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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy

My love must be a kind of blind love... I can't see anyone but you.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.
Two people who met and fell in love
At first sight.

Is that too cliché?
But we have all watched it happen before our eyes...
Haven't we?
Two people who had an instant chemistry.
Immediate attraction...

Who may have had separate things in their life at the time
But somehow always came back to each other.

Are the stars out tonight? I don't know if it's cloudy or bright...

Again and again.
Until neither one of them could deny what was happening.
Neither could we.

Robert has talked about his view on relationships a number of times.
He has stated that he believes in being with only ONE person.
Who is that ONE person?
For almost 2 years (or more?)
We have seen just ONE girl show up with Rob
and over.
I doubt it was easy at first.
The furor of Twilight surrounding them...
It's hard to maneuver with that kind of force around you.
How daunting would it be...
To fall in love with the man
That seemingly every female in the world loved, too?
But Robert was more than just "Edward" to Kristen...
Kristen called him her best friend.

I Only Have Eyes For You, Dear.

Being friends...
Best friends
Is a strong foundation to build a relationship.
As friends you have things in common...
A way of looking at life.

I'm sure parts of this relationship
Have been a challenge to navigate.
What relationship is ever easy?
Imagine trying to find your way...
With millions of eyes watching your every move.
It's hard enough to figure things out in life
without scores of people nitpicking and criticizing every step.

The moon maybe high... but I can't see a thing in the sky

When Robert and Kristen are together
Just looking at Rob's face when he is looking at Kristen
Tells you everything.
The man shows every emotion
every feeling
all over his beautiful face.
He's completely smitten.
Totally taken.
Rob Only Has Eyes For Kristen.

Think about when Rob is in public without Kristen.
Sure he smiles and is sweet Rob to other people.
That's his nature.
But he never steps over the line.
His behavior is always appropriate.
He doesn't flirt with other women.
He hardly acknowledges that other women exist at all.
He is always the good boyfriend.
Because his heart belongs to Kristen.
And Rob wears it on his sleeve for everyone to see.

Cause I Only Have Eyes For You.
And Kristen?
We have seen many
unguarded moments 
when she has looked at Rob with complete adoration.
Her face lights up when she looks at him.
She is overwhelmed.
Who wouldn't be?
Do I think she tries (too) hard NOT to look at him?
I think she doesn't want to give anything away.
I think
She knows that she can't control the way she looks at Robert...
So she tries not to.
Do you blame her?

I don't know if we're in a garden... or on a crowded avenue.

Kristen is painfully shy.
She's private.
Why would she want to share with the world
Her personal feelings for Robert?
"It's not my job"
She gives so much already.
You might not think so.
But her relationship with Rob 
isn't part of her job description.
She doesn't owe us any explanations.
I admire the fact that she doesn't sell out
for more press and attention.
I admire that she handles her life...
Her way.
And is willing to get beat up in the press
and in the public eye
for not revealing personal, intimate details of her relationship.
That proves to me how important it really is to her.
How important Rob is to her.
You are here... So am I.

What does the future hold for Robert and Kristen?
If only you could see into the future.
But no one can look at their relationships in life 
and know where they will lead.
Even famous people.

I'm guessing that although the end of the Twilight movies
will be bittersweet...
Both Rob and Kristen are looking forward to shedding
the whole Edward and Bella persona.
Will they be able to do that if they are a couple?
It will take time
which is only natural since they have been
Edward and Bella
for years...
and will continue to do so until 2012.

But you have to think that not making the movies
will help people see Robert and Kristen...
Robert and Kristen.

Maybe millions of people go by... but they all disappear from view.

Hopefully the madness that follows Rob and Kristen around...
will begin to fade...
Just a little.
And maybe
bit by bit
Rob and Kristen will be able to relax in public...
And not have to put up a shield to protect 
What is theirs.

Wishful thinking?
So for now
We can be happy seeing Rob and Kristen happy...
We can enjoy knowing that two people
can find love
and keep love...
And have found the calm eye of the Twilight hurricane

And I Only Have Eyes For You.

This post is brought to you by the letters *L* and *S*

L for LOVE
You see it every time Rob and Kristen are together.
Sometimes you have to fight for it.
Sometimes it's not easy
But it's always there.

S for Sweet
That would be me.
Sweet Rose.
I can only try.

Bye for now


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RobstenFan! said...

This was your best post ever IMO. Bravo Rose!

Kami said...

very sweet Rose

Anonymous said...


This was very touching. And I would say that you succeeded in being sweet :) Awesome post!

Laura said...

I loved this so much, Rose. It's so nice to read these lovely, sweet words about these two. Instead of all the nitpicking, negative, HATEFUL things I always see out there. This post reminded me of why I love seeing them together. xoxo

Jenny said...

Rose, thanks for such a beautiful post! You summed up everything that encompasses their relationship and anything else that you must work hard to keep. Love is a "many splendored thing" but is also is hard too. All you see when they are together is love-- they are beaming radiantly!!! I noticed in those many "overdramatized" PCA pictures how Kristen was constantly leaning her body towards Rob, folding her hands around her legs as if to not make contact with him. That reminds me of the part in the Twilight books where there seemed to be an electrical impulse given off by Edward when he touched Bella(not that I see Kristen and Rob as Bella and Edward-- I can differentiate), but that's desire and a very intimate feeling :)

Lindsey said...

Reading this with Rob's music in the background...Beautiful. This totally brought it back to the basics. Love is the same no matter who you are. Rob and Kristen just happen to have found it on a very popular movie for all of us to see. P.S- I love sweet Rose:)

30 said...


