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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
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or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Rob and Kristen- The Jig is Up

That's kinda how I feel too.

Random Thoughts

1. Kristen's mother Jules filed for divorce this week.
 After 27 years of marriage.
Sad news.
As always... the reactions were fascinating.

 I doubt many were surprised by this news
And I'm guessing Kristen knew about this for a while
and has had time to deal with it.

 But then you have the obsessed hyenas.
The ones who have clamped onto Kristen
and can't let go.
Didn't you know that Jules announced her divorce
JUST to garner sympathy for her daughter?
Ending a 27 year marriage was just a PR stunt!
How clever of Jules!
What a diversion!

 Makes you wonder just how many Sybil's are really out there.

 2. So the jig is up.
Not sure what a 'jig' really is...
but it seems to be UP.
Robert was spotted again in London.
So it must be true?
When you get more than a few people 
seeing the guy hanging around
(and quite possibly with Mr. Sturridge)
Then you start believing.
I'm just sorry that he was spotted at all
At least there aren't (so far) any pictures.

Of course...
The Obsessed Hyenas (OHs if you like) are salivating over this.
Because we ALL know that Rob only goes to London
when his relationship is OVER.
Rob is living the single life!
Rob has moved far far away from Kristen!
Rob has NEVER EVER gone to London without her before!
Well... As long as he is on another continent away from HER!

Enjoy your frenzied foaming, Mutts...
You should probably be stockpiling your carcasses and scraps
for the LONG winter ahead.
I have a feeling...
(a feeling deep inside)
That you just might have some lean times in the coming months...
Desperate times.
Hungry times.

Wink. Wink.

3. Kristen goes to TIFF this coming week.
Toronto International Film Festival.
Thursday September 6 
Ryerson Theatre 9:00 PM
Friday September 7 
The Bloor Hot Docs Cinema 11:30 AM

Kristen is scheduled to appear.
This will be her first public appearance
since the 'incident'.
Everyone will be watching even more intently
than they ever did before.
How will she look?
How will she handle the public?
How will she handle the press?
Will she be like Rob... and smile and carry on?
Talk about OTR and dismiss the rest?
That's what I think she will do.
Be strong and do her job.
The amount of hatred and judgement 
that Kristen has to deal with now
has been magnified and amplified.
But the sad reality is...
She has been dealing with it in some capacity for 4 years.
I hope she realizes that for every obsessed hyena...
There are 1000's of fans who love and adore her.
She will be OK.

4. Thomas
I love this picture because its something we don't
get to see a lot of...
him smiling/laughing.
It's been said that he was seen hanging with his
best buddy in London.
I hope that's true.

I like the thought of these two guys hanging out...
A lot.
It somehow soothes the soul...
Kinda like old time rock and roll.
And Green Sheep.


This post is brought to you by strength.

I hope Rob and Kristen have enough of it
to get through all of this...

I think that they do.

Until next week
(it will be verrrrry interesting)

Bye for now
Love isn't blind... Jealousy is.


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Litmom said...

Ah Rose- Exactly. Agree on all counts. :-)

Birdie said...

I love the new banner Rose. Oh and the one at the bottom of your post,too!

I think Kristen is going to show the press and fans what it means to have strength and diginity.

I just hope they are finding a little happiness wherever they are.

Rapper said...

LOVE your blog, Rose! Always inspiring and sooo positive. Wish OTR a lot of success at TIFF...Can't wait to see Kristen. Does any one know if Rob will be at the VMAs???

My song for today is "When You Love A Woman" by Journey...awesome song by a great band. PEACE and LOVE to everyone.

Birdie said...


PL said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LIZ said...

ROSE, Thanks for a great post.

As positive as most of are about everything, we always feel a bit better with your logical and calming words.


I believe (and hope) that he'll be hiding out somewhere in the Toronto area giving her support and perhaps they'll be able to have a vacation afterwards. It won't be long before all the BD2 stuff will start. Unfortunately, as time gets closer, I believe all the speculation and harassment will get worse.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Rose - perfect post - says it all and I really like the top banner as well.

irene said...

Brilliant, Rose!

Omoiyari said...

I feel so stupid right now (like always to be honest).when I saw Kristen and Robert pics from vanity fair on your blog ,I almost start to cry.this was not my relationship but also the empathy I have for this young woman is very vivid.

Only 5 more days until OTR at TIFF .I hope the cast is going to support her ,Would be perfect.

Kami said...

Sydney If you don't mind could you send me that recipe you posted the other day? I really want to try it.

LIZ said...

Omoiyari - I am 100% certain that the cast will show their support for Kristen. I really hope Tom will show up but I don't think he's supposed to be there. But Garrett and Sam and the others will be there for her.

I think she'll have a ton of fans there to support her, also. Wish I could be there.

LIZ said...

SYDNEY, please come back and post that recipe. I know I apologized and so did some of the others... we were not referring to you or your recipe, was a stupid remark on my part, I know.

Karen Czabai said...

Love coming HOME to this Blog. Everything makes so much more sense here. Thanks for an awesome post. ♥ R & K 4ever Always ♥ Loved this ..... :)

Hope said...

Hi Everyone!

Great post, Rose!

I agree with you...Kristen has millions of faithful fans and I know they will turn out in full force cheering her on in Toronto. LOVE you, Kristen!

YAY.....Saw Cosmopolis yesterday and Rob delivers a captivating and exceptional performance indeed. I gasped out loud a few times and kept my eyes closed the last few minutes of the film. LOL....I don't like violence.

Hope everyone is well!

PamH said...

@ Rose
Love the new banner ( that is my wallpaper on my iPad ) and as always LOVE the words of wisdom

I know Kristen loves LA but I think it would be good if she went to London to live , with Rob , for a while. He did that for her so maybe if she did that for him they would have an easier time of being together to work everything out along with still having friends to support them around.

I hope this week doesn't drag slowly
I'm so ready to see K again, while doing something she loves and not by the papz

LIZ said...

PamH -- That's an interesting idea about London. But, I can't help but think about the fact that the British paps are worse (just what I've heard) than they are in LA. Short of living on a deserted island, the answer might be somewhere away from the HW or London. I hope they won't be hounded their whole lives like this.

Hope said...

KAMI....Waving hello, new neighbor!

GINGER and Gargamel....I'm with you guys
MR. and MRS. Robert Pattinson

Kathy said...

LOVE the post Rose. It feels good to see everyone remain positive about R and K. Seeing those EW pics again made me sad. My heart still hurts for them. I pray for them both everyday, that they find their way back to each other. And to be honest, I'm still a bit mad at Kristen for what happened. I am worried about her going to TIFF though. I want her to be safe. It's going to take ALOT of courage to show up there, and I just pray she can get through it unharmed. I wish they could spend some time alone in London and sort things out. I've always wondered about her parents relationship. You never see them together so that has made me think they weren't together. It's all so sad. I think everyone is ready for some good things to happen....and soon. Hope everyone enjoys their long weekend. :)

Holy said...

Hi everyone.

@Rose- you're brilliant.

@Pam and Liz- London I think is worst.I suggest Timbuktu or Fiji.LOL.

@Ginger-hey girl.


Berry said...

Loved the post Rose! I am excited for Kristen this week. I am sure it will be great.

Sure do hope that they both come out of this better for themselves and hopefully better together.

Hope everyone has a good long weekend!

PamH said...

