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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Monday, May 23, 2011

Rob and Kristen- The Road Less Traveled

If a man does not keep pace with his companions

OK then.
I haven't written a post in 3 days.
3 whole days!
That is so unlike me.
You know...
The scary, addicted lunatic that obsesses over
Robert Pattinson?
You remember her... right?

Yeah well...
My 'fake' real life 
Or is it my real real life...
My real fake life...
It just seems to get busier on weekends.
Never fear
I'm still all scary and crazy
(It's posted on the AT boards, it MUST be true)

Perhaps it is because she hears a different drummer...

So what happened the last few days?
Not much.

1. Rob was tweeted here and there.
Kristen was tweeted everywhere.
What does it mean?
That 99% of the tweets you read are bullshit.
I do have to say that I enjoy the cherry picking
of which tweets people want to believe.
You know...
There was more than a few saying Kristen and Rob were in Toronto
Saying Rob was in Toronto
Saying Kristen (and Bear) were in Toronto.
And you know what?
It turns out that ALL the tweets placing Kristen there
were lies!
(Yes, I'm being sarcastic)
Imagine that!
But somehow if there was a tweet placing Rob
somewhere on his own?

Yeah, I know he was tweeted at Adeles concert.
But no pics.
Not one pic of Rob anywhere.
Not one.
Just some blurry supposed airport picture.
And of course we haven't seen Kristen since NYC
So what is the truth?

Let him step to the music which he hears...

The truth is not ours to know.
The truth will set you free.
Truth is fucking truth.


Rob starts filming Cosmopolis today.
He will be in Toronto for a couple of months.
That much is true.

Kristen was in Toronto for the past weeks.
She and Bear met up with Robert.
That much is true.

Kristen may (or not) have flown to L.A. recently...
Work related business.
That much is probably true.

Kristen will be back in Toronto 
as soon as she can get there.
That much is true?
If you had Robert Pattinson for a boyfriend...
and had to leave his side to do work...
Wouldn't YOU hurry back to be with him?
Fucking straight you would.
Don't even TRY and deny it.

However measured or far away.

2. People keep judging Rob and Kristen's relationship
by THEIR standards of what a relationship should be.
That's not how it works.
What you perceive is NOT reality.
At least...
Not their reality.
You look at fractions of their lives...
Seconds caught on camera
and you try to analyze and decipher
and criticize and attack.
It's all how you look at it I suppose...
And doing so without judgment.
Because I just see two people who want to be together
I see Rob look at Kristen like he looks at nobody else.
I see happiness... and love.

Imagine all the time we don't see.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:

3. Oh

I have no fucking words.
Maybe a couple.
So last night...
At the Billboard awards...
Justin Beiber (huh?) Kissed Selena Gomez (Wha?)
and now...
They are the EPITOME of what a relationship should be!!
Come on you guise!
Look at Justin plant a big ol' smooch on Selena!
THAT'S how it's done!
I love it.
Comparing anything Beiber to Robert?
Yes... because kissing on camera is
what a relationship is ALL about.
I was crying in my Cheerios this morning
lamenting how come 
Rob and Kristen
won't cheapen their relationship that way!
(Yes, I'm being sarcastic.)
Come on Rob and Kristen!
Entertain us!
You OWE us that much!
(Yes, I'm being sarcastic)

Thing is.
Rob did kiss Kristen at the WFE premiere.
(and Montreal, IOW, KOL concert...etc)
No, it wasn't on TV in front of millions of people.
Surely you realize that's not his style.
He was happy and giddy
and it was spur of the moment.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by
But imagine what would happen if Rob and Kristen
would kiss in a very public way.
And no, I'm not counting the MTV awards
although I think if they win... they WILL kiss.
No No...
I'm talking about if Rob and Kristen made an effort
to show personal private affection in public...
what would happen?

A. Massive Foam Explosion

B. Massive denials

C. Scrambling for excuses and rationalizations
as to WHY they kissed in public.

D. Massive insults to both Robert and Kristen.
Robert for being some sort of PR Puppet
willing to sacrifice years of his life for the sake of some movies...
Willing to lie and mislead his fans for the sake of some movies...
Kristen for being some clingy famewhore
willing to sacrifice years of her life for the sake of some movies.
(Never mind that they couldn't stop her from cutting her hair
for The Runaways... they can stop her from living her personal life
as she sees fit)

E. Can't win for losing.
Because no matter how much affection 
Rob and Kristen
show each other in their lives...
It will be picked apart and criticized.
It will either be not enough
or too much...
or they didn't do it right...
You get the point.