Even at the GG, when Rob smiles/looks at other women or anyone for that matter. It's NEVER like the way he smiles or looks at Kristen. That wide, bright eyed, shes the sun,moon smile. I am happy Kristen does that for him, she is the one for him. And I know Kristen is protecting what is her's I get that. I respect that, but sometimes I think (and this is just my opinion). While protecting it, it may come off as giving him the cold shoulder in public. Is that an unfair statement? Yes maybe.But unfortunately there every move, facial feature is watched for now. I (yes, I") just want her too relax some.

I truly believe with time things will ease up for them. "I" (Yes, I am selfish lol) just want Kristen too one day show her BRAVE, beautiful self with a big "fuck you" he is mine in public. One day?


robsten4evea said...

PERFECTLY STATED ROSE~~BRAVO!! I needed this today. Remembering how Robert and Kristen met, the instant chemistry and OBVIOUS attraction for each other and through it all became best friends and fell in love......"they ALWAYS came back to each other again and again until neither of them could deny what was happening. Neither could we." =)

Penny Lane said...


Sweet Rose. Makes me think of this quote:

"That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet"
William Shakespeare-Romeo and Juliet

jen said...

Lovely ,lovely post, Rose!

You are so right aobut both of them, Robert is much less guarded in how he adores her, it's very adoring and expressive. Kristen is more guarded, but you know what I've noticed? I think she's almost a mother bear with him in a lot of ways. My favorite moment of Kristen's showing her own form of adoration was at comic-con2009, everyone said how they seemed to not even like eachother. And yet, I was blown away watching Kristen express her protectiveness for Robert, to the point of almost scolding the masses! In one instance Rob mentioned how he looks down now, and kristen prodded him, why rob? Why can't you? She was trying to make him explain to his fans the weight they were making him shoulder with their attention. I loved her for that. And I lvoed her even more when he mentioned he couldn't sing anymore at open mics and Kristen yelled out, "so stop recording him!"

People found her to be rude in these instance, but it was the smoking gun to me--Kristen's adoration for Rob may not be as "cuddly" as Rob's but man, she is very protective of him, and doesn't care whose toes she steps on when it comes to having his back. That was the day that I went, man, this girl likes him as much as he likes her!

Sydney said...

Lovely, Rose.

I don't really have anything else to add that wouldn't be redundant. Beautiful post!

30 said...

Did you all catch this WFE trailer? First time for me, It's From New Zeland. Just beautiful!


katy said...

Hi, Rose!! such a sweet, sweet post...just Beautiful!

Hugs Rose

Super RN Gas Passer said...

ROSE. You have left me speechless and in awe.

Седа said...

It's amazing!
Love it!
Thank you very much!:)

Thimbles said...

Oh, my, Rose...this post left me breathless. Simple. Truthful. Beautiful.

angelica1 said...

Beautiful post,Rose! I never see Edward and Bella unless I'm actually watching the films because truthfully,watching what was happening between Rob and Kristen was far more magical than anything Stephenie Meyer came up with :)

Lady Fallow said...


Here here....Rose.

Excellent post and spot on.

katy said...

30, I had seen that trailer already...Like you said beautiful, whenever I see it it makes me gosse bumps, and don't you just love the music too?

Kay said...

Very sweet, Rose :)

Have a good Wednesday, Roseland!

Hope said...

Rose...another excellent post....perfectly written as always.

kharma1 said...

Happy Wednesday..
and Hi Rose
I haven't posted in awhile but I read your blog faithfully everyday, I look forward to it.

I love reading the comments today, I feel the same way.
The reason why we fell in the love with these two, because we all saw it from the very beginning and how Rob went on and on about her in all his interviews.
I think she fought it as long as could, but he was persistant and would not give up..lol.
Kristen seems more analytical and probably knew what would happen if they got together.
I give her alot of credit, she must love him alot for putting up with all the hate and criticism she gets on a daily basis. I'm sure it's another reason, among many, why Rob treats her like she's the most precious thing on this earth.

Hopefully once the Twilight craziness dies down she will be able to loosen up a bit and by then, she will be in her 20's.
She's handling all this pressure pretty well for a 20 yr old, better then I would of at that age.
Rose your blog today touch my heart, it was wonderful, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Very Sweet..Great post, Rose!

deb said...

HO Rose Thank You It's so nice to see REAL LOVE and Yes they HAVE the real thing It makes me SMILE to be young and SO in LOVE. DEB.

Anonymous said...

Okay 3 things-
1- How much sugar was in your cereal this morning?
2. I fucking love you! I'm all warm and fluffed up now.
3. When I get married, will you please help me write my vows???
Really sweet and very kind! You are the best. Not sure what prompted this but your timing was perfect. Ttyl!

Hey roselandians-- hope everyone is well. Angelica how is your back? I need to get back but I'll look ltr--hope u r up and better.

Annie said...

Thank you Rose. Beautifully written.

real pr pro said...

Rose -- you captured the essence of their connection, as well as the reason we root for them.

They remind us that the concept of a soul mate is still valid in an often soul-less world.

They show us that staying true to who you are and what you want -- while usually not the easiest course to take -- is possible, even when comforming to conventional expectations would be the more expedient choice.

And they remind us that the words "personal" and "private" are still valid arguments in a celebrity culture that is defined by an irrational degree of intrusion and entitlement.

