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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rob and Kristen -- Speculation/Anticipation

Oh dear.
So many things to speculate about today...

So much angst over Rob still being in L.A.
Now... of course I would have loved for him
to fly out to London and be with Kristen
I'm kinda a romantic sap that way...
And I love seeing Rob and Kristen together
But it's not a big deal if he's still in L.A.
doing a little grocery shopping with his buddy, Sam.

Or is it?
Well... to some people it is.
Because he didn't immediately jump on a plane to London...
it must mean that he doesn't care about Kristen!
It couldn't possibly mean that he has stuff going on in L.A. still...
It could never be as sensible as that.
It has to be some high drama.

Mayhaps his parents and Kristen both told him to stay put
until the unrest and riots in London subsided...
There was all this bullshit about how he must not care 
about Kristen because he didn't rush to her side
Even though Kristen is WELL protected
(Rob has seen to that)
But IF Rob had flown to London...
What would have been said then?
You know.
He wouldn't have gone there for THAT girl...
He does have family and friends in London.
Yada Yada Yada.

So now he is still in L.A.
and its some sort of insane VICTORY
And WHEN he does go to London
(and he will)
And you see him nuzzling up to Kristen on set...
or see them holding hands somewhere on the streets of London
What will happen then?

Time apart means nothing.
It's what they do when they are together.
And they ALWAYS end up together.

And besides Kristen
and his family and friends
Don't forget his favorite guitar is also being held
by his favorite girl.

If you listen real hard...
You can almost hear it 
Soulfully strumming...

I'll be your man
And I'll understand
And I'll do my best
To take good care of you

You'll be my queen

I'll be your king
And I'll be your lover too
Yeah yeah
Yes I will

Derry down green
Color of my dream
A dream that's daily coming true.
And ohhh when the day is through
I will come to you and tell you of
Your many charms

And when you look at me

With eyes that see
And we'll melt into each others arms

You'll be my queen

And I'll be your king
And I'll be your lover too

Let's speculate on what Robert is wearing.
Big deal.
I think he looks like your average 25 year old.

Head to toe Adidas is kinda adorkable
and the sandals.
It just proves that Robert is just a boy
Like any other boy.
The one thing I don't get...
Is the sweatshirt?
I suppose he just wanted to have access to a hood?
The easier to cover up, my dear.

He looks all kinds of adorable and sweet...
and it doesn't matter what he wears
In fact
The geekier and goofier 
the better.
Makes me love him all the more.

I will admit that this pains me a bit.
Holding hands with Sienna.
Going on a trip.
I'm not sure when this trip happened...
There was an article that said last week...
And now there are some that say they just left.
So which is it?
Who knows.

All I know is Tom is still wearing that hat.
And a 'jumper'
A jumper I have seen somewhere before...
Are we going to see pictures of him swimming
WITH the hat?
Because I'm starting to think he will always have a hat on...
No matter what he does.
You know what-ing

Interesting thought.

And my final speculation?
See the above pictures?
Take a good look.
Something like that will be happening again...
It's not a question of IF

And when it does...
Please don't go all ballistic... OK?
Because it's really not a battle won.
Or lost.
It's just Rob and Kristen...
Doing what Rob and Kristen do.
Being together.
Looking all gloriously happy and content
whenever they are together.
Why aren't you used to it by now?

This post is brought to you by Ketchup.
Or is it Catsup?

We can never know about the days to come
But we think about them anyway
And I wonder if I'm really with you now
Or just chasing after some finer day.

Anticipation, Anticipation
Is making me late
Is keeping me waiting
And this is for Syd.

Bye for now


Rosey said...

Oh Rose, Exactly!! Excellent post.

Just needed to say all our thoughts are with the girls in the UK who are still in the midst of the riots there, especially those in the north of the country. Keep smiling and if you need cheering up come to Rose's blog!

Dottie said...

Rose, I love today's post. You are so funny and get right to the heart of the matter. I needed to laugh today so thanks. :)

Hello to the Roseland regs and anyone else who happens by. Special hellos and hugs to our Brit friends.

Oh and speaking of "you know what-ing" a long time ago someone told me that:

I thought you pervs would enjoy that little tidbit! LOL

Claire said...

Good post as always Rose

You can do nothing but shake your head at some of these 'fans', they're both working actors FFS.

People can't expect them to be glued to each other 24/7, they're both adults, not kids.

I honestly think these 'fans' are either very young, or never been in a committed relationship.

I'm glad to see Sam with Rob, at least he's got one of his best friends to hang out with.

And also, when is Tom going to give us a peek at what looks like a glorious mane of hair growing under that hat?? LOL

Claire said...



Yep, I've heard that said too. LOL

Kay said...