And that has made all the difference.

We have the MTV awards coming soon...
Hopefully Rob and Kristen will win best kiss...
and Rob will get to accept the award the way he wants to.
Because we all know what that is...
We got a glimpse of it last year

And never fear oh those who need constant reassurance...
Rob and Kristen will be back together in Toronto
in due time.
Maybe they already are...
(Am I being sarcastic?)

And we might not get a pic of them...
Just lots and lots of tweets
all saying the same thing...
"I saw Rob and Kristen and they were holding hands!"
"I saw Rob and Kristen and they were kissing!"
"I saw Rob and Kristen..."

They ALL can't be wrong.
No matter how much some people don't
want Kristen to be with Robert?
It's where she always seems to be.
Funny how that works.

Green Sheep. Big Time.

I like this picture.
Mostly because it's Tom and Kristen.
But also because its showing Tom being all protective over Kristen.
So damn cute.
I love that about Tom.
Or do I just love Tom?
He's a helluva friend.
This post is brought to you by the letter *B*


B for just BECAUSE

B for Betcha Bottom Dollar
Kristen will be spending the better part of
the next 2 months in Toronto.

Oh did I do that already?

B for

Bye for now


Freddie said...

Hi Rose,

Thanks for posting. I (and I think I can safely say, “we”) really appreciate it, especially when you no doubt have other more important real life things to tend to. We appreciate you sharing your perspective and in allowing us this little place of sanity.

Best wishes to Rob as he embarks on this new, exciting role in Cosmopolis. I’m sure working with David Cronenberg will be a very exciting process, so good luck. I hope it is everything he wants it to be and more.

Safe travels to our resident ninja girlfriend. I hope all is well, wherever Kristen is at the moment.

Oh, and thank god Rob and Kristen aren’t Beiber and Gomez. Not to be judgmental of the "Beebs", but I don’t think I could take it. Assuming Rob and Kristen do win Best Kiss, I hope Rob is able to get away from filming to attend with Kristen. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Hello to all the other ladies and gentlemen of Roseland. I hope you are all having a good day. Stay well and safe.

Kay said...

Great post and walking pics, Rose. :)
Hope you enjoyed a foam-free weekend.

Happy almost-over Monday, Roseland!

dottie said...

Hello Rose and Roseland!

Just sitting here watching everything I own loaded into a truck and trying to stay out of the way. Thanks to those who asked about the move and sent well wishes. So many sweet & thoughtful people here!

Great post, Rose. I loved all the pix, too. You just have to laugh at all the R/K sightings. It's funny to me how so many of the people who are lucky enough to spot them have new twitter accounts! Maybe I should delete my existing account and open a new one so I can see them, too! haha

Best wishes to Rob on his new role. He will be a great Eric Packer. I've read the book and can't even begin to imagine how it will look on film. Can't wait to see!

Groovie said...

Hello everyone!

Hope Rob has a good first day on Cosmopolis. I wonder if actors get nervous on the first day? Anyways, I'm sure he'll be great, its a wonderful opportunity for him.

We will probably won't see rob or kristen until the mtv awards & I'm perfectly happy with that! Just means they are not being harassed & are getting the privacy they deserve, and hopefully rob won't be hounded by papz or set stalker fans whilst shooting.

Love that pic of tom & kristen too, he is a good guy & good friend! Gotta protect his bestie's girl lol!

Hope u are all having a good start to the week. Monday's just suck though, always. Lol!

Kenzz said...

Rose, sweet, sweet post... loved the Robert Frost lines!

Wishing Rob continued growth at his craft as he embarks on Cosmopolis...I am continually impressed with his enlarging body of work...I downloaded the book to my Kindle awhile ago, but just started reading it...

Wishing Kristen peace, safety, and supreme satisfaction this summer, "wherever" she may be :)

Happy Monday to Roselanders near and far... (Missing you, DK!! Hope you are staying out of Mother Nature's way)

Kenzz said...

@dottie: Best wishes for the big move!! Blesings to you in your new home <3

Lynne said...

