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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Take a Sad Song and Make It Better...

Hey Jude, don't make it bad.
Take a sad song and make it better.
Remember to let her into your heart,
Then you can start to make it better.

Hey Jude, don't be afraid.
You were made to go out and get her.
The minute you let her under your skin,
Then you begin to make it better.

And anytime you feel the pain, hey Jude, refrain,
Don't carry the world upon your shoulders.
For well you know that it's a fool who plays it cool
By making his world a little colder.

Hey Jude, don't let me down.
You have found her, now go and get her.
Remember to let her into your heart,
Then you can start to make it better.

So let it out and let it in, hey Jude, begin,
You're waiting for someone to perform with.
And don't you know that it's just you, hey Jude, you'll do,
The movement you need is on your shoulder.

Hey Jude, don't make it bad.
Take a sad song and make it better.
Remember to let her under your skin,
Then you'll begin to make it
Better better better better better better, oh.

Na na na na na ,na na na, hey Jude...


I want...
I NEED Rob and Kristen to be OK.
I care about them.
I've always said that if they were happy...
I was happy.
We're not happy right now
But we can be.
We will be.

I stand by that...
No matter where this leads
Together or apart.
I just want them to be happy.

(Yes, I still think they belong together)
Truth is fucking truth.

This post is brought to you by the movement
that is on your shoulder.

Step back and think about what you are saying.
Step back and realize that 99.9% of what you read
is complete and utter bullshit.
Step back and realize that although we all have emotions
wrapped up in this relationship
Some of the feelings... aren't ours to feel.

I wish Rob and Kristen 

You have found her
Now go and get her.

Green Sheep. Forever.

Until next time.

Bye for now


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Dottie said...

I love you, Rose.

Kenzz said...

Peace, love, happiness... Great wishes, Rose, for one & all.

I agree with Rose's advice, Go get her, Rob <3

Sydney said...

God, I hope so...

Will there ever be happiness for either of them apart? Not my question to answer. But that's what it comes down to.

Rhonda said...

Beautiful post, Rose. Thank you <3

Kay said...

Happy and OK is all I want for them, too.

Take care everyone. <3

Rhonda said...

Hi Dottie, Kenzz & Sydney!

Rhonda said...

Hi Kay- sorry I didn't see you ;)

Anonymous said...

I`m staying positive, because it`s their love we`re talking about. If they want it to work, they must fight for it. TY,Rose. ♥

Adriana Castro said...

Perfect song for today. I KNOW deep down inside that 99% of everything that's been published is complete bullshit....but it still makes me ridicuolsly sad. I love them both...I'll support them both as long as they're happy. Healing takes time....I just hope that when they do make a final decision, they do it for the right reasons and don't let pride or what ppl would think stand in the way of their happiness, whatever that may be. They're both very smart...but when you hurt this bad it's impossible to think clearly. I had a renowned sense of hope and postiveness a couple of days for some reason and have been doing great....today I'm sad and angry all over again and I feel like suuuuch a girl hahahahaha.....it takes time to heal...I need to remember that for myself as well. We'll see....I want them to choose what's best for them, but also what will TRULY make them happy in the long run. You tweeted yesterday that you've finally become a shipper, because before there wasn't anything to ship it was a done deal. I agree.....I've always HATED the term but I'm a full blown R/K shipper now......to some extent I think I always will, no matter what happens. What I did learn the hard way was to never, ever, ever....ship a real life couple again...ever. Never did before...never will again...fictional characters are excatly that fiction...the rest are mere mortals who fuck up and make mistakes like all of us. Le sigh......thanks for your post it made me smile today! ;)

@RKsoulmates913 said...

It's amazing how a week a ago those kind of gossip mags were trash and now suddenly they are the BIBLE of millions that say they are fans...

I agree with you, some feelings aren't for us to feel...and I'm not even say judge!

Together or apart, I want RK happy too...I believe they belong TOGETHER, they are meant to be!!!

With all my heart, thanks for your thoughts!!!


PurpleHayley said...

I would respectfully refer your readers to go back to how you always ended your blog entries -

Robert and Kristen always end up together!

Keeping everything crossed.

Thanks Rose, as always, for your amazing words.

Groovie said...

Nothing better than some Beatles!
Love this one, thanks as always Rose :)
Hello everyone & happy hump day to all.
Gotta go begin my work day now, stay positive and avoid all tabloid/gossip bullshit!

liz22 said...

'go get her rob'

Seriously?? He's not kristen's pet. Hello? She cheated on Rob. I can't with you people.
I'm sure you wouldn't be this much 'kind' If we got Rob/x female pictures like this. I'm terribly diasspointed in this fandom.

Nina said...

Thanks for helping with this devastating sadness

Nina said...

Thanks for helping with this devastating sadness

Sydney said...

You know what's not disappointing in this fandom? Someone ALWAYS climbing up on their high-fucking-horse. You could set your watch by it.

Anonymous said...

Great, sad post! Can we have magic ball to say when this insanity will be over? The movies world never be the same without of magic of Rob/Kris...

Robin said...

Rose, I don't post a lot, but I always read your blog and love your wise and witty comments.

As it is for many of us, this is the one and only time I've ever become so enamored by celebrities, first by Rob and then also Kristen.

I hope the very best for them, whatever that may be. And I'm in it for the long haul.

Thanks so much for providing a safe and sane place to vent and to share my obsession.

Monica said...

@liz22, what you want IS NOT equal to what Rob wants. So shut it already!!

Yeah, Rose, I wish them peace. I wish them love. I wish them wisdom and courage. Hope they can sort things out and have a true understanding that what's the most important to them.

No love is without forgiveness; no forgiveness is without love. True love never dies~~

Monica from Asia

Rhonda said...

Sydney- LMAO! Yes, we've seen this many times over ;)

Monica said...

@Sydney, ITA. Like they are pure as angels themselves. I'm sickened by the venom in their words.

Monica from Asia

Kenzz said...

Sydney, so true!

Hi Rhonda , Groovie, Dottie, Kay, and all the new & old posters :)

Ginger with a Soul said...

Great Post Rose

@Sydney - I bet their snow is the nasty yellow snow.

elza troncoso said...

I'm staying positive too and praying. God! I wish all this sorrow and pain finish soon. I wish them both peace at this moment. The love they have for each other cannot finish this way.

Rose, thanks again to help me feeling better with your commentaries.

faa said...

Yeah Rose! A laud applause for your lovely post.
To hell with the crappy-zerobrain news and heaps of BShits that came with it.
We believe on what we choose to believe.

@PurpleHayley, here! here! for your post :-)

Wishing all a good sunny- smiley day ahead!

Holy said...

Good morning everyone.

God,I hope so also.
True love is strong and will never die.

30 said...


I agree with your 1-8 on the last/ post, well said.

A bit of advice stay away from twitter and this fandom there is nothing but a bunch of bored over obsessed "gang like mentality" there.

Dottie said...

Sydney, So true! LOL

These people who can so easily throw away a relationship when something goes wrong astound me. I'm so thankful my hubs isn't one of them! We'd have never made it through our 1st yr of marriage.
(I was a stupid little girl and he was an amazingly patient young man.)

Hello to all the regs and new posters.

Dottie said...

*Just to clarify, I wasnt LITERALLY a little girl when I got married. Don't want anyone to get the wrong idea! :D

jane doe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jane doe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
30 said...

Seriously I am reading some of these comments and I am really worried about some of you. You do realize there is a very good possibility Rob and Kristen are over romantically right?

I am not going to rehash the betrayal on Kristen's part, but this is not a movie or Eclipse these are real lives, real lives are in the media and for all to see, like a game to most, makes me sick! Rob did nothing wrong and he has to deal with this hell. It is not right. Period.

jane doe said...

Congrats..Hope everyone has a great day!!

Sydney said...

Oh Jesus. I cannot with how willfully stupid some people are.

Berry said...

PERFECT Song Rose.

Hate all the bs that is out there right now. I keep saying that I would love to see them back together,but I also realize that it may not happen. My husband and I went through some dark days in the early days of out relationship...we got through it finally but we didn't have the media or fans trying to find out our every thought or move. Can not imagine living in that fish bowl. I am just really trying to back away some and hope that they make it through...together, if not then wiser and stronger.

Thanks again Rose!

Hello to everyone xoxo

Sydney said...

30: Just because we do not post our sympathy for Rob every time we post does not mean we don't feel it. Does not mean we don't know how very wronged he was.

Nobody here is stupid (aside from a couple drive-by's today), everyone knows very well what this could mean. It could absolutely be the end of them, and I would understand that. Everyone has a threshold. But there are relationships in the world that have survived cheating. I don't know if theirs' will. Regardless though, I am a believer in forgiveness.

Annie said...

Excuse me but they both have to deal with this hell........Just because Kristen was the one who cheated does not mean she isn't suffering her own hell.
It is possible that their love story ends as it is possible that it continues .........No one knows but them.

There are some people on here who believe that loving someone ends when they cheat and all is lost...,I'm here to tell you that it's not so.

Nina Pearl said...

