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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rob and Kristen- Walking and Twirling

This is me.
This is me twirling.
And twirling.
And twirling.


Need I go on?

I'm loving this.
I'm all melty and swoony
Robert Pattinson
I'm STILL intoxicated!
What's going on today? 
Let's see...

Is it true?
Will Kristen really be at the Met Gala?
The MET Costume Institute Gala Benefit will be on May 2nd in NYC.
 The day before the WFE London premiere...
Things that make you go HMMMMMMM.

And there are already sightings of Kristen in NYC
and L.A.
And London.
And Paris.
And well... you get the point.

Is Kristen in L.A. with Bear?
Will she fly to NYC for the Mets Gala?
Will she still show up in London?
Where IS she right now?
I gotta be honest...
I love the speculation.
And I'm not gonna lie...
I have a HUGE smile on my face.
*This just in:*
RTL interview from Berlin premiere.
Rob was asked "Where is you girlfriend?"
His answer?
"She's back in L.A., Yeah."

Let the Foaming begin!

EW does it again!
Don't they look wonderful?
Aren't they all dreamy and sweet?

And of course...
This is all Summit and Kristen trying to sabotage WFE.
Um. OK.

You know what?
Movie studios plug their movies.
Lots of them are doing it right now in fact.
Are they ALL trying to sabotage WFE?
Or is that just Summit?
I see lots of commercials about other movies...
I see other actors talking about other movies...
I see a lot of magazine covers and articles
about other movies.
How come I didn't see it before??
Summit and Kristen RULE THE WORLD! 

Give me a break.
Do you think that Rob wants BD to fail?
Seeing Rob on magazine covers
doesn't hurt WFE.
Kristen isn't in competition with Rob.
And its not a huge conspiracy against WFE.
Crazy fringe lunatics are Crazy.

 Oh yeah.
Still TWIRLING!!!!
Still SMILING!!!!

I say you might as well get used to it.
Because it seems that Robert is more inclined to talk 
about his girlfriend
kiss his girlfriend
hold hands with his girlfriend now.
And that would be...

I just feel like laughing all damn day.
My stomach actually hurts.
I've been trying to finish this post since 9am
but since Twitter exploded with Rob
admitting his girlfriend was back in L.A.
to his showing up at the Paris Premiere for WFE
Looking all dreamy and shiny...

This has been a helluva day, Folks.
A helluva day.

Come twirl with me!

Someone on Twitter asked me what the foam index was today

Foam index: HIGH ALERT! 
Proceed with caution.
Be aware of your surroundings. 
The Foam is highly toxic and extremely BITTER!
Avoid contact with the skin
as it will BURN!

Let's be careful out there!

This post is brought to you by the letter *G*

Rob's girlfriend is in L.A., Yeah.

G for GREAT!
It's been a great day to Twirl!

G for Gorgeous

 Just because.

G for Goodbye
I'm sorry if this post is all rambling and out of sorts.
But its just the way I feel today.

I hope everyone is as smiley and twirly as me!

 Bye for now!


angelica1 said...

Rose, I'm loving this promo tour, the goodies just keep coming.I didn't think I could possibly love Rob more but it just keeps getting better :)

Mandy said...

No grand confirmation or annoucement needed. Just a simple response to a simple question "she's back in LA". Loving that black on black suit combo on Rob.
Seems that instead of the ending of Breaking Dawn signifying the end of R & K like some "people" think, they seem to be more outgoing and relaxed with their relationship. Kudos to them, they don't owe anyone anything, just be.

Kenzz said...

Rose, twirl away!! Great sweet shiny post...

Berry said...

His GIRLFRIEND is in LA! I just want to say nanananana...Oh beautiful shinny Rob! He can so wear a suit! Great post today Rose! But you had lots of GOOD info and you always know what to say. Have a good evening everyone (-:

Suwi said...

Love this! Lets Twirll :)

Groovie said...

Wonderful happy fun post!
I love all the pix and that Rob mixes it up with different suit colors. That man can rock a suit!

I hope Kristen, yaknow Rob's girlfriend that is in LA, is enjoying herself & relaxing...chilling on the couch with Bear watching the food network or something lol!