Quote of the week: from the Vogue writerEve MacSweeney responding to questions about her interview with Kristen --
" She won’t talk about Rob Pattinson, which is smart of her because if she started, it would never end."

angelica1 said...

Hi Smitty! I'm doing a lot better,thank you for asking,my love :)

shoegal2547 said...

That was very sweet Rose and, as always, beautiful pictures of them together!

The dust may not soon settle for them, as it has not for Brad and Angelina, but they can become handlers of their fame, and isn't that the growth which comes from experience.

I wish them well throughout their journey of discovery. I truly enjoy a love story...I didn't know about Twilight until my niece asked me to take her to see the movie. I liked the movie, but then she gave me the book, and I read everything from that point forward (even closing NM when Edward left), I know childish. ;(

Anyway, I noticed then the sly glances and warm smiles they gave each other in interviews, and during those unguarded moments...what a wonderful friendship they have...I envy that, but don't hate it...I rejoice in it! ;0

Thanks again Rose, for reminding me of the beautiful joys of first love...

Robin said...

Beautifully written, Rose. Thanks again for another touching and intuitive post. You're the best.

Wildhart007 said...

Hi! Roselanders!

Rose what a heartfelt post! You are definitely sweet Rose today.

The best things in life are what we really have to fight for to keep.


Anonymous said...


Great to hear it! Keep getting better-

30 said...

Hi Katy! Hi Angelica! Hi Smitty! DK where are you? :)

How are you all today? I have too run too get my daughter from school so I cant stay. No more school bus for her. Long story but lets just say there was an "issue" Friday and my daughter came off the bus hysterically crying.. From guess who? Bullies. Anyway, I hope too catch you all later. :)

Brenda said...

Great post, Rose :-)

MLH414 said...


Sweet, beautiful post! I love everything that you write about Kristen and Robert...your words are perfect!! :)

Hope that everyone has a great day!!


LJ said...

Hi everyone!

Lovely post Rose, I guess thats what we all want...to have someone look as us the way they look at each other....gorgeous :)

Hope everyones well, Angelica sorry to hear about your back and glad you are on the mend!

Smitty!!! Hi darling, miss you lots, sending you all my love.


Anonymous said...

LOVED what you said about KS I think the same thing Rob wears his heart on his sleeve so we see him looking more often than not at her and we only get certain unguarded moments from Kristen cause she's shy doesn't mean she feels less for him like you said the fact that she was to protect it and keep it away shows how important it was to her had to repost this bit you wrote cause it's so spot on "She doesn't owe us any explanations.
I admire the fact that she doesn't sell out
for more press and attention.
I admire that she handles her life...
Her way.
And is willing to get beat up in the press
and in the public eye
for not revealing personal, intimate details of her relationship.
That proves to me how important it really is to her.
How important Rob is to her. "
Nailed it on the head I couldn't agree more. Well Said. Thank you for your awesome words for both Rob and Kristen they're awesome.

Anonymous said...

Is to her*

beaculen said...

Great Post Rose! I hope Rob and Kristen can be sort of like Brad and Angelina. Look how crazy it was at first, they couldn't do anything without the paps following them..remember the Mcdonalds drive thru pics? Geez! Then to see them together at the GG's and she adjusting his tie for him, so cute you cant stand it. I hope eventually it does cool down and they can just enjoy each other. Thanks Rose.

Melinda said...

Aw this post has made me all kinds of sappy.

Love them and happy that they are happy! I see bliss and contentment and it's sweet to see.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic day! Catch you later.

Crystal said...

That was beautiful Rose. Thank you.

Cate said...





Most definitely.

Life never plays like the fairy tales of our childhood, but what a beautiful mess it turns out to be when you open your heart & let yourself fall.

Thanks for the reminder…


brains said...

Oh its all so beautiful isn't it Rose!

SueBee said...


Cate! So true--what a beautiful mess!

Finally something to smile about today.

Hi everyone!


angelica1 said...

Hi Liza,Cate and Susan :)

Cate said...

Suse! Glad you're back to smiling! Hope that filter of yours wasn’t pressed into use by the migraine ;)

Hi angelica! Good to hear you are on the mend.

Freddie said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Rose. Beautifully put. Rob and Kristen have a beautiful love, and I hope that through whatever measures they take, they continue to protect something so precious.

Hi Angelica, SueBee, Cate, Melinda, LJ, 30, Linda, Annie, Hope, Katy and all of the other Roselanders that I missed. Have a good day all.

katy said...

Hi, Smitty!! glad to see you stop by here. Hope you are having a great day!

Angelica, glad to hear you are feeling better!

Hi, Liza, Leigh, Kami, Penny, Sydney, Freddie, 30, Melinda, RN, Majen, Annie, Kay, Brenda, Hope, Real PRO, Cate, Susan, Linda and everyone else that I missed. Hope all is well with you all!

brains said...

Still just so moved. Weeping and sobbing over the beauty.

Aeden27 said...

Lovely Rose,

"Sniff"-that's how i felt when i read your post.
Nothing is more true than what you said. It's very touching..
I have followed Robert & Kristen for more than 2 years now and have seen how they have kept their lives private. I wish people would respect them enough to let them keep it to themselves.

Thank you so much for this post

Have a wonderful day to All

SueBee said...

Hi Angelica and Katy~


Maybe keeping my filter on is causing the migraines? Hmmmmmmm

Hope the kids feel better!

SueBee said...

Hi freddie

Thaís said...

I loved thi post,dear Rose.
So sweet like K&R relationship.
Kisses from Brazil

Kiva said...