Cheating is the ultimate betrayal in a relationship...It breaks the most important part of the relationship which is trust...Without trust there is no love...I'm sorry, but you don't cheat on someone whom you love, and especially not with a married man with two young children...Cheating is NOT a mistake it is a choice...A mistake is adding 1+1 and writing 3, a mistake is bringing the wrong portfolio to an important meeting, a mistake is turning left when it should of been right...CHEATING IS NOT A MISTAKE...She chose to do it and now she must own up to it...Cheating in my eyes is unforgivable, selfish, and a deal breaker...True Epic Love does not cheat with a married man with two children...The only time it may be worth fighting for is if you have children or ten+years invested in the relationship...Seeing how Rob and Kristen have no children or 10 years of "EPIC LOVE" then that is it...Her cheating at such a young age proves her immaturity, selfishness, rebellion, and unwillingness to commit and truly love one person solely...I have never believed that she was completely in love with Rob...I never ever believed this would last forever to the point of marriage and babies...That's so laughable...She has always come across as to immature an uninvested in their relationship...

I see that their PR teams are keeping this as low key as possible...I can't imagine the money being spent to keep this quiet...I'm glad for Rob, Liberty and her kids though...They don't deserve to be HUMILIATED anymore than the two cheaters already have done to them...I have absolutely no sympathy for anyone no matter who they if they cheat...I have sympathy for Rob, Liberty and the kids...Kristen and Rupert made their bed and now must lie in it...They deserve all the negative attention they get...They shouldn't of done it if they could not face the consequences of being caught...That's is the only thing they are sorry for, is being caught...And please don't even try to say she was forced or bullied...All you people who worship Kristen's ass have always said how ninja she is, and strong and takes no shit from any one...I agree with that...She does what she wants, and no one tells her different...I have to say I am shocked how this ended, even though I knew it would...I never imagined her stooping so low as to cheating and with a married family man on top of that...I do hope Rob finds happiness, and that he is doing the best he can be right now...I hope his true friends and his family is surrounding him with their unconditional love and support...As for Kristen she deserves what ever Karma brings her...

Face it ladies Edward and Bella are over...Well, after the BD2 promo...I'm sure the studio is struggling right now finding ways to get these two to back together in some cheesy forgiveness ploy, where Kristen begs Rob to forgive her, and they walk the BD2 red carpet together as if nothing is wrong...Guarantee you that will happen, unless of course Rob get's his schedule for filming to work out perfectly as to where he won't have to to do any promo with her...How anyone thinks she deserves his forgiveness is beyond me...She's young, they have no kids or years of love invested, and SHE CHEATED WITH A FAMILY MAN...But whatever Rob decides is best for him, will never change my opinion on him...I will always support and adore Rob...

Crystal said...

I hope they can work it out. Whether they can or not is up to them, not us. I just want them to be happy again. I was a mess for the first couple of days. Then I realized it was crazy for me to be so wrapped up in someone else's relationship. We just all have to give them time and see what happens.

angelica1 said...

Why do I suddenly have a mental picture of a group of crones,sat knitting in front of the guillotine? These narrow-minded intolerant idiots don't give a damn about what Rob does or doesn't want, they just want to see someone get beheaded. I've thought many times that centuries ago,it wasn't the "witches" that should have been burned at the stake, it's their fucking accusers.
I have never been more thankful than these last couple of weeks, that I'm surrounded by a wonderful, compassionate family and friends because what I've seen out there recently has scared the living shit out of me
God help some of these individuals if they ever fall from grace

Annie said...

Shocking how many perfect people they are in the world suddenly.
Good Lord!

gaga4stew said...

Liz and 30 aint you tired of this poor rob? How many poor rob are you going to hear until you know people sympathize with him? Nobody is stupid, they may not make it through this but that is their decision to make if what they have is worth fighting for. I hate judgmental bitches who think their shit don't stink. if are so heartbroken for Rob put on your stalking shoe, stalk him and cuddle him. tell him what a cheating whore kristen is and heal his broken heart.

Lanette said...

Great post. I just wish people would give them the peace they need to work through this. Also to stop believing everything the rags in the media write. So sad that people are so easily taken in by al the rubbish. Love each and every one of your posts.

Ginger with a Soul said...

I am waiting on your 3 part paragraph DAMNING, KARMA riddle speech to the 41 yr old married man who CHEATED on his wife and not just this 1st time. I am glad you don't make the laws as to who is forgivable or not because I would need to reserve my spot in hell since I have done my share of sins in my short 37 yrs of life. I am so glad I surround myself with people willing to forgive me, help me and not shame me when I feel shammed enough and in return I would do the same for them any day without them having to ask. FYI the ONLY person she OWES anything to is Rob not you.

I honestly have to get back to work. Peace, acceptance, humility will be my mantra today . I just don't have time for the BS hate - it only brings grief into my already troubled soul (that is apparently damned to hell now). I would cast that stone at myself before I throw it anywhere else. I wonder how far your stone will go? Cheating is not the only sin... Also she was the second gunman on the grassy knoll - maybe that will give you something to hate her for more.

Also was it this source or that source that told you what the final answer is - I need to borrow someones magic 8 ball so I can add my source to this as well.

isis said...

hi ladies : )

Reading all your personal stories make me have more hope. We know that many couples had problems like this and they survive. And so many celebrity couples, like david and victoria beckam. If we think that with rob/kristen is bad, when was david beckam scandal it was even worse because the woman who david cheat sold the story to the mags. At least that ugly men is in silence and i don't believe that he will talk.
Thank God,that in all this nightmare there are something good.

My sweeties girls from here maybe i'm being naive but something that both people mag and usmag reported on their cover stories give hope for them together. I only believe in peoplemag but usmag story is very similar.
Kristen is fighting for him, she is texting and calling him, which i believe because i think she is desperate to explain what happen, to tell him how regreted she is.
You only fight for things that you truly want. He is ignoring her calls, and that doesn't surprise me because he is hurt. When we are hurt we don't wnat to see the person and not talk to her. They need time to heal.
The other point that help to make my little hope a litle bigger is the fact that Rob doesn't know what to do, if he fogives her or not. So is not all over my dear girls, he truly loves her and he didn't reacted with impulsive, like breaking up everything.
Now is in Kristen hands to show him how much she loves him.
Maybe i'm wrong, but i think she will not give up soo easily. Our Kristen is back.
I want them happy and i think their happiness in this moment of their lives is together. They can even try and not work but think they will in the future regrets not trying. It's not happiness living your life thinking IF.

In the last few days that i was really sad, i'm still sad but now i'm more rational and not soo emotionally, which is normal because with the time pass the feelings will calm,and this will happen to them too, i went to google find quotes about famous people forgiveness, read them was the key to my heart seal the anger on what kristen did and understand them now more then ever. I hope that the family and friends who are with kristen in the future can give her books about the tryumph of persons who made big mistakes and learn form them and move on. Oprah Winfrey could said some words to kristen, i was a fan of her show, if something that Oprah always believe , and special because her own personal life, is that quoting her: "Your mistakes does not define who you are ... you are your possibilities."

I'm gonna let some here that i find more strong in this moment, i hope this quotes help you the same way that help me. Everyone deserves a second chance.

"We are all mistaken sometimes;sometimes we do wrong things,things that have had consequences. But it does not mean we are evil, or that we cannot be trusted ever afterward."

" One mistake does not have to rule a person's entire life." Joyce Meyeer , Any Minute

kisses : )

Rhonda said...

Angelica & Annie- Exactly!

I think some of these people need to have their halos checked. I guarantee you they've got more than a few dents in there.

30 said...

Seriously "Gaga for Stew" Your name says enough.

I am merely stating my opinion. I am very saddened Rob is being pulled threw the mud. Have you read the blogs out there? Or the link someone just posted above? Seriously go read them, the comments then come back and tell me you would wish this upon anyone. What I have read out there today any fan or person who has supported Rob threw the years should be disgusted, and honestly equally disgusted with the person / media who caused it. I do not hate Kristen, but I sure do not wish for Rob to get back with her romantically, not any time soon.

Now I am done with this crap.

Have a good one guys!

gaga4stew said...

Kristen stewart has bullied for years all because she may or may not be dating the perfect Robward. Pls educated us on cheating and tell me how her PR are keeping it down when the news is everywhere you turn? The most stupid thing about this is IDIOT like you still think Rob is perfect boyfriend. Do you forget there was a nonsten for a reason... They where there to bully and humiliate kristen and called her every name in the book all because she is dating Robporn. When has Rob called kristen his gf? When have you seen them like andrew and emma? Except he look at her. four fucking years and rob was not man enough to claim his gf, you see arrow,and blurry pics, nomsten and robsten fighting to prove to the other they are or they aint. I don't condone cheating and I'm disappointed in kris but I'm not fucking going to nailed her to the cross and pretend she isn't hurting over this cos they both are.

dano328 said...

22 year old girls under tremendous pressure make mistakes. Sometimes it's drugs, shoplifting, and having flings with married men. Happens everyday. We don't know what led Kristen to hurt Rob in this humiliating way. I think she needs help. Couples survive affairs. Sometimes the trust can be rebuilt. No telling if it will happen here. The media isn't helping. Krsten is not a bad person. She screwed up. If making mistakes erases love and defines a person, then I would have no friends or anyone that loves me. The self loathing she is probably experiencing right now calls for compassion.

gaga4stew said...

