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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Rob and Kristen- Anticipation

This has been a busy weekend for me...
Easter is big for the Italian side of my family.
Let's just say...
Ham isn't the only thing on the menu
and I smell like garlic.

to everyone who celebrates!
I hope you all enjoy your day with people you love
regardless of the day.

London is beautiful at night... isn't it? Kinda romantic.

Couple of quick thoughts.
Like really quick.

1. I got a few emails yelling at me about 
me saying that Kristen would go with Rob to Europe.
You know what I mean... right?

Here is an excerpt from a particularly persistent writer...


Yeah. I'm the liar...
She is 100% sure.

2. Here's the thing...
My OPINION is that Kristen will go to London.
It's what I think will happen.
Look at it like this...
You know how it is when 'little birdies' tell you things?
Well lets pretend you see not just one birdie...
But 2... 3.. even 4 birdies.
And they are all singing the same song.
(Sounds like The Clash)
Get my drift?

I love the emails that YELL AT ME
and I love when friends send me comments from AT
where people are dissecting my words.
Nothing to dissect.
I think Kristen will go to London with Robert.

Sure... I've been wrong in the past
(There's no guarantees in anyone's life... let alone Kristen and Rob)
But I've been right about a few things too...
The most important thing I have been right about?
That Robert and Kristen are together.
Living together.
Sharing a life together.
Getting puppies and houses together.
(And honestly, of course they have had houses in the past...
You don't REALLY think Rob lives in hotels all this time...
Do you? Heh!)

And to complete the Black/White collection...

Just because.

This post is brought to you by WATER FOR ELEPHANTS!

I've read where it has done better than expected at the Box Office!
I'm so happy for Robert.
I'm so happy for everyone involved.
OK, mostly Robert.

Go see it.
And if you have seen it...
Go again.
And quite possibly again.

Don't you just feel like something completely awesome
and absolutely incredible is going to happen?
I do.
Can't really explain it...
But it's like there are so many great things coming our way.
I can't wait.

Bye for now.


dottie said...

Am I first?

Rose, What a treat! I wasn't expecting a post today.

I hate that you get emails from people complaining about YOUR opinions in YOUR blog. If it's so offensive, why do they read it??? Surely there is another blog out there in the cyber world that says exactly what they want to hear... I guess there's no reasoning w/the rabid, eh?? LOL

For the record, I like your opinions Rose, and I agree 100%! Thanks for everything.

angelica1 said...

If only people would realise that putting your insanity into misspelled shouty capitals still won't make it true.

Hi dottie :)

dottie said...

Hi Angelica!

I agree with you. It's hard to take someone seriously when they can't spell and they write in all caps.

Of course, now that I have written that I will probably misspell every other word! haha

Fiorels said...

I really love all the positivity.. but even if it's not like that.. i mean what the f*** is the problem?! it's their business, their life and you, Rose, are only giving your personal opinion which may be right or not :)
btw.. didn't know you had parts of your family from Italy.. LOL
I just got back from "huge" lunch and feel like rolling soon..
hello ladies :)

Freddie said...

Oh Rose, you do have a style.....that we all love.

Hi dottie and Angelica and everyone who posts later. I hope you all have a very happy Easter holiday.

Stay well and enjoy WFE. I know I did.

Groovie said...

Happy Easter to you Rose and all those who visit here who celebrate it!

Love that new B&W outtake pic of Rob in the white tshirt. Simple pix like that are the best.

I will be seeing WFE again today, really happy for Rob that it is doing so well and the reaction its receiving.

I tend to agree with Rose's opinion, so give it a few days and we'll see where stealthy Miss Stewart pops up next! Rob has a talk show UK appearance Tuesday morning, they will be traveling to London the same time the world's media is to cover the royal wedding. Everyone's focus will be on that, so Rob & Kris should totally take advantage & have a good time in London! Hopefully they get to see Tom's play at least once too!

Hope you all have a wonderful day! Time for me to drag my ass out of bed I suppose lol

Freddie said...

Hi Fio - sorry I missed you while I was typing. It sounds like you had a wonderful lunch.

Suwi said...

((Don't you just feel like something completely awesome
and absolutely incredible is going to happen?
I do.
Can't really explain it...
But it's like there are so many great things coming our way.
I can't wait.)))

I CAN`t WAIT!!! =) LOVE this blog.!!! <3

Fiorels said...

Hi Freddie (and everyone) :)
haha Yes.. I did. Ate a lot of things.. all homemade so really delicious..
My mom consumed something like 80 eggs in the past 2 days.. so you can imagine the amount of stuff that was there LOL and considering I only love her cooking...I ate everything LOL

how did you all spend your Easter? =)

dottie said...

