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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Rob and Kristen-- Any Road Will Take You There

This is one of my favorite pictures of Rob and Kristen.
It was the beginning...

I really don't have any pithy comments anymore.
I'm kinda tired of the endless twitlongers
expressing anger/sadness/regret 
about something that doesn't concern us.
I'm tired of all the judgement and accusations
about a relationship that we have only seen minutes at a time.
I'm tired of the undeserved hatred that Kristen Stewart has been
getting in this fandom from day one.
I'm tired of the assumptions and speculation made by
people who just want to profit off other peoples pain.
I'm tired that people seem to forget that Rob and Kristen
are flawed human beings... 
and they have feelings just like you or me.

All I will say is that I want Rob and Kristen to find happiness
Wherever that road leads.

I think when they come out on the other side...
They will be together.
But that's just me.

This fandom is incredibly selfish.
We don't want what is best for Rob and Kristen
We want what is best for us.
Let's face it...
The outcome we desire
whatever that may be
Isn't based on what will make Rob and Kristen happy...
It's what will make us happy.

I just want them to be OK.
No matter what I want or think will happen.
They deserve happiness.
I want people to just fucking leave them alone.

Rob is going to be on TV next week
promoting Cosmopolis.
I wish people could just focus on that.
I wish people could let Rob do his job
without having to put up with people screeching at him
about private intimate parts of his life...
Like they think they are entitled.

Next week is about Cosmopolis.
Rob is proud of this movie.
Rob is so proud of this movie that he is willing
to subject himself to some of the worst
this fandom has to offer.

Good Luck Rob.
I hope you have a LOT of security around you.
(and maybe some silver bullets?)

Final thoughts.

Normally I wouldn't post a pap picture of someone's baby...
But since you can't see baby Marlowe
I wanted to comment on something that I love about this picture
(Besides Tom... hair knot and all)
How protective Thomas is.
Look at him.
His arm is wrapped around the handle of the buggy...
He is holding on tight to his little girl.
How fucking adorable is that?
How adorable is HE??

Green Sheep.
Fucking forever.

2. I leave for Hawaii tomorrow morning.
I will be gone a week.
I doubt I will be posting anything in that time.
Unless I'm sitting in a chair like the picture above
(which I plan on doing a lot, I may add)
and I get on my Ipad and post a picture or two.
It will definitely be hit or miss.
I have a dear friend watching the blog for me.
So all is taken care of.


Until next time.

Bye for now

And if you don't know where you're going
Any road will take you there


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Lanette said...

I hope you have a great vacation. Totally envious. You are right that people out there need to get a grip. This is so not about them but two people and what is best for them. They will be fine together or not. But I hope together.

Litmom said...
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@RKsoulmates913 said...

Sweetheart have an amazing vacation! I went to Vancouver-BC in July and I didn't have time for twitter, not that I minded!!! lol It was PERFECT. You deserve to relax with the ones you love and love you back!

I want Rob saying that "he is there to promoting his MOVIE and NOT his private life, that's why it's called PRIVATE"

And you are right (again), Kristen was hated from day one, and all this mess was only what they needed.

"Those who feed on rumors are small, suspicious souls."

Nice vacation dear!

XO from Brazil!

Holy said...


Happy Saturday or Sunday to everyone.

Yes,I'm hoping too,that when they come out from the other side,they will be together.

Kelly said...

Aloha Rose!
I hope you have a great and relaxing vacation.
All of us who love you, and your posts will be waiting here until you return.
*Hugs* Kelly1918EC

@RKsoulmates913 said...

I think more than ever Tom is thinking about Kristen and what she is going through, now he has a bbgirl, and I think he can't even think what he'd to protect his bb from all the hate and death threaten...bc Kristen's parents are dealing with it right now. We know how Tom and Kristen's friendaship is beautiful and I think he doesn't like how grow-ups are threaten Kristen.He is a dad now, and he can feel how sad all this is!

Leni said...

Have an awesome time, Rose!

Tom is so cute :)

I'm really hoping that Rob can promote his movie without having to deal with too much crazies!
And I'm hoping that he and Kristen will be ok!

I'm really excited for you all to see Cosmopolis - it is AMAZING!

dozac said...

Happy Vacation, Rose!

I have been seriously endeavoring to leave "Robsten" behind, back away from that fandom, support each of them individually, enjoy Twilight for Twilight's sake period, never mind the "off screen romance of the actors" involved.
It's actually beginning to work and I'm much happier letting things go and not worrying or careing about who is with who or not. I highly recommend it!!!!

myworldisblue said...

Hope you enjoy your vacation A LOT.
Forget all this mess, just relax.
And about what you said:

I think when they come out on the other side...
They will be together.
But that's just me.

It's not just you. I'm in, totally. I hope the same.
I hope the best to everyone.
Come back soon.

Jeannie said...

Rose, thank you, thank you for being the sound mind of this fandom. Vacation...Hawaii...have lots of wonderful time!
You are so good for RK and Tom!!! Yes, you are!

Kay said...

I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing, exciting and fun vacation, Rose!! :D

I'm wishing Rob lots of luck and hoping for very tight security during Cosmopolis promo....it sounds like he has every right to be very proud of this movie!

I'm hoping that Rob and Kristen are able to find their way to happiness soon, however they need that to be. Whatever happens, I truly hope that people get a grip soon and realize they both deserve to be treated with respect....there are some SCARY people out there....WOW.

Sending big hugs to DK, Litmom and everyone else here with hurting hearts. Take care everyone. <3

Berry said...

Once again your words are what needs to be said. People need to let them just be and maybe they will eventually figure it all out.

Rose enjoy your time away! God Hawaii sounds wonderful!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

Freddie said...

Rose, have a wonderful trip. It sounds fantastic. Rest and relax. Enjoy a few banana mamas…or your beverage of choice.

I hope the maelstrom surrounding Rob and Kristen has started to subside and that they are beginning to see some light at the end of the tunnel. I hope they find happiness again – however that is achieved.

Tom is such a sweetie – his daughter is a very lucky young lady. .

Litmon – so sorry to hear about your SIL’s diagnosis. I hope the surgery was successful and that she is on the road to recovery.

Jentoo – I’ve been meaning to say hi. I’m glad that you popped in. I hope you were able to get your youngest off to school the other day without too much trouble. My brother ran away from school on his first day. It was a sign of things to come….

DK - thinking of you.

Melinda - glad to be of help. It was Toronto you were looking for, wasn't it???

Leni – I’m with you. I was so proud of Rob for his performance in Cosmopolis, and I’m glad he is getting the positive feedback from the critics and fans that he deserves. My thoughts will be with him this week. I hope the fans don’t act like a bunch of asses.

Hi to everyone else. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Anonymous said...

As always,voice of reason in this cooky fandom.Couldn't say it better myself,bb. :) I hope you' ll have a wonderful Hawaii vacay,Rose. <333

Groovie said...

Agree with every word u said!
Love and support as always to both Rob & Kristen.
And good luck to Rob next week; and his security team, may they have success in keeping psycho bitches at bay! :)

Happy weekend to all of you & have a nice vacation Rose! That pic looks like heaven. We have been under an "excessive heat warning" for days here in the valley. Its 113. Argh!

Delle1 said...

I too believe that Tom will be sad that all this has happened to his 2 bff's...He was Rob's best mate but I believe he became Kristen's as well...He was there for her when Rob couldn't be,he became a work colleague so my thoughts are that he'll be very worried for hr...

Delle1 said...

I so love your blog Rose, much of what you say is what I think...TY and have an Awesome vacay...Here's hoping for their beautiful relationship to still be intact whereever they may be....

angelica1 said...

Have a great holiday, Rose.

I hope Rob and Kristen are through the worst of this now and beginning to see a break in the clouds.

Hopefully Cosmopolis promo will go well for Rob and his team has packed his anti-Werehorse and crazed banshee spray.

Tom's little family looks really sweet :)

Crystal said...

You always say just the right things. I also think they might stay together, but want them to be happy whatever they decide. Have fun in Hawaii!

Ginger with a Soul said...

Have a great vacation Rose

Here to hoping for tight security and people having respect for his hard work. I am more than sure he does not want his personal life to over shadow this nor does he want to deal with the looney crew.

Waves to everyone :)

Rhonda said...

Great post, Rose. Spot on, as always <3

I hope you have a great time in Hawaii. Safe travels. Aloha!

Still wishing Rob and Kristen nothing but the best. I support them both, no matter what.

Angelica- yeah, I'm thinking that spray needs to be industrial strength. Military grade, perhaps?

Rhonda said...

I forgot...

Love that picture of Tom. I bet he's a proud papa!