Kristen stewart has bullied for years all because she may or may not be dating the perfect Robward. Pls educated us on cheating and tell me how her PR are keeping it down when the news is everywhere you turn? The most stupid thing about this is IDIOT like you still think Rob is perfect boyfriend. Do you forget there was a nonsten for a reason... They where there to bully and humiliate kristen and called her every name in the book all because she is dating Robporn. When has Rob called kristen his gf? When have you seen them like andrew and emma? Except he look at her. four fucking years and rob was not man enough to claim his gf, you see arrow,and blurry pics, nomsten and robsten fighting to prove to the other they are or they aint. I don't condone cheating and I'm disappointed in kris but I'm not fucking going to nailed her to the cross and pretend she isn't hurting over this cos they both are.

Anonymous said...

I may be wrong, but I believe that given Rose's policy in the past, as long as we all state our opinions respectfully it's ok for us to differ. As long as we all remember that in the end we all want Rob and Kristen to be ok, together or apart. Everything else is up to the. Like it or not we have to accept whatever their decision is. We just need them to be ok.

We don't have to tear each other apart for having different feelings about this, as long as we state our feelings respectfully.

Friends should be able to disagree with one another without drama or reprimands or fear of being shunned. We want Rob and Kristen to be ok, but we need our friends to be ok too.
This of course does not apply to the driveby trolls.

midnightgurl said...

Rose-perfect post today. THIS is why I follow you. The calm and logical words, and the honesty are what I want/need. I am keeping fingers and everything else possible crossed that time brings Rob and Kristen peace and possibly each other again. Thank you for being there. Your posts are very comforting, I find I can breathe a little easier and am more optimistic after checking your latest post!

Robert said...

You absolutely.rock

Grassy knoll ha I knew it
Next we're gonna here that she drove a tank in the generals rank as the blitzkrieg raged and the bodies stank

Anonymous said...

Well, I would hate to be her when the BD2 promo comes out. Can you imagine the names she will be called on the red carpet???? Guess we'll get to see the finger. This is not going to be pretty and I hope Summit is preparing her for it. She is not the most popular person out there right now and I don't see that dying down soon. Unless Rob takes her back and I don't see that happeining any time soon either. She has always imasuclated him, and this has only made it worse. I just want Rob to be OK and eventually happy - he deserves it.i don't think he knows how special he really is. But then, that is what makes him special. I hope he will find someone that will love and support him. Someone that will not roll their eyes when he makes one of his funny comments and will show the world how special they think he is to them. This is my wish for Rob. If Kristen is whay he wants then I will support that as well, just hope if he does take her back, her attitude will have changed and she will appreciate him for a change. He deserves no less.

I know this will be unpopular, but it is how I feel and I don't hate Kristen, just what she has done. It is nothing short of disgraceful.

JMF said...

Thanks for the post Rose, wise words as always to a fandom that is still sad.
My wish is that Rob and Kris do what is right for both of them. I am hoping during this difficult time for both that they find the strength of their relationship and love to be the glue that will bind them together.
Having said that I support both of them in whatever they do, I just don't understand how Rupert gets off seemingly scott free and the world is ready to hang Kristen. They both entered into this together. Why is the judgement different for him than for Kristen?
Why is there so much hate for her? Is it because she had/has something with Rob that these haters wanted for themselves? and because she cheated she is worse than Rupert because she loves Rob?
I don't know why she did, you don't know either, but what made Rupert? Why aren't people condemning him as well? It makes me sick to read what people are posting about Kristen and THEN to have the nerve to accuse Rob of the same.
Time to take a step back, this is not your problem to solve, your love to loose. Support them both, love them both. I do.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping that someone who has been friends with her for years would step in and defend 30 from attack, but I am beginning to see that's not going to happen. She hurt no one, she did not betray anyone and it's unfair to allow someone to attack a friend who has defended Kristen staunchly in the past.

Rob was attacked too, he has done nothing. Kristen took responsibility for this, she put the blame on her own shoulders, so it's not right for anyone on the outside to put the blame on Rob.

I am sorry Kristen is hurt, but my heart breaks for Rob, he did nothing to deserve his pain. I think if asked Kristen would agree with that point.

gaga4stew said...

30 why didn't you wish kristen to not date rob when she was been bullied all this years by his fans? Why didn't you think the humiliation is too much for kristen every time there is a rumor of Rob cheating surface, Why his fans rejoice and called kris the ugly ducking, why didn't want kris to dumb rob? You know I stop googling r/k since this shit comes out because I can't bear to hear the hate and threat towards both. Twitter is bad enough. Everyone of rob cheating rumor kristen is grag into it and now for the first time she has a scandal you want rob to dump and abandon her because it humiliating to him. What kind of love is that?

Robert said...


i have nothing but respect for you and i didn't mean to insult you i just feel like people are piling on at this point and it is keeping me from being my usually jolly self

again i apologize

robstenaditted said...

I just read on Hollywood life that Rob has agreed to talk with Kris. I hope for once that is something that is true.

gaga4stew said...

30 why didn't you wish kristen to not date rob when she was been bullied all this years by his fans? Why didn't you think the humiliation is too much for kristen every time there is a rumor of Rob cheating surface, Why his fans rejoice and called kris the ugly ducking, why didn't want kris to dumb rob? You know I stop googling r/k since this shit comes out because I can't bear to hear the hate and threat towards both. Twitter is bad enough. Everyone of rob cheating rumor kristen is grag into it and now for the first time she has a scandal you want rob to dump and abandon her because it humiliating to him. What kind of love is that?

gaga4stew said...

30 why didn't you wish kristen to not date rob when she was been bullied all this years by his fans? Why didn't you think the humiliation is too much for kristen every time there is a rumor of Rob cheating surface, Why his fans rejoice and called kris the ugly ducking, why didn't want kris to dumb rob? You know I stop googling r/k since this shit comes out because I can't bear to hear the hate and threat towards both. Twitter is bad enough. Everyone of rob cheating rumor kristen is grag into it and now for the first time she has a scandal you want rob to dump and abandon her because it humiliating to him. What kind of love is that?

Anonymous said...

Robert you're a wonderful gentleman and I thank you for that.

robstenaditted said...

I just found this quote by Rob. I really hope he means this.

❝If you feel like the world has been taken away from you, figure out how to take it back.❞

(—— Robert Pattinson Cannes, 2012 (via enchantedrobert))

Rhonda said...

Hi Robert- I was asking about back to school earlier. Have you taught over the summer? It's college level, right?

Robert said...


yes i have taught this summer and it is college level. in fact it is american literature. we usually start off reading the puritans so i just bring my mother and have her walk around as sort of a show and tell kind of thing

how have you been?

gaga4stew said...

I don't know why my comment are appearing multiple times and I'm too lazy to delete. I wish rob and kristen the best. Whatever they decide they will get through this. like Rose I wish them peace, love and family. Rob is hurting wherever he is I hope he is not alone and have friends with him same with kris. If their love is worth it, they will survive. I know kristen will get through this, she is strong, smart and a stupid girl who make a mistake she is living with but she will survive it. When it comes to their relationship I actually want kristen to be single and free. She is 22 with 2 two long term relationship, the girl need time to breath and enjoy been 22 and not a housewife.

Rhonda said...

Robert- LOL you need to come around more often, we could use your humor ;)

I'm doing good, thanks. How about you? Healthy?

angelica1 said...

Hi Robert and Rhonda :)

gaga4stew said...

I don't know why my comment are appearing multiple times and I'm too lazy to delete. I wish rob and kristen the best. Whatever they decide they will get through this. like Rose I wish them peace, love and family. Rob is hurting wherever he is I hope he is not alone and have friends with him same with kris. If their love is worth it, they will survive. I know kristen will get through this, she is strong, smart and a stupid girl who make a mistake she is living with but she will survive it. When it comes to their relationship I actually want kristen to be single and free. She is 22 with 2 two long term relationship, the girl need time to breath and enjoy been 22 and not a housewife.

Rhonda said...

Hi Angelica- how's things across the pond? Have you watched any of the Olympics?

Anonymous said...

to 30


I really meant it!

angelica1 said...

Rhonda - I'm watching some swimming now, just got back from the airport, I had to go and sort out some paperwork :)

Rhonda said...

Angelica- have you attended any of the events?

angelica1 said...

Rhonda - No, I've barely even watched any on TV, it's been a busy week!

Maria said...

@Ginger...here's a virtual hug....(HUG).

Critisisms and speculations are getting out of hand. When a "well respected" gossip mag is callous enough to take a poll as to who Rob should date next, you know that things are getting out of hand. The media has no respect for ALL involved; their priorities are how to sensationalize the current gossip to gain profit.

Lets take a step back and let the parties directly involved deal with this. Ignore the media, because reading their trash just serves to get everyone worked up. Taking sides, pointing the blame, it doesn't help matters. Making assumptions as to who was more vested in the relationship is just that, assumptions. When have Rob & Kristen ever approached the media and their fans, requesting their advice on how to conduct their relationship? Never, because its none of our business.

Bickering amongst ourselves doesn't resolve anything.

