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Sunday, July 28, 2013

We Can Work It Out

Rob likes to kiss. Kristen.

Oh boy.
You know...
You step away for a day or so
and come back to the same tired drama.

Don't people ever get bored of feeling anxious or angry?

Rob and Kristen will be OK.
They both are working and enjoying life (and each other).
Isn't that what everyone should be doing?
Don't WORRY.

I came across something that was pretty disturbing...
Some Rob 'fan' decided it would be oh so funny
 to troll the fandom (again)
with a 'I saw Rob and Kristen together' tweet.

Do people really think that stale shit is funny?

Is it really sooo hard to rile up
the anxious and needy?

Think about it.
This person...
Had to make up the lame 'troll' accounts
months in advance.
They had to get followers
tweet a significant number of times
All to make it look real.
And better yet...
WHO wants to do that?
For what gain?
To get 5 minutes of giggles and attention?
 The time and effort put into numerous troll accounts
makes them look like an
obsessive schizophrenic.
Yeah... I can see how appealing that must be.
(and the people who hang on their every word.)


Oh look!
Rob is in the background of a picture
of Michelle Rodriquez!
He must be 'doing' her!
He was with her in the same bar!
But wait...
Is that a sliver of blonde hair next to Rob?
has resurfaced!
He must be 'doing' her too!
In fact... 
SINGLE FREE Rob must be schtupping
(Yes. Schtupping)
any woman in the same air space as him now...

Let's see.
Since this media imposed breakup
(remember~ neither Rob/Kristen or their team 'confirmed' anything)
(remember~ this is based on a few pictures)
(remember~ there is so much more we DON'T see)
Rob has been linked to
a mysterious blonde.
a mysterious redhead
a mysterious brunette.

ANYONE but Kristen.

I hate (not really) to bring up this again... 
But still having doubts about the girl
in the truck with Rob?
It wasn't Riley.
It wasn't Odessa (hahaha at that one)
Or Katy. Or Caitlin. Or Camille. 
Or Emilie. Or Sarah.
WHO was it?
Tiny girl in front seat.
Like Kristen.
Red hair in sun.
Like Kristen.
Like Kristen.
Like Kristen.
Everyone agreed it was a
"Kristen look alike"
Could it be.

Kristen is busy with work.
She always says that she needs it.
She looks great.
And man...
Is she tiny or what?
So cute.

I will never.
understand the constant need for some
to hate on this girl.
Nothing she has ever done in her life
has been worthy of the abuse some people
think is OK to throw at her.
No matter who she hangs around with.
No matter what she wears.
No matter if she smiles or flips someone off.
No matter if she makes mistakes
or has the love of a man
that so many other women want.

Kristen doesn't deserve any of it.
I will continue to adore her
and support her.

I guess others will continue
to be completely obsessed over every move she makes
and call themselves Rob fans.

Kristen still

Fucking OWNS you.

LOVE this picture.
The smile on Rob's face is brilliant.
I guess this is what he looks like
when he takes pictures with fans 
who don't stalk and chase him?

Sometimes I think Rob is WAY too nice to fan(atics)
The ones that hunt him at airports and hotels...
Chasing and shouting at him for an autograph
and a picture.
I wonder if these fan(atics)
think Rob (and Kristen)
deserve a moments peace?
Do they believe that every time
they are in public they owe people
a smile and a picture?

People keep linking Rob and Kristen
to whoever they work with
or stand next to.

Everyone seems to be waiting for
the moment when
Rob or Kristen
step out with someone on a regular basis.

Because that will be the defining moment...
The... THIS IS IT moment.

And I agree.
That will be fucking huge.

Thing is...
Don't be too shocked 
if it's with each other.

This post is brought to you by



Until next time.

Bye for now


Lanette said...

Great post as always. I really don't understand all the hate she gets either. Makes no sense.

RKsoulmates913 said...


One of Those girls is the daughter of a famous woman from Real Housewives- Star Kyle Richards’ Daughter.

It's AMUZING to see the lies haters and media are trying to see be debunked over and over again. Katy Perry, Riley Kerough, Sarah Gadon (this was pretty hilarious), Dior Model, Caitlin Cronenberg, the counteless burnettes, blondies and redheadeds... and there is who still believe this shit...

THE FACTS are there for whoever want to see that RK are TOGETHER and fine.

Thanks Rose, I really appreciate your posts!

RKsoulmates913 said...

OMG I had to block more than 7 Kristens haters this week and they are robsessed, so please don't say that Rob gets more hate than Kristen bc its NOT true. >>> #robbiepattinson

I think it's thoughtful of someone who is RPintoxication fan to like Kristen like she does, it proves that the world is still a nice place!

robbie pattinson said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Kay said...

Just when I think the fandom can't surprise me anymore, someone goes and does it.....wow. It's good to see that Rob, Kristen and Tom are all happily going about their lives no matter what the fringe might say or do.

I hope everyone had a relaxing, fun and happy, happy, happy weekend! Take care, be safe and have a great week, everyone!!

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone!
Rose- Great posts. You really nail it.
RKsoulmates913- Hi! How are you?
Elizabeth- Good point.

RKsoulmates913 said...

I think Rose need to buy a #SUPHATERS t-shirt too.

Rose, Have a wonderful week and don't mind the fan-atics ;)

I want one #SUPHATERS tee too.

Stella said...

I can't wait for the... THIS IS IT huge fucking moment myself...
I really can't wait!

Rob's smile in that fan photo is bright enough to light a city. Seems happy. I wonder why...

Take care, everyone.
Love is all around us!

Rob always said...

You are so fake Rose, you say you are a Rob fan, but al you do is defending Kristen, ok no problem with that, but what about Rob haters?? They are saying very nasty things about him based on BS, but you never call them out. It's sad that Rob haters get a free pass even from you, a Rob "fan".

Rose said...

@Rob Always
Here's an idea.
YOU write a blog and you can write about ANYTHING you want!
And you can let me write about anything I want.

Rob always said...

The thing is I liked you, your posts are funny, but please, tell me why you don't care about all the hate Rob is getting??

katy said...

Great post as always, rose!!

Haters (nonsten and nonberts) need to take a dose of Shut the fuck up and evaporate pills...it would make our days a lot more shinning.

And the drama llams on this fadom need to stop worrying about every fucking insignificant detail because they are getting really insufferable with their insecurities.

LOVE Rob. LOVE Kristen and I hope wherever they are that are happy.

And, I also love Mr. Thomas Sydney Jerome Sturrigde.

Take care and be happy Roselanders.

Rose said...

@Rob Always
I do care about Rob...
And I do address the bullshit hate he gets too.
Thing is... its not a contest.
I write about stuff I see and read...
If I get a lot of Rob hate I will write about that.

Rob always said...

That's something I'd like to see, I guess there is a reason why it's a ROBERT PATTINSON blog.

And no, it's not a contest and it's ok defend Kristen, but Rob IS getting hate because he hangs out with Michelle, because he is Dior face, for living his life,but yeah, keep ignoring it.

Holy said...


Rose-brilliant post as always.

And yes-Kristen definitely owns the haters fucking asses.

Birdie said...

Loved this,Rose. You nailed more than a few items. Throwing every female that comes within a mile radius at Rob is ludicrous. Don't people find it odd that the mystery woman in the truck has never reappeared? It is so blatantly obvious that this was Kristen(to me anyway)but no one wants to go there,do they?
They both get trashed on by the nutty people in this fandom. What I find offensive is all these women "hating" on another woman, one that has done her best to just live her life as best as she can. I can guarantee that 99.9% of these people are women. Are there any sites run by men that are bent on hating Rob or Kristen? I think not. It really speaks poorly for our gender.
I have to admit the over-involved fans are a bit scary too. Grown women stalking and chasing down a young man is kind of creepy. I would guess that makes Rob a bit uncomfortable.
I'm excited that they are both back working and can't wait to see them both up on the screen.
So, until that THIS IS IT moment I remain patiently faithful. And... they both fucking own them!

PC said...

Thank you, Rose.

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

Thank you Rose :D
I love the green sheep box by the way ;)

PamH said...

Hello Roseland

@ Rose
Nice job as always :) thank you!!!

@ Rob always
Did you read the same post that I read ? Because I'm pretty sure that Rose addressed the Rob and countless hook ups created by delusional fans and papz. If I'm not mistaken that seems to be the biggest Rob hate going on. The only people making a big deal out of Rob and MR and all the other mysterious females are those that either hate K or hate R and that doesn't describe Rose or anyone here.

Ladies and Robert ( if your lurking )
I hope everyone is great and that your weekend was as well =D

Anonymous said...

Hi RKsoulmates913, Atticus, Em, vernistene, DK, KK, LizzieD, Ginger, Rose, Pist, Kay, Katy, PL, Rose, Holy, ADD, Tracybell, PamH, Stella, Litmon, Pattybg, slutsrunning, PC, Elizabeth, Olivia, Barb, and the rest of Roselands! How is everyone? Me I can't wait to go to Yellowstone next week. Also, getting ready for tonight. Going to meet my daughter's camp leader today. Just want to go over for camping this week. But I will be back later. Keep me posted.
Rose- Great Job!
Birdie- Hi! How are you? I also agree with you on your comments.
Holy- Hi! How are you? We missed you. I agree with you about the haters.
PamH- Hi! How are you? I also agree with you on your comments.
Anyways got to go now.
Katy- Hi! How are you? I am agree with you on your comments.

vernistene said...

