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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Monday, May 30, 2011

Rob and Kristen- Together Again.

Something in the way he moves...

Hey there!
Miss me?
Yeah OK... so you didn't.
But I'm FINALLY back home and actually able
to get an internet connection that lets me stay online
for more than a minute at a time.

And let me just say...
The one post I made on my iPad?
What kind of shit was that?
The pictures were all small and stuff.
You know me...
I LOVE me some big pictures
Especially when it's Robert

Walk this way!

I'm starting to think that Rob knows how much 
I enjoy these pictures
so that's why there have been so many lately.
I really don't think Rob is 
just for me...
I mean... he does need to 
to get around... doesn't he?
It just so happens that when Robert
It makes me kinda crazy...
Not in a lunatic/bitter/foaming kinda crazy
But a nice/takes my breath away kinda crazy.
Big difference.
Walk on by...

I see that I haven't missed much the last few days.
Just more of the same.

I did detect a very desperate foamy vibe about the 
whole MTV Movie awards though
and have to admit to getting a giggle out of that whole thing.
Some people are pretty scared that Rob and Kristen
are going to win the BEST KISS award again this year
and are all upset and angst ridden about it.
Let me just add a couple of things.


2. I love how these 'fans' of Robert are voting against
him in this category.
Big campaign to get a Harry Potter win.
Did I already say
How oddly desperate.
Can't have Rob and Kristen kissing on stage this year!
They are screeching about not watching the show at all now.
Well, it's all fixed you know.
Summit does rule the fucking world.
And of course MTV is just another pawn
in Summits plan for WORLD DOMINATION
and of course...
To keep pushing those 2 crazy kids together
no matter what.
*Double Smirk*

I love how its this whole conspiracy...
It's like Summit has just about everyone on their payroll
(Me included, apparently)
All to push this agenda of 'PRsten'.
Oh wait...
*Triple Smirk*

Walk like a man...

3. So not only are people all anxious about the MTV show...
and voting away to keep Rob and Kristen off that stage
(or voting to keep them on the stage)
Some people got a bit bent when Cronenberg's daughter
released a picture of Rob and his co-star from Cosmopolis.
Yeah. I know.
Some people were angry for some reason.
Don't we all want to see snippets of Robert as Eric Packer?
Why would you piss and moan about this...
and better yet...
WHY would you be all nasty to her about it?
I honestly don't get that mind-set.
At all.
Of course.
On the opposite side of that coin
You had people saying how 
Rob and Sarah Gadon 
has AWESOME chemistry.
Of course they do.
Good Grief.
As soon as Rob starts working with new co-stars
he is automatically 'shipped' with these people.
No matter if they are married...
Newly married
or in long term relationships.
ANYONE is better than him being with Kristen...
Isn't that right?

And speaking of Miss Kristen...

Walking back into your arms again...

Where oh where is the lovely girl?
Let's think about it.
I'm guessing she's not in London anymore.
And yeah...
I know some would love for her to be in L.A.
Can she be?
Back in Toronto
with the man she loves?
I guess we shant never know
unless someone
gets a picture of her and Bear again.
Needless to say...
We know where she will be next weekend.
And she won't be all Ninja...
And I can't wait to see her and Robert
(oh OK, Taylor too. I do like the kid)
Doing their thing
Hopefully accepting the BEST KISS award
the way Robert finally wants to do it.
Third times a charm.
And maybe the fact that I've only voted a couple of times
makes me a horrible fangirl.
But I don't think its that big a deal.
Win or lose that award...
Doesn't change anything in their relationship.
It would just be fun to watch.

And being that I'm a fan of Harry Potter
I wouldn't mind if Daniel/Emma won best kiss...
I think that would be all kinds of cool.
Que Sera Sera...
Whatever will be
Will be.

Just because...

Do I post this picture of Tom a lot?
It's one of my favorites.
Piercing blue eyes.
And no hat!

All sorts of sexy.

Oh yeah.

Green Sheep.


This post was brought to you by the letter *W*

W for

Nobody does it better.

W for whining.
Enough already.

I hope Rob/Kristen win the Best Kiss.
But lets face it...
They don't need to win a silly award
to get a best kiss.
They get to practice that all the time.
*Quadruple Smirk*

Bye for now
And start TWIRLING now...
I have a feeling you might want a head start.


Groovie said...

Didn't expect a post today, nice lil surprise for my lazy memorial day!
Hope u had a nice getaway Rose! :)

Sure I enjoyed seeing a glimpse of Cosmopolis, but I do hope hundreds of pap pix per day is not going to be the norm from now on. I would think its just because they are filming out on a street/in public, hopefully they aren't being disruptive to filming.

