"You can only see things clearly with your heart
What is essential is invisible to the eye"


The information, content and images on
these pages are purely in fun
and are in no way meant to cause anyone harm, grief or despair.
If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
please, don't go any further.
Some places, names, and events are fictional
and any resemblance, likeness,
or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rob and Kristen- With Acceptance ...

 I can't even begin to tell you how many times
this gif was sent to me...

Well... I have a few thoughts...

1. The above gif of Kristen looking at the ring
Robert gave her...
"Everyone knows already, it's ridiculous" -Kristen

Touching it... twirling it (yes twirling)
around on her finger...
Like it gives her comfort
Soothes her.
Let's also add...

"We're going to be fine. We're totally fine."

Lots of takes on what Kristen was actually addressing...
But 'We're totally fine' is kinda obvious.
(at least to me)

And even though I don't give much merit 
to Lainey's opinions...
She has always made it pretty clear what she thinks
of this fandom...
But she does seem to come up with some interesting info.
 she seems to think that Rob and Kristen 
(And really... isn't that the way they always end up?)
And you just know... 
there is a lot of this going on

 What WILL happen when Rob and Kristen 
are seen together again?
Will his BEST fans desert him?
Will they ignore it completely?
Will they resort back to screaming PR?
Does Rob have legitimate cause to worry about 
his over zealous fans and Kristen's safety?

 Don't be surprised if the people who 
judged Kristen the harshest...
will find it hard to forgive Rob for forgiving Kristen.

And honestly?
Buh bye.

As for the PR nonsense....
Of course that will be screeched across the land.
Although I guess 'exit strategy' will be forever meaningless.

And Rob and Kristen
keeping it 'hushed' up because of fears
for Kristen's safety?
I never thought Rob or Kristen
let lunatic fans dictate their lives.
But since Kristen's safety has always been an issue...
I don't doubt that the threats will be amped up now.
There are a lot of people who believe Rob belongs to them...
Or that they should have a say in what paths he takes in life.
When he doesn't behave the way they want him to...
Suffice to say they get very vocal
and very angry.

And I imagine the people who hate Rob
won't be very happy either.
What a shame.

How dare Rob and Kristen
live their lives the way they want to...
and do what makes THEM happy!

And the thing is...
As much as I love that Rob and Kristen
found their way back to each other...
If things didn't work out for them
I would still be here
cheering them on.
Being happy that they are happy.
That's all that I ever wanted.

2. I've had an emotional couple of days.
I've found out that a couple of people
harbor some grudges against me
for writing this blog
(you know who you are)
It's just my opinion.
That's all.
It's not a big deal.
Not serious business.
If you don't agree with me...
Why come here and read what I have to say?
If it makes you angry...
and you start believing I'm talking about you...
(and unless you are on the extreme lunatic fringe 
of this fandom... I'm not)
I don't get it.
Unless of course...
You just like being mad at me...
I don't know.

3. Here's the deal.
I still like Kristen.
I still adore Rob.
I will continue to write about them
for as long as it entertains me and it makes me happy.
I have never pushed my opinions down anyone's throat.
I have never gone on the attack with anyone
whose opinion didn't mirror my own.
I don't go to other blogs/tumblrs/forums
and argue about what I believe.
It's all right here.
In the open.
In my own words.
You have to come here 
I don't chase after you.
Remember that.

The following has been at the top of my blog for a long time...
I guess some people ignore it...
Or think they have a sense of humor and understand
what sarcasm really is...

The information, content and images on
these pages are purely in fun
and are in no way meant to cause anyone harm, grief or despair.
If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
please, don't go any further.
Some places, names, and events are fictional
and any resemblance, likeness,
or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

If you can't laugh.
If you don't get it.
If you take every little thing seriously...
and its all life and death
Please just go away.
This blog isn't for you.

4. Thank God for Thomas Sturridge.
He always makes me smile.
I adore him.
So there.

This post is brought to you by Robert Pattinson.

I am still intoxicated
after all these years.
He still gets my attention.
He still makes me smile.
He still makes me want to watch his movies.

And apparently...
He is still in love with Kristen Stewart.

With acceptance comes peace...
No matter where the road leads us.

Life is good.
Be happy.
And every once in a while...

Until next time.

Bye for now
Keep Twirling!


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LIZ said...

Wow, first ???

ROSE, wonderful words. I am so sorry that you are emotional about someone who doesn't approve of your blog. You are one of the few who stayed here for US when we needed you the most.

THANK YOU, AGAIN, for being here for us "crazy old ladies." I'm here because I love R & K and for the most part, everyone who comes here is here for the same reason.

LIZ said...

ROSELAND MEN -- Sorry I left you out in the above comment.

I know there are a few of you guys here and WE APPRECIATE you, all of you.

Anonymous said...

I think I agree with literally everything you've said Rose. From the twirling of the ring, the "totally fine" significance, and the bit about Lainey. Followed by how the lunatics will probably find it hard in forgiving him.

By the way, I was reading through the post before this one (I think) and read through the comments where someone mentioned kstewrocks as a past commenter...I'm not sure if that person meant me or someone else. Thinking about it, they probably meant someone else since I haven't commented on here in ages.

PurpleHayley said...

Great post as always Rose. As you say, Rob & Kristen always end up together. I think its still early days but cautious optimism is the way to go.

Loved your 'first' quotes as well.

Keep blogging (and twirling)

PH x

KL said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
KL said...

Rose, great post.Thanks!!!
Where did U get these CUTE images?
They are so adorable.

ali mac said...

Yeah a new post :0)

Very well said as always Rose. It will always be something I don't understand why people read blogs when they know they won't like what the writer has to say. If you are not a fan of both Rob and Kristen then don't read it full stop!!!

I just loved the look on Kristen's face while she twirled the ring on her finger, she just couldn't hide how she was feeling :)

Angie Townsend said...

I love checking your blog every week. I was shocked that Kristen would cheat on Rob and still have a hard time with it. I wonder if it's really true. But who am I to know. I think they are together or hope so. It's for them to figure out. Really, we all just want them happy. Keep on blogging!!! Love it!

Crystal said...

Great as always Rose! As long as they are happy, I'm happy.

irene said...

Brilliant as usual, honey........!!!
Don't let the losers get you down.......
Not worth it..... at all!!

Lanette said...

I totally agree with the post. Why can't people just be happy for Rob. I still try to wrap my head around those who think they can tel him who he can and can't be with. I want to ask them who they think they are. I just don't get it.
And it is true if you don't like what is posted her why come and read. Some people are a complete mystery to me.

Sara Burke said...

Love it! Keep on blogging Rose, never stop!

Holy said...

Hello everyone.

Rose-brilliant post.Thank you.

I love this part.
"I am still intoxicated with Robert Pattinson,after all these years.
He still gets my attention.
He still makes me smile.
He still makes me want to watch his movies.

And apparently...
He is still in love with Kristen Stewart."

Still twirling.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Awesome Post Rose

You only have to own your words to yourself. People should know looking at the banner this is a pro Kristen and Robert Blog and I respect you for that every day. Wishing for good is never a bad thing ever and I am glad they love each other. I hope they get to keep it low and too themselves before BD2 promo's come - I can wait until then to see them together smiling and holding each other.

Twirling while working

Ninja's already at it

Anonymous said...

Rose, if it's any comfort, I've loved your blog for the last three years (at least) -- you're a lovely voice of reason. Anybody who writes about R&K attracts the same horrible wingnuts... but they're all anonymous, so they count for nothing.

Omoiyari said...
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Pattybg said...





Litmom said...

Thanks for this post today, Rose. Always so rational - love that.

I'm sorry you have concerns about your blog and those who may criticize it. It's YOUR blog, babe - do what you want. I think you have plenty of people who enjoy and appreciate it.

ali mac - you said it. Why would someone waste their precious time reading a blog that doesn't reflect opinions that they agree with or support? It's nuts!

Omoiyari said...

what lainey said :
"Yes. It was communicated to people during TIFF that THEY ARE but they’re worried about how it might affect HIS CAREER, like whether or not there will be some kind of crazy backlash or something. " http://www.laineygossip.com/(S(fjsis1jxpdb21uaacd4yns45))/Articles/Details/24566/Jennifer-Lawrence-and-Kristen-Stewart-hang-out-at-TIFF
what shippers/rob fans said :
"oh rob is such a sweetheart ,he is protecting kristen from crazy fans "
can you see? Robert is always the super hero for this fandom.he is not a normal human being for this fandom. and this is the reason why kristen can never win. she is just an addendum of the perfect man. you know what? IF rob's crazy fans are the real issue ,he should say "Go to fuck yourself, I don't need you ,I'm a fuck*** actor" and not things like "I love these women".IF the problem is The career ..well,god grief he is not going to marry Lady Diana or Mother Teresa in the near future ,rob's crazy fans put their own needs and desires ahead of those of Robert .they will always be mad about his girlfriend.kristen or not.

I still wish them both success and HAPPINESS .anyway "the secrect couple strategy" It's never worked ...
haters were more angry and shippers more overinvested .EPIC FAIL.
IF they are still together ,after 3 years of LOVE and after this mess I wish they have the strenght to show themself like a normal couple and not like two secret agents !JFC!

can I believe in lainey ? I don't know . I can believe in some pictures for sure.I really really really think that lainey's article is a way to test the water by Rob's team or summit/Lionsgate.

PamH said...

@ Rose
Love your thoughts and the giff to start it off with. Whatever little thought K has going through her mind as she looks and twirls the ring makes her smile, that private moment is what keeps us all believing in them because that LOVE still shows.

All of us are going to continue to twirl, so if you don't agree with that it's your right but don't keep posting negative things about Rose or us on her blog. This is a place for having fun.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Good Afternoon Everybody

Why do people keep saying she had an " affair"???? Geez. I don't know why I am allowing myself to go through this again. So WHY has she had an AFFAIR when in actuality it was a publicity stunt. AND never had sex?!?!?! Only Kristen Stewart.... Shaking my head

deb said...

