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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Monday, July 22, 2013

Yes. No. Maybe So.


I finally have some time to myself...
Trying to go thru my emails and catch up on what
has been going on in Rob/Kristen world.

Some things are good.
Some things are OK...
Some things are kinda annoying.

This is my 
Maybe So.

And by the by...
Don't get all offended and bent if I don't just
go all dreamy eyed and vacant over everything 
Rob and Kristen do.
I see them as human beings...
Sometimes they get it right.
Sometimes they don't.
I can be a fan and continue to adore them
and not always agree with everything surrounding them.
I doubt they would want to be put on 
some kinda lame perfection idol pedestal anyway.

1. YES.
Kristen is rocking the military uniform.
Camp X-Ray.
She looks happy to be back working.
She looks happy.


I get that the paparazzi are fucking scum
and say rude vile disgusting stuff to you.
(and writing on your car? enough said)
We don't understand what you deal with every day.
You're not the only celebrity who flips off these asspipes...
But every time you do it just draws
negative attention.
It just gives those hungry hyenas something else
to howl and bark about.
Just stop.
It doesn't hurt the paps.
It actually makes them happy.
They WANT you to flip them off.
So why give them the satisfaction?

If looks could kill...
You'd be lying on the floor.
If only it were that easy.

And damn... her hair is RED in the sunlight.

There is something natural and sexy about Rob
playing music.
A piano... guitar.
Doesn't matter what.
Dior knows what they are doing when it comes
to the pictures released for their new campaign.
But to be fair...
It's pretty fucking hard to mess up a picture of Rob.


Just about the whole written Dior copy.
"One perfume. 1000 lives"
The one part that stood out the most to me
while I tried so diligently to read the whole thing...
"An attitude that shuns pretension"
While some of what they say about Rob is true...
It's the way they say it.
Shuns pretension?
Dior... you define it.

Here's the deal...
You don't need long winded overwrought
paragraphs defining Rob.
You have pictures of him.
Lots of glorious, stunning beautiful pictures.
A picture is indeed worth a 1000 words...
Let those speak for him.
Believe me...
People will listen.


OK. So there is a James Dean quality to Robert.
Rob and a white t-shirt.
I like it.
I like it a lot.

Rob on the set of MTTS.
He looks happy to be back at work... too.
People really focused on the bottom right picture.
I see why.
Intense Rob with a cigarette
hanging out of his mouth.
And of course the white tee.


I don't understand the big deal about the cig.
If Rob isn't smoking a REAL cigarette
it's because he's SINGLE and FREE.
E cig or real cig.
The boy has an addiction.
Well... make that two.
Because he's completely addicted to Kristen.
(whether he smokes or not.)

Of course...
Kristen is addicted as well...
Just like Rob.
To Rob.


I saw Paul McCartney for the 6th time
on Tuesday night.
The man is 71 years old...
and he still puts on an incredible show.
He. Is. A. Beatle.
Need I say more?

See the inside of that oven?
That's how it felt inside Miller Park on Tuesday.
The temp was 97 degrees.
The 'its feels like temp' was 104 degrees.
We were squished onto the floor of the stadium...
and there was no air flow. 
Big Fucking NO.

Seeing and hearing Paul sing...
"All My Loving"
and countless other Beatles/Wings songs...
was worth the discomfort.
I think.


There is something ever so charming about 
Bear and Bernie.
Ever. So.
I guess this acct is private...
But someone (who hates Kristen... btw)
is following her friends and relatives on Instagram.
Sounds rational to me.
But needless to say...
I got a few 
about this picture.

"It's an OLD picture! They are puppies in it!"

Good grief.
So put out by this.
I doubt it's an old picture.
Why would Alicia post an old pic?
On her PRIVATE acct?
For what purpose?
And secondly...
Bear and Bernie weren't puppies together.
Bear was around a bit before Bernie came along.
And thirdly.
You need to deal with the fact that Bear and Bernie
belong to Kristen as much as they do to Rob...
and that if B/B were at Kristen's house
There's an excellent chance that Rob was there, too.

There is no NO.
No. No.
There is Rob.
There is Kristen.


Tom Sturridge isn't a maybe.
He's a definitely.

This post is brought to you by... YES.

It's coming.

Until next time.

Bye for now


Kay said...

Thanks, Rose. :)

Happy Monday, Roseland! Take care, stay safe and have a great day, everyone! ❤

PC said...

I like this one alot!

It's exciting to see both of them working on such interesting projects. Can't wait to see them on the big screen again. :)

PamH said...

Thank you for another great post. Yes, No and Maybe so...really great :)
I agree the Dior pics are good but the ad write up just didn't fit Rob at all.
I guess people forget K herself saying that Bernie was around 4 or 5 when they got her so to me that's not considered a puppy anymore. But that's just their way of making them feel better and not admitting its a resent pic.

Have a good day everyone =)

Lanette said...

Very well said.

PL said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
PL said...

Sorry for the delete.

Pist, thanks for the WYR suggestions and I can't believe you don't remember your previous hair eating suggestions, lol.

Sorry to use this forum to communicate, but its the only way I have.

Olivia, all of Cluckinham enjoyed the video, so thanks.

Hello to all here. Isn't a new Royal baby exciting? History in the making.

katy said...

Great post, Rose!

Glad to see that both Rob and Kristen seem to be happy to be back working. Genuinelly thrilled for them.

I love a lot of the Dior pics coming out but that one of Rob at the piano is my absolute favourite. It's flawless.

Gotta laugh at the idiots that thought Kristen hadn't seen Bear and Bernadette AKA Bernie since May.

Hi, PL

Yes, it is!
Thought it funny that some people were surprised by the announcement of a boy...they were so sure that it was going to be a baby girl.
I hope you are well.

Take care everyone.

Litmom said...

Good one, Rose. I thought about you at the UN-AIR-CONDITIONED concert. Schweaty balls.

I like the uniformed Kristen pics ( don't need a thousand, but, oh well...). Rob seems to be enjoying his shoot, as well. Busy, busy - happy, happy !

I do laugh at the ridiculousness that the cuckoos come up with ;-).

Congrats to Will & Kate on the birth of the new baby boy!

Hope all is well with the Roseland gang!

Arleen Parkinson said...

Hi RKsoulmates913, Atticus, vernistene, DK, KK, LizzieD, Ginger, Rose, Pist, Kay, Katy, PL, Rose, Holy, ADD, Tracybell, PamH, Stella, Litmon, Pattybg, slutsrunning, PC, Elizabeth, Olivia, Barb, and the rest of Roselands! I just got home from running errands.
Rose- Great job on your blog.

Stella said...

Rose, you are asked many questions and, when I saw the title of this post, I thought it was you answering to those questions with the epic "yes, no, to get to the other side, 3.14..." LOL

Loved the post, as always.

I totally agree that Rob and Kristen are only human and we don't have to agree with everything they do, because as humans they are bound to make mistakes, and very often they do. For example, I sometimes don't agree with the way they are dealing with the paps, because I think that it could just be adding water to their watermill or fuel to the fire, if you know what I mean.
But that's just my personal opinion, they are the ones having to deal with them in their everyday life, not me.

It's been a few days since I last posted and I have to admit I'm a little bit lost in RL these days and I haven't read all the comments on the previous post. So, I hope everyone's doing ok, enjoying their summer.

I won't mention everyone because I'll surely forget half of you, but thank you for making this site a nice place to come and express my thoughts for Rob and Kristen and for sharing your interesting thoughts with all of us.
A special "hello" to Arleen, who doesn't forget to mention me in her comments (keep thinking positive, my lady, everything will be ok) and a big thanks to DK, for reminding me yesterday a song from N.Simone I hadn't listen to in a while (what a voice, what a woman...)

Take care, everyone!
Love is in the air...

Arleen Parkinson said...

Stella- Thanks! I am have been keep positive for my friend. I am sure you saw my comments about her niece. I was telling also to DIDY. That I could be in mom's shoes right now. Her mom is in the Military I guess in Iraq. Probably hearing that her is missing in Utah. She probably thinking of coming home just to find her daughter. If I were her Mom I would go nuts. And Pray that she is ok. Right now no world. But I am waiting for the flyers. So I could help to. Maybe start passing to door to door if I have to. We are all helping our friend to help find her niece. I am thinking posted on Facebook if I have. That way we can find her. Right now I am keeping faith and prayers for her niece.

RKsoulmates913 said...

"Relationships last long because two brave people have made a choice, to keep it, fight for it, and to work for it."