Nice post, Rose :D

One of the things I have always liked about Rob is that through everything, he really is just a normal 25 year old guy. :)

My thoughts are with all of the Roselanders and their friends/families over in the UK. Take care and be safe!!

Happy hump day Rosey, Dottie, Claire and everyone else that pops in - have a good one! <3

LOL Dottie!! Hehehe

Teeth said...

Am I the only one who loves Rob in a sweatshirt??

And idk why but when I see Tom's beard, first word that comes to mind is "soft"

Have a great Wednesday everyone :D

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Great post ROSE...Happy Wednesday Everybody:)

Freddie said...

Hi Rose,

Thanks for posting.

I hear that the situation in England continues. Like others, I pray it gets resolved very soon and that all of our friends in England remain safe.

Rob is so cute. I hope he (and Bear) will be reunited with Kristen in short order. Safe travels to them when they go.

I’m just ducking in quickly, so I hope everyone has a good day. Talk to you soon.

Groovie said...

Hello everyone!
Happy hump day! This week is speeding along nicely!

Great post as usual!
Love all the pix, Tom is endearing with his always present hat & beard!
And Rob looks cute in his shorts! He is embracing his inner California boy! Lol!
To anyone complaining about his attire, I have to wonder if they get all glam'd up to go to the grocery store? Of course not!
Haters gonna hate!

W mag said the September cover girl (beautiful miss kristen!) Will be unveiled tomorrow night along with the article and pix. So that's something we can all look forward to!

Hope all you ladies in England, particularly greater london are keeping well as Kristen & Rob's family and their friends.

Sydney said...

KENZZ: Okay, so I tried your trick out on the BF and commented on Eclipse, mentioning how Alice was attacked in her human life by her fiance and his friends and then went on a rampage killing them all once she was turned. He looks at me like I'm an idiot and says "no, that happened to Rosalie." You were right! Not only did he watch it, he paid attention and absorbed it all.

And along the lines of what Robert said (thank you for the insight into the male psyche), he told me that Kristen and Ashley are smoking hot. But (and this is the best part) the "other" female from Twilight looks too much like the two headed monster from the movie Willow for him to find her attractive. His words.

You be the judge:

Anyway, Rob looks good in anything he wears. No, the adidas sandals are not my favorite look on men, but I'm willing to overlook anything on man such as Rob. Also not worried about him not going to London yet. I imagine pre-production and the start of filming is a pretty busy time. And what will they say when he DOES go? It doesn't mean anything? Sure it doesn't.

kiara said...

You are so right Rose!

I was pretty sure he is gonna stay in LA - he has to take care of his career and Bear! We know we will see him in London sooooon!

Rob has his own style. Everyone is going to wear this flip flops you will see! This reminds me the missbuttoned shirts!

Everyone in Uk stay safe!

angelica1 said...

Sydney - My other half thinks Kristen is gorgeous but that the other one looks like "ET in a stripper wig" :)

Sydney said...

Angelica: How very apt.

I already assumed he had good taste, but I was very relieved he recognized a monster when he saw it!

Claire said...


''ET in a stripper wig''


Annie said...

Hello everybody!

Some people love to create drama when there really is no need to do so......
Guitar to London with his girlfriend.
Together in London will follow. Accept it. It will lessen your heartburn and your angst!
Those in England, stay safe.

Rose: This post had me smiling from ear to ear and singing too! :)

@Sydney and Angelica: Love the observations from your guys. :)

Kenzz said...

Rose: Thanks for the post...super cute pics today... wish we had some new ones of Miss K... did I hear tomorrow from W? :)

Rosey: brilliant... Rose's posts can be advertised as the antidote to what's wrong in the world.. London riots, stock market spiral, and summer allergies!! haha

dottie: Hadn't heard that, you naughty girl- go ADIDAS!

Sydney: I KNEW they paid attention! And obviously both your BF and angelica's are men of excellent and discerning taste! (And Robert, too! Thanks for the male's insight into the phenomenom...)

Hi to Freddie, Groovie, Super, Teeth, Claire, Kay, katarzena, and Annie... Happy Wednesday!

Sydney said...

Ooops, sorry that link doesn't work. I posted a pic of the monster on my profile, it's not showing up here but if you click on my name you should see it. It has this obscene smile and a giant forehead. This is where he found similarities.

JanBreesmom said...

Nice post. I love the pictures you've chosen, "the Nuzzlers" is one of my all-time favorites.

Keep up the good work, Rose. I always enjoy your blog.

Hope said...

Domestic Rob is the cutest!
Wonder what is inside those grocery bags??

Thanks for another great post.

Hi Everyone!

Claire said...


Probably Hot Pockets and plenty of Heineken!!!

Mary said...

Hi Rose,

Lovely post.