Thanks Rose, missed you and your sentements.
Always enjoy reading along and laughing with you.
No doubt, they are, you are, and glad that you take the time to- right together, right on, write!

katy said...

Hi, Rose!! Excellent post and love all the beautiful pics too.

Wishing the BEST of LUCK to Rob on his new role in Cosmopolis. I'm looking foward to see how the book will be translated in the movie

Wherever Kristen is at the moment I hope she is well and safe.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous day.

Take care and be happy

Penny Lane said...

Since Rose mentioned the MTV Kiss, if you were able to choreograph this infamous kiss, what would you have them do? Just be respectful and remember these 2 are not exhibitionists.

I'll start. Rob turns to Kristen and in a very "Edward" way kisses her on the forehead, then says "there are some things we'd rather keep private" as he picks her up and carries her off the stage.

Anyone else want to play "Choreograph the kiss"?

Hope said...

Rose...Betcha bottom dollar too that Kristen will be spending lots of time in Toronto over the next few months!!

Good luck to Rob as he starts filming Cosmopolis this week...he will be fabulous.

Hope everyone is having a great day.
This is our last week of school.

Groovie said...

Fun topic Penny!

I say they should do a bit of role reversal from the previous 2 years, they lean in only Rob is the one to pull back, but Kristen doesn't care and lays one on him anyways.
It would be cute, fun, plus I want to see Rob try to keep a straight face as he tries to refuse a kiss lol!

Melinda said...

Thank goodness Monday is over (at least the work day part). I had to deal with some people who obviously left their brains at home! Grrr!

Anywoo...hope everyone had a nice relaxing weekend.

Great thoughts today Rose. I love the "celebuzz" picture. To me that speaks more volumes about a couple's relationship than a kiss.

I'm pretty sure Rob (and now Kristen) are happy to call Tom their friend. He's always looking out for them. In turn they do the same. It's called loyalty and trust. Hard to find now a days no matter who you are.

Dottie- Good luck and safe travels during the move. If you are going to MIA during that time, please let us know you arrived safely when you get a chance.

Freddie- Meant to tell you thanks for sharing the words of wisdom from the people that are so smart they are able to decipher Rose's "codes". That gave me a good laugh!

Wherever the fab 3 are right now I hope they are enjoying what life is bringing their way...

deb said...

I love it Rose no need to say more YOU KNOW I KNOW and YES even THEY know what can I say DON"T WORRY BE HAPPY you know they ARE THANKS girlfriend hope you have a good day I know I am :) DEB.

tlf said...

Hey All, Rose I love your posts... Look forward to them daily... You always are spot on... One question for anyone out there, I really do read the posts everyday (when there is one to read)but I missed the "green sheep" reference, just looking for some enlightenment???

Thanks for making my day as always!

Faithful Fan ~

dd said...

If Kristen and Rob were like Beiber and Selena I would not be here for sure. It always seems fake to me when I see someone making out in front of everyone.

Now, if they win best kiss again, that's a totally different story. They're suppose to kiss there, so, I say go for it!
I would love to see them got there and just kiss, a long, slow and hot cinematographic kiss, a little smirk in the end and then leave the stage without saying a word.
It would be hilarious because nobody is expecting to see them doing something like that, so everybody would be pretty much in shock, lol. And the haters would be histerical, and that's always fun to see.

Groovie, I like your idea too, much more realistic than mine, lol.
but I imagine Rob pulling back and then surprising her with a kiss, that would be very Rob & Kristen.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

ROSE....Heh..I guess my first response to where and HOW long would any girl be AWAY from Robert if they didnt have to!!?? NO SHIT

To the BRAIN IMPAIRED...I say too bad...soooo SAD

To TOM I say, what a wonderful friend you are to Rob and Kris...I wish we could all be so lucky to have a friend like you!

SAY SAFE EVERYONE in the path of these MEGA tornados

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Ooops...that was supposed to be "stay". Have a Good Evening Everbody!

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, great post, and I missed you the last few days, but I do understand how real life gets in the way. I have no idea where Kristen is, she does have her own business to take care of. I do believe she will be in Toronto as soon as she possibly can, if she is not there already. Rob and Kris know exactly what they are doing. Take care Roselanders, have a good week.

LIZ said...

