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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rob and Kristen-- Twirling Time is Here!

Twirling, Twirling...
Twirling the night away
Everybody's feeling great
They are Twirling Twirling
Twirling the night away

Here's a Man in evening clothes
How he got here I don't know, but
man, you oughta see him go
Twirling the night away
He's dancing with the chick in slacks
She's a-moving up and back
Oh Man, there ain't nothing like
Twirling the night away
Let's Twirl a while, Feet up, feet back 
 Watusi, now fly, now Twirl 
They're Twirling the night away
Here's a feller in blue jeans
dancing with the older queen
who's dolled up in a diamond rings
Twirling the night away
Man you oughta see her go
Twirling to the Rock and Roll
Man you find the old and young
Twirling the night away

Come on let's Twirl again like we did last summer
Yea, let's Twirl again like we did last year
Do you remember when things were really hummin'
Yea, let's Twirl again, 
Twirling time is here

Yeah round 'n around 'n up 'n down we go again
Oh baby make me know you love me so then

Come on let's Twirl again like we did last summer

Yea, let's Twirl again, Twirling time is here
Come on let's Twirl again like we did last summer
Yea, let's Twirl again, 
Twirling time is here
You might want to ask...
Why Rose... WHY?
What's with all the incessant TWIRLING??
Why must you twirl so?
What's the twirl about?
For one thing... its FUN to TWIRL!
And for some reason it annoys some people...
ALWAYS a plus.
And Well.

1. Kristen is with Robert.
So sweet together.

2. The MTV Movie Awards are this weekend.
Best Kiss?
Why yes... they most definitely are.
Will they win?
Will they kiss on stage?
They will kiss before the show.
After the show.
And kiss after that kiss...
and after that one...
Get the point?
One MTV kiss does not a relationship make.
In the grand schemes of kisses?
It pales in comparison to reality.
3. Did I already say they are together?
Him and Her and a dog named Bear.
So very very cute.

4. Got your TWIRLING shoes on?
Do you?
Get them all polished and ready to go...
Cause you will be 
Twirling the night away.
Twirling the Summer away
Twirling the rest of the year away
Twirling the next few years away

You get the point.
*poke poke*

This post is brought to you by the letter *T* and Green Sheep.

T for 

T for
Tom Sturridge

T for 
Green Sheep.
Because I do.

Bye for now


Sydney said...

Could they ask themselves just once, why are they so threatened by the MTVMA? It really doesn't make sense. I mean, since Summit rules the world, they've obviously rigged the awards to have them winning Best Kiss....so why the tireless voting against them? What difference does it make?

And since it's PR anyway, and they'v kissed for PR several times already, most recently at Rob's WFE premiere...why should this be any different? Why should this matter? Why would they bother voting against them if it's all for PR anyway?

And if you're a fan of Rob's...why are you voting against him period?

Just some more questions that'll never be answered by the not so bright.

Speaking of not voting...I have voted maybe once or twice. I could honestly sort of not care if they win any MTVMA's. Any awards show where Justin Bieber is a nominee in any category is something I deem somewhat unworthy of my attention. Yes, it'll be funny if they win and the hyenas are left spitting mad and rolling around in their own shit (or is that pigs?? Same dif, I guess), but really? The MTVMA's? Not a big deal to me. The only thing I care about is seeing what Kristen will wear and how gorgeous they'll both look.

Marjorie1211 said...

Rose, you make me feel like twirling. Love the pictures, I can't wait for MTV Awards this weekend. Glad you are back DK.

Penny Lane said...


I love your comments. You are always so thoroughly logical.

I hope everyone is having a good day.

angelica1 said...

Oh Sydney,Sydney......That's what they want you to think.It's all part of the conspiracy and Summit's plan for world domination. They're watching Rose's blog and if any of us say the wrong thing we'll be vaporised or made to listen to Justin Bieber on a loop until the end of time

Freddie said...

Hi Rose,

Really cute post. I see you pulled out some of your favourite pictures.