FIO - 80 eggs??!! Are there any eggs left in Italy???? LOL

I'm about to meet 3 friends and go see a movie. Now what should we see?? Any suggestions????? ;)

GROOVIE! Get out of bed, girl!



*I think I went over my question mark quotient in this post. Next time I'll use more exclamation points & periods.

Fiorels said...

Dots- I know... she's a freak kitchen control and she just cant stop haha
i'd suggest WFE.. watch it for me :'( lol

Kay said...

Hello Rose, Dottie, Angelica, Freddie, Fio, Groovie, Suwi and any other Roselanders out there....hope you are all having a wonderful day and Happy Easter! :)

What the heck is wrong with people e-mail yelling at Rose in shouty caps, I mean, seriously?! Are they stomping their feet while they type, too?

Really looking forward to hearing what you have to say once you see WFE, Rose.....I am 100% sure you are going to LOVE it, because it really is great....and so much walking, just for you. :D


beaculen said...

I have to admit, reading the comments where they're still trying to find a reason why Rob is with Kristen that doesn't involve them being in love, is now funny as hell to me. It's just soooo freaking desperate at this point, and for what? I guess so you can go toa blog and say I told you so. lmao well look who's saying that now...and it ain't the haters hahaha. great post Rose, and aweesome movie, great reviews.

dottie said...

Fio, We are seeing WFE. In fact, we already purchased our tickets online.

Gotta fly!

Penny Lane said...

Happy Easter to all who observe.

I really wasn't expecting a post today so this was a pleasant surprise.

Something awesome and incredible going to happen? Do you think we need to get out the decoder rings again?

RKsoulmates913 said...


Well IDK if Kristen goes to London, but should be great if she appears there! I'm crossing my fingers to this happen! Who wouldn't like this wonderful surprise.BTW should be a fantastic opportunity for RK celebrate Rob's BDAY with his family in advance!YEAH
I'm dreaming about WFE, i have to wait until the end of the month or more.



Kay said...

Penny - I was kind of thinking that we might need the decoder rings...unfortunately, I must not have collected the number of olive jar labels to get mine....will you share yours? ;) Have a good time today!

Fiorels said...

Enjoy it dottie... again LOL

Kay- i totally agree.. just found such a lame article that question Kristen was the cause of some kind of "chemistry lacking" between Rob adn Reese cause Rob is "rumored" to be with her...
i was like.. wtf?! LMAO

deb said...

Happy Easter Rose and your right You have been wrong at times BUT LOOK AT ALL THE TIMES YOU'V BEEN RIGHT I love it I can see Kristen going to London WHY Well because thats where her hart is Yep Good things are COMING. I JUST LOVED THE WFE. can't wait to see it again . have a good day every one :) DEB.

angelica1 said...

PL - My decoder ring is set and glowing red!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

ROSE...I will put my eggs in your basket ANY DAY! Hehe...If you and your "birdies"...heh...say yes then I believe you! Happy Easter..sounds like the food where you are is fine indeed! Word verif. Reakvjxq

olivia said...

Thank you dear Rose for posting on such a busy day.

Happy Easter to all the Roselanders who celebrate this day.

Love the B&W pictures.

My favorite part of the post today......

"Don't you just feel like something completely awesome
and absolutely incredible is going to happen?
I do."

I do too!

30, such a nice pic of you and Sigmund. So glad that he is AOK after giving you such a scare last night.

real pr pro, thank you for the great info from the business side of movieland. Nice to put a face to the name!

I did manage to see WFE for a second time. So much to take in, this is a movie to see again and again. In addition to my comments yesterday, I would like to add that the supporting actors were outstanding. Especially liked Jim Norton who plays the character, Camel; really liked his scenes with Rob. Loved the music, however I have not been able to find the sound track in any of the local stores. So surprised that the usual places did not get it in; therefore, I will order it.

Liza, the Seth Lakeman vid was amazing. He is brilliant! Thank you posting a link to it.

Have a beautiful day y'all.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

FIO..OMG How are the eggs prepared? About Kris nixing the "chemistry" between Rob and Reese...I think their chemistry was "outstanding" and I'm sure the Nonnies...if they are blaming her for that then they will also blame her for global warming....one makes as much snese as the other...(Eyeroll)...

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Oops.. I meant "sense"

Tigerlily said...

Hi Rose & everyone else.

Happy Easter to you all.

It's Monday here..and I am coming down from a 'sugar high'... (what goes up must come down:).

