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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rob and Kristen- The Look of Love

What a night!
Rob and Kristen at the PCA's.
And let me tell you...
that was one of the worst award shows EVER.
Good grief.
I swear to God almost everyone there was drunk or stoned...
Perhaps both.
Queen Latifah?
I never really gave her much thought before...
but after last night?
I hope I never have to think about her again.
She was screaming and yelling
and talking to herself...
It was rather frightening.
And poor Rob/Kristen/Taylor
had to put up with her screaming at them on live TV.

But enough on that.
Let's look at the Rob!

I honestly don't know what to say about this picture.

Where do I start?

1. I get that Rob was color coordinated with Kristen...
but that jacket? Not feeling it.
So that means Rob will probably be wearing it for the next 2 years
and we can watch it disintegrate slowly but surely.
He seems to hang on to the ugly.
Brown Bubble Jacket anyone?

2. That look.
I have a couple of thoughts about that.
A) My son saw this picture and said to me
"Mom, your vampire is trying too hard to be brooding."
Can't say I disagree with that...
(Sorry, Rob. You know I love you)
B) If Kristen looked at the camera like that?
Oh the shit she would get.
"Can't she ever smile?"
You know its true.
Rob does it, he's all sexy and smoldering...
Kristen does it and she's miserable.

3. What's with his hair?
That most certainly isn't Edward hair?
I doe no.
(inside joke)
Rob is gorgeous as always...
Just not his best day.
Just his I'm still hot as hell but a little off day.


Now Kristen is another story.
She looked absolutely STUNNING.
Love the hair.
Love the makeup.
LOVE the dress.
(How does she have such LONG legs?)
And she did phenomenally.
Yes, she was still her awkwardly adorable self...
But she did great...
and she looked great at the same time.

I Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You.

This is just one of MANY pictures of Rob just staring at Kristen.
Not that I blame him, mind you...
But seriously...
The guy just couldn't stop himself.
Sweet as hell.
Can you imagine having Rob just looking at you...
"I'm melting... MELTING!"
comes to mind.

Keeping an eye on Kristen... as usual.

This is how Rob always looks when Kristen is up on stage.
He leans forward...
So intent on watching her.
Like he wants her to know that she will be OK...
That he is there for her.

Yes, folks.
I had 'heard' that Rob was tearing up when Kristen got her award.
And I guess this is the proof of that.
Sweet dear Kristen...
All nervous and worried about having to go up on stage alone..
And Robert...
All proud and happy that she did such a great job.

This is why Rob went to the awards in the first place.
He wasn't scheduled.
He didn't win anything on his own.
He was there because Kristen wanted him there.
And because he can't refuse her anything.
And just look at his eyes!
What else do you see there besides pride and happiness?
You don't tear up about someone you don't care deeply about.

So Happy Together!

Let's talk about one more thing here...
Taylor's role in all this.
Not only is he their natural spokesman...
He does have a ease and comfort on stage
that both Rob and Kristen don't possess...
But he is a good... 'beard' as it were
(Hypothetically speaking, of course. Heh)
Taylor helps Kristen up the stairs...
Taylor holds on to Kristen...
Fixes her dress strap...
And then the focus isn't on Rob and Kristen, is it?
But not only that...
Taylor is a good friend.
He's sweet and adorable to Kristen...
You can tell they obviously have a great friendship.
And that's just another nail in the 
"nobody likes Kristen" coffin.
He takes great care of her.
So if you want to make a big deal about
'almost' hand holds
and helping up the stairs...
and wonder why Robert doesn't do these things...
just remember this was not even a week ago...

This KISS this KISS!

Yeah. This Kiss.
What do you think...
Rob and Kristen are going to be all over each other on 
some lame ass award show?
Calm down.
This picture...
in a pub 
on New Years Eve...
Says more than any silly gestures at a silly award show.

What counts are the real moments...
Not some televised bullshit.

Just Because.

Oh and I can't even deal with the bullshit drama anymore...
Because it has lost all its entertainment value.
This level of desperation isn't amusing anymore...
It's downright frightening.

I'm just going to be happy that Rob and Kristen are HAPPY.
As always.

What else can I add?

This post is brought to you by the letter *K*

K for Kristen!
She stole the show.

With acceptance comes peace.
Guaranteed Foam Free.

Bye for now


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manjen said...

Head to toe perfection is absolutely correct! She looked stunning!

And the way he looks at her is always so adorable!

Great post, Rose!

Lollyblogster said...

I saw the "almost" hand-holding to accept the award. It was too cute!

Honey said...
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Chem Mom of 3 said...


I have been waiting all day to read your comments and as always, you and I are on the same wavelength. I don't see how it is not obvious to others how those 2 adore each other.

Like you I have no inside info, but I have observed them for this last year and a half and see the love and adoration in their faces and smiles. These are only reserved for each other and if you are truly a fan of either, you realize that this is where they are happiest, with each other.

I love that they feel so protective and private about their relationship. They are both private, but loyal people. I hope they can continue to find their happiness in each other and are not affected by all this BS that surrounds and tries to invade their lives.

Windy said...

when I saw Rob last night I felt bad. He looked like he needed to rest or maybe didn't feel well. Either the presure to be everywhere for everyone has made him tired or he is still recovering from NYE. With age we learn we dont recover as fast as we use to.

Sydney said...

OMG Taysten. That's the damn funniest thing on earth.

I totally agree with you Rose, worst awards show ever. The worst part was that I didn't watch it online, but watched it on TV an hour after reading all the tweets, so I knew what would be happening. My sister keep texting me that cute R/K moments were happening, but I had to wait.

Once again, several presh moments. Never fails. I'm not sure Rob looked 100% well though, unless they did not get the Edward makeup off. He looked PALE and he did not look well to me. Ah well, hope they all had a nice flight back to Baton Rouge. I hope Kristen took care of her man when they got back home...to the home they live in TOGETHER.

manjen said...
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manjen said...

Dang Honey is absolutely frantic today!!

Along with her comments on yesterday's post, I have never seen her have so much to say!

I guess she's just grasping at straws.

Rob & Kristen Fan said...

HONEY: Do NOT talk to Rose that way. Who the hell do you think you are??? If I was her I'd delete you and your sick comments.

Rose, I agree about Rob tearing up. My God I've never seen a man more proud or deeper in love. So beautiful.

Freddie said...

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all well. This is just a quick drive-by post. I just couldn't wait to hear what Honey had to say (LOL).

I'll try to get back on later today to comment once I`ve had a chance to re-read Rose's post.

Stay well and have a good day.

Sammy said...
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Kenzz said...

Great post, Rose!

The look on Kristen's face while Rob was speaking on stage with them says it all...she is so proud of her man.

I def agree with Windy and Sydney...I'm pretty sure Rob wasn't tearing up over Kris' acceptance speech (much as I'd LOVE to see that!). He was rubbing his eye earlier while in their seats, and his eyes were swollen, as well. Add that to the very pale skin tone, and I think we've got a case of a bad cold for the poor guy.

I know I catch something everytime I get on a plane!!

Here's hoping Kristen (who has never looked more beautiful) babied her man on the way HOME :)

4funsies said...

