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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Rob and Kristen- The Best is Yet to Come

The best is yet to come,
 and baby won't it be fine
You think you've seen the sun, 
but you ain't seen it shine

Twilight BD2 promo is over.

Like I said before...
I may be a bit sad to know that we won't
see Rob and Kristen promoting 
Edward and Bella anymore...
But I'm not in this for Twilight.
It started out that way...
But over the course of the last 4 years
Things change.
I adore both Rob and Kristen.
I will be watching their careers
from here on out.
I will be always be speculating 
on their sweet enduring romance.
It still makes me smile.
And as long as that is true...
There will always be plenty to write about.

There were a lot of cute moments during this leg of the promo...

The 'ANT' show was really cute
And even though I couldn't understand most of what
was going on...
Watching Rob and Kristen interact
is always worth minor distractions.

And they were so sweet on this...
looked like they had fun.
I like that.
Because they had to be exhausted.
Fun is good.

Just a couple of thoughts.

1. I've heard about people 'booing' when Kristen's name
has come on the screen during BD2.
I can't even wrap my head around how pathetic 
and sad that truly is.
And what do they expect to accomplish anyway?
Let's see...
YOU paid money to go watch the movie.
Kristen wins.
YOU booed at a movie screen.
Kristen wins.
YOU must be 10 years old
or your emotional maturity is stunted at 10 years old.
Kristen wins.
YOU booed at an inanimate object
and Kristen didn't hear it.
Kristen wins.
YOU are obsessed with Kristen
and she owns you.
Kristen wins.
YOU will never have Robert.
Kristen wins.

2. Remember when I said BD2 promo was over?
To everyone but the Lunatic Fringe.
They will CLING for dear life.

All during this promo Ninnies were mewling
about how Rob was 'over it'
and he couldn't wait to be FREE.
That is until the next time 
Rob and Kristen show up together.
(and they always do... don't they?)
Then it will be...
"He's still on the clock!"
"BD2 isn't doing as well as they thought
so they have to get butts in the seats!"
"They will pretend until the DVD drops!"

So riddle me this...

Rob and Kristen are on red carpets
with extravagant opportunity
to do some PDA to sell this movie
but no...
They behave professionally
(as they always do)
Why would they use an actual 
red carpet for the movie 
that has enslaved them to pretend to be in love
for PR?
Just millions of cameras on them
fans from all over the world
everyone watching
But other than some affectionate looks and touches
(as they always do)
No big KISS moments!
No Public Displays of Affection!
What the hell?
Silly people!
That would make too much sense!
Rob and Kristen have been sighted
(albeit its just rumor at the moment)
at some out of the way
obscure town in England.
THAT my friends
is standard Ninnie PR!!!


When Rob and Kristen
show up anywhere together
on their OWN time...
And the Ninnie Fringe can't explain it
(well... logically that is)
They HAVE to come up with their
usual delusional PR theories.

Voodoo PR!!!

They start chanting and conjuring
hoping to soothe the foaming...

How's that working for you?

This post is brought to you by endings.

The end of Twilight movies
and promotion...
 But a lot of Rob and Kristen still to come.

And by...

Oh Rob.
You've never been shy about what you admire
about Kristen...

And of course...
Where would one of my posts be without...

My undying adoration of Thomas Sturridge.

I promised one of my best friends
that I would wait for her to go see BD2.
That will be Monday.
Can't wait to talk about it.

Until then.

Bye for now


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Litmom said...

I can't wait for you to see it! The theatre where I saw BD2 was packed - and everyone seemed to belong to the Kristen AND Rob Fan Club! It was AWESOME!

I'm so happy that these two have the opportunity for a little "down time" now that this grueling promo is over. They must be exhausted, and deserve a little vacay. Good for them!

You're so right - The Best IS Yet to Come!

Kami said...

Haven't seen the movie yet either, just getting around to wanting to see BD1 today. Hope everyone has fun this weekend.

deb said...

YEP your right Rose ROB and Kristen ALWAYS END UP TOGETHER.Life is good. We only have good time to come with them.I bet they sleep for week's(or try to hehehe)Wish the best for them and their little family. thank you rose WE LOVE YOU :) DEB.

@CrisRK913 said...

Adorable Rose, I agree with you ~> "I'm not in this for Twilight.
Yes.It started out that way"

Now we are here for thow wonderful people RK. They deserve our RESPECT and Love. And now lets watch their career blossom... even more, because we know they will!

AND about people 'booing' when Kristen's name has come on the screen during BD2...tsk tsk tsk

I'm a lucky person, In my city people were very respectful and NOBODY said a word about 'that' or Kristen, and I stood in line for more than 2 hours to watch the movie, people cried and laughed and clapped their hands, yes the movie was a SUCCESS!!!

I bet the 'losers' who did it are pathetic blindyenas who think Rob owns them aomething, anything...how pathetic is that? Their lives are so miserable they have to try to make his life this way too??? Too bad he doesn't even know who they are and guess what he gives a flyfucking about it! ;D

Love it~> "KRISTEN WINS" 100%

"They behave professionally
(as they always do)"

and this is where all the magic is: Rob and Kristen behaving professionally and the bubble/touches/looks/stares happening without RK even realizing!!! win and win again!

And don't FORGET, the Pattinsons are being paid too...they are part of the PRbullshitTheory!!! LMAO

MamaPattz and PapaStew were talking and 'maybe' sharing some 'promo' pics of their babies...and PR PR PR
Vicky was talking with Kristen, no Rob near them, and they were smiling and relaxed...PR PR PR

PR stands for Pathetic Repulsive nonnies/ninnies

A huge hug from Brazil!!!

Love your blog and your posts!!!

Love the lovely ladies here too!!!


Omoiyari said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DreamerKind said...

Coming from the best (you), more of the same must be headed our way!

I am giddy with happiness that I am owned by Rob & Kristen!

Omoiyari said...

Twilight saga is over. We will be watching Robert and Kristen careers,if we want to .
For the rest ,we should learn to ignore the haters or the Lunatic Fringe with their complaints or detestable theories.

I've not heard about people 'booing' during BD2 .
I am very happy to say that I've heard about people 'clapping' during credits . So my equation is :few 'booing' from silly people vs. lots of 'clapping' all over the world.
Once again, therefore - the Ninnies are irrelevant .. If only we stopped talking about them ,
the situation would change so much!

as I said Twilight saga is over , However, war and the arguments continue .

parker said...

well, finally saw BD2 today, twice (the 2nd one quite unplanned).
went with my boyfriend to the theatre for an early AM show.
after the show, he had to meet biz colleagues near the mall cinema so i went shopping.
while shopping, ran into some friends who were on their way to watch BD2.
chatted for a while then they headed to the theatres.
a few mins after we parted, BF txtd me that he’s running late – more biz stuff to discuss.
so txtd my friends to ask if i could tag along for BD2 if tickets weren’t sold out & they weren’t.
so i got to watch it twice :)

i have to say, one of the scenarios that played through my mind matched the surprise.
this is exactly why i hate it when people tell me there is a surprise in a movie.
more often than not, my guess is right.
but it wasn’t too bad that i guessed it.
my boyfriend who was rolling his eyes at the start of the movie became quiet during the action scenes.
later, he even said that he liked BD2 better than skyfall, which we saw last week.
it’s cos he had no expectations for BD2 but a lot for skyfall & he didn’t like the emo skyfall LOL.

on both shows i watched, audience was pretty quiet.
no applause at the end, no talking, a few gasps, just a very normal & respectful audience.
the kind i like.
i guess that was my real “surprise” – hehe.

like some of you said, the nessie CGIs were a bit jarring … could’ve been better.
i love vamp bella – action scenes were good.
totally love the end.
can’t wait for the DVD.
but, the first Twilight was the best & most special for me too.

@Super, you’re right the last half-hour was defo worth it.
now, i can finally watch all the promo stuff without worrying about spoilers !

Lanette said...

I think the ninnies are never going to give up EVER! They just don;t know how. I think its what they live for for some reason. We never had booing in our theater. When Rob came on credits there were cheers and the same for Taylor. But as soon as Kristen did it was dead silence. except for me a 4 other girls who cheered.Really sad and pathetic.

Kay said...

After everything I'd been seeing starting Thursday night, I thought I'd be a big sappy mess today....but more than anything, I am just feeling incredibly thankful. I'm thankful that Rob and Kristen worked so hard and did such an amazing job bringing to life the characters and story that I fell in love with...thankful that Bill seems to truly "get" the fans and gave us such a beautiful ending to Stephanie's stories...thankful for Rose, her words and giving us Roseland...and thankful for all of the awesome people I've had a chance to "meet" through this incredible journey we've been on together. :D

It's been so sweet to see the love that Rob and Kristen have found in each other...I wish them much happiness in the future and can't wait to watch them continue to grow in their next projects.

Take care, stay safe, and be happy everyone!!


Rose said...

@Omoiyari -- I'm in kinda a mood today... So truly... If you don't like what I write...
Of course the Ninnies are irrelevant... But as long as they entertain me with their delusional antics...
I will continue to write about them.
So you have been warned... Ok?
I will continue to write about anything my heart desires.
Read at your own risk and stop complaining.

parker said...