I'm totally with you on the deserted island idea !!!! Visions of the BD honeymoon are dancing in my head :-))))

All fanfic ladies
Has everyone read The Nightingale Journals by kimpy0464
Both E/B work in NICU ( author does in RL also ) of a hospital. She taught me some things that in my 40+ years I'd never heard of. It's also complete on Twilighted.

Vangie said...

Ladies help, i cannot remember how to change my icon, ps step by step.. thank you

LIZ said...

I'm still TWIRLING!!!

I must comment about this, though, because it's bugging me like crazy.

I saw on an ABC show a small segment where it was mentioned that the studio has a plan in case R&K don't reconcile before BD2. Apparently, there is a lot of "talk" about them getting back together just before that time. God, I can just imagine all the stuff about PR, PR, PR ... which is what we've heard for so long.

Apparently the plan is to keep them separated at the press junket, one on each floor, and have them arrive separate for the red carpet. I can't imagine that they wouldn't have to do some photos together but I'm just telling you what I heard.

Sorry to be such a worry wart...

katy said...

Excelent post, Rose!!!

"This post is brought to you by strength.
I hope Rob and Kristen have enough of it
to get through all of this...
I think that they do.

I love Rob. I love Kristen. I want Rob to be happy. I want Kristen to be happy. I want them to be happy together.

Take care everyone.

Kami said...

Waving back at you Hope, still having storms down here. We've gotten 5 inches of rain in the last 2 hours. Good thing we don't live in a flood zone.

@CrisRK913 said...

Sending lots of hugs for everyone who brings and spread love her and everywhere!


I love your posts with such a passion, I hope you NEVER EVAH give this blog up. It gives us strength to go through this mess too. I'm not talking about the 'incident', because I 100% agree with you, it was an incident.PERIOD.I'm talking about so much hate towards Kristen. This is insane,without purpose, unreasonable, venomous. Just because Kristen is waht they will NEVER be: talented, gorgeous, skillful and she IS Robert Pattinson's soulmate. ;)

Reading this part of your post is giving me goosebumps in an amazing way...My heart warms, my soul brightens...I'm feeling this too.

"Enjoy your frenzied foaming, Mutts...
You should probably be stockpiling your carcasses and scraps
for the LONG winter ahead.
I have a feeling...
(a feeling deep inside)
That you just might have some lean times in the coming months...
Desperate times.
Hungry times."

Wait and see! I like it. A LOT!

And there is nothing new about Kristen being hated by thousands of mutts/blindenas. Kristen is a fighter, she is a warrior, she is OUR PHOENIX, she is always reborning from her ashes...Kristen is unstoppable, she is KRISTEN STEWART. And we are her fans, who will be by her side NO MATTER WHAT.

Rose, you are so right:

"for every obsessed hyena...There are 1000's of fans who love and adore her"

"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will."
Mahatma Gandhi

Kristen is blessed!

Thanks a lot!

XO from Brazil

~> Robert and Kristen always end up TOGETHER!!! <~ FACT

ali mac said...

Hope, is that the real hope or the new one?

Hoping everyone's having a great weekend so far.

Hi to everyone that's posted so far and those still to come.

gargamel said...

Calling out to all robsten lurkers who haven't posted before...time to show your love now...
Ive just been out in August and i couldn' t stop.
NO RAGSHIT a day...keeps the doctor a way.

ROBSTEN intoxication is my new addiction...DO NOT CURE ME.

Twirling with Liz Pam and Ginger.

Mrs. K.P.!!!

ali mac said...

ROBERT did you Spot the lovely pic of Tom and Rachel, I'm going to pretend that was for you and me =)


Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about Kristen's parents. On top of all that happened,things can't be easy for her. I do hope she will be alright. Unfortunately,she can't do much for her parents,but I kinda doubt her bf was far from her when she dealt with it all.JS So,hopefully things will fall into place soon. For them all. HEA FTMFW <3

Anonymous said...

I lurk a lot and don't post much, but I want to let gargamel know that I haven't visited any of the sites on your list for at least a couple of weeks. I think more of us than you know are following your lead! Also, I've pre-ordered both SWATH and Floribotanica to further support Kristen. I can't wait to see her this week and am wishing really hard for good things for Kristen and Rob.

Anonymous said...

Great post Rose. Thanks :-) I'm looking forward to Kristen's taking part in OTR promo at TIFF. I hope it goes well. I just wish Tom would be there (though I've heard that he won't) because it would be nice for her to have him in her corner although I am also sure a lot of people will actually be in Kristen's corner.

Hope said...

Hey! It's REG Hope...LOL.
Are you having a nice weekend?

ali mac said...

Hi Hope, nice to see you, yes I'm having a good weekend. I'm busy doing last minute things for the children going to school on Monday. Hope your doing well too xx

Robert said...


when you say ROBERT do you mean me or him?

ali mac said...

You of course, he is Rob you are the only Robert here x

Robert said...


sorry sorry
i get it now i didn't realize that was her

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Holy - waves :)

@Ali - hey there

Everyone else Hola !!!!

I posted this one before but here it is again

Tesla - What You Give


Robert said...

i am soooooooooooo stupid

ali mac said...

Hi ginger, hope your not working too hard !!

Robert my fault for being vague and expecting you to remember a conversation from two days ago.

Robert said...


assuming this is ok. if not just say and i will delete
if you go to google and type in

shaky head and the boys

then click on

steal the music

you can hear me singing songs that i wrote

so let me know

ali mac said...

Robert I will do it in the morning as it's 11.40pm here now and I'm about to settle down for the night. So I will let you know tomorrow :)

Robert said...

thanks ali

gargamel said...

@ katlanta

Thank u.

Im hoping that K will realize what ms. rose said that for every OH there's 1000 of us supporting her.

Kristen Pattinson!

Vangie said...

it's not kristen, it;s rob , he is not bugging, hope after his UK trip, he will decide

Oneheart said...

Hi everyone. Loved Rose's post today. It sure gave me a workout. I was twirling, jumping up and down, and felt like somersaulting. Seeing the Vanity Fair banner of the two of them was such a welcome sight. Feeling positive vibes is always better than negativity.

Robert you are very talented. Thank you for sharing your songs with us. I haven't got to listen to all of them yet but the ones I have I really liked and enjoyed.

Hope everyone who is celebrating Labor Day weekend is having a good one. Take care and be safe while driving, the roads here are very crowded with end of summer travelers.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@ALI - work is finally done for the day thank God. Now it is time to feed the kiddos then take them for ice cream it is so hot here.

gargamel said...


AMEN to everything you said.

Oneheart said...

@CrisRK913 I sent you a DM. Loved your post and agree with all of it.

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, love your post, you bring sanity to an insane world. I hope Kristen will be okay...I do worry about her. I wish we could stop the hate, Kristen is not perfect, she screws up occasionally, but she does not deserve what she is getting. I do know that she is very strong, however, which brings some comfort.

Take care Roselanders, I hope you all have a great weekend. I will look forward to your nex5 blog, Rose...take care.

Anonymous said...

Thanks I needed that and agree!

Anonymous said...

Thanks that was perfect and I agree!

ADD said...

"I hope she realizes that for every obsessed hyena...
There are 1000's of fans who love and adore her." I also hope she knows this somehow. Hyenas are just louder.

Oneheart said...


