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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Rob and Kristen- Red Riding Hoodie

Once upon a time... in the world of Twilight, there lived a beautiful young girl named Kristen. She was a lovely girl... long dark hair and big green eyes that are as wide as the moon. She always wore this red hooded sweatshirt that belonged to her boyfriend, Prince Robert...she talked about loving the way he smells. The smell of someone you love... so she wore this red hoodie all the time.
People started calling her Red Riding Hood.

One day Red was at work and got a phone call that her grandmother was ill. Red's boss... who pretended to be a nurturing kind man, was really a Wolf in disguise. He had hidden his true feelings about Red from everyone, but he become obsessed with her. He wanted to have her... but he knew he couldn't do it at work. So when he found out that Red was going to go visit her grandma and had to travel through the woods. The Wolf made his move.

Hey there little red riding hood
You sure are looking good
You're everything a big bad wolf could want

Little red riding hood
I don't think little big girls should
Go walking in these spooky old woods alone

Red knew that the woods could be a scary place... full of dangerous creatures, but she loved her grandmother and really wanted to see her. Prince Robert wasn't happy to let Red go off alone into the forest, but Red was a stubborn girl who didn't like to be coddled and Robert could only warn her to be careful and 'don't talk to strangers!'.
"Don't worry, Robert. I will be careful. I promise. I will go straight to Grandmother's house."

But as often happens when someone goes for a walk in the forest, things distract you.
Red saw some lovely flowers and began to pick some. Red was enjoying the summer day so much, that she didn't notice the shadows approaching towards her.

When Red turned around... a pack of rabid hyenas started chasing her!
The hyenas had this insane devotion to Prince Robert and thought that Red was not good enough for him. He belonged to them! So they were snarling and foaming as they went after her... snapping and biting at her.

Just as the hyenas almost got a hold of Red... The Wolf suddenly appeared! He winked knowingly at the Hyenas before making a show of chasing them away. Red was so relieved and happy to see the Wolf! She had no idea that he told the hyenas where to find her, so that he could be seen as her hero.

What big eyes you have
The kind of eyes that drive wolves mad
Just to see that you don't get chased
I think I oughta walk with you for a ways

What full lips you have
They're sure to lure someone bad
So until you get to Grandma's place
I think you oughta walk with me and be safe

"Red! I'm so glad I found you! I hope you are OK?" The Wolf lied. "Maybe I should walk with you to your grandmothers house." He put his paws protectively around her...
"Oh Thank you Rup Wolf, but I'm almost there. I do appreciate that you helped me with the Hyenas... You're a good friend."

Wolf became angry. He didn't want to be just Red's friend! He wanted her to love him as much as he loved her! He had already made sure Prince Robert was somewhere else so that he could make his move...
"OK, Red. I'm glad you are OK. Please be careful the rest of the way."

Red smiled and went along on the path to her grandmothers house...
Not knowing that the Wolf was taking a shortcut to get there before her.
The Wolf ran all the way to her grandmothers house... knocking on the door.

"Oh come in, Red!" Grandma called out. "I'm so glad you are safe! I was worried about the rabid hyenas out there that are full blown crazy about your boyfriend."
Wolf let himself in and before she knew it, Grandma was locked away in a closet.
The Wolf let out a satisfied howl... and picked out a nice nightgown and cap to fool Red.

Gonna keep my sheep suit on
'Til I'm sure that you've been shown
That I can be trusted walking with you alone

Little red riding hood
I'd like to hold you if I could
But you might think I'm a big bad wolf so I won't

A few minutes later, Red knocked on the door.
The Wolf jumped into bed and covered most of his face with the covers.
"Who is it?" he said in a growling voice.
"It's Kristen, Grandma" Red replied.
"Oh do come in my dear" Ruperv Wolf replied.

When Red came into her room, she scarcely recognized her grandmother.
"Grandmother, your voice is so hoarse, aren't you feeling any better?"
"Oh it's just a lingering cough" replied the Wolf "cough cough"

"But Grandma... what big ears you have!" Red said as she came a bit closer to the bed.
"The better to hear you with!" Wolf answered.
"And what big eyes you have!" Red said amazed at how different Grandma looked.
"The better to see you with, my dear" Rupig Wolf replied.
"Oh and Grandma... what big teeth you have!" Red exclaimed as she got closer...
"The better to EAT you with my dear!" The Wolf roared as he jumped out of bed
and began to chase Red around the room.

Little red riding hood
You sure are looking good
You're everything a big bad wolf could want

Almost too late, Red realized that it wasn't her grandmother but Wolf! She thought he was her friend! She had trusted Wolf! She couldn't believe that she could make such a mistake!
"HELP!!! HELP!!" Red screamed as she tried to get away.
Luckily for Red...

Her handsome English boyfriend figured out what Wolf was up to and came to save her.
He came into the room and punch the Pig Wolf in his smarmy face, and knocked him out.
They found grandma locked up in the closet and untied her.

"Oh Robert! I was so scared! Next time I will listen to you and not go into the forest alone!
I promise that I won't be so stubborn next time! " Red said through tears as she hugged Robert.
"It's OK, Kristen..." Robert said soothingly "I think we both learned an important lesson today. You can't be so trusting with people."
"I know, Robert. I did learn that lesson. The hard way." Red replied "But what lesson did you learn, Robert?"

Robert grabbed Grandma's guitar (that just happened to be in the closet with her)
and began singing...

I'm falling in love for the last time
I'm falling in love forever and ever
Falling in love with a girl that ain't mine
I'm falling in love for the last time

"Oh Robert!" Kristen cried... "I'm in love with you forever and ever, too!"

"I know." He said as he hugged her so tight... like he would never let her go.

And he never did.

Robert and Kristen lived happily ever after.
Forever and ever.


This post is brought to you by 
Happily Ever After

Until next time.

Bye for now


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Lanette said...

That was just so great. My favorite fairy tale of all time.

Pattybg said...


Oh my!!!! This is the best!

Thank you so much.
Xxx Patty

quads4 said...

I always love your blog, but this one is outstanding. I love it!

Ginger with a Soul said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ginger with a Soul said...


I could not love this blog more ever, ever, ever..I am so proud to see you lay it out there for the blind to see. Yes that fucker sure was a wolf in sheep's clothing wasn't he. I am glad Rob saw through all the bullshit and the set up that happened and yes they will be so much more guarded then ever. Their love is spectacular and I can't wait to watch Rob protect his girl no matter how strong she is (and yes she is).

I had to correct that major typo

Kay said...

I've heard that castration is sometimes effective in treating the predatory nature of wolves when they turn into unconscionable jackasses.....oops, was that too violent?

Happy weekend everyone....take care of yourselves out there!! ❤

keset said...

Hi, How do you know this is the real story? (As a Metaphor of course)

Ginger with a Soul said...

@keset - You do understand the humor laced in the story right? Besides he was CLEARLY the aggressor. Open your Kristen hating eyes for one second and you might be objective.

Hope said...

Dear Rose,

Have I told you lately that you are BRILLIANT?? Well, you are!
Thank you.

Berry said...

LOVED this!!! So perfect right now!

Omoiyari said...

oh la la !!Its so funny.robsessed (hyenas)are going nuts .

I still don't see any Prince. only Red against hyenas and rupig and she can win .she fights this silly and brutal ambush .everything on her own .
but it's okay; We each have our own fairytale to believe.

keset said...

@Ginger. I wrote that it was a Metaphor at the post above you...
and i'm asking again... how do you know that Rupert was aggressive to Kristen and that she didn't want it too.
I don't hate Kristen, i just want to understand.

Omoiyari said...

keset ,honey
it's time to change your Priorities .

JMF said...

That was freaking fantastic! The big bad pig...err wolf will get his one way or the other...karma is a bitch. What goes around comes around...I could on and on. But it doesn't matter, cause Red was saved by Rob and now they will live happily ever after. At least that is how the story in my book reads.:D
Rob will protect was is his and the rest of the world be damned. He always has, always will. Lucky girl.

Julie M said...

@ Ginger don't even try to explain. Obviously someone has eyes but they cannot see. Sad. But Rose you rock. Love the post and the satire. You do it so well

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Keset - you have only said nasty things about her in you admiration of Rob and I see he is the aggressor as he is grabbing her not the other way around - I have seen video's of her pushing him away, moving from beside him to get away from him. The story is not real but also humor and metaphorical. I never said she did or didn't want anything because I am not Kristen nor do I know what was going through her mind.

t. from MN said...

