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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Rob and Kristen- How It Is


I'm going to write about Breaking Dawn 2.
I assume most everyone has seen it by now since I seem
to be the last person on planet Earth to have seen it.
But alas, I must warn for spoilers in this post.
Even though if you have read the book
You pretty much know how it ends.
I'm trying to be nice here.
It only happens every so often.

I kept my ticket stubs for all the Twilight movies I saw.
I'm kinda a sentimental pack-rat that way.
I remembered that I saw Twilight 5 times.
I was obsessed at that stage of this journey.
I probably would have seen it more if it wasn't such a busy
time of the year.
I didn't remember seeing New Moon 3 times...
Eclipse twice.
And Breaking Dawn... once.
And (so far) Breaking Dawn 2 once.
You may also notice Remember Me
Water for Elephants
and Runaways.
(I saw SWATH, too... but the stub is missing)
I'm a REAL fan of Rob and Kristen.
I see their movies OUTSIDE of Twilight.
I see them more than just Edward and Bella.
Bel Ami, Welcome to the Rileys, Cosmopolis were never shown in Wisconsin..
Or I would have stubs for those as well.
(I also own most of Rob and Kristen's movies on DVD)


This is one of the few movie posters for BD2 that I actually like.
It is very reminiscent of this...

Which remains my favorite Edward.


I loved Breaking Dawn 2.

The things I loved most?

1. Vampire Bella
(and Edward not being able to keep his hands off 
of vampire Bella.)
I loved strong, fierce, protective Bella.
I loved that she dressed better. (ha)
I loved that she could finally be the one
who saves the people she loves.

Was Kristen fucking GORGEOUS as a vampire?
Oh yeah...
Rosalie is supposed to be the most beautiful vampire EVER?
Not even CLOSE.

2. Aro's laugh.
I think that says it all.

3. Edward at the piano...

It's just a shame it took 3 movies to get back here.

4. Charlie Swan.
Let me explain...
These past couple of days
I've had to endure all this chitchat about BD2.
I didn't necessarily get 'spoiled' with what I saw
(I kept my twitter presence pretty low)
And again... having read the book
I kinda had an inkling as to how it would end.
So the 'twist' didn't really upset me
(although it was weird to see beloved characters
doing their best Marie Antoinette impersonation.)
And the crying?
Not really.
Me and my gf kinda sat there in the theater
after it was all over...
staying at the screen...
and kinda saying
"Where's the crying?"
We were both kinda perplexed.
I kept reading about all these endless tears...
And not nary a one flowed down my cheek.
Was I a heartless bitch?
(shut up)
Not if both of us were on the same page.
But I will tell you what does make me sappy.
And that's Charlie Swan.
He's done it in every movie.


"You look beautiful, Bells"

Well... when Bella is trying to get the 'tracker' away from Charlie
and she has to lie to him about why she is leaving.

Charlie Swan: Bella, come on. I-I just got you back. 
Isabella Swan: Yea, and you know if I don't get out now, I'll just be stuck here like mom. 

Charlies face of complete heartbreak.

New Moon?

The look on his face... again.
and this

Charlie Swan: Hey. You okay? 
Bella Swan: I'm fine. Dad, you don't have to worry. 
Charlie Swan: Yeah, last time you said that you took off
and I didn't see you for three days. 
Bella Swan: I'm really sorry, dad. I... 
Charlie Swan: Bella, do not ever do that to me again.
 Ever. And you're grounded for the rest of your life. 
Bella Swan: Okay. 



Just the look of love and pride at Bella graduating High School.


Breaking Dawn 1?

Charlie Swan: You're ready? 
Bella Swan: Yeah. Just don't let me fall, Dad. 
Charlie Swan: Never. 

You know that headache you get when you try
really really hard NOT TO CRY?

And Breaking Dawn 2?

Charlie is just grateful to have Bella in his life.
No matter what.

And that was the closest to crying I came to during this movie.
He's always connected somehow.
All my best crying moments...
(Outside of "Flightless Bird" being played during the wedding...
which completely destroyed me)
Have been with Charlie.

5. Jacob was finally relaxed and pretty damn funny.
Hard to do while imprinting on a baby, right?
But Taylor pulls it off.

6. The collage at the end...
When Bella opens her thoughts for Edward.
It was a nice touch...
But still could have been so much more.

There were a few things I didn't care for..

Not Mackenzie Foy
I think she is a gorgeous little girl
and was a perfect choice to play Rob and Kristen's daughter.

It was just the creepy CGI thing where they put her
face on an infant... a toddler...
and even an adult.
Can we say creepy?
And completely unnecessary.
It looked fake.
And thus was creepy.

And all the other vampires...
I just didn't care... you know?
Edward. Bella.
The Cullens.
That's about it when it comes to vampires.

Oh wait.
One of the other vampires I did like.

Lee Pace.

But other than that...
I enjoyed the movie a lot.
I loved it.
But I have to admit...
Twilight remains my favorite.

Final thoughts.

Oh the angst this picture brought!
First there were at least 1/2 dozen sightings of Rob and Kristen
in some out of the way market...
And lo and behold mateys
A pic and it DID happen!
I really cannot tell you how much laughter was made over this.
Because... instead of just accepting what is right in front of them...
Ninnies went thru their usual stages of grief.

1. Denial

"The pic is old!"
"The pic is photo shopped!"

2. Anger.

"I don't care what that pussy does anymore!"
"They deserve each other!"

3. Bargaining.

"They just stopped off to get food for everyone!"
"They are having a cast/crew party"
"They have to stay together to promote the DVD!"

4. Depression.

"It doesn't matter anymore"
"I'm only here for Rob's career!"

5. Acceptance.

They haven't reached this stage yet.

And I'm pretty sure they never will.

Thing is...
The picture is just what it appears.
Rob and Kristen.

Because that is what they want.

It's what they always want.
It's just how it is.

Until next time.

Bye for now
Said Rob to Kristen...


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ali mac said...

I didn't read rose's post as I am one of the last people in the world yet to see the movie :(

So I will check out for a while to let you all talk openly. I will be back when I manage to get to see it.

LJ said...

Hi everyone,

Long time no post :) I just wanted to come and see what Rose thought of the film. I haven't seen it yet but I do know what happens as I'm too impatient (some would say nosy haha) to wait and see the film.

I'm looking forward to seeing it, but more than that I'm looking forward to seeing what Kristen and Rob do next.

I hope they find peace, love and happiness wherever the road takes them. From the picture it looks like it's recently taken them to Marks and Spencer....I'd bloody love to see them in there when I was doing my food shop. Ha!

Massive love to you all.

Liza <3

Lanette said...

Very well said. I loved everything about the movie. I didn't mind the cgi babies but when they put her face on a grown up renesmee that was weird. I did get emotional when Bela and her dad reunited.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Great Post Rose !!! I didn't cry either - only thing I did out loud was laugh when Aro did because what else could you do. I agree - 1st open discussion we had leaving the theater was how creepy the baby was (I said it during the movie too LOL) I mean there was nothing cute at all about it - it was frightening.

Ahh the grocery store debate is still raging on like expired milk that is sitting under my sons bed begging to be found so we can remove the stink. Unfortunately the stink linger well after it is found and thrown in the trash where it belongs. The fault they will never get is no matter the circumstance - they will always be wrong because their assumptions and guesses are based on pure hatred and jealousy - someone like that fails at life and is always a loser. Even sadder is they don't realize that even though they have their own luggage out of sight stored in many closets doesn't mean it really doesn't exist - life is not a game of peek a boo - just because you close your eyes doesn't alter reality, judging anyone in that situation just makes them an ass clown.

Carly said...

I always loved the Cullens the best, right after Bella & Edward, so the more Cullens, the better, especially Emmett. and I liked Garrett and Alistair as well. and Benjamin. I really love his special power and I like Rami Malek - I have very fond memories of him making google-y eyes at Jackson Rathbone in War at Home. and I also really liked the Romanian vampires in the book and in the movie they didn't dissapoint. they were ... creepily awesome.

funny thing about Charlie, I didnt like him in the books at all. but he is one of the best written characters in the movies. and I think the appeal it's 87% thanks to Billy Burke

the vision sorta shocked me, though I somewhat knew it was not for real. but it was a clever thing to do, to have a gradation in the movie in a way that was very faithful to teh book

I missed Seth :(

and I agree about vampire!Bella being amazing on all accounts. Kristen looked stunning, she was fierce and when she whipped the backyard with Jacob and Edward's reactions to it - amazingballs :D

and the sexy times were wonderful, they even managed to put in some of my favorite lines

Robward playing the piano warmed my heart. I almost forgot he is a musician and a wonderful one at that

in the previous 4 movies, my favorite scene never made it on screen, here I finally got my wish - 3 times :D so that's why this movie will probably be my favorite.