Hello everyone, Been busy getting ready for my road trip.
First "THANK YOU ROSE!!!" To the fucking correct point as usual.
Second - They are together and there are no fucking buts or what ifs or she's got blonde hair bullshit.
Third - Tom Rocks with his sexy little self. You are a lucky blessed woman Sienna."
Now for Rob Always -"He he he"
@Rob Always I have always said Rose can fight her own battles and she does it well. When she comes for you and she always will you will need a depends. But any who
If you don't like how Rose runs her blog stay the fuck off. If you do read it and be respectful. If Rob needs defending you better believe Rose is the first in his corner here. They tend to attack Kristen more. It is always something negative out there about her. Now what yo dumb opinionated ass could do was every time you think Rob needs defending do it. I mean you take time to write shit to Rose. Use that energy to defend Rob. Now wouldn't that be grand? Look I love Rob and Kristen I know they are together no buts... I do get tired of having to reassure all the so called true fans of this. I also get tired of whining, sniveling fools who want someone else to fight the battles while they complain when it isn't done or done to their satisfactions. Fucking do it yourself if you think it needs doing. Look better on ya!!!!!! I say this with love! :)

natt39 said...

Nice post Rose and I will never understand the hate that both Kristen and Rob receive but it just seems to stem from being envious of something they will always share together that nobody else can even begin to understand,looking forward to their new films and both look healthy and happy also looking for good news to come from them soon as well!

Rob always said...

I'm just one of many Rob fans (and I mean only Rob fans, not Robsten fans) who used to like this blog. Yes, it's her blog and she will post what she wants, I just wanted to tell her that for many Rob fans is seems she isn't a Rob fan like she said, and some even say she would prefer to ship Tom (if he were single) with Kristen.

vernistene said...

@Rob always
"She coming" lol lol :"And it might not be pretty" lol lol
You must also remember this is a very tight community so more will be on yo stupid ass. You came here to start shit but boo they gonna shit all over you. Get out the waders and the umbrella cause it's gonna be raining shit all on your stupid ass head. You are no ones fan but your own. get the fuck on chick!! Kick Rocks! but do it with "I love Rob woohoo" lying statement if I ever read one.
We here really do love Rob and Kristen!!!!

Super RN Gas Passer said...


Lovely post and I loved the part about the mystery girl with the red hair in the truck !!! I also noticed that the knee she had propped up on the seat looked very much like K's :))))


Sigh...Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed or what !!! Geez....Just because she loves Rs best male friend and his best girl doesn't mean she isn't a Rob fan...she can write about all of them...that takes nothing away from Rob...why don't you just go to whatever blog suits you and be done with it? We aren't sitting in judgement of your preferences ...just sayin

Anonymous said...

@ Robalways. Please leave this board if you're not happy with it. Your recent remarks are beginning to sound shrill, and we all know what that means. RPI is not a group home for wayward trolls.

Excellent post Rose. I really love the gif! Ever notice that Kristen's hands always reach up for his hair and his hands always drift down to her... Never mind.

Hope everyone had a good weekend and has a fantastic week!

Em said...

hi roseland hoppe everyone is good ;)) I made it finally on vacation n celebrating the most beautiful woman in the world bc it's her birthday lol idk when the party will stop but lol don't think I want it to hahhaah okay guys gotta go there's a live band n lol gotta go my turn in the circle stay happy happy happy byeeeee

Nancy Allen said...

I was in need of a good old Rose blog today!!! I think I need to stay away from twitter or re-examine who I follow! The BS and hating is depressing! You always brighten my RK obsessed life....Rob and Kristen will always end up together! Just like they did in the truck....keep on posting Rose!

Mama Nails said...

@Rob always... Here's the deal it IS possible to like Rob & Kristen. That's what we do on this site! We like them both! I've seen Rose call out BS on both sides. But seems to be in my experience that supposed Rob fans are also his biggest haters. Love how they are constantly calling him a slut and out for money. That makes me sad, cause this is not the man I believe him to be and the fact that FANS claim this is true about him just baffle the mind!

So again, if you don't have something truly constructive to contribute and just want to whine then create your own blog (it's really easy, I have two) and you can call out all the Rob haters and you know what as long as you aren't hating on Kristen I might even support what you have to say.

But in all honesty your complaint about Rose says so much more about you. All we saw in your complaints is what Rose *should* be doing...not one concrete example of the hate you claim. & the fact that R &K are a couple make the hate just that hate! It's not a competition with them it never has been in any aspect of their life!

@Rose.... Well said as always!

What I'm forever amazed at why anyone could hate in either of them.

They fortunately (or unfortunately) had the good luck to star in a $billion franchise and meet the love of their lives in each other.

But because of their fortune (literally and figuratively) this brings out the crazies that have to do their best to tear them down....smh really says so much about the haters, doesn't it?

vernistene said...

Yo Super, how ya doing friend? I am in my element tonight. Got a grandbaby on the way. My daughter waddle in about an hour ago and said "mama I'm in labor" I replied "good cause I start my road trip Tuesday and you need to get that little ham out the oven!" lol I already have 12 grandchildren from 6 daughters.

Elizbeth said...

How can you like someone and hate the person they chose to be with? It has become a team Kristen versus team Rob. This is not Twilight. People need to grow up. We like them both and together, well, hell yes. This is not a childish past time or game. This is real life, real people. These sick fools really believe they are doing Rob a favor by being nasty toward Kristen. Imagine that.

Emma springsteen said...

Why is nobody commenting on the fact that Rob is stood next to Tamra Natisin in the new fan pic? Tamra was bowling with Kristen just a few nights ago at Gina's birthday party.

just sayin!

Emma springsteen said...

i think they Katy Perry rumor was the funniest. The fact that People ran with it and Lainey is still trying to make out that it was happening when the fandom and even most of the nonstens knew it was BS, shows just how unreliable US Weekly (we already knew that) and People can be. Sure, some publicists give stories, but sometimes they do make crap up to get hits.

vernistene said...

Hey Elizabeth, As usually you say it so very well and so on point. Well said!!! and I totally agree!!!

Kathy said...

@ Rob Always....just shut up and go away AND don't tell Rose how to manage her blog. She LOVES Rob AND Kristen and addresses each issue as it comes up. Honestly, I don't EVER hear about anyone hating on Rob, just Kristen. So please do us all a favor and go somewhere else.

vernistene said...

On an even better note Rob and Kristen are together and that's that on that. No Buts.......

vernistene said...

I read a bumper sticker today (Yes bumper sticker logic lol lol) It said:
"It is easier to believe a horrible lie on those you love and adore than the truth that is good and uplifting." then in smaller letters
If you do it to others they just might be doing it to you, think about it."
My first thought was long ass statement on a bumper sticker then I thought but so true. When I got closer to the car and started to pass I saw it was a channel 17 news card. I nearly wrecked laughing.

vernistene said...

Car not card

Litmom said...

Ah, Rose-

This one needs a LIKE button. I'd hit that thing a jillion times.

Hello, Roseland-ers!

vernistene said...

Hey Roseland family I am headed to the hospital to take my daughter. her contractions are 9 minutes apart. New granddaughter Trinity is on the way. Love Ya!!!!! YAY!!!!

Super RN Gas Passer said...


I hope all goes well...Good Luck !!!

Virginia Florey said...

Thrilled, really, to open up Intoxication and find a new blog! Think I learned my lesson about looking up other blogs. Have you heard about Grand Punk 13? I read it all and then was mad at myself for wasting all that time. I haven't seen a photo of Kristen wearing a diamond ring. Where is it? Thanks.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Evening Ladies and Robert

@Rose - I love love love this post -I can't say much more then thanks for being an awesome person and awesome fan or both Rob and Kristen - can we clone you and spread you around

@Rob Always - I know this will fall on complete deaf ears but here it goes. I have seen the same thing come from the Rob haters mouth as his number #1 fans - they have made him an object (lets robjectify anyone), wanted him to be such a man whore in any attempt to dismiss Kristen, called Kristen a sell out for doing a perfume campaign to get it slapped in your face when he did one - so I give a slow clap to both groups for doing everything in the name of a pointless crusade and dragging him through tabloid after tabloid but at the end of the day changing nothing in his life like you ever had any say or effect. When you do the finger pointing make sure you turn it on yourself because the image being painted of him isn't fair and never will be but the culpability lies in so many hands

Tracybell said...

congratulations lady...hope all is well we'll hold down the fort lol.

Rob always
I'll solve ur problem honey....school starts in a few weeks and youll have homework and ball games to keep u busy. You wont have time to worry about how many times rose defends rob lol. Night night sweetie.

love the post. I can barely keep up on this blog so I think these people dont work or have a life. My theory about two dudes in a basement stands becus really? Who else has the time?

Jezz said...

You Rose!!! are just amazing... i love your post! AS ALWAYS
so it seems like some people are not agree about what your write... i think you're an amazing fans of Rob, and keep doing this please...
and poor Rob he has to many lovers, i wonder is everyone is happy with him and his time between girl and girl... LMAO

and is not true that Rob recieves hate, that's a big fat lie... in fac Kristen and all her fans recieved more hate that anyone!! because some ninies are just crazie, yes i love Kristen a little bit more than Rob... sorry Robsessed girls!!

Can't waut to read ypu again! LOVE YOU

Loui White said...

Anyone who can read Rose's blog and not see her standing up for Rob against all the bullshit that is said about his personal life and choices, has to be either illiterate or a drama-loving asshole.....maybe both.
Rose - your ability to boil the media and 'fan' bullshit down to a condensed and laughable quantity is an art unto itself...and we here at 'Roseland' not only salute you, but pray for your happiness and health as well.
Ginger - It's good to 'hear' your voice in Roseland again. Hope all is well for you and yours. Your observations and humorous take on things is missed.
To all the lovely people that visit and comment with such positivity and humor....Thank you!
Knowing such true supporters of R&K exist, makes it much easier to get through the massive crap that the rest of the 'fandom' throws around!

Atticus said...

Adore, adore, adore your post, Rose! Loved all the comments with the exception of 1. For sure Kristen & Rob never ever deserved the hate and most times slanderous but unfortunately the nutjobs have latched onto them.