Robert said...

torriemarie--i am so sorry i missed your post, thank you for saying so

hey there angelica, and hey to all of you roselanders, the regs and the rookies

story time: my brother and i took my mom to church this past easter sunday. now my mom gets a thing in her head she will not let go of it, she's like a pit bull. well one of the things my mom is completely sold on is the fact [or should i say made up fact] that i, her son, does not believe in god, [i do of course, i just think she can be a little moody] so the preacher mentioned laszarus in his sermon, and on the way home my mom says"Robert, do you believe in god?" and i say "yes mam i do" then she goes "do you believe that he made lazareth rise from the grave?" so i say "No i do not I believe that lazareth was a rock band that had a big hit song called 'love hurts' in the early seventies and that lazaRUS was the guy who rose from the dead"

needless to say i was excused from dinner that day

elizabeth matherlywolf said...

Rose, I have always searced for your posts but never posted myself until this all happened. Your words really do help. Such a young couple to be handling such heavy stuff with the world looking on. Hey,Jude is the perfect song. I do hope that they both take things slowly in order to determine what is best. Must be agony for both of them now. The media is a brutal beast. Hope Lionsgate/Summit will be kind.

angelica1 said...

Robert - That reminded me of my mum wo would insist that Beef sang Bat out of Hell :)

Sydney said...

Pretty glad NONE of us are judge, jury or executioner here. We know, MAYBE 11% of this story and people act as if they've been witness to the trial and all evidence for the past year.

Would that I too, was born without original sin.

Maria said...

Can I tell you how much I hate posting from my nook? No arrow keys make it difficult to go back and correct or insert. Ah well...

Anyways, I think we all need a HUGE hug, because no matter how we look at this situation, its upsetting.

@Rose...thank you again for your compassionate posts. You always express what I feel. Thank you for staying classy.

@Robert...I hope your mother wasn't around when you posted the show and tell comment.

Robert said...


i have two friends who have known each other forever and now share a business. their names are jimmy roberts and randy olson. my mom thinks they are one person who's name is jimmy olson. i kid you not. i have to explain it to her every time

30 said...

Thank you torrimarie for the comments. I appreciate it, like in the past I say how I feel have defended Krsiten even if people may not agree. I guess they will only have my back when I say something they like. LOL

I am just honestly sick of going on my facebook and every single time there is a "new" story on my feed about this, A new lie. Rob getting pulled threw the mud and being made out to be the bad guy from some posters and Kristen the total victim.

Anonymous said...

Here's A Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares)

You say you were wrong to leave me alone now you're sorry, you're lonesome and scared
And you say you'd be happy if you could just come back home well here's a
quarter call someone who cares

Call someone who'll listen and might give a damn maybe one of your sorted affairs
Don't you come `round here handin` me none of your lines
Here's a quarter call someone who cares

Well I thought what we had could never turn bad so your leavin' caught me unaware

But the fact is you run, girl that can't be undone so here's a quarter, call someone who cares
Call someone who'll listen and might give a damn maybe one of your sorted affairs

Don't you come `round here handin me none of ur lines so
Here's a quarter call someone who cares

Super RN Gas Passer said...


Thanks for the post. Hey Jude fits the situation very well. Honestly after reading some of these coments I'm getting weary. I'm like.... Are you people serious??? Affair??? This is looking more and more like a set up. Ok. She is young and maybe didn't realize she was being set up. And maybe she admired him on some level. Maybe she was flattered on some level ... I'm pretty sure she ISN'T anymore... This is a series of unfortunate events and what doesn't kill you will make you stronger.


Please don't go away anymore! I need your humor and perspective!!!

Hi to RHONDA. ANGELICA and Every Sane Person Who Posted also:)

Robert said...

trust me the last person i need to worry about is my mom. we were watching tv one time when a 30 second commercial fpr "the sixth sense" came on. she has never seen the movie but when the commercial ended she goes "well obviously he's dead"

i had to sit through the movie twice to get that and i have ninja-like training in this area

PamH said...

Rose another great post!!

Wether Rob and Kristen work this out is totally their decision no matter what we feel or want.
I've realized that not only were they a couple but also each others best friend and fan, they supported each other, protected each other, gave each other advice and relied on each other to make it thru this crazy ride they've been on. I want them to at least be able to talk and give each other some answers or closure so that someday they can look back on each other and remember they shared something that some people look for their whole lives to find and never do, even if it's only for a short time.
I've been blessed to be one of the lucky ones and am not taking my hubby of 20 years (who put up with my crazy obsession of R/K and didn't mind) for granted ever.

Pam( KY )

Robert said...


thank so much
i have to try because i can't take the alternative anymore

ali mac said...

Robert and Angelica I loved you mother stories, nobody quite says things like your parents ;)) Robert Sixth sense freaked me out for about a weeks after seeing it, I never watched it again either!

30 I'd say all the regs on here really feel for Rob sooooooooo much and most are also in shock (mad, disgusted, angry) at what kristen has done, but the fact that people used this as an excuse to be completely vile and also some making death threats etc. this prompted people to have compassion. If someone is genuinely sorry we should at least try to forgive them. (It's certainly not easy though) But we have not forgotten Rob and what he is going through.

Lynne Knowles said...

Thank you Rose.....we can all use a pair if your glasses. It's called hope.
I hope for their happiness and have faith that if is meant to be it will. It may not be now, it may be down the road....it may be years from now....but true love never leaves our heart.

angelica1 said...

Ali Mac - I remember the day my mum called me at work to tell me that it was on the news that we were going to be hit by as meteor. I thought she'd been at the vodka until my niece grabbed the phone and reassured me she was just watching Deep Impact on DVD

PamH said...

I wish TomStu was with Rob right now so he could receive some baby cuddles from Marlowe to help cheer him up :))))

ali mac said...

LOL Angelica, love it. My poor Mother is very innocent and you could wind he up about anything, but she enjoys the joke in the end :0)

Ginger with a Soul said...

@30 we may not agree on what we hope is the outcome but my post was not directed at you nor have 1 disrespected you not once- it was directed at Nina and her scathing 3 page synopsis on why Kristen is a immature whore that deserves death threats.

I am sorry but I am 2 sometimes. Please forgive me and I really do enjoy you all.

Seven Deadly sins

Pride is excessive belief in one's own abilities, that interferes with the individual's recognition of the grace of God. It has been called the sin from which all others arise. Pride is also known as Vanity.

Envy is the desire for others' traits, status, abilities, or situation.

Gluttony is an inordinate desire to consume more than that which one requires.

Lust is an inordinate craving for the pleasures of the body.

Anger is manifested in the individual who spurns love and opts instead for fury. It is also known as Wrath.

Greed is the desire for material wealth or gain, ignoring the realm of the spiritual. It is also called Avarice or Covetousness.

Sloth is the avoidance of physical or spiritual work.

This is not a sermon but please who here is not guilty of one of these.

Rhonda said...

Angelica, Robert & Ali- yeah, my mom's like that too. We've always been able to get her to believe anything ;)

Maria said...

Oh yeah...I remember Sixth Sense...really freaky. Only watched it once and that was enough.

Robert - maybe we should introduce our mothers to each other? I get the religion lecture all the time.

*I*Believe* said...

OK~I haven't even read half of the new comments and I had to stop to say
For the love of God....LEAVE ROB ALONE!!!

How dare any of you judge his side of the relationship...he DID NOT start this shit storm! BACK OFF!

Sydney said...

Oh Lordy, didn't occur to me until Ginger posted...but me too! My response was not meant for 30 either!! Mine was 100% meant for Nina's dissertation on how EVERYONE should feel about cheating...while FINALLY adding at the end that it only matters how Rob feels.

No fucking shit, lady. That's all that needed to be said.

Litmom said...

Rose, Rose, Rose...
Such a beautiful song and such a perfect post today. Very fitting
All you need is love.

Sydney said...

Oh and might I also agree with 30 and IB with this nonsensical "Rob drove her to it." Kindly stfu.

Sydney said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Freddie said...

HI folks,

I’ve been busy with real life, and am just now getting a chance to pop in. I’m disappointed to see how disrespectful people are being.

30 – has been a longstanding member of this board and has supported and defended Kristen more times than I can remember. She has an opinion, which she is entitled to, and has expressed it respectfully. She is then attacked and called an IDIOT. That’s not how people normally respond and react on Rose’s board – regardless of whether they agree or not.

That’s not on! Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Someone said the other day that we are all reacting to this bases on our own llife experience. Some of us find cheating of any kind to be a dealbreaker where others think it's something that went wrong. Rob has his mates from childhood and his loyal friends in LA to listen and offer advice. I'm sure they all are just letting him find his own way. Kristen has her family close to do the same. That's as it should be.

It does bother me some that opinions here aren't respectedand it is a little one-sided maybe not intentionally. 30 who only stated her mind got attacked yet gagastew who said unflattering things about Rob did not. Things like that cause tempers to flare. I want to try to be kind even if I don't agree. So no worries, enjoy the evening.

Maria said...

Oh...and to Nina...the validity and how vested you are in a relationship isn't determined by the legality of it or if there are children are involved.

The relationship of two individuals that aren't legally married is just as important as that of a married couple with children.

Nina Pearl said...

@Ginger with a Soul
Was your comment aimed towards me?
"I am waiting on your 3 part paragraph DAMNING, KARMA riddle speech to the 41 yr old married man who CHEATED on his wife and not just this 1st time. I am glad you don't make the laws as to who is forgivable or not because I would need to reserve my spot in hell since I have done my share of sins in my short 37 yrs of life. I am so glad I surround myself with people willing to forgive me, help me and not shame me when I feel shammed enough and in return I would do the same for them any day without them having to ask. FYI the ONLY person she OWES anything to is Rob not you."

