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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Getting Better All The Time...

Alrighty then.

Man... this fandom is fucked.

I still adore Rob and Kristen...
But hanging in the fandom for any length of time
can be incredibly toxic.
It used to be more fun.
(and don't get me wrong, I still get plenty of laughs)
But now its pretty much centered on hate.
Hating Kristen.
Hating Rob.
Hating Kristen and Rob.
Hating those who hate on Rob and Kristen.
Hating those who don't hate who you hate.
Hating people who hate people you don't hate.
Hating people who hate people you don't hate who you hate.

Someone asked me why I bother to try and change
peoples minds about Kristen.. or Rob.
And the simple answer is...
I don't.
I never did.
I've always welcomed differing opinions
as long as they weren't soaked in bitter hatred.
But people
(all sides)
are SO fucking angry all the time.
Every little thing sets people off on rants and twitlongers.
And as much as I care about Rob and Kristen...
It's just NOT that serious.
Regardless of what we think or say
It won't change a thing.
Rob and Kristen WILL be OK.
Even if you stop twitlonging for them.
Or against them.
Doesn't matter.

Rob and Kristen aren't perfect.
They have issues just like every other
relationship in the real world.
They aren't holding hands romping thru
meadows filled with purple flowers
and gazing into each others eyes.
And contrary to lunatics belief...
No one thinks they are Edward and Bella...
(at least nobody I know)

I believe something happened in May.
(sorry to all the conspiracy theorists out there)
I won't bother going into lame gossip and speculation...
Because that's basically all there is.
It's not anywhere near as serious as some
(and by some I mean the hags and rags)
would like you to believe.
Not even close.
If a guy seeks out a friend to talk to...
How is that a confirmation of a 'break-up'?
Oh right.
Cause its a girl.

Did you hear that noise?
It was a huge drama bomb going off...

Katy Perry talked about Rob and Kristen 
in an upcoming interview.

She was asked.
She answered.
Could she have handled it better?
Does it matter in the end?
Not even a little bit.

“I sent (Stewart) a text message saying: 
‘I know you've seen all this stuff but you know I would never disrespect you.
 I’m not that person.
I’m just trying to be a friend to him
 but it is unfortunate that I do have a set of tits.’”

How does that confirm anything
other than someone being a 'friend' to Rob and Kristen?
But all the media and idiots out there
jumped on it and made it into something it wasn't
Because she is female.
Yes. She has tits.
In other words...
If she was a guy this wouldn't even be an issue.
And let's be real...
No matter what Katy said
even if it was 'no comment'
The drama would be the same.

And then we get Lainey...
Who has a major fixation on Katy and Rob
who claims this means Rob and Kristen are 'done'.
You remember Lainey and her predictions before...
She was POSITIVE that Rob and Katy 
She even said that John Mayer was just hanging
around to throw people off the
scent of the relationship between them.
Remember that?
How wrong can you get anyway??

Every once in a while Lainey is fed
some info that turns out to be true.
And that's all well and good.
But this my friends... is not info
This is her OPINION.
And its a very biased one at that.
She has been wrong a lot more than she has been right
when it comes to Rob and Kristen.
In fact...
I can't remember the last time she was right.
It might have something to do with the fact
that neither Rob or Kristen's 'people'
want anything to do with her.
Just a hunch.

Looks like someone got a new puppy.
Kinda reminds me of...

A lot.

I'm guess its a similar mix breed.
Very cute nonetheless.
Do you think Bear and Bernie will welcome
Baxter with open paws?
Will Briggs fit right in the doggie family?
(Come on, you know the dogs name starts with B)

So anyway what happens next?
Of COURSE Lunatics spew that
Kristen got a new puppy to replace
Bear and Bernie.
Because Rob took the dogs 
and they were never seen again.
(except that time that their paws recently turned
up on instagram at Kristen's house... heh)
Do these crazy people have pets?
You don't REPLACE a pet.
You don't just forget about the animals you love.
It's well documented how much she loves her dogs.
I know that Lunatics want to believe that
Rob and Kristen hate each other now
and never talk or see each other...
But they would be VERY wrong.

I'm sure we have all seen the conveniently edited pap video by now.
(Amazing how we don't see what the paps say or do BEFORE)
Kristen calls the guy a 'fuckface' (hahahaha)
and says he doesn't deserve to breathe the same air.
Is she wrong?

If you watched the video
(and it was painful)
Didn't you hear how upset she was?
You could hear it in her voice.
She was trapped.
Being harassed by a bunch of men.
In what reality is that OK?
Of course the haters will focus on the
"same air" comment...
Because that's what they do.
But how can you ignore the fact that 
these paparazzi continually
cross the fucking line?

Kirstie Alley @kirstiealley
the thing is.. there are cool paps and creepy paps..
the creepy ones rip blankets off your new babies head to get a shot. 
what would u do?

The paps don't have to verbally harass and abuse
the people they are taking pictures of
just to get a reaction.
They can be 'cool' paps.
They can keep a decent distance
and not be all up in their personal space.
Take your pictures and be done with it.

If you saw a young girl being hounded on the street
by a bunch of older men...
And they were saying rude and lewd things to her...
What would you do?
Sit there and laugh and say she 'deserved' it?
Make fun of the way she defended herself?
Because that is exactly what the Hags and Rags are doing.
The only difference is these guys happen to have cameras.
(Somehow making it acceptable??)
They think it's amusing that it's happening to Kristen.
"Oh look... Kristen is being an entitled brat because
she has the audacity to defend herself from attack"
"That's what she gets for being so superior and smug."
"This is fantastic"

This shows you how fucked up this fandom
has become.
Smothered by bitter hatred.
I shouldn't be surprised that the rabid hater hyenas
would side with their own kind...

Pack mentality... Yes?

And by the way?
There is NO way in hell
Rob or Kristen have ever called the paps
or worked out any deal with them
I doubt you would find 2 people who hate
the paparazzi more than they do.
When you are constantly stalked...
Why would they have to call them?
Rob and Kristen haven't ever
needed to get the attention of anyone...

Poor Rob.
No matter what he does.
Where he goes.
He's being linked to the 'mysterious' girl
who happens to be in the same frame.
All this blather about 'being single'
He doesn't act single to me.
He acts like a guy hanging out with friends...
who actually goes out of his way NOT
to be connected to anyone of the opposite sex.
Kinda like he always has.

You can believe he's single...
and he's moved on.
And I can believe that he's still
deeply in love with Kristen
(and she, with him)
and working shit out.
Like daily.
Like now.
Like right now.

I've said this before...
When the day comes that Rob and/or Kristen
start hanging out with someone else
all the time...
Then that's when I will believe it.
But I wouldn't hold my breath If I were you...
(but in a way... I wish you would.)
(is that bad?)
The heart will always find a way.

I want them to be happy.
And I just happen to think that means
 Rob and Kristen
always end up

We shall see.

So to all the Rob and Kristen haters...

Your anger and bitterness
shows how worried you truly are...
And let's face it

This post is brought to you by the number 9.

It's a good number.
Wait and see.

And by my complete
adoration of
Tom Sturridge

Love is long.

Until next time.

Bye for now

P.S. I see you there...
reading my words.
Can't stay away... can you?


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Nancy Allen said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your posts!!! You are a true animal person, so am I...you love the pack, me too, can't wait for football season! You are a Rob/Kristen person and as stupid as it sounds when you write about how you feel about their relationship it re-affirms my thoughts. If we ever have to see them with other people I will support them but it will SUCK!!! I truly believe they are working things out, too. How do hang with your ex's friends? And Sia my God doesn't anyone remember Kristen gushing over how much she loved Sia and her music??? Anyway, thanks Rose, you rock. From a very old twihard and beyond.

linese said...

Thanks Rose, I needed that, I really really needed that! Your thoughts, your blog is like a breath of fresh air.Thanks for the perspective and humanity.

bernadette said...

Amazing post! Thank you RoseSee! I've always loved your mantra " Rob and Kristen always ends up TOGETHER!" You've said it all true. And I truly believe at the end... they will end up together. And as always said, there's always the RAINBOW AFTER THE STORM"

Anonymous said...

Wow! Best post ever! Love you!

suzi cue said...

I think you are so absolutely fabulous Rose. I don't know how you are able to continue to be a beacon of light when there is so much darkness out there. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, the pap smears have to be held accountable for what they do and say to people. They are bordering on the very, very dark side, IMO and the situation seems to be getting darker and darker as they continue to get away with such trashy behaviour.

RKsoulmates913 said...


LOVED it!!!! So fucking much!!! I bow to you!!!! thanks!

I MISSED IT >>> I want them to be happy.And I just happen to think that means
>>>>Rob and Kristen always end up

#RKalwaysEndUpTogether <<< <3

And You couldn't be more right:

>>> So to all the Rob and Kristen haters...

And #9 <<< SEPTEMBER! I like it too.

I couldn't agree more with you :

>>>Your anger and bitterness
shows how worried you truly are...
And let's face it

They are freaking out and what's theirs it's coming... because KARMA does not lose address!!! ;)


RoseLanders... My love for you!

Mama Nails said...

I absolutely can't stay away Rose! Well fine as usual and know it's not bad... Unfortunately, if they do hold their breath they'll just pass out! But maybe it would act like a reboot and kill the hater in them?

Dammit, I can hope can't I?!

Kay said...

Great post, Rose!

Take care, Roseland ❤

Maeve00Bella said...

I loved your post! you are so right. I still love this fandom, but this is insane! Rob and Kris deserve to live their life the way they want to, together or not. I hate how they attack Kristen. I know the line she used this time was the worst, but she was defending herself. Probably the pap said something very rude to her BEFORe starting to record. Hope Kristen get throught this, like she always does. bye!

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

Love this post Rose
Thank you a million times

katy said...


Nodding in agreement to everything you said, Rose.

I also missed the "Rob and Kristen always end up

Much love and happiness for Rob and Kristen, wherever they may be.

Stay safe. Be happy, Roseland.

Helen said...

Goodness, humanity, hope, faith, love, heart, understanding - in your post, Rose. Thank you for all.
Take care everyone.

Litmom said...

Great post! I hate Papparazzi and stupid people..

I start back to work/school tomorrow. Do you think I could call my students fuckfaces? Because sometimes (often) they are.

