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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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and are in no way meant to cause anyone harm, grief or despair.
If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
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Some places, names, and events are fictional
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or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rob and Kristen-- By The Numbers

Random (albeit extremely exhausted) Rose

1. The above pictures...
A couple of weeks ago it might have pained me to even look at them.
They are wonderful pictures... aren't they?
It shows two people who enjoy each others company...
Have real chemistry
A connection.
Perhaps even glimpses of them falling in love.
So no.
They don't pain me.
They make me smile.
And one of the reasons I smile is because...
I know we will see this sort of thing again.

2. OK... I'm back from Hawaii.
And I've never worked so hard during a vacation in my life.
Hiking Diamond Head.
Walking Waikiki Beach.
Snorkeling at Sharks Cove.
Touring Pearl Harbor.
Trekking to Manoa Falls.
Drinking every night.
Listening to music.
Learning to hula

(Now THAT was a sight to behold)

So yeah.

And on top of all that... I got a bit (a lot) sick after all the travel.
Till my daddy took the T-bird away!

I'm glad I was there...
I'm glad I'm back.

3. I missed 95% of Rob's promo this past week.
I saw snippets here and there.
I read as much as I could.
I did manage to watch the GMA interview.
He looked...
But Rob ALWAYS looks fucking good.
Even when he's not trying to look good
The man looks even better.
So he was trying to look good here.
And it worked.
He looked a bit thinner since the last time
Perhaps a wee bit tired around the eyes.
But he handled himself wonderfully.
Robert is a professional.
He was doing ALL THAT to promote Cosmopolis.

“I’ve never been interested in trying to sell my personal life
 and that’s really the only reason people bring it up.”

He didn't give anything away.
As usual.
No matter what the gossip rags want you to think.


And I, for one... am beyond happy about it.

“The tabloid industry does terrible, terrible things for the world. 
It makes people stupid. People say [tabloids] are about escapism,
 and people have got to get away from the misery of the world.
 It’s like, ‘No, people are lazy, and they don’t want to try.’ … 
Every time I’ve looked at a magazine like that, I’ve regretted it.
 I gain absolutely nothing from it.
 And neither does anyone else.”

If it doesn't come out of Rob or Kristen's mouth...
I'm inclined to not believe it.
No more informed, reliable, dependable
100 % confirmed
close to the actor
fucking sources.
They mean shit.

The only 'sources' that matter
are Robert and Kristen.
And when it comes to their relationship
They aren't talking.

4. There were pap pics of Kristen taken yesterday.
I decided not to post them.
I don't know.
I prefer happy pictures where shes not being stalked.
I mean...
It was good to see her out and about.
I want her to be OK.
But it never ends there.
It goes on
(Sandlot reference... in case you're wondering)

People were saying she looked wonderful!
People were saying she was giving signs to her fans!
People were saying it was a big FUCK YOU to her haters!


For one.
She didn't look wonderful.
She looked thin... and tired.
And annoyed.
Leave her the fuck alone already.
She was walking to her damn car.
And do you really think she was wearing...
or not wearing 'tokens' as some sort of sign?
I'm sure she plans her day around what to wear
in case the vultures get pictures of her
to send secret coded messages out to her fans.
Of course she does.
She has nothing else to worry about these days.
Just how WE feel.
That must be it.
Kristen exists to make US happy!!
We are ALL that matters to her!
(You might need a towel to wipe off the sarcasm...)

5. I was talking to my friend on the phone this morning...
(You know who you are... winky winky nudgey nudgey)
And we were discussing the shit that annoys us the most about
this whole ongoing drama.
She prefers to call it the 'incident'
I like that.
A lot.
It's not an AFFAIR
It's not the END of the World
It's not a fucking BREAK UP.
Rob isn't Kristen's EX-Boyfriend.
Kristen isn't Rob's EX-girlfriend.

You may want to believe that its over...
But you must love being disappointed.
And if you are reveling in this drama
If THOSE pictures make your life?
(Unfortunately this is the truth for so many out there)
It's obvious you don't have one of your own.

And a lot of people will be eating crow...
You know the ones.
The 'fair-weather' fans.
The ones who were never really Kristen's fans in the first place.
The ones that couldn't wait to toss her aside
to discard her
at the first sign of trouble in paradise.
So many people picked a 'side' in this drama.
Instead of just supporting the people involved...
They sat in judgement.
They threw stones.
They were quick to criticize and attack
without all the facts.
What happens when Rob and Kristen show up
somewhere together?
What happens when they move forward... Together?
Not if.
There is no fucking if.
IF isn't in my vocabulary at this moment in time.

I've heard crow is tough to swallow...
I hope you choke on it.

6. Thomas was at the London premiere of ON THE ROAD
last week.
He was incredible.
As always.
The beanie/suit combination is awesome.
Tom pulls it off.
But the best part...
aside from his incredible blue eyes?
His incredible loyalty.

When asked about Robert and Kristen
what did he say?

"I don't talk about my friends behind their backs."

and when asked about baby Marlowe?

"I don't want to talk about it, that's my precious private stuff..."

Don't tell me that doesn't tug at your heartstrings.
Even my blackened charred Grinch heart beat a little faster
when I heard Tom say that...
Of course
Tom could say 'spinach' and I would melt.
He's THAT good.

7. Hawaii.
This sunset was taken at the little bar and grill
at our resort.
The sunsets were gorgeous.

This post is brought to you by numbers.

My week in numbers.

4271 emails

20 unfollows

5 hour time difference

 760 feet to the peak of Diamond Head


4232 miles from Milwaukee to Honolulu

8 hour flight.

December 7, 1941
(Pearl Harbor really got to me)

1 Green Sheep.

Until next time

Bye for now


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Lanette said...

Glad you had a good vacation. I love the post as always. I could not have said it better myself. Well done.

Kay said...

Welcome back, Rose. :)

Magnolias-blooming said...

Awww Rose...
'fair weathered'
'choke on crow'
If I didnt know you better...Iddaa thinkaa that ya havin a dig!...
Roseee...awwww c'on now;)

Freddie said...

Welcome back Rose. You were missed.

Holy said...

Welcome back ROSE.We all miss you.

bernadette said...

Welcome back Rose! Glad you're back!!!

DreamerKind said...

Oh, you posted at 11:11 and I said a prayer and one for RDJ who doesn't promote that, and is a favo of mine.

I've got your number!

Annie said...

Rose: Sounds like you and your family had a fantastic vacation.
Those are some numbers!

Welcome back and thanks for the post. :)

marley said...

ROSE!!!! I have no words after this post. It was amazing!!! the first photo group are my favoirte of R and K and the Tom quotes melted my heart too. Your picture of the sunset is amazing, not gonna lie kinda jelous but am thrilled you had a great time. you deserved it.


DreamerKind said...

Just posted on the last 3500+ comments post, a very fine version of Clair de Lune, so please listen when you can. Not bringing it over since it is already in the past.

Delle1 said...

Thank you Rose,can't wait for some people to *eat crow*.....

Melinda said...

Welcome back home Rose! Glad you enjoyed your time away but sorry that you came home under the weather.

Read that Kristen will be at TIFF. Will be good to see her promoting this movie b/c she is very proud of it.