Sydney - exceptional logic. Yes, why would they care?

Hi Penny and Marjorie and everyone yet to post today. I hope you are all well.

It's wonderfully sunny here in Toronto.....

Freddie said...

Hey Angelica - sorry, I missed you when I was typing. I hope things are good in your neck of the world. How's the back?

Penny - I hope your finger is okay with the sliver. That sounds incredibly painful, so I hope it resolves itself quickly.

Kay said...

Love twirly Tuesdays! :D

Have a great night everyone!

katy said...

Hi, Rose!!

Your post made me giggle and Twirl...'its FUN to TWIRL!'

Hope everyone is well and happy.

Take care

Rhonda said...

Hi Rose,

Fun post, great pics. I'm twirling with you :)

Sydney- Well said, and so true!

Angelica- No, not Bieber on a loop! Lol!

Hi Freddie, PL, Kay, Katy and Marjorie :)

Rhonda said...

Angelica- I love the new avi, very cute :)

Groovie said...

Cute, fun post!
Hope everyone doesn't have the Tuesday-back-to-work-after-a-long-weekend-blues! Lol!

Love all the pix of Rob&Kris "twirling!"

Hello to everyone! Hope u are all well!

Hope said...

Rose...I love when you tell us it is time to twirl.

Kristen and Rob will dominate the MTV Awards regardless if they win or not... just seeing the gorgeous couple together will rock the house. Oh...and I cannot wait to see the clip they reveal of Breaking Dawn Part 1...wedding, honeymoon,ahhhhhhh!!

Hi Everyone!!

Penny Lane said...


You are so sweet. My finger has not gotten gangrenous yet, lol, so all is good. I'm always amazed at how you remember everything people say in their comments.

Hi Angelica, Rhonda and Kay.

Have the boxes disappeared yet or are they just hidden in the garage?

angelica1 said...

Hi Freddie,PL,Kay,Katy,Hope

Rhonda - "Someone" was bored and decided my dog would make a good sunflower.

Rhonda said...

Angelica- Lol, I can't believe your dog was so agreeable!

Dottie- I've used my computer at McDonald's many times ;) I'm glad thing are settling down for you.

Hi Groovie and Hope :)

gigi9598 said...

First Rose, LOVVVVEEE the new picture. Big smile on my face when I saw it. LOVVEEEE the blog, another smile all the way through. (sorry for using caps, but it is all good).....

beaculen said...

LMAO! Great post, and great new banner. Thanks Rose, and thanks Sydney for stating the painfully obvious to the painfully stupid. hahaha.

Hope said...



Freddie...are you there??

Hope said...

ANGELICA...sorry, I can normally spell.

And... I have only had one beer!! LOL

Freddie said...

Hey Hope - how's it going? Did you and the family have a good Memorial Day weekend?

Hey Rhonda, Gigi, Groovie, Katy, Kay, beaculen. I hope all is well.

Hope said...

Hi Freddie...how are you? Yes, we had so much fun cooking out with friends and hanging by our pool.
How was your weekend?

Right now I have a plumber here replacing one of our water heaters that broke on Sunday.

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, I love this blog...it brought a smile to my face and brightened up a gloomy day. So thank you. I love the pictures, and now I am twirling. Can I twirl with you? Twirling is fun. I have voted several times, but like you I don't think it is a big deal, except I think Rob really wants to win the Best Kiss award, so I hope he does. Everybody twirl with us, it is so much fun. Thank you Rose, I really missed you while you were gone.

Freddie said...

Hope - I'm good, thanks. All is quiet here at the moment. After weeks of rain and cold, we've gone up into the 80's today and it's beautiful and sunny. I just turned on the AC so it's not too hot for the cat. He's not spoiled or anything.

I'm glad you had a great weekend. Nothing tastes better than BBQ. I hope your plumbers charge less than they do here. Last time I had a plumber in, I think I ended up owing my first born (so to speak).

dd said...

Hi everybody,

Rose, I always love your twirling posts. And if they annoy some bitter people... I love them even more!