#9, huh? ......:-) :-) :-)

vernistene said...
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LizzieD said...

ROSE, ROSE, ROSE --- BEST post ever. I've probably said it before so let's just say the BEST post for today, LOL. I would NOT want to see your email inbox after this post gets circulated, oh my, oh, my ....


LIZ IN LALA LAND --- TWIRLING!!! (never stopped twirling)

vernistene said...

T-bell Tully is truly lol lol

vernistene said...

Oh but Rose I do need a pass on Jane and a couple of others. They don't just say negative things about R/K they do personal attacks and I have to say I love ripping in to them.
What you say really speaks what some of us wish we could say so effortlessly and fluidly, but we can't, we count on you to reel us in, pass sound words of wisdom, you and a few others here. Thank you and all true Roselanders for keeping it real!!!

M. Dutchess said...

As usual Rose you've emulated my words yet again; I suppose that is why I visit your thread for peace of mind, cause every once in a while, I need to know someone out there feels the way I do. Sadly I watched that video and felt the pain for Kristen. I truly don't understand why these grown men who have made it their personal business to harass her. I mean what is the self-gratification they get out of spewing such hatred words towards her as if they are angels. I really thought that when Princess Di died there would be a law pass that would forbid the papz from getting within 100 feet of the stars. I mean they can really have many pictures without ever talking to stars.
I believe whatever happened between R/K brought them closer than ever. I believe that Rob and Kristen never spend a day when they don't speak. I also believe that no matter what is going on in their lives, they always have each other's back.
I suppose the haters hate because they're envious of what they can never possess because Kristen already has.

vernistene said...

T-bell Elizabeth I did as you all suggested I sit on the beach with a funny umbrella drink in my hand and my tablet in my lap. I had a good looking "want to be my man" sitting next to me laughing at my post to Jane. I met him today. Lol lol I didn't have on the bikini but I did have on the one piece with the cute wrap round these hips. Lol The hips draw them every time.....no buts......

Berry said...

TRUTH! Well said...

Jezz said...

I think i'm in love... amazing post my lovely Rose, is just.. WOOOW
I love this words:"Rob and Kristen always end up together"
You're fabulous...
love you and can't wait to read your next post...
love from Bolivia.

Atticus said...

Rose, you hit so many nails on the head in this post. Could we do this to the haters? Damn, their heads are too hard!

I just hate the hate being thrown at Kristen & Rob. Feel more for Kristen cuz no matter what she says or does, it always gets twisted and bent out of context. Yes, Rob is handsome but please stop with the exploding ovaries.

Whenever coworkers speak about Kristen & Rob, we hear the same thing time and time again. They are down to earth, they have a good work ethic and yeah, Kristen is one cool chick! What more can you ask for in a coworker? Haters no nothing.

In light of all the news about anti-bullying, cannot believe that anyone would side with the scum pappz, cuz that is what it is, BULLYING! I did not see the video, nor do I want to. I've heard enough of how nasty it was on the scum pappz side. Haters and smut columnists really think it's ok to corner anyone and say derogatory things to someone to get a fucking reaction. Hope it's not your daughter or son it happens to someday. Let's see your reaction then.

The pet issue makes me laugh. Anyone that loves their pets as much as Kristen does would not give them up. It's a non-issue for me as Bear & Bernie & Briggs (vote for that name) are happily nuzzling their humans...in the same house...Rob & Kristen together with their furry friends.

@LizzieD, missing ya, twirling with ya!

@Arleen, waves, hope everything is good!

Oneheart said...

Hi Roseland. Wow Rose you outdid yourself with this one. You said what so many of us feel...it was a straight from the heart post.

My favorite... Rob and Kristen always end up together. Truest words ever written.

Litmom my heart goes out to you having to go back to school tomorrow. It seems like you just got out for Summer. Hoppe you have a great group this year.

To the rest of you here at Roseland hope life is treating you good.

Oneheart said...

Litmom I may be in class with you tomorrow. I spelled hoppe instead of hope. LOL

Pisteuo said...

Rose, funny how I was thinking the same things. Hahaha!
Thanks for giving folks a dose of reality...I think it was badly needed. Just wish it would stick. There I go...wishing again! LOL!!

Uncommon Sense said...

Wow, that was amazing. Just one question though... how long have you been reading my mind? Just kidding, but damn, right on the nose ;)

Virginia Florey said...

I was so glad to see your post that I wanted to laugh out loud. And immediately scrolled through the photos and then the comments. You keep us who love Rob and Kristen on the straight and narrow with your logic. Thank you. You truly deserve an Academy Award for best blog, best defender, best friend of Rob and Kristen. And right now they need all they can get.

Elizbeth said...

Oh Rose, you are spoiling us. I tell you; you bring me Christmas morning with every single post. I see a new post and I have to stop whatever I am doing, find a place I can read with absolutely no disturbance. Thank you so much.

PamH said...

@ Rose
Thank you for the wonderful post as always. It was really needed after seeing so much negativity the last couple of weeks.
Does this mean that us Sept. people will get a good Birthday surprise ? Or better yet Aug. 9th ? Patiently waiting for some good times ahead : )

@ LizzieD
I missed you :) glad to see you here.

@ Ginger
Where are you girl ? I hope everything is good with you.

@ Arleen
I hope you have a great vacation :)

Everyone here and lurking have a great week and weekend.

DreamerKind said...

Wishin' and Hopin'

Dusty Springfield:

Wishin' and hopin' and thinkin' and prayin'
Plannin' and dreamin' each night of his charms
That won't get you into his arms

So if you're lookin' to find love you can share
All you gotta do is hold him and kiss him and love him
And show him that you care

Show him that you care just for him
Do the things he likes to do
Wear your hair just for him, 'cause
You won't get him
Thinkin' and a-prayin', wishin' and a-hopin'

'Cause wishin' and hopin' and thinkin' and prayin'
Plannin' and dreamin' his kisses will start
That won't get you into his heart

So if you're thinkin' of how great true love is
All you gotta do is hold him
And kiss him and squeeze him
And love him

Yeah, just do it
And after you do
You will be his

Thank you/Gianni Baidedor

Lanette said...

Great post. I for one don't care if others have different opinions, just if you really have a hate problem then keep away. I did not see the video, (don't ever watch them) but I can imagine how awful see felt and we hope Rob was home to comfort her. No one has the right to bully another human no matter who they are. I love your posts they are just what we need to get us through the day.

DreamerKind said...

Did you kiss me? Feels like it.

Then He Kissed Me

The Crystals:

Thank you/gthalfblood

DreamerKind said...

It stuck! Not only on my shoe but in my mind. Let it go, my way or thy way.

DreamerKind said...

Find a way

Reason To Believe

Tim Hardin:

Thank you/catman916

DreamerKind said...

Are we still fighting each other? Lies prevail!

Simple Song Of Freedom

Tim Hardin:

Thank you/Chris DE BODT

DreamerKind said...

This changed me because

Jesus Christ Superstar-2 hours + (1970 rock opera)

Thank you/Angelo Away

Anonymous said...

Hi RKsoulmates913, Atticus, Em, vernistene, DK, KK, LizzieD, Ginger, Rose, Pist, Kay, Katy, PL, Rose, Birdie, Holy, ADD, Tracybell, PamH, Stella, Litmon, Pattybg, slutsrunning, PC, Elizabeth, Olivia, Barb, and the rest of Roselands! I just got home from babysitting my two nieces.
Rose- Love your blog. Great job! I love that part that they always end up together.

Anonymous said...

Hi Super,RKsoulmates913, Atticus, Em, vernistene, DK, KK, LizzieD, Ginger, Rose, Pist, Kay, Katy, PL, Rose, Holy, ADD, Tracybell, PamH, Stella, Litmon, Pattybg, slutsrunning, PC, Elizabeth, Olivia, Barb, and the rest of Roselands! I am about to go to bed. I am exhausted from babysitting. But as usual keep me posted. Good night.

vernistene said...

Jane on the previous post, the comment about my grandkids, I don't have to. They are respectful human beings unlike you. Now I will play your little games tit for tat but don't discuss my family. As Kristen told the papshit "you don't deserve to breathe the same air they do." The f word is saved for special people like you. The fucking trolls who have no sense of shame for being ignorant of anything but their short bus mentality. You don't just say shit about R/K you do personal attacks. Like I said wrong reason wrong hood and damn sure wrong fucking person. Pull it in when it comes to my family Jane. You fucked up with that one big time. Not funny. I won't ever bring up your family just you, you FUCKING inbred ........ you finish the sentence since my grammar needs help!!! Said with spit and venom no love this time :-) :-) :-) no buts.....

vernistene said...

Oh and Rose like I said I apologize for going ham on your blog but personal attacks I won't tolerate. Jane is in a fucking low class by herself. I believe in "turn the other cheek" but with Jane you have to stop her before she starts. She is a miserable troll of the lowest form.
On a happy note Rob and Kristen ....... NO BUTS.......:-) :-) :-)

lemoine idiane said...

il ne faut tout de même pas prendre les gens pour des imbéciles.
soit disant qu'elle envoie un texto pour s'expliquer auprès de Kristen, mais ,moi, je pense qu'elle profite de la situation pour vendre son album.

gwen said...

Hello everyone! Just passing through.

Rose l love number 9. It's a holiday here in my country it means long weekend and therefore rest day from work for me yay!!! And the number of the month of my birthday!

Hiya DK, Birdie & Super!

natt39 said...

No truer words could be spoken Rose and you are right people are warped in the heads by thinking it's okay for the bottom feeder paps to corner and harass a young woman with her little puppy just trying to run an errand,I pray for Rob and Kristen all the time and I hope they can soon move away from LA and from prying paps and fans so they can live a somewhat normal life where they can live in peace and looking forward to what that magical #9 means!

Super RN Gas Passer said...


Thanks for the awesome post !!! You cut through all the crap and I believe you shoot as straight an arrow with insane accuracy and precision


I hope the new baby is doing well and I enjoyed your most recent posts :))))


So good to see you !!! I wish you and BREN would hang with us again. Take care :)))


I will catch up with you soon FGM...:)))

Happy Thursday All.

lemoine idiane said...

Si vous êtes une personne honnête, vous faites des erreurs,mais ça va aller ,les choses les plus intéressantes se produisent après avoir fait des erreurs <3 courage kristen<3

Anonymous said...

