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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Friday, August 26, 2011

Rob and Kristen- Moments That Matter

I love Uma. She fucking rocked in Kill Bill (1 and 2)

Random Rose.

1. Bel Ami stills were released the other day.
Seeing DuRob being all sexy dirty with various women.
Why do I like the thought of Rob playing a nasty vile guy?
It's just so...

Greasy, unkempt Robert. Reminds me of the Twilight days...
This picture reminded me of this one...


Same hair.
Same face.

Oh yes.
I want Bel Ami.
I want to see this despicable DuRob.
I've heard Rob takes off his clothes.. A lot.
Oh to see Robert play against type.
Why isn't this movie out yet??

You gotta love Norman (is that his name?)

2. So.
Guess what.
As of Wednesday...
Rob was still in L.A.!!


That was tweeted on Thursday.
So Norman waited a day to let the world know that
Robert was in his store again.
I like this guy.
Classy move, Norman.
(Can I just admit that I love the name Norman?)
And this is one of the few tweets I actually believe.
Rob has been to this store before.
I know a couple of guitar guys...
You can NEVER have enough guitars.
I like the thought of Rob buying guitars.
Playing guitars.
Singing with guitars.
And storing them all in his hotel room.
Or some storage locker where they could be damaged.
As fucking if.
Silly people.

Oh what a dream to hear Rob sing in person...

3. And back to the whole
Rob is still in L.A. thing.
I honestly don't get why its such a huge fucking deal.

There was such fervor about an article
by Taryn on Celebuzz...
Because she said that Rob was going to a private party?
Because she said he was still in L.A.?
(which it turns out...she was right)
Why is it bad for Robert to be there?
There have been no pictures of him 
partying or getting drunk with other women
and there would be... believe me.
In fact...
There hasn't been any pictures of him
(Well, since grocery shopping with Sam)
Just random tweets from random people
placing him here, there and everywhere.
But Taryn got a lot of heat for it.
And to me...
People seemed to have forgotten what else
she has written about.
About Rob and Kristen.
A couple.
Hoping Rob will be joining Kristen soon...
She writes about that ALL the time.
So why not focus on that?
Instead of blaming her for Rob being in California.
Which... BTW
doesn't mean he's STILL there.
He was in L.A. on Wednesday...
He could be anywhere by now.

Perfectly Pretty.

4. Every time a new tweet comes out claiming
they know where Rob is...
(As long as its NOT London)
I get my usual batch of hate mail saying

I know... Right?
Why do some people care what I think?
Why do they think I care what they think?
That's a lot of thinking.

I just will never understand why they have to 
haunt my twitter and my blog...
I don't try and force my opinions down anyone's throat...
Why do they continually try to do that to me?
I hate to say this...
Because its so fucking cliched.
But I don't give a fuck if anyone agrees with me
that Robert and Kristen are together or not.

Either you believe they are together.
Or you don't.
There is no in-between.
No grey area.
It's as simple as
Yes or No.
Is you...
Is you ain't.
No whining about where Robert is... or isn't.
No complaining that they aren't spending enough time together.
No screeching about all the bullshit out there
and whether its true or not.

This wasn't part of a movie...

Do or Do not...
There is no try.

If you took all the lame excuses out of the picture.
All the PR bullshit.
All the 'Damage control' blather.
All the stuff that is just convenient justification
trying to explain why 
Robert and Kristen always end up together.
Take away all the Twilight promo
Take away all the award shows and public appearances.
And just look at all the rest.
The moments when they were just together.
Moments that weren't anything
but two people wanting to spend time with each other.
Moments that keep happening.
Private moments.
Dating moments.
Kissing moments.
Laughing moments.
Concert moments.
Airport moments.
Hotel moments.
Taxi moments.
Christmas with parents moments.
New Years Eve on IOW moments.

Take ALL of those moments...
and it adds up to a relationship.
Years of moments.

So either you believe... or you don't.
You see what I see
Two people in love...
In a committed relationship
People who know whats best and what works for them.

If you saw any 2 people in these moments?
You would believe.
You would have no doubts.
Yet there is always reluctance and skepticism
thrown at Robert and Kristen's relationship.

So this is supposedly just two friends out together...

But this is two people who are romantically linked...

Why is that?

Why can any other two people walk out of a restaurant together
and they are immediately linked and romantically involved...
(I admit that Emma and Andrew are all kinds of cute)
But years of Robert and Kristen doing things together
And still people resist.
Why is that?

I know what I know.
You can make up your own mind.
Of course Robert loves her...

 5. Looks like Nikki Reed got herself a twitter.
Should be interesting.
Yeah, I've admitted I'm not her biggest fan.
But so what?
I don't want bad things to happen to her.
I don't understand why people go on her twitter 
just to hate on her.
She sounds happy with her life right now.
Good for her.

Don't go breaking my heart...
6. Thomas.
And Sienna.
Such an odd pair.
But as long as they are happy...

7. This post was brought to you by Twirling.
I love how it pisses people off.
I love how some people do it all the time.
I love how twirling is automatically associated
with celebrating Robert and Kristen being together.
But I really like how it pisses people off.
A lot.
I haven't twirl nearly enough lately.
I need to remedy that.

