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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


The information, content and images on
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and are in no way meant to cause anyone harm, grief or despair.
If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
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or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Rob and Kristen: Truth, Foam and Holding Hands.

Proceed with Caution.
Foam Alert.

Take my hand. Take my whole heart too...

It was a helluva weekend, wasn't it?
OK, so technically Halloween was on Wednesday
But damn.
This picture make the foam fly.

It's not even so much that Rob and Kristen were together.
It's not even so much that they were holding hands
They Haters were spewing their bitter foam
because they don't feel that Kristen has 'paid' for what she did.
"She got off scott-free"
I guess anything short of burning her at the stake
is Kristen not paying for her SINS...

“ I sentence you hags to be burned at the stake
 until you are deemed fit to reenter society.”

But even though they will feign moral outrage...
(and honestly, have you seen some of the things they've said??)
They are most upset that Rob has decided that 
his heart belongs to Kristen.

Rob knows the TRUTH.
There really wasn't a decision to be made.
He never really left her.
Not really.
How bitter is that foam?

Where is Rob's other hand?

I KNEW they would be seen
at the OTR afterparty!
I called it!
I know people in the industry!
I'm friends with their friends!
I knew it!


Rob and Kristen support each other
and always go to the afterparties of their films together
if they are able to.
Saying that you 'called' it is like saying...
"The sun is going to come up tomorrow!
I just know it!"
And then when it does?
You take the credit.

Beauty and the Ring.

We debunked the famous ring!!
It has an Aries sign on it.. 
it doesn't say Rob!
No. Wait.
It's some sort of witchy evil sign of the dead!
(Burn her at the stake!)
HAHAHA! We broke that rumor!
Nonnies Rule!!

Does it really make a difference WHAT the ring has
inscribed on it?
Come closer...
Obviously the status of the ring chaps your ass...
Since you can't seem to let it go.
You can manip whatever you want on it
and keep trying to prove your point.
But what a shock that you have missed the obvious.
Kristen pretty much came out and admitted the speculation
about the ring was true.

“Everybody wants to know,” she says about the ring. 
“Everyone already knows — it’s ridiculous.”

No matter what is etched into the ring...
"Everyone" already knows that she got it from Rob.
Rob gave her the ring.
THAT is all that matters.
It could have a chicken etched into it
and it wouldn't take away the fact that
Rob gave her the ring.

Kristen OWNS you.

And while truth has the floor...
Rob gave her the necklace too.
No matter if it's a locket.
No matter how much anyone thinks it costs.
No matter what the symbols means.
It could be a piece of rope with a button on it...
Doesn't matter because
Rob gave her the necklace.

"Oh um, it's just a little token 
Had a birthday recently... that's all.
I found it.
It just appeared somewhere...
and I was like 'whoa'
my birthday has been so great this year!"

And the fact that Kristen prominently displays
these 'tokens' all the time...
Shows you how important they are to her.
And why it elicits so much foaming.

I will MELT into you...

Everything about Robsten is staged.
From day one.
We obsessively poured over every picture ever taken
of both of them together
and found out that only 2 or 3 different pap sites
always took the pictures!
Proves we are right!
They call the paps! It's all an act for the movie!

I'm guessing if you looked at pics of other popular pap targets
they would have the same pap sites as well.
Shock. Gasp.

So desperate to prove an insane concept.
Desperate times... Desperate measures.
I can't tell you how many times I was told 
that there weren't ANY real pics of Rob and Kristen on personal time
even remotely looking like they were in a relationship.
Except for these

There's more... but you get my point.
were dismissed as PR.
Rob and Kristen were supposedly working
to help promote one of the movies.
Supreme Lunacy.
What a convenient EXCUSE to hide from reality!
Even the one where Rob and Kristen
are in his parents home during Christmas.
That one was 'leaked' by Kristen's team
for some conspiracy or other.
Or maybe Kristen called the paps that day
and they willingly posed for this picture as well?
Obviously the whole fucking world is in on this... right?

I mean... honestly.
How could you still possibly buy into this bullshit
and not doubt your sanity?
These pictures show two people who want to be together.
Two people who love each other.
Two people who like to spend time together.
It's so simple. So true.
And in almost every one?
Rob has a BIG smile on his face.

Cute Trio.


Kristen's gay!!
Rob's gay!!
They are just beards for each other!
 I would rather Rob be gay than really be with Kristen!

I cannot tell you how many times I've been sent
 the 'I wish Rob were gay' bullshit.
I wish I were kidding.
These REAL fans of Rob's...
The ones that prefer Rob to be some sort of manwhore...
Who believe he is a lying hypocrite who has
sold his soul for the sake of a movie franchise.
Those who believes he willingly promotes a fake relationship
and stages false pics for money or as part of his 'job'.
Those who really would rather Rob be gay
(not that there's anything wrong with that)
than be with Kristen.
The same fans who cackle on one side of their face
about how Kristen is a lesbian...
And then screech that she has bedded most of Hollywood.
Foam makes you crazy.
Foam makes you delusional.

I guess that's enough foam for today.
Sometimes you just have to get out the hose
and spray it away...


This post is brought to you by
Ducks. Flowers. And Hearts.


Tom was seen out recently in Pennsylvania...
(Yes, Sienna and Marlowe were there, but I have this
thing about not putting her adorable face on my blog)
And what is he wearing?
The one.
The only.
The duck sweater??

Is Arthur adorable or what??

That sweater is so colorful...
so full of flowers and hearts
and ducks...
That sweater is completely Tom Sturridge.
I love it!
And it goes to show you that once Tom likes something...
He never lets it go.
Which brings me to Kristen.
Tom not showing up for the OTR screening
has nothing to do with Kristen.
Let's face it... most of the cast didn't show.
But you know...
He has a new precious baby.
And maybe he has other priorities right now.
It's been blatantly obvious from the beginning
that Rob's friends adore Kristen.
None have done that better than Tom.

And back to ducks and hearts and flowers...
I bet Marlowe LOVES that sweater!

Until next time.

Bye for now


felicity said...

love it, thanks rose.. i bet we will see the nonnies die a slow and painful death, when they see, that rob will continue to be with kristen, when the promotion is over...

what excuse will they have then??

there is none..

because this is real. no pr.. no fake romance..

no, this is the real deal..


Litmom said...

Ah, Rose! I was hoping for a post today, and my wish was granted!

Oh, the foam, the foam. I get a good laugh when I see your posts with the nonnies' comments. Really? Are they kidding? Such desperation. Wow.

You know what I see when I look at all those pics? Two lovely, special people who are utterly and completely enamored with one another. And that makes me happy.

And, oh, my - Tom, Tom, Tom. Gotta love that sweater. I think I'll throw a tacky sweater party for the holidays!

ali mac said...

LOVE <3 Kristens outfit at the AFI OTR thing!! and I love the photo of them in their Halloween masks as someone else said they could put anything on their heads but we'd still know it's them!!

KAMI Thanks for answering about Super.

Things are improving on the chicken pox front, no new spots today so we just have to get through the healing process of the ones he has and he slept a lot better last night, thank goodness (cos I like my sleep too much) I'm hoping my daughter can get back to school tomorrow and that will be us halfway back to normal :)

irene said...

Perfectly said, applause!

Kami said...

Ali, I remember having chicken pox and how uncomfortable I was so I'm glad he's feeling better and if you can get your daughter back in school and some sleep, that will seem like a mini vacation.

I saw where someone was concerned about questions that Rob was going to answer from Twitter, and I could be completely wrong here and this could be different but, usually if a celebrity is asked a question and even if they answer it, if their people do not like the question and/or response they have the right to prevent the reporter from taking the tape of the interview. So I'm thinking that while he might not know the answers before hand the topic will have been discussed and boundaries set by his people...so hopefully nothing to worry about. I'm sure he'll be glad when it's over..

Speaking about being glad when it's over, I will be so happy when the election is over, I cannot imagine what it must be like for those of you living in "Battleground" states because up until the last week, things have been pretty quiet on the political adds and phone call front here in Texas, and then we started being bombarded by phone calls and political ads, and the strange thing is, they're all ads for Mitt Romney. Candykisses has more of a chance to be nominated to the supreme court than Romney does of losing Texas...so I am going to be VERY glad when this is all over with.

PamH said...

Your the best!!!!
We can only hope one of two things: 1- the foam will actually clean their messy, jaded, bitter and perverted minds and souls...or...2 - the crazies will drowned in all the foam ------- decisions, decisions.

