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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pattinson/Stewart-- It Won't Be Long

So here I am again...
Robert hasn't been seen.
Kristen was seen sneaking into London
carrying one of Rob's favorite guitars.

So I have some random thoughts about
the few tidbits that are out there.
They aren't etched in fucking stone.

Random One.

Robert hasn't been seen in a while.
I think the last time officially was when he was walking
Bear with my favorite BFF Thomas.
Am I wrong?
Well, if I am someone is bound to jump right on that.
There is all kinds of talk that Rob is in London.
A few tweets and YES he's there??
Is it really that easy?
Or are people that gullible?
Mostly because some people WANT Rob to be in London.
With Kristen.
And I get it... I do. Kinda.
But thing is...
I'm pretty sure Rob is going to the Teen Choice Awards
this coming Sunday
Do you really think he's in London
just to turn around and fly back for Sunday?
And yeah...
I GUESS there is a slight chance in Twilight hell
(and believe me... it exists)
That Rob won't be going to the TCA's
and could in fact be in London already
It's not logical.
He will be getting to London SOON enough
No need to get all worked up about it.

Random Two.

The TCA's again makes me think of the fascinating
(non)interaction we are sure to get between Rob and Nikki.
It might just be the highlight of the evening.
And oh man...
I mentioned Nikki briefly in a previous post
I said 2 things.
1. That she was a stage 5 clinger
2. That she didn't seem to have much nice to say
about Robert lately.
That was all I said.
I didn't comment on her looks...
her clothes...
The way she talks...
or the amount of time she spends smiling.
I didn't attack her family...
or her friends
I didn't comment on her career.
Just mentioned my initial impression of Nikki.
Nothing extreme.
And I most certainly didn't start up a NONikki forum
so that I could bash her 24/7
So relax.

Random Three.

Caitlyn Croneberg.
Good fucking grief.
I thought that 'ship' had sailed.
She's almost as irrelevant as the Ninnie.
And that's pretty fucking irrelevant.
I guess there was some lame story
where she was asked about Rob?
And she basically said... "No Comment"
And oh my...
Judging by the response
I'm guessing that wasn't a good answer?
But honestly...
Would any answer make people happy?
No matter what she says in connection to Robert...
Is twisted.
I always love how Rob going to cast/crew outings
where she happens to be (since she was part of the crew)
Is a SURE sign that they were somehow together.
Year after year of Rob and Kristen showing up 
all over the world together...
Kissing. Holding hands. Hanging out.
You get the point.
*poke poke*

Random Four.

So the infamous BD hacker was caught!
Oh the soapboxes that were brought out.
Oh the threats that were made.
I'm still giggling over that one.
I'm glad she was caught.
There is a lot of hard work that goes into making movies...
and this undermines all of it.
Did I look at the pics?
Yes.. I did.
And 99.9% of this fandom did.
Whether they admit it or not.
I don't approve of hacking.
And if these pictures were never shown...
I would be perfectly happy with that.
But if someone shows me the pictures?
I'm going to look.
Hey... I'm curious that way.
I received a few emails from 'concerned' haters
warning me that the FBI was after me.
For what? 
Looking at pictures?
I'm guessing there will be a shitload of arrests then.
Except the saintly pious fans who claim not to have looked...
who think they are above everyone else...
who believe they are the BEST fan in the whole wide world!
Right. Sure.
I'm a looker... not a hacker.
I thought I was on Summit's payroll??

Random Five.

Thomas Sidney Jerome Sturridge.
Where is Tom?
Besides being all beardy and beautiful.
Because Tom IS beautiful.
There was a recent picture of Sienna Miller
landing at Heathrow... minus Tom.
But then...
There were a couple of tweets stating that Sienna
was indeed kissing her 'new fella' in Notting Hill.
It's not that I find it all that hard to believe that Tom
is indeed back in London...
(I'm sure Kristen likes having her buddy around)
Or that I find it hard to believe that Sienna was hanging around with Tom.
Just a couple of things.
We haven't seen pictures of Sienna and Tom since Chicago.
You know the ones...
Sienna racing ahead of Tom
While he was hauling some beer.
Both grimacing.
And He didn't fly in with her...
And what I do find hard to believe is if Sienna
was indeed in Notting Hill
kissing on Tom...
There would be pictures.
Because isn't that what Sienna does?
Photo Ops R Us?
Maybe its just my complete envy talking here.
Sienna's proximity to Tom.
I guess we will find out soon enough.
Sienna and cameras always get together.

Random Six.

What do we know?
We know Kristen is in London.
We know Rob is supposed to be at the TCA's.
We know that we haven't seen Rob in days.
We know that he doesn't seem to have any projects lined up just yet.
We know that Rob will indeed show up in London.
Not just because its his hometown...
Not just because his family and friends are there.
But maybe...
Just maybe
He will go to London because that is where Kristen is.
And we all know this much...
Wherever Kristen is
Or wherever Robert is
They always manage to end up in the same place.

So smile.
It won't be long.

And maybe throw in a twirl or two.

This post is brought to you by the truth.
Accept it.

Bye for now


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Claire said...

Rose, I love that no matter how much shit you get sent or however many times these fuckers abuse you, you always rise above them. You are better than them.

These people should take a leaf out of your book, embrace the love!!! LOL

And great pics with the post, UNF!!!!

Claire said...

The jawline on that man is something else. LOL

Hope you all have a productive day.

Kay said...

Love all the gorgeous black & white pictures and Random Rose today. :)

Hope everyone has been having a good week - happy almost Friday!

justme@31 said...

Hi Everyone:)
Oh I´ve missed your posts Rose:)
Been away for awhile but I´m glad to be back!
As usual your thoughts and writing are spot on and your "random" thoughts, well, not so random to me;)
So, again, cool post indeed:)

Rosey said...

Rose, I loved this post. So, so true. I think you are probably the strongest person I know especially when it comes to this fandom. Rob and Kristen would be (and perhaps they are!!) so proud of you. Can't understand all the fuss about Caitlin Cronenberg. I too thought that was 'old hat.' As they saying goes 'Why eat out on hamburger when there's steak at home.' The last picture you posted is my favourite picture of R/K. He looks so intimidating and she is just beautiful.

Groovie said...

Good post!
Lovely pictures as always, totally digging the banner picture today.

I'm sure Rob has to go to the TCAs, unfortunate for us (cuz they are lame) and for him (cuz they are lame, he looked bored last year, and he has to put up with nikki)
But, he'll make the most of it, as always, and he'll hop on over to london when he can, like always..

Hope u are all having a good day!
Almost Friday!!

Claire said...


''Why eat out at hamburger when there's steak at home''


Vangie said...

