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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rob and Kristen- Without a Doubt

Guess what? That is Rob... on top of Kristen  ;)

One picture.
So much drama.

Oh wait...
I say that just about every day, don't I?

Let's see....

We get a lovely picture of Edward and Bella...
on their honeymoon.
I must admit to being a bit surprised about this considering
the movie won't be out for a LONG time...
People were dancing in the streets!
on top of

Does it end there?
You know me better than that.

Hatesten gotta hate.
(Admit it, Hatesten is what it SHOULD be called...
It's not really about not wanting her with Rob
 it is about just hating her)

Of course...
As SOON as this pic was released...
Endless pictures of Rob and Emilie from RM were posted.
"This is how its done!"
They were SO angry.
So threatened...
But why?
It's just a still.
One moment from a movie.
Oh yes... Rob and Emilie were really sexing it up!
Yeah. OK.
I have no hate towards Emilie...
But she was just his co-star in a movie.
I haven't seen her out and about with Robert recently...
Have you?
I'm pretty sure it was Kristen he was kissing at midnight on NYE.
Now find me some pics of Rob kissing up on Emilie or anyone
else for that matter not on a movie set...
I'll be here... waiting.

And last but not least...
The whole 'bodysuit' thing.
Well... looking at a screenshot...
of a picture...
taken from a magazine?
I will reserve my judgment.
A bodysuit makes no sense.
Even if Kristen wanted to be modest in the shots
(and again... she's been close to naked a number of times before)
They wouldn't put her in something that went up to her neck.

Kristen had no problems with wearing hardly anything and jumping on Rob...

She could be modest with a tube-top...
If that was the point
I say when we see an actual picture
or the actual video...
And we can see it more clearly...
It will probably be revealed to be something entirely different.
And then the foam will be heavy with tears...
and the pictures of Emilie will make the rounds again.


On to better and prettier things...

Are all of Rob's friends beautiful???

Andrew Garfield.
The new Spiderman.
All kinds of good talk about his role in  "The Social Network".
Just Wow.
He looks like Rob's brother.

You knew I would have to get Tom in there somewhere...

And my goodness...
What a gloriously thick incredible mop of hair!
My. My. My.
We shall have to be watching him more closely in the future...
Am I right?
Oh I believe I am.

Are we going to see this on Sunday?
Will Kristen go to the Golden Globes with Rob?

What does the magic 8 ball have to say?

Reply hazy, try again

I kinda don't see it.
(And oh how I would love to be proven wrong)
Although Kristen wouldn't have to go on stage or anything
(we all know how much she enjoys that sort of thing)
Sometimes the fury that surrounds them isn't worth the hassle.
That being said...
I CAN see Kristen going to L.A. with Rob.
You know...
She can see her family...
Hug Jella.
Be there for Rob...
Kinda like he was there for her at the PCA's.
She can hang out with him before the show...
Party with him after...

What does the magic 8 ball think?

Outlook good

I guess we shall see soon enough...

You've really got a hold on me...

Final thoughts.
1. Yeah... I know I will get complaints that I talk about
the haters too much.
But come on...
Poking the stick in the den of crazy is good fun.
If you come to my blog to get 'news'...
Sorry to disappoint.
I blog about my thoughts.
My opinions.
I'm not here to play 'nice'

2. I say let the hyenas foam about the 'bodysuit' all they want.
We should be nice to rabid animals...
Poor things.
Can you imagine spewing bitter foam all the time?
How exhausting it must be to hate 24/7.

The fact remains that it is Rob on top of Kristen.
And that is just one moment from the movie.
So many more delicious moments to come!

And at the end of the day....
Just where are Rob and Kristen?
Oh right.
As always.

What does magic 8 ball say to that?
Without a doubt.

Bye for now


beaculen said...

Whoa first comment? woo hoo! That is a really good picture, really intimate. I keep waiting for a message from Stephanie Meyer saying, "no...too racey, cut it" man I really hope not.lol Amazing how much drama one little picture can create. I'm going home and asking my magic 8 ball about the Golden Globes, hopefully it say definately yes. thanks Rose.

SueBee said...

Wow, new banner with another peak at the BD screen cap. I don't know how much my little old heart can take!

Anonymous said...

I was very happy to see all the positive comments on the post you did about Kristen. I just hope she realizes that even though there are a few LOUD haters, she has way more fans who adore her and wish her nothing but the best. She is an amazing young woman who still has so much to offer. I look forward to following her career for a long time :)

I hope everyone has a great day! It's almost Friday!!

Susan--you are using my favorite pic :D

Kay said...

I will never understand the haters. Rob's choice is Kristen and Kristen's choice is Rob......give them some credit for knowing what they want for themselves and accept that they are happy with each other......nothing the haters say or do is going to change that, so why do they even waste their time?

Thanks, Rose.....I love reading your opinions. :)

Happy Thursday to all of my Roseland and ninja friends! have a good one. :D

Anonymous said...

Great post, as always. I can't imagine why it matters if Kristen is wearing a bodysuit or not. She probably IS. She probably wanted to. It's one thing if she was supposed to be naked in the scene. Then, she'd do it for her craft. But, she's not supposed to show anything, so why should she? If it's a bodysuit, no doubt, it won't look like it on screen. I have faith in Bill Condon, and the powers that be.

SueBee said...

Thank you, Leigh. You are a sweetie. (HUGS)

Sydney said...

Are that haters somehow unaware of Breaking Dawn and its' plot? You knew this would happen, right? Or did you think someone cared about your hate and would change the whole script accordingly. The best is when Bella becomes a vampire and they have crazy aggressive vampire sex. It makes me laugh just thinking of their level of panic. And they think we don't know the difference between Edward/Bella and Rob/Kristen! Seriously, the definition of stupid gets expanded every time I hear of their nonsense.

Twitter went apeshit last night over the release of that picture. And it's a very sweet picture. But we've got a long way to go and people should maybe caaalllm down a smidge.

solange marisa said...

Eu simplesmente amo suas palavras. Você tem o dom da arte de escrever. Suas palavras soam como uma poesias aos meus ouvidos, uma música perfeita e harmônica.
Você consegue sempre com suas palavras refletir meus pensamentos.
Parabéns hoje e sempre por seus escritos e suas defesas apoteóticas de meus lindinhos Rob e Kristen.

Anonymous said...

OMG Rose too funny they are gonna go berserk when we get the vampire sex stills in part 2 - I'm going to install seat-belts on my chair for that one lol Great post as always and thank you Mr. Condon and Rob and Kris for a great job. Picture is beautiful.

Penny Lane said...

Another day, another drama.

