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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rob and Kristen-- Bring Me Your Heart

I hope you have your popcorn at the ready...
Because I'm seeing some pretty popcorny stuff
the last few days.

Let's dive right into it... OK?


Say what?
Oh dear.
SO much angst over Kristen's ring again.
It's like the meaning of life to some people.
Pardon the picture.
I used it because it kinda makes a point.
People see what they want to see.
We don't have any "NEW" information here.
Same shit. Different day.
Some see "R O B"
Some see some symbols or something else.
I guess there was some recent huge ring picture
that people were agonizing over.
And by people... I mean the Lunatic Fringe.
It says ROB!
It doesn't say ROB!
We win!!
I'm sorry loonies...
Your opinion doesn't 'debunk' anything.
It is just your opinion.
Thing is...
No one is quite sure what is on that ring...
Yes... it can be interpreted many ways
But no matter how many times you look at it
Or how many times you blow it up
You still can't be certain what it is.
You are no closer to knowing what it means now than you were last week.
I will tell you what is certain.
That ring is 'obviously' very important to Kristen.
She rarely goes without it.
The rest is only the same tired speculation.
You don't win.

Walking on Fallon

Walking on Today

2. Rob did a lot of walking on all these interviews.
A lot.
That's all I have to say.
The pics speak for themselves.

Snow White Perfection.
3. SWATH teaser trailer was released.
My god... she's excellent in this role.
And Kristen?
I can't wait to see MORE.
I loved it.
I kept watching it.

Lips red as blood
Hair black as night
Bring me your heart
My dear... dear Snow White.
Loving. Touching. Squeezing.

4. Let's talk about the NZ interview
where Kristen supposedly described her
relationships with Rob and Taylor
as being "just very, very, very good friends".
Of course people are foaming at the mouth over this one.
"Kristen has denied Rob!"
Oh really?
Seems to me that Kristen has always maintained that 
the three of them are great friends.
Does this 'prove' that she isn't more than that with Rob?
As usual...this is selective quoting.
If you want to believe that Kristen said the friends quote...
Then you have to assume she was telling the truth
when she said
"Come on, guys... its OBVIOUS"
when talking about her and Rob
"My boyfriend is English"
that she admitted saying...
even though without knowing the interviewer was there.
Where she proudly admitted that she spent the last 2
New Years in London and they were fucking great.

 I seem to recall reading after all of these above quotes...
"I don't care what Kristen says! She's a liar!
I will NEVER believe a word she says!"
But wait...
The tide has changed!
NOW they believe in Kristen?
Creepy is Creepy
Whatever works for you!!
And don't forget when Rob said
He was in London 'last week'.
or that He is indeed ENGLISH
and that he thinks that He just might be married to Kristen!

And speaking of Robert...

How completely adorkable is he?

5. In all these interviews that he has done...
Has everyone else noticed just how much Rob has mentioned Kristen?
I mean...
(who throws a shoe?)
The man couldn't go more than a sentence without
bringing up his girl.
(Yes. HIS girl....
Kinda like Kristen says 'He's MINE')

He talks about her hands...
Her flat stomach.
How beautiful she looked...
How she's to blame for the R rating
How she played the game better.
Makes you wonder what is really on his mind?

It's rather cute to see him speak of her
and then see a BIG smile on his face.
He's so matter of fact.
Kristen is exactly WHO he should be talking about.
His favorite subject.

Speaking of favorite subjects.
Tom would definitely be one of mine.
I find myself...
becoming intoxicated with him.

This post is brought to you by

The Twilight Zone!
I mean...
Don't go into the light!
Stay away from the light!
Lunatic Fringe are Lunatics.

And this post is brought to you by Beaker.
Just looking at him makes me laugh!

I LOVE Beaker!
He is definitely in my top 3 all time Muppets.
Go look him up...
He's hilarious.

Bye for now
Nick's face. Hahahaha!


Groovie said...

Rob did great on all his various talk show appearances this past week. Fallon & Kimmel are always great with Rob & Kristen and they didn't disappoint! Rob playing with that bow & arrow was so damn funny! And dude was probably right, his girl was better at playing a game with Jimmy. Lol!
Hope they are getting in a somewhat relaxing weekend before the madness kicks off again on Monday with the premiere.