Hello Rose, hi Clare, i cannot believe today is August 4th already,CC, the no comment story, who cares, what she say, everyone who is smart knows, Rob loves Kristen, and Kristen loves Robert,what i know females, sometimes make things more than it is especially if they know there is attention, so what ever,now Nikki, she sure do have a rob's chip on her shoulder, and this is my belief, no disrespect to you rose, Robert did screw Nikki, maybe more than once, at that time Kristen was not seeing rob, Nikki always knew how Robert felt for Kristen but may be she taught after their roll in the hay, Robert would of change his mind1 i saw a photo of Robert and Nikki at a KOL concert, beside the few photos of N&R, getting the box,i always said Robert was a young 21-22yrold male, he had to be getting some, some somewhere, he was not committed to no one, he sure knew what he wanted, and it payed off.But at that time, rob was single and a standing prick has no conscience. THE END!!!

Sydney said...

Gorgeous picture selections today, Rose.

I have missed whatever delusions the nonnies have dreamed up in regards to Caitlyn Cronenberg and Rob, thankfully. I don't even know what she looks like.

And Rose, NONikki is a hilarious name for a forum. I fear it wouldn't get many hits though, nobody would care enough either way to join.

Too bad Rob has to go to the TCA's. I don't know if I can bring myself to watch. I'll just look forward to his time in London with his loved ones and his love.

Hope everyone is having a great week.

30 said...

Rose the only thing that is missing and could make this post a tad better would be if your airplane smiley dude had up his middle finger!

........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
..........''...\.......... _.·´


The FBI now to! Bahwaaaaaa!!! OMG these people are sick.

Groovie said...

You couldn't be more wrong, Rob never "screwed" Nikki or hooked up with her

30 said...

Oh and I love Rob, (big fan :)) but sorry I cannot and will not suffer watching the TCA again this year. lol

Where or Where is are Tom? No more Sieanna? :)

Claire said...


I'm going to disagree with you.

I don't think Rob would touch Nikki with anybody else's, never mind his own.

angelica1 said...

Groovie - You beat me to it!

Vangie - NO,NO,NO and NO. It's pretty insulting to suggest he's such a manwhore he just sticks his dick in whatever's closest.

30 said...

ANGELICA!! :) HI! Miss you!

Groovie! I agree.:) My god people give Robert some credit.He cant help if Nikki Weed was all over him at any opportunity available for cameras especially when paparazzi were um.... "called"

Claire said...


I won't be watching the TCA's either. I'd sit through most things to see Rob, but not this, sorry Rob!!

I watched last year and it was the most tedious thing I've had the (mis)fortune of seeing. I bet Rob is thrilled to be attending (insert sarcasm).

Kristen's got it right, schedule your work around the TCA's LOL.

Hope said...

Rose...great post.
I confess I am a looker but not a hacker too! lol

I am sorry Rob has to sit through the TCA's again but at least he will have Taylor to sit next to.
Looking forward to seeing Chris Hemsworth as well.

Hi Everyone!

Vangie...sorry, but you are wrong so stop with the negative comments.

Groovie said...

Love how bluntly you put it!
So very true!

Freddie said...

Hello everyone.

Thanks for posting Rose. It’s appreciated.

The Caitlin Cronenberg stuff – it’s annoying that it came up again. As you said Rose, she’s as irrelevant as the Ninnie. Case closed.

I wish Rob well with the TCA’s. I guess I’ll peak in because of him, but I’ll have it on mute for much of the show. I’m going to assume that Rob is in LA for the reasons you noted, so I hope his trip to London post TCA’s is safe.

I hope Kristen is enjoying her preparations for SWATH and that see is getting a chance to see Tom.

I’m just popping in quickly, so I’ll wish you all a good day. Take care.

sjjw said...

Hi all! I haven't posted in a while...hope all are well! Guess what, so is my little dog! Mollie has responded to the steroids and is walking much better.

All the bs floating around out there is just so unbelievable. Wow. Just wow. Especially the Caitlin Cronenberg stuff. Thanks for what you said Rose, I totally agree. No one will be happy with whatever she says. I think she knows that better than anyone.

Life is good....so I'm just enjoying it. And, I'm pretty sure Rob and Kristen are as well. They sure seem happy to me! I love smiles.


30 said...

Claire I will leave this one for the tween/teen fans. My daughter might watch though.... upstairs in her room. lol

Now I want Kristen AND Rob at the SCREAM awards this year. I have been watching that one for years, love my freaks and horror movies getting represented.

angelica1 said...

Hi 30!

Hi everyone ;)

30 said...

Freddie! :)

"tackle hug"

sweetowl said...

I really must agree with you.Tom is a beautiful man. I understand why you have a crush on him. And the name is like music. Jerome I like most.
He's a bit different to Rob but both are really a joy to look at.

Claire said...


OMG!!! You're dog looks like Tom LOL

Hi angelica


Kristen looked AMAZING at the Scream awards last year. The girl's legs go on for forever.

felicity said...

i love the black and white pics rose...they are so beautiful! and yes, i am sure we'll see the none-interaction with nikki again at the TCA! rob knows what she did at the comiccon and what she said about him!! no doubt! and all these rumors about catlin cronenberg...really?? the filming of cosmo is over...why are they still holding onto that crap? and we all saw rob and kristen happy in san diego!! the nonnies should go and look for another victim they can hunt down, because rob and kristen are not going to let them win...ever!!

hugs rose!!

Sydney said...

Ha - Claire, love the way you put it. Indeed, Rob seems pretty well repulsed by NR, I can't imagine anything even close to a hookup ever took place. Besides...NR is more interested in herself and the camera...I doubt she tried to make a play for him. She seems to only want celebrity.

Claire said...


The woman is the definition of the word famewhore.

Announcing your 'engagement' at the MTV Movie Awards?? Really?? Really??

30 said...

Girls! NR Aug 3rd,checking her mail.... RIGHT like paps are waiting at her mail box for her? Look at that smile she probably is the one that called them. And yes NR lovers I am talking shit.GTFO


angelica1 said...

Claire - I'd forgotten about that outfit she wore to the Scream awards, she looked amazing even by her standards :)

Claire said...


I honestly wouldn't be surprised if she has the paps on speed dial

Claire said...


Her make up, hair, dress, EVERYTHING was perfection.

I want her skin so bad LOL

Kenzz said...

Hi Rose, Syd, Smitty, Gruff, and the rest of the lovelies in Roseland! Funny post today,Rose; I see you're poking the tiger again... no doubt we'll have a crazy or two show up since NR was mentioned :(

Sorry, Vangie, but I'm definitely with Groovie, Claire, 30, Sydney, and angelica on this one... no way, no how did Rob hook up with Nikki. I think there are men who are hard-wired to sleep around, and others who are not, and I'd bet a boatload of cash that Rob is in the latter group (from everything he's said in interviews, and the fact that not one "starlet" has ever come out and legitamitely claimed to have been with him romantically).

sjjw: Good to see you and hear about your pup... what a cutie!

Hi Freddie! :)

Off to prepare for a neighborhood cocktail party... 22 people arriving here at 7pm...eeek!!

Have a great evening...

dottie said...

WOW! Roselanders are telling it like it is! You all are the best!

ROSE, you covered alot of territory today. The b&w photos are so striking. Bravo!

Hello friends! We had a stormy night and the power was out from 3 AM to just a little while ago. I'm so ready for this week to be over!