I know you're feeling restless
Like life's not on your side
It's weighing heavy on your mind

But when we stand united
Our hearts, they beat in time

I know we'll make it all alright

Let's bring it back to you and me

There's no one else around

Now don't get lost in gravity

'Cause I want you to hold me now

Nothing else matters

It's just the two of us

And if it all falls down

Nothing else matters

I know we're strong enough

I'm not giving up

I'm not giving up on us

I said, I'm not giving up

I'm not giving up on love

We're of the same existence

No lock without a key

We can't deny it's meant to be

'Cause I feel it inside

Taking over tonight

I'll be there when the storm is breaking

In this moment I'm yours

You can always be sure

That together we're gonna make it

So baby, won't you hold me now?

Nothing else matter

It's just the two of us

And if it all falls down

Nothing else matters

I know we're strong enough

I'm not giving up

I'm not giving up on us

I said, I'm not giving up

I'm not giving up on love

Hold me now

Nothing else matters

It's just the two of us

And if it all falls down

Nothing else matters

I know we're strong enough

I'm not giving up

I'm not giving up on us

I said, I'm not giving up

I'm not giving up on love


bubblejoi said...

Nice banner Rose. Cute blinkee at the end. i believe they'll end up together. I'm lookiing forward to seeing Kristen this week promoting a film she's really proud of.

I saw the quote below and it made me proud of Kristen for always being open and brave.

Iyanla Vanzant:

‎" 'I made a mistake.' This simple statement is powerful acknowledgment that there is spiritual power in human weakness.Embrace your humanness."

Vangie said...

Hi ladies, it's me again. A moment ago i google on firefox kristen stewart cheating, it's the first time i saw these photos, i've seen some from the sun and it was nothing, i believe rob could forgive er, but these thirty photos i just saw, wher almost like 12 kristen were making out with rupert, the others he was dry huping her, be real ppl his penis had to be erect again her but, and kristen were on her toes as to meet the spot, ladies this broke my heart, but i will never say or call kristen any bad name, it's not for me to judge, There is oone to do that! however from today i will never pray for them to unite! whatever rob decide, i will always be his fan, i hope he do all the promos with her, and decide what is best for him, but what i just saw, i do not think rob can recoover any time soon, but if he do, i'll bow to him

TwiHusband said...

Rose, you are a funny, funny woman, and I worship the blog you post on. ;-) I feel like this September will be one for the books. For now, I got me some windmills to tilt at. See ya around.

Second Chance said...

Rose, your posts never fail to make me smile. Thank you. :)

Second Chance said...

Rose, your posts never fail to make me smile. Thank you. :)

LIZ said...

VANGIE - I see you are back.

PLEASE go back and look at those pics again. Yes, you'll still see what you just saw but look at how uncomfortable she looks and look at how he's looking at the camera. It was a setup and he was not only much older but like her boss. He caught her off guard and she froze up. She still made a mistake but not quite what you're thinking.

Ginger with a Soul said...

“Never look down on anybody unless you're helping them up.”
― Jesse Jackson

Ginger with a Soul said...

I tweet this and a church follows me - LOL

Opinions are like orgasms. Mine's the most important and I really don't care about yours.

tufenuf55 said...

Like your comment about opinions, Ginger with a soul. Here's another: Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@ tufenuf55 - God isn't that the truth !!!!! It is September right ???

t. from MN said...


Your fantastic post and new banner made me smile, thank you!

The jig is up? I'm not sure what that means, but I'm ready to dance one and twirl with all of you! :)

Looking forward to brighter days ahead!

LIZ said...

GINGER -- I saw your tweet, LOL, very true...

Some preacher somewhere will mention in his sermon tomorrow...

Litmom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ginger with a Soul said...

@Liz - oh shit - that is the truth - I think they picked up on the with a Soul part thinking it was one thing but not what it really is - a play off south park. Whelp - yeah

Litmom said...

Sorry - had to delete my last post - typo city.

CrisRK - I loved your post! LOVE that you compared Kristen to a Phoenix! Great analogy!

Nina Pearl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Maybe it's just me, but it puzzles me that her parents would announce their divorce to the public. Is this true? I just get my news here and in other blogs. I don't understand why they would do something so stupid as to announce their divorce to the public. It only hurts K's situation. What kind of parents does she have? I'm beginning to think she has had a poor upbringing and a lack of moral guidance in her life. Someone explain???

Nina Pearl said...

Why is it the ones who realize that it is finally over, are the delusional ones? Why is it that all of you think these two were soul mates and meant to be together forever the "sane" ones? Your the ones walking around with your heads in the clouds. Rob will not be supporting Kristen at TIFF. He most likely won't be talking up what an amazing actress she is again. You know how he always goes on about her when asked. Rob will most likely dodge those questions, just the same as Tom Sturridge did when recently asked what it was like working with Kristen in On The Road. Usually Tom talks her up the same as Rob, but this time he dodged the question by saying the whole cast was great. It's great that you all still believe in this so called"Epic"love, but I do worry about how long you will continue to believe it and worry about the state of your mental health, especially when one of them begins dating. Just prepare yourselves. I do worry for some of you who are so obsessed with them having to be together. The banner here now really is frighting, because that wasn't even real. It was acting in a photo shoot. There are no real genuine "epic" love pictures of the two. You know, ones when they are not working. I guess it's safe to say that this blog is most likely going to stay in fantasy land. Seriously though, can any of you answer the first two questions honestly. Do you really and truly believe these two are going to support each other and get back together. It's pretty obvious to those of us who live in reality IT'S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN! One last thing, most people have known that Kisten's parents have been separated for about two years now.

Rose said...

@Nina Pearl... why do you bother coming here if we are sooo delusional? Why do you care what we think? It would be fairly simple for you to just NOT read this blog... but yet you feel the need to comment, too. I don't see anyone chasing you around caring what you think.

If a tree falls on a hyena in the woods? Does anyone fucking care?

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Nina - JFC give it a fucking rest - you come on here spew your bullshit NO ONE here wants to see or hear. Post your vile shit on Rob only website where they welcome trashing Kristen not on a blog that supports both.

In case you missed the message Tom said - he doesn't talk about his FRIENDS behind their back - you are coming across as a wounded spiteful bitch .

By the way I can give you a fact - HE WOULD NEVER EVER EVER want you so get the fuck over it. It is his choice not your what he does.

LIZ said...


WHY are YOU here?

Some of us KNOW that they were together, ARE together and WILL BE together.

Litmom said...

I don't think they announced it. I think the divorce filing is a matter of public record, and media sources just picked up on it. I also think (don't know, just speculating) that if Kristen's parents have been separated for a couple of years, this was no shock to anyone, and it was probably just time for closure.
I have a feeling that Kristen and her parents have discussed the issue, timing, etc. - and that she loves her parents and wants the best for them.

LIZ said...

TOPAZ -- It's my understanding that the Stewarts did not announce anything. Apparently someone in LA looks at those records (which are public) to see who has filed for divorce and that's how they found it.

THAT being said, I really believe that this wasn't supposed to happen until after BD2 was out but since the "incident" I think all of their "people" may have decided it would be best to get everything negative out in the open at this time. Would be better than letting everything die down and they'd have something else to report on. Just my opinion.

LIZ said...

ROSE and GINGER -- Thanks for taking out the trash.

*slaps hands after cleaning up*

Litmom said...

Hey Liz -
What are you serving in LaLa Land tonight?

LIZ said...