Bye for now


Claire said...

So many things to comment on Rose

1. Those stills - UNF!!!!!!!

2. That manip - WTF?

3. That pic of Rob with a guitar (not in the store) - Easily makes my Top 5

4. Emma and Andrew are very cute together.

5. That outtake of Kristen - Gorgeousness personified

6. Nikki ''I'll never join twitter'' Reed on twitter - PMSL

7. Those stills - UNF!!!!!!! LOL

Hope everyone who lives on the east coast is safe, and everybody else too.

Kay said...

Sweet post, Rose...so many reasons to twirl out there! :D

Take care and be safe Roselanders and lurkers!
Have a good weekend everyone. <3

Rose said...

claire... if you are talking about the Tyra/Rob pic being a manip...
It's not.
That pic was taken when he appeared on her show.

Hope everyone is safe and well.

PL said...


Once again, thoughtful post.


So what did you think about those stills? LOL!

Stay safe everyone on the east coast. Get outta Dodge if you are in harm's way.

angelica1 said...

Always drasma! I think it's fantastic that they've both managed to get some peace and quiet. I hope it continues, wherever they may be :)

Hope everyone on the East Coast stays safe.

Claire said...


I completely forgot about that appearance (bad fan)



Freddie said...

Hi Rose,

Fun post today, with a suitable amount of sarcasm. LOL.

“Take ALL of those moments...
and it adds up to a relationship.
Years of moments.”

I like the way you put that. A succinct and accurate assessment of the situation.

I haven’t heard the weather forecast yet today, but I hope things haven’t gotten worse with Irene. For those of you in the path, I hope you will be safe. Berry – I’ll be thinking of you, your family and your home. Good luck. Same to all the other Roselanders in Irene’s path. Keep us posted as best you can.

Take care all. Hope to talk to you all soon.

LJ said...

Hey everyone!

Just peeking in....cute post Rose!

Love the pic of Kristen, sooo beautiful.

Hope everyones safe and well <3

Massive love to Smitty, Gruff and Syd. We may not get to chat so much now but you're all in my heart.

Lots of love,


Groovie said...

Hellooooo everyone!

Excellent post Rose!
Bel Ami stills are great. I hate that mindless, stupid films come out weekly & the mindless stupid idiots flock to theatres because that is what they are "supposed" to do. And you have small, indie or low budget films fighting for distribution & exposure and those films are often ones with a hell of a lot more substance & story than your typical action or rom-com flicks.
I hope Bel Ami gets a release it deserves within the next year. I enjoyed the book, and its different than everything else out at the moment.

Great pix & true words as always, really enjoyed this one & it brought me an extra smile today!
Hope you are all having a good day, I know I am!

Freddie said...

Hi Claire, Kay, PL, Angelica, Liza, Groovie and of course Rose. I hope you are all having a good day.

Awhile! said...

I love your blogs...it's the one place I can go to and read truthful things about my two favorite movie stars! Thanks Rose!

dottie said...

Ah Rose, I didn't realize it until today but I've missed the twirling. It bothers me that you get "suck it" emails. What's the point in that? I'm beginning to think it has very little to do with R/K anymore. Like you've said before, it's more about hating and being hateful. Pathetic.

Oh man, do I love that picture of Kristen. How can that be an outtake???

East coasters, be safe! I hope Irene doesn't cause any of you too much worry.

Hugs to all my pals!

Anonymous said...

Bel Ami will kill me. The sex, the badness of Rob's character and all to get to the top, am I right? But I guess that's what it was like back in whenever this was set. I love these kind of films/dramas, so this will have me glued to the screen. ;D

Rob, I hope he plays more nasty characters or troubled characters in more of his film choices.

A guy cannot be without too many guitars, I agree. My brother is exactly the same, it's why he's with out money all the time, because he spends when he does get any, on new guitars.......Soooo, I wonder how many guitars Rob has? I bet he's either playing along with Sam, or playing on his own.

I think the more he's in LA, the more people, the worry warts start to think something's gone wrong. Because his girlfriend's there and his family. But it might just be he has work, and that Kristen's stuck in a bit. Who knows. I think people need to chill though. As you've said Rose, he hasn't been falling out of clubs, cab cars drunk. He isn't with some new girl and too close to comfort with a new girl. He hasn't even been spotted, just in some guitar shop.

Yeah if you saw a pair together constantly, holding hands, kissing, rubbing circles on lower backs...you'd just think, oh look another couple. Cool. Wish them well. Or nothing at all. I never get when people say they're in a relationship themselves and still say they don't believe Rob and Kristen act like a couple. They're indenial, and people in denial are not able to be convinced. They've got fixed thoughts.

