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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rob and Kristen and Bear. Oh My.

Um. Yeah.
I have a lot of random thoughts today.
I apologize in advance.
I've been so busy with 'real life'
(as opposed to my fake one)
That I haven't been able to sit down and post.
And that kinda sucks.


1. I've been accused of 'hiding' since Kristen didn't show 
up in London like I hoped she would.
Thing is...
I just offered my opinion...
I thought she would show up there.
And lets face it...
A LOT of people thought she would show up.
Oh yeah sure I had a more than a few birdies

Did you HEAR???

Whispering in my ear that 
Kristen was going to travel with Rob
Kristen was going to London
Kristen was on a plane to London

And as usual... I took it all with a grain of salt.
Because shit changes.
ALL the time.
And hey... I'm a romantic sap and I really wanted
Kristen to go to London and hang out with Robert.
In reality...
He was incredibly busy these last weeks
and it was a grueling schedule.
Not much fun when you think about it.
So what have we learned?

A. I will always get shouty CAP emails
telling me how wrong I am
How I don't know anything.
blah blah blah.
It was my opinion... that's all.
And really...
I still hope she goes.
Robert will be back in a few days... right?

B. I take everything I read/hear with a block of salt.
Why don't you?
Nothing is written in stone.
I'm not afraid to give my opinion...
I don't hide behind locked forums
and locked twitter accounts.
What you see is what you get.

C. I said I had people chattering to me about 
Kristen going to London.
But I also had people telling me it wasn't going to happen.
In retrospect... I should have realized they made sense...
But when it comes to Rob and Kristen...
I'm a glass half full kinda girl.
And I'm always hoping.

Besides its better than being a Hater
and being this kind of bird...


2. Kristen at the Met Gala.

Stunning as always.

I thought Kristen looked absolutely gorgeous.
She can't help it.
Her hair/makeup was flawless.
Her dress was edgy and the color was beautiful on her.
I'm no fashion diva.
Far from it.
But I know what I like.
I loved a lot about Kristen's dress...
She looked amazing

The only thing that I didn't care for was 
how it seemed too heavy for her petite frame...
and perhaps a bit too long.
Kristen has a lovely figure...
And it seemed a bit hidden under that material.
But that being said...
She still rocked that red carpet.
And the most beautiful part of the evening
was Kristen herself.
She looked gloriously happy and self assured
Didn't she?
She was smiling and radiating confidence.

Careful now...

3. WFE promotion.
I'm exhausted.
Can't imagine how Robert feels.
And now he's in Australia.
And thats a long way to go for a few days.
Good thing he has some time off before he
starts with Cosmopolis.
Where oh where will he go?
On the road of life...
It's not where you go
But who's by your side.
And that will be Kristen.
That much I will guarantee.
In fucking granite.

4. Kristen didn't show up in London
(this time around)
But you know...
Having her show up in NYC with Bear?
I think that's even better!
And oh my...
Bear is the most adorkably awkward puppy 
isn't he?
So damn cute!

So what happened as soon as these pics were released?
Oh dear.
The apocalypse.
Major foaming.

This is the Haters when they saw the pics...

Oh because you know how it goes...
Kristen hates the dog
but is using him for ...
wait for it...
Of course she is.
And not only that...
She is dragging the puppy.
And she is evil and cruel.
Do any of those haters realize that most puppies
don't LIKE leashes.
They have to be trained on leads...
Puppies either pull your arms out of their sockets
or pull and balk when you try to walk.
But it doesn't really matter because
Kristen is only using Bear to get publicity
Because we all know that Summit MADE her take the dog
out for a walk.
And how DARE she take her and Rob's puppy
(Yes, you fucking KNOW it's their dog)
with her when she travels.
And walking it in the rain no less!
Doesn't Kristen know that puppies melt when they get wet?
Rain is abuse!


For 'people' who claim to only care about Rob and his career...
Who insist they are 'IDontGiveAFucksten'
You spend 99% of your time whining about Kristen
Hating Kristen.
Writing endless rant after rant...
(and we are talking all day. Everyday)
about Kristen.
She fucking OWNS you.
And stop pissing and moaning about how 'mean'
everyone is treating you.
"All we want is to be left alone in our bitter hatred"

Can't take it?
Don't fucking dish it.


