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or similarity to any person living or dead
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Monday, April 6, 2015

Monday Chatter

I get a lot of emails.
I'm not sure why.
75% are pretty nice.
(so you see... there is hope for our future)

But yeah...
25% are pretty nasty.
Or amusing.
Depending on how you look at them.
I choose to laugh
because what else can you do when
you get stuff like this?

"What's the matter, Rose?
Are you crying on your Edward pillow?
Rob and Tahliah are engaged!
Eat it, Bitch!"

"Poor Rose. Her Robsten heart
must be broken!
Rob and Kristen
will never EVER get back together!"

"How do you feel about 
Rob and Twigs engagement?"

Oh my.
I suppose I should be crying and upset?
Not even CLOSE.
Why would I be?
My initial reaction was laughter.
Well it was.
It was leaked on April Fools Day.
But everyone and my grandmother
pretty much think its true.
Is it?
Who knows.
I guess we wait for the epic announcement
that Rob will never make.
(or will he?)
Because when has he ever talked about his personal life?
Maybe keep our eyes on Twigs ring finger
to see if a giant rock suddenly appears...

Watch to see if she starts carrying
around BRIDES magazine.
Hold out hope for bachelor party pics
(And who wouldn't want to see those!!)
(Will Tom be the BEST man??)
And seriously the most awesome thing about 
this whole thing has been
Ol' Patty!
Gotta love it! 

I will be perfectly honest.

I'm actually glad that Rob and Kristen
aren't together right now.
Truth is truth.
The whole "Robsten" thing
must have been very hard to deal with.
And let's face it...
they were known for their relationship
a lot more than their work.
So now...
Kristen has been focused on her career
and when they talk about her...
thats what is the core of the discussion.
It's paid off. Big time.

Rob has been working on his career, too
getting interesting roles...
but the media seems intent on focusing
on his relationship with Twigs.
How does that saying go...
out of the frying pan - into the fire.

Like Kristen recently said in THR:

 "I love what I do and so it's worth protecting," 
she says, adding, "Hopefully, one day people's
 priorities will shift a little bit." 
After a pause, she adds,
 "Unfortunately, onto somebody else."

But I'm happy for Rob.
I'm happy for Kristen.
They appear to be happy.
They are both obviously
 where they want to be.
And it's all good.

"HAHA! Rose!
Kristen was in the picture with Rob!
Open your eyes!"

"You don't visit your ex on a photo shoot.
You don't wear your ex's clothes.
They are married.
They have a daughter.
This is FACT."

I just want to type
It would be so easy to do.
But I shall refrain.
For now.

According to those who are desperately
clinging to the bosom of someone else's relationship
That person in the background
of Rob's Dior photoshoot

drum roll please

None other than our very own
Kristen Jaymes Stewart!
Imagine that!
Kristen hanging around with Rob
in public
with lots and lots of people
and cameras around...
And hey
NOT ONE PERSON noticed her!
How did she do it??

I mean...
in the picture 
there are two people just crossing the street.
It doesn't look like they are hiding
or running
or trying to not be noticed.
So how in the world
did EVERYONE miss that she was there?
Because she wasn't.
I'm really sorry...
But it's been almost 2 years
Not 2 days
Not 2 weeks
Not 2 months
Since Rob and Kristen have been pictured together
And you don't think ANYONE would have noticed
Kristen nonchalantly hanging around Rob?

"Rose, why don't you ever talk about 
Rob's work? You seem to be all about Kristen"

"Change the name of your blog!
Why are you using Rob's name
to promote Kristen??"

"Don't pretend to like Kristen
its obvious you only care about Rob"

"Fans of ~both don't exist.
If you like Rob why do you talk to Rob haters?"

"Your blog should be TOMSTUintoxication"

"Why do you only defend Kristen?"
"Why don't you talk about Alicia?
Does she upset you?"

"Why do you ignore Twigs?"

