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Monday, April 18, 2011

Twirl With That Girl


Well hell.
I had just about finished writing a post...
and it got deleted.
What The Fuck is THAT about?
Completely irritating.
But then...

All I have to remember...

Smiles, smiles and more smiles!

1. Where do I even begin?
I'm not sure.
Here I sit.
Trying to put all my thoughts into words.
Coherent words...
and not something like...


Because I'm pretty sure I could just be
doing the Squeeeee thing for the day...
The week...
Maybe like the rest of the year.
And as much fun as 
is to do?
I'm guessing it loses something in translation.

Well, Reese... I'm just sick of hiding it.
2. The Foaming Haters.
They were besides themselves before the premiere ever happened...

"THAT GIRL better stay away from WFE premiere!
She has NO reason to be there!"

OK then.
So Kristen does turn up at the premiere...

"THAT GIRL is a Famewhore! She is only there
because Rob feels sorry for her and she is trying
desperately to revive her career!"

OK then.
Kristen doesn't walk the red carpet.
She isn't even seen until she is in the theater with Rob.
So much for that theory.

"It's ALL PR! It's ALL been planned!
Summit and Fox are in this together!
You're fucking kidding... Right?

OK then.
IF it was indeed PR...
Rob and Kristen would have done the Red Carpet.
IF it was staged for optimum value...
There would have been more pics than
a few of them running to their car after the movie...

The fact remains that Kristen didn't have to be there.
But she was... Why?
Because Rob wanted her there...
and she wanted to be there
As Always.

Kristen has to be back in VC to finish up some filming.
That alone tells you how important her being in NYC
with Robert
On one of the most important nights of his career...
was to BOTH of them.
No... Kristen didn't walk the red carpet...
The moment was Roberts.
There was no need to be 'seen'

But then...

I love how she changes out of her shoes so fast...
Hand in Hand...

3. Rob and Kristen leave the theater.
Arm in arm.
Hand in hand.
Depending on where people saw them.
Did I say together?
Rob and Kristen.
Why yes...
Yes I did.
Because Rob didn't leave with anyone else.
It was Kristen.
Like it always is.
And people lost their minds!

"Rob looks like he can't stand her to touch him!"
"Look at the way THAT GIRL clings to him!"
"Rob is a horrible boyfriend!"
But see...
That's your usual standardized foaming.
It got better when this happened...

Rob going in for the kiss...

The embarrassed smile...

4. Oh yes.
Another kiss.
It was quick.
Rob was laughing and Kristen was smiling...
But there were cameras in their faces.
And while the hand holding
and quick kisses are nice to see...
You could tell Kristen was shy about it.
But there were endless sightings of them kissing
and holding hands and being all close and adorable.
I imagine what we don't see counts more...

I can hear the howling from here
about it not being a 'real' kiss.
And this is ALL for some fucked up version
of PR...
But its all there.
Hand holding.
Laughing together.
Being Rob and Kristen.
Oh yes...

Spin it any fucking way you want to...
They are together.
You know it.
I know it.
 Bear knows it.

(and isn't Bear the cutest little puppy?
Loved to see him romping with Kristen's assistant... John.

Walk This Way...
5. JFC
This post took me all damn day to write.
Not because I was pondering what to say...
But because I couldn't get a fucking minute to write it.
Twitter is fucking nuts.
All these videos and pics of Rob and Kristen
being all coupley and sweet
People sending me emails full of fun and mirth
So much mirth.
It made me start to wonder how this will play out.
Foamers are actually starting to hate on Rob now...
All disappointed in him...
for having the audacity to be with who he wants to be with!
Who does he think he is???
Doesn't he realize that lunatics are supposed to dictate
who he falls in love with?
Doesn't Rob realize that his dating THAT GIRL
is ruining his career?
What's the matter with him?
How dare he want THAT GIRL at the WFE premiere!

And don't worry.
The rationalizations are still out there.
They are clinging to PR as tightly
as ever...
I don't think they can let it go at this point.
I really don't.
It's right in front of their faces...
And yet they will still scream 
Rob is just pretending!
He is an actor after all!!!
It will never end.
 Now it will be more of the 
"IDontGiveaFuckSten" variety.
You know how it goes.
All they want to do is be a fan of Rob and his work!
So what if they spend 99% of their online time
trashing and hating on THAT GIRL!
They just want to focus on Rob the other 1%!

That girl is who Rob wants. Deal with it.

Kristen is THAT GIRL.
That girl that Rob wanted to work with.
That girl that Rob admires.
That girl that Rob spends all his time with.
That girl that Rob lives with.
That girl that Rob shares his life with.
That girl that Rob can't ever take his eyes off of...
That girl that makes him smile so big
That girl that he looks completely smitten with.

His girl.

This post is brought to you by the letter *B*

B for 
Keep up with the excuses and lies.
It only adds to the entertainment value.

B for 
Rob and Kristen make a beautiful couple.

B for Bullshit.
We all saw it.
Rob and Kristen leaving the theater
hand in hand...
And then kissing in the limo...
Rob is distancing himself from Kristen.
Oh yes.
Mouth to mouth is a good example of that!
Having her at his HUGE premiere
is definitely a good way of pushing her away!

B for Because.
I adore Tom Sturridge.
Just because.

B for 
Bye for now


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Fiorels said...

I totally love the "That girl" part!!
thanks Rose!!!

Freddie said...

Hi Rose and all my friends in Roseland,

Last night was truly wonderful.

First off, Rob demonstrated once again how thoughtful and special a young man he is. He was so incredibly considerate to his fans, taking so much time to walk down the line to give autographs and take pictures. He seemed to give them priority over the press. I heard more than one journalist compliment him on this –suggesting that other celebrities should take note. Impressive. And he looked absolutely wonderful. Boy, those blue/grey eyes….

Next, I offer my sincere thanks to Kristen for being there to support Rob (not that she needs my thanks). As Melinda said last night and Rose reiterated now, they managed the whole event perfectly. She was there for him, but by not walking the Red Carpet she allowed the focus to remain on the film and the artists involved. By keeping it low key, the hyenas can’t claim PR (or shouldn’t if they have a brain), nor can they level accusations that she tried to steal the limelight from Rob. Score: Kristen and Rob 2. Hyenas 0. I’m sure Rob was beyond happy that his incredibly special lady was there. Not to mention his own family.

With respect to the movie, it’s wonderful to hear so many people offering their praise. I can’t wait to see it myself.

The smile from last night is still plastered on my face. I’m absolutely over the moon about the newly released kissing pictures – I know that I shouldn’t be since they are likely pap pictures, but I’m only human. It makes me incredibly happy to see them happy. And they looked HAPPY…

So, by the sounds of things it has been an extraordinarily busy time for Rob and Kristen. I hope that with Breaking Dawn close to being wrapped they get at least a couple of days of peace before Rob heads off on the next leg of promotion. So to Rob and Kristen – relax, breathe, take care and enjoy this incredibly precious time together.

Have a great rest of day everyone. I hope to chat with you all later.

May said...