5. No... I didn't get Kristen with Rob for the WFE London premiere.
But that's OK.
We all got to see her at the most important premiere.
And not only did we see her...
But they were holding hands...
and kissing.
Doesn't get much better than that.
and you know...
You just KNOW
that when Rob sees Kristen again
It will be


6. I saw WFE over the weekend.
I haven't really gotten my thoughts about it together.
Don't get me wrong.
I loved it.
But sometimes I just need to process.

Damn. Just Because.
Final thoughts.

I've rambled way too much in this post.
Again... I apologize.
This is what happens when I don't get a chance to post.
It all builds up and once it gets out I can't stop it!

I recently got an iphone
and you know how they auto correct stuff... right?
So when you put in Nonst*ns
Guess what you get?
And when you type in Nonnies
you get NINNIES.
iPhone is brilliant!
Who knew that Apple was pro Rob/Kristen?

This post is brought to you by the letter *B*

B for Bear!
He's adorable

B for Does Bear shit in NYC?

B for You KNOW Bear belong to BOTH
Rob and Kristen.

B for

It just keeps getting 

Bye for now

P.S. I love bunnies.


anna said...


dottie said...

Hey Rose, I missed you while you were busy with real life. I'm glad you aren't afraid to share with us what you think may happen, even when you know you might be bashed for it. And thanks for pointing out the reality of training a puppy to walk on a leash. Good grief, Charlie Brown! They really are grasping at straws with that one!

I would imagine Rob is going to make a beeline for Kristen as soon as he finishes up in Sydney, wherever she is. It's been a long time since they were apart this long. Ahhhh young love! :)

Hello to all my Roseland buds!

Sydney said...

I haven't been able to stop in for the last few days...crazy real life busyness. But I have seen everything...from Rob's tour of hot suits and promotion to Kristen's stunning Met Gala appearance. I for one, LOVED the dress. I liked the fit, and the color and especially the way she carried herself in it. They are such a stunning couple.

And of course, I saw the Kristen walking Bear pictures yesterday. I so enjoy the foam explosion...the angrier they get, they better the news. I love how 90% of nonnie twitters went into lockdown mode. Looks like an exit strategy to me! Maybe they realize how fucking stupid they look and sound and don't want anyone else to know it now.

I also saw CK's tweets. That meltdown was historic. I saw her say something about Kristen getting the fuck out of her city. Your city? You live with your mom. It's your mom's city until you start paying rent, you giant embarrassment to society.

Whew...okay anyway, what's next on the agenda? Rob has a few weeks off? And where is Kristen? Hopefully they get a nice break with each other away from it all...

Hi everyone!

Kay said...

Hi Rose and Roseland, hope you are all having a fabulous day!

Kristen was stunning at the Met Gala...absolutely gorgeous!

Rob has been so funny, relaxed and happy through all of the WFE promo, even though he looks so tired now...I can't begin to imagine how grueling it is. I hope they are able to have some wonderfully quiet, peaceful days together before he starts filming again.

Bear is just so adorable. :)

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!

30 said...

First Off, hello Roseland. :)

Now, that first pic of Rob. There are no words, that pic is just sexy as anything, he is sexy without even trying just like Kristen. :)

I can also understand why Kristen didn't go too London,Rob is working, what is she going too do there? And can you imagine the paps and fans? People who hold on too Roses words as gospel are ridiculous and need a real life outside the internet. He will be home with her soon and coming home too her and baby Bear.:)

I saw a few comments stating how Kris was "dragging" Bear bla fucken Bla, I cant even, the stupidity and BS is exhausting too be honest. I just ignored those statements this time around and gave it no attention the idiocy and jealously is beyond reality.

30 said...

Sydney did Crazy K really say that about Kristen? Thank God I do not see her fucken tweets. I do not think I could contain myself.

Oh and she lives with her mommy? Bawhaaaaaaaaa!!!

Fiorels said...

Hello Roseland :)

Great Post Rose..
I was pretty much laughing all the time towards the end of it! Bwuahuahua

Like you, I would have loved for Kristen to go to London, but come on.. no big deal. lol it's their life and they deal it how they like.. It would have been definitely pretty stressful I think..
Rob will be back soon so... just Better, like you said.

And come on.. did actually people say Kristen was being mean to Bear dragging him? LMAO!
that's what every puppy does.. show me one only puppy who walks fine and without problems!
Plus add the fact Bear was "found and saved" in some specifics circumstances.. we don't even know what he had to go through.. poor little thing...

Anyway, loved it :)

Penny Lane said...

