ago and wanted to meet her in person,and after meeting her, boom he full in love with the girl.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Pam - the info I have on her is very bias but after Twilight they stopped hanging out - she chased Rob hard and that ridiculous teen article she did that was supposed to be about him straight from the bowels of fan fiction hell. I don't think I have ever heard Rob say one nice word about Nikki and becomes a wall between her and Kristen when ever they were in the same room. You can tell there is no love lost between them, also there is tons of speculation that Nikki was feeding the nasty rumors about them and was Ted's source.

bluebee said...

Thank you Tuf and everyone else. In that pic Rob looks pissed and Nikki can't understand why lol. Possibly called paps again and Rob there called her out on it. But if she really was causing trouble then good thing they cut off ties with her. They don't need someone like that in their lives.

Topaz Emerald said...

Tuf, lol :) I am lmao at those old comments, hahaha. I really DO NOT think there was anything going on romantically between Rob and Nikki. I mean, he even has his hands behind his back in that one picture, and he looks stoned, hahaha. And Nikki's hand, who knows what the hell she was trying to do, lol, or how she really felt, but it never mattered. I really think he was desperately pining for Kristen and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited for her until he got what he wanted. If it is a fact that Nikki is close with Angarano, my speculation is he used Nikki's friendship to get to Kristen and didn't stop until he got her attention. He's stated many times in interviews before they got together that he is single and all the dating rumors are false. If you really feel deeply for someone, I don't really think you would actually get romantically involved with someone else just to make them jealous, but you can make your friendship with the insignificant other appear romantic to the one that you're really pining after. hahaha, this is so funny.

tufenuf55 said...

I got a good chuckle over it too!

gargamel said...

I'll never look at mcnuggets the same way again.
Square ...Flat...and Oily. I can't decide if it's Round or Square. But in the lab. we call it pleomorphic. Osbourne's got her assburn.

Topaz Emerald said...

Hahahahaha, I am doing homework and checking in every now and then and lmao at those comments, hahahaha. I need to shower and eat now, it is getting late for me.

Good night lovely people.

Robert and Kristen forever.

theruina277 said...

Happy Birthday Rose! this is my first time to post but I am a lurker here :)

Holy said...

@Ginger- hey,is this Suzie and Bear.

Bernie & Suzie :3

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Holy - I saw that earlier - I couldn't figure out where Bernie came from but the Bernie Mac makes lots of sense now

PamH said...

@ Ginger
Yeah, I remember back to all the Ted days, I used to look at his column back before all the haters and crazy people started taking over and took all the fun out of it, so I stopped going there.
There are a bunch of things I heard about Nikki too from that site and others. Some envolved her and MA in a MORE THAN FRIENDS kinda way while he was still with K, her wanting Kristen, her wanting Rob for herself and what he'd do for her career as a girlfriend. Plus she seems genuinely fake and that's just not the type of people RK make as long term friends.

Holy said...

@Ginger- ohhh,Bernie is adorable.

Carly said...

Happy Birthday, Rose!!

I must admit, I was not thrilled about the hair. while it seems to be the look she looks the most comfortable in, and she does rock it, I like the ocassions when her hair do is a bit more complicated. but I love the dress and her make up was flawless and her eyes ... overall, the more pics I look at, the more I'm of the opinion she looked stunning

love that she presented with Dan. and now I want them to do a movie together

there was a video of Kris and Eddie hugging, so cute

I'm suffering of Jennifer Lawrence overexposure. I have nothing much against the girl herself, but the double standards are grating

but it matters little because Kris looked awesome and smiley and we got to see her againa nd Rob is working on a new movie and they are together and happy and anything else is just white noise

beacullen said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Great post as usual. Thanks Rose!

PamH said...

@ Holy and Ginger
Maybe Suzie took care of her Neice and Nephew while K was at Oscars. She's wearing that same nail polish in a pic on her instagram and it says the 25th.
There's some good BTS screen caps on Robsten Dreams, I love the family hug and close ups of sexy faces..LOL

Anonymous said...


Thanks for you blog, I love it and appreciate you so much for creating it.

Happy Birthday to Holy too!!

One thought, there'll come a day when the press will turn on JL. I wish it wouldn't happen, but these horrible rags will do it for sure. As Rob said way back in 2008, "they want to tear you down really quick, just as quick as you came up".