My word is evilonni - interesting!:)

Kenzz said...

typo *legitimately*

sjjw said...

I hope our buddy PR PRO doesn't mind my posting this here. She is brilliant. THAT IS ALL!

From Real_Pr_PRO on twitter:

Ah, I see that the latest Caitlin controversy has turned into a feeding frenzy for the the "always wrong but never in doubt" crowd.

Since I'm currently in the middle of three different media issues I'm going to skip my usual attempts at diplomacy -- oh, wait a minute, I do that anyway don't I? -- and just skip to today's lesson in Real PR 101.

The first rule of reputation management is that you don't proactively comment on groundless rumors from irrelevant sources -- the minute you issue any comment denying on one you have created a situation where you have to comment on every single piece of ridiculous speculation that comes after it, lest people say "well, they denied it when people said X, so if they issuing a denial on Y it must be true."

So contrary to all the chatter accusing Rob's team of throwing Kristen overboard in their failure to issue some kind of statement to counter the Caitlin "no comment" brouhaha, the reality is they are doing exactly what the should in this situation -- nothing.

(Especially since the person in question happens to be his director's daughter. Never good to publicly embarass someone related to the guy who's editing your next movie.)

As for the really odd concept that Rob's team is encouraging this speculation, perhaps even driving it as part of their public relations strategy... once again, that's not their job. That's not what people managing one of the hottest box office stars in the business do. That's what third rate publicists for C list names do. (See Reed, Nikki.)

People managing an A list actor don't have time to engage in stupid PR stunts. Nor do they need to. Nor do they want to. They have very specific priorities: getting him the best offers, positioning him as a serious actor outside his star-making franchise, making sure he does what he needs to do to promote the finished products, and handling day-to-day logisitcs.
And most of all they want to keep Rob happy.

(Somehow I doubt that using his director's daughter in a deliberate attempt to make him appear more "available" and potentially hurt the girl he loves comes under the category of making him happy.)

Stuff like this is so far below their radar its not even funny. The fact that it's been blown way out of proportion by people who claim to know how PR works is unfortunate bad sadly not unexpected.

PR Pro is the best!!!

Kenzz said...

hi Dottie! That must have been one hot night without air-conditioning! :(

Hope the weekend is better weather-wise in your neck-of-the-woods...

Melinda said...

Love the new banner! Very James Dean with a melt worthy profile! :)

Not sure if I will be watching the TCA's this time around. If Rob goes I'll see pics/videos as soon as they are out and miss the rest that I could care less about.

I kinda like the fact that Rob and Kristen are being ninjas. Must be nice change for them to just live without people breathing down their necks all the time (but if a fan asks for a picture politely and they agree to it, I wouldn't be opposed,ha ha).

As for this fandom, I wish there was a way to shut the bitter harpies up. I don't understand why people spend so much time on something or someone they don't like.

Oh I watched Pirate Radio again the other night. I love it. The music for one, and it is just funny. Tom is wonderful in it. Kinda random thought.

Hope everyone is having a great day. Only one more day till the weekend!

Kenzz said...

sjjw: YES!!! PR Pro is the best... thanks for sharing such a sane attempt at PR comprehension from our resident expert...

Claire said...


Thanks for posting that, nothing much more needs to be said. Rob isn't commenting because there's nothing to comment on.

Real_Pr_PRO is fantastic, big claps for her.

Sydney said...

30: OMG...she is insufferable. Truly. Out and about getting mail? Well, too bad the paps only took one picture. No.One.Cares.

Claire: One of the Vancouver paps already outed NR as having the paps on speed dial.

Remember when she was friends with Kristen...that weird clothing store opening and once at like a 7Eleven. Kristen is like WTF? What are they doing here? Nikki is smiling and chatting with the paps...all dressed up. Same with Rob when they were "shopping for boxes." Rob's trying to get in the car as fast as possible, Nikki is fully engaging the paps. So obvious she called.

She is so embarrassing I just can hardly look.

Claire said...


The 'boxes' situation will be forever etched in my head. Rob looks mortified and you can almost see it clicking in his head as the pics go on what she has done.

dottie said...

Hi KENZZ! It wasnt too hot last night, thankfully. Hope your cocktail party is a hit and that you get to enjoy it along w/your guests.

SJ, Thanks for sharing PR's brilliant post. She is amazing. And I'm so happy that cute Mollie is doing better. Everytime I see your avi it makes me smile.

Hey MELINDA, I love Pirate Radio too. It's one of those movies you can watch over and over w/o getting tired of it.

Melinda said...


Please please quit making Rob out to be a cad. Not every man in their early twenties are out to hook up with whoever puts out. Even though the media likes to paint this "single and mingling" image of him, his ACTIONS have suggested otherwise.

Claire said...


Totally agree

The reason some parts of the media like to paint Rob out as some 'Don Juan' type character is because it sells.

The truth, i.e in a stable relationship with one woman doesn't sell, unfortunately.

Berry said...

Great post Rose...the CC bullshit is just that! Loved all the b&w pictures and your banner is killer!

Jacks said...

Thanx Rose, enjoying the posts, the pics, the music. As for NR who cares, frankly.

LJ said...

Hi everyone,

Cool post Rose...some gorgeous pics in there of all 3.

Vangie for a so called fan of Rob you don't hold him in very high regard. In fact I think its a real shame you have such a one dimensional view of men in general. Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion, but in MY opinion you couldn't be more wrong.

Hope everyones having a great week!

Massive love to Smitty, Gruff and Syd...miss you guys! :)


angelica1 said...

Hi Liza :)

cj said...

I haven't posted on here in a while, but always check in :) So many people talk about what NR said about Rob, but I have no clue! What exactly did she say? And, I agree that Vangie is dead wrong about Rob screwing NR! He has way too much class and self-respect!

LJ said...

Hi Angelica! :)

Rhonda said...

Hi Rose,

Nice post, beautiful pictures. I love the new banner <3

Vangie- I totally disagree with your thoughts on Rob. While there might be some men out there, who behave in the way you've just implied, I don't think Rob is one of them. I think it's unfair to lump him into that category.

Rhonda said...

Almost forgot,

Hi everyone- I hope it's been a great day :)

Barbara Fenwick said...

Great post, Rose, I always love Random Rose. I doubt the rumors about Rob will ever stop, but we all know the truth---Robert loves Kristen and Kristen loves Robert forever. I'm not sure if I will watch the TCAs this weekend, since I cannot stand that show. I also cannot stand Nikki, and I hate having to watch her. We all know, even if she is engaged, she will be all over Rob. I miss seeing Kris and Rob, and Tom too, and hope there will be something soon. Take care Roselanders...hope all of you are having a wonderful week.

I loved all the pics, Rose.

katy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
katy said...

Hi Rose,

Great post, love love all the gorgeous white and black pics...and the banner should have come with a warning sign...absolutely love Rob's profile pics...the jawline...UNF!!

The BS rumours about Caitlin Cronenberg are SO ABSURD, that I just am completly ignoring them.