Rob and Kristen are so adorable and in love! Yea, Rob wears his heart on his sleeve and Kristen is a little more discreet, but it is all there! Just that he still looks at her like that after all this time they have been together! Melts my heart! She must be good to him in private or he wouldn't feel the way he does! Now I have to comment on Rob's hair....WTF! Edward is not supposed to change at all, seventeen forever, and he looks different in each film! The books talk about his bronze hair CONSTANTLY, what is this dark shit? I want Edward from Twilight back!!!!!!!

varenas said...

Me encanta tu comentario, es lo mejor que he leido desde ayer, ellos estuvieron juntos en año nuevo esperar que tuvieran algun acercamiento en los premios era esperar demasiado, yo tengo fe en ellos y no estoy preocupada, y kristen se veia hermosa. Un beso desde Venezuela

Sammy said...

So Kristen...
So Robsten...

Rose, you´re the best one!
Kisses from Brazil

May said...

'If Kristen looked at the camera like that?
Oh the shit she would get.
"Can't she ever smile?"
You know its true.
Rob does it, he's all sexy and smoldering...
Kristen does it and she's miserable'

You're kidding right?
Rob was criticized for everything last night.. His hair,his jacket etc. how he looked weird,ugly..
Damn.. I really hate is how things are different when it comes to Rob.
people always so fiercely protective of Kristen. Good. but why not same for Robert? Nonsten freaks aren't the only one to hate. People should stop playing that card.

Penny Lane said...


It is so ridiculous that every time there is a public appearance of the 3 it's always the same argument - no PDA. Would it be nice, sure. Is it going to happen, probably not.

When my kids are not feeling well I can always see it in their eyes. I think maybe Rob is not fully recovered from whatever his ailment was because his eyes show it. It must be hell to have to work, travel and make public appearances when you don't feel 100%.

Cote de Texas said...

right - she was stunning. i cant remember another time she had everything SO right. all of it. gorgeous.

him? not. i also hated his eclipse red suite look.

and i don't agree that she didn't want to hold hands with him. I think he was just going to help her out of her seat and didn't need it. when she won her award, she grabbed onto his thigh to get out of her chair. he helped her again when the queen made them stand up. i think he was just going to help her up again, but she took care of that herself. but GOD - she was gorgeous!!!! congrats. and also - what a horrible show.

Honey said...

Whatever. Robsten doesn't exist. Kristen couldn't had looked more uncomfortable next to Rob. Anyone but him. Shes happier when shes with other people. Sad you haven't realized that yet.

Sydney said...

Who are you trying to convince Honey, us or yourself?

Rose, so I just went back to your posts from January, 2010. SAME EFFING ARGUMENT. Still. A year later, still together on NYE, still together filming, and nothing has changed. Railing against something for an entire year only to have to do it again the next year must be tiring. No wonder Honey has come unhinged. Same denails as a year ago. So predictable.

Best part today is Twitter. The like, 4 times a year, during awards shows and Twilight appearances, the Taysten fans come out of the woodwork. It's hilarious.

katy said...

Hi, Rose

I'm not even going to acknowledge the bulshit.

The way Rob looks at Kristen is sweet and adorable and it melts my heart. Too me, they looked happy and they both looked beautiful and thats what I want to remember.

Annie said...

I think Honey is trying to convince herself .
She obviously took a look at the pics Rose posted and went ......Holy Shit, what was my argument?!

@Honey: Isn't it exhausting being wrong all the time?

Toni said...

"Perfection"! I agree.

"the look of love is in your eyes, the look your heart cannot disguise"

Great post again Rose.

Have a beautiful day everyone.


Kay said...

Honey, I am guessing that the part of your brain trying to tell you how wrong you are is scaring you, and that is why you have been so frantic since last night. With acceptance comes peace....you will be so much happier if you just accept that RobertLovesKristenLovesRobert.

It really is good to see what a nice friendship Robert, Kristen and Taylor have.....must make the hectic and busy days of working together so much easier for them. I thought they all looked great and did well at what was a completely awkward award show. Awesome for Kristen to get the recognition she deserves for her work.

Nice post, Rose. ;)

Have a great day Roseland!

southforkranch said...

hi rose...sometimes when i read some comments i'm ready to combust of anger...

but back on track...mind if i say i didn't thinkt that rob's jackett was awful???

but the hair....well he looked as if someone pressed a whole tube of gel into it...lol

and he looked sick...like he was running a fever...

he was there for kristen...he didn't have to come, he just did it to support her and taylor was there to present the movie ...

yes, she took taylors hand, as he helped her up the stairs....now the same BS is happening as always...blah blah why didn't rob...she has something going on with taylor ...blah blah...

taylor is a friend to both of them...

if rob would've helped her, than the chatter would've started again...

they are both very private personalities. they will keep their attention out of the puplic eye....and out of the work related things...

what they do in their free time is a total different story!!!

to the nonstens/foamer and co. i have to say this...whose clothing did match? where was kristen on new years eve.... on christmas? with whom does she share a house in Batton Rouge and in L.A.?? is it taylor??? open your eyes...you are blind!!

Autumngal said...

Me goodness...Kristen was the most gorgeous woman last night and the constant looks from Robert said it all.

She was flawless and Rob did seem tired/perhaps not feeling 100% but boy I think it's the biggest gesture for him to show up to an award show in a support of his GF. Good on ya Rob. No wonder all claws are out.

I heard all about the whinings...honestly, do people expect them to make out in public and in front their respective colleague? I thought it's sensitive of Kristen to make sure that Taylor's presence is acknowledged. It's true, be damned if they will and be damned if they don't. Can't Win. Don't care, what mattered were that we got great pics of them and Kris' cement loves from the public and of course Rob.

Syd said...

Hello Roseland,

I don't have much to say to Honey except fuck off.

As for the rest of you I believe we should all unite as a little army and send Mr. Pattinson tissues and hankies since he is so weepy-eyed in the presence of Kristen. I believe he would find it to be a sweet gesture from his fans so whenever you have time send it to Summit. You could embroider them perhaps, with a sweet sentiment such as 'for the weepy-eyed Robert" or "dry your eyes you sentimental sap" or "there is a point where you can actually love someone just a bit TOO much and you have reached that point." I think any of those would be lovely or add your own.

Rose darling, I hope you are having a wonderful day. As usual you did a fine job with the blog although I am surprised at how harsh you treated Robert. You know, he cries easily dear so please be careful. I wouldn't want anyone teasing him for being unable to stop weeping all day.

Talk to you soon I hope my friend.

LIZ said...


Hi Honey: So sad that you really believe your own BS (yes I'll be nice and not curse at you). The only eye contact I saw between K & T was good friendship. All 3 of these kids were on the same "posh" plane with plenty of time to speculate on how they should handle themselves on live TV. Because of the recent NYE photos, I'm sure K & R wanted to stay under the radar; therefore I'm sure they ALL agreed it would be best for Taylor to walk her up the stairs and basically look after her as a good friend.

PENNY LANE: You are so right, I thought about Rob's "flu" from New Year's, he's probably just getting over it and doesn't look his usual healthy self.

TEARS IN HIS EYES: Okay, maybe I'm delusional (is it catching from Honey?) but he always looks so outrageously happy for her when she's accepting an award that I believe he could have teared up.

HAPPY DAY to all, it's a TWIRLY good day .....

real pr pro said...

Our Rose by any other name would still write as well.