@ ginger
Loved your idea of putting them in a room to eat each other alive...let's barricade the doors..LOL

I will be spending tonight flipping back and forth between channels watching Kristen and Rob.

Rob loves Kristen loves Rob

Lanette said...

Great post as always. It is sad to see that some just want to live or even stay in the foam. I still say if and when they have kids they will still say the same thing. PR They need to get their heads out of the sand and walk away from the dark side. lol

Birdie said...

"Desperate times...Desperate measures."

Really, since you have so nicely laid it all out there for them Rose, isn't it time for them to do a reality check and grow up? Seriously, just grow up.

Truth is fucking truth.

Birdie said...

Glad you are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.
I see that you checked in and am glad you weren't directly affected by Sandy. So sorry for your sister and family.
I love elections, but have to admit I will be glad when it is over. I am quite invested and have had anxiety for the last couple weeks. Too close.
I am really glad the promo has been going on. It's a nice distraction.

sue said...

My god Rose, do these idiots never get tired of themselves, putting so much energy in hating. Bloody hell. You'd think they'd find something productive to do, miserable twats.

@PamH en Ginger, sounds like a really really lovely idea. I'll hold the door and will just stand there with a big smirk on my face. I can imagine the harpy frenzy already. Hmmm, I just discovered my sadistic tendencies.

Sometimes I try to picture these women, what they are like/what IQ they have/how they look like but after a nanosecond I ask myself whether I'm suicidal or what wasting my braincells and laugh at myself.

Kami said...

Birdie, and it's getting closer by the second! I was stressing out because even though I had sent a voter registration card in for our new county in plenty of time, it continued to show that I was registered where we used to live, which 9 hours from me...but finally on Saturday I got word I'm registered. I know my one piddly vote won't turn the tide here in Texas but I still want to cast it lol.

Birdie said...

Every one counts! I am going to be a wreck tomorrow.

AE said...

I've been waiting for you since the halloween picture!
Thank you
written simply perfect ... it is so wonderful that everything seems to end well!
THANK YOU from the heart

they always end up together...

AE said...

I've been waiting for you since the halloween picture!
Thank you
written simply perfect ... it is so wonderful that everything seems to end well!
THANK YOU from the heart

they always end up together...

Pattybg said...



Ayli said...

Well, again Rose: an amazing post as always!:)) Your words are so meaningful there's nothing more to say...

To be honest I really don't care what the nonnies say, I just laugh and pass. Because I know that they are wrong but they just can't accept it! Their own theories Sony match each other, they don't have any proofs, they can't think logically... They are so pathetic that I don't even wanna tire myself by trying to explain everything to them

What I really care is that Rob and Kristen went througt some hard times( but still we don't know anything because that Ruperv and his wife are into the attention they are getting after the "incident")They are so in love with each other and as cheesy as it may sound they are crazy about each other... The nonnies better prepare themselves because the best is yet to come and poor nonnies are not ready to take it. ( And yes by the best I mean marriage or TheGoldenChild;))

Freddie said...

Hi ladies and Robert,

I hope you are all well and that life is getting back to normal for those in the Northeast.

30 – thanks for popping in to let us know that you are okay. I’m very sorry to hear about your sister’s home.

ali mac – glad to hear that your kids are feeling a little better. I hope it continues to clear up quickly.

Birdie – good luck with the election. What’s that expression?….Stay Calm and Carry on! Or….Stay Calm and Trumpet on! …..Or….Stay Calm and Be Fierce! (I thought of Kristen on the last two)

Hi to Birdie, Kami, Litmon, Pam H, and everyone who has posted today or is yet to post. Have a good day all.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Good Afternoon ROSE and ROSELANDERS

What IS the world without ducks and flowers and hearts. Indeed it would be TERRIBLE without them!!!!

So, I have a duck story. The names will not be changed to protect the innocent or the guilty

One Easter about 4 years ago, my sister in law bought a duck for my twin nephews ...who were around 7 years old at the time..they named the duck Howard.

Well, unfortunately Howard didn't have long to live because as he was waddling through the house, their older sister Stephanie had a friend over who accidentally stepped on the duck while the boys were away and the duck went to duck heaven...if you know what I mean

Now you would have to know my sister in law to appreciate this, but there was no way in hell she was going to allow the boys to know what had happened to Howard. Unfortunately, since it was several weeks after Easter when Howard met his maker, the Southern States store had sold all the loose ducks and the only way they would sell more was in a batch of 8 of them.

Unfortunately my daughter had remarked how cute Howard was so my SIL was anxious to unload some ducks and gave Courtney two of them which she promptly put in the spare bathroom of her duplex..unbeknownst to Hubs and I who had told her NOT to do it!

Well, I'm sure most of you can imagine how fast things got out of control because a ducks waddle goes something like this...step...poop...step....poop...step...poop...So when we found out about the disaster in the bathroom, Courtney put the 2 ducks in her back yard...which had a chain link fence...and surprise, surprise when the ducks were missing the next morning...( duh)

Well everyone was upset and searched for the ducks to no avail. My husband was especially upset because he will literally pull his car over to move a turtle out of the road. So anyway, we were going out to dinner after the ducks had been missing 2 days and Courtney had gone out of town but Hubs insisted on going to her neighborhood to check just one more time for the ducks..

As soon as we turn on to the street, there they were standing in the middle of the yard two doors down... have you ever tried to catch a pair of ducks? It would seem an easy enough thing to do. Think again...lol..It took 4 of us, me, Hubs and the 2 people who were at home and saw us chasing the ducks in their front yard.

I had to put the ducks back in the bathtub again and was lucky enough to find a lady who lived in the country that had a duck pond...so the ducks lived happily ever after..well, those two ducks did.

However, the remaining ducks that they were unable to farm out were eventually slaughtered by their family dog who decided he was going to take them out by breaking into the outdoor cage where the ducks lived...

The moral to this story is...dont let ducks walk inside your home ...don't let ducks stay in your bathtub either...it's a bitch to clean it up afterward. And last but NOT least do NOT have a duck hating dog anywhere on the premises if you have ducks...

This story is in honor of Thomas Sturridge.

ali mac said...

I have always enjoyed American politics and would watch programmes about it rather than watch my local politicians (who drive me to distraction) All the best to everyone voting I hope you all get what you want.

SUPER great story, it reminded me of Joey and Chandler's chick and duck in FRIENDS lol

My two kids are fighting again which is always a sign that things are returning to normal lol

DreamerKind said...

Good day!

Right you are.

Very practical advice.

This day has already started well for me, as I've learned some new things. Then, I wait for some more. Time whizzes by, all day, every day. When I notice something, there's a reward. Gratitude.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Rose - as always an excellent post. I say this time and time again - I have no idea how you put up with half of what you get.

@Pam/sue - oh man - how would I love to hold that door

@Kami - they are putting him on twitter - not videoing it - god help the filtering system.

@Super - waves

Channing Tatum is peoples sexiest man 2012 - I really didn't like magic mike but he has made me cry a few times.

Kami said...

Super I am trying to catch my breath I've been laughing so hard at your story and then the story it made me remember about a duck

When I was about 13 we lived in an apartment and the neighbor had bought his son who was probably 2 a duck for Easter. Within hours he was rethinking this plan and decided that the duck had to go. So he asked all of us kids in the complex if any of us wanted this duck. No one said anything and then the dad said "Well I guess I can feed him to the cat" and I screamed "I'll take it!".

Now I hadn't asked for permission to get this duck, and I knew without a doubt where I to ask for permission my grandmother would have said No. So thus began my 2 week oddessy of hiddiing a duck in my closet taking him out long enough to swim in the bathtub so I could clean my closet up...you can imagine the mess. But for 2 weeks I was able to hide that duck from my grandmother and then the day came when IT happened. She walked into my closet to hang up laundry and heard "Quack Quack" so she stopped and listened for a second heard nothing and thought she was hearing things and she walked forward again and heard "Quack! Quack! Quack" so she put the clothes up and thought to herself "Either I'm going crazy or Kami's got a duck" so she began rummaging through my closet looking for this animal and had finally given up and began putting things back in order, when she stuck her hand in a pair of boots and something bit her. So she upended the boot and out came the duck.