Somehow I missed seeing Tom in the beanie and suit. Dashing with a bit of quirk. Totally him.

The 08 VF shoot will always be something special. It was (and still is) just them...

@CrisRK913 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
@CrisRK913 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
@CrisRK913 said...

"I was talking to my friend on the phone this morning...
(You know who you are... winky winky nudgey nudgey)
And we were discussing the shit that annoys us the most about
this whole ongoing drama.
She prefers to call it the 'incident'"

Your special friend couldn't have used better word 'incident'. I've always believed it. And you know what? I'm NOT here to judge Kristen or anybody else.I'm here to appreciate her excellent job as an actress and of course I adore her as a person too(I do Kristen). The more I learn about her the more I admire her. She is FIERCE/powerful. She is THE Phoenix that reborns from its ashes.

It doesn't matter what losers want to believe,who is a REAL fan is LOYAL fan and not matter what.
Haters believe what makes them sleep at night... poor hyenas, they really need their pillows/blankets with Rob's face printed on them...it's what they will have from him... ;)

"Not if.
There is no fucking if.
IF isn't in my vocabulary at this moment in time.

WHEN ~ I knew it...
AGREE 100% with you!!!

There is NO if... There is WHEN and it'll happen... in full force...

Kristen has beautiful green eyes...love her eyes...

And thousands XO for you!

If there is a person who needs to have fun is YOU Rose!

Beautiful Hawaii...maybe one day I'll go there...and the pic is BEAUTIFUL.

T for Truth!

And Tom is AMAZING!

XO from Brazil

Hey GIRLS, Waving and sending hugs for everyone here!!!

DreamerKind said...

I missed you! How goes it?

Ginger with a Soul said...

Great and awesome post Rose

Hope said...

Dear Rose,
Welcome home and thanks for posting...we can always count on you.

Maria Giselle Bartolome said...

OMG!!! this is the most AWESOME artcile i have ever read!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!! well,,,Robsten4ever!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!

Robin said...

Glad you had a great vacay with your family, Rose. Also glad you're back. You've been missed! No one has your way with words. You're the best.

DreamerKind said...

Thinking This Motto Applies

Living In Sunlight
Loving In The Moonlight


Hello my dear friends!
Well, here I am on record at last.
And it feels so wonderful
To be here with you
On my first album.

I'm so happy!
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Living everyday!

I don't worry!
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Things that bother you,
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I feel happy and fine!

Living in the sunlight,
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Haven't got a lot,
I don't need a lot
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Living in the sunlight,
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I'm just as free as any daughter.
I do what I like,
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And how I love it!

I'm right here to stay
When I'm old and gray,
I'll be right in my prime!
Living in the sunlight,
Loving in the moonlight,
Having a wonderful time!

I'm right here to stay
Oh! isn't this a lovely band!
And what a thrill
It is to have them play for me

Thank you/zero155

Monica said...

Hi, Rose, welcome back. GREAT GREAT post!! And you have some strong faith. Amen to that.

Thank you for addressing those "fair weather fans" also. Thsoe are real disappointment. You know what people call them on Twitter? Shapeshifters. LMAO. ^^

Monica from Asia

DreamerKind said...

What a quandary! An impasse! Beer or wine! Oh, happy day. I can choose either happy or other.

Oh, Happy Day (Sister Act Movie):

No religion, too. Just me and you!

Thank you/16therithcrew

DreamerKind said...

From Asia! I honor your very real point of view, to guide me. Just me and you!

DreamerKind said...

Not the other who may not be you, Hope. I see you.

DreamerKind said...

I forgot but do not forget, every minute, every hour, I'm gonna shower you with love and affection..giving me direction.

Smitty, Gruff & Syd-the Trio that did and do go to the zoo.

Rose, who is the kind, loving zookeeper who watches over.

DreamerKind said...

I'm Gonna Make You Love Me

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Every breathe I take.
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For every day we are apart.
I'll hunger for every wasted hour.

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Thank you/classicvinylbiz

deb said...

Welcome home my sweet Rose I miss ya. You my friend was 1# lucky women.i BET YOUR BABY GIRL loved IT AN hubby TO.MY Daughter and her boyfriend went there and came back engaged and pregnant BOY WAS I HAPPY ( SO DID YOU COME BACK P.G hehehe) Alot has been going on here ALL THE BULLSHIT with Rob and Kris and my poor dad came home from the hosp. he's dying sad I know but he's lived a long life and has a bad hart I'll miss him. the people in here has been MY LIFE SAVER and I thank them for it. Rose I'M just telling myself what you have ALWAYS SAID ROB and KRISTEN ALWAYS END UP TOGETHER.It was sad to see her not look to happy but hey OUR Kristen well be her self and I love her for it.And OUR boy Rob well be there to pick her up and PROTECT HER like he ALWAYS DOSE. Once again GLADE to have you back. :) DEB.

DreamerKind said...

Those French Do Not Mince Words

Padam Padam - Paroles

Edith Piaf:

This tune which haunts me day and night
This tune wasn't written today
It comes from as far away as I come
Trawled around by a hundred thousand musicians

This tune will drive me mad
A hundred times I've wanted to say why
But it's interrupted me
It always speaks before i do
And its voice drowns out my voice

It comes running up behind me
It plays me the trick of: do you remember
C'est un air qui me montre du doigt
Et je traîne après moi comme un drole d'erreur
Cet air qui sait tout par cœur

It says: "Remember your loves
Remember cos it's your turn
There's no reason why you shouldn't cry
Encumbered with your memories
"And me, I see again those who remain
My 20 years make the drum beat
I see the succession of gestures flash by
All the comedy of love
To this tune which just keeps playing

Des "je t'aime" de quatorze-juillet
The 'always's which we buy on the cheap
Des "veux-tu" en voilà par paquets
Et tout ca pour tomber juste au coin d'la rue
Sur l'air qui m'a reconnue
Listen to the commotion which it causes me
Comme si tout mon passé défilait
You need to keep some sorrow for later
I've got scores full in this tune which beats.
Which beats like a wooden heart
Cet air qui m'obsède jour et nuit
Cet air n'est pas né d'aujourd'hui
Il vient d'aussi loin que je viens
Traîné par cent mille

Un jour cet air me rendra folle
Cent fois j'ai voulu dire pourquoi
Mais il m'a coupé la parole
Il parle toujours avant moi
Et sa voix couvre ma voix

Il arrive en courant derrière moi
Il me fait le coup du souviens-toi
It's a tune which points right at me
And I drag it behind me like a strange mistake
This tune knows everything by heart

Il dit: "Rappelle-toi tes amours
Rappelle-toi puisque c'est ton tour
'y a pas d'raison pour qu'tu n'pleures pas
Avec tes souvenirs sur les bras...
" Et moi je revois ceux qui restent
Mes vingt ans font battre tambour
Je vois s'entrebattre des gestes
Toute la comédie des amours
Sur cet air qui va toujours

The 'I love you's on Bastille day
Des "toujours" qu'on achète au rabais
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And all that to end up right on the corner of the street
To the tune which has recognized me
Écoutez le chahut qu'il me fait
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Faut garder du chagrin pour après
J'en ai tout un solfège sur cet air qui bat..
Qui bat comme un cœur de bois...