Re: Miss Honey-child -- the queen of the Bless Her Heart constituency:

At one point in my long career I did PR for healthcare brands, including a medication for schizophrenia. While helping a psychiatrist prepare for a TV interview one day, I noticed a sign on her desk that said "Just because the voices in your head aren't real doesn't mean that they don't have some good ideas sometimes."

Were that doctor to ever meet Honey, I'm sure she'd take the sign down.

Re: Rob's eyes, I think its a toss up. Agree that he looked like he was under the weather, and watery eyes could have been part of it. Then again his eyes didn't look red, so who's to say? Given a choice between rheumy or romantic, I'll take romance.

I think the bigger point is that depsite not feeling well, he was there.
Not because Summit mandated it -- indeed, the last thing a film company wants is a sick star -- they more than likely would have perfered that he rest so he'd be fresh for the cameras. (Given a choice between having three stars instead of two at an awards show, or losing shooting days because a leading man is ill, which do you think would be more important to Summit?)

Anyone with half a brain knows why he was there -- because that's where his heart was going to be. And sick or not, a man follows his heart.

MLH414 said...


Great post! I think Kristen looked absolutely gorgeous last night and I'm soo proud of her for winning!! I think Rob looked great too...wasn't feeling the jacket, but I love how they matched!! :)

I can't believe some of the bullshit going around...I'm trying very hard to ignore it. My fave pic of them was when they were looking behind them at the camera...soo cute!!

And I love the way that Rob looks at Kristen! Soo adoring!!:)

I hope you all have a great day! I enjoyed the pretty last night even though the PC's were soo boring, until Kristen and Rob came on, that is!!


LJ said...

Hi everyone,

I actually really like Robs jacket!
I agree though that Kristen stole the show she looked totally stunning. I didn't see the PCA's but I just watched a clip of Queen Latifahs 'comedy sketch'....all I can say to that is oh dear! lol

Honey it sounds like you really have your knickers in a twist..... calm down love!

Anyway hope your all having a great week! just wanted to share this little beauty with you that I saw today...


Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa...lucky Rob gets his face on there 3 times! funny stuff.

Lots of love,

Laura said...

Oh yes, Honey, look how miserable poor Kristen was next to Rob. The poor girl. She may have sprained a cheek from all the smiling she did. How awful.



I'm so sick of all the "relationship experts" on Twitter dictating how R/K should have behaved last night. I'm guessing their OWN relationships (if they even have any) are absolutely perfect. Yeah, ok.

Kristen did not see Rob going for her hand. It's not like he grabbed her hand and she yanked it from his grasp, people. And Taylor jumped up to help Kristen up the stairs. She didn't ask him to. Rob could have done the same, but I'm not judging him b/c he looked like he wasn't feeling well, and maybe he didn't even think of it. It doesn't matter. No one is perfect all the effing time.
Sorry, Rose, I know I don't comment much, but I just had to write a novel today ;P Love you!

30 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
30 said...

PR pro, I couldn't agree more. :)

As for Honey, since she is so chatty today.

I have a question for her,She is all knowing and seems to have a personal relationship with Kristen Stewart.

So Honey, Is Kristen cheating on Garret with Taylor? Or Taylor with Tom? Or maybe she has all three as boyfriends? And Rob,( who shes with 100% of her time) is just a good friend?( ya know YOU always KISS your good buds on the lips and travel too see them too other Countries.) Makes TOTAL sense. I mean you are giving me whiplash over here girl! So which is it?

Too be honest, this is BS that people insist on scrutinizing EVERY detail when these two go too a public event it's so tiring, immature and ridiculous.

Penny Lane said...


How are you? That pic you posted was all kinds of not right. We even got a glimpse of butt crack there.

And I agree with you, what is wrong with the jacket? Should he dress like every other man there all in black? I thought everyone liked his individuality and now he should conform?

Sydney said...

OMG, both GossipCop and Ted have had to deal with Honey and her personalities emailing them nonstop, to the point they both posted about it, clearly putting to rest any hope she had for trouble between R/K.

Anyone seen 'Say Anything'? I feel like I need to grab these people(Honey) like John Cusack and scream "YOU MUST CHILL!"

30 said...

I liked how Rob dressed. I think going was a last minute decision. I also LOVE how he went too support his girl and he defiantly did not have too be there. TL could have gotten the Eclipse awards for them all.

He went for obvious reasons, too support the beautiful Kristen Stewart in getting her best actress award.

I mean she beat out ANGELIA! ;)

angelica1 said...

Liza - I like the jacket too and Kristen did look absolutely gorgeous!

I think he looked tired but definitely teary-eyed too- Don't be mean Syd!

Honey - My husband helped a pregnant colleague of mine across the icy car park at work today while I walked behind.Should I be worried?? Is he cheating??? IS IT HIS BABY???? Kristen also hugged Ashton Kutcher so she's clearly cheating on Rob,Tom,Garrett,Taylor,the CGI wolves and we should alert Demi at once!!

Hope said...

Gorgeous Kristen won the night hands down in every way.

And sweet Rob...how many more adjectives are there to describe the devotion and love he radiates towards Kristen ?!
It is beautiful to watch him in action..and the fact that Rob traveled once again to be by her side speaks volumes for the man he is.

Smitty said...

Syd Syd Syd,

You are SO funny. Let's see though--I kind of remember spending a very sad day with someone recently who was like a bit sniffly over how much he felt for a woman he couldn't have. Nobody harassed you though or sent tissues.

Hey Roseland--hope everyone is well and good.

LIZA!! I see you and agree that the jacket was kind of cool. Its good you missed most of the show--kinda painful. How is your little nephew these days?

Talk to you all soon I hope-

PS--LOL--my word is "GASMS" hahaha

30 said...

Syndey, what did they say too her? LMAO

MY GOD HONEY! PLEASE stop embarrassing yourself!

Toni said...

That picture is um... I don't know if there are words.

Thanks for the link Liza!

30 said...

Hi Smitty!


LJ said...

Haaaaaaaa Penny I didn't even notice the builders bum! I bet Honey has some similar body art...she seems crazy obsessed enough for it! :)

I'm good thanks, hope you are?

lacey8 said...

Rose you nailed it of course! That awards show supports the phrase 'that's 1&1/2 hours I won't get back'. Were the writers on crack? The beautiful couple and their friend saved the last 30 min. for me. Everyone on the planet knows their relationship is lowkey so what's the big deal about last night! Kristen was jawdropping gorgeous and Rob at his best when he was just looking at her. And come on, even being sick, was any male there prettier, more charismatic than Rob? No, not Zac Ephron, not anyone!

Smitty said...

Hi 30!!! Hope you are well and have a great 2011!!!

30 said...

You too Smitty! :)

Hi Liza! Hi PL! Hi all!

I think Honey went back to her hole? LOL

Penny Lane said...

Syd is being a little mean today. Maybe he needs to get hit with the cold/flu bug to put him in his place.

angelica1 said...

Liza- I'm choking on a pizza!! I'm picturing my backpiece (an angel) with Rob's head and GOMD t-shirt on it. Just NO!!

LJ said...

SMITTY! Gasm's eh? lucky you! ha ha yeah sounds a bit painful from what I've heard...one completely well deserved award though :)

Thanks so much for asking, little Tom is super gorgeousness!

Hope all is great with you, take care my love.