Rose, you are so ON today. What a wonderful post. You are SO RIGHT that no matter how much PDA they show, it won't please everyone ... they have to please themselves. Kristen said that somewhere, that if they "came out" it wouldn't be enough, that people would want "details".

That photo of Kristen is to die for, first time I've seen it. She looks long and tall, that dress was just perfect for her.

Liz in NC

Super RN Gas Passer said...

ROB...Best of Luck to YOU as you embark on yet ANOTHER fantastic movie project where YOU are the main character...heh(there have been sooo many now, I guess you are not nervous, right?)...heh!

I hope for ALL THINGS GOOD and WONDERFUL for you as you begin this new venture!

(((((ONE BIG HUG FOR YOU)))))!!!!!

JustMe said...

Hi Rose, Luv your blog!

Birdie said...

You are always worth the wait. I loved the pictures. We know how you love Rob walking,but Kristen can sure rock in those heels and I don't think there is a woman here that wouldn't kill for those legs. That girl is blessed in many ways. One of those being who she spends her private time with and you know she does. They have got their private time down to a science. Good for them!
I went to WFE one last time in the theater today,such a beautiful film. I can not believe he is at it again. That boy has worked his ass off the last few years. How lucky for us!

Speaking of working your ass off... Good luck with the move and un-packing!

I hope you are having a blast on your vacation. Look for a message.

To all you other lovlies here in Roseland,I hope you are having a great start to the week.

Sydney said...

Watching 'Speak' right now. This movie is fucking heartbreaking but I can never not watch it when it's on.

Hope everyone is well.

Rose - it might be time soon to share your shouty cap emails. I'm in the mood to laugh.

Rhonda said...

Hi Rose,

Nice post, thanks. I loved your thoughts on truth. It's not ours to know. It belongs to Rob and Kristen. It's their relationship and their life. I imagine them living it to the fullest :)

Hi Sydney- I agree, I love 'Speak' too. It's the movie that first made me a Kristen fan :)

Hi Freddie,Kay,dottie,Groovie,Kenzz,
Penny,Liz,Katy,dd,deb,Lynne and anyone I might have missed :)


martialartslover said...

Miss Rose

Thank you for posting. You were greatly missed. I was having Rose withdrawl.

Wonderful post as usual. Right on the money.

Personnaly, I think both rob and kristen are old souls stuck in young people's bodies. The writing is on the wall for all the haters. This is why.

Back in the 90's or through out history, some couples before they tied the knot, would buy a pet to see how they could handle job, personnal committments, in general. . . life. These two have manage to do an awesome job of it. The dog is their baby.

Rob and Kristen remind me of my best friend, have been married for six years, total years together have been eleven. A dog and two kids later, still in love and still together. Their anniversary is today.

Since I am a roselander, I truly believe that these two will be married and together for a long time. Bank on it.

Hello to all of Roseland! Have a wonderful evening.

dottie said...

Hey Hey Hey Roselandians! Just peeking in to see what's going on around here.

PL - I replied to your email. Did you get it?

DK - I heard that Princess Beatrice's hat sold on Ebay for $130,000+ Were YOU the winning bidder??? Hope you're enjoying your vacation.

Hello to anyone who happens by. I'll be driving to Alabama tomorrow (w/a banjo on my knee!)

wig4usc said...

Hello, Roseland! I've been lurking for awhile, Blogger issues, real life chaos, but missed you, Rose! I love the idea of throwing out good ideas for MTV! I'll have to mull this one over a bit, and as much as I'd like to see the two of them give us a big wet one, I think they should do something funny. Have someone run out and get between them? Don't know, I'm looking forward to it!

dano328 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wania said...

Hi Rose, hi everyone!

Far for some days to comments, but no far of Roseland. Arm immobilized...a pain lot ...hard days...now better, but yet I'm writing with left hand, rsrsss...no problem, I'm be back...uhuuuh!!
Great post! Beautiful pics! All of good!
Gee! Your posts always make me well ( especially now) and making me laugh!
I like your sarcasm, Rose. I like how do you think. You are f...amazing person! Thank's for your company everyday!

dano328 said...

