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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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and are in no way meant to cause anyone harm, grief or despair.
If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
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or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rob and Kristen- Sugar and Spice


So I did it.
I was all sweet and nice in yesterdays post.
 I bet you didn't think I had it in me... did ya?
To be honest...
Being nice and positive and sweet is good and all
But I couldn't do that everyday.
With Sugar you gotta have Spice
(No, not the green, flaky, irrelevant shorty spice)
It makes everything nice.

It's really pretty quiet in Twi-land.
If you ignore the incessant whining and howling by the rabid foamers...
And the incessant whining and whimpering by the needy shippers.
Am I mean?
Or am I honest?
Maybe both.

I suppose they're not REALLY holding hands here either...

So whats to talk about?

Let's see...

1. I've gotten quite a few emails about Hatesten
clinging onto Oregano again
since Ted mentioned him in passing the other day.
(People are so gullible.)

Yeah, I'm sure Shorty Spice has been hanging around for the last 
2 years... just biding his time
waiting for Kristen to come back to him.
(Like THAT will ever happen.)
Or better yet...
That Kristen and him have been together this whole time.
Oh dear.
Another secret relationship.
Mysterious Blondes and lurking Spices.
Of course.
I guess Kristen isn't a lesbian this week.
Secret affairs with bland seasonings instead.

Funny how the foam CLINGS to anything
no matter how ridiculous.

Kristen seems to like to put her hand on Rob's thigh...

2. Do you put any value on dreams?

I'm not sure how I feel about them.
I used to have the same one over and over again.
Not me chasing Rob down and jumping him.
I never dreamt about Rob in any 'sexual' kinda way.
In any dreams that Rob was in...
We just sorta hung out and talked.
And stuff.
Kinda like what my fantasy of meeting Rob would be.
Sitting in a pub...
Listening to a live band...
Having a few drinks...
and just talking.
Being friends.
That's all.

No, my usual recurring dream is always me
trying to find something.
I'm in a building... trying to find my way out.
I'm in school... trying to find my class.
I'm in a parking lot... trying to find my car.
Always searching.
For what?
I have no idea.
I guess I haven't found whatever it is.
The looks on their faces... says it all. ALL.

3. I was talking to a good friend today...
and she mentioned how interesting it would be
if Rob and Kristen started acting like Brad and Angelina.
What would happen?
First of all
The whole Angelina practically laying on Brad
at the Golden Globes was just a teensy bit much.
Yeah... we get it...
He's YOUR man.
It just smacked of...
Can you imagine if Rob and Kristen behaved like that?
Kristen hanging onto Robert...
Fixing his tie.
Clinging to his chest.
What do you think would happen in this fandom?
First off
It would fucking EXPLODE.
The letters P and R would be worn out...
The Twirling would be OUT OF CONTROL...
And then?
I guess Rob and Kristen have to get married
and let's see where we go from there.

Kristen. Marry Me.

4. I'm sorry I was only 'sweet' for a day.
But I wasn't really that mean... was I?
At least I'm honest about it... you know?
I'm not hiding behind an anonymous name...
Or pretending that I'm all sweet and nice to the public...
and then get all bitchy in private
I don't lock my blog up...
Or my twitter...
Because I don't have anything to hide.
What you see is what you get.
Rob's face in this picture? GAH.
5. Why do Hatsten have this bizarre notion
(I'm a granny... we talk this way)
That when BD is done filming...
All of a sudden Rob and Kristen will be no more?
Where does that come from?
Wishful hating?
'The end is near'
All of a sudden Rob will be spotted all over the place
with some girl...
Kissing and snuggling.
Oh wait.
He already does that.
With Kristen.

This is how Hatesten Twirl...
6. I was told that Foamers were trying to Twirl.
How original of them.
(Do they ever have an original thought?) 
Silly mutts.
Hyenas don't twirl.
You are confused.
(Damn those rabies) 
Chasing your tail 
After the same tired bullshit
Isn't Twirling.
It's just going in circles...
Never getting anywhere...
Never quite grasping that you will never get it.

Just fucking because.

 Can you be torn between two intoxications?
Feeling like a fool?
Loving both of you is breaking all the rules?
I think there's a song in there somewhere.

I love Tom.

This post is brought to you by the letter *S*

S for Sugar.
I will try to focus on the sweet and nice
every so often...
It's a nice change of pace.

S for Spice.
But let's face it...
Spice is more fun!

Bye for now


DixieAnn said...

I like this Rose much more.:0

wig4usc said...

