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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Rob and Kristen- Here Comes The Sun

Random Thoughts

1) It's been a couple of weeks now...
Remember what I posted?

What We Actually Know.

1. Creepy pics of gross director with his arms around Kristen
and kissing her in her car.

2. Kristen's apology to everyone she hurt...
and her desperate love for Rob.

I said that was all we actually knew.
What have we learned in 2 weeks?

3. Rob's reps will come out and talk about
Rob's upcoming appearances with Cosmopolis.
They will discuss his job.
His promotion.
His work.
Not the intimate details of his personal life.

That's what we know.

I can tell you what we don't know...

No matter what you read...
Where you read it.
Good Gossip
Bad Gossip.
The key word is

That includes those beacons of
honesty and truth
People and US Magazines.

2) Rob is making an appearance on The Daily Show and GMA
People were ALL aflutter about 'poor' Rob.
'How is he going to handle it??'
Rob is a grown man.
He knows EXACTLY what he is doing.
He's working.
If he doesn't want to discuss something...
He won't.
How much simpler does it have to be?
He's promoting his movie.
Something he is incredibly proud of.
Part of the job.
And honestly...
Wouldn't it be GREAT to see him smile??
Yes it would.

3) I admitted that I was WAY over invested
in this relationship.
I never thought I would react the way I have.
But at least I have learned something from all this.
Keeping it at arm's length from now on.

It's kinda like I'm sitting on the edge of a pier...
My feet just dangling in the water
barely touching the surface
Enough to get wet
Enough to feel how cool the water is...
But I'm not diving in
I'm never going in too deep again.

I've always said the lunatic fringe were rabid hyenas....
Ripping. Shredding. Devouring.
Picking the meat off the bone.
Guess I was right.
Look at them circling... going in for the kill.
Acting like Kristen personally punched them in the gut.
Predictable behavior is... well... Predictable.
Fucking scavengers.

This post is brought to you by Faith.

I have it.
I have faith that Robert knows what he is doing.
I have faith that Kristen is doing the right thing.
I have faith in love.
I have faith in forgiveness.
I have faith that everything isn't as clear cut
as you think it is...
I have faith that everything will be OK.
I have faith in Rob and Kristen.

I also have faith in Tom Sturridge.
I just do.
Because I want to.
Shut up.

I don't have any song lyrics to close this out...
But I do have a quote that I've used before.
It fits.

And as we all know in life
It's useless to obsess over things
over which we have no control.

We don't.
We can hope.
We can want Rob and Kristen to be OK
and to find happiness
But it's useless to obsess over something
that in the grand scheme of things
really shouldn't affect our lives.
No matter how badly we want something
This belongs to Rob and Kristen.
The Good.
The Bad.
No relationship is perfect.
Nothing good ever comes easy.

Until next time.

Bye for now

Here comes the Sun.
And it's all right.


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Kay said...

Thanks Rose.

Take care everyone.


Anonymous said...

Wiser words have not been spoken. Its their fight. All we can do is wait it out and hope for the best. <3

Litmom said...

Thank you Rose.

It's not our life to live - it's theirs. I want them both to have wonderful lives - together or apart (together would be nice, but it's not for me to decide).

Groovie said...

Perfect timing, I'm at lunch and this gave me something to read :)

Well said as always Rose!

And I agree, Rob will be just fine during NYC promo. He is a grown man and professional! Too many needless "mama bears" in this fandom. Leave that job to his own Mama!
He is proud and excited about this film, and I'm happy he has a chance to go and do his thing to promote it!

Love the title of the post...not a bad song to get stuck in your head!

Hello to everyone and as always, love and support to both Rob & Kristen.

Dottie said...

Thank you, Rose. I have faith in love and forgiveness, too. Still praying for R/K and believing the best in them always.

Hugs to all!

elza troncoso said...

Oh Rose! I just loved your post. I also have faith in love. I also invested a lot in this relationship and I shouldn't. I learned a lesson. But I still wish that these two persons that I love so much can be happy together and can have a bit of peace.
And you please never stop posting.

Berry said...

Great post Rose. I too have been way to vested in Rob and Kristen and I too have said never again...I am happy that Rob has work to help get him through. I still hope that they both come out of this together, but as I have said before if not that is ok too!

Thanks again for your thoughts!

Hello to all!

Linh Do said...

Hi all,

First time commenter here Rose. :)

Thank you for your wise words. I have faith in their love and pray that they will find peace soon and come back together and be stronger than ever.

P.S.: I really admire you and other sane/sensible bloggers. To deal with all bs and crazy comments on daily basis? No, pls spare me that misery. I just browsed some and good Lord, how 'mature' and jugdmental some grown-up people are.

Take care everyone and be positive!

Crystal said...

You said exactly what I have been thinking. I was too invested in their relationship, and I have sworn to never do that again. Also, I can't do anything about what is happening to them, so I have to let it go. Thanks for saying it, we can all learn a lesson from this. Hoping Rob and Kristen will be ok again soon. Together or apart, I just want them to be happy.

Karen in NJ said...

Thank you Rose!

I was just thinking those same words. Way too invested... Time to step back and let them work it out. Alway praying that they can just be happy. Faith, it's good to have faith. And love. And prayers - I'm with you Dottie!

As Groovie said, love and support to Rob and Kristen. Always

Freddie said...

Ditto to what Dottie and Litmon said.

I hope everyone is having a good week.

P.S. DK - I miss you too.

Hope said...

Dear Rose,

Thank you for another thoughtful and encouraging post.
I'm keeping the FAITH too...always have...always will!

Love to all.

Rhonda said...

Thank you, Rose <3

I'm so excited for Cosmopolis. Just hoping it gets released somewhere near me...

*Fingers crossed*

angelica1 said...

Thanks Rose :)

Rob and Kristen will be fine, I'm sure.

tyas titisari said...

Morning everybody. The sun is up in Indonesia.
I'm happy for Rob and Cosmopolis and also other upcoming projects. I don't know how He feels at this point, like you said, we will never know and its their lives.
But I can not avoid to feel somekind of relieve, to see Rob after this storm. Can not hold the urge to find out, Does his smile ever reach his eyes like it used to be? Is He going to be funny in the interview like He used to be? I wish He will be the same Rob as I used to know. At the same time, I know maybe, just maybe, it will be the opposite of what I wish for. But, I guess, it's okay. He has the right to feel, to look, to act as he needs to be, in this time being. My wish is irrelevant with His reality. So, I wish Him only the best and success for cosmopolis.

Melinda said...

Thanks Rose for this thoughtful post. "Here Comes The Sun" is my favorite Beatles song b/c of what it represents for me in my own life. Still wanting healing and happiness for the both of them.

I'm excited for Rob's upcoming promo. He worked so hard on this and it will be good to see him talking about it once again.

Hoping that the movie comes near me because a really good friend and I want to see it.

Anonymous said...

but why you don't shut up and make your life better than what you normally do??????

let it be whatever is let the air be free not any more like you !!!

make your dreams come true not the others!

Anonymous said...

tha's way all the world are so upset about this stupid love story became from a movie!!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

AND PEOPLE LIKE YOU..............

Anonymous said...


rxlady60 said...

Thanks Rose

I never thought that i would be this affected too,after two weeks I'm still on denial stage and can't still believe this is happening.
Thank you guys for all your wisdom and comforting words especially Tempest,Ginger,and DK
Rose thank you for being our rock.


Holy said...

Thank you Rose,you are such an amazing lady.
Yes,I have Faith in Rob and Kristen that they will come out with this together.
I'm excited to see Rob next week,I know he will be okay.

deb said...

Yes in any relationship YOU HAVE THE GOOD AND THE BAD That's how WE GROW. I DO BELIEVE IN TRUE LOVE and I think that's what our 2 have. I hope the BEST. For them To learn from this and to go on and LIVE BE HAPPY AND TO LOVE. 3 years is worth the FIGHT. YOU MY FRIEND ARE A VERY WISE WOMEN and THANK YOU ROSE for LOVING THEM BOTH :) DEB.

*I*Believe* said...

Hi Everyone!

Rose~Thanks for the post....keep on keeping on!

tyas titisari said...

I'm sorry, what are you talking about? Stupid Fandom? Then, don't bother to comment. Bye.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Thanks Rose - it is really is a great post

LIZ said...

Hi Rose,

Thanks for your wonderful words. Every now and then we need a little "slap in the face". Yes, I, too, was WAY too invested in these two so when it happened, it was like it happened to me!!! Couldn't sleep, barely ate, was generally a mess for about a week.

Now, I have the utmost faith in them and their love for each other. I keep telling myself to "stand back" as you suggest but I'm afraid I'll still be heartbroken if they don't reconcile. I'm ashamed to actually say it but just trying to be honest.

I will still love them both and follow their careers, we will have just lost our very own modern day Romeo and Juliet.

Liz in Lala Land

Barbara Fenwick said...

Like you guys, I have learned a big lesson. I was way too invested in their relationship, and I will never do that again. I do hope R/K can work out their differences. I just want them to be okay.

I do dislike all the hate, really tired of it.

Take care everyone. Hopefully things will be better soon.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@oneheart - it is the caps lock that gives the kiddies away too, not just the incomplete sentences or spelling issues.

@ diade - grab some self control, take a deep breath and leave Rose the fuck alone. I salute you as you leave with your other troll friends that stop by - it is a 1 finger salute at that so it is special

Rhonda said...

Ginger- ;)

Hope said...

The new Entertaiment Weekly COVER of Rob and Kristen is GORGEOUS!

Kenzz said...

Rose, guilty here, too, of over investment , and have pledged to never get so caught up in something I have no control over or say in.

I believe in true love and soulmates (as I live it in my RL), but I won't say it's been easy to maintain when outside influences intrude, as they will. Here's hoping Rob & Kris will eventually find their way back to each other. I wish the best for our Smitty, Gruff, and Syd, and will never regret the friendships made here in Roseland...

30 said...

“The fact is, these are actors playing parts, and maybe it’s not such a bad thing that people be reminded of that,” Bill Condon tells EW. “Both of these actors gave heart and soul to the Twilight movies, not only during shooting, but also by navigating so graciously the whole life-in-a-fishbowl aspect of the phenomenon. Above all they have always shown great respect for the fans who made these movies such a success. Now it’s time that some of that respect be returned to them.”

Nothing more to say. Mr. Condon said it all so gracefully.

Kenzz said...

@30. Just another reason to love Bill C.!

How's married life treating you? Hope all is well in newlywed town :). <3. <3

30 said...

Hi Kenzz! Married life is going well, Thank You for asking. :)

LIZ said...

@30 -- I had not seen that Bill C., when did he say that? Where? Just curious.