Thank you/EdithPiaf

Anonymous said...

I was so so positive about everything, finally happy and optimistic but today I read that some one is planning to wear a "kristen stewart is a trampire" t-shirt to one of her public event and I almost cried. the hate has gone to far, I'm worried for her safety right now

DreamerKind said...

Wearing any shirt does not make someone significant. They must have presence, like Kristen, to be noticed. A shirt is just a shirt, with no one in there. La,la.

Anonymous said...

@dreamerkind: chances are the person won't be allowed into the event but how disgusting to wear such vile shirts and ask kristen to sign it? I'm just hoping they won't carry on with this.

DreamerKind said...

Hate? I refuse to equate myself with something so unappealing and repellingly lost.

Lost Without Your Love


Lost and all alone
I always thought
That I could make it on my own

Since you left
I hardly make it through the day
My tears get in the way
And I need you back to stay

I wander through the night
And search the world to find
The words to make it right

All I want is just the way
It used to be
With you here close to me
Ive got to make you see

That I'm lost without your love
Life without you
Isnt worth the trouble of
I'm as helpless as a ship
Without a wheel

A touch without a feel
I can't believe its real
And someday soon I'll wake
And find my heart
Wont have to break

Yes I'm lost without your love
Life without you
Isn't worth the trouble of
All I want is just the way
It used to be

I need you here with me
Oh darlin cant you see
If we had loved before
We can have it back
Once more

Thank you/DieSinister

DreamerKind said...

God, don't worry, it is less than nothing in reality!

Thinking anyone who kisses or has kissed with the real Rob, has many other thoughts, almost all of the time.

Vampires and trampires dig each other, so who are we to say otherwise?

katy said...

Welcome home sweet, Rose.

Excellent post!!!

Tempest said...

Well now...glad you had a great vacation Rose, my husband moved me to the other side of the world instead of giving me a vacation this year lol the things he will do to avoid spending money he shouldn't. Yes it was an interesting week while you were away, but seeing Rob looking thinner but definitely happy about the reaction of Cosmopolis was worth the wait.

Kristen darling Kristen looked bothered and that doesn't sit well with me either, and you are right too many people are sticking noses in where they shouldn't and should give these two people some space and time. Darling Tom in London was playing the hobo card to the max and you just have to love him for it.

Family and friends, keep it in the 'family and friends way' as in NO ONES business but theirs.

DreamerKind said...

So happy not to be alone on Roseland with only my stories, thoughts and songs. Do I bore myself, no, but some things are moo, like a cow's moo. You know!

Eating a hot dog is very moo and very good on rye bread with organic mustard, like no other.

These are the advantages of living early in your sleepy night and being later in my nightly daytime.

Anyone feeling like ragtime?

DreamerKind said...

Agree. Tender is the night. No wrong or right. Hubs is Scottish or Irish, like me? Kissing the stone without one. <3

Aeden said...

Lovely Rose,

Hope you had a wonderful vacation.
I guess we all need one.

I saw Tom's interview for the London premiere of "on the Road". I never realized how cute he was.

I also read about the "trampre t-shirt" and i hope nobody buys them.
People have gone too far. I guess there' a lot of insane people in the world.

Anyway, i hope everyone has a wonderful day in Roseland

DreamerKind said...


Brian Stokes Mitchell, Audra McDonald and Marin Mazzie 1998 Broadway:


Thank you/sftMusicals

Tempest said...

DK Hubs is Scottish so he has always been a penny pincher LOL

DreamerKind said...

Hello! Happy to see you.
People will buy them for someday they will be worth more than the cost.
Pity the poor fool who thinks their own value goes up, putting others down.
Money does not translate itself into happiness. We all see that mean things are mean and tend to laugh in embarrassment and then don't respect the wearer.
Come on, to be cool, be different in a kind way, I say. :)

DreamerKind said...

Knew it! Who is the gifted storyteller? You, luv?

Tempest said...

DK no hunny not me, i speak facts not tell tall tales LOL

gargamel said...

...im lost...help...i am an avid robsten follower...i just recently found out that one site did a 180 degrees turn from kstew. The loathing opportunistic site owner took advantage of the fake scandal and made a pornlike journal entry obviously to entice her followers to get their fill of kstew. I just want a confirmation from robsten followers like me if my hunch was true that once the smoke's been cleared ...she will stop feeding the anti's and will return to push her PORN WRITING prowess by using kstew's name again. I hope we all learn from this...RAGS are RAGS. Please do not make a mistake of checking out that site. The owner is a wannabe writer...of porn Tsk..She got me bigtime...i thought she liked the stew.

Aeden said...


I just read another article about the "trampire t-shirt". 'm thankful the writer asked people not to buy the shirt.

What made me angry was how people could even think of even making those shirt. Dont they understand how hurtful it is? And how some people keep calling Kristen names.
I almost cried because people are bullying her. I admit i was shocked and angry (which i know i dont have the right to be) with what happened but the hate is too much. People should put a stop to it.

DreamerKind said...

Now I did not imply that and find you to be all that smacks of real and integrity.
Meant who has the gift of explaining with a soft touch?

No answer is required since I hear my voice echoing in hearts, from them back to all. Like yours, like in us all. Big time. Sublime.

You are a rarebird in your field for you state, your pov.

Sue me, what can you do me, I love you and I am an American from Chicago, Irish to the core. Corrupt.

DreamerKind said...


You have such heart! Put a stop to hate! Okay, let's do it.

Let's not see it as hate but the longing to be thought of as being better than someone which we know that those who buy them aren't feeling good about themselves.

So hope to reflect something more. Do not fear when hate is put before glaring lights! We may be blinded but we are not fooled.

There but for the grace, of you and me, we all go, in the sight of all. Pause, then, decide to forgive, move with freedom to free them. Many will follow you. I will.

DreamerKind said...

Your sweet concerns have not one iota of influence for you, me or on any kind of porn.

Porn is a thing born of itself, from us to ourselves. Idle thoughts not idol.

No power is taken, only given, unless it is and so what?
We know better and have eyes to see.

I'll help you. I see you, smart, all heart, and all that is good.

You care!

DreamerKind said...

Let This Speak

Love Never Dies - Beneath a Moonless Sky


Thank you/GamerGirlElla

ali mac said...

DK so pleased to see you in such fine form! I think maybe you kissed the stone twice he he ;)

Rose your vacation sounded fantastic, now you need another to get over the last one. Good to see you back.

DreamerKind said...

@ali mac
I got down on my knees twice! <3

robstenaditted said...

It is so good to have you back. I enjoy read your blog and you are always a voice of reason. You are as good as a anxiety pill. you always know what to say to calm me down. Missed you !

Birdie said...

So very happy to see you back, Rose. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. I would love to do that trip, but would need to be heavily drugged to make that long a flight. Sorry about the numbers, you know how we get...

I love that picture of Kristen and can't wait to see that smile again.

This incident has really made me take pause about more than a few things. I'm not going to go into them (yes, you are all grateful).

I listened to CLair de Lune. Between that and Rose's post, it was a very soothing way to start my day.

Smitty, Gruff, Syd,and Roseland good thoughts going out your way!

DreamerKind said...