Bearnie Pattinson said...

Have a wonderful birthday Rose! You are indeed a wise wise woman who stands up for rob and kristen. I give you billions of kudos for that. You are truly one and only.

Thhs post makes me so emotional. You caught the exact words from my heart. This was so spot on! The future is bright for both of them and nobody else can stop that. I wish them happiness, health, success and peace. They are always on my prayers. Have a good one Roselanders-! Bear and Bernie always on my heart.

RKP said...

Beautiful birthday wishes to you Rose!!

Annie said...

Morning all.
Artemisluvv: I could see that happening unfortunately but I wish JL the strength and fortitude that Kristen continues to show.

Intruth said...

Hey, good morning everyone!!! Great post, Rose! I just love the pics that go with your prose, and you say it all so well. I don't have the energy to be sensible with haters, so I'm glad you do!

Loved all the comments here! Thanks Tuf and Bluebell for asking the NR question. I've wondered, too, as someone who came into the fandom much later. And thanks especially, Tuf, for finding the Rose post. That was so informative! I've never seen that pic of Rob and NR!

Love Bernie on the floor with Suzie-- AWWW!

Have a super day, everyone!

Bearnie Pattinson said...

What a lovely pic of bernie and Suzie at the floor. What a family they are! It melts my heart how their friends really cared about our precious couple. How awesome and cool are all of them. Thanks for sharing the pic ladies and good morning all!

Pisteuo said...


You don't ever, ever, EVER piss Robert Pattinson off. I mean...E-V-E-R!!!

(hey, I got your back, dude)

Sorry Nikki, guess it's too late for you.

PamH said...

Yah, just got an email from WALMART that my DVDs is being shipped. I can't wait !!!!

KStew Krew said...

Rose, a very Happy Belated Birthday to you!!! I hope you had a fantastic day and all your wishes came true...especially those involving Mr. Tom...wink, wink!!!
Rose, you are the leader and defender of the R/K faith, and to that I bow to you my queen! All hale Rose!!!! Just an awesome job on the last several posts. Laughing my ass off and seriously pissing my pants. The ss ninnie did it for me! That particular post for me is #1 so far. Love that crazy humor of yours...you have an outlook on this couple that is, shall we say...unique! Love It!!!
So, Kristen at the Oscars...god hell yes I suffered through it too...was worth it to see Kristen. She is adorable and beautiful and courageous, and just simply devine. Head to toe delicious! It was really nice to see her and JL chatting it up...boo hoo haters. All I gotta say is that Daniel R. should have slowed his roll and helped Kristen out just a lil bit more...Rob would have..all I need to say there. DR was cute and it was nice to see them present together..he seemed to enjoy meeting her.
As for that witch of a jealous hag KO...what? what the fuck does she have against Kristen? Plz biotch have a seat cause no one cares what you think...go back to your AA meetings and your therapist. I think the drugs and alcohol have fried that pea brain. No, just let me beat that jealousy and hate right outta you and your other stooges on that show. Gross is all I can say about FP. Ugh..vomit.
As for Nikki Reed....(silence).Not worth a comment, but worth a word...famewhore.
I hope all of you that have been sick are recovering nicely. Warmer weather is just around the corner!
My computer crashed and I had no internet for awhile, so I am going to try to catch up on all the comments. So shout out to all of you and have a good day!

@Super Rn Gas Passer...are you a nurse? I am a nurse and I loved your name you post with.
@Ginger - you are a walking R/K dictionary...you need to write a R/K quiz book or blog....question of the day from Ginger!!!! See how many of us you can stump. Maybe Rose will let you post a Q here for us.
Thanks again Rose....hugs to ya girl!

PamH said...

Well according to Gossip Cop Joan Rivers had to have her turn on Letterman by making fun of Adele's weight. This coming from a woman who's had so much plastic surgery that I'd be afraid to go out in the sun for fear I'd be like the wicked witch from Oz...melting away

LIZZIED said...

TUF -- Please send me an email.

katy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
katy said...


Ikki probably as a restraining order, to keep her away from them.

This will forever be funny


Her...face. LOL

PamH said...

@ Katy
OMG that cracks me up every time to :) I think Nicks smile/smirk is priceless and her handler or assistant pulling her away.