I can tell myself like the rest of you that I'll become as invested as I was, blah blah blah .... BUT, knowing myself, as soon as I see them "together, together" possibly on red carpet at BD2 or out on a date in LA, I'm going to start crying and I'm afraid it's all going to start back up again.

Oh, well, let's face it, everyone, we LOVED to see them loving each other, it brought us so much happiness. And, we didn't hurt anyone (at least most of us didn't). I never went to a premiere to camp out and anything and often said to others that if I ever "saw" the two of them or even just one of them, I'd be happy to stand in a corner and just look their/her/his way, not intrude.

Oh, well, Thank God for all of you good people.

Liz in Lala Land...

Rhonda said...

I love Bill Condon <3

Karen in NJ said...

@Liz I will also be heartbroken if they decide to go separate ways. Get gut pains just thinking about it. I keep telling myself it has nothing to do with me and I know that but my heart wants them together. Time will tell and I will heal. I love your LaLa Land. Hope there's room for one more!

Gotta love Bill C!

Michele Ruffin said...

Rose, I am worried about Kristen. No one will listen to her. Kristen is very young, both Rob and Kristen are young. I see Kristen, she is vulnerable and was taken advantage of by a much more mature man. He is a dirty old man, who knew what he was doing more than Kristen. Rob, should remember he took her from the protection of her father's home at an early age into his home and bed. Rob is her knight in shining armor. Rob cover and protect the woman you loved. for better or worse, stay together and work it out, they hurt because they are pulled apart. Let the love be seen and let the bitterness go. The media is tearing her apart. What if someone would try to hurt her, would Rob do nothing. I love them both and I'm mature enough to see between the lines, blogs and tabloids, gossip and pray they work it out together soon. Thanks for loving them as I do.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rose, great post.

I have complete confidence that R/K ARE OK. ;)

Kay said...

Such beautiful words from Bill in EW. He is so very right, and I am glad he said them.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Bills comment is what we should expect from someone close to them - that is the kind of person/people they hold close to them - someone that respects them. It was classy and a bit comforting.

Liz - reserve my seat in LaLa land

anitabonita2413 said...

I definitely learned two things about this situation. One, i was way to invested in a relationship that didn't involve me and two, is that Kristen is just as human as anyone and makes mistakes. Unfortunately for her, she gets ripped apart bc she's in the limelight. It sucks and I feel really bad for her. No one knows 100% want goes on in a relationship but the two involve. I can't judge nor crucify her for her mistake. I can only respect that she had it in her to publicly apologize. I have faith that things will work out for them. It might not be an easy road but they can do it. Thanks Rose for reminding us that not everything reported is fact but gossip.

Melanie Sapthina said...

I miss you Rose....and thank you for another great post.

I' m keeping the faith in love. I always believe in love.
And i always believe in Rob, the man with big heart.

I support Kristen, hope she' s fine.

I wish them happiness

My best regards to everyone in Roseland....

LIZ said...

There's room for almost EVERYONE in Lala Land!!!

Was just reading that Rob is to appear on The Daily Show on Monday, 8/13. Now, isn't that show hosted by Jon Stewart? OMG, what a coincidence.

I believe R/K are talking and perhaps taking things slowly which I think would be a good thing. They really have enough time prior to BD2 to take things slowly and decide how best to handle themselves, their relationship, and their fans. They are smart people. Kristen is a smart girl, I've always thought so and still do. She just made a mistake. MANY smart people make similar mistakes. No matter whether Rupig (got that from someone else) was the instigator or what, she should have kicked him in the balls. But, we really don't know what transpired.

Back to Lala Land!!!

Oneheart said...

Enjoyed your post Rose. I have faith in love and in Rob and Kristen. I trust that they will do what is best for them because it isn't about any of us, but what they want.

Oneheart said...

Waves Ginger...I agree. Always all caps and always angry. LOL

Holy said...

Hello again everyone.

@Liz,I think I'm definitely in your Lala land right now,because It feels like something really good is coming up, and that R/K are actually fine and handling this mess together.

.......... said...

Good Morning (my side of the world) Yes this post was brought today by' faith, hope and forgiveness and i couldn't agree more with Rose and her statement (bless her little cotton socks)

We don't know anything and everything is pure speculation. But we do know two people love each other and are hurting (both are) and to overcome that hurt you have to look to the reasons why you are hurting and never let it happen again.

Forgiveness is in all of us, it's how we use it. The strongest person always starts out as the weakest, and through time they become strong and stand up for what is right. I think now is the time to offer the respect they both deserve and stop influencing the gossip hounds who are enjoying their steak 'very rare indeed'

T xx
(shout out to everyone in here)

Maria said...

Awesome post Rose,as usual!

Yes we've all been overinvested in their relationship, but their love touched our hearts. I agree that we all need to step back and let things play out the way they are meant to, but I will never feel ashamed for wishing them the best and being hopeful of their future together.

My blessings to them both, whether they are apart or together. May they ride out the chaos and come out of it stronger and wiser.

LIZ said...

So Rupert and Liberty were seen together today. Wonder if they were discussing getting back together or discussion the kids or what?

Does anyone else think that it will help the situation if they get back together? Somehow, I think it might be better for Kristen. Doesn't bother me one way or the other but some people are going to call her a homewrecker if they split up, sad. They probably weren't happy before this happened.

Holy said...

@Ginger,yes,someone needs to grab some self control and STFU.LOL.

Oneheart said...

Waves Tempest..always good to see you.

bubblejoi said...

Has anyone noticed how Perez has reverted back to his bully ways? Wow! He's enjoying this way too much. So much for being a better person.

I take comfort in knnowing that I'm not the only one that will be heartbroken all over again if it's revealed that they have or will separate.

LIZ said...

@bubblejoi -- no, you won't be the only one heartbroken... HOWEVER, we're in LALA LAND and in Lala Land, R/K are already together (even if only by phone) and will always be together. Forever and ever....

God, I'm pathetic....

At least we'll have each other to commiserate with.

Mirah121178 said...

I will be heartbroken also.
@ Tempest...do I have to see therapist? I always cry every time I read negative things toward Kristen.

LIZ said...

Lots of comments all over the place in Twi-world tonight about the new EW cover with Edward & Bella and Bill Condon's nice comments about respecting R/K's privacy.

Anyway, now that the BD2 premiere is only 100 days away, a lot of people are starting to feel sad that the last movie is almost here.

I'm so pathetic that LAST November after BD1 came out and I'd seen it 3 times in 2 days, I started crying and cried for hours just thinking about the last coming out. I can't imagine what it'll be like not having that to look forward to.

Guess I need to get a life, sigh ...

BUT, in LALA LAND, we can pretend that the Twilight Saga will go on forever.

Holy said...

@Liz,good lord,you're hilarious.

Maria said...

@Liz...that's it...I am packing my bags and heading down to lala land!

Just think happy thoughts.

ADD said...

Great post Rose. You have such a way with words, no one can say it better than you do. I also never thought I would react the way I have. I was hurt and didn't know how to deal with it. Your blog and the amazing regs helped a lot.

I'm just two years older than Kristen, my friends have made the same mistake she did. Sometimes we take for granted the people in our lives we love the most.

Bill Condon is amazing!

LIZ said...

Guess laughing is better than crying. You know, at this point, if a new pic came out tomorrow of the two of them "together" we'd all be a blubbering mess!! But it would be a happy blubber.

Okay, over and out for me. Bedtime in Lala Land.

Delle1 said...

Why have I never been here on this blog before today,look what I've been missing...Thank you Rose for your wise words and I look forward to more...

Anonymous said...

@Michele Ruffin, wow you are making alot of assumptions. they haven't lived together that long. also that is lot to ask of someone that has been publicly humiliated. you say you love them both, but you want rob to swoop in playing protector. have you ever been cheated on? he is probably not to happy right now. yeah rob comes across as being fun loving guy, but he is still a human being. kristen will be fine she has strong parents that will look out for her. so will rob, he probably needs some time and space. give them the time and space they need to decide what they are going to do. who knows maybe in a few months they will find their way back to each other.

Anonymous said...

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies, I'm beginning to think we need to hold an intervention! It's been two weeks since this hit the news, it was sad, I was unhappy, but life goes on. Enough is enough.

Someone said today that not only Rob and Kristen were mourning their relationship. It's sad they are going through problems right now but no one has said they've broken up, no one's said that they will not get back together as a matter of fact other than Kristen's comments, no one's said anything.

During the first few days that this was brand new someone posted their thoughts and was met with the response of "It doesn't help to keep pouring salt in a wound" Well it doesn't help to keep picking at a scab either!

We've all said how sad we are, there have been conflicts mainly because people actually thought that being on a blog called Robert Pattinson Intoxication meant you could love Rob and support him, oops. I love Kristen, she's a great girl. She has a lot of great qualities.

I think that she is great, but at the same time, she's not perfect, none of us are but yet people keep talking and trying to blame this on anyone and everyone but putting the blame where she placed it, on her.

I read someone say that they were sick of someone saying the same thing over and over again, in defense of Rob, yet that's all people have done, defended Kristen. She's great but come one quit making her a saint, she's not and doesn't want to be.

Someone else said that if Rob had been the one who cheated his fans would be singing a different tune...well right back at you. If Rob had cheated you wouldn't give him a pass.

And lastly ladies, if your man or woman, not judging, cheated on you and there were pictures do you honestly believe that you can just forgive and forget in two weeks?

So I saw we all quit rolling around in this disgusting pig sty that Rupert Sanders help build and we get on with our own lives. Rob and Kristen being together or apart has no effect on our own personal lives. Stop making them responsible for your happiness it's not fair and it's a little creepy

Ginger with a Soul said...

@ Michele Ruffin - I think you are fine - I think a lot of us worry a lot about her safety (those that are human beings) and I worry she won't let anyone protect her but him because she is probably beating herself up more than any of her haters could

Liz - are there drinks in the LaLa lounge - I would like to pre order

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Liz - A real strong drink

.......... said...

Morning/evening people :D


Maria said...

Goodmorning Tempest.

Can't stick around this evening...I am calling it a night. Sentences are starting to blur together.

Everyone have a good evening/night/remainder of the day.

LIZ said...

@Ginger with a Soul -- Oh, yea, there's a lounge. Free drinks for everyone.

I had signed off and was going to bed, decided to pop back in one more time before turning. Guess some people don't want us to enjoy ourselves in LALA LAND.... Oh well, guess it's not for everyone.