Nikki got a twitter. I actually thought no way, she can't be that silly right? But then it was confirmed. And oh my. My way of thinking is, I hope she doesn't have bad things said to her. But just because she gets twitter doesn't mean people will stop talking about her if they like or dislike her. I think that if she says anything bad, something bitchy, then she'll need a talking to. If she says nothing, then I don't see the point in going to her to say something mean. What has annoyed me, is the whole Twilight/Summit Twitter page. They've rallied around, and welcomed her. Yet they couldn't tweet about Kristen's interview with W Mag which centred answers about Twilight. That's something to tweet about. But they're more important thing to tweet about is Nikki getting a twitter, and as I thought, it's just to exchange in pleasantries with her boyfriend.

bcaceres30 said...

The Bel Ami stills are hot. I can not wait to see Bel Ami and i think Rob will do an impressive performance.

Melinda said...

Great TRUTH FILLED post to end the week.

- Can't wait for Bel Ami. Rob fits that era so well (and a french accent to boot!).

- I saw the "article" that celebuzz tweeted about Rob being in LA still. What I found interesting was the line "oddly enough he's been spotted in the same neighborhood where Kristen's parents live". Now tell me why is this odd??? They do share a life together which includes extended family, etc.

-It seems like there hasn't been mass craziness outside the SWATH set so far. Happy for Kristen if that's the case.

- Andrew has a great head of hair. I do think he and Emma are cute. I saw her in Crazy Stupid Love (great movie). Gotta say she and the Gos were great on screen.


30- Congrats on the new relationship. From what I have seen on here you really have a heart of gold so I hope this guy treats you right! If not I'm sure some women around here can put the man in his place!

I read on twitter that Irene is the same size as Europe! That is crazy!! You all that are either staying put or headed somewhere else please be careful!

Hope said...

Dottie and Liza

I love that photo of Kristen too.
Yeah...how can that be an outtake!?

Thinking of everyone in Roseland that is in the path of Irene...along with some of my family and friends who decided to evacuate. Take care and stay safe!

PL said...


I forgot, congratulations on finding some happiness with the new guy. You deserve to find a good one.

*waves* to everyone.

Have you noticed, the long verif words are back?

katy said...

Hi Rose, excellent post as always!!!

Bel Ami! I've been waiting for this movie forever, I hope it get realesed here. Nasty vile Rob will be the death of us. Can't wait!!

Glad to see that Rob is able to go around like a normal person, Wonder if he purchase another guitar to add to his collection. :)

Wherever Rob and Kristen might be right this moment...I hope they are happy.

My thought and prayers are with all in the path of Irene...stay safe. And take care and be safe everyone else too.


PS: looks like Tom stole a tee from Rob's closet :)

angelica1 said...

Hi Freddie :)

30 - Happy new boyfriend!

Barbara Fenwick said...

I love Random Rose.I think Rob and Kris can take care of their relationship, and we can't expect them to sit at home all the time, just because they are on their own. They are young, and of course they want to go out and have a good time. I don't think either one of them would cheat---I have faith in them. They will be together soon, of this I am positive.

Rose, I have missed the twirling, so I am going to twirl all weekend.

Enjoy your weekend Roselanders and dear Rose. Take care of yourself everybody.

Birdie said...

I just got back from Crazy Stupid Love and loved it;funny,sweet movie! I would recommend it.
Congratulations on meeting someone special!

We are seeing enough Bel Ami teasers, that they must be getting close to getting this released. I think Rob's performance will surprise people and in a good way!
Hope all you Easterners are gearing up and taking precautions, maybe Mother Nature will peter out before she does much damage.

Freddie said...

Hi Birdie, Barbara, Katy, PL, Hope, dottie, Melinda, Angelica and everyone else I missed - have a good weekend.

30 - I forgot to say this earlier, but congrats on meeting someone special. I'm happy for you.

sjjw said...

Hi everyone! We've battened down the hatches here and are ready for whatever Irene delivers. I'm inland, so it should just be a "tropical storm" event for us. I just pray we don't lose power. That sux. Last big hurricane, Isabelle, we were w/o power for 10 days.

I love the Bel Ami stills. I so need to see this movie, GAH! It's punishment making us wait...

Take care everyone in the hurricane's path. This could get ugly....


Super RN Gas Passer said...

Is You....Is You Aint?!?! Do You...Don,t You?!?! Lifes perplexing questions...

Thank you ROSE...what a wonderful post:)

Oh...I want a cherry pop too!

gwen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
gwen said...

Hi to all the nice,sweet,funny,witty and quirky ladies here.

Nice post Rose. Love the pics and I really like your cute and funny emoticons, lol.

Stay safe everyone! Enjoy your Friday.

DK- I can't promise if I will join you later coz in this kind of weather, my internet sucks. Mother nature is PMSing in this part of the world too :(

gwen said...

Sorry for the delete, see my internet really sucks today.

And I mean the quirkiness in a good way :) mean the quirkiness in a good way :)

DreamerKind said...

In times like these, I don't expect any promises. Instead, I make wishes..and see what comes.

It's always a pleasure to see you here, and you are on my mind, as you know, dear one.

That sounds like a fun movie to watch, which I hope to do soon. I eagerly await Bel Ami, too.

Good day, Rose, Super, Claire, PL, angelica1, Kay, Freddie, LJ, Groovie, dottie, Awhile!, katy, sjjw, Hope, BarbF, bcaceres30, Melinda, kstewrcks, and anyone else here and there!