I never really liked Twilight that much other than for the mostly wasted potential that were Rob & Kris and a couple of amazing scenes. But I did enjoy this one. I'm going to see it for a second time this Saturday. and I can't wait

and as for the pic? well, it's not a surprise, just a lovely reminder. something to make me smile until they inevitably show up on some red carpet again

Hope said...

Great post, Rose!

Twilight is still #1 with me too, but I did LOVE Breaking Dawn 2 mainly because of Kristen.
Her portrayal/transition as vampire Bella is fantastic and she is hands down the most beautiful!

Hope Rob and Kristen are enjoying their time away together....they deserve it.

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

deb said...

Yep Rose i did the same thing BUT i did cry when i got home some sad tears some happy ones. i have to say that Charlie did it to me to He played a good dad that loved his baby girl.I'm going to go see BD2 again with my GF. I'm glad that they have time to their self now like alot of us I'll be right here waiting for their next movie both Rob and Kristen know matter what THEY well END up TOGETHER and HAPPY Thank's Rose tell next time see ya :) DEB.

deb said...

Yep Rose i did the same thing BUT i did cry when i got home some sad tears some happy ones. i have to say that Charlie did it to me to He played a good dad that loved his baby girl.I'm going to go see BD2 again with my GF. I'm glad that they have time to their self now like alot of us I'll be right here waiting for their next movie both Rob and Kristen know matter what THEY well END up TOGETHER and HAPPY Thank's Rose tell next time see ya :) DEB.

Kami said...

Ali, no you're not the one of the last people, I haven't seen it either and as a matter of fact I only watched Breaking Dawn 1 on Saturday.

PamH said...

Great post!!!
Now that we can say a little more about the movie one of the cutest parts to me was from the trailer of E and B in the cottage sitting on the couch but they left out were Edward starts to unbutton her blouse and she said I do remember how to undress myself and Edward says I just do it better..I LOVED THAT because I wasn't expecting that. Aro is amazing, every time I see NM his laugh makes me giggle and he doesn't dissapiont in BD2. Charlie is the most funny without trying to be character there is. Even all the extra vamps was way better than I expected. My least favorite thing was the CGI babies, but it wasn't bad enough to lessen my LOVE for BD2

tufenuf55 said...

My mother has loved Charlie since the very first movie. He was always one of my favs also...after Edward & Bella. Twilight will always be my fav and then BD2.

Litmom said...

Hey Rose and everybody!

Great post - we have similar tastes. Still a Twilight girl, but BD2 is right behind. Charlie's my hero, too. He's the unsung hero.

I got used to CGI baby, but tiny girl and grown-up did weird me out just a tad.

Love Lee Pace. Love Rami Malik ( auto correct tried to turn that into Ramirez Kaleidescope! ).

My close to tears moment was the end in the meadow - when A Thousand Years started up.

Ginger, loved your stinky milk analogy!

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow USers! Heading to NOLA in the morning, so I'm glad Rose posted today - I'll probably be pretty scarce.

parker said...

love your collection of twilight ticket stubs !

i agree with everything you said Rose.
what you liked and didn’t are exactly what i liked & didn’t.

the CGI was definitely creepy.
for a movie that had a budget of 120M, could’ve been done much better.
as for the twist, i think if no one said that there was a twist, it would’ve been that much more effective.
with everyone saying there was a twist but that the story really didn’t deviate much from the book …
it was easy to guess what the heck was going on, once it started …
wasn’t so bad knowing though.

only other thing that i thought could’ve been better.
the first part was a bit choppy. the transitions weren’t as smooth.
i thought the build-up to the battle scene was a bit too hurried.
like it was missing pieces that should’ve been there but were edited due to time constraints.
i hope they have an extended DVD edition & include more scenes.

but i really enjoyed the movie & watched it twice on the same day :)
like most people though, i think twilight is the best of the series.
something so basic & contained about it, those close hand-held cam shots …
you just feel like you’re in the scene with them.

now, i can’t wait to see OTR and all the movies they will be doing next year.

Holy said...

Hello ladies and gents.

Rose-brilliant post.Thanks.

Lee Pace and Rami Malik were great in the movie.

That grocery pic really injured the ninnies.LOL


tufenuf55 said...


I am a pack-rat too! I have all of my Twilight movie tickets. Taking my mom to see BD2 on Friday. She is 87 yrs young and doesn't like to go to the initial showings due to the crowds. Can't wait to see it again.

Oneheart said...

Hi everybody. Rose I was so happy to see that you had posted today. I always look forward to them. I'm with you because Twilight will always be my favorite..it was the beginning the start of the sagas being made into movies, the beginning of Rob and Kristen falling in love, it was the start of new friendships being made all over the world. For many of us it was the first time we all became so fascinated by an actor and actress.

Breaking Dawn 1 & 2 are my second favorites. I can't seperate them because they both have things I love...Such as the wedding and the birth scene in the first one and in this one Vampire sex..LOL Seeing Bella as a Vampire was wonderful. She truly is the most beautiful.

I am glad Rob and Kristen are away from the craziness. Enjoying themselves. I hope they stay hidden for a while. They have given us so much over the past years and now it is their time. I wish them much love and happiness.

To my fellow Americans I hope you have a safe and blessed holiday with your loved one. For those of you who aren't Americans and don't celebrate Thanksgiving, I wish the same for you. You don't have to celebrate Thanksgiving to count your blessings and cherish each moment you have with your loved ones. It's something we should all do daily not just on holidays. God Bless You All.

Stella said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stella said...

Hello all!
BD2 was a great movie, in my opinion. I loved quite a lot of things in it.
The way Edward and Bella's relation evolved and now they were equals and the way Rob and Kristen depicted that.
The humor in many scenes.
The way Edward was more relaxed and less brooding.
The meadow scene at the end and the flashback to all the previous movies (althought I also think they could have done a better job with it...)
The battle scene, which I found very impressive and well made.
But, most of all what surprised me more was the way Bella changed. Knowing that BD1 and BD2 were shoot at the same time, it shows a lot about Kristen's talent and abilities. It was like seeing someone else, I couldn't even remember the fragile Bella who used to stumble onto her feet all the time.

Twilight is still my favorite, though. I don't know if that's the case because of the symbolism that that movie carries (the frist movie that opened a new era) or because it was a more "simple" movie that was not trying to impress you with anything other than the plot and the way the two main actors depicted the love of the heroes (I hope I make sense).
BD2 has to come second in my preference.

I'm glad the Saga is over, before I get tired, before I get bored with it.

I'm sure Rob and Kristen will make other great movies I will love. I'll miss them together on the big screen, but I'll always hope to see them together again in a new movie.

Barbara Fenwick said...

I totally agree Rose, the movie was fantastic. I never cried either but came close a couple times.

Bella looked beautiful as a vampire, and it was great to see her save the day. I also enjoyed Edward's reaction to Bella.

It was just a good way to end the series. I do find myself sad that it is over, but I look forward to Robert and Kristen future movies. I will support them both whatever they do.

LIZ said...

ROSE -- great post. Twilight is still my favorite, also BUT I really enjoyed the movie. I wasn't as creeped out by the CGI as others. I did cry at the end, got sentimental in the meadow and just because I knew it was the end. Hell, I started crying last year after BD1 was over because I was thinking about this year being the final movie.

I'm still sad, almost a week later but I'm dealing with it. I look forward to many years of following R & K's careers.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL!!! I'll be doing some cooking tomorrow but will try to check-in tomorrow evening.


tufenuf55 said...

For some reason, I am not sad about the end of Twilight. Bill Condon gave me the closure of a terrific ending. Rob and Kristen are the future. I don't agree with those who say now is not the time for them to have a child. Now would be a good time for them both as Rob could be with her throughout her pregnancy as he doesn't start filming until spring of next year and she doesn't have anything pending right away. If she is pregnant, great! If she isn't, great! I just want them to be happy. I look forward to the time we can see them again as themselves...enjoying life; holding hands or whatever they choose to do. I feel a kindred spirit with them both.

gargamel said...

I watched it 3 x .and will see it 2 more times before the weekend. But on Saturday ...it will be a different story. Will bring my snuggie @ 1030 am in the movies and will come out midnight! Will bring my lunch too!!!!

gargamel said...

And for some reason...I THINK THE SAME WAY...@tuff

LIZ said...

GARGAMEL --- What's going on Saturday? Will you sit through BD2 all day and half the night? Sounds like fun, LOL

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Good Evening ROSELAND
Lovely post ROSE...Edward playing the piano...sigh...

Hi LJ...Good to see you drop by beautiful girl:)

HI LITMOM...Have a safe trip to NOLA...

HI ONEHEART and ALL the POSTERS...Have a wonderful week and Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate...We certainly have a lot to celebrate as fans of TWILIGHT and R and K


You have me beat!!!!! I've only been twice. I'm trying to control myself but the temptation is building again....:)

Freddie said...

Glad you enjoyed the movie Rose.