My puppies would always bite the leash or just come to a dead stop and the only way to get them to move is to tug a little, unless you want to carry them the whole way.

Real Pr Pro,

I've noticed the premieres keep getting bigger and more extravagant. Who pays for all that, the studio or the Venue? Just curious.

Sydney said...

30: Yes she did say those things and yes, she does live with her mother.

I accidentally came across several of her tweets all at once...someone had posted all of them. Or several of them, I don't actually know how long her meltdown lasted. I will spare you the rest, because your brain will overload with how intelligent and classy she is.

Rob & Kristen Fan said...

The beauty of Kristen is she doesn't think or act like average people, due to her excellent upbringing no doubt. Therefore, she has earned Rob's unconditional love and adoration. That's why these people don't get it - they're average and below average, living on hate, fear, jealousy. If they ever learn that they can have the same confidence Kristen does, they'll let go of their pettiness. Unfortunately it won't happen soon though. They're the ones who are unhappy. Kristen and Rob are euphoric.

Twi_Chic said...

Great post Rose, missed your blog over the last few days. How predictable that the nonsten would be saying that you were 'hiding' when Kris didn't show in London!

It is a shame she didn't show, but I can totally understand why she didn't - it was a whirlwind trip and media circus. Not really sure why they held the premiere in the shopping centre either, was so strange I thought.

I can not believe people are actually saying the the pics of KStew and Bear are for PR?!! Really ridiculous. She looked amazing at the MET Gala, even though I do agree with what you said Rose with regards to the dress she so tiny - but saying that she was still one the best of the evening!

Poor Rob, really have to feel for him and all this promo and travelling. I am an Aussie who lives on the other side of the world, so often make the trip over and its gruelling no matter what class you are in! 21-26 hours from London ( with stop overs) and top it off with jet lag - hope he gets a well deserved nice and peacefel break after this and before Cosmopolis kicks off!!

Really looking forward to the GN Show (UK), 45 mins of joking giggling Rob - brilliant! If you haven't seen the GN show before, he has the best fun with guests - Im sure it will become a favourite.

Groovie said...

Nice post!
Just a quick hello to everyone!

Love the pix, Kristen rocked it at the Met Gala and even more so at the after party in her ripped shirt & jeans!

Bear is beyond adorable! My puppy was all wonky and silly when she was that age too. Sooooo cute!
"Puppies melt when they get wet" LOL!

Hey, its her puppy too, she can take him wherever she wants.
Rob should probably be home late tomorrow night or Saturday, if he goes home after Oz prem.
Poor dude looks exhausted!

hang in there Rob! Almost done!

Hope u are all well and having a great day!

Twi_Chic said...

Also I am so so so looking forward to the Sydney premiere. Well for 2 reasons really, firstly its my hometown!;-D And secondly, the venue it is being held at (State Theatre) is very close to my heart, I know it very well and spent some of the best times of my working life there. It couldn't be more perfect for this particular film especially - its a hertiage building buit in the 1930s, very ornate and stunning, you actually feel like you have stepped back in time when you walk through the doors. Its kind of (alot!!) killing me that I am not there and missing it ..... but such is life, huh?!

Another thing I am looking forward to this weekend is TomStu in his play! I will be in London this weekend, and managed to get a tickets to the last performance of Wastwater!

Anyhow Hope everyone is well in Roseland and Feliz Cinco de Mayo to all who celebrate!

LIZ said...

Hi Rose,

Missed you, know about RL being busy. Glad you finally got to see WFE. I'm anxious to hear your thoughts. I thought Rob did a wonderful job ... Christoph was exceptional and Reese was okay. BUT, they all played their characters correctly, does that make sense?

Personally I can't wait until the MMA Awards. I certainly don't expect them to get up on stage and "make out" but IF they win the best kiss again, will be fun to see what they do this year!!!


Liz in NC

angelica1 said...

Hi All!

Bear is the cutest puppy,he just suits them perfectly.

My adult dogs still go in whatever direction they choose, now (or none at all,if they decide they need a sit down!) CK wouldn't know anything about looking after pets since she isn't capable of looking after herself yet.I'd say her meltdown was epic except that's her usual behaviour anyway. I suspect that's why she still lives with her mother,so someone's there to unfasten the straitjacket at meal times.

It's not surprising Kristen didn't go to London, aside from the fact that it was virtually impossible to get there in time,after the Met Gala, it's been non stop promo appearances, so no fun really. Also, now she and Rob are a little "family", their priorities have changed a little. Poor Bear probably needs the reassurance of a familiar face after his rough start so, despite what the f*ckwits think, Kristen's actually being a very responsible pet owner.