When I got home from school she explained that we couldn't keep a duck and that she had found him a new home so I needed to go say goodbye to him because they'd be there any minute. I can't say that I was unhappy to see him go, I realized very quickly that ducks were not the cleanest of animals and I was relieved I would no longer be cleaning up duck poop.

deb said...

Once again you tell the TRUTH my friend Just one more year to add to my book.After 3-4 years of this THERE is just NO hope for the SAD,LOST LONELY Nonnies When this is over (TWILIGHT) they well go back to their so call life and wait for someone else to pick on ( poor souls)Love the pic of our Tom I can just see his baby girl having one just like it Thank's again Rose :) DEB.

deb said...

Once again you tell the TRUTH my friend Just one more year to add to my book.After 3-4 years of this THERE is just NO hope for the SAD,LOST LONELY Nonnies When this is over (TWILIGHT) they well go back to their so call life and wait for someone else to pick on ( poor souls)Love the pic of our Tom I can just see his baby girl having one just like it Thank's again Rose :) DEB.

Kami said...

Ginger, I'm sure Rob will handle everything with charm and a good sense of humor like always. Breathe! I am positive it will go off wonderfully. I hope....lol

ali mac said...

Kami another lovely avi ♡ very cute.

PamH said...

@ ginger
I haven't seen Magic Mike but I did like The Vow. I guess it's good to see someone new win the people's title.

ali mac said...

Kami did you're closeout stink ?:P

ali mac said...

Closet not (predictive text is a pain in the butt)

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Kami - oh him I have no doubt - I have just had the joy of seeing some of the questions fans asked - filter is a good thing

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Pam - I liked Dear John

@CrisRK913 said...


XO from Brazil

katy said...

Rose, you did it again. Perfectly stated!!!

Loving BD2 promo...and all the goodies :)!!

Much love to Rob and Kristen.

Take care everyone

Super RN Gas Passer said...


I love love LOVE your duck story!!!!!!

Hi KATY, GINGER, DK, ALI MAC, PATTYBG, and SUE...BLOODY HELL is right !!!!...LITMOM, and anyone I missed...

Berry said...


DreamerKind said...

Rob & Kristen Do

I'd Do Anything

Oliver Twist movie cast (1968):


Thank you/KandG456

Oneheart said...

Hi everyone..Rose your post today was full of truth. Loved it all. YES ROB GAVE HER THE RING. Let's say it again...YES ROB GAVE HER THE RING.

Since they think everyone is on Summit's payroll, I do hope I get my check before Black Friday.

Ginger I loved The Vow and Dear John. I wasn't that crazy about Magic Mike. I really liked the dancing but the story line wasn't my favorite. So far even the dancing hasn't been able to get me to buy it. LOL I pick it up and lay it down, pick it up and lay it down.

Litmom I liked your Sweater Party idea. People pay alot of money for ugly Christmas sweaters to wear to those parties. Wow I have seen my fair share of those. LOL

Tom's sweater is so cute and yes Rose I bet Marlowe loves it.

LIZ said...

ROSE -- Wonderful post. I don't understand why these people are so delusional. I'm beginning to wonder if it's really about Rob and/or Kristen at this point. No matter what, they are NEVER going to admit that they might have been wrong. There's something scary about those kind of people.

HI ROSELAND -- LET'S TWIRL!!! We get to see our kids tonight, hope they will be good. Guess they'll head to NYC tomorrow or Wednesday.


Oneheart said...

Hi Liz...love how you are always twirling. They are never ever going to admit that they are together. Fifty years from now when they're old and grey surrounded by their great, great grandchildren someone will be saying they're still together for PR. Summit has paid them to stay together to promote the 50th anniversary of the release of Breaking Dawn II. Trust me it will happen. ROFLMAO.

Barbara Fenwick said...

Great post Rose, as usual.

I have enjoyed seeing the pics of R/K on Halloween, and also the pics of Kristen at the OTR premiere...she looked beautiful.

Watching these two together, I don't know how people say they are only together for PR. Crazy, when their love is all over their faces.

Take care Roselanders, hope you all have a great week.

Kami said...

Ali, YES my closet smelled bad. My grandmother couldn't understand why I kept putting my clothes in her closet during that time lol.

Thank you about the avi, that is a picture of me and my brother when I was about 4 and I think he was 7 or 8

Oneheart said...

Kami that is a cute pic of you and your brother. You were quite the girly girl. Love your hair and the way you dressed. Your brother is cute in that pic I bet he was quite the protector of you.

PamH said...

@ ginger
We definitely got bold colors with Kristen's dress for Leno tonight .

Litmom said...

Oh, you guys and your duck stories! I'm loving them! No duck stories, but I have a chick story. Not really a story, just a sad tale...

My 2nd year of teaching - back in 1980-81 - I had a student whose mother and dad were ranchers south of Austin. Easter was approaching, and the mom volunteered to bring some chicks to the class for the kids (4th graders).
Well, the next morning her son brought in a cardboard box with about 25 chicks in it - blue, pink, purple, green - you name it (remember those colored chicks back in the olden days?). Those kids couldn't keep their hands off of those chicks - and by noon we had a box full of dead rainbow chicks.
I don't think the kids figured out that the chicks were dead - I just called a custodian to take care of them. I don't even remember any tears - guess those kids' attention spans were too short.

Oneheart - I have a few of those lovely sweaters in the back of my closet, don't you? I lend one or two to my daughter every year for HER tacky sweater parties (she always manages to give them back, though.) In fact, she and her husband had Christmas cards made this year with both of them in tacky sweaters.

DK, I love you! I think you have the best attitude (and the best repertoire) of anyone I know!

LIZ said...

ONEHEART -- You are SO RIGHT!!! I am laughing. Yea, the 50th anniv. of BD release, LOL.

I still say there's something REALLY scary about people who can't ever admit they are wrong about something.

PamH said...

Pics up on Robsten Dreams of Rob and Taylor taping Ellen and Kristen on Leno.
She looks amazing in all those colors :-)

Holy said...

Hello guys.

Rose-brilliant post again.Thanks.

Ah,I love it "Rob knows the TRUTH.
There really wasn't a decision to be made.He never really left her."

Just saw Kristen at Jay L,she's so beautiful.I can't wait to see Rob.



Kami said...

Oneheart, thank you my mother sometimes used me as her own personal Barbie doll, I vividly remember if I didn't sit perfectly still while she fixed my hair...keep in mind this was in the 70s, she would lean down look me in the eye and say "Kami Marie if you don't sit still I'm going to show you what the back of a brush is for" She never had to show me, but I had a good idea.

Litmom ahh all those poor chicks, lol. Good things the kids didn't realize what had happened or else you would have had to a a chick funeral of epic proportions!

Holy said...

@Kami-ohhh,you're such a cutey in that picture.

DreamerKind said...

I love you, too! We are doppelgangers, in spirit, I believe.

Back to cyber fangirling, luvs. Back later after you know what, when and who!


DreamerKind said...

For Syd

Your Song

Kate Walsh:

Thank you/michelleglynn

Holy said...

Holy shit,I think Kristen just showed up at JK too.

Holy said...

So Kristen is definitely with Rob at JK.Nonnies will be banging their heads in the wall again,Awww that hurts.

RC said...

All I think about when I hear about the Nonnies is...their poor parents but then I find out some of them are someone's parent. It's a damn shame & embarrassing as hell to have these older women hating on this young girl because they are jealous as hell.

PamH said...

@ Holy
Did she hang out backstage ?

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Pam - I can answer since I am trying like hell to catch up with Twitter but she was in the green room waiting for him and we have a picture of her going in

PamH said...

@ ginger
Thanks, hopefully someone will put it up. I seen photos of Rob arriving but nothing with K yet.
Kristen's dress looked so vibrant when she walked out on JL.

Annie said...

Good evening, good evening, good evening!

In the movie "A streetcar named Desire".....Marlon Brando's character yells "Stella!".......
When I read that Kristen was spotted with Rob at Jimmy Kimmel, I'm thinking Twitter meltdown and just want to yell....

"Ginger! Twitter! :) :)

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Annie/ Pam - I am sure the picture will be up soon - have a same video of her ducking into the car waiting for him while he signed a few things. You better believe twitter is having a melt down but I have to say this -she went there for her man with a crowd full of his worst and didn't give 2 shits. They are done hiding - there is something so very different about them - not just the smiles - they are giddy.