Rob looks great as Eric Packer, the man can wear the hell out of a suit!
And stealthy Miss Stewart, I hope wherever she is she is relaxing & enjoying herself! :)

MTV awards should be fun! Rob & Kristen seem to be able to relax & enjoy them together & have a bit of fun. Excited to see them, regardless of what they win.
But, Rob said he wants to win Best Kiss, so I hope he does!

Hope you are all having a great day! And Happy Memorial Day to all of you in the USA, hope u are enjoying your long weekend like I am!

Penny Lane said...

I just came in from endless gardening and what a surprise, a new post!

Personally, I think the best Kiss is a given. I don't want to imply that the voting is rigged, but come on. Harry Potter is not about a romance. MTV knows what fans want.

RKsoulmates913 said...

"Some people are pretty scared that Rob and Kristen
are going to win the BEST KISS award again this year
and are all upset and angst ridden about it.
Let me just add a couple of things.


And Yes LOSERS are getting crazy bc they do know RK are going to win BEST KRissss.It's fate...It's written in the staRKs!!!

BLINDENAS were hooking up Rob and his new co-star...tsk tsk tsk... They said she is better than Kristen!Oh my , it isn't a matter of who is better than who, bc we all know anyone is 'right' for Rob, but Kristen. Delusional will be always delusional...
Rob's heart wants what his soul and body want, and Rob's body,soul and heart WANT KRISTEN.PERIOD!!!

Why don't they just enjoy what a talented and genuine and hardwork and gorgeous is OUR Rob???? No they have to be nosey in what is NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS!!! Gahhhh

Enough is enough!

Lets be HAPPY bc RK will be at MTV2011 this Sunday and KISSING ON STAGE!!!!

BWAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA It will be the death of me!!!!

XO from Brazil

I miss you deaRose!!!

deb said...

Rose nice to see you back hope you had a good time at the lake I'm with you Rob and Kristen dont need a AWARD THEY KISS all the time WE ALL SEEN IT MORE THE ONCE Although it would be nice Man dose Rob you YUMMY I though of you when I saw the pic. of him WALKING ALL FOR YOU ROSE heheheheh Have a good day my friend :) DEB.And HI to ALL OF YOU out there

Freddie said...

Hi Rose,

Thanks for the post on this Memorial Day. When I saw all of the pictures of Rob from over the weekend, I knew that you would be in your glory with all of the walking ones. I was wondering which ones you would post (because I knew you would) and all I can say is that you didn’t disappoint with your choices. I’m loving them all.

With respect to the MTV Awards, I really would love to see Rob and Kristen there. It sounds like Kristen’s attendance has been pretty much confirmed, thanks to her makeup artist (who inferred as much in one of his tweets). For Rob, I hope he will be able to get the time off filming.

With all of the pictures and fan accounts yesterday, I was left with one question: where was Bear? In the pictures of Rob arriving on set, Bear didn’t appear to be with him and Dean. The fan accounts made no mention of seeing him on set with Rob (and I’m sure someone would have taken him for a walk at some point in the day), and it didn’t look like Bear was with Rob when leaving. So was here really there and not seen or snapped? Was he at doggy-daycare back at the hotel with a hotel staffer, or was he with someone else for the day? Hmmm…

30 – I hope you are having a great birthday. Enjoy.

Olivia – I’d like to submit my resume for the job of lint roller/remover as well. I think I have the qualifications. I have lots of experience with a lint roller thanks to my cat and I’m even local. LOL.

DK – welcome back. The place just didn’t feel right with you gone. I’m glad you had a good time. Your accounts of the trip are colourful and unique as always.

Melinda – your crazy side of the family sounds really fun. Glad you had a good time.

To everyone else in Roseland, I hope you are having a fabulous Memorial Day weekend. Take care.

Kay said...

Nice surprise post, Rose! I hope you enjoyed your weekend away at the lake.

Hi everyone - hope you are all having a nice Memorial Day. :)

THANK YOU to all of the current and past members of the armed forces for their many sacrifices for all of us.

dottie said...

Rose, you're back! YAY! I hope you and the boys had a fun time at the lake.

Happy Memorial Day to my US friends. And Happy Monday to everyone else!

PS: I think maybe Rob IS walking for Rose! shhhh!

Freddie said...

Oops, typo - it should have said "So, was "he" really there..."

Hi Groovie, Penny, RKsoulmates, DEB, Kay and dottie - I hope you are all having a good day.

angelica1 said...