Can't wait to see R&K AND the BD teaser trailer next sunday.

I think it's great they always win all these "popularity" awards. It means they're loved by the public. And I know the public voting in this kind of awards is mostly young... but they will grow with them... and many will continue to follow and suport their carreer.
So, this is the 3rd time they're nominated for best kiss together, and the 5th time for Kristen, in 3 years... how cool is that? Kristen must have great kissing skills, ahah ;)

Rhonda said...

Hope- Sorry about the water heater, hopefully it won't be too expensive.

Freddie- I'm glad you're finally getting some nice weather :)

Freddie said...

Hey Rhonda - how are things??

Rhonda said...

Freddie- I'm good, I hope you are as well. I'm glad you got some sunshine :)

Hope said...

Rhonda, Freddie...

I am thankful for HOT water, but let's just say I would rather spend the money to stay at a 5 star resort for a few nights. LOL

olivia said...

Thank you Rose for the great posts yesterday and today. Love the new banner.

Definitely looking forward to the MTVMA and whatever extra special surprises the show may bring. Hopefully we will get some lovely peeks at Rob and Kristen. The scenes from BD will also be a nice treat. I am and will continue to twirl in honor of Rob and Kristen and little Bear.

Hugs for you Rose, Smitty, Gruff, Syd and all of the wonderful Roseland gang.

dottie said...

Hey everyone! Just a quick drive by tonight.

Penny-You hurt your finger? I must have missed that post. Hope it heals quickly. To answer your question, the boxes are almost completely GONE! Yippee!

Sydney-You are far too logical! If only everyone thought the way you do!

Hope-Glad you have hot water again.

Rhonda-Now that we are neighbors, we need to find a McD's somewhere in the middle and meet there! LOL

Hello to everyone else. I love twirly Rose!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

ROSE...I have twirled and now I am dizzy from it! Enjoyed the post!
Hope everyone has had a good day.

DreamerKind said...

For Rob:

These Foolish Things

Ella Fitzgerald-1957:

A cigarette that bears a lipstick's traces
An airline ticket to romantic places

And still my heart has wings
These foolish things remind me of you

A tinkling piano in the next apartment
Those stumblin' words that told you what my heart meant

A fairground's painted swings
These foolish things remind me of you

You came, you saw, you conquered me
When you did that to me
I knew somehow this had to be

The winds of March that make my heart a dancer
A telephone that rings but who's to answer

Oh, how the ghost of you clings
These foolish things remind me of you

The scent of smouldering leaves the wail of steamers
Two lovers on the street who walk like dreamers

Oh how the ghost of you clings
These foolish things
Remind me of you

How strange, how sweet, to find you still
These things are dear to me
They seem to bring you so near to me

The sigh of midnight trains in empty stations
Silk stockings thrown aside dance invitations

Oh how the ghost of you clings
These foolish things
Remind me of you

Thank you/direfranchement

DreamerKind said...

It's so nice to be back twirling with you, cha, cha, cha and singing, "Solid As A Rock"!

Thanks. Happy to be back and to see you here.

DreamerKind said...

Solid As A Rock

Bim Sherman:

Solid as a rock
You fill the need in me

It's not easy finding
All the loving quality

It's not easy achieving
Maximum loving quality

Always be at peace with your soul
You never were alone

Always be true to yourself
Never was I blue

The others oh, so busy dream
Without surrendering

I see no danger
In your love

So I am hopelessly
Surrendering my love

For always my love
Will be solid as a rock

Thank you/JuraBL

DreamerKind said...

Syd, Oh, Syd!

