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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Rob and Kristen-- Always End Up Together

Wonky Walk

How adorable is Robert?
So dorky and goofy and sweet.
Don't you just look at him...
and smile?

So Robert landed back in LA yesterday.
and guess what happened next?

What's a day without Drama?
Of course there was drama.
There has to be drama.
This fandom is swimming in it...
The Lunatic Fringe cannot exist without it.


Hater Fringe: Hahahaha! Rob left THAT girl!
We knew he would! He got out of there as fast as he could!

Needy Fringe: OH NO! Why is Rob in LA??
Why did he leave London?? WHY???

Hater Fringe: HAHAHAHA! I hope he doesn't go back until
she leaves! He obviously can't stand her!

Needy Fringe: OH NO! I hope he has work to do!
He just missed Bear! He had to take care of Bear!

Hater Fringe: He did his PR job and now he's done!
He can go back to being in bars and being a manwhore!

Needy Fringe: Hurry back to London, Rob!
Don't stay away too long!!!

It goes on and on.
and on.
and on.
and on.
People making huge drama over nothing.
Rob flew back to LA
Get over it.
He just spent the last 10 days in the same bed 
as Kristen Stewart.
Living with Kristen.
Eating Kristen's cooking.
Going out with Kristen.
Hanging with Kristen.

You can't erase that...
You can't pretend it didn't happen
just because he flew to LA for whatever reason.
And seriously?
Did you see what he brought with him?
What is that?
A pair of pants, socks, underwear and a hoodie?
I don't know...
But I'm guessing he's not long for LA.
He left 2 guitars in London...
And Kristen.

Seriously...How CUTE is this??

I know some people keep wondering why Rob
hasn't brought Bear to London...
and are hoping he is getting set to do that now.
I hope he doesn't do it.
I mean...
I'm sure Kristen misses Bear
but she only has a couple of weeks left
then she can go home and see him.
Flying from LA to London is a long way for a dog.
(and then back again)
And for what?
It's not worth it.
It's hard on dogs.
And I'm sure Bear is perfectly happy romping
with the Woofs and PapaStew!

Art imitating Life?

So what happens next?
Does Rob fly back to London?
(His 'suitcase' suggests he might)
Will he and Kristen then fly back to LA 
when SWATH  wraps?
Do they spend a few weeks in LA
(together... always together)
Then fly back to London for Christmas and/or New Years?
Do you think IOW is off this year?
I'm guessing lots of people will show up and try
to ruin what was obviously something very special
to both Robert and Kristen
And that's a shame.
I hope they can figure it out.

This post is brought to you by LOVE

Rob and Kristen are obviously in love.
You don't stay with someone in the same flat
unless you want to.
There are dozens of examples of people talking about
them being a couple...
There are dozens of photographs showing us
just how much they care about each other.
Rob and Kristen.

Tom looks so happy with Sienna.

And by Tom and Sienna.
Who obviously are in love.
Every picture Tom has a smile on his face...
He holds her hand...
Kisses her...
He looks so happy to be with her.
I will admit that I always thought their pairing was a bit odd
They seem so different...
But it seems to be working for them.
I hope Tom is happy.
I adore him.
He makes me smile.
Be happy Tom.

Bye for now.


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Melinda said...

This was a nice little read while I'm breaking for lunch.

I don't get people AT ALL. Why create such misery over things that have nothing to do with you?

They have things worked out. I trust they know what's best for them. Just going to stay happy for them wherever the road leads. This includes Tom as well.

LoriJ said...

Oh Rose!!! I don't know how you deal with all the ninnies!! I wish I could just take a break for awhile from all of this BS!!..but I am so In Love with Their Love for each Other!! I can't! My brain & my heart won't let me!! I have to see a tiny bit of them at least once every day! Sometimes I think I'm crazy! But then I come here and I know I am not!

Thank You Rose!! :)


dottie said...

Happy Humpday Rose and Roseland!

Rose, the image of Bear romping w/the "woofs" and Papa Stew made me smile.

I like seeing happy Tom, too. It's nice that he, Rob, and Kristen seem to be doing so well both personally and professionally. :)

Am I the only one who dreads dragging out the Christmas decorations? I love it when they are up but hate the putting up and taking down part.

Are we doing a Roseland Christmas recipe exchange this year?

Kay said...

I don't get the drama either....they always end up together....in love.happy.together. :) I hope they are able to find a way to make IOW work for them...it'd be sad to have to give up such a fun tradition because of other people's boundary issues.

Hi Melinda, Dottie, LoriJ and anyone else that stops by...happy hump day, Roseland! <3

Groovie said...

Hello everyone!
Busy day for me so I'm just dropping off a quick hello!
Cute pix!
And I agree about Bear making the trek to London. Its one thing for him to fly private within the US & Canada & quite awful to imagine him crated up in the belly of a commercial jet for 12hrs!
No doubt the furry cutie was in very good hands & well cared for, probably spoiled too! Lol! :)

Have a great hump day everyone, almost to the weekend!

Claire said...

The 'needy fringe' are almost as annoying as the haters...ALMOST.

dottie - I've got my decorations out ready to put up tomorrow. I sent the better half out to get a new tree last week. I didn't expect him to return with something that resembles a fully grown fur tree. It's fucking huge!!! LOL

katy said...

Hi Rose,

Great post!

Rob looks fabulous!! How can he look that good after a long flight?

Whatever the reason for traveling back to the US, I am glad Rob arrived safe and sound.
And I agree, judging by the luggage,it does seems that he won't be in LA for long.

Hope everyone is having a great day. Take care.

Leni said...

Always so much drama in this fandom, it's ridiculous..
Don't get me started on the haters, but i also don't understand the needy fringe - I care(obviously, or I wouldn't be here) but I don't get a heart attack because Rob lands at LAX.. LOL

I did see BD again after work, I went alone because there was no chance that the bf would come with me.. how some of you managed to get your guys to watch it with you is beyond me LOL

Here, we usually put the tree up around December 23rd, some families even wait until the 24th so I still have time :)

Have a great day/evening everyone :)

Rhonda said...

Nice post, Rose <3

I don't understand the constant drama either, there's certainly no need for it...

I'm just happy for Rob and Kristen. Not only do they have each other, but so many great things are happening within their professional lives as well. Kudos to them, they know what their doing :)

I wish Tom all the best too. I hope he is happy and well in all aspects of his life, including Sienna.

Hi Everyone--((Hugs))

Rhonda said...

Dottie- I love the putting up part, just not the taking down :(

ali mac said...

Hello everyone,

I was looking at the photos of Rob landing in L.A over on a certain blog and I had to stop reading the comments they were getting on my wick whinging about him leaving London. As Rose puts it so well, they ALWAYS end up TOGETHER. No need to worry ;)

I'm putting my tree up on Saturday and I love the house decorated it looks so much cosier! However it doesn't seem so long since I took it all down!!

I look forward to seeing whatever Rob and Kristen get up to over the festive season, if we are lucky enough to get any photos.

Sienna is a lucky girl.

Kenzz said...

Love the fact that Rob & Kristen were able to spend some quality time together in London, although I wish the paps weren't parked right outside their flat... Maybe we can get R&K T-shirts made up: "Get Off My Porch" (disclaimer...can't claim credit, saw on Twitter!)

Tom does look sweetly happy with Ms. Miller...

Have a great Wednesday, my friends!

((hugs)) to Rose, Smitty, Gruff, and Syd

Freddie said...

Thanks for the nice calm, sensible post Rose. I’ve been off-line so I’ve missed the drama (and am glad of that fact).

I hope that Rob and Kristen had a wonderful time together in London. As music lovers and great supporters of their friends, I’m glad they got out to some concerts – despite the intrusive eye of the paparazzi – and enjoyed themselves. It is much deserved.

It’s also wonderful to see that all is well with Tom. He seems like a great guy, and is equally deserving of his own happiness.

Olivia – I thought I heard “honey” as well.

I hope all my friends in Roseland are well. Sorry to keep missing you. All going well, I’ll catch up with you all later.

Stay well.

Hope said...

Clever post Rose!

Ahhhhh....just thinking about Bear playing with the Woofs & PapaStew is so sweet. Hope Daddy and Bear are enjoying their time together too.
So...this is Bear's first Christmas?! Wonder what Santa will leave him under the tree.

Hi Everyone! Our home is almost decorated...finally!

Kenzz...LOL...Get Off My Porch!

angelica1 said...

Hi everyone!

Every time I see one of them heading to an airport alone,I'm tempted to stay offline for 48 hours or so,they're all nuts. I don't understand why they feel the need to justify it since Rob and Kristen are seemingly fine with their respective comings and goings. It's less than 4 weeks to Christmas, you'd think these fools might have something more pressing to think about.

Leni - It really isn't difficult to persuade them to go with you, you're just not trying ;)

Claire said...