I can't imagine someone scrutinizing everything I wore when I'm out doing mundane things. Rob looks like any other guy and maybe that is exactly the point.


I knew there was a reason I liked you. Never heard that saying before.

Angelica, Claire, Liza, keep the faith. This too shall pass.

Hope said...


And maybe a bone for Bear.

Claire said...


Perhaps Bear ate his shoes, hence the flip flops

DreamerKind said...

On, a frantic Wednesday, I'm hoping for world peace and quiet nights, everywhere!

I'm taking a break from packing, eating a bagel with cream cheese, drinking milk, and reading a new post from Rose.

That's a fab way to perk up-for Rose gives everyone stuff (pics, quips, snips) to ponder/appreciate/amuse.

Hello, to Queen Rose, Smitty, Gruff, Syd, Emilia, Rosey, dottie, Claire, Kay, Teeth, Super, Freddie, Groovie, Sydney, katarzyna, angelica1, Annie, Kenzz, JanBreesmom, Robert, Wania, katy and you know who..yes, YOU!

You're the bestest! Just love being here with you and your charming selves.

Mary said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dani said...

Hi everybody :)

Great post Rose!
Oh man, can't people just chill? There's always something to bitch about, uh? I even saw people today criticising Rob's feet. His feet! Seriously people...? -____-

For those in England, including all the Brit Roselanders and Kristen and Tom (?), please be safe!

I see people are coordinating efforts to defend their communities and organizing clean-ups... Amazing <3

Soleil Anne said...

Great post as usual, Rose.

People seem to forget that
its the QUALITY of time not the
QUANTIY that is important in a

As long as honesty, respect and love is there - everything will work out for the best.

katy said...

Hi Rose, great post, and love the pics.

I'm happy to see gorgeous Rob in company of his friend Sam, doing normal things, like shooping! and How often do we see Rob in shorts?...Le Sigh!
I am looking foward to see him in LOndon, as well, but I'm not going freak out because he is not there yet, if Rob is still in LA, it's because he has stuff to keep him there, and not because he chose to be there. I am sure he and Kristen will be reunited is just a matter of time.

Dreamer, Freddie, Hope, Annie, Claire, Rosey, Dottie, Kay, Sydney, Angelica, Groovie, Kenzz, Penny, Super, and all of you that I may have missed, hope you are all having a great day.

Take care, be happy and stay safe.

Rhonda said...

Hi Rose,

Nice post <3

I'm sure Rob will make his way over to London as soon as he can. Some people just insist on creating drama where there is none.

Hi everyone- I hope it's been a great day :)

To all our friends in England- Stay safe..

pinkpepper51 said...

Well one good thing about Rob wearing the flip flops with those adorable feet and yummy long toes was that he didn't wear socks with them like some guys do. It is so wonderful to see him out being able to do normal everyday things like the rest of us do, even if the paps still dog him. He is not shying away, just doing his thing. Hope to see some sweet pics with his lady love soon and hope he gets lots of rest to recharge him.

30 said...

Hi Roseland,

Awwwwwww Rob needs a tan! His legs are so white. When he gets to his girl,she can take him to the beach maybe?

Wait are their beaches in the UK? lol

angelica1 said...

30 - LOL! Rob has NO chance of getting a tan here at the moment :)

emmajlz363 said...

perfection in a blog as always :) who cares if rob is still in LA, he will get to london eventually. he probably doesnt want to get in the way of kristen really getting into her character, coz he knows how seriously she takes it, as does he. I wonder if they have ever read this blog lol- wouldnt it be interesting to just happen to overhear one phone conversation of there's? Priceless haha. Having said all that, am looking forward to seeing them together again, but im now sweating when. Let them live their lives in the meantime :)

emmajlz363 said...

*not sweating lol

Melinda said...

Wise words from an equally wise Rose. There are those who can't be content unless they are fussing. Shakes my head.

Been reflecting on the madness that seems to have taken over the last few days. It really makes you stop and look at what really matters in life.

It has been uplifting to see the good that people are doing in light of such senseless behavior.

Sending positive thoughts to Claire, Angelica, Liza, Smitty, Syd, and both Rob and Tom's families and anyone else that lives in the UK.

I pray that things soon calm down and justice is swift to those who care less about others and more about themselves and their agenda.

Dottie- That "adidas" acronym is too funny. First time hearing that.

gwen said...

Good morning ladies! You never disappoints, you always crack me up, lol.

LOL Dottie, you remind me to use that one for sometime.

Love cute and adorkable Rob short, he should wear shorts often he looks good on them aside from jeans. And Tom with all those beard he's still cute though even those hairs can't hide that face :)

Hi DK sorry I missed you and Bren last time. I'm in the middle of work transition right now. Some kind of promotion, I should be happy right? See ya soon.

