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Monday, August 8, 2011

Rob and Kristen- Working My Way Back to You

Sexy Stroll.

One more silly award show down.
How many more of these lame teen things 
will Robert be subjected to?

I didn't get a chance to just sit and watch the show...
I was having dinner with family
and its a bit hard to justify watching that nerve wrenching  show
With my siblings and Nana Rose.
They don't get it.
Hell... I don't fucking get it.
How do I even try and explain that I want to 
see Robert Pattinson win "Best Vampire"??
OK... it was for blood cancer
which is a great cause.
And Robert...

Is it just me... or does his hair look perfectly fine?
Let's zero in on the perfectly.

Sexy Smirk.

I mean...
I find myself LIKING his hair??
I wasn't so keen on it a couple of weeks ago
But now it has grown on me
Pun intended.
It's reminiscent of WFE hair.
And that was GOOD hair.
Sexy hair.
Nice hair.

Who am I really kidding here...
Rob could shave his hair clean off
and I would think it was good.
I'm follicular-ly  intoxicated
(No it's not a fucking word.)

And let's get down to some good stuff shall we?

Sexy Surfboard.

Rob really wasn't in the audience during most of the show.
The show was half over before he was even spotted backstage.
And while some of the cast were given presenting duties
(Taylor, Kellen, Ashley and Nikki)
Rob was ushered into the audience right before he won an award.
The better to not have to deal with stuff...
You know?

Sexy Scared.
And looks like Nikki won the the coveted seat next to Rob!
I guess it's only fair...
Ashley had the seat last year.
And doesn't Rob looked positively thrilled?
Rob... why are you covering parts of you anatomy?
I don't care where you plant Nikki
It doesn't change the fact that Rob wants NOTHING
to do with her.
Sometimes you just have to sit there and suck it up for the camera
But I'm guessing he wasn't sitting next to her 
for more than 5 minutes.
It wasn't like this... for example...

Sexy Secrets.

Oh no.
Nothing like that at all...

Or this...

Sexy Smiles.

I doubt we saw Rob look like that ALL night long.
Oh sure he smiles and is pleasantly polite
But the BIG happy smiles
only come out when he is with Kristen.

And as for Nikki?
Well her true colors were shown
when the cameras went to her as Rob won an award...

Scorned Stare.

Oh dear.

Reminds me of the hoopla surrounding
Emma Watson's response when 
Kristen won an MTV award.

Nikki looks like this a lot when she's around Rob.

And I promise to stop with the Nikki stuff for now.
(No NONikki forum... I swear)
But damn...
She just made it all so easy.
The 'I give a shit' thing
(Don't hate me because I'm famous!)
And all the chatter around the TCA's.
But now she will just fade back into her
famous oblivion
And she can plan her wedding
(Do you think she asked Kristen to be a bridesmaid? ;)
and live happily ever after!

Sexy Schoolmates.

Isn't this picture delicious?
I love it.
I'm a big fan of all things Harry Potter
and I adore Tom Felton and Rupert Grint...
But it needs to be said
Robert was the best looking boy at Hogwarts
and he still is.

Sexy Soulmate.

And now the countdown begins...
When will Robert go to London?
Is he already on his way?
Does he still have obligations in L.A.?
Will he finally grow a beard?
Will Bear love London?
Will Rob get as bushy as Tom?
Will we even see Rob get into London?
Just get there, Robert.

This post is brought to you by wishes coming true...

Sexy Strides.

Sexy Squared

And just for Syd...

Bye for now


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Claire said...

Good post Rose

His hair has definitely evened out. I kind of missed his wacky do he has been sporting. LOL

That pic of Rob with Rupert and Tom is great, three charming guys in the same photo = WIN.

And that gif?? Not much to say is really. LOL

Claire said...

And I hope he joins Kristen in the UK as soon as he is free of any obligations he has left.

I also hope Kristen and Tom are safe in London. These riots seem to be spreading to different parts of the city.

dottie said...

I was just about to walk out the door and saw your post, Rose. Dinner w/Nana Rose? Awww!

Congrats to Rob on his TCA wins and safe travels to him when he heads to London.

Hello to the Roseland gang. I'll try to pop in again later. My youngest asked me to take him to a thrift store so he can look for clothes -- I think I have a hobo in training! LOL


gkngc04 said...

Rose, I agree about his hair, what the heck was wrong with it? I mean it's growing out, it's a fun look and we all know Rob is fun and he doesn't really give a s**t about all of the primping...we all know that he will become a hobo now anyway until BD promo, then he'll be back to clean shaven or stubbly Rob...I love him for the humble adorkable guy that he is...

Groovie said...

Great post! Love all the pix & captions
Must say watching the TCAs with all you girls and the commentary here last night made them more enjoyable! :)

That pic of Rob guarding his goods sitting next to Nikki is priceless. Like he is afraid she will get up and kick him in the jewels with her heels..
Poor Rob! But he was a class act, as always, good guy for going and putting up with the madness.

Hope his ear drums have recovered from the screams today & he has safe travels whenever he does make his way to London..

Hope u are all having a good Monday!

Kay said...

Rob really did well last night...great cause and he found a way to make it a little more tolerable hanging out back stage...congrats to him on his wins. The TCA drinking game was hilarious last night....pretty sure we'd all be sporting hangovers today if he'd been in the audience any more than he was. :)

Happy manic, moronic Monday, Roseland!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA You are so fucking precious.

Green Sheep back, front, up, down, beside, among, around, before, behind, above, below, aboard, about, across, after,
with and

Teeth said...

If I had known Nikki was gonna be sitting (oh so happily) by Rob, I would have watched the stupid show!

Her face when he won the award was SOOO priceless.

Sydney said...

I love when Rob wears a jacket over his usual hobo-ness. He looked hot. And I liked his hair too. I'd be hard pressed to ever think he doesn't look good...no matter what he does.

Still in a little shock over the lengths that Nikki will go to for some attention. I shouldn't be at this point, but still...really? Your fiance on your nails? Lame. Also, it's been done. She can't even claim originality. It's like the train wreck that could. It just keeps on coming. Embarrassing.

Love the pic of Rob with the HP boys as well. Tom and Rupert seem like a lot of fun!

Freddie said...

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the post Rose. I was eager to see your take on everything. Spot on, as usual. What do you mean you couldn’t tell your family that you wanted to see Rob win best vampire??….LOL.