Loved your post Rose... Love your opinions.. & I bet your 'little birdies' are onto something.. For London IS calling!

Ps: 10 sleeps till WFE for me & my BFF! All your glowing reviews have made me very excited!
Bye for now! :)

katy said...

Hi, Rose!! I wasn't expecting a post today, but happy that you did post!

I too, have a feeling that incredible things are going to happen...can't wait!! :)

I'm really anxious to hear your opinion about Water for Elephants. I hope you will let us know soon.

Take care everyone and be happy.

Hugs to all

Fiorels said...

Super- exctley lol
I just keep ignoring rumors lol
laugh at them everytime :)

and actually the eggs where not prepared in anyway.. lol just used for various cakes, pasta... and stuff haha

30 said...

Fiorels, and dont forget Canolies, us Italians(sp) Have too have them on Easter and Christmas and every other holiday. :)


I swear these people are total fuck nuts. Leave Rose alone assholes!

Fiorels said...

Hi 30 - :) hehe yes of course.. but that's more like a Sicily speciality.. here where I am no one is able to actually make them lol

Berry said...

Happy Easter every one...Rose thanks for the post I was having a little weekend let down as my daughter just left to go back to school, but your post was good for the soul! I also hope your "little birdies" are right on! I saw WFE Friday and can not wait to see it again! Number 3 for the weekend is great! Hope everyone has a great week!

Hayley said...

First time poster - love your blog Rose - been a lurker for a while now. Especially loving the new header picture. One word - YUM!

Got a question for all you Robsten fans - a thought occurred to me when I saw posts that said Rob & Kristen were headed out to the Virgin Islands for Honeymoon reshoots this week. It struck me as ironic timing....hmm a week's break from promoting WFE for Rob, nothing in the diary for Kristen and Easter weekend. Not so much reshoots but maybe a nice little vacation before heading over this side of the pond? What a perfect ninja cover to say that its reshoots. I guess we'll never know for sure, but I did wonder......
Happy Easter / Passover for those that are celebrating out there in Roseland.

Brewski said...

Happy Easter Roselanders!

Rose, ignore the hate. Clearly these Debbie Downers need a little chocolate to sweeten their sour hearts! LOL Perhaps by the truckload! hehe

I saw WFE on Friday and LOVED it! It's been a long time since I've seen a movie this entertaining. I can't wait to see it again this week.

Keep smiling! It's contagious! Have a great rest of the Holiday! Cheers!

Fiorels said...

Hayley- hello =)
Well.. I don't think they could use the reshoots excuse just o stay cover lol I mean, reshoots are something official..
I think they did the reshoots and also took chance to have a little vacation before getting to work...
work and pleasure combined :)

I'm off to sleep..
talk to you tomorrow <3

*I*Believe* said...

!!!Happy Easter!!!

I hope the Easter Bunny visited everyone. I received some very yummy handmade chocolates with nuts!

The nonnies e-mailing Rose better just STEP OFF!!! Really, do they have nothing better to do than badger poor Rose? Really? And (I know you're never suppose to begin a sentence with "and" but who cares) what do they think e-mailing Rose will accomplish? Are they e-mailing to change our minds? Well, sorry, we won't. Like Bella said, "That boat sailed a long time ago." So, why the e-mails? I just don't get it. GET A LIFE NONNIES AND BUG OFF!

gigi9598 said...

Happy to see a post today Rose! WFE is fantastic, can't wait for Rose to see it and read what she has to say.
LONDON IS CALLING, and so much more....can't wait to see what is in store for our happy couple next. Only good things......

Tigerlily said...

Hi Hayley :)

Rhonda said...

Hi Rose,

Thanks for posting today, it was a nice surprise. I hope you've had a lovely Easter weekend <3

I'm sorry you get such shitty emails. I guess these idiots never bother reading the disclaimer ;)

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend :)

Tigerlily said...

Hi DK (the night owl :)

Whenever you have time I was wondering if you could post a song for me.

"All for Believing" by Missy Higgins
- for Rob & Kristen (reminds me of their early promos for Twilight)

...and all the romantics out there in Roseland.
Thankyou in advance...

Cheers :)

Wendy said...