Just want to say something to

You ppl made your own delusional bed,now you sleep in it.JSYK,just because your heart (and brain,obviously) are too tiny to realize that ROBLOVESKRISANDKRISLOVESROB,doesnt mean he will suddenly stop loving her.Oh and we know that YOUDOCARESTEN...Its a fine line between love and hate when it comes to Rob and you obviously crossed on the dark side.Such fine fans you are.It doesnt matter.You ppl dont matter in the big scheme of things.Rob will have his girl either way. :p

P.S. Dear Rose, sorry for the rant.I just wanted to thank you for always being our guiding light in the darkness.Love will prevail. ♥

Kay said...

How can anyone not be grinning from ear-to-ear looking at so much glowing happiness?! Glad they had a great night! :D

Hello Rose, Fiorels and anyone else out there in Roseland...happy Monday!! <3

Netti said...

you always say it like it is Rose. i'm really a lurker but today im a commenter. I just couldn't help myself :-)

Your blog is always entertaining but always from the heart. The thing is like you, I seen it from the start. (wow im a poet and I didn't know it lol) Like I said somewhere else, I'm a lover not a fighter and LOVE in the grand scheme of things makes me happy. I'm happy cause they're happy. People should just deal already. But it's nothing but foaming jealousy, that's all it could be right? Like they were going to sweep Rob off his feet? Cause if that were the case there would be alot of fucking competition.

But no. He fell for someone he got to know while making a film. They were pretty close on the set of Twilight but of course that transformed into something more. It's plain to see that 'something more' was both out of their control and it happened and is happening.

LOVE in the grand scheme of things is beautiful, it's a blessing. No one should take that away from them. Let them enjoy and if I was either one of them I'd be enjoying it ALL night and day long ;-)

Fiorels said...

Lovely post everyone!

Groovie said...

Wonderful post!
I'm impressed u found words cuz so many are still at a loss of words for the cuteness on display

Exciting night for Rob! Huge premiere, everyone he loves most by his side and kristen happy & glowing, supporting her man every step of the way.
Rob & Kristen are happy, that is clearly evident in all the pix from last night and THAT is what matters most to fans that actually care about them.

Wonderful night! Excited for the upcoming euro premieres and press this week. Good times!

The crazy haters can all just fuck off, I know I'm happy for them, and so are countless others. The small group of lunatics don't matter, and today they are more irrelevant than ever.

Hope u all have a good night!

Penny Lane said...

Hi Freddie, Fio, Kay, May and any newbies or lurkers,

The funniest thing I read was that nonnies were saying Rob led them on. When did he date them to lead them on?

Fiorels said...

you know.. just have some compassion..
brain doesnt help a lot when it is... let's say... void.. lol

hello everyone :)

RPnKSaddict said...

I'll SQUEEEEEEEEE! This has been the best 24 hrs being an R/K fan. Supporting them being happy for them. Haters and jealous people can just "Get off their dick".

Rose your awesome and always have the right words. Hugs to all. <3

Sydney said...

I can't get over the number of excuses in every nonnies' timeline. They don't seem to realize each excuse contradicts the one before it. She's a clinger, but then she hates and denies him. She's a famewhore, but then she's ashamed to be there. He doesn't want her there, but then she doesn't like him. It's all PR, but then they scream even Ryan and Rachel broke up.

So, uh, which is it?

Remember when they clung to the friends thing? What's next?

TIKisokA said...

lovely post!!!!
still squeeing and fangirling! I don't care of the naysayers shout PR! but that embarrassed smile of Kstew says it all.. she wants to show to the world that she supports her man... and Rob is so giddy with it!
WILL WATCH WFE because I KNOW it's a good film and not because of these "PR" the haters are saying :)

gigi9598 said...

Came home from a loooong day at work to Twitter a flutter and all these wonderful videos and pics of our happy couple. Beaming at each other, glowing with pride and love....my smile hasn't stopped. What is that saying? One picture is worth a thousand words? oh yea. Congratulations Rob for the success last night. Kristen, good luck with what is left of filming, I am sure you are dragging....but what a night for celebrating!
Rose, excellent post as always, I look forward to it.

annjenny said...

Wow! What a great premiere!! Christoph, Reese, Hal, Rob AND KRISTEN!! Loved it and I'm looking forward to seeing WFE this weekend. Luckily, I don't follow any negative peeps. Everyone in my TL is positive and I stay blissfully ignorant of any drama!

Freddie said...

Hey Penny, Fio, Kay, Groovie and everyone else that has posted.

Penny - they have the audacity to say that Rob led them on!!! What the....! They really are delusional. Are they giving up their Rob Pattinson fan memberships? Please say yes. He'd be better off without them.

FanFicCrazy said...

Excellent post Rose.. So true.. You're right, people are never going to believe it. Even if they got married and gave pics and all details. It would still be for something other then love.. It's only the delusional.. Because somewhere in their twisted little minds, if he has a g/f, he can't be waiting for them! Just nuts! Long live love..

PS. As soon as I saw all the pics of him walking at the Today show this morning I thought of you! ;)

*I*Believe* said...

Rose we have missed you! Thank you as always and please know that we are all twirling right along with you!

OK, and now a special message for the nonnies:

!!!!!!!!!!!!SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sydney said...

Yeah PL, I saw some of that too. And people saying Rob lost A LOT of fans after what he did. A) No he didn't, there's like 26 of you. B) Like he gives a shit to lose the likes of you.

They're trying so hard to prove no one cares about WFE now. Do any of you feel that way? Anyone not want to go? I have plans to see it 3 times so far. You guys?

And now they're trying to pretend there was no petition. Just because no one gave a shit what you thought doesn't mean you didn't try.

And in the middle of all this Rob and Kristen - still happy, still together.

MySoCalledLife said...

I'm exhausted from SQUEEEING all day ;) So much goodness from last night. Sweet R/K moments... a successful premier and accolades for Rob... it was win-win-win all around! Except if you're a Nonnie... then it was a giant LOSE. But they should be used to that at this point. Sucks to be them! Ha!!

Fiorels said...

What I feel sorry for is that Rob probably also signed for lots of those stupid nonnies that were there..
jeez.. If I was there....
well.. you know...
heels... spiking... blood... lol

Hope said...

So proud of Rob...he looked so handsome. Wonderful seeing his parents and sisters too.

BUT the BEST part of the night was seeing GORGEOUS, FLAWLESS Kristen in her beautiful dress holding Rob's hand heading to the car.

Of course, Rob's glorious face as he looks at her after stealing a quick kiss is priceless. His smile says it ALL.

Thank you Rob and Kristen for giving your true fans a glimpse of a most memorable evening!!

rolange said...

Ah, Rose, I was waiting breathlessly for your post. What an EPIC day and night! Love it all.

I'm so, soooo happy for Robert and Kristen. Thrilled for them. It was an EPIC night for him and having his girl there...well, that made it all the more magic.

Who cares about the haters? Haters gonna hate. Let them move on to Efron, I say . Rob doesn't need 'em.


Birdie said...