Vangie said...

OH ladies! may God covered each and everyone, that will face that H, I, lord you are the comforter, comfort the people and you make them feel safe, dear Lord! Thank U, i give you praise, as i write this the Hurricane will hit NC, FIRST winds are picking up now, Ladies on the 1st of Nov, i left my mum's home in the US, and went to Trinidad to get divorce, reason, my Husband is from there, and the court wanted to see me, since i suffer from MS,my husband text me and ask for a divorce, he did not waste time, i am just 24, but got married when i was 16, i decided to not have my husband take advantage of me, boy he has money, bt he did not want a half wife but i am okay, just i wanted a certain home, well i still have not gotten divorce yet, but i'm okay, and i now live in T&T, UNTIL I get tired, but that is life, i do not like my husband, so do not think, i want him oh no! just want what i deserve and nothing less, and the tropics, is hurricane land but i have no fear of that, so ladies, i hope you enjoy the crazy story of my life, now i am a rob's fan, but always rooted for kristen to fall in love with rob, even when she had a boyfriend, talk ab out a selfish fan, rob was always in love, i hope they say together FOREVER!!!!

DreamerKind said...

What an exceptional woman you are, despite life's many challenges, for you have overcome them. Happy to see you here. Keep safe and I'll be thinking of you. DK

DreamerKind said...

A Moment Song For Gwen, Rose, & Vangie:

Moment To Moment

Jose Mari Chan:

From moment, to moment
Every moment that I live
I live for every moment with you

To see you, to touch you
To imagine this will be
The moment when a dream comes true

Just an ordinary day
Becomes adventure
Such sweet adventure
I never knew

And life will be rainbows
As I learn the secret of
The miracle that love can do
From moment to moment
With you

Thank you/flozzer64

twilightadrug2me said...

Rosie, Life will always continue on-good vs evil and you brave it all.
After almost a year of coming here visiting your blog, loving your post, I am still intoxicated over the pics you show. Especially now after those Bel Ami pics-UFFDAH!
If that doesnt take the toxic out of it, then wait for the rest of it.
Love that you added Rob singing and playing-OH MY!! That just added to the reading and the pics to take my breath away.

Everyone be safe!

Rhonda said...

Hi Rose,

As always, great post <3

I see exactly what you see, "Two people in love" :)

To everyone along the east coast: take care, and stay safe..((Hugs))

Rhonda said...

Almost forgot..

30- Awwww, you deserve someone special. I hope it works out just the way you want :)

Freddie- Thanks for the well wishes.

Birdie- I'm still in Nursing. I went to work for a blood center doing apheresis and transfusion.

wania said...

Great post! As usual. Informative. Intelligent. Funny. So good! All pics adorable!

Bel Ami... WOW! Robert is stunning, mesmerizing...yes he is! And how!
But this movie will be important for Robert, a level more, as he can and is a versatile actor with depth in acting. Great for Rob! He deserve recognition.

"... Oh what a dream to hear Rob sing in person..."
... my dream too, Rose, my dream too...

These haunted and ghosts in your blog and twitter are been haunted for the big truth ... haunted for a long time... haunted every day and night...
"...Uuuhuuuhuuuu....Robert and Kristen are together, always together, don't matter where they are... uuuuhuuuhuu..." ...hahahaha!
" Lost souls cursed tormented forever....Come to truth here...
The truth will set you free..."

Hugs for all in Roseland my thought and best wishes for Berry and everyone in the path of Hurricane Irene, stay safe!

Birdie said...

Sounds like a good move. I would guess you are not having to do the 24/7 hours anymore? The job I have now doesn't do 24/7 and I sure don't miss those hours!
Hope you all get through the weekend safely on the East coast!

Vangie said...

HI DreamKid! tank you love, you know something, i always say, The innocent kids, that i see on SAINT JUDE, these kids who did nothing wrong in their short life, ad they accept the little life that they got, these kids always have smiles on their faces, i can never be sad, now they are my heros and role models, they i share my prays for, the innocent! Now america is being pound by irene, even as the storm weakens, still dangerous, Lord, no country deserves this! prayes goes out to the people, right now NC,God bless them all.Earthquake now hurricane- what next?

DreamerKind said...

Up and down, awake, asleep, that's my MO these days. Restless, like so many of us are over the unknown.

Checking in and sending out my regards to you all.

Hugs, too for All.

Roar on, Smitty, Gruff, Syd.

Birdie said...

Sorry I missed you. I'm off to the gym. Go see the movie,it was really good. Are you all settled in your little nest?

Rhonda said...

Morning all,

Birdie- Thanks, the hours are wondeful, and no more working holidays! I haven't had that luxury in a long time :)

DK- I love the new avi. It's perfect for our resident fairy god mother.

Berry, Sj, 30, Kenzz, Elaine, MSCL, Annie, and anyone else along the east coast, please stay safe.

Rhonda said...

Ugghh, typo...that should be "wonderful"

Teeth said...

So I've survived my first week of College ladies. Wish me luck.

Have a great Saturday everyone.