Good morning to all the Roselands! Hi RKsoulmates913, Atticus, Em, vernistene, DK, KK, LizzieD, Ginger, Rose, Pist, Kay, Katy, PL, Rose, Birdie, Holy, ADD, Tracybell, PamH, Stella, Litmon, Pattybg, slutsrunning, PC, Elizabeth, Olivia, Barb, and the rest of Roselands! How is everyone? I am up and start cleaning my house because I am getting everyone ready before I go for my trip. Me and my family are leaving Sunday. This time we are going on a road trip to Yellowstone. I also forgot to tell on this comments. bernadette, super, Elizabeth, KK, Kay, Katy, RKsoulmates913, and some of you are doing a good job on your comments. And keeping the trolls out. Well I better get my duties then I will get back to you guys. Keep me posted.
Super- Hi! How are you?

Monica said...

Seeing Kristen being harassed like that breaks my heart. I hope her stay strong. Kristen just makes movies she likes and dated/dates a man she loves and yet she was treated like the bigggest sinner on the face of the Earth. The world is so fucked up!

Monica from Asia

Anonymous said...

Monica- That is because they are idiots.

Em said...

Roseland hiiii can't see all the comments but got stuff to say lol I think when ppl stop over thinking n just taking every little bit of information n turning it to this big huge thing no matter what it is they will be so much happier just relax n enjoy ur lives it's so much better than being worried about someone else's bc no matter what u think or ur opinion it really doesn't change a thing :)

okay I better get out if here lol I'm kinda doing nothing right now hahaha i like bc we got home early this morning n lol yea was a god night but im going away away later to god knows where hahaha but I won't have phone or can't get online unless u drive like n hour to town so lol I don't think that's happening lol see u soon Roseland stay happy :)))

oh n btw love really is long I see it everyday ;)

Anonymous said...

Em- Hi! How are you?

midnightgurl said...

Rose, you have your work cut out for you these days. Thanks for taking the time to remind all that it does not have to be this insane. I come to this blog to ground myself in all the chaos. The 'regulars' here are so strong and care so much in all the right ways. So glad I follow you and your blog. Keeping my fingers crossed for #9, that number means a lot to me so I'm excited to see what it brings. have a great weekend all, I'm off to Lollapalooza tomorrow!

Karen Czabai said...

Absolutely awesome. Thanks Rose

Karen Czabai said...

Absolutely awesome. Thanks Rose

Tracybell said...

Hey rose
I posted a comment that didnt show up. Can u check to see if it went to spam? Is that possible? When I refreshed it didn't show back up.

tufenuf55 said...


Agreat post; real and straightforward! Thanks!

Elizbeth said...

Rose, you teaser you. Now look what you've done with the number nine. September comes to mind and the only thing I know happening in September is this big Dior blow out. But then there is no surprise there. We knew that was coming. I am not going to pretend otherwise Rose; I am going to lose sleep over this. Just so you know. Keeping it real.

Stella P said...

Hi Rose, I love your blog and all of your followers comments. They seem like very nice people. This is my first time leaving a comment. I just want to say that I love and respect Kristen and Rob and I feel that they have a true, loving relationship. About the haters and all of their vile comments and horrible behavior, I feel that they were never shown love or how to love for that matter. Otherwise they would not behave in such a unkind and unloving way. They must be truly unhappy people. They are to be pitied and prayed for. Thank you again for your blog...I look forward to it!!

Jane said...

Vernistene...you are as indicative and crass as they come. You twist other's words to suit your purpose. You enjoy being vulgar and think your comments are going to bother others. I love Rob and have nothing against Kristen but you want to make it seem so. I feel sorry for you that you have to resort to such language to make yourself feel better. Just so you know, that don't bother me, I actually have a good laugh about them.

Jane said...

Vernistene...you are as indicative and crass as they come. You twist other's words to suit your purpose. You enjoy being vulgar and think your comments are going to bother others. I love Rob and have nothing against Kristen but you want to make it seem so. I feel sorry for you that you have to resort to such language to make yourself feel better. Just so you know, that don't bother me, I actually have a good laugh about them.

Birdie said...

Good afternoon, Roseland!

Rose, if they would only listen. Loved this post.

Gwen, a blast from the past. So good to see you and hope all is well in your part of the world.

Super, I would love to see Bren here,too.

DK, loved the songs and little messages.

Em, loved what you had to say, so true! Have fun!

Arleen, I am jealous. I bet you will have a wonderful trip.

Have a beautiful day everyone, the sun is shining.

Lisa Johnson said...

Words from a Newbie.

That was one helluva post, Rose. It was . . . let's see. Oh, I know.

Mellow. Yeah. That's it. Mellow.

And very very cool.

As someone who reads around on the various sites, but mostly lurks, I can tell you that your humorous, laid back approach is one of the best out there. No hysterics. No yelling and screaming. No denial.

And here's a for example: I floated around at the Justice for Kristen site the other day. Talk about your convoluted conspiracy theories! You avoid that kind of thing, much to your credit.


DreamerKind said...

Happy Birthday to all August celebrants! I'll be toasting you, every single day.

Anonymous said...

Hi RKsoulmates913, Atticus, Em, vernistene, DK, KK, LizzieD, Ginger, Rose, Pist, Kay, Katy, PL, Rose, Tuff, Birdie, Holy, ADD, Tracybell, PamH, Stella, Litmon, Pattybg, slutsrunning, PC, Elizabeth, Olivia, Barb, and the rest of Roselands! I just got done cleaning my house. Before I go on my trip. Just as long as my hubby and my daughter don't mess it up. When it comes to kid/kids and husbands they end mess it up when we are done cleaning. Who knows. Sorry I just see what I see. I am sure some of wives feel that way.
Tuff- Hi! How are you?
Birdie- Its my first time going to Yellowstone. Leaving this Sunday and will come back on Thursday. But keep me posted when I get back. Its too bad I don't have iphone that way I could keep track of everything. I know I am suppose to enjoy myself. I am hoping that bill pass.
StellaP- Great comments. Keep up the good work.
Elizabeth- Great comments.
As for everyone else hope you guys are having a great summer vacation.

vernistene said...

Jane I am glad you enjoy my comments. I am glad in your small mine they don't bother you. But I think they do are you wouldn't try to justify mentioning peoples families. I don't know if you love Rob, Kristen or just yourself. I really truly don't care. If you read my post to you you'll see I don't care anything about you. When someone who has done nothing but viciously attack others or use smug false ass comments to think you are better than they are brings a comment in about my grandchildren using it in a nasty smug remark the claws are gonna come out. If you want crass and indicative look in the mirror if you can stand it. I don't have to twist your words we know what they stand for and where they are coming from and it isn't a good place. So Jane don't comment to me about anything, don't harass my friends and we will be just fine. But if you comment on my family I will be as crass as possible. Now go twiddle your thumbs and suck on that your manipulative .... you finish that too sine I am grammar stricken. No love lost here and no fucking buts........

vernistene said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
vernistene said...

Jane your problem is I got your number. I see the evil behind your deceitful comments.

Stella P said...

@Arleen....Thank you for your kind words...have fun on your vacation!!

ADD said...

Great post!

I'm glad that Katy Perry talked. She doesn't want to be dragged into gossip BS.

Lainey was the first to break news on Nikki and Rob's romance during the filming of New Moon. At the same time Ted and other "sources" were saying that Rob was dating Kristen. She was 100% wrong.

The new puppy is so cute. Oh I wish I had a dog.

I haven't seen the pap video. I just can't do it. It makes me so angry.

Anonymous said...

Hi ADD! We missed you.
Stella- Thanks! I won't be leaving til this Sunday.

vernistene said...

T-Bell, Elizabeth SuperRN,RK Atticus, Em,DK, KK, LizzieD, Ginger, Rose, Pist, Kay, Katy, Stella, Lit, slutsrunning, and all the rest of the Roselanders. You all are awesome. I am headed back to Nashville. My daughter who just had the baby is sick. The bottom half of Her body, legs thighs and feet have swollen. Doctor wants her to keep elevated and said it isn't serious unless she has headache or seeing double. So you see Jane spiting about my family is a touchy subject. I am through talking to that chick it is fun to spar with words but not when it gets peoples families involved. if one of you had mentioned them I would have laughed and said not yet I'm waiting till they become unruly teens or something silly and stupid like that. Cause talking to them that way will never happen from me or anyone else. But it coming from Jane who always has a nasty meaning behind everything hit the right nerve. As I said wrong comment, wrong hood, wrong person. I apologize to you all if I caused any of you distress with my comments. But I will never lay down and let anyone dis my family or friends. That's just me. No Buts about that or Kristen and Rob.....
I come here to laugh and chat with upbeat people and ask silly question to see what we all think not to argue.
Peace Y

Anonymous said...

vernistene- Hi! I am sorry about your daughter. Hope she is feeling better. I am sorry that person is giving you a hard time.

vernistene said...

Thank you Arleen you are a shining light as always. Love you sweetie. I hope you have a great vacation. :)

PC said...

Enjoyed this post very much, Rose. RPI is one of the few places where common sense still prevails. Thanks for your words.

"The only way to get the best of an argument is to avoid it."
-Dale Carnegie

vernistene said...

Great words PC!!!

Sue Morris said...


vernistene said...

I looked at RD and saw the picture of Kristen in 2004 and Rob in 2006 they were so young and cute. They had charm then too. Just a happy thought. My nephew is driving so I'm just catching up on things. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone on Roselands! I am getting ready for babysitting. My sister in law just got engaged. I am so happy for her.

vernistene said...

Arleen congrats to your Sister in law. That is awesome!! Good things for good people!!!!

vernistene said...

Arleen congrats to your Sister in law. That is awesome!! Good things for good people!!!!

Anonymous said...

vernistene- Thanks! Her kids love him already. I am really happy for her.

vernistene said...

When the kids love him it makes for a great family. I am just grinning I am so happy for her and I don't even know her. I know from your post you are a good and caring person so I know those kids are the luckiest little kids in the world they got you and your family, their mom and a new dad. Great vibes here :)))) Y

Anonymous said...

vernistene- Thanks!

ADD said...

Hi Arleen! I missed Roseland too.

Apple of my Eye said...