Rose I'v been coming here seance the beginning And YOU my friend Still put that big fat smile on my face I LOVE YA GIRL.This week has been a sad and long one.But when i read once again what you say it made me happy HELL YES Rob and Kristen ALWAYS END UP TOGETHER. And TO HELL with those who don't like it.Seeing Rob and Kristen HAPPY YA that well do it for me THANK'S again :) DEB.

gargamel said...

R & K will NOT DO what the public and media wants them to do. They can INVENT stories all they want but these TWO STARS WILL NOT TALK about it. MEDIA (TABLOID) is the EPIC FAILURE here...not kristen nor robert.
Media bullying is a CRIME. I just wished there was enough law in place that could vindicate them and put bullies in gas chambers.

LIZ said...

SUPER RN -- I'm not so sure that I believe this was a publicity stunt on R & K's end. I do not believe that R would subject K to all this hurt, hate and danger. I know that the "video" which circulated yesterday raises some valid points but I think that's because we never saw ALL the photos.

Grammyhccb said...

What the heck is a "shipper"?

Grammyhccb said...

I love this blog - love rob - love Kristen. I don't think rob is worried about his career, that's one reason he's do special - he doesn't do it to be famous - he does it for the pure joy of doing it!

Grammyhccb said...

SO special - sorry fat fingers

Hope said...

Loved this post, Rose.

The GIF of Kristen gazing at her ring speaks volumes to me.
Kristen is always so present in her interviews...she listens and gives thoughtful answers. In this interview, her mind is 'somewhere' else momentarily, and it is very endearing to see.
I am so proud of her...she is a class act.

Hope everyone is having a good week.

rxlady60 said...

I've been reading your blog since 2009 up to present and through those years you have been so respectful to others when it comes to your comments and opinions that's why its hard for me to believe that other people are holding grudges on you.
Anyway thank you again for staying and still supporting Robert and Kristen.



Dani said...

@liz, can you please tell me what video are you talking about? PR stunt, really??? How can people believe that??

katy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
katy said...

Excellent post, Rose!!

I keep wondering what awful life experiences these so called fans must have had for being so bitter and vile. What makes them think that they have a say in Rob's life? Why can't they just be happy for him?? I guess they have never been in love before.
It is his life and he can do whatever the hell he wants too and if people are not happy with his decisions...then...don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

I LOVE Rob and LOVE Kristen and I wish them the nothing but the best of everything.

"This post is brought to you by Robert Pattinson.

"I am still intoxicated
after all these years.
He still gets my attention.
He still makes me smile.
He still makes me want to watch his movies."

"And apparently...
He is still in love with Kristen Stewart."

Take care everyone

Jeannie said...

Rose, the Voice of Reason! There are many of us who appreciate you sharing your thoughts and admire you for your dedication to Rob n Kristen.

You and this blog, like LIZ said, is one the very few who stuck by US and kept us on track during those difficult times for this fandom. You didn't waiver on your support for them and you are an inspiration to us.

Let's keep the faith, give them the time they need and continue with our support no matter what.

We're here with you, Rose...TWIRLING for Rob n Kristen together! Always together!!!

Caroline said...

Lovely post. Kristen has worn her heart on her sleeve through this entire incident. I just wish I had more confidence that Rob feels the same way. He has given so few signals apart from simply not engaging in the conversation. Seems like a long wait until BD2 to find out what he is thinking.

Caroline said...

Lovely post. Kristen has worn her heart on her sleeve through this entire incident. I just wish I had more confidence that Rob feels the same way. He has given so few signals apart from simply not engaging in the conversation. Seems like a long wait until BD2 to find out what he is thinking.

LIZ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LIZ said...

CAROLINE -- Be patient with Rob. Remember, he feels protective of her and right now, the "lunatic fringe" as Rose calls them, is out in force. So, don't expect anything public from him. Have faith that they are working it out. Any doubts that you have, just look at the pics of her wearing his t-shirt, ring, necklace, bracelet and hat. AND, the pics of her looking at the ring. I think that's enough for us. She would not have that expression on her face if things were not okay. Keep that in mind.


Ginger with a Soul said...

@Super - I have to agree on the point of what affair - she never admitted to an affair and I am not sure why that word keeps coming up. Affair to me = sex and that was never said to be the case.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry Rose... I, too, just don't understand why people spew such horrific things. I guess it's their only outlet for dealing with the frustration of a subject that wont ever go their way.
I read your last post (I read, love and appreciate ALL of them) and wanted to add my own thoughts. Yet by the time I made my way though the battlefield that was the comment section, I was exhausted and sad. Sad because I I let myself go to a place I know to be wrong. Sad because my heart knows better.

See, I read one thing and I think something. I read another thing and I think another something.
Why? Probably because I'm stupid and a little gullible and I want so desperately to believe in one thing and not another thing. My worry is worrying. But then I sit back and let my mind think for itself. I'm old enough to know better; not so young that I still believe in fairy tales but not too jaded to believe in anything but what my heart has witnessed. So I ask myself again - why? And it's my heart that screams back "I've gotten you this far. How can you doubt me now???"

I think back on how two sides has torn so many fans apart since the start. It all began with 'are they' or 'aren't they'? And in the span of one warm summer day, the sides, well... the sides remain in their respective corners with just one word added to redefine them: 'are they STILL' or 'aren't they'?

Perhaps what I find most telling is that before that summer day, too many believed it was all fiction. Too many swore it was a lie. Yet before that summer day even ended, it was suddenly undisputable fact. (And I'm not talking about the things that wound up on covers.) Just like that, the collective world agreed it was indeed fact all along. After that day, all that changed in the argument was just that one additional word.

My heart? It still believes the something and not the other thing. It's seen too many things coming from THEIR own eyes. It's heard too many things coming from THEIR own mouths. And quite simply, theirs is something you don't just turn your back on.

In the meantime, my heart tells me they are learning how to stand on wobbly legs. They are rediscovering who they are and remembering what is important. And every step they take is more sure, more confident, more fluid. The instinct and need to continue is laced with love and forgiveness. It is a step towards their best friend, to the one thing and not the other thing.
"Relax," says my heart. "Do not give up so easily. They haven't."

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Hello Everyone

In case my previous post was unclear...I was not accusing R or K of a publicity stunt...If my memory serves me well, it was Rupig that was looking directly toward the cameras:(

Super RN Gas Passer said...


Thank you.....You are very dear to me...lol...

Dani said...

@Liz, thank you.

So, basically Kristen is being trashed for weeks because she "cheated" and now she's being trashed because this was all a PR stunt? Yeah... Kristen Stewart enjoys being hated so much (the last 4 years were not enough!) that she decided to stage all this. Because she loves to be called a slut and a homewrecker and all the other sweet names the haters have been calling her. Yeah... makes sense!

I believe this was a set up, but not with Kristen's knowledge or participation. Maybe I'm being a naive, but I just can't see it! Why the hell would she do such a thing?

Kelly said...

Once again Rose, your words are gold. At least to me they are. I too am sorry for the crap that is slung (probably not a word?)in your direction for just having 'your own opinion'.

I will always support Rob and Kristen in all their endeavors. I've spent the last four years or so watching them grow in their talent, careers, achievements, and grow into the really wonderful individuals that they are, (at least as much as we are lucky enough to see),and watched them become best friends, and fall in love.

I think I will always feel protective of them, stand firm where others will flee like a fair weather friend, feel joyous, optimistic, loyal, and more, because to me that is what being a fan is.
Wow that was long, maybe I should have my own blog to ramble in, so I don't bore anyone here to tears!

I appreciate your thoughts, opinions, and feelings. Thank-you for sharing those with us. I think I'm going to go twirl now! Have a great weekend. xoxo Kelly1918EC

Anonymous said...


So sorry that you have been having a rough time with the haters. I totally agree with what you said. This is just how "you" feel (and quite a few others" too. I am always going to be a fan of Rob and Kristen. Thanks for being a voice of reason. Here since the beginning,

@CrisRK913 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Oneheart said...

Hi Roseland...Wow Rose your post was so good. I loved everything about it.

I am so happy for them. I believe they are together, I have all along. As long as they are happy then that is all that matters. It's their love, their life and their relationship. I want what they want.

I posted this on my Rob and Kristen board at Pinterest this morning...It reminded me of them.

"Behind every happy couple lies two people who have fought hard to overcome obstacles and interference to be that way. Why? Because it's what they wanted.-Kim George

What they want is all that matters. Haters are always gonna hate...it's been like that from the beginning of time. In the end Love always wins over hate. Always has and always will.

Rose I feel like twirling alot lately. Twirling is fun. Twirling brings good things, good times and happiness. Twirl Roseland, Twirl!!!!

ADD said...

Some people will hold a grudge against anyone who has an opinion. You don't deserve it. You're always so positive and sane.

Keep twirling and blogging.

@CrisRK913 said...

I couldn't AGREE more with You ~> 'We're totally fine' is kinda obvious.(at least to me)

What WILL happen when Rob and Kristen
are seen together again?
Will his BEST fans desert him?
Will they ignore it completely?
Will they resort back to screaming PR

IMO I think It will be AWESOME, it will be the day Rob will find out who are his REAL fans, the ones that don't wanna dictate his life, the ones who want him happy, the ones that support him, no matter what, the ones who loves to see him becoming an amazing actor.

this is how REAL fans have to be~> "If things didn't work out for them
I would still be here
cheering them on.
Being happy that they are happy.
That's all that I ever wanted"

I'm sorry you have to deal with jealous people who can't accept a brilliant/fantstic person you are, how much love you receive from people who come here daily just to have a smile on their face, how you make us BELIEVE in a better world, in BETTER human beings.

I heart you my dear!(don't tell me 'you don't even know me'- bc I don't know RK either and it hasn't stopped my love and admiration for them)

XO from Brazil

The Neeemanator said...

I love your blog and the little animated "smileys" that do cool things and of course the fact that many of the posts are brought to us by Tom Sturridge. I'm really glad I found your blog. I've enjoyed every post I've read since I found it. I'm really glad that you are still inspired enough to keep writing :)

LIZ said...

SUPER RN -- I believe DANI is right, I think that video is saying that Kristen planned the whole thing. Prior to Dani saying that, I was under the impression that the video-maker was saying the 4 of them planned it.