Am I Blue

Ethel Waters-1929:

I'm just a woman, a lonely woman
Waiting on the weary shore
I'm just a woman that's only human
One you should be sorry for

Work up this morning, long before dawn
Without a warning I found he was gone

How could he do it, why should he do it
He never done it before

Am I blue, am I blue
Ain't these tears in these eyes telling you

Am I blue
Why you'd be too if each plan
With your man done fell through

There was a time
When I was his only one
But now I'm the sad and lonely one...lonely

Was I gay, until today
Now he's gone, and we're through
Am I blue

I know it, he's in Chicago
And I'm down here in Birmingham

I'm trying to get the money
To go and find my honey, I am
Yes, indeed I am

I've got the blues in my heart
And my shoes want to start
Yet I'm in a jam
A terrible jam

How can you ask me am I blue
Why, wouldnt you be too
If each plan with your man
Done fell through

Don't ask me too
Am I blue

Thank you/leanannsidhe

Bren said...

Hey Little Lady,

Fancy, meeting you here.

DreamerKind said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DreamerKind said...

I'm tickled to meet you here! Off I was, searchin', searchin' for tunes, Junes and moons.

Happy 1st of June!

DreamerKind said...

Smitty & Gruff Are Free

Don't Fence Me In

David Byrne:

Oh, give me land, lots of land, under starry skies above
Don't fence me in

Let me ride thru the wide-open country that I love
Don't fence me in

Let me be by myself in the evening breeze
Listen to the murmur of the cottonwood trees

Send me off forever, but I ask you please
Don't fence me in
Don't fence me in

Just turn me loose
Let me straddle my old saddle underneath the western skies

On my cayuse
Let me wander over yonder till I see the mountains rise

I want to ride to the ridge where the west commences
Gaze at the moon until I lose my senses

I can't look at hobbles and I can't stand fences
Don't fence me in
Don't fence me in

Thank you/ivatrinka

Bren said...

I figured that's where you were...

How are you?

I looked for you last week, and heard you were off galavanting...did you have a good time?

How are Gwen, Birdie and Super?

DreamerKind said...

As good of a time as I could..which is a hoot and a holler!

Those dudettes are MIA (Missing In Action) although Super does post most days, and Birdie, too. So, guess I don't know what I'm talking about, as usual.

But Gwen is a naughty girl and hasn't made a peep!

DreamerKind said...

How's tricks with you?

Bren said...

I just went back to working nights, so we can visit more....that's if you are still keeping nightowl hours.

I started to come on the board earlier, but got sidetracked...so I'm off to a great start...

Are you having some wine?

DreamerKind said...

Must have been just a drive by visit for you are gone, like the wind!

DreamerKind said...

No, no wine but I did think of having some along with my Brie and Boule a while ago.

Am I still a nightowl? We'll see, if I can stay up, now that I've been changed into a daytimer of sorts. Cough, cough.

Bren said...

Are you tired mama? Traveling does that to you....

Wasn't Gwen planning a vacation, last time we talked?

I can't get my mojo going myself...

DreamerKind said...

I did tell myself that I would go to bed by 3am, ha, ha.

Traveling does that to me, along with too much merrymaking, spirits, rhumba, rumbling, piehole filling and all that jazz.

Also, hot summer weather, hot breezes, hot men, hot food, hot dogs, make me something else, too.

DreamerKind said...

Gwen may be on vacation, let me check Facebook a minute-I'll be back.

Bren said...

You mean you actually get to bed early?

Didn't you rock n' roll all night in Minnesota?

DreamerKind said...

Gwen hasn't posted since 5/16 on FB, so maybe on vacay after all.

Did I sleep, yes, did I rock, yes.

Bren said...

But you didn't get arrested, which is good....

Bren said...

Besides, I thought only Cleveland Rocks...

word verif..shgxyank---what?

DreamerKind said...

Well, we were feeding the birds fish and potatoes, on a deck at Lake Calhoun.

The restaurant employee came over and said that we might get hollered at for doing it, and we mulled over that possibility and if it would bother us to be hollered at. Those birds got a nice feast until it was gone.

DreamerKind said...

Cleveland needs to rock, and Lake Erie helps it to rock, now that it is clean and sparkling, not like the old polluted waters era.

DreamerKind said...

Oh, and the police did show up when we were at the Hidden Beach on Lake Cedar, and the wild hippie times (modern day) were playing with hula hoops, and some were in their underpants (quite charming) but no one got arrested, then.