Since today is Easter and a day of Atonement, I want to apologize to you Rose. Not for saying anything to you or even about you, but I would occasionally read your blog over the last six months- you have amazing pictures. However, I wasn't a regular reader because I thought you were a little over the top. I couldn't understand why every post mentioned the "foamers" and I would think- Give.It.A.Rest. I thought this because, for me- a behavioral analysis for 28 years-it is so obvious Rob and Kristen are in a committed relationship. I didn't understand why you felt the need to bring up the nonstens so much, I wondered how they could exist. Then I discovered the Rob only type blogs and the hate that is spewed towards Kristen Stewart. WOW!! Double Wow!! I've never seen anything like this, and as I said, it is my job to profile behavior (as part of behavior modification therapy). I am so sorry I ever thought you were unnecessarily obsessive in your verbiage about the relationship. The fact that people hate on this 17-21 year old girl without reason and provocation is mind-boggling to me. It is organized hate without cause; the names they use to describe Kristen, the hypocritical actions they call her out on. It takes alot for me to determine true sociopathic or psychotic behavior, yet there are blatant threads of these disorders peeking through these blogs. I don't know how to classify this relentless hate that occupies these sites daily. That is the single most confounding thing about this- where is the evidence that Kristen Stewart has done or said anything to be portrayed as she is by these people. Are we hearing and seeing the same things? I read in their twitter or blog accounts that Kristen is considered an evil bitch in HW and I'm open to proof and reasoning,and of course, you know there isn't any. Kristen is exceptionally talented and very well respected by directors and fellow actors. I've determined that the haters are so used to skewing reality and making up the facts that they can't see what fools they are making of themselves as pathological mean 'girls'. Celebrity has entered a new realm with social media and the truth should be easier to find these days. There are none so blind as those who WON"T see. Once again, please accept my apologies, and my respect, that you've held strong in a war of words that has not been above personal attacks upon you. All behavior is functional to the participant, so I understand the purpose, I just don't get the why. For that, I have office hours.....

real pr pro said...

Wendy -- as an expert, do you think that the Nonnies' behaviors skirt the edge of erotomania?

*I*Believe* said...

Well said Wendy!

Hi RealPro! I refuse to capitalize "nonnies" lol

real pr pro said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Penny Lane said...


The Easter nests were a hit. I shaped them in large muffin tins and put a couple small jelly beans in and then a blue Peep on top.

They were so sticky to work with though that I made 6 and said to hell with this damn stuff and spread the rest of the rice krispies in a pan.

real pr pro said...

IB -- I can see your point. However I also capitalize the words Head Lice, Morons and Delusional. So I guess you could call it an idiosyncracy along a running theme.

30 said...


In Roses defense and myself being in this fandom for a few years now having too read the vile disgusting threats and words against Kristen, who respectfully just wants too be herself and just do her craft in peace(and IMO is a breath of fresh air in Hollywood).
Rose is a voice in this insanity it might be messy but those "people" need too be taken down a notch and called out. There behavior is sicking. That's how I look at it at least, I respect Rose for the crap she has too put up with and sticking up for someone who is bulled, and that's what Kristen is, bullied online.

I just want it too end, leave the girl alone and live there OWN lives not a fantasy one.They dont have too be her fan too be Robs fan but they should have too respect the fact he is with her and they will never be.

Fantina said...

Happy Easter to all you

Wendy, I was thinking exactly like you.

Rose, you are a nice girl and I like your Post.


*I*Believe* said...

PL~Glad the Rice Crispy Baskets were a hit. Next time you try to shape them, spray your hands with a little Pam. Sorry I didn't mention it before.

Penny Lane said...


I did spray my hands and put butter on them too. I do like the treats a little stickier so that was part of the problem. I don't have patience for crafty things anyway.


Welcome. It is always nice to hear an educated voice of reason.

cj said...

Hi everyone in Roseland!!! I hope you have all seen WFE by now! (depending on where you live) Awesome movie, huh? I am so proud and in awe of Rob, he completely held his own and in some cases, outshone two Academy Award winners!!! Beautiful movie!!!

Kenzz said...

Just back from April Vacation with the family...CAN'T WAIT to see WFE tomorrow...will see again once hubs finishes book!!

Will catch up on all the posts this week, but hoping Roseland had a wonderful week!!

Kenzz said...


Kenzz said...

How sad with my spelling... *Happy Easter* :)

Wildhart007 said...

Hi! Roselanders!

WoW! WoW! WoW!

Went and seen WFE this evening! Wonderful movie! So entertaining and beautifully portrayed by the cast! BRAVO!

My son even enjoyed it and he won't even look at the Twilight movies. The theater was packed and people were waiting to get in when we left.

Freddie, I hope the tests for Thomas are positive. (hang in there)

I enjoyed the Mumford video, think Cate posted it.

Thank you Rose, for continuing to post. I always look forward to your viewpoint.

To everyone, I have missed you all and enjoy your comments tremendously. Due to work been running about one to two days behind.

Everyone have a good evening! HUGS


Happy Easter!

Julie said...