I'm going to leave the link up for awhile but then I'm deleting it. I don't believe that R and/or K would have been involved in such a hoax. It's easier for me to believe that K was surprised and blindsided by Rupig and "froze" up and made a mistake.

Clarisse said...

Great post, Rose... I love it!
You put in words many ideas that offer a frame to keep healthy perspective of the R&K stuff, with love and respect for them and their talents. And Roselanders, for me it’s comfortable, educational, funny and … (a lot of good adjectives) coming here and to read your posts.
Through this blog, I learn about love, kindness and how to deal to manage with our “shadows” and our “lights” with people that we meet in this land… I think that it’s a wonderful chance to learn about people that share a kind of love for someone while Life is happening for all of us…
(You must be indulgent with my poor English).
A huge hug

tufenuf55 said...

Dear Rose,
I am a Twihard. Yep! I proudly admit it and I have been a lurker reading your blog for years. Your words have always mirrored my own thoughts. Thank you so much for your blog! It has only been since the incident that I have felt compelled to share my grief, my heartbreak as I, like so many others, felt they were like family. I mean, really family. You know what? I've decided I don't care if she kissed the pig. I don't care because I know he was the agressor in this incident. What I really, truly care about is that two people who fell in love, stay in love or the very least, respectful friends. I will always support the both of them. Stephanie Meyer got me reading again and once I read Twilight and then saw the movie...well, Kristen will always be my sweet Bella and Rob will alway be my wonderful and handsome Edward. One cannot be separted from the other in my mind. I am letting go of the incident. It doesn't matter to me now as I don't believe that we will ever know the truth unless Rob and Kristen tell us themselves and why would they want to do that when for years they have protected their relationship? I'm letting go and moving forward with only good thoughts and twirling, twirling, twirling!

Super RN Gas Passer said...


Well, I looked up the definition of " love affair"...."An intimate sexual relationship or episode between lovers"...then I looked up " lovers" ...A couple in love with each other, One who loves another, especially one who feels sexual love"...

So from these definitions it is certainly leaning heavily toward intimate sex but on the other hand, using the word " episode" I guess could be open for interpretation...

But regardless, I agree with you:). It kind of reminds me once when I referred to Edward, Bella and Jacobs relationship as a love triangle here on e blog...I received many replies saying they were NOT even though the author of the books called it a triangle..To me a triangle doesn't necessarily mean they were all involved in sex...more they were in love...lol. Aha... OK, my curiosity got the best of me. I looked up the definition of a love triangle..."...the relationships can be friendships, romantic, or familial, and often triggers jealousy and hatred between the rivals involved."

OK, I didn't mean to get so " involved"!!!

Ginger with a Soul said...

Super - LOL I agree whole heartily - Affair would imply feelings and the only thing I get from seeing those 2 around each other is her having the heeby jeebies and him looking like a pedophile. I get she is over 18 but yeah I said it - that is what he reminds me of. I also agree that he set her up - I have tried in vain to steer clear of the subject of the wife but dear god when you can blatantly lie about being holed up for 7 weeks but I have seen more of you in those 7 weeks then I did ever before - I actually wouldn't be able to pick her out of a line up prior to 2 months ago let alone know her name makes you go hmmmm.

Birdie said...

Thank you Rose, for just being you.

Rob and Kristen, thank you for remaining true to yourselves.

Tom, love the sweaters and hope you are so enjoying your little one.

Roseland, glad you are all here.

Long day at work, see you later. Have a good night all!

DreamerKind said...

There'll be a hot time in the old town tonight!

I agree with everything that doesn't make me unhappy or more crazy!

Hugs for Rose, Smitty, Gruff, Syd, Perdido, Em, Tom, Sienna, Marlowe, Jella, Bear, Rob & Kristen and ALL OF YOU!
(Although most of us don't know each other either.) :)

PamH said...

I agree with Ginger about LR before SWATH I didn't have a clue who her and her worser half were. She seems to have come out of this situation better than anyone she's been able to have lunch with Rupig, shop, go to a premier and walk the catwalk without any problems.

Anonymous said...

I hope you will never stop writing in this bloc. I love to read your comments about Robert and Kristen. Needless to say, I love them both. But I strongly feel we should let them be. Of course, I think they are still very much together. But even if they are not, I will still love and support them. I don't understand the haters. But at the same time, I will not become a hater by hating them either. Please continue your writing. I check in your bloc more than once a week since they make me smile and happy.

DreamerKind said...

For me, you said all that matters, not becoming a hater by hating back. Clarity rules.

DreamerKind said...

Oh, and charity, gives back of itself.

DreamerKind said...

Faith Hope & Charity

Fun Boy Three:

Faith and hope and charity
One for you and one for me
Money doesn't grow on trees
But babies come from ladies

I see no evil
I hear no evil
I speak no evil

Faith and hope and charity
One for you and one for me
Money doesn't grow on trees
But babies come from ladies

Thank you/LadySilla

Kami said...

Super How are you feeling? Still sore? I hope not. By the way I am looking for some REALLY interesting pictures to put up on my FB page so you can comment on how pretty I am LOL.

Quick observation here. I think it would make life so much easier for everyone if we all just agree on a couple of things.

First off there are so many bogus stories out there right now about Kristen, Rob and anyone else involved in this entire situation that you can't keep track of them.

If something is written about Kristen or Rob or Kristen AND Rob that you don't possibly could be true, chances are unless you're visiting the site of a reputable news organization (New York Times, LA times etc), then the story is most likely something someone has pulled from their ass and thrown against the wall to see what sticks and what slides off.

Consider the source and remember a lot of people are making a lot of money off of this story, so it is in the best interest of the gossip sites to keep this story going. The constant flow of people reading what their little minds can come up with, sells advertisements on the sites which puts money in their pockets so if they have to make up a story who cares? Since when has the truth been a priority of Perez Hilton and people like him?

Next, seeing how nervous Kristen gets when in the spotlight and considering the hoards of media that follow her everywhere does ANYONE REALLY buy that this was a stunt for Publicity? Seriously? COME ON.

Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian, Snooki all of THESE ladies would do most anything to for publicity, but do you honestly think Kristen would?

Lastly, whatever Rob and Kristen decide to do about their relationship is their business. They don't need or want our approval or condemnation they never have. I also think that they would be happier if everyone butted out.

I am NOT condeming anyone for their interst I mean it's 11:39 at night, I am on a blog writing this comment so Do I have room to judge anyone else? NO

The reason I said that is that Rob and Kristen are just like the rest of us in relationshps. They have their ups, and downs, they argue (I'm guessing) and make up. They are human beings and DESERVE the right to carry on their relationships in private without the whole world telling them what they should or should not do.

I think that is why they've never publicly gone before the cameras and had a sit down interview with someone like Oprah or Barbara Walters to discuss their relationship.

Relationships are difficult enough to maintain in normal hum ho life, add the pressure cooker of Hollywood and the constant unwanted attention from fans and media where every look, touch, and article of clothing and jewelry are examined with a microscope, makes it twice has hard to make it work.

DreamerKind said...

Home Is Where The Dog Is

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Thank you/erwigaudio
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DreamerKind said...

Hey there! Can't sleep or too much on the old noggin? I see you vented and that's what we do around these parts, from the heart.
Good thinking about agreeing on things, harder to do that. Don't stop believing. XO

DreamerKind said...

Don't Stop Believin'

Olivia Newton-John:

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Thank you/snake2g
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DreamerKind said...

Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight

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Thank you/waham

gargamel said...

Twiddling and twirling @ work.

Baby StewPatz.

Monica said...

We all know Kristen is the bravest. Let's hope Rob is the strongest and happiest, and most of us can be happy too.

Monica from Asia :)

Unknown said...

Hi Rose. I love your blog and look forward to reading every week. I hope you continue to write. You have a wonderful way of settling my nerves and anxieties about Rob and Kristen, who I both love. Today I read disturbing gossip on the net sayin how Rob told Kristen not to wear his clothes anymore and to throw them away. Another one is that their face to face meeting didn't turn out as Kristen was hoping because Rob ignored her and had lawyers present to speak for him and to settle matters like clothing and plants. Just wanted to know what your take is on these reports, and every one else's opinions too. I'm hoping such reports are false. Thank you for the bright ray of sunshine that you are.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


Daw texts me at 3 am about her friend Jennie who is in Egypt and she is very worried for her safety and now I can't go back to sleep...Oh well... I guess 5 hours will have to suffice


I look forward to the next glamour shot for FB!!!!


You and I are traveling along the same thinking process...I was thinking " wifewifewife" as being very much a part of this scam, charade, publicity stunt...whatever should we officially call it? But I'm not looking up any more words!!!!Lol... The " Incident"...darn, I swore I wasn't discussing IT anymore because that elevates the whole thing to a status of dire importance and as I have said before for our " happy couple" this is an event that I feel will make them stronger ....on a scale of importance...a number between 1-10 with 1 being minimal and 10 being THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT....I give it a 2...ok ok maybe a 3...See what happens when I post in the middle of the night....I'll give someone my daws number if someone wants to fuss with her for waking me up:)

ali mac said...

SUPER I don't mean to make you jealous, but I went to sleep at 9.30pm last night and didn't waken until 7.10am this morning (nearly 10 hrs WOW) I felt so good when I woke up this morning!! I hope your daughters friend is okay!!

KAMI I liked what you had to say :)

Hi to DK and anyone else that may be around xx

ali mac said...

UNKNOWN I think you answered your own question by saying you read gossip on the net, because that is all that it is!! No truth there.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


I am so HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! Lucky girl!!!!! I am hoping to catch a cat nap this afternoon lol

Annie said...


Kami: You said it!

@Unknown and others like you: You're going to get a bad case of whiplash if you depend on those tabloids/gossip sites as your source of information and you're doing a great disservice to Kristen and Rob.

I hope everyone is doing well. It's Friday........Yeah!

ali mac said...

SUPER I hope you catch that nap later!

Hi ANNIE, have a great day x

Annie said...

Hi Ali! :).......You have a great day too!

Super: Are you keeping off that leg? :) Hope you're on the mend.

DK........I hope you're feeling better as well.