Saw that some fans gave Rob a gift to take home to Kristen at the paris prem...she is gonna get all kinds of random stuff when he gets home. Gifts from fans, Rob's "little bear thing" he mentioned at the Berlin press conf lol!

Hope u are all have a wonderful day!
Oh & the EW pix & interview are AWESOME!

30 said...

Well I have been out of the loop it seems! All I can say is Rob is shutting there shit down, slowly BUT SURELY. ;)

Kay said...

Rose, I'll take all of the happy, giggly twirling I can get today!

Hi Roseland - TGIT! - have a good one. :)

dottie said...

We love twirly Rose!

The EW article was so great. I really appreciated that the focus was on Kristen/Bella. After all, she is the lynchpin! ;)

Loving all the pix that I've seen from the WFE premieres. It's nice to see Rob so obviously happy with his work and personal life.

dottie said...

Forgot to say hi to all my buds!

katy said...

Hi, Rose! what an helluva day indeed, loving this promo so much and Rob is looking absolutely gorgeous...SO SWOON WORTHY!!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous day.

Hugs to all and keep Twirlling

Penny Lane said...

Hi all,

I don't like to bring twitter crap here but saw this and I found it really funny. It is in regards to the girlfriend in LA comment.

"I would want to hear the Q in the original language and have someone I trust translate it till then its all BS..."

They just don't know when to give it up.

Freddie said...

Hi all,

I'm feeling very much out of the loop today with so much going on (work will do that to you), so I don't have any deep (or even not so deep) comments to add.

I just hope that everyone is safe and well given all the bad weather in the States over the last few days.

Hey Angelica, Kenzz, Mandy, Berry, Suwi, Groovie, 30, Katy, dottie, Kay, Penny and everyone else in Roseland. Have a good one.

angelica1 said...

Hi PL - What's sad is it's asked in English,the TV station just talked over it in German,you can hear it quite clearly.Losers.LOL

Hi Fredddie

Motherhin said...

Hello, everyone! Hope you all are having a nice day (yes I live in Texas and was very tempted to type ya'll LOL). I know I am! So now that BD is done filming and they aren't really "working" together and probably wouldn't be "fraternizing" by confirming or not denying a relationship, it seems Rob is letting his guard down.*sigh* It's so nice to see a couple in true love and not Hollywood love. It's nice to see a man protect his love and his woman. It's so nice to just sit back and let things fall into place as they were meant be. I remember the olden days of a certain photo shoot where there were sparks flying off of a girl and a boy and now we have the progression to man and woman in a mature secure relationship. Seriously, Rob and Kristen are better than any romance novel.:P

Annie said...

Good evening Roseland!

Just a simple answer to a simple question.......That's all it toook! :)

To those spewing Exit strategy, PR, Summit control, Tai, mysterious blondes, etc, etc, etc......You are so fucked!

Kenzz said...

Mother Hin: what a lovely way to sum things up!

Hi to angelica, PL, Freddie, Katy, dottie, Mandy, berry, Suwi, Groovie, 30, Kay, and any & all lurkers :)

my verif "twilerk" ??

Kenzz said...

Hi Annie!

DreamerKind said...

Celebrating In England

England Swings

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Thank you/rwells47

Annie said...

Hi Kenzz! :)
How are you? I read that you were on vacation. It takes me a few days to get out of vacation mode, is it the same for you?

Kenzz said...

Did anyone else have this problem?The video feed on my computer re: the premier interview is so off from the sound feed... I thought Rob was asked, "Where is Kristen?"

Regardless of "Kristen" or "girlfriend," we all know who she is to him!! :)

deb said...

YEP Rose I'm Twirling right wit you WHAT A GOOD DAY today is Love the pic. YA MY GIRFRIEND is in L.A. :) DEB.

Annie said...

Hi DK and everyone. :)

Kenzz said...

Annie: it's taken most of this week to get back to RL...I'm embarrassed to say I still haven't unpacked one of the suitcases! How is your week going?

Hi DK!!!!!!! Love to see you here early for a change :)

30 said...

OH PL! Those "people" are some funny creatures arent they? LMAO Its ad how important it is too them, like do you want us too send the clip over too the FBI too? We can get a voice annalist.