Hope u are all having an awesome weekend!

Kay said...

Great post, Rose! :)

There is so much to be twirly, happy and giddy about...wonderful and funny interviews....SWATH looks fabulous....Rob and Kristen seem incredibly happy....it's all good!! Yay! :D

I hope everyone out there is having a great weekend....take care and be happy, Roseland! <3

dottie said...

Hi Rose! Fun post today. :)

Hi Roseland regs! I hope all of you are enjoying the weekend. Hugs to all!

Freddie said...

Hi Rose,

Thanks for the update.

I’m totally out of the loop. I missed the new ring controversy and the “just very, very, very good friends” thing. I don’t know for sure, but the first symbol on the ring does sort of look like the way Rob does his “R”’s. But whether it is or isn’t, it really doesn’t change anything – as you’ve pointed out Rose.

I thought Rob was hysterical on both Kimmel and Fallon. He sure can say the darndest things in the most charming of ways. The bow and arrow game with Fallon was great – along with his quick reference to Kristen doing well the last time she was there. Yes, he is mentioning her with increased frequency. It is noticeable and it seems very natural for him. I wonder why…

Kristen looked her usual beautiful self on Kimmel and it was nice to get to see and hear her in a setting other than the mind numbing press interviews. I hope her trip back to the States is safe (if she isn’t already back).

Love the gifs in your post, Rose. The second one is a classic. LOL.

Hi Groovie, Kay, dottie and everyone else who will post later. I hope you all have a great weekend. Make sure to rest up for the Premiere. Take care all.

Hope said...

So true...the SWATH trailer is AMAZING!!
Kristen, Chris and Charlize are perfectly cast in their roles!

Cannot wait to see Rob and Kristen walk the red carpet on Monday...together I hope!!!

Hi Freddie, Kay, dottie & Groovie

Freddie... Thought about you and your friend yesterday.

Omoiyari said...

ahahhahahahaha Nick's face ahahahahaha ahahahahah

Claire said...

Lurker Nick's face will ALWAYS be the most entertaining thing about that whole sequence. Even more entertaining than the rejection itself.

Freddie said...

Hi Hope - Long time no talk to. Thanks for the positive thoughts. As it turned out, I managed to rearrange work and I did get to the funeral. It was great to see my friend, even under the less than optimal circumstances.

I hope all is well with you.

Freddie said...

Hi Claire - hope you are having a good weekend.

Rhonda said...

Nice post, Rose <3

I love that last gif. Nick's face: priceless..LOL :D

Hi Groovie, Kay, dottie, Hope, Freddie, Claire, and anyone I missed. I hope it's been a great Saturday..

Leni said...

Thanks Rose!

Another debate about the ring?!.. oh my..

Nick's face really is awesome in that gif LOL

Hi everyone :)

Claire said...

Hi Rhonda, Freddie, and everyone else.

Freddie - I'm having a nice relaxing weekend thanks very much. :)

Rhonda said...

Freddie- I'm glad things worked out and you were able to be there for your friend.

Hi Leni :)

Super RN Gas Passer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Freddie said...

Hey Rhonda - thanks.

Hi Leni!

I hope all is well with you both.

@RKsoulmates913 said...

I loved your post...
You've already said everything!
He does love her.
I love it, the way they love each other makes me believe in a better world and a better life!!!

XO from Brazil

CynicallyMe said...

So I came across this Robert Pattinson website today, and then I realized it wasn’t a Robert Pattinson website. This I see is where all the drama and fuckery comes from. Robstens, Nonstens, Ninnies, Sheep, twirling, oh my. The website in question is called Robert Pattinson Intoxication,(but should sorely be called RobSten Infatuation)it’s insane that there are people out there like this. This woman seems to have a flock of insecure delusional followers. They are obsessed with having two people whom they don’t know be together. Sure, actors meet and fall in love on set all the time, but this obsession stems from fictional characters. They want Rob and Kristen to really be Edward and Bella. It’s rather scary, and this woman Rose, I believe is leading the way. It seems she must reach out to all of her flock and coddle them into believing that Edward and Bella are always doing just fine and are living happily ever after.