Rose~ there is no end to your writing talents...another classic. Thank you!!

Litmom said...

This Fairy Tale seems so familiar...I know - It's a true story! I love Fairy Tales that come true!

And they all (well, not all - pigs and wolves get their just rewards)lived HAPPILY EVER AFTER!

JMF said...

A quote I just found which applies to our couple:

“You're still trying to protect me. Real or not real,"he whispers. "Real," I answer. "Because that's what you and I do, protect each other."
Thats the truth!

tufenuf55 said...


Nikki Reed on Craig Ferguson. She was wearing the exact same kind of dress as Kristen wore in BD1. Same color and style except for sleeves and belt slightly different. Why does she do these things? To be sure she can't still be jealous of Kristen, but this was just uncanny.

tufenuf55 said...


Nikki Reed on Craig Ferguson. She was wearing the exact same kind of dress as Kristen wore in BD1. Same color and style except for sleeves and belt slightly different. Why does she do these things? To be sure she can't still be jealous of Kristen, but this was just uncanny.

Birdie said...

As we see every day, it is a cold,cruel world. How nice that there are still happy endings. Thank you for still believing in fairy tales, Rose.

felicity said...

hi rose.. this was just epic.. i love a fairy tale that ends up in reality.. thank you so much for this.. you are a star.. mwah

Oneheart said...

Rose you have wrote your best post of all time. It is my all time favorite. You are truly amazing. You got the story just right. This is one fairy tale that has come true and from now on this Red Riding Hood replaces the original Red Riding Hood in my book.

The wolf never stood a chance against the Prince and Red Riding Hood is one tough girl who has had to take on lots of villains. The Prince and Red Riding Hood ended up together..just like they always do.

Rose said it all...

"Robert and Kristen lived happily ever after.
Forever and ever."


katy said...


I am having the most amazing visual of Prince Robert punching Rupig...I mean the wolf.

But my, favourite part, is the end "Robert and Kristen lived happily ever after.
Forever and ever."

Because, happy endings do exist....and love happy endings

Take care everyone

Caroline said...

Rose, absolutely brilliant.

I was thinking when I saw pictures of Liberty moving on, that her marriage to Rupert was probably skating on thin ice for some time. Kristen is clearly Rupert's type, sharing many physical similarities with Liberty, plus she is an interesting person. It is easy to see how Rupert might have decided to go after her. I think Kristen did get caught up in something not unlike your post.

Well done.

Freddie said...

Rose, very clever!

I hope everyone is well and having a good weekend.

Hi to Hope, Super, Birdie, Kay, DK, ali mac, Katy, Olivia, PL, Annie, Kami, Wig4usc, Litmom and everyone else in Roseland.

Omoiyari – you keep criticizing Rob because he’s not doing, or being seen to do, what you think he should do for Kristen. Rose commented on this to another poster. I’m paraphrasing but she suggested something as follows: that we have NO ideal what Rob is doing FOR Kristen and that we shouldn't assume that he is doing nothing just because we don’t see it. I would bet that Rob is supporting Kristen as only he can. Perhaps he is deserving of the benefit of the doubt.

I loved the coffee talk the other night, but I’m a tea person: Lady Grey, like you Olivia.

Sending best wishes to missing friends: IB, Kenzz, Rhonda, Angelica, Dottie, Melinda, 30, Sydney, Fio, Wildhart, LJ, Emilia. I hope you are all well and that we manage to meet up sometime/someplace.

Stay well all.

Kami said...

Keset it's a Fairy Tale. And like every Fairy Tale there is a kernel of truth. What happened in reality? Honestly, no one knows for certain, except the people involved.

But we all have our own thoughts and feelings on the subject, we're entitled and we're entitled to them without having to offer any kind of explanation to anyone..regardless of which side of the fence we're on.

And come on, no amount of proof anyone provides is going to suddenly have you smacking yourself on the forehead saying "I'll be damned I never thought of it that way!"

Pretty much right now, I think the majority of us want the whole subject to be dropped. Someone mentioned when this drama all began, that there's no use rubbing salt into a wound.

There's also no sense in picking at a scab or beating a dead horse which I think is what you're wanting to do by starting a heated discussion with someone demanding they show you their proof. Not happening so I say we bury the horse and let the damn scab heal and get on with life.

tufenuf55 said...

Just sent an email to Universal Studios explaining that the success of SWATH movie and DVD was nearly totally due to fans love for Kristen Stewart and admiration for her craft. I shared that I would love to see Kristen continue her role in that franchise but not if Rupert Sanders is the director. I felt good about letting them know how I felt about Rupig. Just saying....

ADD said...

Once upon a time, there was a very creative blogger. Awesome post.

olivia said...

Wonder post, dear Rose. Spot on! Thank you as always.

Oneheart, I echo your sentiments.

((Hugs)) for you dear Freddie. So good to hear from you. I most definitely concur with your comments.
(Would be so fun next June when I head up north. You are only about 4 or so hours away I think from
where I go to visit friends.)

Hugs for y'all.
Hugs for Smitty, Gruff and Syd.
Respect Rob and Kristen.
Life is good.

dozac said...

Like your version best! Think she got caught up in something over her head. Sadder but wiser and stronger. Looking forward to press for BD2!!

@CrisRK913 said...

I agree with you. Kristen made a mistake to think he-who-must-not-be-named was her friend, like Bill Condon, Sean Penn, Chris Weitz, Water Salles, Jake Scott were/are Kristen's friends.
But he was not, he was the one who wanted her brightness he wanted to drag her into the abyss.He almost got what he wanted, but he underestimated the strength of RK love and the loyalty between them.

In my opinion, I BELIEVE Rob Knew what had happened , he knew everything ,because Kristen told him as soon as she got home, or as soon as possible. He knew. The most difficult part of this 'incident' were the pics... Pics show what vulturazzis want to be shown, it is NOT the real thing.
And when the pics surfaced on the media, the blindenas lost no time in bashing Kristen and trying to claim Rob as theirs...again...they know NOTHING!

I believe Rob and Kristen NEVER broke up, they faced/are facing very difficult times, but they are facing them TOGETHER. I believe Rob and Kristen are more united than ever.
Kristen learned the hard way to not trust people, and this is what is killing her, bc she trusted the evil and hurt the angel, but the angel knows his baby is telling him the truth...so They are FINE! And TOGETHER...They were/are always together. They are facing their problems holding hands.

XO from Brazil

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, this post was fantastic. I also believe you hit the nail on the head. I know Robert and Kristen will end up together as deeply in love as ever. I also know Rupert will get what is coming to him one of these days.

Take care everyone, and I hope you all have a great weekend.

@CrisRK913 said...

Ladies...don't give the hyenas attention they want. They want to see want is convinient. If Kristen had cheated on Rob for good, he wouldn't be with her right now. He knows it was NOTHING, it was the wolf wanting his sunshine.

Holy said...

Hello guys.

Rose-you're the best.I love it.

DreamerKind said...

I am swept away all over again. Pondering true love makes my day! <3

"Dream a while, scheme a while, you're sure to find, happiness and I guess, all those things you've always pined for."

(I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby) Louis Armstrong-1942:

Does anything else matter?

DreamerKind said...

Good evening, wonderful comments. Great to see you all!

Holy said...

@tufenuf55- hello-you're right, the success of SWATH DVD sales is because of Kristen.There is no question that Universal knows that they need Kristen and her fans,if they want SWATH2 to be a success.And I don't think Kristen will be on board if Rupig will be the director.Nobody cares about the pig,who the hell is he anyway,he's only been directing videos.

Karen in NJ said...

Good evening everyone!

Rose, as everyone has said you're the best! After each post I always say "I love you Rose" cuz you say it best.

@DK - finally! Been waiting to catch you. I just wanted to tell you how sweet and inspiring you are!

DreamerKind said...

@Karen in NJ
Aww, I read all of your comments, too! (Hugs)

Embarking on what will be a marathon phone call in a few minutes, but I shall return.

tufenuf55 said...


Thank you for your comment. If anyone else feels the same, perhaps you could share your feelings with Universal Studios yourself. I know you will feel oh so much better! Love your blog, Rose, you awesome storyteller!

Unknown said...