Carry on ladies. You are one the many reasons I love coming here aside from Rose posts of course :)

Have a great day!

30 said...

Blogger has been down the past hour and pissing me off hated not being able to post, but now I get on and forgot what I wanted to say. :-p

Barbara Fenwick said...

Great post Rose. I love the pics of Rob, he looks so cute and casual. I am sure he will go to London as soon as possible, he is probably busy. He is probably smart to stay away from London until all the riots are over. Have a good day Roselanders, and I will see you next time.

Birdie said...

Rose, the Queen of calm and logic. Thank you for the post,as always. I love how these two just live their lives while their "fans" swirl around dreaming up drama.
Hope all of Roseland's Brits are remaining safe and things settle down soon. Have a great night everyone!
Two days? Are you ready?

DreamerKind said...

I am very close to ready to move but certainly right at crazy, too. Since I won't have personal internet until next Tuesday, I'll be sitting outside hooking up to the wifi around the bldg. or at Starbucks, lol.

This laptop thing is cute but I am slow and unsure with it. Give me some time to get up to some speed.

Hope you are well, and enjoying the cooler weather.

W said...

Yeh, Rose...wise thoughts...
How much drama because Rob is in LA, is it? Foolish people ...
I do not know ... I think I'll imitate you a bit, Rose, ok?

I love yours random...

First random...
Will be Kristen is there in London yet? Or she has returned to LA and come back to London again? (she is like ninja...) The pre production of SWATH not started yet, only 15/08 and Chris (our Huntsman) was seen in TCA...
So anybody knows with sure...

Second random...
Rob and Sam doing grocery shopping ... bags to only two guys in hotel? (sorry, three with Bear, maybe) ... or will be shopping to Rob and Kristen's house in LA at the request of own Kristen?
Who can knows?

Third random ( read in somewhere )... my favorite...
Rob commitments in LA, yet ( maybe with Kristen or not matter ... because they always end up together).
Sam was seen in LA with Rob because he was recording your new CD in last
Beyond, commitments Rob, will be possible Rob and Sam are working on some music for the soundtrack of Breaking Dawn? Or is it just a coincidence?
Who knows?

But it would be great if this were true, would not it?

PS: Tom dear...come back to home...

kisses Roseland

W said...

DK... I have almost same problem...rsrsrsss...
I don't have laptop , but a kindle... is a amazing reader and my buddy all hours ... but is so, so slow... is annoying, irritating, and nothing productive when it comes to internet ...
Then hope that Tuesday comes fast for you!


seashells said...

I love your blog. I wonder ....does anyone think that maybe Rob is making music ?????? Plus Kristen is prepping for her movie ... really doesn't need the distraction of the lovely Rob. Of course they will be back to together soon .....AFTER Rob finishes the music and Kristen has got settled into the movie.

olivia said...

Good morning dear Rose and Roseland,

So nice to see Rob with his good friend Sam, just hanging and having guy time together. Like many of you said.... normal, average, 25 year old guy time. Time to kick back a bit, work on other projects, perhaps, get life and home in order before the next round of travels, meetings, business obligations and commitments begin again.

Have faith that Rob and Kristen have their calendar in sync and fine tuned. Like Rose says, it is not the question "if", but rather, " when", and honestly, I am sure it will be at the earliest, most opportune moment. These two lovely people work hard, and follow unique schedules that must be adhered to when involved in their projects. They are seasoned, serious, and committed professionals.

Dear DK, it is getting close. May you have a moving day that is as easy as possible with lots of help and excellent weather. Once you arrive, may your new place be filled with happiness, love, comfort and many new friendships. Wishing you great excitement about the move sprinkled with patience and calm. Wish we were all there to help you celebrate once you get settled in with some champagne and tasty yummies. Will have to set aside one evening here in Roseland to do the celebration online. : )

Spent all day yesterday in Austin. One last great escape before the new school year. Love that town. Was a bit toasty...106. Had lunch with a sweet, dear person who just moved back from out of state. Was so fun to see the new house, hear about their jobs and know that we will be able to visit in person more often that just once a year. Old friends are so very special.

Take care y'all.
Dear Brits, stay safe....still have you in my thoughts and prayers.
Life is good. Look for the positive.
Hugs for y'all.

olivia said...

more often "than" just once a year.

Claire said...

Just seen Kristen's W Mag photos.

GTFO with your beauty girl.

Making us mere mortals feel like shit LOL.

Have a nice day everyone.

Claire said...

Also just read the EW Interview with Rob, Kristen and Bill.

I love Taylor to bits, but I'm glad that Rob seems to hold Jacob in the same disdain as me.