While I like sweet, I think I like spicy even more! ;)

There are some people in this world who don't get "subtle". That's how I see a lot of this fandom...they don't get "subtle". The looks, the hand on the thigh, they don't get it. You have to hit them over the head or smack in the face to them to say "oh, OK!"

And something funny, my decidedly non-blogging hubby asked me yesterday, "What's a troll? What does that mean?". Ha ha ha....how nice to be blissfully unaware!

Parker said...

I LOVE your email...

Penny Lane said...


No one twirls like you. I think haters probably do something like a spin and fall.

Freddie said...

Hi Rose,

Having some quiet in Rob and Kristen land is actually okay for the moment. It’s nice to take a break from the crazy. Hope they are both well and enjoying this “bittersweet” timing filming Breaking Dawn together.

Nice picture of Tom…I’m looking forward to his upcoming movie.

Thanks for the post Rose. Hope everyone in Roseland is well and having a good day.

Aeden27 said...

Lovely Rose,

Whether it's naughty or nice, i still love your post.

I cant believe "Ted" brought up that "oregano" stuff..Is he really that desperate for hits on his blog..Poor "ted"!

Quiet means no paps, and lots of privacy. People should know by now that Rob & Kristen will always be together. we've seen it for more than 2 years now.

Rob & kristen will always be together even if "Twilight" is over.

Have a wonderful day

Rhonda said...


This is why we love you. There's no act, no phony..just you being honest about your thoughts and feelings about Rob and Kristen.
No matter what you say or do some people will never get it.

"Life is hard; it's harder if you're stupid."

Hi Everyone :)

Rhonda said...

Penny- I wanted to tell you that was cool about the tea and weight loss thing...that book has so much info in it..I'm loving it :)

Super RN Gas Passer said...

WIG4USC...I think they get "subtle" they just CANT WANT TO..

PL and FREDDIE..Hello to you both..Just a quick check in..going out to dinner with hubby..Yes PL..I will let him drive..lol..I will be back later

ROSE..It is VERY nice and quiet on Roseland this afternoon...(no u know whats).. Oh, and BY THE WAY..What the HELL is going on with Bel Ami? I read today that now they are talking about releasing it in the FALL( for the love of all thats holy...an Edward quote) that majorly SUCKS...I want to see that MOVIE...for Gods sake!

SueBee said...

Hello all!

We all have a sweet and spicy side, dontcha think? I do my best to be sweet, honest! Well, mostly, kind of sorta, sometimes!

Rhonda said...

Hi Susan :)

Hi Super- Enjoy your dinner and I hope your friend is doing ok..

Freddie said...

Hi Penny, Rhonda, Super and SueBee. Hope you're each having a good day.

Super, I was very sorry to hear about all the sadness you've encountered. Your message from last evening was very wise. Thanks for sharing it and reminding us what is important.

Rhonda said...

Hey Freddie...how are you today?

June said...

With all my respects Rose, but...

Why don't you write what would be Rob and Kristen's fans reaction, if they acted like Brad and Angie?

I don't care about haters and foamers. Nothing at all. I just would like to know your answer to my question because I think that the real Rob and Kristen's fans are, by far a lot more than foamers.

Kay said...

Sweet Rose was very lovely yesterday, but spicy, snarky Rose is my favorite. :)

I love it, Penny....I can almost hear a 'thump' when they fall over!

Sending you a big cyber hug Super RN.....sorry things are so tough right now. You were so right yesterday in your post.....life is too short not to let the ones you love know all the time.

Have a great night, Roseland! Stay warm!

Freddie said...

Hey Rhonda, I'm good. Thanks for asking. It's getting closer to Friday and for me, that's a good thing. I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend, all going well.

How are you? Did I hear that you are expecting a bunch more snow?

Hope said...

Rose...yeah Oregano...like THAT will EVER happen again!! LOL
Stupid Ass-ablanca!!

Angelica...how will your back ever heal if you are driving 1200 miles...seriously??!!

HI Freddie, Rhonda,Super...and all it is freezing here.

Rhonda said...

Freddie- Yes, I'm good. The snow is moving in even as we speak :)

Hi Hope- LOL..love the new name for Ted...lol..

Freddie said...

Hope - "Ass-ablanca". Love it. Couldn't agree with you more.

Stay warm.

Rhonda said...

Freddie- LOL..we think too much alike :)

Hope said...

Freddie, Rhonda...yeah...I read that somewhere and well,never forgot it because the nickname describes him perfectly.

Rhonda said...

Hope- I agree completely :) Stay warm..wish you had some more snow to go with the cold. I'm sure your daughter would love it..

deb said...