Robert has already moved on. We should let him. It must be killing him to pretend to be together with his ex for the sake of Twilight. It would appear like he is selling out. But this is a billion dollar franchise and as employee he is contractually obligated to please all of us. I just wish it would be over for him soon. He is a good guy and he's been wronged. Life is a leveler. She will have her comeuppance. As for Robert, he is only 26. It's too young to tie yourself to someone let alone marry them. I wish Kristen ggodluck too and wish she would let him be. It is just fair. She owed him that much.

Birdie said...

And you know this how? Oh ye of little faith.

tufenuf55 said...

Those who chose to be known as "unknown" can't really be taken very seriously. Unknowns cannot be legit. You obviously know you are at the wrong blog for being critical of Kristen or Rob.

tufenuf55 said...

All Hail, to the greatest storyteller...ROSE!

Karen in NJ said...

@Birdie - you took the words right out of my mouth!

@DK thanks! Enjoy your phone call!

Oneheart said...

DK nothing else matters but love....

I bet if Red Riding Hoodie & The Prince heard this song it would remind them of each other...



Karen in NJ said...

@oneheart - Bon Jovi rocks! Also love "I'll be there for you".

LIZ said...

ROSE: What a wonderful post!!! So imaginative. There's a lot of "underlying truth" there but I can't say enough about how well written it was.

Thanks for writing!!!


bubblejoi said...

Love it, Rose. Thank you for everything you give to fans of Rob and Kristen, as a couple and as individuals.

I looked back at some of the posts I made when the incident first came to light. I was so dissapointed and angry at Kristen. It was all so raw and I couldn't see past what was presented as the "truth" of what happened.

With time things just didn't add up. My mind has changed so much since then. I continue to think back to Jodie's line in her essay when she mentioned that Kristen will have learned something about who she could trust when she comes out of this. I also think about a recent interview at TIFF where she cringed at herself when she mentioned wanting to beg directors to "use" her again. She knows she was used and her trust taken advantage of. I think it was a reminder of how she fell for it all because she was headstrong and blind to his true intentions.

If anyone has seen that snake's quote about the first time he saw her (burn on her pelvis/smoking a cigarette), it is clear that he wanted her from the beginning and he either waited or more likely created and opportunity to get her.

Even though Kristen may have figured this all out too late and even if Rob was leary of that snake it wouldn't replace the hurt and pain caused but it wouldn't destroy the true love that existed between them either. They made it all these years in the midst of a celebrity storm unlike any other. Neither Rob nor Kristen got into this for fame and that's why I think they've been able to make it this far. That's why they never fit into the mold cynical, cannibalistic media tries to portray. Their true fans see the difference in them. They'll continue to have success.

Maybe one day the truth will be revealed but it won't matter if it does or doesn't because:


Ginger with a Soul said...

Finally back from the store - I swear I live there with all these kids and have to share a funny story. The baggers were all busy or not there so I started bagging my own groceries. With all the kids a weekly trip is at least a cart and half each time so half way through I turn to drop a bag in the cart and it was gone - some random guy walked by and was walking out the store with all my groceries. I ran him down and was like um you took my cart and my groceries and he was like oh - here you go. All the clerks were laughing - so random.

@Unknown - I actually wasn't going to justify your statement with a response but I just don't get you PR peoples logic. You are calling him a sell out and honestly a liar since he stated he would never allow a studio to control his person life. Also why should she let him go - she loves him as he loves her - that is what people in love do - fight for each other. This is not inclusive to them - everyday people fight for people they love and in a world where people walk away instead of talking things out it is nice to see that. 26 is not old at all as I sit with a married 19 yr old daughter - each person makes that choice based on where they are in life and that is what it is - their personal choice and their life to live and learn.

LIZ said...

UNKNOWN: Hate to burst your "tunnel-visioned bubble" but Rob is where Rob wants to be and that is with Kristen. I agree that as an "employee" of a huge franchise, he would "deal" with any situation in order to do his job.

However, he would be "dealing" with the situation out in public, remember what PR is? PUBLIC RELATIONS.... But, as usual, they are hiding from the cameras and paps at this time. If they were only in it for the PR, they wouldn't be together until BD2 promo time and not now.


LIZ said...


deb said...

Thanks Rose I REALLY NEEDED THIS .Today was my dads memory he died the 6th. and this was just what i needed. You see I do believe that Rob and Kristen made it out ALIVE in all this shit and are more happy an in love with each other. Its SORRY to say but sometimes we just need a BIG BAD WOLVES to show our self we have love ones who are there to take care of use and LOVE US. IT WOULD OF BEEN NICE TO SEE ROBERT KICK THE (PIG ) wolves ASS Thanks again :) DEB.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@DK !!!!!! Hiya lady I missed you last night but I will but up late...working. I need to stop volunteering

DollSpirit said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LIZ said...

Rob looks good -- but just looks like he is "working" not looking like he's ecstatic to be there!!! Doesn't have his wonderful smile that we like to see.

Second Chance said...

“Though it's fearful,
Though it's deep, though it's dark
And though you may lose the path,
Though you may encounter wolves,
You can't just act,
You have to listen.
you can't just act,
You have to think.
Though it's dark,
There are always wolves,
There are always spells,
There are always beans,
Or a giant dwells there.
So into the woods you go again,
You have to every now and then.
Into the woods, no telling when,
Be ready for the journey.
Into the woods, but not too fast
or what you wish, you lose at last.
Into the woods, but mind the past.
Into the woods, but mind the future.
Into the woods, but not to stray,
Or tempt the wolf, or steal from the giant--

The way is dark,
The light is dim,
But now there's you, me, her, and him.
The chances look small,
The choices look grim,
But everything you learn there
Will help when you return there.

The light is getting dimmer..

I think I see a glimmer--

Into the woods--you have to grope,
But that's the way you learn to cope.
Into the woods to find there's hope
Of getting through the journey.
Into the woods, each time you go,
There's more to learn of what you know.
Into the woods, but not too slow--
Into the woods, it's nearing midnight--
Into the woods to mind the wolf,
To heed the witch, to honor the giant,
To mind, to heed, to find, to think, to teach, to join, to go to the Festival!
Into the woods,
Into the woods,
Into the woods,
Then out of the woods--
And happy ever after!”
― Stephen Sondheim, Into the Woods

Karen in NJ said...

@Liz - Rob does look good. Hopefully there will be some smiley pics.

PL said...


What a fun post today. I'm sure there are some who want to take it all quite literally, nevertheless, good job.


In case you drop by, the family surprised me with a Keurig today. How odd is that?

Good to see you drop in and I'm glad you addressed Omiyari because she does seem to have a vendetta against Rob for not acting in the manner that she thinks is appropriate. Some people seem to think that they know best about the relationship of 2 strangers.

Magnolias-blooming said...

Rose my dear...what an ingenious tale...
Brava Rose, Brava....

Magnolias-blooming said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Karen in NJ said...

@PL - congrats on your Keurig, you'll love it! I use Caribou Decaf (it's the best I've found) with some agave and either soy creamer or coconut milk creamer. Enjoy!

Second Chance said...

Topaz emerald, at first whiff, Florabotanica is a light spicy/powdery rose fragrance. As it dries down, the rose is enhanced by the subtle sweetness of amber. I love it. It's youthful, sexy and perfect for fall.

Kami said...

PL Congrats on your surprise, very nice!

I agree with you and Freddie, I don't understand why people think Rob should have to say or do anything publicly. Why should he? Please don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing Kristen at all, but the truth is the same today as it was the day this thing first hit the media. Rob did nothing wrong. Period!

Everyone is RIGHT in insisting that people stop attacking Kristen over a mistake. I agree, it's been two months...but here's something I think that a lot of us wish too. I wish people would quit trying to find a reason to make Rob the bad guy, I wish people would stop demanding he say or do something publicly and I really, really wish that a few people, by no means all, would stop taking this situation and using it to further their cause or vendetta.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Kami - It is pointless for him to say anything - I thought that whole situation was cleared up a few posts ago - I don't want to watch either one of then sell their souls for the public to feel better. Neither one is in a winning situation if they talk so why even bother people will believe what they believe no matter what

DreamerKind said...

@Second Chance
Love Sondheim! Every song reasonates. Thanks.

@PL, Kami, Freddie, Ginger, LIZ, bubblejoi and All! Lovely Saturday posting times.

DollSpirit said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
clf said...