And Bill Condon, I fucking love you, that's all. LOL

Motherhin said...

@Claire, I am one that was not a big BD fan so imagine my surprise when I see and hear how they've taken the book and made it into something...more...better. I mean the meat is still there but there are some potatoes and a lovely salad and dessert on the side as well. I'm actually excited to see this one more than the others and that shocks me. Love Rob's jealous comments and how he would do things verses how Edward did. I'm sure he felt Ed was just a tad odd in some of those scenes like the rest of us, no?

30 said...

Oh MAN! This really sucks and what happens when you mess with drugs and alcohol acting irresponsible. What a shame for Kiowa and probably embarrassing for Summit.

Annie said...

Claire: The preview pics of Kristen in W magazine are spectacular! Absolutely stunning!
Will definitely be watching Entertainment Tonight at 7:30PM.

Motherin: Breaking Dawn was my least favourite of the Twilight books but it's looking like the movie will be the best of them so far.
Looking forward to it.

Kenzz said...

Saw those W pics, and seriously, Kristen...why soooo pretty?!!

Also enjoyed the EW interview with R, K, and BC... sweet and funny...

Hi 30, Claire, Annie, Motherhin, olivia, and anyone else who comes along this evening... Almost the weekend :)

Annie said...

Hi Kenzz!
Yes, an excellent interview in EW as well along with a great set of pics.

30 said...

Hi Kenez! :)

I loved the E article. I have to say though, Rob is the only person that could get away with calling Edward a "PUSSY" and NOT have pitch forks out and ready from crazy ass Twilight fans. lol

And Kristen,
As always I love hearing her thoughts on Bella. I think they have a lot in common :) (for a fictional character of course) My favorite part was how the Wedding felt so real to her, from her heart and soul so honest what more can we ask of this girl? She has are Bella down to a T and believes in her as we do, their could never have been a better person to play her. :)

30 said...

OH the E pics! So sweet. Honestly though I am not really feeling the cover, or understand why they went with that one Robs eyes all funky.

I personally loved the one where they are playing chess and normally I would find that odd it but it looks cute and sexy. These two are the only ones that could make CHESS cute and SEXY. lol

30 said...

Kristen?? GORGES! Those eyes, I am so jealous of those eyes. :p

olivia said...

Hi everyone, big "wave" to Kenzz,

Wonderful EW pictures and a delightful interview.
As I look at the pics I see Rob and Kristen, who look so natural together, even though the pics are of their onscreen personae.

Just saw the W pictures, so very vintage glamour. Kristen is such a beautiful young woman.

Claire said...

Hi everyone

She is absolutely stunning isn't she?

Claire said...

Sat here refreshing the W website like a boss LOL

Claire said...

Those pics in HQ :X

If Rob is seeing these pics and his arse isn't on the next plane home, then I might have to start asking some serious questions about our boy LOL.

Gorgeous woman is gorgeous.

Kenzz said...

Claire, you're too funny!

olivia, 30 & annie: what's shakin', ladies?

Watchin' my beloved New England Patriots wallop the competition during the preseason game here in Massachusetts :)

MySoCalledLife said...

I had to change my blogger icon in honor of the insane gorgeousness that is Kristen Stewart. I mean really! How gorgeous can one girl be? Not.Fair! ;)

Between the new BD pics and article in EW and WMag pics, I'm a happy camper today.

Hi to everyone out there. I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe.

olivia said...

The video interview for W magazine with Kristen and Lynn Hirschberg is excellent. Love her answers. Thank you to Lynn for keeping it professional and focused on Kristen's career.

Shenna said...

Maybe these W pix of Kristen are a preview of Vampire Bella. She is truly stunning!!!!

olivia said...

Night y'all.
Will peek in tomorrow.

Kenzz said...

Nite, olivia! I'm going to check out the W interview, as I've only seen the pics...Hope you're correct about the professionalism of questions; most of the time, the ?'s are so inane, repetitive, and unoriginal.

Anna said...

Sam Bradley has concert coming up in bet is that Rob will be there with him...Kristen said at comic con that her costars better watch out...she's taking this next movie very seriously...Rob's letting her do her thing...they'll hook up closer to the end of her filming...that's their pattern...they're are together for the long haul!!! I had to laugh at his box of Frosted Flakes!

Anna said...

I hope Rob and Sam are working on music together! I read somewhere a twilight cast member will have a surprise recording on breaking dawn soundtrack? Hope it's Kristen!

DreamerKind said...

Good Morning Rose & Roseland!

Still up & putting things into plastic bags now, during these last hours until the big move.

Keeping my usual watch, and reading your comments, too.

Thanks for your kind wishes.

Hugs and peace out to you all!

Back later...


Birdie said...