Yes, I said Edward and Bella, because honestly would it be so important if this was not about Twilight? It’s truly a delusional sick fantasy they have in their petty little minds. Sure I adore Rob, and it’s an inside joke having to do with Harry Potter how I came to adore Rob. No, his acting(or lack there of due to scripts and Red Tape)in Twilight is not why I like him. Little Ashes was actually what drew me to him he was amazing as Dali. His acting potential shines through, and once Twilight and all the Red Tape of that contract is over Rob will really shine, and prove he is worthy of his A list status.

Now I don’t know if Rob and Kristen are together or are just playing games. Yes I believe in PR, and know for a fact that lies are created for the publicity illusion. I would hope Rob would not be involved in that, but he wasn’t an in demand man before, and basically that contract has fine print no one wants to believe.

It’s all about Twilight for now, will see what happens when it’s all over. I mean I don’t consider myself part of a fandom. I’m just a Rob fan. Will see where the true fans lay after the fall of the franchise from hell. Oh, yes I loved the books, with the exception of Breaking Dawn which was a completely different story with different characters. Yes, I will see the movie cause I think Rob may be able to at least smile.

CynicallyMe said...

Rob speaks of Kristen when he interviewers bring her up. I don't think you understand Robs sense of humor either. Not much he says lately is to be taken to heart. He is bored with everything that is Twilight, you can see it in his face, and hear it when he talks about it. Sure he has to say oh I loved doing Twilight, it's great, but his jabs at the franchise show how he truly feels. As for Kristen's interviews never believe in all that is written in a magazine or interview. They want to make money, and if they don't get something worth while they will twist words, or even make up whole stories. It's a shitty thing, but it happens 99.9 percent of the time. I find your site very entertaining, as you desperately try to coddle you flock into believing all is perfect in "RobSten" land. BLAH I hate that word it's degrading to them both. They are two separate people with two separate identities. Oh and the ring debate well it's clear that your ring picture is photo shopped, and badly I might add. You can clearly see what is on the ring in the new picture. Anyway, keep up the good work as flock leader.

Claire said...

CynicallyMe - Kindly fuck off. Thanks very much :D

katy said...

Hi Rose,

SWATH...looks A.M.A.Z.I.G!!!

I am loving all the talk shows appearances and funny interviews!! Rob was so funny on Fallon. He looked SO handsome and utterly adorable, and obviously comfortable been there. Rob was such a good sport to play that arrow game with Jimmy Fallon....definately very good stuff!

Kristen on Jimmy Kimmel, she looked stunningly beautiful, loved her dress and the shoes. It was a really great and funny interview as well. 'Rob is the thurster..not me'...LOL..happy to see her more relaxed and comfortable in these interviews.

I hope Rob and Kristen are enjoying a much deserved relexad weekend.

That last gift, NEVER ceases to make me laugh...rolling on the floor laughing.

Hope everyone is well and happy, Take care.

As for the STUPID people I'm just going to ignore.

Berry said...

I love this post Rose! When next week is over I can not wait to see what the nonnies have to complain about. What great interviews we are getting! I am loving it all! And my god SWATH looks to be so fucking epic!! Can't wait to see more! Hope everyone in Roseland is having a good weekend!

Fiorels said...

*yawn ywan*

CynicallyMe (great and perfect name btw :D)- i, like everyone else here, could spend hours responding to you but it would mean nothing so i won't even bother.
Just one thing... Try to REALLY listen to Rob when he talks in interviews and you'll find out he brings Kristen up every time he can and not only when other people bring her up.. guess why?
Oh, cause she's in his mind like... always?
Yeah, that's it. Deal with it.
Rob and Kristen are together. Stop.

by ExtremelyFriendlyMe ;)

Good post Rose!
hello Roseland.. i was just about to go to bed... (or watch a movie, still have to decide) so talk to you later :)

@RKsoulmates913 said...

I'm here again... lol

Just wanted to add what Kristen said about her relationship with Rob recently

"As for Pattinson, all she’ll say is what’s hers is hers. “I’m selfish. I think, that’s mine, and I’d like whatever is mine to remain that way. It’s a funny game to play. I always tell myself I’m never going to give anything away, because there’s never any point or benefit for me.”"

She is not going to sell what is so precious for her.And Rob is.

If you want to read more:

Kristen's Interview with Daily Telegraph/Lisa Marks Media - Australia

Rose said...