I know this might upset some people and I'm prepared for the backlash but this is just my opinion. No one has to listen.

I think Kristen should go to the Golden Globes. It's not exactly a secret that they are together. Why not just act like it? If Rob wants her to go, she should. Simple. It's a public event so, of course, there will be pictures. Own it, why not? A lot of the hate comes their not acting comfortable being seen together. So they should just be young, enjoy each other and everyone else be damned. The subterfuge is getting a little old. My opinion, as always, it's their choice.

Now I'm running for cover before everyone gets out the tar and feathers.

MLH414 said...


Great post...I love the new banner...Rob is gorgeous!

The new BD screen cap is soo beautiful and tender. Bill C. is doing a fantastic job by the way everything is looking soo far. I can't believe the scrutiny and nitpicking it is causing by the haters...They always have to pick at something!

Have a great day everyone!! :)


jentoo said...

Hey Everyone!

Love the new banner pic....love the BD pic...Hell!..I love all of these pics! Except for the hyena. Never been a big fan of the hyena.

Gee, Rose, you always make so much damn sense! How do you do that? It's almost as though you have a brain and reasoning skills and actually use them together. Why oh why can't the haters do the same?!

Hope everyone has a great afternoon!:)

Melinda said...

Great post! Let the hatestens continue to foam. It pretty sad that they are letting a 20 yr old woman dictate how they behave. The only thing she is doing is being happy and in love. They can't stand it. Oh well.

I hope Kristen goes back to LA with Rob. I think it would be fun to hang out with your boyfriend and chat up with other people you haven't seen in awhile.

I don't know how you people with the really cold weather do it. It's 50 degrees here and I'm FREEZING.

Hope everyone is having a great day! Stay warm. It's back to work for me.

PS. Susan- I'm with Leigh...love that picture of you!

bev said...

Been lurking but I agree with Penny Lane. lol Cant help it.

Kay said...

Okay, I haven't read any of the crap about the bodysuit issue, so I am only guessing at what they are saying........why the heck would they NOT wear the appropriate cover for the shoot? They are shooting scenes of Edward and Bella's honeymoon, in front of many people. It is not Rob and Kristen soft porn for crying out loud. They are professionals, geez....why would it have anything to do with how they feel about each other?

If I misinterpreted why this would be an issue, I am sorry. People really need to back off.

Hope said...

Since I have given up on my Decoder Ring, I asked my 8 Ball about the Golden Globes and it said

Kristen and Rob look beautiful in the photo and happy that Bill Condon gets it. Loved his quote in the magazine too "Forget Team Edward and Team Jacob...It's always been Bella's story..."

angelica1 said...

They're complete idiots! I wish someone would film them and let them watch it back. Whatever they say or try to convince themselves of,I honestly believe they would be the same whoever his girlfriend was, it still rules their ridiculous,pitiful fantasies about him.

Penny - If I'm completely honest,I tend to agree. They need to just live their lives and FUCK everyone!!

Sydney said...


Has anyone ever told you that you look like a celebrity? I'm trying to put my finger on it, but you look like someone! Someone good too.


I hope she goes with Rob too, and while I would LOVE to see them together at the Golden Globes I just hate the, well, hate, she'll get. I'd just have to stay off the internet entirely. It would be a huge F-U and for that, it would be worth it alone. And they shouldn't let these mean girls dictate their decisions. But I'll be fine with whatever they decide is right for them.

Laura said...

Rose, I read your blog occasionally (love the photos you post - except for the hyenas) but felt I had to finally leave a comment today.

I talked to a friend about the body suit theory last night. She was in the camp that thought that's what they saw. But the context of the conversation was more of a "movie mistakes" discussion...kind of like pointing out in old horror movies that you could see the string.

Why everything has to be turned into a Robsten/Nonsten drama fest is beyond me.

That new movie still is beautiful, and I am beyond excited for Breaking Dawn for that reason and many more. Having a discussion about the body suit was actually fun too...that is, until it was (like so many other innocent discussions in this fandom)turned into something negative.

Damn shame.

Anonymous said...


No tar and feathers :)

I guess the way I feel about it (not that anyone asked) is that IF Rob really wants her to go then she should do her best to attend. I just want them to do what makes them happy. Whatever that may be. It seems they get pulled in so many directions and it's probably not very often that they get to do what they ACTUALLY want to do.

No matter what they are going to catch flack...might as well live a little to make it worth it.

(hugs) back at ya Susan :)

angelica1 said...

Sydney - I'm not sure which celebrity Susan looks like but she could be the twin of Maria in our Marketing department :)

Annie said...

I want her to attend the Golden Globes with Rob.
I do realize I have no say in how they choose to conduct their relationship but damn I want to see her own the Golden Globes in a...

"Fuck you, this man is mine heels!

"In a Fuck you, this man is mine dress!

And Rob holding on to her and looking at her with a look that says... "Fuck you, this woman is mine look!"

That is all!

jentoo said...

I guess I'll throw my opinion in the ring too. I love love love seeing them together, but I wonder if it's not as easy as just deciding whether or not to go to an event together? I wonder if there are tons of other issues that go along with that decision? Figuring out security alone could be a nightmare. Speaking for myself, after seeing just the tiny snippets of their lives we are lucky enough to see, it's obvious that this life of their's couldn't be more different than mine. I guess what I'm trying to say is that it's obvious they love spending time together, so if they can't for a few hours on one random night...there's probably a pretty damn good reason...lol!

Now in the time it took me to write this, someone else probably said the exact same thing much more eloquently...lol! :)

Kami said...

Penny, you're very, very brave my friend and I agree with you..so I guess if they are going to tar and feather one they should tar and feather both.

I love Rob and Kristen both, although if I'm honest I tend to be a little more partial to Kristen simply because I for some unknown reason feel protective of her. That being said..I think it's time that they just live their lives and let the chips fall where they may. They should be able to be young, in love and together without worrying about what other people think or care about..who cares if people don't want them together? It's unfair for people to expect them to keep hiding their relationship..Not saying they need to make a statement, do Barbara Walters interview or talk about their relationship at all...but they should be able to go places together without people losing their minds! Of course they haven't asked my opinion...so I will now join Miss Penny and await the tar and feathers.

Addicted to Robsten said...

Seriously drama about a movie still. That is beyond desperate as a means just to hate. This world amazes me with the amount of hate that people have towards eachother and espeicially someone they have never met.
On the postive I loved the still...I thought it was beautiful and made me even more anxious for the movie!

deb said...