Everyone has said it but you need to keep hearing it. That was beautiful and moving. I hope R/K read it and get that there are those of us that GET it. I smile when I see them together and see them look at each other because that kind of love is rare and beautiful to see and we are so very fortunate to get to know that it actually exists in the world. Every woman in this world would be lucky to be adored the way he adores her.

DreamerKind said...

No, it don't come easy, but it comes, if we choose it. Very touching and lovely thoughts, making my day. Thank you.


olivia said...

Thank you Rose.
This was a lovingly written and most wonderful post today. You are always spot on with understanding and supporting this beautiful couple. Rob and Kristen, in my opinion,
are true soul mates.

I especially liked the lines...
"We can be happy seeing Rob and Kristen happy...
We can enjoy knowing that two people
can find love
and keep love...
And have found the calm eye of the Twilight hurricane

Thank you again, sweet Rose.

real pr pro,
Thank you for your comments that are always so insightful and well written.

Hugs to all the sweet Roselanders and Smitty.

DreamerKind said...

It Don't Come Easy

George Harrison:

(It don't come easy, you know it don't come easy)
(It don't come easy, you know it don't come easy)

Got to pay your dues if you want to sing the blues
And you know it don't come easy
Now you don't have to shout or leap about
You can even take it easy

Forget about the past and all your sorrow
The future won't last
It will soon be your tomorrow

I don't want much, I only want trust
And you know it don't come easy
And this love of mine keeps growing all the time
And you know it don't come easy

Open up your heart, let's come together
Use a little luck, and we will make it work out better

It don't come, oohh no, you know it don't come easy
It don't come, oohh no, you know it don't come easy

Got to pay your dues if you want to sing the blues
As you know it don't come easy

You don't have to shout or leap about
You can even take it easy

Please remember peace is what we make it
It's here within your reach, you are big enough to take it

I don't ask for much, I only want trust
You know it don't come easy
This love of mine is growing all the time
And you know it don't come easy

Thank you/mac3079

DreamerKind said...

Hello, lovely Roselanders!

The best to you all this evening.
I'll be back later.

gwen said...

lovely post Rose. Wha they have is special having to deal with all the crazies out there telling them what/how they should handle their relationship. Relationship in HW is hard and with some crazy fans, the way they handle their relationship is commendable. Looking back what happened for the past couple of year makes you say, awww. I love the love they have for each other. If only some people would just be happy for them and stop the hate.

DK,Bren,Birdie,Louisa- busy day ahead. Hope you have a lovely week.

Anonymous said...

Ok I'm a big Rob fan an don't want to start drama but I was looking at these pictures of Rob licking Anna Kendrick's face and well were these before he met Kristen? If not why did he do that if he was so infatuated with Kristen? Just wanted to know...

Kami said...

Those pictures have been around forever, Anna is very young in them, plus there is also a picture of Rob and another guy both licking her face and since I'm pretty sure Anna Kendrick is a sweetheart..I'm going to go out on a limb and say this is a picture of them having fun.

Karen said...

Rose, this was the most touching post you've done. The way they look at each other makes me smile.
Those are the faces of true, devoted, intense love.(Sigh)

Penny Lane said...


What a cute little troll avi you have.

Kami said...

ahh thanks Penny the troll is cute today.

Kenzz said...

Hi Smitty! So glad you had an opportunity to check in for a moment! We miss you...

Just a comment about Kristen's reactions to Rob at times...I remember many instances in my youth where my BF (whom I eventually married, and am so 'into' after 20 yrs later!) aggravated the living shit out of me at times!

Her annoyance with him (occasionally) is completely a normal reaction of a 20 yr old girlfriend to her 24 yr old boyfriend (and we all know at that age, these 'boys/men' can be real pains in the ass at times!lol) Doesn't mean we don't love & adore them!!!

Hope I haven't offended anyone intoxicated by our fav British actor! Believe me, I'm still drinking the punch! :) I just agree with Rose that they need to be treated as real people trying to navigate this chaotic, surreal life they've so very suddenly been thrust into.

My respect for the way they treat their relationship is boundless...
PS Where in Heaven's name is Syd??? I miss his witty repartee... Smitty, please send him our way!

Penny Lane said...


You are so right that 24 year old men can be pains in the ass no matter how famous. The same holds true for ages 40, 50 and I imagine higher. Basically, every age of male can be a pain in the ass at times.

Kenzz said...


Haha you are so right...my hubby just tured 45, and there are definitely times where, had an intrusive camera been on ME, you all would have captured my eye roll for posterity's sake!

But bottom line, you gotta love 'em!

angelica1 said...

Penny - I was thinking the same thing,reading what Kenzz wrote. My hubs still annoys the shit out of me on a regular basis,he and his best friend,my best friend's husband, act about 12 when they've had a drink! We've actually put them out of the car a few times when they were being particularly annoying.LOL

I love him to death which is precisely WHY he can get a rise out of me,I'm sure you're the same with yours. As I said to Smitty a while ago, the only real difference now is, he spends so much time away from home that I'm a bit superstitious about him ever going away thinking I'm annoyed with him so I grit my teeth and bite my tongue a lot more :)

Penny Lane said...


What about when they've had a drink or 2 and then blurt out something that you don't want anyone else to know. An eyeroll just doesn't do it.

Kenzz said...

@ angelica:

OMG you are sooo spot on! Guys, when they get together with their best buds, revert to 12 yr olds, especially after a few drinks!