Rose, I'm a lurker who has been around for several years but rarely, if ever, posts. This post came at exactly the right time. After what KP said, I was ready to give up the faith. This post makes me fan the flame of hope and faith. I wonder if the new puppy is the puppy of B/B?! It looks like Near, A LOT!
I just want them to be happy and I too believe that they are happiest together.
Thank you for renewing my faith! I enjoy your posts, brand of frankness, and sense of humor.
Trolls beware! Thank you for sharing with us!!

Barbara Fenwick said...

Great post Rose, as always. I watched that video of Kristen and the paps, and later wished I hadn't. It made me ill watching. Personally I am happy she fought back. I worry about her, however. The paps are getting worse and worse in their behavior, and I worry about what will happen next.

Take care everyone. I believe Kristen and Rob are together and always will be. Until next time--

vernistene said...

I saw the much talked about video of Kristen. it breaks your heart. It was disgusting. I wish one of us had been there to intervene. A paps might be wearing that camera in a different way. My heart hurt for her. they are getting closer and closer to her. I fear for her safety sometimes. They get more forceful with her than Rob. I pray something is done about those paps really soon. If you haven't seen it don't. it will make you angry and hurt your heart. You want to hit the paps and make them feel as bad as they make Kristen feel. She stayed hidden protecting her baby. Like you or I would. I am proud she stood firm and I hurt she had to go through this.
No buts.......

vernistene said...

Just got home. My daughters feet and legs are still swollen but not like they were she says. She's just and so was her husband. This is their third child and this has never happened to any of my daughters after giving birth. Good trip and I am glad to be home. Sorry I didn't get to hang out with Homer longer. :) but family first. No Buts.......

vernistene said...

She's just scared I meant to say....

vernistene said...

On the Justice for Kristen site there is a video of all the different celebrities being harassed. It shows Halle Berry testifying for the bill reform. It has Debbie Reynolds telling how it use to be and the paps didn't or couldn't act like this. it shows Rob and Kristen and others being swamp and cornered. I cried as I watched. There is no way this should be allowed. It hurts your heart. These people put themselves out there in a craft they love to entertain us and we are not doing all we can to stop this unwanted, unwarranted invasion into their private lives. The Anti-Paparazzi Fight for Fairness is the name of the video. it is over eight minutes long. I warn you it is very hurtful and your heart will ache.

Chrissy vs said...

Gotta ask, hows does someone ACT single? The next question how do we know they R not broken up? They have not been together since FLIPPING EVERYONE OFF....they would not have a reason 2 follow her around!! She gives them a REASON to keep FOLLOWING HER!!

Atticus said...

@verni, so happy for your new addition but saddened that mommy isn't doing so well. Hopefully your daughter is on the mend.

@ADD, always good to see you here as well as all Roselanders.

@Arleen, have a great holiday!

It's just too bad Kristen's new pup isn't fully grown. Those pappz would have never got near her.

Elizbeth said...

@chrissy vs, why are you so angry/screaming? I think the key words in this entire post, at least for me are the words "it is not that serious". It really is not that serious. So what if they are or aren't? What is it to you? Any relations to Rob or Kristen? No. I didn't think so. I will love them no less if they end up with other people. I like to see them happy and yes, the sky will not fall because they are not together. We just have to agree to disagree and hopefully respect each other's opinion. If you are certain in your belief that they are no more an item, why are you screaming and tailing all things Kristen? You should be happy, satisfied, victorious, and at last, free from all things Kristen. And that comment you made about Kristen giving the paparazzi a reason to follow and torment her; you are a woman, so believe me when I tell you the time will come when they say you are in the wrong, asking for it, encouraging it, begging for it; all because you are being a woman. These are people we don't know. It really is not that serious.

Elizbeth said...

Verni, so sorry to hear that your daughter is not feeling too well. My heart goes out to you. Make sure she follows her doctor's orders. Baby is doing well, yes? Take care and I will check on you tomorrow. Sleep well my dear.

Sending you four hugs plus two. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi T-Bell, Elizabeth, Tuff, Atticus, Super,RKsoulmates913, Atticus, vernistene, Em,DK, KK, LizzieD, Ginger, Rose, Pist, Kay, Katy, PL, PC, ADD, Birdie, Barb, Stella, Lit, slutsrunning, and all the rest of the Roselanders. I just got home babysitting. We had a movie night. Its was fun. They like Shrek 2. By the way did some of you read the Justice for Kristen about passing the bill?
vernistene- I completely agree with you guys.

Anonymous said...

Hi to all the Roselands! I am going to bed. Keep me posted on our couple. Good night.

acey said...

I just totally adore you and your perception of things! So cool! U crack me up! I do agree with alot of your comments...not being an ass kisser, cause thats not my style, just saying, Im on the same page as you, which is the totally awesome page! Thank you for sharing your views, I really appreciate them xo

acey said...

You are so faaken awesome! Just wanted to share that with u...back into the woods I go xx

elizabeth matherlywolf said...

Critic's Choice Awards Nominees: to air Jan. 9, 2014

elizabeth matherlywolf said...

Critic's Choice Awards: January 9, 2014

vernistene said...

@Elizabeth - thank you. Baby is well and beautiful. Hugs back!! Loved your response @chrisy. It's not that serious :)so true.
@Atticus - Thank you and she feels better this morning :)
@Chrissy - no one ask to be harassed and stalked. Put the shoes on your feet and see if you ask for it. I doubt you would use those comments anymore.
@T-Bell - Where you at? :)

Judit said...

Hello Rose! I like to blog, I always enjoy reading Judith

Anonymous said...

Good Friday Morning to all the Roselands! Hi RKsoulmates913, Atticus, Em, vernistene, DK, KK, LizzieD, Ginger, Rose, Pist, Kay, Katy, PL, Rose, Birdie, Holy, ADD, Tracybell, PamH, Stella, Litmon, Pattybg, slutsrunning, PC, Elizabeth, Olivia, Barb, and the rest of Roselands! How is everyone? I am up and getting ready for work.
Keep me posted.

Monica said...

Wow, so self righteous, are we?

You don't live her life yet you judeg her based on a sentence she said and you don't even know how horrible the papz treat her before, which don't show much in that infamous edited segment of clip. Not to mention they harass her nearly 24/7!!! Some ppl are just unbelievable!!

Monica from Asia

Annie said...

I can't believe there are people who trolly along in here and are justifying what the paparazzi are doing in stalking celebrities, abusing and stomping over anyone and anything that get in their way. What the paps are getting away with is harassment plain and simple.

Lots of Hollywood actors work and live in NYC, depending on the celebrity the paps can be outright assholes......They come with their step ladders at shows and premieres, lay in wait outside homes, airports and businesses and will push and verbally assault to get that "money shot." Watching them operate is scary. I cannot imagine being harrassed doing everyday, mundane things like eating and breathing.

I have been to a few shows where paps have told me to get out of the way when i was waiting to have my Playbill signed........My response has been until you've paid money for a show ticket and a Playbill and it's visible, you can fuck off!
Also those who are demanding that Rob and Kristen or anyone close to them MUST update the masses with the status of THEIR relationship....GET REAL!
We are in no position to demand anything of their private life.. All we should expect, if anything at all is a great performance in whatever movie role they choose.
The stories on Rob and Kristen have gone from the sublime to the ridiculous to the completely absurd.

I don't know about anywhere else but it's a beautiful afternoon here in NYC......Done with work, so off to enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Oneheart, LizzieD, Ginger, Rose, RKsoulmates913, Atticus, Em, vernistene, DK, KK, Pist, Kay, Katy, PL, Rose, Birdie, Holy, ADD, Tracybell, PamH, Stella, Litmon, Pattybg, slutsrunning, PC, Elizabeth, Olivia, Barb, and the rest of Roselands! How are you? I just home from work. And doing laundry and straight my house. I am sure you know how husbands can be messy. And included kids. Did I miss anything while I was out? I got to get me a Iphone or smartphones. So when I am on vacation so I can keep tabs on you and our couple.

lemoine idiane said...

Séparation qui n'est pas confirmée par leur agent ou par eux.Machine à scandale qui tourne en plein régime .
si vraiment ils sont séparés pourquoi ils ne l'annoncent pas aux gens qui les aiment ainsi tout le monde tourne la page ?
Je souhaite de tout mon cœur qu'ils soient toujours ensembles et que les gens arrêtent d'insulter kristen .
quant à moi, je préfère ne jeter de l'huile sur le feu.

DreamerKind said...

Friday makes it better. Best wishes to all.

Waving my magic wand for your daughter and family.

So true. Have fun.

Hasta la vista, Roseland.

Barb said...

Hey Rose, Love ya! ;)

Hi everyone here!!

@ Annie I agree with every freakin' thing you said in spades!

@ Verni Is the beer cold? Should I bring limes? :)

@ Arleen Have fun in Yellowstone and don't forget the sunscreen! Or the camera! ((HUGS))

DreamerKind said...

Caught up in this tune

I Hear A Symphony

The Supremes:

You've given me a true love
And every day I thank you love
For a feeling that's so new
So inviting, so exciting

Whenever you're near
I hear a symphony
A tender melody
Pulling me closer
Closer to your arms

Then suddenly, I hear a symphony
Ooh, your lips are touching mine
A feeling so divine
'Till I leave the past behind
I'm lost in a world
Made for you and me

Whenever you're near
I hear a symphony
Play sweet and tenderly
Every time your lips meet mine now baby

Baby, baby
You bring much joy within
Don't let this feeling end
Let it go on and on and on
Now baby, baby

Those tears that fill my eyes
I cry not for myself
But for those who never felt the joy we felt

Whenever you're near
I hear a symphony
Each time you speak to me
I hear a tender rapsody of love now

Baby, baby
As you stand holding me
Whispering how much you care
A thousand violins fill the air

Now baby, baby
Don't let this moment end
Keep standing close to me
Ooh, so close to me, baby, baby
Baby, baby
I hear a symphony
A tender melody

Thank you/suedemiddleton

Virginia Florey said...

Dear Rose
Made a mistake and googled Rob Pattinson and then scrolled down to read the blogs and was horrified at the things said about both Rob and Kristen. How can people hide behind a false name and say such terrible things about people they don't know? Rob is being called names because of all the wowmen he is supposedly making out with. Kristen is being called unbelievably terrible names. Doesn't it occur to anyone that Kristen has not been seen with anyone or linked with anyone since the breakup. What does she have to do to prove that she loves Rob Pattinson? Got to stop reading blogs. Your blog is like a drink of cold water in a thirsty desert.