Rose: You rock my socks! those are some pretty hot pics <3

Super RN Gas Passer said...


Well, the sun is shining here. Best of luck to those going up the east coast. I hope the hurricane winds will be much calmer than predicted.

Last night when I was coming home from work the sky had the most complex, deep, and beautiful clouds I have EVER seen in my life...from the outer bands of the hurricane...I will never get over it...and the sun was setting so there was the most unbelievable reddish pink and lavender light behind it....incredible...

Have a great weekend everybody.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

VANGIE..I meant to say best of luck to you. You seem to have a great attitude. That will serve you well. I am a big believer in the mind-body connection! Take the best of care.

Hello TEETH..I am glad you have survived the "ladies"!

Hello to RHONDA, DK, BIRDIE, WANIA and anyone else I may have missed!

R.B said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
*I*Believe* said...

@RB~Yes, you are entitled to your opinion. However, I must respectfully disagree. I have to state my opinion and say the labeling Robert and Kristen as "friends with benefits" is disrespectful of the committed relationship I believe they share. I also do not like the "hooking up" term either because it has a very cheap connotation. A connotation neither Robert or Kristen deserve.

Further, your following statement is contradictory.

"I understand why they don't want to talk about their private life, but if they were in a serious relationship, acknowledging it wouldn't mean they would have to discuss it."

IF they did admit it, that would not be enough for the stalk-a-razzi. They would be hounded. Further, both Robert and Kristen have stated over and over again that what is theirs (in their private lives) is theirs. In their situation, this truly shows how they are able to rise above the madness and protect THEIR relationship.

veri word~bulli

kav_robsessed said...

i think rob bought a new guitar as kris took his.back wen v all saw the same guitar case as rob wen kris arrived at london airport...jus my thought.

Claire said...


You're entitled to your opinion, although your opinion stinks of shat.

''For me it's hard to believe they don't hook up with other people when they're so much time apart''


My partner spends every other month in Saudi Arabia working. Do I 'hook up' with other people?? No, because we have a stable, committed relationship.

Your opinion seems to be that couples who are sometimes separated due to work automatically sleep with other people. Believe it or not, some people are actually faithful to the ones they love.

You say you are a fan of both (snort), yet insinuate that they must be sleeping with other people just because they are separated. Give them some credit FFS.

''their answers always leave room for speculation and doubt''

Biggest pile of turd written in your turd filled post

''Where's your girlfriend Rob?''

''She's back in LA''

Where the fuck is the doubt in that answer??

Just because they don't conduct THEIR relationship the way YOU want them to doesn't make it wrong.

I respect the way Rob and Kristen conduct their relationship, because I respect them, which means respecting the choices they make.

You call yourself a fan, but by the tone of your post you're nothing but a troll on a fishing trip looking for a bite. I'm not in the best of moods so you fucking got one (chomp fucking chomp).

Now fuck off and take your opinion somewhere else.

Claire said...


I'm glad you were here to 'respectfully' agree, I just couldn't. LOL

Claire said...

SO MANY grammatical and punctuation errors in that post. Sorry PMSL

Motherhin said...

Well, with RB's logic every single committed relationship where people spend time apart means they must be "hooking up" with other people or they are "just friends with benefits." Does that include Angelina and Brad? They didn't "acknowledge" their relationship formally and just started having babies. They spend time apart because one or the other is on location shooting a movie and the other will visit and then leave. Guess they are hooking up with others too. The logic is flawed RB, sorry. There are nonHollywood couples that spend many months apart because of duty to their country and yet they stay committed to their spouse through it all. And my final comment is how do you know that they aren't spending time together? The only proof you have of their visits is when a paparazzi catches them. So by this logic, they vanish into thin air when they aren't photographed by a paparazzi. Since there are no pictures of Kristen actually shooting SWATH yet, she must not be doing it.

Annie said...

@Claire, *IB* and Motherin........Couldn't have said it better.

Claire, no worries about the grammatical and punctuation errors. :)

@R.B.....Just go away. You are just noise and as has been said....Fuck that noise!


Hunkered down and keeping up with all things hurricane Irene.
It's very, very overcast here and we've had some heavy rain.
The subway system has been suspended since noon today. Bus service will be staggered and then shutdown along with train service. All airports closed.

Vangie said...

@SuperRN Gas Passer, thankyou, and all the rose ladies, God bless you and your family, and to RB, I THINK that's your name, i have love rob a very long time, but now i love them both, let me put this correctly, i ave been a rob's fan since i first sw him, well now i am both their fans, now Friend with benefits, k&r, and don't think so, in other words fuck buddies, i will never believe Robert will disrespect Kristen like that, that is so sick, i always see how rob looks at kristen, they seem to love each other, and are totally and comitted to each other, why can't some people see that.

Motherhin said...

Stay safe East coasters.

angelica1 said...

Claire & IB - Very well said. I can honestly say that Rob and Kristen spend less time apart than me and my other half do due to work and we've managed to do that for 19 years without "hooking up" with others.The fact is many couples have careers that keep them apart for long periods of time, those in the armed forces for example and it's unbelievably insulting to think that these people are incapable of remaining faithful to each other. Clearly R.B either has absolutely no knowledge of how a committed relationship between adults works or has has absolutely no self-control.