Super – It was wonderful to see and hear Rob at the piano. I only wish that they had given us more. The piano scene in Twilight will always be my favourite though, with Kristen sitting beside him and the music coming to a crescendo.

LJ– nice to see you pop in. Long time no see. I hope all is going well with you.

Hope – I agree. Kristen was wonderful in the role.

ali mac and Kami – enjoy the movie when you both finally see it.

DK – hope you had a good time with your daughter and friends at the show.

Oneheart – very nicely put. Enjoy those special moments with loved ones while you can – they may not come again.

To everyone in the US, have a happy Thanksgiving. To those travelling to friends and family, travel safely. To those braving Black Friday shopping, happy hunting and wear padding!

Oneheart said...

Waves Super...yes we do have alot to celebrate. Twilight has enriched our lives in so many ways. Also to see Rob and Kristen so happy that makes me happy. Twilight may have ended but the love continues.

I am going back to see it again this weekend. I can't wait. LOL Gargamel and her snuggie beats me hands down. Wow that sounds like fun. Have fun Gargamel. I have a feeling no matter where you are you always have fun. I like that!!!

PamH said...

My hubby and I are both off tomorrow so I think we may go watch BD 2, his first and my second, I always find things I missed when watching the first time so I can't wait.

Our couple is really laying low, no tweets or photos of them out and about alone or with friends since the grocery store...hopefully that means they are getting a lot of peace and quiet, rest and relaxation. Kristen is probably going to put her cooking skills to use and bring Tgiving to London.

I hope everyone in Roseland has a wonderful and safe THANKSGIVING.

RC said...

This is ridiculously cute even though he's out of the loop (you poor poor fool). Nothing but this drink next to me is on the rocks. These kinds of vids have been popping up everywhere.


Tell me that doesn't make you smile. He's cute & delusional & not Rob so no lol strike 3. They make them great in the UK & the accents. He could say garbage & I'd think it was the sexiest thing ever.

I was going to post a video someone made for Rob, but they basically described fictional Edward as why they love Rob..seriously.. they even said they loved that he drove a Volvo.

Oneheart said...

Hi Freddie time has a way of going by too quickly. The holidays are always a time to think of loved ones and those who have passed away. I miss my mom and dad everyday but especially during the holidays. So it is nice to reflect back on that time and to be thankful that we had them even if the time was too short.

PamH I bet Kristen could fix up a really great Thanksgiving meal. The way everyone raves about her cooking I'm sure it would taste really good.

It's time for me to try and get some sleep. Thank goodness tomorrow is my last day of work for the week. I need to rest up for Black Friday shopping. LOL Well let me correct that it's now turned into Black Thursday since most stores are having sales Thursday night. I plan on shopping all night into the next day and I guess many of you will do the same.

Good night everyone..Sweet dreams.

Holy said...

@Gargamel-hey there.Have fun on Saturday.

wig4usc said...

Loved hearing your thoughts, Rose1 What is funny to me is how time heals, how its changed perception. When I first joined the fandom, Twilight had just come out on DVD. Back then, I heard so many were unhappy with what was omitted, the makeup, the wigs, on and on. I love hearing so many of you have that as your fave!

For me, my fave was BD1, this is right behind. For me, Bella went through so much in that movie, and the wedding, the birth scene, the honeymoon, so much goodness!

I'm hoping to see BD2 a third time this weekend with the hubs. I love Charlie, always have, he breaks my heart! What got my waterworks going in BD2 was when Edward thanked Charlie for his extraordinary life. They rushed Bella getting Renessme ready to leave them, but seeing it and remembering the book got me. And then, the battle, I was totally caught off guard, I didn't have any idea what they were doing, just saw people dying left and right. But I also loved how much I laughed at the movie too.

After reading Bill's interview, I want to see the end of the battle again, he said E&B were supposed to die, but didn't want to dwell, and there was a hint of that. Anyone else notice?

Thanks, everyone, for sharing! I love hearing everyone's take!

Pattybg said...






Pattybg said...


DreamerKind said...

Happy day, everyone!

I enjoyed BD2 and pretty much agree with Rose.

Watching it while drinking margaritas in the movie show was a trip though. Will go another time alone and sober, to reabsorb any of what I missed.

Certainly appreciated Rob & Kristen's evocative performances very much and the Cullens/Charlie. The individual vampires were a delight.

Am very satisfied and will continue as a loyal fan, and hang here on Roseland, as long as we are still rocking.


gargamel said...

Thanks...The movie was sooo good. BILL GETS A HUG from me. I brought a couple of male friends who NEVER SAW any twi movies and they both screamed NOOOOOO on the same part we all gasped. It was funny sitting with them then they chugged down my coke EMPTY!

gargamel said...

@Super and Liz
Yep im planning to burn my butt cheeks at the movies...i can't control it too. I guess im just tripping on the REACTIONS by the first timers. I just loved this whole twilight thing. I have celebrated it more than the THANKSGIVING DAY.

Olivia White said...

Rose, this movie was everything I needed for closure to the Twilight Saga. I loved Vampire Bella! Bella and Edward were pure bliss together. I agree that the scenes with Charlie were sweet. I loved running through the forrest with Bella and Edward. Using Alice's vision to thwart Aro's advance was brillant. I did cry, but I also screamed, cheered and sighed. The theater went crazy. I saw BD1 9 times and will probably see this one also that many. Good post!

Olivia White said...

Rose, this movie was everything I needed for closure to the Twilight Saga. I loved Vampire Bella! Bella and Edward were pure bliss together. I agree that the scenes with Charlie were sweet. I loved running through the forrest with Bella and Edward. Using Alice's vision to thwart Aro's advance was brillant. I did cry, but I also screamed, cheered and sighed. The theater went crazy. I saw BD1 9 times and will probably see this one also that many. Good post!

Birdie said...

Good morning Roseland.

What a pleasant surprise. A blast from the past!

I hope to get a second viewing in this weekend. I have to agree with most of you and say Twilight will always be my favorite. I do think Bill C. did a great job of bringing it to a close.
I was surprised with the battle scene and trying to figure out how it could not be real. Very clever.
The piano scene in Twilight was one of my favorites and I felt sentimental during the one in BD2(wish it was longer).
Billy Burke was by far the best casting choice other than Rob and Kristen.
Twilight was on the other night and the contrast between that Bella and vampire Bella was perfect. Kristen really did grow up during these films, which made it completely believable.
I think they should all be proud and their dedication to their craft shined through. I think Chris Weitz said something about this back in the day and praised them for not dialing it in. I cannot wait to see what these two will bring to us in the future.

For the present, I hope they enjoy a much deserved rest together, as always.

gargamel said...

Thanks....The snuggie is for my tears and the cold. I can't soak my shirt's neck for that very long time. I learned my lesson from NEWMOON. Couldn't come out of the theater with the blots of snots on my GREY SHIRT. From neck to chest. It looked like a map of the fiji islands.

katy said...

Great post, Rose!!

Thought, I loved every one of TWI movies, Twilight, will forever be my favourite one, as well.

I hope Rob and Kristen are enjoying, their little vacay. Much love and hapiness for them.

Take care everyone

olivia said...

Thank you dear Rose for the lovely post.

Yes, I am nodding my head in agreement with all you have mentioned.

So many of Roseland, along with Rose, Freddie, Kenzz, and Oneheart, have so eloquently stated their comments on BDII. I ditto the sentiments. I left the theatre very happy, with a big smile on my face but also a pang of sadness knowing that this was it, the finale. I give a heartfelt and very sincere thank you to Rob, Kristen, Taylor, Bill Condon and the entire cast and crew of this exceptional film series. I can only say it has touched me as few other creative arts have and has strengthened my faith and positive outlook in matters of the heart. I have always believed in soul mates and true love and must say, I now believe even stronger.

May Rob and Kristen truly realize the happiness that they have brought to so many through their love, devotion and dedication of and to their characters and the Twilight world that SM created. What a beautiful gift they have given their fans. Not only great entertainment, but the loving, painstaking and determined focus to protect and bring to life the characters of Edward and Bella. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Wishing Rob and Kristen a well deserved rest. May they have privacy, great happiness, quality time with each other, family and friends. Hope they are able to enjoy some beautiful vacay days out of sight. Would love to see both fans and ratzzi leave them alone. Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone decided to leave their private life to them - leave it alone - stop the speculations - stop the intrusions. Remember to treat them as you yourself would wish to be treated and spoken about.

((Hugs)) and a **wave** to y'all.
(Please forgive me for not naming all of you individually.)

Liza, so nice to see you peek in. Take care across the pond!

Wishing everyone, whether you celebrate or not, a very Happy Thanksgiving! Be safe, count your blessings and enjoy.

Special Thanksgiving wishes to Smitty, Gruff, Syd and their family and friends. You are all so blessed. I wish you every goodness and happiness in the world.