.... Thanks for the entertaining but somehow bizarre attempt to insult me. I often think people can't possibly be reading my blog when they try to tell me what I am saying because they always seem to get it so wrong.
1. I rarely speak of "Edward and Bella' unless I'm talking about the movie characters and I have never in my life wished for Rob and Kristen to be like them in real life.
2. Insecure delusional followers? You're confused. No one follows me... People here just enjoy Rob and Kristen.
If you are looking for delusional.... I suggest you go back to PRsten, you have a wide variety of delusions to pick from there.
3.Rob brings up Kristen all the time. Even while playing games that have nothing to do with her.
4. I rarely if ever use the word 'Robsten'. I don't like the word and prefer typing out their actual names.
5. It's not 'my' ring picture... But of course you would believe it to be photoshopped... Like someone PSed Bear into the pics with Kristen's bodyguard... Right? *bwahahaha*
Conspiracy theories. PR delusions. Endless excuses.
Now THAT'S entertainment.
6. Thanks for not only reading my blog (and with such intensity!) but for taking time out of your day to let me know just how much what I have to say...
Gets under your cynical hide.

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rob has been so cute this week. I know he gets sick and tired of all the questions over and over, but he has been calm and so funny. The smiles on his face are huge whenever he speaks of Kristen.

As for the ring, I don't know. I guess I want it to say Rob, so that is what I see. Rose, you are correct when saying the ring means a lot to Kris, because she wears it most of the time.

I am looking forward to the premiere on Monday, so see what Kris wears and how happy they are to be together.

Have a wonderful weekend Rose and all Roselanders. KEEP TWIRLING!!!

dottie said...

Great response, Rose. Cynical couldn't be more wrong if she/he tried!

Freddie, I'm so glad you were able to be with your friend. I remember how much it meant to have my girlfriends with me after my mother passed away. I'm sure your friend felt the same.

Barbara Fenwick said...

@CynicallyMe---This site is for fans of Robert, Kristen and Tom. Do us all a favor and take your stupid comments elsewhere. We do not want them or need them.

Rhonda said...

Rose- I want to tell you how great I think your response was, but I'm afraid It'll be misconstrued as followership. LOL! How nice of 'Cynical' to enlighten us..

Kay said...

CynicallyMe -

I was going to tell you all of the ways that I think you are SO wrong in your two post statement, but Rose said it MUCH better than I ever could (thanks Rose).

Get over yourself.

Claire said...

*Gives Rose a round of applause and blows a kiss*

Freddie said...

CynicallyMe – You’re entitled to your opinion. It’s unfortunate, however, that you wasted the time it took to type that out when it accomplished nothing.

Dottie – thanks.

Hi to Kay, Katy, Fio, RKsoumates, Berry, Barbara and any of the regulars I may have missed.

Special shout out to Rose!

Birdie said...

Not that you need my help,Rose but I found Cynical's post rather odd. She certainly gleaned many observations from having just found this site today.
"This I see is where all the drama and fuckery comes from. Robstens, Nonstens, Ninnies, Sheep, twirling, oh my." Interesting, because I don't think any of these things were mentioned in Rose's post today.
Flock of insecure followers that think Rob and Kristen are Edward and Bella? I believe we are all supporters of Rob and Kristen and enjoy watching their careers blossom. We simply appreciate the lovely relationship they have and how they steer through the bullshit that circulates about them. I think it is safe to say we all like coming to Rose's site because we are like-minded and everyone is respectful to each other, Rose, Rob,Kristen and not to be forgotten,Tom. So what the hell are you doing here?

Hello all, more fun to come. I know we can appreciate that!

PL said...

I'm just doing a quick stop in tonight because I have family visiting.


I just wanted to say that I'm so glad you were able to be with your friend for the funeral. I suspect it would have bothered you for weeks if you had not been able to change your schedule.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Roseland.

Freddie said...

Hi PL - thanks. I was glad/lucky it all worked out. I hope you are having a good weekend and that you're feeling better than earlier in the week.

Hi Birdie - I hope all is well.

beaculen said...

Hi Roseland..NIC's face that was funny as hell! Your so right Rose, unfortunately the loonies keep inventing new reasons to doubt Rob and Kristen. Funny, I don't spend that much time on things I don't like. strange. lol Rob on Kimmel was sooo funny.