@Rose, thanks for another great post.
you’re right on all points.
the best is yet to come.

which interview is this where rob says he likes a good ass & intelligence?
i love that quote!
that’s my BF’s line!!! LOL
gotta show it to him :)

DreamerKind said...

Returning The Favor R&K

Giving You The Best That I've Got

Anita Baker:

Ain't there something I can give you
In exchange for everything you give to me
Read my mind and make me feel just fine
When I think my peace of mind is out of reach

The scales are sometimes unbalanced
And you bear the weight of all that has to be
I hope you see that you can lean on me
And together we can calm a stormy sea

We love so strong and so unselfishly
And I tell you now that I made a vow
I'm giving you the best that I got, baby
Yes I tell you now, that I made a vow
I'm giving you the best that I got, honey

Everybody's got opinions
'Bout the way they think our story's gonna end
Some folks feel it's just a superficial thrill
Everybody's gonna have to think again

We love so strong and so unselfishly
They don't bother me so I'm gonna keep on
Giving you the best that I got, baby

Somebody understands me
Somebody gave his heart to me
I stumbled my whole life long
Always on my own, now I'm home

My weary mind is rested
And I feel as if my home is in your arms
Fears are all gone
I like the sound of your song
And I think I want to sing it forever

I bet everything on my wedding ring
I'm giving you the best that I got,
Givin' it to you baby

Thank you/bigbankX

ladyevenstar22 said...

i don't think it has quite sink in we won't see them anymore together in an official capacity at any rate! but i'm beyond relieved for them , they can finally move out of the shadow of this franchise and the crazyness and be like the regular actors couple who aren't seeking the limelight in a zealous manner! good thing we ahve the experience of previous droughts but this will the long haul one!
i won't be seeing the film until the 21st ,my cinema programmed it only then , because of skyfall and flight beeing the big event films of last week and this week, which gives me reprieve of sorts , pushing the inevitable moment when no scene from this franchise will be new territory to me!

parker said...

can i just say again how much i love the trio in el hormiguero.
rob & kristen just looked so uber happy there & looked incredible – no trace of tiredness.
and the bubble was quite evident in madrid & berlin – just makes me smile.
thanks rob, kristen & taylor for a job well done !!!

Omoiyari said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Omoiyari said...

LOL @rose
I like what you write,frankly...
I don't need the Ninnies 's delusional theories . BUT I understand the game . It's not a complaint . It's a fact .

wig4usc said...

@Parker, the watermark on the vid about 'ass and intelligence" says "Telemundo". I'm going to go check it out.

We did have boo'ing in our theater at the marathon, they made comments during the movie too. I said something, I couldn't help it, I'd had it. I think I made my friends a little nervous! :)

There is a pick on Twitter with R&K, lots of grocery bags, coming out of a store in England. I don't think its a pap pic, looks like a random someone took it. Have to say, it made my heart sing. I hope they can hole up somewhere, relax, and enjoy each other.

I might talk my hubs and kiddo into going again to BD2 today, we'll see!

tufenuf55 said...

Robsten Dreams posted pic of Rob and Kristen today. One person's comment was that it was at Marks & Spenser located in London.) I don't really know if this is correct or not. But Rob and Kristen buying groceries together. You're right, Rose. They always end up together!!!


tufenuf55 said...

At the theater I attended for BD2, everyone was very supported. There was cheering and gasping throughout the movied. At the end, large screaming for Rob, Taylor AND Kristen. She did an amazing job and it is now my second favorite in the saga. The first will always be Twilight. ALWAYS!

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Rose - great post as usual and I understand the feelings for the movies and the end but boy I am ready for the good to come. I laugh at the ninnies to but sometimes I still want to crawl through the computer and punch one or 2 in the throat. New pictures of Rob and Kris in London looking like they might be staying for a little while and good for them - Summit abused the shit out of them on this last push with them having to run to one place after another.

Liz told me to tell you guys Hi she is on the road home but she is very sad about the movies being over and probably didn't appreciate me laughing when I told her I was glad they were done. But I love Liz so it is all good.

parker said...

@wig, thanks – i’ll be looking for it, lots of vids to view & i’ll find it eventually.
too bad that some in your audience weren’t very respectful.
i was really surprised at how mild & normal the audience in the theatres i went to were.
they laughed & gasped at the right moments – just so normal.

@tuff, it is M&S – i can see the logo at the top.
i’ve shopped at M&S grocery stores when i’ve been in london & they have good stuff.
guess the duo is planning to cook some healthy meals – cool !

PamH said...

Like you this it how it started for me to and it's been an amazing time but I'm happy and excited to see how our couple continue to love each other and make wonderful movie we will all be excited to see and put some of he craziness behind them.
Most of all Thanks for continuing this awesome place that we can all still come and share what we LOVE..Rob and Kristen

Some how missed the asses and intelligence video, I'll have to go back and watch, but we know that describes K to a tee.

Maybe Kristen is going to show Rob's family what a Thanksgiving is like in US, I can picture her and MamaPatz cooking side by side while Rob and his Dad kick back and relaze..stealing a sample or two

The best is yet to come :))
Rob and Kristen forever

wig4usc said...

@Ginger, agree with the Summit comment. That travel schedule was crazy. I saw the pic of K laying back in the car. Some dumbass gossip blogger was trying to suggest they were fighting or something like that. No, try 4 countries in 4 days, with photos, press conference, fan events, etc. Summit did totally abuse them!

Kenzz said...

Attended an afternoon showing of BD2 today in the Luxe Level of the movie theater (that's the way to see a movie... Drinks and food brought right to your seat!)...

Really enjoyed the movie, thought it was better than BD1, yet like most of you, Twilight will always remain on a level of its own for me...

Our audience was very respectful, and really seemed to enjoy it (of course, I was in the level where you had to be at least 21 years old, so not a lot of the teen girl immaturity that some of you had to deal with).

Now I am looking forward to the two of them enjoying a great life, with lots of wonderful opportunities, and receiving the success in life that they so richly deserve :)

Oneheart said...

Rose thank you. What a terrific way to start this post..

"The best is yet to come,
and baby won't it be fine
You think you've seen the sun,
but you ain't seen it shine"

I truly believe that. I think the best is yet to be. I saw the pic of Rob and Kristen buying groceries and it's nice to see them doing just ordinary things that couples do.

LOL at the delusional still thinking it's PR...The only PR this couple is doing is keeping their PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP theirs. Now that's PR.

I wish them a lifetime of happiness and love along with good health and the love of family and friends. It's their time to shine both professionally and as a couple. You're right Rose it's going to be bright we better get out our Ray-Ban's.

irene said...

Love your post, Rose......... relieved that everything went off well for the last promos and yes, they must have been exhausted by the end of it all.......
When I read of idiots saying bad stuff or whatever, it just reminds me that it tells me more about them and their character than the person they are trying to defame.....!

Stella said...

Once again, great post.

I'd say I'm sad the Saga's over, but I honestly don't know if I'm really sad. It's time for Rob and Kristen to move on, to experiment on new movies, to puss themselves to the limits (as I have the suspicion that they love doing)...

So, I'll just say that I'm sad I won't see them again on the big screen portraying Edward and Bella, but, on the other hand, I'm happy that they'll have some time to rest, happy for the opportunities that lie ahead, happy that they'll try to seek (a well deserved) happiness together.

Have a nice evening everyone.

Kenzz said...

Stella, very well said... I feel the same way!

Stella said...

Oh, and things here were very quiet at the cinemas. Apart from some gasping and laughting at the right places, there were no booing or things like that. At least I haven't heart of such things. Only applause at the end for everyone.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Wig - LOL yeah I know who wrote the fan fiction about the car - he never gets tired of being wrong does he LOL.

@Pam I bet they both can't wait for a home cooked meal. Eating at fancy restaurants have their appeal but not when you have to shove it down your throat to catch the next flight.

Ahhh I can see both doing the happy dance to be done with all this - not the movies but the dog and pony show that comes with promo time. Now they get to be Rob and Kris - happy couple in love.

Freddie said...

Hi folks,

I’m just back from BD2. I truly enjoyed it and think Bill did an absolutely fabulous job of carrying over themes from the previous movies and he delivered for the fans a wonderful mix of humour, excitement and romance – with just the right amount of sentiment. I don’t think they could have found another director who cared about it as much as he did. As Kristen or Rob said, it truly was a labour of love and a thank you note to the fans. I thought Kristen and Rob were wonderful. Kristen truly evolved the character and I kept on thinking that I was seeing a lot of the real Kristen in the portrayal – her strength, her intelligence and her “fierceness” (sorry to use an over used word but it seems appropriate). I sure love smiling, happy Edward. Rob should smile all the time. It is truly infectious and totally stunning. While I know that the movies were filmed at the same time, they really did bring different characters to life in the two movies. My congratulations to them both, for bringing to life characters that will live on for a long time to come.

Kay – your words say so eloquently what I’m thinking. I too wish Rob and Kristen much happiness and success as they embark on the next phase of their lives.

DK – enjoy your evening out Sunday with your daughter and friends. It sounds like it will be a really fun time.

Hey Kenzz – miss ya!