Elizbeth said...

Verni, hope you had a bright day and that all is going well with the family. Wishing you a blessed weekend and I will check in tomorrow. To the rest of my Roseland family, keep on twirling for life is good. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Hi Oneheart, LizzieD, Ginger, Rose, RKsoulmates913, Atticus, Em, vernistene, DK, KK, Pist, Kay, Katy, PL, Rose, Birdie, Holy, ADD, Tracybell, PamH, Stella, Litmon, Pattybg, slutsrunning, PC, Elizabeth, Olivia, Barb, and the rest of Roselands! I just got home from getting dinner. Because I don't feel like have to clean up especially when I am going out of town. I just cleaned my house.
Barb- I sure have fun.

vernistene said...

Hello Roselanders :)
@Barb -I plan on Corona and Yes please bring the limes and I'll hook up some wings!! Got Blue Moon to Baby!!! :) You should have seen the day I had lol lol
@DK - Thank you. My daughter is doing better and the baby is wonderful.
@Elizabeth - My daughter is doing better I had a fifteen hour day at work catching up on what I missed. Corona night for me!! lol lol
@Arleen - Hope you had a good day sweetie and Hope your vacation is off the chain!!!
@RK - Hope your day was good
@DK - love the song
T-Bell and Super - where my gurls at?
To all other Roselanders A BIG "HELLO" I didn't mention you by name but you are not forgotten. No buts.......

Elizbeth said...

Verni, I love corona. Chill one and then drink it last for me. It is late now on the east coast. Like almost midnight so tomorrow I will have my corona with a nice juicy turkey burger. Glad everything is going well.

Arleen, you busy bee you. I look forward to reading your post everyday before I go to work. Keep them coming.

I miss Tracybell. Tracy miss you!!

Super, PamH, SRWN, DK,LizzyD, Atticus, the Roseland gang, and the queen of this our lovely place; Rose, good night all. Sleep well and may tomorrow bring us great things. Night, night.

Tracybell said...

Hi Vernistene and elizbeth
in texas fir the weekend. Made some comments but they didnt show up guess they went to spam. Will have time to post tomrw. See yall

Tracybell said...

Oh and hugs to u guys aand even smooxhes

vernistene said...

@T-Bell - Just glad to hear from you T-Bell. :)))))

Boo said...

Rose thank you so much for this blog I've gone through all of your posts and I have found a home for my fandom it's a good base with no crazies. In reading your posts I can see how you have grown along with the number of your follower. Me included.

I have lurked and became a steadfast fan lasted year in July when I saw those photos. Before that I was a lurker of R/K. On the fringe. I can not understand why I was a fan. I'm an old lady with grown children and husband, why now? I've NEVER fandom over anyone before, why now?
Simply, when you see true love you can not help but admire it. When you see true love you can not help but encourage it, hope for it, long for its endurance. Hope for IT against all odds. THE LIGHT sees that love.

Those that hate and envy true love will do anything to distroy it.

Good vs evil.

I just came from reading a similar blog and was upset, I wrote

Ah! Really! This post sums it all up! I AM SO DONE WITH THIS MADIA POOH! DONE! This whole thing is ugly! I am sicked by what happen to her (the video) I am even more appalled by the of lack of sympathy that is replace by hate, greed and envy! I'm a Johnny-come-lately to this fandom and I have lurked here and there. I will admit I was looking up those rags for info I knew that some of the info was not true. Since I have found this blog and others like this I have determined that paprats and bitchrags are just that, Filth. Garbage in Garbage out! I WILL NO LONGER LURK AT GP, HOOLYWOOD LIE, COOCOO PERZER, UZ, PEEPLZ, AX 17, PUPSUGER, and other bitchrags that I forgot to mention. I. AM. DONE. I can not and I will never know what it is like for them! Ever! To simply walk in public and have a filthy, vile paprat in your face? And then justify It as part of fame?!

I know that I am new, but I can not be a true fan of R/K if I lurk in bitchrags sites for info. By visiting those sites I am contributing to the income to those paprats. In addition, I am also contributing to the income to those bitchrags via advertisement.

No, I AM DONE with the bitchrags sites.
Rose, I admire you for your blog in what you have written. Sorry for a long post. I hope I can be a part of this group. I hope that other fans will make the same conclusion and do the right thing: ban against bitchrags.

Boo said...

P.S. I am nothing without spell check: Media Pooh

Anonymous said...

Hi Oneheart, LizzieD, Ginger, Rose, RKsoulmates913, Atticus, Em, vernistene, DK, KK, Pist, Kay, Katy, PL, Rose, Birdie, Holy, ADD, Tracybell, PamH, Stella, Litmon, Pattybg, slutsrunning, PC, Elizabeth, Olivia, Barb, and the rest of Roselands! I just got home from help my mother in law packing my sister in law's stuff in the boxes because she is moving.
vernistene- Thanks! And you too. How is your daughter?
DK- Great songs!
Elizabeth- Thanks!
Tracybell- Hugs back!
And I think I am going to bed soon. Good night.

vernistene said...

@Arleen - she is still a little swollen and now she thinks she can just get up and do. Made her lay back down till the doctor says different.
@Boo - Welcome we love R/K fans who lift them and each other up. You found the right home. Rose is an awesome blogger and the ladies and man here are all great. :)

DreamerKind said...

Interesting comments from famous 50's & 60's movie star Doris Day (now 89):

November 15, 2010
Don't Be Taken by the Tabloids

Carmel, Calif. - Doris Day announced today that rumors of her impending death have once again been greatly exaggerated by the tabloid press. DorisDay.com would like you to read Doris' response in her own words:

"Well folks, they're at it again. You know, the tabloids. According them, I almost died. Can you believe the lies they print, just to sell newspapers? They must have created this story from my recent radio interview [on WNYC] where I mentioned that I had a severe case of bronchitis several years ago.

It was the same kind of bronchitis that millions of Americans experience every year and believe me, I was never near death.

"That was almost 15 years ago and I have been fine ever since, so not to worry. I'll say it again: I'm fine, just fine!"

Ms. Day recently conducted a one-hour radio interview, which DorisDay.com hopes to make available here in the coming weeks, so all her fans can tell for themselves that Doris is as chipper and healthy as ever.

"Oh, by the way, if you don't buy the tabloids, maybe they'll go out of business," Ms. Day concluded. "Just a thought!"

DreamerKind said...

Flights of fancy now call me ahoy. Be of good cheer.


Anonymous said...

Good Saturday Morning! Hi Oneheart, LizzieD, Ginger, Rose, RKsoulmates913, Atticus, Em, vernistene, DK, KK, Pist, Kay, Katy, PL, Rose, Birdie, Holy, ADD, Tracybell, PamH, Stella, Litmon, Pattybg, slutsrunning, PC, Elizabeth, Olivia, Barb, and the rest of Roselands! I am getting ready for my walk. Then come home so I could finish packing for tomorrow and do a touch up cleaning. Then run errands. Then done. And go to the party tonight. Then done for a day. Keep me posted on our couple.

Anonymous said...

What a sane and wonderful site Rose. You all are like family. I have visited you site many times. Thank you Rose and Roselanders for bringing sense and reality to what I believe is true love between Kristen and Rob. I believe the haters want it not to be true.

But now it seems the rags and the haters are out of control. Out and out lies and maniplated photos and dates of pictures and fecious comments. I hope Kristen will have her body guard with her from now on.

Your site is wonderful and it always gives me hope they can survive. I think they have a very special love. That they are very unique and genuine people.

I will drop by again and often and will not read the lying rags. I hope they wil be taken down.

I look forward to you new posts and check most days so I don't miss you wisdom Rose.

Thanks to all of you, except Jane.

Pisteuo said...

Happy, Happy, Happy Weekend, Roseland! I hope everyone has an awesome day!

DK, I guess it goes to show that not only have the tabloids not ceased to exsist since the 50's and earlier...but, have multiplied. Not good. :( Does that mean that people have become more stupid and so bored wih their own lives? Really scarey...huh?
When are people gonna smart'n up?

Arleen, sounds like you have a really busy day ahead! Enjoy the party and your trip.

vernistene said...

I was looking at photos of Kristen. Is it me or is she just getting more and more gorgeous almost on a daily basis. I mean she has always been a stunner but she shines. Or better said "Glows." Robs no slouch either. He gets more handsome each day. I love how they have come into their own and continue to get better. Just watching and wanted to share. No Buts....... :^)

vernistene said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
vernistene said...

My nephew just looked over my shoulder and whispered "Damn she's gorgeous." Now he's twenty and has never used a cuss word in front of me ever. Now we know this is a mild one but he has never used any around me. Total respect. He got to apologizing and I was laughing my ass off. He is 6'2" and all muscle but was apologizing like he was six and said something really bad. My thought was her beauty made my nephew forget he was with me. He kept saying "Sorry Auntie it just popped out but she is so pretty. Well not pretty she is gorgeous." I gave him a pass and replied "she is that kind of beauty."
I really love the way Rob has buffed up. His pecs look awesome in his t-shirts. They are both redefining their bodies and it is great. No Buts.....

sue said...

Hey girls and gents all is well in Roseland I see, except for the usual stirrers.

@Vernistene, just keep on going girl, you're doing well. I love me the old boxing matches, haha.
@Jane, you always leave a bitter taste in my mouth but that's probably your intention anyway.

Watched that vid of the scumbag papz on JFK. It's baffling that in this day and age where we are flooded with rules/laws and regulations, that those rats can do what ever they want. Giving an idiot a camera should not give them the right to get away with bloody murder, quite literally (Princess Diana comes to mind).
I hate the papz but the trolls and haters are not much better. They sit on their cowardly fat arses in front of their safe little screens condemning and pointing fingers at Kristen for reacting the way she did, the poor girl cornered and in fear. Kristen, I love you for it, they don't deserve the air you breathe.
For the trolls and haters pointing their fingers at Kristen, sitting on their cowardly fat arses in front of their safe little screens, pointing fingers at Kristen for reacting the way she did in fear. These harpies are sitting there sniggering and laughing about it, how much of a low life can you be if something like that pleases you. Payback is a bitch and man oh man I wish I had a magic wand to poof all of you harpies and your loved ones in the middle of a papz storm. Your morals and mentality are equal to the papz, while they justify their actions by doing it for the next $$, you have no excuses at all.

sue said...