Well, since Rob is going to the TCA, I hope that he at least can have fun and I am gald Taylor will be there with him! and it will be fascinating to see Rob, not giving a minute of his time to acknowledge Nikki presence.

Don't know where Tom is, but I am hoping that he is in LA with is best mate Rob, and hopefuly next Sunday they will head back to London, with Bear.

Vangie, I find your comment about Rob quite insulting and instead of speculating about things you know NOTHING about...you should just shut up.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day.

Take care

DreamerKind said...

Hello everyone! Happy Day to all.
I agree that Random Rose is the best and especially this post.

Thanks, Rose, you are a lynchpin, too.

And I mean what I say, although I am beyond silly in how I express it.

Have been hedging again and will now go back to work. Heave, ho!


Vangie said...

OKAY! I READ 4 AND I SAW NO ONE AGREED with me, then i read i was writing a negative comment! i am bowing my head in shame!!!! SORRY LADIES, i humble apologize!

Annie said...

Good evening everyone. I hope you all are well.
Finally some cooler weather around here.

@Vangie: Seriously girl....Are you lucid? I try to give you the benefit of the doubt ( I do think some of your word usage gets lost in translation) BUT most of the time your comments evoke a WTF!

Birdie said...

It is either feast or famine here. So nice to see all of you today.

Truly some of the best photos today. I know he won't hide that face for the rest of his life, but that is a beautiful shot of Tom. I have to say the picture of young Kristen yesterday is one of my favorites. So sweet.
As always, the age or maturity of the women speculating on what Rob does or doesn't do is highly suspect. It is so high school.
Hope they are able to enjoy their private time for the next few months like they did in Vancouver last year.
Thanks for the PR PRO post.She always puts things in perspective.

Freddie said...

Hi everyone (again). It looks like the place was hopping this afternoon.

Kenzz!!! – HAPPY PRE-BIRTHDAY DAY! I hope you had a great time on your trip to Maine. Boy it sounds like you’re having quite the gala tonight. Enjoy.

30 – tackle hugs right back at you. I hope you are well. I love your artistic creation up-post. Very funny.

Hope – I hope all is well with you.

Rhonda – welcome back. I’m glad to hear that you had a blast on your vacation.

sj – thanks for posting PR Pro’s comments. They are eminently logical as always. I’m so glad to hear that Mollie is feeling better.

Melinda and dottie – I’m with you. I really loved Pirate Radio. The music is classic.

DK – hang in there with the move. 9 days and the packing will be done.

IB – I laughed at your open shower comment the other day. I’m glad you’re enjoying your trip. It sounds like great fun.

Hi to Kay, Groovie, Angelica, Liza, Claire, Sydney, Melinda, Barbara, Katy, Annie, Birdie and everyone else I missed. Have a good rest of day.

emmajlz363 said...

man this is like a club! can i join? im gonna try watch the tcas (i live in new zealand so i have nfi how lol) because watching a bored shitless rob is better than no rob at all! plus i love how his feelings are written so obviously all over his face! kind of like with kristen :) xx

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Good Evening ROSELAND....Hahahahaha... What a terrific post and comments to come home to this evening! You have ALL made my day:)

VANGIE...OMG..."A STANDING PRICK HAS NO CONSCIENCE"....I am sooo glad you set us straight on that one...Unfortunately,and you may have missed it, but that VERY issue of which you seem to have first hand knowledge of was irrefuteably put to rest on this very blog last week:)

This Caitlin thing is just like the "Reese" thing (my God, she was JUST married and the powers that be were convinced that Rob and Reese were cheating on their partners....Oh PLEASE...eyeroll to the nth degree)and God only knows whoever else worked with Rob in the past and whoever it is in the future, there will be unsubstantiated RUMORS if he even so much as looks sideways at any of them...

ROSE...Tom DOES have a pretty face...Even though he grows a nice beard, I think I like him best clean shaven!!

30... I love you!!!! You are quite talented with the computer:)

Rhonda said...

Hi Freddie- I've probably just missed you, but thanks, I did have a nice time. I hope you're doing well. Has work settled down any?

DK- Just 9 more days..((Hugs))

Sj- Mollie is all kinds of cute. I'm glad she's doing better.

30- I agree with Freddie. The one finger salute was great :)

Kenzz- Enjoy the party!

Dottie- I'm glad your power is back up and running. It's been so hot lately, I bet that was tough going.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Hi RHONDA...How is the weather in TN today? Another scorcher here...ugh

Hi FREDDIE...I havent talked to you in awhile. Whats going on up there?

Freddie said...

Hi Rhonda - nice to "see" you. I hope the return to work hasn't been too difficult. So what fun things did you do on your vacation?

Work is really, really busy at the moment and is definitely spilling over into personal time (and robbing me of my precious Roseland time) but I'm learning new things and I'm enjoying the new team I'm working with, so it's good at the moment.

Hey Super - how is Super Gigi?

verification word = reeddl....hmmmm

toncit said...

hi at all
first I'd like to say to Rose I really love your post(including pics one of them it's my fav)anyway I have a my theory about rob at london but I take for myself I don't want to provoke controversy.
second I'd like to say to @30 wow great job your "work" from the idea of ​​what you think I certainly would have said with other words( I am a lady)
but the meaning is the same
I should read more 'often this blog
I didn't knew about caitlyn story rose you should put a gossip corner for the drama of the day I missed it!
third nikki?again please I can't comment now is like shooting on the Red Cross there is no more 'taste

thanks for posting I'm waiting for the next

Claire said...


The Breaking Dawn hacker has held a press conference!!

WTF? o_0

Super RN Gas Passer said...

FREDDI...So good to see you!!!! YES..Gigi and the baby are good. Sorry you have had to work so much lately...sounds familiar!

ADD said...

I'm speechless.
The woman accused of stealing Breaking Dawn images claims she's innocent. Also she's considering a counterclaim against Summit Entertainment for harassment and defamation of character.

Claire said...


It's unbelievable isn't it??

This woman is two sandwiches short of a picnic.

She's off her fucking nut.

Rhonda said...

Freddie- Nothing too exciting. Just a lot of beach time, good seafood and wine..the usual :)

Hopefully things will slow down at work soon. I'm glad it's going well, though. Hang in there..((Hugs))

Hi Super- It's really hot here too :(

30 said...

Super!! Love you to! Even though seems my creative work makes me "unladylike" according to some! cough toncit LMFAO I assume this is her first visit?

Freddie! Did I knock you down with my tackle hug? ;)

Smitty said...

Helloo Roseland and Rose,

I believe I heard someone is out carousing (is that spelled right?) with her friends tonight? I hope Rose (oops) is having fun.

Vangie-I don't know what your native language is but I think we just missed your point because of that. You are wrong about Rob and the facts--even who was at concerts and all that. There's enough other information out there so if you really care you can find it. Mostly, I hope you find a guy who doesn't think the way you describe. There are good ones and you deserve to find one so you realize not all guys (not matter the age) are jerks.

Kenzz-hope you have a good b-day.

Liza--good to see you around. Hope all is well.