Claire said...

This is for Syd if he's lurking

9-20 hahahahahaha

He'll know what I mean PMSL

Claire said...


I like how they tried to pass themselves off as a fan of both Rob and Kristen *eyeroll*

angelica1 said...

Claire - I know, those kind always do. So boring....

katy said...

Hello Roseland,

Believe, Claire, Motherin, very well said!!!

East coasters, Stay safe!

Claire said...


Like I said, my partner works in Saudi Arabia, he goes there for a month, comes home for a month, and then goes back.

We've been together just under two years, and not once has 'hooking up' with anybody else ever entered my mind.

Do I miss him when he's away?? Like crazy, but we speak all the time on the phone, and lets just say the reunions are pretty good ;D LOL

Claire said...

Hi katy

angelica1 said...

Claire - We rarely manage a full week in the same time zone, unusually we've just managed a full 2 weeks holiday without one of us being dragged into work for some reason, quite often we meet up in London or somewhere for the weekend, based on connecting flights, to grab a couple of days together - you do what you have to to make it work if you really want to. The thing is we both love what we do, if it came down to a choice between work or our relationship, it would be no contest but we'd never give each other that kind of ultimatum because we'd be miserable. I imagine Rob and Kristen feel the same way. If your relationship is right, no amount of separation is going to damage it. Geographical proximity has nothing to do with closeness. There are plenty of couples who live in each other's pockets and still drift apart.

Claire said...


Exactly :)

I bet there's nothing like a naughty weekend in the capital eh?? LOL

Sydney said...

Claire: thank you! Great response. My bf travels for work 4-5 days a week. Every week. We spend about 10 days together a month. Somehow we've managed for over 3 years. That's what commitment is. It is sad and frankly, sick, what some people think. I'm glad I don't have such a cynical, jaded view of things.

You can really tell the difference between people who understand love and those who don't.

Hope everyone is doing well. I ditched yoga this morning for a pedi. Going to a black tie dinner tonight for my bf's work. I just bought a new dress and shoes for the occasion and am getting my hair and makeup done. Whoever said money doesn't buy happiness wasn't a woman.

Have any of our east coasters checked in?

Freddie said...

Hey Claire, Angelica, IB, Katy, Annie, Motherhin, Super, Rhonda, Wania, Vangie, Sydney, Birdie, DK and everyone else.

R.B – as others have said, you are totally entitled to your opinion, and I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you are not a troll coming to the board to make trouble. I’ll also assume that you didn’t mean to effectively disrespect Rob and Kristen by implying certain behaviour(s). Like my learned friend *I*Believe*, I do happen to think they are in a committed relationship and that they have figured out how to make it work for them. It just may not align with your expectation of how a “committed couple” should behave. I think that’s the crux of the issue. But it’s their life, and they owe “observers” absolutely nothing. Alternatively, I wonder if you put your comment out there just looking for reassurance from others that they are together and okay. While I’ve stated my opinion above, I suppose none of us know definitively. That said, I think there are decidedly more signs pointing to yes than no.

Super – isn’t it funny how with nature’s fury you can also get such beauty in the form of your sunset. It must have been almost surreal.

Annie – stay safe. I hope Irene’s bark (i.e. the media build up) ends up being worse than her bite.

Sydney – enjoy your black tie dinner this evening. It sounds like a great excuse to go shopping and get pampered with a pedi and hair/make up. Enjoy.

Teeth – congrats on surviving week 1.

Claire – are you taunting Syd???? LOL.

Angelica – glad you enjoyed your trip to Brussels. If you’re already back at work, I suspect it’s a distant memory now.

Vangie – you sound like a courageous young woman given the challenges you’ve faced. Stay strong.

To all the other east coasters, stay safe and let us know how you are doing as soon as you can.

Kenzz said...

Ladies, great response to R B. My hubs and I dated throughout most of college, went home to different states each summer, and remained faithful and committed to each other, as couples do every day!

Heading home early from Maine to Massachusetts to prepare for Irene...Stay safe my fellow Easterners :)

Freddie said...

Kenzz - safe travels. I'll be thinking of you.

Rhonda said...

R.B- While you are certainly entitled to express your opinion, I have to fall in line with the rest of my friends here, and respectfully disagree. A true and committed relationship is about much more than geographical locations and being joined at the hip 24/7. The when & where's, in's & out's, coming's and going's, well, that belongs to no one but Rob and Kristen. They don't owe us an explanation for how they handle their relatioship. They know what works for them, and in my opinion, they've been making it work for quite a long time now.

Hi Angelica, Claire, Sydney, Super, Kenzz, Freddie, Katy, and motherhin :)

Very well said to all you ladies :)

Rhonda said...

Hello IB, Annie, and Vangie..didn't mean to leave you guys out :)

Kenzz- safe travels.

Sydney- Enjoy the party.

Teeth- Congrats, and best of luck. I'm sure you will do great :)

dottie said...