LJ said...

Hi Angelica, 30 & Toni!

Penny Lane said...


All is good here. Just tired of all the snow. Last week 50 degrees and total thaw, this week snow every day.

SueBee said...

I think its sweet that Rob had tears in his eyes for his woman. Sometimes all of that love needs an outlet!


I'm not sending tissues! You are so ornery. Be nice!


Good to see you drop by. Missed you lots. (HUGS)


Is that you???? Where have you been hiding?


How's my schmexy Brit? Miss you my friend.

sue said...

Most definately I see tears, so goddamn sweet. I don't care what the hyenas think, when they look at eachother I see love, lust and understanding.
Anyway she has always said that she wants to keep her private life to herself so why would she be so touchy feeling with Taylor? It's because it doesn't mean anything, it's only older sisterly affection. It's such a contrast the way she is with Rob in public (her boyfriend!!!!!). Why? Because she is protecting their sexy, loving, adorable, solid, hot, beautiful (private) relationship!
Everybody is always overanalysing what they do, the way they do it etc. just leave them the fuck alone. I feel sorry for them no matter what they do they just can't win.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

SMITTY...Hello dear one... I could be wrong about K's shoes but they look just like a pair of. Jessica Simpson shoes I ordered on zappos.com. She "rocks" anything she wears and last night was no exception. - hope you have a most wonderful day. ROSE...I hope that R. And K can feel the "positive" cyber vibes that we send out to them everyday..I hope it makes living through the downside of the fandom looneys a bit easier on them. See you guys later!

LJ said...

Suse!!!! I'm good thanks love...we need to rendezvous soon!

Addicted to Robsten said...

Rose...perfect...every word! I was so moved when I saw Rob tearing up b/c he was so proud of his lady...now that right there speaks volumes...yet people focus and pick apart 2 seconds on camera...b/c they didn't hold hands or whatever...something they have never done in public. Why would tonight be different. They don't need their relationship to be on display for the public. IT is for them and they are happy that is what matters!
Besides I honestly think Kristen didn't even realize Rob was trying to grab her hand. She was too nervous about the millions of people watching her and getting onto stage without falling...etc.
Love them!

SueBee said...

It is freezing here. The snow that is falling outside my window looks like movie set snow. The flakes are all big and fluffy.

Why I decided to share that is beyond me.

Thinking about writing something for the chronicles since its been forever, but the trolls have just been annoying instead of inspiring.

Yes, Honey, I mean you.

Oh, have to say that I LOVED Kristen's dress. The color is perfect on her. So beautiful.

I would love to be able to walk in those gorgeous shoes without breaking an ankle!

My security word is "froness." Picturing big hair.

SueBee said...


Yes, I want to rendezvous very very very soon.


annnd Ta-Da! (just because)

Sydney said...

I'm jealous of you guys and all the snow you keep talking about. Where are you? I am in freaking Colorado and we have NO SNOW! We've had maybe 10-12 inches on the front range so far this season, a good 40 inches less than last year. The mountains are getting dumped on in record amounts, so that's good, but we are without snow in the Mile High city.

The National Western Stock Show parade is going on outside my building. The livestock reminds of some females in this fandom...

Thimbles said...

I had a long day and rushed over from a town one hour over only to CRINGE as I sat and watched the PCAs. I can't imagine how those three felt and they flew f**n timezones. Lovely, gracious, professional trio.
And I love Queen, but when Neil Patrick Harris was talking w/her, all I could think about was "why aren't YOU holding the mic?"
Yep, Rob looked a little tired, a bit under the weather. But he was there. Now that's a sport, as he always describes Taylor. And Taylor, he's a good guy and an even better friend. We know it and Rob and Kris know it. End of story.
Kristen. Wow. Beautiful.Awkward.Humble. Rare. I'm a fan. =0) And how cute were they to match? Hee. As for the "hand hold" Kristen didn't register it if you look closely. I think she was more preoccupied on how she was going to get up in that short skirt. And it seems that Rob reached out on reflex and finally caught himself. There was no diss happening. They're aware of their 'hatin' surroundings....but the camera did catch Kris's hand on Rob's knee as she got up. Heh heheh.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

SUE BEE... I an now sitting in a Nissan dealership getting the "casing" around my engine of my Murano repaired after the hit and run on my car in the mall parking lot over xmas...I wish I could sit there with you and watch the snow fall...can't wait to read a new Hyena Chronicles...yeah you should have a lot of material to work with!

SueBee said...


Sorry about your car. Hope the repair won't take long!

amy said...

They all looked amazing last night!
As far as Kristen dissing Rob...If he was trying to hold her hand she didn't realize it. As soon as she stands up she's pulling her dress down and her hand is closed...even I was like WTH at first glance, but watched it agian and saw that she did NOT know! And when she won she RUBBED his thigh to his knee...she didn't just touch his leg to get up! No one seems to have seen that! LOVE them both and I'm glad they were there. Hope they made it back to BR safe! :)

Kami said...

Honey in honor of our dear friend Smitty...I say the following using the exact words she said to you not long ago...Honey go away you're ruining my buzz.


angelica1 said...

Kami - Irony indeed,if only.... :D

Sara Antoja Xirau said...

I'm new here commenting but I read all your posts Rose. I always agree with everything that you say.

I'm in Spain and I was up till 5 am to watch the show online. I agree with you when you say that it was an awful show. I almost went to bed a couple of times thinking it wasn't worth it. But then Robert appeared and I was stuck in front of the screen.

I think the jacket that Rob worn was horrible! But I loved everything of Kristen. Her lovely dress, makeup, hair and shoes, and alse her shyness, her akwardness and her nice and simple speech. I loved how Rob couldn't take his eyes from her and how he looked proud. I'm sure too that he was there only for her.

But the three of them (Taylor, Kristen and Rob) looked very tired, especially Rob. You can see the paleness and the bags under their eyes. I guess it's hard to go to an awards show on the evening having filmed on the morning and just a couple of days after your Christmas vacation has ended. I hope they have had some time to rest today.

Kami said...

someone has been a busy little girl hasn't she..all those frantic posts last night and then again today...tsk...tsk...tsk..never fear Honey...you've always got your Bella Doll!!!! And of course the voices in your head.

Kami said...

LOL Angelica, I'm just now catching up on the earlier posts to Honey and I loved your pregnant friend story...I also have to agree, those CGI wolves are gonna be pissed that Kristen hugged Ashton because as we all know if you smile at someone you're dating, if you hug someone you're married with 10 kids...

manjen said...


Yes it's me!!! I was busy w/ the holidays and all. Then had wisdom teeth pulled (which gave me a dry socket..nice!) How have you been?

Hey LJ, Kami, Smitty,Super Angelica, 30, Sydney and everyone else! How are you all doing?

SueBee said...


Yes, I believe the doctors at Honey's mental hospital chipped in and got her a new Bella doll for Christmas!

SueBee said...


I've been just peachy. :o) Sorry about your dry socket! You poor thing! How are you feeling now?

Super RN Gas Passer said...

KAMI...Hi there most articulate one...neck n neck with Susan... To SARA... I may be wrong but I believe Rob has recently had a bad cold or flu...that would explain things so I think people should appreciate that he came to that show and have some "respect"! I don't see anything wrong with the jacket...I kinda like it...it looks comfy which is what on needs when they are sick. ROB...I hope you feel better very soon!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

I meant "one" not on. Sorry

manjen said...