I had no real opinion on Sienna, I didn't hate her and didn't like her, I was completely meh about her. But after hearing her evidence at the Leveson inquiry I've got so much respect for her. To put up with what she did at the hands of the paps was not on.

She said that the only reason grown men got away with chasing a young woman down the street was because they had camera's in their possession, and it's so true.

It makes you realise that in some cases actors may well get payed millions to make movies, but they are subjected to things that ordinary civilians aren't. Even though they are in the public eye that shouldn't give these paps the right to hound them at any given chance.

As for Mr Sturridge, I hope he's enjoying himself filming 'Effie'. I saw a still yesterday with Dakota and Emma Thompson. The costumes look INCREDIBLE.

BloatedToad3 said...

Ok, as usual, I'm late to the party! Damn! I didn't see your new post today 'til now, Rose (LOVE it BTW, so witty & spirited). I posted my 1st comment ever on your Sat, Nov. 26th post which should've appeared last night, but due to technical difficulties on my part, it didn't appear on that post 'til late this afternoon. Too bad--I had commented on a dilemma that Olivia, Angelica, Rhonda, & Super (Katy, too) had regarding what Edward said to Bella during the childbirth scene (most of what he said was said so quietly) & having seen BD1 for the 4th time yesterday (but who's counting), I thought I'd pass that dialogue along. So, if you're interested, girls, check out the last comment on the previous post.

Hello Rose & everyone else here who has already posted & who has yet to post! Just thought I'd stop by--I'm glad to finally be here (shout out from the Northeast--where it seems we are having a bit of Spring, which beats hurricanes in Aug., snowstorms in Nov., trees & power lines down for days w/no power for a week at a time--not complaining, love the warmth for now)! For anyone whose interested, Pirate Radio is on Cinemax right now--love this movie & the music!

LoriJ ~ I agree with your sentiments about Rob + Kristen. I love them individually & together & am in love with their love--you put it so well! I was concerned for myself for awhile 'til I realized that I wasn't the only one who felt this way--it's so nice to have a place to share similar passions. I am amazed by their similar work ethic, family values (of decency, integrity, & staying with the same person you marry) & by how they "get it" at such young ages!!! I'm inspired by their love for each other (that "die-hard investment that's nice, but kinda rare" as Kristen put it in an interview recently). They give me hope that their kind of love is beautiful, exists & is one we can all strive to have if we want it (& to those of you have been fortunate to have found it, bless you!).

Rose's caption under the wedding pic, "art imitating life?"...there was a lot of what looked like their true feelings for each other in BD1--very different from how they acted in New Moon & Eclipse--thank you Bill Condon! The wedding kiss, that could've been a movie all on its own!!! (oh, my!)

As far as the drama, the haters, the non-believers, whatever you call them, I'll sum it up by saying that with ACCEPTANCE, comes LOVE (ok, i'm into yoga & meditation, does it show?). But truthfully, R+K are just two people who want to live their lives, much like us. They give us plenty by way of their movies, the premieres, interviews, articles & photos, etc...whether you love or hate them, believe or disbelieve them, or are indifferent, everyone has the right to a happy life (without scorn or interference), even your enemy (this is getting too preachy & biblical, sorry, don't mean to be, just getting a little too passionate about the whole thing).

On that note, may R+K continue to inspire me to find true love, be authentic, & live a life of intention!!! <333 to all here!

beacullen said...

I am still amazed that the people that claim to not care, are the loudest voices whenever Rob does anything. I hope they get to have some down time during the holidays. Stupid ninnies lol.

Omoiyari said...

nonsten,nonsten they need a new hobby

it's not my business ,but I don't buy tom and sienna love story .

Rhonda said...

DK- A Roseland get-together at Biltmore would be fun--if we could ever work it out. Life keeps us way too busy sometimes...

BloatedToad3- Welcome :)

Berry said...

Hello everyone in Roseland! Rose loved this post...People just need to take a chill pill! I loved seeing Rob in London with Kristen but hated the paps hanging out. So maybe it is good he is in LA for now.

Dottie I have not begun to decorate for Xmas...I am having a hard time getting motivated and I don't mind decorating is is just the thought that it all has to come back down!

Claire said...

BloatedToad - You may possess the best username I have ever seen PMSL

angelica1 said...

BloatedToad3 - You do realise I'm going to get thrown out of the cinema and/or arrested, for recording the dialogue so I can analyse it later, for Olivia's benefit? Well you can come and bail me out,Missy!!

angelica1 said...

Claire - What or who does that username make you think of?

Rhonda said...

Angelica- I'm using Olivia as my excuse for going back too...LOL

Sorry, Olivia ;)

Leni said...

Now I really want to know what YOU did, to persuade your husband to go with you ;)

Welcome :)

angelica1 said...

Leni - I couldn't possibly comment in a public forum.La Perla do make some lovely things though......;)

Leni said...

PMSL.. I will keep that in mind for the next movie I want to see.. LOL

Rhonda said...

Angelica & Leni- I've found those tactics do work quite well--LOL ;)

Claire said...

angelica - I don't know :/ It's probably so obvious and I'm going to feel like a proper plank when you tell me LOL

Teeth said...

Good post, I love these things.
I'm counting down the months till Snow White comes out, which I will most definitely be dragging my friends to see!

Fiorels said...

I agree with Claire.
Needy ones are almost worse than haters.
What drama needs to be put up everytime they are apart?
Again, their relationship. Not ours. Not others.
Of course they know how to manage it after all this time...

Glad i'm having busy time at the moment hehe.

leni- do you really put up Xmas tree on the 23rd? Wo, never heard of that lol
we usualy put it up on the 8th here but my family and I always end up doing it a bit later hehe

Kenzz- lol that would be hilarious though haha

Welcome BloatedToad3 and have a great day you all!

Thanks for the post and common sense Rose.

dottie said...

Leni-You put your tree up on the 23rd? When do you take it down?

Welcome Bloated Toad. Cute name :)

Hey funny friends! I'm enjoying a cup of coffee whilst reading your comments.

Leni said...

Yes, we do that. I'm sure some will put their trees up earlier, but all people that I know do it on the 22nd, 23rd or even 24th.

Hope you are well :)

Leni said...

Usually on January 6th

sjjw said...

Hi everyone! I haven't been around much ~ great post on all the b.s. I try so so hard to ignore it, but boy are some people really LOUD!

I hope everyone had a super marvelous Thanksgiving. I sure did. Anyone eat any turducken? (remember that discussion last year regs?? lol)

I've missed chatting with you all ~ I will check back in later this evening, hoping to find some of you here.

AND, Tom sure does look happy. I love it when people are happy, and I am happy he and Sienna are happy!!

Ciao ~ sj

Rhonda said...

Hi Sj- No turducken for me, but I remember ;)

Leni & dottie- I have all my decorations up :)

angelica1 said...

Leni - I put mine up on 23rd usually, I can't cope with the dogs fighting it and barking at the lights any earlier.LOL

angelica1 said...

Hi sj :)

dottie said...

Leni, We put our tree up much earlier but usually leave it up till the 6th too. Epiphany is a great excuse for procrastination in my home! hehe

Hi SJ! Yes, the drama is especially loud today. :( Roseland is a nice place to run when it gets to be too much.

Leni said...

My dog is scared of the christmas tree.. she keeps a safe distance from it and eyes it suspiciously LOL

PL said...

Hi everyone,

I see there has been drama or maybe drama or wishful drama yet again. The comings and goings of 2 people really shouldn't matter so much.

Bloated Toad, Let me join in welcoming you also.

I actually thought of the whole turducken convo while preparing the turkey this year. The things we learn in Roseland.

My tree goes up this weekend because I insist it has to be after Dec. 1.

I'm so proud of all you for making your sacrifice in Olivia's name and going to see BD another time. You're all so selfless.

dottie said...

PL, Always so sensible! :P

Awww New Moon is on right now. Golly! I hope Bella makes it in time to save silly Edward! How does she look so beautiful while running? I would look like a crazy mess!

Rhonda said...

Angelica- LOL do they try and knock the tree down? When I was a kid, we had a dog that knocked the tree down at least once every Christmas :)

angelica1 said...

Rhonda - One barks at the lights, the other tries to climb it. It's quite stressful!

Anonymous said...

U guys put me in a really good mood w the Christmas tree talk!! I LOVE setting it up! I already did the one at my mom's house my little brother was going nuts n wanted to put it up! So we did that right after thanksgiving lol it's easy cause it's a crazy tree like they choose ALL the ornaments n no color just lol we call it the Vegas light up ceremony so many lights n stuff. I just have to do the one in my house now lol I'm still not sure about the color but most of the stuff I bought just like green n blue so idk maybe those two only n I can't like all the stuff lol I even got a train to put under it n a little village lol I know I'm such a nerd so boring but I like all this stuff my BF hes like babe u think ur done now? Lol i dont think so but whatever. Okay I finally got a break I didn't even do lunch but it's cool.