I certainly never said anything about death threats...I also included Rupert in what I said about deserving all the negativity she an he brought upon themselves...I never said Kristen owed me anything...I don't feel celebrities owe apologies to the public for their personal lives...Perhaps maybe political figures who run our country do as we are supposed trust them...The fact that both Kristen and Rupert made public apologies was an even bigger slap in the face to Rob, and also to Ruperts wife and children...Those were most likely forced upon them from their PR teams...The only thing I believe right now are the pictures that I have seen, and nothing that has been written by a source or even a rep...They cheated on their so called loves and that is undeniable by the photos...Rupert and Kristen are both at fault for this disgrace...I never claimed to be perfect as I am far from it, and I don't see Rob as perfect either...NO ONE IS PERFECT...My point was why do people feel Rob should forgive Kristen...But of course you all believe they both were totally in love and committed to each, where I never believed that...It has always been one sided...Her eye rolls, her wiping off the his kiss, closed mouth kisses, denying his hand and taking Taylors...No I don't know what she was like behind closed doors, perhaps she i sweet and warm vs. her public show of frigid bitch...Rob wears his heart on his sleeve...No, it's not up to me to say what they should do...I just don't believe in cheating, there is no reason for it...If your not happy in your relationship then get out of it...Like I said it doesn't matter who you are cheating is a major relationship deal breaker...If you cheat your heart is not fully committed to the person whom you cheated on period...If Rob did it I would feel the same way...I'm not saying her fans should stop supporting her if they truly enjoy her acting, all I'm saying is why would you support her to get Rob back, only for her to go and do it again, and yes she would...She has proven it twice now, once with Michael A. and now with Rob...

Anonymous said...

It does not matter that Kristen did not want to admit this relationship; people would not give up. For four years this girl has been hated for just being with Rob and now, she is hated for cheating on him. None of you know the whole truth and yet, you want to condemn her. Shame on You. IT IS Only Important that they each be safe and happy.

Anonymous said...

To everyone who thinks my comments about 30 being attacked were directed at you, you're totally and completely wrong. I was referring to Gaga. I am sorry if you felt I was speaking to you, I thought it was obvious who it was that had directed their comments towards 30, so I felt no need to call them out. That is who all of my comments regarding 30 and Rob were directed towards.

with the exception of my disappointment in people who have watched 30 endlessly defend Kristen day in and day out suddenly treating her as if she is unworthy of kindness because she is angry.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Nina - you said she deserved everything that she is getting - well guess what she is getting numerous death threats too.

Your problem is you wanted to spend half your rant calling her names - sling the mud at her because you know everything. Do I hope they make this out together - damn Skippy I do, does my opinion mean shit to either - not a chance in hell. See here is your double standard that you aren't even witty enough to catch - if you claim she cheated on MA - who did she cheat with?

Facts - you nor I know nothing about Kristen's/MA relationship (this includes when it ended)

Facts - you nor I know nothing about Rob/Kristen started dating (this includes when it started)

I am willing to bet you probably didn't even think they were dating until this came out - you know her being a fridge bitch and all - and jumped on the train to bash her.

I am a fan of both and as my god given right I support both.

BTW - I am rolling my eyes at you - guess I will add frigged bitch to the resume when I burn in hell.

PS.... maybe you can sow her that scarlet A after you are done telling her future you know nothing about.

sue said...

Bloody hell, I know I'm only the new kid but some of these comments have my head spinning. I have to get my swords out.
@Annie, nice one, I often wondered what it would feel like to be perfect. Guess I'll never find out.
@Robert, you must be the soothing force on this blog.
@Rose, I never commented much before but I'd like you to know, that your words always give me some sort of calmth (specially these crazy days) whether it's through your sarcasm, songs, belief or wisdom.
I really wish Rob and Kris all the best, no matter what they decide. I hate all this pain.

Rhonda said...

I wish we would all just stop talking about this? Seriously, what are we accomplishing by doing so? Continuing to drag this on and on is only proving to upset ourselves and others. I understand the need for people to express their feelings, but honestly, what more is there to say? Surely, we can find a happier line of conversation to discuss...

Anonymous said...

Maybe we can talk about the Brits winning their first Gold medal today? That's a happy topic where I am.

angelica1 said...

torrimarie - We have 2 golds now!!

Rhonda said...

Excuse my wayward ?...my typing skills suck when I get in a hurry ;)

Torrimarie- that works. A gold medal is good news :)

Rhonda said...

Angelica- oh, excuse me, 2 gold medals it is! Lol ;)

Ginger with a Soul said...

I was so proud of US gymnastics team but I felt really bad for Jordan. I want to ask what the Gold for the Brits was but it is probably for something running in the night program here.

Rhonda said...

I felt bad for Jordan too. At least she got a team gold :)

angelica1 said...

It seems unfair she was excluded when she was marked so much higher than most of the other finalists. I think they need to change the scoring system

Nina Pearl said...

@Ginger with a Soul Seems your being hypocritical, with your comments to me...You say I know nothing of Kristen's personal life, but here you are trying to define me, and put words into my writing that are not there...I said exactly how I feel...I haven't seen a death threat towards Kristen, but I don't go tag searching either...I know who I am and what I believe...Not sure why you feel your condemned to hell, perhaps you may need to speak with someone about that...Hopefully your not a child molester or killed anyone without reasonable doubt...If so then yes hell is where you should be...That's just my belief, just as I believe cheating should never be accepted...I agree to disagree...Hopefully you can make amends with your own sins enough to not feel you deserve to burn in hell...

@Maria I didn't say anything about the legality of a relationship, but for me children and a long standing relationship would be the only thing worth fighting for...

Anonymous said...

I felt bad for her too, but she was able to get her gold last night with the team. That made her smile. It must be heartbreaking to be World Champion and not be able to automatically qualify for the all around finals.

I didn't know there were two golds for the Brits! My husband will be excited

30 said...

torimarie no worries, I think there is a bit of confusion with the comments today, they are coming fast here.

Thank you Freddie. ♥

And for the record for anyone wondering just yesterday I was defending Kristen on GC and People site, not the act of what she did, but the death threats, the hate the bullying. That is not acceptable and yes, I do worry about BD2 promo are last film in this saga and certain fans. So yes, I am pissed at her. Would I STILL to this day kick someones ass if I was there and they went after her? YES I sure as hell would. That is my nature.

Honestly I have read some fucked up shit today from people who hate Rob on the two sites named above, I can't stomach it to be honest, I want the media to stop, stop feeding all of this. Every time I turn around a "new" story comes up upon my facebook it is ridiculous and not fair to Rob who did nothing wrong.

Rhonda said...

Angelica, I always wonder about how they determine the scores too. Sometimes they don't seem fair, but I'm not a judge either lol ;)

Rhonda said...

Did Zara win one of the gold medals?

angelica1 said...

30 - That's the thing. Sadly we've seen years of this f*cked up situation where people think it's appropriate to defend Kristen by insulting Rob and vice versa and it's just wrong.

I think we all need to make a concerted effort to stay completely away from these sites because the hits are what's generating the continuing demand and the demand needs to go away so the poor guy can get on with healing in private and put his life back together in whateer way he chooses

angelica1 said...

Rhonda - No, Zara got a silver, presented by her mum :)

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Nina - Let it go. You don't like her - I do. We will never be on the same side of the fence also maybe you should learn what sarcasm is.

@30 I know you did - I saw you talking about it on the other post - I just wanted you to know it was not directed at you at all. The hate going at both of them is beyond stupid at this point.

On the Jordan thing - I heard there was an error in the rotation that night have cost her chances but yeah - not so sure how much I like the new system.

Rhonda said...

That's true. As long as these sites are getting hits, they'll continue with the nonsense...

Nina Pearl said...

@Ginger with a Soulb Right back at ya...

katy said...

Great post, Rose!

"I wish Rob and Kristen

....These are the only things I want now for them.

Ohh, Yeah and what IB said:

For the love of God....LEAVE ROB ALONE!!!"

Some people putting the blame on Rob, is pissing me off. And if anyone thinks Kristen would be thanking you for this...you're WRONG. I actually think she would feel worse.

You don't need to trash Rob in order to defend Kristen and you don't need to trash Kristen in order to defend Rob.

Anonymous said...

Truly sad post... Reading it again and again... On top of that Kristen is listed now as ex-girlfriend in Rob's biograohy in People mag... Do they know more that we do? Probably.

ali mac said...

I really enjoyed watching those two girls winning Gold this morning at the Rowing, they are all so amazingly fit!! And hopefully a chance of more medals tomorrow at the rowing, fingers and toes crossed.

Robert said...

o yes i am quite a force. just not sure if it's "the force" "a force TBRW" or "force majeur" "force out" "force of nature" or the "armed force",

but for damn sure once i figure it out there will be a club, with weekly meetings

with hats

ooh and jackets

uh hmm i see you smiling

Anonymous said...

30 You have always been loyal to Kristen, you've stood toe to toe with trolls and defended her. So your anger about this situation is heartfelt and true, but your actions are a lesson I wish everyone would learn. You can care about someone and and be angry at them for their actions. Anger does not mean hatred.

People can be angry with Kristen, but that doesn't mean they don't
care about her.