Thank you Rose! I've been waiting for your post. Loved the "That girl. His girl."
I think you said it all so well. Man, I don't know why I still care about these two like I do and to be honest I just gave up trying to figure it out. I just think they are "good people" and we can sure use more of those! I only know this sweet couple looking happy makes me happy, too.

How do the non-fans not feel this?
"Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be." Abe Lincoln
I guess it's a choice.
Hope everyone here is choosing to have a fine evening!

martialartslover said...

Miss Rose

This is an awesome post. Nothing left for the haters.

The fat lady has sung. The last nail in the coffin has been hammered. The sun has set.

God, how I love Roseland. Only Roselanders believe.

Keep on trucking Miss Rose.

angelica1 said...

PL - I read that too and just fell about laughing.They're such total idiots they've actually become caricatures of themselves.

I just can't stop smiling.Every time I look at another picture,it just melts my heart all over again. I think they handled last night beautifully.Rob,Reese and Christoph had their moment to shine while Kristen waited quietly inside along with his family,to support him as always. Not to take anything away from Rob because I know he does the same for her but I wonder how many of those saddos would have endured the schedule she had to, in order to be there for him and fulfil her professional commitments? Rob was clearly exhausted so I'm guessing Kristen was too, yet the minute they were together the only thing you saw was their genuine,bone-deep happiness in each other. For the benefit of the bitter harpies who have clearly never experienced love,that's what gives you the strength to hold each other up when you've got nothing else left.

Sydney - No.I will be seeing WFE the minute it opens and no doubt several times! I'm also trying to retrieve my Runaways DVD which has been doing the rounds of my friends, male and female and is currently with my boss who thinks Kristen is "totally gorgeous"!

Rhonda said...

Hi Rose,

Awesome post, thanks <3

I'm beyond thrilled for Rob right now. I've heard so many comments about how wonderful his performance is in this movie. Friday can not come fast enough!

I know the foam is extra thick today, but none of that matters. Rob and Kristen were together and they handled themselves perfectly.
Kristen is "that girl, his girl" Let the twirling begin :)

Hi Everyone!

LIZ said...

Hi Rose, great post, waited anxiously for it all day!!! Sorry you had a "deletion" issue ... we've all been there.

You forgot to mention the EXTRA PR of having Rob's parents and Kristen's parents. Although I've not seen any photos of Kristen's parents, I heard more than once that they were there.

I'm twirling so much I'm dizzy!!!

Let's hope Kristen gets done soon with BD so she can join Rob in London.

Rhonda said...

Hi Angelica- Beautifully stated and I agree. When they look at each other it's beyond obvious, or at least, it should be :)

beaculen said...

Well, I'm glad that Rob basically told the world last night that "That Girl" is his and she's right where he wants to her to be. Bwaahahahahaha! I love it that the haters really have no intelligent argument left and are like rats scrambling to any floating piece of crap to cling to. Thanks Rose.

Birdie said...

Beautifully said!

RKsoulmates913 said...

Your post was SPECTACULAR AND peRfeKt!!!
PR stands for private relationship NOTHING else! They are private and I think it's the most charming about RK!

http://twitpic.com/4mhbnd It's from this girl twitpic @julyfarnesi
She said "This is the present that me, @bellaluna1123 and @miram522 got to Rob. He couldn't stop laughing and he loves it :)"

And DENIAL(DeNile) is ONLY a river in Egypt.It's over.They can scream, yell and go crazy, bc RK are TOGETHER for more than 3 years, now they are more comfortable to show a little of their WONDERFUL LOVE STORY(PDA)

LOVE RK AND you too Rose!

RoseSee and she writes what is beyond reason, bc she see and writes with her whole heart!!!

XO from Brazil


Tigerlily said...


Thankyou for your wonderful post.

Squee & Twirl sums it up for me.

What an incredible 24 hours!

It was the cherry on top getting glimpses of kristen leaving the Premiere hand in hand with her man.

And as for the "Rob leaning in for the Kiss because he couldn't help himself" Pic.....

As May said - Love Will Prevail and hasn't it just!!

Bring on the goodness that will be Europe ;)

Super RN Gas Passer said...

ROSE..Great Post...

IB....Im WITH you! "Suck it up"...heh

NONNIES...Here's the THING..

Rob Pattinson is hopelessly in love with Kristen Stewart(That Girl)...heh... He doesnt have eyes...FOR ANYONE ELSE....ESPECIALLY YOU people that disrespect the LOVE of his life AND his DECISION that he will stay with her..AND HE WILL...AND SHE WILL..

MY ADVICE...Grow UP! There is NO WAY IN HEAVEN OR HELL..after seeing the look on his face and the way he went in for THE KISS that he is "acting"..his love for her is REAL...Really REAL...You guys are beating a horse TO DEATH..a stupid waste of your time and ours for trying to deal with you Nut jobs...and I mean NUTS!

deb said...

Rose ALL I SEE is a MAN in LOVE LOOK AT that face and tell me hes not THANK YOU KRISTEN STEWARD for making Robert Pattinson SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO damn HAPPY YOU knew it HE knew it and now the WHOLE DAMN WORLD knows it AMEN to it.THANK YOU ROSE for staying in there and saying WHAT YOU FEEL :) DEB.

gwen said...

HAHAHA...im virtually twirling with you Rose! I have woke up to find these pics and im sooo happy to see them happy and so in love. GAH i cant even know what to say, only that im f@cking smiling here and i cant even scream my heart out for so much happiness. I'll do that later after work, lol.

Have a wonderful day ladies!

sjjw said...

Real PR Pro asked me to let you all know she is going to post in a bit. I don't post often, but she and I have bonded over many shared life experiences, and of course our love of Rob and Kristen. I,too, have worked in (real) PR, but on legislative and public policy issues. I defer to her vast knowledge of things in Hollywood and show business.

she has some fascinating tidbits to share and will be on here as soon as she can!

While my experience is mostly in politics, I can assure you PR is not run the way these naive fools claim. their lack of understanding astounds me! (and that's putting it nicely)

So Roseland, enjoy al the goodies of the past 24 hours, b/c it is all good. My favorite moment of the night? Rob's huge smile after he planted a kiss on beautiful Kristen!

Rhonda said...

Sjjw- I agree, that smile said it all :)

Freddie said...

Birdie - great quote. Too bad the haters can't get on board.

Angelica - you're so right. Beautifully put.

Beaculen - love the "rats scrambling to a floating piece of shit to cling to". LOL.

IB - I would have gone to the premiere with you. I got the sense that you weren't sure about going, so I did pursue it. Maybe next time.

Hey Sydney, Rhonda, Super, Hope, Tigerlily, RKsoulmates, Angelica, MySoCalledLife and everyone else I've missed.

Tigerlily said...

Just thought I'd share..My word verif.."winkid/Win Kid"

I thought of Rob straight away! Haha ;)

dottie said...

Hi Rose and Roseland! After a long week end out of town I am finally on my way home to a better wifi connection and my own bed! I've lurked a bit, and thanks to some sweet friends who texted me I got to enjoy the premiere from afar.