Kindness, Like a boomerang,always returns. So does karma. And it's coming!!!

I loved your post. As always! <3

Super RN Gas Passer said...


This is the most excellent post you have EVER done...How. Do. You. Do It?? Geez:))))

I have Pauls DVD from the NYC concert at Citi Field and I love it, especially Helter Skelter...Did he play that??? God, I am so jealous !!!!

And ROB ....shit, shit, shit...it's NOT right for a man to look so sexy with a damn cigarette hanging out of his.mouth...shit, shit shit...:)))))

Love to All :))))

Super RN Gas Passer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LizzieD said...

ROSE: THANK YOU for the wonderful post. I totally agree that we don't always HAVE to agree with everything that R&K does. They are "human" and we only see from our side and none of us can even imagine what their lives are like.

HELLO to all, sorry I've been working night & day the past week and haven't been able to keep up with everyone. I hope everyone is doing okay.


Jezz said...

Rose... like always i don't have words to say how much i love your post!!
yes i LOVE YOU, and i love the way you put everything in words!!
I love Kristen in a uniform, i love Rob in a white shirt! HOT!
maybe some of you gonna hate me for this but, as much as i Love Rob i'm not that excited for Dior perfume, maybe is because, he don't look like Rob, i don't know if you understand what i mean... but i repeat I LOVE ROB!
and i Love Kristen... and Bear and Bernie... and their amazing friends!
can't wait until your next post!!
love you Rose, have a nice week

Mama Nails said...

Love it's yes, RK are addicted to each other. Would love them to work on the smoking addiction but it's their lives. They've made the choice to quit once, hopefully the second time around will be the charm.

But it's up to them not us. I'll love them no matter what.

I actually appreciate that they are human.

Apple of my Eye said...

YOU SAW SIR PAUL ROSE? Sixth time....I'm sooooooo jealous! I saw him here in LA in 2004, best.damn.show.ever! On another note...I do have faith they're still addicted to one another. B/B are their dogs, no matter what. Glad to see R/K working...militaryStew...kick a$$!

Frannie said...

Yes, No, Maybe.

When it comes to this post it is a decided and resounding YES!

I agree with all you said including her gigging the paps. I know a lot of celebs do it and I don't really find it offensive, because let’s face it, we would all probably be railing cigs and flipping off the papas if we had to deal with the shit they have to endure. But I hate that every time she gives them a salute she also gives the haters a chance to remark about how classless she is. She is definitely not without class. But flipping the bird has become instinctual to her. It’s a hard habit to break, but she can do it if she wants to.

Yes, her hair is undeniably red in the sunlight. Vetty-vetty interesting…

I hope everyone has a great week. My Monday was about as craptastic as they come. But maybe tomorrow will be better. Hope so!

DreamerKind said...

There you go. You've said it again!
Everything is a combo of everything, that is yes, no, maybe so, all mixed up as we go. Choices.
Good times you did have, all on fire (heated up) for Sir Paul, after 6 times and still a thrill!

DreamerKind said...

Happy for the prince of a baby boy, to add to the joy in our world.

vernistene said...

Great Job as always Rose!
They are real people and that makes it all the more dear to us. Hello everyone. Not naming names don't want to miss anyone.

Great news about the new royal baby!!

Caroline said...

Spot on comments.

Elizbeth said...

Great post. I enjoyed reading this very much. Thanks for keeping it real. You rock. If you could see my face when I get a new post from you. Like Christmas morning. lol. Isn't that crazy? Thanks a bunch Rose. :))

Delle1 said...

Luv your comment rksoulmates as much as Rose's,so mwah,mwah,mwah to you both and everyone who is a friend to this blog and the fabulous couple we come here for.

Saphire1231 said...

Most enjoyable Rose! Very to the point... love it.

Like most sane fans, I am so over the drivel from the Fringe element and their constant flogging of a very dead horse!

Rob and Kristen are very addicted to each other... have been for the past almost 5 years and nothing has changed - despite minor squabbles and over the top idiots who try to make something out of nothing.

Great to see them working and looking so good. I like the Dior ad and think Rob was very smart doing it... that's some business acumen that boy has! Such a lot of $$$$ for such a minimal input and his face did most of the work LOL.

I read somewhere that paps don't like pics of the bird because they don't sell for much - don't know if that is true... but I also get how aggravating those wallies are and Kristen showing her human side is totally understandable in my book.

I have a lot of excitement that has been building for the past 3 months within me and I believe there will be some really good stuff coming for all those of us who truly appreciate both Rob and Kristen and enjoy the fact that they are together!!!!

Love to all.

wania said...

Rose + R/K + Paul McCartney + sensibility + wise words = perfect post
...and DK...always...sweet DK = PERFECT MONDAY
Happy happy week!

Robert said...


as usual you cut through the bullshit with amazing clarity. i saw Paul in New Orleans in the 2000s. he played every Beatles song that he had written all of his great solo songs. i took turns calling each of my friends and letting them listen to "blackbird," "for no one" etc.

probably the best concert ever for me, when he left the stage he said "meet you in the french quarter"

talk about stamina

Virginia Florey said...

Rose I finally hd someone show me how to get on your blog and nothing since July 15 and I thought just my luck. Scrolled down to see the comments on Hollywood/Life article and such hatred and such slander against Rob and Kristen. How do they get away with such crap? I pray (no kidding) every day that Rob is going to wake up and realize there will neveer be anotheer so perfectly matched for him as Kristen. Is it true that Clare Pattinson and Lizzie are becoming bosom buddies of Lisa Marie Presley and some cousin? T
hank you so much. You make my day when you post a new blog!

Nancy Allen said...

Thanks again for your post! Always makes me feel good and of course Rob and Kristen always end up together!!! Just like the pic of them in the truck! Keep up your wonderful work....na na na na na nana na! Love Paul he makes me feel young!

LizzieD said...

Virginia Florey - Not sure if you are really ignorant of all the facts BUT, Rob & Kristen are TOGETHER!!! Be careful what you read. I know it's difficult for some to believe but the MEDIA IS WRONG!!!

Holy said...


Rose-very nice post,and I like your e-cig and real cig reference.
It's like Rob is Kristen's brand of heroin and Kristen is Rob's brand of heroin- LOL.

ADD said...

I agree with your NO.

It must be so hard to stay cool. I don't know how Kristen doesn't lose her mind but that's exactly what the paparazzi want.
Every time she flips them off, she's making the pictures more interesting and more expensive. They are getting more money out her frustration and anger. It's sick.

I'd add a second NO. Smoking. It's difficult to quit but clearly worth the effort.

vernistene said...

I'm with you Lizzie. THEY ARE TOGETHER!!! NO BUTS....... The tabs and paps lie like a fucking rug........Just saying :)

Kathy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kathy said...

Hey Rose.....I took my 14 year old son to see Paul McCartney in Orlando back in May, and let me just say, we are still not over it...lol. We were completely blown away !!! He played for 3 hours and sang 39 songs !! How amazing is that? My son LOVES the Beatles and he just kept thanking me for taking him to see Paul. I've been to alot of concerts over the years and it was definately one of THE BEST. Lucky you, getting to 6 times. Great post by the way. As always :)

DreamerKind said...

Good evening, friends!

Sweet you, too.

I agree. There aren't many like Nina Simone, all around. An original.
Putzing about and will peek in and out as I do.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Hi RKsoulmates913, Atticus, vernistene, DK, KK, LizzieD, Ginger, Rose, Pist, Kay, Katy, PL, Rose, Holy, ADD, Tracybell, PamH, Stella, Litmon, Pattybg, slutsrunning, PC, Elizabeth, Olivia, Barb, and the rest of Roselands! I just got home from running errands. Did I miss anything today with our couple. I know I saw pictures of Kristen working on RD. Have anyone heard from Rob?

Arleen Parkinson said...

Hi to all the Roselands! I am going to bed. Keep me posted on our couple. Good night. This summer heat have been making me tired.

Atticus said...

Great post Rose. Glad you got to see Sir Paul even though it was beyond Hades where you were. Robert brought up Blackbird and it just reminded me of Kristen singing that song for her audition for Into the Wild. Wish we could get that audition tape.

I get what some of you are saying about Kristen flipping the bird but it doesn't matter what Kristen does, hate brigade is gonna hate or just make up lies, case in point, recent fanpics from the bowling alley.

Love that pic of Rob at the piano.
I've had Sam Bradley's song Only Human on my mind of late. It's a beautiful poignant song and this post has brought it out even more.