Hi to everyone who says hi to us. Sounds like things are going well for most of you--hope so at least.

*I*Believe* said...

Hi Gang!

Yikes, that hacker lady looks SCAREY and guilty! I'm glad Summit is going after her.

Rose~You posted my favorite picture (see my avi)! I also love the smiley in the airplane.

Vangie~Sorry but I've got to agree with everyone else for all of the previously stated reasons.

*I*Believe* said...

Hi Smitty! Glad to read your comments :)

30 said...

Hi Miss Smitty!

I hope you and your are having a happy and safe summer. :)

Rhonda said...

Hi Smitty- Nice to see you stop by. I hope you are happy and well :)

Hi IB :)

*I*Believe* said...

Hi 30~Long time, no see~

*I*Believe* said...

Hey Rhonda! What's shakin'?

Smitty said...

Hi Hi HI--30, IB, and Rhonda,

I'm good thanks. I'm just being mellow --not much new here.

30 said...

Miss you to! :) How is your summer so far?

30 said...

Has anyone ever watched BrideZILLAS on "we" channel? OMG Now those women are scary as hell!

Rhonda said...

IB- I'm trying to recover from vacation, lol. It sounds like your having a great time on yours :)

Smitty- Mellow is good. Any new music?

Hi 30 :)

Oooh..my verf word is death...ughh..wtf?

*I*Believe* said...

Smitty~Did you see the post about "Smitty's Homemade Ice Cream Shop" on Cape Cod? We drove by it yesterday. You must be a busy girl!

30~I'm well...on vacation on the Cape. How did daw make out with cheer?

DreamerKind said...

Hello, glad you're mellow.

Rhonda said...

30- HaHa..I've seen that show!

*I*Believe* said...

Hi DK!

Rhonda~Where did u go for vacay...I must have missed it.

Rhonda said...

Hi DK- How's the packing?

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Hi SMITTY...Im glad to see you on this evening. I was just talking to DK and my battery on the cell phone died...so DK...I didnt hang up on you...Yes, we may not know everything about Rob but we do know that he is a nice young man and that is one of many reasons we think so highly of him:)

DreamerKind said...

Hi, Rhonda, IB, 30, Claire, Super!

Everyone sounds pretty content, wherever they are and whatever they're doing.


Rhonda said...

IB- I went to the beaches in SC. Pawley's island and Myrtle.

Hey, how are the XBOX boys?

Freddie said...

Hey 30, IB, Smitty and Rhonda.

30 - thanks for the tackle hug - my first here. LOL.

IB - how's the Cape?

Smitty - nice response to Vangie. Stay mellow.

Rhonda - work will continue to be busy for a while, but it pays the rent. LOL.

*I*Believe* said...

As far as Bridezillas goes, I can't watch that show...it makes me want to take each of those girls and shake them....you have to be very selfish and self-centered to act as they do AND want to have that behavior plastered all over national television....God Bless their future husbands!

Rhonda said...

Freddie- I know the feeling :)

dottie said...

Hi ladies :)

I've got the house all to myself and thought I'd pop in for a minute.

DK-I answered your DM on Twitter. Did you see it?

Claire said...

Hi DK and everybody else (waves)

It's actually nearly 2:30 in the morning here and it is obnoxiously stuffy, and I can't sleep.

I hate weather like this.

This is England, not the Mediterranean ffs!! LOL

dd said...

Hi Rose and everyone else,

Love the banner and the Black & White pics.

Regarding Caitlin Cronenberg, I think that “After some thought, I think I’m going to stick with the very faithful no-comment” was definitely not a good answer, in my opinion. This is the kind of answer that leaves room for doubt and speculation. I think the reaction was kind of predictable... If she had replied with something like "Sorry, I'm not going to comment on silly stuff" or something like that, she would have still refused to talk about it but she would have also made a point about how stupid the rumours are. She could have killed the story once and for all (and the story was kind of dead already), instead she just added more fuel to the fire. Just my opinion anyway...
But of course the whole thing was blown out of proportion, as always.

Too bad Rob has to go to the TCAs, that thing is really boring. And NR will be there, so... No. lol.

Vangie, I highly doubt that the same guy that fell in love with the beautiful, talented, private and sweet Kristen Stewart would ever hook up with someone like NR. It just doesn't make sense.

I see the "infamous BD hacker" claims she's innocent... This is going to be interesting...

Rhonda said...

Hi dottie :)

DreamerKind said...

I knew you didn't hang up, and about the battery, so we're cool. Yes, some guys are good from the get-go, and our favorite appears to be one.

The packing is a test of will, and I go on with it, while whining and wineing.

Freddie said...

Hi DK and dottie.

Super - I hope work calms down for you. It's tough to get back into it after vacation. I'm sure your vacation seems like a distant memory to you now.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

30...I find it interesting that VANGIE enjoys ROSES comments, that sometime...heh...MOST of the time are full of "expletives" but is questioning your "ladylike" attributes!!!! Sometimes nothing else will adequately sum up the situation, so there you go:)

*I*Believe* said...

Rhonda~Ahh....good old SC...I spend quite a bit of time there bc I went to grad school at USC Columbia. Hope you had a wonderful time.

Freddie~The Cape's weather was not that great today...it was cloudy and cool...we were suppose to go to the beach but ended up at the go karts with the kids.

30 said...

"I" She didn't make the team to be honest she was going up against 7th and 8th graders and she is only "going" into 6th this Sept and they have been on the team the year before.So she was upset, she tried and that's what matters. Actually I think drama/musical theater is more her thing anyway.She will be doing that when school starts again.

Rhonda said...

DK- It's a chore, so I say whine/wine all you want :)

Hi Claire, dd, and anyone else out there.

DreamerKind said...

Yes, I did, and appreciate your input. I'm weak, I confess, and sappy, too.

Rhonda said...

IB- I actually thought of you while I was there because of all the boiled peanut stands :)

Claire said...


There's nothing wrong with being sappy :)

DreamerKind said...

Hey, Freddie, dottie, dd!

bcaceres30 said...

i hope this whole drama of the leaked pictures and Summit's legal case with the hacker wont damage Breaking Dawn at the box office. I want Breaking Dawn to do extraordinary at the Box office

Super RN Gas Passer said...

FREDDIE...You are right about the vacation and then for me at work my boss delivers the "double whammy" when one takes time off...so Im in more trouble because Im taking another week soon:)

Freddie said...

IB - I love go-carts. We actually had a company function last week where we went to a place with go-carts, but we got rained out. So our event was a bit of a bust.

Claire said...


Breaking Dawn's Box office won't be affected IMO.

Twilight fans would turn up to the opening of an envelope if it was Twi related.

*I*Believe* said...

Hey Super, dd, Claire and Dottie!

Rhonda~The Xbox boys are in severe withdrawl because they are "unplugged" this vacation week. If I hear "I'm bored" one more time, I will pull my hair out :)

30~Good for your daw just for trying. Even though it sucks, situations like that build character. With your support she will be fine.

*I*Believe* said...

Freddie~Sadly, I did not go on the go karts...no room for mom.