You are so right about this. Remember when she was filming Snow white and she said that they were not going to let her go to the Breaking Dawn premiere in London. That was all Rupert not wanting her to be around Rob. This is why Liberty and Rupert have not worked it out yet. He still wants Kristen and she knows it. I hope Rob gets really possesive and protective with Kristen. She acts all tough but she is not right now. She needs him more than ever.

DreamerKind said...

Rob out at Dance Project at Disney Hall tonight!


Always a pleasure to see him I say.

gargamel said...

That pedophile-rabbit is itching his crotch over someone he can never have but is stuck on his albatross fish-faced wife. It will be his greatest frustration and it won't be his last attempt to try to molest a youngster.

bubblejoi said...

@gargamel Don't hold back! LOL!

Ginger with a Soul said...

@ gargamel - LOL - I said he reminded me of a pedophile too

Oneheart said...

Gargamel I love your way of expressing things...like bubblejoi said don't hold back. LOL

Ginger with a Soul said...

I know this will offend a couple people so just skip my post but this is an odd question that I have on my brain. So who tips off the paps if they think their spouse is wondering - why not hire a private detective to handle the situation in privately unless you want to be in the news, more so if children are involved. Just food for thought

PamH said...

Hello everybody

Just got home from a wedding and changed into some comfortable clothing and wanted to check in with everyone...Man was I surprised...Rose treated us to one of the best fairy tales ever!!!!!
Rob and Kristen Happily Ever After

Was the event Rob attended a charity he is envolved in?
I've never heard of it before

Fra said...

I love this!! :)

PamH said...

@ Ginger
Soooo not offended by your post.
The more I see or read about LR the stronger I feel like she manipulated this whole situation for fame , sympathy and to get out of her marriage. I think it's possible she's been cheating with her EX and discovered Rupigs pursuit of K and used it to her advantage. Obviously her children must be handling the split OKAY because it didn't stop her from basically doing the same thing , any Mother who have children hurting over their parents splitting up is not going to go partying and holding hands with another man and be photod doing it....But people still want to say " how could K do this to these children " ...unbelievable

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Pam - yup. Who plays this kind of shit in the public like a bad soap opera?

DreamerKind said...


(I'm still on the phone!)

PamH said...

@ DK
Thanks for link
So this is NP husband project.

wania said...

In a perfect world ... everyone would know this truth, Rose ... worldwide ... and all the evil would end ... the culprits would be punished and banished ... everyone would be happy ... R / K together, as always, free again ... forever and ever ... my dream ...

@CrisRK913 ... I think the same way... sister...

Great Sunday for all!

wania said...

DK ... I hope you are well and happy girl... hug

ali mac said...

Morning Roseland, sorry I missed last night. Good to see Hope, Kay, Freddie and Olivia.

ali mac said...

Morning Roseland, sorry I missed last night. Good to see Hope, Kay, Freddie and Olivia.

DreamerKind said...

Thanks, chulita. All is well.

@ali mac
I would rather do pilots as exercise!

Ginger with a Soul said...

Oh wow - watching girl with a dragon tattoo for the 1st time. um wow this movie is disturbing - like a cringed several times.

Anni said...

I love your blog!! I love, I love, I love!<3
You always make me smile :)

Anonymous said...


I agree with absolutely everything you said. I have my own theory as to why I think he already knew everything way before the pics came out, but I will not say. I also have my own theory as to why she made a public apology, but I also will not say. I applaud the both of them for being completely silent and hidden. I believe that snake, unfortunately, is the type that commonly exists in the workplace. They have no respect for women.

Anonymous said...


"blind to his true intentions" indeed...

it didn't help at all that she was very young, naive, and ambitious. I'm sure she has come out of this much much stronger and wiser.

Anonymous said...

@second chance,

I appreciate your response regarding the perfume smell. I do not wear perfume, but will wait to get it as a holiday gift :) thank you.

Anonymous said...


Heeheehee, hahaha, I applaud your response to "poor Unknown" :)

Anonymous said...


I believe A LOT of men want her right now and I can think of a lot that may have wanted her before this whole thing happened. But I believe all they want is each other.

Anonymous said...


I am catching up with comments, squished between my sweet neice and nephew on the living room floor, and you have me giggling this late at night :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Ginger,

interesting what you said. i don't know what to make of her yet, but she is bizarre to me.

Kelly said...

I love all your posts, but this has to be one of THE best. Frankly, I think it's a masterpiece! :) Thanks for being who you are, Rose. You are loved. xoxo Kelly1918EC

Anonymous said...

Of all the crappy stories you write, that is by far the crappiest. Epic Fail.

ali mac said...

DK if you want to do that you may have to get a new career as an Air stewardess lol

DreamerKind said...

@ali mac
You made me laugh, even after I laughed at myself and my own silly sense of humor. Perfect for a pre-sleep reverie.
Back in my heyday, I interviewed with an airline for a stew job, and turned down the job, for it would have limited my social life! Little did I realize. Regrets, I have a few.

DreamerKind said...

@Topaz E
I will you, to say what your theories are and I am waving my magic wand to persuade you.
If you will say, tell them to me in an email! Make someone happy (me!).

Certainly, the number of men and women who want Kristen and Rob, in any capacity they might have them, would circle the globe! :)

DreamerKind said...

Sunday thoughts of slumber, seduce sleepy me. I'll heed their siren call!

Bye, bebes.

katy said...

It's really needed an infinite level of patience these days to deal with this extraordinary amount of stupidity of some people...Unknown pointing at you.

Freddie, Glad to see you stopped by. Agree 100% with your response to Omoiyari. I've been trying to ignore her, as well a few others (valeria, keset), but I have to say that Omoiyari negativity towards Rob is starting to irriting me a LOT, so I am glad that you addressed her.

Have a great Sunday Rose, Smitty, Gruff, Syd and Roselanders.

ali mac said...

DK sweet dreams as you drift through the clouds (or fly....) catch you later xx

R/K Clan said...

*Creeyyss* beautiful story

Rapper said...

Good morning, All! Just stopping in for a quick second to wish everyone a GREAT Sunday!

Here's a song for everyone (including Rob & Kristen)
No One's Gonna Love You Like I Do - Band of Horses

PEACE & LOVE everyone!!

Rapper said...

Oops....that should be "No One's Gonna Love You More Than I Do"

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Good Morning ROSELAND

WHAT a delight to come on this morning to so many posters and comments and a new post to enjoy!

FREDDIE and KATY. I haven't seen you guys on much lately ..so good to see you and hope to catch up with you soon!


Welcome to a new obsession...K Cups and a Keurig!!!!!


Such good points you make. The behavior leans so much toward LR that it isn't funny...it's a shame. I will go one step further...

Once Upon A Time

There was a wife...who played Snow Whites mother but she was really Maleficent...the evil queen..with a wandering husband

Who, while on vacation realized her husband was spending the majority of his time texting a girl by the name of Little Red Riding Hood

Being that she had grown very tired of the Wolf, she devised a scheme...it was designed to accomplish 3 Goals....make her look like the poor abandoned wife with children, break up a power couple in Hollywood...Prince Charming and Red Riding Hood..and get her picture circulating in the media since staying home with the kids had stalled her career...

Of course she convinced the Wolf that he needed to be part of the PR Stunt because it would further his career while at the same time he could ruin Prince Charming AND kiss Red Riding Hood AT THE SAME TIME!!!! WIN WIN WIN

But of course he could not have foreseen nor could he ever understand the LOVE that Prince Charming and Red Riding Hood have for each other and so...

Our story ends with the wife leaving her husband and painting the town with a NEW man by her side and ...the best part...

Prince Charming and Red Riding Hood live smarter and HAPPY EVER AFTER!!!!

Oh, and the Wolf is running around in circles, chasing his tail and wondering what happened.....

RKlovestrong said...

So many people here are thinking like me which makes me so happy! Everyone is figuring out what makes sense, finally..which is that K who has been consistently in showing us the truth of who she is, would not throw the love of her life away for that 'wolf' no way, no how. He took advantage of her trust, set her up and made his move. Was it to drive a wedge between R & K and was he so delusional to think K would want him? K has had no choice but to weather this storm as it would not have helped her case to throw accusations around. Her apology was from her heart. Rob may have been angry and hurt to find both himself and Kristen at the centre of this hate-fest, scrutinised and victimised by the tabloids and public/fans who believe their vicious lies. But, I believe he has stood strong by K and is loving her through this. I love and respect him more for that, than anything. Kristen covered herself only in 'Rob' with her ring, necklace, bracelet, t-shirt, etc because - she knows we know what they mean...and she is sending us a clear message that her and Rob are together. We know this is true. Don't be afraid to believe it.