Hi to Litmon, Kami, deb, parker, ladyevenstar, wig4usc, tufenuff, Oneheart, Ginger, Pam H and all of the other ladies and gentlemen of Roseland. Have a pleasant evening.

Kenzz said...

Freddie, Freddie, Freddie, I was starting to think we were living in alternate universes, as we never seem to hook up at the same time!! :)

I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment of R& K's acting this time around... Kris was such a different presence on-screen this time- a true testament to her acting to still embody the character but play her so differently. Rob was such a pleasure to watch... His strength in particular when fighting for his family was impressive. I even thought Taylor found a fabulous and convincing balance in his role as protector and friend.

How are things in the north country? I assume you are busy as usual :) Take care, my friend... Long time, no see <<333

Barbara Fenwick said...

Saw the movie, and it was wonderful...Kristen and Rob did a fantastic job.

I have to admit I feel sadder than I expected to. But I will continue to support R/K in the future, and I will continue to follow their relationship. It has been wonderful these last few years watching their love grow.

Have a lovely weekend Roselanders. Go to see the movie as soon as possible, you will not regret it.

Freddie said...

Kenzz – it’s so great to catch up with you. Work has been busy, but I confess, I’ve been having a really hard time focusing with all that has been going on with promo. Maybe now that it’s done, life can get back to normal LOL.

How are things where you are? Have things returned to normal following Sandy and the storm that blew through afterward?

I saw your note about your son voting. It made me really smile to hear of this consequential milestone in his life and the care with which he placed his vote. It sounds like he is doing very well and I’m so glad. I hope your daughter and hubby are well also.

I hope we get to run into each other more often. If you’re talking with some of the other regs, please say hi to them for me. Take the best of care, my friend.

Oneheart said...

Hi Freddie I felt the same way, Kristen showed Bella's strengths in this movie and she made her appear as if she could do anything. Kristen was born to be Bella.

How sad it would have been if they had put anyone else in these two parts. I am sure without Kristen and Rob there would have been no need to do the five movies.

Ginger LOL why is it that the delusional think that anytime Kristen or Rob aren't right on top of each other in a pic they are fighting. They have to be the most ignorant or insecure people in the world when it comes to relationships.

Last I saw them they weren't Siamese Twins. It is okay if you are tired to take a nap with your boyfriend or husband beside you. As far as Rob setting in the car with little expression on his face that is what most people would consider normal. He'd look rather silly smiling like a cheshire cat babbling away to himself. LOL

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Freddie and Kenzz - waves

@Oneheart - ahh you know how it goes - at times I find the insecure fans worse than the haters - at least the haters stick to their delusions.

LIZ said...

Hi All, GINGER mentioned earlier that I was on the road today driving home from my BD2 week up in Virginia.

I am sad about the Twilight saga being over. BUT, am very happy for Rob & Kristen in whatever and wherever their lives go. Twilight brought us together, no other way around it. I've met so many great people over the past couple of years, all because of TWILIGHT!!! So, yea, I think I have a great reason to be sad about the end. I'm 60 years young (thanks to Twilight) and can't imagine another phenomenon of this sort happening in my lifetime. I've heard Kristen saying the same thing and she's only 22 ... just doesn't happen too often.

BUT, I will enjoy everything that's been done, read and re-read the books, listen to the audiobooks and read a lot of fanfiction, LOL. AND, watch every movie that Rob & Kristen make over and over again.

ROSE, thank you, thank you, thank you, again and again for being here and always saying what needs to be said.

I attended the marathon and during a break between movies a radio DJ showed up trying to stir up trouble. She started asking all kinds of questions and just HAD to mention the "incident" and asked what everyone thought about it ... a few people in the crowd hollered out PR, PR, PR .... and then the DJ again said something about KS that wasn't nice. Well, my friend looked at me and just said "let it go" knowing was about to show my butt. I sucked it up and behaved. You know, sort of like politics, sometimes that best thing is just to "agree to disagree" and let it lie. WE know and love her and it wouldn't have done any good at that point in time to try to defend anything or anyone. Probably would've made it worse. No booing during the credits, thank goodness.

So glad to R & K out in London. I was hoping they'd get to spend some time with his family before going home to the "kids" ...

LIZ IN LALA LAND ... TWIRLING because of the great, great movie. Some things have to END in order for new BEGINNINGS ...

Holy said...

Hello ladies and gents

Rose-thank you again.

Saw the movie twice already and I still want to see it again.

Well, R/K is in UK right now together to relax and enjoy themselves.Too bad ninnies your PR theory is over.You can continue to invent BS,but it will not change anything Rob and Kristen will continue to love each other.

@Ginger-hey girl,did you and the kids had fun last night.

Kenzz said...

Hi Ging & Oneheart, too...

How's everyone's weekend?

Freddie said...

Kenzz - how are you? - see comment @7:22 (if you didn't)

Hi Ginger, LIZ and Holy - hope you are well.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


Hi girl....good to see you on. What can we do to get a comment from IB????

I went to see the movie for the second time this afternoon...by myself. I truly enjoyed it even more this time. The cinematography is stunning. I agree that Renesmee' s face looked awkward at times but the overall look, feel, and scenery was breathtaking.

I had a reaction I did not anticipate...I was pretty much choked up the whole time. It surprised me....I literally was moved by the film. Unlike many, I loved the book...read it many times ...and I was so excited to see the other vampires come to life. They did such a fine job...it did my heart good to see this film. it exceeded my expectations and I will go back several more times because once its gone from the big screen, it will still be a great film, but it will lose a lot on a small screen.

I have waited so long for this film to come out so I feel like I have received an early Christmas present!

Kenzz said...

Freddie, I completely missed your comment and went right to Oneheart's... As my daw would say, "duh!"

In our particular area, we were spared the ravages of Sandy, although we had spent a lot of time pre-planning... I've sent a lot of our stockpiled supplies that were unused to the NJ area, as we have a friend of a friend who was shipping boxes to her cousin in that area to distribute to the local shelter...

What's new with you? What were your thoughts on the crazy promo schedule? So glad it's over so we can all catch up on real life!! lol

I will definitely pass along your good wishes to our friends, as I'm on twitter in spurts...

Take care, sweetie!

Kenzz said...

super, Hi! I also loved Breaking Dawn, the book. It was my favorite after Twilight... I guess I'm just a sucker for a happy ending, and having all loose ends tied up :)

You're right, we need to get the old Northeast Chapter together for old times, as one last hurrah in honor of the saga ending...

Although I didn't cry (well,OK, a little misty eyed at the end), I was very moved, particularly at the visual cinematography at the opening, along with the soaring music, it just felt like coming home

I need to see it again to probably appreciate it more, as I've heard it's even better the second time.

Be well, bb!

Jane said...

The only thing sadder, is the scandal will follow them throughout their careers and I was disappointed in the excitement that I should have felt in this last one.

Holy said...

@Freddie-hello,I'm good thanks for asking.

Freddie said...

Hi Super – hope all is well with you. I was weepy towards the end of the movie as well, but was more of a wreck yesterday after the last premiere was done. I felt truly sad at the time, but am now glad for them for the successful completion of this big project and excited for what is to come.

Kenzz – it was the music at the beginning that I really liked as well. It was so familiar, all the key themes, and I felt like I was coming back to a comforting, satisfying place – and that set a very positive tone for me for what was to follow.

There were also so many small details to notice, but I’m sure I’m going to need to see it a few times to catch all the elements of tribute to the story.

deb said...

I just wan't to say if it wasn't for SM and twilight i would never have found OUR beautiful,sweet LOVING ROSE I'v been here from the start loving each word she has said about out 2 love birds BUT that's not just it because of ROSE I have found a FAMILY in you fan's that love just as much as i have. WE have laugh, cried, and got piss off all together.shared so much together some bad alot of good time's (new babies, death in our own family,beautiful song's thank you DK,food recipe's just about everything we can think of )YEP you can call us a BIG FAMILY and for that I THANK YOU ROSE. Rob and Kristen well live on for ever in our heart's ONCE again THANK YOU for being my friend :) DEB.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Holy - Heya - the kids loved it and had fun - I was so glad they got over the hump and actually asked to see more movies after.

I will refrain from saying what I really want too. Sigh - so much clinging

PamH said...

@ Liz
Glad to see your back :)
I agree with your decision to just let the comments go, to argue back with those kind of people would probably just ended up ruining your good time.

I was thinking that with this really being the end I bet Rob and Kristen was sad to also be parting from Dean and HBG and vice versa. If either do another Summit movie maybe they'd work together again.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


I appreciate your sentiment. At this time I'm just enjoying living in the moment. I can't help but feel relief for them...that they can now move on with their lives. We will always have the films.

I also like the CD. I have been listening to it in my car...I have the whole collection and am always listening to one of them.

I hope you all have a wonderful evening...yawn...over and out:)

Freddie said...

Oneheart - yes, Kristen is more definitely the perfect Bella.