I loved Kristen's dress for the Met gala, I thought she looked reallly sophisticated and it seemed to bring out those gorgeous eyes even more :) Fingers crossed the 3 of them are back together soon and get some downtime:)

Twi_Chic - Premieres aren't usually held there,the area in Central London where they're normally held is currently a building site, in preparation for next year's Olympics!!

Twi_Chic said...

@Angelica - It was a shame, Leicester Square always a much better venue!

Freddie said...

Hi Everyone,

I’m just stopping in quickly to say hello. I hope everyone is well and having as nice a spring day as we are here.

As others have commented, I’m sure Rob is exhausted. I hope he manages some very well deserved rest before he heads off for Cosmopolis.

Have a good day all. All going well, I hope to catch up with you all later.

katy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
katy said...

Hi, Rose!!

I was hopping that Kristen would go to the London, but I can understand why she didn't go. Rob was busy doing press for WFE and he only was there probably just one day ...so if she went there they wouldn't have time to be together and I'm thinking those things must not be fun at ALL...anyway...I am sure they will be together soon as always.

I also saw some crazy ass people saying Kristen was being mean to Bear and that she was walking Bear just for PR...such a stupid thing to say, Bear is still a puppy, of course his still not used to the leash and before Rob and Kristen rescued him from the shelter he didn't have a happy life...poor little puppy...he seems hesitant most probably because of the noise on the street.
I thought it was SO sweet of Kristen to bring Bear to NYC with her. I thought that she had left him in LA with her parents while she had to go to the MET Gala...he must be very special and don't just think that he has the sweetest big brown eyes???...Bear is adorable!!

That pic of Rob is breathtaking!!

Kristen was absolutly stunning at MET gala!!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day.

Hugs to all

Hope said...

Hi All,

Just want to say that Bear is a sport to travel city to city...he must be a good little traveler by now. I dare say Bear has soulful eyes like his mommy and daddy. He is just the cutest!!

dottie said...

TWICHIC - I hope you'll let us know what you thought of Wastewater after you see it.

Doesn't Bear have the most beautiful coat? It's very unique. And I just love his sweet little black face. He is going to be a beautiful dog when he is all grown up. Kind of makes me want to go get a puppy of my own! ;)

Berry said...

Loved your rambling today Rose! Yes would have loved to see Kristen with Rob BUT I agree with you seeing her with Bear was just as good! Pretty cool how she took him to NYC. And yes puppies usually balk at leashes and maybe rain! The HATERS are wacko's in disguise. God they need to get a life and leave yours alone. Well Rob really looks tired and I am sure he will be happy when all the WFE stuff is finished and hopefully he and Kristen can spend some down time together. And I agree Kristen looked great at the MET Gala...the dress suited her to a T. I think she looked so much older and she appeared to like where she was at that moment...which is KODOS to her! Have a great evening everyone!

Rhonda said...

Hi Rose,

I love "Random Rose" post, there usually some of my favorites, thanks <3

I too, was hoping to see Kristen in London, but she didn't make it, no big deal. Seeing her and baby Bear in NYC, priceless! That's one adorable dog :)

Rob has had an exhausting run promoting this film. Hopefully, soon, he will be reunited with his little family and can enjoy some much deserved down-time :)
I wish both he and Kristen, and Bear, safe travels, until their all together again.

Hi Everyone!

Fiorels said...

Ladies, was wondering if you watched this interview LOL

I found it so funny what he says at 2:55 hahaha..


seriously... even though a different contest... kinda perfect..
great job Rob lol

cj said...

I agree with you, Dottie! Seeing Bear makes me want to have one of my own! He reminds me of Rob with those soulful eyes and those wonky legs!!! Who is CK? I can't believe anyone seriously thinks Kristen is walking Bear for PR!!! That is sooo delusional!!!

Rhonda said...

Twi Chic- Enjoy the play, I would love to see it! I must confess, I'm a little envious of you right now :)

Fiorels said...

I have a terrible headache..
wishing you goodnight/day with this song I just listened in a Libenet video.

You're the reason I come home.