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, I know exactly how you feel. Since the premiere of WFE in NY, I have been so happy, smiling and twirling. It has been a fantastic few days...Rob looks so great and seems so happy and he has actually been talking about his girlfriend. I just know this drives the haters crazy and that makes me happy.Take care Roselanders and Rose...I am going to see the movie this weekend, and I can't wait. Rose, I hope you get to see it soon.

Annie said...


I suffer from Spring allergies, so not a good week. :)

About the unpacking.......I understand completely, if you don't unpack right away it can linger on and on and on...:)

Kenzz said...

BTW, not sure Kristen's dress in Rose's post made much of an impression on me when I saw it last year, but seeing it 'up close' like this...WOW!!! Never realized the bottom section was see-thru...it's gorgeous on her...of course, with those legs, she could rock a plastic bag!!

30 said...

Does anyone have this clip for a out of the loop 30? :)

angelica1 said...

Hi Kenzz,Annie,Motherhin,30,katy.dottie

Kenzz said...

Annie, I read with Springtime allergies, the best course of action is to start treating with meds even before the symptoms set in to get in front of your body's reaction...we'll have to wait for one of Roseland's nurses to pop in and see if that's true!

Anyways, feel better...

30: the FBI... love it!!

Fiorels said...

I've been smiling and twirling all day!! So really liked the post Rose! hahahahaha and i cant stop grinning and laughing for so much cuteness.. and freedom and semplicity...

Hello everyone!
I have heart-shaped-eyes tonight lol

angelica1 said...

30 - Here you go :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3RheGLqbeU&feature=youtu.be

30 said...

Thanks Angelica! :)

30 said...

Angelica I had too play that a few times too hear that part, but its there. Thanks :)


Interviewer: Where is your girlfriend?

Rob: Oh shes back in LA.

Fiorels said...

Freddie- if you are around.. I read about Thomas and the fact that you basically have to wait 2 other months to know something for sure...
I think it's a pretty positive thing.. I know it will be hard not to be afraid or something but if it was something really bad than I think you would know instantly.. wouldn't you?
Anyway... always thinking of you and him.

DK- again really appreciated your *dj mood on* :)

DreamerKind said...

@Kenzz,Annie,30,katy, dottie, angelica1, Fio, deb, PL, BF, Groovie, Kay, MotherH, Mandy, Suwi, Freddie (oh, this is fun!)

Hello, and what a good day for R/K news, no blues, love's true!

I'll be around some...


Fiorels said...

30- LOL
all twitter has been tweeting "she's back in LA" the whole afternoon LOL


Remember there was a time Rob said they'd become officialy a couple when the sun would go black?? lol
I think the sun has "officially" gone black a few days ago haha

angelica1 said...

30 - The shy smile melted me too, clearly I'm in a soppy mood today :)

Fiorels said...

angelica- :) I guess we all are.. :)

Annie said...

@ Angelica: Hi. :)
I think we're all in the same mood as you.

Fiorels said...

Annie- lol just said the same hehe

30 said...

HA HA have you all seen this one? This interviewer asked Rob what he thought about Matthew Perry tweeting he was in love with Robs girl, KS.


I do feel for Rob though "Uncomfortable" I heard crickets. LOL

Annie said...

Hi Fiorels. :)
I saw that...great minds think alike! :) :)

Fiorels said...

Annie- haha stole my words haha

30- haha yes I saw it this morning..
looks like German interviews were challenging in "How do we ask of Kristen without being rude?" LOL

Fiorels said...

Haha i'm sorry I have to post this.. too funny hahaha


Annie said...

Too cute! They should do one with Kristen....

"Where's your boyfriend?'

"He's on a European premiere tour."
"He's missing me!"

Fiorels said...

hahaha lol annie or..
He's around the world having fun answering "girlfriend" questions lol

Annie said...

That'll work too.
I have a smile on that just refuses to go away! :)

SueBee said...

I'll just mark this down as one of those "Hah! Suck it!!!!!!!!" situations.

Hellos to everyone

angelica1 said...

Hi Susan :)

Hope said...

Rose...fantastic post!! This has been the best day...Rob at his finest.

The EW spread looks amazing...Rob and Kristen on the cover where they should be...TOGETHER.(NO Jacob/Taylor)

beaculen said...

I just watched that interview, that man owned it! love it! I love that Rob wears colors, you never know what to expect. I will definatley heed the foam alert lmao thanks Rose.