@addisonmagee -- I'm guessing that you didn't "hang out" here before the "incident" or are we calling it a scandal? whatever... Most of us here KNOW that we're way too obsessed for our own goods but it makes us happy. And yea, I'll agree that it's probably a little "creepy" but we're only HERE on this blog "twirling" with each other, not out stalking anyone.

REALLY going to bed this time.

Liz in Lala Land having a nightcap and then having Lala dreams...

MarcelaZuniga said...

As far as I know "KRISTEN's Statement is NOT OFFICIAL.. So The only official thing are THE PHOTOS. .. Yes fans are worry [and beyond] about Rob being on those interviews .. I'm pretty sure he can handle that.. . lets give him some credit... HE IS an intelligent man.besides I don't thing he's going to talk about personal stuff ... and Kristen will have to deal with those things too .. sooner or later...

Ginger with a Soul said...

@ addisonmagee - I am not quite sure what to say to that. I must have missed some posts because I am not sure where anyone has made Kristen out to be a saint - the defense is in reaction to her unjust hate (please don't try to justify it because there is no justification - her private life is that and she didn't do anything to you). People have supported both Rob and Kristen - people have came and supported only Rob but the ones that have been blasted where the ones that used their support of him as an attack on her. Talk about needing a intervention. Most of the people come and talk about hope, music, everyday life and support each other. The hate is just not welcome.

Since you brought up the situation where we discussed if this happened the other way around - I was part of that discussion and it was directed at his fans that have lynched her and tied her to the back of a car to drag her for the public flogging. No one said they wouldn't support Rob - in fact I am pretty sure everyone in that conversation said Kristen would still be the villain.

Why does it feel like you are trying to dissuade people from coming here and talking about hope, faith and supporting each other? Did you make a pit stop at any of the blogs where they are trashing Kristen and offer them a intervention as well? I have no shame in my support of two people nor am I ashamed that I hope they work things out. I simply have faith

I am also not ashamed of any of these wonderful caring ladies and gents (Freddie and Robert) that have made me laugh, listened to me ramble or listened when I had something to share without judgement. I also like that no one that is normally here posting has made me feel like I had to choose one or the other - that we can support these two as they are - human flaws and all.

.......... said...

As far as everyone knows Kristen's statement was 'official' when it came out, that was one of the things Gossip Cop did confirm. She gave it to the People magazine and they printed it as 'official' on their site and GC went with it.


Anonymous said...

@addisonmaggee(sp?-sorry if wrong)

Good points. We don't know what happened - - FACT. We probably won't ever know. But I think Rob does, and I do believe he and Kristen have/are working TOGETHER to overcome the hurdles they have recently faced TOGETHER.

Again, I am one of those of us on here in "la la land", but I just have a gut instinct about it.

And to answer your question, I have been cheated on. I didn't get the chance to forgive him, he chose to end the relaysh. I would like to think though that I would have given him a second chance. Thinking back on it now and how much I loved him, I probably would have if he had wanted it. But that's just me... I know not everyone has the same feelings on the subject.

I happen to believe anything short of murder and physical harm to another person (or animal) can be forgiven or for someone to be given a second chance. We ALL make mistakes no matter who we are...

Thanks for reading and sharing your opinion on the subject.

Have a good night everybody! :-)

Clarisse said...

Oh, God... In this land, every day is amazing...
I enjoy coming here to read Rose's post, your comments, your recipes, your lyrics... to share with you (sometimes, in silent) some random thoughts about people that inspire me as Rob, Kristen and Tom...
It's inevitable, we are human beings and we have feelings, emotions, ideas, preconceptions, "our own movie" about them and about everything, indeed. With these lovely people I've felt an inusual "click".
They inspire me in some different ways and I'm grateful for this.
Life will be good for them, must be.
Bye, from Caribean sea

Anonymous said...

Actually Liz I did.

Ginger chicka no matter how much I might not want to, I really like you. I guess it's cause some of the things you say remind me of someone who used to post. When this person was on the blog everyone had so much fun. She was funny, sweet, had a great sense of humor and no matter what was going on she made it fun. Since you use some of the same words as Tracy did like "Kiddo" and "Laters" and even have the same neat way of telling someone to go jump in the lake like she did without ever being hateful, I find myself truly liking you.

I know some people will not like me saying that about Tracy, but She was a great person and a good friend to a lot of people. Thanks for reminding me of her.

Bottom line no one has to agree with my outlook. I just said we all need to get up and get back to living. Plain and simple. I mean seriously do you think Rob or Kristen either one would like everyone moping about their love lives? Please. Besides who says their love is over? Not me. I think they will work it out, but while they do, I say let's move on. I just maybe don't say it as fancy as someone else might. Sorry ladies tact has never been my friend.

Let's act as if they read this blog, I know, crazy right, but why not make this a place were people can come and get away from the sadness, gossip, speculation, glee and have some fun. Laugh. Joke. be happy? I like the thought of someone stumbling across the blog, reading something we've written and getting a good laugh at our sense of humor.
Up to you, I will say good night, and in honor of one of the nicest people who ever came here to Roseland "Laters"

night yall, I know you will have things to say to me and I just hope you try and say them in a nice way. Kind of like how Tracy could tell someone to kiss her rear but never actually say the words, she had a rare talent, and like I said cool chick.

Anonymous said...

@Liz, @Ginger, and @Tempest agreed to all your points to @addisonmagge, you girls are so smart!

And @Liz, can we be la la land buddies? LOL.

And finally, to @addisonmaggee again, I am sort of new here (I have been reading the blog for the past four years and only posted a few times in the past, but recently started posting more), but I have found it makes me "obssess" less if you will. By coming here to share my thoughts with like minded people, gives me clarity and faith.

I can honestly say I am not the "stalkerish" type of fan, I have never been to an event, I would NEVER approach R/K in public (in a restaurant, on the street, or at an event) to seek a picture with them or an autograph. I would never go to a Sam Bradley or Marucs Foster show just to have a chance to see R/K there.

However, I have followed them since day one...online. I have always wanted them together, I am not ashamed to admit that... And, I have participated in looking at cute pics of them on the net. Although I hate the paparazzi!

Does that make me "creepy". Well, that is for Rob/Kristen to judge.

I see nothing wrong with admiring them from afar as long as I don't add to the hysteria that OTHERS have created for them.

Okay, that's it, I promise. Off to read and then bed.

Sweet dreams and hugs to all. Good night!

bubblejoi said...

Rupig and his wife seem shady. The photo ops outside lawyer's offices and therapist's offices. Give me a break.

.......... said...

I agree @bubblejoi; let's get a clear shot of the therapist office, with the possible hint they are seeking couple therapy (boy come into my office and i will be as blunt as as pragmatic as i can) - quit stalking young girls! Then of course a nice shot of the lawyers office, let's throw a story for the loop - thinking of divorce but decided their marriage just needs a kick in the teeth by counselling, when really darlings you are after your 15 minutes of fame in all of this - the pervy director and his stick thin model wife - getting money of the backs off two people.

I don't possess tact when it comes to a very 'obvious' PR set up. If they want to work at their marriage, they would do so PRIVATELY and not with obvious 'tipped off' paps waiting to get your photograph, in LA of all places.

T x

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Tempest - the thing that pisses me off the most is that a-hole Rupig is he is letting her drown in the shit storm all alone while he is out and about. The pap hands him his apple and was even nice to him. The fact that he can even go out and about without worrying for his safety makes my blood boil .

@ irisheyesmasen - night

@ addisonmagee - night to you as well - it is cool , we all don't have to see eye to eye

Holy said...

@bubblejoi and Tempest, I thought I was the only one seeing that,good PR indeed.And have you seen the wife pics with her kids walking around,she is grinning from ear to ear.Yes,she definitely want attention.Sorry to say this but I really don't feel bad for Liberty,I only feel bad for the children.

@Tempest,by the way what happened to your recent post in your blog?

bubblejoi said...

@ Tempestt I'm marvelling at the the ready for the runway outfit!?!?! When I saw those pics my first thought was definitely PR. People have asked why Rupig has been able to skate so far. The simple reason is that he is nowhere close to A list in hollywood . His wife said in that article she missed the glamorous life well it looks like someone has decided to take her lemons and make lemon meringue. If they wanted to seek legal advice and/or counselling in private there is always a hidden entrance...but NOOOOOOOOOOOO.

I'm not about to be fake and pretend that I give a flying fuck about what happens to that guy's marriage because honestly I don't. The kids are innocent but in the last two weeks, I never lost sleep over it. I firmly believe that they had boat loads of problems well before Kristen walked onto the SWATH set.

DreamerKind said...

Hollyweird Jungle Juggling

On The Amazon

Don McLean:

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Than the little plot I walk on that I call my home
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Ev'ry vicious animal that creeps and crawls and bites!!

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On the Amazon, the hypodermics howl
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Oh, the Amazon is calling
Yes, the Amazon is calling
Oh, the Amazon is calling me!

Thank you/emv710

wig4usc said...

Hi, gang!

Some fun exchanges going on tonight!

@Liz, I'm joining you in LaLa Land tonight. I wonder if we're all feeling a bit oversaturated and just ready to pull back and see what evolves. I hear most of us saying this in one way, shape or form.

@Ginger w/a Soul - thanks for taking out the troll, you and your sharp tongue. If we ever hung out in RL, boy, we'd cause trouble! :)

@Tempest and bubblejoi - so agree with this being staged and a chance to cash in. Gross, feel so bad for the kids too.

@irisheyesmasen - I'm right there with you, admire and cheer on from afar and glad I did!

Thanks for the tunes, DK!

Have a good night, all, I'm actually looking forward to the Rob activities next week!

DreamerKind said...

Amazing things shared and bared here in Roseland, everyday!

Still seems like my newer and older, happy, snappy cyber home to me. People come and go and the caring continues.

Damn, we're loyal to a fault but the earth shook and we're still standing in our own kind of unity. That's a marvel to behold.

DreamerKind said...

What's The Buzz?

Those Were The Days

Mary Hopkin:

Once upon a time, there was a tavern
Where we used to raise a glass or two
Remember how we laughed away the hours,
Think of all the great things we would do

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In the glass, I saw a strange reflection
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Through the door, there came familiar laughter
I saw your face and heard you call my name
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La la la la la la
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La la la la la la

Thank you/friendlypersuasion

DreamerKind said...

You're welcome!
I look forward to Cosmopolis promo and Rob, in particular on Stewart, with no agenda in my mind, only in admiration of him. Easy does it.

DreamerKind said...

The Boy In The Bubble

Paul Simon (Rare 1986):

It was a slow day,
And the sun was beating
On the soldiers by the side of the road,
There was a bright light,
A shattering of shop windows
The bomb in the baby carriage
Was wired to the radio

These are the days of miracle and wonder,
This is the long distance call,
The way the camera follows us in slo-mo
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The way we look to a distant constellation
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Thank you/MusicRevisited

DreamerKind said...