Sydney said...

Ah...Cynically Me. I was introduced to this piece of work on a blog post called "Why Grown Women Hate Kristen Stewart." Unfortunately this blog post wasn't about what she was hoping. She expected a nonsten rally where they could all project their insecurities on Kristen in a massive bitch session.

However...this blog post was in defense of Kristen and instead focused on the psychosis of her haters. Cynically Me had literally googled Kristen hate sights to find this and was so disappointed when she was ridiculed and laughed off the board. She could care less about Rob. She, like all the others, is SOLELY concerned with Kristen.

Teeth said...


What video is Nikki getting pushed from?

I would love to see the whole thing

wig4usc said...

Hello, Roseland!

I went to a college football game tonight and on the way home, drove past the Twilight tent city. Lots of loud music, big screens, bright lights, looks like fun!

Cynically Me - thanks SO MUCH for telling me how I feel, what I believe, why I read Rose's blog, and how I'm confusing Rob/Kristen with Edward/Bella. Sheesh, good thing you set me straight. *heavy sarcasm, in case you couldn't tell* Thanks for the reply, Rose, you said what I had planned, at least, wanted to.

Good night, Roseland!

DreamerKind said...

Sunday is here! Rejoicing.

Been gone all day and then had company tonight, and so missed the little visitor. Of course, Rose knows and had it covered.

Very cool post, Rose, with ring symbols, gifs, walking pics, K delights, and Tom. Bullseye.

Vangie said...

Morning ladies hi rose! quick question, what you ladies thin about Charlie Bewley, diss rob and drooling over kristen, i know nsome off you may find him cute, but am totally not a fan, he could be how cute, never fancied him, and now, with his latest out burst, is a total disrespect to both rob and kristen! what do you ladies think?

Fiorels said...

Vangie- there has been talking about wheter he said "got" or "fuck" her.
And I believe he said got and i think he didn't mean to show disrepect or something...
sometimes you say things that you really don't mean to say in that certain way, sometimes you can be misunderstood...
I'm not defending him or something but am not even judging since we don't even know how it is to be on stage and have to talk to a million people but anyway...
I don't even know what else he said cause i can't understand what he's saying at all nut...
I think it was just a cute way to say he really likes Kristen and joking around the fact that Rob got her first. Got her, not fuck her.
But anyway, yes, it may have been kinda a way to get some attention...

Hello Roseland!
Bravo Rose and everyone for what you said!

Tigerlily said...

Great post Rose.. How ironic that you were talking about all the unnecessary drama that the lunatic fringe create .... And on cue... One turned up!! Bitter & twisted to the core!

Oh well..

The loveliness that is this place full of diverse and interesting people with common interests always wins out over the bitter foam ..thankfully!

Rose, I'm with you with Beaker.. Love him :)

They've just started playing the BD1 trailer on tv- I'm so looking forward to this movie. It clearly means alot to Kristen, Rob and the rest of the cast! - & Bill C (who I adore)! Not many sleeps to go ;)

Howdy to everyone..
Bye for now!

PS: the Gif that keeps on giving.. Nick's face is priceless !!

Fiorels said...

Oh I just read somewhere that MR and Mrs McDonald will be announcing a wonderful surprise soon!!! Yeeeei!
Bahaha come on bets are open.
I point everything on pregnancy! bahahahaha

Leni said...

I'm not even going to comment on little miss cynical - just saying that your response to her, Rose, was perfect :)

"A wonderful surprise", eh?
I'm sure the whole world will be now anxiously awaiting the news LOL
But seriously, does she think she could draw attention away from BD, R/K or whatever, with that? haha

katy said...

Hello Roseland,


Really, Ikki as wonderful news to announce?!? as if anyone is interested in anything that she as to say...she's irrelevant.

As for the Charlie Bewley. thing, I still think he is a douche...but you are right, he did say Rob 'got there first', not 'f*cked her first' like people were saying. We can hear it in the vid.

Happy Sunday

Annie said...

Good morning Roseland!

@Cynical: Trying so hard aren't you? Not one but two comments for Rose and us. I wonder why......... It must be tough when you're wrong all the time and the constant rubbish you spew not only bits you back hard but slaps you around even harder as a bonus.
For people like you, it will continue to be a very, very bumpy ride.
Like PL I have family visiting so I will peek in occasionally.