Rose, I agree with you, Rob and Kristen are a beautiful couple. I loved last night's exit strategy --straight into their awaiting vehicle together! ;)

I've missed chatting w/everyone. Hopefully we can catch up soon!

Fiorels said...

Rhonda- agree that you agree lol
and also kristen smile..
was so cute.. <3
after all we know she doesn't give him any instructions LOL

ladies i'm loving your post..
I wish I was that able with words hehe

30 said...

So Rob "led them on" I can not, just WOW at the scary. Should I laugh at that mind set? or try too contact Robs bodyguard? lol

People have a habit of inventing fictions they will believe wholeheartedly in order to ignore the truth they cannot accept.

Roseland Joke for this evening:

Two eggs boiling in a pan, 1 turns to the other and says look I've got a massive crack! the other turns to the 1st and says don't start that i ain't hard yet!


Rhonda said...

Hi Fio- Lol, yes, I loved Kristen's shy smile too ;)

Hi Freddie :)

Freddie said...

Hey Rhonda - how are you? Did you have to work or did you get to enjoy the day??? And there was so much to enjoy...

Rhonda said...

Hi 30- Lol!

Fio- You don't need a way with words. You express your thoughts beautifully through your videos :)

Mandy said...

I think its safe to say that no one got any work done today.
I don't know how anyone can look at that video of them leaving the after party and feel nothing but happiness for them. They were just glowing. Actions speak louder than words and at this point, if anyone is stil making up excuses, they're just grasping at straws and honestly don't really give a damn about Rob's happiness cuz that guy right there is one happy guy and anyone with eyes can see who put that big smile on his face. Just be happy for him, is that so much to ask for? These excuses just makes you look pathetic and petty.
I think it speaks volume that Kristen flew in specifically just to be supportive and be there for Rob's big day. For Kristen, someone who's normally comfortable in jeans & t-shirts to go all glam just for Rob.
People would be so much happier being supportive sitting there thinking up shitty excuses.

Rhonda said...

Freddie- Yes, I was off today, and I did get to enjoy all the great pics and videos that came out :)

I'm good, how are you?

Freddie said...

Thanks 30 for the joke. My friend hasn't come through with anything good these days so I'm glad to come here to get my Roseland funnies.

olivia said...

Thank you Rose,

Wonderful post! Loved the "that girl - his girl".

Rob and Kristen truly do make a beautiful couple. What a tremendous premiere for Rob, filled with positive reviews, adoring fans, his professional colleagues, family and friends.....and best of all.....his adoring, supportive and most beautiful Kristen.

Great comments everyone.
Have a lovely evening y'all. Hugs.

Fiorels said...

Rhonda- thanks. that's something hehe.

Freddie- how is you Thomas?

hi dottie, birdie, Liz, Super, 30.. and everyone who posted. So many..

I guess i'll talk to you tomorrow..
3 am here.. i'd better get some sleep. :)


Rhonda said...

Mandy- That sums it up perfectly :)

Rhonda said...

Night Fio :)

Hi Olivia :)

berrypayne1 said...

What a great night last night was! How HAPPY Rob and Kristen are!! Rose thanks again for your words!!! You get is so right! Smiles and twirls!!

Freddie said...

Rhonda - the Rob and Kristen news has been a good part. Other things haven't been quite as optimal.

Fiorels said...

Oh and perfect song for perfect night..


Mandy lovely said! <3

ok.. night! :)

Rhonda said...

Freddie- I'm sorry, bad day at work?

*I*Believe* said...

Awwwww, sorry we missed the premiere....many of us are setting our sights on BD and NYC....would be a BLAST!

Sheila said...

Rob is tired of hiding his relationship with Kristen and if he had his way he never would have hidden it. I think in the beginning Kristen wanted to hide it out of respect for Michael. In addition, she doesn't want to answer questions about her personal life. All completely understandable. However, now that they are close to marriage, and yes, I firmly believe the plans are made, I think Rob wants to shout to the world that this girl he fell for when he saw Into The Wild is HIS. Take THAT all the men of the world, crushing on HIS girl. Yeah! She's MINE! During the Twilight interviews he was very vocal about his attraction to Kris. He talked about her being marriage material, enjoying kissing her, etc. That was in the hope of pissin' off the boyfriend LOL. Eventually he got his way. Kristen was stronger than the average girl would or could have been, thanks to her solid family, but he eventually feel deeply enough in love with her to say the words that changed her mind. And now, it's time. Family and friend bonds are made, the movies are finished, and the future is theirs to love, adore, and cherish each other. The almost-kiss after the premiere was Rob teasing/testing her - he knew the Papz were there. He is beyond ready to go public. He's ready for marriage, kids, and 'til death do they part.

sjjw said...

Rhonda, that smile did say it all. Even though he seemed absolutely exhausted, when he was around Kristen, for however briefly we saw them, he was a different, happy person! The smile says it all!

Freddie said...

Rhonda and Fio - no work was okay. Just some potentially bad news about Tomas (thanks Fio, for asking). The blood tests came back and there are signs that he's having kidney problems - possibly early stage of kidney failure. So we're going to do urine tests on Wednesday to try and gauge how serious it is and detemine next best steps. So I'm feeling a little bummed out. It totally killed my Rob/Kristen buzz.

Birdie said...

Good night Fio. Yes, I think we can feel the love tonight.

dottie said...

Oh I was around a bunch of teenagers this week end and heard a Twilight joke....

How do you make Edward Cullen blush??

Picture yourself naked!


(Don't worry 30, you've got no competition here for resident comedian!)

Rhonda said...

Freddie- I'm sooo sorry. I forgot you were supposed to find out some news today. I'm really sorry. I hope things will be okay :)

30 said...

Oh Freddie! I am so sorry too hear that about Thomas. I know are animals are like are kids,Mine is. Hang in there hun, we are here if you need us.

dottie said...

Freddie who is Tomas? This sounds bad :(

Fiorels said...

Freddie- i was about to go then read your post..
You have no idea how sorry I am.. and of course despite the beautiful things from today.. this must have let you down a lot.
The day Eclipse came out, I saw itt twice in the cinema so got back come kinda late.. and found my dog almost lifeless.
There was no vet avaiable.. and my sisters and I got on the internet to try and find out what he had..
Then we finally found a clinic and went there with mom..
He stayed there all night (he had eaten some bones that almost pierced his stomach) and luckly enough we got it on time..
So.. I'm really praying Thomas will be just fine and after the next exams you will able to see what to do.
*hugs tight*

have a nice day everyone!

MySoCalledLife said...

So sorry Freddie. That is unhappy news. I hope the test on Wednesday yield encouraging results. :(

Birdie said...

Sorry about your Thomas, Freddie. Veterinary medicine has become almost as sophisticated as humans. They can do amazing things for animals, so hopefully they will come up with a good treatment.

30 said...

Oh Dottie! Please post jokes more often. I think we all need a bit of laughs in are life right? And it brings the mood here too Roses blog too a positive level IMO. :)

Freddie said...

Thanks 30 and Rhonda.

dottie - Tomas is my cat. So, it's not like a person, but as 30 said, he's like a member of the family. He's my little guy...