Rose I think of it this way The pic is just lets us see what they do in their real life and the ASSHOLES out there don't like it.I can't wait to see this movie And your right kristen has been seen in other movies with little on so what the Fu*k.Let them have there fits who the HELL cares.Thanks Rose like always you made my day. DEB.

katy said...

Hi, Rose!! Love the New banner. One of my favourite Robert pictures!

And love the BD still...so sweet and tender. I think it's beautiful.

I also would love if Kristen decided to attend the Golden Globes with Rob, but whatever they decide it's fine by me. I really just want them to be happy.


Kami said...

As for the body suit...Why wouldn't she wear one? I mean it's not just her and Rob on that set with a robotic camera...there are other people on that set, I'm sure they try to keep the crew at a minimum...but still..then there's the fact that I seriously doubt that she wants to have a part of the cover drop and flash everyone on set..plus..like someone else said..it's not a porn movie they are making...it's a movie..the majority of actresses wear body suits. People need to find a new hobby if they are seeing anything at all to do with their real life relationship in the fact that she wore a body suit.

Annie said...

On another note.......I got my copy of Cosmopolis today. It's only 209 pages, so I will finish it by tonight.

real pr pro said...

Penny -- regarding your wish that Kristen might attend, I don't think you said anything that many of us aren't also thinking. But having attended many of these things myself -- the company I work for represents several film studios and TV networks -- I can understand why she wouldn't want to. (I've avoided mentioning this before since I figure it will be questioned by some in the foamdom -- I mean fandom -- but in light of all the debate I though it might be worth sharing.) Watching it on TV, it looks like a very glamorous version of prom night, and certainly something that a young couple would want to attend together. That was certainly my impression the first time I went back in 2001. Was I ever in for a rude awakening! And now after being part of three Oscar nights and 5 GGs, I can tell you two things for certain: (1) Tom Hanks is the nicest man in Hollywood -- he even grabbed my cell phone to say hello to my son and his college roommate one year, and then remembered me the next year; and (2)for the actors, these events have all the fun and glamour of Marine boot camp. It's work pure and simple -- a drill even for those who are comfortable in the spotlight, and pure hell for those who aren't. You spend the whole day gettting ready, hours in traffic and then spend the rest of the night under a microscope. From the minute an actor steps out of a car every movement is mapped out -- I've had to write the Red Carpet checklist for a studio's PR team, and there are at least 50 action points for an actor on each one. After 10 minutes your ears are ringng from the screaming, and no matter how well you've planned it, short of slipping in the back you can't protect a really popular actor from unplanned interviews or prevent a reporter from asking questions that range from inane to intrusive. That's why unless they are nominated or have a film to promote, or have been asked to present because they add some class to the precedings (something reserved for the Tom Hanks level) a lot of actors prefer to go to private parties instead if they aren't in the middle of a shoot. Of course there are some (cough** Melanie Griffith ** cough) who would go to the opening of an envelope if they thought it would get them attention, but for those who are more interested in being actors than being stars, it's an obligation rather than an ocassion.
And having worked a carpet during the whole "Benifer" thing with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, I can understand why Rob and Kristen might not want to be part of that type of feeding frenzy. That was the year I spent the whole night in the emergency room after getting my toe crushed by an E! camera man.
And before anyone asks -- no, I'm not going this year. I moved into a corporate level job three years ago and don't work directly with the clients anymore. And not even for a chance to see Rob in person would I do that again!

Kami said...

RealprPro LOL I loved the explanation...ok let's be honest I loved hearing Tom Hanks is a sweet as I've always thought and I loved the uh (Cough*Melanie Griffth) part because well she does remind me of a Paris Hilton who will go to the opening of an evelope. And I couldn't agree with you more.

I think though..and forgive me Penny for speaking for you..that what Penny and I both meant was that SHOULD she want to go to the GG with Rob, she should..and not worry about what others think, and should act the way she chooses to act. I didn't mean I thought she should attend the awards..personally for me just watching them makes me ill.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I actually want them to attend the Globes together. The shit that happens, proof of shit with their first attendance at an awards show appeared early on in the week, or last week - the PCAs.

And today, the bullshit over one measly picture, that we should all enjoy. It's the Breaking Dawn still right of the most anticipated scenes...And there's bullshit.

I don't know what we should call them Rose. No one, who respects Rob, would want to be a nonsten because they're the shameful bunch of "fans", but that's what they are. Fans. Nonstens or hatestens? Both. They should join together.

Annie said...

@Real pr pro:
Is it possible or likely that Kristen could attend without walking the Red carpet?

Rob, I expect would walk the Red carpet with Reese because of WFE but could Kristen as his date just be at the WFE table?

Annie said...

Real pr pro:Forgot to say - Thank you for the detailed explanation.

real pr pro said...

Annie -- even if you dont walk the carpet, you still have to do the whole glamour thing -- and that means prep time. Not just day of but stylist time too. Depends on whether or not Summit wants to give her that time absent any noms for Twilight Saga and this far out from BD. And at the Globes the cameras are far more intrusive throughout the show than they are at the Oscars because its a smaller venue. But most importantly at the Globes the tables are arranged so that casts of a single film or studio sit together. My guess is that Rob will be there on Fox's dime, related to his WFE promotional obligations, and sitting at at WFE/Fox table so she's in kind of an awkward position.

Annie said...

Real pr pro:
Thank you for responding.

Brenda said...

Tar and feather me too. I agree with Penny Lane.

Penny Lane said...

Real pr pro,

Thanks for your first hand knowledge of award shows. I do think the red carpet looks like a tedious event and probably frightening for someone who is shy. I understand that Kristen is in a difficult situation. If she goes it's PR if not it's because Rob doesn't want her or she's a horrible gf. The worst thing that could happen would be if they sat at separate tables, he with WFE and she with OTR. Then the tongues would really wag.

I guess what I was trying to say is maybe it's time to move on from the trying to act like we're not a couple and just be.

LIZ said...


Personally, after the release of the honeymoon pic, I believe that IF EVER PR/SUMMIT were to be involved, they'd be pushing RK to attend together, don't you think?

PENNY LANE and BEV: No tars or feathers ... we would ALL like to RK just do what they want and feel but if they did that, can't you imagine how they would WANT to be dressed? Can you imagine the double "bird" flip from Kristen when someone asked the wrong question? Just saying ... I'd be TWIRLING for days if they were to show up together and walk the carpet .. but we'll have to wait & see.

ANNIE: I love your comment, I wish that would happen but not going to hold my breath ....

REAL PR PRO: Thank you for such a great detailed explanation, sounds like a lot of hard work, especially for R & K.

ANNIE: Why would there be a WFE table when the movie isn't really being promoted yet? Just wondering.