I hope all is well with everyone.
Take care .

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Good Morning ROSELAND...

Im sorry for the delete last night. I was at a restaurant (Harpers) in Columbia last night and was trying to post with my cell phone and accidently hit the send button somehow before I even finished the post...so it didnt really make sense so I deleted it and then the food came and I couldnt get back to it....

I was gonna say....



Hah...It still is lacking something...


I love

To CYNICAL....Yes, we are somewhat intoxicated but we dont confuse them with the characters they play....that condition would require hospitalization:)We are just girls that want to have some FUN and we love these actors and want to cheer, defend and encourage them in their endeavors...hopefully having us makes up for the crazies out there...

angelica1 said...

Rose - Oh wow! I managed to escape from your cult yesterday but clearly your brainwash,mind control tractor beam has drawn me back in today.Your post made me fall about laughing for a couple of reasons, firstly the ability of people to fixate and obsess about ridiculous crap that has no relevance to them never ceases to amaze me - I have colleagues still pestering me about the inscription on the inside of my ring since they saw it when I injured my hand about 3 years ago, so the fact that they've turned deciphering Kristen's into an Olympic sport isn't all that surprising really :)
As for our troll friend, who very clearly is in need of urgent psychiatric help,I stand by what I always say - The better things are going with Rob and Kristen, the crazier the fuckwits that crawl out of their little hidey holes!

Muse said...

Good morning Rose and Roselanders!

@Super *waving* sorry not replying earlier, I was out of town for personal...oops! Not my line LOL

Re BD prom in Isle Esme, it's Nov 18th but since I can't tolerate the screaming and not being free by night (I've a 89yrs babe-mom w/Alz) I got my tickets for Mon 21 15:45! The girl inside me is squeeing (sp?)!

Rose, thx for your post---oh no! Tell me it isn't so this ring-gate still on--no new strategies? Running out of options much?

Good Lord, how can someone NOT see the beauty and the glory of these 2 human beings, solidly together, comforting and sharing everything, enjoying being in each other's life, gloriously happy with and at each other, like the lovers / friends / partners-in-crime they are?
Oh, wait, that is precisely why. Because they have it all and YOU, yes, YOU don't, eh?
Tsk tsk tsk same old same old...

My dear YOU, long ago you shld hv learned fr them how to be gracious, supportive, frugal, compassionate not only to themselves but also to the others in need.
And in case you don't recognize most of these words, dictionary dot com is a good source.

Lips red as blood
Hair black as night
Bring me your heart
My dear... dear Snow White.

(Ravenna, the Evil Queen)

Well, screw that. I shouldn’t be the superhero’s girlfriend, I should be the superhero.

Freddie, Claire, Rhonda, Leni, RKSoulmates *oieee*, Fio *ciao carina*, Barbara, PL, Birdie, wig4usc *still waiting that Michelada recipe*, angelica *jolly good day my dear*, Rose's musical FGM DK, all others I surely missed and lurkers - Wonderful Sunday to yall!

Muse said...

Well, screw that. I shouldn’t be the superhero’s girlfriend, I should be the superhero.
(Kristen Stewart, Reigning Queen of Other)

Super RN Gas Passer said...

MUSE...You are soooo aMUSEing!!!!! I understand about the ALZ...my mother had it...thats one of the reasons I love the blog...I am trying to cram as much Fun in as possible...just in case...for time does not stand still for anyone. Have a great day!

Hi ANGELICA, CLAIRE, PL, BEACULEN,TEETH,TIGER,GROOVIE,KATY,RHONDA,BIRDIE,DK,KAY,DOTTIE,FREDDIE,BARBARA I noticed you had a word for the troll...excellent,HOPE,LENI...the ring, the ring...I feel like I should become a professional cryptologist...haha,RKSOUL,ROSE...I noticed your most excellent comment as well:)Im with you, sooo entertaining....

Happy Sunday All

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Oh bull hockey...what happened this time??? Half of my post didnt make it...It is supposed to say DK, BARBARA troll kudos, then, hello to KAY, VANGIE and anyone I may have missed (eyeroll)

ADD said...

SWATH teaser trailer really surprised me. I mean it's not even done and it looks amazing already. Congratulations Universal--great job.