Pisteuo said...

katy, I'm afraid you may have misunderstood my comment.

I have no desire to be part of a lynch mob.

I am the last person that should be throwing stones at anyone. However, I am working on perfection...just not there YET!

Anonymous said...

One more time for Rose HAPPY BIRTHDAY! dear one.

It always takes me a day or two to process your new blogs Rose. There is so much information there, and it gives me a lot to think about. I’m so glad you write them and that you are a force for justice and truth.

I’m feeling sad today for Kristen. I won’t let the sadness last long, but it is shocking how some of the media portray her so falsely, and how the haters behave on Twitter, Face Book, etc. These actions are real, and they do have an influence in our culture. I have a guy friend at work who said to me many months ago about Kristen “she never smiles”. He has been completely SOLD the whole hateful media created Kristen persona that is just NOT true and NOT real. Today I sent him a link to Rose’s blog; I hope it will help him see the truth. I have to remind myself not all the media is so hateful, and Kristen has many, many loyal friends, fans and defenders. Seeing all the Kristen fans around makes me feel happier again. I count myself now as one of her true blue, loyal fans.

Annie – You are so right, and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, but if it does happen she will need the fortitude and smiling patience that Kristen shows.

Tufe & bluebell – thanks for asking that question! I was burning with curiosity about the NR comment. Loved the never before seen photo of RP & NR and Rose’s blog too. Very interesting!

Anonymous said...

I must be crazy! Does anyone else think that the back of Rob's neck in the new banner is very sexy?

It's all the fault of BD2 where they show that close up of his neck in the sex scene!

I'll be at Target at 8 AM on Sat. to get the DVD. I might go to Walmart too, I can't decide between the 2 special editions, I might have to get both.

tufenuf55 said...


Hilarious! Even Nick was trying to hold back a laugh about it!.

katy said...


I am sorry, that was me trying to be funny...and failing.

I hope all is well with you. :)

tufenuf55 said...


I have notice Rob's cute moles on either side of his neck from the beginning and I am crazy in love with them!! lol

Pisteuo said...

Oh gosh katy, don't be sorry. Everything is fine.

I was just being goofy about warning Jen. not to end up on the wrong side of Rob's fans like Nikki had the misfortune of doing.

Anonymous said...

Tufenuf - Glad I'm not the only one! LOL! When I saw that shot in BD2, I just thought ... Well it wasn't really thinking as much as feeling ... omg the gorgeous neck of a gorgeous English man! Loved it!

Anonymous said...

Hey I am home. Sorry I didn't get home til about lunchtime. And also had to stop at Smiths to get some stuff for Lasagna.

Anonymous said...

So anything new. Now what is the problem. First Hollywood Life or say hollywood lies, Suns, and not OK. Saything they are not together. I hope its not true. Thank goodness for Gossip Cop.

Anonymous said...

Hi Arleen - Lasagna sounds good. I haven't heard anything new. I'm sure it's just more lies. No reason for any drama he's still working in Australia. His film doesn't finish until sometime in the middle of March.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wish he tell those idiots off. And stand up for her. I know he is working. But he must do something.

Pisteuo said...

Neck moles huh? Wow, fuck me...I need to get out more. Damn, what have I been missing???

Oh God!! Somebody STOP me before I give in to sinful temptations!!

Oh yes! Praise Gossip Cop! Some really fine folks there!

Now I'm off...for a long while. I gotta go purge my sinful self!!

Anonymous said...

Arleen - If you go back and read Rose's blog, most of the writing in the color red are things that Rob has said in defense of Kristen and criticizing the websites that desk in hate. He has spoken a lot about it, in a very professional and admirable way. We all feel that way, but no one has come up with a way to do anything about it because its considered "freedom of speech".

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the typo I meant "deal in hate"

Christina said...

Happy Birthday Rose!
Never stop sending the world waves of love & positivity!

Anonymous said...

The Joan Rivers panel with Kelly Osborne left me mad as hell. I have never liked that harpie and now I down right despise her. She is a vile, cruel, jealous bitch who is the Queen of Mean girls. Other sites are talking about it and sadly, some are enjoying the hell out of it. I don't get it; when will Kristen's people finally draw the line and fight back? I am disgusted and saddened to think that this poor kid might lose her career and her public appeal because of vapid bitches like Joan Rivers, who is certainly old enough to know better. Twice over. But who is there for Kristen? Her fans? Yes. But where are her people? I think it's time for someone to step up to the plate and stop this hatred. It's already out of control.
Sorry for the rant. I just needed to well, vent, I guess. I feel very protective of this girl.