Rose you are the best. Love your positivity girl!

olivia said...

Drinking my morning cuppa, reading all the great Roseland comments.

Extra big smile and applause for Super's "one step further" addition to "Once upon a time..."
: )

and kudos to RKlovestrong... who, along with Freddie and so many others understand that:
we have seen grace under fire, loyalty, maturity, strength, support, newfound wisdom beyond years and growth in and between two soul mates.

Have a lovely Sunday.
Hugs for y'all.
Hugs for Smitty, Gruff and Syd....their family and friends too.
Respect Rob and Kristen.

tufenuf55 said...



PamH said...

Good Morning Roseland

I have only seen the original GWADT and found it really intense and disturbing so I never finished the rest of the series, but I haven't seen RM updated version. I wondered wether they toned down the events for the newer one ?

tufenuf55 said...

It has been tweeted that Kristen was at the LA Dance event with Rob last night, but not dressed up as she was not there to do press. This was from Those British Boys website. I hope it is true!

PamH said...

I would think if it were not true they would not have put it on their blog, they rarely mention Kristen.
I really hope it is true :-)

Kenzz said...

Good morning, friends... Very entertaining blog post by Rosé!

PL, you will fall in love with your Keurig... If you have a Dunkin Donuts near you, pick up a box of their pumpkin flavored K cups... Yummy for Fall :)

Freddie, great comments... I miss you, too...

Hi Super, see you've been polishing up your writing skills as well! Lol

DK, hope all is fine & dandy with you...

Have a great day, one and all!

Freddie said...

Good morning everybody. I hope everyone is well.

Kenzz!!! – So incredibly wonderful to see you pop in. Miss you big time. I hope you and the family are well. Come back more often…please.

Olivia – Hugs right back at you. I hope you have had a great start to the school year. When I grow up, I want to write like you do…(yes, I’m already grown up…but you get the point). Keep me posted on your travel plans. Maybe we could hook up for tea.

Super – you and Rose make a great story-telling team. I hope everything is well with you and your family. I’m sure your grandson is quite the young gentleman now.

PL – Congratulations on the Keurig. A “just because” present is always the best. Enjoy that coffee. I hope STFU is well.

Katy – Nice to see you. You’re definitely one of the good Rob fans. I hope all is well with you.

DK – Roseland couldn’t have a better FGM. I’m thinking about that song to dedicate.

Kami - when did you move back to Texas? It sounds like you love being back. Nice seeing you in Roseland as well.

Ali mac – it’s good to see you too. Wow – steak and Guinness pie. Great recipe. Thanks for sharing. .

Hi to Pam H, tufenuf, Ginger, Topaz Emerald, LIZ and everyone else that posted this morning and yesterday. Have a great day.

Omoiyari said...

this is just my point of view .the negativity is something else ,but I am ignoring everybody who think that robert is God or a Prince, so you can do the same with me .

You know what I think?
The tide of the gossip tabloids is changing;the prospect of reconciliation is rampant .
and what is robert doing?he goes out alone .
His crazy fans and his team are at one on this issue .
the (public) punishment for kristen is not over yet .
Good for rob,bad for kristen. sorry if I don't see any Prince here. my fault.

Anonymous said...

You are all so delusional, by believing that the homewrecker is innocent and was lured into a trap. Write what you will but it doesn't change the fact that she had a married man go down on her in a public place. You are idiots.

tufenuf55 said...


Please read my post and PamH post just above yours. It seems Kristen was with Rob at the LA Dance project just not pictured as this was not her press.

Kami said...

Ginger, I'm guessing if a spouse did contact the Paparazzi in this mess it would be so that she...er they could have picture proof of what a complete and total jackass their husband was so that they would be able to have grounds for divorce in England, to get a good financial settlement and fully custody of her kids.

JMF said...

leviathane: You are entitled to your opinion as we are to ours, however, we don't sling names or mud at others here so please respect that. This is a place where we come together to support Rob and Kristen. To me, Rob not making any comments about this situation shows what a great man he is. No one is denying that something went on, Kristen made her apology in a very public way. The rest is up to her and Rob. Those of us who have supported them all this time believe in their love and don't feel that a four year relationship is something Rob will cast aside when trouble arises. We don't know the whole story, neither do you.

sue said...

@Rose, haha, sorry that I'm laughing but that's only cause of your way with words. I love it. In fact it's beautiful. Prince Rob, yes he is.
I realized after a few weeks that, indeed, a nobody director I never heard of before (and I'm a moviebuff, read the Empire from A to Z) was the agressor. He wanted her badly, not caring about the concequences. That marriage was long over, which makes his apology even more crinching, false lying bastard shit he his.
What really gets to me and makes me very sad, is no matter what R&K say or don't say or do or don't do, they will never do good. To suggest this was some R&K PR stunt is just too ludicrous for words. Who ever thought of this should be carried away in a strayjacket.

I was exactly like you in the beginning, I was too baffled, sad, too blind to see the real truth.

That part of that interview where she crinched, yeah I thought of that too. She realized too late what she said, being used by asshole.

Keset is here cause she gets a kick out of our reactions, our protectiveness of R&K. What does my son calls these random people commenting on sites to get a reaction...oh yes..TROLLS.

Nice message. What's the emailaddress, I'll do the same.
I wanted to go and see the movie before the incident. Now it just eats me away. I know what you are all saying in supporting Kristen and I want too but I just don't want this pig to think the success of the movie is cause of him. His ego is already too big as it is and I detest the prick too much to inflate it even more.

you mentioned you saw Kristen pushing Rupig away, was this during the SWATH tour?
No worries there, I'm with you. Mrs. Sanders has a very big part in all of this. She is not 'the poor cheated look at me I am so hurt wifie'. She came out the winner. Yes people might be upset with me too for saying this but I don't buy the innocent victim act. Nice of her, thinking of her kids, they must hate their daddy too (sarcasm).

yes perfect twist to the fairytale. What comes around goes around, I really hope it will happen in this case.

Kami said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sue said...


Who is the homewrecker? Who was the one that was married with kids? Of course Pig is a man, can't help himself, we forgive him. The weaker sex and all, poor poor man just couldn't help himself.
Mrs S. is delighted thanks of people like you.
Fuck why am I even responding, just another small minded troll.
I would understand that men think it's a woman's fault but that the majoriy of women think like this is just unforgivable. The Anniston/Jolie saga truly pissed me of, why are women so stupid to think like this? Why do men have a freecard and women are homewreckers or sluts?

bubblejoi said...

Everything we've come to believe about Rob and Kristen over the past FOUR YEARS has turned out to be right but we're the delusion ones. Funny how the logic works in Haterville!


Kami said...

Leviathane, I can't believe I just spent three minutes trying to make sure I spelled your name correctly and then I realized..hey I dont' give a shit.

First off I am not an idiot, never have been, secondly how do you know what EVERYONE here thinks? You don't. You assume. You have assumed that EVERYONE on this blog believes a certain way, when in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. We all have our own feelings about this situation and trust me there have been heated discussions about those differences. And we've all kind of reached the conclusion that it's up to each person to decide what they believe.

You make huge general assumptions so I don't feel wrong in saying since you're here on the blog acting like a dick, you must be a troll.

You must have a sad, sad life jumping from site to site leaving little snotty hateful comments everywhere about how other people are idiots and you're the voice of reason. When in reality you're the loser who thinks it's fun to spend their time online trying to get a rile out of people. A loser who gets a kick out of taunting and hurting other people.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@ leviathane - I will add to what JMF said - I am an idiot - wow yet you can't figure the logistics or size of a mini cooper with a man over 6 foot tall in the front seat with a console in the middle. You and people like you cling to those pictures like they are a bible yet I don't even see a kiss - we can only assume what might of happened as her back is to us and why would they not move to a more favorable angle to get their juicy gossip, why is there no video while they follow them to the new location, make out for this lengthy time hmmmm - why are all the pictures fixed as if set up prior to the events. Oh and he was married not her - he is the home wrecker and looking at all the recent photo ops the wife has done - not sure there was even a home to be wrecked. Sorry but this is the bitchy part coming out of me - if you think any of those photo's are steamy I feel bad for your sex/love life cause what is in the photo's is acceptable at a 12yrd old dance in middle school.