Anonymous said...

i have to confess i still don't get the whole ring-gate debate, didnt the first time and can't be bothered this time either, you cannot see anything on that ring,not letters not designs either!this is wishful thinking to the extreme!
anyhoo i was slightly embarassed watching rob rub kristen's bum but seeing this other gif of her rubbing him too add with her touching his tigh, i don't feel bad anymore:these two were clearly flirting and being all touchy-feely with each other while pretending to be super concentrated on event!
love these two, can't wait for friday to come!i know i will have to display super strength not to squeal during headboard scene lol

Omoiyari said...

God,I see Snow White trailer . awesome.I am extremely excited for Robert & Kristen's upcoming projects but the comments against Kristen shocked me.WHY?Why all this hate?
really sad

real pr pro said...

Hi all - in the wake of the supposed "revelation" from that world class news organization, I just wanted to give a quick refresher in how papers like the New Zealand Herald get their "interviews" for movie promos. In all probablity the reporter who bylined the story (Peter Mitchell) is a staff reporter who wasn't even in the room for this - rather the quotes were taken from a transcript, and the person writing the story fashioned a narrative around selected quotes.
How to I know this? (Besides the fact that I've run press days that is?) Aside from the logical assumption that no one is going to fly from New Zealand to LA for a press day (not even in a good economy let alone, in this economy) and there's very little chance that Kristen would have given a one -on-one to such a low tier market, the telltale sign that this was a typical cut and paste job is that the reporter never provides any first person references that indicate an in person interview -- for example describing the room, or what Kristen is wearing. Plus he never includes first person questions or set ups like "When I asked about her relationship to Pattinson she said..." Instead he used the comments about babies and weddings in the film as a seque to a reference about her personal life, and then drew a quote that was cleary Kristen talking about the relationship that the three leads have, and positioned it to seem as if it was in response to a question about her relationship.

So knowing that the guy wasn't there and that he got his story from a transcript, its pretty easy to see that he was selective with how he used the quote. And why is that? Simple. If there had been an actual question about Rob and Kristen's relationship to whihc she replied "the three of us are jsut very very good friends, don't you that would have come out in some of the dozens of interviews that appeared before this one?
Yeah, thought so.

For those who missed it, here's the reference:

Talk of babies and weddings should heighten talk about her reported real-life romance with co-star Pattinson, but Stewart describes the relationship she has with Pattinson - and her other co-star Lautner - as being "just very, very, very good friends".

"I have something really special with both of them that really couldn't have been gotten without an experience like this," she says.

ali mac said...

Can anyone lip read, cos I would love to know what Nikki said in that gif. Nicks face was priceless!!

Roll on the premier and then Friday when I go and see BD v v excited :)

*I*Believe* said...

Howdy! I am enjoying all of the festivities with the exception of the troll from last night.

We waited so long for the drought to pass and now, when it rain it pours...so much to see, watch and enjoy.

Kristen looked lovely on her return trip to LA...LOVED the black sweater she was wearing...she has such style, as we all know.

I am writing to you from daw's laptop...my desktop computer crashed...when I was trying to fix it by reading directions from my laptop, my laptop started smoking, no lie, no flames but smoke.

BTW, does anyone know if the prem. will be livestreamed tomorrow?

wig4usc said...

Muse! I'm so sorry I forgot about the Michelada recipe!!! I'll give you a couple different versions. I was tailgating yesterday, where's what I included:

Bud Light Lime (prefer lots of fresh lemon or lime if I have it)
few shakes of Worchestershire
few shakes of Tapatio (hot sauce)
shot or so of Spicy Clamato
Tajin seasoning - or any chili/lime kind of seasoning

salt rim the glass with the Tajin

Many don't care for the Clamato, I use just a little.

It takes a little fine-tuning, depending on how much you like spicy.

Enjoy, more options to follow!

Muse said...

@wig wiiiiggggg!!!! Yummy yummy!!!!! Thx!

@I Believe yes, there'll be a livestream, robstenation has it in its page...
@real pr pro - thx for clearing up these lil tidbits of the industry...

I wish you all a restful sleep, tomorrow is THE day! Wonder what Miss S will sport on RC...

Freddie said...

IB - I hope you are feeling better. Sorry to hear about your PC. Smoke coming out of it would definitely get my attention. How annoying and the timing is lousy.