Well Rose this is what I hope for IS AT the END of BD it well BE the END for all the hate that Rob and Kristen get I know I know that won't happen because WE ALL KNOW that HATE is just out there for all the UNHAPPY PEOPLE to have something to BITCH about to make THEM feel good about them selfs Thanks for the post Rose like always you made my day A BIG HAPPY ONE LONG LIVE ROB and KRISTEN looks like there not going any where BUT GETTING CLOSER to EACH OTHER. DEB

angelica1 said...

God, I was complaining ear;er about feeling like I'd zapped back to 2008 (Not my favourite year!!)and now we're dragging out spice boy? Seriously??

Hope - I know,I know! It's been one of those weeks.

angelica1 said...


Birdie said...

Sweet or spicy, you are never dull!
I really dislike any comparison to Brad and Angelina. Maybe they are very nice people, but I don't see the chemistry that Rob and Kristen have. I have never seen Brad(or any other celebrity) look at his woman the way Rob does(genuinely in love). One sideways glance with her little smile from Kristen is more electrically charged than any fawning Angelina does. As wig4usc stated so well, Rob and Kristen's subtlety exudes a love and warmth for each other far greater than any overt display of Brangelina affection. Brad and Angelina-warm,yea not so much.

Hope all Roselanders are having a good evening!

Wow,that is just too much tragedy in a week! It could leave you feeling a bit fragile but you seem to be handling it with grace.

Rhonda said...

Angelica- I can't believe that particular spice is still coming up in conversation. I thought it was widely known there was no relevance anymore..but hey, what do I know..

Hi Birdie- very well said :)

Birdie said...

Hi Rhonda!

Kami said...

I agree Rose, except for certain dishes, oregano is a completely useless spice. I find it to have no relevant purpose and it can be very bitter.

30 said...

Oh Rose, you are honest,blunt and a kick ass women! That's why I am here, your not mean. Just REAL and that's very refreshing in this fandom.

Keep sticking up for Kristen and kick ass! You do it like no other. xx

30 said...

I have too add I would NEVER want or expect Kristen and Rob too act like that "display" "Brangalena" showed last week. What was that about anyway? LOL

Rhonda said...

Hey Kami and 30 :)

katy said...

Hi, Rose!! I love sweet Rose and I love spicy Rose too, but what I love the most is that you are always honest!!

People are still cliging onto Oregano...BAHAHAHAHA..Yeah right, BAHAHAHA...damn that makes me laugh...that will NEVER happen, ever ever again.

Hi, Rhonda, Freddie, Angelica, Kay, Penny, Susan, Kami. Birdie, 30,Hope, Deb, and everyone else that I may have missed! Hope you are all having a great day!!

Hi, RN!! That message that you post yesterday was beautiful and absolutely true.

Hugs to all

Rhonda said...

30- I agree. I don't want them to be anything other than what they are..and to me..their handling all of this pretty damn well :)

Rhonda said...

Hey Katy :)

30 said...

Hi Rhonda! Hi Katy! :)

Rhonda said...

30- are you feeling better?

angelica1 said...

Hi Katy:)

Angelina just looks pathetic and desperate,I'm sorry to say.Kristen has no hidden agenda and therefore nothing to prove. I respect her dignity and integrity more and moe every day.

Rhonda said...

Angelica- She is always true to herself..I love that about her :)

30 said...

Rhonda, I am. Thanks for asking. :)

Super RN Gas Passer said...

HI ROSELAND...Thank you ALL for the kind comments regarding my "unusual" week...much appreciated.

KAMI...I was watching the Food Network last weekend and one of the chefs came to your EXACT conclusion..dried oregano...worthless.

REGARDING ANGELINA...There is only one person that show of attention could possibly be for...Jennifer Anniston...was she there? I didnt see her.

Rhonda said...

Hey Super- Did you have a nice dinner? I don't know if Jennifer was there or not..

Kenzz said...

SUPER... so sorry for your sad week... your eloquence in reminding us to savor life now was lovely!

ROSE...I was surprisingly moved by your post yesterday...it's a relief to welcome back the snarkiness! Seriously, your HONESTY is what brings us back day-after-day...keep it coming!

Hi to Rhonda, Super RN, angelica, Deb, Birdie, Kami, Katy, 30 and a bunch of you I'm sure I've missed! Another storm coming in tonite....yuck

Wildhart007 said...

Hi! Roselanders!

Spicy is hot Rose! Can't be like that everyday, but you sure seem to have fun with it!

Dreams reflect our hopes, wants and fears. May your dreams give you peace of mind.