I believe I recall a time when I was summoned to pick up my boyfriend-soon-to-be-hubby after a night of fraternity imbibing, which had led to a fall from a tree on campus, and a subsequent trip to the ER!

martialartslover said...

Miss Rose

What a beautiful post. Love is most definitely in the air.

I know I haven't seen the movies but pictures tell a story always. These two people are in love and it is a strong love.

I received my DETAILS magazine and Andrew Garfield(the new spidey). Wow, he is a cutie. Andrew made a comment that he does not read gossip mags, tabloid tv, isn't part of the hollywood scene.

It just reminds me that Rob and Kristen are trying not to be part of the hollywood scene. These two just want to do their job, come home from work, have a nice dinner that Kristen might make if she is not to tired, and last but not least, wallow in each other's arms.

To Roseland, a big hello and hope you all had a wonderful day.

angelica1 said...

Penny - I cringe thinking about some of the things he's blurted out!

Kenzz - Yes it's apparently hilarious to dislocate each others thumbs.They also like pretending to be ninja turtles :)

Penny Lane said...


But what about the sullenness? Whereas drink can bring out the boy, it can also bring out the pout.

angelica1 said...

Penny, he's everyone's friend when he's had a drink.He only really gets crabby when I put my foot down about him buying more vehicles

Bren said...


Just beautiful.......

Awwww love....I recently watched a video of Rob where he states that Kristen is certainly marriage material....

Well, Mr. Patz you certainly are marriage material yourself....the way Rob conducted himself for the Golden Globes was remarkable...he is always very respectful of Kristen, whether she is with him or not....he acts just as a man committed to a relationship should act.( BF,Fiance,or Husband)...considering all the starlets that are throwing themselves at him, it's like no one exists, but Kristen...was happy to hear that Dean ran interference for him....can't help sharing this excerpt from the article where Dean was stopping all the girls with cameras...

"He's not taking any photos. The GRUFF guard said"....LOL

Super RN Gas Passer said...

GOOD EVENING GUYS... Ive had quite an interesting day..actually since Monday..

Monday afternoon at the medspa..1st client" youll never guess what happened" what? i say "My father dropped dead a few weeks ago." 2nd client"youll never guess what happened last week, my mother got sick and was dead in less than 2 hours" last client of the day,"youll never believe what has happened, one of my co-workers dropped dead and they are still trying to determine the cause of death...she was only 48...Fast forward today...I go to the dentist and the dental hygenist gets a phone call...her grandmother has just died.

Why am I telling you this...DO NOT TAKE A SINGLE MOMENT of your precious life for granted or the ones you love.

Yes, I think God is trying to tell me something..and I am listening...
I am thankful for all my friends and family, even the ones I argue with and even though I dont KNOW you all personally I am thankful for ALL OF YOU and ROSE and R&K&T of course. This is a very special blog. I was really touched by the post today, Rose. You are the BEST and you deserve every accolade that comes your way. Im sorry for the negative that you have to put up with..but as you said love is hard but nothing worth having is easy..Soooo true..It makes us appreciate it all the more.

Rhonda said...


That was beyond sweet..it was beautiful!

Hi Smitty- hope you are doing well :)

Hi Kami,Angelica,Penny,Liza,Freddie, 30,Super,Sydney,Katy,Hope,Annie, Melinda,Cate,Susan,DK,Kenzz and anyone I missed :)

How is everyone?

Sydney said...

When my boyfriend gets drunk, he finds and makes friends with the shadiest shadeball within a ten mile radius. Like, for instance, the homeless man playing guitar on the sidewalk who looked like Slash...complete with curly black hair, top hat and leather jacket. He invited 'Slash' into the bar with us and bought him drinks all night and then invited him back to his place where we were all going once the bars closed.

He does this just about everytime we go out. Sometimes I think it's hilarious. Sometimes I want to smack him upside the head.

You married ladies are Saints. I'm not in too much of a rush for the co-habitation.

Penny Lane said...

I am officially renaming my dog STFU! She wants out. She won't shut up till I let her back in. Next she whines to go out again.

Hi Rhonda,

I'm great after my little outburst there.

*I*Believe* said...

Hi Roseland!

Rose~I just don't know how you come up your wonderful words of wisdom day after day

Hi LJ & Smitty :)

Could brainless possibly be like the Grinch with an increasing heart size? I am waiting for the little x-ray frame to pop. (My tongue is in my cheek.)

PL~Preach it! Your are so right about "men." Mr. Moody over here is driving me crazy.

Freddie said...

Super - Thank you for your beautiful message. You are absolutely right. We also just learned that our former General Manager's wife just died on Sunday night after a short fight with cancer. This came totally out of the blue. So to your point Super, enjoy every precious moment of life with friends and loved ones. It can be taken from us in a flash.

Rhonda said...

Hello IB :)

Penny- Love the new dog name..LOL!

Kami said...

Penny did you and I change dogs? That is exactly what Wolfie is doing. He runs to the door, I get up, climb the stairs to let him out and he then runs back down the stairs and grabs a toy. If a dog could laugh...He'd be laughing. I put him outside and he slipped on the ice I was tempted to leave him out there longer, but I went to let him back in and this woman was "Singing" screeching is more like it on American Idol and he turned to go back outside..he'd rather be in the freezing rain than watching this show.

Penny Lane said...

Is anyone else watching American Idol?

Steven Tyler is great at this.

Penny Lane said...


What did you think of skanky star boob girl?

Why are the wonky words getting so long?

Rhonda said...

Yes, I'm watching American Idol..LOL..I love Steven Tyler!

Kami said...