Saying hello to all...... Take care everybody. Off I go! :)

gargamel said...


Perhaps another product of imagination of the tabloids? Or possibly what a hater would wish to happen. Tabloid articles are not called reports...they're fiction. I have imagined of a report also that kristen is pregnant but it's just in my head. I don't want to be a cause of mass suicide among haters.

gargamel said...

Baby stewpatz.

Oneheart said...

Hi everyone...It's Friday!!! The weekend is almost here. Hooray!

Unknown you answered your own question by bringing it here to ask what everyone thought about it. If you had believed it you wouldn't have to ask. Avoid places that are known for gossip. I personally have only a few places I visit that i know are known for the truth. As far as Rob and Kristen go they aren't talking about their relationship, so that tells you if you read anything about something they said on a site or in a magazine you can bet it is GOSSIP.

JMF said...

Morning all,
Great post as always Rose. Sorry about the haters, I don't understand why they would come here and spew their hate when it is obviously about Intoxication for Rob and love for Kristen.
I hope that Rob and Kristen stay away from the internet and are locked in their bubble somewhere remote so they can concentrate on themselves. I have a feeling :) this is whats happening.
Have a wonderful day all....

Super RN Gas Passer said...


Annie. Thanks. The knee is coming along nicely. I'm going to Charlotte to see my brother and niece on Saturday. Cosmopolis is playing there and I'm hoping I can take them with me to see it! Wish me luck. Have you seen it yet ?

I'm wondering about the surprise ending For BD 2. Anyone have any ideas? My best guess... Fast forward to the future showing Jacob and Renessmee getting married. Lol

ali mac said...



I had thought the surprise ending was that they actually have a battle with the Volturi and some people get killed on both sides. Maybe there is some other new ending though, I like the sound of yours though lol

Ginger with a Soul said...

Morning everyone

@Super / Ali

I was thinking they would not only to a tribute to the previous films when he can see into her mind but I would like to see their future too. I wonder if the battle parts we have seen are Alice's vision maybe?

ali mac said...

I had seen Rob in some interview and I thought he had alluded to that kind of ending, but maybe he was just messing with our minds lol

Hows everything with you Ginger?

PamH said...

@ morning everyone
My hubby and I had this very discussion yesterday about what the surprise could be, I think like most of you it could be a look into the future for Nessie and Jake and the Cullens returning, but my husband came up with the most crazy guess, he thinks Bella should wake up and it be a dream but meet Edward in biology class, the Cullens are human, like a tie in to Twilight and SM dream that started it. I told him that was sweet but NOT happening!!!!!

katy said...


Tabloides/gossip, are full of completly fabricated stories. They know NOTHING. Rob and Kristen aren't talking to them and no one close to them are giving them info.

Ali, I also am thinking that there is going be some people killed on the Cullen side and the Volturi side, which is fine by me, as long that the one to get killed in the Cullen is Roselie.

Take care everyone

Ginger with a Soul said...

Ali - I am good - work is going to kill me today but I keep thinking I get to go to another concert Sunday and have Monday off :)

ali mac said...

LOL @KATY that is very funny, I would hate to think of Carlisle or Esme or any of the rest of them though!! I think it may be some of the vampires that are standing with them, someone we don't have any big connection with.

ali mac said...

@ GINGER who are you seeing in concert this time? I'm feeling great today with my near 10 hours sleep lol

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Ali - it is all day music festival but the headliners are The Wombats, The hives, Silver Sun Pick-Ups and 3OH3 - Going up to red rocks for it - best music venue ever - the theater is carved into the mountain

ali mac said...

Sounds great Ginger, nothing like something made from nature itself :)

Ginger with a Soul said...


The acoustics are amazing - it is where the shot U2's Sunday bloody Sunday video.

sally lava said...

i agree what u said rose and thanks.....i think the ending of bd2 are serious announcing rk married a year ago in real life....awwwz...call me crazy but i twirling sappy... don't know but that wat i feel now @ thinking....hehehhe

sally lava said...

i agree what u said rose and thanks.....i think the ending of bd2 are serious announcing r/k married a year ago in real life....awwwz...call me crazy but i twirling....sappy... don't know but that wat i feel now @ thinking....hehehhe

Annie said...

Super: Just bought my ticket for the 2:25 showing of Cosmopolis. :)

LIZ said...

HI ALL -- I hope everyone is having a happy TWIRLING kind of day. I know I am. ROSE -- thanks for that gif of Kristen looking at her ring... there's no way she could look like that if things weren't "fine" with them. Hoping they're hiding out somewhere together having fun.

KAMI -- Great words!!!

SUPER & ANNIE -- I'm so jealous that you both are going to see Cosmopolis... I'll expect reviews later on.

HELLO to everyone else I didn't mention. I hope to be back on tonight.


Super RN Gas Passer said...


Your hubs is very clever...that idea reminds me of the tv show Dallas...they wrote off a whole year of the series and decided that Bobby Ewing was just dreaming it! Lol

I would hate to think they would " kill " anybody as a surprise. Lol...And I have read the book many times so I know how it ends in the book. I know they are excited about it so I think it will be something really GOOD !!!!

TGIF Everybody:)

Annie said...

Rob was brilliant in Cosmopolis. In my opinion, it's his best performance in any movie he's done so far.
By far his best performance!

isis said...

Hi ladies : )

Great post Rose.

i read your comments and i agree with you all.
I think is safe to say that we all believe that they are together phisically in this moment.

Kristen hot appearance in Ny OTR is a profe that she is ok, she is doing good. Yes she lost huge weight but she doesn't look sick. I believe that is because she has rob that she looked soo beautiful and strong in TIFF.

Like many here i don't believe in the affair. Where are the profes ? No one from the media came with stories about others enounters. No oNE. This is huge. They have made in this 7 weeks stupid stories about this but not one with evidences of hotels, houses. Anyone with a brain believe that in this earth exist someone who knows or have a profes that was more than a momentarious indiscretion and in this 7 weeks would not talk already?

I believe in the sincerity of kristen apology for Rob and in her words.

And what makes me believe even more that was like kristen said a moment indiscretion was rob behaviour and appearance in cosmopolis promos only 2 weeks after. he looked sad but not devastated. And his happy and relaxed in JK show. We have seen him in all these 5 years, we saw the way he always looks to her, like she is his everything. I don't believe that if the truth was the affair , Rob would be soo fine. And he would not forgive her soo soon.
I don't know if when he was promoting cosmopolis 2 weeks after if they were together phisically. Probably not, just talking.

Only 7 weeks pass and everyhting appoints for them together. Rob is not stupid, yes he is deeply in love with her but if the truth was worst he would not be with her so soon.

LIZ said...

ANNIE -- Thanks for the review. I can't wait to see it ... probably not until DVD comes out.

ISIS -- Great words. I agree with everything you had to say.

Rapper said...

Just bought my copy of SWATH....The whole cast did such a great job in this movie. Hope everyone has a awesome weekend. PEACE!!

LIZ said...

This is totally "off subject" but has anyone else heard that Nikki Reed is the Godmother of Jackson's new baby?

Holy said...

Hello guys.

@gargamel-hmmm,I like what you're thinking.

Twirling all the way.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Liz - I saw it I didn't know they were close but Nikki is kinda like a very after though to me - I forget her.

Afternoon ladies and gents:)

@Isis - hey there

LIZ said...

GINGER - I was just surprised about NR. Kinda shows how divided the cast really is.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Liz - I think everyone knows they are a side foot note - this is the Rob and Kris show and honestly they are the reason I saw the movies - I read the books and love to read but the movies - yeah if those 2 were not in the them I would have watched it when it hit cable....maybe

DreamerKind said...

Good evening! Am so excited tonight!

Talked with a long lost cousin about our Irish roots and found out we are from County Mayo.

When my son goes there in late October, he will try to visit there and find some family. Such a wonderful Friday night and start of the weekend. Woohoo!

PamH said...

@ Liz
I seen the NR thing but didn't give it much thought, I get the feeling that she does a lot of things for show and to just keep herself in the public eye. As far as getting along I think that cast get along for the movie but I think as far as hanging around and spending time together I think R&K stayed to themselves in their bubble.

I'm still waiting till our couple blows the box office away with the project they do together down the road.

LIZ said...

PAMH -- Oh, yes, in LALA LAND, they will eventually do another movie together and it will be the scrip that "they" wrote. Perhaps one of them will even be the director!!!

I'm looking forward to seeing that "bubble" in November.

PamH said...

@ Liz
I don't even care what genre it is but preferably something between NC17 or R ;-)

I hope the time flies by till Nov. If we have a long dry spell of no sightings.

gargamel said...

Because we think alike?

gargamel said...

Little kstew or little rob? If i get hired as a nanny...i'd teach the baby how to throw a bottle to a papz' face. Or poke fingers in a papz' eyes.

gargamel said...

Little stewart or rob junior? Who will be cuter?

Ginger with a Soul said...

@gargamel - I say it would be a tie, if forced to pick I think he would look awesome with a little stew.

PamH said...

@gargamel and Ginger
Just think if she had big green eyes like K that little girl would own him.

PamH said...

Or even better on of each a lil stew and Rob jr.

gargamel said...

@PamH and Ginger

gargamel said...

I hate it when im commenting while lying down then my tablet decides to go NINJA ...slips from my hands and attack me on the face.
Kindle just hit my two front teeth!

Omoiyari said...

#isis "Rob is not stupid, yes he is deeply in love with her but if the truth was worst he would not be with her so soon".
I don't agree with you .maybe he is not in love with her . we don't know nothing .kristen's ring ; Kristen's statament ; Kristen's words,kristen's eyes ....kristen kristen kristen only kristen. where is robert? it's look like He left her side. kristen's indiscretion may have been a symptom not the reason of the break-up.

ali mac said...

@DK Co Mayo is a beautiful part of Ireland. The accent is quite strong over there and I find it difficult to understand what the people are saying, you have to listen intently :) I hope your son had a great time tracing his roots!

Good morning to all x

ali mac said...

has not had a great time !!

gargamel said...

TWIN stew-patz!

gargamel said...