Amazing photo shoot in"W".I think Kristen is stunning without a spec of makeup, but these pictures will turn heads. As you ladies said earlier, ahe looks abso-fucking-lutely gorgeous!
I got my EW in the mail yesterday,another pleasant surprise. They look and sound so cute together. I think this is the first article that makes their relationship pretty clear,that should "shush" a few people up.

Oh DK! My heart goes out to you today. I hope everything goes smoothly and you are on a floatation device in the pool later tonight!
Have a great Friday everyone!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

DK..Happy Moving Day!!!!! I am so excited for you. I hope all goes well.

Happy Friday and Weekend to ALL.

Annie said...

Good morning everybody!

DK: I hope everything goes well with your move. Take care. :)

Between the Entertainment Weekly pictures and interview and W magazine's gorgeous pictures, interview and screen test... it's a beautiful feast!

Have a great Friday everyone.

olivia said...

Good morning and happy Friday y'all!

Happy Moving Day dear DK!

Hugs for y'all and for Rose, Smitty, Gruff and Syd.

Life is good.

Anonymous said...

Great Post, Rose!

Hello Everyone!

I haven't posted in a while, I hope everyone is doing great!

Have a great weekend.

Dottie said...

Happy Moving Day, DK! I hope everything goes smoothly.

Have a great Friday everyone!

angelica1 said...

Hi Everyone, Lots of fantastic Kristen goodies the last couple of days.She gets more gorgeous by the day, how is that possible?!

Hi Manjen - How are you :)

Kay said...

Don't See - you know, Rose doesn't deserve you using her blog to try to get your twisted kicks in an attempt to gain your 15 minutes of fame...frankly, the name of your blog seems to apply more to you than to Rose. (For one thing, I'm guessing that Rob wouldn't appreciate you crediting him with writing a Van Morrison song....he seems respectful that way.) That's all the attention I'm going to give you. Go away.

angelica1 said...

Kay - LOL, I decide to ignore the attention-seeker with too much time on their hands. I'll never understand why they're so bothered what Rose writes.As she's said many times, Don't f***ing read it!

*I*Believe* said...

Rev up the delete button and call in the cleaning crew!!

I see we have been visited by a trouble maker. Rose, please DELETE NoSee's comment and link.

I also find he/she/it's avi disrespectful so that needs to be removed as well.

Annie said...

That blog should be called:

Another wannabe..... yawn.

If you don't like what Rose writes....Don't fucking read it! Simple!

Now go away!

Hope said...


I cannot get over how S*T*U*N*N*I*N*G Kristen looks on the cover of W! Love, Love it!

DK...Sending my wishes for a happy moving day. Hopefully it will not be too stressful. Good Luck!

Kay...right on!

Angelica, Liza, Claire, Syd...glad things have calmed down in the UK.

*I*Believe* said...

Hi Hope!

Hi Annie!

I agree that we shouldn't read it but I just had to see how moronic some people can be. Sadly, by reading it, I just received confirmation.

Annie said...

Morning *IB*, Kay, Angelica, Hope, Manjen. :)

Hope said...

Hey IB and Annie!!

IB...I did not look at her avi until you mentioned are so right...completely disrespectful!!

Ana Matos said...

Dear don’t see:

I went to your blog and was about to leave a comment there…..when I noticed that there was, exactly, 0 comments left.

So, because I know YOU will come here to check how things are going (because you are predictable like that) I’ll leave my comment to your “speculations” here.

First: Oh my God!! Rose discovered America? I thought it was Rob….since he wrote a Van Morrison song and all…wait? What? That song wasn’t written by Rob?? But, but…you said that it was!....

Two: I’m blowned away by your creative writing!! You’re so witty and funny, with your speculations….Wait..what? You didn’t wrote that? Only the bull**** in red??? But, but…it’s your blog!! Why would do you steal what someone else wrote to put in your blog?? OOOOOhhhhhhhh, right, the hits……

Third (and final): It must be really, really hard to watch someone, like Rose, have so many friends and people that care and like her so much, that even created a country (Roseland) in her honor….and see your little blog, all alone with no comments and no attention….but, you see (or don’t) people tend to like and support the logical, sane and rational part of the fandom….the others (the delusional and the crazy in the head like YOU) we leave to cry and yell in the woods.

Sorry for my grammar, I’m Portuguese…

Stay safe, Roseland and Rose

Annie said...

@*IB*: I agree. I hope everything about that comment is deleted soon.

I have to go but I'll be back on after lunch.
Take care everybody. It's a beautiful day here and I hope it's the same where you are.

Annie said...

Before I go...@Ana Matos - no need to apologize for your English.
Perfectly stated. Thank you!

Bye now.

angelica1 said...