Watching you watching me
A fine way to fall asleep
The neighbors fight as we both rest our eyes

Hands in the fallen snow
Numb to the winter cold but we don't mind 'cause we'll get warm inside

You're the reason I come home
You're the reason I come home my love
You're the reason that when everything I know falls apart
You're the reason I come home

Paper doll silhouettes
Fingertips on window glass
The street's asleep so I breathe you in deep

The tragedies of chemistry
People dream of what you and me have found effortlessly

You're the reason I come home
You're the reason I come home my love
You're the reason that when everything I know falls apart
You're the reason I come home

And for a long time I remember saying prayers for something perfect
Saying prayers for someone kind
It's in my head
We're spinning circles down the avenues instead

You're the reason I come home
You're the reason I come home my love
You're the reason that when everything I know falls apart
You're the reason I come home

Jane said...

How cute is that pup and his face looks just like a baby bear's face, so very appropriate name. I think Rob and Kristen decided that his schedule would be too grueling and he would not have been able to give any of his attention to her so they went to their separate work schedules and as soon as his is over he will meet with her in NYC along with his friends that will still be there. Then, the little family will have some down time before he starts Cosmopolis. Besides, Snow White films mid-September in London so we all know what that means. Rob and Kristen will be together in London while she is filming. This all makes me very happy.

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, I missed you the last couple days, but sometimes life gets in the way. I thought Kris looked so beautiful at the Met Gala, and she looked so happy---you can tell everything is right in her world.

I loved the pic of Kris and Bear. Bear is so adorable, and she was not abusing him. Bear is a puppy and that is how they learn to walk on a leash. I think it was nice of Kris to take him.

Has anybody heard about the abuse that was shouted at Rob about Kris in London? It came from Twitter. I know you cannot believe a lot of things that come off Twitter, and I honestly hope it is not true. It makes me so sad to think about it, because neither Rob or Kris deserve to be treated like that.

Take care all Roselanders, and especially dear Rose. I look forward to your next blog.

Twi_Chic said...

@dottie and Rhonda - will definitely let you know what I think. Really looking forward to it!

I don't know what story is with programme/booklets but if you want one let me know - no promises, but I can try and get one they are usually 3-5GBPound! :)

I love Bear too - such a cute puppy - makes me want a pup so much!

Freddie said...

Hi folks,

When I stopped in quickly earlier this afternoon I forgot to mention the following:

Melinda - have a great time in Las Vegas. I hope you enjoy the slots or the tables or shows...and that you have more luck than I usually do.

IB - In case I miss you later, I wanted to wish your daughter and her team the best of luck for the cheer competition this weekend. We'll be sending positive thoughts their way.

DK - thanks for the call out last night. I saw your comment about your daughter moving partially out. While I'm sure it's bittersweet as Birdie said, I'm also sure you've equipped her well to succeed. And if it's anything like my relationship with my mother, it only got better, even if I didn't get to see her in person everyday. We were and are the best of friends. I'm sure you will be equally lucky.

I hope everyone is having a good day.

real pr pro said...

Penny -- studio pays for the premieres. Comes out of marketing budget. and they choose which non US markets get them based on potenial box office. In this case I would expect that they based it on the markets in which the book best performed, plus the home countries for both Rob and Christophe.

Kurt said...

New posting here, but just wanted to say how I really like how most on this site back these two special people. I think they stand out in an artificial world and I really respect that. That's part of their charm. I saw Water for Elephants and I loved it. This site makes me laugh, can make me cry, can make me mad and can even make me hungry...if that makes sense. :)
Thanks, Rose, for having a place normal people can go to to catch up on what's really happening with these two.

Penny Lane said...

Pr Pro,

Thanks for getting back on that. Like I said, I was just curious as to how that worked.

I've been following your twitter responses as you take on the ridiculous. Good job!

Penny Lane said...


Welcome to Roseland. I'm going to assume you are male by your moniker but correct me if I'm wrong. It's good to get a male perspective around here.

Good evening to all the rest of Roseland.

PipDancer said...

Great as always Rose!

Wania said...

Hi everyone!

Just passing quickly...Great post, Rose! I laugh so much with..."This is the Haters when they saw the pics... " And I loved it.." You just know that when Rob sees Kristen again It will be... How cute...

Anonymous said...

Good solid post.

One last thing about the dog & the leash... [Have raised terriers just like R's Patty]

It's a puppy being taken out on a strange, busy, LOUD [every city is noisy - ask my kids who live in the country & react every time we go into Boston] street where - oh surprise - there are also photographers no doubt SHOUTING his name.

Makes the dog skittish and he pulls back. EOS -

beaculen said...