Twirling with LizzieD, keeping the faith in R/K and as Vernistene say, "No buts!"

@Arleen, waves :):):)

Birdie said...

Rose, wow six times. Unbelievable that he is still doing this at 71.

I read the Dior commentary and I am guessing Rob sure as shit did not have a say in that. They did do an amazing job with the photos of this crazy handsome young man.

I believe Rob and Kristen hate the paps and trash media with a passion. It is kind of like the loons that come here and all over the internet, it isn't fun for them if they can't get a rise out of someone.How many pictures of Rob and Kristen walking,standing,doing nothing do they need?
I would love to see someone hire a photographer to take pics of the paps and plaster them all over the internet. They get to remain anonymous behind those cameras. Just like the "haters" behind their computer screens. Maybe the public should see who these assholes are.

Off to work! Have a wonderful day, Roseland.

Elizbeth said...

Good morning all at Roseland! Wishing everyone a happy Tuesday morning. Here is to a really positive day. Hope this day brings good things and lots of smiles.

Hugs to all.

Oneheart said...

Good Morning Roseland. Wow Rose I really liked this post. It's nice to see them both working and like some have said I don't need dozens of pics but it is nice to see how much they enjoy what they do.

Rob and Kristen like you said Rose, are addicted to each other...That's an addiction we all enjoy. Puts a big smile on my face.

Glad you got to see Paul...he's one of those who keeps on giving and who gets better with time. Like a fine wine.

Also I am so excited about the Royal baby...For those of us who don't have Kings and Queens it is a way to let us feel a part of it by celebrating this happy time for William and Kate.

Hope all of you are doing well. I'm not up to par but I hope to be soon. I am finding that health is a blessing so those of you who have it..be grateful.

Have a great day Roseland.

vernistene said...

Good Morning Arleen, Atticus, Elizbeth, DK, KK, LizzieD, Rose, Pist, Kay, Katy, Tracybell, slutsrunning, Olivia, Barb and all other Roselanders.
I hope you all have a great blessed and prosperous day. Everyone go read DIDY and HKN their new post are so funny and on point. Well back to work for me. Loves Ya buddies!!! :) No Buts.......

Arleen Parkinson said...

Good Morning to all the Roselands! Hi RKsoulmates913, Atticus, Oneheart, vernistene, DK, KK, LizzieD, Ginger, Rose, Pist, Kay, Katy, PL, Rose, Holy, ADD, Tracybell, PamH, Stella, Litmon, Pattybg, slutsrunning, PC, Elizabeth, Olivia, Barb, and the rest of Roselands! I am up and getting ready for my water aerobics and work. Keep me posted. Rose, great job on getting rid of trolls and haters.

Elizbeth said...

Speechless. Is all I can say. Everyday something or someone makes you go "mmm". Just speechless. Good morning Roselanders. On train to work. I guess my advice of the day will be stay away from gossip sites and rags.

sue said...

Hello Rose and all you Rosie roses.
What to say?
I have times I'm on a roll commenting all over the place but than I get a writersblock (haha, yes I'm so prolific) and wonder what the hell I'm doing.
The last few days is another perfect example of how stupid, ignorant, childish women in this fandom are. I don't get the mentality or morality of these harpies. Is that the kind of partner they want for themselves in life? Someone who screws around on them?
Last year they were screaming bloody murder about Kristen. Now they link Rob with every female in his vicinity, they prefer him to be a manwhore. The sad sack of scumbitches apparently have one thing in common: 'Everybody BUT Kristen'.
It's on those moments I really just can't get how pathetic these women are and sometimes it wears me down. It's not only them but like Rose and Tempest are saying, these endless discussions about t-shirts, hats, bags etc just sometimes seem so futile to me. I mean,..jeez. Or these are reaally only 12 or never had any life experience or I'm just a cynical old dinosaur.
I'm convinced R&K are together, no worries there, and that's it and for the rest...life goes on and R&K are doing their thing, working hard and being happy with each other.

Elizbeth said...

Sue, amen to that.

Maria said...

Good morning Roseland!!

Great post Rose! I'm so happy that they're working again and are happy. Can't help smiling when they smile.

No doubts about their relationship; I believe that they continue to be stronger than ever.

BBL. running off to pick up my daughter from camp.

PamH said...

Hello everyone

Another pic that should be title " Much To Do About Nothing " LOL
On a brighter side looks like Rob could possibly be on his way back to LA soon :) back to K and the kids.
I bet Rob and Jessie had fun sharing some K stories. Maybe JE will return with Mia and they can all get together and hang out.

Wishing Kate and Will congrats on the beautiful baby boy :)

Have a great day everyone!!!!

vernistene said...

Pic posted on RD of Rob on plane back to LA. Glad he's on his way home to our girl and the kids. I know they both are. Also pics of him out with friends and cast members. Glad they hung out before he got on his way home. The trolls and hyenas are out in droves. Stupid as ever. There are no BUTS....
Much Love!!!

Arleen Parkinson said...

Hi RKsoulmates913, Atticus, sue, vernistene, DK, KK, LizzieD, Ginger, Rose, Pist, Kay, Katy, PL, Rose, Holy, ADD, Tracybell, PamH, Stella, Litmon, Pattybg, slutsrunning, PC, Elizabeth, Olivia, Barb, and the rest of Roselands! I just got home from work and water aerobics plus errands. I got me a tweety bird say ASK ME IF I CARE. He is my favorite cartoon out of Looney Tunes. Which I missed.

katy said...


So annoying, this fandom is full of drama Llamas. And they just love to create drama for no reason.
If that goodbye kiss on the cheek is something more than a frendly one...then I am romantically involved with a LOT of people.

PamH said...

@ Katy
LOL!! I totally agree.
As soon as I seen that pic I knew the rags would jump on that and spin a ridiculous story. I guess they thought we needed our laugh for the day :D
Rob definitely didn't waste any time getting out of dodge and back to his family....maybe he's anxious to see K in uniform ^_^

Arleen Parkinson said...

Hi everyone on Roselands! How are you? I am about to run errands. I was thinking that Rob and Kristen should buy that t-shirt that I mention. The one with the Tweety Bird say ASK ME IF I CARE to the papz, haters, trolls, and the tabloids. LOL. That would be cool.

Arleen Parkinson said...

PamH, LizzieD, Katy, Kay, vernistene,
Litmon, Elizabeth, sue, DK, KK, and the rest of Roselands I am with you all. Means I agree with you guys on your comments. Good work. Keep up the good work.

vernistene said...

Strictly Robsten has new pics of Rob at Toronto Airport. He looks awesome.

DreamerKind said...

I can hardly trust myself to post so early, especially after a meal at the Capital Grille with a wine tasting that blew my panties off ( but not my ovaries).

I'm thinking that I can save on not eating other lesser meals and their expense, and eat there once a month.

I have put out the notice to the employees for finding me a generous bf, and I shall return the favor but must eat there once or twice a month. What a lovely night!

Oh, and love you, you lovelies, that love Le Rob and le mien Kristen.

Elizbeth said...

Good evening my ladies! Its been a very, very, busy day at work today, but at least the weather was to my liking. Say, people are going crazy over Rob saying bye to his friends. The other bunch are over the moon that something might be brewing between Rob and Julianne Moore (I kid you not). For a very long time now, I have wondered why people who genuinely like Rob and Kristen or even Twilight, pretended not to (the closet fans). Eureka! Eureka! Finally, I get it. You have to have the heart, the patience, the tolerance, the energy, to be in this fandom. For in it, you will find the most fucked up, twisted, insecure, wicket, jealous, childish, unloved, mentally impaired, dumbest, sons of bitches on the planet. But the truth is, the good of this fandom exists. Those who know the difference between illusions and reality and truly care about two young people working hard to perfect their craft, and keeping their love alive under the most intense scrutiny. Two actors who have done nothing but make us smile when they give, and lord knows, they give us so much then we bargained for. I come here, because hands down, without a doubt, this is where you'll find the sane ones, to good ones, the loved ones, the ones how take the time every day to say something nice. Thanks Roseland. It sure feels good every time I come here.

vernistene said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
vernistene said...

Amen Elizbeth!!! You are so on point. I love your post. I have never understood why they didn't want Kristen and Rob together. Why they would prefer Rob to be some kind of man whore. True fans should want them happy. Not rag on him or her for every little move. Like the Robsessed site. How can you talk about Rob but hardly ever acknowledge Kristen. It is good to have sites dedicated to one or the other in their on right to uplift them. But don't pretend one or the other doesn't exist. They show every star they act with. But hardly each other or not at all. I may be wrong but you know me, gonna say it anyway. It's my opinion and there are no BUTS......
Love you Elizbeth

Elizbeth said...