Kenzz - with respect to the promotional schedulel, it's really to bad they couldn't give them a little more time between cities during this last week. It must be horribly tiring given the time changes. They must be so glad that all of the interviews are done. Can't the interviewers listen to interviews that happened before them and not repeat the same old innane questions. I did like some the rapid fire "what would you prefer" or "which of your co-stars is ...." type interviews. Some of them were a riot and Rob and Kristen were very funny on Kimmel. It's too bad we can't space the interviews out to have something for the upcoming dry spell.

Pattybg said...


LIZ said...

PAMH -- As for Dean & HBG -- if they work for Summit, they why was Dean with Rob during WFE and Cosmo? Also, HBG has been with Kristen during SWATH and other things.

I don't think they work for Summit. Hope not.

LIZ said...

Can I just say again that I don't like Rob's pants hanging off his butt??? LOL, I would have liked to see a video of him bowling with those pants on.

PamH said...

I hope they don't just work for Summit. I'm sure by now R&K feel like they are part of there family.

Litmom said...

Just wanted to jump back on and tell everyone Hello!

Oneheart, DK, Liz, PATTY, Super, Freddie, Pam, Kenzz, Ginger, deb, Holy, Barb, Stella, Irene, wig, Parker, tuf, and EVERYONE else I missed! It's just such fun to come on here and share the L.O.V.E!

Robert said...

hey guys

had to go behind the sun for a while so .....
but i am back at least for a little while. saw the movie and i was pretty impressed, i mean bella being gorgeous and intelligent and powerful was a snap. just Kristen being herself [BTW: have yall seen the myspace interview with the cast where she arm wrestles the interviewer and she beats him and she gets so excited "pretty good huh i'm a small girl" it is the cutest thing ever] how anyone can hate this girl just baffles me

so the movie was love letter to the fans and that is just fine with me

couple of observations: i was watching e news tonight and when jason asked tim tebow who he was dating he replied i don't talk about my personal life and everyone seemed to be ok with that. now, if that had been KS the media would have branded her an ungrateful bitch who should have never gotten into acting if she wanted to keep her private life private[even if she was only 9 when she started acting]

also, there is one photo of them leaving the bowling alley where it looks like she is crying, of course this could be from many things, but i am willing to bet that she has just said goodbye to taylor

and finally
a good ass and intelligence. yeah that sounds about right. i just love rob

Oneheart said...

Waves Litmom...yes it's fun to share the love. Doesn't it make you feel good to think of all the sunshine that we've got to look forward to. It's nice to spend time with friends and talk and reminisce about the movies and talk of the ones to come.

Robert said...

oh and just wanted to be on the record: i do not care how rob wears his pants

just saying

Oneheart said...

Hi Robert you have a good eye and I bet you are right about Kristen saying good-bye to Taylor. They're like brother and sister so it would be hard to say good-bye knowing it is the end of something you have shared for so long.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Litmom - waves :)

@Robert - she won't play their game so they feel they have a right to slam her knowing she will not refute it

Anonymous said...

There was booing when her name rolled in the credits? Tsk tsk tsk. People really do need to grow up. People are more obsessed with her personal life than the movie. *Shakes Head* Thanks for this post again. I know their futures will be bright after this.

Anonymous said...

There was booing when her name rolled in the credits? Tsk tsk tsk. People really do need to grow up. People are more obsessed with her personal life than the movie. *Shakes Head* Thanks for this post again. I know their futures will be bright after this.

RC said...

Someone whose name comes after Statue of...is realizing her 5mins of fame are up so what does she do..yep pose naked. Her & her vile thirsty husband are disgusting. He went after her when she was real young effin perv. I won't bring them up again I just needed to say that.

miriam diaz said...

Hi rose, I'm from the Dominican Republic have been reading your blog for the past 2 years.. totally agree with you in every point. Love both Robert and Kristen and wish nothing but the best to both of them

Thank you for your funny, truthfull post..

I just saw the movie today.. did the whole marathon.. for me it was epit.. amazing.. love every minute of it. Thank you once again :)

RC said...

I love how Rob disses people with the upmost hilarity. People don't realize he is being serious when he calls some of his fans crazy. Those that he considers crazy just grin like mental patients thinking he was just kidding & take it as a complement.

Another thing priceless faces when certain fansites announced who they were before asking their question.

parker said...

@Robert, i saw that myspace interview & i thought that was pretty cute.
kristen seemed so pumped that she almost got andrew for a sec.
i honestly think that if you are a kristen hater, you’ll be a convert after you’ve personally talked to her.
there is just something vulnerable about her that draws you & makes you want to protect her.

just saw the “ruff” interview with josh.
gosh, i so love rob’s expression & the way he says “ahhh” when josh shows a pic of bear.
it makes me tear up. he loves his/their dog so much !

well, that’s enough videos for tonight.
will be watching more over the next few days/weeks.

good night roseland !

Kami said...

RC, I agree, I think that Rob is able to say things in a way that comes across as charming or charmingly funny. I love that.

beacullen said...

Saw it LOVED it, they did boo Kristen's name in the credits, I was shocked. I'm so sad it's all over, but I love them and can't waqit to see what they do next. Great post Rose.

wig4usc said...

One Heart and Ginger - no kidding, the maniacal fan is prob worse than a nonnie. Or gossip bloggers who love to inflame anything and everything. Honestly, I read it mostly just to know what kind of garbage is being thrown out there.

Just saw Skyfall, was tempted to pop over and see some more BD2, but my hubby said I was crazy and obsessed. I laughed and said "so"? LOL

RC - all I have to say is eewwww! Thanks for sharing, gross!

I'll go on the record that I'll take Rob's pants anyway I can see them, I don't mind saggy pants! :)

The part that really choked me up...Edward and Carlisle. I won't be more specific for obvious reasons. Yikes, that and the last 20 minutes, but that especially.

One last thing, Jane, I don't believe the "scandal" will follow them. They actually seem to be doing just fine, its some of the followers, I won't even call them fans, who seem to have the issue. they're still working, loving, with family and friends. Its the people who don't even know them that are having issues. They'll be JUST FINE, its really not much of anything, especially by Hollywood standards! :)

Good night to all, Beacullen, Kami, Parker, RC, Miriam, allen25, Ginger, Litmom, Oneheart, Robert, PamH, Liz, Pattybg, Super, deb, Holy, Kenzz, Super, DK, Rose, and anyone else I missed, I'm sorry! Good night!

Ayli said...

Hello Roselanders! Hope you are having a great weekend!

I saw the movie on Friday and I think that it was SIMPLY AMAZING! I cried from the beginning until the end( almost) specially I lost myself at the end, I was crying so loudly people were looking at me suspiciously;)) The man who sat next to me tried to calm me but also he was laughing at my situation:)
Anyway from the beginning until the end I didn't even blink during the movie. Every single scene was so beautiful and catchy I couldn't eat the popcorn!:P It was so amazing and bittersweet for me... Thanx to Robert, Kristen, Taylor, all the other actors, the crew, Bill Condon , SM... I probably forgot to thank some people so anyone who I forgot: thank you too:))

And since it is the last one, I will thank to everyone who were with us during this looonnnggg and beautiful journey!:) R/K ,Taylor , all the directors, the cast and the crew and again anyone else I forgot or I am too lazy to write all the names;)) Thank you sssooooooo much for this experience! I will be grateful forever<3

Ayli said...

Rose this is such a beautiful post, thank you:)) I am compeletly positive about Rob and Kristen's future,the saga might end but Rob and Kristen journey is gonna continue and I will follow them no matter what. I hope the best for them, I hope that they are gonna be successful , happy, healthy... I know that they will be together because as Rose always says"Rob and Kristen Always End Up Together" and also"The best is yet to come" :D:D
The nonnies can still go on with their stupid theories I don't care, actually it is fun:) I actually laugh at how much pathetic they are..
I can't wait to witness their life post-Twilight.:) It is
exciting and I am really curious about it:)

DreamerKind said...

No Hurry At All

Linger A While

Glen Gray/Casa Loma Orchestra (1935)

Thank you/lrh1966

DreamerKind said...


Thanks, Gal! Good to see and hear ya. I'm packing for my mini-BD2 premiere junket. Wearing yellow, in honor of someone we all know, who is very, very special, because it's her favorite color.

@Litmom & Oneheart
Delighted about and with you!

We're gonna squee together soon.

What a way to be, full of feelings, after seeing/lasting through all of our years, we've still got them and they still get us!

You're a sweet one, and the most loyal Roselander and RK fan!

@Kenzz, Kay, Hope

@Smitty, Gruff & Syd
Don't stop believing! XOX

DreamerKind said...

Go On & Win

Don't Stop Believin'


Just a small town girl, livin' in a
lonely world
She took the midnight train goin' anywhere...

Just a city boy, born and raised in
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He took the midnight train goin' anywhere...

A singer in a smoky room, the smell
of wine and cheap perfume
For a smile they can share the night
It goes on and on and on and on...

Strangers, waiting, up and down
the boulevard
Their shadows searching in the night
Streetlight people, living just to
find emotion
Hiding, somewhere in the night

Working hard to get my fill,
everybody wants a thrill
Payin' anything to roll the dice,
Just one more time

Some will win, some will lose
Some were born to sing the blues
Oh, the movie never ends
It goes on and on and on and on

Strangers, waiting, up and down
the boulevard
Their shadows searching in the night
Streetlight people, living just to
find emotion
Hiding, somewhere in the night

Don't stop believin'
Hold on to that feelin'
Streetlight people
Don't stop

Thank you/Itachi10099

DreamerKind said...