Kathy said...

First of all, Rose I hope you REALLY enjoy your vacation. You deserve it. Secondly, if people are under the impression that Rob is going to talk about his relationship with Kristen during the Cosmopolis promotions, they are sadly mistaken. I keep hearing that crap and it's irritating. I'm looking SO forward to seeing his beautiful face. I've missed it SO much. I hope he's been able to take care of himself and that he hasn't lost alot of weight or anything. It's hard to let go of someone you love so intensley and I keep praying for them that they come out of this stronger, and together. Again Rose, have a wonderful time and be safe. xo

Birdie said...

Oh how I wish I was sitting in a chair on a beautiful beach. I hope you and your family have a fabulous vacation.
May the promos go well for Rob. I can't wait to see this film. I hope people show some sensitivity. That would certainly be nice for a change.
I hope this dark cloud over their lives begins to lift.

So happy for Tom and his little family.

Hello ladies! Hope you are all enjoying your weekend.

Melinda said...

I hope you have a great week in sunny beautiful Hawaii!

Wishing Rob all the best as he does some promo for this movie. He has talked about how much he enjoyed the experience of making this movie. Critics and movie goers alike have been very positive in their assessment of Cosmopolis. Still hoping it comes my way.

As for what is going on personally for him and Kristen. My wish for them is that they come out of this stronger, whether the road keeps them on the same path together or they take different paths.

It's lovely to see Tom, Sienna and their sweet baby girl out enjoying the sunshine. I bet that little girl has her daddy wrapped already...

Freddie- Yes Toronto is where I was wanted some info on. We will be going there, Montreal, Quebec City and Ottawa. I hope all is well with you!

AliMac- You asked about the drive in's over here and if we still have them. The answer is yes in some places. They aren't as popular anymore. I've went to one about a year ago and to be quite honest I didn't care much for it. It was more for the novelty.
As for the romantic aspects of drive in's I guess it is for some. I think movies in the park (which a nearby city where I live does) is a lot more romantic. But that's just me.

I hope everyone is having a wonderfully relaxed weekend.

“The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.”

Anonymous said...

Great post Rose, enjoy your trip and beach time.

I wish for Rob safety from the loons next week. The focus should be pride in his accomplishments for Cosmopolis!

Have a goodnight everyone.

Karen in NJ said...

Rose, you always say it best! I adore you.

I'm hoping Rob has safe travels to NY and a good week promoting Cosmopolis - he's so proud. I wish I could see it but it won't be around here.

Rose, have a great vacation! Enjoy Hawaii!

My prayers go out to all the hurting hearts, also. May each day be a better day.

Hope everyone has a good evening!

Rhonda said...

Melinda- I loved your camping story :)

Maria- no cabana boys for me today lol ;)

Super RN Gas Passer said...


HOW WONDERFUL!!!!!! Go to Hawaii and have a FANtastic vacation...no pun intended!!!!!

I just returned from Wal Mart with my very own DVD of Bel Ami. !!!!!!!!!

I am looking forward to Cosmopolis . I will be looking high and low to find it in a theater NEAR ME. !!!!!

Dottie said...

Rhonda and Angelica, Forget the spray. I think the WEREHORSE needs to be taken to the glue factory and put out of its misery!!! :DDD (I literally HOOTED w/laughter when I saw that pic.)

Love Papa Tom! No doubt Marlowe is a beautiful baby girl who has her daddy wrapped around her sweet little finger.

Rose, Enjoy your well-deserved vacation! We will try to behave in your absence.(Picturing our Rose doing the hula in a grass skirt and coconut bra)

Much love to Rob and Kristen. I have all the faith in the world in those 2. They will be just fine... stronger than ever!

Hugs to all my pals! xoxo

olivia said...

Hear! Hear!
Agree with your post 110%.
Have a wonderful vacation in Hawaii, dear Rose.
Hugs for y'all.
Hugs for Smitty, Gruff and Syd.
Keeping Rob and Kristen, their family and friends in my thoughts and prayers.

Melinda said...


My dad has a knack for trading cars every 3 or so years. He's done this for his entire adult life. So one day my dad comes home with a camper of all things. My mother, bless her, just took it all in stride. We had some great memories in that thing and for my mom that's all that mattered.

Too bad there were no cabana boys at the pool. What's the use of soaking up the sun when there isn't any eye candy? ;)

Melinda said...

The werehorse pic is too funny, btw. Is it bad that I think it's more attractive than who it's intended for?

LIZ said...

Hi Rose,

Great post, as usual. I believe you are correct in that when all the dust settles, Rob & Kristen will be together. However, I want them to be happy, whatever that means.

Regarding the fact that WE, as RK fans want them to be together no matter what because it'll make US happy... well, I have to say that most of us are only happy when we see them "happy" together. So, if they were together and not happy, I don't think we would be, either.

Okay, that paragraph hardly makes sense but I think you'll get my drift, LOL

HAVE A GREAT VACATION!!!! Perhaps we'll all be twirling when you get back.

Liz in NC (otherwise known as LaLa Land)

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Melinda - I have see her real pics - the horse picture is flattery

katy said...

Great post!

I wish Rob and Kristen to be OK, as well. I wish them nothing but the best of everything.

And Rob, should indeed be very proud of Cosmopolis. It is a brilliant movie and he is phenomenal in it. And both he and film are receiving wonderful reviews. I Hope everything goes well with the promo. I wish Rob luck and I hope people will be respectful to him.

Sweet Tom, is adorable. Wish we could see baby Marlowe.

I hope you will have an amazing vacation, Rose. Safe travels.

Take care everyone.

Melinda said...

Ginger- Me too. In a bikini no less...yikes it all I have to say about that.

Also did I read correctly the other day that your kids wanted to do roller derby but you are hesitant?

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Melinda - yeah - they have a junior league for boy/girls ages 6-18. Since my sister and her Girlfriend play - (the GF is on the official team here) they really want to do it but I have seen both come home with bruises - some in the shape of the wheels - even with all the padding the sport is brutal.

Melinda said...

I get your hesitation. I know someone who plays on a team out in CA. It is brutal. I give props to any woman who can do it.

Rhonda said...

Melinda- lol it sounds like your dad and mine would've got on great ;)

Dottie- :D

Ginger- I agree with you, roller derby is tough.

Melinda said...

Rhonda- You know what he did on his 42nd anniversary? Bought a car off ebay sight unseen. My mom's response "so where's this one going to go?"....
After 44 years together (they dated for 2 yrs) she just shakes her head and keeps going.

Dottie said...

Hey girls, Speaking of dads I want to brag on my 87 yr old daddy who ran in a 5K race last night. He's been running for years and still going strong! I wish I could keep up w/him!

(I was a late-in-life-oops-baby in case anyone was wondering...)

Love the dad stories, Mel and Rhonda.

Melinda said...


That's so cool! I knew he was doing it but I didn't realize it was this close. He can certainly run circles around me. More power to him to enjoy the life he's been given!

Rhonda said...

Melinda- awww, that's really sweet <3

Dottie- that's great! Good for him!

Litmom said...

Wow - Dottie! Go Dad! 87 and still running! Reminds me of a guy from my hometown that was 90 and still playing competitive tennis (and not just in neighborhood or Senior leagues).
I'll be lucky if I can walk fast when I'm 87...

And speaking of Roller Derby, Ginger - my daughter's friend does the PR for the New Orleans Roller Derby team, so they've had a chance to go see them. Such Fun!

*I*Believe* said...

Dear Rose, here's wishing you a wonderful vacation! You deserve a break!

Dottie~God bless your dad!

I just love Tom and Sienna's taste in baby carriages! I just love that carriage!

I am wishing Rob as much peace as possible during his upcoming week.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Litmom - Yeah my sisters GF is on the Rocky Mountain Roller Girls - I go to a lot of the bouts - it is always a good time - the were the world champs the year before and the GF won rookie of the year for derby - they are some tough chicks also some of the coolest people I have met.

*I*Believe* said...

Hi Rhonda!

Dottie said...

Thanks everyone. He suffers alot afterwards (leg pain) but he isn't about to quit.

I'm off now. Hope to chat more later!

Litmom said...

@Ginger - My daughter said they were awesome! They got to hang out afterwards and had a ball!

Rhonda said...

Hi IB- how are you? How's your daughter and the XBOX boys?

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, great post as always. I hope you have a wonderful holiday in Hawaii, just relax and forget everything.

I am hoping for the best for Rob and Kristen, hopefully they will end up together. I have been terribly worried about Kristen, some of the threats are awful...I just hope she will be okay.

Take care everybody. Rose, once again, have a wonderful holiday.