Dreamer I'll be back tonight so we can catch up bye

Rhonda said...

Hi PL :)

Rhonda said...

Hi Emilia- It sounds like you're staying very busy. I hope all is going well :)

Anonymous said...

Angelica omg my dog he's just as crazy u have no idea how long it took to get him to chill so we could untangle all the lights off him he's insane okay lol gotta go for real bye

Rhonda said...

Angelica- Mine would tear all the bows off the presents too :)

PL said...

Hi Rhonda and Dottie,

I don't know if I like being called sensible. Makes me think of an old pair of granny shoes.


Don't worry about tree color. It's yours so do whatever you want.

I've had cats climb the tree or just sit under it all the time but my stupid STFU is afraid of it.

dottie said...

PL -- NOOOO!!!! You are SO NOT a pair of Granny shoes! You're a pair of sexy stilettos! Red ones!

I don't have a pet/Christmas tree story, but when I was in Elementary school our teacher invited the whole class to her house for a party and some boys started wrestling around and knocked the tree down! It was a HUGE tree too! Needless to say, the party was over...

Rhonda said...

Dottie- LOL was there a party the next year, or did that end it for good?

angelica1 said...

Emilia - That's quite a mental picture.LOL

PL - STFU2 doesn't like it much either, it's the older one,the delinquent,that attacks it!

Claire said...

Do any of you put lights on the exterior of your house?

Rhonda said...

Claire- I don't put lights on the house, but I do have lighted wreaths :)

dottie said...

Rhonda, I can't recall but I seriously doubt it! lol

Claire, If I let him, my hubs would have so many lights on the house airplanes would be trying to land in the yard. We usually put up some lights but I TRY to keep it very simple.

Leni said...

No I just decorate inside

Rhonda said...

Dottie- HaHa..your husband sounds like my brother-in-law--he lights everything up! LOL

angelica1 said...

Claire - I don't because I can't be bothered. Someone round the corner has these weird blue lights that look like water running down the front of the house - they always make me want to go to the loo!

Claire said...

Rhonda & dottie - He wants to get lights and put them all around the house!!! If that wasn't enough, he's just told me he's saw a 7-foot snowman that flashes, he also wants to put that on the roof O_O

My electricity bill is going to be fucking sky high LOL

I honestly think he has an ulterior motive. He's going to pretend he's pulled a muscle in his back or something. Just so I'll wait on him hand and foot. The shady bastard. LOL

Claire said...

Leni - That's what we usually do.

angelica - I know the type you're talking about.

Leni said...

We don't have a house, but I'm sure if we had he would be the same way.. sometimes I think he's more into Christmas than I am LOL

PL said...


My backyard currently has 12 spruce trees and 2 ornamental trees that have lights on them. The front of the house has 2 wreaths and bushes and trees with lights. We have so many lights that we have to divide up which circuit to have them connected to so we aren't having things tripping the circuits. It is all Mr PL. I would be happy with a couple wreaths.

Rhonda said...

Claire- LOL! It must be a man thing, I guess. My brother-in-law tries to one up his neighbors too..like it's a competition ;)

dottie said...

Claire-You better get a handle on that situation ASAP! hahaha

Awww Showtime just did a little thing about BD and showed interview excerpts I hadn't seen before. What a treat!

Rhonda said...

PL- LOL I wonder why they do that? It's like they have to go bigger and brighter every year..Hahaha

PL said...


Maybe I should tell him that people might think a large amount of lighting is a stand in for a smaller something else. You know, men who drive big cars... That might stop him from putting more lights out like he's talking about.

Claire said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
angelica1 said...

Claire - I think I'd refer him to PL's previous comment.LOL

Claire said...

Honestly girls, the lights I don't really mind. But a 7-foot flashing snowman? He's having a fucking laugh isn't he?

Claire said...

angelica - I might just do that LOL

PL said...


It isn't one of those damn inflatable snowmen is it? I don't want to offend anyone here, but I really hate those things. What does Scooby Do in an inflatable snowglobe have to do with Christmas? Several people on my street have those damn inflatables and I feel like I'm driving through Walmart.

Claire said...

PL - I don't know if it's inflatable or not. All I know is that it's 7-foot and flashes red lights. My house is going to look like Santa's grotto.
He should just go the whole hog and rent out some fucking reindeer to make it authentic LOL

dottie said...

The worst thing about the inflatables is that during the day people turn off the generator and it deflates, leaving what looks like an opened parachute laying on the ground.

Good luck with that situation, Claire. ;)

Rhonda said...

PL- HaHa..that might be a blow to his ego, but would it stop him?

Claire said...

dottie - LOL

Rhonda said...

Claire- LOL the reindeer might be cute ;)

Claire said...

Rhonda - Until they shit all over the place. LOL

Rhonda said...

Claire- Ummm, yeah, forgot about that...not so cute :(

Claire said...

Rhonda - And I certainly wouldn't be cleaning up after them.

Rhonda said...

Claire- LOL that's when he'd say he threw his back out :)

Claire said...

Rhonda - Exactly LOL

angelica1 said...

Claire - I do like to talk to the reindeer outside IKEA, I don't think I'd want them in my garden though.

PL - Those inflatables are just idiotic,they make no sense!

Lanette said...

I always look forward to reading your comments about Rob and Kristen. I really wish people would leave them alone and cut out the drama. I really think people love living the the land of denial about their relationship. I guess haters will hate no matter what. Keep up the good work.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Good Evening ROSELAND...

How wonderful to log on tonight and find a new post and lots of posters!!!!

WELCOME BLOATED....Totally loved the name and the post...we all agree with you...great minds:)

RHONDA..How are you this week??? Is it cold there??? It was 80 on Tuesday and now its 34 here this morning....brrrr...we are just "sissys" here in the South!

Loved the post ROSE...Love to all the regs and love to SYD(where are you SYD???? Gone TOOOOOOOO LOOOONNNGGGGG!!! SMITTY...YOU TOO!!!! and GRUFF....WAY TOO LONG!!!! xoxoxoxo

DK.....You must be out this evening. I enjoyed the songs you posted this morning and I am ready to go anywhere you wanna go!!!! TTYL:)

Barbara Fenwick said...

Great post Rose, as allways. I missed all the posts about Robert returning to LA. I am sure he has business to attend to and will return to Kristen ASAP. I expect he will show up for the SWARTH party if he possibly can.

I have put my tree up but that is as far as I have gotten. It is hard for me to get into the holidays since my husband passed, but I try.

I agree with everybody about Tom, he looks very happy. I have no feelings about Sienna one way or the other, but she seems to make him happy.

Happy Holidays Roselanders.

Rhonda said...

Super- it's cold here too. We had a rain/snow/sleet mix all of Tues & Wed :(

Rhonda said...

Barbara- Happy Holidays to you, as well. I don't know when your husband passed, but I'm very sorry for your loss..((Hugs))

angelica1 said...

Barbara - I'm sorry to hear that,Christmas is always especially hard when someone important is missing :(

Claire said...

angelica - What did BloatedToad's name remind you of? I'm curious LOL

PL said...


I'm sorry you have someone missing this Holiday Season.

Stick around and visit with us sometime. You'll have fun.

dottie said...

Barbara, So sorry for your loss & wishing you a peaceful holiday season. Like PL said, we'd love to have you hang around for a chat sometime.

Vangie said...

Hello ladies! how was your weekend?seems as though, i'm not to see BD, first i could not anyone to take me, then from thursday, i have been flat in bed, with some sort of virus, and with my MS, not good! it's really bad, and i'm totally sad, SHIT HAPPENED!i'm looking for a christmas, so maybe i'll steal, one from you ladies, so if you see your avi on twitter, it's just me! lol

Vangie said...

Hello ladies! how was your weekend?seems as though, i'm not to see BD, first i could not anyone to take me, then from thursday, i have been flat in bed, with some sort of virus, and with my MS, not good! it's really bad, and i'm totally sad, SHIT HAPPENED!i'm looking for a christmas, so maybe i'll steal, one from you ladies, so if you see your avi on twitter, it's just me! lol

Rhonda said...

Vangie- I'm sorry you've been sick, I hope you get feeling better soon. Also, I wish for you to see BD--you must make someone take you :)

BloatedToad3 said...

Thank you all for such a warm welcome! I've been enjoying all your comments--you're all a hoot & i've loved all your stories about your animals & Christmas trees & decorations!