I love Steven and Jennifer, I was shocked at sparkle boobs. She could flat ass sing. She needs to tone down the spray tan though she was bright orange. I liked her voice and I loved the boy who had at one time been in a wheelchair.

Kami said...

Why did they put on this burping nerd guy:?

angelica1 said...

OMG Penny!!! What a coincidence, I have a dog called STFU too. She's so dopey she's even been known to batk at her own tail.

Sydney said...

It's just starting where I am and I will be watching. The auditions are the best part. I'm gonna miss Simon. He was my favorite

Rhonda said...


Thanks for sharing that with us..we should never take one moment for granted..especially those with the ones we love :)

Kami said...


Penny Lane said...


Mine used to bite her tail and run in circles when she was young. She's a golden and we thought she was going to look ridiculous with a bald spot on her tail.

She got over it.

Freddie said...

Hi Rhonda, Penny, Kami, Sydney, IB, Bren, Super (if you're still here) and anyone else I missed. Hope everyone is having a good evening.

Regarding American Idol, I can't watch the initial rounds. The bad singers are just too painful to listen to....

Penny Lane said...

I love it when they say. I think people would tell me I sucked.

Yeah, like grandma and mom and dad are going to say that.

*I*Believe* said...

HI Rhonda~Hope all is well

Kami said...

Yep...I love that..."People would tell me if I sucked"

No they wouldn't

Rhonda said...

Sydney- Yes the auditions are crazy! I get embarassed for them sometimes they are so bad..

Angelica- I'm glad your doing better :)

Freddie- Presentation news?

Hi Kami :)

Freddie said...

Hi Angelica - sorry I missed you on my last post.

Hope your back is better.

*I*Believe* said...

Hi Freddie!

I never really got into American Idol.

Super~Thanks for your words of wisdom, too!

Kami said...

anyone else hate it when they beg and cry????

Freddie said...

Rhonda - hope all is well.

The presentation went well apparently, so we get a pass until the next inspection tour.

I sent you an e-mail, by the way.

Rhonda said...

IB- I'm doing good, thanks :)

Kami- Oh my..this poor girl is nuts!

Penny Lane said...

I'm loving Steven Tyler right now. And I never liked him before.

Freddie said...

Hi IB. Were you guys snowed under the other day? If so, is life back to normal now?

Kami said...

I'm loving him more than ever and I've always loved him.

Rhonda said...

Hey Freddie- Yes, I'm great.. thanks for asking :)

Ok..I will look at my msgs :)

Sydney said...

I don't know how I could stay nice and polite as a judge. I would lose it.

The crying and begging is bad, but my worst is when they won't stop singing.

Rhonda said...

Kami and Penny- Me too..I've always loved him :) I think he's cool..

qtxtn said...

*chest constricting*
I think I want to cry after reading your post
*leaves for the office restrooms*

*I*Believe* said...

A new troll?

Rhonda said...

Hey IB- How did you make out the other night with the XBOX boys?

*I*Believe* said...

Freddie~We are still knee deep in snow. We had a snowday yesterday and a 2-hour delay today. It snowed ALL day today. There are two more storms coming...Thursday into Friday and Tuesday into Wednesday. At this rate, we will still be in school on the 4th of July:)

SueBee said...

Hi ladies

My dog, Max, isn't a barker but a stalker. He follows me everywhere--upstairs, downstairs-- you name it.

He's a sweet old dog though.

Penny Lane said...

Now Mr. PL is home and he doesn't like American Idol. So I have to listen to his comments. Ruins the whole thing.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

IB..I cant believe you are STILL buried in snow! What a bummer..that is TOO MUCH of a good thing
RHONDA...I hope you had a good day..I am assuming you worked..
SUE BEE...heh..I have a cat named MAX...a good solid name for a pet!
KAMI..animals are good judges of character and obviously singing abilities also! lol

Rhonda said...

Penny- Too funny :) I have an ex boyfriend that I used to fight constantly with over American Idol..he hated it!

Come to think of it..we fought over just about everything..guess that's why were ex's..lol :)

*I*Believe* said...

Rhonda~The Xbox gang was great. They were up late but well behaved. They were all pleased with yesterday's snowday so they could catch up on their sleep:)

Penny Lane said...


I've been drinking tea all day. I haven't snacked at all.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

PL..If your husband is like mine, I just go ahead and give him the remote as soon as he enters the room because there will be no peace until he gets to watch what he wants!

Penny Lane said...


I usually do just that. But I am settled in here and not moving so he went into watch the bedroom tv.

Kami said...

Penny, Heith's plane just landed safely, I'm actually crying. I've been a nervous wreck.

Rhonda said...

Hey Super- Yes, I worked today. It was good :) Yesterday..not so much :(

Penny Lane said...


Just breathe. It's all good now.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

PL Good for you! When you go out together, even if its in your car, does your husband let you drive? Mine will NOT let me drive..he says it makes him too nervous..lol

Kami said...

breathing...thanks...sorry for being a pain in the ass..thanks for putting up with me

Rhonda said...

Penny- It really does work.. doesn't it?

Penny Lane said...

Oh, hell no. I don't drive because it's constant directions. I won't drive him until he's so old I can just dump him in the back seat and yank out his teeth and then he won't talk.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

KAMI..Im glad Heith is safely landed..I hope there wasnt a problem wwith the plane.

Kami said...

I don't get to drive either...I've actually driven only 2 times in the 22 years we've been together, when he's been in the car..once after he had surgery as I was backing out going 1 mile an hour he screamed "Slow down"

Rhonda said...