Melinda said...

I'm off to see the wizard...

Have a great night everyone!

Anonymous said...

Rose, I hope you have a wonderful time on your vacation.

Thank you for making the points you did in your blog today.

Hopefully your words will help to remind people that, sometimes what's best for someone else can be painful for others to accept.

While most of us are hoping against hope that they work this out, we all need to realize that this is not our choice to make and all we can do pray that at the end of the day everyone who is intimately involved in this situation is ok.

have a great time.

Tempest said...

Have a wonderful vacation Rose, you deserve to put your feet up and have some R&R.

Everything will be fine, things happen for a reason and we will all be holding on for the sun to rise once more.

Maria said...

Rose thank you once more for your wise words.
Enjoy your trip to Hawaii...may it be restful and loads of fun.

Best wishes to Tom and his beautiful little family.

Wishing Rob smooth Cosmopolis promotions. I am definitely looking forward to seeing it...hopefully soon.

As always my continuous hopes and prayers to Rob & Kristen during this trying time. They are surrounded by people that love them...I am confident they will both come out of this stronger and wiser. Sending wishes for their health and happiness.

Rob...beware the werehorse! See @Ginger for specifics on how to safeguard against and repell the beast!

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Maria - Hahaha ;)

Oneheart said...

Rose lose yourself in the sun, fun, and carefree lifestyle that is Hawaii. You deserve it.

Wishing Rob and Kristen happiness and peace. Live the life you want, if it's together go for it hand in hand and never look back, if it's apart forgive and be happy. You know what is best for the two of you, listen to yourselves and not others.

Dottie...Wow your dad is amazing. Put a big smile on my face to know that he's still got it at his age. Love how you made it clear that you were a late arrival. LOL

Loved the family pic of Tom and Sienna and baby Marlowe. Tom is making sure that she is going to be a daddy's girl, and I bet she already is. So happy for them.

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. They sure go by fast, just like life goes by fast. Let's enjoy it while we can.

Jackieness said...

i haven't checked your blog ever since the scandal broke as i fear that you might turn your back on kristen but im glad that you did not. i feel sorry to the girl. seriously, did angelina felt this so much wrath when she started dating brad pitt? i don not understand the hate and pointing the blame. kristen made a mistake which is unfortunately she is paying for it big time. i am happy that there are still some fans who truly love and are still devoted to her. i am glad that you still post pictures of them together and once a happy couple. i really hope that they will make it thru, they look so good together and they seem to really love each other. i just hope that the media will step back and let them have their space and stop with all this anger.
have a safe trip and enjoy the sun :)

Holy said...

@Dottie-my god he's 87,that's amazing,he really have a good genes.

@Ginger-haters spray,can I have one too.LOL.

Ginger with a Soul said...

OMG I am laughing so hard - literally just saw one of the grossest things on twitter - those girls sending naked pictures should have know someone was going to post - GAG

Second Chance said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Second Chance said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Second Chance said...

Sorry, I promise the third time's the charm...

Sometimes all you need is a second chance to make things even better than they were before…


Monica said...

Enjoy your vacation Rose~ Hawaii sounds fun.

It's really sad that many out there foget Rob and Kristen are human beings capable of FEELINGS!! How can they make fun of other people's pain is beyond me. And don't get me start on how they laugh on Kristen on other sites. It's cruel and heartbreaking really. Hope Rob won't see/hear any nasty things on Monday.

God bless Rob and Kristen.

Monica from Asia

DreamerKind said...

Rock a hula, rock! Have a great trip. No road will take you there but a cozy flight will. Best wishes to you and your family.

Annie said...

Hello all.

Rose: Have a fabulous vacation with your family.

DreamerKind said...

Cheers! You are up late, all okay?

Annie said...

Hi DK:
Yes, all is well here.

Was out most of the day with a great friend who moved out of the city (she's busy with her twin boys)
It was nice to catch up...... Her husband took care of the boys so we could have a girls' day out. :)

deb said...

Your right Rose This is just ONE MORE GREAT MOVE that Rob well be giving us I'm so proud of him. I also think his people well make sure he'll be well guarded ( THANK GOD) I wan't the BEST for him and our girl Kristen all in do time and with hope. Enjoy your beautiful vacation take lot's of pic. of your sweet baby girl AND have a drink for me hehehe SEEYA SOON.:) DEB.

deb said...

HO YA i forgot YOU know Tom well be watching his BABY GIRL for a long time WHAT A GOOD DADDY and great friend to Kristen :) DEB.

Melanie Sapthina said...

As always, very good post Rose. Hope you enjoy Hawaii!!!

I miss Rob, but we'll see him soon. Hoping al the best for him. Can 't wait for Cosmopolis!!
I miss Kristen so much, hope she' s doing fine and in good health.
Always support Rob and Kristen.

All the best for Tom' s little family.

And for everybody in Roseland......big hug for all of you guys!!

Melanie Sapthina said...

As always, very good post Rose. Hope you enjoy Hawaii!!!

I miss Rob, but we'll see him soon. Hoping al the best for him. Can 't wait for Cosmopolis!!
I miss Kristen so much, hope she' s doing fine and in good health.
Always support Rob and Kristen.

All the best for Tom' s little family.

And for everybody in Roseland......big hug for all of you guys!!

Hope said...

I'm sure Sienna Miller who was considered a serial home-wrecker, remember Jude Law and Balthazar Getty, has sympathy with Kristen.

Tom should talk to Robert about showing grace and mercy and forgiving Kristen. Even Sienna Miller who was way worse than Kristen turned out ok.

People are so unforgiving. Kristen should be given a chance for restitution. We all deserve second and even third chances. My husband cheated on me and our two little boys, and it caused devastation! But we realised the affair was only a symptom of deeper issues. That symptom could just as well have been drugs!

We are divorced but are in the process of getting back together. If you can't forgive the person you claimed to have love, then you should question that love.

But I wish for both Kristen and Robert the strength to endure and persevere, because the reward is usually great when you fight for those you love.

Robert should also forgive Rupig to let himself of the hook, so can he make decisions that are sound, and not influence or clouded by his disgust and anger for Rupig.

But whatever they decide to do, I will keep on supporting both of them!

isis said...

@ Hi Ginger , Monica , deb ,hope, Melanie, Maria and all of you : )

I love Rose post , it's beautiful and YES i believe too that they will get together.

You are right about Sienna Miller. She has a own public personnal dramas. Even more worse than what happen to kristen. Sienna knows exactly what both of Rob and kristen are feeling. Jude Law cheat on her with the nanny. He made a public appology to her. They were engaged at the time and were considered the IT couple. Then she made a movie with Baltazar Getty who was married with 4 kids and she had an affair with him. They were photographed kissing and was a scandal in 2008. The british media called her Slutienna. The case is different from kristen because it's understood that kristen doesn't want nothing with Rupig. Sienna after the kiss pics scandal came to public ,she and baltazar admitted and began a romance. They were photographed togeher, kissing , not giving a F* for what the world and media tought about them. This was really bad for Sienna, for her image. But she didn't care. They broke up. He got back to his wife, who forgive him. Sienna got back to Jude Law arms. The media and fans love it. They end their relantionship but become good friends. Short after that she became seen with Tom . And they admited their relantionship and now have a little girl.

Sienna is the example of life's second chances. She became more private, not soo much on the spotlight.

I don't believe that Tom doesn't know about her past. Please. Soo the stupid haters with the one cheater always a cheater. It's not true. Tom doesn't think that way.

Like many of you i believe that Tom and Sienna are true friends to both of them , and i believe that Sienna personnal dramas will be a huge impact how Rob will see all this drama. She can help them because she knows waht is to be attacked no stop from the media.

Maria said...

Goodmorning Roseland!

@Ginger...and that is why I no longer go on Twitter...scary stuff.

Tempest said...

Here is a message to the world;
'Kristen made a mistake, she's not perfect but neither am i. I don't have to answer to anyone but myself so sorry if people don't agree with me.'

Too many have banged on and on and on about what Kristen did to Rob and yet today some absolute idiot decides to photograph her privates with the hope that Rob will be able to see it! I ask you and Kristen was caught in her car and one kiss picture went all around the world, yet his so called fans can try and entice him showing off their cooter? sorry the world has officially gone mad.

I don't see why people need justification on what Kristen did or did not do. She made a mistake and she handled it admirably. She apologised; it takes a very strong person to admit they are wrong and she admitted it publicly and that should be enough. Tom S i am sure knows all the little hidden secrets Sienna has and you know what, i don't think it matters one way or the other. People learn from their mistakes that's the beauty of life and they move past them and move on. Kristen will learn from it too.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Maria - OMG it was so funny though - the comments people were saying had me dying. It was nice to see people laughing for once - it was beyond words --- HaHa - ask Tempest she saw it as well as Rose.