Thank you Katy and IB nicely done.

DreamerKind said...

You all are such deeply concerned and caring individuals. I so admire that part in us, as we come to this blog, to understand and share.

Facts will out though and we don't have many at this point. Certainly, let's respect our differences and act as if we were in the same room, face to face being considerate of each other.

I vote we shelve fighting and move towards uniting.

Love your love, for what, you love. We all have that going on in us. You understand me.

Going out to dinner, back later.

"United we stand", etc. and all that applies.

It's Wednesday and we are alive! So are Rob and Kristen! Let's go from there.

Susan said...

I love you, Rose! Thank you for putting words to the feelings so many have! My heart aches seeing them both in such pain. I hope this whole thing will be over soon.

DreamerKind said...



Robert said...

and maybe capes

i'm kind of like the little kid who has his arms around his mother's leg while she tries to talk to someone and he just keeps going "mommy" "mommy" "mommy"

see what i did there, i found a way to work that mother theme into it

clever, no?

*I*Believe* said...

Did everyone watch this by our own Fio? Would love to know what everyone thinks.


LIZ said...

I am NOT Liz22, I AM LIZ .... not the same, no way, not same opinions, etc.

Nina Pearl -- MUST BE NICE to be so perfect.

ROSE -- great post and like 99% of us here, we want both of them to be happy and most of us believe they will find that happiness together. Although I do believe they'll both suffer through a lot of pain before they breakthrough to the bright side.

Has this been the longest week EVER? It has for me.

Liz in NC

bubblejoi said...

IB I watched it last night. I honestly didn't think I'd see another R/K video for a good while, if ever. Fio is one of the best R/K vidders and this video was so needed for those of us missing them. She chose the perfect song for right now. I'm in the camp that hopes they can reconcile so I'm biased in that opinion. I'm not giving up!!!!!!!!!! What happens now is up to them particularly Rob. If he walks away I'll accept it and wish him well in finding love again and if he decides to give it another try I'll be rooting for them to get stronger.

Nina Pearl said...

@LIZ , I'm sorry, your unable to comprehend the words that I wrote...Never once did I say anything about perfection...

Leni said...

Such a beautiful post, Rose!

IB - Fio's vid is great! Thanks for the link

Robert - Thanks for making me laugh!

Freddie said...

Hi IB - hope you are well.

I can't bring myself to watch the video. I'm sure Fio did a fantastic job as always... but I just can't watch at the moment. Maybe some time down the road.

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, I love you, thank you for your words. I am still very sad, and all I want is for Robert and Kristen to be happy, hopefully together.

ADD said...

Hey Jude it's one of the best songs ever written. It's the embodyment of hope and wisdom. All that we need right now.

Thank you Rose and all the other positive posters. You guys are helping me heal.

Robert said...

i know it's none of my business and you can tell me to fuck off when you read this, but here goes anyway

i was married for 15 years and in all that time i only learned one thing about women: they really like shoes

i've been coming to this board off and on for a little over a year now and i have learned twice as many things.

i've learned that women can be cruel and vicious, especially to each other
but i've also learned that they can be kind and nurturing to each other

so, i think its time to ask,

what's it going to be ladies?

JMF said...

Applauding Robert! we can share our opinions and concerns for Rob and Kristen without attack. This is what draws me here. Been around for 2 years, haven't posted much but have been since last week. Compassion is the word.

JMF said...

Oh! and to Freddie, it is a beautiful and heart felt video from Fio, but it definitely makes you cry. Fio always does videos straight from her heart.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Robert - Hey I am not a fan of shoes - well maybe converse but I repel heels (they just hurt my feet and after seeing my moms corns I am scared for LIFE) :)

Robert said...

not buying it
been around the block a few times and i have found that women who say they don't actually do, they just don't want to admit it

Ginger with a Soul said...

@I believe - that is a really beautiful video , the way they look at each other and one is always touching each other..... that is what drew me in

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Robert - I swear it is true and I have photo proof and eye witnesses to prove it.

Ready for this - I only wear a skirt or dress when forced to.

Robert said...

ginger--okay i'll take your word for it

am i the only guy on here?

i swear to god, this is so much fun

bubblejoi said...

I'm starting to see stories pointing out what a scumbag RS is. It's about time he took some of the heat. Kristen is certainly culpable in the whole thing but I really think that he pursued her. I don't think it was momentary as in once but I think it was very brief. I feel more for Kristen since this scandal hit. I was always Rob's fan first. I'd hear people talk about the hate she got but I never really took note of it. What I've seen in the past week has led me to develop a lot of compassion for her. I hope the people around her are keeping the garbage away as best they can. She made a huge mistake, hurting the person she loves and dissapointing all those close to her but she doesn't deserve to be crucified.

I've been thinking about Rob and how he not only has to process that he was betrayed by someone he loves but to see his personal flashed across the media being dissected and made fun of. That's a double blow. I hope they are talking so that Rob can get out some of his anger and hurt and start to prepare for facing the media and the public for Cosmopolis. As far as Breaking Dawn I hope they will be civil and support each other as co-workers at least by the time full press tour begins and the red carpets start. I would hate to see really awkward moments that will just feed the gossip hounds. Breaking Dawn is still months away and I hope it's time for him to wrap his head around everything. Rob deserves to hold his head high. No one deserves this humiliation.

I wonder how and if this story would play out differently if Kristen had not made a statement at all.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


OMG...I just about fell out of my chair when I read about the shoe theory after 15 years of marriage. I will have to second that opinion...lol...I have so many in my closet, it is embarrasing!!!


OK..I went back and read some of your earlier comments..so this is my absolute final take on the whole matter. We have agreed on two major points here. The first is that Rupervert set her up...obvious as hell...cant be denied by anybody...even other magazines are saying it. Secondly, that this was a dalliance...they HAVE NOT HAD SEX...I couldnt agree with you more...BUT HEAR ME NOW on THIS...You have both expressed the concept that she was weak and basically she cheated on Rob...I have had an epiphany...This is very much like a student being molested by a coach(The Penn State situation comes to mind...OR how many teenage boys have been molested by Catholic priests??? Please hear me out...When you read about teenage boys allowing shit like that to happen to them, its like, come on, why didnt you report the pervert or why did you not beat the shit out of him? I mean, most teenage boys certainly would be grown enough to take on the average sized male and take them down so as not to be ruined like that forever...BUT THEY DONT!!! I dont claim to understand it, but it has to do with a combination of the pervert being an authority figure over them and embarrassmentand things that the predators say to their prey to insure they get to act on their uncontrollable urges....ugh... Think about it....So my final conclusion about ALL OF THIS is she is the victim of attempted sexual molestation and willfull defamation of character and if I were Rob and his/her team I would hire some lawyers to consider criminal charges against him...most certainly if he had been successful in completion of the entire act. I rest my case.

Melinda said...
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Robert said...

don't know how reliable this is but i heard that the slug of a photographer followed her around for five days just waiting for her to fuck up. when i think about some of the shit i pulled when i was 22, man

thank god there wasn't anyone following me around

Anonymous said...

I beg of you, beg of you- please stop Rose. Let Rob move forward with his life, attracting a person with a good heart to match his own WHOMEVER that may be. Look at the history of your blog. You loved Rob from the beginning. You embraced Kristen for whatever reason, maybe because Rob loved her. He is a man with a good heart and aura. Wishing them back together is not right. Look at the evidence in front of you. Your blog has such beautiful photo's to resort to. Rob smiling and radiant. Rob with Tom, smiling and radiant, Rob with Kristen smiling and radiant. Kristen....Rarely smiling and radiant with Rob. More of an acceptance and a smirk. Forget these words, in your heart, you know that Rob is a radiant being with a wide open heart. He deserves the same. You should not wish him otherwise and you KNOW within you that Kristen is Otherwise. You have keen observations, and a talent for the expression of that in writing. I would ask that you revisit that observation and in wishing them well, you do so without encouraging what will surely end in Rob pattinson Broken heart, part 2.

Robert said...

i give up

deb said...

Thank You Rose I want Only PEACE AND HAPPINESS For our 2 But its going to take ( THEIR TIME) to do it Im still going to go to their movies BOTH Because that is WHAT THEY WOULD WONT YES this is PAINFUL all fights are BUT LETS NOT FORGET THEY DO LOVE EACH OTHER and That helps me sleep at night I BELIEVE ALL WELL be good with ROBERT AND KRISTEN in time. :) DEB.

Maria said...

@Ginger...like your new avi.

Can't watch any videos of Robsten without crying...so I am going to hold off watching Fio's until I can pull my shit together.

Was at my son's football practice this evening. A nice distraction from the saddness that I can't do anything about.

By being supportive of Kristen, it doesn't diminish the fact that we know she wronged Rob and that he has every right to be angry and heartbroken. It's that we are still questioning why she did it. What drove her to risk her happiness?

It's not fair to her to use the term "once a cheater always a cheater", when we are all clueless to the facts of the past four years. And I am sorry but you can't compare her "high school" relationship with Michael to what she had/had with Rob. Its like comparing apples to oranges.

No matter whose side you are on, and what your own personal experience has been, lets send our best wishes to these two kids. Because neither one deserves the censor and condemnation that they both have experienced in varying degrees these past few years, especially since it was first suspected that something might be going on between them. Imagine how much we would appreciate it if someone was constantly analyzing andcommenting on our personal lives and relationships without really knowing us.