Hi Rose. GREAT POST. I haven't commented here in awhile but this is a really good one.  The Road Less Traveled is very fitting.   I also get frustrated with fans, not just haters, who try to judge these two based on their own media/culture driven expectations.  Its very immature and out of line.  Mature fans step out of the way and enjoy whatever they are willing to show. No whining or judging is OK in my book.  These are two classy people who should be able to live under the radar if they wish.   I never followed celebs before. Since i began following Kristen and Rob, I have seen far too much entertainment/gossip and I don't like that part of this. I will consume that type of news only to see them and I usually just end up with a bad taste in my mouth. So many times I have seen stories of celebs, for example, having a birthday or some other type of party in Las Vegas so they can get extra attention on the E Channel. That type of attention seeking would never be done by these two. Isn't that why they are so appealing? It's a big reason. And not conforming to the expectations of others, when doing so might be much easier, because they feel it would cheapen what's real to them -- this is also a big reason I root for these two and tend to get defensive when they are criticized. They have been taking The Road Less Traveled, indeed.

DreamerKind said...

Happy Tuesday!

Awww, thanks for the sweet remarks from so many of you!

I am safe. So far, the rooster and the chickens on the farm I'm staying on, have not pecked me, the woodtick did not land on my head (or elsewhere I hope), the blisters from my new shoes are healing nicely, and there were no sirens or tornados today.

A very satisfying day has been had indeed.

I wish for you all to have the same, do something like me and pet some kittens, too.

Sooner or later, love is gonna get ya...


Super RN Gas Passer said...

DK...heh...I am picturing you, the city girl, kinda like Eva Gabor on Green Acres..you gotta take off that mink coat and high heeled shoes! Hello to WANIA,DANO,and WIG...Good to see you guys! Happy Tuesday Everybody!

Annie said...


Annie said...

Good morning Roseland.

Was anyone else having trouble posting with blogger this morning?

Super RN Gas Passer said...

ANNIE...I have been having problems with it for 2 wks. And I had to use my cell phone because it wouldn't go through on my laptop...don't know about your situation...I have some viruses in my laptop still

Soleil Anne said...

Hollywood can learn from R/K on how to handle relationship.

DIGNITY & privacy despite the cr*ziness surrounding them.

Its OK if they donot kiss on MTV MA.
I just want them to do what they feel comfortable with.

Maybe by BD2,MTV MA 2013, they will finally do it.
The most anticipated kiss-4yrs. in the making.

If R/K are like Bieber/Gomez I would not waste my time on them.

I just pray I´m still alive to see it,lol.

Thanks,Rose, for your humor & your thoughts.

Soleil from Germany.

Annie said...

Thanks Super. :)

Soleil Anne.......Agree. :)

Testing if my comment goes through............

Annie said...


@Super: Blogger kept sending a message saying "because of an internal problem I could not post comments to the blog."

On both my laptop and desktop, I can now post to the blog.
I ran STOPZILLA on both computers.

Rhonda said...

Annie- I got that same message

angelica1 said...

Hi Everyone!

dottie - I hop the move is going OK

DK - Very glad to hear your safe.

PL - I love your idea for the MTV awards.

It continually amuses me that "pics or it didn't happen and even if there are pics we'll refuse to believe the evidence of our own eyes" only ever applies to the too-numerous-to-count sightings of Rob and Kristen together and never to a single tweet from some weirdo who set up an account 30 seconds ago :) I think someone's agenda is showing!!

I'll do my best to make sure we take good care of the lovely Kristen while she's in London :)

Annie said...

Hi Rhonda, Hi Angelica. :)

Rhonda: Are you still getting that message? Maybe it was a problem with blogger.

Angelica: We are holding you to that promise. :))

Seriously, are people still screaming pics or it didn't happen? How foolish can you make yourself look on the Internet and in real life before you just quit with the bullshit.

olivia said...


olivia said...

Thank you dear Rose for a great post on Monday with such beautiful pictures of Rob and Kristen.

They certainly take the "road less traveled" and that is why I cheer on this two lovely souls who are soul mates that support, protect and nurture each other not only in their private life together but also in their shared career as actors.

Tried to comment early this morning but blogger was being very temperamental showing me the same "internal problems" message that many of you have already mentioned.

Wania, hope your arm is feeling better very soon.

DK, enjoy that down home, down on the farm environment. Love kittens....are there any other animalitos?

**Wave** to Dano in the great city. Please give those legislators a kick in the derrièrre so that they fund our education system in an equitable manner.

Dottie, hope your traveling day is going well.