It is disturbing and frightening but pathetic and childish as well that someone has the time to set up a troll account months in advance just to troll the fandom. See, nutjobs!

@Ginger, nice to see ya here!
@Verni, how many grandkids? Congrats!
@Arleen, waves!

Rob & Kristen are more than fine!

Anonymous said...

Hi RKsoulmates913, Atticus, Em, vernistene, DK, KK, LizzieD, Ginger, Rose, Pist, Kay, Katy, PL, Rose, Holy, ADD, Tracybell, PamH, Stella, Litmon, Pattybg, slutsrunning, PC, Elizabeth, Olivia, Barb, and the rest of Roselands! How is everyone here? To all the Roselands here I have to say I agree with you except for the trolls and haters. So I believe in Roselands here. We need a air horns for the trolls and haters that keeps coming here.

Anonymous said...

Tracybell- Not leaving until this Sunday for my trip. But I am looking forward.

vernistene said...

Atticus this one is number 12
Her name is Trinity

vernistene said...

We are waiting for her to make her appearance. She is at 8cm

Anonymous said...

Hi Hi RKsoulmates913, Atticus, Em, vernistene, DK, KK, LizzieD, Ginger, Rose, Pist, Kay, Katy, PL, Rose, Holy, ADD, Tracybell, PamH, Stella, Litmon, Pattybg, slutsrunning, PC, Elizabeth, Olivia, Barb, and the rest of Roselands! I am about to go to bed now. Keep me posted. Goodnight.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hi RKsoulmates913, Atticus, Em, vernistene, DK, KK, LizzieD, Ginger, Rose, Pist, Kay, Katy, PL, Rose, Holy, ADD, Tracybell, PamH, Stella, Litmon, Pattybg, slutsrunning, PC, Elizabeth, Olivia, Barb, and the rest of Roselands! I am about to go to bed now. Keep me posted. Goodnight.

Pisteuo said...

Rose, oh yeah...abso-fucking-lutely! Thanks for putting up with all the nut cases in this fandom for us...it's so appreciated. <3
I seriously don't think some of these nuts even read your post before they start spouting their IQ levels.

Hello Roseland!! Hope everyone is enjoying the summer and spending time with loved ones.

Em, glad to hear your vacation is going well and you're having fun! Stay safe! Hugs!!

Ginger, good to see ya. Guess you're staying busy this summer with the kids.

Vern, congrats on that grandbaby!

John, if you're lurking...l-o-o-k-i-n-g gooood! Haha! ;)

Keep it Happy, Happy, Happy Roseland! Luvs ya's!! HUGS!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pist! We missed you. Did you go on vacation?

Pisteuo said...

G-night, Arleen!

Pisteuo said...

Arleen, I stay on vacation. That's why I'm so Happy, Happy, Happy!! LOL!!

DreamerKind said...

You do always tell it, like it is:

"Life is very short, and there's no time for fussing and fighting, my friend.
I have always thought that it's a crime. So I will ask you once again.
Try to see it my way
Only time will tell if I am right or I am wrong."

Oh, such a sensible sentiment for this early Monday morning.

So excited for you! Never too many babes to love. Have a great road trip, too.

I like that idea of staying on a perpetual vacation from everything that doesn't uplift.

You said it! Glad you're always near here.

Adieu, lovely lovers.

Birdie said...

Morning DK, I miss you and all our chats. Maybe we will bump into each other in the night.

Speaking of bumps in the night. I saw The Conjuring yesterday. I haven't seen a scary movie in years. It got a few screams out of me and that's not an easy thing to do. This is not a gory slasher flick so if you want some scary fun, I recommend it.

Ginger, miss you here. Don't be a stranger.

Em, sounds like you are having a blast. Dance away!

Vern, I will bet you have held that new granddaughter by now. Congratulations to you and your daughter's family.

Pist,where do I sign up for that perpetual vacation and does it have an insurance plan? Haha! Happy to see you are hanging on to that happy!

Have a wonderful, positive(because that is what we are here in RL)day, Roseland!

crisk said...

My only wish is to end the persecution of kristen, she did not really deserve, of rest, I hope they are happy!!

crisk said...

My only wish is to end the persecution of kristen, she did not really deserve, of rest, I hope they are happy!!

Anonymous said...

Good Monday Morning! Hi RKsoulmates913, Atticus, Em, vernistene, DK, KK, LizzieD, Ginger, Rose, Pist, Kay, Katy, PL, Rose, Holy, ADD, Tracybell, PamH, Stella, Litmon, Pattybg, slutsrunning, PC, Elizabeth, Olivia, Barb, and the rest of Roselands! How are you? I am up and getting ready to babysit and helping my daughter pick a gift for her friend. Keep me posted on our couple.

katy said...

Hello Roseland,

Em, glad you're enjoying your vacation. Hugs :)

Vern, congrats on your granddaugther!

Rob, is looking mighty handsome in those new pics. I hope he had fun at Jay Z and Justin Timberlake concert.

Take care and be happy everyone.

tufenuf55 said...

RD and RPL have new pics of Rob and Sia leaving Jay-Z and JT concert. Hope all Roselanders have a great week!

sue said...

Of all the blogs out there, it still makes me the happiest when there is a new post from you (not being a slimeball). All the other ones are new, Intoxication brings back memories for me when Robstenation and Rose where the only ones I visited, R'Nation for info and Rose for the wit. It gives me deja vu and melancholy.
Today I fuckin hate the net, this feeling has been sneaking upon me for days, I'm so sick of the depraved harlots out there.
Even when you only go to the safe blogs, you have these little, pathetic, stupid, childish, malicious degenerates lurking in the background.
So Rob did it to...let me see, yep 4 different women in 5 days, I probably missed one some where, no redheads this time, damn boy, quick you better look for one, you have your manwhoring reputation to uphold, you'll lose your place in the Guinessbook of records.
PHHHHH, this shite is so fucking tedious, yep a little time out session coming up for sue.


Monica said...

@Rose, thank you for continuing to adore and support Kristen.

@Rob always, I've seen hate for Kristen everywhere but rarely encountered hateful comments about Rob. It's good for Rose to call those haters out. Rose never masks her adoration towards Rob. So I really don't understand why you are so worked up when seeing Rose's post? Why you appear so jealous when someone defends Kristen? Other than you are a closet Kristen hater, I can't find any logical explanation for your behavior.

Interesting thing is that I find many Rob fans are Kristen haters even though they deny it.

Monica from Asia

Ginger with a Soul said...

Morning Ladies and Robert

@Pist - yeah but they start school tomorrow and work is work until next month when I am taking a bunch of time off

@Sue - ???? LOL help me out

Loui, Birdie, Atticus - I will be around , I hid my bosses whip ;) now if I can stop myself from going on twitter I would be better lol

@Mon - hey chicka

Waves everyone - I hope Monday is kind to you

ADD said...

Haters/Lunatics are 100% sure that Rob and Kristen are over. Yet they keep hating on Kristen. If she's no longer his girlfriend, leave her alone.

The lame 'troll' accounts are very disturbing. Every little thing was premeditated to hurt people. Definition of psychopaths: a person that takes pleasure in inflicting pain on their victims or in deceiving them. They even find it funny. It describes the haters so well. It's scary.

I keep hoping for the best but expecting the worst.

Em said...

Pist lol yea stay on vacation bc I think I'm gonna do the same hahahaha :)

hi Roseland :))) beer for breakfast lol why not? Bye

PamH said...

Hello everyone

Looks like RK have rescued B & B their very own puppy and he's the spitting image of Bear in the face... to cute.

Funny how its not getting mentioned by rags and haters that Rob is on video leaving with Kristen's friends from concert last night...but then again the rags have never been able to ID any of Kristens friends...even after all these years LOL

Have a great day ALL!!!!

vernistene said...

Hello Roseland Family she's here, she's beautiful and she weighed 9.5 pounds. Her name is Trinity. My daughter is a little thing. She gained twenty five pounds the entire pregnancy. Everyone (including me)is doing great.
Now it is time for my Road Trip! we roll out at 5 in the morning. Saw pics of Rob and Kristen. They look damn good. They both have gotten in even better shape. Rob's pecks are awesome. Kristen's arms look amazing. Her side and upper body view looks sexy as hell and totally fit. They both must be doing the boxing Rob mentioned and Kristen was doing work out in and for her new movie. Proud of them both and love B and B's new little sibling or child..... No Buts......

Elizbeth said...

@Sue, you missed one. Quick, add Sia to the list. lol These people are unbelievable. It is so sad to see women play the double standard game on other women, but they do. Imagine if we saw Kristen out with a different guy everyday and the assumption was she was sleeping with them? Can you imagine the names and labels? A guy is seen in that same position (and I know Rob is a good guy and not a male whore), but those believing he is thinks it is hot and sexy. Kristen was out this weekend with a new dog, wearing the blue "us vs. them" hat. Dear Kristen, I hear you my dear, I hear you. Glad you guys gut a new addition to your family. Sure looking forward to that new human addition, but I understand work calls and you've got time. Peace everyone. Hugs Roseland. Thanks Rose for another awesome post. Always like opening a nicely wrapped gift. Thanks :)

PamH said...

@ vernistene
Congratulations on the new grandbaby :) babies are a blessing.

vernistene said...

@Pam - Thank You. They are a blessing. We are over the moon.
Thank you to everyone for all the good vibes and congrats :))))))

vernistene said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
vernistene said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sue said...

@Ginger, hey girl nice to see your name. The ??? was for 'Where are you"?

@Elizbeth, oh no I didn't forget Sia, that's what pissed me off today, sort of a final straw with these degenerate harlots out there with the same mentality as the cockroach Papz, same kind of scumbag vermin. First they shove Rodriquez down your throat then quickly followed by Sia, I suppose we'll be back to Perry soon if it doesn't work out with Mayer.