These chicks are freaking CRAZY. I am still amazed - not sure why - but dear God why oh why would you do something like that to yourself. These are the freaking loons waiting in line to see him at the premier, God help him. They are sitting in hot weather is cocktails dresses for 2 days - you know the make up will have melted at that point - I am just speechless. I am sure he appreciates people waiting to see the movie but is probably horrified for the ones only there for him - HE IS NOT GOING TO SLEEP, DATE, or BE INTERESTED IN YOU.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Tempest - the sad part was that was one of many and they sent them to the studio of all place - those chicks have got a serious reality check needed - I blame the "Pretty Women" Syndrome on this - people can't separate what happens in movie's with reality - there is a reason movie stars don't get with their fans - they never know what your motivation is and trust in vital in their world.

Tempest said...

G&S oh i am well aware there are many out there but trust me, one was more than enough to want me to brain bleach that disgusting image out of my mind.

It's the crazies that has spurned this level of hate on Kristen to the highest. They never liked her before and now they are absolutely rejoicing with happiness, well lunacy i would image that they believe she is out of the picture and Rob will be the happy drunken manwhore they have always assumed he was and would take one of them up on their offer.

Delusional and a little psychotic and completely out of control!

barbara cawthon said...

I love how all these story and comments keep popping up in all these rag mags when we know that Rob and Kris have shut them down completely. I think they are reading each others story and elaborating on them until they come up with a full fedge "interview given exclusively to __ rag mag." It is sort of funny but its also sad that we now know that anything they print about anybody is probaly a lie.
Oh well I am just glad that Rob and Kris DO have the privicy they need to either work this out ( I hope) or to find some kind of peace with it. They are both wonderful people and deserve the best life has for them.

Maria said...

@Ginger and Tempest...
I haven't had breakfast yet...no need to spoil it!
I've come to the conclusion that the mothers of these skeezie skanks had to have been tripping on something when pregnant with them for them to be so delusional. Quick mental calculation...late 60's and all of the 70's...very strong possibility.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Tempest - I think the hate is all stemmed from jealousy and the funny thing is a lot of people want what they can't have - then if we ever get what we think we want we find out the fantasy is much better than the reality cause face it - in our fantasies we make people unrealistic. The hate is so stupid - I am sorry but what she did is not a travesty to man kind nor is it anything that is news worthy - I feel like we are in a bad episode of desperate housewives. I am not sure what her haters want - what they feel she owes any of them or what the feel she must repent for - maybe if these delusional people found some peace in their own lives it wouldn't matter. Investing so much time on a guy that will never want you causes you to lose out on chances of a life that could be a reality for you with a guy that would want you.

I wonder how many married or attached women will be throwing themselves at him and how hypocritical of them to want to throw themselves at an attached man (sorry you don't dissolve a 4 yr relationship in 2 weeks and I believe they are working it out which means they are together). Hell they threw themselves at him prior to this - weren't they trying to be "home wreckers".

Crazy has no logic

Annie said...

@Tempest: A LITTLE psychotic?

What do these women think Rob is going to do? Put out an APB or GPS, find the owner and say ......"Here I am come and take me"?

Fucking sickos!

Tempest said...

I would agree, i remember reading Reese Witherspoon's account of fans and their mothers turning up at the crack of dawn to stand and wait for Rob to arrive for a days shooting. Girls who should have been in school instead of stalking a movie star and mothers who sorry, really need to grow the hell up and stop living their lives through their daughters!

Ginger with a Soul said...

Oh and I have to say this - I just had to look at Gossip Cop yesterday because besides becoming the new AT - they seem to be pushing the gossip more than anyone at this point. They seem to have the most "sources" and I find it funny that Kristen's sources cuss while debunking stories - maybe if the sources talk like her it makes it more realistic?????. Here is the odd thing - 5-10 stories a day every damn day and all of a sudden not one single story yesterday.

I stand by my belief 100% no one has talked to any of these people and sure and the hell have not commented on their relationship or status but it goes to show the people standing on the soap box claiming to be above the rest will fodder in the crap when money is involved -the key here is money and that is what this is all about.

Tempest said...

G&S you would be surprised the amount of 'married or attached' women would sell their souls for a night with this man who they have adulated and objectified to the highest and it's disgusting. Most of them sit online all day long and visit many Rob fan sites just to look at his...peen (is that the right word for it?) i can mention a few sites that have cougars all dying for a piece of the action so to speak.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Maria and Annie - you would have died at the comments people were saying last night - I had tears I was laughing so hard - someone even made a spin off that song call me maybe

Maria said...

@Ginger...they will continue the hate until they've felt that Kristen is definitely out of the picture for good.

Yes they are a bunch of fucking hypocrits. But then again these are the same women that probably have a list of celebrities they would like to screw...boyfriend/husband be damned.

Tempest said...

Sadly @Annie there are a lot out there who think just that. These are the type that have been sending letters/cards/flowers and chocolates to Rob with the hope he will chat back or mention them or dare i say it call any of the numbers that have also been sent his way.

The sad reality is that these women don't give a shit about Kristen, she hurt Robert Pattinson and that is simply not acceptable. They never liked her then and they hate her completely now. Do they think Rob doesn't know the level of hate Kristen has always had? Do they think he is not aware now just how rabid they have become?

The poor guy has to swallow his nerves and face these loose women and try and get on and do his job.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Tempest - yeah I know the sites and I avoid them like the plague, don't follow them on twitter, or even listen too them. They are the biggest hypocrites of them all - they objectify his body parts, talk about wanting to sleep with him, call Kristen all kinds of names then the next post talk about the hubs and kids.


Tempest said...

@G&S, i had the misfortune of being told my post from my blog was copied and pasted into a link about Kristen pulling out of the premiere in Ldn yadda yadda bullshit by someone who came on my blog and decided it would look good in there. I tend to only skip the usual garbage and yeah, GC seems to have become the new Ted Casablanca making more assumptions than the rest of them and posted that i had it lifted. Some people in there really need to go out and sniff the air around them, because my god the amount of theories and 'insider knowledge' i read was hilarious, if it wasn't so sick and sad.

barbara cawthon said...

@Ginger with a soul
You are so right, if these crazy people had what they thought they wanted (Rob) then they might be surpised. I remember reading about Paul Newmans marriage when he was consider the sexyist man alive and his wife said that his noby knee and his lazy couch potatoe ways along with alot of other little secerts would really surpise his many admirers.
Im sure it would be the same way with Rob OR Kris. They are just like us have normal downfalls that no one besides each other would find sexy.

Maria said...

@Ginger...weirdos have too much time on their hands.

I'll be back in a little while...need to pack up. Have to be checked out in an hour and ten minutes and I am still in my pjs.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Tempest - Yeah I have heard horseface and her crew are extremely worried they will reconcile and it is her mission to show him what a real women is............... Her more than anyone needs legal action taken on her and she talks about how Kristen asks - holy shit I have seen some of the things she has written and well I have blushed and I thought that was an impossible feat. I guess they have no mirrors in their houses or they think typing shit on a computer absolves them since they think no one will know who it is.

Hope said...


Well, I see there is a "new" HOPE in town. LOL
I am guessing most of the REGS know that is NOT me.
Last time I checked I am still married to my one and only husband and we have a darling daughter who is in her early teenage years. Anyone having good advice raising a teen, feel free to share. So far alcohol and humor seem to work...LOL

Thank you for another thoughtful post.
Have a wonderful time in Hawaii! You deserve time off away from it all. Maybe take some surfing lessons!!?

Wishing ROB good luck with his COSMOPOLIS NYC PREMIERE. I'm so proud of him and pray the fans and reporters will show him the same grace and respect he ALWAYS shows them. LOVE YOU, Rob!

Tom, Sienna and baby Marlowe make a beautiful family. I am so happy for them and I bet they are both terrific parents.

Love to all.

Tempest said...

CandyKisses is a very unstable young girl and the sad thing about it is that she has a following of the same delusional girls who believe their one object in life is to take Kristen down. Now that 'they' believe she is out of the picture well, that makes their victory the sweeter. The little problem to that is that Rob's 'team' know all about her and the WFE premiere in NYC she tweeted a photo of herself and told everyone she was the first in line to see him. From what was said at the time, his team made sure they kept her away from him, possibly like it was for Nikki at the Eclipse premiere - OOOPS my bad *chuckles*

Dottie said...

Poor Rob! I hope he has extra security in NYC to protect him from that gang of mangy beavers and the werehorse!!! :P

(sorry couldnt help myself!)