DreamerKind said...

Tornadoes Will Not Defeat Us!

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LIZ said...

Hi Rose, I'M TWIRLING!!!

Is it just me or does Rob look "especially happy" there in Paris, like maybe he's gotta secret!! He looked happy when he answered the big question also, hmmmmm, as usual, you are probably right; something BIG in the air.

I just hope they get to spend a little quiet, alone time together before he starts work on Cosmopolis. He's going to be totally exhausted after this whirlwind promo trip.

TWIRLING, TWIRLING, TWIRLING ... OMG, can't wait for the MTV awards .... hope they get to attend.

Liz in NC

Rhonda said...

Hi Rose,

Thanks, awesome post!

I'm loving all these premiere pics of Rob, he's never looked better. I'm twirling with you :))

Hi Everyone!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Hey RHONDA...We are in a happy place this week..ROB walking...ROB...talking...ROB looking(fine)on the Red Carpet...ROBSTEW on the cover of EW....We are going to be SPOILED!!!! Thats fine with me!!! lol

DreamerKind said...

For Our Southern Families!

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Super RN Gas Passer said...

RHONDA...Was there any tornado damage near you? I am watching CNN..it looks like Alabama got hit really hard...they are fixing to speak with the Governor of Tennessee...

Rhonda said...

Hi Super- Yes, the storms were violent. Thankfully, we only had minor wind damage, but our neighbors were not so lucky. Several people were killed here, but so many more in Alabama, my heart goes out to them.

Thanks, for asking :)

Kenzz said...

Rhonda: Stay safe!!

*I*Believe* said...


That is all!

Twi_Chic said...

Loving the post Rose...

Loving the "girlfriend in LA comment"...

Loving Rob in his lovely black shirt and grey suit combo...

Oh what a great day, twirling right along with you guys....

Wonder and so very much look forward to what next this promo tour will bring!!!! A new treat everyday!

Hello to all in Roseland!

dottie said...

Rhonda - I just read your post. So glad you are ok. The city where my dad lives in N AL was really hard hit. A tree went through his gf's garage and crushed her car. They are supposed to be w/o power for a week. I'm just so thankful that all of my loved ones are safe.

Word: spompest ????

Kenzz said...

Dottie: sorry to hear about your Dad...hope the power comes back on sooner than a week... :(

Oh IB...you are toooo funny!

dottie said...

Thanks, Kenzz. I'm worried about how he will do w/o power for that long. I don't think he can live without his coffee maker and microwave!

Birdie said...

Loved this post and all the pictures. I have been looking at all the press pictures. I feel like I am overdosing. Is it just me or does this man just get more handsome everyday? He certainly seems more comfortable in his own skin and genuinely happy. When you look at that beauty at the Met Gala(you know,his girlfriend) one would understand why. I would imagine that same beauty is incredibly proud of her boyfriend right now,too. They certainly deserve all sorts of happy with all they have been through.

I'm so glad all our southern Roselanders are safe and feel so bad for all those who have suffered in these storms. I hope everyone here has a great evening. DK, keep up the soul!
Haven't you bought that ticket yet?

amara said...

Hi Rose and Roselanders

There have been lots of reasons to twirl lately :)))
Looking forward to your reaction when you finally watch WFE.

Have a wonderfull day everyone

DreamerKind said...

Best of early morning wishes to You!

I'm off to do some Royal Wedding watching but wanted to share this from www.Robstenlove.com.

Below is a link to a livejournal entry written by a woman, about how her Twilight Saga experiences, have enhanced and changed her life for the better.

I feel the same way about our Roseland Twilight Saga family! (Thank you, Rose.)

Hope you enjoy reading it....

"It's not ALL about Rob...and he knows it."



Rhonda said...

Good(early)Morning Roseland!

TGIF! I hope everyone has a great day :)

Dottie- Thank you, I'm happy to hear your dad is safe too.

DK- Enjoy the Royal Wedding :)

Freddie said...

Good morning Roseland.

I'm stopping in quickly before work to say hi. I just watched parts of the Royal Wedding and I must say that it was quite the ceremony, and beautifully done.

Hope - I hope you and your daughter enjoyed your traditional British breakfast along with the ceremony.

Have a good day everyone.