Rhonda said...

30- I meant to ask you about this before now, so I'm sorry if this is late. The play your daughter was going to be in..has it already taken place?

Freddie said...

Thanks Fio, Birdie, and MySoCalledLife. We'll figure out the best course of action on Wednesday. My little guys has been through a lot and he's a trooper, so I'm not giving up.

Hope said...

Freddie.... I am so sorry to hear this news about Tomas. I will say a prayer for your special guy. ((hugs))

lizzyboo_22 said...

I was smiling when I saw all these videos of them from last night!! But you know they will never stop saying "it's PR " "it's not real" "it's not gonna last" or "she was complaining about her shoes" uuumm who hasn't complained about their shoes before ?? They could be watching them have sex and STILL say it's PR .....but you know what I really enjoy watching all this PR! it's adorable! I love seeing them both so happy! So keep the PR coming! :D

Rhonda said...

Freddie- No, don't give up. There might be a solution :)

ElizabethMC said...

Awesome day. Lost in all the WFE PDA goodness was another pic from the wedding that R & K attended last summer. It is from the back of them and they each have an arm around each other. *sigh*

angelica1 said...

Freddie - Sorry to hear about Tomas. I think there are treatments available so fingers crossed the news isn't as bad as it seems. It doesn't matter that he's not a person,as 30 says,he's still a family member

dottie said...

Freddie, I completely understand. Pets do become part of the family and it hurts when they get sick or we have to say goodbye to them. I hope something can be done for your Tomas. I had a cat that lived to be 23 yrs old. My boys still claim that I loved that cat more than I loved them! Believe me, I get it. I'll be thinking of you, sweetie.

Thanks for the joke encouragement, 30 :)

Did I say that I missed you all? Cause I did!

Freddie said...

Thanks Hope.

Elizabeth - cute avi. I saw the picture too. It's another AWWW moment.

So anyone got any more jokes?

katy said...

Hi, Rose!! Exellent post

The premiere looks like it went wonderfully. Rob looked drop dead gorgeous in that grey suit and he surronded himself with people that he loves, his family, friends and his girl Kristen, whom I never doubt was going to be there to support her man in this important moment.
They looked happy and glowing, and I just can't stop smilling and feeling happy for them.

As for the crazy hater, they can go all FUCK OFF. How can they possibly not see Rob's face when he looks at Kristen, he looks so damn happy…she makes him happy...the smile on his face say everything

Hi, everyone!! Hope you are all having a great day.

Goodnight everyone

Rhonda said...

Hi dottie- Did you have a nice time?

Hi Hope:)

Super RN Gas Passer said...

FREDDIE..Sorry to hear that Tomas is not well. I will be thinking of you during this difficult time.

Hi RHONDA..Im glad you got to enjoy all the good stuff today.

DOTTIE...Welcome back. Hope you had a nice trip.

IB..We have got to start making plans for BD! Count me IN.

FIO...Sweet dreams
RKSOUL...DENILE is a river...Love it

SJJW...Nice to see you...I look forward to a post fr PR

Hello to everybody I may have missed...Hi BIRDIE

Rhonda said...

Hi Katy- I agree :)

30 said...

Rhonda May 26th :) Thanks for asking.

I am SO excited she has been practicing for months now. And this week is on spring break so I am on her too get this down pat. She has it though she loves too act/art all that stuff. :)

dottie said...

Hey Rhonda, I had a good time but it's always good to go home. My husband has been offered a job and it looks like we will be moving to N Alabama - just south of Nashville. My family lives in the area so it will be nice to be closer to them. Anyway, we went there for meetings and to check things out.

Rhonda said...

30- That's great! I can tell you're a proud momma :)

Hi Birdie, Super :)

Freddie said...

30 - what type of part is it? Is it a play or a musical? Sounds like fun.

Thanks Angelica, dottie and Super.

*I*Believe* said...

Freddie~I will say a little prayer to St. Frances, the patron saint of animals, for Tomas and you :)

dottie said...

Great post Katy.

Hi back to Super Gigi!

30 good luck to your daughter.

Rhonda said...

Dottie- Moving can be tough, but like you said, you have family there, so that should help with the transition :)

*I*Believe* said...

Super~We just have to hope that there will be a premiere in NYC!

Sydney said...

Freddie- so sorry to hear about your little guy. I'll say a prayer for him. It often tends to work - and I'm sure he's in good hands.

Ohhhh...I forgot about the new pic from the wedding. Arms around each other...just a day in the life of R/K.

Hopefully Kristen is doing okay up in Vancouver. Looking really forward to seeing Rob on Ellen. Which reminds me I need to dvr.

sjjw said...

Thanks Super! My hubs quit taking the Super biflex...he claimed it made his heart race. What a whimp. His sister, also a nurse, told him to take it too! Oh well. I tried. Thanks for the knee advice.

Freddie said...

dottie - that's exciting news. Being closer to family will be nice.

IB - thanks. Did you enjoy your vacation day?

Angelica - how about you? I saw that you went to York on the weekend. Any other fun trips planned while you are off?`

prc said...

"All they want to do is be a fan of Rob and his work!
So what if they spend 99% of their online time
trashing and hating on THAT GIRL!
They just want to focus on Rob the other 1%!"

Kind of like you. You call your site "Robert Intoxication" but you spend 99% of your time drooling salivating about his relationship with Kristen, trashing Nikki Reed, Michael Angarano and trading insults with the Nonstens. You remember that saying about throwing stones?
You should change the name to "Robsten Intoxication" that would be more truthful.

*I*Believe* said...

What's that buzzing???

angelica1 said...

Freddie - We're just doing what we feel like each day,we were in the Yorkshire Dales today.

Freddie said...

Sydney - I wonder if Kristen will be stuck in Vancouver for the whole week as rumoured. I was hoping she and Rob would get some down time together after such a busy stretch.

*I*Believe* said...

OK...who left the gate open? Do is there a muffalump about?

Rhonda said...

We need Sgt.Syd :)

*I*Believe* said...

That's suppose to say "Is there"...my friends understand me :)

Freddie said...

Angelica - that sounds really nice. I hope the weather is cooperating for you.

Melinda said...

Sappy and happy still! That kiss of theirs totally reminds me of the MMA 10 kiss. All cute, smiley, giggly and embarrassed. Life is indeed sweet and I think it's only going to get sweeter for them.

THAT man looked deliciously handsome last night.

THAT man is good to his fans.

THAT man is showing the world that he isn't just that "vampire guy".

THAT man has a fantastic woman beside him.

THAT man isn't afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve.

And that's why THAT man melts my heart.

*I*Believe* said...

Woo Hoo Officer Syd with his handcuffs and cruiser!

Rhonda said...

Freddie and Sydney- I was thinking about that too. It would be nice if they could get away somewhere.

30 said...

YET here YOU are prc!

At Roses blog reading HER words.I guarantee no one came too you. LMFAO

angelica1 said...

Freddie - The weather has been really good so far. Let's hope it lasts!