Rhonda~How sweet of you to think of me! Did you try the boiled peanuts?

DreamerKind said...

So funny, so true-envelope or movie, either one will become huge, a blockbuster, billions of greenbacks flying in..

Good that sappy is ok, since I'm wallowing in it these days, lately. Mother love, even overwhelms the mother at times.

Freddie said...

30 - it was great that your daughter was brave enough to even try up against the older girls. She should feel proud in any case.

DreamerKind said...

Sent you an email earlier...

dottie said...

Hi back, RHONDA, IB, DK, and FREDDIE!

Just reading the comments and hoping that in time all these crazy rumors about irrelevant people will go away.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

BCACERES..I dont see any relation to that. I think BD has the potential to surpass the last HP movie...but nonetheless, it will do well regardless and there are many people to thank for that from SM to CH and Kristen being the main driving forces behind the success as well as a massive and very dedicated fan base.

dottie said...

DK never apologize for being sappy. We're all about the sap! ;)

Rhonda said...

IB- HaHa..that sounds typical for kids :)

30- I'm sorry she didn't make the team this time around. Drama sounds good,though. Didn't she have the lead in a school play this year?

Freddie said...

IB - that's a bummer. Parents have no fun sometimes. LOL about the boys being bored.

DK - are you planning to spin some tunes tonight?

*I*Believe* said...

dottie~LOL~people thrive on drama... so sadly, once these rumors settle down, more will spring up :)

Claire said...



*I*Believe* said...

Although I didn't get to go on the go karts, I did get to my friend's rug hooking shop and came home with two new projects!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Hi IB and everyone...Im way past my curfew so Good Night All..

Rhonda said...

IB- I have tried the peanuts before, but none this trip.

DreamerKind said...

Aww, you guys, I'm starting to feel relevant, thanks.

Love go-carting, too, but hit the sides of the track too often, lol.

Freddie said...

Super - sometimes vacations are a blessing and a curse. You end up working extra time to wrap things up before you leave and then end up killng yourself when you return to catch up on things... There is no justice.

Rhonda said...

Goodnight Super :)

DreamerKind said...

For you? For sure, I will. What's your pleasure? Disco?

*I*Believe* said...

Nite Super!

DK~How could Roseland's FG not be relevant?

Rhonda~Did you like the boiled peanuts?

Julie said...

Rose you hit another home run. You go girl. Thank you to real PR pro for allowing reality to take a front seat of the crap Rob/Kristen and team have to deal with or not. Makes sense to me. Would love to hear that Rob is ditching the TCA. But London calling will be around the corner either way.

Claire said...


This is the hackers actual Facebook page, look at the picture she has as her icon



This woman is cray cray

dottie said...

IB, You're probably right. I guess I'm just hoping that as more time passes some of the troublemakers will move on and things will get better for Rob and Kristen. I suppose every celeb has to deal w/it to some degree, though.

Someone just asked me the other day if I liked boiled peanuts. What a coincidence. lol

Good night, SUPER GIGI

DreamerKind said...

May you have a good rest and see/hear/read you very soon.

DreamerKind said...

Sweet dreams.

dd said...

Hi back to Rhonda, DK, IB and anyone else :) And good night, lol, I've got to go now, it's almost 3 a.m. in here...

DreamerKind said...

Couldn't up that link, is there another way to find her on FB?

DreamerKind said...

"open that link". Ha, ha.

Freddie said...

DK - you know, I'm not sure what I'm in the mood for. I'll let you pick it DK.

Claire said...


I put one too many forward slashes in, sorry.

DreamerKind said...

Sigh. I am not always on Roseland and the rest of the world sees me, too, but not like on here.
You know, what I mean? There's nothing like being seen as valuable. We all matter and have great value, if time is taken to see it.

DreamerKind said...

Goodnight to you.

Now or later? No disco, don't fret.

*I*Believe* said...

I can't get the link to work either.

*I*Believe* said...

DK~I wish I was able to compose words of wisdom like you can :)

*I*Believe* said...

Well, I'm signing off. This pirated signal is acting up so adios~

dottie said...

OK sweeties, I'm heading out. Hugs!

Bren said...

Hi-Ho Roseland,

Hey Birdie! How is my favorite nurse doing?

Hey Smitt! Always a pleasure, my lady....

Hey DK, I typed out a bad ass email, and it went poof on the last sentence, a total wipeout....

If you take a break later from the coal mine, maybe we can have a few laughs....

I wanted to share this with RL, I watched Graham Norton last year...Christina Ricci was filming Bel Ami, and she was saying the director did not let her shave her underarms, cuz women in the 1890's didn't do that (poor Rob) Ricky Gervais was also a guest and he kept trying to sneak a peek....it really is quite hilarious....here's the link if you want to watch....


Rhonda said...

Goodnight dd :)

Smitty- I just realised you said there wasn't much new on your end and I turn around and ask about new music. Lol, sorry, I'm a big dork. I need to pay attention :)

I'm out too guys. Have a good night. Lots of love...

DreamerKind said...

Yes, I compose them, and can only hope to live/be them. Your words are appreciated, too.

Have a great vacay on the Cape!

Freddie said...

DK - whenever is convenient for you. Regrettably, I'll have to catch up with it later, as I too have to head off to finish some work before I hit the sack.

So I wish everyone a good evening. Take care all.

DreamerKind said...

Goodnight, and you are so not a dork, but like someone else maybe, adorkable? :)

DreamerKind said...

You dickens! Don't you have to go to sleep early these days? If not, when should I return to the playground?

I saw the vid and it was amusing. Thanks for the link.

DreamerKind said...

Bye..Freddie, dottie, *IB* and all who must go, as I should, ho, ho.

ADD said...

@ Claire
She's innocent but she would not turn over her computer. It's like refusing to give a DNA sample. How's that going to help her ? It makes no sense.

Smitty said...

Rhonda-don't worry about the music thing. I can't remember my name usually.

OK you are in South Carolina--you have to go to some places. First, Poogan's Porch and have the she crab soup-so good you will die. Then Vickery's but go to the one by the Shrimp boats--at sunset and the have this cool drink. Shit can't remember it but they will set you up. Also, the Hominy Grill is really great but you will have to wait in line. Those are all Charleston. But its not that far and you can go to the market too. Oh and Tommy Condon's at night had good live music. I have no clue if you are even near Charleston but its a great city to eat and drink. Have fun!

Bren said...


I'll let you go work for 2hrs...

Meet me around 10-ish, my time...if you can't make it, shoot me an email....I'll understand.

Where is Gwen????

Smitty said...

Hi DK! im tired and should be sleeping but hope you are well. Syd's saying hello to but he's in some sort of Thai food induced coma -well the coma might be from wine. Maybe its lack of Rose? That's it-he misses Rose and is in withdrawals.

Ok bye all.

Claire said...


Like I said before, the woman is a fucking nutter.

It might not have been that big of a deal to her, but a lot of people worked their backside's off for months making those movies. And for her to illegally hack into a server and people's e-mail and steal the material was disgraceful.