I am alot better now, it was no fun. Thank You for asking. :-)

angelica1 said...

Hi Manjen :)

I'm sure they'll name their firstborn Honey,Kami

Honey said...

No matter you say sheep, Taylor walking Kristen up to the stage says a lot about Kristen's feelings about Rob. Many media people have noticed it. Even kingsleyyy tweeted about it.

She didn't want Rob to walk her up. WHY DO THINK THAT IS? What I saw was a girl tired of the game, a contract that has been controlling her life. You believe they kiss behind the cameras when she keeps trying to show you how she really feels about your precious Rob.

Your blindness is pitiful.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

MANJEN...Just saw ur post..same thing happened to me when I had mine out many years ago...it was truly miserable and back then they packed it with iodoform gauze and it was horrible. Nowadays I think they treat it more humanely!

Rhonda said...

Hi Everyone,

I think I accidently posted my comments on yesterday's post..Lol..Oh well :)

I agree with Everyone..

Kristen was perfection.
Taylor and Kristen are just friends.
Rob and Kristen are in love.
And Honey is crazy!

Hope everyone had a good day so far

SueBee said...


What planet do you live on? Honestly? You are absolutely clueless.

How you can have the stamina to keep up with this kind of ridiculous diatribe is beyond me.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

HONEY..repeat this to yourself 100 times.."I am a Fucking LOSER.". Because that is EXACTLY what you are and everybody knows it

manjen said...


They had to pack it w/ medicated gauze and i had to go back a couple of time to have it repacked. Very painful.
My advice to everyone is: when they say don't use a straw, do what they say!!!

Sydney said...

I think Honey is in the midst of a full fledged panic attack.

Can't you see the shaking and head banging when she saw all those sweet pictures Rose posted of Rob and Kristen looking all glowing and happy together? She done lost her mind.

DixieAnn said...

You guys do know that Honey is addicted to this, right? It's now an obsession, and it will not end. She does it to get a rise out of people and spread hate. Her cats don't even like her. I am sad for Honey.:(

Super RN Gas Passer said...

RHONDA...Hi girlfriend! We both lost our bowl games...better luck next year! Love your post. Sums things up rather nicely I think!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

MANJEN...so sorry...sounds like there have been NO ADVANCES in 30 years!

Syd said...

Honey--shut the fuck up.

Hi Roseland--I am not being mean. I mean, it is obvious that poor Rob cannot control his emotions very well and just needs our support and acceptance of the fact that he is a complete and total sap. He should embrace it really. I mean the world needs more effeminate men.

SueBee said...

I think Honey has slipped her restraints. Someone call her doctor!

Her Bella doll must be whispering in her ear nonstop. She is in a tizzy!

(Anyone else notice her obsession with sheep?) So sad--to be brought so low.

manjen said...


You are right..Honey is extremely jumpy! Maybe they need to up the dosage on her meds!

And the sheep obsession, Hmm..that's one for her shrink.

SueBee said...


I like a man who can show his emotions!!!! It's sexy. :oP


Rhonda said...

Hi Super- Yes, were hopeful for the new football season :)
Sorry about your car. I always hate things like that. Did you have a good day off?

manjen said...

If they haven't made any advances, they need to get to it, cause that junk hurt like a b**ch! (dry socket & treatment)

Super RN Gas Passer said...

SYD...come on now...the poor boy has been SICK!...You don't want us to say bad things about you when ur sick do you?

Sydney said...

Not one person was walked to the stage last night by their significant other. What does this MEAN!?!?!

deb said...

Rose just beautiful both of them Im so proud of Kristen to win over all those other women SEE SHE KNOWS WHAT SHE DOING and DAMN GOOD AT IT Dont know why the hair is so dark (both)And HELL YA I would LOVE to have Mr.Robert Pattinson LOOK at me the way he looks at his girl SOO MUCH LOVE THERE and she looked at him to THANK you Rose I too felt sorry for Kristen lat night we all know how she feels about having people looking at her and to have Queen to sit there and make fun.You know they just flew in and had to get back to work Cant wait to see BD and all its good thinks to come . DEB.

SueBee said...


It means....it was an award show not the senior prom! LOL

How are you, by the way?

LJ said...

Hi Manjen :)

Ha ha Syd your so tight!

Syd said...


Seriously, I don't have a problem with emotions. For example at a funeral it might be appropriate to shed a tear. Or at a wedding, as you watch a good friend give away his freedom and happiness. This was the PCA's for christ's sake.

I heard he was absolutely sobbing today because Kristen made him a sniff sniff, wonderful, sniff, sandwich. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Syd said...

Why is everyone saying he was sick? He's not sick! Is this the excuse for that ridiculous display last night.

angelica1 said...

SMITTY!!! Syd's being mean again, share more embarrassing stories about him please ;)

Honey - I am told that the clinical definition of insanity is the tendency to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results.

Sydney said...

I'm very well, SueBee, thank you for asking. Having a delightful time watching Honey's meltdown. I have 7 nieces and nephews and this display is not very unlike them when they throw their fits. How are you??

Syd: (it's weird calling someone else Syd) Go easy on the poor guy. He's in loooooove. Although, I think the poor boy was under the weather.

Angelica: that's hilarious. You're absolutely right on the insanity diagnosis.

Penny Lane said...


You do not want to take on a bunch of women when it comes to men showing their emotions.

SueBee said...

Awwwww, Syd! Someone's grumpy!

That must have been some sandwich! I want one!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

RHONDA...yes I've had a good day,went to lunch with my daughter, I am still waiting for them to finish my car...they are replacing some belts and also fixing my seat belt which believe it or not the car is 5 yrs old and that is covered under warranty..High Five! MANJEN..Even after 30 years I remember how bad that hurt..bless you my dear! I watched the awards last night then talked with DK over an hour so didn't go to bed until 2...but I was glad to catch up with her... She and I have great convos...

angelica1 said...

Susan - So does Syd,that's why he's upset :)

SueBee said...


I meant literally. I'm hungry! LOL

Super RN Gas Passer said...

SYD...watch out!!!! )Ou are INSINUATING that Matrimony is a BAD thing...that's not always the case! You don't want me to cyber slap u do u?

Jane said...

I liked Rob's look. It was different just like him. Remember the Member's Only jacket from way back. The picture you critiqued was a tired Rob. Now, the other pictures are great. I love his hair short for you can see more of his beautiful face and he definitely should have won best actor and under 25 also. The way we all voted for him, he was always ahead. What happened or did the PCA just want to give it to Zac. AS for Queen L, I don't think I have ever seen a more obnoxious person.

Sydney said...

Ahhh Robsten bubble:


Kami said...

Anyone else think Honey is sitting in a corner somewhere with her laptop, clutching her Bella doll, rocking back and forth saying "It's not true precious, it's not true. They can'ts be together they can'ts precious" ? Of course every time I think of Honey I get one of two images in my head...the scene from the Exorcist where her head spins round...or Golem from LOTR.

Seriously Honey...you calling anyone pititful is like the pot calling the kettle black. We all have seen your creepy little Facebook page where you beg God to bring back Heath Ledger and we've all seen the doctored Rob pictures. Take your meds and go away. You couldn't find your ass with both hands and a mirror the size of the moon.