Rob & Kristen Quietude

Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)

The Beach Boys (Skip Ad):

I can hear so much in your sighs
And I can see so much in your eyes
There are words we both could say
But don't talk
Put your head on my shoulder

Come close, close your eyes
And be still
Don't talk, take my hand
And let me hear your heart beat

Being here with you feels so right
We could live forever tonight
Lets not think about tomorrow
And don't talk
Put your head on my shoulder

Come close, close your eyes and be still
Don't talk, take my hand
And listen
To my heart beat
Listen, listen, listen

Don't talk
Put your head on my shoulder
Don't talk
Close your eyes
And be still

Thank you/Alixx2

DreamerKind said...

Keep A True Perspective

One Day More

Les Miserables 25th Anniversary/ (Alfie Boe, Jenny Galloway, Katie Hall, Matt Lucas, Nick Jonas, Norm Lewis, Ramin Karimloo, Samantha Bark):


Thank you/plmcoohs

DreamerKind said...

Play Anyway

It's All In The Game

Tommy Edwards:

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But it’s all
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You have words with him
And your future’s looking dim
But these things
Your hearts can rise above

Once in a while
He won't call
But it’s all
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Soon he will be there
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With a sweet bouquet

And he’ll kiss your lips
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Will fly

Thank you/OldiesButGoodies62

DreamerKind said...


Harry Nilsson:

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Life was clear
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Life is just a memory
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Love is only in a dream

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Long ago, far away
Life was clear
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Thank you/TheWinningStar

DreamerKind said...

Farewell, my dear pips!

Until next time..remember how grand it all is.

❤ ♡ ❤

DreamerKind said...

Especially for you!

Moonlight Sonata

Classics of the Heart:

Thank you/DomoMusic

katy said...


Excellent post, Rose!!

Saw BD2 yesterday. LOved it!!! Don't want to give anything away, because I don't want to ruin it the "surprise".

I am sad, the Saga is ending, but mostly because, with it ending, am thinking that it will probably pass some years until we get the chance to see Rob and Kristen working and promoting a movie together again. But, like I said I love and adore Rob and Kristen and I am beyond exited and looking foward to see their bright future unfold. I will be here supporting them...always.

I can't help but laught at Ninnies endless denial. They are pathetic.

Wishing everyone a happy Sunday.

30 said...

" YOU booed at an inanimate object
and Kristen didn't hear it."

LMFAO Rose that is the fucken truth too! This stuff never gets old, honestly.

I saw BD2 yesterday I loved it, loved the ending and I really loved how Kristen brought Bellas vampire character out, strong not just physically, but mentally. Great job Kristen! I am going to miss you all.

I did the water work thing about three times watching it, not because of the actual movie though some scenes were made tear worthy, but because I felt like a proud Mom. lol

ali mac said...

Loved to see that R & K out doing a bit of shopping in M&S :) They do this great offer called "dine in for two" for £10. You get a main dish a side dish a dessert and a bottle of wine. It's a great way of getting the feeling of a meal out without the cost and getting a babysitter lol

In my imagination this is what Rob and Kristen were getting!!

parker said...

@ali, ummm, i’m craving me some gastropub fish pie right now :)
i’m imagining too that kristen is cooking her famous tortilla soup for rob’s family – teehee.
this is too much fangirling for me so early in the morning & i’m getting really hungry now lol.
better find something to eat.

bubblejoi said...

Great post.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Morning Ladies :)

@Ali - they sure had a lot of bags :)

@Wig - The needy ones make it so bad because they cause drama where there never was any. I absolutely loath GC and lost so much respect for them when they basically turn tabloid but the made a comment I would like to share - the ironic part is it damns GC as well but I think they know it to an extent. The statement to me says almost everything

The gossip mags badly want disruptions to the status quo.

Pattinson and Stewart being together is bad for the tabs’ business — stability does not sell.

ali mac said...

PARKER lol Their gastropub stuff is great!! yummy :)

Hi GINGER, such a true statement and exactly why they try so hard to rock the boat !!

ali mac said...

I meant to say aren't our imaginations wonderful!!

Zoey said...

I am so ridiculously late to this party it's embarrassing, but I've been following and loving Kristen and Rob since they were first casting Twilight. I was actually late to Stephenie's amazing books because I had never heard of them until I was on a plane one day and read a People magazine review of a bizarre sounding book called Breaking Dawn. When I got to the airport there was this big display of all 4 books so I bought Twilight and then devoured the series in two weeks. That's saying a lot since I hadn't read for pleasure in quite a few years. Anyway, I fell hard for Rob during his very first interviews after he was cast. He was so unassuming and in awe of where he found himself, especially about his good fortune of getting to work with Kristen who he admired so much.

When that Vanity Fair photo shoot came out I couldn't believe the obvious chemistry between them and also how young, beautiful and perfectly matched they looked together. I started scouring the net for info about them personally and found Rose's amazing blog. She always wrote exactly what was in my head and I've been faithfully reading her witty and wise words ever since. It wasn't until this July though that I started reading your comments. My heart was breaking for them and I wanted to find out what others who loved them were thinking and feeling about what was happening. So I've been reading every comment since then and love that I have found kindred spirits out there. You all are an amazing bunch of true fans and I just wanted you to know there is another one of you out there.

I saw BD2 yesterday and Kristen's stunning beauty took my breath away. It's been amazing watching both her and her character transform, grow and mature throughout these last 5 years. Kristen and Rob are so gorgeous together you cannot take your eyes off them. I loved every minute of their promos together and couldn't wait to see what they would wear next. Like many of you have said, though, I can't imagine how grueling this last week has been for them and I'm so glad they finally get to rest and just be themselves again. They have given everything they have to their fans and more. I'm in awe of their dedication and incredible work ethic at such young ages. There really is no one in Hollywood who holds a candle to them. I can't wait to see what the future holds.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Ali - Morning - those words say it all - covers everything for the past 4+ years for them and more so for this summer on

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Zoey - it is always awesome to have another on board with us :)

PamH said...

@ Zoey
Welcome !!

Hello Ginger, ali mac, parker and everyone else I missed

Last night my hubby and I were talking about how stupid the webloids are for instance on Hollywoodlies one post was about them showing PDA at premiers then maybe a few posts away a story Rob still not trusting Kristen same with Justin and Selena together not together. My hubby says " you know why they do that don't you ? " it's so they can appeal to both sides, a positive for the fans and a negative for the haters. I just always thought it was because they are stupid and different writers have their own opinion but now I can see what he said makes since. IT'S ALL GARBAGE ANYWAY!!!! but do people not see the stupidity off it when they have different stories on the very same page.

Man I was hoping to go see BD2 again Mon. before noon but just checked and I have jury duty starting again tomorrow. No worries, I'll catch it sometime again before it stops playing.

Zoey said...

Ginger and PamH, thanks for the welcome! I appreciate it. Ginger, I'm not on Twitter so I love getting the scoop from you!

Sorry my first post was so long. I had a lot of pent up thoughts to express! lol

Karen in NJ said...

Hi everyone!

Welcome Zooey - your post was perfect!

@Ginger - that GC statement is something I think we've all said over the years. Happy in love people don't sell. So just make up stories and if the haters believe that but not what has come out of Rob's (90% untrue)and Kristen's dad (don't believe everything you read) mouths then they don't want to believe the truth. I think they just like the reaction and stirring things up. I find it hard that they can really believe the excuses they make up.

parker said...

@Zoey, great comment and well said.

@ali, yes it is delish !
and yes, nothing wrong with some playful imagination now & then lol.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Well the one positive thing is there is some account deleting going on - has been going on since the picture in London surfaced - they call Rob a few names , then leave. One problem girl actually talked about the picture of HBG, Ruth and one of Taylor's handlers in the private plane after they had to make a emergency stop. Se was trying to claim that Rob and Kris went shopping when they plane stopped but got back on after the repairs were made. Ok this is going to say a lot about the education system where she is from or her learning ability but the plane stopped at Denver International Airport - with me living here my whole life - I never knew England was on the other side of the Rockies :)

parker said...

@Ginger, that’s funny.
and it doesn’t help the girl’s case that rob & kristen were clearly shopping at M&S – a chain that has absolutely no presence in the USA lol.

Pattybg said...



Stella said...

The movie is fantastic. I could say it's the best movie of the five, but for me, also, as for most of you, Twilight holds a dear dear place close to my heart, it's more of a symbol for me of what was going to follow and that's why it will always remain my favorite. But it's a great movie with lots of humor and those last 20 minutes kept me on the edge of my seat...
Loved it!

I'm sorry if it's been posted again, but I've read what Josh wrote for Rob and Kristen (in http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1697508/twilight-breaking-dawn-part-two-robert-pattinson-kristen-stewart-josh-horowitz-relationships.jhtml?xrs=share_twitter) and I thought we should all read at least a part of what he said there:

"Fans of the series of course want to know what the cast is "really" like. The boring but true answer is they're real. Love or hate Rob and Kristen's awkwardness but don't doubt the sincerity. I've seen these guys on and off camera and there's no difference. And that was the case in my first interaction with them, and it was the case on Monday night when Rob told me he thought a bird had just crapped on him and Kristen told me all she wanted was to take off her shoes. Looking for canned talk show answers? Move on. They're not playing that game."