DreamerKind said...

Change The World

Eric Clapton:

If I could reach the stars I'd pull one down for you
Shine it on my heart so you could see the truth

That this love I have inside is everything it seems
But for now I find it's only in my dreams

That I can change the world
I would be the sunlight in your universe

You will think my love was really something good
Baby if I could change the world

If I could be king even for a day
I'd take you as my queen I'd have it no other way

And our love will rule in this kingdom we have made
Till then I'd be a fool wishin' for the day

That I can change the world
I would be the sunlight in your universe
You will think my love was really something good
Baby if I could change the world

Thank you/clark200666

DreamerKind said...

Thanks-Spicy & Sweet Rose

I've Been Searchin' For So Long


As my life goes on I believe
Somehow something's changed
Something deep inside
Ooh a part of me

There's a strange new light in my eyes
Things I've never known
Changin' my life
Changin' me

I've been searchin'
So long
To find an answer
Now I know my life has meaning
Ow oh

Now I see myself as I am
Feeling very free
Life is everything
Ooh it's meant to be

When my tears have come to an end
I will understand
What I left behind
Part of me

I've been searching
So long
To find and answer
Now I know my life has meaning
Woah woah

Don't you know I'm, hell yeah
For an answer
To the question, oh yeah
Who am I?

Baby it's true
It's only natural
Good things
In life
Take a long time
yeah yeah

Thank you/RakyMaky

Wildhart007 said...

Hi! DK

Hope you are feeling better. I really enjoyed the guitar in that Eric Clapton.

DreamerKind said...

Sugar And Spice

The Searchers:

Sugar and spice and all things nice
Kisses sweeter than wine

Sugar and spice and all things nice
You know that little girl is mine

Everybody stops and stares at my baby
When she's walkin' down the street

People passin' by just look at my baby
'cause my baby looks so sweet
You know she's..

Sugar and spice and all things nice
Kisses sweeter than wine

Sugar and spice and all things nice
You know that little girl is mine

Everytime we kiss I get that feelin'
Everytime we simply meet

Never ever known a girl so lovely
Sweet enough to want to eat

Everybody's crazy 'bout my baby
'cause my baby looks so sweet

When I see her smile I get that feelin'
'cause my baby looks so sweet
You know she's..

Sugar and spice and all things nice
Kisses sweeter than wine
Sugar and spice and all things nice
You know that little girl is mine

Thank you/50s60sAnd70sMusic

DreamerKind said...

Linda! I am feeling better, thanks. This just might be the turnaround day for me. Happy music, crooning guitars and amazing singers, lift me up.

How are you these days?

Wildhart007 said...

Glad to hear you are on the turn around. I am also. the muscle I pulled on my ribcage did not hurt so bad today. I go back for a recheck at the Dr.'s tomorrow morning. The medicine they have had me on made me sleep most of the week away.(guess it was the only way to keep me from reinjuring myself)

I liked the Chicago song when it changed tempo around 3:30.

Kami said...

Hello to everyone who said hi to me! Sorry, been spending the evening with my hubby.

As for Oregano, I realize some people might like it and if I offended anyone..I'm sorry, it's just one of those...spices I don't care for and have always found boring.

DreamerKind said...

Well, I didn't get a chance to say hi to you before, but I am now. Nice to see a spicy Kami!

Wildhart007 said...

Hi! Kami

Sounds like you are having an enjoyable evening. I'm glad to hear Keith's plane landed safely.

Don't fret over some spilled oregano, totally not worth it.

DreamerKind said...


I agree with the tempo change as you mentioned. At the time, Chicago had a revolutionary style and pace, that made it tops with the Beach Boys, etc. for originality.

Thanks for listening to the picks of the night, lol.

Wildhart007 said...

You always pick out interesting music. I'm a fan. You have broadened my musical hozions. ;)

Wildhart007 said...

Sorry horizons Maybe I'm not as awake as I think I am.

DreamerKind said...

That ribcage muscle is a tricky injury to heal, as you well know, and will take time. And somehow I don't see you totally resting, am I right?

Wildhart007 said...

The FGM knows me well.
Anything happening up in the Chi town tonight?
I'm looking out the window at our big snow storm(one inch)

DreamerKind said...

Not much going on here, it's too cold only 2%. Still, my daughter and her friend just headed out to socialize at a local bar. I'd go but I need another day to get over the top, ya know.

DreamerKind said...

Sorry, it took so long to answer but I am on the phone now.

Wildhart007 said...

Don't push it yet. You got the weekend, to party and perhaps meet destiny.