Hey girls and gents all is well in Roseland I see, except for the usual stirrers.

@Vernistene, just keep on going girl, you're doing well. I love me the old boxing matches, haha.
@Jane, you always leave a bitter taste in my mouth but that's probably your intention anyway.

Watched that vid of the scumbag papz on JFK. It's baffling that in this day and age where we are flooded with rules/laws and regulations, that those rats can do what ever they want. Giving an idiot a camera should not give them the right to get away with bloody murder, quite literally (Princess Diana comes to mind).
I hate the papz but the trolls and haters are not much better. They sit on their cowardly fat arses in front of their safe little screens condemning and pointing fingers at Kristen for reacting the way she did, the poor girl cornered and in fear. Kristen, I love you for it, they don't deserve the air you breathe.
These harpies are sitting there sniggering and laughing about it, how much of a low life can you be if something like that pleases you. Payback is a bitch and man oh man I wish I had a magic wand to poof all of you harpies and your loved ones in the middle of a papz storm. Your morals and mentality are equal to the papz, while they justify their actions by doing it for the next $$, you have no excuses at all.

Birdie said...

DK and Pist,
I was thinking about the tabloids. There was a time when I would occasionally buy those magazines at the grocery checkout. Not often,but I liked to look at the pictures and to see how the other half lived,haha. I thought the stories had some truth to them.

Then my daughters introduced me to Twilight and I became interested in two young actors. They were a breath of fresh air. They also opened my eyes to the twisted world of social media and tabloids. Honestly, I felt duped and a bit embarrassed that I ever believed any of that shit. I know I am smarter than that. It has been several years and I do not give those pieces of trash a second thought. So, thank you Kristen and Rob for continuing to be a breath of fresh air and bravely navigating through the muck that is a classless excuse for journalism. I hope for you that they become bored with your lives and let you live in peace. You deserve that.
Have a happy weekend,y'all!

Anonymous said...

Hi Oneheart, LizzieD, Ginger, Rose, RKsoulmates913, Atticus, Em, vernistene, DK, KK, Pist, Kay, Katy, PL, Rose, Birdie, Holy, ADD, Tracybell, PamH, Stella, Litmon, Pattybg, slutsrunning, PC, Elizabeth, Olivia, Barb, and the rest of Roselands! I just got home from my walking. Before I start my day. I have good news from my friend. They found the girl. She was in Kansas. I believe that is where her mom's station is at. They believe she rode on the Greyhound from here to Kansas. My guess she wanted to be with her mom. I guess our prayers have answer that she is safe. Its a good news. Thank you guys for your prayers and keeping faith. I thought you guys would like to know.
Pist.- Thanks. I am looking forward to it.

Pisteuo said...

Seriously, if people would just stop making such a big deal out of evrything...it wouldn't be such a big deal. Tabloids LOVE that shit!
They count on it!

As horrible, vile, disdusting, smelly and filthy as the paparazzi and tabloids and haters are...they DON'T define R and K's life. R and K are living their lives just fine...THEIR way.

Not saying something shouldn't be done to control the paps...they definately should be laws to control them. Just sayin if people would stop reacting to everyhing...it would definately help the situation. Hey, I know it's hard when you feel so passionate about people you care about...but, it CAN be done.

Also, the main reason that trolls visit here is to get a reaction from us and recognition. Usually the more negative the reaction is...the better they like it and the more they visit here. Just sayin...

Not trying to tell anybody what to do...just stating a few facts.

Birdie, hey there! :) I know, there is a lot of people out there that don't realize that the tabloids are mostly if not all made up bullshit stories...just to sell mags and to make money...at the celebrities expense. But, the more people become aware of it, I think we can all make a difference, if we try.

mari said...

rose, i hope you will never EVER STOP WRITING ABOUT ROB & KRISTEN. you re such a gifted person to express & write beautiful words about them. MORE POWER TO THIS BLOG this is really my favorite RK website.


Pisteuo said...

That is awesome news, Arleen! Thanks for letting us know.

Happy, Happy, Happy vacation! :)))

Anonymous said...

Pisteuo- Thanks! My vacation doesn't start til tomorrow.

DreamerKind said...

Good afternoon!

Me, too! I used to look over the years but especially after becoming an R&K fan, don't look at those store rags or gossip sites. They made themselves so ridiculous that I was suddenly much smarter and me likey that.

Our society is saturated with the false images of success, beauty and wealth in all of its forms. Looking at television and the types of shows on there, boggles the mind. We do make a difference, when we try.
One can have it all, of the essential, important things in life but we see pre-packaged lies sold to make money and control the hopeful people, who long for their chance at it all. Education is needed and is at hand more than before, so many are waking up to the truth, I believe.

Birdie said...

Wasn't she missing for a couple weeks? So glad she was found safe. That is one very lucky little girl!

You are so right...I don't hate,try to avoid drama and just tell people that want to believe gossip,what complete bullshit it is. Little steps.

"they DON'T define R and K's life. "R and K are living their lives just fine...THEIR way."
That is why they are a breath of fresh air!

Birdie said...

Why, I didn't see you there, Miss DK. You are forever wise!

Anonymous said...

Birdie- Yes she was missing for couple of weeks. Last week found out there sights of her in Salt Lake with some girl. She must of took the Greyhound found from her to Salt Lake. Then found out this week they found her in Kansas. They said that is where is mom's station. You know part of military. I guess she wanted to be with her mom. Her mom got deploy to over seas. I guess fight over Iraq or somewhere. Right now they are doing Psych test with her. To she if she is ok. I think my opinion she just wanted to be with her mom. And yes I am glad that she safe.

DreamerKind said...

Excellent news!


Anonymous said...

Thanks DK!

Birdie said...

DK, Keep on smiling,right?

Birdie said...

Arleen, Amazing that she got so far. Have a wonderful vacation!

Elizbeth said...

Good morning all. DK and Pist good point about the rags and paps. As long as there are shit eaters; more and more shit will be manufactured to feed their hungry bellies. Those of us who have to stand by and watch this disgusting behavior need not think we have to put up with it. Lets not underestimate to power of "a voice". Perhaps the laws will never change in terms of paps stalking celebrities to get a shot, but there has to be safe boundaries regarding space, distance, and definitely ending the constant verbal abuse. It has to stop and I will not and can not accept that our celebrities should be treated this way; no human being should be treated this way. Can we make a difference? YES WE CAN.

Pisteuo said...

Elizbeh, you say "Those of us who have to stand by and watch this disgusting behavior need not think we have to put up with it. Lets not underestimate to power of "a voice".
That's just IT...we DON'T have to watch ANY of it...EVER! Nobody is forcing us to watch or read anything. We are doing it on our own free will. And then we discuss it to death...which is only feeding the beast. That's what they coun on. A LOT of times (most), ACTION speaks louder than WORDS. We CAN stop paying so much attnion to what the tabloids and haters say. What would they do without an audiance??

People seem to be more interested in celebrities personal lives than their careers...THAT is the problem. If only we could just discuss their work and not evry little detail of their lives...it WOULD make a difference.

Pisteuo said...

ugh...that should be audience,...not audiance.

Lots of errors today...sorry.

Pisteuo said...

Anyway, I know none of us want to accept the fact that WE are part of the problem...but, if we are to be honest about it...we are. And twitter doesn't help any. LOL!!

Hey...just sayin.

Pisteuo said...

And...I don't know about anybody else but, I'm soooooo ready for a Rover trailer!

PC said...

I have to agree that we share some of the blame for the existence of tabs and paps. After all, we are the consumers. If we didn't buy it, they wouldn't sell it.

It's easy to feel that there is nothing we as individuals can do that will make a difference, but it has to start somewhere. Every time we choose not to click on a link to a tab story or pap pics(good or bad), every time we resist online discussions of every little fear, rumor, & theory that is out there, every time we choose to ignore haters and baiters instead of sinking to their level, every time we switch the channel when an entertainment program comes on,... we are taking a stand. Eventually, maybe enough of us will do it and we will hit them where it hurts-the pocketbook. :)

Sorry for the long ramble. I feel pretty strongly about this subject. :)

Have a nice week end!

Pisteuo said...

PC, you said that very well. Thanks! :)

Pisteuo said...

Hey PL, Kami, Ali, Freddie, Super, Kay, olivia, Pattyb and the rest of the lovely ladies over at Cluckingham Palace...you guys need to come over here to Roseland one evening/morning/afternoon and join us in a fun game of WYR. What say you? :)

Elizbeth said...

Pisteuo, no, I won't and never will accept that I am a part of the problem. I don't read tabs, even before Kristen or Rob were born. These things have been around for a very long time. I remember when I was not even a teenager, going to the store with my older siblings and seeing stories on Sally Fields and Burt Reynolds. Did not care for gossip then, do not care for gossip now. I was intrigued by Kristen (Rob was later). The more I read or heard them interviewed the more intrigued I became. For me, they were different from the others. After last July, the news channels, even the reputable ones were carrying the story and I knew something wrong and unfair. I needed a place to share my thoughts with people who felt the same as I did. I went on line and googled for blogs/sites and I found a few. This site was the one I visited on the regular. Rose spoke to me it seems. Someone I adore admire was being trashed, and she felt what I felt. Her site was not a gossip site, in fact, she did not condone gossip sites or rags. I support Rob and Kristen's career. I have seen every film she as made and almost all of Rob's. I go the the cinema and then I buy their dvds. I also am a fan of DiCaprio. Seen everything he has ever made. His life outside of film? Just no. Not intrigued in the least bit. My comment you responded to was about the paparazzi harassment. I am aware of what is going on around me, I live in this world, I need to know what is happening around me. Ignoring it does not and will not make it go away. I said shit eaters; the dump uneducated ones who cannot tell an apple from an orange and let others dictate what to see, feel or think, or the insecure ones who needs to put down others to feel lifted; as long as you have such people around (and they will always be around), rags and paps will stay in business. All I am saying is boundaries should be set to protect these celebrities. I know you mean well, I get what you're saying but we are not all part of the problem because we come to a place to discuss something we have in common. At least that is all I do; no gossip sites or rags for me, not yesterday, not today, not tomorrow.

ali mac said...