You could enjoy some whiskey and be whisked real fast to Hawaii or so it would seem.

I call it the "event" for we watched from afar and vented our thoughts which were far off and farfetched.

One more hour until bacon & eggs!

ali mac said...

@ Marley I was a bit like that with my first and didn't get into an early to bed routine until he went to pre-school. They have both been to bed late eery night of the summer holidays and I'm dreading getting them back into the routine again!

Dk I hope the effects never wear off!

Birdie, hope your well x

Birdie said...

Good morning ali mac

Truer words were never spoken!

Robert said...

on the subject of t shirts
i want her to buy one and wear it on the red carpet in toronto

and then she can sue the shit out of them for using her name without her permission

gwen said...

Hello DK, Birdie and everyone!

Welcome back Rose. Glad you had fun in Hawaii. That beach front and sunset makes me missed our (friends and I) yearly summer getaways and we usually go to beaches. Our own version of 3S, sun,sand and sea.

gwen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
gwen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DreamerKind said...

Forgive me yet? I've been dumped by those married ladies and Prince Harry likes petite naked ladies instead. Come on, punkin!

gwen said...

opps sorry double post

DreamerKind said...

Darling girl! Glad you are back for me to worry about. No 3-S's so far with the girls? No cliffdiving or rope hanging?

Berry said...

Welcome back! Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Thanks once agin for your wise and calming words!

bubblejoi said...

Welcome back Rose. Wish I could have joined you in your exhausting work last week.

Oneheart said...

Waves to everyone here...Welcome back Rose. Sounds like you had quite an adventure in Paradise.

I agree Somewhere, Sometime we will see this sort of thing again..That I have no doubt about.

Have a Happy Hump Day Roseland...

gwen said...

dk- no, nada. Even cliffdivhng. So ill just enjoy Rose pic. Maybe next year. Bsides granny just went to heaven last week

irene said...

Welcome back from vacay, Rose.......!
Let the good times recommence....

Robert said...

DK you don't need forgiving, you've nothing but spread the love

anyway, i've been dumped before

of course, never with such blinding speed

Robert said...

oh i almost forgot,

welcome home rose

Fiorels said...

Haven't caught up with comments yet but wanted to say, thanks Rose!
For the wonderful post!
I so agree when you say the only source here is Rob and Kristen themselves... and lots of those supposed fans just turned into gossip sites and magazines that don't know a fuck.
How sad is that...?
I'm glad you had fun and i'm so jealous actually. lol
The place looks wonderful *happy sigh*

Super RN Gas Passer said...


We have missed you!!!!!! Well deserved break!!! Oops...I brought my I Pad to work and my surgeon is here early....ugh:)

Love to ALL:)

Litmom said...

Good Morning, Rose, et al!

SO glad you're back and had a wonderful time! I'm pretty jealous...

The best part of having you back??? Sanity shall prevail.

And that photo shoot is my very, very fave.

marley - You'll have snail mail - very soon!

Have a good day, all!!!

DreamerKind said...

Granny must have loved you so, to be loved so in return!

Blinding speed freezes the brain but the heart of your rock n' roll body, keeps on beating. It had better be for me!

Folks, off for yolks and bad jokes down at the Community Room foodfest. See you soon.

Kenzz said...

Quick drive-by just to welcome Rose back! Sounds like a beautiful vacation...

DK, what fine form you're in!!

Rhonda said...

Morning all, happy Wednesday...

Welcome back, Rose. I'm glad you enjoyed Hawaii.

Freddie- thanks for asking after me, I'm fine. It's just been a busy week so far. I hope all is well with you :)

Have a great day everyone. Lots of love...

*I*Believe* said...

Rose!!!! Glad you're back but sorry you were sick!

3.5K comments...how about that!

LOVE the steaming pile of poop-
it resembles Poopert...lol

Have a happy day everyone!

ali mac said...

Super I know that feeling, I'm working today and taking a sneak peek every once in a while, have a good day at work :)

Dreamerbert, a new name just popped in my head lol

*I*Believe* said...

Hi Rhonda, Kenzz, DK *waving*

ali mac said...

Super I know that feeling, I'm working today and taking a sneak peek every once in a while, have a good day at work :)

Dreamerbert, a new name just popped in my head lol

*I*Believe* said...

Where or where has Barbara Fenwick been? Please check in!

ali mac said...

Quick hello to Fio, Kenzz, I Believe, Rhonda, Litmom and Robert. Have a great day every one.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Morning guys before I get shower bounds and kids moving it for school

@DK - wow you kept it going all night - me I passed out lol that pill did me in

@Robert - how I have missed you and you took the words out of my mouth - not sure how they can use he name without her consent.

I stand by what I said - I dare someone to wear that shirt around me - all you will seee is a blur of red before I snatch it off you . Hope you bring a change of clothes

Dottie said...
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Dottie said...

Happy Hump Day!

I don't think I will ever get tired of looking at the VF pictures. There is something very special about them.

Hope everyone is well and happy. :)

*sorry for the delete

Kelly said...

Awesome post...Welcome home...Sorry you had so much crap to wade through when you got home...The picture from your vacation was gorgeous, thanks for sharing with us. Kelly1918EC xoxo

FGjk said...

Hello! I'm so glad Rose's back, she's fresh air.

She said it all and I agree with every word. The key word's not "IF" but "WHEN". I sincerly don't miss those who turned their backs to K because people that give up immediatly when things aren't as fairytale-y as they want them to be are not needed in here. That's my opinion, though.

Ps: sorry for the 234567887654 emails :/ haha

Take care people :)

Robert said...

so "dreamerbert" huh? over before it even began.

i'm off to work ladies; i will check on as soon as i can

angelica1 said...

Morning everyone.

Freddie - I'm fine,just making the most of the fine weather. Thank you for asking

Leni said...

Welcome back, Rose! We missed you!

Ali - Dreamerbert is brilliant! I would ship it ;)

Have a great day everybody :)

Melinda said...

Happy Hump Day!

DK- Enjoyed your commentary last night. You have a great outlook!

Fio-Finally got to see your new video! Beautifully done as always. I believe that this "incident" is only but a short chapter in their story. Love prevails...

Ginger- I saw you read fanfic. Me too. I loved TACA. Have you read "Blood and Glory"? Great fun read! It's also a 3 story series. You can find it on fanfiction. Not sure if it's anywhere else.

My mom and I were discussing last night how people in this fandom are always trying to figure out the meaning of things that pertain to Rob and Kristen. Specifically I was telling her about "THE" ring and how people have blown up pics of it to try to see what it says, etc. She was shaking her head at that. Didn't understand why it matters to people as it's not their business.
Anyway she said "well you know what Kristen should do. She should get another ring like it and have "FU" engraved on it since people have this obsessive needs to dissect her life."

I need to go get last minute things done. Leaving for a week's vacation and I've left everything to the last minute of course.

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week! Keep the peace here in Roseland. It's a great place! Take care...

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Melinda - I will look it up today _ am always looking for a new great read.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Melinda - have a great vacation !!!!

marley said...

Good morning everyone! Waking up to these beautiful fall temps are my favorite. There is no better season than fall but what do I know I'm a fall born baby and call me crazy but here in Mn it's soooo beautiful in the fall. Anywho......