That's one of the sweetest things I've heart about them and it makes me feel good for the respect I have for them both. It's a good answer for those who believe they're "selling" themselves or they are doing everything for PR...

PamH said...

@ ginger
You made me laugh with the idiotic story from a girl who needs to pay more attention in geography class and like ali mac said pay attention to detail of a pic before she comments, you can clearly see a logo at the top, not hard to see it's a store we don't have in US.
On a good note if a bunch delete their accounts that's all the better, but they do give us a good laugh every now and then.

PamH said...

@ Stella
That's why we all love Josh so much, he gets them and always has from the beginning. He's genuinely been their friend and not just about getting the story. It's another part I will miss, him interviewing them separately and together.

benny said...

just came home after seeing BD2, beautifully made, my favourite is still Twilight (it has a poetic indie touch that I love too much) but this come close second.

I loved loved loved the end credits (althought I was hoping (yes!) for the audition footages of ALL the actors as closing, but as Cathy said once maybe a certain part would cause riots)

this said, I hope that sooner or later Rob and Kristen will play a commedy together, there were a couple of scenes in BD2 were you can see their potential!

benny said...

one more thing!
I loved Garreth! his story with kate could be a good spin off

Annie said...

Good afternoon all!
Seriously!.......Now they've taken to changing the world's location maps.
I cringe!

Ali mac and others, you are closer to us then we thought. :)

RC said...

Miley's love for Kristen is so cute! You see hints of it in her wardrobe sometimes (wearing her converse with dresses like the one & only). She loved Kristen's Zuhair Murad outfit almost as much as I did.


Litmom said...

Hey, Roseland -
Just got back from viewing #2. Even better the second time around!

No booing this time, either - just happy, appreciative fans! YAY! Sat next to a church friend that I didn't even know was a Twilight fan - we could have been enjoying this together all these years! Who knew?

Zoey - Welocme! Great to have you here!

Litmom said...

**WELCOME** not Welocme...

deb said...

Hey do you think Kristen well be cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year?you know how she loves to cook. Welcome to the family Zoey set back and enjoy the ride. DK thank you for your kind words like i said before love your songs haven't heard some of them in a long time.I'm going to miss Rob and Kris BUT i'm glad that they well have some alone time now.And once again a BIG thank you to our momma bear ROSE and to all of you beautiful,loving fans. :) DEB

ali mac said...

ANNIE lol yes we are all neighbours now ;) crazy people!!!

ZOEY I didn't welcome you yet, so welcome to the fun x

Zoey said...

Thank you Litmom, parker, Karen in NJ and Ali mac! Hi Deb! I'm in it for the long haul. I could not adore these two more.

Birdie said...

I have loved all the mini-reviews,ladies and gent.

I saw it this morning. Bill Condon did a brilliant job, loved the ending. The cast did a wonderful job and I really liked some of the new vampires. I will miss Taylor and I really hope he does well. Rob and Kristen,what can I say...they should be so proud. Not only for doing justice to Edward, Bella and this saga, but for putting up with the circus that came with it. No one could have done it better and Kristen, you were a fanfuckingtastic vampire and mother!
Now I am not a teary sort of girl, but the very end got to me(you were right,Rob). It really has been a journey for them and I so appreciate getting to go along for the ride. What made me sad is I don't want them to leave. They are just that special. So I will watch as they continue to amaze.
Thank you Rose for taking us on this journey. "The best is yet to come." Someone once said something like this "Don't bet against Rose. Rose knows." I couldn't agree more.

Ginger with a Soul said...

I have been watching the excuses come and go - it is really funny - after being schooled on geography another decided Denver was a tiny village in the UK not the one in the US - I laughed so hard. It actually made sense they landed here since our airport is built for international flights so we have runways and other accommodations for these larger planes.

I hope they stay in the UK honestly - sounds like they are in a remote area and maybe they can just visit with his family and their friends there and get away for a well deserved vacation.

Birdie said...

Welcome Zoey, love to see more people that understand the intoxication.

Thank you for the Sonata. I'll have you know I spent a half-hour this morning on youtube with Les Mis. I cannot wait for this film.

Also, I was thrilled to hear Carter Burwell's music once again. Perfection.

LIZ said...


Just doing a "drive-by" to say hello, can only check-in periodically for a "geography lesson" ???? That was funny, London to Denver and back in a few hours, oh well!!!

TWIRLING because of that wonderful movie... Yea, I still love Twilight best but BD2 was a great closing movie for us all. I laughed and cried and bit my nails and gasped, what else could I ask for?


Holy said...

Happy Sunday everyone.

@Zoe-welcome aboard.

@Ali-that's an awesome imagination.LOL.

@Ginger-Hahaha,everyone in twitter were cracking up about the Denver emergency landing.Somebody also tweeted that there's no food in the plane,that's why R/K went shopping for everyone.

@Karen-how's everything with you.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Holy - it is really funny watching people call them out on their reasoning's - with what they pay for a private plane one would think it would come stocked right LOL. I think I saw a few Nonnies calling each other out there too

NjCullen said...

Whatup Zoey!!! Welcome!!!

Thank-you Rose for putting my thoughts into words.

Watched BD2 for the second tym yesterday. It's weird, I enjoyed watching it again but I think my enjoyment that time around was more like from witnessing people's reactions to the film since I knew what was coming. I felt what I imagined a mom would feel. I kept think yep, my kids have got that chemistry thing down pat, yep they are good looking, yes they're funny too.

Award for worst wig goes to: Emmett.
I thought Carlisle's wig wasn't as bad as it usually is even if it's the same on from BD1.

Karen in NJ said...

@Ginger - they believe there is no food on that plane for a how many hour trip? Yeah, ok. Another sighting would seal the deal don't you think? Though I really want them to have some well deserved downtime.

Loved BD2! Gasped and got misty eyed and can't wait to see it again. I had to calm my sister down but it all worked out!

@holy - doing ok, thanks and you? Just got done making dinner, new recipe which was yum.

Rose - love the post as always, it just keeps getting better! Can't wait to see what's next!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Karen in NJ said...
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Emily said...

just got back from BD2 and it was absolutely amazing. such a beautiful end to a beautiful saga. speaking of beautiful, Rose, you and your words are 100% stunning.

wig4usc said...

@Benny - I was thinking of spinoff material for Kate and Garreth, too! Loved those two!

I wonder if we can declare a date where we can openly talk about the movie. Rose - how about after you see it Monday, is it open season then?

@Ginger, your geography story cracked me up. I heard some suggesting its an old picture, sure, if one day is old, dipshits.

DK - did you ever make it out to LA? I saved a spot for you on my couch!

Second Chance said...

Even though Twilight still remains my favorite movie of the series, I really enjoyed Breaking Dawn Part 2. I saw it twice over the weekend - once with friends and once by myself. I really loved the end of the movie. It felt like a really sweet fan video and something that I know that I'm going to be watching over and over again on DVD. :). Without giving any details away for those who haven't seen it yet (Rose), I also really loved the scene in which these words from Lord Alfred Tennyson were spoken...

702. Song of the Lotos-Eaters (excerpt)

THERE is sweet music here that softer falls
Than petals from blown roses on the grass,
Or night-dews on still waters between walls
Of shadowy granite, in a gleaming pass;
Music that gentlier on the spirit lies, 5
Than tired eyelids upon tired eyes;
Music that brings sweet sleep down from the blissful skies.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Dear sweet McKenzie sure has provided us with a lot of goodies - First that Rob bought Kristen the motorcycles for her birthday, then hiking with Kristen and Bear and now this gem

"I heard Kristen play her trumpet, Rob got her a trumpet and you could hear in the hotel." - Mackenzie

RC said...

Mackenzie is too adorable for words. You can tell how much she loves them especially Kristen. To hear what she was wearing in her little interview..SO CUTE! She gives us all the goods on Rob & Kristen.

I guess Summit told Rob to buy Kristen a mini motorcycle & a trumpet. You know its all PR lol.

Rob is such an adorkable manchild. Did anyone see that interview with him talking about legos? OMG lol

PamH said...

@ ginger
Thanks for sharing the Mackenzie story, I missed her talking about a hike and the trumpet playing. Our boy sure does like buying his girl gifts and tokens :))) but we know that's a two way street for them.
Wonder if she was any good or if M meant you could hear because she wasn't so good ?
Bet the haters hate every time she talks about R&K, doesn't make since for people who are in a PR relationship to keep buying each other secret gifts....these people will never see the truth if it stood right in front of them.
I'm with you, I hope they stay in London or somewhere else really low key for a while.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Pam - Rob has talked about her playing the trumpet in the past too - just not that he bought it for her - of course the mind moves right into the gutter when they start all that hahahaha. People want a mic strap to McKenzie since she just spills away - children tend to repeat everything and never really know what they shouldn't.