Holy said...

Greetings everyone.

@artemisluw- thank you my dear.

@katy- I remember that video.Yep she want a pic with Rob,but was blocked by the BG and Nick.LOL.

@Ginger-hey there.

allyt said...

Hi Frannie

I agree with everything that you said , this level of hate frankly is ridiculous and out of hand and it is particularly sad to me because K. did not want this, she has always said that she wanted to be a working actress, not a superstar and often strove to stay out of the limelight however the media thrust she and R into the spotlight unwillingly and then attempts to "take her down" even though she had no desire to stand in the spotlight aside from her job!! Its crazy, unfair and sadistic but she will rise never doubt it, they could not stop her in July and they cant stop her now, but don't you know even though JL is the new star they are stuck on Kristen!

Super RN Gas Passer said...


ROSE. I loved the post...YES !!!! She was lovely, I loved the dress, YES, she looks magnificent in red, but, it's hard for her to look bad in anything...in short she has a Barbie doll figure and can wear whatever she wants and it will look damn good...YES I'm jealous ! Hahaha and for whatever it's worth, Im glad I don't look to KellyO and Joan R for fashion advise!!!!!

K STEW KREW. Yep I'm a nurse. As I often describe it, I gas people in the morning and then I shoot them up in the Afternoon....what a life...well it is interesting. I've been a nurse anesthetist for more years than I really want to admit to and then I have a med spa business with my daughter and I go over there and shoot people up with Botox and other wonderful things...lol.


DK. Wherefore art thou, DK?

Intruth said...

Great to see you here, Super!!! Your job does sounds interesting... hopefully you never have to work on Joan Rivers, LOL!

I'm enjoying all the comments, peeps. Keep them coming!

@Arleen, please, please don't ever pay attention to the gossip sites and mags. They totally make stuff up. They are ALWAYS saying R/K broke up, had a fight, one day, then married or having a baby the next. It's just complete fiction! They write whatever just to get readers. They have no legitimate sources, they know nothing and less than nothing about Rob and Kristen. It'll make your life happier if you just stay away from those sites. Or at least know that they are 100 percent unreliable.
Hugs to you, Arleen. You seem like such a sweetie :)

LIZZIED said...

FRANNIE and ARLEEN -- I feel very protective of R & K (old enough to be their grandmother, LOL). AND, while I hate the haters (on both sides tho it seems much worse for Kristen) I don't think there's anything that we can do about it. We can defend her when given the opportunity, we can be positive here on this blog and some others and that's about it.

As for Rob "doing something" or saying something .. I truly believe that it would only make things worse. We are not dealing with rational people here so nothing sensible or rational is going to help. Last summer, it was admirable of Jodi Foster to post such a wonderful article in defense of Kristen and I do believe that may have changed a few minds. BUT, I think that we, the ones who already loved her, are the ones who got the most out of that article. We were so pleased that someone with "clout" was speaking out against the haters.

I believe that Rob & Kristen AND their families and their friends have determined which path to take regarding their lives and their careers and I think they will stick with it. I can't help but remember the interview from a couple of years ago where Kristen said she wouldn't admit any relationship because people/media would always want more details. Nothing that they do will ever make everyone happy so they just have to please themselves and be true to themselves.

I imagine that all this "hate" that we hear about and see written bothers us more than it does them.

I wish we could do more to let Kristen and Rob know that we love them and care about them AND their feelings. Maybe one of their friends will stop by here sometime and let them know about us.

LIZ IN LALA LAND --- TWIRLING .... we have to keep twirling ...

LIZZIED said...

SUPER -- Hi, heard you might get a few flurries this weekend!!! We'll get quite a bit up here in the mountains. I'm glad we're having a REAL winter this year. Will make spring that much sweeter.

HELLO TO EVERYONE HERE TONIGHT --- I have reading and editing to do so I'll just stop by and lurk ...