Ana MAtos - You said it beautifully - in any language :)

Hope - Thank you, it's a relief :)

angelica1 said...

Morning Annie and IB :)

Ana Matos said...

Thank you Annie and Angelica, for your kind words. I'm a regular lurker in Roseland, but sometimes the trolls cross the line and I just have to rant about it.

Angelica: hope things are calmer in your country! I have some friends and family in London, so I’m following the news about the riots.

Now, back to work for me and to lurker mode.

Be safe

Dani said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dani said...

Whoa...! Kristen looks absolutely stunning in W magazine, gorgeous!

Rose, I see you have a new "fan"! An entire blog dedicated to you? How exciting! LMAO! It's almost flattering, in a creepy kind of way ;)

"Don't see" <---- Yeah... you can't see shit... That's why nobody cares about what you say!

Claire said...


Anybody home??

Vangie said...

hi ladies, and yes kristen looks great! you ladies have a wonderful weekend, please some one help me change my icon,step by step! thank you.

Claire said...

@Don't see

GTFO you jumped up little shit. Rose doesn't force people to read her blog, a lot of these ladies have become friends (something you evidently don't have, given the fact you actually started a blog to insult Rose). They come here because it's a nice place with good people who don't spew bile like you and your cronies.

You and your ilk are a bunch of cowards, who hide behind what you perceive to be anonymity on the net. You talk shit about a young, talented, beautiful (those three words hurt, didn't they??) woman who has done fuck all to deserve it.

Karma is a bitch, and hopefully you and your friends get yours back in bucket loads.

While Kristen has a thriving career, millions of fans, and more importantly, a man who obviously adores her, you are meandering along with your sad, pathetic existence.

Leave Rose the fuck alone you moose, she's twice the person you will ever be.

Buh bye

Mary said...

Whoa, Claire, way to go.

I especially liked the moose reference.

Claire said...



I've actually seen pics of some of these people, and describing them as moose's is actually an insult to moose's.

Mary said...


I know what you mean. Bullwinkle was kind of cute.

I was just driving by. I've got to go now but I'll check in later.

Have a good night, what's left of it for you.

Claire said...


Enjoy your evening

30 said...

What is going on? Is the NASTY TROLL COW back again?

Rhonda said...

Hi Roseland,

I hope everyone had/is having a great evening.

Claire- Based on your comment, I'm guessing we had an unwanted visitor. Excellent response :)

Freddie- I'm sorry this is so late, but I wish you all the best with the current job situation :)

DK- I hope the move is going smoothly..((Hugs))

Freddie said...

Hi all,

I’m sure that everyone has been enjoying all the goodies from the last couple of days. I’m just back home after picking up my own personal copy of EW.

Like everyone else, I think that Kristen looks absolutely stunning in the W pictures and that they will definitely turn heads. At the same time, I’m not sure it is my favourite shoot. It seems like Kristen was used as a beautiful canvas for W’s old Hollywood concept, rather than the concept illuminating/revealing Kristen the person. I felt it showed her as an actress and certainly showcased her external beauty, but for a glimpse into her playful side and a view to her inner/ natural beauty, I’ll take the 2008 Vanity Fair shoot any day. The pictures are nevertheless beautiful.

Now the EW interview with Rob, Kristen and Bill was wonderful. They make a good trio. I loved the interplay between Rob and Kris. Lots of gems there.

DK – good luck with your move. You’re nearing the end now and can soon enjoy your new digs.

Manjen – really nice to see you pop in this morning. I hope all is well with you.

Awhile! - you may or may not be correct in your assumption about Rob accompanying Sam to Hawaii, but none of us really know. I hope Rob does whatever makes him happy, but I tend to believe that his happiness is with Kristen, and that he will be with her as soon as time/work obligations permit.

Rhonda – thanks

Hi 30, PL, Claire and Rhonda and everyone else in Roseland. My thoughts go out to all our friends in England after this most difficult week. Take care all and have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose--Long time no chat. Maybe soon I hope.

Hi to everyone else too. Really just stopped to offer Super a public apology. I am really embarrassed that I screwed up and offended you. I really liked getting to know you a bit here and didn't mean to say or do anything to offend you or upset you. Everyone here loves you and you shouldn't hold back on commenting because of anything I did. I hope you'll forgive me. I really didn't mean to cause trouble, especially here, and especially with someone as nice as you have always been.

Take care-hope you all enjoy the weekend.

30 said...


Not sure who you think you offended? You know how we feel about you here.

Freddie said...

Smitty - I hope you are well. I'm sure that Super is fine with things and that she will also appreciate that you stopped by to check.

Rhonda said...

Hi Smitty- I hope you have a great weekend too, take care :)

Rhonda said...

Hi Freddie & 30

Freddie said...