I have to say a really funny story - I was in the grocery store with my kids when I hear 2 of my younger kids yell white power. I looked at my oldest daughter and was like what the hell did they just say !!!! I walked over and asked them why they were saying that and the answer I got back was the floor was white and shiny from the lights so it was white power.........I had to ask myself why the floor could not be blue or something like that and tell them not to say it again and let it go because I would not explain it. Both said daughters are part Native American and have very dark hair and are tan so it was even more ironic .....I was ready to crawl on a shelf and die of embarrassment.

ali mac said...

Love your story about White Power Ginger, Kids are innocent they don't even realise they're saying something that could be taken the wrong way.

It works at the other end of the age spectrum too. When we used to go and visit my grandmother in hospital when she was in her nineties and loosing it a little you never knew what she was going to come out with and say it at the top of her voice!! the only thing was most of the other patients in the ward would do the same thing lol

Stella said...

Good morning all!
I've just read, and thought I should share it with you, an article in Yahoo News about BD2, titled: "Box Office Report: 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' Bites Off $340.9 Million Worldwide Opening".
What I've found particularly interesting in this article was that 21% of the audience was male and 50% of the vieweres were older than 25.
This should be read by those who say that BD2 is aimed exclusively in teenage girls because we all know that's not the case... Half of the audience is far from teenagers.
Dare I say that the older audience is also the mosr lowyal one?

Stella said...

I meant *more* of course...

parker said...

@Stella, i read that in box office mojo as well.
141M domestic + 200M international opening weekend for BD2. pretty good.
and i would agree with the demographics too.
when i watched this weekend, i was surprised to see many males in the audience.
a lot were with wives and girlfriends but i saw solo males watching :)
now i don’t know who they were there for: kristen, rob or taylor :)

parker said...

so, i had been trying to catch up on the tons of pics/vids/interviews for BD2 press junkets & premieres.
it’s kinda overwhelming so i thought, maybe we should post our fave bits from the press junkets & premieres so if some of us missed stuff, we know which ones to go back to & review.

so here’s mine so far from press junkets/interviews/tv shows/premieres …

LA Premiere: rob wiping lipstick off
London Premiere: handholding
i love dogs so all the mentions of bear & bernie on Kelly & Michael, Ellen, GlamourUK but most of all …
Ruff with Josh: i just can’t get over rob’s expression when josh showed bear’s pic – makes me melt how much he loves his dog
El Hormiguero: taylor laughing when kristen passed the 30-sec mark and rob’s expression while kristen puts her hand over his mouth when she lost
Allison Hammond from “This Morning”: rob’s hilarious expression when allison asked “what’s this i hear about you diving down under?”
Telemundo: good ass and intelligence answer from rob on the question “what do you find sexy in a girl?”
Andrew Freund’s on “who’s likely to”: kristen’s expression when she almost got andrew during arm wrestling

anyone care to share their fave bits?

parker said...

forgot one more thing …
Andrew Freund: kellan & jackson on the subject of honey boo boo
Kellan: who’s honey boo boo
Jackson: you don’t want to know
Kellan: ok
that cracked me up and i didn’t even know who honey boo boo is – had to google it LOL

Stella said...

Parker, all those were lovely moments. You could see that they were trying hard not to touch each other, not to look into each other's eyes but they were not always successful... We say here in Greece that love and cough is not easy to hide... LOL

You got me thinking: is there for Rob a similar word as "krisbians" is for Kristen? If there is, I'd like to hear it and watch Rob's face when he finds out.. That would be an expression to remember...

Once again, I hope I make sense with my English...

parker said...

one more fave bit:

Shaunna Murphy from Hollywood.com: rob saying that it was both his ideas to pull on bella’s dress …
and the little rig they made for the bed so they can slide up fast … that he should be a director for sex scenes :)

parker said...

@Stella, your english is just fine.
no, i don’t know if there is an equivalent label of krisbians for rob’s male admirers :)
to be honest, i was like rob – i thought krisbians meant something else, not how josh explained it.

Pattybg said...



Ginger with a Soul said...

Morning Ladies

@Stella/Parker - it is all just Robsessed - male or female

London - Kristen with Victoria both on the carpet and again when they were on the balcony with Rob

LA - Rob's mom taking pictures of Rob and Kristen posing together

Rob's mom and Kristen's dad together at the after party

Berlin - too many to count - he stared at her with so much love and there were so many touches

@Madrid - the press conference with them talking behind Taylor

@Ali - kids just say whatever comes to mind with no filter - sometimes it is so funny other times you want to pretend they came from someone else

Pattybg said...


parker said...

@Ginger, see i know i’d miss a lot.
i saw all of what you listed except for that bit about rob’s mom taking pics of rob/kristen posing together.
thanks for that !

Annie said...

Morning all!
@Ginger: From an episode of kids say the darndest things. :) :)
Reminds me of this ........I was in a store and these two very cute little girls ( about 6 years old) were there with their parents, one was crying and pleading with her mom to buy her something, she was saying..... "Please, please, please mommy." Suddenly the other one crosses her arms and shouts out......."Jews don't beg!"
The sudden silence in the store was defeaning. :) :)

Zoey: Welcome!

Have a great Monday everybody.

parker said...

@Annie, that is so hilarious.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Annie - LOL OMG

ali mac said...

PATTY and ANNIE both of your stories are brilliant. PATTY your bust must have been making a great impression on her that day lol!!

ANNIE your story goes to prove Children repeat EVERYTHING they hear lol

PARKER we have a lot of similar fave moments :) and GINGER I loved all the parent pics too! I think they normalise them even more!! Alos loved the Honey boo boo one with Kellan and Jackson, it was the way he said it!!

STELLA what part of Greece are you from. I went on a holiday to the island of Zakynthos when I was 18. (my first holiday without parents) it was beatiful.

ali mac said...

*also *beautiful

Pattybg said...




PamH said...

Hello everyone

I think everyone's already listed all my favorite moments too.
I loved the Berlin premier video when they are taking photos together as a group and for a quick second they show Kristen holding onto Rob's jacket, it made me happy to see that just one more time because that is so a Kristen thing and I didn't think the way the premiers had been going so far they would be photoed side by side to see that again.
I also loved the El Hormiguero show when Rob was talking about he always breaks beds that way and likes to buy cheap ones, he couldn't keep a straight face and K looked so funny listening to him.

@ parker
I missed the hollywood.com thing, I'll have to go back and look for that.

sue said...

Hee Zoey, welcome to the party. It's nice to read how we all have our own little story how we got involved.
I had never heard of Twilight but early 2010, I kept seeing R&K's names popping up everywhere, wondering "who are these people"? So one day early march 2010 Twilight was on TV and I just had to watch it.
I was sold not cause of the movie (although it's so sweet and still my fav and seen it multiple times) but because of Rob and Kristen.
The sparks and connection was something else, I thought then that they were a couple when making the movie. I was intrigued by their chemistry.
The rest is history, I bought the NM DVD, the books etc. I thought I was posessed by something as they are not really my kind of books or movies but later I realized it was all because of R&K.
I devoured YT fanvids, found Robstenation & Intoxication and was totally convinced that they were a couple, didn't understand people not seeing that (still don't).
Since the LA première I've been thinking how I would feel about it, it being over and it didn't really hit me as I was never overly involved in the movies but now I'm realizing it was never about that, for me it was always about R&K, I only watched cause of them and that's all over now.
So now I do feel sad also cause of all your nice comments about the movie. I won't see them together professionally (maybe in the future) anymore, no more funny Comic Cons, crazy Red Carpets, hilarious interviews with Rob trying to be serious about Edward.
I totally loved the ride: the R'Nation crazy girls, you Tox girls who I needed so much since July.
The good part is, whishing with all of my heart, I hope R&K can find some peace, being left alone a little as the Twilight fandom will dwindle some. Nomore PR BS. Wishful thinking?
I'll be looking forward to their new projects. Rob working with Guy Pierce (great actor) and Viggo Mortensen (one of my fav actors) so yeah all is good.
AND there is still you Rose and you lovely ladies (apart from the lost delusional trolls) to look forward too.

PamH said...

Has everyone read Kristens interview with Vogue Indie on Robsten Dreams it's so good, it's a q&a with really great questions. She said she wants to do a period piece because she hasn't done that yet, I've wanted to see her do one for ages. Thing she would like to do but is to scared to do: skydiving, snorkeling and bunjee jumping, maybe Rob will help her out with the first one while they are in AUS.

parker said...

@Pam, i read that.
pretty good.
quite revealing about what frightens her the most – fanatic fans & media’s unwanted questions.
sure hope rob & kristen will have a long “quiet period” next year away from the loonie fans & paps.

sue said...

A nice trip down memory lane on YT, 'Robert and Kristen-One Heart' by Melg 0510.

LIZ said...

sue -- My story of how I became involved with Twilight is almost identical to yours!!! I watched it on TV in early March of 2010 ... and the rest is history.

I hope everyone is having a great day, I'm just "driving by" on my way to another job now.

JMF said...