Hey Vernistene. Love you back. No buts. Absolutely no buts. The fact of the matter is these girls/women hate Kristen Stewart. They hate her because she is a threat. She is the one thing that stands between them and their fantasy. It is easy for them to pair him up with Katy Perry, or any of these women they try so hard to pair him with because these women are absolutely no threat to them. They are no threat because in their minds, as sick as they are, even it is clear, somewhere in that dark hole, that Rob loves one woman; Kristen J. Stewart. This is why for a very long time they invented the mystery blond. She only exist in their heads and she comes to life when they feel the most amount of threat; like Kristen and Rob holding hands in public, etc, etc. I can tell you this. I like Kristen man, I adore this child. I wish I had a fraction of her tenacity and grit when I was her age. She is such a wonderful girl, the kind beyond the norm, beyond her years. Let me tell you why. Tell me something Vernistene, if people where messing with you about your man, what would you do? Me? I would wait until the camera is in my face, then I will stick my tongue down his throat, grab his ass and pull him close to me. That will shut them up for good. But this kid is so above the petty stuff. She is bigger than that. She has what she has, and she refuse to flaunt it in anyone's face. Even the so much more deserving haters. How could I not admire someone like her?

vernistene said...

You said it Elizabeth. On point again. I had to stop and clap when I read what you just wrote. I love this girl too. I am fifty four and I implement her charisma into my life now. I love her panache. When I was her age I was just a tenacious and gritty but I also was hot tempered. You fuck with me or mine you were subject to not only get told off but yo ass whooped too. lol I'm like you. I would sling mine down on the ground, straddle him and kiss him like there was no tomorrow. Probably even a little dry humping. Hell, I would do this while shooting the "Fuck you bird" at the paps. Then I would get up pull him to me and walk away holding his ass and him holding mine. I agree. they know he is hers and she is his. I love what you say and how you say it. Good on ya!!!

vernistene said...

Isn't it great when a young person teaches old dogs new things? Kristen teaches us how to be above the bullshit. It gets to her but she doesn't let it change her. She knows what she has as Elizbeth said and that is enough for her. She is living her life for her and him. No one else. No Buts.......

vernistene said...

Goodnight Roseland!!!

barbara said...

@Arleen.Has there been any news on your friend's missing 15yr old.?I still have a candle burning, hoping that she will be found safe and sound. xxx

Atticus said...

Hi Roselanders!

@Elizbeth, really really really loved what you said...all your posts!

There's no question that the Robsessed fans wants him to hook up with every female he's in the vicinity of, exploding ovaries and all. Well everyone except the lovely Kristen. They applaud him for this and yet they can crucify his other half. It just boggles the mind that they don't see how hypocritical it is. The double standards, geesh!

DreamerKind said...

All of this kills me. There is only love. Death cannot end it. Life sustains it. Plus there is joy. The end.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Hi everyone on Roselands! I just got home from errands helping my daughter with sweet sixteen birthday invitations. Just passing door to door.
@Barbara- I haven't heard yet. I talk to one of my friends about the flyers. Found out in Logan,Utah not allow to pass them around. I guess it part of missing investigation process. But they did notify the mother. She went nuts which I would. She told them either let her on leave or she will awol so she could find her daughter. Which I don't blame her. She is in over seas. Found out also her daughter the one that is missing have happen runaway before. But this time is different. My friend had a feeling something wasn't right. Her niece had cell phone. But this person turn it in the police keeps changing the story. I think that is why she had a feeling something wasn't right. I am sure we all family instinct feelings. Right now we are praying hope she is return. Also other information found out the dad has been deceased I don't know how. That I all know. But I am praying and not giving up on keeping the faith for her. I hope that she is ok. She is just fifteen.

Arleen Parkinson said...

All I got to say is just don't give up hope and prayers.
Anyways, I was RD pictures on Rob coming from LAX. Looks like is annoy with these papz. I know I would be if I were him. I don't know what they are saying.

sue said...

@Elizbeth, 7:47 yep & 9:52 yep, couldn't agree more.
There are a hell of a lot of tragic women out there. Suppose the kindergarden trolls are getting their kicks today, while it lasts, Rob being subjected again for saying goodbye to some of the crew & cast. No matter what R&K do or say, they'll be scrutinized for it.

Elizbeth said...

Good morning Roselanders. Hope everyone had a good night's rest. Getting ready for work and I hope all of you have a wonderful blessed day. Vernistene, you kill me. lol!!

vernistene said...

DK and Atticus you both are so right. I love how you both put it. True Love transcends time space and life.
Arleen I still pray for your friend. I will keep the faith.
Elizbeth you are starting to know I'm out spoken. Gurl they would know all that sexy ass man was mine and it would send the trolls back to their holes so fast it would blow their mines. And if I were Rob they would know that beautiful brilliant babe was all mine and no one will pull us apart. Then I would still give them the "Fuck Ya" sign with a shit eating grin. Rob looks annoyed at LAX but still walks that walk with head up and sexy ass class.
Back to work for me.

Annie said...

My Oh My......If one were betting that the tabloid media and sadly many people who call themselves fans couldn't get anymore ridiculous, you would have lost.
As Rob and Kristen are at work on their film projects and live their lives, many in this fandom continue to believe that Rob is a roving manwhore and Kristen is just this needy young woman who can't let go. As if!
Some people sre fans of their own stupidity and their own need for 15 minutes of fame.

I am just going to sit back and watch those spewing hateful lies get their comeuppance......Hard!

Elizbeth said...

Annie. So with you on that. They get stupider by the minute. The "as if", is so right.

Kay said...

Have a happy, happy, happy hump day, Rose, Roseland, and lurkers out there!! :D

Arleen Parkinson said...

Good Morning to all the Roselands! Hi RKsoulmates913, Atticus, Oneheart, vernistene, DK, KK, LizzieD, Ginger, Rose, Pist, Kay, Katy, PL, Rose, Holy, ADD, Tracybell, PamH, Stella, Litmon, Pattybg, slutsrunning, PC, Elizabeth, Olivia, Barb, and the rest of Roselands!
I forgot to mention this. I was looking at the RD pictures of Kristen and Rob when they are coming home from LAX. I have notice this same guy. At the LAX at all the times he always stuck cameras in Kristen's face and Rob's face. Look at the times he has done this.
One Last night is
Two at the day after thanksgiving
And last year from Paris or Australia. Sorry I was trying to find the other one too. From one of the premeres and one of them was cussing at the bodyguard or Kristen's friend. One of papz were throwing a cup of drink at them. I remember. That dude with the glasses he always the camera at their faces.

vernistene- Thanks!

Arleen Parkinson said...

Hi RKsoulmates913, Atticus, Annie, Oneheart, vernistene, DK, KK, LizzieD, Ginger, Rose, Pist, Kay, Katy, PL, Rose, Holy, ADD, Tracybell, PamH, Stella, Litmon, Pattybg, slutsrunning, PC, Elizabeth, Olivia, Barb, and the rest of Roselands!
Annie, Elizabeth, Kay, and the rest of Roselands- I am so agree with you and so with you.

vernistene said...

Arleen always!
Annie and Elizbeth I am with you both. Sitting back waiting for the smack in the troll face that's coming. I will laugh so hard I'll probably need depends. LOL LOL

Arleen Parkinson said...

vernistene- Always. I don't know if you read my comments about that dude in purple on RD pictures of Rob at the LAX. He shove camera in Rob and Kristen's face. Mostly Kristen too. I remember last one of them cussed at Kristen's friend or bodyguard. That I remember.

Em said...

hi guys :) hope everyone is good

Kay thanks for reminding me what day of the week it is lol I think I lost track but good news is only 2 more days n ill be having fun in the sun w a drink in both hands lol hope u have n awesome hump day :))

okay I better go lol I have a big list of NOs but lol not getting in trouble over this one hahaha

dreamer I miss u n ur songs :) hope when I get back I have a little more time to be around for ur night shift :)

Bye Roseland stay happy plz :))

Arleen Parkinson said...

Hi Em! You are not in trouble unless you do something wrong.

Kay said...

Any time, Em! lol :) I hope the rest of the week goes well for you, too. Your weekend plans sound awesome....sun, fun, drinks, friends and family is how I'm spending mine, too. Take care and have a good one!! :D

Em said...