LIZ said...

There's a HQ photo of the honeymoon still (see below) shown on Twifans ... it does look like she's wearing a bodysuit, BUT WHY NOT? Like someone said before, this isn't a porn movie and why would they WANT to be naked with all the crew around? Just saying...


Penny Lane said...

I am astounded by all the ridiculous talk of is it or isn't it a bodysuit. No director worth his salt is going to show a "sex" scene with an obvious bodysuit. That would indicate to me that this is just a photo of a scene sometime during the honeymoon.

It's just a tender scene. Period.

Sydney said...


Huh, I gotta say, I actually don't see the bodysuit people are talking about. Is it the crease where her shoulder meets neck? I kinda don't see a bodysuit. But I wouldn't be surprised if she were wearing some modesty piece of some sort. I would...there are probably a dozen people in that room with her. I am not under any illusions that Rob and Kristen used this as an opportunity for some fun together. This was work, acting. Probably as unromantic as it could possibly get.

But hey, if hatestens gotta cling to a bodysuit during a love scene shoot to make themselves feel better somehow, I say let 'em. It's all they've got

SueBee said...


Thanks to you too! You are also a sweetheart.


No backlash from me. Let them just TRY to tar and feather you.


I look like a celebrity? Hmmmm...I can't think of anyone!


Is Maria in marketing a nice lady? I'm already a triplet so I suppose I could be a twin too!

As for the golden globes, I would love for them to have the freedom to attend a function together as a couple and not under the guise of mere co-workers.

Even so, they would be under a microscope and that's a great deal of pressure to endure if it can be avoided.

As for the bodysuit, do these people realize that it is not a porn movie but a movie in which the sex act is just an act?

No one is actually knocking boots under the covers. Suspension of disbelief, people! No good parts are going to be flashed in this movie.

angelica1 said...

Susan - Maria in Marketing is nice and crazy(in the good sense!)

Super RN Gas Passer said...

REAL prPRO...I so enjoy your comments and OF COURSE just after seeing the SPECTACLE that QL made over them at the GG I certainly would not want to go to all that trouble just for someone to come along on national TV and try to embarrass the ever loving HELL out of me in front of MILLIONS of people....and of course that PALES in comparison to the deranged comments from the Peanut(Fucknut...ahem...) Gallery. I said it the other day and it bears repeating...they are a "couple" and the bottom line is, they will be there together there or any other EVENT IF thats what they decide they want to do...ROSE commented that she most likely will be there but just go with him to the "after" parties...THEIR DECISION. The "price"of FAME...GEEZ!

bev said...

To bodysuit or not to bodysuit, that is a interesting question. It is hard to believe Bill would make it so obvious either way.

Maybe its odd lighting or lingerie?
Time will tell.

Either way, it doesnt matter when it comes to them as a couple. Better try harder than that, haters.

real pr pro said...

Liz -- the film is already being promoted. Stills in EW, trailer being virally distributed and starting to appear in theaters = promotion. And I'd bet my next Botox injection Rob will be introduced as "the hot young star of Twilight who will soon be seen with Reese Witherspoon in Water for Elephants." Whole table might not be WFE but it will be Fox. And bear in mind that Fox also has Black Swan in competition - a heavy favorite with a lot of nominations, so that table is going to be a go-to for the cameras all night, making it free publicity for WFE if Rob and Reese are there. (In which case Fox probably would prefer that Kristen not attend --Fox needs the public to buy Ron and Reese as a romantic pairing - having Kristen there is counter productive to that objective.)
Now there is a spoiler in all this - Summit's Bruce Willis comedy Red is also up. Doesnt have a chance in hell of winning but they will have a table. They might insist on putting Rob there to give the table a little more sizzle -- none of the stars of Red were nominated so they might not even be there. And if that were the case I think they'd want to send Kristen too. But this is such a low profile nominee I doubt they'd put that much effort into it. I'd say 90 percent odds he's at Fox -- if they have the favored movie, the favored acting nominee in Natalie Portman AND the hottest young actor all in one night, they will own the room. And that's what these things are all about.

LIZ said...


I totally agree that this scene/photo was probably the most "unromantic" thing that happened to them on that particular day. They get plenty of alone time to be "romantic" or whatever ....

angelica1 said...

Penny - I'm equally astounded by all the talk of bodysuits.If it's a valid debate,why do we not see such discussions in relation to other love scenes in other films,between real-life couples? Given Rob's reaction to the fixation on Edward and Bella's sex life,or lack thereof,during the Eclipse commentary,I have to say I would pay good money to hear his response to this insanity!

I would also venture to suggest that,unsexy as I'm sure these scenes are anyway, they would be even more uncomfortable for a couple as private as Rob and Kristen to film together with virtual strangers in the room.It's hardly surprising if they chose to cover up as much as possible.

SueBee said...


If she's crazy, she could be my doppelganger!

If she loves Reese's cups as well, you might be on to something!

Hope said...

Penny and Kami...I totally agree with your comments...

Real PRpro...enjoying your insights but disagree with pushing Rob and Reese as an on-screen couple. All of these gals will be with their fiances/husbands...so why does Rob have to do anything different?? When Tom Hanks was nominated he sat with his wife....George Clooney with his girlfriend. In my opinion Kristen should be front and center just as much as Rob IF she wants to.

Sydney said...


Yeah, exactly. Least romantic thing THAT DAY. The thing is, the hatestens know that Rob has prob looked down at her like that more times than he can count. It's so disturbing for them their knee jerk reaction is to deconstruct it to make it tolerable to look at. Cuckoo.

Real PrPro: Wow, thanks for the glimpse into these awards shows. It sounds like one giant pain in the ass. I always thought the Golden Globes looked like the most fun though, by far. It seems more intimate, they wander and chat with each other, people are drinking, eating. It's relaxed. We shall see if she goes or not.

SueBee: I will think of your celebrity doppelganger. It's nagging at me.

real pr pro said...

Hope -- Rob and Kristen are more than boyfriend and girlfriend though. They are also an iconic on screen pair. And Fox won;t want people thinking Bella and Edward when they have a three hour commercial for Jacob and Marlena. If Jim Toth is there with Reese it doesn't make it harder to sell Jacob and Marlena (but thankfully it prevents anyone pushing Reese and Rob!)
Sydney -- it is a lot more fun than the Oscars but its also more of a fishbowl since its a smaller venue and its more stars than production people. As for the drinking -- its not as much as people think. Service stops -- at least officially during the broadcast. But there's drinking at the oscar's too -- a lot of people hit the bars in the Kodak theater during the duller awards. (Which is how I ended up getting kissed by Peter O Toole one year -- but that's another story.)