Here is the fan video of her leaving Kimmel and getting into their car to wait for him. If I can get more I will post - my TL is just flying right now


Holy said...

Wow,Rob/Kristen looks so happy.

@Pam-yep,Kristen was hanging out in the green room waiting for Rob.

Kay said...

Love to see them both so happy, giggly and adorable. :D

Take care, everyone! ❤

Annie said...

Ginger: Thanks! :)

PamH said...

Holy & Ginger
Thanks for the YouTube link, man the goodness just keep going!!!! It does seem like they have this new, happy, doing what we want vibe now. They are in a great place relationship wise, I think.

WOW, wasn't expecting Rob to say he went sky diving in AUS.---- I'm impressed ---- I'd never have the guts to do it.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Annie/Pam - Robsten dreams has pictures up now - add to the cuteness - she went straight to the OTR Q&A right after he was done at Kimmel, so she went there just to hang with him -hmm want to bet he is waiting on her finish her Q&A

Holy said...

If you guys are interested,Kristen's BFF "Dakota defends Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart in new interview" http://bit.ly/Xf98kq.

Carly said...

I love that sweater as well <3 never knew there wee so many pics of it

another wonderful post

I only get to the lunacy second hand as I tend to stay away from those parts of woods as much as possible. and it would be amusing if it wasnt so incredibly sad and hurtful and just plain ...evil.

but onto happier topics, kris and Rob are so adorable this promotion tour, as always. and Im really glad they both have time to really take part in it

and as for the tokens, I always have fun with those, be it the Channel ring, the Budapest necklace, the golden ring or the new necklace. Kris herself said that most of her jewellery she values for sentimental reasons and given how attached she is to these 2 latest pieces? yeah, I think it speaks for itself as of the importance of the person who gave them to her

DreamerKind said...

Skydiving, In An SUV Or The Green Room

Being Alive

Bernadette Peters:

Someone to hold you too close
Someone to hurt you too deep
Someone to sit in your chair
And ruin your sleep
And make you aware of being alive

Someone to need you too much
Someone to know you too well
Someone to pull you up short
And put you through hell
And give you support for being alive - being alive

Make me alive, make me confused
Mock me with praise, let me be used
Vary my days, but alone is alone, not alive.

Somebody hold me too close
Somebody force me to care
Somebody make me come through
I'll always be there
As frightened as you of being alive
Being alive, being alive

Someone you have to let in
Someone whose feelings you spare
Someone who, like it or not
Will want you to share a little
A lot of being alive

Somebody crowd me with love
Somebody force me to care
Somebody make me come through
I'll always be there
As frightened as you

To help us survive
Being alive, being alive,
Being alive, being alive.

Thank you/Eric Martin

DreamerKind said...

Tokens Of Love, Bless & Refresh

I Love You For Sentimental Reasons

Linda Ronstadt/Nelson Riddle Orch. (Skip Ad):

I love you for sentimental reasons
I hope you do believe me
I'll give you my heart

I love you
And you alone were meant for me
Please give
Your loving heart to me
And say we'll never part

I think of you every morning
Dream of you every night
Darling I'm never lonely
Whenever you're in sight

I love you
For sentimental reasons
I hope you do believe me
I've given you
My heart

Thank you/catman916

faa said...

Owh Rose,

Perfect words as always.
I am so happy, more than the happiness of the whole world combine :-)
Not even nonnies can take this happiness away from me, from us, forever!


Rob & Kristen will always end up together.

Rob loves Kristen loves Rob

DreamerKind said...

Yearning To Learn

Teach Me Tonight

Jo Stafford:

Did you say
I've got a lot to learn
Well don't think
I'm trying not to learn
Since this is
The perfect spot to learn
Teach me tonight

Starting with the ABC of it
Right down to the XYZ of it
Help me solve
The mystery of it
Teach me tonight

The sky's a blackboard
High above you
And if a shooting star goes by
I'll use that star to write
"I love you"
A thousand times across the sky

One thing isn't very clear my love
Should the teacher stand
So near my love
Graduation's almost here my love
Teach me tonight

Thank you/trooper7h

DreamerKind said...

America Roars Back

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

The Tokens:

In the jungle
The mighty jungle
The lion sleeps tonight

In the jungle
The quiet jungle
The lion sleeps

Near the village
The peaceful village
The lion sleeps tonight

Near the village
The quiet village
The lion sleeps tonight

Hush my darling
Don't fear my darling
The lion sleeps tonight


DreamerKind said...

Nice to see you!

It's a new day!

What a fine night it was!
Kristen & Rob parlez vousing.
So amusing.
Such delight.
Big shoes, wrong socks.
Ponytail, brightly patterned smock.

Tout le monde en parle.
Everyone's talking about it.

Voilà qui est bien parlé !
Hear, hear! Well said!

Soon to bed!

Bonne nuit-Rose, Rob, Kristen, Smitty, Gruff, Syd & Lovelies!

faa said...

Nice to see you too ;-)
I've always try to listen to every songs that you've posted.
All are amazing.
You are indeed our very own version of fairy godmother.
I can't stop smiling with all the good news around us.
Not even in court ;-) Guess I've confused the judge. Haha..

ali mac said...

DK loved the Oliver Twist "I'd do anything" love love love that movie and book so much :)

Rob was great on Kimmell, he seems very happy :) Sky diving is something I always wanted to do when I was younger but as I've gotten older I've turned into a chicken and don't even want to go on Roller- coasters any more!!!!

Louis Antony said...


benny said...

hallo everyone,
this last days were epic, epic! and more to come, would have you expected this twirling back in August?
I am so happy for them!

ali mac said...

I meant to say I loved Kristen's dress on Leno, stunning!! she suits bright colours so much :)she also looked comfortable in it (in the clips I've seen anyway)

parker said...

Rose, thanks for the new post ! hilarious as always.

from the previous blog …

@Pam, thanks for replying to my Q on Vanity Fair.
@tuff, yes i agree about some of the interviewers.
@Robert, i like your FF of ben, josh & kristen :)

@Kami and Super, laughing at your duck stories :)
@sue, after Ginger said, to describe one of the haters, that a horse in a bikini would be an insult to the horse, i have lost any curiosity to picture these women :)

happy election day to all the USA bloggers !

parker said...

kristen on leno and rob on kimmel – nothing to say but just massive admiration for how these 2 have handled themselves. and kristen showing up on kimmel just to hang out with her guy – just keeps getting better !!!

@ali, you’re never too old to try anything. a lady & a man did a tandem jump when they were 100 yrs old. bush Sr did it when he was 75 :) if you ever do find the inclination again, go for it. thrilling experience! rob talking about the sound he made when he jumped reminded me of the 1st time i did a tandem jump. by tradition you’re supposed to yell “geronimo” as you jump. well i did & as i opened my mouth, a huge pool of saliva splattered out & disappeared. later, after the freefall and the chute was open & i was peacefully enjoying the view, my tandem partner tapped me on the shoulder & said “thanks for that huge spit you shared with me” – it had splattered on his goggles – hahaha. i knew better to close my mouth on my next jumps :)

Carly said...

I loved Kris in Leno, the dress was really becoming and she looked stunning and relaxed and happy and was really cute and funny

and Rob was adorable as well. sky diving was sure a surprise but I'm glad he fullfilled a wish of his

and I love that they seem to be spending as much time as possible together

I wonder what happened with Jella. Kris seemed such a kat person and nowadays she just talks about her dogs. which is cute on several different levels but it makes me wonder anyway

ali mac said...

PARKER lol lol I loved your spit story!! gross and funny :) I really don't see myself getting over my fear. I had vertigo (brought on by an ear infection) a couple of years ago and ever since then I can't even look at the t.v if they are looking over the top of a tall building! it just makes me go all dizzy :(

Ginger with a Soul said...

Morning Ladies

@Pam and everyone - yes I liked the dress and the colors (like we were hoping for) - she was glowing and really - he was so giddy and relaxed last night which was fun to watch

@Parker - yeah - I am normally not a fan of knocking a persons looks cause that is the way we are born and I like to think everyone has some beauty in them but those chicks are ugly in and out - karma is always a bitch and it catches up with everyone eventually.

We should see them leaving for NYC today

PamH said...

Maybe when Kristen visits Rob on set in AUS he will get her to tandem dive with him.

With them traveling to NY together they may make it through without being caught by paps.

Does anyone know if K wore Balenciaga to Leno ?

PamH said...