Agree. It's how they've always been. Both disappear at the same time to just resurface TOGETHER! NINJAS! Ijust wished they learned KUNG FU!
I'm a little scared..i don't think i could handle a preggo news. I might just die (of happiness).

Ayli said...

@Gargamel: I would die from happiness too!:) It would be such a beautiful day for me! But when I think about Rob and Kristen I always imagine them having 3 babies... 2 girls and 1 boy... It would be amazing
@ isis: I totally agree with you..

Great post as always Rose,thank you!

gargamel said...

I dunno...but if i have such a gorgeous wife...she would need to put me in a separate room to keep me from jumping on her all the time or she will be pregnant every year.

Birdie said...

How exciting is the Irish news! You come from good stock. I say that because I am very partial to the Irish.

ali mac,
You are Irish, right? Top of my list of places I want to see!

Have a great weekend Roseland!
Shout out to Rose, Smitty, Gruff and Syd!

olivia said...

Have a beautiful Saturday dear Rose and Roseland!

Fio, just viewed you latest vid, "Read all about it". Thank you. It is both brilliant and so lovely. You are extremely talented and your work is very appreciated. Hope uni is going very well for you. Take care.

Hugs for y'all.
Hugs for dear Smitty, Gruff and Syd.
Always wishing the very best for you three, your family, and friends.
Life is good. Very busy, but very good.

Krisea1112 said...

First of all,I want you to know that I really really appreciate so much your blog,it's one of the amazing and best blog I come to visit everyday.Rose,don't let the haters or people annoy /affect on you,there jealous cos you have a wonderful blog and amazing,loyal,lovely followers.I love your blog even the first time I come here to read your post,I feel it that I cannot wait to back and your followers are so respectful and welcoming.I really love it here....your post and the commenters I can read them all day.I'm so happy if both rob and kristen will stay together and god knows and I always include them to my prayer everyday what best for both of them.I will always support and a true fan individual and together whatever they choose I respect and love them.

ali mac said...

@Birdie yes I'm from northern Ireland. I have a list as long as my arm of places I would love to visit. It includes a good bit of USA and Canada and Australia and a good chunk of Italy lol hopefully I will manage to see some of them.

Hi Olivia

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Ali - Morning you ok ?

@Omoiyari - You almost make it sound like she is pathetic and chasing unrequited love. I know I have said this before but I am saying it again. There was no way in hell that girl was going to wear his shirt and his gifts for the world to see if she did not have access to them, things were not ok, and for the need to have him with her. She is a public person and someone who wishes to continue her career in her own time therefore it would serve no purpose but to hurt her image otherwise. They were all always on display and I am sorry yes she can do what she wants but Ruth (although I think has done a questionable job so far) is not only her PR but is a friend - she would not allow her first official public appearance to be tarnished like that. The issues with his scarey fans is the reason Lainey said for the keeping it on the down low - straight from her mouth on video. I have heard of his more insane lot sitting in front of her moms house, sending her dead animals, stalking her and threatening to actually kill her with enough legitimacy they have a list of people to watch for. Some of these people are beyond fanatical and have stepped into the realm of bat shit crazy.

My opinion and only mine but in the greater scheme of things - the people clinging to the "events" from July and still attacker her are actually a few vocal people that apparently never leave their houses and have all day to spew misery and hate on the internet. The average person that does not partake in the twilight forums could care less about any of this. The media will keep pushing anything they can because face it - a few awful people will post something and them people will come to defend resulting in thousands of hits for a site when in reality it really is just a few people fighting back and forth.The silence in her defense was annoying initially but we have seen how low the tabs will go - fighting over pot plants in the basement anyone? I wonder who was invited to that conversation for them to hear every detail. The magazines probably employee the same people that write sitcom's for their stories since they are losing their jobs to reality TV.

Verbose I am this morning.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Ali God help me - I see the typo and I am going to try to ignore that it is there LOL

PamH said...

@ Ginger
Don't feel bad I don't think I've written one yet that after posting I think to myself " man I need to go back to school an learn to spell "
How are the newlyweds doing ?
I know your probably pumped for your concert :-)

Good Morning All
Hope everyone has a good weekend

parker said...

happy weekend to everyone! busy week for me & so glad it’s the weekend & i can indulge in my guilty pleasure that is roseland. still catching up on the 700+ comments on the previous post but happy to note that everyone’s twirling here. always good to read about happy thoughts.

great post as usual rose. you’re the one blogger i respect the most – consistent, witty, never boring and don’t give an effing care what others think. that’s why i will always be supportive of this blog.

okay, off to reading more of everyone’s comments!

~ Rob & Kristen will overcome.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Pam - LOL Me Too !!

They are doing ok - had the heart to heart with her and told her honestly why everyone was so mad about what happened. She had to call the family and tell them the news - my dad lives in Florida and found out on Facebook - that was the hardest call she had to make but everything will get better and it does everyday.

I am so excited for tomorrow. :) I think Silver Sun Pick Ups will be the best group although I have seen 3OH3 before and they are very entertaining.

ali mac said...

Hi Ginger, Lol at you and your mistakes. I think they are caused by the brain being way ahead of the fingers.

Have a great time at your concert, enjoy those acoustics :D

Omoiyari said...

@Ginger with a Soul
you are totally right except that ,at the end of the day, lainey is another bad journalist with fake source like perez hilton. and this story about "the ring is rob's gift" come from elle magazine ,you know.
I don't think "she is pathetic and chasing unrequited love" absolutely not .Indeed she can wear whatever she wants , if the "whole universe" i mean if twi-hards are obsessed with her clothes and jewels it's not rob/kristen's fault .
I don't agree when people said she is pathetic if she wears HER ring/shirt/necklace . even if they are not together. rob's behavior may suggest that she is unwanted and not her behavior.
YES rob's scarey fans are malicious but also they can become more dangerous . these women think that rob agrees with them. in their minds kristen is the enemy and rob did nothing to defend their relationship and Kristen from the media and crazy fans. .so they get stuck inside this feeling of being right.

I'm not lying to myself ,I don't think rob and kristen are together because this is what rob's behavior suggests. and when kristen said "We're going to be fine"she was talking about BD2 promo . personally,kristen can makes a tattoo with rob's face on her neck beacuse she loves him or because this love story was important for her,that doesnt' mean he loves kristen. he was not with her in the time of need ,some words like'i believe in kristen,leave her alone' are not the end of the world or the end of his career .

Ginger with a Soul said...

@ Omoiyari - But see that is where we differ - yes she owns the jewelry but they are gifts from him and the ring clearly has Rob on it plus she said everyone know who it is from. We know where the ring is from and there is no denying that is his shirt. I don't need a magazine to tell me who they are from when Kristen herself has pretty much said it.

On her defense - she isn't even saying anything - no one is. I waiver back on forth on this only because it is hard to watch a person torn apart for entertainment sake but when Lainey came out with her report (her information is reliable her opinions are just that - she does not like Twilight and her dislike of the fans is even greater so she has no vested interest in saying this - so I believe her) Rob's fans freaked out. Several left, several turned on him, and the more vested hated Kristen even more. If they speak up they have to sell some portion of themselves which they don't want to - they are dealing with a private issue in private - they don't owe us anything even if we want to know. I know logically that what both are doing is what they need to do for themselves - fans be damned they have to live their lives once this is just a byline in some ratty mag of yesteryear. If they give this what else do they have to give - no one would be satisfied with we are together - they would demand more. It will never end as long as there is so much interest in them - if they got married tomorrow you would still have the PR theories, the gay rumors, the cheating rumors, and the list goes on. People will project and look for what suits their agendas so it is a losing battle that I can see why neither says anything. I think they are together and that this soon shall pass as well. I want them to promote BD together to shut some of the noise but more so I will wait to see what they do after all this crazy Twilight stuff has passed.I think they emerge united and more together then before. I would be willing to bet if there was no more Twilight movies when this happened we would have already seen them out and about together already.

bubblejoi said...

@ Ginger I agree wholeheartedly. I look at what the gossip sites and tabs did with her "fine" comments twisting it to suit their purposes. If either one of them directly addressed their relationship it would feed the story so much more. It's really crazy that it has dragged on so long. NOw that TIFF is over they don't really have any angles to carry on but they still try no matter what. The headlines and the directions they are taking now are beyond ridiculous. I definitely think that if BD2 had already come out we would have seen R & K already. I believe the tabs know that once BD2 is over this story will be pretty useless. They'll probably start pushing for a reconciliation then.

Karen in NJ said...

@ginger @bubblejoi - well said as always! Since we really know nothing because no one is talking (to us) how do we know that the way they handled the promos was not exactly as they wanted it? Before we knew nothing about their private life and now we know even less. I'm sure this was discussed with them and their teams on how it should go down. Rob saying nothing when asked or baited is not unusual if you look at past interviews. I think that him saying that people are stupid for believing the rags was a statement.

And you're right everyone will believe what they want or twist it to suit their own agenda.

I am with you two that once Twilight is over there will be a change.

wig4usc said...

Good morning, Roseland!

I hope everyone has some enjoyable plans! Out here in Southern Cal, most of us are trying to come up with ways to beat the 100 degree heat!

I've been catching up on the comments, and feel the same as most of you. @Ginger, as usual, we're on the exact same wavelength.

The GIF if Kristen looking at the ring, what got me the most was the very end, when she puts her hand to her lip. I know I've done, that, its even in Breaking Dawn, book and movie. When you think about someone, so intently, so longingly...it speaks volumes, to me. I know what it would take for me to have that kind of unguarded moment.

As far as Rob is concerned, I just don't know there were be any expectation that he would make a public statement. What would be the benefit? So all the silly rumors start again? Who would that be for? They know what's going on. The way I look at it, we KNOW what he loves about her is her independence and that she's fierce. And now we would want or ask that he stand by her side and prop her up? No. Not her style, regardless of what he might like to do.

@Liz - I saw the NR thing. You know what else I've been wondering? I follow Liz Reaser on Twitter, and she seems chummy with NR. And now Jackson, and also Peter. I just thought, ugh. At the same time, I don't see any of them with big projects coming up, I may be wrong, and I don't dislike, but like @Ginger said, I don't know that any of them being in or out made much of a difference for me. Sorry if that sound mean, I don't mean it to be. But I don't much care for NR.