Rhonda It's not worthy of Syd's intervention.It's best ignored :)

Rhonda said...

Hi Melinda- I couldn't agree more, well said :)

MySoCalledLife said...

@Melinda... awww... that's sweet. I 100% agree with every word.

Sydney said...

Oh...love it! Wouldn't be a good R/K day if some sad, angry soul didn't come to purge their black thoughts. Like clockwork.

Nikki Reed? Michael Angarano? There's been no need to mention those names in years. Zero relevance here.

*I*Believe* said...

Freddie~It was a cleaning day and my hands still smell like bleach.

Rhonda said...

Angelica- You're right..it's irrelevant :)

dottie said...

I like Officer Syd but I think I will miss good old Brian! LOL

It will take a lot more than a delusional Muffalump to ruin the good mood here in Roseland tonight!

*I*Believe* said...

Hey Melinda and So Called!

Sydney said...

We need a bat signal for Sgt. Syd.

*I*Believe* said...

Hey 30 and Dottie!

Melinda said...

Freddie- Sorry to hear about Tomas. That sucks. Pets are indeed like family (sometimes better depending on the family!).

Dottie- Glad you are back and had a nice weekend. Cute joke too!

30- What play is the daughter doing? If you already answered that while I am typing this then never mind.

Hello to everyone else! Hope your Monday has gone well.

Rhonda said...

Sydney- Lol, a bat signal!

Freddie said...

Wow Melinda - couldn't have said it better myself.

IB - sorry about the bleach smell. I must confess, I'm looking forward to having this Friday off. I kind of feel the need to do something with my hands vs. sitting at a desk all day. And the dust is getting to me, so I need to clean.

But cleaning will take a backseat to my planned WFE showing.

*I*Believe* said...

I am going to WFE Friday too! I can't wait!!!

Freddie said...

IB - I just scrolled back up to see what I missed.... Officer Syd with his handcuffs and cruiser... LOL.

Rhonda said...

Freddie- Lol, I was going to say...you better put that cleaning on hold. There's more important things to do that day :)

30 said...

Hi "I" Hi Melinda :)

It is actually called " Shooting Math" is was written by a past drama class,it's really funny and cute they also have alumina;s coming back too act in it this year.

My daughter is the lead in it and also has singing parts. :)

Melinda said...

Just saw that bitter angry comment. I am SO glad we all have a great lives and can be happy for others.

There are a lot of people that are in need of professional services. Sheesh!

MySoCalledLife said...

Hi IB :)

What's this about newly pics from that wedding? I hate that I want to see them, but I can't help it. Anyone have a link they can share?

Rhonda said...

30- Is she excited about it?

Sydney said...

Omg...Mob Wives. So fantastic.

Freddie said...

30 - wow your daughter must be good to have won the lead role.

Melinda - thanks. You're right - some pets are decidely more loving and loyal than some people. LOL.

Annie said...

Everything was just in sync for yesterday's WFE premiere in NYC....From the perfect weather to the atmosphere.

The icing on the cake was seeing that Kristen did make it to NYC for the premiere and Rob's obvious joy at having her here.
The smiles and love radiating from them both speaks volumes.

Rob and Kristen have found their happy....It's with each other.

There is nothing that can ruin my joy at all the Rob, Kristen and WFE goodness......Certainly not trollops with not a leg to stand on.....they are irrelevant!

Good evening everybody. :)

Brenda said...

Couldn't post earlier - I was too busy squeeeeing and twirling! :-D :-D

*I*Believe* said...

So Called~I haven't heard anything about leaked pics...

Rhonda said...

Hi Annie :)

Melinda said...


go to robstengossip.com- they have it there I think

Freddie said...

MySoCalledLife - it's also on RobstenDreams twitter site - about 5 hours ago

MySoCalledLife said...

Melinda & Freddie - Thanks!! I saw the pic. Very sweet :) Love is lovely

Rhonda said...

It's back to work for me tomorrow, so I need to call it a night, ladies :)

Freddie- I'll be thinking of you and Tomas :)

Goodnight All !

*I*Believe* said...

So Called~Sorry I misundersood.

MySoCalledLife said...

No worries IB!
I'm out too. Have a good night all!

*I*Believe* said...

Nite Rhonda and So Called!

Melinda said...

My sappy self is going to read for awhile before I call it a night.


Annie said...

Freddie........I had to go back over the comments to read about Tomas.....I'm so sorry.

Freddie said...

Goodnight Rhonda, MySoCalled and Melinda.

I'm going to head off as well. Have a good evening ladies.

Freddie said...

Thanks Annie. I appreciate it. Have a good evening.

SueBee said...

Big happy sappy sigh!

I adore the cuteness.

*I*Believe* said...

Hi Annie and Good night Freddie~I will be thinking about Tomas :)

*I*Believe* said...

Fairy Godmother DK, where are you? I have a song request :)

Annie said...

Goodnight Freddie.

Hi *IB*...You're here late. Are you on vacay?

Hello everyone else still here.

*I*Believe* said...

Yes, Annie, it is Spring Break. Tell us how gorgeous Rob was when you saw him with your own eyes. How close were you able to get? Did you get a picture?

*I*Believe* said...

Nite Melinda!

DreamerKind said...

"Where else would be?"
Squeeing all over the place and poking my head in here.

What is your request, darlin'?


*I*Believe* said...


For Rob and Kristen~Beside You by Van Morrison, please!!!!

Becasue that's where they were besides each other:)

Annie said...

Hi *IB* :)

I could see him clearly enough before the crowd surged....people were climbing over themselves, standing on others' shoulders, plant pots, trash cans, anything and screaming to get a pic. It was insane!
When people realized he had arrived, they came running to that area.

My picture taking was embarrassing, even for me!

Robert Pattinson is very, very good looking.

*I*Believe* said...

Annie~You said it would be a zoo!

Annie said...

Yes, I did! :)

I really had no intention of going but the weather was so bad on Saturday and Sunday was just this beautiful, sunny day.....It would have been a shame to stay in and my feet just took me over to the West side!

*I*Believe* said...

Annie, you are very lucky to have seen him.

Did you hear about the big BD premiere trip to NYC that 30 is planning?

Annie said...

I heard about that but will there be a BD premiere here?

*I*Believe* said...

That is what I am wondering...I am sure they will do the NYC talk show junket, though.

DreamerKind said...

*IB* & Annie
Hey, there happy campers!

I'm one, too.

After I change out my damaged keyboard, I can post that song for you, IBelieve.

So pleased for you Annie, that you went to be a part of the premiere. Any way you did it, was better, than not doing any way, at all. You inspire me.

DreamerKind said...

BRB, when I am finished.

Annie said...

I think so too...It would be nice if a premiere were here but I doubt it somehow.

I really couldn't keep the smile off my face after seeing the pics and videos of Rob and Kristen today....I'm still wearing it!

LOL....I loved your "SUCK IT" comment! :)

Annie said...

Hi DK! :)

There's lots to see and do in that area so you can pass the time easily unless you are staking out a spot! :)

real pr pro said...