I loved when Jay asked about her mask and she said she bought it in a shop in Japan, it was next to sex toys and candy..I BOUGHT THEM ALL....LOL
No wonder their smiling so much :-o

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Pam - not it was Peter Pilotto. I bet we see her in whatever Nicholas designs where ever he lands since her contract with Balenciaga is the fragrance only

ali mac said...

@Ginger and Pam I think it's good that designer wise she can wear who ever she wants, it would be a bit like only being allowed to shop in one store for all your clothes!!

PamH said...

@ ginger & ali mac
She seems to be close with Nicholas I think she will support and help him out were ever he ends up.
I agree with wearing the same designer being boring. Can't wait to see what she chose for LA premier.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Ali - I agree - she can be the kid in the candy store and different designers bring different things. I am still holding out for a dark green dress at one of the premieres.

Tracybell said...

Helloo Rose,

Every time I type that name I think of two and half men lol love that character anyway, great post. You know if every blogger was like you they wouldn't look so stupid. They make dumbass predictions based on their feelings or desires. That would be ok if those were correct but you know how it goes. I like how you sit back and lyao at the crazies and then present their predictions and calmly negate them with the truth.

My fave pic is at Christmas. Robs hair is hilarious. Kristen looks so young and parents are so sweet and look excited. It just looks like a family thing you know something impromptu.

Leno is a snake btw. He tried to go there but k didn't bite. Actually she called him on all hIs bullshit questions and statements by replying sarcastically but nIcely. I mean has he given up as a host? By the applause when she came out there were a ton of fans in the audience. Am I wrong here? Did anyone else get the same vibe I did?

But she killed It anyway. She was beautiful and so colorful. I loved her makeup contrasted with otr premiere.

Rob *shakes head* sitting on his feet and the vodka and clown shoes? I think he's come to the point where he says let's see what I can do or say to shock people tonight lol. Love jimmy k, he had some pretty good questions...good interview and both were so entertaining.

I don't know why people are like omg Kristen at robs Kimmel taping. He was prob at hers to. After all the promo they prob flew to ny together I'm assuming.

Well I feel better lol. My hubby comes home today so I'll won't be here much but I do read everyone's posts. Glad you east coasters are doing better.

@Ali hey gurl, joke about 50 th anniversary was hilarious and spot on.

Hi to Liz, super, dreamer, parker, patty, ginger, holy, carly, Pam and anyone else I missed. Omg I just had a good will hunting moment lol. Love Matt Damon he "is" Jason Bourne :)

@dreamer loved your songs!

Have a beautiful day everyone♥

ali mac said...

Hey Tracybell, that was Liz's joke, so I'd better not take the credit for it lol

I thought Leno tried to catch her out once or twice, but she seemed really relaxed more so than I ever seen her before and it didn't throw her confidence. I think maybe this is a case of "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger"

sue said...

@PamH, yeah same thought, maybe they have a playroom, haha.

Yep @Ginger, I agree they don't give a shit anymore. No more hiding. Finally they can live their lifes, I hope.
Also the comments Rob made/makes about the papz I find telling as well. He had enough. 'I love this woman so back off'! 'You silly little haters can all go to hell'. Well that's what I think he wants to say.
PR my arse.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Tracybell - yup she has tons of fans.
The shows last night were in LA - he was doing Ellen while she was on Leno - she went and stayed with him at Kimmel after taping Leno then left later to go to her Q&A for OTR. They should be flying out to NY today for the shows tomorrow.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@sue - he has made it clear he is about to snap. No more hiding and besides both their smiles are infectious.

Tracybell said...

@Ali oh thought it was yours lol and yeah I thought she was relaxed to. A little leg shake a little rock here or there but she got her thoughts across perfectly and didn't miss a beat with Leno. Actually I think she shook him a little lol. Yes she seems so much stronger and confident. Not that she wasn't before she just getting it across better now. I think we all are seeing the same thing in her...great minds think alike!

@Liz great joke about 50 th anniversary lol.

@ginger hey Gurley thanks. I assumed q&a already done. I think rob wants her with him as much as possible with the crazies out there. I have a feeling he's gonna be stuck to her like glue. So far so good I guess as far as we know anyway. Sincerely hope no one has the actual guts to scream something at her. I think most people who rant on the internet are actually pretty much pussies when it comes face to face though.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Tracybell - they really are LOL - I know there were a few nons in the crowd that tried to say stuff before they came out and were faced with some fans of hers or both and I guess they zipped it quickly. The internet is a trip - would be interesting to see how these people interact in real life day to day

Tracybell said...

@ginger no see? If they hate them why go? I don't get that kinda behavior at all. Oh well did u read lainey this morning? She is the most cynical blogger I've read. I think she has tunnel vision but I guess if you can't believe what u write who else will. I don't mind people who state opinion at all Wat I mind is when they state it like fact. I think she believes they are together but she things everything they're doing right now is to save their careers which is bullshit becuz they are both lined up to work with amazing creative people, before robsten was unbroken *her words not mine* she doesn't even make sense, kinda like the crazies, they can't have it both ways.

ali mac said...

@Tracybell it's so easy to mix up who said what on here and I don't mind as long as it's a good thing lol

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Tracybell - Lainey is a trip - Her facts are that but her opinions are like land mines - sometimes she tries to be an articulate writer for a gossip column - it is such an oxymoron and she often never delivers the true message she wants because of it. She knows they are together but she is also wants to dress everyone is the same self serving cloth she sees day to day - I can understand cynicism in Hollywood but generalizations tend to lose me. The haters go for only 2 reasons now - they still think they have a shot or they are so obsessed with trying to prove they are not a couple they will go to any length - both are scarey reasons and definite reasons for professional help.

So I have to ask because I am sorry I was laughing - what does everyone think of the Vogue photo shoot Rob is in - mainly the clothes?

Kami said...

Definition of Gossip

Gossip is idle talk or rumor about the personal or private affairs of others. It is one of the oldest and most common means of sharing facts, views and slander. This term is used pejoratively by its reputation for the introduction of errors and variations into the information transmitted, and it also describes idle chat, a rumor of personal, or trivial nature.

Perception of those who gossip
Individuals who are perceived to engage in gossiping regularly are seen as having less social power and being less liked. The type of gossip being exchanged also affects likeability whereby those who engage in negative gossip are less liked than those who engage in positive gossip.[24] In a study done by Turner and colleagues (2003), having a prior relationship with a gossiper were not found to protect the gossiper from less favorable personality ratings after gossip was exchanged. In the study, two individuals were brought in to the research lab to participate. Either the two individuals were friends prior to the study or they were strangers scheduled to participate at the same time. One of the individuals was a confederate of the study and they engaged in gossiping about the research assistant after she left the room. The gossip exchanged was either positive or negative. Regardless of gossip type (positive versus negative) or relationship type (friend versus stranger) the gossipers were rated as less trustworthy after sharing the gossip.

Had to post this, got it in an email from one of my nieces who did a paper on Gossip and it's social effects on society, she got this part somewhere else but I found it amusing, especially the perceptons in society of those who 'gossip'

Tracybell said...

@ginger oooh *rubs hands* glad u asked hehe. The clothes are outta this world cool although the large diaper pin I don't get. The spikey sunglasses are awesome. I get it...though some don't....they were going for a certain look and they certainly achieved it. Between the clothes the boots the location *so cool* it all worked for me. Now I gotta say I loved the eye liner the colored in facial hair (just darker, becuz we all know he doesn't need more lol). Am I wrong on this? But with every photo shoot its like he's portraying a character. I think it's a great way to show that he can transform himself into anyone and be believable. I also think it will make every photographer be clambering to do a Photoshoot with him to.

PamH said...

I didn't realize Caitlyn C. took the photos till I looked at newly added ones on RPLife. It's different than anything Rob has ever done, but I'm not a fan of the futuristic clothing. The hair and even the makeup was fine, made me think of some indie/rock band looks.

Tracybell said...

@Kami uh wow kinda makes me not wanna read lainey ever again althoughI love courtjustice she doesn't gossip she just lloves or hates on clothes not the people in them.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Kami - every form of speech is gossip unless the speech is spoken from the 1st person view of themselves - if you comment about anyone or anything outside of that realm - you are gossiping. Conversation and gossip are synonymous unless the person is super narcissistic and only talks about themselves

@Tracybell/Pam - the pirate outfit was interesting - I thought the clothes were awful and not sure why they dressed him like that - the bad boy thing is cool but I thought the trench coat was the worst of it until I saw the others. I can even get with the eyeliner look but I guess I don't get the whole mad max feel of it at all. James Dean yes - Kevin Costner no

sue said...