Took my husband to see WFE on Mon. (my 3rd time) he loved it, miracles do happen lmao. That puppy is too stinkin cute, he has such a baby face. Kristen looked beautiful at the Met Gala, but I agree with you about the dress, it was very pretty, but...heavy is a good way to describe it. I wonder if the PR dogwalk includes poop scooping. OMG that is just so stupid! My dog drags me at the start of the walk, then I drag her at the end.haha. Great post Rose. Stupid haters need to give it up, it's done.

DreamerKind said...

Good Morning!

I am back to my schedule changing and am only stopping in to thank those who commented to me, for their kindness in doing so. Soon off to zzzzz's production.

Should be an exciting day for the WFE Australian stint. Hope you are all fine and dandy.



Anonymous said...

Great Post, Rose! As Ususal!

Also wanted to say Hello to DK. I saw your comment yesterday. All is well here, I've just been busy. My son is graduating high school in a few days and it seems we are having to attend something everyday. (and who knew Senior year would cost so much!!!) Anyway, I hope all is well with you...Take care!! :-)

angelica1 said...

Morning DK :)

Annie said...

Good morning Roseland!

It really is something when all talk of "Exit stategy" and "PR" fail magnificently, their commonsense is a total fail and all they have left are insults and delusional rantings ( You know people have lost it when they start talking about dog doubles) but continue to embarass themselves anyway.

All talk of exit strategies and pr have been long proven wrong.

Stop embarrassing yourselves.

Here's to Friday Roseland!

Rhonda said...

Good Morning Roseland!

I'm still smiling over those pics of Kristen and Bear. He's so cute, it makes me want another dog :)

Annie- Seriously? Some people are actually saying dog double? LOL!
This is a new level of idiocy!

Hi DK, Manjen and Angelica :)

Have a great Friday!

angelica1 said...

Morning Annie, Manjen :)

Hi Rhonda - Yes, dog doubles, maybe it's not really Bear, it's her brother's dog. Complete lunacy :)

I want another puppy too but I've agreed to wait until we move!

Annie said...

Hello there Angelica, Rhonda, Manjen. :)

Kenzz said...

Good morning, Rose & Roseland... Happy Friday to you all!

Off to complete some errands before the "troops" arrive home from school, work, etc!

Special Hi to DK, Super, and my fellow Nor'eastern Roselanders...looks like a lovely Spring weekend for us!

Oh, and thanks for the laugh re: Bear's doggie double...that bit of lunacy wil keep me chuckling all weekend! :)

Penny Lane said...

Hello, Rhonda, Angelica, Annie, Manjen,

It is a beautiful day here for a change. Happy early Mother's Day to all of you who might be travelling.


It is incredible how the last few weeks of school for seniors gets packed with so many activities. And the expense, I know. If he's going to college it only gets worse, lol.

I'm out for awhile so I hope everyone enjoys their Friday.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Good Morning Roseland...I am sitting through meetings all day today and half days on Sat and Sun to get my Nurse Anesthesia CEU's. My friend Brenda and I are in Charleston. We drove down yesterday...had a fantastic seafood meal with an even more fantastic "spicy" Bloody Mary's...It will be a weekend of extravagance...lol...TGIF....How pathetic that the Nonstens have now started to make assumptions about Kristens "intent" with the new dog...desperate people say unbelievably stupid things...Hi Kenzz,Rhonda,Penny,Angelica and anybody else I may have missed..

angelica1 said...

Hi PL! The expense doesn't seem to get less when they finish college either!

Hi Kenzz, Super :)

dottie said...

TGIF Roseland! I hope everyone is enjoying the day.

SUPER- Charleston is a great city. I hope you and your friend have a blast. Kudos on the Nurse Anesthesia training.

MANJEN-Congrats to your son on graduating. Time flies, doesn't it?

So that scheming Kristen strikes again! Leave it to her to find a Bear doppleganger to parade around NYC!!! LOL

DreamerKind said...

Good Afternoon!

Hello to Kenzz, angelica1, dottie, Annie, Rhonda, Super, manjen, PL, and all of you beauties A-Z, male and female.

Going out shortly to see WFE with a friend, for the 3rd time, and looking forward to noticing all of the things, I usually miss during the first two, lol.

TGIF! Music should happen tonight. Feeling twirly from premieres, videos, and pics of the WFE tour, aren't you?

"Waiting for Forever" DVD is out, too. Go, Tom!

Keep on smilin'.