I too am glad that Rob won his awards and feel that adding his name to such a great cause as Cancer is a tremendous thing. It makes attendance at that event meaningful. Kudos to Rob and his team.

I won’t bother commenting on the whole NR thing. It’s not worth it. (oh, I guess, I just did indirectly, didn’t I? ….)

Ladies (and gentleman) - I had a great time watching the TCA’s with you all. It was fun (yes, I know it seems totally inappropriate to use “TCA’s” and “fun” in the same sentence – oh well). PR Pro and Smitty, you were both a blast.

Here’s hoping Rob’s schedule allows him to hop the pond and get back to where he wants to be real soon.

Hope – I hope you are well. I’d be totally wilted in your heat. Hang in there and stay cool somehow (AC, pool, beverage of your choice…)

Hello to Claire, dottie, Groovie, Kay, Syd and everyone else who posted now, plus Melinda, Annie, PL, Katy, Rhonda, Robert, Angelica, Anna, 30, DK, Emilia, Sydney and anyone else I missed who posted this morning. Have a good day all. Talk to you soon.

Rhonda said...

Nice post, Rose <3

Rob was definitely the best thing about that lame ass awards show. I loved his bit for Cancer Bites, it was really sweet, and that's a great cause :)

Again, I had fun hanging out with you all during the show. It made it fun :)

Hi everyone, I hope it's a good day so far.

Claire said...


OMG thanks for reminding me about her nails PMSL

I'm surprised she didn't have them front and center all night

Anonymous said...

LOL, when will he go to London, when he will he grow a beard? Like it's important. Then again it is if it gets humungous. I hope to he's on his way to London. It's nice he got to find his way backstage, as being in the audience must have sucked since he didn't have tay to tease, or ashley to speak to, but mostly not having Kristen there.

I'm glad Rob won for WFE :):)and the vamp choice. I love how he talked about a charity in his speech at a movie award show. How thoughtful of him. What a good way to promote a charity!

I love your way of saying you want to keep it a NonNikki kind of forum. Go you. I hear you though, it's difficult to not talk about her, when she pops up and bitchfaces (she does a rubbish one). SHE DIDN'T LEARN FROM KRISTEN LIKE ROB DID...Anyway, yeah it's difficult.

Rhonda said...

Sydney- Lol, she's a wreck alright. I think she's trying just a little too hard to convince people of the sincerity of this engagement.

Hi Freddie :)

Hi Syd- I hope you are doing well today.

Rose said...

Syd? This is me with a big fucking smile on my face.



Rose said...

Hi everyone!

I'm sorry I missed the fun that was had last night during the TCA's... but reading some of the comments was almost like being there!
Ok, not true... but I'm glad you all had fun :))

Anonymous said...

Didn't he look gorgeous as well last night? ;)

Claire and Syd, I can understand words, your boyfriend's name. Not that I'd do that in case a break up happens (I don't believe in this one true love stuff - you mean several partners...)but an image of your boyfriend on nails no less? Her next boyfriend is going to find that creepy.

Anonymous said...

brillant post Rose

I hope Robert and kristen come out with tom and sienna in london....because certainly there will be cameras. I'm an egotist,I know

Again.Who cares about nikki!?boring


Rhonda said...

Hi Rose,

I'm sorry you missed it too, it was great fun. I never realized there was so many comediennes among us. I hope you're doing well :)

katy said...

Hi Rose, Great post!!

I always loved Rob new haircut, I think it looks cool...besides, no matter what his hair looks like, he always looks gorgeous!

Rob is wonderful and he makes even a boring show like the TCA, worth whatching. Again, congrats to Rob on his wins, very happy that he won for WFE and he was sweet and adorable during his accepetance speech. I can't wait to hear what's rob next project!

Yes, Nikki did showed her true colours there! I seriously, I cannot stand her, but I am done talking about her, she's just completly irrevelant.

I am really hoping Rob's next stop is home and by home I mean in London where Kristen is.

Syd, I hope you are happy and well.

Hi, Clair, Freddie, Kay, Rhonda, Dottie, Sydney, Groovie, teeth, KstewRocks and anyone that I may have missed. Hope everyone is having a great day.

Take care

Anonymous said...

Good one Rose! I think the hair is growing on me too and I honestly think Rob is one of the few men that can actually carry that hairstyle off, TBH.

I was never really sure about how true some of the stuff said about Nikki is and maybe I'm still not. But her reaction and stance at the TCA's says a lot. She comes off as cold and, well, bitchy. It does make me wonder about her and Kristen and Rob. But in the end, it doesn't really matter. She's just a blip to me and I can take or leave her. (side note, I didn't catch Emma's reaction at Kristen's win...was it really that bad?)

I can't wait till our bb's are reunited again. I'm sure Rob can't wait to get home too.

DreamerKind said...

Well done! Thanks, as always.

Needed that refresher on preps. :)

Happy Day Everyone!


ADD said...

Nikki said, and I quote, "We All Love Each Other!". Where's the love ? Where's your best fake smile for the cameras ? BS.

Vangie said...

HELLO LADIES, to me everything went smoothly last night, rob looked greay

Hope said...


I am with you...

Hi Freddie...yes, beer does the trick!

Hope everyone is having a great day.

Sydney said...

Speaking of London...hoping Smitty and Syd are staying safe amidst all this crazy rioting! And every other Londoner, for that matter.

katy said...

I was watching the news and the situation in London is gotten worse. Please, Kristen, Tom, Pattinson family, Sturrigde family...everyone in London, stay extra safe. Hope things coll off soon.

Jacks said...

Did someone swallow a dictionary? Nothing wrong with recycling clothes, it helps the environment - we all have to do our bit.

I doubt it could get that bushy(the beard), not even trying in my opinion. Epic again Rose, yeah, the body language says it all.

Claire said...


I'm watching the riots unfold on TV.

It started in Tottenham which is in North London, but has spread to Croydon in South London.

Worryingly it has also spread to different cities in the country.

Peoples houses are being burned to the ground FFS.

This is so sad.

Claire said...

Police are actually having to protect a children's hospital in Birmingham!!

WTF is wrong with these people??

30 said...

Rose hits it again, another " I almost peed my panties from laughing so hard post"

Sydney said...