Bren said...

Were you asking for toppins to feed the birds like in Mary Poppins?

DreamerKind said...

A big, mountain man type there, made sounds like Chewbacca and walked around with a big stick, but he wasn't arrested either.

Bren said...

Tell me, why did I just have a flashback of "Hair".....

DreamerKind said...

No, we had extra walleye fish and lots of waffle cut, fresh fries from our baskets of that stuff.

It was the best outdoor fish sandwich and fries I've ever had in my life, from a place called "Tin Fish". I mean that.

And it's based on a long life of fish and fries eating to compare and choose the best, ya know?

DreamerKind said...

Maybe cause you're old enough to have a valid flashback to "Hair"?

Bren said...

Holy Moly Lady....

You had a helluva good time, kind of Broadway Musical, Star Wars, and Mary Poppins rolled up into one..

DreamerKind said...

Wanna hear about my deja vu in Minnesota?

Bren said...

Go for it....

MrsNelaRu said...

Thank you, Rose!
You made my day :-)

DreamerKind said...

I'll tell you anyway...

We were driving back to D's house but it was raining and dark. Three of us wanted to stop and eat. The fourth was overruled.

G said there was a restaurant at the next exit about 1/2 a mile ahead. We saw a sign that read "Amish Kitchen" before we took the exit.

We pulled up to the parking lot and I told everyone that I was sure I had been there before. The town was St. Charles and it was also a rest stop for gasoline, etc.

Sure enough, we got into to restaurant as it was closing. I recognized that it was the one, my dearly beloved husband and I had stopped at, the last time we had ever driven home from Minneapolis. How odd was that, for I hadn't remembered the place?

The food was good, the service too and I bought some goodies for the road.

No Amish were present at the restaurant, but we did see a couple of Amish men driving horses and buggies along a side road earlier.

Of all of the gin joints in the world, they had to pick that one, right Bogie?

Bren said...

How serendipitous is that?

How did it affect you, being in there?

DreamerKind said...

The hobby farm we visited earlier, where we met the horses and Henny Penny, had a haunted house set up in one of the barns.

We got to walk through it and experience the reality behind the fantasy (or I wouldn't have been in that place-too chicken, too scary).

Lots and lots of plastic eyeballs, bones, guts, heads, body parts, ghosts, vampires, skeletons, witches, ghouls, knives, hatchets, real mice, and more were there for our viewing pleasure.

The only time I got scared for real was when I saw my face, under a blacklight, in a mirror.

I had great big yellow circles under my eyes, which made me look just like a banshee.

Damn, that collagen-based, "fuck you wrinkles" cream works great. It must scare wrinkles away!

There weren't any wrinkles, only psychedelic, glowing yellow baggy undereyes.

After seeing that, the thought of live mice didn't scare me anymore or less, either.

The townspeople love this haunted house, and J the creator is looking for some spooky clowns to flesh out the collection. If anyone has any to spare, let me know.

DreamerKind said...

Of course, I was thrilled with the Almond Bark, chicken with biscuits and gravy, to get out of the rain, and well, it was cool.

I felt calm, at peace. It was a gift in many ways, one that I'll cherish, the more so, because I had forgotten the memory.

Bren said...

Fuck you wrinkles....hilarious!

I got spooked by a clown when I was young, and from that day forward, I'm really uncomfortable being around them...

I have a good friend that has a clown collection, and being near her curio cabinets with all these different clowns freaks me out.

DreamerKind said...


Kool And The Gang:

Let's take a walk together near the ocean shore
Hand in hand you and I

Let's cherish every moment we have been given
The time is passing by

I often pray before I lay down by your side
If you receive your calling before I awake
Could I make it through the night

Cherish the love we have
We should cherish the life we live
Cherish the love

Cherish the love we have
For as long as we both shall live
Cherish the love

The world is always changing
Nothing stays the same
But love will stand the test of time

The next life that we live in
Remains to be seen
Will you be by my side

Cherish the love we have
We should cherish the life we live
Cherish the love

Cherish the love we have
For as long as we both shall live
Cherish the love

Cherish the love
Cherish the life

Thank you/1Channel4Love

Bren said...