Kami said...

Freddie, we moved back to Texas a year ago next month. We came down to the Houston area because my hubby accepted a job offer, it was only supposed to be for a year or so, but once we got down here another company called him and made us an offer we couldn't refuse, and in April we bought a house and I am loving it down here.

I NEVER wanted to live in the Houston area, the majority of Texans think of it as that 'giant crappy city on the coast' but I LOVE it.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Kami - The thing that bugs me is I guess I am looking at this through my mom glasses. A PI would be able to get photo's none the same and the issue could have been handled discreetly. When I divorced - I didn't want my kids to hate my ex and holy mother of god I wouldn't want them to deal with issues like this publicly. I can never see a reasonable response to be why don't I call paps to find out what was going on unless it was for publicity and both her and the wolf would have had to know about the photo's. As a women not just a mom one would think it would be embarrassing to have that played in the public yet I feel like I am in some bizarre reality show.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Pam - I haven't read the book or seen the old movie but I had my fingers over my eyes a couple times because I am not a huge fan of gratuitous violence and man there were some parts that I could have gone without seeing.

t. from MN said...

@Omoiyari~ You keep making the same point over and over. I think DK mentioned something to someone else about broken records a couple of weeks ago...the same applies here...you keep singing the same song and all I hear is cracking, popping, and static. If you're still looking for someone to agree with you, you're obviously looking in the wrong place.

@leviathane~ Your sole purpose for coming here was to get attention (at any cost). Congratulations!! You got it!! Now, Have A Nice Day............

Sorry everyone...I know I'm a new poster here, but I've had enough.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Sue - yeah it was during SWATH promo and on more than 1 occasion

Freddie said...

Omoiyari – Rose has stated that this blog is a place that supports both Rob and Kristen, so it’s not surprising that some people aren’t receptive to your criticisms of Rob. You are fully entitled to your opinion, so perhaps it would be best to focus on your support for Kristen when here, and reserve your negative opinion of Rob for someplace else. Just a thought…...

Freddie said...

t. from MN - sorry, I missed your comment before I posted. I totally agree.

Kami - I'm glad you are loving Houston.

JMF said...

@Ginger, I do remember that someone somewhere showed pics of Kristen with her other directors and the difference between her demeanor with them and the pig shows a huge difference. I also have seen the video at one of the SWATH premieres and it clearly shows how uncomfortable Kristen is with pig.
I know I shouldn't address trolls, it gets me no where, but this really should stop somewhere. We all have different opinions, but we have one that is the same...Rob and Kristen ALWAYS end up TOGETHER.
I saw tweets this morning that said Kristen was at the dinner last night with Rob but waited backstage as it wasn't her that was with the press. Good for her and him! still twirling....

Super RN Gas Passer said...


Those pictures are so unsexy, they are painful and embarrassing to look at...lol

FREDDIE, KENZZ. Good morning my dear ROSELAND REGS...forever will you BE. !!!! And I pray that the other REGS will come back...eventually!!!


I don't know where you are from...maybe there are cultural differences...aside from your basic dislike for RPatz..My question is why are you coming to this website called ROBERT PATTINSON INTOXICATION????? None of us are perfect ...last I checked we are all members of the human race and believe me, the first thing I remember because my parents had me in church every Sunday is I AM A SINNER, it is the fate of the human race and our job is to try to do good for ourselves and others and turn our backs on our sinful nature....easier for some...harder for others....

Sorry, I digress again. Where are you ROBERT??? I need your snarky comments right about NOW dear Louisiannian!!!!! Did I spell that wrong? Lol


Go chase your tail along with the Wolf...You sound so much like NR...shaking my head :(

Anonymous said...

That was the funniest thing that I have seen in a very long time. Thanks! Love and support to Rob and Kristen.

t. from MN said...

@ Freddie~ You said it much more eloquently than I did. I hope Omioiyari considers your suggestion, but for some reason, I have my doubts. ;)

Second Chance said...

When I was first diagnosed with Cancer I stumbled across this song on the Internet. It really helped me at the time so I thought I would post it with the hope that it helps someone else...


Kutless - What Faith Can Do
Published on Feb 12, 2010 by emimusic
Music video by Kutless performing What Faith Can Do (Official Music Video).

What Faith Can Do
Songwriters: Davis, Scott; Krippayne, Scott

Everybody falls sometimes
Gotta find the strength to rise
From the ashes
And make a new beginning
Anyone can feel the ache
You think it's more than you can take
But you're stronger
Stronger than you know

Don't you give up now
The sun will soon be shining
You gotta face the clouds
To find the silver lining

I've seen dreams that move the mountains
Hope that doesn't ever end
Even when the sky is falling
I've seen miracles just happen
Silent prayers get answered
Broken hearts become brand new
That's what faith can do

It doesn't matter what you've heard
Impossible is not a word
It's just a reason
For someone not to try
Everybody's scared to death
When they decide to take that step
Out on the water
It'll be alright

Life is so much more
Than what your eyes are seeing
You will find your way
If you keep believing

I've seen dreams that move the mountains
Hope that doesn't ever end
Even when the sky is falling
I've seen miracles just happen
Silent prayers get answered
Broken hearts become brand new
That's what faith can do

Overcome the odds
You don't have a chance
(That's what faith can do)
When the world says you can't
It'll tell you that you can

I've seen dreams that move the mountains
Hope that doesn't ever end
Even when the sky is falling
And I've seen miracles just happen
Silent prayers get answered
Broken hearts become brand new
That's what faith can do
That's what faith can do

Even if you fall sometimes
You will have the strength to rise

Karen in NJ said...

@Second Chance - that IS the most beautiful song! I hear it quite often. Loved reading the words, so good. I'm glad it gave you hope!

Kami said...

Omoiyari, would you like it if day in and day out you visited a blog where someone came in and constantly bashed Kristen and if YOU tried to defend her people considered you a "Crazy fan"? Not that you called us that, but I'm just making a point.

Do you honestly think that if Kristen read your comments about Rob she would approve? I don't. I think she would probably tell you to lay off of Rob, because no matter what has happened before during or what will happen from now she loves him and when you love someone you never like to see other people putting them down or calling them out.

I can be mad as hell at my husband, I can be so angry with him I could just spit sometimes, but if someone else said something bad about him, I'd claw their eyes out. Kristen's human do you think she would feel any differently? Would you if it was your Significant other?

I think you're a nice person, I think you're a good person, I think you truly care about Kristen and are defending her, but, and I say this as nicely as possible.
Please stop the negative comments about Rob, because there is a huge chunk of the people on this blog who care about both Rob and Kristen and we've had enough.

PamH said...

Man we seem to have gained a lot of drive bys lately. Your all entitled to your own opinion but always keep in mind your NEVER going to change our minds or hearts when it comes to R&K so if you like wasting your time and ours feel free!!!!

After our discussing LR last night I've also been thinking that they planned this together, they both knew how it would play out. She wanted her old life back, they lure K so the papz get the photos, they chose which ones get put out, he thinks he comes off looking studly by being seen with a much younger, attractive sought after star to boost his ego, they get their names in the mags and on all things media, walk away laughing it up to live separately. To me she is not a Mother who is suffering the break up of her family and heartbreak for her children when you in turn step out in public cozzied up with your Ex. Those two should stay together because they truly deserve each other.

sue said...

Thanks Ginger,

you're always a great source of info.
I understand even better why you were always so adamant (right from the beginning) about Pig being the agressor, in pursuit of Kristen and that he had a very big fishy part in trapping Kristen.

gargamel said...

I hope someone would start out a blog that is just about exposing the modus operandi of this EGGHEAD molester. First 'real' directorial job and he 'tried' to make a name...so he's got it.

Robert said...


sorry i have not been around. work is kicking my ass. i haven't checked my e mail for days. i am a little bit obsessed with josh's interview with kristen after all she's been through to look that gorgeous and to be that happy is just amazing. i'll try to be around more. my band is getting kinda busy as well so

"louisianian" i think is the way it is supposed to be spelled, of course as a pompous english professor it is my duty to catch people fucking up the english language

for example, can someone explain to me why people on the internet think that the word "definitely" is spelled "defiantely"?


gargamel said...

Who knows ...maybe he was jacking off in between takes while looking at the HUNTSMAN.He's a jack-off-all trades anyway.
Director...molester...pedophile...list could go on if he sees an opportunity to attack.