Tempest said...

@Dottie; mangy beavers, hunny the girl needed some grooming tips because my god, that was not something i needed to see while digesting my breakfast!

Ginger with a Soul said...

@isis - morning sweetie - I hope you feel better

@DK and Litmom I hope you both are hanging strong :)

Morning everyone - was on my rant and forgot morning pleasantries :)

Dottie said...

bahaha Tempest! I'm so glad I didnt see it. I saw the reactions and that was quite enough. Now I'm afraid to click on any link!

Just when I think I've seen all the crazy there is, it goes to a whole new level of crazy.

Talk to you later! <3

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Dottie - OMG I saw you on twitter last night too - I hope the barricades are strong and someone has a hose handy - those chicks are yikes

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Tempest and Dottie - I thought it was mangy green beavers. OMG

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Tempest - I have no idea what these people will do if they are together still and or get back together? I wonder how many of the Kristen "fans" (I use that term loosely)that jumped ship and hated her will try to crawl back over and pretend like they weren't asking for her to beheaded.

Taking the fun out of all of this - I worry the most about a 22yr old girl who is discovering herself in all aspects of life and is being trampled in public to a level I have never seen before. She kissed someone and received more press than psycho that shot 70 people and the shootings at the Mosque barley received second look since this was the main story. I always worried about her self esteem before but this - dear god has got to be detrimental.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose, Have a great vacation!

You said exactly what I've been saying, that I wish for Robert and Kristen to find happiness and peace again. It doesn't matter whether they are together or apart to me, I just want to see them happy once again.

Wonderful post.

sue said...

OMG, @Ginger and @Tempest,

I thought you were messing about or being sarcastic when you mentioned the naked pics of these girls/women in Rose's former post. I was having a good laugh about it but it's true. Really? No no no.
Oh god poor man, he has to face these delusional harpies this week.
It's gonna be so tough for him this week, I even feel anxious for him and it's got nothing to do with me.
Hypocrites, first they admire him for having integrity, for being in a relationship (even if it was K) and now they want him to be a manwhore.
I'm actually realizing how dangerous all these women/girls are for Kristen, obssession is a dangerous emotion. Bloody fatal attraction comes to mind.
I never quite got the concept of being such a die hard-screaming- sleeping for hours on the side walk, trying to meet some star for a nanosecond. What possesses you to do that? To get an autograph? Is it hope that with one look he'll fall in love with you or something? The screaming during these conventions used to drive me nuts. They can't all be unhappy in their lives or confuse fact with fiction or being as stupid as fck, can they?

Annie said...

Ginger: I have never seen anything like this either.
I maintain that both Kristen and Rob will know who their true friends are after this.........There are many people who really showed their true colors and agendas.

You can be disappointed in someone's actions and voice it without being vicious, hurtful and crude.

The- Snakes- In -The- Grass, Holier-Than-Thou, Lack Of Empathy or Humanity is something I will never forget and to think they can come back from the viciousness they spewed and hope people will forget........HELL NO!

Kristen will overcome this.........She will be whole again.......I have faith in her, Rob and a belief in forgiveness and second chances too.

Cheers everybody........shopping calls. :)

30 said...

"Cooters" "werehorses!"

Silver bullets, stakes and maybe some "Nonstenbegone" vaginal spray should do the trick?

ROSE have a wonderful time in Hawaii I am a bit jealous. ;)

Ginger with a Soul said...


Sorry I can't stop laughing at that stuff from last night - my poor eyes dear God -I would have quit my job if I had to open the mail for them.

@Sue - dear God I wish I was joking - oh my god I wish I had a rewind button or would have known better then to look at the picture. I think they are really that unhappy in their lives other wise they wouldn't have the time to invest as much time as they do. I swear the truly think he will see one of them and fall in love - that candy kisses is beyond lala land - that was light years ago for her.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Annie enjoy shopping and yes - all this hate has gotten beyond disturbing and disgusting. Here is to hoping karma never finds them right.

@Tempest - I have to say this - the mothers that pimp their daughters out in hope of getting with a movie star - yeah - great parenting there, no honey you don't need to go to school just find a wealthy man. Talk about setting women back a hundred years

sue said...

Don't tell me if it means she's lurking around here and enjoys the attention she is getting. I remember 1,5 yrs ago, when I used to comment more, there was some woman here always with so much venom, you used to all attack her. She didn't believe in R&K and I think she hated Kristen.

I've seen some name 'Jezebel' who is spouting around terrible things about Rob, is this the same kind of harpy? Man, talk about obssession, it's very creepy that somebody invests so much of her time trying to find shit on Rob since 2009. Very very scary.

Now I realize you prob all discussed this before and are tired of it so sorry for the ignorance, when you don't do Twitter you really are out of the loop. It still doesn't lure me though.

Maria said...

I just don't understand that level of "fangirling".

"Candykisses"?... is that an oxymoron for something else?

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Sue - I don't think she comes here - she is spreading her poison on twitter but she sure has a lot to say about what she going to do at the premier tomorrow and yes she is the worst Kristen hater I have ever seen and if there is worse I don't want to see it.

Jezebel printed a article from the CK version of loons from the crazy Kristen obsessed person they call Kiko or Happyfeet.

They both have some seriously wacked fans that are beyond needing to get a life - they need some professional help and some medication if not a padded cell.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Maria - CK is who everyone calls horseface or werehorse. I wouldn't recommend reading anything she writes - it shocked even me. I did it a while back - will never ever ever make that mistake again.

Maria said...

@Ginger...thanks for the warning! Don't need details to get the idea that she's mega unhinged.

As long as Rob's people are forwarned about her...

sue said...

Ginger i've been saying that for years. To think of all the rights and respect women fought for. It's as if we're going backwards. It seems to be ok to whore yourself out finding a footballer (soccer) or rich man. Girls portraying themselves to the likes of Kardashian/Hilton/Lohan. Programms like 'the Beauty and the Geek','Plasic Surgery Brides' (or someting) what the hell is that all about? I truly despise Real-tv, it's menace to society, out of principle I don't watch that shit.

Why is it that so many girls/women hate someone like Kristen? It's not only cause she is with Rob. No, it's cause she is independant, opinionated, not girly enough, smart, stands up for herself.
Prob just as well I have a son and no daughters, I'd drive her nuts.
I also think that most NOT all men like a slight demure, helpless woman, a lot of them are afraid of strong women. That's why I like Rob so much as well, he used to say how he loves independant strong women.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@sue - I have 4 daughters and 1 son. I tell my girls everyday they are smart and to be whatever they want to be. My 19 yr old is a girl - she is level headed and while she is extremely beautiful I have always kept her in check - looks are nothing after the initial attraction you have to talk and if you are empty so is the conversation. A person who is pretty on the outside and shallow on the inside is ugly and you can't fix that with duct tape or paint.

Maria said...

@sue...that is why I avoid "reality" shows like the plague. They degrade both women and men. The younger generation watches that crap and they emulate the behavior. As for the cougars, I can only assume that they are attempting to reclaim their youth by acting this way.


Ginger with a Soul said...

I won't put the persons name who tweeted it but the winner from the freak show last night is this - just so you can see why I am still laughing

"hey I never met you and this is crazy. Here's my vagina. Call me maybe."

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful vacation, Rose. Will miss your post. I am sick of all the drama, hate and theories. I just hope they are doing OK. I hope they will be together. Just wish everyone out there will stop blaming on Kristen so much. It's so sad to see all her so-called fans turn away from her so quickly.

30 said...

I didn't realize CK had a new nickname. Last I heard it was just "CrazyK" I don't hang on twitter anymore. I guess she moved up the whore ladder in the Twi world. LOL

I have a feeling Robs team is very well aware of her at this point. Hopefully they have a tazer readily available, now that would be a hoot!

angelica1 said...

Ginger - I wonder if these crazy fans would be as outraged by their own partners cheating as they are by a stranger being cheated upon by another stranger?

Maria said...

@Ginger...I'll never be able to listen to that song the same way again! Yuck!!!!

isis said...

Ok you all are the most funny people out there : )

Your posts are the best.

It's really true that they are sending naked pics? For who?

@Ginger- Hi sweetie : ) Your posts are the best. I'm still smiling with the one you wrote that they are worried that they will reconcile and she wants to show him what a real woman is : )
They write this where? In twitter?

@Maria - i agree wiht you . The point in this moment is that they don't have 100% sure that Kristen is out of the picture. they think she is because of the false news. We don't believe in this crap from hollywoodlies and radar but they do. I think they believe that they are still fighting for Bear.
So because of this doubt they can't enjoy yet in full moment their hapiness. They need to have the confirmation. Well, the confirmation will never happen, because they never talked before and not gonna talk now. The confirmation will come in their actions and future.