Dottie ~ I was watching Showtime also & caught the end of New Moon (run, Bella, run!) and Eclipse is on now (hitch that leg, woohoo!). I saw the nice little feature on BD, too--I hadn't heard those interviews before either. I loved when the actors were being asked about the best baby gift you could give Renesme, Peter & Elizabeth said an assortment of clothes in different sizes, Kristen said a computer because by 2 she's so self sufficient, and Rob said some annoying relatives that noone will miss so she can chew on them!!! (haha, so cute & very funny!) :- D

Rhonda + Dottie ~ I think your bro-in-law & hubby may have seen "Deck the Halls" (with Matthew Broderick, Danny DeVito, & Kristin Chenoweth) one too many times-- instead of trying to light your houses so they can be seen from a satellite (as in the movie), your men light up your houses & yards as potential alternate landing fields!!! (could they BE any more cute & silly! JK!) :- D

Claire ~ I think your hubby's been totally inspired by "Christmas With The Kranks" (with Tim Allen, Jamie Lee Curtis, & Dan Aykroyd) where everyone in the neighborhood is required to put a giant plastic snowman, called "Frosty", on their roofs, every Christmas until one year, Tim Allen & Jamie Lee Curtis boycotted Christmas because their only child was in the Peace Corps for the holiday. (You know men & their TV shows!!!) LOL ;)

As for me, I've gotten into putting lights in specific trees in my front landscaping--it can get really creative. But like you Claire, I realized that it was costing me a fortune in electricity! I feel like an idiot because I didn't figure it out until this year when both my kids went to college & i did an analysis of all my utility bills to see how else I could be cost-conscious. So far, December & January months stick out significantly because of the Xmas lights--looks like Scrooge may be making an appearance this year! o_O

Well, I tend to get a little long-winded when I get going, so I'll stop commenting for now. I'll visit again later as I'm a night owl. You're all lovely & a ton of fun!!! Ta-Ta for now!!! <333

Kenzz said...

BloatedToad: Welcome to a fellow Northeastener... we've certainly been spoiled by November, haven't we?

Vangie: Get well SOON!

dottie: Roseland recipe exchange again... YES!

Leni: Seems to be that angelica, Rhonda, and I are all in accord as to how to convince the significant other to accompany us to BD :)

HI Emilia: love your dog entanglement story!

Hope & Rhonda: Almost all done decorating? Really?! (Show-offs!!! haha)

sjjw: The turducken... How could any of us "regs" forget?! When I was looking up recipes for Thanksgiving, I came across a recipe for turducken and immediately thought of Smitty!!

BarbaraFenwick: I'm so sorry about spending the holidays while missing your beloved, but know you're not alone while "conversing" with all of us here in the Roseland community...

Groovie said...

Loved reading all your xmas decorating stuff.
I got off work & am now heading over to my parent's house to do the outside xmas lights.
Because I'm the only one that can do it efficiently and effectively! Lol! I took over for my Dad when I was 12 cuz he was lame and would do like a strand of lights at the top of the house & that's it. I was like dude, we can make it so much cooler! So he said "do it yourself then!" So here I am, 18 years later..still doing it. Lol!
The fact that I'm doing it in the dark, after work, proves what I have been telling them for 20 years, I'm their golden child. Hahaha :)

Kenzz said...

Groovie: What a good daughter you are!

Reminds me of when I was about that tender age, my Mom let my sis, me, and our Dad decorate the tree while she was out (well, thinking back, I'm not 100% sure there was actually permission granted!). Dad encouraged us to stand a few feet away from the tree and throw handfuls of silver tinsel at it. When we were done, it appeared that a roll of tinfoil had been shredded in an explosion!

As expected, Mom came home and removed each and every piece of tinsel, which she meticulously rehung in a more mother-approved fashion. (Must explain why I've never had tinsel on OUR tree...the trauma! lol)

Hope your decorating at the 'rents is more productive :)

Freddie said...

Hi ladies,

I’m just stopping in before I call it a night. It took me awhile to catch up on the posts from this afternoon:

So….I’m the Scrooge on the street. I don’t put up Christmas decorations inside or out as I’m never home for Christmas. I’m usually at my folks place so I do my decorating there with my mom. So, you won't find an inflatable Snowman outside my place.

PL – I’m sure Mr. PL did a great job. Your place sounds great.

BloatedToad: you already know of Rose’s many talents and that Roselanders are a fiercely protective, smart, funny and supportive group of ladies and men. Welcome to the blog. Oh, and we’re always accepting new members to the Northeast Chapter.

Super and Rhonda – hang in there with the cold. We’re starting to get it this week too.

dottie – I’m up for a recipe exchange again this year, if others are.

Hope – yes…I’d love to know what Bear will get for his first Christmas. Lucky pup.

Angelica – how selfless of you to offer to go see BD again to help Olivia out. LOL. Inquiring minds want to know. Let us know what you hear….

Claire – “proper plank” – love it.

sj – did you have turducken or just remember the discussion from last year?? Any first hand account to share?

Emilia – enjoy your tree trimming. As others have said…just do it your way.

Barbara – it sounds like you’ve made a good start with putting up your tree. I hope you can find joy in the season despite your loss.

Vangie – hang in there. I hope you feel better and get a chance to see BD soon.

Kenzz – long time no talk to. I hope you and the family are well.

DK - have a good night if you drop in for the late shift.

To everyone else, I hope you are all well and have a good rest of the week.

DreamerKind said...

Good morning!

Loving all of the decorating and other holiday stories. Last year, I was obsessed with having a pink tree, and now can just enjoy decorating it and my new place.

When I was little, we also got our tree and decorated it on the 23rd or 24th of December. As an adult, I really get more into it earlier.

It is hard to keep your spirits up, when you are sad from a loss. I so understand that feeling, and will be wishing you peace.

I've been out all day, until just now (you were right). The hours flew by, and now I need to get some sleep to get up early again today.

Thanks for thinking of me.

Sorry to miss you tonight. We will catch up soon. So happy that you enjoy decorating and the holiday season so much.

Sure am enjoying your comments. Glad you took up my suggestion to unlurk. Welcome.

Things will get better, you'll see.

"The world in solemn stillness lay, to hear the angels sing."

I'm off, singing, too.

Birdie said...

"Always end up together". For a young couple that is required to spend time apart,it speaks volumes about how secure they feel about their relationship.
I'm happy that Mr. Blue-Eyes is happy.
Loved the "Get Off My Porch".
I'd be up for a recipe exchange-something besides just cookies?
Loved all the chatter last night,nice to see so many of you here and welcome to the new voices.

Off to work soon. Have a fantastic day everyone!

Birdie said...

Damn, didn't see you there! One of these mornings..

olivia said...

Good morning dear Rose and Roseland,

Sorry I missed the good chat last night. Hi to everyone. Special hugs to Barbara.

A big welcome to BloatedToad3 (BT3), so happy that you decided to join Roseland. This is such a nice place. Loved your rundown on the scene in question.

Thank you to Katy, and all the "selfless" Roselanders ( A : ) and a hug to PL ) who will see BD again in the name of accuracy.

Rhonda, Super and DK....I have never been to the Biltmore, and a trip there sounds very fun.

Freddie, I am another one who no longer does a big decorating job for the holidays. A small table top tree, a few festive wreaths and figurines and a very special handmade rustic nativity ( a treasured gift from 1978 ), are all that I now place around the house. Quick, easy, but very meaningful. I do play lots of holiday music.

So happy that Tom and Sienna are happy.

Have a wonderful Thursday. Am off to school.
Hugs for y'all.
Hugs for Smitty, Gruff and Syd.

Kay said...

Barbara - I am so sorry for your loss.

Wishing peace and strength for everyone out there that is missing loved ones during the holidays. ((hugs)) <3

Leni said...

So sorry for your loss.
Come and talk to us all here some more if you feel like it :)

Have a great day everyone :)

Annie said...

Good morning Roseland!

I missed the fun conversation last night........again.

I hope everyone has a great day today and welcome to those new to Roseland ( Roseland is a beautiful place to be)

To Barbara: I'm so sorry for your loss. The holidays make such a loss especially tough.
We're here if you need us.
Here's a great new video:


Sydney said...

Morning ladies!

I started reading Twilight again last night...I haven't read it in years. I am so happy to find that it still affects me the way it did the first time. Such a sweet story. And it just confirms to me, once again, that the only people in the world who could have played Edward and Bella were the ones cast. I can see them so perfectly as I read.

Anyway...have I been in here since Thanksgiving? I don't even know. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend!

Leni said...

That's a great video - thanks :)

I just saw this cute R/K and Taylor Interview:


Claire said...

A boiler Rob? Really? PMSL

It's cute that Kristen likes to give pets as gifts.

ali mac said...

When I was on my way to the supermarket today I passed a house with a HUGH blow-up snowman and a likkle baby snowman standing beside it, I really laughed thinking about what everyone was saying on here yesterday, these people didn't even have a front garden just a little patch of concrete!!

I laughed at Rob and the boiler :0) so cute but so genuine, looking after his parents, very endearing.