@Pamh, they have a new dog? Where? when?

I find it very amusing how some rags are beginning to put out reports that "sources or friends are saying that they might be back together cause of K blah blah blah and Rob blah blah blah". Not even going into details what reasons the rags are giving, not worth tiring my fingers.

sue said...

@Pamh, oops I spoke too soon, just saw the pics on RD. So sweet and damn Kristen, you are such a natural beauty. New dog hey? Hmmmm.
Also read that Rob left in a car with some of Kristen's good friends after the concert..interesting bit of info, if what I read is correct, didn't see the video.

PamH said...

@ Sue
Pics of K, Alicia and Suzie and new black puppy/dog...really cute. Looks a lot like Bear in the face. Go to Robsten Dreams or they are up on popsugar.

PamH said...

@ Sue
Hope we get to find out the newest family members name soon :) wonder if they stick with the B names ? Hope Bear and Bernie like the new addition.

Kay said...

Congrats on your sweet new grandbaby Trinity, Vernistene....glad to hear everyone is doing well. :)

Sounds like the party/celebration vacation has been a lot of fun, Em! I don't know if I could handle beer with breakfast, though I suppose it would depend if I'd been to bed yet....or if it was chasing a bloody Mary. ;) have a great time and stay safe!

Right now perpetual vacation sounds kind of heavenly, Pisteuo....or is that every day is like vacation, since you're so happy, happy, happy? Glad your summer is going well. :) Oh, does lurking John know that most of us probably wouldn't bite if he uncloaked and said hi sometime? Though I suppose it depends on the day...hehe.

Take care, be safe and have a happy Monday, Roseland and lurkers!

vernistene said...

The picture of Kristen with the pup. There is no infinity symbol on her wrist in some pics. Others it looks very faint or smeared or something. I could be looking at it wrong too.

Is it covered with makeup for her movie? Is it the paps trying to get us to think something else and doctoring the photo? Things that make you go hmmmmm......

Anonymous said...

Hi Hi RKsoulmates913, Atticus, Em, vernistene, DK, KK, LizzieD, Ginger, Rose, Pist, Kay, Katy, PL, Rose, Holy, ADD, Tracybell, PamH, Stella, Litmon, Pattybg, slutsrunning, PC, Elizabeth, Olivia, Barb, and the rest of Roselands! I just got home from Babysitting and helping my mother in law moving stuff for my sister in law. Apparently, she is moving. Just helping out. And going to step out again. Keep me posted.
I just saw pictures on both on Robsten Dreams. Glad some of you cover it for me except I don't believe the trolls or haters. I believe in Roselands. Well got to go now. Keep me posted.

Kay said...

Pisteuo - I give you free reign to smack me upside the head and say "DUH". I just saw somewhere that it looks like Kristen's assistant John in the pictures that came out with the puppy (I don't know, didn't really look too closely) and that is probably what you meant by "lurking John"....hehe....anyway, I plead sleep deprivation. ;)

DreamerKind said...

Hello, Roselanders & lurkers!

Congrats on Trinity's birth. She is one ounce heavier than my son when he was born. I admire your daughter and her stamina and hope she is recovering well.

When are you visiting Chicago? We could pass right into each other and not miss like the last time, lol.

Remember that saying about beer being more than just a breakfast drink? That confirms it IS a breakfast drink! You are definitely enjoying yourself. Bravo.

Going now to my "vacation" state of being. Enjoy the moment.

Lydia Callwood said...

i think that rob should start taking kristen out and forget what the media the public and the tabloids think the paps are full of shit go to the teen choice award and if he and kristen won for best kiss he should hold her and give her the kiss that he give her in the end of the prom in twilight and that will shout them all up

Elizbeth said...

I think a lot of people are under the impression that Kristen Stewart is the dame in distress. I always see her as the one in the driver's seat. You would be surprise how many of us (women) are behind the wheel. There was a time when our (women) space was limited, and I know we still have a long way to go, but I can assure you, whatever is happening now, she is at the full front. This is an exceptionally strong woman. That is one of the things that set her apart from others. She is not your push around chick. A guy trying to push her over, play her, she will be the first to push back and/or show him the door. Maybe that is just me, but this is my perception of her. Shy? Yes. Pushover? Absolutely not. Not her style.

Jane said...

Hey, I saw Rob walking with Kristen and their new puppy, although he was dressed up again as that woman.

Elizbeth said...

Oh Jane give it a rest woman. You believe Kristen and Rob aren't dating, I believe they are. And if they come out or show me otherwise, well, good for them. I do not believe the world will end, or neither of them will cease to exist because one is not in the other's life. Far from it. I will be happy for Kristen no matter how she wants to be with and the same goes for Rob. I won't chose for my own child let a lone other people's kids. The difference between you and the people here is that we chose to get our confirmation from the people involved or people who speak on their behalf; i.e. publicist, manager, professional team, etc. rather than gossip rags. Not that you ever believed they were anything more than friends. You know were we stand but I don't get where you're coming from; lets just agree to disagree. You're not changing anyone's opinion here, and we sure as hell have absolutely no intention of changing yours. None whatsoever. There is a site called Robsessed; they will love you there.

Tracybell said...

Oh hey elizbeth
wat up woman...loved ur comment about strong kristen....that she is.

hi jane
how is ur day? Did u watch the video of rob leaving with kristens friends at the concert? I find that very ingeresting....dont you? Oh well have a good day.

are u on the road yet ?

Tracybell said...

Ingeresting. ..well thats kinda funny...like a combination between interesting and indigestion? Think I'll let it stand lol.

Angela said...

@ Rob Always I don't know what your talking about. I ALWAYS see hate on Kristen ALL THE FUCKING TIME!!! I seldom see the opposite. If you have nothing else good to say then buzz off.

Rose as always great post and you always make perfect sense.

Elizbeth said...

Hey Tracy! Just a bit tired. Road trip this weekend so I am so tired. Hope all is well.

Verni my dear, sending you a big congratulations. May God always watch over this precious child. I am smiling here.

vernistene said...

Hello Elizabeth and T-Bell
RK, Atticus, Em, DK, KK, LizzieD, Ginger, Rose, Pist, Kay, Katy, PL, Rose, Holy, ADD,PamH, Stella, Litmon, slutsrunning, PC, Olivia, Barb, and the rest of Roselanders
Thank you all for all the great vibes and well wishers.
T-bell I get on the road at 5am in the morning. I am excited.
I see dumb ass Jane slithered in earlier.
Elizabeth I love how you schooled the chick. Your post were totally awesome.
DK thank you for the kind words she is awesome. I would have said knock me out and wake me when it's over. lol lol
Kay and Katy thank you both for your well wishes. I love your post too. Always uplifting never faltering.
Pist if I wasn't doing a road trip I would do you vacation and enjoy the hell out of it. :))))

vernistene said...

Hey Arleen how are you sweetie?

Anonymous said...

Hi RKsoulmates913, Atticus, Em, vernistene, DK, KK, LizzieD, Ginger, Rose, Pist, Kay, Katy, PL, Rose, Holy, ADD, Tracybell, PamH, Stella, Litmon, Pattybg, slutsrunning, PC, Elizabeth, Olivia, Barb, and the rest of Roselands! I am going out dropping my daughter off for camping be back.
vernistene- Congrats! How are you? Glad everything went great for you and your daughter.
Elizabeth- Glad you had a great time on your vacation. I am going on a road trip too. Leaving this Sunday and then coming back on Thursday. Going to Yellowstone. I can't wait.
DK- Have fun on your trip.
As for everyone else hope you all have a great day. I saw pictures of Kristen on Robsten Dreams. They got a new dog. Cool. I wondering what its name. Cool. Is Kristen wearing Rob's glasses. I say cool.
Keep me more posted. Will be back have to step out again. Later.

vernistene said...

Elizabeth thank you. I am excited. I've been reading some of the post to catch up. Same bullshit in places but you all handled the asstrolls to perfection and with much admired class!!

Anonymous said...

vernistene- Hi! How are you? I am fine. Just heading out will be back later. Just dropping off my daughter for her camping. Looks like me and my hubby alone. I have no clue what I am going to do while she is gone.

Jane said...

Elizabeth, I find what you said just a little hypocritical sayiing you get your info from publist, manager, etc, yet a lot of you on here visit RD and that's where I saw the picture of the new puppy which I think she has already taken back per the new pics on RD that just came out and Rob Always, you have some very good points. Catch you all later.

linese said...

Interesting quote from Katey Perry in the September issue of ELLE magazine, in which she references texting Kristen and assuring her that she would not disrespect her.
My issue with "alleged" remark (because I am sure it was taken out of context) is WHY COMMENT ABOUT ROB AND KRISTEN AT ALL., All this does is add fuel to the fire and puts more scrutiny on them. I mean surely she understands the crap they get on a daily basis. Look at her a John Mayer. In the end I 'm sure she meant no harm but parts of the fandom are rabid and the hunt for are they together or aren't they intensifies. I'm losing it right... sorry. argh!

Caroline said...

If what Katy Perry said has not been taken out of context, then she has pretty much confirmed that R&K split. I think they would be very pissed at her when they have taken such pains to keep their private life private.

KStew Krew said...

Hello Roseland!!! Big shout out to Vernestine and congrats on new baby!
@Rose....I smiled today because of you....thanks!!!! Ignore the haters....Jane, Rob Always....all trolls take a hike, not worth the time of day.
I see a lot of my faves here commenting.....Pist, Ginger, Arleen, Atticus, Tracybell, Elizabeth, DK, Sue, PamH, Super, Birdie, Holy.....I know I will miss someone, plz forgive....(and lurking Robert and Topaz)...hello and hope you are all doing well.
@Crisk....the hate that Kristen has endured is shameful. It just blows my mind that there is so much hate out there for this young, beautiful woman. At least she can find support and love from her fans and people who run blogs like Rose's. Haters.....like Rose said, Kristen owns your ass! Red hair, Kristen look-a-like.....bahahahahaha!!!! Can't see beyond the nose on their face. Stupid nonnies. Stupid haters.