1. Whew.
If I had a dollar for every time
some anonymous egg
or "Rob Only" Mommy
asked me to change the title of my blog...
It's not going to happen.
I'm kinda fond of the name.
I've had it for over 6 years.
And just the fact that it chaps your ass
and you keep obsessing over it...
Makes it highly entertaining as well.

2. And I talk about Rob's work.
I talk about Kristen's work.
But I don't keep up to date on all their projects...
I don't have the time.
I am lucky if i post once a week.
So if someone is looking for daily news
on their projects
Go to KStewartFans or RPLife.
Both excellent blogs.
I do know that they are BOTH doing some
interesting cool projects
that I am eagerly looking forward to
And that 2015 is going to continue to be great!

3. I don't ignore Alicia or Twigs.
I just don't care about them.
What can I say?
I wouldn't know who either of them are
if it wasn't for who they hung around with.
And I'm not about to pretend that I'm 
interested in Twigs just because Rob is dating her.
I can't tell you just how indifferent I am.
And lordy... Its WONDERFUL.
I want to say I will never ship again...
As soon as you say never...
something happens.
Let's just say...
I'm on a break.

4. Do I talk to Rob 'haters'?
Kristen 'haters'?
I don't see it that way.
I'm not on twitter enough to know what
people are saying on all topics.
I don't police what the people I follow talk about.
I don't go foraging thru everyone's tweets
making sure they are following some absurd
fandom guidelines.
I'm not the fandom police.
Neither are you.
I talk to people I find interesting.
who make me smile.
who make me think.
I follow all sorts of people.
I don't necessarily like all of them...
But I follow them for a reason.
As for following 'haters'?
I look at it as people who are...
perhaps disappointed in Rob/Kristen
at the moment.
And that's OK.
I don't care if people agree with me
or don't see things the same way.
They don't have to like everything I do
for me to want to talk to them.
I still adore BOTH Rob and Kristen.
 I don't hate anyone.
And thats the bottom line.
I stand behind MY words.
I'm not responsible for what anyone
else has to say.

This post is brought to you by

Nicholas Hoult!

 I will now get accused of loving him
more than Rob
and how I should change the blog name
to NICintoxication
or some such tripe.
But the truth is?
I just like the guy.
And he's all kinds of cute.
And hey?
If it annoys some people that I talk about him?
That's just the icing on the cake.

And of course...
This blog is always brought to you by

my enduring adoration of Thomas Sturridge.

EFFIE came out this past week...
Go see it if you can.
Look at him.
Beardy shaggy Tom
for the win!

and final thought

Until next time

Bye for now


MG said...

As always Rose, right on the money! I wish people would stop with all of their negativity & just plain evilness.Be fans of both or be fans of either one. Enjoy their projects, go see their movies, but please stop obsessing with their private lives. At the end of the day none of us know shit, & whatever thoughts we have on their choices, they don't affect them. So enjoy the rise of seeing them being the best they can be at what they want to be. JMO

MG said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DreamerKind said...

Feeling this, Rose!

"I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it."

-Groucho Marx

DreamerKind said...

Chardonnay may have increased tenfold tonight's happy! Por que no?

Cheers to Rose, Kristen, Rob, Tom, Smitty, Gruff, Syd and elephants everywhere.

DreamerKind said...

For Rose who filled the silence


Rod McKuen/Listen here:

The night on little cat feet
Is running down the day
What is left of summer
Is miles and miles away

But I never minded winter
I guess I always knew
I'd turn some windy corner
And find you

The hill above the highway
Has gone from gold to brown
The loneliness of evening
Has settled on the town

But I never minded evening
I guess I always knew
I'd step down in the darkness
And find you

Of times and seasons
I've never been afraid
Because I knew that you
Were there
I've never been afraid

The old house now is silent
Silent as a sigh
It's been that way since yesterday
When you said goodbye

But I never minded silence
That is before I knew
How loud and noisy silence is
When there's no more you

lemoine idiane said...