I think the photoshoot is hilarious, no idea what it's supposed to mean but in my twisted mind I think he's just taking the piss. Of course he knows it will get all kinds of reactions. Rob has no verbal filter, makes total random ludicrous comments which crack me up every time and this is just another one of his mad things. Keeping people on their toes, letting people guess who the real Rob is. I honestly love this guy and his weird sense of humor, he is so english.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@sue - I honestly laughed the 1st time I saw the spikes and baby pin. He is a handsome guy but those outfits were off the chart. He went from mad max to captain jack sparrow in a flash. I bet he laughed himself while doing it. I bet he cracks jokes himself when asked about it as well, he really does have a very good sense of humor.

PamH said...

@ ginger/sue
He does have the best since of humor. I bet Kristen laughs all the time being with him, no wonder she's always smiling when their together.
I wasn't a fan of the clothing but can totally see Rob cracking up at hisself during it.

gargamel said...


Tracybell said...

I doubt any of it is robs idea guys. I don't think hr dreamed up those clothes or hair lol. Maybe the eyeliner and glasses though ha. I'm sure vogue or photographer idea? A lot of shoots r crazy to project image or get attention and I think rob game for anything. I know alligator wasn't his idea lol. I think he looked beautiful...in a futuristic kind of way. Since the rover set in the future in the Australian outback, I wonder what look that movie will have? But what do I know lol I didn't like the flower power shirt with that beautiful suit and shoes and he got high praise from everyone haha. See, it really all comes down to personal preference :)

Tracybell said...

@ginger I love Kevin c. I actually liked water world lol but in my eyes he can do no wrong because of Silverado haha. And *bows head and speaks reverently* dances with wolves :)

Kami said...

Ginger, I seriously hope you didn't think I was talking about you at all....because I was talking about Lainey. You had been talking about how she tried to write as a Gossip columnist, my niece sent me her paper to read for her and I thought it was funny that it came in at the same time I was reading that on the blog.

As for Gossip...I think that it's kind of like this...I know it when I hear it. Everyone of us has engaged in it at sometime or another. My family has had a tragedy because of it, Grandfather's older brother was murdered because a group of guys got drunk and decided to tease a newlywed by saying that they knew his wife was sleeping around...and when he asked with who, they randomly pointed at my uncle as the car drove past him...the man went home and got a gun and shot him in the back, killing him instantly he was barely in his twenties and had no idea who the man nor his wife was. He was just a random victim.

Gossip, my definition is I know it when I see it.

Tracybell said...

@ginger you know you're so right about ludicrous comments and keeping people on their toes. Remember he said he picked up that mask at a seven eleven? Kristen said she got them in Japan....with a sex toy and candy of course....so I think he says whatever the hell he wants *chicken run?* and lets people think what they want. He's not giving up his personal life to anyone. It's funny I think the general attitude is that rob is the unguarded one and Kristen holds back. I think it's the complete opposite. Or maybe not....

Tracybell said...

Oops supposed to be at sue sorry ginger.

Tracybell said...

Oops supposed to be at sue sorry ginger.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Kami - nope just adding to your gossip thing in general - any story told is gossip unless it comes 1st hand - like the telephone game - the story is never the same after passing ones mouth into another persons ears and out that mouth. Paraphrasing, interpenetrating, spinning - it all happens - unconsciously/subconsciously/purposely

@Tracybell - did you see the pirate one? the hat is OMG LOL. There had to be a stylist, oh god there had to be. I liked Dances with wolves - was an amazing movie but my favorite Costner movie - A Perfect World - hands down but Water World ummm.........Some where deep down I think they were seriously going for futuristic / artsy post apocalypse.

Chocolate Lady said...

Hello Ladies & Gent!

Rose ~ Love, love, love your sense of humor and style.
'It could have a chicken etched into it and it could be a piece of rope with a button on it' had me howling. These two make me giddy and smile broadly with delight as they fly off to New York...together.

Hope all are having a marvelous day!

ali mac said...

Trackbell "water world" is on my list of worstmovies I've ever seen!!!!

ali mac said...

Tracybell it seems I've renamed you lol

Kami said...

Ali, I'm new to this conversation and just read your comment, but I will agree with you Waterworld is on my list of the worst movies ever made too. It was horrible...in my humble opinion I apologize to anyone who loves the movie.

ali mac said...

Kami I still remember coming out of the movie and thinking WHY did I just sit through that crock of #@&* !! I Think I kept thinking it has to get better, but it never did lol

Birdie said...

Hello ladies.
I will just jump in but the best Kevin C. movie in my opinion is Bull Durham.

PamH said...

Looks like are couple weren't ninja enough. Flying private and still got papped, attest it's far away :)
I hope they have some time to have some fun while in NYC.

ali mac said...

Hi birdie, I've never seen that one is it an oldie or recent?

Birdie said...

ali mac,
OMG it is the best!! It is an old one with Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins. Funny, romantic and yes, your husband would like it.

ali mac said...

Sounds good Birdie and a good cast, I'll have to look out for itinerary the video store. :)

ali mac said...

It not itinerary

Holy said...

Good afternoon/evening/morning to everyone.

R/K already leave LA for NY in a private flight.

The good thing about that Vogue photo shoot is that Rob still looks so handsome even with those ugly clothes.LOL.

@Ginger- waves.

tufenuf55 said...

I can honestly say I have never seen each of them so comfortable in interviews, especially Kristen. What has happened to our BBG. lol. She is glowing and laughing; they are each giddy. Loving all the interviews, seeing them together privately and seeing them individually in making the promo rounds. It will be wonderful to see them on the red carpet together next week.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Holy - waves

Karen in NJ said...

Hi everyone!

If I can add my two cents in on the Kevin C movies - another good one is No Way Out with Sean Young. Excellent ending!

Glad to see the kids on their way. Hope they dressed warm it's a bit cold here and bad weather tomorrow.

btw, Rose, loved the post as always!

Kami said...

I loved Field of Dreams and I also loved Dances with Wolves. JFK, and recently he was amazing in the "Hatfield and McCoys'' on the history channel.

So the wait to find out who is the President for the next 4 years have begun.

PamH said...

LOVED the interview Bill C gave about Rob having the idea to start with her neck for vamp sex :)

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Kami - my stomach is in my throat over this election - this is the 1st time since I have been able to vote that an election meant this much too me

@Pam - it was very cute

LIZ said...


I thought KRISTEN and ROB both showed their happiness last night on late night TV. Rob was silly as usual but looked so happy. I was surprised about the skydiving comment, only that he could do something so "out there" without us already knowing about it. Kristen looked gorgeous and was so confident.

We have so many more to look forward to. I hear the Ellen show to air on Friday should be good.

It is so hard to think about where we were mentally 3 months ago. WE KNEW NOTHING and WE STILL KNOW NOTHING ...



Kami said...

I am going to use one of my late grandmother's sayings about this election...what a friend calls my "Nanaisms"

I am as nervous as a whore in church about this election tonight.

LIZ said...

KAMI -- LOL on one of your Nanaisms. Yea, I'm chewing the nails. I'm not going to mention any names. AND, I believe that those who voted differently should have that right to do so. I am of the philosophy of "let's agree to disagree" and don't like name calling.

A girlfriend said to me earlier in an email that she doesn't want to see women set back 50 years. Can't help but agree.

Kenzz said...

Such a proud Mom... took my son to vote for his first time! I was very impressed as to how he had put a great deal of thought into why he was voting a certain way (even though it often was the opposite of what I voted! LOL) I guess we cancelled each other out!

This is certainly going to be a close race... Hoping that the country can come together and move forward...

Giddy over the interviews with Rob & Kris, so confident, so funny, so themselves!

Kevin Costner... swoon (except for Waterworld)... fell for him in No Way Out, but lost it totally in Bull Durham... Dances With Wolves made him the total package (I even liked the Untouchables....)

Kami, that story about your grandfather's brother is truly tragic :(

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Kenzz - My oldest got to vote for the 1st time too but she matched my vote :) It is like watching a football game in my house right now watching the results

@Liz - 100% there :)

Kami said...