Penny Lane said...

Real pr pro,

What you say makes a lot of sense and you, obviously, know how the game works. I guess we'll just have to wait and see how it all plays out.

Once again, thanks for the education.

real pr pro said...

Just want to add that I'm not saying that Kristen shouldn't show up or that she's hurting WFE by showing up - just saying how the marketing people see it, and how it may have been suggested to Rob. If he respects that point of view that's not a measure of his feelings for Kristen -- just a measure of his professionalism.

Annie said...

I may be wrong but last year at the GG's didn't Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie sit together?
He was nominated for Benjamin Button and she for Changeling?
Those were from two different studios, each with their own table if I remember correctly.

In the end we'll see what happens on Sunday.

Rhonda said...

Hi Rose,

Awesome post today. I loved Andrew Garfield in 'Social Network'..and that hair..well, I better stop with that.

I love the BD pic. I don't care if she's in a bodysuit or saranwrap..the picture was beautiful and perfect. I really can't wait for these movies. Kristen has done a wonderful job as Bella. I'm excited to see how she transitions her from wife to mother and then vampire. So much to look forward to.

Real PR Pro- always appreciate your insight :)

GG- If she wants to go she should go. The haters are going to say what they will no matter what she does so screw it. I think she is wise not to discuss her relationship though..I mean it's hers..he's hers..keep it just for you Kristen. Attending the GG or any other event together doesn't mean their obligated to talk about it. They don't owe anyone anything :)

Hi Angelica, Kami, Penny, Susan, Hope, Sydney, Katy, Melinda, Annie, Super and anyone I missed. Hope all have had a good day :)

Annie said...

I also have to add that Brad and Angelina are an iconic screen couple as well (Mr and Mrs Smith anyone) and they have attended award shows together as a couple.

Until Sunday then.

real pr pro said...

Annie -- not saying that the table policy is written in stone. And to be honest,stars on the level of Brad and Angie are like the 800 lb gorilla -- they sit wherever they want. And i'm not saying that Fox wouldn't let Kristen sit at the table -- if she wanted to come of course she could be there. But from their perspective they'd rather not invite side by side comparisons, especailly when their film will sink or swim on the degree to which people can buy Rob and Reese in their roles.

But this could all be moot in light of the final list of presenters. Reese isnt on it, so there's a good chance she won't be there. In which case its anyone's guess where -- or if -- Rob will sit. If a presenter isn;t nominated or with a nominee, its not unusual for them to do their thing and bolt. I'd give 50/50 odds on that.

Kami said...

I finally figured out who Susan reminds me of...a much younger version of the country singer Pam Tillis

Annie said...

@Real pr pro:
Again, thank you.
Totally appreciate the inside look. :)

Oh wow....My word verification is boldifif. :)

Aeden27 said...

Lovely Rose,

Hope your day has been as great a mine, even ecstatic--seeing the "honeymoon" picture!
I couldnt take the grin off my face.

Rob and Kristen looked so sweet-LOL
Twirling, twirliing, twirling...

cant wait for the movie...

THank you, Rose, for sharing your thoughts with us. LOved it..
Please keep it coming..


Have a wonderful day!!

Freddie said...

Hi Rose,

I don’t invest the time to go to the other sites that spend hours upon hours scrutinizing, and debating whether Kristen was wearing a bodysuit or not, so I’m totally astounded that this type of thing goes on. It is utterly absurd. Robert and Kristen were filming a movie. They were working. How they go about filming (and outside of filming a movie, for that matter) is none of our business. Whether she is or isn’t will not change my enjoyment of Breaking Dawn, nor does it influence my opinion on their relationship. It is irrelevant.

Real PR Pro – as others have said, thanks for exposing us to the business angle of the GG debate. For us laymen, thinking that this is simply an awards show, you’re right, this is serious business for the studios. The decision to go may not even be Rob’s or Kristen’s to make.

Hey Kami, Rhonda, Annie, Penny, Sydney, Hope, SueBee, Angelica, Super RN, Katy and all of the other Roselanders – hope you are having a good day.

Hope said...

Well....I feel better now seeing gorgeous Kristen on the Feb. cover of VOGUE !!!! I will rush out and buy it!!!

Annie...perfect example of Angelina and Brad.

Hi Freddie, Rhonda

Anonymous said...


Kristen is on the February cover of Vogue!!!!

And since I have a subscription it will be in the mail next week!!!! So excited :D

I also get EW so it should be in my mailbox tomorrow. Wow my team wins the National Championship and I get all kinds of pretty pictures to look at! It's been a good week.

angelica1 said...

Hope - She looks stunning :)

Hi Freddie & Rhonda :)

Annie said...

Hello everyone! :)

Vogue cover with photos by Mario Testino no less!

"Kristen was at the top of my list of reasons to do this movie" Bill Condon.

Hope said...

Angelica...Yes she does...knock-out beauty.
Plus, the article quotes Bill 'Baby' Condon saying he wanted to do Breaking Dawn because of Kristen Stewart!!! Yay...screw the jealous haters.

Freddie said...

Angelica - how are you doing? I assume you're deep into work again?

Hope - has your snow disappeared? I'm assuming that your daughter's sledding opportunities have passed?

Hope you are both well.

Annie said...

I hope everyone is doing well. Have a good evening all....Off to dinner.

" I just want the fans to be happy." she laughs. "I don't care about anybody else" ( Vogue)-Kristen Stewart.

Rhonda said...

Hi Freddie- Did you have a good day?

Hope- I loved the Bill Condon quote too. I really think he's going to do a great job with these last two movies.

Leigh- Are you an Auburn fan?

Rhonda said...

Angelica- How's the weather over there. No more wayward trailers I hope..

gwen said...

Awesome post Rose! Haters be damned. Rob and Kristen are happy, im happy, everyone is happy and giddy(except them,lol). My code word: ALWAYS KRISTEN...

SueBee said...


Pam Tillis? Is it because of my chipmunk cheeks? LOL

Rhonda said...

Hi Susan- I read a magazine article today all about chocolate. At the end the author says " you don't just eat chocolate. You have an affair with it"

Lol..my thoughts exactly

angelica1 said...

Hi Freddie, yes I was doing some work - appraisals :)

Rhonda - It's actually quite mild, let's hope it lasts!

Anonymous said...


A huge Auburn fan :) so excited about our awesome year!!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

SUE BEE...I will have to Google Pam Tillis and see what I think...Interesting and that reminded me that my mother told me many years ago that her side of the family was somehow related to Mel Tillis, Pam's father. I will call my sister and see if she remembers anything about that. My mother and her side of the family were all born around Guntersville, Alabama ...very close to Huntsville

Crystal said...