Just checking in to wish everyone a Happy Saturday. Rose, congrats to your Packers on their win. :)

You all responded brilliantly to RB's post. It seems like alot of us have had similar experiences. My hubs & I didn't live in the same city until we were married & then he had to travel alot for his work at the time. The longest we were apart was 6 mos and it was terrible, but we survived. If you love each other and are committed to each other for life, then you do what you have to do to make it work.

I hope those of you in the storm are safe and have no property damage. Check in when you can and let us know how you are.

Claire said...

I've must seen that Hurricane Irene is now 500 miles wide, the widest ever. o_0

I hope all of you in the path are safe, Ill be thinking of you all.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

RB...Hmmmmm...sigh..How can you say those things? You are making some very serious "assumptions"..I wonder if you are very young and have never been in love with anybody. All things ARE POSSIBLE when you are in love and in a committed relationship. I hope you get the chance to experience it for yourself one day.

ROSELANDERS...Excellent points made in response to RB!

DreamerKind said...

Goodnight & may visions of sugarplums, dance in our heads...

Melinda said...

Hello everyone,

Happy Sunday! Hope all the North Easterners are okay during this crazy hurricane.

I see that "RB" deleted their comment. Good. Stuff like that shouldn't be out there floating around in the universe in my opinion.

Birdie- I thought Crazy, Stupid, Love was really cute. Nana was a surprise. Won't say anything else in case people haven't seen it yet.

Sending out a hello to Smitty, Gruff and Syd and wishing you all the best!

Have a wonderful rest of the day!

30 said...

Hi ladies!
Thank you for the well wishes with the boyfriend, ya never know. Soon I might come and tell you I am engaged. ;) I'm not, but ya never know.

I hope everyone is safe if n Irenes path,we were very lucky here where I am the people that actually live on the beach, not so much.

Claire said...


Have you got a new man??

I hope he's spoiling you rotten!!!

PL said...


Glad to see you are ok. I'm so happy for you and your new man. As we all know, these are the best times, when it is still all new and life hasn't gotten in the way. Enjoy.

To sj, Annie, Believe, Kenzz, Berry and anyone else in the path of the storm, I hope you and your families are all fine and safe. Please check in when you are able.

Annie said...

Hi Roseland.

Feeling very lucky here......All we seem to have gotten around where I live was very heavy rain all night and into this afternoon. No power outtage.
It's a tree lined block and those trees survived.

Some other parts of Manhattan, the other boroughs, other areas of NY state, NJ and CT...Not so lucky.

@30....Glad you're ok and I wish you happiness with all things new boyfriend. :)

Thanks everyone for all your concern and I hope others who were in Irene's path are safe.

olivia said...

Good Sunday afternoon dear Rose and Roselanders,

Glad to hear that you both, 30 and Annie, are doing well as the storm has passed on through. As PL and Dottie have already mentioned, dear East Coasters, please let us know, as soon as you have time and are able, that you and your loved ones are safe and sound.

Hugs for y'all.
Hugs for Smitty, Gruff and Syd.

olivia said...

Dear 30,
Meant to tell you .....
So happy for you and your new friend! Wishing you the very best!

olivia said...

Wonderful news about your new job. The hours sound like they will allow you to have a lovely, more normal schedule. No more weekends and middle of the nights!
Hooray! ((Hug)) for you!

Kenzz said...

Hi to Rose and all of Roseland! Hoping my fellow Easterners are safe and cleaning up from Hurricane Irene.

We lost electricity here for a few hours today, and had to continually clean out debris from the pool, but fared quite well, all things considered. My parents' summer lakehouse in Maine lost their entire dock, deck, and a bunch of trees in their yard...

Anxiously awaiting word from others to make sure all is well!!

Kenzz said...

Rhonda: Sooo glad to hear about the new nursing job... You'll be awesome!

30: So excited for you with the new fella... You deserve the best! Glad to hear you are safe & sound in NJ...

Same with Annie, glad you remained relatively unscathed from Irene :)

Vangie: You are an inspiring and courageous young woman... I hope you find like spirits here...

Hi to Freddie, Super, Birdie, Claire, DK, PL, IB, Angelica, Dottie, Olivia, Melinda, and a few others near & dear!

To Syd, Smitty, and Gruff: All the very best to you <3

Rhonda said...

3o, Annie & Kenzz- I'm so glad to hear you're all okay, and were spared the worst of the storm.

Olivia and Kenzz- Thanks so much :)

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Good Evening ROSELAND...Just checking in...I see our NEasterners fared well..ANNIE,30 and KENZZ. IB...We need to hear from YOU!

My daw and I went to a new YOGA studio in town this afternoon and had a good time. It has been a nice weekend here.

Freddie said...

Hi ladies - I'm just ducking in quickly.

I'm glad to hear from some of our Roselanders (Kenzz, 30 and Annie)that they are okay.

sj, Berry, IB and the east coasters we haven't yet heard from - I hope you are all okay.

DreamerKind said...

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DreamerKind said...

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DreamerKind said...

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Thank you/murshia308

DreamerKind said...

Waiting along with you all, for word from our other East Coast Roselanders.

May this new day, start well for all.

Back later on.