Life is good.
Respect Rob and Kristen.

parker said...

just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, whether you celebrate or not !
there is so much to thank for this year: our blessings, family, good health, surviving disasters, and friendships.

i especially like to thank Rose for this special blog where so many people whether writing their thoughts or lurking can share the mutual love for something inexplicable as loving and rooting for a couple we don’t really know but who brought so much happiness to millions of people around the world & enabled folks across geographical boundaries to form bonds.

so to Rose, Rob, Kristen and all the ladies and gents in roseland, thank you !

gargamel said...


Pisteuo said...
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ADD said...

ITA creepy CGI! Happy thanksgiving everyone!

ali mac said...

Popping in to say hello, I said I'd stay away for a few days but I admit it I'm addicted lol

Pisteuo nice to see you. I was thinking the other day we haven't seen you around for a while. Hope your good :)

Happy thanksgiving to all my friend on the other side of the pond. Enjoy your dinner everyone ♡

ali mac said...


Kami said...

Freddie and Ali Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes. I am thankful to have met both of you. PATTY HAVE A WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING!! Pisteuo, it's good to see you, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and you're right we have a lot to be thankful for.

I am exhausted, I have just spent 8 hours on my feet getting everything ready for tomorrow, I am going to grab a cold drink, and take a LONG, LONG, LONG hot bath and let my hubby handle dinner.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone who celebrates and to those who don't Happy Thursday!!

LIZ said...


I'm just dropping in to wish everyone a HAPPY THANKSGIVING. I sincerely hope that everyone here and their families have a safe holiday. Like KAMI, I've been on my feet all day getting ready for the big day. Tomorrow won't be as difficult.

I hope Rob & Kris are having a nice, peaceful holiday... they deserve every minute of it. As much as I'd love to see them, I really hope they can stay hidden for awhile.

katy said...

Hello Roseland,

Happy thanksgiving to all Roseland friends, who celebrate it. And, to those who don't, I wish you a happy Thursday, as well.

Take care

ali mac said...

Kami all that work will be worth it when you sit down to a lovely meal. For now enjoy your bubble bath and relax. I return your sentiment (())

Liz once the preps done that's half the battle won :)

ali mac said...

Hi Katy, I missed you there.

tufenuf55 said...

To Rose and all of my friends here on RPI, thank you for your posts, sharing feelings and support for two of the most modest and sincere celebrities--Rob and Kristen. I wish everyone will have someone to eat with on Thanksgiving. Don't be alone. Call someone, visit shut-ins, nursing homes, etc. I am so thankful that I live in a country that is not being bombed nearly every day; thankful for my family and friends, thankful for the brave service men and women who serve to protect us. Most importantly, thank you to my God. If you have a different persuasion, give thanks to your "God". We are the human race. Let's be humane to each other and the creatures who inhabit our planet. Love ya!

Freddie said...

Olivia – speaking of eloquent, you epitomize “eloquent”. I always read your comments and wish that I could express myself as well as you do. Your comment was perfect! I agree on all accounts.

Kami – I’m terribly impressed with your 8 hour prep for tomorrow – particularly since I’ve never ever cooked a turkey myself (yes, I’m that bad at cooking). I’m sure your dinner will be fabulous. I hope you have a wonderful time with family.

Katy – hi there. Hope you are well.

Birdie – I keep missing you, but we are of the same mind with respect to wanting more Rob at the piano. Have a great day tomorrow.

DK – margaritas.....if I’d been drinking margaritas I might have missed a detail or two as well - LOL. It sounds like it was a fun time.

Hi to ali mac, Hope, Super, Annie, Kenzz, Kay, 30, Pisteuo, Pam H, Oneheart, RC, Holy, Wig4usc, Pattybg, gargamel, Olivia White, parker, ADD, LIZ, Ginger, tufenuf, Litmom and all the other ladies and gentlemen of Roseland.

Special hello to PL, Rhonda, dottie, Angelica, Melinda, IB, Sydney, Fio, Wildhart, Em – thinking of you at this special time of year.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Happy Thanksgiving eve to everyone !!!

Work was a cow but got to say I am thankful to have a job so I will mumble to myself.

So many cute Gif's from inside the London theater today and we got the Rob and Kristen bubble. What more can you say - Robert and Kristen always end up together !

PamH said...

@ ginger
Hello, is there somewhere to see the gifs ?

I wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving and safe holiday shopping.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Pam - here is a real good set


Ginger with a Soul said...
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Pattybg said...



Ginger with a Soul said...


Oops here is the right one


PamH said...

Thanks, I love those. The one where Rob is looking up into the crowd/balcony is so funny because if you watch Kristen she mimics his movement and even squints her eyes to. I'd love to know what she says in the second one to Rob as he is cracking up.

I hope we get some really good videos with all the promo goodness we've seen from our lovely couple.

Hope their having a great holiday with family and friends.
They are either laying low or finally found some places to go without being seen, photoed or tweeted about.

Holy said...

Good evening/morning to everyone.And Happy Thanksgiving.Everyone enjoy your holiday.

I hope Rob/Kristen have a wonderful time away from HW.


Pattybg said...


Pattybg said...


Ginger with a Soul said...

@Holy waves :)

@Patty - :)

Pattybg said...


DreamerKind said...

Happy Thanksgiving! May we all be thankful for the gifts of Life.

Love out to you all!

Kami said...

Dk Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have a great day.

wig4usc said...

Hello, Roseland!

I just wanted to add my Happy Thanksgiving sentiments! You all have become such a wonderful surprise in my life. I never thought, when I started following Rose's blog, that I would get all of you, too! You all restored my faith in the fandom!

I hope you all enjoy the long weekend and enjoy family, friends, peace, and good food!

I am thankful for so much, you all, and Rose's blog are included!

wig4usc said...

Found the video that's the source for those adorable GIF's that @Ginger provided links for, thought you might like to check that out too:


Birdie said...

Happy Thanksgiving Roseland!

For those who celebrate, I hope you have a lovely day with family and friends. For those who don't, you have a lovely day,too.

Thank you for the wit and loyalty that has brought us this blog.
Rob and Kristen,
Thank you for bringing joy to our lives and remaining true to yourselves.

Smitty, Gruff and Syd,
I hope you are healthy, happy and with those you love.

Hi Freddie and sorry I missed you,too.

Hello out there, FGM!

So well said as always!I love your posts.

Respect Rob and Kristen

Second Chance said...

Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me by Gladys Knight and The Pips

I've had my share of life's ups and downs
But fate's been kind, the downs have been few
I guess you could say that I've been lucky
Well, I guess you could say that it's all because of you

If anyone should ever write my life story
For whatever reason there might be
Ooo, you'll be there between each line of pain and glory
'Cause you're the best thing that ever happened to me
Ah, you're the best thing that ever happened to me

Oh, there have been times when times were hard
But always somehow I made it, I made it through
'Cause for every moment that I've spent hurting
There was a moment that I spent, ah, just loving you

If anyone should ever write my life story
For whatever reason there might be
Oh, you'll be there between each line of pain and glory
'Cause you're the best thing that ever happened to me
Oh, you're the best thing that ever happened to me
I know, you're the best thing, oh, that ever happened to me

Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Annie said...

Morning all!

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate and a terrific Thursday to those who do not.

Off to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.......Such a beautiful day here.

Cheers everybody.

Kay said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Roseland!!

I am so thankful for all of you and I hope everyone has a wonderful, safe and happy day whether or not you are celebrating today.

Take care! ❤

Melinda said...

Hi Roseland,

Just want to say hello and Happy Thanksgiving to those who are celebrating the holiday. Life is good!

Just my two cents on BD2. Loved it! Thought Bill and company brought home what we all loved about it in the first place. Great little twist too that made the audience I was a part of go nuts.

Twilight is still my favorite out of the saga. And bar none the prom/gazebo will always, always be my favorite scene. It kills me every time.

So that's all. I hope everyone is happy and healthy. Take care!

PL said...

Happy Thanksgiving Roseland!

I hope all of you who celebrate the day have a wonderful time with family and friends. Whether we celebrate the holiday or not I think we all have a reason to be thankful.

For what it's worth, BD2 was my favorite of the series. It had everything, romance, humor, action and surprise.


You are so kind to think of me and the lost Roselanders. I wish I had your email so we could connect.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

ali mac said...

PL so lovely to see you. I hope you are having a lovely day, don't eat too much :) I haven't see the movie yet. I'm hoping to get on Saturday afternoon even if I have to go on my own :)

ali mac said...

And MELINDA lovely to see you too xx

ali mac said...

I'm reading up the comments backwards and it's lovely to see so many, like old times :) Hi to all

Hope said...


Happy Thanksgiving and a happy day to all!
Like Pisteuo said...we have so much to be thankful for whether we celebrate or not.

Freddie....Waving hello.
There is something about this time of year that brings back memories of good friends and fun times shared.