Comme un oiseau sur le fil, comme un ivrogne dans une chorale de minuit, je ai essayé dans ma manière d'être libre. Comme un poisson sur un crochet, comme un chevalier de certains vieux livre façonné je ai sauvé tous mes rubans pour toi. Si je, été méchant, je espère que vous pouvez simplement laisser, laisser passer. Si je, ai été infidèle Je espère que vous savez que ce ne était jamais à vous. Comme un oiseau libre comme un oiseau libre Comme un bébé, tout le monde mort-né, comme une bête avec sa corne, je ai déchiré qui a atteint pour moi. Mais je jure par cette chanson et par tout ce que je ai fait de mal, je ferai tout jusqu'à toi. ne pleure pas plus ne pleure pas ce est terminé, oh ce est fini, il; s été payé Comme un oiseau libre comme un oiseau libre comme un oiseau libre comme un oiseau libre comme un oiseau libre comme un oiseau libre comme un oiseau libre que (gratuit) ne pleure pas (gratuit) ne pleure pas (gratuit) Comme un oiseau sans un oiseau libre comme un oiseau (gratuit) sur le fil, (gratuit) comme un ivrogne (gratuit) dans une chorale de minuit (gratuit ) Merci à pox1358 gratuits pour ces paroles

Joyeux anniversaire, Kristen <3

...a fan said...

I read this post as if I was reading a novel. You had my full attention. I've never said this to a fandom blogger before, but if we knew each other in real life, we'd be friends. I enjoy your mind, your way with words, your rationality. And I say all of this believing that was Kristen at the Dior shoot (just saying). But you won't delete me for my disagreement just as I must speak up when I think you are misrepresented. I don't care if Rob is engaged to Twigs, in my opinion if it is true, good for him, I think he traded down. I don't care if Kristen is with a woman, as long as she is happy. I am thrilled for what is happening to her career though - and that is what I will focus on. You're a nice lady Rose and I love reading your words. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

About the whole "shipping" thing honestly Rob and Kristen are probably the best ship ever. I love the Twilight book and Edward and Bella and what luck that we all got a real romance from Rob and Kristen. However, Rob and Kristen's romance wasn't just run of the mill honestly it was pretty epic. And I for one will have trouble seeing them with anybody else for forever am just telling the truth. So that is the romantic side of me talking.
The practical side of me knows that things don't always work out and that I want these two remarkable people to enjoy their lives and be happy with whomever they chose to be with and whatever they chose to do professionally. So...yeah I'm torn.
The biggest problem is that you almost can't get away from tabloid crap on the me I've tried. Without even my doing I see headlines on Yahoo about Rob and Twigs and Kristen not caring about who he is with. ACK!
I just go with the flow no matter what pictures are posted because until we know for sure what is real all is up for speculation.
I have days that I wish they'd just come out and tell everyone and let it be done. But yeah I know not gonna happen.
And @MG there are people out there that know the truth they just aren't talking.

ADD said...

For me it's a relief that I couldn't care less about R and K's private life. Zero interest...nada.
I'm just happy that Kristen is more productive on her break than I am--when I'm 100% working. LOL.

live guest said...

A said Rob traded down. Do you think Kristen traded down also? You can't say one without saying the other, not fair.

silvermau said...

live guest, if I may, one does not automatically mean the other.A bit like apples and oranges in my book.a fan is entitled to his/her opinion without reading into to it provocatively-IMHO.
I on the other don't feed into any of it.If it comes out of a rag,tab,entertainment tv, etc. it is immediately suspect and resembles what comes out of the back end of all carbon life-forms. How many times has Jennifer A.been preg.?How often in the last 3-4 month is George C getting divorced already? I just enjoy R and K and wait. I will not feed on lies and fabrications = un-sheep-like of me for sure

Barb said...

@ a fan Wow you read my mind!
@ Rose Thank you!