I think they are affraid with the BD premiere. Because until they show up they will be nervous with the possibility of them holding hands on the red carpet : ) They have 4 months to worried. This will not gonna out from their heads. This is funny. Now is our turn to make fun of these loosers.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@30 yeah she is bad bad news - I saw her tumbler once and that was awful. Her and her minions are ready for battle next week and I am not sure what is going to stop her. I did learn real quick the C word is her favorite word and she likes to post pics of herself as proof of how hot she thinks she is.

I am waiting for the fights in the crowds to break out, oh God we know it is going to happen. How embarrassing will it be to have the shippers/pro Kristen people and the nonsten/Kristen haters go at it. Some one will say the wrong thing and with all this crazy it will be like war of the worlds.

Maria said...

Hey...I just had breakfast with Taylor Lautner's lookalike....just thought I'd throw that out there!

What is sad is that these clueless women think Rob appreciates being eyefucked...that these women judge the size of his member by the size of his hands. Oh yeah...he feels flattered by that!

Ginger with a Soul said...

@angelica - I doubt it - if they have a partner they sure are ignoring the hell out of them for a unobtainable fantasy and really with the time they are devoting to Rob and not their spouse aren't they really emotionally cheating themselves already

30 said...

Ginger seems she is even more delusional now than before. I mean really if they want to act like animals I am sure there will be plenty of security there, again I am serious about the taser theory. I have a feeling Robs team is no stranger to her face.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Maria - OMG I am still laughing - that song - LOL

@Isis - yeah they tweet this and put it on their tumblers - I swear there are some seriously messed up people in this world. Don't forget they KNOW Edward and how he is - oops damn it I did it again I meant Rob. I bet Rob just can't wait to get with a girl that will live off him, tweet private details, wag her tail like a good stepford wife, and kiss his feet when he walks in the door. I gagged writing that.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@30 yeah - I have heard that they have her and the others pictures on file. I guess these looney people don't get that if it becomes an issue they won't sign for fans, they will push the line back, and will become even less accessible than they are now. I have seen the male stars that when this gets to be too much they retreat.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@maria - in their minds the guy loves to be objectified and wanted for appearances - pfft what is love right - we all are looking for someone to use us....sigh

Maria said...

To them he is just sex on legs...

Have they ever paid attention to his interviews? When has he ever come across as a whoremongering lothario? Never. Not even before there was even a hint that there was something going on between him and Kristen. He's always been a classy guy...yes he can be quite adorkable at times but thats okay...he has never given his true fans cause to lump him in with the womenizers.

Karen in NJ said...

Ginger you always make so much sense! I stopped going to one board (at least reading the comments) because of how they treated Rob like an object, what they want to do with him, etc. That is cheating in a different way, especially if they have significant others. Kettle meet pot as you say. These woman are sad to even think that Rob will want them as if he is ready for any of that if (please no) they are not together. They both have to heal to be able to move on, together or apart. Can't wait to see him this week.

Thanks all you ladies for making me laugh with your comments.

Karen in NJ said...

Well, said Maria! And in one of his interviews didn't he say something about not having sex without love? They want him to be like other guys and he just isn't. I never saw him as a sex object but he is a cutie. My sister said I adopted them since I don't have any children and I think she's right. My heart is hopeful for them.

Maria said...

@Karen in NJ...he said something to that effect. He has said that he's a relationship guy...not someone that goes around having meaningless sex. Do they think that their actions and pics of their nether regions will change his mind? Really?!?!

sue said...

My god I'm so ignorant when it comes to the total crazy side of the fandom. The more I hear and read from you about these crazy bitches, the more I see how serious this is, how frightening it all is. Was Kristen not threatened before, in London during the BD premiere?

How did they stay so normal all these years, I reckon if they didn't have such a close bunch of friends and family, they would totally crack up. Perhaps K did crack up. All this pressure, everything you do or say being analyzed, people wanting a piece from you, not knowing if it's for real or not. How are they ever gonna find a new partner. Jeez it's so sad, damn.

I'm gonna stick my head in the sand and pretend to be in La La land. It is silly but sometimes when my guard is down I still expect to see a pic of them together as if nothing has changed.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@sue - she was threatened before - they actually removed the person from the event - how scary is that.

I think because they are so very intertwined together that yes the sting maybe harder but at the end of the day they both know each other and know each other well. Their families are intertwined as well. I think that alone makes it more plausible that they will be fine if not stronger. I believe this will make them both more guarded around others and retreat to being more private. This incident will not make them embrace the media but hate them more than they already do. I also embrace the death of Robsten and the birth of Kristen and Robert as a couple. They had to separate from the on screen persona's people have objectified them with to grow in life (every aspect). Neither are playing into what Hollywood wants them to at this point - they are hiding and dealing with their real life as real people. I choose to believe they are doing it together - this is not your high school boyfriend/girlfriend - they lived and shared a life - it is never as simple as saying it is over via a text message.

ali mac said...

Rose another great post, have a ball in Hawaii!!

Well the madness continues. Those "women" should be arrested for sexual harassment, sending pics like that to someone!!

@HOPE(the reg) I was a bit confused when the other Hope posted her comment, it didn't add up in my little brain.

I'm going to watch the last couple of hours of the Olympics now. I'm very proud of team GB and how well they did for such a small country :0)

isis said...

@Sue - this is new for me too about the twitter crazy womans.I knew from reading robsessed comments before that they have a obsession with his hands and fingers : ) Yes it's true. They even make a post with many photos of his hands and fingers from public appearances. If you go to robsessed site you will see many posts about parts of his body.

Rob is a good guy and this is why we all have faith in forgiveness.Because if exist a guy out there in hollywood who can heal form this and fight for the love of his life against the world, it's HIM. Because the way he has loved kristen all this years shows who he is. And is because of the deep love he has for her that make us all believe in second chances in this story. He is not like many of the hollywood guys who wants victoria secrets models.

Tomorrow he will make his first appearance since all this drama. And many things will change. His phisical appearance will speak a lot about what changed about them in private. They have been speaking so he knows the truth. I pray for in his eyes we see the hope. If nothing is over yet it's always hope to work the things out. We will see .

beacullen said...

Have a great vacation!!! yayya, I hope Rob's premiere goes really great for him. He's been so proud of Cosmopolis, I hope he does great!!! Great post Rose, thanks for the burst of sanity lol.

Ginger with a Soul said...

My biggest hope right now is he gets there without having to deal with the paps - the airport paps more than anything. I hope no one see's him until the show and they whisk him in - now that would be nice

PamH said...

OMG!! I didn't realize that such crazy,delusional,trashy and obsessive girls are doing these things thinking Rob would actually ever have anything to do with them much less want to be with them.
I know they both have their haters but that behavior is NUTS!!!!! And SCARY!!!!

Glad I don't do twitter

Is she the same girl who was supposed to have threatened Kristen during the UK premiere?

I can see them printing off pics of Kristen and RS or her nasty vagina, for Rob to sign, just to be a skank.

It would be wonderful if his people kept him away from were they are and totally ignore them.

Hope your trip is wonderful
I'm so envious of you :-)))

Karen in NJ said...

I'm with you Ginger. I figure they made it to NJ without anyone seeing them... He doesn't need what they will fling at him. I'm hoping that seeing him will take away some of the sadness (not the right word). The premiere is tomorrow night right? Then The Daily Show?

sue said...

Yes @Ginger you are so right, you have such a way with words.
(I hate the name Robsten by the way.) They were always different almost like us 'normal'(well some of us,ha) souls, they tried to keep things real, not letting this shallow crazy HW life get to them. That's what made me like them so much, they were such a breath of fresh air.I think that's what still makes me so sad about all this. They had such a strong bond, protected each other, this bond can't just disappear.

This is a late reaction to where you speak of your daughter.

I always said the same to my son, he is 17, nearly 18. I never wanted to preach or brainwash him but they hear you talk, your somtimes harsh opinions on life, values, what's important and what's not, sub-consciencly it stays in their minds and might form them in later life.
He came home from school once, telling me about this girl, all the boys liked her (she was a beauty) and he said "but mom she is so dumb she can't even write or spell correctly".
So I explained what you said, you can be the most beautiful creature in the world but if you have nothing to talk about or she/he has no brains or all she cares about is material things or what brand you wear, you're gonna be bored out of your brain. I said to him as you get older you'll see what's important to you and what's not.
Preaching mom on a roll. It's a cliché but beauty is only skin deep, there is a hell of a lot more in life. I wanted to show him that, I want him to respect women not see them as some accessory.
When I look at him today I think "yeah you're a nice young man". Even if he screws up which he will being so young, he's seen one side of life already. Do I make any sense? Rambling, thinking in Dutch.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Pam - I think they will do another approach - they will be there in what they feel is their best dressed to sell themselves and let him know they are better then Kristen - yeah that will win him over.