Hi Pisteuo :) I'm on holiday in the Cotswolds in England at the mo, so you could say I'm happy, happy, happy =)

stacy said...

Happy Saturday Pist. It's been a quiet day at Cluckingham Palace. I've been sitting at my computer reading a book in an attempt to avoid everything that I should be doing like grocery shopping, bill paying, etc., blech! I am sure the palace dwellers would love to schedule a game. I'll put out a comment over there.

ali mac said...

Hi Stacy :) I think my wi fi might run out any minute , it's supposed to go off at 10pm and it's past that now. So hi and bye just in case lol

Pisteuo said...

Elizbeth, I totally respect your opinion.

What do you think would be the best way to help the problem and who do you think is responsible?

stacy said...

Hi and bye Ali. :) I hope you're having a wonderful time.

Pisteuo said...

Hey Ali!! Have fun in England!

Hey Stacy! Great to see you here! Yes, please ask everyone at CP to come over for a game and get-together. Would be great! I miss you guys!

PC said...

Just to clarify, when I wrote that WE are partially to blame for the pap/tab industry I meant WE as a society. I wasn't singling anyone out. I think most of us here try our best to be good respectful fans. Wouldnt want to offend any of you nice people.

Did you all see this? If even 1/2 of it is true... as a parent I'd be terrified to know that a person like this is following and watching my daughter. I can only imagine how Kristen's parent must feel. http://deadlyobsession1.blogspot.it/2013/07/fatal-friend-also-papparazzo-scored.html?m=1

Maybe there are some "nice" paps, but I feel like they are the exception to the rule.

stacy said...

Thanks Pist. I've put out the message.

Pist, PC and Elizabeth, I have been enjoying the well thought out comments of you recent posts about what can be done and how we are all part of the problem, and wanted to provide a little more to the discussion. Because the name of the blog has Rob's name in it, each and every post and comment that is made creates, in simple terms, a "hit" on the internet. So, even when we've made 20 comments regarding the weather, we've in essence created 20 "hits" with Rob's name. Once coupled with comments also including Rob and/or Kristen's names, we've expounded on it. So, in very simplistic terms by commenting we are part of the problem. (Don't worry, I do know that by essence of making this comment on this blog with their names, I've just compounded the problem, which is why I've always been a lurker.) These "hits" or records on the web, then feed into the bigger picture by media mining of the internet to find the most discussed topics. From there, the most discussed topics become fodder for the tabloid industry and from there we get to what makes the paps the most money.

In means of explaining this, I am in no way suggesting that there shouldn't be discussion of them on the internet because this is also what drives quality work their way. It is a bit of a double edged sword. Good, healthy interest in their careers is awesome, but the intrusive discussions about personal lives is horrible.

It is great that people aren't clicking on or buying tabloids. That is the best and easiest way to help with this issue, not only for R/K, but also for any celebrity that is just trying to live their life and do good work.

I hope I haven't offended with my explanation. I was only hoping to provide a little more food for thought into this issue and other ways that you may be able to help out.

Pisteuo said...

There is some evil shit out there. PC.

And Elizbeh, my response to you was about the pap videos. And I was not judging you. And mostly talking about "US" as a society. PC said it best I think.

Pisteuo said...

Oh gosh...I meant Elizbeth...sorry!
My fingers are not cooperating today. :/

Pisteuo said...

stacy, thanks! Seems all you guys explain things better than me. LOL!!
I don't do so good when I'm expressing myself. :/

stacy said...

You're welcome Pist, shucks, you're making me blush. :) Okay, I'm off these bills aren't going to pay themselves and the banshees are screaming for food. I keep telling them that there are plenty of fruits and vegetables, but that's not making them happy.

Stella said...

Great post, Rose. As always you speak the voice of reason.

I hope everyone is good and getting some rest in the summer. August is usually here a month for rest, at least for the majority of people. Hot weather doesn't allow fast rythms.

I'm not sure if Rob and Kristen (especially Kristen) has finished filming, but I'm sure they are spending their free time together and out of sight.

@Arleen, great news on the girl.

Take care, everyone.
Love is strong, love is long.

Atticus said...

@stacy, oh man, you put it so eloquently and succinctly.

@Pist, Elizbeth, PC, appreciate your thoughts on the pappz issue too.

I don't think there is any easy solution to this media frenzy. There are a lot of us fans on every side of the fandom. Whether it's positive or negative comments, their names will get mentioned a lot throughout the day. For now, it seems a lot of us are not giving the rags hits which is a good starting point.

@Arleen, wonderful news knowing the whereabouts of the girl but kind of sad she couldn't tell anyone of her plans.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Good Afternoon ROSELAND

I was just peeping in and enjoyed the afternoon line up very much. I agree with every word and if I may expound a little bit...

DK is better at expressing this than me but I believe in the power of " collective conscience" and " karma " and we are in a battle in this world of virtuous versus vile thoughts and actions. We must strive to stand up for what is right and condemn what is dark, destructive and harmful.

Now by saying that I make mistakes...we all do...but we must never give up on ourselves and humanity as a whole...although its temping sometimes.

PC. I DO worry about harm coming to all famous people and going back to the "collective consciousness" stuff, I encourage all of us to put out positive energy whether it is in the form of a post on a blog or prayer or just positive thoughts towards these people to add a layer of protection ...

Just sayin:)))))

Hi PIST...let's do get together soon for a night of fun...we will be listening out for ya:)))

Freddie said...

Hi to all the ladies and Robert.

Pisteuo – I hope all is well with you and yours. You name a time for WYR and assuming I’m not at the salt mines, I’ll try to be there.

PD and Stacy – I really enjoyed your comments. Stacy – I never really thought about the fact that even here at Roseland, I’m adding to the internet “hits” just by mentioning their names or by just by being here – even when discussing their work or the weather. Thank you for that helpful information. I’ll try to keep that in mind.

PL and Kami – if you ladies peak in, I hope you are both well. I’ve been trying to stay off-line more lately so I haven’t had a chance to catch up. PL – a trip to England. That sounds like a wonderful break. I hope the planning is going well.

Ali – wow, the Cotswolds. It sounds like such a beautiful place to be. I'm envious. Enjoy your time there.

Em – hey girl. I hope you are well. It sounds like you are having a good, albeit busy summer. Stay well and enjoy your vacation. And have a drink for me.

DK – thanks for the music and provocative thoughts … as always. I hope you are well and settled into your new place.

Katy, Super, Birdie, Kay, Olivia, PATTYBG, Annie, IB, Kenzz – hey ladies. Miss you.

Melinda - I'm not sure if you will see this or not, but I saw that you popped in a while ago. I hope life is treating you well.

And Rose – great post.

To all the other ladies (and gents) of Roseland – have a great weekend.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


Im so glad to see you pop in :)))). I also miss Melinda and Sidney and so many others.

I hope you are having a nice relaxing weekend....as for me I'm on call this weekend and mostly just hanging out...I could get used to that !!!

Take care:)))

Freddie said...

Super - it's so nice to catch up with you. Maybe we can have a reunion some day. I hope you are well and that you won't get called in for anything over the weekend.

All is well here - I'm enjoying a long weekend (we have Monday off) and some wonderful, not too hot, weather. And to top it off, I gave my credit cards a work out earlier - so all is right with the world. LOL.

I hope you, the family and the grandkids are well.

Elizbeth said...

Hey Pisteuo, I will have to make that comparism to that of a drug user and a drug dealer. You can blame to consumer but the dealer is just as guilty. Bottom line is that these rags/paps are in the "dumb business" and the reality is there will always be dumb/stupid people. This brings us to a no win situation. A law has to be put in place where paps are concern and to do that, I believe the process starts with a petition? I remember when Princess Diana died we really thought things were going to change in that regards. Celebrities and the public, all saying things were going to change; but here we are.

Pisteuo said...

Super and Freddie, so nice to see you's. When do you think a good time for a game would be? I know the time will be tricky for Ali and DK is usually on at night...well night/early morning for us.
Maybe when everyone is back from vacaions.

I'm off for a while now. Getting ready for a fun evening that will involve beer and fun. :)

Stay Happy, Happy, Happy Roseland!

Lisa Johnson said...

Here in California we have several anti-paparazzi laws in place. The strongest one to date is The 2013 Paparazzi Reform Initiative, which is California Assembly Bill 1356, Stalking Reform. They are currently working on tightening this one up since the paparazzi often violate it. I believe this is the one Halle Berry recently spoke to.

Kay said...

Happy weekend, Roseland - it's great to hear from and see so many people stopping in today....you've been missed! :)

Lots of really thoughtful posts on all of the vile crap out there....I really have no insight on how to change it other than the things you've all talked about. Probably pretty simplistic, but I can't help but think that a lot more love and compassion in the world would make a big difference all around.

Arleen - so good to hear that they found the girl you told us about.

Pisteuo - I'd be up for WYR some evening when I'm not running around like a crazy woman....so many disgusting choices in my head grossing me out right now....barf :P

Take care, be safe and have a fun and happy, happy rest of the weekend, everyone!! ❤

Anonymous said...

Hi T-Bell, Elizabeth, Tuff, Atticus, Super,RKsoulmates913, Atticus, vernistene, Em,DK, KK, LizzieD, Ginger, Rose, Pist, Kay, Katy, PL, PC, ADD, Birdie, Barb, Stella, Lit, slutsrunning, and all the rest of the Roselanders. I just got home from the party. I can tell you I had fun.
Stella, Atticus, Kay, and everyone else. Thanks! Atticus, Yes I wish she would told her family where she is going. Right now they are doing psych valuations. Make sure she is alright. She just want to be with her mom. I could understand that. I know its hard for family that left behind when their families are fighting our country. I could understand that.

DreamerKind said...

What a great day seeing so many wunderbar folks stopping in. I was at a family bbq and it was a heartfelt gathering, too.

Nap or a beer? Need a few to decide.

vernistene said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kami said...

Freddie, just saw what you said, I completely understand how busy things are right now, I've been spending a lot of time just trying to catch up on resting. So far so good!