I'll be popping in and out this weekend, off the watch me some football!

bubblejoi said...


Can some post a "How to add an avatar for dummies/completely clueless" entry?

deb said...

@ Ginger HO my GOD You my friend JUST said what I was thinking. ALL OF IT IS TRUE Why say any thing WHY NOW. I to well be waiting to see what they do when BD is over. Yes I think they well still be together and even more in love and closer to each other. Thank you FOR your WORDS.The BEST to ROB and Kristen where ever they are. :) DEB.

PamH said...

@ Ginger, bubblejoi, Karen and wig4usc
I agree with everyone's views. At least once BD is over they will have to stop bringing up the PR crap...but they will just move on to a new theory why our couple are still together because Lord Knows it can't be because they actually do LOVE each other ( sarcasm ) even though I'll be sad to not see them working together for quite awhile It will also be a relief so they can put some of this craziness behind them and back to visiting each other on indie sets.

Like you all, besides Rob and Kristen, there is not one person from the cast that I would have missed if they were replaced. NR for sure!!!

JMF said...

Hi all
@Ginger, I agree wholeheartedly with your whole dam post. Take Kristen's comment however you want, we will be fine with the promo, we are fine. Coming together for BD2 will show how fine they are. There is no way in hell Kristen would have worn her jewelry from Rob had things not been progressing with their relationship. She is not trying to "hold on to him", she has more pride than that, if things had gone south you can bet she wouldn't have worn them. She has her man. Look at that video while she was at that interview, look at her face, and tell me that she isn't thinking of her man, and not having some flashbacks to some good good loving. Rob doesn't need to address the masses, he doesn't owe us anything, this is private between the two of them. And I agree...give a statement, what the hell does he say? and the masses will want more. It's always more.
I believe they are together, working through this mess and holding on tight.
Fighting over plants? bah! they are fighting over who is hogging blankets in bed! LOL

deb said...

@ Ginger HO my GOD You my friend JUST said what I was thinking. ALL OF IT IS TRUE Why say any thing WHY NOW. I to well be waiting to see what they do when BD is over. Yes I think they well still be together and even more in love and closer to each other. Thank you FOR your WORDS.The BEST to ROB and Kristen where ever they are. :) DEB.

LIZ said...

GINGER -- I have to say THANK YOU, also, you certainly have a clear head this day .. and so well said. It's the voice of a fan "at peace" with the situation, "knowing" in your heart that they are okay and together. Have fun at the concert!!

DK -- Wow, Irish!!! So glad you found a connection and hopefully will find some long, lost family.

Omoiyari -- Like Ginger, we will agree to disagree. I know what I believe and you have your own opinion. We respect that here as long as no hate involved. Although, I really do hope you'll change your mind and join us in LALA LAND ...

LIZ said...

NEED HELP --- My help request is from those who have seen SWATH more than once and who probably have the DVD. I confess to a really horrible fear of snakes. So bad that I can't look at a photo or see one in a movie without freaking out and then having nightmares. I was not able to see SWATH in the theater, not because of my phobia, and have just received my DVD.

I've been told that there are two scenes with the "offending critter". Can someone tell me the scenes right before so I'll know to be looking for it and can look away?

Thanks for any help I can get.

t. from MN said...

@LIZ I share your phobia of snakes, and was a little worried about how long they would be shown in SWATH. I only saw the movie once, in the theater, and only remember one scene with them, and it was really short...a blink and you miss it shot of them. It was in the scene where SW and the huntsman are walking through the dark forest. When the camera moves up to the tree branches, close your eyes! :) If anyone can remember another scene, please point it out. :) I am just like you where I have to look away if they're on TV or in a book. I would easily watch SWATH again, despite their appearance, since it was so short.

I hope that helped! Enjoy the movie and keep twirling in LA LA Land!

@ Ginger, Wig, Bubblejoi, Karen, Pam, deb, JMF & LIZ- very well said!

LIZ said...

t. from MN -- Oh, thank you!! Yea, I heard the scenes were short, also. And once I know where they are, I can ignore, LOL. It's terrible to have the phobia but I deal with it.

I'll let you know about the other one, someone told me there are two.


parker said...

@ Ginger, bubblejoi, Karen, wig, deb, Pam, JMF, Liz: IA with what you guys said …
@ omoiyari – it’s ok to believe what you believe.

my take on things …

as a kristen fan, i believe that kristen’s self-esteem and dignity remain solid so it follows that i believe that her subsequent public outings will be carefully thought through and rational. in other words, i believe that if one thing is true, so must the other – that a person with integrity will behave in a manner that won’t further humiliate them; that her integrity goes hand-in-hand with her decisions, so publicly displaying tokens alluding to a bond will be based on verity rather than desperation. for me, it’s a behaviour that’s mutually inclusive, not mutually exclusive.

as a rob fan, i applaud his silence. i have never read of rob talking about his past flirts. i remember seeing a RC interview with rob during “harry potter and the goblet of fire” where he was asked if he has a girlfriend & he completely evaded that question – he has been very consistent about neither admitting nor denying his relationships, past and present. so why would he start now, especially at this time – and more so since this as an issue only between R & K and a total NON-issue to the rest of the world.

i ask myself this, what would it accomplish if rob made a public statement – other than making the media and fans happy & frenzied. why is it so important to make US happy? what makes us so significant in the grand scheme of things that they have to also satisfy OUR “insatiable need to know” outside of their films. fan or no fan, actors only need to make our money’s worth – that we won’t leave the theatre thinking it was a humongous waste of time & money – that’s IT and absolutely nothing else … so i personally will be very happy if these two disappear from the headlines for a while after BD2. i’ll miss seeing them of course but a little absence will only make the heart grow fonder :)

ali mac said...

Lovely Parker!!!!!!!

IMO I really dislike the talk about "the baby". I'm not telling people what to talk about but since I comment on this blog I wouldn't want anyone to think I go along with that kind of conversation. Everyone can talk about what they want I just wanted to say what I feel about it.

JMF said...

@Parker...another Hell to the Yeah comment. agree agree agree

They owe us nothing. Do I want to see a pic of them at the promo in their bubble? you betcha. I will be happy with that, knowing things are right in their world. True fans will support Rob and Kristen's movies and the rest? they weren't fans in the first place if they think they can influence the relationship with these two by spewing their hate.
Gosh I am ranting like a lunatic!

JMF said...

Quote curtsey of my twitter friend"

Robert Pattinson is still Robert Pattinson, and Kristen Stewart is still Kristen Stewart.

Separately they're amazing. Together they're epic. And when they're out the other side of this, they'll be fucking invincible.

Karen in NJ said...

@parker - that was perfect!

Still twirling, Liz! Love LaLa Land!

t. from MN said...

LIZ, I was hoping and thinking my phobia was improving over time (not really), but it's still as strong as ever after I stumbled across a garter snake next to my garden hose last month!! It took about 90 minutes for my heart rate and shakes to slow down! It was awful! I had nightmares for a week. Now I avoid that hose at all costs...watering has to wait til my husband gets home! lol!

I hope you can avoid seeing them in the movie, sorry I don't remember a second scene, but it was months ago. I hope you find out when it is before you watch it...and thanks for the head's up!

BRAVO Parker!!!!!!!

Holy said...

Hello guys,happy Saturday.

@Ginger-enjoy you concert this weekend.

@gargamel- is something cooking in the oven? you know twin is much better.

I've been in Liz Lala Land for a long time now and been twirling,I will never leave this place.

Second Chance said...

Ryan Tedder - Everything

The first time I looked in your eyes I knew
I would do anything for you
The first time you touched my face I felt
What I never felt with anyone else

I want to give back what you've given to me
I want to witness all of your dreams
Now that you've shown me who I really am
I wanna be more than just your man
(I wanna)

Be the wind that fills your sail
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Be the moon that moves your tide
And sun coming up in your eyes
Be the wheel that never rusts
Be the spark that lights you up
And all that you've been dreaming of and more
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When you wake up
I'll be the first thing you'll see
And when it gets dark
You can reach out to me

I'll cherish your worries
I'll finish your thoughts
I'll be your compass baby
When you get lost


Be the wheel that never rusts
Be the spark that lights you up
And all that you've been dreaming of and more
So much more
I wanna be your everything

I wanna be your everything (x3)

LIZ said...

JMF - You are so right in that we already support all their movies and will continue to do so for a long while. I'm a perfect example... bought SWATH and am going to watch it tonight even though I know there are a couple of scenes that will scare me to death.

I LOVE your friend's quote!!!

ali mac -- I understand your feelings about the "baby talk". While I don't participate in it other than to mention that "someday they'll have the golden child" I don't blame anyone else for fantasizing.

Karen in NJ -- So glad you're still twirling and hanging out in LALA LAND ...

t. from MN -- I totally understand how you feel... living in the mountains of NC, we have many poisonous ones but luckily I've never encountered one other than in the road. Funny/pathetic story: I sell real estate and we have a listing where the owners have an inflated fake snake hanging outside their golf cart garage. Thank God I've not had to show the house. When driving by the house, I hold up a book over the window so I don't have to see. Yes, very pitiful, LOL LOOKING FORWARD TO WINTER!!!

Holy -- We're basking in the sunshine of LALA LAND -- sipping our drinks, celebrating Saturday and all the loveliness we're going to see in about 6 weeks or so....

Laters, y'all ...

parker said...

thanks ali mac, JMF, Karen, t. from MN

@ali mac, i agree. this is just me & i certainly don’t expect others to agree and do the same. but one thing i learned from being overly involved costing me several sleepless nights is to temper my enthusiasm over these two. i know it’s oxymoronic to say this but my attitude is more of cautious enthusiasm. for me, it means i see the light at the end of the tunnel. but it doesn’t matter how long it takes to reach that light because i’ve already decided that reaching the light won’t change how i feel – that is, my respect and admiration for both of them will remain solid regardless. so i’ll keep twirling with everyone in the present, the future is reserved for crazy, mad loop-the-loops and squeeing :)

on the other hand, i do enjoy reading everybody else’s exuberance & passion. as house would say “it’s a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.” and roseland always brightens my day.

parker said...

t. from MN and LIZ, snakes aren’t my phobia. in fact, i enjoy twirling and winding pythons around my neck and arms (ala Britney Spears) and weirdly enough, i kinda like the feel of their rubbery skin :) just don’t make me feed them because i have a morbid fear of rats – i can’t, i just can’t.

i remember closing my eyes so tight & cupping my ears during the SWATH sewer scene & asking my boyfriend to tell me when it's over but he said there were none. but i saw rats on the trailer & kristen even talked about it during interviews so i didn't believe him.

isis said...