IB- I'm glad you survived :) Hey we've got more snow coming here too..tomorrow night

*I*Believe* said...

Kami~Glad he's safe

veri. word: forcu or perhaps forc-u

Penny Lane said...


Same with me. I drove him after knee surgery and he kept telling me what the speed limit was.

Kami said...

Thanks Super, runway was too icy for another plane to land, but they fixed it so he got to land

Rhonda said...

Penny..you are cracking me up tonight! LOL...

Super RN Gas Passer said...

KAMI you are NOT a pain in the ass!! Now some of the trolls might think so by the time you chew them up and spit them out but hey they get just what they deserve!

Rhonda said...

Kami- So glad he got in safely

Super RN Gas Passer said...

It must be a GUY thing..about control of the driving and the remote..come to think of it, IF he goes with me into the grocery store or WalMart, he has to PUSH the buggy!

Freddie said...

Kami - Glad your husband is safely on the ground.

With driving - it's not a husband that gives me instructions but rather my father. I've given up wanting to argue. I just give in - it makes him happy. He thinks he's helping.

Penny Lane said...


I saw the sweetest old man at the store today pushing the cart. He was way behind his wife and he almost ran into me. He said, All I'm supposed to do is follow and push the cart and I guess I'm not very good at that.

And yeah, I have to turn the cart over to Mr. PL too.

Monica said...

Such an endearing post, Rose~ Love it. Yeah, Rob is so sweet. I love how Kristen handles her relationship too. She is guarded and private coz she cares and wants to protect it. I believe this relationship means so much to both of them. They must fully understand what they would get themselves into. Certain things are foreseeable, e.g. pressure from Summit, fans, media...Yet, they still choose to be together. This tells all, right?

Monica from Asia

Penny Lane said...

I'm calling it a night. Catch you later.

Rhonda said...

Bye Penny..have a good night :)

*I*Believe* said...

Super~I haven't heard a shopping cart called a buggy since my SC days. I always got a kick out of shopping at Piggly Wiggly with my buggy:)

Super RN Gas Passer said...

More snow for RHONDA..I want some more too..just not as much as IB..
Good night GUYS!!! I must bid you a fond farewell..tomorrow will be here soon enough!DK...Hold the fort down until I return..SMITTY..If u come back ..xoxo and be safe.

Freddie said...

Good night Penny and Super.

Rhonda said...

Bye Super..goodnight. I will talk to you soon :)

Super RN Gas Passer said...

IB..heh..See, you miss the ole South, dont you?

PL..Good night..

Rhonda said...

IB- Are we the only ones who call them buggies? LOL :)

*I*Believe* said...

Nite PL and Super!

Rhonda~Got your shovel out?

Super RN Gas Passer said...

RHONDA..Good night my dear girl.. I look forward to it!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

FREDDIE..Good night!

*I*Believe* said...

Rhonda~Not only do you call them buggies but yours are shaped differently than ours. Yours are shallow and high and sometimes have that gate that folds down on the front. Ours are deep without gates.

Freddie said...

Rhonda - in Quebec (Montreal) we used to call them buggies but in Ontario, we call them shopping carts.

Just like we used to buy a "soft drink" in Quebec, but it's "pop" in Ontario.

We used to ask for "all dressed" pizzas, but in Ontario, they would laugh at you. You ask for "everything on it" in Ontario.

*I*Believe* said...

We should take a poll and see who calls them buggies and who calls them shopping carts.

Super~I do miss the South and my boiled peanuts too.

Rhonda said...

IB- LOL..no, I'm really hoping I won't need a shovel. I don't know if I could handle the massive amounts of snow that your used to..lol

Rhonda said...

IB- NO way! There shaped different too?

*I*Believe* said...

We call it "soda." Also, we call submarine sandwiches "subs", not hoagies.

Rhonda~I could get rich! I just thought that I could make and sell t-shirts that say "Got shovel?" lol

Rhonda said...

Freddie- In the South everything is a "Coke"..no matter the brand or flavor..it's a "Coke"

IB- I know you remember this..LOL:)

*I*Believe* said...

Yes, really they are shaped differently. Do the carts at your market have the gates on the front? Is Piggly Wiggly still around?

Rhonda said...

Hey I like it..Got Shovel?

*I*Believe* said...

Freddie~Do you speak French?

Rhonda said...

Yes..they have the gates. That's funny :)

Rhonda said...

Oh..yes to Piggly Wiggly too :)

Freddie said...

We're "subs" as well.

Your slogan "Got Shovel?" could be used to reference a number of things beyond snow - like the "*hit" we get here from unwelcome guests.

Monica said...

Wow, @jen 12:35, I have teary eyes reading your comment. I sincerely hope everyone see it and stop saying how "cold" Kristen towards Rob. The girl shows her love in her own way.

Monica from Asia

*I*Believe* said...

Rhonda~I don't know if you saw this when I was talking to Super a while ago but when I lived in SC, I worked at Lizard's Thicket as a waitress. I always got teased because I thought tea meant HOT tea like it does in NY, not sweet ice tea like it does in SC.

Man, people down there live on sweet tea.

Rhonda said...

Freddie- Yes, that would work well for that situation..lol

Freddie said...

Rhonda - Wow the marketers at "Coke" must love it. Talk about Brand equity.

IB - I speak a little french, since you have to pass french in Quebec to get your high school leaving certificate, but I lost most of it after I moved to Ontario. I can still read some of it, but have a hard time speaking it, despite the fact that some of my colleagues are francophones.