Rose,I love the new banner,it's one of my all time favourites of them.
I'm sure Rob is walking as much as possible just for you :)

The pics are great but if I'm honest, I really wish just once, poor Rob could make a film without being bothered by fans and paps.It has to annoyong and distracting for the whole cast and crew.

Hopefully he has Kristen back with him very soon,if she's not there already.

katy said...

Hi Rose, I hope you had fabulous weekend!

Love all of Rob walking pics and he looks dreamy as Eric Parker, just has I had imagined!

Can't wait for the MTV awards. I've been voting a LOT for Rob and Kristen for every single categorie that they are nomited. Despite some so called fans are doing everthing so that Rob and Kristen don't win the best Kiss, I am very hopeful that they will win again this year, but you are right, whether they win or lose that award it doesn't change thing in their relantionship and they sure don't need this award as an excuse to kiss, they can kiss whenever they want...Anyway, I hope that they will be able to relax and have lots of fun on the show.

Groovie, Freddie,Kay, Dottie, Penny, Deb, RKSoulmates and everyone that I may have missed, hope you are all having a fabulous day.

30, I hope you are having a fantastic Birthday day!

Take care

dd said...

Hi Rose and everyone else,

Nice pretty banner!

Rob looks yummy in those set pics and it's nice to have a glimpse of cosmopolis but, personally, I hope they manage to keep the papz away from now on. The overload of pics spoils the movie and it's great to feed stupid rumours. If in two days of set pics we already have "fans" shipping him with his new female costar and worried "robsten" fans, I can't imagine the drama in a month... Actually, I can, ugh!
Like they say, no pictures, no story...

It's fascinating to see all these so called "fans" voting against him, hoping that BD fails at the BO, shipping him with every woman possible except the one he chose to be with, implying that he's a manhore and a cheater... who needs enemies with "fans" like these?

Anyway, can't wait for the MTV awards, I'm curious to see what they will do this time... kissing would be great, js, lol.

Rhonda said...

Hi Rose,

Thanks for posting today, it was a nice surprise. I hope you enjoyed your weekend away :)

I'm looking forward to the MTV awards. It's usually a lot of fun, and it will be great to see Rob and Kristen there, whatever they might win.

Hi Groovie,PL,Freddie,dottie,Kay,
and anyone I might have missed.

I hope it was a great day :)

Melinda said...

Many smiles were on my face reading this!

Rob is looking wonderful on set and in between. I love seeing a man in a suit all cleaned up. He def. does that well. :)

Looking forward to the MTV awards. You never know what is going to happen at that show. Seems anything goes.

Pretty sure Rob and Kristen will win again. Should be interesting to see what they decide to do since they have two more movies left where we know they will be nominated for.

Sending them wishes for peace and quiet in their downtime. So far the people of Toronto have been really respectful of private time. I hope it continues.

Birdie said...

I hope you had a nice weekend away and other than a flood of pictures of the always handsome Mr. Pattinson, it doesn't seem that you missed much. I enjoy watching these two move forward with their careers and love seeing them together, but if it caused me as much angst as some of these people seem to be suffering,I think I would have to move on. Shit, what don't they freak out about?
I hope Kristen is safely back home and Freddie, I wonder who is watching Bear,too. Haha!
I can relate to the endless gardening. I have been weeding all weekend and am only 2/3 done. I am icing my hands right now.
More stories from the farm tonight?

Have a nice evening everyone and have a great week!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Great post today ROSE...Im sitting here in bed while my husband is watching the Three Stooges(what IS it that makes men genetically conditioned to LOVE them?) anyway and I am snickering as I read your post. Hubby asks, "Whats so funny"?..a loaded question...I just said"Roses post is funny today".

Several things cracked me up....The line about Summitt fucking owning the world! heh and then, damn it to hell, Mr. Handsome does it again with a pic. He can hold a bottle of water and look sexy doing it! geez

Also, I was so impressed that the Cronenberg girl...sorry, I didnt catch her first name...took such great pictures! I cant believe some rabid foam spewing flea bitten hyena would say anything negative about that....What can you do but laugh otherwise you would have to cry!

And for Gods sake...how can you vote to NOT vote for Rob for best kisser??? THATS JUST WRONG!

Good Evening to Everybody. Its way past my bedtime and I hate to miss DK...I am so glad she is back!DK, I will try to check in first thing in the am...maybe I can catch you then...

ADD said...

"Summit has just about everyone on their payroll".
I guess that's how Summit spends its Twilight money. Maybe I can be hired. Do I have to send a resume? *sarcasm*

Barbara Fenwick said...