Hey Pistol! First off, and I should say that I am NOT talking about what anyone else said in regards to the tabloids, I honestly didn't read all the comments, I just heard with Pistol and Freddie had mentioned all of us Chick on CP and thought I'd drop in to hi....now after that disclaimer...Pistol I couldn't agree with you more about the tabloids being a supply and demand kind of program, if we don't demand, they won't supply that gossip to us, and then those celebrities who are in the spotlight constatnly can have some much needed privacy.

Pistol I'll make sure all the CP chicks know about your invitation for a game of WYR, thanks for asking us that's very sweet!

Anonymous said...

Hello to all the Roselands. The reason why I was up I was sending to DIDY. I just wish that RD would put together of R and K with this song. Here are the lyrics:
by George LaMond feat. Brenda K. Starr - No Matter What (Lyrics)
Love can be so right
but things can go so wrong
the clouds come rolling in
Love may not last very long
But I know as for me
Our love will always be
Cause what we share together
Can weather any storm

OOh I love you girl
(I love you girl)
We'll get through I promise you
No matter what may try the world may do to us
No matter what what may try to tear our love apart
It won't get through to us
We'll never change what's in our hearts
No matter what

Life can be so hard
The world can be so cold
And everybody says we won't last
But they don't know
That for my whole life through
I'll keep on loving you
You're such a part from me
I could never let you go

Ooh I love you boy
(I love you boy)
We'll get through I promise you
No matter what may try the world may do to us
No matter what what may try to tear our love apart
It won't get through to us
We'll never change what's in our hearts
No matter what

You'll be my everything
As long as you are by my side, we'll rise above
We won't let anything ever come between our love
No matter what

We found a place where we can both be free, yeah
So safe and warm within each other's arms
No matter what
We're gonna be here for eternity,yeah
No matter where, No matter how
We know our love will still be strong

No matter what may try the world may do to us
No matter what what may try to tear our love apart
It won't get through to us
We'll never change what's in our hearts
No matter what
You'll be my everything
As long as you are by my side, we'll rise above
We won't let anything ever come between our love
No matter what

Anonymous said...

But you guys should listen to it on you tube.

Anonymous said...

DK and the rest of you- Listen to this.

ali mac said...


Pisteuo, don't worry about including me in the game. It's really too awkward with the time difference. The majority are only free in the evenings and by that time I'm usually tucked up in bed :)) I can always have a laugh reading it all the next day.

Freddie, great to "see" you on last night. I really hope you enjoy your long weekend. It's amazing what having an extra day on the weekend can do for a body :)) I hope you drop by CP soon as your missed.

Have a happy, happy, happy day y'all ;)

vernistene said...

@Sue - Thank you! You see I love a good sparring match too. I will keep going. If the trolls want to spit I am the one to take them on.

I wish we could find a way to help end all this papshit bullshit. I don't click on the rag sites or even look at the mags at the checkouts anymore. Now that I truly understand how they go about getting the pics and how they lie to make a story it just makes me sick. I stop being a contributor that way. I think us talking and keeping it real is a good thing. Not about K and R, unless it is all positive and upbeat, but about how wrong the paps are and what they do to terrorize. If someone is monitoring sites then maybe if they see enough discussion on how people are not looking at their sites when it is full of lies or people were attacked, stalked or whatever disgustingly negative thing to get the story it may start a trend toward the better. You have to hit any situation where it hurts most and unfortunately in our society it is the pocket. Baby steps I always say...Sometimes it is the only way to get to where you need it to be. You wish it would happen overnight. You wish there was a magic wand but sometimes the way of the tortoise is the only route. There is no one remedy but starting somewhere is better than doing nothing and hoping it will go away with no action is like pissing in the wind..... No Buts........

Anonymous said...

Good Sunday Morning! Hi to all the Roselands Friends! I am getting ready for church then after church will be leaving afterwards to Yellowstone. I am excited. Keep me posted on our couple. Some of you on Roselands good job on your comments keep the trolls out.

PL said...


We have 4 different timezones that we deal with but sometime after 7pm EST usually works for all of us. Just pick the day and we'll go from there.

Interesting conversation here last night. At least in regards to R and K, I don't feel that the endless discussion of their clothing, jewelry, and pap invasion accomplishes anything other than keeping the story alive. And I don't think they devote their days to sending signs to fans with their clothing choices. Seriously, I have never known a young man who does more than grab the first shirt in the pile when he's getting dressed.

Just my opinion, I'm not trying to start an argument.

I noticed this statement regarding twitter abuse and some changes that are going to occur. I hope it works.


Em said...

hii Roseland :)) hope everyone is okay

Freddie OMG it's so good to see u :) hope ur okay n thanks for asking I'm good vacation is awesome we got back from the mountains last night it was amazing so beautiful up there had no phones for a couple of days n lol it was great to just chill n lol I don't think I've done so much talking in awhile but u know what? it's good to just sit n like nothing more than just be around other ppl n just learn about them n what they r about n even kinda reconnect n fall in love w them all over again hahaha yea I'm such a dork but I'm happy happy happy right now lol

good to see so many ppl around :) hope u can make the game night happen but sorry I may miss it :(

Pist hiii hope u had a fun night n no worries about not expressing urself well bc I get u n what ur saying is pretty clear :)) plz stay safe

okay guys I gotta go gonna be on the move again lol I'm gonna need a vacation after vacation hahaha stay happy guys bye

natt39 said...

I just wanted to mention on the paparazzi they talked to a guy that works as one and he said this,love me or hate me it is the public who demands these pics of celebrities and if there wasn't such a demand for it then he wouldn't have a job and he also said some pics just aren't worth his time taking however if some pics will land him a few hundred thousand dollars then yes he would do whatever it takes to get those pics so when people buy these trash rags at the store or even on these websites like People,US weekly,etc.then there will always be a demand for it because it is a billion dollar industry and the average fan out there buys or clicks on this garbage because they don't follow this stuff just automatically assume it's true like last week I went to Wal-Greens and saw a trash rag cover that had Rob and Riley secretly dating eventhough she is back with her ex Alex P. and she has denied it,so has Katy,and then yesterday Sia tweeted she was not dating Rob Pattinson at all so there are 3 women the rag mags have tried to hook him up with and all have shot it down except for Kristen so common sense should tell people it is because they are still very much together and are back on the same page but all couples have their ups and downs except these two don't have the luxury of having it happen in private instead a stalkarazzi makes up a BS story about them arguing and then him driving off in his truck and it took off from there I think R/K will eventually move outside of LA to somewhere they can finally live a somewhat more peaceful existence away from stalking paps and some stalking fans that have to know what they are doing every minute of the day to be constantly reassured they are together so I wish Rob and Kristen much love and deserved happiness in their life together and may God bless them and always keep them safe!

Pisteuo said...

Good Sunday Morning Roseland!!

Howdy PL and Kami, good to see ya's! As always, I value your opinions.
Maybe we can do a WYR in a few weeks? Maybe everyone will be back from vacations then.
I don't do twiitter but anything that would improve it....I'm all for, just won't be holdin my breath. LOL!!

Hi Kay! Hugs!!

Ali, maybe we could do WYR one morning so, you could be here? We'll see. :)

Em, so happy that you're happy, happy, happy. :))) Well, you MUST be here for WYR. Will you be really busy in a few weeks from now? I know the next few weeks will be busy for me...but, hope we can make it happen soon.

Arleen, have a fun and safe trip!

I got a busy day ahead...so, I need to scoot!

Stay Happy, Happy, Happy Roseland! :)))

vernistene said...

@nat39 - so true. it is insane. Your hopes are my hopes. They like all of us deserve it. :0)

Anonymous said...

Hi Oneheart, LizzieD, Ginger, Rose, RKsoulmates913, Atticus, Em, vernistene, DK, KK, Pist, Kay, Katy, PL, Rose, Birdie, Holy, ADD, Tracybell, PamH, Stella, Litmon, Pattybg, slutsrunning, PC, Elizabeth, Olivia, Barb, and the rest of Roselands! I am leaving today at 3:30pm for my trip. Keep me posted on our couple.
Pist.- Thanks!
Em- Glad you had a great time from your vacation. Now its my turn.

Em said...

Morning guys :))

Pist yea next few weeks r really busy I have a crazy schedule coming up n I been away from home n still got a couple more days off kinda longer than usual but lol I needed the break :) hope u guys can work it out n make game night happen lol I can read whenever I get my life back hahaha hope ur okay I know u said ur busy but sometimes it's good to just slow down n breathe u know what I mean? Stay safe n happy plz

okay Roseland I gotta get moving keep it happy here ;)

Anonymous said...

Just saw a comment made on a community I belong to about Rob's truck parked at Kristen's. What is that supposed to be all about anyway? I admit I looked at a few comments on GC just to see what the hoopla was about and they are having some kind of melt down on that board, so I got out of dodge as fast as I could and ran all the way back to Roseland. I really don't want to over investigate this story and get sucked up in all the drama, but I am curious. Anyone know?

Lydia Callwood said...

Dear rose do you know if rob and kristen is going to the teen choice award I,m a true fan of theirs I miss seeming them together can,t Waite for their new movies to come out all their true fans need to do something about these dam paps I was so mad for what they did to kristen they other day they need to go to the award and break the haters hearts if they win for best kiss at teens choice award can t Waite tell them to keep their heads up and also a good job in their career stand tall kristen and rob love you both

Elizbeth said...

Dear Frannie,

Don't know anything about the truck, but as far as I know, Rob and Kristen never broke up. The people who believed and are still hoping Rob and Kristen broke up are the ones having this melt down. Rose has been saying all along; "its coming". Best thing you can do Frannie is ignore those crazy sites. Anyway, glad you came home. Isn't it so drama free and happy? :)

Holy said...

Hello everyone.

Nice to see Rob pics again.

@Frannie-hello-yes-Rob's cars were parking at LF2,with Kristen's old blue truck.The aerial shots were taken one day and the others were from the 29th and his car was there too.

Annie said...

Evening all.
Meltdowns?.......Let the the epic back peddling begin!
Can't wait to hear the excuses. :)

vernistene said...

So I guess he drove his truck and car there. lol lol they are both parked there. Guess B and b drove the truck to see their new little sister. lol lol He never left!!!!! NO BUTS!!!!!!!!

DreamerKind said...

Good morning! Not much to say. My mind is calm. Just sayin'.

Peace out to all, while doing the happy.

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