I don't think she is wearing a bodysuit, but probably has something smaller to cover up key areas. Of course Rob has seem it all, but the cameramen don't need to. I hope she just goes to LA and hangs out with him before the awards and at after parties.

Leigh, I'm glad you have had a good week with the N.C. and all, but I can't say I was happy about it. Roll Tide!

Rhonda said...


I'm a TN fan but I was happy to see another SEC team win the title. We're on a roll lately :)

Did you attend Auburn?

Super RN Gas Passer said...

SUE BEE...I can see what Kami is thinking..There is a photo gallery..the pics of her with long dark brown hair..Apparently she has worn it different colors..i.e.there are some pics where her hair is red and some blonde also...


Rhonda said...


Lol..I hope it last too. All I ever say is how much "I love the snow"..well, we've had snow here the last 8 out of 9 days. I'm starting to get over it :)

Rhonda said...

Hi Super,

How are you? Did you work today?

SueBee said...


That's right Pam Tillis used to have long hair, didn't she?

I've been told I look like cartoon characters too.

Rhonda said...


You don't look like a cartoon character..lol

Super RN Gas Passer said...

RHONDA...Yes, I did work today...I also will work fri and this is my Saturday to work in the OR so I will only have Sat afternoon and Sunday off..What about you?

SUE BEE...lol..Yes she looked very pretty with the long brown hair as YOU DO!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

BRAIN INJURED....YAWN again..You know you are getting More Boring by the minute. Its just like the little boy who cried wolf all the time..nobody would believe him when a real wolf DID come...your comments have no meaning to us..its just like a background BUZZ...its annoying..thats all...blahblahblah

Rhonda said...


No I had the day off. Back at it tomorrow.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

ROGER...blahblahblah...you "guys" are a joke..heh after you hear it a couple of times it really DOES lose its effectiveness...just sayin..B O R I N G

Rhonda said...

Brainless and Roger..Bye,Bye

Rhonda said...


Please delete..

Anonymous said...


No I didn't attend Auburn but both parents and my brother did. I was too much of a Mamas girl to leave home! Lol. So I'm literally a lifelong fan...I didn't really have much choice.

And now I'm outta here...it's gotten much too loud for me. Have a nice night Roseland.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

RHONDA... have you ever read any os Suzanne Somers books? She has a new one out that I downloaded. It is REALLY GOOD..

Rhonda said...

Bye Leigh,

Talk to you later

Rhonda said...


No, I haven't but my mom has..she said there good too. She has written several books right?

Rhonda said...

Oh the endless annoying chatter

Super RN Gas Passer said...

RHONDA...Yes..This one I think is her best one yet..really good info on food, food allergies..Oh and SUE BEE may be interested..She talks about how certain food allergies cause migraine headaches...lots of reaaly useful info..especially if you are 40 and up

Julie said...


Just have to say that I think your post is great today. Don't post often but just wanted to say thanks for your comments. I have to say to the haters/foamer your life must really SUCK that you have to spew such vial statements. I can't imagine that you have any friend let alone lovers, if this is the stuff you say about either one of these people (as if any of you know them personally). I certainly would not have you as a friend. I have to say that I truly was inspired but the President’s speech in Tuscan last night. Said something like we should work on taking care of each other as oppose to tearing each other down. Same old crap as usual. BlahBlahBlah. OMG...get a life. Boring

Super RN Gas Passer said...

LETS DROWN THEM OUT....BUZZZZZZZZZZZZ...see? Nobody cares....we just continue on like they are NOTHING...which is what they are...soooooo saaddddd...bzzzzzzzzzzz

Rhonda said...


How did you get started with your business? Have you always been interested in Esthetics?

Kami said...

Susan, I think Pam Tillis is very beautiful, and her cheeks are a result of her heritage. I meant no offense...I think she's beautiful.

Why do you trolls think we give a fuck? The only people obessesing over them are you two.

Once again...what they do, how they do it, when they do it...none of our business...we don't care.

bev said...

Roger and Brains you sound like ignorant 10 year olds, grow up.

Rhonda said...

Hi Kami :)

How are you?

DreamerKind said...

Stop And Smell The Roses

Ringo Starr/listen & watch here:

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Thank you/morrisonAV

Kami said...

Hi Rhonda, I'm very, very tired..but I'm good how about you?

Rhonda said...


I'm doing great..or I was. Are you still snowed in?

Penny Lane said...

So, what's new?

Rhonda said...

Hi Penny,

Glad your here :)

Super RN Gas Passer said...

RHONDA..HEH..When I turned 30, I started noticing fine lines around my eyes. Then when I was 38 one of the CRNA,s that was in school with me married a dr. and they opened up an electrolysis center in Minnesota..I was intrigued and found out there was a school in SC..I was unhappy at that time with some things going on at the hospital so I started going to school part time for the hair removal stuff, then I decided i wanted to learn how to do facials so I went to Esthetician school finished that in "99..Over the years Ive been to training programs for Botox and things like facial fillers and treatment of spider veins. It just kind of evolved over time. I never even knew about any of that stuff when I was younger, Funny how one thing leads to another. I would never give up my Anesthesia though...that is THE Great love of my work life...so anyhow my daughter grew up and got interestd in Esthetics and now she runs the business and I just go in in the afternoons. The business is literally 2 blocks from my house.

Penny Lane said...

Did you guys see earlier that when I turned on the Tv this morning there was a short stumpy troll on a cartoon and he was stomping his feet.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

DK..Hi how is the throat today?

Rhonda said...


That's great. I'm really happy that you get to have the best of both worlds.

I'm seriously coming to visit you one of these days :)

Super RN Gas Passer said...

PL..Hi!! Where is Leo?

Penny Lane said...


We're doing fine here. No worries.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

RHONDA..I would LOVE to have you come and visit

Rhonda said...


Yes, I know that cartoon. It's like a broken record.

Penny Lane said...

You know what I found in the bottom of my vegetable bin? Dried up, shriveled oregano. I told you I have no use for it.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

HEH...my husband just came upstairs..I informed him of our background noise..He said well you know what happens when you wrestle with a pig...you get muddy and the pig likes it...

30 said...

Did you all see these. Beautiful.


Dakota and Kristen's are the best IMO. No one can get Rob right for some reason, the man is just perfection! :)

I just read Kristen's Vogue spread, besides for looking beautiful as ever it was the article that was so special. All I can say is this girl amazes me more and more with every day that passes.