@Karen - I believe so

30 said...

Well I just had a gem of a article from GC pop up on my facebook again. This crap is just so out of control.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Sue - you make perfect sense - looks don't over power compatibility.

Rob is going to be so over analyzed tomorrow and he always talks about Kristen in his interviews. I don't believe he will have one bad word to say about her or will respond to someone being crappy to her. He is professional and I don't see him as the person that would dig her hole deeper than the public and media already has. Let's hope people keep it as professional as he will but we know someone will be that person.

@Pam - I forgot - I actually think it was another chick they had to throw out - he has a few crazies that have threatened to kill her.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@30 - I saw it too - they couldn't wait for 24 hours. The media is bleeding every angle dry and GC is propelling it to people that wouldn't have seen it otherwise. I do feel like they are the new Ted - they have less than 50 comments on anything non Kristen or Rob related. They know what is going to get those hits and jeebus that place is a like wadding in the kiddie pool

30 said...

Ginger seriously Rob and Kristen both IMO should be looking into legal action, between the threats on Kristen the slander on Rob this is beyond just a few crazy fans. I am not sure if GC is trying to "help" Rob and Kristen by debunking or if they are in it for the hits and comments at this point.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@30 - It feels worse and I agree - lawsuits might help with this or maybe that is the angle, they are trying to force them to talk and disclose what really happened - If I spit out 30 rumors and only 20 get debunked that must mean the rest are true - it is so bad at this point - I wonder what it will look like a month from now. I am almost wishing for a fast forward button

Annie said...

Can anyone who has followed Gossipcop before this answer a question for me?

Have they ever felt the need to respond to every single thing ever said about Rob and Kristen?

What the hell!

If someone said Rob and Kristen have taken up boiling puppies and standing on their heads routinely, will they feel a need to cover that too?

Good Lord they are becoming just as unscrupulous as the other media outlets they're criticizing.

Enough already!

I really wish that media outlets, Gossipcop included and the public that feeds this rubbish get royally fucked up, some way, some how.

Litmom said...

Hey Roseland-
Happy Sunday -

I am SO glad I don't follow any of the "crazy people" sites - and don't follow any of those lunatics on Twitter. Just hearing about all the hysteria makes my ears burn.

Hoping for a calm and positive experience this week. I do hope Rob's team surrounds him and keeps the loonies away.

Karen in NJ said...

With Rob coming out will just give them more fodder to write. I feel so bad for him because every word, movement, smile or not will be picked apart and analyzed to feed their madness. I am with you all that his team will keep the loonies away. This will test him but he will be what he has always been, classy. He needs the respect that he always gives. Let's hope it can be about the movie, he's so proud of that.

I don't go to those sights anymore, either. I like it here with all of you ladies.

Ginger with a Soul said...

I stay clear of the sites too - that now includes GC - I just wanted to see what the comments were up too and none of the other stories had comments really just the Rob and Kristen ones.

I see enough on twitter but won't follow anyone that has a bad thing to say about either

Maria said...

I just quickly peeked at GC...you guys got me curious...rolled my eyes, and going back to do laundry.

isis said...

@Ginger - i went to GC site and you are right, they denied the false stories it's true, but they are feeding this craziness too.
The last rumour is horrible. but this is not new, since the beginning that the stupid haters and blogers made stories about Rob sexual orientation. There was even a rumour about him and Tom. It's disturbing.
I read the comments on GC ( i know , i know, i'm not gonna do that). One of the people who commented talk about not only Rob has crazy fans but kristen too. And she talked about the krisbians /nonberts, that saying crazy and disturbing things on twitter too. The person post one example of one krisbian obsessed fan and when i readed i laughing soo hard. These people are crazy, literally crazy it's not only Rob who needs protection from the crazy woman who thinks they will married with him. kristen has obsessed crazy fans too. I'm gonna write the comment that the person wrote, this is from a twitter accout from one of the obsessed kristen fans. This is a good example to what kind of people Rob and kristen have to deal in their public lives.
You all gonna laugh too, this is hillarious : )
"If it wasn't for Rob she 'd cover herself in chocolate and let kristen lick it off."

And they talk about wanting kristen to be in their beds and other things.

Please her team needs to protect her.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Isis - the Krisbians are bad no doubt about it and stay from the comments cause there are a couple that are just awful - almost 3 weeks later the lynch mob is still out and this is literally how the AT was. They are debunking a rumor they already debunked but hey gotta get a story out there to get the haters to flame it up - both sides. They keep saying each rumor is ridiculous and in no way anyway that it is believable yet they are paying attention to it and taking a little no known post and making it bigger. I don't want to get them hits but every post also calls Kristen a cheater and brings her into every single story. They are the media too and believe you me - making money off this as well.

The extremes in this fandom are wacko's to the umpteenth and they come from both sides yet don't see that they are embarrassing to their perspective fantasies and yes 99% are women doing this.

Maria said...

Such a positive reflection on our society...(please note the sarcasm).

Anonymous said...

Annie, unfortunately Rob and Kristen have made regular appearances on Gossip Cop. Until recently they were a site that took on the rumors of the Nonstens.

They seem to be working overtime over there about this however.

sue said...

Now I'm really pissed,grrr. I was enjoying the closing ceremony, pulled laptop out, read your comments. Curiousity killed the cat/me. Not gonna read the comments, made that mistake last week and it made me so angry, I wanted to scream and wake those vile harpies up.
I kept asking on RNation about this GC, S. used to say they were ok. I stayed sceptic, there stupid stories, stating the obvious all the time. Who the hell are they? It's a g'damn gossipsite trying to pull wool over our eyes, pretending to have integrity.
Are there no ethical laws or something, haha stupid me. I'd love to sue the pants of those sites/mags.. Some stars don't take anymore shit like Pitt & Jolie, they sued an english paper and won.

Back to the ceremony and calm down.

JMF said...

HI all
Fingers crossed for Rob tomorrow, faith he will be ok.
I am off to begin cleaning my classroom in the morning, but will check in tomorrow nite with all of you. I know you will have positive things for me to read and not the garbage that is floating around.

Have a good night everyone!

PamH said...

I agree that after Rob does all his promo it will make for new ridiculous rounds of fodder for the webloids and rag mags. They will be breaking down every word, facial expression, body language and smiles/no smiles to analyze and create a story about his feelings for Kristen, wether he ever mentions her or not.
I feel bad for Rob, he's going to want to just concentrate on promoting Cosmopolis and getting people excited about seeing it, but there will be someone who will just have to cross the line and make it personal.

@ Ginger
Someone needs to tell the vagina photo taking skank that Rob said he would love to go out with a fan NOT catch a disease from one!!! Just kidding

Hope everyone had a great weekend
I know we will all have a great Monday :-)

Annie said...

@Torrimarie: Thanks.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Soo if one is to believe this it is great news - people are leaving the camp out lines because they are being told Rob will be rushed in - Thank God for small miricles

Maria said...

@Ginger...crossing my fingers and hoping its true.
Logically his people couldn't risk him being subjected to all the bull. Thank god they're sensible.

Annie said...

That's a very wise deicision if true. Hope it is.

Annie said...

Oops.......suddenly, I can't spell.

ADD said...

Have a nice trip Rose.
I hope people respect Rob this week. He needs it. He deserves it.

Holy said...

Hello everyone.

We will probably not going to see pics of him arriving NY,I don't think he will fly commercially,plus the guy can get in and out of the country not being seen.But with Rob's appearance tomorrow,the media will have a field day again.They will analyze how he looks and act.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Either way here is to hoping they lay off him - good grief

ali mac said...

Just a quick hello to DK, hope your ok xx Missing you here today.

jentoo said...

Hey yall:)

Here's hoping Rose has a peaceful vacay...

Loving the pic of Tom with his little family...too sweet! And of course I love that first pic too...

DK...How fortunate your friend was to have someone like you in his/her life. We should all be so lucky:)

Freddie..Hey! The little one's first day went off without a hitch, thank goodness! Thanks for asking:)

Robert...Yes, I do live in La. About 30 or 40 miles outside of Baton Rouge. (answering your question from the last comment section)

Hope everyone had a good weekend! Looking forward to seeing some Cosmopolis promo this week! After reading some of these comments, I'm really glad I have no idea what's going on in the twitter world. Pretty sure I could go my whole life without seeing a green hoohah.