Hello everyone,
I went to see BD2 again this afternoon, a very quiet audience, I was the only one screaming, gasping and yes I did cry at the meadow scene. There were some things I missed the first time, so it was good to see again, and probably will see it a few more times.
Happy to see our couple our gathering groceries as I am sure they want some peace and quiet for a few days to rest and relax. Twitter is very quiet, well at least my TL is! a good change, no drama.

Stella said...

Ginger, thank you, I didn't know they are all called "Robsessed".
Pattybag, I don't think I deserve your compliment on my English, but thanks anyway. I just hope that at least I make sense in what I'm writting...
ali mac, it's so nice that you've visited Greece! I teach Greek History and Literature and I live on the island of Crete. I hope that if you ever decide to visit again, you'll let me know...

I guess there are no news of Rob and Kristen's whereabouts today and that's a very good thing because they are probably able to enjoy some peace and quiet by themselves or with their friends and Rob's family. I kind of miss them already, to be honest, but I'll have to get used to it because they deserve nothing less than their privacy.

ali mac said...

Stella it's been 18 years since I was there and it seems like just a few years ago. Fingers crossed I'll get back some day.

Ginger with a Soul said...

My twitter just blew up based on an interview Bill C did - trying to figure out if it is true because holy shit balls if it is

Karen in NJ said...

@Ginger - is that good or bad?

RC said...

@Ginger - I was like holy shit too idk how true it is though.

Stella said...

Was the interview broadcasted yet? Has anyone heard it?

NjCullen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
NjCullen said...

Oh the drama in this fandom... Can't wait to hear what it is this time.

PamH said...

@ ginger and RC
When you learn more let us know.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@RC - it is in a print interview people want the broadcast to believe he actually said it - they are saying he said it on a BBC interview. I want to hear to know he is not talking in the context of the movie because why would he tell that - I just don't understand, it just seems to unreal for him to spill that

@NJC - Yeah I think everyone is trying to find proof to this article that just hit and that it is not a bunch of twisted stuff again.

PamH said...

Your post makes me giggle every time I see it :)

NjCullen said...

Is is surprisingly revealing like the Mamastew thing?

RC said...

What does the interview say? I haven't read any part of it just reactions.

Holy said...

Hello guys.

Mackenzie is so cute and doesn't have any filter.LOL

@Ginger-hey there,OMG,you're kids are funny.


LIZ said...

Hi All,

I've been on Twitter --- I don't believe it. Bill C. wouldn't talk about his cast in such a way.

In this case, I'd have to hear or see it in writing from BBC. Also, I did a Google search for anything showing BBC and Bill Condon interview and nothing showed up.

PamH said...

Is it bad or something ?
Because I can't picture Bill ever saying anything about any of the cast unless they were fine with whatever it is.

Ginger with a Soul said...

I am just going to say it had to be some weird twisted crap until there is some actual audio of him saying it

For everyone not seeing twitter going down - There is a print article says during a BBC interview Bill C admits Kristen is pregnant. I have an extremely hard time believing he would spill that and am baffled by the article. People are not believing it until there is audio/ video on it because why he would spill that. I am going to guess the article is twisted from an answer from the movie

LIZ said...

GINGER -- I've been thinking the same thing. These foreign articles (meaning not in English, i.e. Bill Condon's language) the translations aren't always exact. I have heard and seen Bill Condon mention what a great "mother" Kristen makes in BD2. Soooo, could be something like that.

PamH said...

@ ginger and Liz
I'm inclined to believe like both of you it was just something taken out of context or lost in translation about her character and not Kristen personally.
If it were true it would be hard to start her project with BA while being pregnant...unless it's a long time before it happens.
God, I could see it killing a bunch of haters if it were real.

RC said...

Yeah don't believe it anyway, but a BBC article wouldn't need translated.

RC said...

Anything to do with Kristen gets twisted by the media. Also whoever writes the tweets for HuffPost & all the other garbage on the site needs fired. Did Kristen steal their dog or something, I mean really..

Ginger with a Soul said...

@RC - If I understand this all right - supposedly the BBC things was translated to Spanish and that was how it was posted so everyone wants to see this supposed BBC interview because that would clear it all up

RC said...

@Ginger - Sighhhss just another average day in this fandom. Still laughing at someone saying the grocery shopping pics were photoshopped. I just can't...

PamH said...

@ Ginger
If twitter is that crazy do you think there's any chance Bill will be made aware of this and can have a chance to clear it up ?

RC said...

Ok I just read the article & ohmgee WHAT? I'm confused "the reconciliation did them good" um WHAT? I'd dislike him just for that one sentence right there. Fake Bill sounds like a creep. Also they got the Twilight set together? They haven't been on a Twilight set in a year plus some. Google translate fails at life.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@RC - I laugh at that one too - funny how there were all the random tweets from several different people putting them in said store just prior to the picture. Funny thing is when you ask them to prove Kristen is not in London they can't.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Pam - it has been going pretty steady between the article and the baby pools going

@RC I read it too - it is all really confusing

RC said...

So E! debunked it? Yes I believe everything they say. They know everything! They can even tell us what Rob & Kristen say to each other when no one else is around lol. I honestly can't stand to watch E!News anymore.

RC said...

Bless the person that put BD clips on youtube, I've been watching them nonstop.

LIZ said...

PAMH, GINGER, RC and everyone else here tonight...

Bill C. doesn't usually do twitter BUT his partner, Jack, does. So, if anything, we might hear something from Jack clearing this up. I hope so. I really find it hard to believe that Bill C. would let something like that slip.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@RC I didn't see anything from E other than the Chick on there said she knows where in the UK Rob and Kris are.

@Liz- IDK - I don't think we are going to hear anything more on it honestly unless someone pulls the "BBC Interview" out their bum

tufenuf55 said...

Please, let's all take a deep breath. Does anyone really believe that Bill Condon, who has several times during both BD promotions, sung praises about Kristen, would so callously discredit her in this fashion? Does anyone here? Either this is problem in translation or a complete lie by the rags. Jack will definitely set the record straight. He will not let anyone misquote Bill.

LIZ said...

GINGER -- another thing very suspicious about is that word "conciliation" ... as we both know, there was never a break-up, therefore no "conciliation" necessary.

RC said...

This whole thing is hilarious. I find it hilarious because of the haters reaction. I can hear their neck vein popping from here. Just a precursor to what will happen when R/K really are preggers.

NjCullen said...

I can't stand E!News too. I hate when Ken Baker comes onscreen to give "exclusive intimate details" about a particular 'private' celebrity event. What annoys me is how he acts like he was actually there or like he is best friends with every celebrity in town. I used to like E!News a few years ago but I hardly watch it nowadays. I still like Guliana Rancic though.

LIZ said...

LOL, I just had to send this tweet...

Kristen's pregnant. BECAUSE OK MAG SAID SO. It's her 173672 child. Rob and Kristen are hiding them in LF1 and 2. Creating a new born army.

LIZ said...

NJ -- Yea, I can't say I "like" any of the Entertainment News Shows. There are very few facts involved, they go mostly by photos which paps have taken, etc. BUT, some of us (myself included) are so desperate for news, we'll watch anything and then tell the TV they are full of BS!!!

What's that saying? Know your friends but know your enemies better? Yea, it's good to keep up with the BS.

PamH said...

that tweet is so funny.
Thats the reason they had to get another house they are hiding all these kids they've had since Twilight started and now with their dogs they ran out of room....LOL

RC said...

What does this say?


A twitter friend said I should read it so it has to be about Kristen & its either

A) I need to cuss someone out.
B) It's something good.

It's probably A. but for some reason my computer hates me right now. I just bought this piece of shit too.

Anyone else have problems with Apple computers? They replaced my last one for free because something was installed wrong & now this one is just as bad. I should've stuck with HP or Dell.

RC said...

@NjCullen isn't that the worst. I can't wait for someone to create a show where they spill all the news media's secrets to the public to see how it feels to be humiliated by only 1% truths.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@RC - ughh just someone trying to give her career advice - not think she needs any

I didn't like the haters reaction to that supposed article at all - they always show why they are the lowest common denominator in life. Instantly started threatening said rumored baby and wishing it death - we won't know they have kids until the kids are teens if that because the way people act.

RC said...

@Ginger giving someone who can have any movie made that she wants career advice is laughable..idiots.

Threatening a child. Wow doesn't surprise me since they were just threatening their dogs.

You are right we aren't going to know their kids names until they are about 50 lol. Actually I doubt we will even know when Kristen is pregnant.

PamH said...

@ RC
It's definitely NOT something good.
It's basically an article about this girls opinion on what K should and should not be doing career wise, but she makes a lot of jabs at K and some of her comments don't really fit Kristen.

RC said...

Unfollowing my twitter "friend." I hate when people send me things they know will upset me.

PamH said...

I bet if RK and Bill have any idea about this they are all having a laugh about how stupid these interviewers and translators are with messing their quotes up.
Except for the crazy hater comments that would threaten a baby or animals....nothing funny about those nuts

NjCullen said...

Laughed so hard about you unfollowing your twitter friend. I totally get it. I once blocked an acquaintance's email account after she said some negative things about my favourite NBA team during the play-offs. That's the awesome thing about the R and K fansites. They usually only include positive things so unless we're on Twitter or frequent webloids we can mostly avoid all the other negative BS if you want R and K news.

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