She touched my heart with mentioning doing a half way house for women. I cant even express how proud I am too call myself a fan of her's and a person,and actress MY child can look up too.

Rhonda said...


It would be fun. We would have to go visit Paula Deen..LOL

Rhonda said...

Hi 30,

I agree she is amazing

Super RN Gas Passer said...

30..yes, I am looking forward to reading that article..She is a very special young lady and I think Rob is smart to "keep her close"..

RHONDA.heh..I was talking to my sister earlier and she had made some PD meatloaf..She said it was over the top good..I will have to look it up..it had diced peppers and onions,oatmeal, an egg and a can of diced tomatoes along with the ground beef of course, then on top the ketchup mixed with some brown sugar

30 said...

Hi Rhonda! Hi all! DK where are you!!!! :) ..... HI ...

I hope all is well and calm here in Roseland. :)

Kami said...

Penny, LOL I forgot about the oregano and I did see where you saw that stumpy little troll cartoon.

Tomorrow I'll probably see a huge pile of shit...and it too will remind me of our trolls

Rhonda, snow still everywhere here...but it was a LOT warmer today it got up to 33.

Rhonda said...


Aren't you so impressed with the way she handles herself. I mean she's famous and yet remains true to herself. I love how she doesn't want to be a carbon copy of every other actress in Hollywood.
She's genuine and unique.

Rhonda said...


Lol..sounds like a heat wave but I'm glad it's improving.

Enormous pile of shit no doubt..LMAO!

SueBee said...


I'm not offended at all! I thank you for the compliment! (HUGS)

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Good night Guys...Its been fun!

Rhonda said...


I've made a meatloaf recipe from one of her sons. It was really good too.

Rhonda said...

Bye Super..goodnight

Geo said...

I haven't read any comments so I may be repeating what has been said, but good grief. People are griping about whether or not Kristen wore a body suit? Do they not realize Stephanie Meyer is on set probably daily?

I just saw the Feb. issue of Vogue on another blog and the pics of Kristen are gorgeous. I love reading her interviews too. She always has something interesting to say.

DreamerKind said...

Haven't been on much today, maybe later.

Hullo, to you!


DreamerKind said...

We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off

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Barbara Fenwick said...

I agree with you Rose. I believe Kris will accompany Rob to LA, but I doubt we will see her. She will be in the background. I don't blame Kris for staying in the background, she takes too much crap and I am sure she get tired of it. I do not think the hatestens will ever stop--I can't believe they are dragging out pictures of Emilie, when there was never anything between Rob and Emilie...these people are desperate.

Annie said...

Of course they are desperate, how else to explain the drivel that is posted by them.
It's beyond embarrassing for them at this point. Pathetic. Isn't a strong enough word.
They are completely unhinged and completely delusional.

DreamerKind said...

Fine Line

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DreamerKind said...

Good Evening Roseland!

Ever wonder about astrology and your sign? Mine never matched who I was. Today, Yahoo posted a story about astronomers discovering 13 signs, based on actual scientific study of the cosmos.

Just for fun, here is the new list they gave. It might be interesting to re-check your attributes under a new sign:

"Despite the complete lack of scientific and observational evidence for astrology, 25 percent of Americans still believe in
it, a recent Pew survey found. So here are the "real" dates of
astrological signs, according to astronomers:

Capricorn: Jan. 20-Feb. 16.
Aquarius: Feb. 16-March 11.
Pisces: March 11-April 18.
Aries: April 18-May 13.
Taurus: May 13-June 21.
Gemini: June 21-July 20.
Cancer: July 20-Aug. 10.
Leo: Aug. 10-Sept. 16.
Virgo: Sept. 16-Oct. 30.
Libra: Oct. 30-Nov. 23.
Scorpio: Nov. 23-29.
Ophiuchus: Nov. 29-Dec. 17.
Sagittarius: Dec. 17-Jan. 20.

The list includes Ophiuchus, a formation the ancient Babylonians discarded because they wanted 12 star signs, not 13." Rao

DreamerKind said...

Wow! I can't believe what I read on the new astrological signs of the zodiac!

I'm a Capricorn, no more, and Sagittarius here I come. Fits me to a T.

My whole life has been redefined, since I am in the 25% that almost believes in this stuff, lol.

It's a fine day for Dreamer..and the FGM.

angelica1 said...

DK-Just heading out to work but we were looking at thee new signs last night and I told my family I'm apparently now Pisces,They all said "No! You're DEFINITELY Aries!" I have no idea what they mean

DreamerKind said...

How amusing family can be!

I don't know what it all means either, although I was married to two Aries who may now be Pisces...

It's all in fun, cause they love or did love us. So, it is what it is and was, for us both.

Nice to chat with you, it's been a while.

Louisa said...

DK how are you dear? Are you still hangin around in Roselands?

DreamerKind said...

Dreamer's A New Sagittarius!

Brand New Me

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Thank you/mynameischicleto

DreamerKind said...

Hi, I'm bouncing around the cyber world and having such fun!

DreamerKind said...

Aren't you getting ready for work yet? It is too quiet around Roseland tonight.

Come on out, lurkers and say hello. It is lots of fun, at late night.

Hi, Gin, wherever you are, wish I could meet you, too.

Louisa said...

DK ill BRB soon just in the middle of something......if you're still her we can chat ok.....

DreamerKind said...

Been looking at the online Vogue photos of Kristen and reading the interview.

Way to go, Miss Stewart, lead us on! Be-Attitudes, in spades, you've got, Sista.

Beautiful and lovely, don't describe you correctly, but they're apt, nevertheless.

Forgive my silliness, but I'm so silly with happy thoughts, I can't talk like my usual serious self! La, la, la, la, la, la.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

DK I left u an email..gotta run through the shower and get to work.

DreamerKind said...

Okey-dokey, I'm on it, but I'm rappin' with Natalie right now.

Think I'm gonna tank out of here, and hit the bricks hard!

Fare Thee Well, All You Lovelies..

Azlina Ilzdaf Cullen Pattinson said...

I just love the satisfied face of Edward (rob) and the face of Bella (Kristen) sinking in and appreciating his every touch. So sensual!! I bite my fingers literally! ahaha....and me and some of my frens are reading back the honeymoon chapter with the pic as reference. Yes, we are crazy...we know. LMAO

Azlina Ilzdaf Cullen Pattinson said...

ouh btw, I agree with that modest body suit thing. Maybe it's just the lighting or something. we really have to see the end product to actually know. ;)

Louisa said...

DK yer sorry about that.......talk to you some other time......It took longer than I thought.....goodnite then

Louisa said...

@ Azina may I say your English is very good....

Kay said...

Good morning, Roseland!