LITMOM -- ANYTHING you'd like. We "delusional" people here in LALA LAND will drink or eat anything, right??

I am fading fast, though, so someone else is going to have to take over soon. Stayed up too late last night,LOL.

Here in LALA LAND, we can pretend anything, like maybe July 2012 never happened, we just skipped that month. BUT, for every action there's a reaction. And while we can't possibly see any "silver lining" regarding the month of July 2012, it will somehow, someday, some way, make itself known. Of course, we would probably never be privy to that info but I'm sure everyone here can think of horrible times in their lives that seemed like the bottom of the pit, etc. and months or years later look back and realize that if "that horrible incident" had not taken place, then something else good would not have been able to happen. Sort of like "fate" ??

Not sure if that makes sense, I know what I mean but not sure if I wrote it right.

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

@Litmom and LIZ,

thanks for clarifying....it just didn't make any sense to me.

I have one other question: it's my understanding that Kristen, Rob, and Taylor were originally scheduled to appear at the VMAs on Sept. 6th, which is the same day as the On the Road premiere in Toronto. So, does that mean that Kristen was never originally scheduled to appear at Tiff? Another question: If she really wanted to, is it possible for her to forgo appearing at the BD premiere and doing promos? Would Summit support her, or is this a contract thing where she has to fullfill her obligation no matter what?

Litmom said...


"Of course, we would probably never be privy to that info but I'm sure everyone here can think of horrible times in their lives that seemed like the bottom of the pit, etc. and months or years later look back and realize that if "that horrible incident" had not taken place, then something else good would not have been able to happen. Sort of like "fate" ??"

I know exactly what you mean, and have experienced that more than once-

LIZ said...

TOPAZ -- Kristen will have to do BD2 promos. They will do it together no matter what, I am very sure of that.

MAIN REASON -- That kind of thing is what would hurt her career more than any gossip about anything. Being uncooperative, etc. At least, that's my opinion. Of course, in case of illness or something like that, would be a different story.

LITMOM -- glad you understood what I was trying to say. Yea, I've had stuff like that happen in my life many times. One, particular "silver lining" might end up being that they'll be so much stronger and perhaps appreciate what they have in each other more than before. What they had/have/will have is something very special.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Topaz - It was my understanding neither Rob or Kris were confirmed for the VMA's

Ginger with a Soul said...

Funny I am ok with being "crazy" ha - at least it is fun !!!!

Matchbox Twenty - Unwell (Video)


LIZ said...

LOL -- A couple of tweeted RP sightings ... he's here, there, everywhere!!!

Just saw Robert Patterson in Uzbekistan in some bar with a ukulele singing 'Don't wake me up'

He´s not in Uzbekistant!! He´s here in Stockholm with me. I promise. We´re going to hunting later on.

Anonymous said...

@Ginger, thanks:)

I may be in the minority here, but I really really hope that she can explore other options to pursue in life as she is still very young. I don't think it's a bad thing. It can only enrich your life, not reduce it. Maybe being exposed to other environments would be good for her individual growth. I just think the environment in Hollwood is pollutant, and it wouldn't hurt her to step away from it for awhile. I honestly think it would be good for her. Most normal kids her age pursue college. I think school can be therapy for her. I read online that quoted what she said in a magazine that she regrets being home-schooled implying that maybe she didn't really have a proper education. Is that true? Just thinking of options to heal her heart and keep her sanity in tact. If she delves right back into working in Hollywood, I fear that there will always be this ongoing battle between her and the press and the haters. And you know, something bad can happen. Look what happened to princess Diana. I did not watch the live interview with David Cronenberg, Robert, and that DAvid Carr?? interviewer guy, is that his name?, but did he really compare the media and fan fascination of R and K to Prince Charles and Princess Diana? If so, what was Rob's reaction to that? What did he say? What was his expression?

LIZ said...

Topaz -- I think a lot of us have always thought that R & K both would eventually leave the "acting" part of HW and go behind the scenes somehow. They both write. Unfortunately, she's such a wonderful actress that I'd hate to see her go. But it might help for a couple of years.

The Q & A with Times and David & Rob -- yes, they were compared to Di and Charles and Rob answered quietly and humbly and said he wouldn't necessarily agree with that comparison. Can't remember the exact words.

The Neeemanator said...

For a second I thought I clicked the wrong link on my toolbar when I didn't see the (lovely) picture of Rob in his hoodie that normally prefaces your entries(since I started reading your blog regularly). I do like the new one :) I'm a new one to your blog and I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us about two of our favorite people. Another great post.

LIZ said...

TOPAZ -- I forgot about your comment regarding Kristen and school. I believe she was talking about missing out on mainstream life of high school, not the home-school thing. However, in previous interviews, she has indicated that she was "bullied" while trying to attend school and also acting so she was relieved to be able to quit school.

I believe that she's so intelligent that she would have no problem with college while still acting, if she wanted to.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Topaz - she regretted home school because it caused her to be more sheltered. Rob said they were not like Diana and Charles but the question was asked if they were the version of the American Royal Family - I doubt anyone would want to have that on their heads - yikes. Hollywood is a nasty place - that I think everyone agrees on but I think if she does the indies like she truly likes she will be fine - she is exceptional in them. Rob has even scaled it back - he is doing supporting roles in his upcoming films - I never got the impression either wanted to be consumed in the Hollywood life but to put out great performances.

LIZ said...

Good night all!!! Enjoy the party.

Have fun in LALA LAND...

@CrisRK913 said...

I want to send special hugs to these lovely ladies


and a message for

@ninaPearl ~> It MUST be PAINFUL for you to come here and see how much WE LOVE Kristen. I know envy eats you alive. Envy and wrath shorten the life. And really It must be so sad be so mean... Can you see how much fun and happiness we have here??? Do us a favor. Go and spread your hate and wrath in nonnieshyenas blogs...At the end of the day, Good will always over come Evil.It's a FACT.Fairy tales are more than true, not because the evil people exist, but because they can never win.'teehee' ;)

@CrisRK913 said...

And @NinaPearl

Did you see my avi??? It's for you! lol

PamH said...

@ Rose
Thanks for addressing what we all have been wondering

@ Nina
You need to find a blog were other people agree with you and would actually care what you have to say BUT IT AIN'T HERE!!!!!!! try ROBSESSED you'll fit in nicely

It's sad that rag mags probably have someone on payroll to just go through public records to find marriage, divorce and property of stars to put in tabloids

Didn't realize Tom wasn't scheduled to attend TIFF, that's kinda disappointing

@ Liz
Your right
We can do, say or believe whatever we want in LaLa Land :-)))))

IF..... The time ever comes when it is obvious that they have moved on from each other ... We are adults and will deal with it by supporting them just like we are now. Maybe a little sadder but if they are happy we will be too.

As of now it's

If you don't like it don't come here

@ ginger
I'm hearing in my head
One Step Closer by you know who
because I'm about to break with listening to some crazy people!!!! LOL

Goodnight All
Have a great weekend

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Pam - hahaha - I hear break stuff but yeah there are a lot of LP songs that fit well too :) - Nighty night

Anonymous said...


Did Rob answer that question, if they were the version of the American Royal family? I am asking because I am shocked by that question. It just proves that somehow these two people have really made an impact in the entertainment industry just by being extremely beautiful, you know. Not that I agree that Prince Charles was handsome, but Diana certainly was breathtaking.