Hope yall have a great week:)

Karen in NJ said...

@ginger, I also read on twitter that they did the same thing (rushed him in) in TO for the premiere. Of course, the media will say it's because of his current state (and it could be) but it's nothing new. Of course not all you read on twitter is true either. It's funny I don't have a twitter account but I read certain ones. Keeps me in the loop I guess?

Annie said...

I think it might be for time.
The Daily Show tapes somewhere between 5:30/6 and he's doing that first.
It isn't far from there to MOMA for the premiere but traffic that time of the evening is horrendous.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Karen - I don't tweet but I look at what some sane people post on there.

DreamerKind said...

@ali mac & jentoo
My friend is now stardust, and back to the garden. I did make her laugh a lot, even recently, and for that I am so grateful.

I'll return later tonight, my friends.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@DK - So sorry :(

Ginger with a Soul said...

Here is my question - what would they do if they caught him - I mean realistically?

Annie said...

DK: Your friend's funeral was today?
I'm happy that your most recent memory of her was one of laughter.
See you later.

Litmom said...

DK - Your dear friend is a new angel in heaven. Lucky heaven! Thinking of you, my friend. Big hugs.

Karen in NJ said...

@ginger - I'm with you on only the sane people.

@DK - I'm very sorry for your loss. Your last memeories of her sound like happy ones.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


Are you going to try to see Rob while he is close by this week? I understand that the word is he will be going straight from car into wherever he is going in...no photo opportunities?.??

Good evening everybody:)

LIZ said...

DK - very sorry for your loss. She was lucky to have such a good friend.

Hi All, been working all weekend, NOT in LaLa Land!! I need to regroup myself so I can get BACK to LaLa Land.

I'm still praying a lot for Rob & Kristen to have peace. I'm nervous about all of his stuff this week. So, can only imagine how nervous Kristen must be about it. Even if they've been talking and things are "maybe" looking good for them, she would probably worry that all the BS that he'll be subjected to might change his mind about reconciling.

All pure conjecture on my part. Take care, all!!

Liz in LaLa Land!!!

Annie said...

Hi Super. :)
I will. I'll check in here when I'm there.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


I will be on the lookout...:)


It's hard to stay on LaLa land for long but when I come to this place,I try to pretend I'm there...at least for a little while!!!

Maria said...

@DK...(((hugs)))...hope the pain lessens knowing that she's in a better place.

Did anyone catch the closing ceremonies for the Olympics? I was doing laundry and getting hubbie's clothes ready. He starts his new job tomorrow. And my son was monopolizing the tv by watching something with pawnbrokers and ice road truckers.

The media will milk this thing with Rob & Kristen for all its worth. They're all vultures.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Maria - I am recording them now - True Blood is on so gotta watch it - sigh the season goes so damn fast.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


I'm a year and a half behind on the series. Give Eric a kiss for me will ya?!?!?!


I just finished taking the last few things out of the dryer and am ready to chill out for awhile!

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Super - Haha - love Eric way more then Bill.

Maria said...

Hi Super!

Watched one of the first episodes of True Blood...then never kept up with it after that. Same with Vampire Diaries. I got tired of fighting over the remote. Actually the only thing that I watch on a regular basis is British comedy night on our local public station...every Tuesday night from 8pm to 10pm. Never miss it even if they're repeats.

deb said...

Hey guys I really hope THE REAL FAN's the one's who want to let Robert know how proud they are of this movie get's to let him know.Like tempest has said THEY have pic. of some of these NUT'S so maybe the true loving fan's well get to let him know how they feel ( I HOPE SO )Rob is there for this movie NOT TO HOOK up with them. I feel he has his lady still. A lot of you have said YOU DON'T give up a 3-4 year relationship in 2-3 weeks.I wan't to see that BIG BEAUTIFUL SMILE on that BEAUTIFUL FACE once again ROB I'm so proud of you :) DEB.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


OH YEAH....Bill is just okay...ERIC IS H O T!!!!! Hahaha


I watched one episode of Vampire Dairies.....yawn:(
My HUBS just retired from working in public TV in SC for 34 years...Glad you are enjoying some of the programs!

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Super - Bill is a huge Douche in this season and Eric is not - hahaha

I like Jason though too

Super RN Gas Passer said...


Why am I not surprised about Bill....and I think the actor who plays Jason should get an award of some kind...He is great. I especially liked the season he went in that religious cult...OMG...he really plays Jason to perfection!!!!! I need to go to Blockbuster and rent the rest of last years season...I watched about 7 episodes and then got sidetracked...

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Super - you would really like last season. It was one of my favorites - this season is weird

Anonymous said...

I have been reading things on other sites, yes I know, I shouldn't but I'm fat, hot and bored.

One common theme has been going around on various sites lately and I was shocked to come here and see that someone new to the blog has brought the same chant here.

I would like to direct my comments to them and them alone if you ladies don't mind. Please know I have no intention to take any kind of swipe at either Rob or Kristen and I will do my best to make certain I am not disrespectful to either of them.

Having said that, to the newer members of the blog who have felt that it was ok, even in just general comments to say anything about Sienna Miller during this mess and how she too had been considered a home wrecker. I am appalled, disgusted and completely shocked.

Sienna Miller has nothing to do with this situation at all. Her only connection is that she is engaged to and a few weeks ago had a baby with Rob's best friend.

I do not know Tom Sturridge personally, I know very little about him to be honest, but what I have seen, read, and heard about him, everyone agrees that he is a loyal friend.

He has been a loyal friend to both Rob and Kristen over the years and I cannot imagine he would like the mother of his newborn child brought into this situation.

I once again stress I am not taking swipes at Kristen for what I am about to say.

How many of us in our normal, everyday lives, would tell our best friend, the friend we've had since being a child, that they needed to take back the person who has been caught in a passionate embrace with someone else? Not a sexual embrace, passionate, fully clothed, standing up, hands located above the equator.

I know that I wouldn't tell my best friend that and she had better never tell that.

It is up to Rob to make the decision if and when he wants to make things right with Kristen. No one has given an official statement that they have broken up. We have no idea what the status of their relationship is at the moment.

To suggest that Tom needs to tell Rob to handle things with maturity and grace is naive, silly and forgive me dumb.

Tom has two friends, he cares about the people, not the celebrity, he would want them to do what is best for themselves. Tom has two friends and he cares about them, together, individually. I am sure he could care less about the public entity we as fans created, "Robsten" is not important to him I am sure. Rob and Kristen are.

One last thing before I say goodnight to you wonderful ladies.

"False" Hope, we have "Real" Hope here, please change your name, that position has been filled.

I hope all of you wonderful Rose/la la Landers have a wonderful evening.

Monica said...

@sue, you're a great mum~~ :P

I sometimes call myself Krisbian, for the sake of fun. Actually, I follow one/two Krisbian on Twitter. I think they mean no harm and they (include me) just love Kristen so much. :P The funniest thing I read from their tweets is "If I die tomorrow, tell Kristen I love her." Ha ha, I retweet that one.

I sometimes joke about wanting to touch Kristen's porcelain skin (oh, c'mon, she does have good skin). But I think there's a serious difference between joking and sending out a nude pic / making threats on someone.

Monica from Asia

DreamerKind said...

Peeking in.
Saying little but feeling a lot.
Feeling for Rob.
Feeling for Kristen.
Envying Rose.
Being grateful for everything.
Feeling all becomes the good of all.
Feeling the power of Self & Other.
Feeling the love.
Knowing what is.

Monday is here. The all is in the knowing of the good for all.

It is a good day.

wig4usc said...

Hi, Roseland!

Aloha, Rose! Enjoy, would love to be in one of those chairs, blissfully disconnected!

Your post today is why I'm here regularly, one of precious few rational voices in the fandom! I'm on Twitter more and more, but frightened by what I see!

@Ginger, I saw that pic yesterday, wish to Hell I hadn't. Ew.

@torrimarie - I read the comments about Sienna and Tom and honestly took it to mean they would have some perspective, better than most, about the situation. I think its the same as some of us who shared their personal experiences, too. Point taken, I guess I'm trying to assume people's intentions are good unless its obvious.

@DK - Monday will be a good day, I plan to see Rob's handsome face! lol

Good night, Roseland!

DreamerKind said...

"When a resolute young fellow steps up to the great bully, the world, and takes him boldly by the beard, he is often surprised to find it comes off in his hand, and that it was only tied on to scare away the timid adventurers."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

"I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain."
Frank Herbert

"You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do."
Eleanor Roosevelt

"If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment."
Marcus Aurelius

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