If I Could

Regina Belle:

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Yes, I would
If I could

I would teach you all the things I never learned
And I'd help you cross the bridges that I burned
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I would try to shield your innocence from time
But the part of life I gave you isn't mine
I watched you grow
So I could let you go
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I would help you make it through the hungry years
But I know that I can never cry your tears
But I would
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If I live
In a time and place
Where you don't want to be
You don't have to walk along this road with me
My yesterday
Won't have to be your way

If I knew
I'd have tried to change the world I brought you to
Through there wasn't very much that I could do
But I still would
If I could

Thank you/nocturnalnightbird

Elly Ak said...

This song is for Rob and Kristen. I really love both of them :)

K-Ci and JoJo, All my life

Baby baby, baby baby
Baby baby, baby baby
Baby baby, baby baby
Ooh, I'm so glad

I will never find another lover
Sweeter than you, sweeter than you
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You are the only one, you're my everything
And for you this song I sing

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And I thank God that I, that I finally found you
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And all my life I've prayed for someone like you
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And I thank God that I, that I finally found you
All my life I prayed for someone like you
And I hope that you feel the same way too
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You're all that I ever known
When you smile, on my face, all I see is a glow
You turned my life around
You picked me up when I was down

You're all that I ever known when you smile my face glows
You picked me up when I was down
You're all that I ever known when you smile my face glows
You picked me up when I was down

And I hope that you feel the same way too
Yes, I pray that you do love me too

All my life I prayed for someone like you
And I thank God that I, that I finally found you
All my life I prayed for someone like you
Yes, I pray that you do love me too


Elly Ak said...

This song is for Rob and Kristen. I hope they become stronger and I love them both. Always pray for them.

K-Ci & JoJo - All My Life

Baby baby, baby baby
Baby baby, baby baby
Baby baby, baby baby
Ooh, I'm so glad

I will never find another lover
Sweeter than you, sweeter than you
And I will never find another lover
More precious than you, more precious than you

Girl, you are close to me just like my mother
Close to me just like my father
Close to me just like my sister
Close to me just like my brother
You are the only one, you're my everything
And for you this song I sing

And all my life I've prayed for someone like you
And I thank God that I, that I finally found you
All my life I prayed for someone like you
And I hope that you feel the same way too
Yes, I pray that you do love me too

I said you're all that I'm thinkin' of, baby
Said I promised to never fall in love with a stranger
You're all I'm thinkin' of, I praise the Lord above
For sending me your love, I cherish every hug
I really love you

And all my life I've prayed for someone like you
(So much baby baby!)
And I thank God that I, that I finally found you
All my life I prayed for someone like you
And I hope that you feel the same way too
Yes, I pray that you do love me

You're all that I ever known
When you smile, on my face, all I see is a glow
You turned my life around
You picked me up when I was down

You're all that I ever known when you smile my face glows
You picked me up when I was down
You're all that I ever known when you smile my face glows
You picked me up when I was down

And I hope that you feel the same way too
Yes, I pray that you do love me too

All my life I prayed for someone like you
And I thank God that I, that I finally found you
All my life I prayed for someone like you
Yes, I pray that you do love me too


.......... said...

I couldn't agree more with yoou G&S in this day and age the actual pervert is being allowed to walk around freely while K is wallowing in the shitstorm of hate she has got from both the media and the fans that used to like her, then of course those who never liked her don't bother as much.

.......... said...

@Holy oh i just got some not so friendly people who decided to come along and join in on the BS party. I guess Kristen is the topic of all the hater hate >____<

.......... said...

@Bubblejoi; well you see he will do anything for publicity and attention, i had never heard of him as a director until SWATH - Brit director he may well be, but honestly i had never seen any of his work until now and to be perfectly honest if the man skates so close to the edge in his marriage and his wife allows him; she either values his income more than he does, suffers because of her children or has a very open mind when it comes to her husband chasing after girls old enough to be one of his kids. I wonder if she would have been so blatant with liking such an extravagant lifestyle if the movie had bombed, or better still if the starlet he had been chasing was very little known? seems to me she is getting good pay offs for this very public indiscretion.

efka said...

Thank you Rose for your words! In this whole madness your blog is the only one thing that`s sane. And coming here and reading all your comments people helps me to cope. I know now - like many of you - that I was way too invested in their relationship. And I keep promising to myself that I will try to keep my distance from now on... but I know taht once I will see them together again (and I strongly believe that I will) I will be goner :)

I strongly believe that people deserve second chances, I have faith in love and though R and K are both very young they always seemed much more mature to us. This gives me a hope that eventualy everything is going to be fine. Call me hopeless romantic, I don`t care :)

@Tempest I wish Robe and Kristen could talk to you, see things from outsider`s perspective.

@ Ginger with a Soul (love your nick btw) - it too pisses me off that this Ruperv guy came out of it almost clean and can parade around the town with his wife doing PR stunts. If he had just an ounce of a man in him, some honor or dignity he would have done or said something to spare Kristen some of this s**t that is throwing at her, he would have do soemthing to protect her. But he`s just a scumbag. And I have this strange feeling that he had something to do with this situation, arranged it and used Kristen`s weakness. There`s something off about this whole thing, it doesn`t click. But I`m not objective so I might be wrong.
I worry about Kristen. She not only has to deal with herself after what happened but also with the whole mean part of the world. That`s too much for such a young person. I hope someone is helping her (I know Rob wouldn`t left her alone).

@Liz I want to go to your LaLaLand. I`ll bring cookies :)

Annie said...

@Tempest: Are you still around?
There's a question I have for you, based on your professional experience.

I probably shouldn't ask it but it has nagged at me.

.......... said...

@Annie go ahead i am around...

Monica said...

@Ginger, @Tempest, @Holy, @bubblejoi, I so want Rupig to disappear from the face of the earth. F*ck (sorry, can't fight the urge to curse), it's UNJUST!!! He is the predator and he doesn't even get one tenth of the hate Kristen gets. Guess turn out I am not as forgiving as I give myself credit for, lol~ Ugh, everytime I think of R&K's relationship, Kristen's career, reputation, she being called whore, slut, bitch, skank, homeweacker...I see red all over again. Not that Kritsen has no responsibility, but it isn't like she's involved with many other her co-workers. At least what we heard was how professional and concentrated Kristen was on set. So I am sure Rupig has a BIG ROLE in this incident.

I love Kristen like family of my own. Seeing her apologetic statment, imaging her heartbreak, thinking about the possibility for her to lose the love of her life, withnessing her fans turn their backs on her, reading all those gloats and condemnations from the media and public......The straw that breaks the camel's back is seeing Rupig wandering in LA in board daylight and pulling off PR stunt with his "beautiful wife". I'm so ready to end his life with my bare hands!! That old sick perv!!!

Monica from Asia

Annie said...

My question has to do with the interviews where Kristen has admitted to Rob being the man she's dating and has a relationship with, not going into details about the relationship.....just saying it's obvious.

Rob on the other hand has never admitted to her being his girlfriend in any interview. Not even in response to Kristen's revelations that he is her boyfriend.
It's always .... No comment, That's a personal question, I don't talk about my personal life, or he completely ignores the references to the statement/question that she is his girlfriend.

It's almost as if his team/advisors wants to him to be seen as single.

.......... said...

Oh lol @annie, i have always believed that was his 'teams' belief that they wanted him to look and be seen attainable and that was for image purposes. But on the other hand, i do agree with his sentiments that he never wants to discuss his private life because he believes it also cheapens it, to sell it to the media and allow them to dance all over it.

I do think over the years it was always believed that it was Kristen that held back from admitting to anyone about their relationship, but over the course of the years she has slowly revealed who she is with and that is something i did find refreshing, yes owning what she owns but at the same time put it out there for all to know.

There are so many who perceive Rob as some kind of object to drool over, the countless tabloid speculation of numerous cheating headlines all unsubstantiated, but you have to also have an ounce of sympathy for Kristen having to deal with all that crap too. Add that to the whole 'doesn't speak about his private life' and it can be very stressful. Although i have to point out where he could he always made sure Kristen was mentioned in his interviews.

Annie said...

Yes, I do agree with what you've said.

I've always thought that when Kristen said it was obvious, it would've been fantastic if in his next interview his response was......."Well, it is obvious, isn't it."

Thanks for your response.

I do believe in love, forgiveness and second chances.
I wish the best for them both.

katy said...

Always wishing the best of everything for Rob and Kristen.

Can't wait for the upcoming Cosmopolis promotion! I miss Rob beautiful face.

Take care everyone

DreamerKind said...

Clear cut, not. Crystal clear, rings like a bell. Faith, hope and clarity, from dear you.

Clinging to shreds of wakefulness and now letting go.

Sweet dreams, Rose, Smitty, Gruff, Syd, You & Me.

valéria said...

Robsten is over. Your beloved Kristen screw it.You must find another obssesion to fill your life which I guess must be very boring.Coz I never believed in the Rose's legend: the rich cougar with a perfect husband and beautiful sons. This blog became just appalling. I just hope that Rob, once finally finished his obligations with these ridiculous movies, will finally resume his life and forget this stupid and hysterical fandom. oh ialmost forgot: Dear Rose, I never dreamed of sleeping with Rob, you know, sometimes I even don't agree with some of his actions, find him a little silly sometimes and not always very beautiful. What I can tell you might shock you but :one can be both a fan and stay lucid.

efka said...

Annie - I do believe that there was this interview during his promotion in Europe (i don`t remember well which movie it was for, Water For Elephants maybe) when he was asked "Where`s your girlfriend" and he answered "She`s in LA" or sth like that.
So, he kind of admited that.

.......... said...

WOW such anger, such rage from @valeria, tell me something does this affect your every day running of your life, does it cause you to stop and re-evaluate it?

Does the rage stop you from thinking, from doing the normal mundane things that life throws at you?

If there is a 'yes' to all of that, then you have invested too much of your time logging in here to be spiteful and spineless, because quiet frankly that kind of rage and pain basically means you either hate everything about Kristen anyway so she is obviously still invested in your life to post about her and her 'screw up'

If there is a 'no' to all of that, then once again read the above with the words 'then go away and play somewhere else where people might appreciate your hateful comments'

efka said...

Wow, Rose, I had no idea that you`re rich cougar ;)

Birdie said...