Arleen ur so sweet :) thanks but I seem to get in trouble alot lol but let's leave it at that ;) hope ur okay

Kay have fun too n enjoy ur weekend :))

DreamerKind said...

Good day!

Miss you, too. So busy going out every day cause it's summer, and songs will flow out when I settle down some. Wish you great fun!

Tracybell said...

@roselanders *waves* *waves some more* lol...

Been out of town and busy. Went to high school reunion and had a blast. Saw so many friends and reconnected. It was a good thing! My hubs even had a decent time lol.

@elizbeth & vernistene
Been catching up and cracking up at ur posts about what you would do to let people know who yo man is lol. You girls need to be transported to my porch Friday night ;) lord help us if that happens haha!

Hi Arleen...how's ur water aerobics going? Is it helping?

Forgot to tell you thank u for the info on antihistamines. Certainty didn't know overuse would predispose you to Alzheimer's. Can't believe a doctor would tell a 68 year old woman to take one every night before bed. I deal with seasonal allergies and only citrizine and benedryl seem to work but they sure do make me sleepy. I will cautiously use these in the future. Thank u girl. Haven't tried cherry juice in milk but I love both so next time I have trouble sleeping ill give it a go.

What cracks me up is so many women use wine as a way to unwind and sleep. In reality alcohol is a stimulant....unless of course you drink till u pass out lol. But it does interrupt sleep patterns big time....just saying.

Have a good day everyone.

Oh...Rose...loved the post. Especially the part about Dior. I've said it before but I'm a polo fan. When I met my husband in college he wore polo. 27 years later when I smell it on him I'm transported to wonderful memories of those early days and I love him even more. Plus...that written ad shit was stupid. What kind of fucked up person wrote that shit. I started reading it on RD and three sentences in I was like "this is stupid" and didn't even finish. Oh well I'm sure it will still make millions and sell out but I hope it doesn't turn into a "brad Pitt" thing lol.

Ok for real now...I'm done.

Peace out ¥

Arleen Parkinson said...

Hi Em, RKsoulmates913, Atticus, vernistene, DK, KK, LizzieD, Ginger, Rose, Pist, Kay, Katy, PL, Rose, Holy, ADD, Tracybell, PamH, Stella, Litmon, Pattybg, slutsrunning, PC, Elizabeth, Olivia, Barb, and the rest of Roselands! How is everyone on Roselands? I am going to step out have to run errands. Keep me posted.
Em- Thanks! Like I said you are not in trouble at all. You are a good person.
Tracybell- Water aerobics is great. At least it helps my joints.
Well got to go now. Like I said keep me posted. And about the that dude on Purple shirt he needs to get his butt kick.

Pisteuo said...

Hello Rose and Roseland!
I hope everyone is staying Happy, Happy, Happy! :)

PL, if you are lurking...I'm pretty sure you dreamt it. LOL!!!

Em, I'll be thinking about you! Hugs!!!

vernistene said...

T-Bell My Gurl!!! I missed ya. Girl if me, you and Elizabeth ended up on your porch on a Friday night you would have to move by Saturday!!! You know we would take your neighborhood live. Glad you had a great reunion and glad hubs had a decent time. I hope to chat at ya later. Headed to see what sexy meat is at the YMCA for exercise class today. Gurl you know I do more drooling than working out. There are some Titan football players that come there. Nice meat to drool over. Know my old ass need to sit down but ain't gonna happen. Only as old as you feel and I feel and act most days 21. lol don't want to be younger need to be legal enough for everything lol lol NO BUTS.......

PamH said...

Hello everyone

I hope Rob and Kristen are having a quiet reunion with each other :)

@ Ginger
Hope your okay haven't seen you around for a few days :)
Wanted to share a band that Zack has introduced me to and am loving what I've heard so far, maybe you're familiar with them ?

Anyone here who loves a chick rocker and trying new bands check this one out. I think this song would be great in a RK video.
The Letter Black - Perfect & The Only One

Happy Hump Day Everybody!!!!

Super RN Gas Passer said...


You are welcome although I think most of RL would prefer I stick to commenting about "the TRIO" etc:))))). But hey, us middle aged women have other concerns also !!!!


I actually did see Sir Paul and the lovely Linda. They actually came to Columbia SC to Williams- Brice Stadium. Hubs and I went...it would have been ....hmmmmm....1991 ish...I remember when the concert was over and we were all leaving a guy walking near us said" Take me Lord...it doesn't get better than this" ...and he was right...:)

Hi DK, PIST, EM, VERNI and anyone I missed... Hope everyone has had a lovely Wednesday :))))

vernistene said...

Hey Super, Hope you day was off the chain great. I haven't seen Sir Paul but now I really need to. I think he is GREAT!!!!!! I was in Florida on vacation when he was in Nashville in 2010. I hope I get the chance. Remember No Buts......:))))

linese said...

I just wanted to let the folks who visit this site know how much I enjoy reading your comments.I just discovered this amazing BLog 6 months ago and have been playing catch up. The songs, games and genuine regard for Robert and Kristen is amazing.
That being said I do want to say that I had the misfortune of viewing the video of Robert being harassed about Kristen and Lamar Odem(same ole cheating crap)
After witnessing that video I must say that I am in awe of the strength and commitment that Robert has for Kristen
( yeah I believe that they are still together) but it has to be so hard when you are faced with idiots with cameras following you around 24/7 never letting you forget an indiscretion.
I pray that they can continue to find some privacy and while I enjoy seeing pictures of them together and separate, I would gladly sacrifice that to ensure a
continued healthy relationship.
Thanks Rose for your updates and "hot" photos of Tom Sturridge.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

My day was fantastico and I hooemyoursnwas as well...everyone behaving at the jail today I Hooe :))))
Yes, you must make Paul top priority!!!


We agree with all you said and yeah...those sultry pics of Tom are not too shabby !!!!! Thanks for posting !!!

Super RN Gas Passer said...


Hi there...:))) I hope all is lovely and fair in NYC today:)))

vernistene said...

Yo Super, All was good at the Jail. Hell I make them listen to me talk about Rob, Kristen and Tom. Got a captive audience. Half of them tell me how they are going to send me to California to see Rob and Kristen when they get out of jail. The other half wish I would just shut up. lol lol But guess what I have fifty two inmates total in my four kitchens every day per shift. The majority have seen the twilight movies and really think they are great. Also on movie night at the jail for the worker pod the counselor had a twilight fest. She is a twihard. LOL we are everywhere..... Hey Super what you drinking? Love that post. Look like you got so good drink going on :))))))(go back and look lol lol)

Tracybell said...

You back from working out? Drooling? Which one? Lol. I'm 48 but my oldest sis is 53 and I remember when she bought sergeant pepper album. Was obsessed with the Albert hall song. And my mother loved wings and we played "records" of Beatles, wings, Elton, 3 dog night, ccr, Jackson 5 and on and on. So even though I was born in 65 and an 80's chick my roots to music is in the 60's and 70's. Would love to see Paul but prob couldn't afford the ticket lol.

I'm kinda divided about Kristen flippin the bird. We project our feelings on the subject to her and what we think she should or shouldn't do. I feel she shouldn't like so many of you...and same reason...paps don't need more ammo. Anyway, but do any of us understand what she goes through with them? No. Do any of us have people screaming bullshit lies to our face every time we are in public? No. Do any of us, or any other celebrity, have thousands of lies printed about them? No. So I can sit here and say she should do this and that but I wander what I would do in the same sitch. Something tells me I would do much worse. I would prob carry a bat around and see who I could get first. I really feel for her and hope the insanity against them will end soon.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


Hahaha...yes, I see the words running together !!! OMG...trying to type at the speed of light...Didn't workout too great...Oh well :) and it was a Marg...or it might have been two:))))

it sounds liike you have the inmates under good control and Twilight is a great diversion :)))


I think she needs to do it to give her some smug satisfaction...but I see what Rose is sayin also

Have a good evening everyone

vernistene said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
vernistene said...

Super I understood all the run together lol lol What does that say about me? I would love a marg but all I got is BLUE MOON BABY!!!!
I worked out my eyeballs. lol lol ;))))

vernistene said...