I was really happy and surprised to find a post from you today. I hope Kris is back with Rob, because I know they are both happy when they are together. I have been voting for the MTV Awards, and I hope Rob and Kris win BEST KISS for obvious reasons because I love them and I know they deserve to win. I too like Harry Potter, but that is not a romance. Also, I think Rob really wants to win Best Kiss..that alone should make his fans want to vote for him. I have been enjoying the pics from Cosmopolis---Rob looks great as usual. Take care everyone, and have a good week.

Hope said...

Well...what a surprise to find a new post tonight.

New photos of handsome Rob walking ... What a perfect way to end a great holiday weekend!!

Sweet dreams Roseland

DreamerKind said...

Good Morning!

I've been out gathering rosebuds while I may! The wind is humming and the air so fresh, during this lovely night.

I agree on all counts, especially yours.

You make me feel like dancing.

Here I am, signed, sealed, delivered, I'm yours.

The farm stories amuse you my friend, so maybe I can conjure up a few more. Poor hands, take care-weeds beware.

DreamerKind said...

Signed Sealed Delivered

Stevie Wonder-1970

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And stayed too long
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Thank you/johnniewalker23

DreamerKind said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DreamerKind said...

For Birdie:

Down On The Farm

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DreamerKind said...

For Rose:

Without You

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Without you

Thank you/poyzz330

DreamerKind said...

Believe it or not, I'm off to ride a shining star all of the way to Saturn now. See you soon.


*I*Believe* said...

Good Morning Roseland!

What a whirlwind of a long weekend!

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend.

The walking pictures of Rob are awesome. So, too, are the pictures of him in his suit for Cosmopolis....is there anything that guys does NOT look good in? Really?

30~Happy Birthday

DK~Welcome back FGM !

Annie~Was it as hot in the City as it was Upstate? Yhew!

Shouts out to Rhonda, Freddie, PL, Smitts, Gruff, Srgt. Syd, Angelica, Olivia and all the other "Regs" I missed :)

Have a great day! Hope to catch up with everyone later!

Rhonda said...

Good Morning Roseland!

Rose- I forgot to say how much I love the new banner, it's a great picture of them. And speaking of pics, Rob is looking really good as Eric Packer. The man definitely knows how to wear a suit :)

Olivia,Dk,Freddie- I just read over the remarks about lint roller lady. Lol, you girls are too funny ;)

Hi IB :)

Happy Tuesday!

Kenzz said...

Good morning Roseland. Hope everyone enjoyed a weekend of rest with family & friends...

Rose, we missed you LOTS...I'm sure you had a wonderful time at the lake...we, too, headed to the 'rents' lakehouse in Maine, but the weather was foggy and cool :(

Happy birthday, 30...

Hurray! DK is back!! Can't wait to hear more stories of your travels (but hopefully no travails!)

Lastly, to my friends in the NYC area, any suggestions for a teen-friendly Broadway Show? Taking the daw this weekend, thinking we might like to expose her to something that's NOT necessarily a musical...

Penny Lane said...

Good morning Roseland,

I can't believe we are actually having 2 sunny days in a row.


I feel your pain. I have a blister on my thumb from digging holes to drop flowers in and a sliver under my nail. That sliver is going to have to work it's way out because it literally feels like someone is pulling off my nail if I try to remove it.


The year is almost over for you. I bet you can't wait.

Sue said...

You seriously have the BEST photos of our Rob on your site. Yeah, I have to agree. Rob walking is sexy and I'm sure he reads this shit. Not shit in a bad way, so no offense intended. So keep walking Rob. LOL. I'm really happy that he is working on his next movie. And YEAH! Kristen and Rob will most likely win the best movie kiss again. I mean, c'mon. When it's real, it's real.

Berry said...

Love the new banner! Hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend! Great post Rose! Can't wait for Sat night!

dottie said...

Hi Roseland! Just checking in while I have a minute. Hope everyone is happy and well. Looks like I will finally have a reliable internet connection again on Monday. Until then I take it when I can get it, or there's always the McD's parking lot! haha

Annie said...

Good afternoon Roseland.

How old is your daughter? You're thinking of a play and not a musical?

Kenzz said...

Hi Annie! She's a young teen, wants to become "an actress," but she's not really into musical theater! It seems like all of her high school plays are musicals, and I'd love to provide her with a Broadway experience of something more along the dramatic lines (but obviously keeping it appropriate for her age).

I was thinking maybe "The Importance of Being Earnest"? Who knows, we'll probably end up with a musical!

Annie said...

Hhi Kenzz. :)
I was thinking of "The importance of...." as well along with "War Horse" at Lincoln Center.