Your steady calm is so appreciated.
I have never understood why I find these two so intriguing. I,like many of you, have never felt invested in celebrities. After awhile, I quit trying to figure it out. I just care about them and always will. I think among all the "glitz" of Hollywood they are real. I don't believe that is an easy feat. I just think they are good people. So I will continue to stay on the sidelines and root for them.
May I say what a pleasure it is to see this board up and running again with all the newcomers and "old faithfuls".
DK, Sleep well and thank you for being you.
Roseland, my little escapism. So glad you are all here. Keep the faith!

ali mac said...

Well said as usual Rose.

When all was good what we did here was chat about how well R/K looked at different events and how we enjoyed a funny thing they said or how good they were in a certain movie etc. But that is only part of it, we spent the time in between just generally chatting to each other, posting songs and sometimes recipes. I can see no reason we won't return to this and hopefully soon.

Have a great Hump day Roeslanders.

angelica1 said...

LOL! Congratulations Rose, I had no idea you were "legendary". I will forever picture JLo when i think of you in future :D

Annie said...

Thanks. I had forgotten about that.
Valeria: Just shut the fuck up already!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Good Morning ROSELAND

ROSE..THANK YOU for setting the proper perspective and I am looking forward to Cosmopolis!!!!!


THANK YOU for visiting our blog and PLEASE STAY!!!!


You have a blog full of posters who will help you tie him up!!!!!

We have a doctors wife...he is a cardiologist and she stays ...he is a sex addict type of guy...goes from one to another...he has even had his privileges suspended from the hospital for like a year one time because he was caught in the parking lot with another nurse...no it wasn't me!!!! Haha...Now he has a love child who he has nothing to do with, his wife continues to stay...they have 2 grown children that have moved out of state and very rarely come home any more....I say she stays because of low self esteem and being. " the wife of a cardiologist"....she is an attractive lady and very smart....so Rupigs wife stays for many reasons, I'm sure....

have a great Tuesday Everybody

efka said...

@valeria - If you don`t like it here, if you don`t like things are said here, why bother coming here anyway?

Annie said...

Sorry to bother you but was that the interview where Nick swooped in and cut the interview short?

efka said...

@Annie - I`m sorry I don`t remember. I think it was during WFE promo in Europe and I saw it on Robstenation blog (so so sad that it`s closed :() - you can try to find it there.

Annie said...

I'll try YouTube.

I just can't understand why Rob's team made such an effort to block him from admitting his relationship with Kristen, ESPECIALLY after she didn't deny it in any of her print interviews starting with the one in La Stampa(Italian)

Kristen never gave out any details of their relationship, she just never denied him.
I honestly have to say that I think Kristen was vilified more because the delusional somehow thought they had/still have a chance with him.

angelica1 said...

Annie - No,Nick didn't cut that one short :)

ali mac said...

@SUPER it's Wednesday, so you are a day closer to the weekend than you thought lol

ali mac said...

I think Nick cut short a Ryan Seacrest Radio interview, I may be wrong.

valéria said...

it's ironic that you use now the same arguments to refute their break up that 'ninnies"had used to refute the reality of Robsten: "there is no evidence, nothing is official, etc .." loooool

angelica1 said...

Ali Mac - Thanks! I actually thought it was Tuesday too :)

Annie - It's just my impression but I felt in the beginning that Rob's team wanted to push the single guy thing, so the fact that he and Kristen were fiercely private just worked well on all counts. In the past year or so, I've felt that although Rob may not have said much until recently, where he's mentioned Kristen quite a lot in interviews,the whole dynamic has changed and as Rob has moved away from the teen hearthrob thing,his team seems to have embraced the "settled home life" image more and more, you see his team interacting with Kristen and her team quite a bit now. The impression I got was that Rob and Kristen just relaxed a bit and accepted that just because they're more open about being a couple, it doesn't mean they have to discuss their relationship and I do think that was a good move. It had to be incredibly stressful wanting to hold hands or whatever and having to remember not to. Unfortunately, where the really delusional fans are concerned,I don't think anything Rob says or does will change their attitude, there'll always be an excuse.

efka said...

@Valeria - It`s just that for a long time now there were a lot of evidences of them being together, while now there`re just "sources, sources, sources"

Anyway, you can believe in their break up, no one is forbidding you. What you believe is your matter and what we choose to believe is our matter only. What`s your problem?
Peace :)

isis said...

Hi ladies : )

thank God the kardashian is on the cover of that horrible trash mag . At least they don't have nothing about them on the cover. Now we gonna see if tthe others tabloides do.
People mag i don't think will gonna talk about this again.

The truth is that we don't know nothing. What we know is what Rose wrote on her new post. Ugly pics, kristen statement. Nothing more.

I believe kristen will survive all this hate. It's not new for her, she is being attack since twilight. She will give the bitch look to the pappz and haters like she always did.

I'm hoping to see Rob next week.
And then BD premiere where everyhting,well maybe not everything, but the status of their relationship will be more clear.

What you all think?

Karen in NJ said...

@Annie and Tempest - waan't there an interview that Rob said (not quite sure of the exact quote)"that everyone will see who you love by your actions not by your words"? I'll have to try and find that.

I believe in love and have faith.

Good morning everyone and have a good day!

ps I don't understand why people go on any blog when they don't like what people are saying.

Maria said...

There was never a need to confirm that Kris was his gf...plenty of pics proved that over the years...IOW...filming of OTR....Cannes. His feelings for her were in his eyes when her name was mentioned. It was obvious.

Good morning Roseland.

Freddie said...

Hi Annie,

On your question about Rob never officially acknowledging his relationship, I think back to the interview he did with Nightline (with Terry somebody). He was asked about his relationship and he explained why he doesn’t talk about it. While he didn’t confirm it, he certainly didn’t deny it, and that was back in the Eclipse promotion days. Then there was all the marriage talk during BD1 promotion and all the proud and supportive comments about her as an actor over the years. I guess I never needed him to say it because it was so very obvious whenever he was around her - the way he always gazed affectionately at her; wanted to help her up stairs; touch her back; always aware of her. To me, actions spoke louder than words. If he really wanted to perpetuate the image of being single then I think he would have been decidedly more circumspect with his actions.

Hi to everyone in Roseland. I hope you all have a great day.

Annie said...

Angelica: Morning.. :)

I do understand what you're saying .......The interaction with their teams etc.
.........But(I do have a but :)
It would've been nice to hear/read "It's obvious who I'm dating or who I'm in a relationship with."
It has ways seemed one sided in the print interviews where one says "it's obvious" and the other says "no comment."

Annie said...

Hi Freddie: :)
I didn't see your comment until after I posted.

True but the same can be said of Kristen........The way she looked at him, couldn't stop touching him(no matter how hard she tried) ALWAYS gave it away!

Like I said before Kristen doesn't always wear her heart on her sleeve but she did for Rob. She most certainly did for Rob.

Dottie said...

Happy Hump Day!

Ginger with a Soul said...

@valéria - Every time Rose puts a up a new blog you have to come here - spew and run - so here is my question - if it isn't Rob that you want to sleep with is it Kristen? You seem way to invested in someone you don't like . See I don't like Ben Stiller - he will forever be the camp councilor from one of the earlier movies he did for me. I don't look up blogs about him, I don't care about his personal life, and if I can't stomach the movie he is in I change the channel. Maybe it is Rose you are obsessed with - cause once again you know way to much personal knowledge for someone you don't like.

The funny thing with the haters is they always have some point to prove but some how have way more facts that anyone else. Sure Sure I know - they told you what is going on - someone that hates them.

@Oneheart - I think this one is grown - now that is truly sad.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Morning ladies and Freddie

Anonymous said...

Good morning.

There is somthing that has always perplexed me... why do people bother with hate filled comments about a person that they don't even know?

In the end, your hate perpetuates your own life.

@Valeria, one of the reasons I have read this blog for the last four years is because of the safe haven it provides for respectful, amicable, and intelligent conversation.

You are upsetting yourself more than you affect any of us. We will bypass the messages you post as the rantings of a lunatic that perpetuates hate in their own life. If you so choose to waste your time, know that you are really not wasting ours. We will be here discussing what we discuss regardless of the message you attempt to convey.

@Angelica and Annie, IA Rob's response to the relaysh has been "different" through the years vs Kristen's. But his actions show who he loves more than the words he uses to the media or to the fans. He has always showed us who he has eyes for only, in my humble opinion.

Okay, off to shower and start the day. Ugh, another long one ahead of me too.

Have a great day everyone and hugs to all! :-)

Ginger with a Soul said...

@ isis - the spin is starting - USW which started this is now saying of there is hope they will be back together. They are disgusting in what they will do for a dollar. I am ready for the spin cycle to be over

I always wondered if it was Nick that wanted him to appear single but he always seemed protective of Kristen too, hell he helped drag her through the paps in Cannes, which I just don't get. I honestly could not imagine being in either ones position. Dancing a line between what you want and need and feeding the public. I don't care how strong of a person you are - and this goes for both - having to hear that you partner is with someone else (the rags had a endless supply of cheating stories), is sought by everyone, is the object of so many peoples desires (public and Hollywood alike) has got to take it toll on you. I look at the pictures too but sometimes I wonder if they ask was the fame worth it.

Freddie said...

Hi Annie,

I guess I have a different perspective and it really isn’t my intention to be controversial. I think they both hinted at it, but technically, neither officially confirmed their relationship - ironically until recently. Kristen’s acknowledgements were a slip – perhaps voluntary slips (e.g. accidentally (or accidentally on purpose) showing the picture of the “deliciously handsome man” on her phone to the interviewer; mentioning her “English boyfriend” to the interviewer not realizing who the interviewer was etc.). Her most recent interview was to me the most open she was about it.

With respect to her actions, for the longest time I think she tried really hard not to show her affection for Rob (e.g. the People’s Choice Awards (I think it was) in January 2011 when she had Taylor escort her up stairs etc). As Rose said once, Kristen tried really hard not to look at Rob – perhaps for fear that her feelings would give her away. I saw the fascination in Kristen’s face when looking at Rob early on in their relationship, then I think the relationship got serious and her instinct to protect it took hold and I think she became quite circumspect in doing things that would “give their relationship away” – that is, until about a year ago when the walls started to come down. At least in my view....

So, I think Kristen was more open via print interviews but Rob was more open in public.

Annie said...

I have always felt there is something wrong with those scandal pictures.......

I recall someone posting here asking us not to feed the beast and saying that if the relationship wasn't working for Rob and Kristen they would end it mutually.

Rupert Sanders moving his entire family to LA and the opportunities available there, only to throw it all away in such a public way.
Him and his wife meeting so publicly and walking around LA both with big smiles/grins........

I swear to God I think we're being punked. Something just is NOT right!

We KNOW nothing and speculation gets us nowhere BUT damn!


Leni said...