T-bell there were two of them working out. I hate to admit this but slide off the treadmill staring. They are so ripped. The Titan training facility is about a mile from YMCA so some come there.
Wings, Elton, Three dog Nights Gurl I should have been in yo house. I love that music. My music is seventies and eighties mostly but some great talent in the sixties. That was my choice in 2010 Family vaca in Florida or Paul tickets. Couldn't afford both. Couldn't be selfish but Next time my vaca money will be Sir Paul tickets. lol lol Family fend for yourself!!lol lol
T-bell I am with you. I think that when she does that they have pushed her to the limit. I know I would do worst. I would be in my own jail eating green bologna sandwiches and peanut butter with jail made jelly cause I would crack somebody in the mouth with that bat, Run them down with my car, or strangle them with their damn camera strap. So if shooting the bird is what she does when it gets to be to much, Go for it. We got you!!! I also agree that this needs to stop soon. I pray for the attacks on them to end. It is past ridiculous. No Buts.........
I think the paps want to see beneath Kristen and Rob's Beautiful and there just ain't nothing to see. They are (from the outside looking in) good people.

vernistene said...

Thought I'd place the lyrics not as great as what DK finds but I just like this song...:)

"Beneath Your Beautiful"

You tell all the boys "No"
Makes you feel good, yeah.
I know you're out of my league
But that won't scare me away, oh, no

You've carried on so long,
You couldn't stop if you tried it.
You've built your wall so high
That no one could climb it,
But I'm gonna try.

Would you let me see beneath your beautiful?
Would you let me see beneath your perfect?
Take it off now, girl, take it off now, girl
I wanna see inside
Would you let me see beneath your beautiful tonight?

You let all the girls go
Makes you feel good, don't it?
Behind your Broadway show
I heard a boy say, "Please, don't hurt me"

You've carried on so long
You couldn't stop if you tried it.
You've built your wall so high
That no one could climb it.
But I'm gonna try

Would you let me see beneath your beautiful?
Would you let me see beneath your perfect?
Take it off now, boy, take it off now, boy
I wanna see inside
Would you let me see beneath your beautiful tonight, oh, tonight?

See beneath, see beneath,

I'm gonna climb on top your ivory tower
I'll hold your hand and then we'll jump right out
We'll be falling, falling but that's OK
'Cause I'll be right here
I just wanna know

Would you let me see beneath your beautiful?
Would you let me see beneath your perfect?
Take it off now, girl, take it off now, girl (take it off now, boy,take it off now, boy)
'Cause I wanna see inside
Would you let me see beneath your beautiful tonight, oh, oh, oh, tonight?
See beneath your beautiful, oh, tonight.
We ain't perfect, we ain't perfect, no.
Would you let me see beneath your beautiful tonight?

Em said...

Pist there u r :) I missed u n when I came on earlier didn't see ur happy happy happy but thought u were prob busy n having fun :) I'm good just getting home so can't stay long but wanted to say hii glad ur okay happy happy happy night lol n sweet dreams

n goodnight to Roseland too :))

Arleen Parkinson said...

Hi Annie, RKsoulmates913, Atticus, Oneheart, vernistene, DK, KK, LizzieD, Ginger, Rose, Pist, Kay, Katy, PL, Rose, Holy, ADD, Tracybell, PamH, Stella, Litmon, Pattybg, slutsrunning, PC, Elizabeth, Olivia, Barb, and the rest of Roselands! I just got home from errands and dinner with my hubby.
Any news on our couple?

DreamerKind said...

I'm taking it easy tonight after too much fun out with family and a neighbor yesterday. Hope everyone is having a good summer.

Lovely lyrics. I listened to the song. Thanks. Always happy to hear songs I haven't before.
And the Twilight time events at the jail are a wonderful thing to hear.

Bouncing off, and may hop back. Be of good cheer, for life is good.

vernistene said...

Thank you DK that means a lot coming from someone who knows their music like you. :) yeah I love driving the workers nuts talking about Kristen and Rob. I loved them doing a Twilight Fest. It made my day!:0)

Arleen Parkinson said...

Hi EM, RKsoulmates913, Atticus, Oneheart, vernistene, DK, KK, LizzieD, Ginger, Rose, Pist, Kay, Katy, PL, Rose, Holy, ADD, Tracybell, PamH, Stella, Litmon, Pattybg, slutsrunning, PC, Elizabeth, Olivia, Barb, and the rest of Roselands!
DK- You bring out the best songs.

DreamerKind said...


Sara Bareilles:

You can be amazing
You can turn a phrase into a weapon or a drug
You can be the outcast
Or be the backlash of somebody’s lack of love

Or you can start speaking up
Nothing’s gonna hurt you the way that words do
When they settle ‘neath your skin

Kept on the inside and no sunlight
Sometimes a shadow wins
But I wonder what would happen if you

Say what you wanna say
And let the words fall out
Honestly I wanna see you be brave

I just wanna see you
I just wanna see you
I just wanna see you
I wanna see you be brave

Everybody’s been there,
Everybody’s been stared down by the enemy
Fallen for the fear
And done some disappearing,
Bow down to the mighty

Don’t run, stop holding your tongue
Maybe there’s a way out of the cage where you live
Maybe one of these days you can let the light in
Show me how big your brave is

Say what you wanna say
And let the words fall out
Honestly I wanna see you be brave

With what you want to say
And let the words fall out
Honestly I wanna see you be brave

And since your history of silence
Won’t do you any good,
Did you think it would?
Let your words be anything but empty
Why don’t you tell them the truth?

Say what you wanna say
And let the words fall out
Honestly I wanna see you be brave

I just wanna see you
I just wanna see you
I just wanna see you
I wanna see
You be brave

Thank you/Wasim Ahmad

Arleen Parkinson said...

I am going to bed now. I am exhausted especially this heat. Plus got water aerobic tomorrow and then work. Keep me posted on our couple. Good night to all of you.

vernistene said...

I love the song DK. It fits. :) Thank you for the music. You are a natural at picking the right music for the right time. :)
Going to bed now. But thank you again. This says it all....

DreamerKind said...


Those were truly rocking songs from the Letter Black.

DreamerKind said...

Especially "let the words fall out" is apt. Sweet dreams, and I'll be following you soon. :)

Arleen Parkinson said...

Good Morning to all the Roselands! Hi Annie, RKsoulmates913, Atticus, Oneheart, vernistene, DK, KK, LizzieD, Ginger, Rose, Pist, Kay, Katy, PL, Rose, Holy, ADD, Tracybell, PamH, Stella, Litmon, Pattybg, slutsrunning, PC, Elizabeth, Olivia, Barb, and the rest of Roselands! How are you? I am up and about to get ready. Keep me posted on our couple.

Annie said...

Morning all.

Arleen: Hi back. I hope you're doing well.

Elizabeth and Vernistene: Hi there.

Super: It is a very, very cool breeezy morning in NYC today.....Sweater required but after more than seven days of stifling heat, i am not complaining.

Take care everybody.

Elizbeth said...

Good morning Arleen, bright and early as always. You keep this house alive even on lazy days.

DK, you are one of a kind. I love, love, your spirit. Just a handful of you and the world would be a happier place.

Tracy, I was about to put out an APB on you. Missed you and glad to hear you had a great time.

Linese, thanks for such nice comments. Welcome to Roseland.

Slutsrunningwithnails. Miss you and thanks for the support you always show for RK.

Hi Vernistene, Super, PamH and all the lovely ladies here in Roseland. Wishing everyone a happy day.

Just an observation. Strange how we got pictures everyday of Kristen at work but none when her significant other returns. Mmmmm. We are not catching up on some lost nights are we? Mmmmmm. Oh well, sue me. I am on the train to work and I left my pen in my study so now I cannot write. All that is left is my idle mind and I am running wild with it. So they spent the day in, did they?

Kristen, put your name on it. There you go. Ok, behaving myself now. Happy day everyone. I am obviously in the happy and I cannot pin point why. Cheers!!

Arleen Parkinson said...

Elizabeth- Thanks! And you too.

vernistene said...

Elizabeth so on point as always. You know me I figured they went Ninja and did a little "headboard diving."
I hope he signed, she sealed and they both delivered.:))))

Hello Arleen Have a great day sweetie!
Good morning Annie, good to read you!
DK you are so right. That one line says a lot. That's the one that caught my attention. "Say what you wanna say and let the words fall out" Yes Yes Yes!!
Super, Rose, Tracey, Sluts and all the rest of the beautiful ladies in Roseland "Have a GRREAT DAY!!!!!! Peace and Love with NO BUTS!!!!!

Arleen Parkinson said...

vernistene- Thanks! And you too.
Ok now I have a question on one of the twitters. Is it true that Rob went to CM last night. I got this on twitter. Or is it a troll.

RT @/brianna_morelli michelle rodriguez and robert pattinson are here but damn let me tell u that piece of white chocolate can rock a beanie

katy said...