Happy Birthday Kristen!

live guest said...

Pictures of Rob and T driving in a Ford Fusion yesterday out and about. They already look like an old married couple. I can't understand all the hate that has been directed toward this woman just because she is dating Rob. The interviews that I have listened to her talk, she has worked very hard for her music career. Why does she not deserve to be happy like everyone else. It's not up to us to try to pick and chose who we want for Rob. That is up to him and him alone so I leave him to his personal life and concentrate on his new films coming up.

...a fan said...

@ live guest

I would view Kristen's new choice (should it be the truth) as a lateral move.

Though I never speak ill of FKA, I have yet to find the attraction. I remain foremost, a fan of Kristen's.

DreamerKind said...


Filming of "Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk" starting soon!


I'm alive!

Hannah Pennick said...

Rose you have a thankless task here because no matter what you say someone is going to disagree with you. But you have always been true to yourself in your opinions.

And while my opinions are not the same as yours I can still admire you for sticking to your beliefs and letting others express their own as they pleased.

It's a mess that only time can sort out. Because there are two separate agenda going and some are going to be right and some
are going to end up wrong.

As for me just so they end up happy I'm fine with that.

I am looking forward to Rob and Guy Pearce in the western Brimstone. I might even get my older brother to finally go see a Robert Pattinson movie.

At times I'm like wake me when it's over. Then sometimes people say such asinine things I have to respond.

I've been reading you for years and I still keep up. I just don't say much. Now that Do I Dazzle You has disappeared that might change.

Have a good evening and best wishes for you and your..H

DreamerKind said...

Well said! Would love some regular company here on RPI although I am usually posting on the late, late shift. Happy day!

DreamerKind said...

Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)

George Harrison (1973)

Listen here

Give me love
Give me love
Give me peace on earth

Give me light
Give me life
Keep me free from birth

Give me hope
Help me cope, with this heavy load
Trying to, touch and reach you with,
heart and soul

Please take hold of my hand, that
I might understand you
Won't you please
Oh won't you?

Thanks to/nowhereman113

DreamerKind said...

It's obvious she said

Be Here Now

Ray LaMontague:

Don't let your mind get weary
And confused
Your will be still
Don't try

Don't let your heart get heavy, child,
Inside you
There's a strength that lies

Don't let your soul get lonely child,
It's only time
It will go by

Don't look for love in faces, places
It's in you
That's where you'll find

Be here now, be here now
Be, be here now
Here now

Don't lose your faith in me
And I will try not
To lose faith in you

Don't put your trust in walls
'Cause walls will only crush you
When they fall

Be, be here now
Be here now
Here now

Thanks to/M O S T L Y strings

Hannah Pennick said...

Dreamerkind..Those are some pretty words you've given us.

Well another day has passed in this crazy mixed up fan world.

Sometimes I wonder what this will all come to, in the end. Everyone has an opinion it seems and Rob and Kristen are like opinion magnets.

Either that or it really is more fulfilling and fun keeping track of Rob and Kristen's life than managing their own.

It makes me want to repeat one of those old reality check questions like, "Have you hugged your kid today?" "Or were you too busy arguing the merits of Twigs versus

It's all so irrelevant anyway; as if what we think is of any consequence in the business of Rob and Kristen/Rob and Twigs.

Toast is burning and pots are boiling over while we try to figure out who deserves Rob.


I threw a feast today just because I could. Invited family then neighbors. I still have left overs.

No toast was burned, No pots boiled over. I told three people I loved them and hugged four. I sent left overs home with whoever was interested.

But here I am talking to you at 4:30AM about Rob and Kristen. Night shift messes with my sleep pattern. At some point RK became something to pass the time with.
Yeah, I'm a little weird too.

Well it's been good talking to you. Goodnight Dreamerkind.

DreamerKind said...


Glad you celebrate your life, too. I had to get up early (for me) today, so was not here in the wee smalls. Call me DK, as most do. Happy day!