Topaz Emerald said...

oh my god, look at the close up of the ring on her index finger next to her gold ring :)


Topaz Emerald said...

people can stare, judge, and try to tear her apart, but they won't break her....

courage and breathtaking beauty....


Topaz Emerald said...

gorgeous dress, gorgeous back, and beautiful red hair.....

look at the background, do you know why people look at her? Because she's beautiful....


Topaz Emerald said...

you can't break me bitches.....I'm Kristen Stewart. Kiss my sweet ass!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Lizzied. I needed that. Now I waiting for hour for my lasagna in the oven to cook. I also forgot earlier when I introduce myself I forgot to mention on my other music I also Expose. I don't know if you ever heard of them. I still into 80's and 90's. Can't forget them.

Topaz Emerald said...

stop reading gossip sites people, only focus on the positive. Look forward to only news about her movies, ignore the garbage. She is living her life, no amount of hateful garbage will define her. Bless her.

Anonymous said...

Intruth I have not read it gossip site. I can't them anyways.

tufenuf55 said...


I notice the ring right away and figured it was on loan, along with the necklace, for her to wear on Oscar night. Both were really pretty on her.

DreamerKind said...

Hark! I art here but mostly hath been there, for the past two days of running, shopping, barely stopping.
Have read comments without remarking, being too worn out to utter one thing, let alone sing along with a song for long. :)

Ya, ya, I gotcha. You got me, babe.

Sinners are we, one and all, whenever Rob's moles, warts, toes or nose, pose!

LIZZIED said...


THANKS for all those lovely pics. I have to say that the ring was beautiful but the close-up of that dress is breathtaking .. the amount of work involved, OMG ...

And the last pic showing those gorgeous green eyes ... amazing and confident.

ARLEEN -- Sometimes, we ALL need to remind each other to stay positive. ROSE does it the best. She always seems to know what we are feeling and addresses those feelings ... that's why we're here, right?

Intruth said...

Oh, Arleen, sorry... I thought you were saying you read what Hollywood Life and the Sun wrote about them. I consider those gossip rags/sites.
But anyway... just trying to be encouraging. Rob and Kristen are fine If they ever are no longer together, none of the "entertainment" magazines will have "inside information", I'm pretty sure.

Hugs and waves to everyone!

Topaz Emerald said...

Liz, you're welcome. I avoid all negativity now. I only come here, and to Tempest's site Do I Dazzle You, and sometimes to Robsten Dreams. I never google their names anymore because it only brings up garbage. Yes, her green eyes are so amazing and can intimidate anyone and that dress is my favorite she's ever worn. She looked like a swan princess. The details of that dress, front, back, side, train, just perfection. Her hair = naturally gorgeous, no need to put it up or anything.

Anonymous said...

Intruth_I use too before and during Rob is away in Austia. Working. I use to have Hollywood Life on email. Now that I spam them. Each time they pop up on my spams. I go to gossip cop to make sure. And thank you gossip cop. I have started hated Hollywood Life. And I still do. They don't know when to quit. At first they saying nice things about them. But then to me they became trouble.

Anonymous said...

Well thanks to you and Justice for Kristen start may me realize its all but gossip. Unless if I heard from news or others like Access or Extra. Then I would know. But I really hate bad news.

LIZZIED said...

ARLEEN -- No matter which rag mag ... it's all about money. Whatever they have to do to sell that rag, they'll "entice" people with a LIE on the cover and then use the words like supposed and alleged and all that garbage.

Personally, I believe the reason that the Oscars had such a large audience was because so many of us wanted to see Kristen. I'm sure that pulled in at least a million, maybe more.

Holy said...

Kristen will continue getting work and she's not going anywhere.The media will continue to talk about her because she matters,plus they're getting hits each time her name were attached.

I don't think that ring was a loan.They mentioned about her necklace that it's Fred Leighton but I don't think they mentioned her ring.

tufenuf55 said...


HL reports Kristen wore a Fred Leighton rose gold and old mine diamond navette shaped ring, circa 1900. HL said it looked like her Bella engagement ring.

So don't know if this is accurate considering the source. It doesn't look like Bella's engagement ring to me. What do you think?

LIZZIED said...

TUF -- I think it resembles Bella's engagement ring, certainly along the same oval design ... very interesting. Geez, next thing you know we'll be looking for a code and some "underlying" message to that ring. Perhaps it was just pretty? AND, because it was gold, it looked really nice next to her ring.

tufenuf55 said...