Have not posted here in a long time but I have say spot on again Rose. I too see London calling. As for the "hate" against Kristen (which I will never understand), these people are just jealous of what they will never have. Sad truth is that these actions are not attractive qualities. I feel as if they treat Rob like a commodity traded on the stock exchange. But as we know that is far from the truth. He is a man of strong conviction who has made his own choices and decisions clear as to who the wants to be with.

wig4usc said...

Hello, Roseland! I hope all of you celebrating Easter had a great day! Oh, Rose, how I love it when you say things like, "something good's coming"....The AT boards go nuts, it make people CRAZY! Pot sirrer!! :) I still haven't seen WFE, crazy weekend here too, I'm hoping next week. So many pretty pictures coming out of that movie!

Good night, everyone!

DreamerKind said...

Ah, Rose,

The Anticipation & Rewards

Every post is eagerly awaited.
The rewards we get are worth the wait.
Thank you for doing that voodoo, that you do, so well!


See you all later....

olivia said...

Good Monday morning Rose and Roseland,

Glad you had a lovely vacay Kenzz, welcome back.

Linda, always happy to see you peeking in. You are such a busy person. So good you were able to see WFE.

Woke up to beautiful tropical island pics on the beach. Sheer paradise. November will be breathtaking and stunning.

Have a wonderful Monday!

Melinda said...

Morning everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Just a quick drop by before work (blah).

I saw WFE yesterday. It was fantastic!!! I loved everything about it. I can't wait to go see it again with my best friend who hasn't seen it yet.

Bravo Rob and cast mates!!!

Looking forward to seeing some pictures of the press tour. Maybe get a glimpse of a green eyed girl in the process?

Now wouldn't that be lovely. :)

Annie said...

Good morning everyone!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend celebrating Easter/ Passover or just enjoying their weekend.

Here's to a wonderful Monday.

30 said...

Kenezz! and Wildheart! HELLO!! :) How was your vacation Miss Kenezz?

SueBee said...

Coming out of a Reese's Egg induced coma...

Hello, everyone!


Rhonda said...

Hello Roseland!

I saw WFE, again today. I still loved everything about it. Rob is wonderful, as is the entire cast. And Tai, well, I've never wanted to meet an elephant before, but I do now...she's amazing!

Rhonda said...

Susan- Lol, I just read your comment. I hope you had a nice Easter :)

angelica1 said...

Hi Susan - I'm resolved to stop eating chocolate after today!

Rhonda - Any elephant or that specific one?

Rhonda said...

Hi Angelica- Lol, no, I think I just want to meet Tai ;)

What?! Give up chocolate, say it isn't so!

angelica1 said...

Rhonda - LOL! I have to get it through my head that a balanced diet needs other things too.

Kenzz said...

Hello to Roseland :)

Susan, I'm with you re: the chocolate stupor...I need to get this stuff out of the house! lol
I told my daw to take all the candy upstairs and hide it from me (I'm hoping that whole out-of-sight, out-of-mind really works).

30, vaca was great, now back to the real world... :(

I see a few new avi's...love them all!

angelica1 said...

Kenzz - "Out of sight out of mind" never works for me, it calls to me :)

Rhonda said...

Angelica- Lol, I just lie to myself and pretend that chocolate is one of the food groups ;)

Hi Kenzz- I'm glad you had a nice vacation :)

Kenzz said...

Hi Rhonda & angelica!

I can't believe I haven't seen WFE yet...the reviews seem to be pretty good (not that the critics ever seem to get it right!), but the "regular people" who have gone to see it seem to unanimously LOVE it, particularly Rob's performance...Can't wait to get to the theater, hopefully tomorrow if life settles down a bit here...

Have a great week!

angelica1 said...

Hi Kenzz - Audience opinion and box office results seem very positive so far :) I have to wait another 10 days or so unfortunately.

deb said...

rose I have a question Was Kristen already in that private plane out of st thomas cause it makes no sense that he would go with her there out of LAX but not come back to Miami at least and he was by himself but arrived in miami with Dean something just doesn't add up...why would he just come back without her I think she was being a ninja am I off base or do you think she was already on the jet with the other people??

martialartslover said...

Miss Rose

Great post. Yes everyone should see WFE. I can honestly say the movie was well done from the book. Second time I have seen a movie from a book. Awesome, just awesome.

Miss Rose, so sorry that you still receive hate mail.

Hello to Roseland. Have a great evening.

amara said...

Hi Rose and Roseland

Hope everyone is having a great day/evening.

Looking forward to Rose's next post, after she has watched WFE. Anticipating her intoxication levels will be way, way off the charts.