Kenzz said...


Your comment about the handkerchiefs, and then the matrimonial loss of freedom & happiness simply cracked me up!:)

You have a "wicked" sense of humor, but I beg you to stop picking on the lovely RP. He looks like he's had a long week...

angelica1 said...

Kami - I can imagine that very clearly,she's probably promised her Bella doll a pony for it's birthday if it can persuade Kristen to leave Rob. The Heath Ledger thing is creepy though!

Sydney said...

Kami, that's hilarious. "They cants be together, they cants." Nothing has ever been more accurate. Except I love LOTR and now that's all I'll ever be able to think of when I watch it.

Oh and Kami...there is another twitter that I seriously think is Honey...I'm sure this is shocking, but it's 'TaystenLove'. It's all the same drivel...I know you'll get a kick out of it. It's seriously hilarious. Even if it isn't Honey it's worth looking at, this person created Twitter accounts for the entire cast and then twittered congratulations to Kristen and Taylor for being together. Even Rob. And also had Taylor and Kristen announce on their twitters that they are together and so happy. Go see it. It's awesome.

angelica1 said...

Sydney -Yes,that's her.She spends her entire lifelot in her delusions

Rhonda said...

Kami- Love the LOTR reference..too funny!

Kami said...

Sydney I am going to have to check that out...nothing amuses me more than delving into the trash pit that is our dear Honey Bunny's brain.

I think you're right Angelica I bet she HAS promised her Bella doll a pony and probably an autographed (written crayon and certainly in Honey's handwriting of course) picture of all the CGI wolves, Garret and of course her idol Nikki. (I actually feel sorry for Nikki having Honey as a fan)

I'm sure every morning as Honey plans her day in front of the shrine she has erected to "TaystenGarretstewTomstewHoneysten" she secretly thinks that someday she's going to have to get herself an Edward doll.

30 said...

Sydney, YUP That is are HONEY! You didn't know she had that twitter also? It wouldn't surprise me if she tweeted herself back and forth. LOL

Syd, you are too much today! LMAO

I love Rob to death all, but Syd is cracking me up ladies!

angelica1 said...

Kami - I think you've hit the nail on the head!! The day she went shopping,they'd sold out of Edward dolls and she took it as a personal rejection from Rob

angelica1 said...

Hi 30, Syd is very mischievous today:)

sav21 said...

Hello all Robsten lovers :)
I check Rose's blog everyday and I've never really interfered into your guy's conversations before, but Honey is really pissing me off. So I thought we should bring this issue to court.


Evidence for opposing (according to Honey):

Kristen loves Taylor. She just does ok. I mean LOVE= letting a girl holding onto your arm. Everyone knows that.
(Yes. A picture of Kristen holding onto her good FRIEND because I'm sure she was worried about falling in those amazing (but very high) shoes. Because we all know how adorably awkward she is. :) Also, her BOYFRIEND is making a speech to an audience of millions. I highly doubt any GIRLFRIEND would be all over their man while he is making a speech. Oh, and can I just mention, look at the way she's looking at Rob :)
The whole "Taylor walking Kristen up to the stage".
Yeah you see. Taylor is such a gentleman. Rob doesn't do anything like that. Ever. Taysten exists! I swear it.
(Ok. Where do I start? I'm sure that it has something to do with shoes again. We all know she hates having attention drawn to her and I'm sure tripping wouldn't of helped. And like it's been said before, Katy Perry. Did her HUSBAND walk her up to the stage? No. Nobody's significant other walked them up to the stage. And, I'm sure Taylor did it because it was the most convenient option. He was closet to stage. The End.)
Oh, wait. There isn't one.

Evidence for defending side (the truth):
http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_hncvnog_3sQ/TSV7IV0QYYI/AAAAAAAAAks/iqdFY_Nfoxc/s1600/a.jpgOh yes Kristen ignored Rob the WHOLE time. (Obviously not)
Wow, they look so miserable together. (Obviously not)
Rob isn't a gentleman at all. (Obviously not)
EXIBIT D: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_hncvnog_3sQ/TSV9PiolppI/AAAAAAAAAmA/dqAvlu03EKs/s1600/omgomg.jpg
Need i say more? ;)

Closing arguments for opposing side:
Kristen hates Rob. I mean he didn't even walk her up to the stage. I mean spending those 3.2 seconds that it took to walk her up there, I mean, wow. That must means he hates her too! He also didn't even let her hold onto him while he was giving a speech. Who does that?

Closing arguments for defenent side:
Ok... I could honestly keep going until we get to exibit ZZZZZ. If you need anymore proof, check this out...
These are only examples from the PCA's last night. You can find WAY MORE proof from MANY previous nights. Rob and Kristen have been dating for OVER A YEAR now. There's plenty of proof. And how much proof on the opposing side? Not so much. That should be an answer in itself.

ROBSTEN WINS! (as they always do) Jury has decided that the opposing side needs to shut the heck up because they have NO IDEA what they are talking about. They also think they should make an appointment with eye doctor to get their eyes checked and perhaps check into a mental institute.


sav21 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kami said...

You know Angelica..you might be right so Honey here's what I'll do for you. Taylor received 3 Edward dolls for Christmas..of course she's 11 so it's not creepy like you and your Bella doll..but anyway since she receieved 3 of them I'll ask her if she would be willing to send you one to whatever mental hospital you're in at the moment and then maybe you can calm the hell down.

<.< my security word: alick

Sydney said...

30: NO! I didn't know that was her twitter, I didn't even know that twitter existed until today. How could you have kept it from me? It's been my main source of entertainment today. I knew Honey had previously been a Taysten shipper, but I didn't know she had that twitter as well.

So, we weren't so far off with the voices and personalities. I wonder how many other twitters she has.

Honey: here's a suggestion. The username for your next twitter should be SybilStew.

sav21 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kami said...

Sav21 I've got to say...nicely done.

sav21 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sav21 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sav21 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sav21 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
30 said...

Sorry Sydney! LMAO

Shes had that twitter for a while now. Like back to New Moon days. She would harass us all back then with her delusions during NM filming.I guess she jumps back and forth depending who Kristen is working with at the time, ya know too prove to us "sheep" it's anyone BUT Rob.

SupportRP said...

OK - the photo of Rob tearing up watching Kristen -thats it - I'm done - I'm gone - can't handle it - he has finally sent me over the edge. I want his clone since I can't have the real thing. This man is absolutely beautiful inside and out and knows how to love with all his heart. I don't remember ever reacting this way but he is just incredible. I love them apart but I love them more together. Thanks Rose for all the great thoughts. We all love you too.

30 said...

Sav, it's double posting. Can you delete a few of those please? :)

DreamerKind said...

Another of the "Best" from you!

Hi, Roselanders, you're all on a roll and I'm happily rolling along.

@Syd, you Dickens!

@Smitty-Happy to see you in the new year, wishing you giggles and twirls galore.

@Super-We are the world.


@Kami-You're a DELIGHT.


Sierra said...

ok i completely agree with you on the show it was a HOTT mess to me..

As for Rob i don't think he looked one bit of good last night, he looked so flushed and tired..but i disagree with you on the jacket. It was cute..but not something you wear over slacks and a dress shirt true..