Claire: I've been watching online and on TV's in the office, but I'm in the U.S. Not as much info. I've been following the tweets of the various Brits I follow. Sounds like a revolt against the police is what started this?? And the police are not armed? No military called in? And the Prime Minister is only now returning to deal with it?

Am I getting any of this correct?

30 said...

Sydney I had no idea their was even a issue in England (google time)I really hope Kristen and her friends are safe and OK out there. The prime minster better get the issues under control and soon.

30 said...

WOW Crazy shit is going on out there! I have facebook friends who live in these areas I am a bit concerned.


LJ said...

Hi everyone,

Smitty and Syd I'm sure you are fine but seriously stay indoors and take care, the shit that's going on is ridiculous.

It has nothing at all to do with protest and everything to do with looting by people who don't give a fuck about this country. Police and Firemen risking their lives...they need to get the army in and stop it now.

Anyway Smitty and Syd stay indoors and stay safe.

Lots of love,


Berry said...

Great post Rose! Sorry I missed the commentary last night...but loved reading it all! You all are way too funny! Hope to see Rob in London soon! And thoes in London and surrounding areas BE SAFE!

Claire said...


Police shot a gang member in the head last week, which prompted some people to protest (peacefully).

This seems to have been the green light for what I can only describe as scum to start rioting, which has escalated to what we are seeing.

Sydney said...

Liza - we have plenty of dipshits in this country that do the same thing. Any excuse to riot...from a jury verdict, to a Super Bowl win (or loss), to a natural disaster. It's such a disgusting lack of respect for pretty much everything. I'm sorry you are dealing with it now. It is the very worst of humanity.

dottie said...

Rose, we missed you last night as well as the regs who couldn't be w/us for the TCAs. I'm sure there will be another lame event in the future that we can all enjoy together.

My thoughts & prayers are with our Roseland friends who are in London and the surrounding areas. Please stay safe! Hopefully things will calm down soon.

angelica1 said...

Hi Everyone - I feel like a zombie after last night but it was worth it. Rob needs to be on his way to London, he needs a big hug from Kristen after enduring that last night!

shoegal2547 said...

Always enjoy your pics...large and brilliant!

But don't understand the hate on Nikki...R/K are happy, isn't that what's important after all. It's not always how we get there, but that we get there.

As always, your posts are entertaining!

Kenzz said...

Rose, we definitely missed you last night...in particular, Smitty & PRPro made the TCA's tolerable while we waited for the Pretty :)

Liza and Claire, thanks for keeping us updated on the London rioting... I mean, WTF is up with that? I hope that all of our UK friends, as well as Smitty, Syd, and Gruff, stay safe...please!!

LJ said...

On a lighter note....the mum of one of my friends who lives in London suggested "They just need to get some helicopters with big nets, pick all these rioters up and drop them in the sea"

Sounds like a plan to me!

Night all <3

angelica1 said...

Liza, I can agree with that !!

Barbara Fenwick said...

Hey Roselanders, great post Rose. I am sorry I missed watching the show with all of you last night. It sounds like lots of fun. Rob did look fantastic last night, and I am happy he won. What can I say about Nikki--she was awful, and poor Rob should not have had to sit next to her, but he handled it like a pro. I pray Kristen is safe, and I hope Rob will be on his way to her soon. I also hope those riots are over very soon. Have a fun week everyone, and take care.

Claire said...

Apparently a man has been shot and killed in Croydon.

If there wasn't a reason before to enforce martial law, they surely have to now.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've only found out in the past couple of hours about these riots. The one in London AND the one closest, the one in Birmingham.

I hope everyone's safe, and I hope everyone on twitter, can put their stupid love for whatever fandom they're in, and spare a prayer for the UK. :(

It all started with a man being shot in the head. Yeah. By the police. BUT that's an excuse for this violence. Friends and family of that man said it won't bring him back or help with the grief. And it's true. Black communities don't all know this man. It's just an excuse to cause some violence. You'd think if they didn't approve of how someone they "cared" about had been shot, they'd take it to the courts. They wouldn't set about burning people's homes with people inside, to the ground. What did the public ever do to them? So it's an excuse for them. 7 year olds to 25 year olds don't all know this man.

Rhonda said...

I also want to pass along my wish for safety to all our UK friends. Hopefully, things can be resolved soon. Take care.

Claire said...


One of the most frightening things, from the videos I've seen, is that there are kids no older than 12/13 participating.

Where the fuck are their parents??

Like I said earlier, the majority of these people don't care about this man who was shot, it's just an excuse for them to commit mindless violence.

*I*Believe* said...

Hi Gang!

Of course, I'm back from the Cape doing laundry AND I miss all of the fun!! Sounds like you all had a great time.

Seems like I missed a few birthdays....sorry....Happy Birthday Kenzz and Rhonda...hope you both had great ones!

Hate being back to reality...and hate the fact that summer is more than half over :(

Wishing all of our friends in London safety.

angelica1 said...

Claire - It's the usual rent-a-mob culture.It's just a pathetic excuse for mindless thugs to go on the rampage

*I*Believe* said...

Heellloooo Angelica!! How are you? Hope you are well and pain-free!

angelica1 said...

Hi IB, I'm doing OK thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Claire I know. Someone mentioned 7 year olds on the news. You know they aren't going to know that person who was killed. They're just getting involved for the fun of it.

The police have been asking for parents to phone their children. But no doubt if they're already involved, they're not going to step out and go back home. They'll continue. I'm worried to be honest. :( Nothing seems to be changing. Nothing's happening, except more violence. And if the Government wait till morning, more people will be injured and shot.

What good is it doing to tell the public to stay indoors, really? They're terrified, and no one seems to be knocking the number of violent acts down. It's just violence after violence.

Anonymous said...

I thought the student protests were bad but these riots are even more terrifying. :(

*I*Believe* said...

Angelica~Glad you are well...are you far from the riots?

Claire said...


Exactly *sigh*


This is what the UK, and England in particular, has become. I think the rest of the world think we all speak like the Queen, play polo, and have afternoon tea. When in reality, the country is dangerous. Kids wouldn't think twice about sticking a shank in your chest or a bullet in your head if you have something they want.

angelica1 said...

IB, Yes I'm a couple of hours from the nearest problem area. We'll be fine as long as it doesn't spread :)

*I*Believe* said...