DreamerKind said...

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DreamerKind said...

Bet you're getting close to putting on the coffee. I'd be having some with you, if I wasn't going down for the count. Take care.

(Flying off and out)

Birdie said...

Did you really go to sleep? If so, sorry I missed you. Have a good sleep and talk to you later.
Kenzz, Annie, and 30,
Happy to hear you all came through the storm intact! Hope all our other Easterners are doing fine.
As DK so aptly put, beginning of a new day! Have a good one Roseland. Hope all is well with you Rose, Smitty,Gruff and Syd!

Annie said...

Good morning Roseland.

Also, to Rhonda, Kenzz, Super, DK, Birdie, Freddie, Olivia, PL and everyone else.(I'm sure I've left out some).......You won't believe what a beautiful day it is today. There isn't a cloud in the sky here.......Mother Nature sure is baffling.

*IB*.........Hope you're safe.

Have the best day you possibly can everyone.

Claire said...

Anybody here??

Rhonda said...

Annie- My dad always said Mother Nature was like a temperamental woman.."loving the hell out of you one minute, and all but kicking your ass the next." ;)

Seriously, I know the storm has now caused some massive flooding. I hope everyone continues to remain safe.

IB- Give us an update when you can.

Smitty, Gruff & Syd- I hope you all are happy and well, take care.

Hi everyone- I hope it's been a great day. Lots of love :)

*I*Believe* said...

Hi Everyone!

We made it through Irene safely...lots of wind and rain. Hubby had to let water out of the pool a number of times but we didn't lose power. The big problem now is flooding. Our community baseball fields are under water...up to the counters in the concession stand. The school where I teach has flooded parking lots. We are near the Hudson River...the house I grew up in, where may parents still live, is close to the river...they may have to evacuate....we shall see. Many bridges are closed from the flooding...all of the detours are a pain.

Glad to hear from everyone else who checked in :)

This is not how I planned to spend my last week of vacay but what can ya do?

Be well!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

IB...Thanks for checking in...I have been worried...the flooding looks massive on the news for upstate NY...take care and I hope your parents can stay home;)

olivia said...

Good to hear that all is well with you and your family. Will hope for the best for your parents.

Hi, a **wave** and a hug for y'all, dear Roselanders.
Hugs for Smitty, Gruff and Syd.
Working on papers. May peek back in later.

Freddie said...

Hi IB - so glad to see that you stopped in to let us know how you are doing. I'm glad to hear that you escaped any flooding or wind damage. I hope things work out okay for your parents.

It's definitely not the best end to your vacation, so I hope you manage to squeeze in some last minute fun and/or relaxation before school starts.

sj and Berry - I hope you and your families are okay. Let us know when you can check in.

Hi to everyone in Roseland.

Rhonda said...

IB- I'm happy to hear you are safe, thanks for letting us know. I'm wishing the best for your parents too, take care :)

dottie said...

I'm thankful that none of our east coast regs suffered too much from the storm.

IB, I will keep my fingers crossed that everything goes well for your parents.

Rhonda, As usual I'm late to the party but congrats on your new job. It seems like a much better situation for you.

Take care everyone!

Love and best wishes to Smitty and the boys. :)

DreamerKind said...


I did see sjjw today on Twitter, so she will check in here soon, I'm sure.

Glad to hear from you, and hope that the waters recede quickly.

You'll be hearing from me.

Great quote by Mother N.

Very pleased to know most of our NE and E Roselanders are safe/checked in, too.

Hanging around, and will be in and out until later.

Regards to Rose.

Smitty, Gruff & Syd-hope you can visit us soon! You're dearly missed.

DreamerKind said...

How silly I am! Great quote by your father about Mother N. Mother N. may think she is funny, but we are not always in on the joke, right?

Music coming right up...

DreamerKind said...

For Super:

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Thank you/NoonaticLisaWA

Bren said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sjjw said...

Hey everybody! I am alive!!! I have been busy cleaning up from the storm and we finally got power back! 75% of my city lost their electricity. It's still a bit crazy. My kids were to start school today, but both of their schools are still w/o power! They are happy. Me, not so much! Take care all. I'll check back later.

sjjw said...

Also, thank you to everyone for your kind thoughts and concerns. We came through relatively unscathed, but I know so many people w/ damage from trees, etc! We were blessed....

Annie said...

Morning Roseland .......
@*IB*......So happy that you are safe and I'm hoping for the best for your parents.
@Sjjw.....happy that you're safe.

For many in my area hurricane Irene was a mere hiccup / inconvenience.
For many, many thousands of others, it was not only destructive but devastating.
Rhonda: Great quote by your dad.

Take care everybody.

olivia said...

Dear sjjw,
So glad that you and your family are safe and that the home front situation is under control.

Melinda said...

Morning everyone. Just popping by before I start my day.

Happy to hear that everyone affected by Irene is safe and sound so far.

Kenzz- Sad for your parents and the damage they had. Never an easy task having to rebuild.

IB- I hope your parent's house is okay and they won't have to evacuate. Hopefully you will get a little R and R before starting school again this week.

Have a wonderful day and will catch you later.