Hi All -- sorry to be so late to the party, but I had to be rushed to the emergency room when I tried to sit down and realized that I had no butt!

According to the doctor it was a result of repeatedly laughing my ass off at the thought of a certain "reporter"s claims that she was in attendance at the after party. He said they were seeing a heavy spike in the syndrome today in emergency rooms all over the country.

so just in case anyone else may be having the same trouble today, I have good news -- it's not an irreversible condition. Seems that a healthy dose of the truth is a highly effective antidote. However some strains -- such as the one that led to my diminished derriere -- are particularly virulent and may require agressive treatment on a daily basis.

So in the hope of reviving my rump, here's today's dose of the truth.

Truth: A press pass (real, fake or imaginary) does not give you entry to an afterparty. As a matter of fact, press usaully aren't invited. The studios want the stars to come and schmooze with the money men. Having press there makes stars reluctant to attend. That's why everything we saw today was taken outside the party. If any pictures from inside surface, they will be from one of two sources: either a guest who is either connected enough or sneaky enough to get some shots, or from a photographer that the studio hired. So for someone to try to claim that she got into an after party because she had a press pass is laughably naive at best and a blatant lie at best.

As someone who has been behind the scenes at these events as well as a guest on several occassions, I can tell you that they are by invitation only. Guest lists are vetted by the studio and stars' management. You need to show an invitation to get in -- and if you are a terciary guest, like someone who works for the production's ad agency versus someone directly connected to the production, or related to someone connected to the production, you won't get in if you dont have your invitation. Last June I went to the afterparty for the premiere of HBO and had to leave my friend at the door because she forgot her invite.

Truth: Truth:
When you call attention to yourself, you call attention to yourself. Thanks to a few friends of mine in Fox PR, I can tell you that the "reporter's" presence and tweets did not go unnoticed, and that there is no way said "reporter" would have gotten past the door. If I had any doubt I was convinced when my friend read me a very detailed description of what the "reporter" was wearing, and a recap of some of her past antics, which had been distributed to the door team and security as soon as her presence was noted.

Truth: Some lies are just plain stupid.
When I asked my Fox colleague how likely it might be for an executive or PR person from a rival studio to attend a Fox event, she replied " about as likely as Bin Laden having dinner at the White House."

Candy kisses -- the nutty kind -- to all!

*I*Believe* said...

Annie...that is my new saying. Did you notice all of the point exclamation marks? Remember the troll who gave me grief over my punctuation? Well eat them trolls!

*I*Believe* said...

that's "pointy"

Annie said...

@Real pr pro;
LOL...You are brilliant! I hope you know that. Thank you :)

Annie said...

I took note of the punctuation marks. :)

*I*Believe* said...

Thanks Real Pro!

real pr pro said...

Meant to say "blatant lie at worst." But I'm sure you already figured that out!

real pr pro said...

And is should have been "the premiere screening of HBO's Boardwalk Empire." Guess I have laughed away a few brain cells today too.
And for the record, Steve Buscemi is the palest human with pulse that I have ever seen -- he makes Carlisle Cullen look like a Jersey Shore cast member.

*I*Believe* said...

I'm wondering how DK's keyboard got damaged....was she dancing on top of her desk again...lol?

*I*Believe* said...

"palest human with a pulse" LOL

Annie said...

@Real pr pro;
That idiot should seek help and seek it immediately.

Is Buscemi really that pale?.....Love his acting though.

real pr pro said...

Annie -- does the word Casper ring a bell? It's really freaky close up. But he's a really nice guy - if a little odd -- and totally deserves the attention he's getting

*I*Believe* said...

Casper was my favorite cartoon when I was little :)

Annie said...

@Real pr pro;

I have a question for you..... Maybe a difficult one but in Hollywood and in your line of work, how difficult is it to fight for some sort of normalcy?

real pr pro said...

Annie -- these things run in cycles. It ends one of two ways: there's the Zac Eprhon version, where you are replaced by the next new thing (which in his case was Rob.) Or there's the Leonardo di Caprio model, where you move beyond your audience before they move beyond you, which you do by leveraging your popularity to get cast in movies with more depth. So far Rob seems to be following the Leo route

dano328 said...

Real PR pro. I think I know what you are responding to. I saw a tweet earlier addressing that some insanity claiming they acted as a repoter. I don't know all the players involved other than the crazy tweet was from a Twitter account created this very day. She claimed to have an insider at the after party from Summitt. Her Twitlonger had a deep undertone of hate for Kristen. Are we talking about the same thing? I hope the studios send her a letter from the legal department. Your above post should be made into a Twit longer.

real pr pro said...

Annie -- didn;t answer your question about fighting for normalcy. What I shuold have added is that the frenzy has a shelf life of a few years at best. However the internet has been a game changer -- I don't think any other star has inspired the level of emotional and psychological investment that Rob has (says the middle aged woman who is posting about him at 12:14 am). But like passion of any kind, it will eventually burn itself out. My guess is that he is smart enough to know that and rather than trying to fight it, he's leveraging it to get to the next level.

real pr pro said...

Dano -- we are indeed talking about the same thing... er, person.

Annie said...

Thank you.........I think Zac Efron, while talented let HSM define him and by the time he tried to move past it, it was too late.

Rob has made better decisions in not letting the Twilight role define him as an actor. His choice of roles so far are smart and interesting.

dano328 said...

I've been an admirer of your comments for about six months, since I learned about these people. I have a background in print media. But it's 15 years removed from what I do now. I have zero doubt you are exactly who you say you are. I also have a Kristen fan blog, which is very Rob friendly. I have wanted to use your knowledge when contemplating blog entries. I usually don't engage the haters, but when I do, I'll come at them hard.

dano328 said...

Real_PR_Pro. I keep expecting that tent to fold and I am better off ignoring anything negative. But sometimes I feel like action is needed when these two (R/K) are accused of such treachery. Thanks for your contribution to what's right.

real pr pro said...

Dano -- as someone in the business you understand the uncontrollable desire to bitch slap the stupid out of these idiots whenver they make one of their preposterous claims. My attitude where they are concerned is best summed up by the famous exchange between Harry Truman and a voter during his whistle stop campaign tour in 1948. When someone in the crowd shouted "give 'em hell, Harry," Truman replied "I just give 'em the truth and they think it's hell!"

Monica said...

"That girl", lol~ Rose, you're just so good at pushing the hyena button.

Last night is epic!!!~ Nonstens say Rob was dissed. Oh, please, can't they see Rob smiled like a cheshire cat afterwards~~~

wlm said...

Great post Rose!
and TWIRL!!! no stop!
Rob and Kris makes me happy! Wonderful families, amazing friends, all there!
Epic premiere!


wig4usc said...

Its the late night crew in Roseland..just missing DK with a song, waiting on that keyboard!

I'm dizzy from my twirling today! I read some boards from another site, and the PR claims are just beyond stupid.

I think the foamers, as expected, are now desparate, clinging to the last shred of their version of things.

The car kiss, I think, was meant to be for public display, thus the laughing and smiling. Good for them, and good for Roseland!! Good nite all!

amelieliberte said...