Lit mom I will keep a look out. It's been a frustrating last day or two in regards to planning.

Ali comforting but at same time I never to you just HOW late she stays up. Getting better though as NAP time everyday is becoming less and less. I REALLY liked those days. How do you, if I may ask, get them back on to earlier routine. We are keeping her out of pre school until next fall, but since my entire family gives us crap about our rountine and how we've been trying isn't working.

Dk you are never alone at night I'm usually here just to tired to post. Keep up the positive vibe, it's so refreshing :)

Hello again to everyone, hope you all have a Refressingly beautiful day!!!!

ali mac said...

Leni I'm a believer lol Robert where there's hope......

Melinda enjoy your vacation. Your mum sounds very smart :0)

Hi to Dottie Angelica and Ginger x Angelica is the throat better?

ali mac said...

Hi Marley, what I normally do is just get them up really early one morning and make sure they don't stop all day so they are really tired and are ready for bed at the proper time, not very scientific but it works for me :)

isis said...

hi ladies : )

@Liz- thanks for the huffingtonpost article "defense of kristen stewart".
Please keep bringing the positive articles and news about kristen and rob : ) i need that.

Everyone here if not read yet the article please go and read it. Says everyhting that we believe about all this.
The person who wrote is not a gossip blog or some pr expert, it's a family therapist and educated.
She makes a point that i think is very important to see who in this moment is more sensere about their regret.
"contrast her anguished public apology to the scripted words of the director."

marley said...

See thats what I do but it backfires on me half the time b/c one day she will just pass out and sleep for 4 hours. And trust me I try to wake her up but she is like my husband where if she is that zonked out I don't stand a chance not matter what I do. Lol glad it works for you though:)

ali mac said...

@Marley the funny thing is no matter how tired you are, they only have to smile at you or tell you they love you and you forget about the fact you got no sleep (well for a little while)

gargamel said...

Rags are rags. All of them have done their own trashing and bashing of kristen by re-cycling and re-telling FAKE gossips. None of them did a reliable investigation before jumping into the scandal bandwagon. I do not seek to be entertained by those rags that print rubbish. Please DO NOT click on those sites. This is the time to get even with them. It's good to know that there arepositive articles about her coming out now. But i will refuse to give HITS to those RAGS! I will just stay here. Well i check some other Genuine fansites that im really sure of. You know those that dont post links

ADD said...

Welcome back Rose. I'm glad you had fun.

The 'fair-weather' fans are so annoying. The ones that freaked out after seeing Kristen's pics wearing
her 'tokens' are the worst. "Does it mean it's not over? I thought Rob had kicked her to the curb." Ugh--leave them alone.

Tom is a great friend. No doubt.

LIZ said...

Morning All!

ROSE - so glad you had a great vac... Sounds like you need another one to recover, lol

ISIS - thks, I'll keep telling about positive stuff.

Happy day, back to work!

Monica said...

@Ginger, Thx for your fanfic recommendation. I will check that one out after I finish the bunch of stories I'm reading. A fangirl gonna love her some M-rated fics. ;)

I have encountered many great stories I like, like "The Education of Professor Cullen", "Million Dollar Baby", "Sin of My Past", "Stranded", "Just One of The Boys"...So many good ones that I forget their names.

Monica from Asia

Claire Riese said...

As always,great post here Rose.
I'm just a 19 year old girl who happens to come across your blog recently.I must say i indulge all your writings!You're the #1st person i followed on twitter and on blogger.
Anyway you inspired me to write too!Okay-can't say enough how awesome you are.Great to have you back in the game!Take care,wherever you are, wherever you might be...:) x.

Sydney said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Super RN Gas Passer said...


I seriously love that picture of Hawaii. I never wanted to go there. But I have changed my mind!!! Beautiful beaches, beautiful sunrises and sunsets.


I think the sun is coming back out so P!EASE COME BACK!!!!!

Super RN Gas Passer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pattybg said...

I am new new. Need help how to proceed.
I am great great grandma who has been lurking on the perimeter for crumbs of hope. Thx. Patty

PamH said...

Morning All

@ Rose
Glad your back and had a great vacation with the family.
I absolutely love your post :-) you always manage to say what we need and want to hear THANKS !!!!!

@ Ginger
Did you see my recs for two fanfics I left on the last post? I forgot to say they are both WIP not sure if you only read completed ones. You may also like Accidently In Love by Missus T, it's another pretend engaged story, WIP on TWCS maybe somewhere else also

Are all these T shirt wearing people supposed to be Rob fans? because I have know idea what dream world they live in to think that he would ever think that's OK .
I agree that I don't see how they are getting away with using Kristen's name?

I hope JK show goes well for Rob, please let him not drag out another food item and just stick to how well Cosmopolis is doing so far.
On the bright side after the show Rob can go back home or wherever he is staying right now till he starts his next project.

Have a good day All

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Sydney - the tide is turning which we all knew was going to happen 1 week in - yes the mags are now going to start with the reconcile shit to get back readers who were hiding their magazines to begin with. If you didn't want to buy into the crap when it was bad don't buy into it when it is good the media is catered for the max amount of money.I still also stand by my Gossip Cop is also a devil in disguise media outlet as well - they were posting their own articles not busting crap.

I know there are a lot of people (the person that posted that Huff post article is an example) that want to get a positive message out - I wish they had a easier forum that wasn't so contrived to present it in. I also wish people would get it through their heads - to support one you do not have to bash the other - turn about is still not fair play.

Here's to hoping Rob's interview is good - not riddled with food or a pity party and that Kimmel shows class

Fan Fiction - 1 of my top 10 favorites - Unplanned Perfection.
I read M stories so yeah but I really liked that one a lot.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Pam - I did - I booked marked both so that I can read them - I am always up for new stories to read.

Annie said...


Monica, Ginger and PamH: Talking fanfic....I loved The Education Of Professor Cullen and In Your World (The author pulled that story though.).......It was beautifully written.

PL said...

Welcome back, Rose.

I've been having a little problem with the whole definition of a fan. So many good fan, bad fan references. I didn't know being a fan was a lifetime vocation. People's interests change, simple. It doesn't matter their reason, it's their reason.

What has bothered me is the bashing of fansites that decided to take a hiatus. These people volunteer a lot of time and effort to their sites. If they feel they need to step back for any reason, they should be able to without being called fair weather fan, or bad fan. Why is everything involved with any of this fandom so melodramatic all of the time?

Stepping down from the soapbox. Peace and love and all that kind of stuff.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Annie - I did get to read The Education Of Professor Cullen - I have actually really enjoyed all of sheviking stories and I wait patiently for her to finish her thesis so she will finish the Blizzard and My viking

107 yr old virgin was another writer I loved but she pulled all her stories

Pattybg said...








marley said...

lol yes they know how to turn things in their favor when needed. being a mommy is the greastest

Annie said...

Ginger: Fanfiction can be either hit or miss. Some are so well written, it's a joy to read.

I am partial to those set in the 1800's though (The Maiden and Wrenfield Hall) but honestly, I want a story to be well written even if it's fanfiction.
I also like Color of Loneliness, Bonne Foi, All The Wild Horses and A Rough Start.