LIZ I'm like you and feel like everyone has a right to vote the way they like, and I won't mention names but I will say I agree with you and your girlfriend 100%

Kenzz I bet you were so proud! i was in line with a couple of Dad's who were taking their daughters to vote for the first time. One was very supportive and told his daughter to 'vote your heart sweetie" and the other one kept saying "I better NOT find out you voted for a Him!!" I have no idea who "Him" was. lol

tufenuf55 said...

My dau-in-law and I voted together at 7 am. We had done so since I moved in 2004 to the state/town where she and my son live. I really love her like a daughter I never had and we have such fun together. My son voted after work.

Kenzz said...

Kami, I tried to be like Amnesty Int'l, not betraying any bias as I helped him fill in his ballot! The people who were manning the precinct tables were quite enamored with my son, and commented that he was very patriotic and conscientious in his seriousness! Would love to bottle that sense of responsiblity and sell it! (For those of you not aware, my son is a special needs kid, wheelchair dependent, legally blind, but funny, pretty smart, and completely charming, especially to the ladies)

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Kenzz - that is absolutely adorable and something to be proud of

We aren't party liners here - we vote based on the issues - not hard to guess ours with me having 4 daughters and a gay sister. I still haven't ate at Chik Fila - I am just happy to see people get up and add their voice.

Kami said...

I remember the last time I took my grandmother to vote for the last time, she was raised in the South during the depression which meant a Southern Democrat...so the last time she voted was 2004 and I took her in and helped her to the booth where she would vote and in the middle of this Church she stopped...looked up at the sky and said very loudly..."Daddy don't look I might just vote for the Republican!" she cast her vote and walked outside as it began snowing in Texas in Nov...and she stopped and said again to the Sky "I knew the day I voted the wrong way You'd cause Hell to freeze over!"

Kami said...

I completely respect everyone's right to vote their heart. Doesn't matter who you vote for as long as you vote.

Saying that I have 10 nieces and several gay family members so let's say I am an oddity in this state..one of the FEW.

Kenzz said...

Kami & Ginger: Love and respect your right and sense of responsibility to vote...regardless of who you vote for!

Ginger with a Soul said...

Kenzz - and that is the best thing to teach our children - to have a voice you have to participate

Kami said...

Florida always makes me so nervous during elections. If I were a nail biter I'd have chewed them to my knuckles.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Kami - Ohio too. We are another other swing state here - I pretty much stopped watching network TV because the commercials just made me mad every time they came on. I had someone come to my door no less then 10 times to ensure we voted.

Kami said...

Ohio too. We have not had very many commercials or phone calls until the last two weeks, and the Romney campaign has driven us crazy, and I don't know why they wasted their money on this, Texas has gone Republican since 1980 and I doubt that will change in the next 4 elections.

Kami said...

Ginger what's Colorado looking like?

Ginger with a Soul said...

Jesus - it looks like it is over

Congratulations to President Obama

Ginger with a Soul said...

Kami - nothing yet but Obama won Ohio and it is pretty much over. Last I heard they said we will go Obama as well

Kami said...

To everyone who was a Romney Supporter, please do not take offense to what I am about to say.

Ginger could you hear me yelling all the way in Colorado? I am so grateful it is over and done with no repeat of 2000 Thank goodness.

I hope that as Americans we can all join together tomorrow and thank whomever we hold as our higher power that our system has worked again.

I'm so relieved this is over.

Tracybell said...

Hi y'all just got back from picking up my hubs. Read through all the comments and have to say loved the Kevin c comments. I don't know what's wrong with u guys on water world lol. He can do no wrong bb's. Welp I didn't vote for Obama but I'll respect him if he wins. They both suck in my opinion it was a choice of who sucks the worse this time around js. Have a good night rob and Kristen on daplane was awesomesauce!

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Kami - yes and that was over my tears of relief

Now lets hope we can all come together and focus on the real issues like the economy and building America and our education system back to where we need to be. We are a strong nation and united we should all stand :)

Kami said...

Ginger AMEN I could not agree with you more.

Carly said...

@Ginger: re. dresses: I would love to see her in a green dress, I have seen this amazing Alexander McQueen dress I think she would simply rock http://www.matchesfashion.com/product/127926?qxjkl=tsid:30065|cat:Hy3bqNL2jtQ

I already got my wish to see her wear red - thank you, Cannes, so I'm crossing my fingers :)

ali mac said...

@SUPER I was thinking about your hubby this morning as I was having my tea break in work and enjoying a couple of Reeses peanut butter cups yummy :)

Birdie said...

Congratulations President Obama!
Campaigns are always ugly, but I actually think these are two good men. As an American, I remain hopeful.
To President Obama and Congress,
Time to work TOGETHER and move this country forward!
What do you think about the legalization of recreational marijuana? Colorado and Washington are a first. Quite frankly, I think that money should be going to the states and not drug dealers pockets.

parker said...

congratulations to the president and all other elected officials ! that was definitely a nail-biting night ! and what a surprise that all battleground/swing states went blue. now it’s time to get back to work.

colorado & washington voting to legalise recreational cannabis – me thinks the visitors to those states will jump up drastically. no need to go to amsterdam :)

@ali, sorry to hear about your vertigo but i read there are cures for it so maybe someday, you’ll get rid of the dizzy spells.

@Kami, they always show waterworld on tv but i have never started nor finished it yet. just always catch bits & pieces. don’t know why i never get through it – i always get distracted. it’s supposed to have been a very costly movie that didn’t recoup the cost.

Annie said...

Morning sll!
Congratulations to President Obama on his re-election.
Kristen gave a fucking brilliant response to the question of whether she was back with Rob.......Just brilliant! :) :)

parker said...

@Annie, what was her response? i was watching and i couldn’t believe savannah asked “THE” question. but as kristen replied, the local news broke & i never heard it!

RC said...

What did Kristen say? I effin missed it!!! Had too many glasses of wine after Obama won! Obama Obama Obama!!

My DVR effed up because I recorded too much Obama stuff last night.

I never did like the Today Show.

Annie said...

Savannah: Well Kristen you have so many fans and they follow your life and they will be mad at us if we don't ask you.. Are you back together with Robert Pattinson?

Kristen: Funny, you mention that......Umm, I'm just going to let people watch whatever movie they like to
think our lives are and go for it you know......Keep 'em guessing I always say.

We'll do that....Savannah
Good to see you Kristen.,....Matt

parker said...

@Annie, thanks, good for her ! gosh, they always have to go there – savannah thinks she can get away with it. wish anne curry was still around. she’s more tactful.

Annie said...

Not be totally fixated on the latter part of the interview....Kristen spoke so eloquently about Bella and her transformation and also about the end of Twilight.

parker said...

@Annie, i agree, i saw the beginning and thought kristen did very well. it’s just that last part where the local news cut in – at first i thought kristen’s publicists cut the interview short cos of the off-limits Q. glad kristen handled it like a pro.

Annie said...

Parker: I thought it was funny that not only were Savannah and Matt there but also Natalie........Three people to conduct an interview. :)

Gotta run........We're bracing for a Noreaster!
Take care everyone.

RC said...

Ha Kristen basically made Savannah or whatever her name is look like a damn fool with just that one sentence.

Annie said...

Parker: No, the interview was not cut. Loved the scenes shown from BD2.
Now, I really do have to go.
Bye! :)

sue said...

Religion and politics are two iffy subjects to discuss but thank sweet everything that Obama won. The idea that a multimillion dollar businessman and member of a religious sekte was gonna rule the world, gave me stomach cramps plus he's not the brightest light either.

Kevin Costner? Love Bull Durham mainly cause of Susan Sarandon (love this woman) and Tim Robbins (great actor). 'No way out' was good too but his voice gets to me, I know it's silly but some voices just rub me up the wrong way and make me crinch.

Carly said...

I'm not American and I was pretty nervous about this election

as for Kevin Costner, I like Robin Hood and Tin Cup and I feel like Wateworld grows on you. I think the only movie of his that I was really disspointed with was Rumor has it. but that might have been partially Jennifer Aniston's fault.

Great response from Kris on the intrusive question. I really hate when reporters try to be stealthy and clever and casual about such things. I know e.g. Josh gets personal as well but it's such a different vibe and approach

Rob's new shoot is sure interesting. I like the styling, the clothes not so much. though I do like the red pic, the whole concept of it is really interesting. I like the location a lot but the Mad Max meets Edward Scissorhands vibe is ... weird. but it's always nice to se new fotos of him

PamH said...