What sort of recipes do you swap on here? cos I'm trying to think of a nice dessert to do on Christmas day, if anyone has any suggestions...

BloatedToad3 said...

Good afternoon Rose & Roseland! I'm still enjoying all your comments & appreciating all the love & warm welcomes here!!! (smiling & strangely thinking of the theme to Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, weird, ik!)

Just a few quick shout-outs:

Barbara ~ sending you love + hugs!

DK ~ Thank you again for your timely encouragement to leave lurker statis & join this awesome Roseland community (big smile).

Olivia ~ Again, timing. Thank you for questioning that scene because I had just come back from seeing BD (again), with that very scene in mind, compelled to know what Edward said to dying Bella & there was your comment! (ok, this may sound ridiculous, but I know I can say this here...I scribbled down that scene word-for-word, in the dark theater, on a piece of paper I had in my bag, ik, weird...but to my credit, it was hard to hear him, especially when people are talking around you.) Angelica, no need to bring a recording device in next time you go, I've got it all on paper! 8-/

Annie ~ Thx--loved the video you recommended (saw it the other day & bookmarked it). Avril Lavigne & her song "Wish You Were Here" so remind me of Kristen...if any of you watch it, pay attention to how the words match her actions. LOVE KRISTEN!!!

To those of you who are a fan of Kristen & in response to you, Annie, you may like this one by xFiorels90 from 11/22/11 (you may have already seen it) called
kristen stewart: "what makes you beautiful"


It's up to 62,162 hits last time I checked so, let's show it some love.

Leni ~ Thx--loved your suggested video as well. (PMSL) Hey, Claire & ali mac, agree with you both, but boilers are really expensive to replace & I just think Rob likes to take care of his loved ones :))) !

Because I'm feeling quite sappy happy right now, I want to share this video from Libenet from 11/28/11 (you may have watched it already) called Robsten on Marriage & Parenthood-You are my Bride.


IMO, there's no denying their relationship & I'm convinced that anyone who does is either a very jealous or hateful person AND/OR really doesn't care two shits about them or the whole Twilight thing anyway & really has nothing else better to do with their time. I think I care so much because, like other true fans, I witnessed them falling in love from the beginning--the romantic aspect of Twilight basically came true for them--and that's kinda nice. Rob said in the beginning that Kristen has gone through the exact same thing he has & he can relate to her...this fact, the fact they have a history together now, & the fact that they have so much in common (from their backgrounds to their mannerisms) are why they are together & meant to be.

Kenzz ~ Hello my fellow Northeasterner--a little cooler for Dec 1st but still a beautiful, sunny day. Off to do some yard clean up now (woohoo)!

Bye for now. <333

dottie said...

Happy December, Roseland buds!

I was thinking about the recipe exchange... we have such a diverse group of people here, I would love it if some of you shared your traditional Christmas recipes/menus w/us. It's always interesting to learn what other families and cultures prepare for the holidays. Of course we can also share favorite Christmas desserts, drinks,.... as well. The more, the better! :) Just a thought.

Robert, We haven't seen you around lately. How goes the recovery?

Hope all of you are well and happy!

What the?!?!?! My word verification is pooper! :O

Anonymous said...

Dreamer happy to see u were out n having so much fun! I'm working but what else is new n having such crap day! people could be so like idk! Sorry gotta go just out for a smoke n back to it. It's like two more weeks of crazy for me n i hope I make it to Christmas alive.
Really hope u guys r having a much better day bye

Claire said...

dottie - We go to his parents for Christmas so I can't share any recipes (I can't cook to save my life). We stay there on Christmas Eve, the men go to the pub at midday on Christmas Day. I help with what I can dinner wise (not much LOL). We sit down to eat around 3-4, and then everybody flakes out for the rest of the day.

Boxing Day is another day that we do absolutely NOTHING except eat chocolate and drink alcohol. We then have a couple of days to try and recover for New Years Eve.

OMG I love Christmas so fucking much LOL.

This might sound like something a child would do but I watch the same movies EVERY Boxing Day. 'The Santa Clause' with Tim Allen, 'Love Actually, and 'Home Alone' 1&2.

Claire said...

Seeing as it's the first day of December I've decided to go with a festive avi. LOL

Robert said...

So i am back from houston where they have turned me on

and i'm doing very well, playing the guitar again and riding my stationary bike. i feel like i could play basketball but i want to take it slow. baby steps you know

the doctor tells me the fine tuning thing is a long process, they set the rate of impulses sent to my brain for stimulation and they send me away to see how it works. the goal is to get me moving without having to take medicine. right now the stimulator is turned on very low and i am taking all of my medicine. to be honest i still feel rigid when i first take my medicine but when it hits me i am better than i have been at any time in the last 13 years. so in 3 weeks i go back and get them to turn it up a little but i am really doing well now, for instance i just typed this whole message with two hands

thanks to everyone for your prayers and concern

angelica1 said...

Robert - So glad to hear you're doing well!

Claire - That's what Boxing Day is for, chocolate, alcohol and watching the same old films again :)

Claire said...

Robert - I'm glad you're feeling well. And you're right, baby steps and all that.

Good luck when you go back in 3 weeks. xxx

Leni said...

So happy for you :) Thanks for keeping us updated!

Love that new avi.. I also watch the same movies every year :)

Claire said...

angelica - It so is!!! Copious amounts of Quality Street and lager finds it way down my neck LOL

Claire said...

Leni - It's my little tradition LOL

Leni said...

I also have so many christmas traditions.. it may sound stupid but they really make me happy LOL

ali mac said...

I Love Christmas movies "The Santa Clause" is one of my favourites too!!

As for t.v this Christmas I'm looking forward to the Downton Abbey Christmas special!!!

ali mac said...

@ Claire, Roses are better than Quality Street!!

angelica1 said...

Ali Mac - I'll be eating Matchmakers, I ave a nut allergy,there's only about 3 things I'm allowed!!

Claire said...

ali - I like Roses too, and Celebrations. I like any kind of chocolate actually LOL

ali mac said...

@ Angelica Orange matchmakers are to die for!! once I start a box I can't stop lol!!

@ Claire, choclate is my biggest downfall ;)

Claire said...

ali - Chocolate is my second biggest downfall after uhm *clears throat*....yeah. PMSL

ali mac said...

Goodnight Roselanders, bed is calling me.

katy said...

Hello Roseland!!

Barbara, I'm so sorry for you loss. Wishing you peace. HUGS

Robert, I'm glad you're doing well!!

Leni, Thanks for the link of that interview.
I think it's the sweetest thing Kristen loving giving pets has gifts. And I think is very thoughtful of Rob wanting to give is parents a boiler since the one they have keeps breaking. It's sweet, how he's just taking care of them. And I'm sure his parents will appreciate whatever he gives them.

Welcome Bloated!! thanks for the Fiorels and Libenet link vid, 'Robsten on Marriage & Parenthood-You are my Bride' video is SO sweet. I first saw it a couple days a go...and know i've seen it an embarrasing amount of times...yeah, I am also a very sappy person.

Dottie, Love the idea of sharing traditional Christmas recipes/menus!!

Claire, Love your new Avi!!

Hope everyone is having a great day. Take care

Super RN Gas Passer said...

HI Roseland... I am home alone and enjoying dinner, a coke and vodka , and the news...and of course peeing in to see what's going on in my favorite place!!

Happy Boxing Day Angelica,Claire,LJ, and all Englanders!!!! Alchohol and Chocolate sounds good to me!!!!!

So when shall we start the recipe exchange??? I look forward to that!!!!

Love to All!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Sorry. That was supposedto be. Peeking!!hahaha

Rhonda said...

Robert- Thanks for the update, so happy to hear things are going well. Take care..

Angelica- I'm not sure exactly what Roses, Quality Street, Celebrations, and Matchmakers are, but I'll take some of each ;)

Ali Mac- Chocolate and coffee are two of my essentials :)

Hi everyone- I hope it's been a great day...

Kenzz said...

A quick drive-by, as making dinner calls...

Robert: Very relieved to hear of your progress!

Super: OMG... peeing instead of peeking... I'm dying :))

Claire: Your XMas sounds like "da bomb"!! :) For those of you who don't cook, we'll be depending on you to come up with a fancy holiday drink recipe <3

dottie said...

Robert, It's good to hear you are making progress. Thanks for keeping us up to date.

Claire, Your holiday sounds great to me! I may have to adopt your Boxing Day traditions for myself. :)

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Robert...I meant to say congrats!!!!Thanks for the update!!! Wonderful news!!

Claire said...

Kenzz - A holiday drink recipe? Simple - as much as your body allows LOL

PL said...

I know I've missed some comments so have you decided on the theme of the recipe exchange? If not, I was thinking Beginnings and Endings meaning appetizers and desserts. Could be helpful during this season of entertaining.

I'm so glad to hear you are continuing to make progress.