As for my girl Kristen. I'm lost for words. you see she had her Bella hair on. and whoever fixed it made it look soooooooooooo perfect it was beautiful. and the dress with those Jimmy Choos ( I know because I have a closet full of Jimmy Choos. take em with me everytime I go to LA).

I am proud of them though well except that moment Queen Latifah gave the mic to Kristen and she was totally embarrassed, but Queen Latifah kept them laughing which I didn't think was going to happen kuz my mother was like will she shut up!

Oh and when Kristen won the award for the acress thingy Taylor totally helped her up and Rob was just sitting there geeked up like hell! lol too funny but when Queen Latifah told them to stand up turn around to the people, Rob grabbed her hand and helped her up which was cute too..

Oh and the last thing I'm not really a big fan of Taylor but he looked really nice last nite and he spoke very articulate and professional and it was incredible.

bye loves!

30 said...

DK I am here!!! :) And you know where too find me if you ever need me. How are you my friend? I am off work today so have been on the internet.. oh probably a bit too much.But Honey has graced us with her comedy so all is good.

DreamerKind said...

Cry To Me

Solomon Burke cries out/listen:

When your baby leaves you all alone
And nobody calls you on the phone
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Don't you feel like crying?

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Ah don't you feel like a-cra-co-cra-co-cra-cra,
Cra-co-cra-co-cra-cra crying?...

Thank you/NoRosesForMe

DreamerKind said...

I do know how to find you and say thanks for that!

Glad you have a day off from the grind.

Honey, is a cornucopia for us all.

Sydney said...

Hello DK, How are you?? We haven't been on at the same time in a quite a while but I was wondering if I could trouble you for a request.

How about Fleetwood Mac's "As Long as You Follow?" I love that song!!

Kenzz said...

@ DreamerKind:

Thanks for the Cry To Me song...I love it!! (of course, it always reminds me of the scene from Dirty Dancing...)

Super RN Gas Passer said...

SIERRA..Hello dear girl! How is the baby doing this week? I liked the jacket too!

DK...Im fixin to email you

SAV21....You must be a lawyer, if you arent you SHOULD BE!!!lol

HI 30!!!

KAMI...I missed round 10...what did the bitch say? same ole, same ole?

GRUFF...I will cyberslap Syd if you want me to

twigirl_world said...

Rose, once again saying it exactly how it really is. On the R/K situation...eyes can say SO much and there was so many times they were 'caught' gazing w/ pure love. On the Kristen and Taylor situation (I can't even use the silly nickname) It is probably one of the sweetest friendships I've ever seen. I'm so glad Taylor is there for both of them. I just wish people could tell the difference between a BFF and an eye f*ck (what r/k were doing all night)

DreamerKind said...

It's very lovely to share some time here with you, too.

Of course, coming up soon for you!

DreamerKind said...

Yes, it is one of the most sensual, romantic scenes in any movie and one of the best songs in memory, isn't it?

Happy New Year to you!

Barbara Fenwick said...

Oh Rose, you are so correct, Kris was perfect. You could tell she was nervous, but she handled herself perfectly. Also, I have never seen such love and devotion on anybody's face as I saw on Rob's face whenever he looked at Kristen. If the nonstens saw these pictures, they would have to admit these two are deeple in love. If they can't admit the love that is so obvious, there must be something seriously wrong with them. Take care Rose and all Roselanders.

DreamerKind said...

As Long As You Follow

Fleetwood Mac calls us:

I've been searching
For a pot of gold
Like the kind you find
At the end of the rainbow

I've been dreaming
Thought it was in vain
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As long as you follow

Thank you/DavidAlleen

Super RN Gas Passer said...

BARBARA...nice to see you on this evening. Hope youve had a great day.

DreamerKind said...

@Barbara Fenwick
So true!

Happy New Year and best wishes!

Sydney said...

Yay, thank you DK!! Such a lovely song! I appreciate you playing it for me.

DreamerKind said...

And thank you, for I had forgotten that little gem of theirs and will play somemore Fleetwood Mac soon. They were tops!

I do read all of your comments, Sydney, and I admit, everyone else's too, for that's what idle minds need to do to survive (mine), lol.

You're always so sound/reasonable in your thoughts and they're well written, too.

So much so, that I never need to write any of my own about R/K or our darling trolls, since it has already been said so well by so many. (Run on sentence, sigh)

Kudos, y'all.

Sydney said...

Thank you for the song and the kind words DK, and for not mentioning my temper!!

And thank you for always being such a calming influence to some of us excitable gals!!

DreamerKind said...

For Syd & Sydney:

Consider Yourself


Consider yourself at home.
Consider yourself one of the family.
We've taken to you so strong.
It's clear we're going to get along.

Consider yourself well in
Consider yourself part of the furniture.
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We should see
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Then the drinks are on the house!

Consider yourself our mate.
We do't want to have no fuss,
For after some consideration, we can state...
Consider yourself
One of us!

Thank you/maiza

Rhonda said...

Hi Everyone,

Just stopped in for a minute. Wow! Looks like you guys are cleaning house with our resident hater. Sorry I missed it..good job guys!

Kami- I love how you always put Honey in her place..and with such humor. Never fails to make me laugh :)

Cate said...

The three things I learned from the PCAs:

1. As always, in every relationship it is all about balance.

Case Study A:

Case Study B:

Case Study C:

Since Jella wasn’t allowed in, she only had one anti gravity option?!

2. Kristen is the only woman that can be a vampire by day, fly half way across the continental U.S. by night, rock six inch heels and a mini and still be gracious about it all.


3. Not every Queen can pull off a foreign accent.


Hope they all got a little recoup time today.

Happy Friday Eve everyone!

Welcome back Manjen!

DreamerKind said...

@Rhonda & Cate

Happy days to you, too!

Rhonda said...

Hi DK- Your playing us some good ones :)

DreamerKind said...

It's De-Lovely

Robbie Williams/listen:

I feel a sudden urge to sing
The kind of ditty that invokes the Spring

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This verse you've started seems to me the "Tin Pan-tithesis" of melody

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What a beautiful bridal suite
It's de-reamy, it's de-rousy, it's de-reverie, it's de-rhapsodie
It's de-regal, it's de-royal, it's de-ritz, it's de-lovely

We settle down as man and wife
To solve the riddle called married life
It's delightful, it's delicious, it's de-lovely

Thank you/9926arch

DreamerKind said...

Geez, I'm posting long, sentinmental songs, wonder why?

Hope you enjoy them!

DreamerKind said...

And I can't spell anymore (or less), and this is really early for me to start that, lol!

Better have a cocktail..anyone want to join me?

Rhonda said...

Dk- I'm loving them :) Thanks

Freddie said...

Hi DK and Rhonda - how are you both doing?

Rhonda - hope you are enjoying your few days off. Doing anything exciting?

DK - your tunes are just what is needed after all the furor around here and elsewhere today. Oh and I meant to tell you, I really liked the story you told about your mother the other night. You have a great writing style. As I was reading, I kept wondering if it was your writing or if it was an excerpt from a published author.

Hi to anyone else out there lurking/ninjaing.

DreamerKind said...

Oh, that makes me feel better, and this nice cool white wine is working its magic.

What will become of me and what other ditties will be inspiring?

(I'm just so happy to have seen the Terrific Trio last night and am in the afterglow.)