I just hate when they use the fans to ask these questions, the majority of REAL fans would rather they didn't put them on the spot asking about their personal life. WE ALREADY KNOW THE ANSWER!!!!!
Kristen handled it like a pro :) I just hope they don't do the same with Rob.

I agree, 3 people for an interview...really
Hope your safe through the storm.

@ Parker , RC & sue and anyone lurking

Tracybell said...

@carly - yes water world does grow on you lol. Kevin Costner movies are like Hugh grant movies (about a boy, Notting hill) you can watch them over and over. I have robin hood on DVD and it's like the Bourne movies, every now and then you gotta pop it in and watch it lol.

@parker hey I think water world did finally break even or even made a little with DVD sales and television right and stuff like that lol.

@Obama supporters...I feel I'm in the minority on this issue but I have specific reasons I never supported Obama. Romney was not my choice, my fave didn't run, but look out for jc watts one day. He got out of politics in Oklahoma to raise his family who were growing into teenagers. He felt they needed a father at home. Very highly respected man here in Oklahoma and in Washington. Many hoped he would have been bushes vp and a lot of people think he was offered it but turned it down. Anyway, it is what it is...

Kristen was georg on Kelly and Michael dress and makeup was outstanding. Little leg bounce but other than that she was awesome. Kelly thought she'd be all motherly and ask her how she was doing, if she was ok lol. I mean what Kristen gonna say? Lol. They had picks of Bernie and bear. They used one where rob was walking him but didn't show rob. Pretty lame interview other than that.

Everybody have a great day it's so beautiful here today...

parker said...

@Pam, exactly, seems the media can’t think of anything creative now but ask the obvious. these folks/shows are supposed to be more polished but instead of raising the bar, they’re going down to the level of tab-type reporting & losing their edge.

@Annie, yup, 3 supposedly decent interviewers & still come up with a gossipy Q, sigh. hope the nor’easter doesn’t add any more to the damage.

@Tracybell, agree, loved her in red or coral & liked her look on Kelly & Michael over Today. did you notice kristen say, “we got her [Bernie] when she was four … “ as in WE – she slipped a bit there – hehe.

Tracybell said...

@birdie thank you for your statement about the candidates. So many on both sides think their man is the answer to all our problems and the other man is ignorant and backward and if elected our country will go to hell lol. What I've found after supporting and voting a while now is that no man that campaigns is the same man in office...well maybe Reagan...even Clinton managed the office like a republican lol and bush like a democrat haha. If Romney had won, which polls have proved he wwould have if not for the hurricane, our country would have adjusted and gone forward as always just like every election. The funny thing is now many more republican governors, senators and representatives will be elected as a result. Our country has a weird way of balancing itself out like that.

What everyone needs to remember is that just like the last 4 elections 50% of everyone around you does not agree lol. Isn't that amazing...you gotta love this country....

Hey on the pot issue in co and wa? Can they grow their own now it's legal? Would certainly get rid of the drug dealers if they could. But I guess if it's legal one wouldn't be a drug dealer....hmmm....

PamH said...

Completely off topic, but is anyone having trouble with TWCS website ? My fav. page was fine early this morning but when I brought it up just now to read some more it is saying URL not found but all my other sites work ?

Second Chance said...

My top 5 favorite Kevin Costner movies:

1. For Love of the Game
2. The Bodyguard
3. Field of Dreams
4. Bull Durham
5. Tin Cup


Tracybell said...

@parker no I didn't catch that. Now I'm gonna gave to watch a video and see that. She so cute, I wander if that was a slip, on purpose, or she doesn't care haha. Boy that was a beautiful color on her. Wouldn't it be great if we had access to perfect makeup to match our clothes because her makeup was absolutely flawless. Her makeup always looks good but she has naturally dark circles under her eyes *me too* and sometimes they're visible, but lately the more natural look is so stunning on her.

Tracybell said...

Omg second chance...
I forgot about for the love of the game...he's so good in baseball....well any sport really....movies. I can't remember who but someone said something about not liking his voice in no way out and I was like waaaaaat? I admit In Silverado, fIeld of dreams, and no way out he was younger and his voice was not as low? Rough? I don't know what but it did kinda sorta changed as he aged. But I think his voice is unique and something very appealing about him. He is one of my husband's fave actors....I'm a lucky woman :)

Tracybell said...

That "is" very hard in relation to ur children when it comes to voting. You want them to know how you feeel and hope they hold the same virtues and beliefs that we do. I think that's human...to want ur children to hold the same values and be validated as a parent? This is the way I handled it. I have three children who could vote this time and all through the process this year they would ask me who I'm voting for and why. When they were deciding I would tell them this man believes in this, this and this. And the other believes in that, that and that. You need to decide what you believe is right and vote for the person who would support those beliefs.

It is hard either way. I wish my children were as excited as your son was though. I hope he holds onto his enthusiasm as time goes on. I've lost so much of the responsibility I've felt in the past because my values and beliefs didn't really align with either candidate....again....so I'm hoping 2016 will be the year I get excited again :)

Have a beautiful day and tell your son what a great guy I think he is!

Tracybell said...

@carly - yes water world does grow on you lol. Kevin Costner movies are like Hugh grant movies (about a boy, Notting hill) you can watch them over and over. I have robin hood on DVD and it's like the Bourne movies, every now and then you gotta pop it in and watch it lol.

@parker hey I think water world did finally break even or even made a little with DVD sales and television right and stuff like that lol.

@Obama supporters...I feel I'm in the minority on this issue but I have specific reasons I never supported Obama. Romney was not my choice, my fave didn't run, but look out for jc watts one day. He got out of politics in Oklahoma to raise his family who were growing into teenagers. He felt they needed a father at home. Very highly respected man here in Oklahoma and in Washington. Many hoped he would have been bushes vp and a lot of people think he was offered it but turned it down. Anyway, it is what it is...

Kristen was georg on Kelly and Michael dress and makeup was outstanding. Little leg bounce but other than that she was awesome. Kelly thought she'd be all motherly and ask her how she was doing, if she was ok lol. I mean what Kristen gonna say? Lol. They had picks of Bernie and bear. They used one where rob was walking him but didn't show rob. Pretty lame interview other than that.

Everybody have a great day it's so beautiful here today...

Tracybell said...

Does anyone know how to stop comments from being posted two and three times or does it happen randomly?

Tracybell said...

Does anyone know how to stop comments from being posted two and three times or does it happen randomly?

Holy said...

Good morning/evening to everyone.

Kristen is gorgeous as usual.
Today Show needs to STFU,the fans of R/K knows they're been together and never leave each other.

parker said...

@Tracybell, doesn’t look like it happens to every comment you post. just a guess but the dups you’re seeing may be an issue with the the application “blogger.” I’ve seen this happen in other blogging apps like wordpress, etc and the issue is caused by a template. dunno if that is the same case here. you could just try deleting the dup post when it happens.

sue said...

TWCS works perfectly here (Holland). Jeez wouldn't want to be without it.
Good luck!

sue said...

at the moment I'm reading 'A Pound of Flesh', holy hell.
'Help Wanted' is in my top 5 but she certainly hasn't lost her way of describing emotions, passion and anything...hum..of the citrus kind.

PamH said...

@ sue
Thanks, it's finally working again...I was panicking for a moment...have some really good story's I'm reading there.

If people would just not bring up their personal life in interviews and just let them talk, they give little tidbits on their own. Kristen saying " I raised him (bear) and WE adopted them " on K&M is a good example...what do the crazies think she means when she says WE ? It's obvious

Kristen looked beautiful on Kelly
Loved the Yes/No Josh did with the cast.

Annie said...

Haters obviously need a clear cut definition of the word we.......so here you go:
Used by a speaker to refer to himself or herself and one or more other people considered together.

I loved Kristen's answer to the personal question on the Today Show......Let's face it, if there was one show that was going to go there, it would be them (ratings and all.) For NBC ratings suck at the moment, the Today Show is no longer the #1 morning show after all)
Now, the question has been asked and answered and the "suckatwats" didn't like it........well too fucking bad!
They never liked any of the answers they got anyway.

We......We.......We! That was the Rob and Kristen word of the day today!
Heading home in what is now slushy, wet snow.

Stella said...

Nice compilation of photos you have here. It's good to see them together and happy.