Easter Break is almost over, and after all the chocolate I have consumed for the past couple of days, I should be thinking of renewing my gym membership...but cannot be bothered. At the moment have more important things to take care of... like decide whether I should eat the cute Lindt bunny that is left, or not. I cannot bring myself to undress him...or at least not yet. Decisions, decisions!

Enjoy your day/evening everyone!

Freddie said...

Anybody home???

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. By the sounds of things the Easter Bunny was too much of a temptation for some people (myself included).

Linda - it was nice to see you post last night. You have been missed, and thanks for your encouraging words.

Kenzz - I'm so glad you had a wonderful time in Florida. You can flaunt that wonderful tan, I'm sure you have. You will love WFE when you get to see it.

Hello to everyone else in Roseland. Have a great evening. I look forward to chatting with you soon.

*I*Believe* said...

Hi Freddie! Are you still here?

dottie said...

Just popping in to see what's shaking in Roseland.

Welcome back, Kenzz.

Hi to *I* and Freddie if you're still around. :)

Freddie said...

Hi IB and dottie - I'm still here if you're both still here. Did you both have good weekends? I had a nice 3 day one, but it sure went quickly and now I'm having a hard time getting my head back in the game. Anything new?

DreamerKind said...

For Syd:

Something's Coming

Brian Stokes Mitchell:

Could be!
Who knows?
There's something due any day;
I will know right away,
Soon as it shows.

It may come cannonballing down through the sky,
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The air is humming,
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It's only just out of reach,
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Maybe tonight . . .

Thank you/dax28645

DreamerKind said...

For Rob & Kristen:

I'm Sitting On Top Of The World

Brenda Lee:

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Thank you/SirBasildeBrush

DreamerKind said...

If Tomorrow Never Comes

Ronan Keating:

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If tomorrow never comes
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And if my time on earth were through
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Thank you/NicknameSchalke

DreamerKind said...

For Rose & Roselanders:

Good Vibrations

Beach Boys:

I, I love the colorful clothes she wears
And the way the sunlight plays upon her hair
I hear the sound of a gentle word
On the wind that lifts her perfume through the air

I'm pickin' up good vibrations
She's giving me excitations
I'm pickin' up good vibrations
(Oom bop bop good vibrations)

She's giving me excitations
(Oom bop bop excitations)
Good good good good vibrations
(Oom bop bop)

Close my eyes
She's somehow closer now
Softly smile, I know she must be kind
When I look in her eyes
She goes with me to a blossom world

(Ah my my what elation)
I don't know where but she sends me there
(Ah my my what a sensation)
(Ah my my what elations)
(Ah my my what)

Gotta keep those lovin' good vibrations
A happenin' with her

Good good good good vibrations
(Oom bop bop)
(I'm pickin' up good vibrations)

She's giving me excitations
(Oom bop bop)

Good good good good vibrations
(Oom bop bop)
She's na na . . .

Na na na na na
Na na na
Do do do do do
Do do do

Thank you/IHeartMikeLove

DreamerKind said...

Been Listening

Johnny Flynn/Sussex Wit:

The song's a thing
And this one's thin
From traveling light
The stars at night

Have seen old time to new erosion
Old time gone with old religions
Prickled interest seizing pride
The night the music upped and died, died.

Been listening all the night-long
Been listening all the day.
Will I listen for the one you know
Will I listen, will I pray?

It's a-coming all the night long
It's a-coming in the day
It's blowing through my stone ears, whistling its way.

Left the song behind old chums
The faintest trace of what's to come
What's behind and what is near
Banished by a suckling ear.

Coffee lustre
Lend me mine
Nothing came with beer and wine, wine.

The music's gone
The music's dead
The music went and in its stead

A single song, a chorus strong
A symphony, sans right or wrong
The band's rehearsing, the radios off
The silence is everything, hold that cough.

Been listening all the night-long
Been listening all the day
Will I listen to the one you know
Will I listen, will I pray?

It's a-coming all the night-long
It's a-coming in the day
It's blowing through my stone ears
Whistling it's way.

Thank you/PenceyPrepsDropout

DreamerKind said...

Forever Young

Joan Baez:

May God's blessing keep you always,
May your wishes always come true,

May you always do for others
And let others do for you.

May you build a ladder to the stars
And climb on every rung,
May you stay forever young.

May you grow up to be righteous,
May you grow up to be true,

May you always know the truth
And see the lights surrounding you.

May you always be courageous,
Stand upright and be strong,
May you stay forever young,

May your hands always be busy,
May your feet always be swift,

May you have a strong foundation
When the winds of changes shift.