It looks a little flatter and more pointy on each end. But I haven't found a really good pic of it, so can't tell.

tufenuf55 said...

Ok, found a great pic and it is definitely not the Bella engagement ring. Once again, the rags are trying to start rumors. They are so wrong about everything...it's just sooo funny!


Atticus said...

@Arleen, Frannie, LIZZIED, everyone...I, too, am concerned with the recent digusting, abhorrent, malicious, unjustified, undeserving (not enough words in the dictionary) hate for Kristen, but there is something we can do. Make sure you go to the theatres to see her and Rob's movies. Make your hard earned money count at the box office. Money talks and bullshit walks.

tufenuf55 said...


You are so right! And that is what I've been doing since the beginning. Even got their older movies.

Atticus said...

@tufenuf55, Yay! :) :) :)

Ginger with a Soul said...

Evening Ladies and lurking Rob

@Holy waves back

gemnoir said...

I made the fatal mistake of watching Fasion police after Oscars. I was appalled at the venom spewed toward KS. I must say Joan Rivers is a hypocritical witch. She takes every opportunity to make slut jokes. As a women you would think she would support a young girl who made a mistake with an older man who should have known better. But Joan takes the easy target and spread her venom all over Kristen.

I am purely a Rob fan but she is quickly making me protective of Kristen.

I really wish I could give Joan and the 3 stooges a piece of my mind, they have no right to judge anyone. Joan looks like Mrs. Haversham's older sister, Kelly looks like Bozo the clown's deranged sister, Rancic with her receding hairline gives Olive Oyl a run for the money and I won't even comment on Joan's cackling butt monkey to her left. Yes I stooped to their level and I can't feel bad about myself.

Kristen made her mistake but she doesn't deserve the hate. I hope she excels her future projects.

Holy said...

@Ginger- hey how are you?

@Tuf- is Bella engagement ring silver?I don't remember.But we are all going to have fun talking about that ring.LOL.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Holy - good getting ready to crash for the night - work and the kids are keeping me on my toes and on better behavior :)

Anonymous said...

Anymore news on Rob and Kristen?

tufenuf55 said...


It seems like in the book, it was made of platinum, but for the movie it was silver made to look like platinum.

tufenuf55 said...

Good night, Ginger. Sleep well.

Annie said...

The hate that Kristen gets doesn't define her, it defines the people who spew it.

People like Rivers, Osbourne and Rancic want people to notice them at any cost.

When I look at Joan Rivers and I have seen her in person, I think of mutton trying very hard to disguise itself as lamb.
Kelly Osbourne falls right in there as well.

Anonymous said...

DreamerKind & Pisteuo - I’m also in the sinner crowd, I can’t help it!
Pisteuo - The Happy Birthday video with Rob and the Twilight stuff was GREAT!

Holy – You’re welcome! That was a nice picture of Kristen wow! & the picture of Bernie and Suzie is priceless.

Joan Rivers sucks - I used to like her many years ago, but now I just switch the channel as fast as I can when I see her face. Way to go, make fun of Adele’s weight. What a career she has based on hurting others.

Omg that video is incredible! I have to save that!! I don’t know where you guys find this stuff . Was that his bodyguard that blocked her? And his manager smiles at her whole reaction. Wow! And Rob just focuses and goes on with his interview. Wow!!! That was true drama. I loved it.

Super Gas P - Hi back to you!

Lizzied – I agree with you, I don’t think there is much that can be done about it. There’s a documentary about Elton John, and in one part of it they talk about him suing “The Sun” for libel. He won the lawsuit, but the cost was heavy, and they attacked him and his friends continuously for 6 months before the law suit was settled.

Topaz - Thanks for the pictures, the ring is gorgeous and seeing the dress up close is amazing. So much hand sequin detailing!

AND anyone who can manage a strapless dress with sequins, beading and a train with netting in crutches is amazing!!!!!! Kristen was absolutely, fantastically amazing.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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tufenuf55 said...

Well girls and boys, I've enjoyed the banter today, but must go to bed and get some much needed sleep. Hope to talk with you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Me too soon. I am snuggle with my cat her name is Angel we got from the shelters. she keeps me company at night. Plus she is keeping my legs warm. I didn't know cats have a body heat.