Kenzz said...

Aww, just watched coverage of the Royal Wedding...a second kiss!! Yay...

Hope you all have a great Friday in Roseland!

HI to DK, Freddie, and Rhonda!

wlm said...

Funny post! Rose you're great!
Will be what Kristen go out quickly of MET and run for London????? I hope so...
I miss Rob and Kris together...always...makes me happy...always!
Oh yeah. I too...
Still TWIRLING!!!!
Still SMILING!!!!


sue said...

Yes I'm loving it too. Rob answering the girlfriend question without any hesitation, fucking epic. The clinics must be working over time, a lot of anxiety attacks among the nonstens/foamers/haters right now. Twirly twirl!!

30 said...

Hi Ladies! I also watched the royal wedding this morning, and all I can say is Where is MY Price? Anymore single royalty out there? I want too be a princess now too!

I will never find a man with these expectations!! LMAO

Hope said...

HI Freddie..LOL...up since 4 am. Loved every minute of the Royal Wedding. It was fun to watch my daughter soak up the tradition and magnificence of the historical event. She was quite taken with Princess Catherine and Prince William riding in the carriage waving to the sea of people. The double royal kiss was the best! Yes, we ate our British fare of scones but combined that with bacon, grits and coffee. HA!!
Hope you are having a good day at work and glad to know Tomas is okay for now. Keeping fingers crossed for his next blood test.

Rhonda, Dottie...relieved that you and your families are safe!!

30 said...

OH Dear Robert! Why do fans do this too you? LMFAO


This made my day! ;)

DreamerKind said...

Good Evening Rose & Roselanders!

So quiet here, with lots going on in the world.

I'll be in and out and will post a few songs, as I flip flop.

Best wishes to everyone in difficulty, my heart is with you.


Super RN Gas Passer said...

Well...Good Evening Everybody....I have been up since 4am..I too had to watch some of the wedding festivities!!!! How great was that? The ladies hats kind of freaked me out..I mean..Victoria Beckhams hat was positioned on her "forehead"! Whats up with that? I guess I am NOT a fashion icon...or maybe they just love hats in England..maybe ANGELICA can clue me in....heh

I just had to run to the mall this afternoon and find a copy of EW..just finished reading the article. I loved the interview...great stuff said by all three actors...they never step out of character...fantastic stuff...great pictures..I liked that they asked them what they have been reading lately...I must admit Im a little disappointed that I dont see any bruises on Bella in the morning after pic in the kitchen on Isle Esme....that was such a big deal with Edward in the book...She looks good for just having had sex with Edward the vampire that resulted in feathers and pieces of wood gauged out of the headboard...Im starting to think the PG-13 rating is going to lose "some" of the steam of the book..I guess we will just have to see! (I t h i n k...Edward... will have me so intoxicated that it wont matter anyway)!!!! lol

DreamerKind said...

Hi, there! I was up watching the wedding, too, and it was fascinating.

Now, of course, I loved the hats.

Are you exhausted? Hope you get some sleep soon.


DreamerKind said...

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DreamerKind said...

I am quite excited for my local Mexicano restaurant celebrates the 5th of May, Independence Day on the 1st this year. That sounds like a fun Sunday to me. I will report back to you.

There will be mariachis and margaritas and they almost convinced me to volunteer, one hour of my time, but alas, it cannot spare one hour. I have not made even one of these special days in the 3 years I have lived out here, so no go, must par-tee.

Besides, I am the worst volunteer you would ever wish to have, for I am definitely affected by my surroundings, and will dance!

DreamerKind said...

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Thank you/brettsmac


DreamerKind said...

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DreamerKind said...

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DreamerKind said...

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Big wheels keep on turning
Carry me home to see my kin
Singing songs about the Southland
I miss Alabamy once again
And I think its a sin, yes

Well I heard Mister Young sing about her
Well, I heard ole Neil put her down

Well, I hope Neil Young will remember
A Southern man don't need him around anyhow

Sweet home Alabama
Where the skies are so blue
Sweet Home Alabama
Lord, I'm coming home to you

In Birmingham they love the governor
Now we all did what we could do

Now Watergate does not bother me
Does your conscience bother you?
Tell the truth

Sweet home Alabama
Where the skies are so blue
Sweet Home Alabama

Lord, I'm coming home to you
Here I come Alabama

Now Muscle Shoals has got the Swampers
And they've been known to pick a song or two

Lord they get me off so much
They pick me up when I'm feeling blue
Now how about you?