Gotta run.......Have a good afternoon all.

ali mac said...


ali mac said...

@Marley, most rewarding job ever :0)

isis said...

Anyone here is having problems on the twitter?
When i go to a twitter account i only see a few tweets. I can't see the olders. In the end are a mensage saying that the twitter is having problems and that they will resolve.
Someone here is having the same problem?

Pattybg said...

Thanks alimac...kindle lets me see what I am typing in lower cse

I will keep checking to see what you folks are all up to. Thx again.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@isis - my twitter is fine but I am just looking at my time line

Monica said...

Yeah, @Ginger, sheviking's stories are really good.

@PL, no, we are not bashing sites that take a hiatus. It is those who decide to abandon Kristen that I have problem with. Sorry, they claimed they love her, yet they gave up on her faster than anybody else, freaked out over an "incident" that they didn't know its truth. They automatically expected the worst of Kristen. They judged as quick as haters. And dun get me start on the fact that they keep rambling on fansites which are still running (kudos to the site hosts) that why they can't care about Kristen anymore. I say FUCK THEM!! Yes, you're free to leave. And LEAVE FAST. What's the point on repeating non-stop how wrong Kristen is, how disappointed they are...They are AS BAS AS HATERS! They annoy the crap out of me honestly. I used to think they are good companions and friends that we can share our joy over admiring the actors we like. My feelings are hurt by their actions. Again, they have every right to leave. But I think fans who choose to stay have every right to feel disappointed too.

Monica from Asia

bcaceres30 said...

candykizzes24 is the one who is saying she will wear the trampire shire to have kristen sign it. I think its so sad that people are crucifying Kristen for a mistake. It reminds me of the bible where its says he who is without sin cast the frist stone.

LIZ said...

LOL, MONICA, I totally agree with you. They were NOT true fans.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@ bcaceres30 - CK is a crazy bitch - so is the doll maker (she frightens me in the stalker I will sow your eyes shut kind of way) and both need some serious professional help . I am sure CK would wear a shirt that says I am with stupid and the arrow pointing up so I wouldn't use her as the standard on the shirt although - yeah I may live in Colorado but I will snatch a shirt in a heartbeat.

Maria said...

Good day Roseland...on a very short break...

Welcome back Rose, great post as always!

30 said...

Let candykizzes wear her T shirt along with her big mouth. I am patiently awaiting that picture of her being tasered.

Sydney said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ginger with a Soul said...

@30 - My guess with everything she says - she is going to come face to face with the wrong person one day and will most likely be on the wrong end of a punch to the mouth. Not condoning violence but you know it is going to happen - she talks about posters kids and families - yeah you know it will happen.

katy said...

You know what I would like right now, someone to shut the fuck up that washed up actor @actordbsweeney, guy. He is really pissing me off. He should stop talking shit about Rob.

Bcaceres, where exactly does horse face, CK, going to wear that stupid shirt...TIFF? I would like to see that dumb bitch try this, since there is going to be alot of Kristen's fans there...she is going to be crushed.

francy28 said...

I love Kristen. I don't care what they say. She is an Amazing
actress and I will always love her and support her movies.

LJ said...

Hi everyone,

Long time no visit :)

Wise words Rose I hope you had a lovely holiday. Just for info I haven't unfollowed you I've just de-activated my twitter and facebook for a while.

Tom looks beautiful in that picture I can't wait to see On The Road, I think he and Kristen will both be amazing in it.

Hope everyone's good. Massive love to all.


LJ said...

Ha...sorry for the random profile pic that was my friend and I at a festival. Need to change it!

Kay said...

((HUGS)) Liza :)

Litmom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LJ said...

Hi Kay!! hugs back <3

PL said...

Ali Mac,

You have got to be one of the kindest , most considerate people around here. I admire that in you, because I'm quite sure I was hiding when that trait was getting passed out.



Vangie said...

i am a rob's fan totally! i cried when i saw sems to me like rupert sucking kristen's boobs1, not i will never judge anyone, but i'am not K fan, but i respect her liking rb, i have allot of fans who do not believe itvas a one time thing, but they all pleaded for that CK, not to wear ha shirt, but she insisted i looked at those photos allot, just why did she not tell rob, it' over, rb hardly gets sympathy from no where, ive notice, but he'll get from me, i know i'll get allot of hae from here put that's cool, i hope rob forgives her even if they are not togeher again, rob seems to be a fair loving man, so he may take her back, and that' cool too! i know ppl will call him weak, but he seem to love kristen alot, rose welcme back, you may be pretty tan!

Anonymous said...

I hope you're right, Rose, because they make a lovely couple... but I just have a feeling that Kristen was feeling smothered... you could tell Rob loved her to the max in every photo... sometimes he is draped very heavily over her... I think her 22-year-old subconscious didn't want her to get married yet and came up with a plan that would end it in the way least painful for Rob in the long run (anger diffuses pain a bit). Conscious Kristen was going, "Oh, this Rupert is crazy!' and now regrets the whole thing, but Subconscious Kristen is dusting her hands.

LIZ said...

VANGIE -- Everyone is entitled to their opinion. HOWEVER, it sounds like you have tried and judged Kristen based on photos that don't always show the true picture. I don't know your age... however, no matter what your age; if you've never been in a situation with a male superior making advances KNOWING that he controls perhaps your career or a part of your career, THEN YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO PUT YOURSELF IN HER SHOES. Do you honestly believe that if this had been going on for awhile that there would not have been pics or evidence as such, in addition to these "SET-UP" photos!!!

I know we're not supposed to be speculating on here any longer but all the hair on my head is raised, so REGULARS, please excuse me.

VANGIE -- RS was obsessed with K, he tricked her into meeting him thinking they were going to discuss the next project and he blindsided her. YES, she made a huge mistake by not punching him out or worse. Apparently the "incident" only lasted 2 minutes AND, if it had lasted longer, I'm certain we've have more photos and probably a video.

She admitted to Rob and the world that she made a mistake. Rob WILL forgive her and they will be fine.


LIZ said...

Snezana Mahoney -- You and Vangie must be friends. Kristen did NOT want to get rid of Rob, she made a mistake... a momentary indiscretion, just like she said.

You are acting like this was a long-term deal that only lasted a couple of minutes.

LIZ said...

Pattybg -- Welcome to Roseland!!! I apologize for my last few comments, I got a little emotional defending one of "my kids". Yea, I'm a 60-year-old and think of them as my grandkids. When the "incident" happened (and Rose, I agree with this term, I was already using it) I was angry at her for allowing it to happen. I've not looked at the photos since that first week. However, a lot of people who have really studied them can easily see that she was just "allowing" something to take place.

I wanted to shake her at the time (just like I would a grandchild of mine) and shake some sense into her. HOWEVER, she had already realized her error and knew she was going to pay, bigtime.

I believe with all my heart that they are going to be fine. I hope to see them "in their bubble" on the red carpet for BD2. I'm hoping they can have some private time between now and then.

gargamel said...