He could be the platoon leader of the hyena troops.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Pam - I know everyone handles martial issues differently but come on her ex is conveniently there waiting and they are already out and about. Also yes most moms think of their children 1st and she was a stay at home mom - you would think the kids would need the added support of both parents - outwardly it seems the nonnies are more concerned with their children then the parents are.

sue said...

Yes PamH, I agree.
It's al too convenient. Poor Mrs. S. Karma is a bitch. What goes around, comes around. That goes for Mr. as well as Mrs. S.

ali mac said...

I had mother in law over for Sunday lunch and haven't been able to look in all day, it's been quite busy :) it even feels a bit like old times.

Kenzz great to see yo pop in :D

Super, I too was taken to church every Sunday and another important thing we learn there is "let he who is without sin cast the first stone" it seems we have lot of saints visiting lately !!!

ali mac said...

Robert that is one that I notice ALL the time, but I'm sure I make a good few mistakes myself.

Are you the manager of the band or a member of it? I'm glad to hear it's busy for you.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Sue - yup I never thought any of this made sense. I was confused why people bought the story hook line and sinker from the tabs and jumped all over Kristen when they claimed to never believe them before - I think a lot of people didn't believe them when they trashed Rob but it was ok to trash Kristen. Hell there are still people that while don't trash Kristen still don't like or approve of her - people that blog here. 1+1 does not equal 4 and there is just way to many odd things for me to even remotely believe what we have been told. A really simple story took on a life of its own and while I blame the media for a lot of it I blame a lot of the crazy women out their that fueled this fire into a inferno. To many people still act like she victimized them, that she is the devil and they have this illusion that she is trash and he is perfect where the real story is more like they are both human with flaws and life happens. We can speculate until that cows come in but we have no real facts and those with the facts are not speaking.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Robert - I blame spell check :)

Omoiyari said...

@Super RN Gas Passer
there is an error .maybe you mean my
basic dislike for RPatz fandom and not for robert pattinson.There's a definite difference.
I admit, I don't think he is God or a Prince. and I don't think it's an insult . .!
yes, maybe ...maybe there are cultural differences

when I'm talking about rob crazy fans ,I refert to women or horses like CK and her regrettable friends .What are these negative comments about Rob?wI don't see what robert does to protect kristen in these months (well,years )
this is just my point of view .

RKlovestrong said...

Rose's blog is all about her love for Rob & Kristen and their love for each other. Lots of fun, laughs and our happy place, right?

So why post disrespectful, obnoxious comments? Is it to offend her and all of us who are true fans of R & K? Because you just make yourself look bad.

Rose doesn't deserve that and neither do we.
So be considerate and show some care for others.

Those who hold R & K to such high expectations would do well to set an example themselves.

Robert said...


i am the lead singer/songwriter. we also have bass, drum, and keyboard.
the name of the band is "shakyhead and the boys"


i blame my younger brother, but it never gets me anywhere

ali mac said...

So Robert I have heard your voice then, cool =)

Robert said...



Robert said...
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RKlovestrong said...

@ Omoiyari
Just a thought for you...
Rob doesn't need to give you proof of how much he loves and cares for Kristen. He will show it to HER..privately but he doesn't owe any of us a declaration of his love for her. But he does love her and you will see it soon enough.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Robert - LOL - I blame being redhead on a lot of things but that does fly either

Robert said...



Ginger with a Soul said...

@Robert - OMG LOL

ali mac said...

Yes Robert I listened to about three of your songs. I wasn't sure if you were the singer as he sounded young as in his twenties and for some reason I had you down as older. I may be wrong? I had a favourite out of the few I listened to but I will have to go back and check which it was.

Robert said...

be back this afternoon ladies, i'm off to laugh at the saints at a friend's house.

ali mac said...

Yes Robert I listened to about three of your songs. I wasn't sure if you were the singer as he sounded young as in his twenties and for some reason I had you down as older. I may be wrong? I had a favourite out of the few I listened to but I will have to go back and check which it was.

Robert said...


were they from our website? because if they were, they are not as good as the ones in my private collection. let me know and i will try to get the good ones to you.

although, some of the ones on the website aren't too bad like "old woman in the shoe" and "dream without you"

oh and yes i have been separated from my twenties for a while now

Super RN Gas Passer said...


Yes, I love all these Holier than Thou Intolerant People Who Think They Are Above Reproach and Spend Their Spare Time Trashing People...I prefer to call them what they really are...bullies....


I know you are busy...and thanks for correcting my spelling disaster...I have been out of school for too long...It's good to see you and you are sorely missed by me!!!! My hubs has a new band he calls Four Way Stop..they are playing popular oldies from the late 60's- early 70's such as like " Ain't Too Proud to Beg" by the Temptations and " Green River" by CCR... Of course YOU are writing your own material...very impressive!!!!!


Yes I agree with your last comment and I don't think of you as a troll...

bubblejoi said...

@ Omoiyari - You should consider that if Rob were to come out and defend Kristen, it would result in more hatred and vicious attacks toward Kristen by his craziest fans.

In all the years that they've been together Rob has always shown the depth of his feelings through his actions. It was plain to see if your weren't blinded by a pre-existing bias. Kristen was more reserved with respect to her actions but she was the one who tended to spill the beans in unguarded moments. Practically every confirmation of them as a couple has come from Kristen referring to him as her boyfriend. She talked about him all the time.

Rob has never spoken about his relationship and he certainly won't start now.

At the end of the day it really won't be Rob to pull her out of this mess by defending her honor or her name. It will be Kristen herself being a strong, brave young woman who continues to bring challenging roles to life and holds her head up high. THat task will be made easier for her because she will have the strength and support of her true love behind her in their private moments where it means the most not in front of the cameras to satisfy fans or celebrity watchers.

PL said...

It is so good to see so many comments from those that haven't been around, and yes, Ali, it does seem almost like old times.

I can't tell you how many times I've defiantly complained about the usage of that word. It is definitely a pet peeve of mine and I hope the blame is on autocorrect or spell check and not just plain ignorance.

You express your dislike of Rob's fans well I'll second that but about the obsessed fans of Kristen's because they are just as bad.
And can someone tell me what is a Krisbian? I know Kristen has expressed her dislike of that word so why would a fan think of themselves in that way?

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Super - Bullies is a very good word for it

@Omoiyari - the extremes on both sides of their fandoms are hard to look, listen, or deal with. I know the ones from his side you speak of and they really passed the line from fans to stalkers, obsessed (and not in a comical cute way), and past the need for simple medication (A few should be sued and a couple thrown in jail). I don't read anything on them, I don't follow any of the on twitter and I freak when someone rights them in my TL cause as a supporter of both I don't want to see the names even if the comment is not hateful - the words don't change the person or the view.

Freddie said...

Hi PL - how was the coffee? I'm sorry, I can't answer your question about a Krisbian. If I tried, I'd probably end up offending someone...LOL. Hope you are well.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@PL - a Krisbian is a girl that would swing the other way for Kristen and those are not in general the Robert haters - from the ones I have seen they actually support him. It is the Nonberts that hate him where are the Nonstens and Robsessed hate her

ali mac said...

Robert At least you still have the voice of a twenty something lol

gargamel said...

A certain Jen Garcia..senior 'yapper-blabber of a poop-wrap ragmag is on tv (acc-asshole-ywood)...talking in as-sure-as-im-sitting here with bulging eyeballs that r&k got together this past weekend in L.A....and were at r's private home and they spent quite a good amount of time with each other. REALLY????? JEN GARCIA??? Were you there? You spoke to their friends???? They spoke to you??? Or you just dreamt bout it like when your poopwrap mag invented that they broke up...
Why do a sit-down interview on national tv and blab 'facts' bout these two? You tryin' to be known and get some product deals too??? What's up with showing blabwriters faces on tv?...like those classroom of morons on TMZ? Do they get extra deals now??? Free SODAS???
Do we really care who they are?

ali mac said...

Hi Pl, good times :)

Freddie I'm glad I'm not the only one didn't want to explain that. Ginger you did a good job ;)

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Ali :)

PL said...


So if that is the definition of Krisbian, is that supposed to be a compliment? Because, I know that I'm rather conventional, but I try to be open minded and someone feeling that way about me would really make me uncomfortable. I would think that person was quite delusional.

Freddie said...