I wish I'd been able to keep it up.

Rhonda said...

IB- Yes, I remember. We actually talked about this before. LOL..people always mean sweet tea unless they specify 'Hot' tea. Sweet tea is definitely our drink :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice post today..

It's truly inspiring to see such a powerful love between two people. I am in awe and am thankful that we're able to even get a slight glimpse of it.

Two very beautiful souls, that knew each other probably before they actually met.. knew they were meant to be together. Two very beautiful people whose connection shines in their eyes when they look at each other.

It is a wonderful thing.

Hi to everybody.. hope all is well.

Freddie said...

Tracy - beautifully put.

How are you?

Rhonda said...

Freddie- Your right..we should get some kind of commission..lol. When someone ask me for a 'coke' I automatically say..what kind? LOL..

*I*Believe* said...

Got shovel? for unwanted guests is really funny.

My neighbors across the street are from Canada and they speak French. They have three small children and they only speak French to them. They figure they will learn English at school and from their friends. It is odd when they talk and you have no idea what they are saying. It is kind of like Sinefeld when Eileen went to the Korean nail salon.

veri. word-wanta.....wanta shovel?

Rhonda said...

Hi Tracy- Wow! That was beautifully stated..and so true :)

*I*Believe* said...

Hi Tracy! How's it going?

Freddie said...

Ther French-speaking couple are right in their approach. And it can be a real advantage if the kids are bilingual.

With respect to talking French in front of others, we have an uspoken rule at work that people don't have side conversations in french in front of us uni-lingual folks - to be polite.

Rhonda said...

Tracy- I've always believed they would have met even if they didn't do the Twilight movies together...some things are just meant to be :)

*I*Believe* said...

Freddie, your unspoken rule is interesting.


Freddie said...

Ooops...that should have read "The French speaking couple" not "Ther French speaking"...

Birdie said...

You are sweet and what a lovely post. I love the picture from comic con. Oh yes, the chemistry was and is still there. They are quite blessed and I would assume by how protective they are, that they know it. May they have many, many years enjoying life and each other.
Good night Roseland!

Freddie said...

Rhonda - Well, we were talking about "Kismet" or "Fate" the other night.... so who knows.

Rhonda said...

Hi Birdie :)

Freddie- yes 'kismet' is a good word :)

Freddie said...

Good night Birdie.

Freddie said...

Ladies, I'm going to head off as well. I need to go track down Tomas and give him his meds. He knows that I'll be coming for him, so he tries to hide. He's no dummy.

Talk with you all tomorrow. Good night.

Rhonda said...

Hey IB- Another question about carts vs.buggy. If you don't have the gate that folds down..where do you put your eggs? LOL..

Rhonda said...

Bye Freddie..goodnight :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Rhonda, Freddie, I*B and anybody I missed.. Hi 30 :)

I'm doing well.. just busy these days.. Life kind of snuck up on me and kicked my ass while I wasn't expecting it.

Take care! I've gotta run :)


*I*Believe* said...

Nite Freddie~good luck with Tomas!

Rhonda~There is a kid's seat that folds out near the handle of the cart. I put my eggs and bread there. When the kids were little and rode in the seat, I would just put them on top in the back.

*I*Believe* said...

Who knew carts and buggies could be so technical?

*I*Believe* said...

Bye Tracy! Rhonda, I'm gonna run too. Time to hit the hay. Talk to ya soon, buggy girl:)

Rhonda said...

Bye Tracy and IB..I'm out too. Goodnight :)

Kami said...

catching up on comments I missed but have to say this right off

Rhonda...in my neck of the woods, we call them Buggies, I thought everyone did lol. Learn something new everyday

Kami said...

Also, in Texas, when you say you're going to go get a coke, it can be anything from Coke to Dr. Pepper..Soda and pop are words we rarely use.

Up here everything is Pop

Penny Lane said...

Just popping in to add my two cents. In the midwest it is a shopping cart and we drink pop.

We do not have Piggly Wiggly's we have Krogers and A&P and Meijer's and the ever present Walmart.

Kami said...

We used to have Piggly Wigglys but they went out of business so mainly it was Walmart, Albertsons and HEB..and a Safeway

DreamerKind said...

Kami & PL
Hello, to my favorite buds who have been keeping me entertained while I recoup from the whatever I have.

Enjoyed your remarks about regional differences and getting along with the opposite sex.


Kami said...

Dk, you are welcome! I hope you are feeling better.

Penny was sweet enough to keep me entertained while Heith was out of town so that I didn't miss him too terribly much. I'm glad our games kept you amused!

DreamerKind said...

These past few days, my head has been totally empty. No witty comments to make or funny things to say, hardly at all. There hasn't been much improvement yet. It must be filled with mysterious mind-blowing stuff, instead.

Thanks to you, dear, sweetest Rose, and the Roselanders, for saying so many wonderful things about love, loving, R/K, and each other. Passes the time quite nicely between extended napping for hours.

@30 Stop worrying about me, you Sillybilly! You will be in know, you know, and yet, I love your concern, and return it.
Hope your stomach has returned to normal.
And I am so glad you are taking your daughter to school for a while, to get away from the bullies. I had to do that for my son, too. When will it change?

I'm having a delicious cup of Tully's coffee in a 1950's china cup and saucer/dish. It tastes so much better in china, I declare.

Song requests? Or I'll choose a couple and see you soon.

DreamerKind said...


Is Heith home now? He sounds like such a darling man. He is as fierce as you are in support of each other I think.

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