Rose I loved your post!! And the photos.... They look like just married. I don´t know, maybe they´re just celebrated their first year. mmmm. I said it because of the ring that Kristen always use since her 20th birthday.

DreamerKind said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DreamerKind said...

For Rob & Kristen from *IBelieve*

Beside You

Van Morrison:

Little jimmy’s gone way out of the back streets
Out of the window, into the falling rain,
And he’s right on time, right on time.

That’s why broken arrow waved his finger
Down the road so dark and narrow
In the evening just before the sunday sixbells chime
And way out on the highway
All the dogs are barkin’ way down below

And you wander away from your hillside retreated view
Went to wanderin’ nordhbridge way out on the railroad
Together all the tipping trucks will unload
All the scrapbooks built together stuck with glue
And I’ll stand beside you, beside you

Oh child, to never wonder why
To never, never, never, never wonder why at all
To never, never, never, never wonder why
It’s gotta be, it has to be

Across the crystal pavements
Way across the country where the hillside mountains glide
The dynamo of your smile caressed the barefoot virgin child

To wander past your window in the nighttime cross the floor
Crying as ecstasy surrounds you
Through the night air your proud time is open
Go well against the pointed idle breeze

Past the footlights of the brazen silence easy
In the night you cry and you want spirits to tell you
Everything’s alright

Go ahead and do it one more time baby
You’re satisfied I guess, you’re way up and the sky comes down

Open and just hold the lantern in the doorway,
For the freedom of it.
And you take the night air through your nostrils and you breathe
In out, in out
And you breathe just like that, just like that

How does it get you when it gets you
When it gets ya
You may not know it’s got you until you turn around
And I’ll point a finger at you, point a finger at you

You say which way, which way
That’s alright, we’ve gotten hip to it
Goin’ to do it right now.
Behind you
Beside you, beside you

Oh child to never wonder why
To never, never, never, never wonder why at all
Never never never never wonder why at all.


DreamerKind said...

For Smitty & Gruff:

I Never Need Anyone More (Than I Need You Tonight)

Michael Stanley Band (1981)

I don't need to be told by you
I don't need anyone bringing me down
I don't need to be sold by you
I don't need answers, I've been around

I just need you to hold me
Try as hard as I might
I'll never need anyone more
Than I need you tonight
Baby tonight, ooh
I'll never need anyone more
Than I need you tonight

I don't need you to try for me
I don't need someone to always be there
I don't need you to cry for me
I don't need anything more than my share

I just need you to hold me
Try as hard as I might
I'll never need anyone more
Than I need you tonight

Baby tonight, ooh
I'll never need anyone more
Than I need you tonight

Baby this isn't something I planned on
Hey but this isn't something I'll fight

I just need you to hold me
Try as hard as I might
I'll never need anyone more
Than I need you tonight
Baby tonight, ooh

Thank you/gpater2

kristinson60 said...

An old song that comes to mind:
I've got sunshine on a cloudy day, when it's cold outside i've got the month of may; I know some say what could make me feel this way, MY GIRL, TALKING BOUT MY GIRL,MY GIRL!!
Wow what a big day of exciting Robsten news, and just think there are those that said, "na it will never happen". Rob taking that terrible girl to his premiere Na, no way; that girl going to his premiere after party Na, no way; OMFG he kissed her right in front of all of us WTF is that all about?" Honey there were hearts breaking and tears flowing like a river last night along with lots of very bad words coming from foamers mouths. That would have been a sight to see!!
All I know is that Rob looked the happiest he's ever been and Kristen was just as happy but just a little shy about it. They were together, they were extremely happy, they were having fun, and they are deeply, deeply in love; who could as for anything more for them. I say "Good Luck at the box office Rob way to go!!!"

gwen said...

Hello DK! How is the keyboard going?

Im happy for Rob for a successful premier and for having Kristen and family by his side.

Just like the lyrics of a song 'Telling the world', it is only apt to them.

'Every part in my heart I'm giving out
Every song on my lips I'm singing out
Any fear in my soul I'm letting go
And anyone who ask I'll let them know
She's the one, she's the one
I say it loud
She's the one, she's the one
I say it proud
Ring a bell, Ring a bell
For the whole crowd
Ring a bell, Ring a bell
I'm telling the world
That I've found a girl
The one I can live for
The one who deserves
To give all my heart
A reason to fly
The one I can live for
A reason for life.'

DreamerKind said...

From Smitty To Roseland:

Spanish Nights

Michael Stanley Band:

In the City of Angels tonight
Down off one of those freeways
The breeze ain't movin' nothin',
But the blue hotel light
And the ladies on the corner
Swear they could make it right

And he sits with his head in his hands
She sits listening to the radio
And things--they ain't worked out
exactly as planned
But then, Southern California
ain't no place to make a stand...

And she holds on--she holds on
to St. Christopher
And she shines on--and he heads
for the light

And they can't take away the memories
of Spanish nights...

She had been there forever
and he had been 'somewhere along the way'
They were passionate people
these are desperate times
Desperate measures call for
passionate crimes

So they stole all the love they could handle
Living underneath the hotel law
And you don't take prisoners
when you live on the run
And this town--it can finish
anything you've begun...

When you run with the dreamers
The going can get so rough
And sooner or later you find out
that dreams just ain't enough...

And they swore that each time was the last one
You know, two hearts can only take so much...

And you can't live in love songs
But, oh, how they tried
Alone in the darkness
with the whispers and cries

But then...
In the City of the Angels tonight...
down off one of those freeways
the breeze ain't movin' nothin'
but the blue hotel light...

Listen to her heartbeat...

Thank you/cyndi1203

DreamerKind said...

The keyboard did not get installed for I got another late night call, and had to take it.

So, later today, when no one wants to talk with me, I'll figure it out.

For me, it's complicated!

Yes, it's been a great day for loving the Love & Lovers.

DreamerKind said...

I know it shouldn't be that complicated but it is a fancy-dancy wireless, this and that, with a picture guide to install. I need pics and instructions.

A nice man here to do it would also be extremely wonderful. But I didn't pay for that extra service, ta da!

gwen said...

DK- Good to hear that it is good and healthy again, lol.

No late night date?

DreamerKind said...

Woot! Hoot! Toot! Root!

You genius, now I am really liking this Michael Stanley Band and the lyrics are fab! Mucho thanks.

Fio, post any song for your heart's desire. Roselanders are music lovers and can't hear enough of it, or so Dreamer believes.

Have you looked at www.earthclinic.com and checked the Pet Aliments/Diseases section for info on Tomas?
So much is possible as Super said earlier today. That is a natural remedies web site. (Hugs)

DreamerKind said...

If the matchmakers from Saturday had their way, I'd be married (again) by now!

Want to hear the story?

DreamerKind said...

Apparently, although I haven't had a drink, I do need one. Need one to tell a story and to spell things correctly not that I care but you might.

Nah, but still, yes, an itsy-bitsy glass of vino roja (es correcto, Olivia?)

gwen said...

DK- did they not match your type or your not yet ready to marry again? :)

Fire away! What's the story

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