@Nina Pearl,

I actually read your comment about your personal life story a few posts back, and I am sorry for you. But I feel like you never liked Kristen to begin with, that's why it's so hard for you to feel any compassion for her. Because you keep trying to convince people that it is over between them, it is my opinion that you actually fear he will take her back or stay together. You must really really hate her.

Ginger with a Soul said...

2Topaz - he said nope they weren't - it would be almost callous to say yes right?

Anonymous said...


Good for him. That is the right way to answer that question. I bet you he was both shocked and maybe secretly impressed? by that question too.

wania said...

Rose...loved new banner!

DK ... just passing by... to say hello and give a big hug ... bye!
Great happy weekend!

Anonymous said...


I wonder who captured that photo of them on your avi? and why is there no video???????

Holy said...

@Ginger-you're right, she's like an old rashes that doesn't go away.

I love you all for kicking out that woman.


wania said...

@Nina...huuummm...you're nothing...

Holy said...

@Topaz- I will not be surprise if Kristen will not take any projects.Her dropping out from Cali is one indication that she will probably step away from HW for a while.I might be wrong,but I have feeling that she just want to finish her obligation with OTR and BD2 and then she will get away.

wania said...

@Topaz emerald ... me too! Is so so beautiful!

Anonymous said...


it's gorgeous, i agree 1000 percent!!!

I just wish there was a DAMN video!!! Why? why? why? it is my belief that if someone took that photo, someone has a freakin video out there and not sharing it with the world, how cruel, right?

@Holy, I agree. I think stepping away for awhile will be very good for her. She doesn't have to limit herself to acting. She's young, beautiful, and smart.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Holy - waves - yes a very nasty rash

DreamerKind said...

Good morning, everyone!

It's a new Sunday. Best wishes for you. I'm chilling at the moment.

Jig is.

Anonymous said...

Real love always finds a way - even through stormy times. You'll come out of it stronger than before...

I'm so looking forward to the next couple of days/weeks/month <3

gargamel said...

Tsk tsk. Someone forgot to take their happy pill.

@ Nina (that rhymes with ninnies and hyena)...sorry to disappoint you with our positivity here. Didn't u hear what ROB said on national tv? RAGS make people STOOPID?And yet here u are wishing to the gods of trolls that they won't get back together because THEM STOOPID RAGS showed you PHOTOSHOPPED proofs and PRINTED public apology and admission.
In this blog...RAGSHITS have been RULED OUT as reliable sources. On the other hand a TELEVISED /VIDEO account of the person involved is what we believe. So when rpatz sez RAGS make peep stoopid ( we're sure he ain't talking bout us in here)...we are CERTAIN that HE DID'NT WANT THEIR FANS TO BUY WHAT THESE POOP WRAPS are selling.

returning the hugs @ crisRK913


Monica said...

Rose, thanks for reminding us to keep hope and faith all the time.

@Ginger, yr analogy cracks me up, lol~

@Liz, thx for reminding me about Dano's new blog post.

Love u all, the positive ones. >3

Monica from Asia

Anonymous said...

It would be nice to see Kristen grow her natural hair color back. I don't think I know what her real hair color is. Does anyone know? I saw one photo of her when she was a kid on a beach or something, and her hair looked strawberry blonde. But when you look at her roots now, it looks dirty blonde. Is she a natural blonde or brunette?

Minuschi said...

Hi everyone here, this is my first comment, but I LOVE this blog for a long time!
Wonderful pictures, wonderful sensitive words, just perfect!
And the new banner, from my favorite photo shoot, breathtaking!
Here you can feel really comfortable!!!
Thanks Rose, you are a ROSE!!!

deb said...

Rose what can i say YOU MY FRIEND are an ANGEL And i just LOVE you to death Thank you so much for I'v been a little down today seems that my dad is getting a little worse and tonight he was really bad SO when i got here and read what you and all the others giving out good thoughts about our 2 it made me smile and my hart get warm and full of love. If this can do this to little old me I hope it well do the same for them. Keep OUR HEADS UP and the LOVE alive. AS OUR ANGEL ROSE has said ROB and KRISTEN ALWAYS END UP TOGETHER ans i believe it with all my hart Have a good night and a better week.GOOD LUCK my sweet Kristen don't forget WE LOVE YOU.And Rob IF you do go with Kris PLEASE BE careful and stay OUT OF sight. HI to ALL :) DEB.

deb said...

@Vargie I FEEL SORRY for YOU just thinking that YOU are ONE of those PEOPLE and yes I said PEOPLE because YOUR NOT A FAN THAT MR. ROBERT PATTINSON HATE YES HE HATE'S the HATE that is going to his lady WHO HE loves HE HAS SAID it HIMSELF (about the hate) SO i feel sorry for you to know that he must feel this way and about you and your HATE.I'll pray for you TO find LOVE in your hateful life :( DEB.

gargamel said...


Wishing you the best of robsten moments soon to haunt you forevermore. Kristen's probably in Rob's bed now...sleeping in peace after they both read our comments.

Kristen Pattinson!!!

ali mac said...

I think Vangie said she has only just looked the photos so maybe give her a chance to get over it and see it for what it is. We all had strong reactions when we first looked at them, so maybe give her a bit of time to get over the immediate reaction to the pics. (Just my opinion)

Anonymous said...

Jules and John did not announce it to the media, she filed for divorce privately, without a lawyer, 2 weeks ago. The media obviously keeps watch over public records and found it. She did not announce anything, people are stupid if they think that. The marriage was over 2 years ago, maybe one of them plans to remarry soon for all we know. I wish them the best, it's pathetic that their lives are being scrutinised all because their daughter is famous

Ginger with a Soul said...

@ goldengirl66 - and that is the truth. Lines are being crossed and people are looking the other way because hey what is one more shitty thing to run against her - like this was her fault or her choice. No it was not a shock or surprise but the reaction is what was alarming and disturbing.

isis said...

Hi ladies : )

TIFF is coming : )

@Rose- i love your post , we are more than the hienas : ) and we are already prove it that, see the twitters, blogs, sites who support her. She has a huge fan base, no one abbandon her like the trolls and media wants to believe.

We are still here, we are waiting for her to come out in her terms. And will be TIFF.

isis said...

@LIZ- your posts always give me hope. Yes you are right they are together or working together to come out of this.
The haters choose to believe in the media , we choose to believe in them.
What we saw was that Rob is fine, not devastated, bitter or wanted revenge. He get all the opportunities to get the mensage out : the media and tabloides makes bad things to the world.
He attacked them, not kristen. And in JK he looked happy, relaxed.
This is not the behaviour of a man who is facing a dramatical break up. And we all know how much he was and is in love with Kristen.
This is the reason that i believe that it was one only "incident". And not what the media wants so sell.

Liz you don't agree that if the truth was the long affair , Rob would not look the way we all saw him in cosmopolis premiere and promos and relaxed and laughing in JK? Just 2 weeks after ?

If he already move on and forget her , we can all admite that Rob is not human : ) He really is the mytic creature that all his crazy desillusions fans believe that he is.

PamH said...