Rose - thank you for always staying sane :)

Tempest & Ginger - I love reading your comments!

Annie - I don't know if we're being punked, but something is definitely off.. you're right that speculation will get us nowhere, but I think that we can all agree that there is more to that story.

Angelica - How's your back?

Hi to the rest of you (well most of you) :)

midnightgurl said...

Great post. Truer words could not be spoken.

Annie said...

Hi Leni:)
Hope you're well.

Really have to go now. Bye everyone.

angelica1 said...

Leni - It's much better today, thanks :)

Leni said...

Annie - I'm good, thanks. Have a nice day.

Angelica - That's great :)

Anonymous said...

I try not to be confrontational and know people deal with things differently but I have to ask why are you so determined to try to twist this incident around on Rob and/or his team? You don't come right out and accuse but this whole week you have been insinuating things. Now you are somehow trying to shift this to be the fault of Rob not jumping on Oprah's couch proclaiming his love. I agree we haven't seen all the pictures and don't know the whole story but it's not our story. We have heard from Kristen herself that she was in the wrong. Why can't you just accept that and stop looking for someone else to blame?

Freddie and Angelica have history with you and have worded ther reply to you much better than I have but I don't understand why you can't just let this go, because you are just adding fuel to a fire that is trying to die out.

PamH said...

Hello everyone

Rose, great post as usual :)
I'm also stepping back and being a Rob and Kristen separately.I've learned my lesson on becoming to emotionally involved in someone else's relationship.

If they are truly meant for each other they will one day find each other again, if not I wish only the best in their future relationships.

I'm so excited to see Rob and maybe hear some news about his other projects also. Most of all I just want to see a smile or hear his great laugh.

Hope everyone has a great day!!!

Maria said...

@lucky...I wouldn't look at Annie's comment as turning against Rob or trying to shift the blame on him. In the past plenty of people wondered why they kept silent about their relationship. To me it was never a big deal...I didn't need a verbal confirmation. But some still wonder about it...

We are all protective about him and don't want to cast him in a bad light, so when something is mentioned that could be misconstrued as being critical of him our hackles rise up.

Kathy said...

I'm slowly beginning to see the sun, but not all of it just yet. I guess I want to see for myself that Robert is ok. Like you Rose, I have faith in LOVE and FORGIVENESS too. I also have lots of HOPE. My life is not as invested in R and K as it used to be. It's been kind of nice to step away from it all and put more time and effort into my own life, instead of theirs. Still continuing to pray for them everyday though.

Anonymous said...

I can appreciate what you are saying but what is the point of bringing it up now? What does it have to do with the current situation? It is obvious to me at least, that both Rob and Kristen handled their public acknowledgements in a way that suited them both. Fans try to project our wants and needs onto them and it's not our place.

I need to back away now.

isis said...

@Ginger- hi sweetie : ) Us mag are saying that they wil be together? Where you saw that sweetie?

I only believe in people mag and gossipcop.

I went to peopel mag site and they have on their BIOs that they are exes, ex girlfriend, ex boyfriend. Broke my heart. Probably was Rob's team who told them to write that.

I think we need to prepare ourselves for bad news.

I want soo badly that he gives her a second chance. She humillates herself when she did the statement. She desperate wants him to forgive her.

His team Nick and Steph will not make this happen.

ali mac said...

@LUCKY as far as I can see Annie is trying to wrap her head around the situation and we all perceive things differently. From my part I seen it the same way as Freddie. Annie is in my opinion not trying to stir things, like everyone else she can't work out why this happened and is trying in her own way to come up with answers.

Monica said...

I heard that Kristen won't attend OTR UK premiere. :( I'm so worried about her. I just hope she's doing okay.

Monica from Asia

angelica1 said...

Monica - I don't think she was ever expected to attend it.

Maria said...

@isis...I wouldn't trust any of the gossip sites at this point. Nothing has been confirmed or denied.

As for Nick and Stephanie's influence...if Rob were to be influenced by suggestions to end his relationship with Kristen based on how it reflects on his image and he follows through with that, then in my eyes that would be confirming that their love wasn't strong enough to ride out the gossip and that his career is more important to him than Kristen.

Does that really sound like the Rob that we've come to know through countless interviews?

I guess we will just have to wait and see.

tufenuf55 said...

I have never been before, and will never be again, as invested as I have been with actors. I believe that we all loved the books so much that when Rob and Kristen became a couple, it made the movies even more believeable. Best of luck to them both. I will always support their craft and careers.

Annie said...

Angelica, Freddie and many others know my history on this blog.
I have never been malicious and have been very supportive of not only Kristen and Rob but Rose as well

I'm sorry that you think I'm somehow tearing down Rob by asking questions and saying what's on my mind.........Things don't add up. In any situation whether in our real lives or out of it, when things don't add up one asks questions and hypothesise.

We all want it to go away but it hasn't and it's my feeling that It will not "go away" or stop until Rob says something........ANYTHING!

You and others may disagree with me vehemently but I refuse to believe that Rob enjoys seeing/reading Kristen being eviscerated like she is in the media, no matter how deep his pain is.

Anonymous said...

Ali Mac,
You are a very understanding person. I know everyone processes things differently. I can only know my feelings and if I were involved in this type of situation I would hope people would stop talking about me so I could move forward.

Right now I look forward to Cosmopolis and hope it comes to a theater near me.

Maria said...

@Annie..ITA...I can't see him enjoying any of this treatment that Kristen is receiving.

Some "fans" don't realize that by verbally abusing her they are hurting him too.

Leni said...

Annie - ITA, I actually think that Rob would be disgusted by all the hate directed towards Kristen

Anonymous said...

Very quickly because it's hot and I am irritable because I can't get comfortable I wanted to say a few things.

Fist Valeria, whatever your issues with Rose, it's uncool to mention her kids even in general terms. It's disgusting, and shows your true character. People's children are off limit even when mentioned in general statements, or called 'beautiful'.

Next, I feel like I am beating a dead horse but the mood I am in allows me to do so. Like it or not Kristen apologized, there are pictures, believe them, don't believe them up to you but please everyone remember.

Rob did nothing wrong, Robert Pattinson is one of the good guys of this world. He's no more perfect than I am, he makes mistakes and he is human, but he did nothing wrong, nor would he have allowed his people to do anything at all that would hurt Kristen.

There are reasons that they have not gone public, we will never know all of them but here the ones we know or can figure out.

There are security issues that keep them from going public. Just the rumor that Rob and Kristen were going to show up at the BAFTA awards cause such turmoil with fans threatening to egg Kristen or cause her bodily harm that the wouldn't walk the red carpet together and that night Kristen had more security around her than Prince William did.

Next none of us starts dating, gets serious about someone and walks into a room full of strangers and announces (at least I hope no one does) "Hey we're a couple!" so why should Rob and Kristen? Don't they deserve the same consideration?

In a world where celebrity marriages barely last long enough for the ink to dry on the Marriage certificate or where on the day that a couple finally confirms they are dating, they break up, isn't it refreshing to find a couple who refuse to cheapen their love for each other by using it for some added publicity? Or as Rob said at one point "Selling" it.

Finally, what the scum swine of a director whose name I refuse to write did was horrible and disgusting, he is married with kids, but there is no proof that his wife has done anything wrong. contrary to rumors she forgave and took him back, that has been debunked and it has been said that she hasn't forgiven him and even refuses to talk to him so I apologize for maligning her on other occasions, she too has done nothing wrong that we know of and I was unfair to have accused her of doing so and I am sorry.

Anonymous said...

Lucky I agree with you!

Anonymous said...

I guess we will just have to disagree on this, and that's ok.

I agree Rob wouldn't like to hear threatening things said about Kristen and he has spoken up for her in the past.

But this is a bit different. He was hurt and humiliated by this event and I can understand him not publicly defending the person who caused his pain. By saying nothing, he is not making the situation worse. If he said anything it would start up the whole gossip machine all over again.

So I guess we just agree to disagree, ok?

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Lucky - my issue is she is not the only one to blame. There is a 40 something old man who strayed from his wife. It was his responsibility to remain faithful to his spouse - we can't control other peoples actions but we can control our own. Her statement is taking responsibility for her part of this situation but never disclosing what happened - that statement was not hey I did this all by myself - just trash me all day long and blame only me.

Maybe I am wrong but I don't see the big deal if people are respectful why can't they ask questions and talk about things on a blog where most of the people will talk it out without the name calling or screeching that is every where else but hey not my blog this is Rose's blog and she could very well pop on here and tell me to kick rocks - but I think most of us go here for a sounding board - my friends in real life would think I lost my mind if I talked to them about this so I come to people who have the same feelings

sue said...

It sucks to be in a different timezone, always gate-crashing late.

Again too many comments I agree with, it always seems to be the same people I share the opions with.

Sure, I let my guard down and let R&K into my heart, it did surprise me as I hate all that HW crap and shallowness but I found them different, a breath of fresh air and you know what? I loved every minute of it and wouldn't change any of it (except the last 2 weeks).
Also, I'm not gonna lie, I hope they find a way back to each other but won't let my brain be clouded the next time.

@Monica, I think there will be a long queue, I'd love to kick him in the balls, seeing those pics today with his bloody shopping and his immaculate looking wife, all smiley putting her head on some other bloke's shoulder, grrr.

The more I see and think about it, the more your opions from the last 2 weeks make a hell of a lot more sense. If so, how can they look at themselves in the mirror, jeez why am I so disgusted, I should know better, where there is money there is filth.

@Efka, yes you're right, was during the WFE tour in Germany.

@Ginger, you're kidding right? About USW? After kicking them in the ground, they dare to speak of hope? Fckn hell, this makes me so angry. Anything for a buck.

@Freddie, you're not controversial at all, I always saw it that way too, I'd thought it was rather obvious actually (ok I might have watched too many interviews and fanvids). No, not invested too much just thought they were adorable, funny, different..that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Anonymous said...

Ginger, I think that's why we all come here because we don't want our friends thinking we're crazy. There are two groups though, those who like Kristen but are angry with her and those who love and support Kristen regardless and both groups are fine.

As for the pig in this, he's not truly the issue for those who like Kristen but are angry with her, they're not disappointed in the pig, they don't know the pig and could care less about the pig. They are disappointed in Kristen because they expected better from her. She made a mistake she admitted it.

It's unfair for anyone to say that those people who still care for and like Kristen but are angry with her because this hurt Rob and they love and care about Rob too, have gotten to say what they feel here because they haven't. Plain and simple.

I will say this and I mean it from the bottom of my heart, had Rob cheated on Kristen I would be just as angry, NO I would be more angry with him that I have been with her because I would have expected better of him. It's hard when someone you care about does something that makes you cringe.