Angelica and Claire,
I'm assuming you are talking about chocolate with those funny names you are throwing out.

Kenzz said...

Claire: I KNEW I could count on you!! Clearly, a woman after my own heart... lol

dottie said...

Hi PL! Beginnings and endings sound good to me. :)

Super, I just realized that this will be your grandson's first Christmas! awww! How fun!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Hi Claire, PL,Kenzz and Dottie...I am watching QVC. They are at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC. Selling simulated replicas of jewelry housed there..interesting!!

Teeth said...

Tomorrow is Friday everyone!!!!!
Not sure how I made it through the week but I did !
Now let's pray that I make it through finals.
Hope everyone has a good one tonight- One of the Christmas specials is on in about twenty minutes (7pm central time)

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Teeth...good luck!!!!

Dottie...We are excited about the baby's first Christmas!!!

BloatedToad3 said...

Greetings everyone--just peeing in also (sorry Super, just couldn't resist, I meant "peeking", of course)! Taking a break from checkbook balancing & bill writing & other boring chores.

You've all got me feeling warm & giddy with holiday spirit with all the talk of decorating, family holiday traditions, & exchanging recipes. BTW, I LOOOVE cooking & baking, so COUNT ME IN PLEASE!

Does anyone else here think that Rob's dog, "Bear", resembles a cute hyena pup (not the mean hyena Rose talks about in her blog)? I think he's absolutely adorable & rather exotic-looking. I haven't seen any recent pictures of him but the ones I've seen in his puppy stage, he has a very dark nose, all one color, & his fur is light & dark brown & black spotted, kinda like a hyena (as Edward Cullen says..."google it").

Does anyone remember pictures of Kristen's Bengal cat, Max (whom she refers to as "Jella")? Her cat is also a very gorgeous, exotic-looking animal--it's got stripes like a tiger & spots like a leopard or cheetah & it's bigger than an average cat. Kristen also has a hybrid wolf-dog named "Jack". It's just cute how both Rob + Kristen love & own exotic-looking pets. Me, well I used to own your typical-looking labs.

Ok, going back to work now. Have a good night everyone!!! <333

[Hopefully, any other comments I may post tonight won't be so weird. Sorry all.]

Vangie said...

HI ROSE, i just read kristen has sign on for AKIRA, well, i did not see that one coming, but i always listen to her words, and i respect then, 'follow your heart, and don't be afraid of change, i am a rob's fan,but it's not my business, and i know allot of her fans, are all celebrating! you know from before kristen hooked up with rob, i always used to pray for them to get together and even when she did OTR, it never bothered me, but this, i feel sad, i have no reason why, maybe it's my fever,sorry ladies!

Claire said...

Vangie - She's signed? Do you have a link? It's strange that you say that fans are 'celebrating' because about 95% of Kris' fans on the net are against her doing this movie. As a fan myself I don't want Kristen or Rob anywhere near this mess, but like you said though, it's her choice. :/

*I*Believe* said...

Dropping by for a quick check in. I am very busy with Parent-Teacher Conferences...ugh....

Barabara~I am very sorry for your loss.

Claire~love your avi

Kenzz said...

Vangie: Your passion is admirable...

IB: I feel for you on the parent-teacher conferences; sometimes difficult, and oftentimes a no-win situation :(

Super: you may have started a pissing war!

Claire said...

IB - It's my favourite shoot that she's done. She looked AMAZING.

Kenzz said...

Claire, when does she doesn't look amazing? :)

Claire said...

Kenzz - Good point :D

dottie said...

Hi all!

Vangie, I haven't seen anything about Kristen signing on to do another project. You'd think it would be all over twitter if she had. Anyway, time will tell!

I just watched the movie "Morning Glory." It was really cute! Rachel McAdams and 3 of my faves: Harrison Ford, Diane Keaton, and Jeff Goldblum.

Claire said...

dottie - The mere mention of ''morning glory'' and my mind went elsewhere LOL

DreamerKind said...

Decorating House

The House I Live In

Paul Robeson (1947):

What is America to me?
A name, a map or a flag I see,
A certain word, "Democracy",
What is America to me?

The house I live in,
The friends that I have found,
The folks beyond the railroad
And the people all around,

The worker and the farmer,
The sailor on the sea,
The men who built this country,
That's America to me.

The words of old Abe Lincoln,
Of Jefferson and Paine,
Of Washington and Jackson
And the tasks that still remain.

The little bridge at Concord,
Where Freedom's fight began,
Of Gettysburg and Midway
And the story of Bataan.

The house I live in,
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The town hall and the soapbox,
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The house I live in,
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A house that we call "Freedom",
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that's America to me.

But especially the people--that's
The true America...

Thank you/RReady555

DreamerKind said...

Speak Low

Sarah Vaughan (1959):

Speak low when you speak, love,
Our summer day withers away
Too soon, too soon.

Speak low when you speak, love,
Our moment is swift
Like ships adrift,
We're swept apart too soon.

Speak low, darling speak low,
Love is a spark lost in the dark,
Too soon, too soon,
I feel wherever I go

That tomorrow is near
Tomorrow is here
And always too soon.
Time is so old and love so brief,
Love is pure gold and time a thief.

We're late darling
We're late,
The curtain descends
Ev'rything ends
Too soon, too soon,

I wait darling
I wait
Will you speak low to me
Speak love to me
And soon

Thank you/RoundMidnightTV

DreamerKind said...

The Gentle Rain

Astrud Gilberto:

We both are lost
And alone in the world
Walk with me
In the gentle rain

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Thank you/oyealove

DreamerKind said...

Some Other Time

Barbra Streisand:

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The things we want to
Oh well, we'll catch up
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Too many words are still unspoken
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There's so much more embracing
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But time is racing
Oh well
We'll catch up some other time

Thank you/hugolino5

DreamerKind said...

@Super & Birdie
So sorry to keep missing you! Busy, busy, can't even believe it myself.

You're rockin' the implant, which is more than wonderful. Play, write, sing and dance, baby.

You've come a long way baby, to get where you've got to today! Lots of folks are so proud of you, I'd bet. Me, too. Work is hard, but good times are ahead.

Leni said...

I haven't seen anything about Kristen doing Akira yet and I doubt that she will do it, wishful thinking maybe.. I will support Kristen either way but I'm really hoping she won't do that movie..

I totally second your thoughts about ''morning glory'' PMSL

DreamerKind said...

We Just May Get There

Carolina In My Mind

Carole King-James Taylor
Live @Troubadour:

In my mind I'm goin' to Carolina
Can't you see the sunshine
Can't you just feel the moonshine

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Thank you/EnjoyMusicBOX

DreamerKind said...

Hi, Leni!

I'm goin', goin', wishing you all a fine December day.

Thinkin' about ya, Smitty, Gruff and Syd, sending lurve.

Leni said...

Hi DK!
Thanks for the great music :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks dreamer today will be better n I don't mind the work I love what I do just sometimes people make it hard. Loved the songs n that speak low one lyrics r so beautiful. I hope ur having sweet dreams gotta get going my friend's already here we have alot to do!
Hope u guys have a great day n r okay n happy. Oh! forgot to say I think kris looks beautiful in ALL pics but there was one thing she did where she had her finger to her lips that I thought wow yea just so beautiful! Okay have a happy Friday oh n good morning Leni! Bye

Rhonda said...

Morning Roseland,

PL- I'm in with the recipe exchange. Appetizers and desserts sound fine to me.

Emilia- I hope things calm down for you soon, hang in there. Have a great weekend! :)

Happy Friday everyone- I hope it's a good one....

Annie said...

Morning all!
PL: I'm also in on the recipe exchange.

Have a great weekend everybody. :)
I haven't read anything definitive about Kristen taking a role in Akira but if she has, you can bet it will be worth it to see her in it!

Anonymous said...

Rhonda its cool I dont mind work at all I LOVE it like today I'm working w my friend n she's great like we're just it's fun it's only when people drive me crazy lol okay gotta fly but have a good weekend n I emailed u the other day lol I didn't forget just been crazy but I wanna do the recipe thing too! I'm in w desserts lol I'll share like okay every time we go somewhere people ask me to bring the SAME things lol so I think u guys will like it!!

Teeth said...

Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

And SUPER: Thank you for the good luck wish!

Melinda said...

Happy Friday! Hope everyone has had a great week.

Taking a break from making cake pops with two of my nieces to check out what's going on in Roseland.

Robert- That's awesome to hear!!! Glad that this has been a success for you!

PL- I like a beginnings and endings theme for recipes. Count me in for sure. What day are you thinking of starting?

Dottie- Christmas decor goes up the weekend after Thanksgiving and it goes down the weekend after New Year's.

So I have a non Christmas question that has to do with BD. Did anyone watch the hidden scene during the credits?

I have to be honest but that scene confused me. Is it just me or was anyone else confused?