Good morning everyone

Got up this morning and checked my fanfics for any updates( I have soooo many ) and came across a brand new story just posted on Twilighted I had to share with the ladies
The List by alwayspenombra
Had me in tears then smiling in just one chapter
Already added to my fav story list

Your right we all believe in them
We all know it's impossible for either one of them to have forgot and moved on in just one month in order for that to ever be true then all of us Robsten fans would have had to been wrong in seeing the true LOVE they showed for each other so in the words of Edward " I don't choose that " for all of us to be wrong is not possible, and Love like that takes a long time to go away.
We will keep our faith in them and keep telling the non believers to stay away :-))))

Karen in NJ said...

Good morning everyone!

@Pam - The List is great! Only like the ones with Edward and Bella together.

An observation and my opinion -

As time goes on I'm seeing many getting discouraged or tired of wating for some kind of resolution. This was a major blip in their world and it will not be resolved over night. We have to remember it's not about us but about them and how they feel and how quickly they can get through all the ups and downs they are feeling every second of every day. It's not easy, especially with their lives under the microsope of the world. This is on their (and God's) time not ours. They don't need any more pressure to get this resolved to make us feel better. What we can give them is patience, privacy, respect, faith, hope and love. Sit back and believe in them and that whatever they decide is the best for them not for us. I believe in them, always. Whatever the outcome.

I finally had to take my own advice and yes, I am sad but it really is not about me, never was. It's not easy but each day gets better because I am not going through what they are. Keep praying for them!

Everyone have a great day!

jentoo said...

Good Morning Everyone:)

Love this, Rose...and love that new banner!:)

Just got internet back late last night so am trying to catch up on all the comments. Earlier in the week I was using 3G on my phone to read and comment, but it was killing my eyes! I'm too old for that I guess.

Hope everyone has had a great weekend so far, and has a great holiday tomorrow!!

Vangie said...

Thankyou @alimac, and to you deb, HATE FUL! you accuse mi, of being hateful, you should read how much bashing i get on twitter for defending kristen, but that's cool! yes you judge me, lol! hateful.

LIZ said...

ISIS -- Not sure if I understand what you were saying but I'll try to answer with the way I interpreted.

IF this were a long-term affair (we all know it wasn't) then I believe Rob would have been devastated. However, he is an actor and a professional so I'm sure he would have been able to fool the public long enough for the Cosmo promos. I know people don't like to hear that but is the truth. Now, that's not to say that he didn't fall apart when back in his hotel room, but we've all been in situations where we've had to carry on with life when we were breaking apart inside.

Another IF -- if that had been the case (long-term deal) then he would have seen signs when looking back and at that point, he would be able to grieve over what he thought he had and then move on. We have no idea what or how they would be able to handle such a situation.

ON A HAPPIER NOTE!!! I'M TWIRLING TODAY BUT have work to do so won't be able to comment much.


LIZ said...

VANGIE, please go back and look at all the photos even though they make you sick. We've all see them and drawn our own conclusions. I believe you will see what we've seen if you look really good.

LIZ said...

KAREN IN NJ -- Very well said. It's THEIR TIME.

AND, for the past couple of weeks, K fans have been saying how she needs to come out of hiding, hold her head up, fight back. AND, those same fans have been saying "why doesn't Rob say something, etc.."

NOW, here we are, 2 weeks later and we've seen that she's coming out on the cover of 2 major magazines in the next couple of months and of course, doing TIFF next week. She's anything but hiding.

SO, all that jazz about her hiding, etc. were for naught. We forget that these two young people have many, many people working for them and with them and help them determine how best to handle their "fish bowl" lives.

AND, I believe there's a lot of pressure on "their people" to keep them hiding as long as they need the space. I agree that no matter what or how they plan to handle their lives in the long-run, it's going to take time.

isis said...

@LIZ- yes you understand my question : )
my english is not perfect.

Yes he is an actor and he can act on that hiding his true feelings. But i want to believe that the reaction we have from his behaviour in cosmopolis promos is really him. I saw sadness but not devastated.

All this is difficult to them.
I agree with you will take time.

Liz we gonna see kristen thrusday or friday?

Krisea1112 said...

I love your new banner and of course for continuing to be equally have love,support and respect for rob and kristen.I always enjoy to read all your lovely post.I always thankful that I found your blog and tempest blog both are equally the most positive,respectful,amazing and best blog ever for rob and kristen.I still believe and never give up on them.thank you;)

LIZ said...

ISIS -- Your English is fine. Our or curiosity, where do you live?

I think we'll see Kristen on the red carpet on Thursday evening. I really hope there will be a livestream but even if not, I'm sure we'll have pics very quickly. I can't wait, biting my nails already. ... nervous for her ...

Rob's reaction -- yea, I saw what you saw. BUT, how he acted on Jimmy Kimmel was even more telling. He seemed a lot more relaxed and I think something happened (maybe with K) between NYC and JKL. His smile was different and everything.

Vangie said...

it so quiet!

Leni said...

Amazing post, Rose! Thank you :)

LIZ said...

Yes, it is quiet!!!


Holy said...

Hi everyone.

Liz- we'll continue to twirl.

@Ginger-hey girl.

Ginger with a Soul said...

I like the quiet - plus it is a holiday weekend so I think people are soaking up the last of summer - I just got my kids in from the pool

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Holy - Hey there :)

@Liz I am all for twirling too

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

LIZ said...

Hi Holy & Ginger --

I'm working on editing today, fun to read but under pressure with a deadline.


Saw on Twitter that some rumors were about but never saw with they were. Just saw something Rose said ...


Laters, y'all

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Liz - not about R/K - more like a certain wife and where she was shopping of all stores - hint is they have a new fragrance out

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

gargamel said...

Kristen Pattinson.

Twirling non-stop 'til ai bang mai fuken head.

gargamel said...

I saw r&k kissing again...it was cut...i needed to pee.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Hmm want to bet we will start hearing about BD2 Promo's after Thurs/Fri - just a hunch

Holy said...



LIZ said...

GINGER -- OMG, I must not be following the right people on Twitter!!! That's really interesting.

Wish they would just get back together, already...

parker said...

I haven’t posted here since July 27th after I couldn’t sleep for 3 nights and decided to step back and not read anything about R/K. Today, I finally dared to visit the only 2 sites that I read for R/K news, robstenation and intoxication, and was sad to learn that robstenation has decided to stop blogging. But I understand. I am happy though that this other site “Robert Pattinson Intoxication” that I used to visit daily is still up and is keeping the faith.

Thank you Rose for continuing with your support for both of them.

I still haven’t seen any of the photos of the incident nor do I have any interest in seeking for and looking at it. Even the comments here that start talking about it, I intentionally skip because there is no point in rehashing anything. It happened, move on. It is nobody else’s business and it is up to Rob and Kristen to figure out what they want to do and whatever it is, I hope it will give them both happiness, the keyword being “them” not me/us.

I have nothing else to share but just sending good vibes to all of the R/K supporters as well as Rob and Kristen. And a quote I read from somewhere: “We cannot stop our lives at one unhappy experience or waste time regretting or pining over it. Neither can we blot it out of our hearts saying it never existed. But we face life and go on, remembering that no love, honestly, truly and sincerely given, is ever lost. Its richness in the heart, whatever happens, is always a part of life.”

So whatever happens, I will like Rob and Kristen always. There were so many happy moments they gave me so I prefer to remember all that and not focus on that one tiny unhappy one. Whatever it is that drew so many people to them and the way they treated each other doesn’t happen that often, even outside of Hollywood. So I am thankful to them for that.