Hi Arleen, :)
People are just assuming it's Chateau Marmont. Now, on whether it true or not that he was there...well, we can never be sure, without actual pics that prove, he was there.

Have a happy Thursday everyone.

Elizbeth said...

Yeah, right. Imagine not taking a picture after running into Robert Pattinson. What are the chances? Remember he was also spotted having dinner with Sarah Gordon in Toronto only to find out he was still in LA. I am not saying it is not possible that he should have lunch/dinner with a friend. I am saying there are tons of haters out there doing everything they can to put Rob and Kristen in separate locations. All of this is to promote the idea that they are over. But this is just what it is; an idea. The paparazzi knows Rob is in town, they have been following Kristen everyday to work, they know pictures of Rob with another girl having dinner on the day he is back from Toronto is "big money", yet they do not follow him or Kristen. Do you see where I am going with this. Sometimes, we have to use our heads. Analytical thinking. If it doens't smell right, there is a good chance it is crap. And it seems to me that put anything on twitter these days means it is true. Come on. No insult intended, but. just.come. on.

katy said...

Elizabeth, agree!

I say,
pics or it didn't happen.

vernistene said...

Elizbeth you are on point again Gurl! At work. Chat at cha this evening.

No Buts.......
No pics didn't happen!!!!

Elizbeth said...

Poor Rob, he just can't win with these fools. One day they've got him dating a mystery blond, the next day its Kathy Perry, the next the Dior model, the next Eliv's grand daughter, the next day, a mystery woman kissing him in Toronto, now this other one. These girs/woman are so pathetic. Find one chick and stick with her. You think??? This poor Rob who has been so verbal about that kind of life style not being his cup of tea. But they will make that tea Rob, and they are trying to force it down your throat.

vernistene said...

Yep Elizabeth, it makes you gag and puke. I am praying, I mean literally praying for the day, which will be soon, that they step out and show the haters the truth. it will be so on point I will kick back and enjoy the view with Blue Moon Baby!!!!!

Virginia Florey said...

Thanks to Lizzie for letting me know tht I must be ignorant of the facts because I thought Rob and Kristen were broken up. I read the latest news on them every night. So what is the deal? I would be so happy to hear that they are back together. Thanks for cluing me in.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Hi Em, RKsoulmates913, Atticus, sue, vernistene, DK, KK, LizzieD, Ginger, Rose, Pist, Kay, Katy, PL, Rose, Holy, ADD, Tracybell, PamH, Stella, Litmon, Pattybg, slutsrunning, PC, Elizabeth, Olivia, Barb, and the rest of Roselands! I just got home from work. Did I miss anything today. Any new pictures of our couple? Any more news about their work?
Katy- Thanks about the info.
Elizabeth- Thanks! I just saw on twitter this morning not on tabloids. I was just asking that is all.

lallieb said...

I love your site and love your posts, every damn one of them! You, Rose is it, are one of a kind and I mean that in the best possible way. I just wish it was easier to post comments and there was more interaction between yourself and between the commenters here. That's my only "complaint" if you will. You nail it...never stop.

lallieb said...

I love your site and love your posts...every damn one of them! You really nail it. Rose, is it?, I just wish it were easier to post comments and there was more interaction between yourself and the commenters and more conversation between commenters. Maybe I've just missed it. Please never stop doing what you're doing, it always brings a smile to my face and brightens my day ♥

DreamerKind said...

Friday is a fun day, whatever the weather!

For you! My favorite is # 48 and I still wear them. Kristen's t-shirt style came later, as an imitation, lol!


Arleen Parkinson said...

DK- I group up with these. They were all my favorite. I like them all.

Mirah121178 said...

Hi everyone....

@Ginger...where are u? Are u OK? I want to read something from you...

DreamerKind said...

Same old Rob! He's out there among us, smiling, making fans happy, as Kristen does whenever she can. I'm a fan of making happy, happy, happy, and folks like them who do!

Friday is a fetching day. Friday promotes awesomeness. Friday is:


The day in honor of the Norse goddess Frigg.
In Old High German this day was called frigedag.
To the Romans this day was sacred to the goddess Venus, and was known as dies veneris.

French: vendredi; Italian: venerdi; Spanish: viernes.
German: Freitag ; Dutch: vrijdag.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Hi EM, RKsoulmates913, Atticus, vernistene, DK, KK, LizzieD, Ginger, Rose, Pist, Kay, Katy, PL, Rose, Holy, ADD, Tracybell, PamH, Stella, Litmon, Pattybg, slutsrunning, PC, Elizabeth, Olivia, Barb, and the rest of Roselands! I am going to bed now. I am wipe out from working. Keep me posted on our couple.
DK- I agree with you about the Fans and Rob. Cool. My question is was that at?

DreamerKind said...

Be a fool!


David Levithan @loversdiction 4h

foolish, adj.: I sing along when Belinda Carlile belts, “If I’m a fool for love, I don’t care, I don’t care!”

DreamerKind said...

Pic with fans on RD & RPL. Sleep well.

DreamerKind said...

Get going! Hurry!


The Go-Go's:

Thank you/NewWaveAlternative

DreamerKind said...

The road may be bumpy but take it

Follow You, Follow Me

Genesis (1978):

Stay with me
My love I hope you'll always be
Right here by my side
If ever I need you
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To spend alone with you

I will follow you
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All the days and nights that
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There will be

Thank you/djbuddyloveclassicrr

DreamerKind said...

Multi-tasking needed

Finishing The Hat

Mandy Patinkin (1984):

You and me, pal
Second bottle
Ah, she looks for me
Bonnet flapping

Yes, she looks for me-good
Let her look for me
To tell me why she left me
As I always knew she would
I had thought she understood

They have never understood
And no reason that they should
But if anybody could
Finishing the hat

How you have to
Finish the hat
How you watch
The rest of the world
From a window
While you finish the hat

Mapping out a sky
What you feel like
Planning a sky

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Until they distance and die
Until there's nothing but sky

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Turning back too late
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Or the dog or the light
How the kind of woman
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Coming from the hat
Studying the hat

Entering the world of the hat
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DreamerKind said...

I Have Made Mistakes

The Oh Hellos

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And oh my heart
How can I face you now
When we both know how badly
I have let you down
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Fading away

Thank you/

DreamerKind said...


Elizbeth said...

Good morning my Roselanders! One hour away from the Niagara falls then off to Toronto for a few days. Taking a
Family road trip to the Niagara Falls in Canada.

Will still check in every day. Rob and Kristen are fine. Happy Friday to all. Cheers!

Arleen Parkinson said...

Hi everyone on Roselands! Sorry I didn't get chance to say Good morning because I was babysitting and working. But mostly babysitting my two nieces. One had a croup cough and a sore throat for a two year old. And the other had a fever. I guess that is about it. I will step out later. But keep me posted on our couple.
Any more news on our couple?

Barb said...

I just read the whole JfK Blog. Wow! If what they say there is true (and I think it is)then why the hell don't Rob and Kristen SUE the shit out of them???

vernistene said...

Barb - Public figures as easy target, More publicity that they hate. They just let it go to avoid more negative publicity I guess. They know the truth. I thought the same thing but you know it's hard to figure out.

tufenuf55 said...

New set pics of Kristen in costume with busted lip of her character on RD.

wig4usc said...

Hello, Roseland!

Keeping tabs on you all, Twitter has been a very entertaining place these past few days! :)

If all accounts are true, our favorite celebs are very very busy! And for those Rob "fans", according to him, he truly gets around...not sure how flattering that is, but if its anyone other than K, they're on board. So silly.

What I find particularly funny is that nonnies seem to forget they argued that R&K weren't a couple. And now, they scream "they're broken up"! Oh, really? You forgot that for years you denied they were together? Bad memory, lobotomy, I'm not sure, but I find it all comical!

Have a great weekend, Rose and all!

Arleen Parkinson said...

Hi everyone on Roselands! Sorry I was out all day and getting of spam. Its keep freezing on me with the internet. So I was cleaning out all the junk make sure idiots don't come on my internet or computer.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Hi to all the Roselands! Sounds like you guys are quiet for tonight. Either you guys are out or sleep or on vacation. Hope you enjoy your Friday night. I am going to bed. Keep me posted on our couple.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Good Saturday Morning! Hi Em, RKsoulmates913, Atticus, vernistene, DK, KK, LizzieD, Ginger, Rose, Pist, Kay, Katy, PL, Rose, Holy, ADD, Tracybell, PamH, Stella, Litmon, Pattybg, slutsrunning, PC, Elizabeth, Olivia, Barb, and the rest of Roselands! I am up and getting ready for walking and babysitting. Keep me posted on our couple. I miss you guys. Last night you guys were quiet. I understand you either out, vacation, and/or a sleep. I know its summer hot where you at. It was hot here too. The heat can get you tired. Believe me. It can.