@Ginger- hi sweetie : )

Always wise words. I love read your opinions.

have fun in the concert.

isis said...

@gargamel- i'm in the same ship than you : ) The baby : ) i can't wait. I'm not gonna be surprise if next year we get the big news : )

Ginger with a Soul said...

@ parker - wise words - I agree as well.

@Pam, Wig, JMF, LIZ, Karen, bubblejoi , Deb, t. from MN and Isis - thanks :)

I love the long shows - we leave at 11:00 am and will get back at 1:00 am that night - gives my mom her allotted grandma time too.

Holy - :)

Ginger with a Soul said...

OK - here is the headliner band and by far one of their more bubble gum friendlier songs - I bet a bunch of people have heard this song

3OH!3 - My First Kiss (feat. Ke$ha)


wig4usc said...

Sorry my last post had soooo many grammatical errors!

@Liz, I've seen SWATH a few times now, I honestly can't recall any snakes. Looks like others have weighed in, though. I had a friend who had a phobia about seeing blood. We went to a movie and she actually passed out in the theater. She eventually sought out therapy to help, it involved systematic desensitization, starting w/ talking about it, pictures, video, her "graduation" was sitting in an ER! LOL!

@Parker - well said!
@JMF - I saw your friend's comment on Twitter and love it!

SC vs. Stanford now, I'm outta here for a few hours to watch, Go Trojans! Fight On!

beacullen said...

Rose that was a great post, and I love that pic of Tom, super cute!! I can't believe you still get so much crap for posting your views. You've always been extremely honest in saying it's your opinion. Great post. thanks

LIZ said...

WIG -- Your friend's therapy ... yea, no way with the desensitization, not going there... would have a heart attack before getting used to it. And frankly, I can't imagine anyone "wanting" to become desensitized to "critters" ...

I just watched SWATH and saw 2 scenes but remember, I was looking for them!!!

I thought Kristen did great, though I couldn't get used to her accent being different.

LIZ said...

t. from MN -- SWATCH REPORT -- here you go... first time I saw was when SW and Huntsman were in Dark Forest and the tree turned into snakes and he saved her. Second time I saw was when they were with the dwarves in the sanctuary and the green moss on the ground turned into fuzzy snakes. Otherwise, great movie!!!

PARKER -- I understand what you mean about not wanting to be so invested in these two and back in July Rose said the same thing. After a week of sleepless nights and unbelievable pain, I logically realized they would be fine no matter what and things got better. As much as I've tried not to be invested, I can't help it. Eventually, it might lead to some heartache but that's what love is about, whether it's fan love or real love. I think of R & K as my grandkids and can't help it. I'm praying for their peace and happiness no matter what they do.


DreamerKind said...

Good evening! Nice convos going on. Hope all are well!

I am researching Ireland, my heritage and reading a fab human Edward/Bella, Civil War fan fic called "My Wounded Soldier"!


Plus having my first glass of cab sauv from Argentina.

Life is good.
Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart!
Rose, Smitty, Gruff and Syd!


LIZ said...

Hi DK -- Sounds like you're having a nice evening. I just saw a couple of tweets (bucket of salt needed) of Rob sightings in NYC and other brit boys are there... I hope he stays undercover and has some fun.

Enjoy your fanfic, sounds like a good one.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


I'm in Charlotte with my brother and niece. We had a nice meal at a restaurant called Firebird...and I was hoping to go to Cosmopolis unfortunately it has already left the theater here. My heart is BROKEN...I did ,however, get a Blu ray copy of SWATH so I guess I will be purchasing COSMO on DVD as well....bummer....

We are watching the USC-UAB game. We are winning by quite a margin. I hope everyone lurking or stopping by ROSELAND is having a wonderful weekend and hope your " teams" win!!!!

DreamerKind said...

It's too bad about missing Cosmo!
Glad you're with family and watching a winning game.

Yes, GOS but wishing both of them lots of fun with each other and friends, here or there, and everywhere, in every way. :)

parker said...

yup LIZ. it’s all about what level of attachment you’re comfy with. being less involved doesn’t make one less of a fan just as being too attached doesn’t make one a better fan. because in the end, we all want the same outcome. happiness to two people we all admire. to me this is what roseland is all about – to be able to twirl to our own beat. have a good night and happy twirling everyone!

Kami said...

Hey everyone, let me assure all of you who have known me and know my true feelings about Nikki Reed...this is REALLY me. I've just had a chance over the last year and a half to look at things differently.

Having said that, I will simply say, that it is very easy for all of us to think Nikki Reed is a bitch, and you know what I'd bet my bottom dollar she can be, and probably is, BUT...I see where Jackson has named her as his son's Godmother and that made me stop and think about something.

I believe with all my heart that Jackson is a good person, after all he's a Texas boy from my hometown how could he possibly be anything els? lol. I also know he loves his son and took the time to pick who he and his girlfriend felt would be the best Godmother for him and they chose Nikki.

I believe in giving the Devil his due, so if Jackson saw something in Nikki that made him choos her to be his son's Godmother then there must be a good person lurking somewhere inside of her.

I guess the bottom line is, we can never truly know a person from a distance. We know what the rumors, gossip and quietly whispered secrets that people tell, from there point of view, but we can never truly know someone based on those things.

Which got me to thinking about Kristen and Rob, I will freely admit that I am more of a Rob fan, nothing wrong with that. I like Kristen too, nothing bad to say about her. Here's the conclusion I finally reached:

I simply want them to do what's best for their lives, and not worry about what the rest of the world thinks, needs, wants or expects of them. I hope that they can keep their private lives private, and I hope that they can be happy. However that comes about.

I also hope that as fans we all realize that regardless of the 'facts' someone presents the public with, about 'publicity stunts' that these are two real people in a real realtionship who were hurting. How can anyone say they planned that.

This part will not be popular so please forgive me and I know a whole bunch of you will not agree and that's ok, I expect it.

But there were other people hurt by this whatever we're calling it this week....incident....and other than people like Perez Hilton making comments about rumors and guesses, bogus stories being planted etc...Liberty Ross and her kids were Victims of Rupig and his roaming pants snake. He destroyed a family by his choices. His family. What a stupid idiot this guy is.

I think that the world would probably be better off is someone neutered him...NOT THAT I'M SAYING ANYONE SHOULD...Violence is not the answer...but I can just imagine him singing High Soprano in the Vienna Boys chior and it makes me giggle.

ok I'm done. yall have a good night.

Kami said...

I will not fix the typos, but I do know how to spell
else, choose lol

Monica said...

@Kami, well maybe Jackson see something in NR but clearly Rob doesn't. Remember how she was blocked from him in Eclipse premiere?

Sadly, some Rob's fans defend NR rather than Kristen. How interesting is that? Well, I am not talking about readers here. I mean soem of his fans out there.

Monica from Asia

ali mac said...

I am no fan of NR but if we believe the "press" make up stuff about R AND K then maybe we should be extending that same courtesy to all celebs whether we personally like them or not.

olivia said...

Dear Super,
I also missed out on seeing Cosmopolis. When it finally came to both the Regal Cinema and the Alamo Draft House in Austin my weekends were too busy because we were just starting up with teacher inservice and the first days of school with the students and of course I was spending time up at school on Saturday and Sunday. I was really hoping on driving in to Austin this weekend to finally see Rob's film and come to find out, with great sadness, it is completely gone. Not showing anywhere that I wish to drive that is an easy two hour trip for me. Such a major bummer!

Hi, ((hugs)) and a **wave** across the pond to ali mac. Didn't peek back in until this morning so I missed your hello.

Hugs for y'all.
Hugs for Smitty, Gruff and Syd.

Years ago I often signed with:

Respect Rob and Kristen.

I will bring that back for now because it seems like an appropriate reminder.

Life is good. Enjoy.

ali mac said...

@Olivia I like that, RESPECT ROB and KRISTEN <3

sue said...

Hello you lovely ladies & gents,

I'm a bit late to this Rose party but I've been without internet a few days, unexpectably it was total bliss.
I've caught up with the usual BS and all your comments, I have so much to say but I'll try to keep it short (ha, idle hope).

I've often wondered, specially lately, if society has changed this much, the mindless hate towards each other.
Hating you Rose for your opinions, hating Kristen for...well everything it seems, hating Rob for not speaking out. I grew up in an era where we weren't subjected to all this, sure you had gossipmags but I've never ever seen anything like this, the way Kristen has been treated these last weeks. Every idiot, psycho, fanatic can vent their opinions now and it seems as if it's the general view of all of us as their voices are the loudest.
Internet is such a dangerous medium, the gossipsites know exactly how to feed these people and it's their fault that the obsessive fanatic could end up harming Kristen, thinking they have the majority behind them. I'm not surprised Rob isn't saying anything, he was always very protective of K., flaunting their relationship now, could very well trigger some fanatic.
I really hope this is not the case and that the sane among us don't give up and let our voices be heard as well.
I don't want to sound like some moralizing crusader but it does concern me, not only for them but also for the future of our children, they are so gullible.

I don't know you but I love your opinions,wit and sarcasm. You are a breath of fresh air so please don't ever stop with what you're doing. Fuck these dumb twats who send you those hateful tweets (another medium I detest).
I love the gif, Kristen's secret little smile remembering something really really good!

Lil Stew or Rob jr? I absolutely love it. I can only imagine the uproar if it was true.