Angelica :)

Anonymous said...

I know Claire, I live here in England. There's too much crime. The Royals are so secure and rich and can do what they want. Whilst we're all in danger walking down our own streets. Stabbings in schools, there was one 15 minutes away from me...Robberies, bombs, drugs, everything dangerous.

*I*Believe* said...

kstewrocks~hope you are safe too

30 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
30 said...

Claire,KSrocks,Angelica and Liza and anyone else across the pound PLEASE be careful out there.I am not liking what I am hearing, my friend from Tamworth? Said it some riots are 15 miles from him now and spreading. Hopefully if this gets to bad you all have family you can stay with. :(

Hi "I" How are you?

*I*Believe* said...

Hey 30!

We received our tentative cheer schedule for next season...looks like we'll be heading your way to Atlantic City :)

Kay said...

My thoughts and prayers are with all of you in and around London or with family and friends there...take care and be safe!

PL said...

Hello Believe, Angelica, Claire, 30 and kstewrocks. I was just reading about the problems in London and wondering what gets into people. It seems like any excuse to act out and people turn into animals. Like Sydney said, I've seen it happen after championship college football games. Stupidity and lack of regard for anyone else is at the root.

Smitty and Syd please be careful.

30 said...

"I" That is great! In the winter again? Remember last year you froze your butt off out there ? lol I wish we could meet for lunch or something but I know that is a crazy day for you guys.

PL! How the hell are you?
I have to agree, I am seeing some crazy pics on twitter of fires and gun shots, Terrible!

Claire said...

They're now breaking into peoples homes.

There was an elderly lady on the news who was woken to find a man dressed in black standing in her bedroom.

Luckily hen she woke up she startled him and he fled.

Rhonda said...

Hi IB- How was your vacation? Did you enjoy the Cape? And thanks, I had a very nice bday :)

Hi 30, PL, and anyone else still around.

Claire said...

Rioting has also spread to three other cities in England.

Leeds, Birmingham, and Liverpool :(

angelica1 said...

Hi 30,Kay,PL - It's all a little crazy at the moment. Since the PM is now on his way back from Italy,hopefully they'll send the army to help out the police tomorrow and it will put an end to it. It's just opportunists taking advantage of the situation now.

Rhonda said...

Claire- that's scary stuff :(

angelica1 said...

Claire - I had a feeling Liverpool would erupt. I was hoping Leeds might escape it :(

Claire said...


It was good of Cameron to come back from his holiday wasn't it??

Two days too late

dd said...

Hi Rose and everyone else :)

So, I ended watching the entire show on livestream... what a stupid decision. Note to self, NEVER again! Next time I prefer to join the party here, too bad I realized there was one when it was already over, lol.

On a positive note, Rob looked GREAT (I really love the hair like that, I think it's super cool, lol) and he won for WFE. Nice!
On a negative note... pretty much everything else! And Kristen didn't win anything... WTF? -_____-

Lots of crap going on last night on some other blogs, it's scary the amount of people, Rob fans!, that feel sympathy for a certain person and are willing to justify her bitterness because they think the poor thing was dumped by him in the past. She was once part of his life and we should totally respect her for that... Yeah, right! Are we talking about the same person??? I'm sure Rob would thank you for defending her! *sarcasm*... Oh, the irony...
I wish these people would put the same effort in defending the girl he actually loves (Hypocrites!).

Ok, I'll shut up now, lol.

Hopefully Kristen is having a fabulous time filming SWATH and hopefully Rob is already on his way home.

People in London (including Kristen, Rob and Tom, of course), please be safe! I see the riots are spreading, scary shit happening...

Rhonda said...

Angelica- It sounds like things got out of control fairly quick.

*I*Believe* said...

Hey PL!

30~A little closer t spring April-ish.

Hey Rhonda! I enjoyed the Cape very much....thanks you for asking. I was able to go to my favorite rug hooking shop.

PL said...


I'm fine and you? I haven't been around much but try to keep up after the fact.


I hope you and your family aren't in harm's way. This is awful. In some ways it's like the riots of the 60's here in the states. So much violence and waste.

On a lighter note.


I had fresh peaches with syrup made your way. I served it over shortcake and it was so good. Much better than diluting them with sugar and water to make a syrup. I used 6 peaches and about 2/3 cups brown sugar and it was the perfect amount of syrup. Thanks for the recipe.

Rhonda said...

IB- That's cool, I'm glad you had a nice time :)

*I*Believe* said...

Thanks, Rhonda...is it cooling off in your neck of the woods? The humidity here is the pits.

Claire said...


I live at the opposite end of the country, fortunately.

There has been no violence here, but it does seem to be spreading North.

Although I'm not from London, they are still British people, like myself, and it makes me sad and angry to see innocent people lose their homes and businesses.

All this while our Prime Minister was on holiday. He has arrived back and has called emergency meetings for tomorrow.


The rioting is happening now, he needs to get his arse into gear and lead our country.

PL said...


Are you are rested up now that you've had the vacation? I'm envious as I haven't been to the cape since childhood.

Hi Rhonda and Angelica.

Angelica, are you and your family out of harm's way?

Rhonda said...

IB- Not yet, but it's expected to by the middle of the week.

Rhonda said...

Claire- I would feel the same way if it were happening here. Why wait until tomorrow?

PL said...

Claire and Angelica,

London is such a wonderful place and so much history. I was in awe when I visited because we just don't have the hundreds and hundreds of years of history in America. Don't people realize it needs to be preserved not destroyed?

*I*Believe* said...

PL~I LOVE Cape Cod!! You should plan to come over next summer...Roseland could rent a huge house on the beach and have a Roseland Round-Up! We can put committee chair Kenzz to work on the plans. After all, she is the president of the Northeast chapter :)

Claire said...


I have no idea

There were earlier reports that he wasn't even going to return from his holiday. But the public response to that news forced his hand.

If true, then the man is a disgrace and is not fit to lead.

Claire said...


One of the oldest furniture stores in the city, Reeves, which is 140 years old has been burned to the ground.

God knows what else will be destroyed by the time this comes to a head.

angelica1 said...

PL - We're OK so far, although Leeds is getting a bit close for comfort!

Claire - I wish I was surprised by Cameron's half-arsed response.

IB - I'd love to go to Cape Cod :)

*I*Believe* said...