So I too want send a special hello to Rhonda, dottie,
Angelica, Groovie, Sydney, IB, Em, Fio, Wildheart, 30, Leni and anyone else I missed(forgive me).
I hope all is well with you and yours. It's not the
same here without you and I miss you all.

Melinda...thanks for stopping by....it's been months. Hope things are good in Florida.

Liza...Great seeing you too after many months. I
thought about you and Angelica during the UK Premiere. Rob and Kristen looked so gorgeous that night despite the cold air.

Ali....yep...a little like old times. I'm glad you will see BD 2 this weekend...you are going to LOVE it! We hope to get out and see it again tonight after company leaves.

Have a wonderful day, ROSELAND!

*I*Believe* said...

Hello you Sillybillies and Muffalumps!

Super and Freddie~thank you so much for mentioning me!

I loved BD2 but BD1 still remains my favorite. I was lucky to go to the marathon and we had an awesome audience. We clapped, cheered, screamed and cried through all 5 movies. What a rollercoaster ride! I am sad that our journey through the Saga is over.

We made it through Sandy with only wind and rain. They continue to suffer down state.

School is good. 19 first graders this year and a couple of rascals, as usual.

I miss our old Roseland and the camaraderie we shared. To the old regs, you are dearly missed.

Hope said...


THANK YOU for all you do to support Rob, Kristen and Tom.
THANK YOU for continuing your blog and allowing us a place to have fun and share our love for Rob and Kristen.
Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.

ali mac said...

Hope isn't it lovely to see so many old friends :)

I Believe I think every first grade class has to have a few rascals. My daughter loves to tell me who has been in the red traffic light (of course she has never been in it!!)

Ginger with a Soul said...

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone !! I hope everyone has a wonderful day filled with warmth, family and love. I will add my thanks to the wonderful ladies and Robert here that bring joy and happiness even in times of bleak - you ladies are a true testament of positive thinking and finding the good in life. I have found friends that I cherish deeply and a second family - I would gladly sit and have a drink (of any kind) and a good time with you all.

PS Glad Rob and Kris are still in the UK. I hope the lady that talked about her husband making them food does not give out details - it just supports again they are happy, hidden in the UK, and always are together.

Litmom said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all my US Roseland friends!

I'm thankful for all of the sweet friends I have met here, at my RA home, and elsewhere in this crazy Twi world. Hope EVERYONE - Thanksgiving celebrators or not. - has a lovely day.

And to all of my fellow Charlie lovers - I'm 99% certain I saw Billy Burke in the flesh today. Riding a bicycle down my daughter's street in NOLA .

ali mac said...

Ginger could you imagine us all in the one room. I think there would be a lot of noise :) Hope your enjoying you day. Do you kids get a day of school for Thanksgiving?

Litmom :0) you never know!

ali mac said...

I think the letter R doesn't want to appear today, I missed it of the word your twice!!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Happy Thanksgiving ALL Roselanders...old , not so old, new, not so new, and those so us that are old as dirt and everybody in between!!!!!

I just finished cleaning up the kitchen and I feel a cold coming on so I'm in bed for an afternoon siesta and loaded up with Vit C and irborne.

IB...I'm glad things are good and Sandy spared you. I always look forward to the winter weather reports. drop back in more often. I miss you and KENZZ. We have to keep the NE chapter going!!!!

TUF...I liked what you said about the actors...sincere and modest....You know I think we all agree and it is one of many reasons we are here to support them.

LITMOM...I re read Roses post just before posting and was agreeing with her remarks about Billy Burke. He and Taylor hold a special place in my heart...I think we have to thank above all Stephenie Meyer but secondly Catherine Hardwick for choosing the right actors for the saga. Do you think if different actors had been chosen that it would have been the tremendous success that it has become? I wonder.....Does Billy Burke reside in NOLA????

Super RN Gas Passer said...


Airborne...it's a natural cold remedy:)

LIZ said...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO EVERYONE HERE AT ROSELAND ... even those not in the USA ... happy day to y'all.

I can't even begin to tell everyone here how thankful I am to have this wonderful place to go. I have no family other than my elderly parents, of which I am very thankful that they are still with me and doing well. But, during the holidays I can't help but realize that someday I'm going to be alone and will TRULY know how important it is to have friends.

I saw the tweet about the lady's husband fixing lunch for "our kids" ... I'm guessing maybe they stopped at a little pub and were getting lunch. Whatever, I hope no paps find them.

SUPER -- A physician told me last week that one of the best ways to help stop a cold is to use Saline Nasal Spray at least once every hour or even more often. He said you could actually keep the cold from happening. LOL, this physician was with his wife at the Twi Marathon last week. Hope you feel better.

Going back to my editing ... DOES ANYONE REMEMBER WHO RECOMMENDED THE FANFICTION STORY CALLED "IN PLAIN SIGHT" a couple of weeks ago? I'm too lazy to go back to the old posts to look it up.

LIZ said...

I have a copy of the new movie. If anyone would like me to send to them, please click on my avatar and email me.

Holy said...


PamH said...

To Rose and Everyone in Roseland
I hope your having a wonderful day, those that celebrate and those that don't, with family and friends.
Now for the clean up :(

@ Ginger
Lovely words
Glad to hear R&K are still in the UK and are able to go out and it be fairly quiet for them, like you I hope they don't give away anymore info. Was this supposed to have been today ?

Reading your post made me want to be able to give you a hug (( )) just remember as long as were all here you have family :) I think it was me who reced IN PLAIN SIGHT, did you post back and say you may beta her
story ?

@ Litmom
If BB might live or have family in Nola or his TV show is filmed there...who knows it could have been him...how cool

Pattybg said...


LIZ said...

PAMH -- Thank you for the "hug" ... been feeling a bit "morose" this afternoon. I think it's good to sit and reflect sometimes on life.

I believe that Revolution is filmed here in NC, at least that's what I heard on the news from Charlotte the other day. I might be wrong.

PAMH -- So you're the one. YES, I am now Beta for Dishie ... she's going to get better & better. We've already made plans to meet next March in Tahoe. I can't wait. Are you still following that story?

PamH said...

Yes I LOVE her story, it's very different from most E&B stories and her writing really makes you get a real perspective of what it is like for a visually impaired person.
It's wonderful you are working on her story and to be able to meet up with her in such an exciting place, I'm sure will be great.

LIZ said...

Twitter just "lit up" with new sightings of "our kids" ... supposedly this time at Disneyland. Grain or bucket of salt, although there were several tweets, not just one.

I hope they don't get photo'd

PamH said...

WOW, I'm surprised by that, it's such a public place and not somewhere I'd expect our kids to go. If it's true I hope they were having a GREAT time.

LIZ said...

If it's true, I'm sure we'll hear more. Might just be someone trying to get attention.

PamH said...

Lovely fan video of Rob and Kristen by Fio on Robsten Dreams. Also a great Kristen interview with focus online.

Freddie said...

PL, Melinda, IB – you ladies made me smile when I saw your comments. You are so terribly missed. I hope life has been treating you well and that you’ll pop in again from time to time.

IB – I’ve so missed your “Hello you Sillybillies and Muffalumps!” greeting! Glad you made it through Sandy okay and that school is going well.

PL – Rhonda, DK and Kenzz have my e-mail address. They can pass it along to you, if you are in touch with them. I’d love to connect.

Melinda – I’m glad life is good for you. Any vacations since Toronto?

Kenzz – it’s your turn to check in! The NE Chapter needs its President.

Super - Take care. I hope you feel better and that you managed to enjoy some Thanksgiving turkey, despite your cold.

Hope – waving back. Have a great day with the family.

Annie – the Macy’s day parade must be fabulous in person. I’d love to see it someday. Hope you had a good time.

ali mac – enjoy the movie - even if you have to go alone.

Litmom – cool – if it was Billy.

Kami, DK, wig4usc, Birdie, Annie, Kay, LJ, Ginger, Pam H, Pattybg, Holy, Second Chance and all of the other ladies and gents of Roseland – have a wonderful Thanksgiving, for those celebrating it, and a great end of the week for everyone else.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


I'll get some tomorrow. Thanks.

Kami said...


I hope everyone has had a Happy Thanksgiving. It was nice seeing IB, Melinda, PL and all of the other wonderfully familiar names that popped in today.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


I have had a lovely day. I have been fighting this cold all week...It's trying to win and wouldn't you know it's when I'm on vacay


HELLO...HELLO...HELLO...we need to connect also and get caught up!


I'm throwing pixie dust in your direction to conjure you up!

To R and K

If you are in Disney World you might as well come through SC and come by and visit me...Once I pass out from the shock, I will pick myself up and take you to the alleyway at the Hamptons Restaurant...Hubs band is playing on Friday if you want to come then!!!!!! :)

Super RN Gas Passer said...


HUGS to you...Happy Turkey Day to you!

Ginger with a Soul said...