May your heart always be joyful,
May your song always be sung,

May you stay forever young,
Forever young, forever young,
May you stay forever young.

Thank you/Cal44

DreamerKind said...

For Smitty & Gruff:

This Charming Life

Joan Armatrading:

I wanna be with you all the time
Every day
Every night

You're my deja vu
It's sounds obsessive
But I think it's fine

When you're gone
All I do is to think of you

I live and love with you
This charming life

You know you came into the room alone
But when you left

Then I found that you took my heart
It sounds so corny yes I know it does

But truth is the shade that I choose to wear
I live and love with you
This charming life

Every government must pass down a law
That says the sun has to always shine

That everybody gets the chance to say
I live and love with you
This charming life

Every morning when I open my eyes
You're the first thing that I see
Lady luck she really took to me

I live and love with you
This charming life

Thank you/429Records

DreamerKind said...

The Circle Game

Buffy St. Marie:

Yesterday a child came out to wonder
Caught a dragonfly inside a jar
Fearful when the sky was full of thunder
And tearful at the falling of a star

Then the child moved ten times round the seasons
Skated over ten clear frozen streams
Words like, when you're older, must appease him
And promises of someday make his dreams

And the seasons they go round and round
And the painted ponies go up and down
We're captive on the carousel of time
We can't return we can only look behind
From where we came
And go round and round and round
In the circle game

Sixteen springs and sixteen summers gone now
Cartwheels turn to car wheels thru the town
And they tell him,
Take your time, it won't be long now
Till you drag your feet to slow the circles down

And the seasons they go round and round
And the painted ponies go up and down
We're captive on the carousel of time
We can't return we can only look behind
From where we came
And go round and round and round
In the circle game

So the years spin by and now the boy is twenty
Though his dreams have lost some grandeur coming true
There'll be new dreams, maybe better dreams and plenty
Before the last revolving year is through

And the seasons they go round and round
And the painted ponies go up and down
We're captive on the carousel of time
We can't return, we can only look behind
From where we came
And go round and round and round
In the circle game

Thank you/dudleycudley

Birdie said...

Fantastic concert last night and nice tribute to Smitty, Gruff and Syd. Hope they are all enjoying life!
So how have I never listened to Joan Armatrading? Love her! I hadn't listened to Johnny Flynn either. If you ever doubt that it is worth it to put your music out to us, let me say a big thank you. It is always a gift to turn people on to new music(and old). Keep doing what you do! Talk to you later.

DreamerKind said...

You are so very kind to tell me that, and I really appreciate it.

I've been catching up on the tv show, "House" and playing ring around the rosy, in cyberspace tonight.

Thinking that I'll fly to the moon now, and play among the stars!

lady quinzy said...

Rose, I just hope too that Kristen will be with Rob in London & Australia. But I've learned too that Kristen will be attending the MET Gala on May 2 since she is a committee member. Just really hope she'll join Rob. i'll be going to Australia to see Rob there & hopefully Kristen too.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

DK....WOW!!!!....the FGM was at the top of her game this morning! That was just fantastic!! Sleep well in dreamland. TTYL

Good Morning ROSELAND...Have a great day!!!!

ROB and KRISTEN..Travel safely !

Rhonda said...

Morning, Rose and Roseland!

DK- Thanks, for the great songs last night, you are wonderful :) Joan Armatrading is great, perfect song choice for Smitty and Gruff.

Have a great Tuesday!

Love to all...

Fiorels said...

Hello Roseland :)

Wendy- I really liked what you said about haters...
i have to say I never really got the chance to adventure in some only-Rob blogs, I don't think I could stand all the hate but some time ago I was in one Italian Forum where there was a section dedicated to Rob and Kristen and there was another one dedicated to why they shouldn't be together (some anti-robsten stuff..) and it turned out to be an Anti-Kris section with all hate spreading at incredible speed and freedom and mods did nothing about it! We really tried to fight to get it closed but at the end it was always turning to be our fault cause we shouldn't have gone there and see what they were writing.. (and they were writing really really bad and extremely mean stuff.. i couldn't believe it and I can't imagine what I would find in forums and blogs from all around the world..). At the end we left the place of course..
This is just totally insane and wrong... What I always say is that world is already such a bad place in terms of wars and fights.. there's no need to spread further hate.. especially nonsense hate against a girl who did nothing but being herself and struggling to be with the person she loves and that loves her back..
when I think about haters... all that comes to my mind is "What the fuck is wrong with people?!"
it's something i will never understand..