Mirah121178 said...

Jerry D, where are you? I'm one of Kristen big fans. I upset to her but she's human. She made bad choice. I feel her sorrow. She must be crying all the times. I have paranormal empathy. I feel their problem the night before the news is broken. Now, help her...seriously. Something really bad will happen. Please, do believe me...

Maria said...

@Super...you hit the nail on the head! ITA.

Mirah121178 said...

Somebody let me know. How to reach Kristen. Please.....please...one of her fans will do something bad to her..please

deb said...

Thank You Rose I want Only PEACE AND HAPPINESS For our 2 But its going to take ( THEIR TIME) to do it Im still going to go to their movies BOTH Because that is WHAT THEY WOULD WONT YES this is PAINFUL all fights are BUT LETS NOT FORGET THEY DO LOVE EACH OTHER and That helps me sleep at night I BELIEVE ALL WELL be good with ROBERT AND KRISTEN in time. :) DEB.

Maria said...

@lyght2....go take another gander at those pictures and you will find plenty instances of Kristen smiling and being radiant...and that Rob was the source of it. Even up until recently.

But I suppose each sees what they want to see.

.......... said...

Takes a deep breath,
I normally don't post on other people's blogs, having one of my own i merely allow my words to sink in and let other people be my judge. I had to comment today however, because in times like this an extra hug, an extra word of patience is really all that there is needed.

I have gone along this journey just like everyone else, i felt the deepest compassion (still do) for two people who found each other in this crazy twilight world and fell in love.

Love just doesn't leave you when you have problems, love just can't walk out the door. No one has ever been in love and felt the emotional need to fight for it with every fibre of your being, until you are put in that position.
Some are so quick to judge a person when they fall, why, are we so perfect? No one is and the sad fact is that those that have judged have judged so harshly. Yes photographs can't tell lies, but they can be misleading and that's far worse than a lie.

People read too much into gossip that they loose site of what is really important. We can walk away from this at our choosing but two people can't. If Kristen and Rob love each other, then they can battle their way out of this dark hole they are in. What i find appalling is the judgements of their so called fans, so quick to turn their back and offer support to the one who has been wronged and ignore the fact that it's not their life they are dealing with, Rob can't just turn his back on a woman he fell in love with, because of this stupid mistake!

Yes people a mistake and one that Kristen will carry with her for the rest of her life. One she will do everything in her power to try and earn back the trust she lost and forgiveness that she needs. Because when you are in love, you can understand that we are not perfect and we do make mistakes and we do things in our relationships that risk losing them and we then decide whether to learn from them and go forward, or we blindly ignore them and don't go anywhere.

My thoughts for Rob;

Fight for what you know,
fight for what is yours
fight to then 'keep' what is yours.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@ lyght2 - sigh - seriously I refer to Robert - can we keep it classy besides I am more than sure Rose doesn't control what Rob decides nor do you.

I have another funny fact for you Robert - I play World of Warcraft (and if you know anything about the game - I am the raid leader and Guild leader)

Also - OMG with Chik Fila - they were my favorite chicken - damn them - one of my sisters is gay and her girlfriend is an amazing human being. Just ughhhhhh

Anonymous said...

Super, I think I misunderstood your point, so I am asking if you mind claryfying this a little more please. I KNOW what a sweet, wonderful person you are and I don't think your comment came across the way you wanted it to.

I don't think you meant to say that a 10 year old being raped in the shower is the same as a man kissing a young woman in a car. I apologize again for even bringing this up, but I must have misunderstood, misread, I know you it wasn't meant in the way I took it, right? Please don't think I'm criticizing you, if anything I am criticizing my perception of what you said. Please set me straight

Rhonda said...

Melinda- I enjoyed reading your thoughts ;)

Totally agree with your comment about the Olympics. Mens swimming has quickly become my new favorite sport lol ;)

Robert- I love shoes! :D

Oneheart said...

Rose I've always loved this song and today I love it even more. Thank you .

So many different opinions. It would be a dull world if we all agreed. I'm not going to criticize anyone for what they choose to believe. I learned something out of all of this. I learned that it's not my right to follow two people and become so involved in their lives that I feel I have a say in it. I'm not a part of it so whether I want them together or I don't is really irrelevant to them.

In the past three years there has been one thing I have observed about these two and that is they have never told me who I can love, why I should or shouldn't love them, and what I should do with my life. I have never seen them on blogs discussing my life or on twitter putting me or my husband down. Talking hate about me. Or judging either of us. I've never seen them say anything like this to any fan. Don't they have as much right as we do to give their opinion on each of our personal lives?

We have always been so ready to give our opinions on things that occur in their lives and yet they remain silent when it comes to each of us. Some may argue it is different they are stars and they don't know us. Well I find myself saying we don't know them either. We think we do, but in all reality we don't. We know them from movies, interviews, award shows but we truly don't know them personally. We know nothing about them outside of what we see on the screen, whether it be a movie or a television. We only know what we read in magazine articles that they have given interviews for. We don't know what goes on behind closed doors and that is a place we don't have any right to try and enter.

I've heard people saying Rob won't take her back because he can't trust her. I've heard others say Kristen messed up and once a cheater always a cheater. I'm not going to say that and I speak only for myself because, I don't know what their hearts are feeling for each other or what their souls are sharing during all of this. I'm not there and I'll never be there. I have no right to ever force myself inside such an intimate part of their lives.

I respect them both and I choose to leave it up to them. They show me respect by not interfering in my personal life and that is why I choose to show them the same respect.

At the end of the day, I realize that I don't know what tomorrow will bring in my own life, so I can't come here and tell them what will happen in theirs. I care about these two and I continue to pray for both of them. Whatever they decide will be the right thing because they will do what is right for them and they won't base that on what fans want them to do. They won't listen to those wanting him to let her go and those wanting him to forgive her and continue being a couple, they will listen to the only voice that matters in all of this, the voice of their hearts.

I will also pray for everyone from the ones who are angry and upset over what took place to those who have already forgiven. I will pray that we all learn to be fans who show them respect and love and that we all learn to seperate their private lives from their public ones.

The world is so full of hate and that hate can only be destroyed by showing kindness and love towards everyone. None of us are perfect but through forgiveness we can find a perfect peace from within.

Sydney said...

Oneheart: PERFECTLY stated. Agree 100%. Thank you for putting it all so eloquently.

bubblejoi said...

@ Super, I doubt we'll see him charged with anything but he should not skate away from this.

OKAY here goes my big speculation exercise

His wife's interview from a few months back was very blunt and clearly their marriage was experiencing problems. I think RS was and is completely absorbed in himself and his own ambition. Instead on working on his relationship he decided that if he could land one of the most famous women in the world he'd get everything he ever wanted. He was drooling over her before they met. He wanted her and the seduction may have started during filming but if anything had happened it would have come to light before last week.

I think Krisent certainly could have been in awe of him and admired him and enjoyed his flirtation and praise. She said she wanted something to happen to her in life. Maybe she did feel like everything had come to easy for her and she felt she needed challenge in her life to grow.

Selfish douchebag meet immature thrill seeker. Enter tabloid explosion!!!!! Innocents suffer under the impact.

I look at Kristen talking about Rob's Cosmopolis performance and all I sense from her is love and pride.

I think Kris and RS started crossing lines after they reunited for press following Cannes. That's when you see a lot of looks and the change in body language. When I look at Comic Con pics now, the Hotel Cafe date, TCAs something does seem off in her interaction with Rob.

At this point if Kristen was living a lie it may have caused friction with Rob because of guilt. His comment about wanting to push her off a chair might be as a result of friction between them. I think Kristen was still mired in the naive delusion that she wouldn't get caught. I think she got tired of being squeaky clean and wanted to get a bit mucky. In some of the pics she doesn't seem like she's totally in to it so she may have had reservations. I don't think they had sex but I also don't think Kristen was going to come clean any time soon. She was in the mood for taking risks adn shaking up her life. I think Kristen enjoyed his attention but didn't plan to go beyond making out. RS is a horny toad who adjusts his junk while at dinner with a table full of co-workers. He definitely wanted it!!!!!!! If she never intended it to go beyond making out perhaps that's how she was able to continue to behave dishonestly with Rob in the days following the encounter. She was oblivious to loving boyfriends, wives and children when she was around RS and treated it like a fling that wouldn't last long so she didn't need to come clean. She's immature and reckless and has a lot of growing up to do. I think if they ended up on the set of SWATH 2 he'd pursue her again.

Litmom said...

Okay - I officially hate my Kindle. Every time I try to post a comment from it, it shows up on here for about 5 minutes and disappears...SO - lesson learned.


ONEHEART. I've said this for 2 years now, but dang, woman. Are you inside my head, or what? Always, always. Just perfect. So glad to call you my dear friend.

And Melinda - THIS is what I posted a while ago, and it disappeared...
You are a wise, wise woman. And I agree about the swimmers. Indeed.

Jane said...

Kristen needs to be on her own awhile, something she hasn't done her whole life..someone always taking care of her. Then, if she wants to be with Rob, she will definitely know. Hell, she could be head over heels in love with Sanders, age don't mean a thing any longer. This is what she needs to find out, who she loves and wants to be with. I think Rob would agree if she told him she wasn't' sure of who she loved right now. Too much going on to think clearly. It will all work out in the long run..meanwile, I am so stoked to see Cosmopolis.