You could tell Rob was pissed off when asked about it during WFE promo, and Kristen was angry in the EW interview, and rightly so.

I hope they throw the book at her (not literally BD LOL)

DreamerKind said...

The kids just stopped by for a while, to shop at DK's and take away my stuff, and make it theirs. Very sweet.

Thanks for the greetings and well wishes, and I am well.

Back at ya, and for Gruff and Syd.

Wish I had me some Thai food, but certainly do have the wine for overloading or inducing comas ie nirvana. Life is good.

Rose is missed by us all, for she doesn't peek in often enough. However, her essence is always here, like a breeze that refreshes and cools.

Twirl some before you sleep! I will twirl along with you.

DreamerKind said...

Love the way you express yourself! Going to start saying nutter, as least once a day.

Just where in the world and time did "throwing the book" at someone come from anyway?

For it must have been a harsh punishment, if the book was like a huge Bible or such, and damage was done, right?

You so make me laugh, thanks..

DreamerKind said...

Ebb Tide

The Three Degrees:

First the tide rushes in
Plants a kiss on the shore

Then rolls out to sea
And the sea is very still
Once more

So I rush to your side
Like the oncoming tide
With one burning thought
Will your arms open wide

At last we're face to face
And as we kiss through an embrace
I can tell, I can feel

You are love, you are real
Really mine in the rain
In the dark, in the sun

Like the tide at its ebb
I'm at peace in the web
Of your arms

Thank you/nocturnalnightbird

DreamerKind said...

For Syd:

Men Of Absolute

And Also The Trees:

Oh men of absolute no more
The angel's taken back your golden wings

Oh men of absolute no more
The flag will shroud the past for you

Oh men of absolute no more
Time has come to break and fly

Oh men the drawn it beats no more
And down the wild track
Your sweetheart sings

Oh men the drum it beats no more
Oh men the drum it beats no more
Oh men of absolute no more

Thank you/nick40nick40

DreamerKind said...

Hope you are sleeping, in all of that stuffiness, and dreaming of birds in flight.

DreamerKind said...

For Gruff (Catch that fiddle)

Ragtime Cowboy Joe

The Tune Wranglers:

Git along little doggies
Git along
Git along little doggies, git along

He al-ways sings rag-gy mu-sic to the cat-tle
As he swings back and for-ward in the sad-dle
On a horse that is syn-co-pat-ed, gait-ed,
And there's such a fun-ny me-ter to the roar of his re-peat-er

How they run when hear that fel-low's gun
Because the West-ern folks all know
He's a high-fa-lut-ing, scoot-ing, shoot-ing
Son-of-a-gun from Ar-iz-o-na Rag-time Cow Boy Joe.

Out in Ar-iz-o-na where the bad men are
And the on-ly friend to guide you is an Eve-'ning star
The rough-est, tough-est man by far is Rag-time Cow Boy Joe

Joe got his name from sing-ing to the cows and sheep
Ev'ry night they say he sings the herd to sleep
In a bass-o rich and deep croon-in' soft and low.

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When he starts a-spieling on the dance hall floor
No one but a lun-a-tic would start a war
Wise men know his fo-rty four makes men dance for fair

Git along little doggies...

Thank you/fatjud1

DreamerKind said...

I'm here are you?

DreamerKind said...

Troops, I am blowing off this day of packing my stuff, for no reason except my son told me I still have time. Time to waste is my idea of a time well spent.

Step right up, little girl, and make Bren happy.

Bren said...

Yo Mama,

I am a tad late, my neighbor caught me outdoors, and invited Robert and I over for grilled fruit....

I am driving Miss Daisy tomorrow, so I can't hang too long....

Now I am thirsty, gonna grab something....

Bren said...

Yeah Gwen, come out, come out wherever you are....lol


Your son actually said, you still had time? Good show...

Ahh, a Screwdriver----refreshing..

We are still in the monsoon season...yesterday we had rain, today zilch...

Bren said...


I am dancing and a prancing by myself.....

Bren said...

Gone surfing.....BRB

DreamerKind said...

For Smitty with Gruff & Reversed:

Couldn't Love You More

Edwin McCain:

After the big parade
When all the limelight fades
I'll be the one
To kiss your eyes

The roar fades in the air
Like hope from a lover's prayer
The light from my heart begins to rise

And they said I couldn't love you
And that it would never last
He's just a crazy boy
Just look at his past

And they said I couldn't love you
But that was just a lie
Couldn't love you more
If I tried

I was the lucky one
The one having all the fun
Running into the sun
The party never ends

You waited there for me
So loving and patiently
Shutting out sad words from your friends

I don't own any armor
And I might not be that brave
You might be the one I rescue
But I'll be the one you save

And they said I couldn't love you
And that it would never last
He's just a crazy boy
Just look at his past

And they said I couldn't love you
But that was just a lie
Couldn't love you more
If I tried

Thank you/CjAizen

DreamerKind said...

Geez, be specific chica, and set a schedule or I'll be making music like Lawrence Welk, remember him?

I'll get some more Barbera, for it is tasty and effective.

Bren said...

As Nanny always said A1NA2....loved the bubbles...lol

I said 10-ish my time, I was only 15 minutos late....

Did you catch the PM?

DreamerKind said...

No, but will look now.

Bren said...

You will not believe this, but I am actually acquiring a taste for wine, ever since that day all the gals got drunk at the lake on wine, it ain't too shabby anymore...

DreamerKind said...

If that is so, your life as you knew it is over, and a new, better one is at hand.

I don't got no stinkin PM, Bren.

Bren said...

My new life as a "wino"....lol

I am intrigued.

Bren said...


Look again, I might of accidentally screwed it up the first time....

DreamerKind said...

But what I do got, is a grilled Prosciutto & Mozzarella sandwich on wheat, which is waxing profane on my palate.

Next, comes a Pilsner Urquell beer from the Czech Republic, and those are folks whom I love, since they are fiercely themselves, esp. here in Chicagoland.

I raise my glass to Czechs!

DreamerKind said...

I say, no, no, no, in honor of Amy Whitehouse, whom I will never, ever forget and will listen to until I die from this world.

That's how much she mattered to me. She is in the Top Ten but since I've never said the ten of what, it is vast and unending, and in my heartfelt space. You see?

Also, there lies Rose and Roselanders, and the Smitts Team, along with the NightOwls. For Life is such diversification and shows the joy of that.

DreamerKind said...

My son, B, told me that I bought an exceptional laptop that my daw told me to buy! He was like a kid, so pleased with a toy.

Almost, like a musician, pleased with a new instrument. He is an IT dude, and just by paying less, for something that is more, I am more in his eyes. I'll take it.

He's not happy that Madre is moving now, after all of our angst, and I thank G for that. Any new realization of love is so much of everything that matters.

See, dottie, Freddie, and you all, so sappy, I cry in my rejoicing.

Bren said...

Whitehouse? You are too funny...

I had no idea she was your BFF.

Your sandwich sounds delish....

DreamerKind said...

You don't fool me girl, you've been on the phone with N, or K or others. :)

DreamerKind said...