Don't believe the Disney Land sighting at all since it was second hand an no one else saw them however I do believe the UK one where the ladies husband made them lunch - I will tell you I am 100% ignorant to other areas way of things but someone said lunch in the UK was a roasted dinner severed before 5-6 and the husband works at a high end place. However the lady deleted her entire twitter (she probably should not have said anything as she had already stated regrets prior to the delete) She must not know the fanbase - I bet the poor thing had the wrath of crazy unleashed on her.

Oh I am thankful for all the wine here although I have had way too much and my sister had to take a nap to sleep some of it off. My mom just laughed at us.

RC said...
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RC said...

@Ginger I think she deleted her account because she could get her husband fired from his job. I remember when another wife told everyone on twitter about her husband working w/ Rob & Kristen & tweeted a pic & asked everyone to quit retweeting it because her husband called & was about to get fired then 2secs later she deleted her twitter. Privacy

Pattybg said...



Ginger with a Soul said...

@RC - I have to agree with you - I think she could have gotten him in trouble or was afraid of it - I think I even saw the husband deleted his account as well. I was happy with the 1st tweet - I didn't look him up or where he worked.

Pattybg said...



PamH said...

Had she not deleted her account she would have been unprepared for the wrath of the crazy fans that would have come her way.
Hope they had a great lunch.
I could never see R&K going somewhere so crowded as DL, they would be mobbed

Pattybg said...
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Pattybg said...


Kami said...


Ginger with a Soul said...

@Pam - they most def would have been noticed beyond 1 second hand tweet if they were at DL.

Uh I think if it was crazy fans the wife would have just locked her account - I think she did a big boo boo as far as her husband was concerned - I am sure that they are going for obscurity and probably paying for it as well. I have to say with that though until I joined twitter I didn't even have the slightest concept of how this fandom acts or reacts to just about anything. Info on there flies at the speed of light across the world.

Ginger with a Soul said...

LOL I have to say I thank my mom for being my DD tonight even though I am downing coffee like mad because I was already skipping Black Friday because I broke my toe - wobbling with too much wine in me is horrifying. She was also the household babysitter - she watched the kids and all us adults - no one was fighting but she had to stop the would be dancing in the front yard that was likely to happen.

tufenuf55 said...

Stephanie Meyer is going to be on Jimmy Kimmel tonight. 12:00 est

tufenuf55 said...

I must say that I am experiencing withdrawals. That is a double-edged sword because I want BBG and her man to have quality alone time. The withdrawal is because now that Twilight has ended, I have nothing to look forward to as far as pics of them together, yet I don't want the paps to stalk them. WAAAAAAH! What is the answer???????

Pattybg said...



tufenuf55 said...

OH, BTW, if you are a fan of Daniel Craig (I AM!!!) he is also on Jimmy Kimmel.

tufenuf55 said...

Ok, Yeah, I've had a couple (hehe) glasses of wine, but I still know what I like...Rob & Kristen...Daniel Craig...and the wonderful Stephanie Meyer for giving us the most beautiful love story ever!!!

PamH said...

Sorry about your toe.
I'm skipping black Friday this year, nothing important enough to get to put up with the craziness this year. My brother and sis-in-law went shopping today and said it took 45min. to just make it to the electronics dept. so they could pick up a video game for my son for X MAS, I told her she should have just looked on line.

tufenuf55 said...

Appears Jimmy Kimmel is re-run, but if you are like me and haven't seen it, it's all good.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Pam - I usually go to Kohl's at the very least and sit in line for about 3 hours with my mom but I was just able to finally get a shoe on my foot today (I broke it last Friday just before going to see BD2) so there was no way I was standing that long. Last year I was buzzing while in line and the store was soooo hot I am surprised I made it without getting sick. Plus it loses it's appeal more every year- with it starting on Thanksgiving this year I was just blah. I usually want to weep when see the X-mas stuff up at the same time as Halloween candy, now it is like they want to over look Thanksgiving all together.

LIZ said...

TUF -- I feel exactly as you do about "the end" ... and nothing to look forward to. I know there will be a few pics here and there of "them" but will be few and far between I believe. BUT, like you, I want them to be happy and if we get some smiling pics every now and then we'll be satisfied.

But, the withdrawals are a bitch, I must say. Like, they were everywhere for a month and now nothing.

I am so thankful to have everyone here who loves them like I do.

I'M TWIRLING TO BED .... Good Night All!!!

tufenuf55 said...

Taking my Mom to see BD2 tomorrow. She is a fan (loves) Billy Burke. My second time seeing movie. Still feel the as excited as the first time. Love and goodnight to Roseland bloggers.

RC said...

Halle Berry had an eventful night. Gabriel Aubry her ex, was arrested for battery & hospitalized after he got into a fight with her now fiance Olivier Martinez. Her poor daughter. Those two (Halle & Gabriel) have been fighting for awhile now. I mean its Thanksgiving.

Emily said...

Happy thanksgiving for those that also celebrate it.! Hope everyone is well, and all is good' can't wait for what is up ahead, the future looks bright!

PamH said...

My hubby and I used to love doing the whole black Friday thing when our son was younger but the older he got the less fun it was, our last big hunt was when the Wii first came out and was the must have item, we stood in line at various stores on 5 different occasions before getting lucky ( well actually my hubby ) after getting up at 5 o'clock in the morning and standing in line at WalMart for a ticket to get one, they had 25 systems and he had number 23. The hunt was addicting for us and my son was beyond belief on Xmas morning. Now he's 17 and doesn't ever want much besides getting money.

It will be sad for us going through a dry spell until one of them starts working. I'd be satisfied with just a photo or a tweet every now and then.
Goodnight :)

deb said...

HI i'm a little late but want to give THANK'S to my other family YOU the one's i'v came to love as a family today when we said what we were thankful for in my family at dinner I said I'm thankful for YOU my other family and my family just look at me and laugh but it's true i love you all have a good week stay safe. AND Rose your the BEST. :) DEB.

DreamerKind said...

A New Day Has Come

Celine Dion:

A new day...ohhhh
I was waiting for so long
For a miracle to come
Everyone told me to be strong
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I can't believe
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Hush, now
(A new day)
Hush, now

Thank you/bengeltje79

DreamerKind said...

Guess what, darling ones?
Wine is flowing and I am barely here. But what I am is enough, to post songs for you!

@Rob & Kristen
Where you are, there it is. See? Have some lovely downtime.


DreamerKind said...

Love Is What We Make It

Kenny Rogers:

Girl, we’ve come a long, long way
Too far for us to end this way
Sometimes the cost of love is hard
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Love, love is what we make it

Thank you/str1903

Ginger with a Soul said...

Morning ladies !!! Hope everyone is still in good spirits this morning and no hangovers.

So the London sighting was right since we got an Heathrow picture of them leaving to NY this am. I wonder if they will just stay in NY since Tom/Sienna are there until her premiere or if they will end up going back to LA but they got a nice Vacation in the UK for a week either way.

tufenuf55 said...

Would have been nice if fan had not disclosed their destination. Hopefully paps won't stalk them but that's probably asking for the moon.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Tuff - yeah - unfortunately with them coming back to the US we knew they were going to get papped but one can hope that now they have been seen like any other normal couple post Twilight that people will ease some. Hard to claim PR for a movie that is already out - especially since they never seem to know how to do PR right. The DVD release date is so laughable - here I just thought it was commercials that were pushed for the sales not personal promotion - do they think they will be doing a world wide tour of Target and Walmart to sling those DVD's? LOL so funny - I guess malls were so 2008 and retail stores are 2013. I cannot even try to grasp it anymore - with acceptance comes peace - they are together as they have been and being in love is a wonderful thing.

ali mac said...

Yeah it's Friday :)

Have a great weekend everyone x

Pattybg said...



Pattybg said...
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Pattybg said...







LIZ said...


OMG! What are the odds of getting on the same plane as PAUL McCARTNEY and ROB & KRISTEN????

Hope they arrive safely in NYC and have fun while they are there. I think it's a bit early for OTR to be starting.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Liz - Patty - OTR is December 13th so if they are there is it still on down time - maybe visiting Tom and Family or just a pit stop back to LA. I just hope where ever their feet land they still get some peace and get to enjoy it. I bet they do their shopping on line but maybe some side X-Mas shopping.

Pattybg said...





LIZ said...

GINGER -- Thanks for the OTR info. All I was thinking about was the OTR theater date which is supposedly 12/21. I hope it plays in my area, will treat myself and go see it.

Be sure and keep us up to date if you hear anything. I'd love to see them with Tom but don't want the paps to hound them. It's so hard to love them, isn't it? LOL

Intruth said...

Hey, guys! Not a familiar "voice" here, but I've been lurking a while after discovering Rose's blog from a comment on Robsten Dreams. I think I came in around the Oct 23/Oct 29 posts and felt so simpatico with Rose's rejoinders, especially the reminder that all Kristen admitted to was a "momentary indiscretion", and only haters and gossip sites were still hung up on calling it "an affair"... I had just that day made that very point on a rare comment on Robsten Dreams! YAY, ROSE!!! Wield that sword of fact, girl!!!