Hi ali mac - how are you? I'm not a great cook but your recipe on the last post sounded wonderful.

Hi to Super, Ginger, RKlovestrong, bubblejoi, Robert, Gargamel and anyone I've missed. I hope you are all well.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@PL - Different strokes for different folks. I have nothing against people with different sexual orientations as my sister is gay and has a girlfriend that I adore not to mention I have a few gay male friends and they are cool as hell - sexual orientation does not make the person. I guess it is the same as the gay guys that like or crush on Rob - happens but nothing will will come of it. For the most part they are very harmless and from the ones I have seen support them both so I guess as long as there is no hate going on I don't see the harm.

JMF said...

So now my three year old dell has kicked the bucket ! hard drive failure. Gahhhhhh. Son will take to Best Buy tomorrow to find out if it's worth repairing or getting a new one. Thank goodness for iPads or I fwoould be totally out of the loop.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@ Freddie - afternoon :)

Ginger with a Soul said...

@JMF- that sucks !

ali mac said...

Freddie it's really easy to make, especially when you cheat with frozen pastry lol it's a lovely treat on a cold night :)

Krisea1112 said...

Wow!I love it!your version of fairy tale is so good and I'm looking forward more of your fairytale stories.I also think this is far the most exciting red riding hood story I read,I love it more because of kristen and rob ever after happy ending.I love,love fairytailes story.I'm so happy that yoo post this today I hope that will continue to do more to your upcoming post.
Hi!!to all the lovely ladies and gentlemanhere..DK,GS,BJ,AM,KM,RK,GG,SUE,SC,KNJ,BIERDI,JMF,PamH,TFF55,SRNGP,CRK913,DEB,LIZ,BBJ,HOLY,ANNIE,OLIVIA,and TEMPEST,MONICA,TE,Freddie,Robert.
@Omoiyari,I want you to know that I appreciate for your opinion on siding and defending kristen cos I feel the same I'm more kristen fan than rob fan but since I come here to this blog and notice how equally they support,admire,defend,love and respect rob and kristen I tried to each person here to don't offend them I respect them so much for thier being positive and respectful.I hope that you stop blaming rob and learn to be positive,thankful and grateful that many of people here are admire,support,and love rob and kristen and most of all be appreciated and respect the owner of the blog when next time you decided to leave a comments.If I offended and hurt about saying this I'm so sorry.

PL said...


Well, like you say, different strokes. I may not understand it but as long as they aren't hating or constantly saying what they think Rob should be doing, then no harm.

LIZ said...


Just a quick hello to everyone, so sorry I don't have time to comment on ALL the wonderful comments today.

Will is suffice to say that I completely agree with MOST of them?

I'm still TWIRLING in LALA LAND ...

Kami said...

PL I too have heard Kristen say she is not crazy about the Krisbian section of fans. You're right of course Ginger, different strokes.

Omioyari I understand your comments about people like CandyKisses or whatever her name was, but Rob is NOT anymore responible for the crazy fans who follow him than Kristen would be responsible for people like "Honey" who created a "Robert Pattinson must Die" Facebook page which to say it was disturbing would be an understatement. Neither of them are responsible for their fans, whether they are sane or way, way, way out there.

As for Rob doing something to help Kristen, what do you expect him to do? Come out with a statement telling everyone to leave her alone? Which would cause the internet to EXPLODE into people determined to prove that he has either been forced to protect Kristen...which would cause nothing but hatred generated towards Kristen...or he would be called a Pansy, a wimp etc...which again would cause nothing but Violent dislike directed towards Kristen.

Nothing Rob could say or do would ever be enough. That's what he and Kristen have said all along. Remember when Kristen said something to the effect that people had asked her why she didn't just tell the press who she was dating, then everything would die down, and she replied saying that would not solve anything because after finding out who she was dating they would want to know details and when that wasn't enough they'd ask for her first born child.

It's a real realtionship, they're a real couple, they've had a real problem, and they deserve to be able to deal with it in a REAL way which is privately.

Kristen is not demanding anything whatsoever of Rob. No gesture, no big production etc, which should tell you how SHE wants this handled.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@PL - not that I see on twitter anyway - honestly the people who are saying the most about what Rob should do are the Nonstens and even bigger the Robsessed. I may not be exposed to a lot of Rob haters but I can't escape the Kristen haters as they always find a way on my TL so I may be a little biased but they are the ones doing the heavier threatening - one has taken upon herself to sit out Kristen's mom's house with a video recorder, writing letters to his management that if he really is with Kristen they will do what they can to ruin his career - you name it. I am not sure he needs haters when his own fans seem to be his biggest issue right now and I feel terribly sad for him because he doesn't deserve it anymore than she does. They are both talented and threatening someone life or livelihood over something that is not our decision is horrifying.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Kami - I don't think Kristen even wants him to say anything publicly. She hasn't given anyone a explanation and I think that is their stance - we will give you nothing. They both hate hate hate the tabloid media in general - people freak about her flipping people off but sorry everyone has a breaking point and she is better than me cause they would get more than a finger if they were chasing me saying vulgar stuff. I still remember Rob begging them to leave him alone so they couldn't follow him to the home he and Kristen shared - no one should be reduced to beg for that.

Ginger with a Soul said...

On a different subject is anyone on here brave enough to go see Sinister - I heard it was the best scary movie ever and will give you nightmares

Holy said...


Good lord,twitter are still going crazy about R/K sightings last night.

Still twirling at Liz La land.

@Ginger-hey there.

Oneheart said...

Hope everyone is having a beautiful fall Sunday. Enjoying all the post. Super loved your add on to the Red Riding Hood post. This is now my favorite Red Riding Hood story. Thanks to Rose and you.

I loved the tweet that Kirstie Alley tweeted back in July. I saved it because I thought how true it was.

"To all of you who are perfect, without sin and uber squeaky clean...raise your halos...to the rest of us: carry on :)"--Kirstie Alley

I think Rob and Kristen are doing exactly what they have always done...keeping it private.

That's what has always drawn us to them, they're not your typical Hollywood couple. When it comes to their careers it's different than their personal lives. They will gladly share upcoming movies they'll be in, promote the ones they have done but they'll never discuss their personal lives.

When you are a couple you are the only two people who need to know what is going on in your lives. You don't have to explain anything to anyone. The only two people who need to know already do.

Once you share anything about your personal relationship it isn't yours anymore, it's out there for others to shape and mold it into whatever they want it to mean. So by staying quiet they're keeping it theirs.

Anyone who knows me knows I love quotes. There are many wise proverb sayings...these are just a few on silence. It's wise to be silent about things that you want to protect.

To silence another, first be silent yourself. ~Latin Proverb

Silence is a fence around wisdom. ~German Proverb

Silence was never written down. ~Italian Proverb

tufenuf55 said...


I think the spelling of definitely is because the person is spelling it the way they are saying it and moving their head to the sound of it.


tufenuf55 said...

Two more reputable people talk supportive of Rob AND Kristen!

Juliette Binoche Talks About Rob and Mentions Kristen (Robsten Dreams)

"He's been going through a tough time …
Well I witnessed Jude Law going through hell as well – it can be a nightmare when people have to deal with their intimacies in public. It's not respectful, so I felt for him and for her [Kristen Stewart] as well."

Laurie Halse Anderson, Speak Author, Talks About Kristen in Her Blog (Robsten Dreams)...
..."She was so, so young when she made the movie, but her talent was undeniable. It’s been fun to watch her develop as an actress. (Though when the press hounds her, I get really defensive and want to start yelling at people!)"

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Holy - Hey There :)

DollSpirit said...
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PamH said...

@ Ginger
You know my hubby and I are huge horror/paranormal movie watchers and that is on the top of our must watch list along with JL Last house and AG The Apperition(she seems to do well going by the trailers) and tonight The Cabin in the Woods. This weekend coming is our Scarefest event, just seeing some of the people in costume is as much fun as the stars/guests you can meet. This year Scout TC will be there so that will be as close to Kristen as I will ever get, unless seeing PF at the mall a couple hours away from where I live counts ( I didn't stand in the miles long line to meet him)

ali mac said...

Ginger I don't do scary movies anymore. The sixth sense made it hard for me to sleep for about a week, so after that I don't watch them anymore. And that is a long time ago!

Super RN Gas Passer said...


The Sixth Sense is one of my favorites but I'm not willing to watch anything scarier than that. Lol...

Anonymous said...





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