Hi Rhonda - how are things? How are things at work following vacation? Tough to get back into it, isn't it?

Rhonda said...

Freddie- Work is really good, but it was tough getting back into the swing of things. Thanks for asking. How's it going for you?

Mary said...

Hi ladies,

I have had 2 days of no air conditioning and it has been great. My electric bill last month was the biggest I have ever had in my entire life of paying bills.


It was good of you to apologize but I think we all have thick skin around here, at least I hope, because I've had my moments of bad judgment.

Freddie said...

Rhonda - work is good thanks, although the honeymoon phase will soon come to an end and people will actually expect me to know what I'm doing. They'll be less patient with all my questions.

Mary said...


I always figured I had 6 months that I could use the I'm new or I'm learning line.

Freddie said...

Hi PL - I hope you are well. I assume that your AC didn't break but that the temperatures have gone down and it is now bearable?

Freddie said...

Pl - I hope you are right on the 6 months part.

Mary said...


Exactly, the temp has dropped enough that windows can be open. The only problem is there is some creature, maybe tree frogs, that make a racket every night until we get a frost so it is hard to sleep with windows open.

I wouldn't be so happy about a broken AC.

Rhonda said...

Freddie- LOL, I'm sure you will do a great job.

Hi PL- We are all guilty of those moments :)

Rhonda said...

PL- I wish it would cool down here. I'm surprised the AC unit hasn't blown up as hot as this summer has been.

Freddie said...

PL - maybe STFU can drive the creatures off?

Mary said...


I like it hot since we have such crappy winters, but when I saw that bill it totally freaked me out. I can't imagine what you all must be paying.

Freddie said...

Rhonda - hang in there with the heat. Although I confess, I'm not sure I could handle it. I really prefer moderate temperatures.

Rhonda said...

Freddie- How is Tomas?

PL- I have to admit, the utility bills have been painful :(

Mary said...


STFU scaring anything away is laughable. These things are in the trees in the woods and alongside the house but they are so annoying.

My ver word is colograd. Makes me think of colo-rectal or colonoscopy. I know, weird.

Freddie said...

Rhonda - Tomas seems to be pretty much the same, which is good. I guess I have to take him back to repeat his tests in about 3 months, then we'll see. I've been cheating with his food, so I hope I'm not making things worse.

Annie said...

Good evening all.

I have never loved my air conditioner more than I have these past few weeks. Sticker shock on the bill.......absolutely! :)

Smitty: Have a great weekend as well.
Like PL said we are "thick skinners" around here and I'm sure Super is just busy with RL. She mostly stops by in the early AM.

Freddie said...

Hi Annie - how are you?

Rhonda said...

Freddie- I know you said he didn't like the special diet the vet had him on, so I bet a little cheating probably won't hurt.

Hi Annie.

Mary said...

Good night all.

I'm going to talk to Mr PL for a bit since he just got home, unless he's sleeping in front of the TV, lol.

Rhonda said...

Goodnight PL :)

Annie said...

Hi Freddie: I'm good thanks.
I see that you're enjoying your new work responsibilities. Congratulations.

I'm enjoying the much, much cooler weather here....Finally.

How is it where you are?

Annie said...

Hi Rhonda. :)
'Night PL. :)

Freddie said...

Good night PL.

Annie - the temperature is perfect at the moment. It's in the mid 70's to low 80's range, and we've finally had a bit of rain so that our grass isn't totally brown/dead. I could live in this range year round.

Have you had vacation time yet?

Annie said...

Freddie: It's 75 degrees right now and the windows are open......Bliss. :)

I usually take some off in the Fall.

Annie said...

Ooops......That should read 'some time off in the Fall.'

Rhonda said...

Annie- I love the Fall. It's one of the nicest times of the year I think.

Annie said...

Rhonda, yes it is! :)
It's my favourite time of year.
I also love Winter time as well.

Freddie said...


My master (i.e. Tomas) is complaining about the service around here, so I guess I better get off and tend to his needs. Have a nice night all.

Annie said...

Goodnight Freddie.
Say Hi to Tomas.....I'm happy he's doing well.

Rhonda said...

Night ladies...

I'm out too. It was nice chatting for a bit. Hope to catch up with you all next time :)

Annie said...

'Night Rhonda. :)
Goodnight Roseland.

30 said...

Did you all sign Bella and Edwards Wedding Guest Book? Not sure if this is creepy or cute. lol

seymourblogger said...

The purpose of the W glam shot was:

1. To pimp Kristen to sell cosmetics and clothes

2. To link her image with Amy Winehouse and all that connotes. It is a jealous, destructive photo shoot.

3. To hide the fact that that was what they were doing and to sell you on what they wanted to sell you on.

4. The Medium Is The Message - McLuhan