Claire~How sad about the toy store.

Freddie said...

Hi Claire, IB, Rhonda, 30, PL, dd, Angelica, and anyone I've missed or is lurking.

I'm playing catch-up on the posts of the day.

I'm so sorry to hear about what is happening in England. I'm glad that you are all safe. I pray that continues and that there is a swift end to this.

IB - glad to hear that you had a great trip. It sounds like you are still in the heat, and so are we, but sadly the sun is setting just that little bit earlier, foreshadowing the coming of autumn. I hope you still have some time left before you have to head back to work.

Stay safe Liza, Angelica, Claire, Kstewrocks, and of course, Kristen and Tom.

*I*Believe* said...

Claire~I didn't write that correctly, I meant the furniture store.

angelica-COME! We would have a blast!!

Kenzz said...

Welcome home, IB! We're heading to the Cape this weekend -too bad our timing wasn't more in sync! :(

I'll get right on that rental home... how many bedrooms will we need for everyone? lol

This continued and spreading rioting in England is so surreal... it seems to go against what many of us in the States think of when we think of London... My thoughts and prayers go out to all of our friends over there, including the fab 3...

Rhonda said...

Angelica- It doesn't sound like he's helping his political future one bit.

Hi Freddie- :)

*I*Believe* said...

Aw, Freddie, I don't want to even THINK about going back to school. Can you believe that I already received an e-mail from one of my new parents?

Rhonda said...

Hi Kenzz :)

*I*Believe* said...

Kenzz~Wish we weren't ships passing each other....I think we should think about getting a house on Nantucket Sound...the water is soooo warm there....no sharks...lol...there were sightings near Nauset Beach.

Claire said...


It's a travesty


Like I said in an earlier post. People around the world have this idealistic picture of the UK. Red phone boxes, double decker buses, etc.

But in reality it's become a crime ridden, dangerous place.

Put it this way, when I have kids, I'm seriously considering re-locating to Australia. I don't want my kids growing up here.

angelica1 said...

Kenzz - Ironically London is generally quite a safe city.

*I*Believe* said...

Hello Freddie! How are things up north?

Freddie said...

IB - sorry to have mentioned the unmentionable (work).

Hi Kenzz - hope you are having a good day.

Claire said...

I'm going to call it a night ladies.

I'll leave you with this picture, which I think sums the past couple of days events up


Claire said...

Add .jpg to the end of that link.

Goodnight ladies

*I*Believe* said...

Nite Claire!

Freddie said...

Good night Claire - stay safe.

angelica1 said...

Goodnight Claire :)

Rhonda said...

Goodnight Claire :)

Anonymous said...

Hello All-

I have to respectfully disagree with Claire about the UK being a "crime ridden, dangerous place" because that is simply NOT accurate. I have lived in London my entire life and while it is a large city and there is crime, it is a WONDERFUL city filled with fascinating people and amazing things to see and do.

She said she is not from London and I know some out of towners get nervous if they are not used to a big city. But to describe MY city, my country that way is not only inaccurate.

Tonight there are a small majority of people who are out of control and behaving disgracefully. It is a mess and very frightening but there are MANY, MANY people who are protecting each other, taking neighbors in, pledging to help, and praying for each other here tonight. We survived the Blitz, I promise we will survive and thrive again.

ANY large city can have this happen when the disenfranchised feel ignored and leaders do not take the situation seriously and immediately address it. If you are not from London and have not experienced what is going on first-hand I don't believe you should describe MY home as crime ridden and dangerous. I have visited and lived in other cities and I feel safer on the streets of London than LA or Chicago or Berlin or Paris or NYC. Any city (including Melbourne or Sidney) has crime. Unless you are going to move to a sheep farm in the outback, you are going to have to deal with crime. London is an amazing city and while we can't be proud of the last few days, it should not be so summarily dismissed as a wasteland of violence.

Keep Calm and Carry On

Melinda said...

Nice post Rose. You had some really funny lines in this one. Got a good laugh at the bridesmaid thing.

Hello everyone. Hope everyone has had a nice start to the week. I had two meetings back to back but was able to call it a day early so I was happy.

I've spent the late afternoon/evening watching my 3 nieces for my brother and sister-in-law. They are great girls (I may be biased) but boy can they wear me out (3 girls in just under 5 yrs with the oldest about to turn 6)! The house is finally quiet.

IB- Sounds like you had a nice time at the Cape.

Angelica- Is eye threading getting your eye brows waxed or is it something else?

It is scary what is going on in the rioting areas in England right now. The PM really needs to do something.

It seems like people are getting more and more selfish these days. It's sad and a bit worrisome.

Hi PL, Rhonda, Kenzz, Freddie and everyone else.

DD if you see this- You commented on Kristen not winning anything last night. I believe that even with fans voting the board picks the final winner in these types of award shows. The board supposedly picks the a celeb in that category that will be there to pick up the award. It's in the rules I gather. Never cared enough myself to actually read them!

Rhonda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Freddie said...

Hi Syd,

Thanks for adding that perspective. It is unfortunate when the acts of a small group taint the picture/truth. It’s refreshing to hear someone express a love of their city/home.

In the interim, though, please stay safe.

Rhonda said...

Hi Melinda :)

Freddie said...

Hey Melinda - it sounds like you had quite the day. Hope you get to put your feet up now.

Claire said...


Sorry, I should of been more clear.

I was talking about the UK in general. It seems every other day there is news of stabbings, shootings and other violent crimes.

I'm very proud of my country, and having spent some time in the capital I agree, it is a wonderful city, the best city in the world IMO. Full of culture and architecture that is hard to rival anywhere else on the planet.

I didn't mean to insult your home town, that was not my intention. If I slighted you in any way, I offer my most sincere apology.

Stay safe down there.

Anonymous said...


No reason to apologize. Just feeling so sad and protective of London tonight. I hate what is happening--all over the UK. Really I respect what you said but London is a great city and usually as safe as any other world capital--or maybe more safe. The government certainly hasn't done anything to help this heh?

Hope I did not offend you. I hope you don't move. We need nice people like you to stay and help solve this.

Stay safe love.

Melinda said...

Freddie- How long is this work stuff that has you bogged down supposed to last?

Rhonda- How did last week go work wise? I hope well.