KStew Krew said...

@Caroline.....yeah that's confirmation all right....ROTFLMFAO! How stupid can you be? Do you work for one of those rags/media sites? Stir the shitpot much? Rubbing your crystal ball? Are you the "source"? Gullible much? If that's all it takes to convince you then you are one sad dumbass.

Rob and Kristen......Never Broken. Always Together. No buts.

Anonymous said...

Hi RKsoulmates913, Atticus, Em, vernistene, DK, KK, LizzieD, Ginger, Rose, Pist, Kay, Katy, PL, Rose, Holy, ADD, Tracybell, PamH, Stella, Litmon, Pattybg, slutsrunning, PC, Elizabeth, Olivia, Barb, and the rest of Roselands! I am a clucks about 7pm. I was about to walk down on porch or deck I almost fell off the steps. But I caught my hands on the rail in time. All I got is sore shoulder and I don't know the rest til I feel it in the morning. But I took a hot shower because I hear it helps. Just glad I did fall to the concrete ground or I would of black out or something. I can't afford to go to ER or hospital and end up paying who knows how much money for that.

M. Dutchess said...

I love to read your post Rose. I don't comment too often but definitely visit everyday, btw, I too adore TS.

Thx for your hard work.

Anonymous said...

Hi RKsoulmates913, Atticus, Em, vernistene, DK, KK, LizzieD, Ginger, Rose, Pist, Kay, Katy, PL, Rose, Holy, ADD, Tracybell, PamH, Stella, Litmon, Pattybg, slutsrunning, PC, Elizabeth, Olivia, Barb, and the rest of Roselands! I am going to go to bed now. Keep me posted on our couple. Good night.

sue said...

Ok, have to watch my words now cause I never was and doubt if I ever will be a fan (being very diplomatic now, you have no idea), her singing (?) aches my eardrums, her acting..phh, ok stop sue.
This KP thing is supposed to be a friend right? Elle magazine? Yep, it's well known for it's literary journalistic greatness. Isn't she promoting another one of her Oscar worthy movies? Why is this shit coming out now? More words taking out of context, who knows what and how she commented about R&K and why in the fucking hell does she have to open her big red lips any way? Nice friend, commenting about people who'd do anything to keep their lives private unlike her.
Yep, my respect for KP is ssoooooo huge, fantastic classy lady she is alright.

DreamerKind said...

"Much ado about nothing."
- Shakespeare

Happy day to you!

Caroline said...

KStew Krew - no need to be rude. I was making a point that if it is a legitimate interview -which Elle Magazine is - that Katy has behaved poorly. I am not a troll so stop with the insults.

Caroline said...

I should thank you Kstew Krew. I am an intelligent 50 year old woman and I am not used to being abused. But your unfounded words were just what I needed to get myself off the Robert and Kristen treadmill.
I have been visiting this site (and Robsten Dreams and Robsessed) a few times a day, every day, for four years. There was nothing I liked better than checking out the latest on my favourite couple and reading peoples' comments. But for some months I have been struggling with the fact that their lives are entertainment for me. As a consumer of their lifestyle, I have known that I am part of the problem, contributing to their every move being documented and photographed.
So the unwanted abuse received tonight has finally convinced me to say goodbye to this fandom forever, and I am grateful for that.
To Rose, thank you for your wonderfully written blog. I have laughed out loud and nodded my agreement many times at your wise words. You have a real gift.
And a special shout out to Robert, who I do not know, but whose comments I always particularly liked reading. Your movie, books and music lists have been terrific! I hope your health is on the mend too.

Monica said...

*wave back, @Ginger* :)

@Elizbeth, love yr comments. Kristen is definitely a tough cookie. :)

@Jane, wow, I remember you used to post on this board a bit and were nice. But you are like...a different person now. Seriously, why you are so mean to others who still believe/wish Rob and Kristen are together? I bet you are a Kristen hater after all. *shake head* :(

Monica from Asia

Kay said...

I haven't read the article and my opinion is only based on what I've seen around about Katy's supposed comment in Elle....just asking people to consider a few things before getting too bent out of shape about it....

- In a media created triangle between them, IMO Katy is one of only three that have a right to try to clear things up.
- Also IMO, Katy is in a damned if you do/damned if you don't position. People were bitching before that she DIDN'T say anything to clear it up, and now people are bitching because she allegedly did say something.
- From the quote I saw, it seems that she is a friend to Kristen and a friend to Rob that is willing to listen to him. No relationship is all hearts, butterflies and rainbows all of the time. Why do people expect Rob and Kristen to not be normal people that discuss life with their friends? The only things I feel she confirmed about Rob and Kristen are that they have a relationship and that Rob needed a friend to talk to.
- As far as the tits comment goes, IMO she confirmed what a lot if not most believe - that it is really sad that Rob cannot be in the vicinity of a woman without boinking her. The man must be exhausted. (<-- sarcasm)

I'm not going to delude my self by thinking that my opinion is going to change that of anyone else....just putting it out there as another possible way to see things.

Take care and have a apply Tuesday, Roseland!

PL said...

Kay, very well said.

Contrary to what a lot of people think, the world does not revolve around Rob and Kristen. Not everything is a conspiracy against them.

katy said...

Hello Rose and Roseland

Kay, well said!

I don't see what Katy said as negative thing, but people in this fandom unfortunately love to create drama out of nothing.

Waves, PL

I hope you are well. :)

Happy Tuesday everyone

PamH said...

Good morning everyone

@ Arleen
Hello, I'm glad your alright and didn't get seriously injured especially with you trip coming up.

@ Kay
I also agree with what you said.
Had KP just said no comment or something along those lines people would have then said she had the opportunity to clear the rumors up but didn't...so there for it must be true. Or the they interviewer would add their own twist to it.
The " tits " comment was just her saying that because she's a female she's not aloud to be with him or be his friend without it being MORE than JUST FRIENDS to the media and fans.
I believe KP was a long time friend of R and has since became friends with K through him and other mutual friends, but maybe wasn't close enough to K to know whether she would believe all the rumors going around and just wanted to clear the air....who really knows ?
Maybe if KP would have just said something like don't believe everything you read or that she doesn't comment on her FRIENDS lives ? A no win situation.

It's sad, in this fandom, the media and haters that just continually go from one drama to the next to be happy at the expense of RK and their friends.
Why can't everyone just love ROB...just love KRISTEN...or BETTER YET just love BOTH - without all the negativity everyday ?

have a great day everyone <3

PL said...

Hi, Katy!

I'm doing very well and planning a trip to the UK in the next month. Unfortunately, I'm still not getting to Portugal. Maybe next time. I hope all is good with you too and not all work.

*Waves* to everyone else.

tufenuf55 said...

New pics of Kristen and new dog up on RD. You have to scroll beyond videos to see. Happy Tuesday to all Roselanders and to Rose, herself!

Anonymous said...

Good morning to all the Roselands! Hi Birdie, RKsoulmates913, Atticus, Em, vernistene, DK, KK, LizzieD, Ginger, Rose, Pist, Kay, Katy, PL, Rose, Holy, ADD, Tracybell, PamH, Stella, Litmon, Pattybg, slutsrunning, PC, Elizabeth, Olivia, Barb, and the rest of Roselands! All I have to say is there is some madness going on Robsten Dream comments. Some of them are taking a break. Some of them believe the split or break up which I don't believe it. I thought that person, I mean whoever is in charge usually stop the trouble makers on there. She usually stop the comments or deleted the trouble makers. I don't know what is going on there.
Like LizzieD said to me they are together. And I am keeping faith and praying for them.
PamH- Thanks! I am just sore on my shoulders and left elbow. But I took a shower. I hear shower helps. Anyways, I am getting ready for work.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tuff! What video because I didn't see it.

ali mac said...

Kay, you put your point across really well and I agree with what you had to say :)

Caroline, I'm sorry to see you were being treated like a troll. I seems to me that people are confusing of the cuff comments with people being trolls and it would be nice for people to think before they react in a nasty manner.

Hello everyone. I hope you are all having a good summer so far.

Bye for now...

Tracybell said...

you always take ur time and make such heart felt comments. Thank you lady.

remember that rob attended engagement party of katy and russel. They've been friends a long time. Also remember when kristen made comments in articles between last summer and swath press? Remember how out of context that was? I think I'll wait for the truth becuz I dont think its made an appearance yet.

have a good day everyone. Especially u Vernistene. ...be careful on the road and hope all is going smoothly for ur daughter and baby girl.

Waves _O_\ _O_/

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Good Afternoon ROSELAND

CAROLINE. I feel terrible that you have come here and were treated this way. I didn't see anything in your comments that warranted a tongue lashing. Maybe there is a past that I'm not aware of ???

KSTEW. If you could explain ... could this have been a misunderstanding ??

Have a good day everyone

Tracybell said...

First you trolls tried the word delusionsal, but when that didn't stick now ur using hypocritical? I'll catch you later on that one when I remind you of comments you've made on other sites "Jane."

Robert said...


Wow what an incredibly cool thing to say

I had to read it twice to make sure you were talking about me

Don't leave we need ya

sue said...

ASSUMING this interview is right as it's the DM reporting about it and whatever they say I take with a pinch of salt plus whatever said is always taken out of context.