That was your Ken memory, right Barbie?

DreamerKind said...

My son feels the same as you do about clowns. They don't bother me. Lots of folks, hate clowns, it's almost a cult, don't you think?

DreamerKind said...

This Barbie did get her Ken and they lived happily before and for ever after, that's my belief. Keeps me, keeping on.

Bren said...

It's strange--some people think clowns are really funny, while others think they are really scary...

Did your son ever watch the movie "It"?

DreamerKind said...

Not on my watch!

Otherwise, I don't know if he has seen "It" or why he does hate clowns.

I enjoy clown art, oils especially, for they capture the contrasting expressions behind the clown makeup, like sadness, joy, fear, hope, etc. Woulnd't mind owning some but the kids wouldn't visit me then.

Bren said...

That is too funny mama....

I think we might have gone a tad over your bedtime, and mine....

Now that my shift has changed, I can join you most nights....but I can't stay up this late anymore...otherwise, I don't get enough sleep...especially if you make me laugh all night, then I don't get any sleep at all..

DreamerKind said...

I was having trouble getting back here for about 5 minutes anyway, so might as well say, bye.

You're right, not so late that we can't sleep or wake up either, in future chats.

Hoped to see Birdie but she must have flown away.

Sweet dreams...

Bren said...


I've already changed into my pj's and brushed my teeth while waiting for you..

I think you might be in dreamland, and no longer in Roseland...lol

Catch you later, Dreamer.

Birdie said...

DK and Bren,
I am crushed! I missed you both this morning. Another time!
Good day Roseland!

Kenzz said...

Good morning, Roseland! Happy twirling, Rose... :)

Hope said...

BD Part 1 Trailer Sneak Peak!!!!!!


LOOK at Rob's face!!!!

Soleil Anne said...

Let´s twirl & dance & be happy for R/K.

Like you said whether they win at MTV or not does not matter.

Important is that they are present, safe & happy together.

Thanks,Rose, for always finding the right words - funny but so accurate.


Soleil Anne said...

Let´s twirl & dance & be happy for R/K.

Like you said whether they win at MTV or not does not matter.

Important is that they are present, safe & happy together.

Thanks,Rose, for always finding the right words - funny but so accurate.


Soleil Anne said...

Let´s twirl & dance & be happy for R/K.

Like you said whether they win at MTV or not does not matter.

Important is that they are present, safe & happy together.

Thanks,Rose, for always finding the right words - funny but so accurate.


30 said...

Great post Rose.

I dont care if voting for the MTV awards is immature. Fuck that, I will admit it I want those jealous harpies too be GREEN with envy that Rob is sucking face up there on stage with the beautiful, hot gorges Kristen Stewart and loving every minute of it. I will admit my self being selfish here I want Rob too grab her by the neck and back of the hair and go at it baby!


Then I will read the ramblings of the crazy's and enjoy watching them freak out! Come on ya all know you want that too! LMAO

30 said...

Oh here is the link by the way. :)


Oh and a special hello too Miss Smitty! and Roseland I hope all is well with you all in real life. ♥

DreamerKind said...

Thanks for the sneak peek, it is lovely.

Your enthusiasm and passion are catchy!

Happy Day everyone!


(Going sunbathing and wine drinking, starting here, starting now. BBL)

Vangie said...

hi ladies, it's been a very long time since i have posted here, well as some of you may know, i posted on robsessed allot, but not anymore, i opened a twitter account, and there i am, i missed the family spirit, but i was hurt, posting comments a couple times to many, and i am sorta cry baby, at times, so i join twitter, because no one cares, but hello again, and hi rose, people since feb, i move from the US, and settled in the islands, love it for now, just could not take, my mum, siding with my sister and her lazy ass man! but i'm happy now, and boy or boy cannot wait for sunday, to see the beautiful couple