Syd- Lovely sentiments about London. I have had the fortune of visiting there and think it is a fantastic place. I hope things are swiftly taken care of because it is disheartening.

Claire said...


You didn't offend me in the slightest.

Again, look after yourselves.

30 said...

Hi Syd,

I agree with you and can kind of relate though not to the degree of what is happening by you all and obviously different circumstances but when these "Jersey Shore" reality hoodlums do their show here (like all this summer)and make my town seem like a bunch of juice heads,thugs, It bothers me to it's dumb ass people who want attention that give a place we call home and love, grew up at a scary name I find myself defending my home on a daily basis. With the internet things spread so fast and furious, I know you guys are but be safe love.

Claire said...


I'll admit, I actually watch Jersey Shore LOL

It's car crash tv at it's best

Rhonda said...

Melinda- Oh, you know how it is coming back from vacation, but I made it. Thanks, for asking. I hope you're doing good :)

Melinda said...


Interesting that you have said this because I have wondered what you actually thought about "The Jersey Shore" and shows like "The Real Housewives of NJ". Now I know. :)

30 said...

OMG Claire! They show it out in the UK? NO fucken way!

Sydney said...

No one is thinking less of London after all this...the way it's been handled maybe...but that's it. As mentioned before, anyone from a big city has lived through it to some degree. Hell, after the Broncos won back-to-back Super Bowls, the city of Denver rioted. Bunch of drunken idiots.

Nobody who has been to London doesn't love it! Wait, was that a double negative? You know what I meant.

Stay safe Syd and any one else in London. Hopefully the situation will be sorted soon!

Freddie said...

Melinda - nice to "see" you.

At the moment, I'm filling in for the head of a department who is out on medical/stress leave. We're unsure when she will return/if she will return. If she comes back, I go back to my usual assignment. If she doesn't come back, it's possible (just possible) that I could stay in the job - if I do it well. The group works really hard with strange hours so I would be committing to a whole new level of work. We'll see.

Claire said...



Sydney said...

Real Housewives of New Jersey is my guilty pleasure, I am sorry to say. I used to watch Jersey Shore but I just can't take it anymore.

30 said...

It's horrible to be honest. I mean yeah us Jersey people can kick ass lol but we are nothing like what they portray on TV, it's embarrassing then we have many many people from all over the Country coming out here to Seaside and we locals can not even go there anymore when I was a kid seaside was a family place, now forget it those Jersey Shore asses ruined it and infested are beaches and boardwalks, pisses me off to no end.And the fights up there, OMG all the time.

Melinda said...

Rhonda- Glad to hear it. I'm pretty good. Had some run-ins with customers this past week that provided some great entertainment. They are always good for a laugh or two!

Freddie said...

Hey 30 - tackle hugs back atcha.

Interesting to hear your perspective on Jersey Shore.

Claire said...


I've never seen that show, what's it about??

30 said...

Freddie!!! How are you? Do you like my new avi? I thought he was cute. :)

Rhonda said...

Sydney- I used to watch the Real Houswives of Atlanta...it's crazy!

Freddie said...

30 - very cute. Perfect (and uplifting) given events of the past few days.

Teeth said...

I feel ignorant asking this but what the hell is happening in London? I just saw pictures of some rioting but why is this happening?

Sydney said...

Claire: Real Housewives? It's about a bunch of rich housewives in NJ. Lots of drama. Very cliché, but I just can't stop watching.

What do you think about that show, 30? It's not as bad as Jersey Shore.

Melinda said...

Freddie- If she doesn't come back is it something you'd be interested in? Sometimes change is good.

30- well tell us how you really feel! LOL! I totally understand what you are saying though.

Sydney- RHWofNJ is my guilty pleasure but only that group of ladies! They are a train wreck. I know they are a gross misrep of the good people of NJ. But boy are they fun!!

Rhonda said...

Oops, typo, I meant 'use to'..ughh, I hate it when I do that :(

Sydney said...

Rhonda- I watch Beverly Hills and New Jersey. I haven't seen the others but heard Atlanta was super crazy.

Melinda said...

Sydney since you watch the NJ housewives are you watching this season??

If so, what do you think of Melissa and Kathy??

Best line of the show so far for me is a couple of episodes ago when Melissa told Joe they couldn't have sex because it was "Jesus' birthday". Come again???

I haven't seen last nights episode yet.

Sydney said...

Melinda - I love that show. They are so much fun. As much as I could make fun of them I actually find myself defending them. Especially Theresa. What a poor devil. Caroline is my fave.

Sydney said...

Melinda...like I said, Theresa is ridiculous but I still find myself taking her side over Melissa. Kathy, I haven't figured out yet. She has a little Kim G in her, and that woman is terrible.

I know Melissa always talks about baby Jesus with seemingly NO other knowlege of religion.

What do you think?

Rhonda said...

I've enjoyed chatting with everyone, but I gotta go. Have a great night!

Syd- Again, I hope things are resolved very soon. Take care :)

angelica1 said...

Night Rhonda! I should go to sleep too :)

Freddie said...

Melinda – sorry for the delay in responding…. Good question. For the moment, I’m operating on the premise that the person on leave is coming back because a) she really is a good person and a valuable asset to the company and b) I don’t want to be disappointed. When I do let the thought cross my mind, I realize I’m torn a bit. I’m about 70/30 (70% interested/30% not interested). After years of work, I’d finally established a better balance in my life this past 6 months, so part of me wants that to continue. On the other hand, I’m enjoying learning new things. I also keep thinking of something that Kristen said: something to the effect of challenging oneself to tackle roles/jobs that scare you. So, if it came to pass, I’d probably go for it.

Hi Sydney.

Night Rhonda

Melinda said...


Caroline is my fav to. She is the voice of reason. Plus I love how solid she and Albert are.

I like Theresa over Melissa any day. Although her Joe (T's) bugs the crap out of me. He seems to be a jack ass.

And Kim G and her "bodyguards"- she is slimy.

Still on the fence about Kathy.

Melinda said...


I hear you. It's scary sometimes to step out even when you know what you are stepping into. I'll keep checking back with you to see how things are rolling.

Rhonda/Angelica- Night!

Well my bro and SIL just walked in so I'm going to take off and chat up them a bit.

Happy dreams everyone! Talk to you later.

dd said...