Sounds like Cosmopolis and SWatH are both beginning to roll. So excited for both Rob and Kristen!

Hugs to Smitty, Gruff, Syd, Rose and all y'all.

Kenzz said...

Yay, Blogger is finally letting me post! Happy Tuesday to Rose, Smitty,Gruff, and Syd...

My thoughts go out to those of you affected in the flood or tornado ravaged areas of the US...

angelica & Liza, take care of bb girl while she's visiting!

Hope Rob enjoys the beginning of a new film this weeek :)

Freddie said...

Hi everyone,

I'm just popping in quickly. I understand that blogger has been causing some problems.

I hope Rob is enjoying his first few days of work on Cosmopolis and that Kristen’s stay in London will be productive (maybe with a little fun with Tom thrown in for good measure). I’m sure she is excited about her new project. I hope she travels safely, and I confess that I wouldn’t be too disappointed if she stopped off in Toronto on her way back. I suspect another handsome guy wouldn’t mind either.

Penny – you asked about possible scenarios for Rob and Kristen, should they win best kiss. I’m not the most creative one in the bunch, but here’s a possibility. If they don’t want to kiss on stage they could enlist Taylor’s help, assuming he attends. As they are about to accept the award and kiss, Taylor could pull a Kanye West and jump up on stage and say that one of the other nominated couples had the best kiss of the year….you know, like Kayne’s speech about Beyonce when Taylor Swift won an award. It would be a spoof and could cause a needed diversion…..It’s one possibility, although I think I like your idea from yesterday better. Regardless, as Soleil Anne said, I hope they do whatever they are comfortable with.

dottie – safe travels to your new home.

Wania – I hope your arm is on the mend quickly.

Hey Kenzz, Rhonda, Annie, Super, Olivia, Angelica, DK and everyone else.

I understand there is more bad weather in the States (Oklahoma area) so I hope everyone is safe. Talk to you all soon.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

FREDDIE...Haha...I would love that scenario!! Hope you and Tomas are doing well this evening.Question...do you get the same tv programming as we do? Will u see Dancing With the Stars, Idol, etc?

Freddie said...

Hi Super - Yes, we get most of the same TV as you do. In addition to local Canadian programming we also get the major US networks, along with some other cable stations (A&E, CNN, CNBC, Food Network etc). So yes, I'll have Dancing With the Stars on tonight to see the end.

I hope all is well with you? Are you an Idol or DWTS fan?

Super RN Gas Passer said...

FREDDIE..kind of 50/50 on that. I watch them on and off. I get up at 430 most mornings so I am ready to go to bed fairly early as I'm sure you have seen. I am glad to know about the tv in Canada...I assume they have tv shows there but I have never heard of any. Do they have Soap Operas or any TV series that are filmed up there?

*I*Believe* said...

Hi Everyone!

I just saw the pictures of Kristen arriving in London...she looks GORGEOUS! I love her hair color! She is wearing her gold band and her Little Red Riding Hood spoon ring. Even after a trans-Atlantic flight, she is a beauty!

They say she is there for SWATH. Wishing her a safe and productive trip.

Hope Rob is taking good care of Bear while Mom is away :)

Rhonda said...

Hi Everyone,

Annie- I'm sorry, I didn't see your question earlier. I was getting that error message this morning when I tried to post. I guess several of us had the same problem.

DK- Glad to hear you're safe and sound :)

Dottie- I know you were going to be on the road today, I hope it was a smooth trip.

Dano- Nice to see you stop by, it's been awhile. I enjoyed reading your comments and I agree. No one should try and dictate how they live their lives. I think they're doing a fine job of it all on their own :)

Hi Angelica,Kenzz,Super,Freddie, and anyone else out there.

Have a great night-Love to all :)

Rhonda said...

Hi IB- you snuck in while I was typing. School's almost over, hang in there :)

*I*Believe* said...

Oh, Rhonda! Thank you so much for the words of encouragement!

I was informed that my grade level will be changed next year.

Rhonda said...

IB- Are you okay with that? What will you be teaching?

*I*Believe* said...

I am being sent back to 1st Grade.

*I*Believe* said...

@Rhonda~Check your e-mail :)

Freddie said...

Hi IB and Rhonda.