I totally agree with you on the 'tits' comment cause that's a teenage mentality to have, thinking men and women can't be friends without sex involved.
Saying she send a txt to Kristen? No.
If she is such a good friend, she should also know that Rob and Kristen don't say anything to the media.
If this interviewer asked those questions, KP could've held her head high and say "listen I'm THEIR friend and I'm not gonna comment on all these silly little rumors about me and Rob" (and no, I wasn't one of them who bitched about KP for not opening her mouth).
No, she just put more oil to the fire by going into details, mentioning txts to Kristen.
Rob needed a friend? Good for her that he spoke to her. Did she have to mention it? No.
Poor Rob needed KP's shoulder to cry on cause he and K broke up? Very nice of her, just keep it to yourself it's nobody's business but theirs.
Clearing her name? Well, she should know by now, with being in the press all the time, that that is a lot of bullocks. People already forgot about her and Rob, they have moved on to all the other blonds/redheads/brunettes that are left in HW.
That's why R&K keep their mouths shut, knowing that talking to the press only makes it worse, it's a losing battle, and they have the brains to realize this.

sue said...

Fucking great, nice move KP. Now we have the degenerates let loose on KP's comment about txt messages to Kristen. Who needs enemies with friends like her.
Doesn't matter whether the article is true or not, it's out there. So nice for Kristen and Rob for that matter.

Lisa Johnson said...

I tried putting up a post here a few minutes ago, but it vanished! Am I doing something wrong?

Kay said...

Sue - as I said, my opinion and an alternate view point.

As far as texting goes, people in this age group seem to use it as their primary form of communication. It's fast, efficient and direct when people are busy and don't always have time for a phone call. I swear I get more texts from my father these days than phone calls, and he is over 70. I guess I don't see the problem with Katy saying she sent Kristen a text (allegedly)....she is close enough to Kristen to have her phone number, right? Not that I would have any way of knowing, but I would imagine if Rob or Kristen have a problem with anything Katy said about them in interview(s) they'd talk to her about it.

Again, all this is just MY opinion.

PL said...

Lisa Johnson,

Sometimes a comment goes to spam, for no reason. There was nothing you said that was at all negative so it definitely did not get deleted.

I have to chime in on the texting issue, that is the way almost anyone under the age of 30 or even 40 communicates now. Texting is much quicker, doesn't involve lots of preamble and is the preferable way for almost anyone with a cell phone. It is not a cop out or a subversive way to communicate. If I could text my mother, believe me I would because it would save me from having to hear the same thing over and over.

Lisa Johnson said...

Whew. It looks like I logged on correctly this time.

Anyway, what I was trying to say is that I usually lurk here, and I really enjoy this place. Especially Rose's posts. Keep up the good humor!

But I would like to comment on some of the posts I read here in the last couple of days.

When I read what KStew Krew said to Caroline, I felt like I was back in middle school when the bully comes into the cafeteria and starts mocking certain people and calling names!

What Caroline said about Katy Perry's Elle interview makes sense to me. Maybe her words were taken out of context, so we will see when the interview comes out, but I think a lot of fans probably had the same reaction.

When I read about Katy's text to Kristen, I wondered why Katy didn't just say in the interview that her friend Robert is in a committed relationship with Kristen Stewart, so what the media is saying is all wrong. She could have said that, but she didn't. What she did say leaves the door open on the status of their relationship.

Also, and I guess this isn't a popular opinion here, but I think what Jane said about hypocrisy is also pretty much on the mark. Elizabeth has said many times that she doesn't trust the rags and the paps, and that she only believes credible sources, but she also talked the other day about how much she enjoyed reading about and seeing the pictures of Kristen with her new puppy. If those stories and photos didn't come from the rags and paps, then where did they come from?

I'm only a lurker, so I don't have much status here, but I would like to say that this is usually a fun and bright place compared to other sites. It's good for people to have differing opinions. They should be able to express those opinions without being mocked and called names.

Thanks for listening.

Kay said...

It might not work on moms, PL...mine considers it an additional form of communication rather than an alternate. lol

Tracybell said...

Ok lisa
first of all I think like elizbeth I see pics on RD. That may be the same maybe not but I'm not gonna judge. I think the problem with jane is that she comes here all the time and trys to instigate trouble and plant seeds of doubt and we just run her off. She does the same thing at RD. So you might want to check Janes past comments out before you go bashing elizbeth.

I think that you all who are bashing katy fail to realize is a. What was her tone? B. Facial expressions when she said it? C. Wat was the question...true question? D. Wat part of her quote was left out (sound familiar?)? And finally how do we know that she didn't say it with their blessing? Good lord people, grow up, this is hollywood! Everything about their careers is calculated to some point.

Before anyone goes and bashes an obviously rk fan, look at yourself. Wat is ur problem that ur defending a kristen hater who has made fun of kristen on numerous occasions. You are defending the wrong person.

every time an article comes out (which I have not read btw) some get so bent on shit like this...its boring and pathetic and proves some of you are indeed hypocrites, but def not elizbeth. You're choosing what gossip u want to believe. You cant pick and choose. Wait till the article comes out in length. But will it even acurately portray the truth? Or will the magazine portray the interview for sales? Guess we'll see.

Oh and if any one is here commenting to gain notariety? And to gain a special place in roseland? You are pathetic.
Im done....laters

Tracybell said...

Oh and lisa...
what I meant by that last comment was that no....none of us care about status at roseland...like rose says just dont bash r and k and everything you say is fine by her. Jane has learned her lessons well. Thats why her comments don't get deleted anymore..

Elizbeth said...

Kay you are right that this is a no win situation and I appreciate your opinion. I also think that Kristen should not ever comment on Katy and John's relationship no matter how close she believes she is with them. I think that is why it called "personal". Whatever is happening between Rob and Kristen, it is for "them" to speak out about or keep it where they've always kept everything else, "private", with all due respect. I remember listening to Rob saying doing these interviews is hopeless because by the time it gets printed your words have been completely twisted and taken out of context. I did read the quote from Katy, and what followed was the dailymail's part (about a breakup) those weren't Katy's words. I do agree with you a hundred percent about what she was trying to convey. As you know her words are going to get twisted and chewed up by the "starving shit eaters" to quote Kristen. But it is what it is. The truth always finds its way into the light and good will forever conquer evil.

Kay, nice post.

Tracy, where have you been girl?

Verni, you lucky girl you.

Super, its been a long time.

Arleen, hi there early bird. I swear to you, the other morning I was waking up from sleep and the last thing I saw before I woke up was your Avi. I told my husband and he said "yeah, you need to take a break from that site". lol!

Caroline, sometimes people get on the offensive when they feel someone is trying to push their conclusion/opinions down their throats; especially when it has to do with something they are very passionate about. I would hate to think you are one of those how only came here to entertain yourself; but instead you were a fan of two wonderful people (together or separate). If this is true, then, don't go.

Hugs to all and cheers.

Elizbeth said...

Kay you are right that this is a no win situation and I appreciate your opinion. I also think that Kristen should not ever comment on Katy and John's relationship no matter how close she believes she is with them. I think that is why it called "personal". Whatever is happening between Rob and Kristen, it is for "them" to speak out about or keep it where they've always kept everything else, "private", with all due respect. I remember listening to Rob saying doing these interviews is hopeless because by the time it gets printed your words have been completely twisted and taken out of context. I did read the quote from Katy, and what followed was the dailymail's part (about a breakup) those weren't Katy's words. I do agree with you a hundred percent about what she was trying to convey. As you know her words are going to get twisted and chewed up by the "starving shit eaters" to quote Kristen. But it is what it is. The truth always finds its way into the light and good will forever conquer evil.

Kay, nice post.

Tracy, where have you been girl?

Verni, you lucky girl you.

Super, its been a long time.

Arleen, hi there early bird. I swear to you, the other morning I was waking up from sleep and the last thing I saw before I woke up was your Avi. I told my husband and he said "yeah, you need to take a break from that site". lol!

Caroline, sometimes people get on the offensive when they feel someone is trying to push their conclusion/opinions down their throats; especially when it has to do with something they are very passionate about. I would hate to think you are one of those how only came here to entertain yourself; but instead you were a fan of two wonderful people (together or separate). If this is true, then, don't go.

Hugs to all and cheers.

Anonymous said...

Hi RKsoulmates913, Atticus, Em, vernistene, DK, KK, LizzieD, Ginger, Rose, Pist, Kay, Katy, PL, Rose, Holy, ADD, Tracybell, PamH, Stella, Litmon, Pattybg, slutsrunning, PC, Elizabeth, Olivia, Barb, and the rest of Roselands! How are you? I just got home from work. But I will be stepping out soon helping my mother in law. Although my shoulders are still sore. Did I miss anything while I was out?

Tracybell said...

Hey elizbeth
around...but to busy to post much as usual lol. Wat u said about katy is so true. Look at my post above and you'll know how I feel. Look wat they did to kristen in all her interviews last year. Could be the same thing going on now with katy. Anyway kinda pissed I responded to "lisa" cause now I'm thinking she's a jane....I think my radar is off lol. Tell ur husband to get on and comment...We'd have a ball with him :) then he'd know why ur here! Hope ur day has been pleasant becuz its hotter than hadies here...

Hi Arleen
wats up girl?

@slutsrwn? Are you mama nails now? My old phone took its last breath and mow I have a new shiny toy with an itty bitty screen that I'm learning to navigate thru. When I do ill be back to ur tumblr and hopefully able to comment lol. Saw u on didy when I tried to catch up today, but man some of those comments are like novels lol. Dont get me wrong, I love them and some are very funny, but I only have so much time! :)

Tracybell said...

wat u said about texting, katy, and kristen? I agree. And I to keep in touch with MIL thru texting because she cant hear well lol. She loves her iPhone because everyone redponds to her messages now. But lord help the grandkids if she starts facebook lol.

vernistene said...

Well hello ladies I am in Charleston NC arrived about an hour ago from Nashville Tn. I see there is drama in the house so you know you gonna get my dollars worth.

vernistene said...