Thanks for the information, I didn't know that. I guess that explains why she didn't win anything, I imagine they weren't thrilled that she couldn't show up again... Oh well, silly awards anyway ;)

Just want to add that I absolutely love London, it's one of the few places I could imagine myself living in, outside my own city of course <3 I've got many wonderful friends there!

I see the riots are spreading to other cities, so, be safe everyone!

Freddie said...

Night Melinda. Have a good one.

Robert said...


normally i try to stay out of other people's conversations but, when i read your take on "jersey shore" i knew i had to chime in

i've never been to new jersey, but it can't all be like JS because bruce is from there

but i feel your pain
because i live in louisiana and as far as the rest of the world is concerned, the whole state is uneducated, illiterate, still waiting to get running water in our homes, ditto phone service and has to hunt, fish, or trap in order to eat.

my favorite myths concerning my home state:
1. there are people who live in the swamps who have never been out of the swamps, and could not identify a car if one tried to run them over.

2. everyone has a pet alligator

3. we've been eating boiled crawfish ever since the civil war [actually around 1950]

4. new orleans is populated mostly with cajun people [this is a hollywood thing; N O is mostly creole, up from africa by way of jamaica; whereas cajun is down from france by way of nova scotia]
and my alltime favorite:

5. there is a town in south louisiana of over 100,000 people that you can only get to by boat

so don't feel too bad
[this message was sent via paper airplane]

Tigerlily said...

Hi lovely Rose- I too had to get a run down of the TCA's via Roseland! What a great way to get a picture if what was happening! Very very funny!
Unfortunately because of the timezone issue- I couldn't join in with Smitty's drinking game suggestions- wouldn't have been a good look at 10am!

I am really sad to see & hear of the unrest in & around London at the moment & hope that all of you that are affected (or nearby) stay safe!

Syd- Keep Calm & carry on- how appropriate! I have that on my wall at home! I often refer to it ;)

Take care sweet Roselanders! Bye for now .

wania said...

Hi dear Rose!

I missed you, DK and Roseland ... I missed to write reviews... Away for a while... some troubles... nothing too serious... annoyances... now, it's all ok...
Great post! Is sucks to talk about TCA...this show is worst! Always!
But Robert win best drama actor and his words about Cancer bite was worth everything! Very well deserved!
When I saw pics Robert beside Nikki I understood why he stayed for long, long time in back stage before show him in audience...rsrsrsrss... but he faced "the situation" and handled it like a professional.
I liked very much when the camera showed Nikki's reaction...yes, I felt good see Nikki's true colors were shown...is always good when the true is shown... even though some people insist on not seeing the truth ... let it be ...
The important is: Rob will back to London together Kristen, Tom and his family. Who knows with Bear too? Perfect image!

Hugs for all

DreamerKind said...

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Brand New Day

Van Morrison:

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Thank you/TheVirgoClown

Motherhin said...

I don't know if Rob will ever read this post, probably not, but just in case I wanted to say thank you. On behalf of someone that has just lost yet another parent to cancer and has an uncle dying of cancer, thank you for supporting an organization that helps people with this horrid disease. It's devastating and I hope in my lifetime, they can some how find a cure.

DreamerKind said...

Let There Be Peace On Earth

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Thank you/AngelLove831

DreamerKind said...

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You read me Shakespeare on the rolling Thames--
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Our thumping hearts hold the ravens in,
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Thank you/shum65

DreamerKind said...

I'm so sorry for your pain and losses. May the cure be near for those who suffer.

I will be donating to Cancer Bites to help in a small way towards that goal.

Take care of yourself, too.

DreamerKind said...

Hold On

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DreamerKind said...

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Thank you/4danielle

DreamerKind said...

I didn't see your excellent comment until now. So true, that truth when seen, changes things.

Annoyances only? Well, I surely hope so, and that all is well with you now.

Be back another morning soon to chit-chat.


gwen said...

lol I thought I'm on the wrong blog. Nice Rose, I actually love it!lol i thought I'm on the wrong blog. Nice Rose, I actually love it!

Birdie said...

I agree that the hair is more than fine. The gif,"true colors come shining thru". The Kristen photo,just wow. No wonder he wants to get home!
DK, wonderful songs tonight and so poignant.
Hope all our British friends are safe and this madness ends soon.
Stay safe out there!

Birdie said...

Morning Gwen, long time no see!

Probably unfortunate circumstances, but just "wow" them. If it is meant to be....

30 said...

Feel free to jump in are conversations any time. ;)

And yeah it does have that kind of image but be grateful it's not portrayed in a horrible light on a reality TV show. Right? lol

angelica1 said...

30 - We have horrible reality shows that play on ridiculous stereotpyes too. If you took your impression of this area from TV, we spend the weekend laid drunk in the gutter and weekdays rounding up sheep with our collies :)

Annie said...

Good morning Roseland.

To Angelica, Liza,Claire,Syd especially but to all who have ties to England....What is happening there now is such a shame and so very sad to watch. Please stay safe.

@DD: I hear you. It makes you wonder what kind of Rob fans these people are. Asking for respect for that person is tantamount to saying they've lost their fucking minds!

Take care everybody.

Sydney said...

I forget how far the U.S. can get up it's own ass sometimes...I haven't seen a minute of coverage on the London riots. Not on CNN. Not on MSNBC. Not on FoxNews. Not on my local news. Just updates on the ticker. I realize we have our own crisis, but this dwarfs it for the moment. I'm having to rely on twitter for updates.

Hope it has calmed down and everyone is safe!

*I*Believe* said...

Hi Annie!!!

You must have ESP..was just thinking that I should have shouted out to you last night because I haven't talked to you in a while...hope you are well.

Robert~Hoping all goes well with your surgery

Freddie~Hope the new promo is going well....things always work out for the best

Have a great day Roseland....here's wishing Rob is safely in London by now!

PL said...


I know what you mean. Last night I was trying to find it on the news because my husband, who is oblivious to twitter, knew nothing about it. All the news was about the market fall and S & P ratings.

To be fair, the Today Show did have a report on this morning.

Hi Believe and Annie!

dd said...


Yeah, I guess some people are just blind... or refuse to see what's right in front of them... or they're just plain dumb, lol.

I'm following the situation in London, so sad... Be safe everyone! <3

Sydney said...