@Super and Ginger,
Count me in on the wife angle. Weeks ago it flashed through my head. Women are conniving and manipulative creatures. Who was she? Now she is everywhere. At first I thought she could be the one who contacted the papz, that she wanted a divorce all along, now she can play the poor cheated wife AND bleed him dry (not that that is a bad thing).
To suggest that this 'incident' is some R&K PR stunt to boost their movies, is absolutely ludicrous and should have their heads examined.
That the Sanders couple have something to do with this..well yes I definitely wouldn't betagainst it.

I 100% wholeheartedly agree with you. I think for Rob saying "people are stupid reading and believing the gossip", is his statement, the words are loud and clear but for the majority prob not.

Ginger, I seem to agree with you again and again.
Reading the plant story, cracked me up. Rob and Kristen and their lawyers and managers coming together, the two fighting over plants, people believing this can't be this stupid can they? What's the IQ of these haters.
The Twilight movies are not really my cup of tea, Im more the blood and guts kind of girl. In march 2010, I kept seeying R&K's names popping up, wondering what the fuzz was. By accident Twilight was on tv, watched it, fell in love with their chemistry and the rest is history. If it wasn't for them two I wouldn't watch the movies.

I lied, it did end up long. Internet withdrawl symptoms playing up.

t. from MN said...

Good Morning!

LIZ- Thank you for reminding me of the second scene & I'm glad you liked the movie. LOL at your "book blocking" drive by's!!! That's something I would totally do! I hope they take that down if you have to show the house. :)

parker- its interesting that people can have paralyzing fears over different things. Your python twirling is something that would have me running for the hills, but rats don't bother me. Like you and LIZ, I have to cover my eyes if my unwanted creature appears on screen and have to ask when it's safe to look again...it kinda stinks...it would be really nice just to be able to enjoy a movie, show, etc. without that interference. I also like your thoughts on Roseland...it's also my happy place to come and read everyone's thoughts & twirl about R&K.

Ginger- I hope you enjoyed your concerts at Red Rocks! I would love to go there someday. I remember seeing the U2 concert there on TV (way back when ;)), and thinking that has to be one of the best places to listen to live music. I hope there's not too much climbing involved, it's tiring enough from a day's worth of concerts. ;)

sue- I don't know if you remember me from Robstenation, but your comments are as fun to read as ever. :)

Kami- I agree that Jackson seems like a sweetheart. I bet he can get along with anybody...just that type of person. And I'm not a proponent of violence either, but the thought of RS singing soprano is very appealing to me...it doesn't seem to be too much to ask for after what he put everyone involved through. :)

Have a great Sunday everyone!

sue said...

Oh I forgot something,

if you have so much belief in the gossip press, than this should make you a very happy person. A source (haha, yep another one) told the Sun (and every English ragpaper followed) that "Kristen and Rob can't live without eachother, love eachother too much and live now in a secluded area in LA where Pitt and Jolie have a place". Now WTF? Honestly, it makes your head spin, tomorrow they'll say something bitchy again, so what and who do you want to believe Unknown?

You know what really pisses me off, is the hypocricy and double standards. God forbid that you print the topless pics of Kate Middleton or show pics of Willl's willy, people in uproar about it, speaking of the shame and the nerve of gossipmags printing them, but it's ok to crucify a young woman for weeks and weeks on end, writing non stop lies and for people to write the most horrible comments about her. So that's ok people? Just because it's royalty we have to respect their privacy? Grrrr, it makes me so goddamn mad.

@t from Mn,
yep I do remember you. We had some good laughs on Robstenation, when S. decided to take a step back (which I fully respected), I felt so damn lost, missing all you crazy girls. As you remember some mad as a hatter, I still miss Malia's crazy ramblings.

sue said...

Oops I meant Harry's willy and not Will's willy (sounds better though).

bubblejoi said...

Wanna know what I find funny? The gossip mags are saying that the reports or reconciliation are unsubstantiated but had no qualms about saying they were broken up immediately,Rob was staring at KP breasts, sexting with Riri and chasing any number of women, a custody battle for bear was around the corner and on and on and on. Now they ask you take the latest report with a grain of salt. The report that would most likely end the drama and rampant hysteria around this circus of story. Translation - we want this to keep going so until we can come up with another ridiculous angle to this story, don't move on from this trainwreck. Unbeleivable!!!!!!!!!

JMF said...

Morning all! got some gardening to do today, it is beautiful here.
I was going through my followers on Twitter as I am very selective who I deal with, and found that PopSugar and Huff Post follow me! HUH? I blocked them. I don't post much, but had heard that the gossip rags follow us on twitter, and was surprised as my account is locked. It really bothered me that they were following me, bet they were disappointed at my posts as it is mostly quotes and music. Of course support for Rob and Kristen but if I have something to say I usually DM people.
I saw on Twitter that one rag mag had posted that R/K won't be promoting BD2 together, separate planes and hotels, and another that they are together. Don't trust or believe unnamed sources. Wondering what tomorrows headline of B.S. will read. They are grasping at straws and Rob and Kristen are laughing their asses off at them. Or in my world are oblivious to it all and taking care of themselves. Have a good day everyone!

JMF said...

Sue: I thought so myself many times..
Hear! Hear!

t. from MN said...

Sue- I agree. I was saddened when S decided not to continue blogging on R'nation. While I've always found Rose's logical opinions to be unmatched, I felt the same about S's updates & BS filter. I miss all the regulars there esp crazy/cool Malia whose silly comments never failed to make me laugh regardless of what mood I was in beforehand! :) BD2 premiere will hopefully bring a sweet reunion for all of us.

Bubblejoi- you said it...Unbelievable! It's ridiculous how low these "businesses" will stoop to keep the money rolling in.

JMF- How pathetic that those sites follow so many of you guys on twitter. That they are that desperate for "sources" is laughable!! I hope many others do as you did and block them.

LIZ said...

Don't mean to gossip, BUT, as predicted, several of the "rag mags" are reporting the "big reconciliation" today, blah, blah, blah.... one goes so far as to say that PapaStew had a hand in it. Also, it seems like some of the "lost fans" are wanting to return... fair-weather fans, I call them.

I wonder if some of the websites will come back?

Regardless of what is being said, I'm STILL TWIRLING and having fun in LALA LAND ...

Kami said...

Monica, I am NOT a Nikki Reed fan, I think everyone here knows this and you do raise a valid question about her when talking about Rob, but it wasn't Rob who asked her to be his child's Godmother. Jackson did.

I was shocked to see how critical people were of Jackson's choice and no I am not talking about on the blog, but all over the web. I was saying it's really no one else's business who Jackson chooses for his child's Godparents. If Jackson has chosen Nikki,then as much as it pains me to admit, I she's not pure evil after all...shocking for me to have discovered that. Going to go break my fingers for having actually defended Nikki Reed.

Kami said...

should be I *Guess* she's not pure evil

JMF said...

Gardening done, scarecrows up along with fall decorations, I love fall in New England.
I was really ticked when I saw those two mags were following me, I think they may go through profiles to read who is a R/K supporter and just follow looking for fan reactions. Sorry guys you got nothing from me but love for those two.
@Liz: these magazines give me whiplash! so that is what the talk is about on twitter. No reconciliation needed as there was no breakup. Still twirling and wearing my rose colored glasses. :D
I did read on Twitter that there were Rob sightings in NYC along with Ruth....if this is true I hope people leave them alone and don't broadcast locations until hours later. wishful thinking.........

deb said...

Good after noon you all.was just reading up on what ya all had to say and I TO believe what you say about the FUCKUP rags have to say THEY DON'T know NOTHING just what they read from us.And i to hope others well do what a lot have done and block them THEN WHAT well they have! YEP NOTHING. If I didn't hear it from them Rob or Kristen then its not true.Thank's alot you guys. Love reading your thought's and seeing the love you have for our 2. have a great day. :) DEB.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


Don't beat yourself up. I think NR is very capable of impressing anybody she wants to....lol. I don't pretend to know why she fell out of favor with our couple...competition?, jealousy? Then again they say there's nothing worse than a woman scorned....I always thought she maybe was wanting R for herself, but having been set straight once by "A Certain Someone" on the blog when I made that remark, and I do know it's been said that she swings both ways...could she have been on the move for K and K rejected her? When it comes to the goings on in Hollywood nothing would surprise me...

I hope R and K will leave Hollywood and make their home somewhere that will give them peace and happiness...I don't think that's possible for them there...

PamH said...

Good evening everyone

Maybe Rob and Kristen are hanging out NY till Marcus Foster performs on Friday (21) if the tweets are believable.
Hope they manage to not get caught by papz.

Holy said...

Hello guys.Happy Sunday.

@kami- don't beat yourself up about Nikki.I never like this woman even before TW. She was a trouble maker when she was in OC before,so I was not surprised when she did it again with the TW cast.

@Liz and Pam- I think Kristen is still in NY,we haven't seen her going back to LA,and Ruth was also in NY,so if the tweet about Rob was believable,I think they're both their.

Still twirling.

twilightsgirl said...

Your awesome. We think similia

Karen in NJ said...

Hi everyone!

@Pam - Marcus' website says he will be at the Webster in NY on Tuesday, 9/18. I'm so hoping they will both be there.

LIZ said...

Hi All,

Sorry not mentioning all names, only doing a "drive-by" and then back to my work.

I'm still TWIRLING!!! I don't believe they were ever broken up and now I'm seeing a lot of that statement being made on Twitter.

THEORY ALERT -- Maybe, just maybe, a reliable source (a real one) is feeding some of this info to the media so that the lunatic fringe can get used to it before they do the BD2 promo.

Sorry for speculation ...


PamH said...

@ Karen
That's even better!!!!! I would love to hear they were there together and having a good time.

Litmom said...

Hey Roseland!

I've missed you terribly! This past week at school was H.E.L.L., and then Sox and I went out of town for a wedding this weekend.

Sooo- I'm back, and SO glad the "press" (I use the term very lightly) is finally reporting that Kristen and Rob are "back together" (cough, cough). IMO they were never APART.
But--it's just nice to see that the people that write the mess that a lot of people read are backing off of the ridiculous crap. Now, if they could just stop giving print time to one nasty wife...

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend - my teams won! BAMA! Roll Tide! And Hook 'em Horns!

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