Kenzz said...

Such crazy shit on here tonight... Missing the lightness that defined Rose's blog for so long...

Melinda, your comments were wonderful, thanks for sharing!

Fio... Sweet vid, not too sad, very uplifting... Thanks, kiddo!

Super, DK', Robert, your passion and goodness continues to inspire me...

Maria said...

@Oneheart - **mmwah**...Beautifully said.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


Of course I am not comparing this situation to the rape of a child or adult. What I am merely saying that I have come to the conclusion that this was a carefully arranged seduction carried out to willfully ruin her character and the psychological mindset I think is similar to the type of rhetoric that occurs between a seducer and the victim. I have decided we have come to a wrong conclusion... That she was willfully going to cheat on Rob. I think he set her up masterfully for this. She looked up to him as an authority figure and when he started his advances although she first resisted something snapped a little in her mind and she allowed it to go a little further I'm ready to quit beating the horse though. I realize almost no one will agree with me on this but I don't believe she set out to cheat on Rob. If I have offended anybody I did not mean to

Holy said...

Hello again everyone.

@Robert-you're such a gentleman.

@Ginger-take a deep breath my dear and relax.I'm on your side.So you also hate heels like me.I love flats and sneakers also.

@Super RN-I agree with with you,I think she was a victim sexual molestation and defamation of character.I bet you RS is loving loving all the publicity he's getting.One thing that is also strange is his wife comments that this happened before and that he loves to flirt.My gut is telling me that she's knows about the plan before it happen.

I love to hear your song selections today guys.

Anonymous said...

This might shock you Super, but I agree that Kristen most likely didn't set out to cheat on Rob.

I apologize again for my poor comprehension skills today, I think I have baby brain.

Thank you for clearing that up for me.

Second Chance said...

Forgiveness is the most powerful form of love.

Melanie Sapthina said...


MzM said...

Real talk: this is NOT our issue to advise or weigh in on but we've forced ourselves into their lives and become way too invested. The expectations of them being together FOREVER- let's be real- LIKE EDWARD & BELLA- is too much. I dated a man for most of my twenties, he cheated in a very public way, he cried and apologized, I forgave & took him back. I became insecure and paranoid every time he was out of my sight. My dependency for assurance suffocated us both. He cheated again and I haven't spoken to him in over 20 years. I thought he was my destiny. He proposed and I said yes. But we were both too young and immature. I have no idea where he is today.

I really like Kristen a lot and I wish her absolutely NO ill will but she needs to grow up. As mature as we want to believe she is because she acts so unaffected or she gives the middle finger to Hollywood and the paparazzi, she's very, very immature in a lot of ways and I really think if she and Robert are meant to be they need to try to get past this and maybe see how they feel in another five or ten years.

She wanted someone to fuck her over and she did that to herself (I believe Rupert was the pursuer but she is way too smart to have just relented if it's not something she wanted) and now she needs to really grow and learn from it. Robert can forgive her, he should forgive her more for himself than her because he doesn't need to carry that baggage around. But right now the last thing they need to do is be involved in a romantic relationship.

Focus on your careers, enjoy this crazy life because it's brief and fleeting and again if 30 and 34 finds them single and it still feels like kismet by all means have babies and get married! :-) But we need to let go of this fantasy and let these KIDS get on with their lives.

Anonymous said...

Since you addressed your theory to me and Rogue, I guess I need to speak since Rogue doesn't seem to be around.

I don't think Kristen was molested. I don't think Rupig is a predator. She is an adult. I think we need to drop the age thing because it's not relevant. She is an adult with more experiences than most of us will ever have. I am not that much older than her and I don't consider myself a naive child. Rupig was not a person of power in her life, rather in some ways they were equals. She had more movie experience and spoke of having the director's ear and consulting on character and plot and dialogue.

Flirtation is fun and that's what I think was going on. Whether he had an agenda or not is not really the point. Flirtaition grows to shared secrets, jokes, some inuendo. At some point do you cross the line, she did. That's it. We don't know her reasons, that's for her and Rob. At the least it was seduction, but he didn't molest her. Those are purely my thoughts

Second Chance said...

Forgiveness is the most powerful form of love.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


Thanks for your opinion. Its way past my bedtime and I have been spending way too much time trying to understand this.


Thanks for asking me to clarify and if you are in a motherly way congrats. I hope all goes well

Good night ALL

Kenzz said...

Goodnite, Super!

Jade said...

I read that People magazine is saying in this Friday's issue that,"Kristen has rebuffed Sander's advances since filming began last year. He became infatuated with her since production...but she kept it professional as she loved..and still loves her boyfriend". They claimed that the flirting only started recently and that Kristen was "lured into a situation she never wanted". I believe that Kristen's statement was sincere and not connived to save her career. I love both Rob and Kristen and will support both together or apart.

*I*Believe* said...

lyght~Please don't talk about Kristen like that.

Fio's video is uplifting. Watching it made me feel a little better.

DK~Since everyone is spinning tunes around here I want to request "Beside You" by Van Morrison. Please dedicate it to Rob and Kristen. Early on it was both of their favorite song.

Peace Roseland!

*I*Believe* said...

Hi Kenzz! When did you sneak in?

Kenzz said...

IB, I'm like the wind... :)

Robgirl073 said...

What if Kristen really doesn't want Rob anymore? I mean....her actions aren't those of a loving, loyal girlfriend. I really loved them together, but if she doesn't love him the way he loves her, then he is just going to end up even more heartbroken!

Robgirl073 said...

What if Kristen really doesn't want Rob anymore? I mean....her actions aren't those of a loving, loyal girlfriend. I really loved them together, but if she doesn't love him the way he loves her, then he is just going to end up even more heartbroken!

Kenzz said...

Robgirl, if I may... Trust in fate, nothing you feel will make ANY difference in the outcome of R & K's relationship, so find your own peace ,,, What is meant to be, will be, or won't be

Holy said...

@luckystrike, I like it when you call him Rupig. LOL.

@Oneheart,beautiful words.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Holy - yeah I took a deep breath awhile ago. Part of me says ignore it then they poof disappear and the other side just wants to scream at people for degrading either of them.

Heels will never be my thing - I do wear flats every now and then but choice foot wear if not barefoot is tennis shoes or flip flops. I will throw Robert a bone though - I do color coordinate my converse with my clothes but being a very bright redhead - I don't wear a lot of colors in fear of looking like a huge sunflower lol.

Video game time is over time for some music. I can post your song I believe if DK is not on

Ginger with a Soul said...

For Kris and Rob from I Believe

Van Morrison

Beside You lyrics

Little Jimmy's gone way out of the back streets
Out of the window, into the falling rain
And he's right on time, right on time
That's why broken arrow waved his finger

Down the road so dark and narrow
In the evening just before the Sunday sixbells chime
And way out on the highway
All the dogs are barkin' way down below

And you wander away from your hillside retreated view
Went to wanderin' Nordhbridge way out on the railroad
Together all the tipping trucks will unload
All the scrapbooks built together stuck with glue
And I'll stand beside you, beside you

Oh child to never wonder why
To never, never, never, never wonder why at all
To never, never, never, never wonder why
It's gotta be, it has to be

Across the crystal pavements
Way across the country where the hillside mountains glide
The dynamo of your smile caressed the
Barefoot virgin child

To wander past your window in the nighttime 'cross the floor
Crying as ecstasy surrounds you
Through the night air your proud time is open
Go well against the pointed idle breeze

Past the footlights of the brazen silence easy
In the night you cry and you want spirits to tell you
Everything's alright
Go ahead and do it one more time baby
You're satisfied I guess
You're way up and the sky comes down

Open and just hold the lantern in the doorway
For the freedom of it
And you take the night air through your nostrils
And you breathe in out, in out
And you breathe just like that, just like that

How does it get you when it gets you
When it gets ya
You may not know it's got you until you turn around
And I'll point a finger at you, point a finger at you

You say which way, which way
That's alright, we've gotten hip to it
Goin' to do it right now
Behind you, beside you, beside you

Oh child to never wonder why
To never, never, never, never wonder why at all
Never, never, never, never wonder why at all


Pamella said...

Rose I just want to say what a beautiful post and to Oneheart who I adore "Thank You"!

Robert said...


is that a video game. i'm so out of the loop when it comes to video games. here is my entire history with video games: i played pacman once and lost

red hair, color coordinated skirt and converse sounds just about right to me go girl

god i hate van morrison
you know why well i'll tell you why 2 reasons 1 he wrote brown eyed girl' i sing in a band and we can't do one performance without having to play that damn song 3 times 2. he's a genius his entire catalogue is like a giant symphony, where each song is a different movement and my god the lyrics, scroll up and read the lyrics to beside you, brilliant

okay i'm off to bed. goodnight to everyone and i hope i didn't offend anyone with my masculine manliness

Anonymous said...

Super, I should be the one to say thank you for clearing it up for me.

Thank you for the good wishes.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Robert - goodnight

Yeah it is a video game - the beast of them all and is on line so you play with people all over - think it has somewhere like 11 million players.

You made me smile - never offended :)

*I*Believe* said...

Thank you Ginger!

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