Those who were hurt by the tab/webloids with this FAKE CHEATING SCANDAL....now is your chance to square with them...DONT CLICK on their site. There are at least 10 notorious one. SCUMBAG PEREZ HILTONS tops it:

2. OH no they didn't
3. US weeekly
4. People
5. Gawker
6. D Listed
7. The superficial
8. TMZ
9. Pink is a new blog
10. Popsugar
11. Go fug yourself....the list could go on and on...One thing is SURE for all the one's on the list. They seem to look like they're outdoing each other but theyre part of the web/tabloid syndicate ring. No credible reporters ...no legit editorial staffs running . No daily operational costs...but a horde of freelance paparazzi

LIZ said...

PL -- I "think" that some of the comments pertaining to the "fair weather blogs" don't have anything to do with the ones on hiatus. When the "incident" happened, I certainly understand that some of the bloggers (won't mention names) were in a state of shock just like the rest of us.

However, to turn 180 degrees against her was such an amazement to me because they kept saying their blogs were for THEM, together or separately.

A week later, a couple of them close up. Makes no sense to me. A true fan is going to take the bad with the good and vice versa.

Litmom said...

Looks like we've had a couple more unwanted visitors. Every few days, huh...? Poof! Be Gone!

gargamel - love your list - you are so right. Don't give these sites any hits - they are full of bull----!!!

sue said...

Greetings from the Netherlands, Rose. Thank you for your reassuring and heartfelt words.
Hawai looks like a beautiful and romantic place, hope you are glad to be back. As you an see you were missed, yes also by a newbie commenter.

Fanfiction/TWCS?? @Monica I can supply you with an endless list of good ones. I'm a terrible sleeper, definitely a night owl so I read many many many (M/NC rated), does that mean I'm a perv by the way?
So many favourites: Help Wanted by Jaxon22, Last Tango In Forks by Awesomesauce76, Personal Assistent by Northernlights17, Isla de Cullen by Carano, Million dollarbaby (CLP's stories are gone), Education Prof C (dying for Blizzard/My Viking), Renfield and Chicklets by Katinki(hilarious & more), AHA Shake by Teambella23 (one of the funniest laughing out loud stories I read), Taste of innocence by Nolebuc(the references from vamp E to Buffy the Vampslayer&Angel are classic) etc etc. Depends on what your looking but yeah I think I might have a bit of an addiction. Just messin.

gargamel said...

Their daily operational cost is the web hosting fee...and whatever they paythe paparazzo for photos. They dont even check scrutinize the photos. Most of them are photoshopped bec the artists have done good in hiding especially the most sought after. So if u care enough for our damaged stars...they can't retaliate on these rags....BUT THE FANS CAN. Oh please include in the shitlist the A TWILIGHT KISS blogsite. Sorry i cant help it anymore.

Em said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sue said...


I have big problems with GC, I've always considered them like a wolf in sheep clothing, do you not think they should be on your list? They add a lot of oil to the fire with their BS, often obvious shit under the pretence of being trustworthy.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Litmom - I think they always have to come for the new post - it is silly and I suspect at least one is a child (or lets hope)

@Sue - GC should be top of the list

gargamel said...

Sometimes i wonder why can't these rags change their sites to FANFICTION FORMAT sans photos. Most of the gossip comes from their head anyway. That way we could enjoy them .Tearing down a personality viciously is never entertaining . Especially if we are talking about A-list actors who have done a great deal of entertaining for us.

LIZ said...

I was just thinking (dangerous I know) that I believe Kristen is going to very overwhelmed at the amount of support she's going to see at TIFF. I know that if I lived anywhere near there, I'd be there, also. And I'm not big on crowds and standing in line.

We'll probably see some tears from her, I think she's going to be surprised.

LIZ said...

Okay, I'm outta here for a few hours. Be back this evening... gearing up for Rob's appearance!!!

gargamel said...

Yeah GC totally! There's so many of them. Update my list ...help yourselves...This webloid/ tabloid culture HAVE GOT TO STOP.

isis said...

@Liz- i agree with you. A lot of haters wants to believe that this was not one time situation. They and the stupid rags wants us to believe in the full affair.I DON'T BELIEVE. And i will tell why.

Because if this was a long time affair, she would not say in her public apology that was a momentarious indiscretion. Because her and her team didn't knew if there was more pics from other days. She would not adress in her statement nothing about the time line. I hope you understand what i want to say. This was a ONLY oNE incident. Because imagine if the pappz had more pics from other days, how she could be honest about her apology?


DreamerKind said...

Humpity hump hump hump day! Happiness just may find you in some way.

It has me, in the form of some delicious coffee I made.

Rob on Kimmel! Another reason!
Kristen doing her best!
Rose is back!

Anonymous said...

Finally gave in and decided to check out the blog, saw where there had been 3500+ comments posted on the last blog, has to be a new record.

Had no intention of commenting but saw some responses to Vangie and just wanted to let everyone know that Vangie is a very, sweet person and is by no means a Kristen hater. They've been on the blog for a long time, just do not post often, but like I said a very, very sweet person who has been supportive of both Rob and Kristen for a long time.

Ok going back to my lazing around, fat and miserably Have a great week everyone.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Rose. I really miss your posts. This past week have just been crazy. People hating each other and so much drama. We are so desperate. I don't understand why we have to hate each other. This is a private life of Rob and Kristen and they made it clear they don't want to sell it. Why can't we just let them be and just love them for who they are. I love an open letter by Jodie Foster the most. It seems everyone like it too, but no one seems to really understand her message. People keep coming up with theories and speculations. Whatever...

wig4usc said...

Hello, Roseland!

Quick stop, I've been out contending with sad events in my family, but feeling reconnected and uplifted in the process.

I love those RK pics, Rose, one of my fave shoots of all time. It started all this for me, really.

I have tix to go to the Jimmy Kimmel taping tonight, but I don't have it in me to fight the crowd. There's no guarantee to get in, and I'm sure there's a mob there already. I'll be happy watching Rob on TV.

Glad you're back, Rose, and you had a good time. I've spent a lot of time in HI, and yes, its not necessarily a relaxing vacay destination! Did you say you hiked to Diamond Head? I hope so...unparalleled view.

Have a good one!

DreamerKind said...

Sorry for your sad times, they really knock us out. We'll both be watching Rob on television and I'll wave the wand your way then.

ali mac said...

Pl, you made me blush, thankyou for your kind words xoxox

Dk, are you secretly working for food suppliers. Cos if so what you are doing works, you make me hungry and thirsty so often with your comments about what you are having :-)

DreamerKind said...

Welcome! Enjoyed your comments.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


Finally...Someone has come that is older than me and DK!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Rose, It's great that you had some time away from all of this.

I haven't had time to catch up with anything but it's nice to see that the tears and angst seem to be going away and things are back to normal here.

Hope to check in more regularly after work settles down a bit.

Happy thoughts.

Holy said...


@sue-I'm like you,I don't go to bed until 3am.If I get tired of watching TV and movies,I go to Fanfic and read.

@Ginger-if you like Unplanned Perfection,you're going to love "A Thousand Leaves" and "The Ties that Binds".

Anonymous said...

those hateful shirts are available through skreend. anyone can upload designs if they are a registered user, kind of like cafe press.

Melanie Sapthina said...

Nice to have you back Rose. I miss you!

Luv the theory "there's no if, it' s when"

And..that's the best Tom Stu pict i've ever seen!

Big hug for everybody here in Roselaand, have a great day everybody....