I wish sometimes that the viciousness displayed by the media and so-called fans would turn to something/someone that really deserved to be vilified – like Wall Street, financial institutions, congress, political interest groups, etc and all the millions of people they have screwed – if we even have a smidgen of the hate and righteousness directed towards Kristen re-directed towards these unscrupulous groups, maybe our lives will be better off. Instead, we crucify a girl, whose actions have no direct impact on so many people suffering these days and whose mistake isn’t even comparable to what the powers-that-be have done and continue to do. But this is what our society is becoming – we focus more on the trivial and ignore the things that really should matter … I recently saw a movie called “Idiocracy” and I often wonder if our world is really heading towards that.

Karen in NJ said...

@Parker - hello and well said!

@gargamel - you are too funny with your twirling!

It is quiet here, hopefully everyone is enjoying their long weekend (in the states).

I'm a twirling!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

Looking forward to seeing her face. (and his to be honest)

When the time is right.....

t. from MN said...

@parker-I love your comment! I admire your strength for stepping away this past month. I agree with everything you said and really like the last paragraph. I was also saddened that Robstenation decided to move on after BD2 premiere and will miss that site a lot. I've been a long time admirer of Rose's blog and I'm happy she and the rest of the ladies & gents are here supporting Rob and Kristen!

@Minuschi- If you happen to peek in-it's good to see you! Hope you're doing well! :)

Ginger with a Soul said...

Bon Jovi - It's My Life



(It's my life)
My heart is like an open highway
Like Frankie said, "I did it my way"
I just wanna live while I'm alive
'Cause it's my life

You better stand tall
When they're calling you out
Don't bend, don't break
Baby, don't back down

It's my life
It's now or never
'Cause I ain't gonna live forever
I just wanna live while I'm alive

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Karen - Hola chicka

@Parker - well said

Ginger with a Soul said...

All My Life - K-Ci & JoJo (With Lyrics)


You're all that I ever known, when you smile,
On my face, all I see is a glow.
You turned my life around,
You picked me up when I was down,
You're all that I ever know,
When you smile my face glows,
You picked me up when I was down
You're all that I ever known,
When you smile my face glows,
You picked me up when I was down

And I hope that you feel the same way too,
Yes I pray that you do love me too
All my life, I've prayed for someone like you,
And I thank God that I, that I finally found you
All my life I've prayed for someone like you
Yes, I pray that you do love me too
All my life I've prayed for someone like you
And I thank God that I, that I finally found you
All my life I've prayed for someone like you
Yes, I pray that you do love me too

Karen in NJ said...

Hey Ginger, I looove Bon Jovi! The other, never heard of them! Great lyrics! I'm stuck in the 80's, lol!

@t. from MN - I never posted much on Robstenation but it was my go to place along with here. I don't know if you have twitter but there are quite a few from there that say in touch. They call themselves the Robstenation Refugees. Jerry D (@Jerryd7556) Just thought I'd let you know.

Where's DK? (not that you aren't doing a good job @ginger lol)

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Karen - DK does the night shift most nights :) I bet she pokes on here soon

LIZ said...

I believe DK is with family today and also tomorrow. She'll probably be around later tonight.

Ginger with a Soul said...

For Pam and myself :)

Linkin Park - One Step Closer



Karen in NJ said...

Thanks, ladies!

Ginger with a Soul said...

To DK so she can fan girl a little with me - he takes his shirt off in this video - I think it is off more than on all the time ;)

Incubus - Wish You Were Here


Birdie said...

Excellent post and I agree our society has it's priorities incredibly screwed up. This is the second reference to the movie "Idiocracy" in the last two days. I am going to see if I can find it. The crucifiction of Kristen Stewart is the real crime here.

Hello all you Roseland ladies!

t. from MN said...

@Karen in NJ- Thanks! I don't twitter, but may have to peek in to see how they're doing. There are quite a few that have moved on to S's new blog "Those British Boys" as well, in case you didn't know. :)

@Ginger-good song selections! That K-Ci & JoJo tune takes me back...thanks! :)

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Birdie - I am still confused how some of it is not prosecutable.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@ t. from MN - Thanks :)

Karen in NJ said...

@t from MN - yes, I've been there (TBB) but it just isn't the same. It's always been Rob AND Kristen for me. Rob is more than a pretty face to me so it's hard to go there or Robsessed. I like it here. btw - I don't do twitter either but I "follow" quite a few.

Karen in NJ said...

@birdie and ginger - I agree. How can people get away with the slander? I also think how can they sleep at night with the poison they sling. I blame it on the anonymity (spelling?) of the internet and hate just breeds hate and there are no consequences (why am I using these words to spell???) that no one has to pay. Would they say this to someone's face?? Or like it said to their daughter, sister, friend? How would they like that to be said about them? Do we know any lawyers? lol

gargamel said...


I just recovered...Hi.

Folks twirling OR headbanging but DON'T do BOTH.

Time for Happy Pill.

Kristen Pattinson.

t. from MN said...

@Karen- I feel the same...I also think Rob is more than a pretty face. I do like the news updates from TBB, but like you, I'm a Rob and Kristen fan and it isn't as enjoyable without her being included. I used to visit Robsessed, but the vilification of Kristen there is too much to take. Lots of jumping to conclusions over there.

Karen in NJ said...

@gargamel - I'm glad you are recovered. I hope you take better care when twirling!

@t- I like the updates also but.... I always liked what Nikolai had to say on Robsessed but haven't been there since this happened and didn't want to wade through the filth to find her posts. I'm glad you came over here. I don't comment a lot but tonight I'm on "full babbble" as my husband would say!

gargamel said...

Frank Sinatra

I know i said that i was leaving
But i just couldnt say goodbye
It was only self-deceiving
To walk way from someone who means everything in life to you.

You learn from every lonely day
I've learned and i've come back to stay

Let me try again
Let me try again
Think of all we've had before
Let me try once more.

We could have it all
You and i again
Please forgive me or i' ll die
Just let me try again.

I was such a fool to doubt you
There's no sense to life without you
Now all i do is just exist
And think about the chance i've missed

To beg is not an easy
But pride is such a foolish mask

Let me try again-let me try again
Think of all we had before-let me try once more
We can have it all- you and i again
Just forgive me or i'll die
Please let me try again....

Kristen Pattinson.

LIZ said...

Hi All,

Just "driving by" to say goodnight.

Hope the night shift is fun!!! I'm going to be dreaming in LALA LAND...

We'll TWIRL again tomorrow!!!


Ginger with a Soul said...

@Liz - Night

Karen in NJ said...

night @Liz

PamH said...

Hello everybody

Had family and friends over most of the day so I just got my house and time to myself back :-) had to check in

Welcome Parker
There are a few of us that have made Rose's blog our permanent home after S closed her blog. But you will LOVE it here EVEN MORE!!!!!!!

@ Ginger

Are you sure we didn't know each other in another life?
You know my love of hair bands and just so happens JON BON JOVI was my fist ever BIG TIME CRUSH , have almost all there music, was my very first concert ever ( Slippery When Wet tour ) and he happens to be one of the best looking guy to me still today. The man is still married and in love with his high school sweetheart, how many Rockers can say that!!!!!!

It looks like it's been pretty quiet here today
It is a holiday

Ginger and Liz
Are they tweeting about Rupigs wife ?

The two people who have the most to loose by this situation seem to be the ones coming out on top, as if it's barely affected them at all , besides making them more famous

Do you all think K will fly to Canada privately or have to go ninja at the airports ?

t. from MN said...
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Ginger with a Soul said...