Kristen's Vogue cover, photo shoot, quotes were absolutely flawless.....loved everything about it. My hope is that Kristen can see that she really does make her fans happy, and even though we aren't always as loud as some, we are here supporting her.

As far as the GG go, it would be nice to see Rob and Kristen together (in a completely selfish way). Unfortunately, no matter what they do, someone will have a problem with. I hope they do whatever it is they want to do and are comfortable with.

Have a wonderful Friday everyone!

Ana Matos said...

Just wanted to remind brains that he is a stupid, brainless, litlle - oh, so litlle - troll....

Go back to your shelf and never come back again, litlle spicy troll.

Thank you and....good day!

Annie said...

Good morning Roseland!

I just wanted to remind everyone to ignore the brain(less) because jealousy is not an attractive human characteristic. For that matter, it's not attractive in animals either.

Happy Friday!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

ROSELAND...Good Morning...(Ignore the background noise..it comes and goes). Heh. Isn't it INTERESTING that all these "vids" are out showing R s KISSING scenes with all his other movies, the steamiest being his body wall slam with Emilie in Remember Me... Not a single person to comment...but a beautiful tastefully done pic fr BD. And "its the end of the world". Heh. Bottom line....JEALOUSY...To Kristen.. You are doing everything "right" and THEY can't stand it. Good for You!

Annie said...

Good morning Super........How are you on this fine, fine Friday morning.

It amazes me how some are completely brain dead, brainless, jealous and downright useless this early in the day.

I agree, Kristen is doing everything right and some people are shitting themselves with jealousy.
She's rising above the jealousy and the hate.

I'm off to get some coffee.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

ANNIE....EXACTLY...have a great day..I am at work.

SueBee said...

You know, I've made a habit lately of not directly addressing trolls. Why? They aren't listening.

Imagine a screaming child throwing a tantrum in the middle of a crowded room. They scream, cry, kick and wail because they didn't get their way. They are only interested in letting the world know that they are pissed off, no matter how ridiculous the reason.

Unfortunately, these trolls aren't toddlers but supposed adults.

As a poster on the board, I used to get angry that these people would say such hurtful things. The accusations are unfounded and completely ridiculous.

Upon repetition of these whiney diatribes, I just got irritated that I had to skim past them to get to the intelligent conversations.

Now, I have to say, I feel sorry for people who have turned hating someone into a religion. They come here after something wonderful has happened to Kristen (loving relationship, yet another acting award, beautiful photo shoot, impressive movie roll, etc.) and do their best to malign her character.

What is truly pathetic is that it is the SAME damned thing over and over and over. No one cares, yet they want the world to join them in their madness.

What is it like to scream in vain when no matter how loud the insults, they fall on deaf ears?

What's it like to be rejected by someone because of your shortcomings and unhealthy behavior?

You are now on the outside looking in and wishing for something that will never be yours. You are beneath her notice and a passing joke to those who do know you.

Try making yourself a better person, find closure, and move on.

In the mean time, if you continue, to scream, cuss, and do your daily insult prayers to your hatred, know this---

You will never have validation. We are either treating you as non entity or we are laughing at you for your foolishness.

Go ahead, throw another fit. We're just going to walk around you so the adults can talk.

Consider yourself invisible--everyone else does.

Hope said...

Susan... Perfectly stated...nothing more to say except I consider these two to be COWARDS. The fact that they cannot let go and move forward with the lives they were blessed with is tragic.

Anonymous said...


Exactly what you said :) I agree 100 percent. Have a great day! ((hugs))

katy said...

Hi, Susan!! VERY well said :)
Hope you are having a great day!

Hi, Annie, RN, Hope and Leigh and all Roselanders!! hope you are all having a great day too!!...hugs

angelica1 said...

Susan - Perfectly put! You know I have a fairly long commute to work every morning and ponder all sorts of crap while I'm driving. Yesterday I was thinking about these women who are crazily fixated on Rob or any other "it" person(he's not the first and most definitely won't be the last) to the point of believing their real life partner stands in your way. What happens when they are no longer the "it" person, for instance in Rob's case, a couple of years post-Twilight, he's happily making smaller films because the scripts interest him or he decides to do more songwriting or whatever. He and Kristen are keeping a low profile,living their lives,they've been togther so long that no one pays much attention any more so they're not constantly in the tabloids - it will happen as it does with every famous couple. What will these women do then? With nothing to obsess over,pick apart,rant about to each other will they simply cease to exist? If I were one of them I'd be thinking long and hard about that because Rob still won't know or care that they exist, the difference is though, they'll no longer have their online "friends" to bitch with because there'll be no new material to bitch about and since they've made no attempt apparently during the past 3 years or so to have real lives, I suspect there are going to be some very,very lonely,bitter,jealous harpies out there at the end of 2012.

Anonymous said...

Hi Katy,

I'm having a great day and hope you are doing the same!

(hugs) back ay ya!


Annie said...

SueBee: Thank You!

You have expressed so eloquently how we all feel.

Have a beautiful Friday.

Kami said...

First and foremost Ana Matos..I loved what you said!!

Susan, nicely said.

Anyone with half a brain would understand what you said and decide to move on..unfortunately we aren't dealing with people who even have half a brain between them.

Penny Lane said...


You expressed your thoughts very eloquently. Unfortunately, these trolls seem to have an agenda and will continue to make their appearances. It will be up to each of us to decide how we want to deal with them.


I've admitted before to lurking in the twitter accounts of some of the haters. I truly think that whatever their initial reason for hating, they now have become each other's support group. Like you, I wonder what will become of them when Rob is no longer the "it" guy. Quite honestly I don't really care. They feed off hate and will probably find a new outlet on which to focus that hate.

Kami said...

Brainless just so you'll know..WE DON'T GIVE A FUCK

Stay warm and don't freeze off your little troll balls

Annie said...

Hi Katy. :)
I'm having a quite fabulous Friday thanks. I hope you can say the same.
It's frezzing here. A skin numbing 26 F.

Annie said...

:)I meant freezing. See, it's numbing!

Ana Matos said...


Thank you!

Now back to lurker mode....

Be safe and happy, Roseland

Jane said...

Rob's friends all kinda of look alike, that beautiful English skin, the lean bodies and Andrew's eyebrows look like Rob's. I think it is all the fish the English people eat. Good for skin and bodies. I don't know. I am just rambling, anything to take my mind off that hot, erotic picture of Edward and Bella in bed....ummmmm

Kenzz said...


Beautifully articulated!

Happy Friday, Roseland! Off to brave the elements to get some birthday shopping done for the husband...

Hope to check in later!