Now I'm going to get cool

Annie said...

Ali, Maria and Leni.......Thank you for understanding my point.

Torrimarie: At this point........His SILENCE IS hurting Kristen.
More so than anything the blasted tabloids are saying!

Say it's over, say you're talking, say you're NOT talking BUT don't let Kristen be treated like this.
Does anyone think she deserves what's being dished out to her on social media and the gossip rags because she cheated and they are pictures.

If you do I really have to ask where your humanity is.

I have to get to work.

Anonymous said...

Annie and I mean this with the utmost respect, back off of Rob. He is a good guy and you know nothing about what's going on behind the scenes and I am really insulted that you're trying so desperately hard to pin this on him when he's done nothing.

He owes no one a public explanation of hsi feelings and you will be holding your breath forever if you're waiting on him to give one.

This is not Rob's sin quit trying to make it his, and I'm pretty damn sure Kristen would agree with me on this point. So again back the hell off of him.

Maria said...

I see it as people are still in disbelief that she got herself in this situation when it was obvious that she still loved Rob and he still adored her. And because he's such a good guy, we can't help but continue to ask "what were you thinking Kristen?"

Continuing to analyze the situation doesn't resolve it, but for some of us its a way of coping with how it all doesn't add up.

But at the end of the day...they have their lives, we have ours, lets focus on the things we can control and just wish them well. Lets stop the fingerpointing and accusations because in the end its pointless.

Annie said...

Torrinarie: Back off of what?
Asking questions?
You can disagree with me ALL you want... ....You like me, know NOTHING!

Like it or not, his silence is contributing to the media storm around this.

Anonymous said...

crap you just made me cry rose!
every word you said every feeling i've felt this past week since i found out friday...
i'm way better now ,i'm now able to not think about this all day now, today i did not think about them when i woke up,that's progress...

the more sad i am and try to make sense of it all i realize that the truth is i don't know anything at all and its not helped by fact i wont go online to read gossips(as weird as that might sound) all i know is what you've said and reported and its good enough for me ,add to that we'll never know exactly all the details because that's not who they are and i hope in light of this experience that aspect never changes!

i used to read all i could when a scandal burst out in hollywood and ooh and aaahh and condemn but now i can't , i won't even go near the magazine aisle at the supermarket!

i feel scarred for some reason this hit me in the flesh ,it felt personal like it happened to me!
i don't think i'll ever be the same person ,the change is irrevocable i can't let myself get this involved ever again ,granted i wouldnt have know that if this had not happen so there's always something good to come out of a situation that seems awful at first
reading your post made me cry because it brought back heavy emotions to the surface! it is indeed a process!
it was a wake-up call to stop living vicariously through strangers life , they're no different from us except the spotlight is squarely on them whether they want it or not!

all i hope for is for robert not to give the vultures anything to sink their teeth in
hoping always for a better tomorrow...for all of us

maybe i'm getting philosophical in my old age as a thirtysomething gal sighhhh

Freddie said...

Hi guys,

In responding to Annie I wasn’t trying to start anything earlier. People are entitled to have different perspectives on things. We both expressed an opinion in a calm, rational manner. I fully respect her perspective on the matter, just as I’m sure she does mine.

No harm, no fowl here folks. It’s all good.

ali mac said...

I think people need to calm down.

Well said Freddie, you and Annie are a great example of this blog, having different opinions and being able to chat about them like adults.

Ginger with a Soul said...

I will also say that maybe I have a different perspective as I don't have a crush on Rob - I was drawn to them as a couple and I will not lie - the way he looks at her made him more enduring to me. I respect how they handle things in the glare of Hollywood and didn't sell out - that does not happen very often but I don't have any delusions that they are real people and real people in a real relationships fight, get on each others nerves and things are not always a bunch of roses. Most relationships fail not because one person but both parties - I don't need to be an expert to know this - I have my eyes open to the world around me.

Not that you care but after being married for 17 yrs and leaving my spouse I wouldn't let people that know me blame him - I had my parts in the failure and hind sight is more than 20/20. We were equals 100% in tearing down our castle. I also believe that the castle can be rebuilt if the 2 involved want to put in the effort (in my case he wants to and I don't). I will add that what amazed me the most was peoples shock when I took my kids and left - what we show in public is not always what really goes on behind closed doors.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Sue - i wish I was kidding about USW but I am not and I am not surprised either. I actually don't trust any of them - I just don't see any of their people talking to anyone about their relationship -they haven't before why would they now.

Maria said...

Yes...its not worth getting our emotions worked up, we end up getting stressed out and aggrevated for something we can't control.

@Annie...in an ideal world it would be nice for Rob to voice his defense of her, but is that realistic? He could totally have all the facts by now and be on the road to forgiving her, but that doesn't mean that the subject doesn't cause him pain to talk about. Besides that, he is the wronged party not the wrong doer...its not expected of him to do damage control, no matter whether he would like to voice his opinions or not.

The person who should be making more comments other than his initial apology is Sanders. If he had any respect for the young woman that he pursued, and any real affection for her, he would shoulder some of the blame. He would show some tact in his public appearances. But he would have to be noble at heart to do that. His actions speak volumes.

sue said...

Hum, I might be missing the point but why are people dictating what we can or can't discuss? I for one loved reading all your comments the last 2 weeks. In fact, in a way it helped me to get my head out of my arse. After the initial 'How could she', I said "hee hold on Sue, don't be such a selfrighteouss hypocrite". It's easy to forget the shit you've done in your life.
@Ginger, if I'd talk to the people around me about all this and R&K they'll think I lost my marbles.

Lavendersings said...

Rose, yes here comes the sun...it has been a very hard 2 week for all of us R&K fans and we've heard the good, the bad and the ugly about this couple and who should of done what or not...Yes,we have invested tons of time on this couple and I for one have been fascinated by Rob for years...I do like Kristen but to be honest I am disappointed in her at this time only because a wife and kids are involved and she will have to live with this not me. I do hope that in time that Rob can forgive her and I am so sorry this had to happen before BD2 was shown and her OTR movie was out and his Cosmopolis was being shown in the states...my reason being this should be a joyful happy time for them and the work they have done not a time of sadness and confusion and complete lack of privacy for this incident. I am looking foward to Rob's TV interviews and they won't be about his personal life he is a private man and I am sure won't discuss this to the world. I for one hope that Rob can forgive and he and Kristen can work this out in time. I think forgiveness is great. :)

Anonymous said...

Hmm so questions are only ok if they are against Rob and pro Kristen with you...hmm ok I see. You're the one who is the most vocal saying that if the situation was reversed Rob's fans would feel differently. So don't act like you're an innocent angel and I won't act like I am.

I will not lower myself to fighting with you, I said what I meant and I mean it still quit trying to place the blame on Rob.

I have nothing against Kristen, I have nothing against Rob, and you're right I know nothing, like you, but you're the one who keeps hinting at this being something about Rob being responsible and want a public statement from him. Why? Why does he owe you or anyone else a public statement. This couple did not make public statements until that one day a couple of weeks ago. So why start now?

Anonymous said...

I apologize for allowing myself to get so worked up over this, and I certainly apologize for any uncomfortable feelings that anyone has right now because of my outburst. I am irritable to begin with and easily angered at this point, I will endeavor to keep a firmer grip on my emotions. While I stand by my comments I regret that I said them with such venom.

I hope you all will accept my apologies.

Annie said...

Freddie: Hugs my dear. :)
We've always been able to discuss things rationally around here, even with our differing views.

To those new around here, please go back and read how we interacted around here before this scandal........Long term members here don't hold grudges nor are we vicious with our difference of opinion.

Maria said...

@torriemarie and Annie...

Sending you both huge hugs...

We are all emotionably on edge, in various degrees.

No blood, no foul.;-)

Maria said...

Oh look...I've invented a new word! I hate typing on my phone!

isis said...

Hi @ginger @maria @sue and all the lovely ladies : )

@Annie please continue to give your opinion. We all here have the freedom to write what we are feeling in this sad moment. I understand you point about Rob talk or not talk. But he will not say anything about this, he doesn't talk about his personnal life. This is something we always loved in him and in kristen. They protected their love.

@Ginger i agree with you. We only saw pics of them out in public, they knew they were being photographed. We don't know nothing about their domestic life, if they were happy, if they were fighting. It's impossible to think that in this 3-4 years of them together that everything was roses and fairy tales. Because this is not real life, not for us and not for them. They had a huge pressure on their relationship since the beginning. Many months apart from each other.And they are young, she is 22 years old and he is 26 years old. People grown apart. I'm not saying that is the case because i believe that she loves him deeply the same way that he loves her. But we have to be honests in this : it was a mistake that she did and she regrets. But she was missing something in their relationship, which make her to do this stupid mistake. I don't think she is in love for the rupig, or that she was following her heart. I think she wanted to break something in her life that was not making her feeling happy and satisfied with her present life. Her quotes from elle mag 2012 about wanted something bad happen to her, shows that she was frustating with something. Maybe she was not happy anymore with Rob and didn't had the courage to end the relationship. We all notice the difference in her behaviour, more provocative, sexy dresses, supperior attitude, impulsive talking in the interviews, elle mag quotes. I made my mind in this one: that kristen from the ugly pics it's NOT the kristen we admire and love seeing with rob. It's not her. She had a destrutive behaviour, she sabotage herself. I believe she wanted to hurt herself. WHy? The story is not new: celebrities with low self-steem who sabotage their personnal lifes and careers.
I just hope that she gets the help she needs. Her parents are from the business, i don't think that Ruth is alone trying to fix the things, in this hour her team have the best pr expert working with them. They will not let her fall. She is the best payd actress, she is huge they will not let this all come to an end. I read forbes and insidemovies, EW and others reputable sites and the PR experts all have the same opinion: this will not hurt her career. And they said that the best for her now is stay in silence, don't speak about this. This is what she is doing. Doesn't surprise me if we only gonna see her in November on the BD premiere. I truly hope soo.

Please this is just another point of view in this matter. I want them together, i believe that they still love each other deeply.

@there is no love without forgiveness and there is no forgiveness without love."

Annie said...

Torrinarie: I believe in love, forgiveness and second chances.
I don't hold grudges and I most certainly don't force anyone anywhere to agree with me.

Apology accepted and I offer my apologies as well.......Never meant to upset anyone.

Moving on.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Sorry sitting at work trying to avoid work but it just won't go away.