I've enjoyed reading Rose's posts as well as most of your comments, too. Lots of love around here. Sweet. Reminds me of a now defunct blog I used to be a reg on. *Waves to Sue*

I say most, because there are a few loonies thrown in with the lovelies here. Like any normal family, right? LOL!

But I especially love that I can check in here to find out if there's any thing new in the Rob/Kristen world by reading your comments! Thanks so much! Ginger, I really appreciate your twitter updates as I'm clueless about that stuff!

Just wanted to give you all a heads up in case in all the goodies that have come out in the last days you missed a really special interview with Rob and Kristen. It's posted on Wednesday on Robsten Dreams, the Canal 13 Argentina interview. Each tells why the other was the perfect choice in casting their roles in Twilight, and their comments on true love ("It isn't easy". "You have to fight for it".) ... well... it'll make your heart soar with affirmation of what we already believe is true about these two!

Hugs to you all!!! And thanks!

RC said...

Tara said she has one more Balenciaga look for Kristen so I think its for the NYC premiere of OTR.

Also I'm getting confused about these release dates. So in Dec OTR is released in NY & LA but in January everywhere or so it says. It better be everywhere because I hate that limited release garbage, brings back The Runaways nightmares. I had to roam the Earth to find it in theaters.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@RC - yeah - Official release in NY and LA is 12/21/12 but the premiere is the 13th in NY and they have had all these screening for the Oscars -it is all over the place. I saw that Tara article too - wonder what it shall be. I hope Tom is there - producer said he is filming so he wasn't sure

@Liz- I shall :)

RC said...

Balenciaga scares me with their "creations" lol. There are always only like 2 things from their entire collection that I like & Kristen already wore 1 of them. I hope they made something just for her. I'm scared she's going to wear this thing that hurts my eyes lol she'll probably make it look great but still..the thing has ruffles & is a mess.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Intruth - welcome and we are like a big goofy family - we even have a couple cousins you don't want to admit are family that stop by unannounced but give us all a little bit of unscripted comedy :) - by family they are the crazy cousins twice removed

RC said...

Was Kristen the ideal princess of the story?

Rob: Yeah, I mean, I think she's perfect.

Me: Awwwwwwwwwwww :sniffs:

RC said...

Rob's facial expressions are like the best thing ever!

Ginger with a Soul said...

@RC - that multi colored animal get up that had her in was UGLY - I mean it was horrid so yeah I know what you mean - Dior/LV seems to suit her better and reflects her youth

LIZ said...

"OUR KIDS" are in NYC. Just saw some pics, they look well. She looks so cute with her glasses, I think.

Holy said...

Hello ladies and gents.

R/K heading to NY together probably for the OTR premiere.They will definitely meet Tom/Sienna/Marlow.

@Ginger-how are you feeling today.

Holy said...

R/K arrived in NY already, and the ninnies are crying and pulling their hair again.LOL

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Liz/ Holy - yup and they left the airport so they are staying for now anyway - they both look so cute strolling the airport side by side. The melt downs are EPIC - the denial that has been going on all day. Wow

@Holy I feel really good - probably the mid afternoon nap I took yesterday that ensured no hangover today

PamH said...

@ ginger
Trying to catch up with everything today but did they release a date for BD2 DVD or was it something totally different ?

Glad they made it back safely and hope they can have some fun in NY without being hounded.
Kristen looks so cute with her ponytail and glasses.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Pam - different - ninnies changing their stance on the PR crap - now they are clinging to the DVD release date that is slick with Crisco.

LIZ said...

GINGER -- So now the ninnies are saying that it's PR until the DVD is out? Do we know when that is yet? I heard something about February ... last year it was in time for Valentines Day.

parker said...

good evening roseland !

hope everyone had a great holiday with good company, food and football.
and also some really good black friday shopping.
it was certainly very crowded at the mall today – lots of peeps with tons of shopping bags.
that’s always a good sign.

saw latest stats for BD2.
they’re really kickin it.
close to 200M domestic as of thursday.

@Intruth, i recognize your handle from that defunct :( blog.
used to look forward to reading your comments there.
glad to see you here & hope you post more often.

beacullen said...

Rose hope you and everyone else had a great Thanksgiving!!! Great post! I've seen BD2 twice and loved it. I really want to see it again. Love Charlie c

Intruth said...

So good to see the airport pics of R/K in NYC! MAYBE a new pic with Tom upcoming? Rose will definitely be writing something new if that happens! I'll wait on pins and needles!!!

Thanks for the welcome, Ginger and Parker...Parker, I remember you, too, now. Aw... yeah. Still have unresolved feelings regarding the closure of that site. *Sigh*

YET! I'm loving this site and checking in here to find out what you all know. It's great! And Rose's commentaries are just so spot on and hilarious with just the right degree of sarcasm to address the ridiculousness of the nonnies and haters.

RC... oh, yes! That's the interview! ikr...sniffing with you. But it's a happy sniff :)

Zoey said...

It was definitely great to see Rob & Kristen today! No hats, no hoodies, no hiding. They looked wonderful!

PamH said...

Omg those dummies will grasp at anything to keep from admitting that Rob and Kris are a couple and love each other. Well they will buy themselves a few more months on the DVD theory so I suggest they use that time to come up with a new excuse when it comes out and they are still together.

I would LOVE to see some of Rob's family attend the OTR premier...god that would kill em

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and safe black Friday

@ Intruth

LIZ said...

RobstenDreams has a video up. Paps weren't too bad, at least didn't yell anything nasty to them.

Holy said...

@Ginger-you're lucky.I got a bad headache this morning,but I'm better now after sleeping all day.

RC said...

Kelly Osbourne is a wretched bitch! I can't even...Fashion Police pissed me off so much. Joan Rivers is too horse faced to even take serious.

Thank You Kimora Lee Simmons! Yes Kristen is the girl people love to hate for no damn reason.

I am seeing like spots I'm so pissed off I will never watch this show again. Serves me right for being too lazy to find the remote. I'm about to send a message to @MissKellyO's twitter. Bitch your hair is greyish purple & your legs are never closed & you wanna judge someone.

LIZ said...

Guess I missed the Fashion Police. Anybody want to tell me what the bitches had to say about "our girl" ??

RC said...

@Liz One of the things that was so nice was them trying to guess if it was a starlet or a streetwalker & there was a girl coming out of a porter potty & Joan said it was Kristen Stewart washing up after....

Kelly was talking about how inappropriate Kristen's dress was mentioning the ratbastard & children. Kristen's dress was inappropriate but look at the dress Kelly chose as best dressed. I wish I had twitter access right now. For some reason twitter is acting up again for me.

parker said...

@Intruth, yes, this site is awesome …
i saw that canal 13 argentina interview too – lovely.
so many great nuggets of info from the duo during the BD2 promo & premiere.
too bad the ones who really need it, only hear but not listen.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@RC - I laughed a lot when she said something - see she is a case of people in glass houses throwing stones. She cried when people trashed her weight - she was used literally by the band The Used (oh and she was sleeping with one of them) and if anyone thinks Ozzy didn't screw around on Sharon -hahahahaha. I guess that is what happens when you sell your life to reality TV - people know stuff about you and you become a target. When she coughs bones come flying out - both mother and daughter

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Liz/Pam - the DVD comes out March 2013 and it is funny now - slippery slippery slope.

Holy said...

@Intruth-welcome aboard.

Kelly O.has no idea the shit that she is now facing.I don't feel sorry for this girl,she needs to mind her own business and take a good look at herself in the mirror.

RC said...

@Ginger I remember her crying fits & now thats all she does is talk about Xtina's weight. She said & I quote "I was never that big." No you were bigger. I can't stand hypocrites. She thinks not really all that skinny Kelly is a different person than fat Kelly. We remember beeyotch..the guys the booze the drugs & even more guys & drugs. Glass house..

Ginger with a Soul said...

RIP Larry Hackman - I remember the whole who shot JR - my mom was hanging on her seat until the season started again

RC said...

@Holy She is going to get it worse than when the Xtina fans went after her. Don't mess with the pretty.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@RC - always band members on her dad tour too. I bet that stone fell on her big toe. Her mom made a comment the other day too - I remember a VH1 story on them hmmm I guess the forgot all about it or their lips might be sealed a little tighter.

LIZ said...

RC & GINGER -- Thanks for letting me know what went on. I'm glad I didn't see it first-hand ... I would have been so pissed. I still am but not the same as hearing it on TV. She'll get hers.

Does anyone know anything about RS's car getting hit? Saw something on Twitter.

I'm going to TWIRL to bed, falling asleep.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Liz his car got hit in a supermarket - funny how there was a pap upon his exit.

gargamel said...