PL: I called my sister on my home last night all frantic like "HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEWS??" She's like, yeah, what? I got home expecting it to be everywhere and it was not even mentioned. I saw it on the ticker this morning as a passing sidenote. Forgot about the Today Show, they definitely would have mentioned it. But unless you have friends/family there or are on twitter, you really might not know anything went down in London. Pathetic.

My local news last night did a nice 10 minute piece on painting over graffiti to clean up a neighborhood. HELLO???? Really?

katy said...

Hello, Roseland!

Sydney, Penny, this link http://www.bbc.co.uk/ will keep you updated to the situation in the UK.

Take care and Be Safe, especially all the Rosaland friends from the UK.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

SYDNEY...I did see coverage on the news outlets you mentioned over the weekend but did not watch the news yesterday. Hello ROSELAND...Hope you have a great day. Speaking of high crime areas my town is N_.!23 One for its size in the US:( We take our safety for granted. Life is "fragile". Love to ALL...

Super RN Gas Passer said...

LOL. That was supposed to say Number One...cell phone). Eyeroll

Annie said...

Hello to *IB,PL,Katy,Sydney.

Thanks for the link Katy.

GMA covered the London riots on their show....Again, here's hoping that order, commonsense and decency prevails.
Be safe.

*IB*......How are ya? :)

LurkerBee said...

I read this blog often and love it, but I am never compelled to comment. However, I am today and want to say that I LOVE LONDON. London is one of my favorite and top five cities in the world. It is sad to see the violence. Stay safe good people of London.

LJ said...

Just seen Syds comment and wanted to say I wasn't commenting on the state of London in general. Yes I am not from London but I have many friends there and have visited often. I love the place and I love being British, I have said that many times in the past.

I was just wishing everyone stay safe who was in areas affected by the riots, wherever they are.

It was heartwarming to see the people queueing in the affected areas this morning, waiting to help with the clean up operation.

Anyway its also going on here in Manchester right now. Buildings and cars are on fire and shops being looted.

I just pray this all ends soon.


Claire said...


I'm just watching what is happening in Manchester.

I hoped it wouldn't spread, but after hearing of violence in Leeds, Birmingham, Bristol, Nottingham and Liverpool, Manchester was the next major city likely to kick off.

And the pictures of Londoner's out in force prepared to clean up really did warm my heart.

I hope everyone in all the cities and towns affected keep safe.

Especially Syd and Smitty in London.

Hope said...


This is horrible!!!

They are reporting on the news here that there are 16,000 police on the streets.
Has the PM come on the television to speak to the British people? Has he put a curfew in place?? Anything?
Please be SAFE!!!!

Angelica...are you okay?

Praying that Rob and Tom's families are safe as well.

angelica1 said...

Hi Hope, yes we're fine at the moment. Thank you for asking.

Liza - I'm sorry, I thought Manchester might be OK when it didn't happen last night :(

Claire said...


It's happening as we speak

Here's a video of the looters robbing Oxfam - a charity shop FFS.


Rhonda said...

Liza- I'm so sorry, please stay safe.

Hi Angelica, Claire, Hope, and anyone else out there.

angelica1 said...

Hi Rhonda and Claire :)

Claire said...

Hi Rhonda and angelica *waves*

LJ said...

Hi everyone thanks for your concern but I'm fine.

Anyway were are drinking tea from these mugs as our own protest against the minority of idiots doing this. Haha


Claire said...



They certainly are

Super RN Gas Passer said...

LJ..I am so sorry to hear the news today..I wish you and your family to be safe and I hope this all passes soon.

ANGELICA..same for you...much love and concern to you and yours.

Hope said...

That video is disgusting!! Where are the police...why didnt someone call asap??
Are you near Mancester?

Hi Rhonda!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Oh CLAIRE..I didnt mean to leave you out! Take care

SMITTY, GRUFF, and SYD..take the best of care...Im so sorry that this had to happen.

Kenzz said...

angelica, Liza, Claire: I'm so sorry and sad and frightened for you in what's happening in your country...It appears to be youth who want to show the police & "the rich" that they can do whatever they want (I'm quoting from a BBC interview of a couple of these looters)?? WTF

I surely wish for Kristen and Tom, as well as the Sturridge and Pattinson families, to stay safe... I would hope they exercise extreme caution in case of targeting the wealthy (or perceived wealthy) from these flashmobs.

Please accept my prayers for your safety... I was so touched by the photo of Londoners showing up this morning with their pushbrooms, determined to clean up their cities!

And lastly to Syd: one of the reasons you are so loved here is because of your passionate defending of that (& those) which you hold dear to your heart...Your description of your hometown was sweet & inspirational, and I wish you all the best as you weather this "storm". <3

Claire said...


I think that was the smaller crowd of looters.

The police seem to be overstretched everywhere.

And no, I don't live near Manchester, but I hope all the innocent people in and around the affected area are safe.

angelica1 said...

Liza - LOL! Great mug, I could have done with that at work today :)

Thanks Super :)

Kenzz said...

Hi to Rhonda, Super, and Hope, also... hope all is well in your worlds!

Rhonda said...

Liza- I love the mug! LOL!

Rhonda said...

Hi Kenzz & Super :)

Hope said...

Claire...I am glad you are out of harms way.

Hi Kenzz, Super

angelica1 said...

Hi Kenzz - Thank you :)One of the best things about this country is that adversity tends to bring out the best in the vast majority of people.

Kenzz said...

angelica: your wonderful country certainly has a storied history of doing just that!

As Syd reminded us from WWII: "Keep Calm and Carry On"... I'm certain England will do just that!

I surely hope things settle down shortly for you all...

Stay SAFE Syd, Smitty,(Gruff?)and all of our UK friends...

Claire said...

Sat here in bed watching Remember Me for the first time with my BF, and shock horror, he's enthralled by it!!! LOL

Although is finding Pierce Brosnan's accent hilarious.

Sydney said...

Claire: after I'd left home one morning for work I realized I'd left my cellphone at home and went back for it. Only to find my bf curled up in bed watching Eclipse. He "claimed" it was already in the DVD player and he hadn't wanted to move. Uh huh. Likely story. They secretly love this stuff.

30 said...

Hello everyone,

I am thinking of all of are "across the pond friends" and a bit annoyed that the US has nothing on TV about these events.Just got home from work and still hear this is full force.

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