Holy said...

@Ginger/Tuf- good night.

Anonymous said...

I need to get some zzz. Because I have to volunteer tomorrow at elementary school for reading program. Then run errands then home. Later.

Topaz Emerald said...

Just seen some cute Daniel Radcliffe and Kristen Oscar rehearsal pics at Robsten Dreams. I looked up the height of Dan, he is 5'5". Online, it says that K is 5'6". Well, just look at the pics.


She is more like 5'4", my height. I never thought she was that tall, just average height.

30 said...

Hi Super! :)

30 said...

I forgot to add Kristen's dress was AMAZING. How it did not end up in the best dress list is beyond me if only one day after I have this baby and lose OH 50 pounds I could just "maybe" fit into that.

In my dreams. ha ha ha!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to stop by quickly before I leavwe for work to say thank you for making me feel welcome here! RPI is refreshingly supportive, unlike another board I belong to. Ahem.

Have a great day everyone!

Intruth said...

@Frannie, it is nice here! Have a good day at work!

LIZZIED said...


It's snowy and windy here in the NC mountains but could be a LOT worse, right Ginger?

TOPAZ -- Just saw the rehearsal pics, OMG, Kristen was radiant. Anyone who sees those pics cannot even fathom that her and Rob are not happy. She was such a trooper with her injured foot ... SHE WILL WIN IN THE END!!!


tufenuf55 said...


Kristen did make People's 12 best dresses at the Oscars. Yea!!!

Anonymous said...

Good morning all you Roselanders!

30 - Congrats on your coming bundle of joy.

Frannie - I agree, Roseland is a great place.

Topaz - thanks for another great pic! I didn't realize DR & KS would be spending rehearsal time together. That makes his nice comment about Kristen really meaningful.

I feel so excited for the last couple of days. Maybe it's because of the DVD release in less than 48 hours. I think at Walmart I can buy it at midnight on Friday. But it's more than that, I feel like something good with R&K is about to happen. Hope I'm right.

Have a great day everyone. I have to go to work and NOT read RPI all day from work today! All you sweet people with your great comments, videos, pics and amazing R&K historical info are so distracting!! Plus, I always have to re-read Rose's blog a few times and gaze at the great pics and gifs there too. Luv you guys! Bye for now.

Anonymous said...

Tufenuf Thank you! That Kristen made top 12 best dressed at People my day.


tufenuf55 said...

TOR website had this news: Madeleine Stowe states Rob no longer tied to Unbound Captives.
“I love Rob so much, but he is now a man!” said Madeleine. “And he was kind of a boy when we first got into this film, so we are on the hunt for a new Phineas right now, that is the piece of casting we are concerned about because Rachel Weisz is a part of the film as well. Thank you so much for asking.”

Anonymous said...

I wish I could send Kristen and Rob balloons for water balloons to throw at Paps. For invaded their privacy. You know what they say about water and camera don't mix.

Anonymous said...

Its 9 degrees here in Logan, Utah. It freezing this morning. But I did my morning walk to the school and back. But when I got home my glasses were fogged up. My legs almost freezing burn. But it worth it to get exercise.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Morning Ladies and Mr. Robert

So it has been a very interesting 24 hours hasn't it. Anne Hathaway is being absolutely crucified for being too happy, Kristen for not being happy enough yet Jennifer Lawrence is being toted as adorable for getting caught flipping someone off, smoking weed and hugging a girl all of which has made Kristen a pothead, ungrateful, gay, and Anne annoying. I have nothing against Jennifer but this double standard stuff is getting so thick wader boots aren't even working anymore. The media will turn on Jen it is a very sad given but in the mean time wait for me while I gag a little or maybe a lot.

LIZZIED said...

GINGER -- LOL -- LOVE YOUR WORDS!!! Unfortunately, you are so right. I hadn't read or heard about JLaw smoking pot, oh well!!!

ARTE -- I think you are right --- there is something good coming ... probably just Rob coming home ... only a couple of weeks hopefully. Or, maybe I'm wrong and Kris will join him down under and they can do some sightseeing. I'm just guessing that he's ready to go home for a while.

ARLEEN -- Good for you getting your walk in at 9 degrees. Skiing I will do but probably not walking, LOL.

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