@Pam - yep - it was her wearing a Balenciaga shirt coming out of a Balenciaga store.....

Dead or Alive is one of my favorite songs of all time although I lean towards late nineties on music wise but I will listen to just about anything as long as it is good music.

Karen in NJ said...

@t - can you look at just her posts without wading through? tell me, tell me! I knew she wouldn't do that to Kristen.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Pam - I think Private - someone was asking that on twitter - I don't think we will see her until the show - her security will be too tight and I am sure she has people coming in support of her so it would make more sense. They will keep her as far from paps as possible for sure.

t. from MN said...

@Karen- too funny! We're in the same boat! I don't comment much either, but tonight I felt compelled. :)
I'm glad you came here too, thanks...we seem to have some things in common...I also like reading Nikola6's comments and I did skim through a little today and clicked on her profile and read through some of her comments, and it's comforting to read that her position on everything hasn't seemed to change. She's still as witty and insightful as ever and hasn't thrown Kristen under the bus.

Sorry, had to repost...too many errors. ;)

Karen in NJ said...

@Ginger - how are you feeling these day?

I don't think there's a bad Bon Jovi song! He also seems like a really nice guy AND he's from NJ!

t. from MN said...

@ Karen- click on her profile picture on one of her comments and click on "activity" to read just her comments...no more scrolling after that. ;)

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Karen - I am doing great :) How are you ?

PamH said...

@ Ginger

It almost seems like LR did that intentionally, she would have to know she would be seen and that people think of K when Balenciaga is mentioned now ?
I know she has the right to shop wherever she wants but it makes it feel like they are using this for 10 minutes of fame at Kristen's expense .

Like you I hope we don't see any photos till the premier
She will at least have Ruth, John ( ASB ) and her bodyguard with her.

Karen in NJ said...

Thanks so much T! I will try that!

@ginger - doing ok. Alone too much and that makes me think too much, lol. Had a couple Smirnoffs tonight guess that's why I'm a bit chatty! My husband and I own a dirt big block modified race car so that keeps him busy. And with no kids.... I think that's how I got caught up with Rob and Kristen so much. You can tell me to hush.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Pam - I hope a brother or 2 as well. I know it is work but it would be nice for her to have some family with her for this trip.

I get not so warm fuzzy with the other 2 - I had never heard of him prior to the movie or her til after this.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Karen - I love that you are posting it is awesome.

Holy said...

Hollywood Reporter just write an article that pre approved photographers will RSVP at TIFF and will be escorted to a preselected position to take pics of the celebrities attending the event.And during the press conference only the approved photographer are allowed.Thank god to TIFF's new rule. Now we know that Kristen will be safe.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Holy - yeah I just read that too. That is really nice for all the stars and Kristen big time. I hope she wears blue - it is a striking color on her.

Karen in NJ said...

@Ginger - thanks! I also read (didn't want to see the pics) that LR was wearing the t-shirt Rob wore.

@holy - if true that's great news! With doing that and having her team with her (can we hope for Rob?) she should be ok.

Holy said...

@Pam-the wife was not devastated she's enjoying the attention so much.Every time I saw her pics she's grinning from ear to ear.

Holy said...

@Ginger and Karen- I'm still nervous though,this is how I feel during Rob's Cosmopolis promo's.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Holy - I am only nervous that some stupid ass reporter will say the wrong thing to her - there will be one and I don't want her subjected to that but I think she will have tons of fan support - most of her haters are to haggard to leave the house to go there. Plus I think Sam and Garrett will be there for her

PamH said...

@ Karen
We would never tell you to hush we all love to chat when we have time to ourselves. We all feel attached to these two kids. My niece is 22 just like K and was the one to bring me a paperback copy of Twilight and say " Aunt Pam you have to read this " it keeps us close because we share the love of them both. It's also been interesting to see/hear the opinion of her friends, since most are R/Ks ages , on what happened and what they feel about it.

@ ginger

I would also love to see Cam or Taylor there with her :-) I think Cam would defiantly intimidate some haters and look out for his baby sis.
I don't think anyone knew who the Sanders were till SWATH and I wish it was still that way

gargamel said...

I miss her happy green eyes. Her long legs and her voice.
I' m ready to buy 10 SWATH blu-rays and flora perfume. I saved up for it.
Will give them for gifts.

PamH said...

@ Holy
I agree they both always seem to have big smiles and waves the sad part is they will become famous off Kristen's heartache but that is how Hollywood works. I hope all his future projects flop....

That's a little relief to hear about the press and photographers at TIFF
But like Ginger said there will always be that one a hole that has to try to go there
Hopefully Walter will do for K what David did for R

Karen in NJ said...

@Pam - good point David sure had Rob's back during promo - love the guy! It would be good if Walter did the same.

@Holy - yeah I'm still nervous just glad the reporters will be more managed but you will have one who will try to get the scoop (GMA anyone?).

Hopefully the fans will be their to support the movie and not to harass her.

DreamerKind said...

Good morning Roseland!

Not staying long, for as Liz said, I am doing family events and will be on the road earlier than usual today for a special bbq.

Keep the peace, hold the fort, fight the good fight, right a wrong, sing a song, get along and enjoy your day, any way, you may.


Birdie said...

Have fun at your BBQ!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day weekend.

Maria said...

Happy Labor Day everyone!

Heading home. Signal is spotty.
Enjoy your day.

parker said...

@ Ginger, PamH: Thank you!

@ t. from MN: Yes, I had to work hard at ignoring it in the beginning but it’s much easier now. Also, I realized it’s summer & I had been missing on some of the things I loved doing outdoors & just hanging out with friends & boyfriend (who had been complaining about the time I spent reading R/K stuff – lol). The thing I loved about robstenation and Rose’s blog, other than the updates on R/K, was that most of the regulars have a full life and even though I didn’t participate in the conversations, I liked reading their non-R/K conversations. It gave me a sense that people had balanced lives & R/K wasn’t the only reason for being on the sites.

@Birdie: Thanks and yes, check out “Idiocracy” – it plays once in a while on Showtime, that’s where I saw it. It’s a pretty funny movie – satirical but plausible.

@ Karen in NJ: Thanks and I agree – I can’t with the hate. I don’t know how people can sustain that feeling for a long period of time. Sleepless nights, racing blood pressure – it’s just not healthy. But I guess that’s why haters gravitate to one another. They’re the only ones who can stand each other.

isis said...

hi ladies : )

3 days for TIFF : ) and we gonna see our gorgeous baby girl :)

stay positive, believe in them.

We know that in the end we will be the ones that gonna smile with all of this. This is a bump in the road. We know that the truth is more simple than the media and the haters want desperate make us believe. We know what we believe and we can accepted that and move on with them. Always beside R/K.

isis said...

@LIz- i live in europe honey. Is why that my english is not perfect.

And you?

Litmom said...

Hello Roseland!

Happy Labor Day to my fellow USers! Happy Monday to all the rest!

DK - Enjoy your family barbeque! I've missed you...my fault.

Isis, I really do appreciate your positive outlook - and I share your feelings!

A big shout out to all my friends on here! Sorry I've been so scarce. RL, ya know?

gingerale said...

I'm glad you didn't abandoned your site like other have. Who knows, they might work it out and you will have shown what a stellar fan and writer you are.

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