Hey Tell and Elizabeth. I read the comments here and you already know who's opinion matters. It ain't Jane the idiot Troll or Lisa who I think is a troll in disguise. A person who cuts at u but makes it seem like they are on your side and offended that u could think ain't else. I read Katy's comment and it could ended the negative way which you all "really hope" is wrong or put it out there in a positive spin by saying something like "I text K and told her you know how the fucking paps make up shit. Girl look what they are saying just because you and Rob donated shit to the Goodwill. He's out with me while you and he are home chilling and I'm hanging with John. Just wanted u to know the shit is running deep but we good. I'm not upset they linked me in on the lies and attacks on you and Rob."

Jane said...

Tbell..don't think that I am the only Jane posting on another site. If you don't see my picture beside my post then it isn't me. Be sure of that before you want to say it is me.

vernistene said...

No one wanted to go that route. But hey u know I will. T-bell and Elizabeth , Super and Arleen you my girls. Stay strong no buts......
We know the trolls are out to put doubt and cause confusion. We aren't biting till we hear from the horse's mouth.
What these people don't understand is we have seen two people shredded for years by the media. We've seen people who need quick attention use them or just their names to get media attention. KP is not as strong in her following as Rob and Kris so I can see her name dropping a bit. We are over protective of them because they are young people who have hurt no one. They had the good fortune of being in the Twilight movies and us falling in love with who they are. Not the movie but the good people they are. The true love all of us older women saw and always wanted or already had in our lives. We applaud it. We root for it. When we see ignorant people who never had it and with their negative attitudes most likely never will we get protective. We protect them like our own. We saw them grow and blossom before our eyes and so we care about them as if they were family. So all you fans who wobble on the line of commitment and having your family's back. "Shit or get off the pot."

Tracybell said...

Oh hell no Vernistene
please please please god let it have gone down like Vernistene baby said lol. You read my commemts you know how I feel. And yes lisa is a jane lol. How is NC? Tarheels all the way. My son fave baseball team! Enjoy the seafood and sun lady keep us posted on ur adventures...*sigh* wish I was there I love white sand, a beer, a bikini, and a georgous man next to me...have fun!

vernistene said...

Jane step away from T-bell before you get another stomp down! Get over it. You r a troll so go crawl back in your troll hole!!!

vernistene said...

T-bell my girl!,
I'm gonna do all that and then some lol lol lol
You know I'm a diehard for RK and their love. All asshole trolls beware. There are no buts......

Virginia Florey said...

Came across this poem today and it fits Rob and Kristen peerfectly.
Cupped Hands
The loveliness that hands can hold
Made in a shallow cup -
Cool water from a hillside spring,
And starlight new come up.
I love to catch sun in my hands,
How warm the flesh and red,
Small shadows tremble revelling
In bright beams’ airy tread,
Oh, once I clasped the wind, and snow,
And once I think a cloud bent down
To test the strange soft walls.
But nothing that I ever held
Within cupped hands of clay
Was like your face and lips pressed close
Against moist palms today.

Elizbeth said...

Jane, I won't dignify that silly post with an answer. I will ask you again. You know where we stand; why are you here? But you know the answer. Case in point.

vernistene said...

Quiet note that makes you go hmmm.......
In Katy Perry's interview it said she did not want to be labeled the "other woman". Not his new squeeze, woman or any other tired shit. My thoughts gotta be a main woman to be the other woman. Just a thought......NO BUTS...........

vernistene said...

Hey Elizbeth, how r you?

vernistene said...

Jane needs to go dig her a new troll hole :-) I say it with love....:-) yeah right!!! Lol lol lol

Kami said...

I am beginning to wonder if people just like arguing. I've been known to deliberately stir a pot or two just to see what happens...I will full admit that but things have just reached an all time level of ridiculous. People are turning on each other like rabid dogs, and it's over nothing.

Katy Perry makes a comment about her friend and how she has tits...which means "It wouldn't be a big deal if I wasn't a girl" and people are losing their minds and saying she is putting Kristen down, and break out pitchforks and torches gather with the other mob members and rush to destroy the evil monster who dared to comment about their own body parts because that is somehow putting Kristen down.

My point? RELAX.

Anonymous said...

Hi RKsoulmates913, Atticus, Em, vernistene, DK, KK, LizzieD, Ginger, Rose, Pist, Kay, Katy, PL, Rose, Holy, ADD, Tracybell, PamH, Stella, Litmon, Pattybg, slutsrunning, PC, Elizabeth, Olivia, Barb, and the rest of Roselands! I just got home from babysitting and helping my mother in law moving my sister in law's stuff. Did I miss anything while I was out.
Hi Tracybell! I am sore from yesterday. But I am toughing it out.
Elizabeth- Hi! How are you? Hugs both of you.
vernistene- Hi! How are you? Are you enjoying your grandbaby. You must been excited to be a grandma. I always have staying strong.
As for everyone else hope you all having a great day.

DreamerKind said...

Your dream will come true

So Many Stars

Jane Monheit:

The dawn is filled with dreams
So many dreams
Which one is mine?
One must be right for me

Which dream of all the dreams
When there's a dream
For every star?
And there are
Oh so many stars, so many stars

The wind is filled with songs
So many songs
Which one is mine?
One must be right for me

Which song of all the songs
When there's a song for every star?
And there are, oh so many stars
So many stars

Alone the countless days
The endless nights
That I have searched
So many eyes
So many hearts
So many smiles

Which one to choose?
Which way to go?
How can I tell?
How will I know?
Out of, oh so many stars
So many stars

Thank you/jazzysclassicjazz

DreamerKind said...

Make a grab

The Sunny Side Of The Street

John Pizzarelli:

Walked with no one
And talked with no one
And I had nothing but shadows
Then one morning you passed

And I brightened at last
Now I greet the day
And complete the day
With the sun in my heart

All my worry blew away
When you taught me how to say
Grab your coat and get your hat
Leave your worry on the doorstep
Just direct your feet
To the sunny side of the street

Can't you hear a pitter-pat?
And that happy tune is your step
Life can be so sweet
On the sunny side of the street

I used to walk in the shade
With those blues on parade
But I'm not afraid
This rover crossed over

If I never have a cent
I'd be rich as Rockefeller
Gold dust at my feet
On the sunny side of the street
Grab your street

Thank you/Daniel Faria

DreamerKind said...

♪♥♫♥The Miracle Of Friendship♥♪♥♫

(See video & Hear):

May you always find your treasure
In the blessings that life sends
In the beauty of each season,
In the company of friends.

May each path you choose bring promise
Of the things you're dreaming of
May your world be filled with peace and joy,
You heart be filled with Love.

Thank you/Angel Claire

Anonymous said...

DK- I love your songs. How are you doing? I thought that you were on vacation.

DreamerKind said...

The clock's ticking

Wide Awake

Katy Perry:

I'm wide awake
I'm wide awake

I'm wide awake
Yeah, I was in the dark
I was falling hard
With an open heart

I'm wide awake
How did I read the stars so wrong?
I'm wide awake
And now it's clear to me
That everything you see
Ain't always what it seems

I'm wide awake
Yeah, I was dreaming for so long
I wish I knew then
What I know now
Wouldn't dive in
Wouldn't bow down

Gravity hurts
You made it so sweet
'Til I woke up on
On the concrete

Falling from cloud nine
Crashing from the high
I'm letting go tonight
Yeah, I'm falling from cloud nine

I'm wide awake
Not losing any sleep
I picked up every piece
And landed on my feet
I'm wide awake
Need nothing to complete myself, no

I'm wide awake
Yeah, I am born again
Out of the lion's den
I don't have to pretend
And it's too late
The story's over now, the end

Falling from cloud nine (it was out of the blue)
I'm crashing from the high
I'm letting go tonight (yeah, I'm letting you go)
I'm falling from cloud nine

I'm wide awake
Thunder rumbling
Castles crumbling
I'm wide awake
I am trying to hold on

I'm wide awake
God knows that I tried
Seeing the bright side
I'm wide awake
I'm not blind anymore
I'm wide awake
I'm wide awake

Thank you/KatyPerryVEVO

DreamerKind said...

Thank you. I meant a state of being (in my mind) that I am on a perpetual vacation, always. Like the happy, happy, happy beat of the tom tom! :)

DreamerKind said...

Dance & prance along

Night and Day

Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers:

Like the beat, beat, beat of the tom tom
When the jungle shadows fall
Like the tick,tick, tock of the stately clock
As it stands against the wall

Like the drip, drip drip of the rain drops
When the summer showers through
A voice within me keeps repeating
You, you, you

Night and day you are the one
Only you beneath the moon
Or under the sun

Whether near to me or far
It's no matter darling
Where you are
I think of you
Day and night, night and day

Why is it so that this longing for you
Follows where ever I go
In the roaring traffics boom
In the silence of my lonely room
I think of you

Night and day, day and night
Under the hide of me
There's an oh such a hungry
Yearning burning inside of me

And this torment wont be through
Till you let me spend my life
Making love to you
Day and night
Night and day

Thank you/10ordero

DreamerKind said...

Spin stuff around sometimes

Let's Face the Music and Dance

Diana Krall:

There may be trouble ahead
But while there's music
And moonlight and love
And romance
Let's face the music and dance

Before the fiddlers have fled
Before they ask us to pay the bill
And while we still
Have the chance
Let's face the music and dance

Soon we'll be without the moon
Humming a different tune and then
There may be teardrops to shed

So while there's moonlight
And music and love and romance
Let's face the music and dance

Thank you/pinhamrv

DreamerKind said...

Paradise found

Cinema Paradiso

Chris Botti & Yo-Yo Ma (Instrumental):

Thank you/Brian Chewie

Anonymous said...