DK- I really enjoyed the songs! especially the Joan Armatrading one i had never listened to.
And the lyrics of "if tomorrow never comes" always kinda get me emotionall and melancholic... hehe..

Hope you all had a great Easter! :)

Cate said...


There appears to be a woman in Germany that is in desperate need of your services.

Starts passing around the Roseland “Behavioral modification for Booby Berlin” fund jar.


Have a good day everyone!


Kenzz said...

Good Tuesday morning, Roseland!

DK, I see you've got your mojo back...great songs last night...that Joan Armatrading song is a revelation! Thanks for keeping us all here entertained, informed, and constantly inspired by your musical musings! <3

Cate, where do I send my donation for the Berlin stalker's rehab? That was just creepy...I don't think we realize what Rob (& Kris) endure simply trying to get through their day...

Can't wait to see how much twirling Rose is doing after seeing WFE... checking in later! :)

And lastly, to Smitty & Gruff...STAY SAFE please

angelica1 said...

Hi Kenzz & Cate - Personally, I always wear bikini top,shorts and vest to stalk celebrities in the airport. Rob was a model of composure :)

Kay said...

Hehehe Cate! :D I'll contribute to that fund!

Three things I thought seeing those pictures:

- Wow, Rob is SO patient!
- Awesome "boxing-out" moves from Dean!
- Why am I always freezing in airports?

Have a good day, Roseland!

Kenzz said...

angelica: I liked how Rob was using the guitar case as a shield!

Kay: that must be why you're always so cold in airports...we must stop wearing our bathing suits to cath a flight! lol

Kay said...

Oooops, that might not have come out right.......I meant that more from the standpoint that I would be freezing my butt off if I dressed like that in an airport..... ;)

Rhonda said...

Hi Angelica- I don't know how Rob managed to keep a straight face. Lol, she appeared to be very persistent ;)

Hi Cate,Fio,Super,Kay & Kenzz :)

Kenzz said...

Hi Rhonda! How's your Tuesday? :)

angelica1 said...

Hi Rhonda - I think he's just mortified :)

Fiorels said...

Hi Rhonda, kay, kenss and angelica :)

I was reading the notes next to the pics of US weekly and was laughing at how many ways it's possible to use to try to hide the fact that there's no source at all haha

"onlooker, observers, insider, pal, witness.."

Rhonda said...

Hi Kenzz- I'm good today, thanks. I hope you are too. When are you seeing WFE?

Angelica- Yes, I think you're right, there really are no words for that ;)

Fio- Lol!

angelica1 said...

Hi Fio :)

I think this is my personal favourite : "Kristen splashed Rob and he just laughed," says an observer. "She was getting him good!"

Penny Lane said...

Geez, I didn't know what you all were talking about so I had to go hunt for the stalker photos. I did notice Dean had his hand right on target in a couple shots. Of course, the way she was flaunting it was kind of hard to avoid. I'm guessing she was talking in German so they probably had no clue what she was saying.

WFE tomorrow for me.

Fiorels said...

haha what about this? LOL

What do the live-in lovers do when they're not working? "They stay in most nights playing with their new puppy, watching TV and listening to music," one pal says.

LOL they got the esclusive everyone!

Rhonda said...

Hi Penny :)

angelica1 said...

Hi Penny - Well that's Rob's excuse and he's sticking to it :)

Rhonda said...

Fio- Lol, I guess they have a fly on the wall too ;)

Penny Lane said...

Hi Rhonda, Angelica and Fio,

Am I the only one who feels bad for Rob when they catch him shirtless? He always talks about he's afraid his belly is hanging out and how he thinks he's fat. I guess it's the mama bear in me.

Motherhin said...

Anyone feel like pitching in to get the "couple" some middle finger shirts after seeing the Berlin fan? In one shot she literally looks like she's about to cry that he won't pay attention to her. After they got rid of her, can you imagine what Rob and Dean had to say?

Fiorels said...

Rhonda- LOL! oh no wait.. Rob just squashed it!

Hi penny! :)
haha I think Rob just makes too many problems around his body..

angelica1 said...

Penny, That must be why "Rob picked her up and she wrapped her legs around him as they kissed." To hide his shirtless body :)

Fiorels said...

angelica, don't forget that "He is totally addicted to her."

Penny Lane said...


I agree, I think he worries too much about his body shape.


Can you imagine how difficult it must be for a director to direct a love scene between an actual couple? Does he say, that's not the way to do it? And then they reply, Yes, it is, we do it all the time.

Fiorels said...

Penny- lol!
that's funny haha
I think with them he just goes "Do whatever you want, it'll be great!" haha

Rhonda said...

Penny & Fio- Hehehe..:)