IB - how's the hubby? I hope he's on the mend. I sense that it should be your turn to be pampered for a bit. I hope things will be looking up.

Rhonda - I hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Anything new?

Super - you've probably already head off to bed and I'm only seeing your question now. Yes, we do have some locally produced TV - we have some not too bad comedy/political parody shows and some reality shows, but dramas haven't been our forte - although that's changing a bit now. We do have one or two dramas that CBS has carried, but people still tend to watch US or British produced drama.

*I*Believe* said...

Hey there Freddie!

Freddie said...

Hey IB - keep smiling. Treat yourself in some way. You deserve it.

dottie said...

Hello my beauties! Just checking in to let you know I made it to AL in one piece. Furniture will be delivered tomorrow morning. I have no internet connection right now so I'm sitting in a McDs parking lot like a creeper using their wifi. LOL

I hope everyone is well and happy. Life is good!

DreamerKind said...

Well, here I am, the only living boy in New York...not really, but I love that song and lyrics, while missing posting them, as I have had too much stimula for that fockola tonight (did you wonder, well, you'd be cruckin' correct).

Today recapped:

I fell in love with a miniature potbelly pig named Walter, stood only 3 feet from five horses without getting bitten, kicked or anything bad (read heart attack, I love them and they tolerate me), didn't get scared in a Haunted House, had a live chicken to hug, watched two roosters preen, held hands with Glenn, grossed several friends out of their doldrums, and am now slightly bombed (is slightly the best word?).

More to come, for sure. See below.

Been seeing that you all are doing too well without me, and planning to post some weird, new, cutting edge music, when I come back, to annoy, tantalize, and intimidate you who have forgotten me, the Dreamer/FGM/DJ/DK/Nightowl.

Heard Kristen is in London (no facts to base it on, of course, only my whims), and I might be joining her soon (whim) or someone is joining someone (true), and always does, ending up together, but it might be me or you, maybe someone else, with true love ways.

Thinking Rob is filming Cosmopolis, so some say, and hope he is rolling in the deep, as we all need to do, to be a help to film such a film, with brilliance and such or maybe punch drunk (might be best).

Lawks, I am chit-chatty and must away to bed.

What could not be today, will be what it is and then what we make of it, and we will. (Smooches and twirls)

Smitty, you are pretty much everything, that's goodness.

Gruff you are tough (like Fruit Rollups).

Syd, you are the promise kiss of springtime!

See you soon dear Rose & Roselanders.

If I weren't so shot, I'd shoot out some songs and more stories.

So, I will, when I'm not and then am.

Love All, that you are.


Super RN Gas Passer said...
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Super RN Gas Passer said...

Well well...the E blogger is WORKING this morning....imagine that!

FREDDIE..Thanks for the info..very interesting.

DOTTIE..Congrats on a successful move!

RHONDA,BIRDIE,IB,and KENZZ...sorry I missed you ladies last night..

DK...Heh..You are a party animal partying with REAL animals! BE CAREFUL!!! We look forward to having you back with us.

Happy Wednesday Everybody!

Melinda said...

Happy Hump day everyone! Hope it's a great day!

Dottie- Glad to see you and the family arrived safely! I hope the transition goes smoothly.

Hope/Olivia/and any other Texan- I hope with all those tornadoes and stuff yesterday you, your loved ones and friends are all safe!

My thoughts are with the many people that have lost everything during these last few days of terrible weather. My heart goes out to them.

Glad to see Kristen made it safely to the UK. I hope things go well for her while she's there.

I saw the "other Snow White" movie moved up it's release date. Should be interesting to see if that was a smart move on their part. It will be opening against some other big movies.

Hoping Rob and the rest of the cast have had a great start to the production of Cosmopolis so far. I'm looking forward to seeing it in it's completion.

Hope said...

Good Morning!!

Melinda...You are sweet!
OMG...we had to go to the closet last night. Tornado alarms going off several times(unsusual), hail, violent rain!!
BUT..the worst part...storms messed up our TV viewing pleasure! LOL...DWTS and AI Finales,not to mention Glee! Ha Ha.

Olivia...were the storms bad for you?

Dottie...glad you made is safely to your new home.


DreamerKind said...

Dear Roselanders:

I hold in my thoughts & heart, and send best wishes to, all who have had loss or distress.
Last night, I did not know, as I haven't seen any news lately.