Hello to all the Roselands! I am about to say goodnight. Keep me posted on our couple. Goodnight.

DreamerKind said...

Cheerios! Rest well, y'all.

katy said...

Pl, you're going on a vacay to the UK? How wonderful! I so want to go there one day and visit London in particular, which is like my dream city to live. I hope you have massive fun. :)


No, Katy's "tits" comment couldn't possibly be that because she is a girl she can't be next to Rob, without idiots thinking that there is something going on between them...no of course not...what she was saying is that she has nicer "tits" than Kristen...because that makes a lot more sense...NOT.
I guess reading comprehension was absent the day these idiots were born.

As, the lovely Pisteuo says..."Keep it Happy, Happy, Happy Roseland"

Pisteuo said...

Hahaha! The D-r-a-m-a...seriously....LOL! Over a magazine article?
Wanna know what I think? Haha....prolly not! LOL!! Anyway..."I" think people LIVE for drama. Yep...that's what I think. Wanna know what I wish? Again, prolly not...but, I wish people could just just go about their own business and leave other peoples business alone...yep, that is what I wish. But, like my momma used to tell me..."wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which one fills up the quickest."

Glad to see some old friends here and of course everyone else here in Roseland. PL, Ali and Kami...y'all please don't be strangers! Miss you guys!

DK, you make me smile in such a Happy, Happy, Happy sorta way!

Kay, you go girl. Hugs!!

Katy, thanks for keeping it real and Happy, Happy, Happy! :)))

Anonymous said...

Good morning to all the Roselands! Hi RKsoulmates913, Atticus, Em, vernistene, DK, KK, LizzieD, Ginger, Rose, Pist, Kay, Katy, PL, Rose, Holy, ADD, Tracybell, PamH, Stella, Litmon, Pattybg, slutsrunning, PC, Elizabeth, Olivia, Barb, and the rest of Roselands! I am up and getting ready for babysitting and work and then home. Keep me posted on our couple.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


Jane said...

I love it here. All the nice people always saying nice things and the songs, OMG, the songs.

Elizbeth said...

Hi all in Roseland. DK, like I said before, one of a kind. Thanks for your beautiful posts everyday. From the bottom of my heart, it is so appreciated. Arleen, up early I see. Hope your day go well. Watch out for those steps/stairs. To all my ladies, have a blessed day. Hugs.

Kay said...

Wow - meanness for sport and attention now, huh Jane?

Happy, happy, happy hump day, Roseland! ❤

sue said...

Yes, it's so considerate of texting Kristen to let her know she's proud she never slept with Rob cause she wouldn't do that to Kristen, being her friend and all. So for the papz and haters to insinuate that Rob did want to, must be so nice for K, not that she already has enough ammo thrown at her.

vernistene said...

Hello Roselanders!!!
Where my ladies at???

Jane good to see you out and about. Troll hole got you down? Dark, deep and shitty down there huh?
Well to the real R/K fans have a beautiful day:-) :-) :-)

Tracybell said...

Hey Vernistene
im here popping in every now and then. Every time you type troll hole I cant stop imagining this one thing in my head. It aint pretty but its pretty much on target lol. Jane is like an 11 years old boy. You know the type who doesnt have any friends so they push, call names, pull hair, just to get some kind of attention? Yeah...thats jane lol. Have a great trip and be safe. _/\_

Ive still not decided on the katy thing. She knows how rob and kristen are so something tells me we're either not getting the whole story or she said it knowing they wouldnt give a shit. I know it doesn't matter what I think, buuuuuuut...maybe we should wait a little bit before we start flaming her? Rob went to her engagement party for goodness sakes and they are very good friends with katys assistant and I just think they are better friends than that for katy to use rob and kristen for publicity. Shes freakin katy perry...she doesnt need that to help her sell albums.

Like everyone says "its just my opinion" lol

stay cool roseland

vernistene said...

Hey T-Bell I understand u and like you I think more to it. I bet they don't give a shit. Lol lol I also think they get so freaking tired of paps and reporters and having to guard their every word. I bet they say some shit knowing they will be pounced on for their words. I read more last night and Tully believe it was (as always) taken out of context. They are together no buts...... Katy saw the reports that when her and Rob hung out in that time frame they hooked up. To leave no doubt in her man's eye and her friend's mind to just let her know she wouldn't do that she knows Rob is Kristen's. Also with her experience with husbands and boyfriends cheating she wanted to assure Kristen (who we already know knows) that Rob is not a cheater. He is true to her... No Buts:-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Tracybell said...

lol. Dont know bout kristen but its well documented that rob makes up the craziest shit in interviews....jimmy kimmel? Member when he said he was homeless? Cuz everyone was saying he dold his house lol. Its like they look at the shit being printef anf dometimes run with it lol. Don't blame them one damn bit....no buts!

Tracybell said...

Omg Vernistene. ..can u even understand what I typed lol. This friggin phone is driving me crazy. Lets try this again shall we? Never mind im to frustrated. If you have any questions just ask ha!

sue said...

like you said, this is my opinion but I also mentioned multiple times: "assuming the article is correct and not taken out of context". If so, still think she should have kept her mouth shut. The media is having a field day and the degenerates commenting on GC are getting off on KP's 'kindness' to Kristen.
Ah well forget about it, I'm also influenced by the fact that smurf lady has rubbed me up the wrong way from day one when I heard her screeching on the radio all those yrs ago, and no has nothing to do with Rob, didn't even know they were friends until last year so I'm rather biased anyway. When I see her parading around, commenting about RB and JM, I see me me me me.
You can safely say, I'm absolutely no fan of hers.

Jane said...

You kill me Vernistene. Your grammar needs work, but you do say cute and funny things.

Elizbeth said...

Sue, I know you mean well, its obvious; your good intentions. But I think no matter what is said or done, people already have their minds made up in regards to Kristen. They have decided they are going to hate her even if she discover the cure for cancer, rid the world of hunger. Hell has no fury then a woman scorn; and these women were scorn by Kristen the moment they realized Rob had a thing for her. This goes way back to 2008. Katy doesn't have to keep her mouth shout. She expressed herself the way she felt was appropiate. What this crazy fandom does after that is no surprise. Kristen is by far stronger than you think. I don't think she cares for what a bunch of idiots are saying on GC. I don't see it, and I don't care. I don't think Kristen or her team are either. This is just some silly school girl favorite past time at the moment. When life happens, these fools will find a different passtime. Trust me. Life happens, people grow older, priorities changes. This too shall pass.

Tracybell said...

thats cool we all have our opinion and I respect that.

for someone who thinks shes smart enough to correct grammar you're pretty ignorant. I think what you meant to type was that Vernistene makes funny and silly comments? Since a thing is an object, idea or concept dont think your sentence would survive an 8th grade english teachers red pen. And of course "you kill me"? You can use better grammar than that cant you?

vernistene said...

Why thank you Jane.:-) How bout this for grammar
You Keep fucking with my friends because your classless tasteless childish ass has no real life and karma will be a bitch. You fuck with folks for kicks wrong idea wrong hood. Take yo "I think I'm so superior ass" back to your troll hole and do what you do best.........scratch. I've had lunch no need to eat yo ass up. How's that for grammar bitch. I say it with love :-) :-) :-) :-)
T-bell I understood every word friend.:-) I with u no buts......

vernistene said...

You go T-bell!!! My girl!!!:-) :-) :-)

vernistene said...

Oh and Jane?
You aren't worth "killing" waste of anybody's time.

Tracybell said...

Omg Vernistene
Oooooh leave it to you to lay it down. Im crying im laughing so hard.

Anonymous said...

Hi RKsoulmates913, Atticus, Em, vernistene, DK, KK, LizzieD, Ginger, Rose, Pist, Kay, Katy, PL, Rose, Super, Holy, ADD, Tracybell, PamH, Stella, Litmon, Pattybg, Birdie, slutsrunning, PC, Elizabeth, Olivia, Barb, and the rest of Roselands! I just got home from work and babysitting. Did I missed anything while I was out. Anything new on our couple?
Elizabeth- I am always up that time for babysitting and work. That is my usually routine.

Tracybell said...

I forgot to ask but who is Tully?

DreamerKind said...

From my Facebook timeline:

Marcus Foster & Bobby Long

"Crooked Sky"


***You can listen to other talents on that link for lots of musical enjoyment.

DreamerKind said...

Good day, lovelies! Playing nice?

My 81 year old friend reminded me today, that lifting the corners of your mouth upward, induces laughter and increases endorphins. Sorta another real snappy way to create happy happy happy!

vernistene said...

T-belly I meant truly lol lol

Jane said...

Vernistene...you are a grandmother, right? Do you talk the F work to your grandchildren?

DreamerKind said...

My reward for moving dressers and stuff by sliding them on those movers disks, and having to put toilet paper around my head to catch the sweat pouring down should be:

(Vote for one)

Pinot Noir
All three

I await your responses (for 10 minutes max.)!

DreamerKind said...

Okay, the votes are in and Pinot Noir wins! It is perfect for a day that was dark until six, and then glorious sunshine brought a fix.

A little love story...my nephew who has been married for almost 4 years now, and I were at a local pub where several very fine chicas stood around us.

I thought I saw him glance very briefly at the most striking one, and teased him at it. He was confounded, confused and adamant about not having even noticed any beauties.

You see, he only has eyes for his wife, he said, for others are no comparison or competition. That's what I think of as old fashioned love and commitment, but really some folks choose it, recognizing the rare and precious person they won, as the greatest gift of all.

Tits and ass? They're like the frosting on your favorite cake, an extra treat when the rest is sweet.

DreamerKind said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DreamerKind said...

It's in the gaze

I Only Have Eyes For You

The Flamingos (1959):

Thank you/TahoeThom

DreamerKind said...

While I'm having fun alone, you all are at the new Rose's post, where I will be!