Okay back to making a mess in the kitchen! Good times!

ali mac said...

Melinda, yeah I stayed to watch it, I felt a bit cheated cos we had seen most of it in the original trailer for BD1!!

In an interview I seen with Bill Condon he mentioned putting it in to let people see how the Volturi were starting to hatch their plan to take down the Cullen's and get people excited for BD2. Personally I can think of a few other scenes that would get me excited for BD2 ;)

PL said...


How about we start the recipe exchange on December 10? That was the date last year, I believe, that we started. May I ask, what are cake pops? I can't help you with the BD scene since I didn't stay to see it.

Since we are doing Beginnings and Ends, or appetizers and desserts, I thought even non-cooks might have something they'd want to share.

DreamerKind said...

Happy Friday, everyone!

The scene shown during the credits was confusing, and I figured they want it that way, to create interest and suspense for BD2.

If not, then I got it, for they don't like grammatical/spelling errors, so thay get revenge on those who make them. Woe is me, if they should ever read my posts here on Roseland. Lol!

Going to my first holiday party tonight, that's being given by the association for owners/renters, with free food and a couple of drinks.
Later, if/when I appear on Roseland, I should be very funny, witty, profound and terribly clever, while posting extraordinary songs! You can vote how well I've done tomorrow or not, no pressure intended. (I love voting on things, don't you?)

See ya, buddies.

DreamerKind said...

Hello, darlin'! All sounds good to me, not that you asked. Fun is beginning..

I'll be using some great recipes from Oprah and the chefs she has had on her shows and that are now in her magazine. They sound so yummy, and will be easy to make, easier to eat, I'm sure, than anything I might have to personally share.
Once, I could not boil water, and then I discovered that water in a pot, placed on a fire, made it boil, eventually, especially if you do not watch it while waiting. Haven't stop boiling things since then, but how tasty the dish, can't say.

Kenzz said...

Hi to all Roseland friends on here tonite!

I miss R&K, but am awfully happy that they're flying under the radar.. hope they're enjoying some peace, wherever they lay their heads this week!

DK: Hope I can stay up tonite, since I'm anxious to hear all your funny after your holiday shindig! <3

Can't wait for the Roseland recipe exchange... last year's was great fun :)

dottie said...

Beginnings & Endings on 12/10 sounds great to me!

DK, Enjoy your party :)

Melinda, I was a little confused about the BD2 preview, too. When Aro said, "they have something I want" I wasn't sure if he was referring to Vamp Bella or Renesmee.

Kenzz said...

dottie & Melinda: In the book, it's clear that Bella and Edward fear that Aro will want to add Renesmee to his "collection"...although I think that once Aro recognizes vamp Bella's power during the ending confrontation, he wants her, too. (Just my 2 cents!!)

Super RN Gas Passer said...

DOTTIE and PL...

I was confused also...in the book immortal children were hunted and destroyed by the Volturi...so I have to assume that he would not know about Renesmee at that point...I think what he wants is Bella Vamp...remember, they wanted Edward and Alice for their "gifts"
and Aro was fascinated because Edward could not read Bellas mind...so he knows that Bella Vamp is going to be special...

Thats my take...

PL..I have never made those cake pops but people bring them to work...It is cake on a stick shaped like a ball(like the size of a baseball) and it has icing and decorations on it...yummy looking and very practical because you dont have to slice it,put it on a plate, etc...

Groovie said...

Actually, when I watched that, I didn't think Aro was referring to demon baby or Bella.
In the books, Aro covets Edward & Alice's gifts/abilities. In BD, after Alice leaves, Edward says there is nothing Aro wanted more than Alice.
So, to me, the scene in the credits is just a prelude to what happens in BD. We know Aro wants something & Renesme is just the catalyst he has been waiting for to make his move on the Cullens. He won't know about her until BD2 after that bitch Irina tattles on the Cullens.

Melinda said...

Ali Mac- Thanks for telling me what Bill said about the hidden scene.
I have to agree with you on other scenes making me more excited to see BD2! I read online a while back with a grain of salt that they put more into the story line for the movie so I think it will be interesting to see what they do.

All you other ladies- Thanks for your insight on what you thought that scene was about. I guess overall it just wasn't clear and was meant to be that way. At least that's my take. Just wanted to know what others thought.

PL- Super gave a great description of what cake pops are. This was my first attempt at making them. They turned out okay but having a 4 and a 6 yr old "helping" might have been the reason. Ha,ha! Going to do another batch sometime this weekend. I crazily agreed to make 70 of them for a party on Wednesday! They aren't hard or time consuming so it will be fine (or at least that's what I keep telling myself).

Anonymous said...

I used to read this blog all the time and loved it. It was one of the few places where it wasn't all about the are they/aren't they debate and the focus wasn't on anyone's relationship. When that changed, I read the posts less and less until I stopped altogether. And here it is, well over a year later, and the subject matter hasn't changed any. I'm not saying I don't support Robert and Kristen, but I have to ask when did their relationships with each other became their sole identity? Why is it the only thing you ever really focus on?

I've read through some of the more recent posts and I'm nothing if not a bit confused. Why is the fact that people aren't talking about this publicly a problem? Isn't that what the end goal is? For people to stop dragging these people's very private lives onto a very public forum? I would rather someone discuss this "drama" in private with their friends rather than broadcast every nasty thought or opinion on twitter or blogs.

And the drama, that's another issue. I know it's out there and truth be told, it's probably always going to be out there. And you keep saying that you don't go out and look for it, that it finds you, with emails and such, but have you ever considered not reading them? I mean, everyone gets emails they don't want to read and it's pretty easy to hit the delete button and not be exposed to whatever venom or viciousness is inside. Because the trolling is something that isn't going to stop no matter how vigilant anyone is with their support. Despite what it may seem like, trolling wasn't something that was birthed from the Twilight fandom. Instigators and people who just like to aggravate have been trolling message boards since before HTML made them all nice and pretty and the only way to access them was a DOS prompt and Gopher. They will continue to troll as long as people react.

It saddens me that this place has become nothing more than rehashing the same thing over and over again, continuing to answer a question that has long since been answered.

Support them by supporting their careers and who they are as individuals. You can talk about them positively without constantly having to talk about the negative.

Claire said...

lady-luck - It's pretty evident that Rose supports them both separately and together. Like the vast majority of posters here do.

At the end of the day it's Rose's blog, she can talk about whatever the fuck she wants, whether that be Robert and Kristen or the price of fish. If you don't like what she has to say then don't read her blog, it's not like she has a shotgun pressed against your head forcing you to read it.

Kay said...

Wishing everyone here a wonderful, happy, relaxing, fun, silly Friday and weekend. :)

lady-luck 92 - why even bother coming out of your professed "lurking" to post your comment complaining that this place isn't to you liking if you find Roseland so disagreeable? Rose's blog, Rose's opinion....don't like it, go elsewhere...simple solution. Life is too dang short to subject yourself to things that make you feel pissy....we like it here. :P

Em - it really is so good to hear that things are going well for you. :) Take care and say hi to E next time you see her?

Sleep sweet everyone. <3

DreamerKind said...

@dottie & Kenzz
All I did was behave myself for a change.

Ran into the bldg. manager and joined the crew for a while. Got a good reference for a hair stylist, since my hair is so long, it looks like I am wearing a wig. (I do Mae West proud in that regard.)

Nothing unusual happened at the holiday party, except I ran into a man I met a week ago, who didn't recall anything else about me, except that. No problem, for I did not send him that email I promised either, so we're even-steven.

In the bar, a man wearing a sweatshirt with a moose on it (Rob P, darling Tom S. and Colin Firth came to mind for an instant), was dancing by our table, with a lovely girl in a lowcut blouse, while a hip hop band with 3 front line female (awesome)dancers, played/bumped in time to the Shoop Shoop song.

Oh, I tied a red holiday bell to my shirt, since I knotted it like Kristen does, and I wanted to be festive/cool like her.
Instead, people kept looking around for the cow wearing the bell, but luckily they didn't see that I was she.

Need to go and make a Baileys martini, since I am craving one, and I need the practice. I am not very far along on becoming the best martini maker amongst my acquaintances, for I sadly lack the motivation to make my own or sometimes, drink a few before I even try. Game over, for sure.

Hope that Smitty gives us a few new recipes for our holiday share-a-thon.

I'll probably repost Tracy's Bailey's Brownies recipe, since it was so popular. Or not. Vote yes or no. Just don't confuse me.

DreamerKind said...