Yes, all younger women, here or there are my BFF's for I am called to lead them home. Some others, now gone did so for me.

Meaning, I am three times married and know some stuff I can pass along to other fems. And I love 'em. Love dudes, for they struggle, too.

Bren said...

Hey, I had forgotten about that...(your laptop)are you loving it?

Nicole gave me her old iPad, and I haven't even picked it up....I kept debating on buying one, and now that this one literally fell in my lap, I'm ignoring it...why? why?

Bren said...

OK oh wise one, pretend I am in need of your help....what kind of stuff will you teach me?...you who has had married bliss thrice.

DreamerKind said...

B asked me lots of questions about this laptop but I have no answers. Why complicate matters?

This laptop must fit into my life, not me into it's realm of existence, you see?

You are correct, to not modify your vivre, if it is only to make a shift, rather than a difference and enhancement to your life.

At this moment, I feel like Salvador Dali and understand how he felt to be out from his crowd, in his time. Certainly, I flatter myself, and praise Rob in his portrayal of Dali. We both don't hit our mark, but we see it.

DreamerKind said...

I have had bliss, times a million, not always married, Bren. I can teach you nothing, only love your loving. I admire you and those who last long in love, but don't discount me, I made love.

Bren said...

Rob was great in Little Ashes...I really thought I might not like it, but thought he was exceptional.

I am getting hungry, I need salt....

Did you sell your condo?

Bren said...

That was beautifully put, reminds me of that quote....

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."

DreamerKind said...

(I play it too often-beg forgiveness or for enlightenment)

A Kiss To Build A Dream On

Louis Armstrong:

Give me a kiss to build a dream on
And my imagination will thrive upon that kiss

Sweetheart, I ask no more than this
A kiss to build a dream on

Give me a kiss before you leave me
And my imagination will feed my hungry heart

Leave me one thing before we part
A kiss to build a dream on

When I’m alone with my fancies
I’ll be with you
Weaving romances
Making believe they’re true

Give me your lips for just a moment
And my imagination will make that moment live

Give me what you alone can give
A kiss to build a dream on

When I’m alone with my fancies
I’ll be with you
Weaving romances
Making believe they’re true

Give me a kiss to build a dream on
And my imagination will thrive upon that kiss

Ah sweetheart, I ask no more than this
A kiss to build a dream on

Thank you/happybattery

DreamerKind said...

Did you get your salt? I might have the last brewski and some waddymellon. Or just watermelon. Or all of it.

Give me love, give life, etc.

No did not sell, only renting.

DreamerKind said...

For Dear Bren

Give Me Love

George Harrison:

Give me love
Give me love
Give me peace on earth

Give me light
Give me life
Keep me free from birth

Give me hope
Help me cope, with this heavy load
Trying to, touch and reach you with
heart and soul

ooooooooh my Lord . . .

PLEASE take hold of my hand, that
I might understand you

Won't you please
Oh won't you

Give me love
Give me love
Give me peace on earth

Give me light
Give me life
Keep me free from birth

Give me hope
Help me cope, with this heavy load
Trying to, touch and reach you with,
heart and soul

oooooooh my Lord . . .

Won't you please
Oh won't you

Give me love
Give me love
Give me peace on earth

Thank you/Mertie96

Bren said...

I am eating kettle chips with salt/pepper...or should I say peppa, remember?

hold on---N on phone...

Bren said...

Thank you very much for the song, love it, and George was always my favorite Beatle....

DreamerKind said...

For Emilia:


Salt n' Pepa:

Hey, yeah - I wanna shoop, baby

[Oooo, how you doin', baby?
No, not you
You, the bow-legged one, (ha-ha) yeah
What's your name?
Damn, that sounds sexy]

Here I go, here I go, here I go again (again?)
Girls, what's my weakness? (Men!)
Ok then, chillin', chillin', mindin' my business (word)

Yo, Salt, I looked around, and I couldn't believe this
I swear, I stared, my niece my witness
The brother had it goin' on with somethin' kinda...uh
Wicked, wicked (oooo) - had to kick it

I'm not shy so I asked for the digits
A ho? No, that don't make me
See what I want slip slide to it swifty
Felt it in my hips so I dipped back to my bag of tricks

Then I flipped for a tip, make me wanna do tricks for him
Lick him like a lollipop should be licked
ame to my senses and I chilled for a bit
Don't know how you do the voodoo that you do
So well it's a spell, hell, makes me wanna shoop shoop shoop

Ummm, you're packed and you're stacked 'specially in the back
Brother, wanna thank your mother for a butt like that (thanks, Mom)
Can I get some fries with that shake-shake booty?

If looks could kill you would be an uzi
You're a shotgun - bang! What's up with that thang?
I wanna know how does it hang?
Straight up, wait up, hold up, Mr. Lover
Like Prince said you're a sexy mutha-

Well-a, I like 'em real wild, b-boy style by the mile
Smooth black skin with a smile
Bright as the sun, I wanna have some fun
Come (come) and (hmmm) give me some of that yum-yum

Chocolate chip, honey dip, can I get a scoop? (please)
Baby, take a ride in my coupe, you make me wanna...

Shoop shoop ba-doop (Baby, hey)
Shoop ba-doop
Shoop ba-doop ba-doop ba-doop
Shoop shoop ba-doop (Don't you know I wanna shoop, baby)
Shoop ba-doop
Shoop ba-doop ba-doop ba-doop

Well let me bring you back to the subject, Pep's on the set
Make you get hot, make you work up a sweat
When you skip-to-my-lou, my darling
Not falling in love but I'm falling for your [super sperm]

When I get ya betcha bottom dollar you were best under pressure
[Yo, Sandy, I wanna like, taste you]
Getcha getcha lips wet cuz it's time to have Pep

On your mark, get set, go, let me go, let me shoop
To the next man in the three-piece suit
I spend all my dough, ray me, cutie
Shoop shoop a-doobie like Scoobie Doobie Doo

I love you in your big jeans, you give me nice dreams
You make me wanna scream, "Oooo, oooo, oooo!"
I like what ya do when you do what ya do
You make me wanna shoop

[Oh, my goodness, girl, look at him
He's the cutest brother in here
And he's comin' this way! Oooo!]

S and the P wanna get with me, cool (uh-huh)
But I'm wicked, G, (yeah) hit skins but never quickly (that's right)

I hit the skins for the hell of it, just for the yell I get
Mmm mmm mmm, for the smell of it (smell it)
They want my bod, here's the hot rod (hot rod)
Twelve inches to a yard (damn) and have ya soundin' like a retard (yeah)

Big 'Twan Love-Her, six-two, wanna hit you
So what you wanna do?
What you wanna do?
Mmmm, I wanna shoop

Oh, you make me wanna shoop
Hey yeah, I wanna shoop, baby

Thank you/Jahsmiley

DreamerKind said...

George Harrison was the one Beatle who found his path early, and stayed on it. His music grew as he did, and it was subtle but profound.

Gettin' tired, Bren, and might have to book it to dreamland.

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