Ginger with a Soul said...

@wig4usc - I am sorry for your family troubles - they are the worst

Is Kimmel in NY or LA?

Clarisse said...

Hi Rose, I’m glad to read you after your busy holidays. Welcome to your blog ;-D
About your post, I start by Tom. He has said wise and cryptic words, applicable for everybody… It’s his way.
I think these days were good for practicing how we should use our perception’s filters, how to hear “standard and confident statements” about one kind of pictures despite don’t know facts and through a single image, how to see many different things.
Better is to keep your precious stuff in private.
In this week, I'll watch MTV First – Robert Pattinson again… I like it. Josh is a good and respectful guy and Rob is himself, humble, proud of Cosmopolis and... handsome as usual.
I don’t know what Life has to Rob and Kristen. But I am sure that it will be awfully bright and amazing. They deserve it.

Bye people in Roseland and Lalaland.

katy said...
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katy said...

Gingar, It's in LA

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Katy - Thank you ;)

DreamerKind said...

@Ali Mac
No, I don't work at or with anything, breezing along with the breeze. I make myself hungry, too, because I am so into comfort and taste sensations! :)

The three of us, have 190 years of something grand within us, like those commercials adding years of experience together, for selling stuff. Old age ain't for the young.

Hello, ya'll!

Anonymous said...

US weekly is saying Kristen is having a mental breakdown and crying every day. well it doesn't take a genius to figure that out right?

Super RN Gas Passer said...


I like that... Old age aInt for the young. Lol. I decided to go to Mexican. Sipping a margarita on the rocks with salt to celebrate Roseland:). and YOU of course!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, posted this in an older thread. D'oh!

Welcome back, Rose! Sounds like Hawaii did you a world of good. I'd love to go there someday.

I think stepping back has been good. I did it myself, although I was never one to be too obsessed (who the heck has the time??) still, I was amazed at myself and my own reaction. As if! I'm not personally involved with any of them...why did I take it so personally?

Rob's appearances went really well for the most part, except for the parts where stupid pappz asked about the "cheating scandal" and I'm sure Rob tired really quickly of being asked how he was. Still, there were great moments like the NYTimes interview and the MTV First interview with Josh. Great stuff there.

I wish what I always wish for Rob and Kristen...peace. Adding to that, to be left alone. I don't need photos of them out getting groceries or at a concert. It's enough when they pose during "official" events. I don't need their private life, whether they're together or apart, to be exposed. The pappz are real assholes. I wish I could turn the tables on them for a change.

Krisea1112 said...

Hi!I'm kind a new here,but I start to like your blog Becuse even though your icon is rob I like that that you are also support,fair and respect kristen.I like to read all the commments because it's exciting,joyful and people leave a comments are positive even they argue they seem to me are respectful and nice.I notice that some of the people who long time followers of you are nice and positive.I visit also tempest blog and I love her blog also because people who leave comments there are positive and nice same as your blog...thank you fo a wonderful blog that you created.I love to read all your post also they are good,honest,and cool.

Annie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Annie said...

Zara: You are not being at all subtle, are you?

Sydney said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
gargamel said...

Kindly scroll back up for the names of RAGSITES in our SHITLIST...yeah we're trying to fight our URGE not to click on them for any POST or links bout robsten "updates" for we are certain they will know NOTHING but RE-CYCLED stories...One peeker is enough. Just give us the gist of what is written...we will be thankful...
Some "fair wheather " fansites have decided to drop kristen but can't face abandonment also....so u will see them trolling around hardcore fans.
They've been spotted.

DreamerKind said...

Oops, gave wrong link before!

Living In The Sunlight
(Loving In The Moonlight)

Tiny Tim (Skip Ad or not):

*I*Believe* said...

@zara~Why are you posting such things? Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

zara- They (US weekly) may have gotten their info off one of the blogs where people post speculations...so they run with it and make a buck. (another speculation)
I have high hopes that Kristen is doing better and she and Rob are working this out...together. ;)(yep...another speculation??)

Ginger with a Soul- Yikes!! I hope no one thinks because of my name that I'm any part of that doll maker person you were talking about. (Scarey indeed)
Because of my old internet service...I had to use this name in able to post a comment. (Long story)
Anywho...just want the record straight that I'm in NO WAY affiliated with those people...or will I ever be.

Okay, gotta scoot now. Y'all have a great day/evening!

Love and hugs to Rose, Kristen and Rob and all you ladies of Roseland

Kenzz said...

Annie, Sydney, and IB: I thought the same thing about motivation...

Super, so jealous of your Mexican food dinner & drinks... Sound yummy!

Evening all, regs & newbies :)

Annie said...

Evening all.
Kenzz: At this point their bullshit rings loud and clear.

How are things? :)

Freddie said...

Hi Annie, Kenzz, IB, Sydney, DollSpirit, DK and everyone else. Hope you had a good day.

Here's wishing Rob a successful appearance on Jimmy Kimmel. I hope they allow him to focus on what he's there to do - promote Cosmopolis.

How are you ladies?

PamH said...

Not sure why someone posted were to buy the shirts since know one on here wants to see them much less own one.

@ gargamel
Another for your crap list Hollywood Life
They defiantly should call themselves fanfiction

For all us fanfic ladies
My friend reced this story to me and I like it a lot : A Presciption For Love by tufano79 on TWCS it's a WIP
Bella is fuller figured and has no self esteem her coworkers treat her awful and Charlie is the worst but Edward is wonderful in this story. There's even a blog she has that will show photo to go with the story. I Love when writers do that

Hope Jimmy does a good show with Rob

Kenzz said...

Annie: things are great, summer's winding down and I'm being lazy and enjoying these last days out by the pool before the kids' crazy schedules come into play! How was your summer?

Freddie, always a pleasure to see you, my friend. When I don't have time to read posts, I simply read your comment and everything is succinctly and soooo sweetly summarized!! <3

deb said...

It's been a long day for me .Been with my dad It's sad so I came back in here to see what's been going on AND TO FEEL THE LOVE.It mite seem dumb to others but you guys are like family to me and PUT back that smile on my face. I do no this when my dad dose passe I KNOW I HAVE YOU here for me and for that THANK YOU Off i go to fix dinner for my grand kids.Funny they think he's Santa. see ya later :) DEB.

DreamerKind said...

Great news!

Daughter's wedding date is set for December 2013.

So far this is her favorite gown. We'll see.


Freddie said...

Kenzz - nice to see you too. We missed you for much of this summer. Oh, and you are being way to kind....I could and will return the compliment.

So how about that driving story.....Hmmm.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@DollSpirit - lol - Nah I think most people know who I am referring to.

30 said...

Speaking once again of sleazy paps. I think it is terrible what happened to Prince Harry. I do not understand how taking naked pictures of someone in a private place no less, is not illegal? There is no respect for anyone anymore.

Freddie said...

DK - that dress is absolutely stunning. I hope it works out for her. Wow, so wedding planning kicks into high gear now.....

30 said...

DK! the dress is gorges! Now did she try it on yet? That is when you know it is love and the one.:)

Ginger with a Soul said...

@30 - Did the Paps take it? I am so clueless I thought someone leaked them.

Boogie with Stew aka MJ said...
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