I agree with Annie that I wish someone (doesn't have to be Rob) but for the love of God I wish someone would stand up and call out the ridiculous hate. I thought it would blow over or at least get back to where it was 2 weeks ago but it is not - it gets worse each day. I fear the person who reads some of the crap out there and see's the constant pouring of hatred towards her and then feels justified to try to harm her. It has happened before and for less than the storm brewing right now. They all worked really hard on Twilight - she has a right to be there and should not have to wear body armor to go. I wonder if any of these people actually have kids and how would they feel if this was their child. I look at my 19 yr old and think holy shit - if that was happening to her I would be kicking some ass then asking for names later. I think some of the really crazies need stuff like , I don't know restraining orders from coming to the events. Sorry but we live in a real cluster F**k of a world when someone has to be afraid for their safety because of what they did in their personal lives or who they date. Be angry, don't watch her movies, do what ever you need to do but the hate and the threats have no place in this.

Jane said...

I was also in too deep. I was so happy with their love and so pleased that there was a love out there like theirs. It gave me so much joy to see a love like that, pretending at times that it was me and I had a realationship like that and when this happened, it was like it happened to me and I was broken hearted and did not want to see another picture of Kristen or hear anything else about her and I actually felt like I was in mourning..that someone had died and it had...my pretend love life that I had with these two. Now, I have finally let it go although I will always follow Rob's career and see his movies but I will never let myself ever again become so involved with something that I knew from the start that I could not have.

S.Hart said...


One of the great things in life is that we all have differing viewpoints....keeps the world interesting but I am struggling to work out what on earth you think Rob could possibly say that would possibly make the situation better for kristen ?

Worst Scenario- All gossip true, then I don't think Rob coming out saying " Yes am Heartbroken, she's been lying to my face for months" is gonna help

Best Scenario- No gossip true, it was a one off situation caused by manipulative/powerful older man while Kristen was in some kind of psychological turmoil ( after all how else could we explain her actions in public when she knows the paps are on her every move) Rob comes out publically to support her/stand by her- then I can guarantee that we will then start reading stories such as kristen's nervous breakdown/cheating cry for help/Kristen on suicide watch/kristen's need for a father figure...blah blah blah

Trust me the media will spin and run with this story for as long as they can, regardless of what rob says.....in fact I personally feel he is doing the best thing he possibly can right now to protect kristen which is sticking to his personal values of " never talking about his relationship because he doesnt want to sell it ".. and is conducting himself with immense dignity...but heh thats just me

Anonymous said...

Since we're all apologizing, I have to say I'm sorry too for not just letting go the comments I don't agree with. You all know my wish is to move forward and every time a new theory or questions pops up it starts all over.

Now, I'm on vacation this week, and I just started a new book, The Discovery of Witches. I'm really liking it and I read it's going to be a trilogy so I bet there will be a movie.

Has anyone else read it?

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Isis - I agree - I see the mutual love in both of them but we will most likely never know what lead to that road - sometimes people self destruct and want to push the people away that love them the most because they know the real you.

I can speak to the demise of mine - it has been 2 years since we split - the last year leading to me leaving him - I was an evil B***h to him. I wouldn't let him near me - avoided talking to him - couldn't stand next to him - I think that if she had fallen out of love with him we wouldn't be able to see the love from her just days prior or him . Who knows - I am still looking for the smoking gun in 9/11 and haven't gotten it yet - this one won't surface either unless they want it to.

Going back to LaLa and - rose colored glasses back on and back to wishing them peace and happiness and here is to hope they work this all out together cause nothing like watching someone in love make it through a storm

Annie said...

That's what I mean........Ir's gone way past the point of just being disgusted by what she did or didn't do.

People are threatening Kristen with physical harm. Not only that but death threats!
My God!

Annie said...

I said I was moving on and I am.......A one way ticket to La- la land please!
No more from me.

If you're looking for a good book to read, try Divergent.

ladyevenstar22 said...

torriemarie agree!

annie i too have been trying to make sense of it all for the past five days now but unlike you i'm beyond relieved rob hasnt said anything and i hope he never has too!
i'm happy enough if whatever he's feeling or thinking he says to kristen and their family and friends only!
if there's one thing i know is that rob loves kristen ,that's what made him even more awesome in my eyes here was a guy who could have the life of a heartrhob a la leonardo di caprio who's always changing models literally but no from day one he declared his feelings for kristen and was very obvious about it to point i remember i blushed quite a lot esp knowing kristen had a bf at the time
yeah we could say that was infatuation but if it was it quickly turned into something more profound and real!

oh also if it had been rob who cheated or did something that wrong i would have been just as harsh esp in light of how obviously he wore his feelings on his sleeve and i probably would have been in a higher state of disbelief as proven by how many times rob has been linked to other girls and been called a manwhore!
he made me want to believe that not every actor falls victim to the easy life of revolving one night stands, i talked about leo di caprio who is a great actor i admire but only for his acting skills, his personal life i can't agree with but i do respect that's the way he rolls so i never get involved in his personal life except when i see youtube videos of him and kate winslet but i never mistake it for anything else but momentary indulgence into titanic lalaland!

Anonymous said...

@Annie I have Divergent and Insurgent. I was going to wait until the series is finished, but I heard it's too good to wait. What do you recommend?

isis said...

@ginger - sweetie the things are more calm on the gossip sites. They don't have news about them thank god. It's on the twitter that the things are worse ?

Thank God we will have to wait for November. Until November people will leave this.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Isis - Twitter is hell and the gossip rags are still going at it - they will be for a while - let's face it - this is a gold mine for them as long as someone will buy it - they will sell it. I don't know - she has a film to start filming - who knows what is going to happen with the VMA's coming up just next month and I don't think they should have to hide at all - like just give it a rest and let them deal with their lives. Gio tweeted a picture of a pap hiding in the tree's by his house. At least he said he was calling LAPD on them but really - it should never get that far.

sue said...

Yes @Isis, I've thought the same, wasn't a brainwave or anything just common sense and experience. You don't have a risky fling if you're happy. There had to be something wrong or missing and I'm not even gonna assume what. Complacency, boredom happens before you realize it. I've been living with the same man for a long time and there are times, a lot actually, that I'm asking myself "is this it"? Ok, I'm no 20 yr old but I thought (from what I read or seen) she was changing as well and Rob seemed to stay the same, maybe a bit wiser. Who knows time will tell. They seem to have a beautiful love but sometimes you grow apart.

Adriana Castro said...

Preach it Rose! There's no use in stressing over things we can't control....it's time to let go..and let fate run its course. I'm a FIRM believer that everything happens for a reason...and this happened to make them grow and be stronger people. Everybody has a breaking point in life where they have to stop and re evaluate who they are, what they want and where they're going...this is theirs. Whether its together or apart time will tell....and it will be what's best for them. They are still VERY young and have a looong looong road ahead of them....I sincerely wish they find happiness...a part of me will ALWAYS root for R/K...but I'll accept whatever decisions they make and support them...it's none of my business and they know better than we do what is best for them and what they want.

I have taken a step back...and although the pull to dive in will always be there I refuse to jump in again....no way...no how.....I took this personally to the point of getting physically ill a couple of weeks ago....BIG wake up call....not my life...not my business. As much as I love these 2...I don't know them and I have no say....their choices will not affect the course of my life. I will always be a bit sad about this I think...I will always smile and sigh when I think of what could have been....but everything will be ok...and there WILL come a time where I smile with fondness and think "remember when".....much like a I do with a lot of things in my life now. My biggest wish is for them to be happy, to move past this...have no anger towards each other and be at peace. No matter WHAT happens they will always be a big part of each other's life...together or apart...the impact they've had on each other is profound and they will share a bond for the rest of their lives.

PS: PLEASE don't believe ALL the BS that's being printed....I read today that Rob's friends were pushing him to leave her and move on....that made gave me a good laugh....Gossip is unncessary and 99% untrue....let's not feed the beast by paying attention to it! :)

Maria said...

@lucky...I read Discovery of Witches ...great book. I have the second book but haven't started it yet.

I also have Divergent but haven't cracked it open. Will get to it soon.

Maria said...


JMF said...

I love it here. Like I said 2 years and it took this horrible mess for me to begin posting. I can't talk to anyone about my feelings for R/K because they think I'm crazy, so I come here. I love how we can voice our opinions, and "argue" like a family, cause I think we kind of are, and still be friends.
I won't watch Rob live next week but will catch things on the internet. Why? well first, its time to get ready for back to school, classroom to set up etc., and second, it scares the life out of me! I am so nervous for him. One look at his face and we will know what he has been through, you know it. My stomach jumps thinking about it.
I am not sure if we will hear another word from Kristen's camp about this, and not from Rob's. I am selfish and wish someone would say something!!! but I know its best if they keep quiet, after all its not our business right? It really isn't.
And you know that video of Rupig and his groceries? I was furious. Those papps were so polite to him, handing him the food he dropped, calling him "Sir" and they scream the most foul things at Kristen. It takes two, and there were two people involved on that afternoon and he was one of them. Show Kristen the same respect you showed that man.
No offense to anyone here, putting my rose colored glasses back on. I have faith that Rob and Kristen are working on their relationship and will do what is best for them.

ladyevenstar22 said...

iris it has cross my mind,that something hadnt been right for months, but then why not talk it out with rob maybe she did maybe he didnt hear her i'll never know!maybes write novels

i just don't understand why things had to end in such a violent way well for us anyway, as it seemed out of the blue,but as we all know things never aren't completely out of the blue if one is truly honest with oneself
hindsight is a righteous bitch!!

Maria said...

I've been avoiding the gossip sites for the past two days and I can honestly say that my appetite is back and I've gotten some sleep. Trust me avoidance does wonders for anxiety...yes and that's what we are all experiencing in some form. Anxious to see that Rob is okay, anxious to find out if Kristen is safe and for the truthof the matter, and finally anxious to see if they have a future together. Anxiety fuels our constant analysis to the point where many of us are still having a hard time concentrating on our own lives and responsibilities.

Time to set our priorities straight and let them deal with theirs. Doesn't mean we still can't admire them and care about them, but there will be no quick solution to this...no bandaid to make the booboo go away...and its not right for our lives to be effected so much while they try to sort out theirs.

Robert said...

i kind of feel like henny youngman at a celebrity roast, but i thought you girls could use a little comic relief

once upon a time....i was riding in my friend's pick up truck and we were discussing the first time we ever saw a playboy magazine. he said my dad caught me reading it and he whipped my ass so hard i couldn't sit down for a week. so i said my dad bought me my first playboy when he caught me drawing pictures of naked women and he realized that i didn't know what they looked like

debbi said...

I have found that how you treat someone often says more about you than the other person.

There is so much speculation around whether Rob was enough for her or if there was something missing from their relationship, when in all likelihood there was something missing in Kristen, not necessarily her relationship with Rob.

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