PamH said...

Good Saturday morning everyone

No official news release yet on TWILIGHT. For me if its a box set like they are saying...unless it contains never seen R rated version of honeymoon or CH bedroom audition tape, I'm not interested. Everything they will say is unseen you will be able to find on the Internet either before or after the release.

Seen where someone said CXR had the weekend off, I hope that's true so RK can have some more low key alone time.
The pappz seem to find K on set most everyday.

I hope everyone has a great weekend :)
Looks like rain for me today but I'm liking the cooler temps.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Hi Em, RKsoulmates913, Atticus, vernistene, DK, KK, LizzieD, Ginger, Rose, Pist, Kay, Katy, PL, Rose, Holy, ADD, Tracybell, PamH, Stella, Litmon, Pattybg, slutsrunning, PC, Elizabeth, Olivia, Barb, and the rest of Roselands! How are you? I am babysitting and did my walk in the raining weather. And I love it.
PamH- Hi! How are you? We missed you. And Hugs.

DreamerKind said...

Happy Saturday, everyone!

Hello! Ironic it is for sure.
May go cruising again through the classic cars being shown on my street. Or may play at home and later toast things with champagne or Heineken. In either case, I'll be back. :)

tufenuf55 said...

I know I'm not alone. I miss R&K. Let's hope and pray that they can work out whatever things can be worked out. Either way, I support them both in all that they endeavor!

Arleen Parkinson said...

Hi Tuff. And you are not alone on this too.

tufenuf55 said...

Hi Arleen

I'm just having a melancholy moment for our kids! Sincerely hope whatever paths they may follow will ultimately end up at each other's door! Love and best wishes for R&K!

Arleen Parkinson said...

Hi Em, RKsoulmates913, Atticus, vernistene, DK, KK, LizzieD, Ginger, Rose, Pist, Kay, Katy, PL, Rose, Holy, ADD, Tracybell, PamH, Stella, Litmon, Pattybg, slutsrunning, PC, Elizabeth, Olivia, Barb, and the rest of Roselands! I am about to go to bed. Hope everyone is ok. Keep me posted on our couple.
Tuff- Thanks! I have been praying for them. And not getting up on them.

DreamerKind said...

It's polite to knock once

Knockin' On Heaven's Door

Bob Dylan:

Mama, take this badge off of me
I can't use it anymore
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DreamerKind said...

Ah, they're tough, and they have enough to keep their paths. Don't be melancholy, baby.

My Melancholy Baby

Django Reinhardt ( 1949):

Come to me, my melancholy baby
Cuddle up and don't be blue
All your fears are
Foolish fancy, maybe
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Thank you/Heinz Becker

DreamerKind said...

Cuddling up and settling down. Been out and around again, with my young neighbors and gal pal. Wine, chips, pretzels are heavenly when you haven't had any for a long time (days seem like years).

Be happy, happy, happy on this Sunday moment.

Birdie said...

Good morning,Roseland.
So, I never go to scary movies but may see The Conjuring today with my daughter. Anyone seen it? I am a chicken, so is this a bad idea?

It has been quiet around here. No news is good news. Have a happy Sunday!

Elizbeth said...

Good morning all. Hope everyone is doing fine. On the subject of Rob and Kristen, I do not believe for one minute that they separated for a minute or took a break for a second. The last pics we had of them together was of them returning from New York together. The rumors of a break up started when he went to film the Rover and was quickly squashed when he returned then started when he made two trips to New York alone. After attending the Met Gala alone the rumor mill was on fire as if she or he ever mixed business with their personal life; never. If Rob and Kristen had their way, their breakup would have been before their new York trip (if seeing them together is the only concrete proof that they are together). They made sure they were not seen together in NY including the after party. These two famous celebraties took the back way, jumping over a chain fence to avoid getting photograghed. You think they don't know or hear the foolishness being said about their relationship? It would have been easy for them to walk out the hotel using the front door, but for what? To put some fan's mind at ease? This is classic Rob and Kristen doing everything they can to keep what is theirs just that; PRIVATE. I don't expect to see them together anytime soon. All they want is peace and privacy and I think they are doing a very good job at that. It saddens me, that even great fans with good intentions will go and read tabs and rags and buy into their lies. I have not seen bear or Bernie out for walks, drives or just out and about. Nor have I seen Kristen with any of her brothers in a long time. She use to visit her mom, gulf with her dad and lets not forget her BFF Dakota. If we are going with the logic that because we don't see something means it doesn't exist, then Kristen has ended her relationship with her siblings, her parents, her beloved pets/babies and her BFF.

If you are waiting for a picture to validate Rob and Kristen's relationships; well, get a chair as it will be a long, very long wait. I am glad they have taken control of their private life and there is not an ounce of doubt in my mind that they are happy and stronger than ever.

By the way, Kristen rocks army uniform! Happy for them both! Hope everyone is having a great day. Hugs to all.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Good Sunday Morning! Hi Em, RKsoulmates913, Atticus, vernistene, DK, KK, LizzieD, Ginger, Rose, Pist, Kay, Katy, PL, Rose, Holy, ADD, Tracybell, PamH, Stella, Litmon, Pattybg, slutsrunning, PC, Elizabeth, Olivia, Barb, and the rest of Roselands! I am up and getting ready for church. Right now I am waiting for my ride. Keep me posted on our couple.
Elizabeth- Hi! How are you? I am good. Just I missed all of you. You either been busy, vacation, and other things. Next I will be on vacation. Leaving Sunday then coming Thursday. I am going to Yellowstone.

Elizbeth said...

Hi Arleen! Driving back from Canada. Forgot my laptop and didn't use my phone to avoid paying roaming charges. But miss you guys. It's been a wet weekend but had so much fun at the CN Tower, Niagara Falls, and lake Ontario. Glad to be heading home. Looking forward to making a nice home cook dinner. Mmmmmmm

Elizbeth said...

Just finished reading every comment here (happy), and on other RK sites and this I have got to say. Every now and then fans will say, "Rob open your eyes and go back to Kristen", "I hope he will see the light and go back to Kristen"' , "I hope he realize they belong together and go back to Kristen" blah blah blah. Like I said a million times before, there is no break up here. To play the devil's advocate, if such a thing should happen, I highly doubt Kristen will be at the end of that spectrum. Look at interviews after interviews and you will understand. We (women) need to raise above that low expectation of our gender. The girl that I have come to admire will not be walked over by anyone. If anyone will do the walking out, it will be her.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Hi Em, RKsoulmates913, Atticus, vernistene, DK, KK, LizzieD, Ginger, Rose, Pist, Kay, Katy, PL, Rose, Holy, ADD, Tracybell, PamH, Stella, Litmon, Pattybg, slutsrunning, PC, Elizabeth, Olivia, Barb, and the rest of Roselands! I just got home from church. And getting ready to make dinner soon. Then have a meeting with daughter's girls camp later. Keep me posted on our couple.
So what is going?

Tracybell said...

Hey elizbeth
just got home from being out of town myself and hope u had a great time at the falls. I agree with u and u know I do. One thing I believe though is there is prob more pics of them together and they are being withheld, ie. Ping pong table shot. Other than money dont know why they are being withheld. Im not one to go all conspiracy theory on it, but sometimes I think they are being paid to hold out posting pics. Either way I dont care becuz I know the truth in the end lol. Have a great rest of Sunday girl.

Wats up? Are u writing this Sunday day? With the things u put down here you got me so curious as to what u write lol. *smooches*

when u going on vaca girl? And where did yall decide?

Hey rose
as usual....CAN. NOT. WAIT. for ur next post and wat pics u use, and wat comes out of ur brain, And wat smiley's you use lol. The beatles were sweet! Have a good day...

sorry if my typing sucks but got a new phone and im definitely in an adjustment period lol. I keep telling it to quit vibrating....but its still doing it *shakes head...technology*

Later peeps _O_/

Arleen Parkinson said...

Tracybell- Hi! I am going next week. Just to Yellowstone.

Tracybell said...

have fun...enjoy beimg unplugged here theres no internet connection...but thats a goid thing. Come back and tell us all about it.
heard kidd kraddick passed away...so sad my favorite

DreamerKind said...

New post!!!