Those people in fashion police are now in hiding. The FAT ASSBURN girl daughter of a druggie is fun to watch while critique-ing stars' clothings. I wished her and the stew would cross path to receive her roundhouse kick. And that OLDEN BEEF JERKY SKINNED JOAN needs to give it up and just collect on her social security benefit. These are examples of people doing a job UNBEFITTING their looks , ...for laughs,... but sometimes they let their idiosyncrasies get the best of them...forgetting they are the ODD LOOKING ONES!

ladyevenstar22 said...

rose i'm def one of the last to see it, i came on here when you posted this but went as far as you're warning and stayed away until tonight cause I'VE SEEN IT BABY WOOHOO

1- i too keep all of my ticket stubs too but its not specific to twilight though , i also still have all 13 of my stint with lord of the rings last film (watched that at least 3 times a week while i lived in england back then)

2-agree about edward , bella ,aro and piano, charlie is cool

3- i'm one of those "guilty" of crying a literal river (my face is still burning from remembering it and how unexpected it was) esp as it was witnessed by my 2 friends who aren't fans but watch it with me all the same

in "my defense" i've stayed away from spoilers this time even better than for BD1, i hadnt heard the soundtrack yet, i haven't read the book since a year now, plus the emotional brouhaha stages i went through because of july, seeing the faces of all the characters and actors named plus THAT DAMN SONG "a thousands years" it was just too much as i realized its over, i'll never feel this way , it will never be new to me again!
3/4 crowd was already out the door when i bursted into tears , i'm a very discreet person and i don't like showing emotions in public so it surprised me i couldnt hold it in and then to have friends kinda mock you for it and not understand why as they don't know how far over the deep end you've been with this saga over four years,all that's happened in regards to the books , the films , the actors!

i kinda feared this for BD1 so i came prepared then but didnt cry at all so didnt think to do so this trip ! i should have watched this alone first so i could effectively check myself around friends but i couldnt take it anymore knowing most everyone had seen it a week ago!

ok now i'm going to read all 183 comments then go to sleep because i'm going back tomorrow afternoon to see it once or twice haven't decide yet

ladyevenstar22 said...

right now i feel such love for rob , for kristen , for taylor (who usually annoys me) for all the cast and most importantly for stephenie meyers , i will never care what anyone says about her or her writing she ROCKED my world irrevocably and i will love her forever for that joy!

i'm so sappy right now, smile etched on my face!

ps : crowd was very vocal during the fight scene! so was i? after stuttering carlisle ooh

wig4usc said...

Hello, Roseland! Hope you're enjoying the weekend and everyone's been able to see BD2!

I had fun at Thanksgiving, fangirling with my cousin's GF about BD2, almost went to see it last night on a whim!

@Intruth, welcome! That Canal 13 Argentina interview was so good!

@Ginger - I figured out who the horse face is, whacka-doodle, yikes. Tried to claim the airport pick was during the London premier timeline....sure, OK.

Twitter is just too entertaining these days. If you're not on yet, consider it, start following some of here to get started. Some major entertainment!

Enjoy what's left of your weekend, love to all!

DreamerKind said...

Best wishes for a fun-filled weekend, Roselanders.

I am having a lovely time. Mainly, lurking and checking in.

Hugs for Rose, Smitty, Gruff, Syd & you all.

Enjoy yourselves, Rob & Kristen, wherever you are and go.

See you soon.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Morning Ladies

@Wig - she had egg all over her face yesterday and still kept her delusions going and going. I have heard she has a retraining order in place LOL - she is crazy

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Good Morning ROSELAND


Welcome!!!! It's nice to have you. I think you did it right...just dive on in here and get yourself totally submerged in the experience...haha


After the DVD I wonder what the PR Teams excuse will be then...hmmmm...I guess we will see, because there will be no end to it.


I see you ...I'm fighting this cold and trying to decide whether to get the Xmas tree put up this weekend....Son turned 22 yesterday...My body wants to lay around and read and be lazy....bummer..


The kids hanging around with Paul McCartney...not too shabby!!!!!!! Do you have a favorite song of PMcC? I will give you my top five as I can't get down to one

When I'm Sixty Four....knowing he wrote that at 15 is of sentimental value to me as well

Hey Jude....It came out when I was 13 and I used to sit on my bed and listen to it on the radio and they played it a gazillion times...I remember how excited I was and what a big deal it was...I also saw them play it live from England on the Smothers Brothers Show...

A Hard Days Night...of course he wrote this with John and I never tire of hearing this song...I can remember my oldest sister taking me to the theater to see the movie...I was 8 ...and there were a bunch of teenage girls sitting on the front row of the theater screaming their heads off...it was so exciting...for an 8 year old...haha

Michelle...I always thought it was exquisite and enchanting...It will always be to me...

Fool on a Hill...I love his version..which is slower than the version by Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66..there is a video that Paul did in France...one of the first music videos...love it!

Super RN Gas Passer said...


The music vid is on You Tube for Fool on a Hill...I just watched it and remember now that it was in their movie, Magical Mystery Tour...

Have a great day ALL

PamH said...

@ ginger
My hubby was googling the DVD release date for BD2 this morning and said there was two sites saying Feb. 16 but I told him I didn't think they are right or they are getting it mixed up with part 1.
I just hope we get details on what is on the DVD, really soon.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


I had read the same thing about a month ago...that seems about right...usually about 3 months

ali mac said...

YEAH I finally seen the movie.

I thought it was great. Is it just me or do they seem to go really quickly!! I think it's because we know the books of by heart.

I have to admit to dabbing my eyes a few times.

I hope everyone's having a great Saturday. It's pretty cold here this last few days, so it's a Saturday night in front of the fire watching Strictly Come Dancing. Which is our version of Dancing with the Stars. I may even push the boat out and have a glass of Rose Cider :)

Super RN Gas Passer said...


Hi...enjoy the show and the cider...It's that time of year...I would like to make some hot buttered rum...maybe I will do that this evening. As much as I would like to see BD again this weekend, I must see Lincoln with Daniel Day Lewis and the new James Bond movie with Daniel Craig....

What exactly is Rose cider?

ali mac said...

SUPER It's cider made with red apples, I found it when I was in France this summer and brought some home to enjoy :) It's yummy!

DreamerKind said...

Good day!

I hear you!
You laze away, as the Xmas tree can wait until another day. Get well sooner that way. Do as I say! (garlic)

Out for more family chomping and stomping soon. Back tonight.

JMF said...

Happy Saturday afternoon all,
I have been busy with daughter, taking her Christmas shopping, never have I been shopping so much! I will certainly miss her when she leaves on Monday and we won't see her for Christmas so it is bitter sweet.
Anyway! LMAO at Kelly and her snide remarks towards Kristen. Let her, she is jealous plain and simple. Kristen could care less I am sure. Loved the pics of our two at the airport, they look so dam good!
AND, I am a proud Mama, my son has been asked to work on a movie script for an independent film! OMG I am so freaking excited for him, this is what he has always wanted to do.
Life is good eh?

Holy said...

Happy Saturday to everyone.

@RC-this woman Kelly O.got what she deserved.She should not messed with Kristen/Rob fans.

@Ginger-hey there.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Been reading but I heard they moved the initial DVD release date out because they were keeping the movie in theaters longer than normal so it would be early March. I guess they figure with it being the last movie they can capitalize on sentimental movie goers doing return shows.

@Super - it will always be something and really like she would spend an American Holiday away from family for PR - they could at least try to apply some logic oh and no pictures until they were returning to the states - I guess they were to busy making that PR baby to do photo ops. Even funnier is twitter got them busted - 2 people on the flight and an over zealous Flight attendants daughter were the reason they got caught other wise I am willing to bet they would have slipped into NY with no one the wiser. I guess I don't know how PR works because I am either confused or they are doing it very wrong for 2 intelligent people.

@JMF - Kelly made an ass out of herself - with her families history and her own issues but then again Sharon is friends with the wife and every time this is brought up it keeps her name rolling - agenda anyone. Now that is what I call PR. One of the 1st albums I ever owned was Bark at the Moon - I was a huge Ozzy/Randy Rhodes fan and was tripped out how they pimped him out to look like a fool. Always though Jack was the odd one - turns out he is the normal one - go figure

PamH said...

@ ginger
I can totally see them pushing the date back to do a longer run on the movie, being the last one and seeing how the fans are seeing it multiple times already. I just hope they make the DVD as important and add thing us as fans want to appear on it.
They must be laying low in NYC or have been really lucky so far to not be caught.
It's funny how all the people who usually pass judgement on Kristen are people who have just as many things in their own personal life that they should never comment on someone else's. I guess Kelly forgot about what her upbringing was like because you would think if anyone believed people deserve second chances or that people change and can go the distance it would be her after watching her parents. Don't get me started on her show judging people on what they wear when most of the time they all look crappy, on her worst day Kristen looks better than any of them.

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