Song requests, anyone, name that tune!

Rhonda said...

Hi Freddie-
I'm Really enjoying my time off :) I've had lunch with friends and done some shopping. Spent more time than I normally do on the internet.. but, it's been good. Thanks for asking :)

How are you? First day back..did it go well?

DreamerKind said...

Thanks, I'm all amazement!

You're the second Roselander to think that I am stealing someone else's work! That's a total compliment and I accept them all. Such fun!!!

Got a tune, Freddie?

DreamerKind said...


Where are you IB?

I'm having to use a lot of exclamations points, all by myself, and need you to add some too, as Queen of !!!!!!!!!!!!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

DK..How about that song...is it Christopher something or other..its kind of a mellow song...lyrics go like "I wanna fall in love...with you...What a wicked thing to say...make me feel this way ..sorry dont know the name of it.

Rhonda said...


I'm currently sipping on a little red myself :)

How about a some Van Morrison? Maybe..Brown-Eyed Girl?

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Yeah, IB, where are u tonight? Youll probly come on as Im going to bed...lol...as usual

Rhonda said...

Hi Super

DreamerKind said...

I'm working on a story about my mother taking us to the park, no kidding.

Some wouldn't approve of the unorthodox things she did with us, but we adored her precisely for that, but of course, were too young to know it.

I honor her memory by telling tales about her. Her nickname was "Dot". Cute and sweet, so like her.

Roger said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Rhonda said...

Super..I meant to tell you I made gooey butter cake this week..so good!

If I ever make it to Savannah you have to drive down and meet me for lunch at Lady and Sons :)

Rose said...

Roger...jealousy becomes you. You look good in green.
Kinda like the Jolly Green Giant.

DreamerKind said...

Isaacs, coming right up....

I'm usually doing the red wine thing but this white called out my name from its shelf in the fridge.
Morrison is on his way!

DreamerKind said...

You said it! Green, green it's green they say..

Roger said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Rhonda said...

Thanks DK :)


Jolly Green Giant..lmao!

Freddie said...

DK - I've been listening to a singer that most of you have likely never heard of, but I've really come to like. She sings mellow, low key tunes and does some nice versions of some standards.

Her name is Sophie Milman. A couple of good tunes I can recommend are: "There's something in the Air Between Us", "Rocket Love" and she does a really nice version of "I can't make You Love Me". The songs are on You Tube.

Just some suggestions.

Hey Super - how are you. Sorry I missed you yesterday. Hope you had a good morning off and I hope things worked out with your car.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

ROGER...you ARE THE FUCKING WHORE! LOl...Oh and by the way, you dont have the figure for it so yes you would look like a whore in it...no doubt.(eye roll)

RHONDA...I absolutely will and I would love to get together for lunch with any of you...except ROGER and HONEY of course! What "flavor" did you go for in the cake?

DK...Chris Isaac

sav21 said...

Thought you might all love this :) I DID!!!
Oh how I love them. <3

Kenzz said...

@ROGER Take your fat ass and shove it back under the rock you slid out from please!(see, my mom taught me manners)

I'm loving all the sentimentality of your choices. And consider yourself joined in a glass of white :)

Roger said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
DreamerKind said...

Brown Eyed Girl

Van Morrison/listen:

Hey where did we go,
Days when the rains came
Down in the hollow,
Playin' a new game,
Laughing and a running hey, hey
Skipping and a jumping
In the misty morning fog with
Our hearts a thumpin' and you
My brown eyed girl,
You my brown eyed girl.

Whatever happened
To Tuesday and so slow
Going down the old mine
With a transistor radio
Standing in the sunlight laughing,
Hiding behind a rainbow's wall,
Slipping and sliding
All along the water fall, with you
My brown eyed girl,
You my brown eyed girl.

Do you remember when we used to sing,
Sha la la la la la la la la la la te da

So hard to find my way,
Now that I'm all on my own.
I saw you just the other day,
My how you have grown,
Cast my memory back there, Lord
Sometime I'm overcome thinking 'bout
Making love in the green grass
Behind the stadium with you
My brown eyed girl
You my brown eyed girl

Do you remember when we used to sing
Sha la la la la la la la la la la te da.

Thank you/BeerBug1

Rhonda said...

Super- I used pumpkin because I had some left over from the holidays..it was so good!

*I*Believe* said...

Oh Gawd!!! I drop in to see my dear friends and who's here but Roger Dodger!?! Yippy!!!! I knew you would show up sooner or later so now I can crawl out of my cardboard box and annoy you with all of my exclamation points (spelled correctly) just like you annoy us!!!!

*I*Believe* said...

Rose~DELETE, please!!!!!!!!

DreamerKind said...

All right the love-in has begun, and no one can spoil the pretty, right?

Rose said...

Roger I have never understood why you care what I think about Kristen... or about what any of the people here think. What's it to you?

And yes you are jealous... you are seething with it. It's eating you up inside (although I doubt it's dented your Jolly Greenness)
Not even a WEEK ago...
Rob and Kristen were kissing in a pub on NYE surround by his friends.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

FREDDIE...Yeah...you know how it is...you get the car paid off...then you start having more "problems" to take that $$$$$..of course most of the work as of late is due to the nice person who hit my car in the mall parking lot and didnt hang around to discuss it..wonder if his/her name was Roger by any chance...hmmmm...Glad to hear from you this evening and Hello ROSE...

Rhonda said...

Hi IB- Glad you and your exclamation points are here! How are you?

DreamerKind said...

Oooooh, a new voice to discover, really happy you told me about her.

Kenzz said...

@DK I LOVE the pretty!!

Not even the ugly (Roger, Honey, etc) can take that from me...

*I*Believe* said...

Hello Super! Hope you're still here! Did you make your early meeting ok?

DK~Fairy God Mother, most excellent, please make you know who DISAPPEAR!!!!

*I*Believe* said...

Hey Rhonda! Pretty busy on this end...how's your neck of the woods?

Hola Freddie...my living room is still not painted...ran out of paint:(

Rose said...

Did anyone read the new article about Nikki Reed and Oregano?
Oh right, there wasn't anything. No one cares about them anymore.

*I*Believe* said...

Hee, hee, hee:)

Kami said...

Did anyone care about them to begin with?

Freddie said...

Hi IB - how's school going? Have the kids settled in? How are the cats?

Rhonda - It was tough getting my head into the game today. Vacations are both good and bad. It took me the better part of the day to catch up on e-mails. Don't know why, but I'm feeling a tad blue today, and while normally work would keep my mind occupied, I felt very distracted. If I'd been smart I would have taken the rest of the week and come back fresh on Monday.

Rhonda said...


That's what I'm always wondering..why do they care? It's obvious we love and support Rob and Kristen..why do they keep coming back here?


Kenzz said...

@ Kami
I agree, who ever cared about them to begin with?

Super RN Gas Passer said...

RHONDA...Ive never tried the pumpkin...I will check it out!

IB...You came before I have to go to sleep? How were the kids today?

DK...you must be eating in tonight

ROGER....You know, everybody has been dumped at one time or another. Thing is, by holding all that resentment, you will turn the anger in on yourself and you will self destruct one day...that is sad, what a waste of a life..You need to learn how to forgive and move FORWARD, you have your mind "stuck" in a loop that you are playing over and over again in your head...so sad

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