I refrained from starting a snowball fight this evening. Trying to be good is definitely not the fun route!

I watched a Rob Thomas concert on cable today that was enjoyable.

Guess I'm gonna try to read abit so I can get up early.

Have a good evening and stay warm.

DreamerKind said...

Thanks for the good advice and you take your own, too!

By the way, destiny meets me every second of my life, which makes even opening my eyes an adventure.

A toast (a crusty, hot, buttered one) to us all, that we may be ready for what comes our way, and know that we are not alone.

Goodnight, Roseland. I'm beaming up now but will keep one eye open for you.

DreamerKind said...

No One Is Alone

Bernadette Peters/song at:50

No one here to guide you
Now you're on your own
Only me beside you
Still your not alone
No one is alone
No one is alone

Sometimes people leave you
Half-way through the wood
Others may decieve you
You decide whats good
You decide alone
But no one is alone

People make mistakes
Father's, Mother's
People make mistakes
Holding to their own
Thinking they're alone

Honor their mistakes
Everybody makes
One another's terrible mistakes

Witches can be right
Giants can be good
You decide whats right
You decide whats good
Just remember

Someone is on your side
Someone else is not
Well we're seeing our side
Maybe we forgot
They are not alone
Cause no one is alone

Hard to see the light now
Just don't let it go
Things will come out right now
We can make it so
Someone is on your side
No one is alone

Thank you/EricMChicago

Eclipsed said...

Funny find of the day...

I was browsing iTunes this morning when I stumbled across a song entitled "She Wants to Be Mrs Robert Pattinson" by Sarah Barry Williams. I assumed that it was a funny, tongue-in-cheek kind of song so I previewed it (I'm sorry but I just couldn't justify paying 99 cents for it). To my surprise, it sounded like a legitimate song albeit a little creepy...a theme song for the crazy sector of the fanbase.

*I*Believe* said...

8 more inches of snow and another snowday. A new storm brewing for Tuesday night. Global warming?

Btw, the President will be in my neck of the woods today. His apperance is not open to the public. Do presidents get snowed in?

Rhonda said...

Hey IB-

Enjoy the snow day! Do presidents get snowed in? LOL...you're so funny :)

I have a'blind' lunch date today so wish me luck :)

keset said...

"The man shows every emotion
every feeling
all over his beautiful face.
He's completely smitten.
Totally taken.
Rob Only Has Eyes For Kristen."


"He doesn't flirt with other women"

That why i don't like her.
Rob has respect for her but she dosen't.

Rob let me see his love for her, she dosn't. She do let me see her love for others. That's why people think she is a slut and don't like her.

*I*Believe* said...

Rhonda~Good luck! They say lunch is the best meal to have a blind date for. All you have to do is be yourself and have fun:)

keset said...

A site of K fans who hate Rob. You should defense Rob too. They are crazy too

*I*Believe* said...

Do we really need to start this now?

You have been here before and know how we all feel about Rob AND KRISTEN.

Please go away if you are trying to stir the pot. You are going to make my sinus headache worse.

Penny Lane said...


Good luck. I can't imagine dating again. I'm sure I would be absolutely horrible. If he said one thing I didn't like I'd tell him STFU and leave. That filter of mine walked away years ago.

*I*Believe* said...

Hi PL! Are you enjoying tea or coffee at the moment?

keset said...

*I*Believe* i'm sorry. I'm out of here.
Feel better with the headache.

Penny Lane said...


I'm actually drinking tea doing my volunteer stint.

*I*Believe* said...

PL~I am having coffee. Where do you volunteer?

Trixie said...

Rosie! Oh how I miss talking to you! Your comments about Brangelina at the GG's were spot on. Yes. It was complete overkill! And, YES! If Kristen was all over Rob like that the Twi-world would be drowning in foam!

Melinda said...

Happy Friday Roseland! Hope it is a great one.

Nice post Rose. I wish people wouldn't compare them to "Brangelina". Yuck.

I for one am glad they don't do the overkill PDA. Makes me happy that they think their relationship is more important than making it entertainment for the masses.

I hope that they get some much needed R and R when they get a little break once filming in BR is done and before they move onto Vancouver.

ECLIPSED- Saw that song on youtube. Thankfully the mom wrote it for her teenage daughter who loves Rob. Makes it a little less creepy I think.

Saw some tweets from people I follow fangirling on Tom last night. They were all UNF for his voice! Make me grin.

Okay back to work....meh.

*I*Believe* said...

Well...at least keset was nice about leaving.

Melinda said...

Oh one more thing....


Good luck on your lunch date!!