Sweet home Alabama
Where the skies are so blue
Sweet Home Alabama
Lord, I'm coming home to you

Lord, I'm coming home to you
Yea, yea Montgomery's got the answer

Thank you/ShawnxXxMichaels

DreamerKind said...

Don't Give Up-We're With You

If I Can Dream

Elvis Presley:

There must be lights burning brighter somewhere

Got to be birds flying higher in a sky more blue

If I can dream of a better land
Where all my brothers walk hand in hand

Tell me why, oh why, oh why can't my dream come true
Oh why

There must be peace and understanding sometime
Strong winds of promise that will blow away the doubt and fear

If I can dream of a warmer sun
Where hope keeps shining on everyone
Tell me why, oh why, oh why won't that sun appear

We're lost in a cloud
With too much rain

We're trapped in a world
That's troubled with pain

But as long as a man
Has the strength to dream
He can redeem his soul and fly

Deep in my heart there's a tremblin' question
Still I am sure that the answer, answer's gonna come somehow

Out there in the dark, there's a beckoning candle, yeah
And while I can think, while I can talk

While I can stand, while I can walk
While I can dream, please let my dream
Come true......right now

Thank you/ElvisLover1958

DreamerKind said...

Chicamungas! I must munga on and if you want me, call me, I'll be there.


I'll Be Around

Hall & Oates:


This is our fork in the road
Love's last episode

There's nowhere to go
You made your choice

Now it's up to me
To bow out gracefully
Though you hold the key

Whenever you call me, I'll be there
Whenever you want me, I'll be there
Whenever you need me, I'll be there
I'll be around

I knew just what to say
Now I found out today
Although the words have slipped away

But I know there's always a chance
A tiny spark will remain yeah

And sparks turn into flames and love can burn once again

Whenever you call me
I'll be there
I'll be around

I'll be around
All you got to say
If you really want me

I'll be around and around, and around

Thank you/konekoxox

30 said...

Hi Super!

I kind of agree with you above comment on BD, and that has actually been my apprehension with it, and not getting too excited I was a bit disappointed in NM and Eclipse honestly. The PG13 rating is going too keep us from seeing it all. And fans had actually over a year ago put a petition together too have a unrated DVD for us older fans, like kind of shoot it ALL, then edit what they had too for the movies but give us a option for a unrated DVD extra money for Summit and happy fans, win win. I dont know why Summit never took that request seriously when there are MANY many older fans who want blood,sex and all of it.

There better be Bella bruises or there will be some Twi fans with pitch forks. LMAO

olivia said...

Good morning dear Rose and Roseland,

Have had trouble getting a comment to post, all sorts of error messages the past several days,so this is a test!


olivia said...

Hooray! Blogger seems to be happy and cooperative again.

So much to mention.....
Wonderful Berlin and Paris premiere pics!
Rob + a suit = one gorgeous young man.
EW cover and article.....win, win all around.
Rose, thank you for the great posts.
Royal wedding....wishes for happiness go to William and Catherine. She was so composed, regal, and of course, so very beautiful. The dress was perfect! William was such a proud bridegroom. Loved the two kisses, and also, leaving in the 1969 Astin Martin, with William driving. So cute, fun, and down to earth.

Smitty and Gruff, take care, hugs for you.
Syd, hug for you too.
Dear Rose and Roseland, hugs.
Have a beautiful Saturday. Life is good.

Rhonda said...

Good morning Roseland!

I watched some of the wedding before work too, it was lovely :)

Hope- It's so sweet that you and your daughter could watch it together. And, thanks, for the nice thoughts you sent my way :)

Happy Saturday!

katy said...

Hello, Rose, Smitty, Gruff, Syd and Roseland!!

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy Saturday.

Hugs and be safe

Rhonda said...

I just read that April 30th is National Honesty day. Maybe the nonnies should take this opportunity and stop lying to themselves ;)

angelica1 said...

Happy Saturday All!

Ah Rhonda, we can only dream. Rob's answered enough questions about his "girlfriend" this week for even them to get it :)