The Shoop Shoop Song
(It's In His Kiss)

Cher (1991):

Does he love me I want to know
How can I tell if he loves me so
(Is it in his eyes)
Oh no, you'll be deceived

(Is it in his eyes)
Oh no he'll make believe
If you wanna know
If he loves you so
It's in his kiss
(That's where it is)

Is it in his face
Oh no, that's just his charm
In his warm embrace
Oh no, that's just his arms
If you wanna know
If he loves you so
It's in his kiss

Oh, Oh, Oh, hug him
Squeeze him tight
To find out what you want to know
If it's love, if it really is, It's there in his kiss
Oh, oh, it's in his kiss

How 'bout the way acts
Oh no, that's not the way
You're not listening to all I say
If you wanna know
If he loves you so
I's in his kiss
(That's where it is)
Oh , oh, it's in his kiss
(That's where it is)

(That's where it is)
Oh, Oh, it's in his kiss
(That's where it is)
Oh yeah, it's in his kiss
(That's where it is)
Ooh, it's in his kiss
That's where it is
It's in his kiss

Thank you/pascalkiisback

DreamerKind said...

More Like This It Was


Erick Sermon/Marvin Gaye:

[Marvin Gaye]
Just like music..
This is Marvin Gaye
I'd like to wish you all the uh, best
Uh love each other, peace be with you
Umm - I sure do hope you uh like this music
God bless you all

[Erick Sermon]
Peace to Keith Murray

[Keith Murray (Marvin Gaye)]
Must be the MU-SIC, that got me in a zone
Step until your bones make you lose control
Take hold of your mind body and your soul
Soul.. (hahhh baby, wooooo - just like music)

As I do ya, who ya
Run right through ya, like I never knew ya, ooh
Stick to your ribs like grits
I get better with time with this shit (just like music)
Aww man, make you feel so good

I rain through your neighborhood, like a sunshower
Shine light in the darkest hour
Give the weakest man the most power (just like music)
So harmonious and sacred

Without this, I don't think the world would ever make it
When negativity come my way, that thing bang
How it sound Marvin? (Just like music)

[Erick Sermon:]
Music baby
I don't worry bout a thing
Ahhhhh turn on your music, see my happiness beam
.. just like music

Yo, yo, yo dogg
How you doin? I bent my back Lex tire movin
on the hood streets, hood beats, drippin down jewelry
I'm outside where the crooks meet
But God don't give me shook feet (just like music)

Yeah, untrained untamed guerilla
I'm the one to blame when the earth start goin
(insane, aww baby)
.. shake it, shake it shake it .. (woo, music)
Yo, I can't get in the club, so what?
I got a hot dame, bout to make the drawers
(fall like raaaaaaaaaaaain - all over yo' head)
(awww baby, music)

To my deputies, call me Boss Hog
When I smoke sticky, I'm able to walk walls
And I won't fall, only thing my car stalls
But I'm in the hood nigga (just like music)

[Marvin Gaye]
Ohhhwoahhhhhh, your love is music, oh my darling yes
Your love is music, awww baby yeahh, and music is my life
I've got my music, turn on some music
La-da-da-da-dah, dah-dah-dah, doo-doo-doo-doo-doo!
La-da-da-da-dah, doo-doo-doooooo
Turn on some music, I've got my music

I've got my music hey, I love the music, ow
Turn on some music hey, get off the music, woo
Turn up the music ow, let's have the music, huh

Thank you/MsHoneychile

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed u dreamer but we went out n got back not too long ago. He's out lol like fell asleep in the cab but I gotta go my friend's here n she's acting like a goofball so I better take care of her n get her to sleep some! Hope u guys have a great Saturday n Kay thanks I'll let my mom know when I talk to her bye guys

Rhonda said...

Melinda- making the cake pops with your nieces sounds like a lot of fun. I bet they loved it too--you're a good aunt.

DK- I'm glad you enjoyed the party. I got a laugh over your red bell story ;)

Emilia- I got your email, and sent one back :)

Hi everyone- Happy Saturday!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Good Morning ROSELAND...

MELINDA...A question...Is there a special mold set that you make the cake pops in???

GROOVIE...I like your description best..good point about Aro waiting for a reason to trounce on the Cullen clan...I just wish we didnt have to wait "a year" to see it...

Re BEL AMI...Now they are talking about just releasing it in some countries on DVD???WTF!!

DK...The hospital called me last night right after we talked and I dont have to be in the OR until 10am...WooHoo...so I have been doing some light housework and laundry this morning and am hoping to have a good weekend on call...
Please post Tracys brownie recipe again!!!

Love to ALL...

Freddie said...

Hi folks,

I just wanted to pop in and say hello (at least in written form since I've lost my voice and can't speak at the moment - very frustrating.....).

DK - you have the most colourful stories...."cow wearing a bell"....LOL. Oh, and I loved "Speak Low" from the other night. Thanks.

Robert - so glad to hear that things are going well. Continue to keep us posted.

Hi Kay, Emilia, Rhonda, Super, Claire (the late night/early risers) and everyone else in Roseland. Have a great weekend all.

olivia said...

Good morning Rose and Roseland,

DK, loved the Cher/Shoop, shoop song from Mermaids. Here is another fun one with Cher, Winona and Christina from the same movie. A lively way to start off a Saturday morning with Roseland. So fun to see Christina Ricci as such a young sweetie. Amazing that we will soon see her with Rob in BA next year.


Will leave you my most favorite Marvin Gaye song from 68 ( really a cover of the recording by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles / 1967, CCR did a great version in 70 ) Yes, I am an incurable Motown fan!


By the way, among so many things in life,
Roseland makes me happy. Rob and Kristen being happy, that is a super big happy too! And happiness for Tom and Sienna.
Keep twirling y'all.

Enjoy. Life is good.
Off to work half a day. Then perhaps a movie ...Hugo.
(Have been wanting to see My Week with Marilyn - with Michelle Williams and Eddie Redmayne , but will have to take a quick trip over to Austin to catch it. Maybe next week.)

Hugs for y'all!

olivia said...

Hi Freddie,
Just saw your post. Hope your voice comes back quickly. Feel better!

A giftie for you. A yummy hot-toddy.


Rhonda said...

Freddie- Awww, hope you get the voice back soon-Take care..((Hugs))

Claire said...

Kay - I've never understood people who come here and complain about what Rose writes. If you don't like it don't read it - simple. It's not fucking rocket science is it?

ali mac said...

I agree with you Claire, if you don't like a blog why do you bother reading it!! The reason we are all here is because we love what Rose says and how she says it....

PL said...


I could be entirely in left field here but I wonder if people leave comments because they want to be a part of Roseland. It is a unique environment here. Have you ever read comments elsewhere? There is a lot of bitching at each other as soon as a difference of opinion is expressed. That is generally not the case in Roseland.

Not to discredit Rose, but I know I sometimes just skim the blog and read on because of the people that frequent here. Since we have a welcoming environment, people aren't afraid to share their opinions. I, for one, enjoy reading a difference of opinion. As long as they are respectful and I think Lady-luck was.

I don't mean this as disrespect to you or anyone else, it's just my opinion.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

FREDDIE..Hot Buttered Rum for your throat would be my advice...feels good going down and if you drink enough of them, at least you wont remember how bad your throat hurts:) Seriously though, I hope it feels better very soon...

PL..I agree with your post...She isnt a troll so we can handle some criticism...sorry she disagrees and I understand...but there is more than one way to look at things...Roses posts are "the state of the moment"...unfortunately when she checks out the "goings on" it includes good AND bad and she reports on both...For myself I want the whole picture...I feel like I get that here. Rose reports on the good, the bad, and the ugly...I call that fair...and I love her snarky sense of humor and the fact that he calls bullshit when she sees it...ignoring it is like condoning it in my opinion so I appreciate Rose calling out bad behavior...But she writes ALOT of good about our trio... my two cents for what its worth...

Happy Saturday Everybody!

Leni said...

Hi everyone! Hope you are all having a great weekend :)

I have to agree with Claire, Kay and ali mac. Although lady-luck-92 said nothing bad abour R/K, she still criticized the way Rose writes her blog.
There are so many blogs out there - why bother to write a negative comment, if you could easily find one that is more to your liking..

Claire said...

PL - She's more than entitled to her opinion. But it's not like Rose has just suddenly started discussing the topics that have got lady-luck's back up, Rose has talked about it for a while. If I read someones blog and didn't like what they talked about I'd stop reading - it's as simple as that. The thing that pissed me off was it sounded like she was lecturing Rose on what she should write, on HER blog. My point to her was simple, it's Rose's blog, if you don't like what she writes about, don't read it.

And i didn't find your post disrespectful to me in the slightest LOL :)

Freddie said...

Hi Claire, Leni, Super, PL, ali mac – I hope you are all well.

Super, Rhonda and Olivia - thanks for the suggestion of the hot toddy. I’m missing some of the key ingredients at the moment, but if this persists I’ll definitely give it a try.

So long as people are respectful of Rose, the big 3 (Rob, Kristen and Tom) and everyone in Roseland, I have no problem with someone expressing a different opinion. It sort of comes with the territory when there is a comments section on a blog.

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