You were asking about a Livestream for the Premiere tomorrow. I came across the following, so I hope it works for you.

Breaking Dawn P1 Red Carpet Premiere LiveStream Links http://bit.ly/uo7X56

CandeyQ said...

I say to all the fans the best way to support Them (Rob) especially is to use your strength to get Rob big enough film offers to take his career (not his good looks) to a whole new level. This guy needs his next big role... Doesn't seem like he'll deal with idle for long. I love the new clip of SWATH - its just what her career needs. Your boy needs the same oppty!

Another year of mindless interviews on his sex scenes and who he's dating does not a substantial film career make.

olivia said...

Good evening y'all,
Just a quick peek in tonight.
Was in Houston all weekend and haven't had time to back read.

Tomorrow evening's festivities are less than 24 hours away! It will be so exciting....and such fun, to see what Rob and Kristen and the entire cast, BC, and SM will be wearing, and seeing them interact with everyone. What an awesome party.....wishing them all a wonderful and memorable evening filled with happiness and great enjoyment.

Off to read for a bit. Will peek in again tomorrow morning while having my morning cup of coffee.

Hugs for y'all.
Hugs for Smitty, Gruff and Syd.
Life is good.

beaculen said...

CandyQ you realize he has three films coming out in 2112? I think him having time off for the first time in 4 years is ok. And since he was in the top 10 of top hollywood earners last year, I think he can afford it. Sorry, but it gets old having people say he's washed up since he's not filming anything right now. geez give the guy a break.

Anna said...

Rob & Kristen are so got damn adorable, I can care less who wants to believe they are not together in every sense of the word. Hey my Roseland friends, check this interview out...I think this one is my favorite!


Anna said...

I say we leave the careers of our favorite Twilight stars to the people who actually work in this business and no a thing or two about casting/directing/promoting...etc. Who is with me on enjoying this moment and all the others that we believe are yet to come???

Motherhin said...

Premier tomorrow! What's the dress doing to be, long or mini? I can't even imagine the color because she's kind of gone blue/gray this year. She's got the Snow White black hair so we have to consider something that will bring out the pretty skin and black hair. Don't even get me started on her shoes. The girl picks the most amazing shoes and then ditches them for some chucks later.;D Can't wait to see if they are matching again. Love that they match.

Last year's premier was amazing. The after party pictures were so cute. I think I look forward to the premier almost as much as seeing the movie. It's definitely a lot of fun and plenty of "bubble."

Jenny said...

I'm excited for the BD premiere, but a bit worried too.
Everytime Kristen is with both Rob and Taylor in a event, there's always bashing and hate towards her. Some Rob "fans" are only waiting for something to bash her. I know that Kristen adores Taylor and I think she tries hard to not make him feel "excluded" when Rob is with them (which is very sweet of her, of course), but usually she ends showing more affection for him than for Rob (because she's more guarded regarding him), inadvertently feeding the gossip and infuriating Rob's fans (not only haters, but sometimes also fans that actually like her, because they feel she's dissing him).
It's the same with interviews, she usually avoids talking about Rob and "gushes" over Taylor... or talks about them as having the same importance to her, which feels a bit unfair to Rob.
So, to be honest, I really hope that tomorrow she lets her guard down a litlle regarding Rob, because it's perfectly understandable (and expected) that she shows more intimicy and affection for him!
I guess I'm just tired of all the hate towards her, enough is enough!

Just read that tomorrow will also be the world premiere of some song from nikki attention seeker reed and her husband whatever is his name.
I have no words to express how much I dislike this person. How conveniently to premiere her song (and promoting herself) in the day that should be all focused in the movie, in which she's not the main attraction but which she's also promoting. What a selfish, egocentric and unprofessional BITCH she is!
It's attention that she wants... I hope that she doesn't get any!

wig4usc said...

Wrapping it up for the night, thought I'd check in first. Looking forward to tomorrow, I work just a couple blocks from tent city and contemplating walking over to check it out!

Muse - glad to see it appeals to you, I love it! A friend recently tried it and loved it, begging for more of "my drink"! LOL

PR Pro - I love it when you stick to factual info in response to emotional reactions. You give a great perspective to some of madness in this fandom!

CandeyQ - I'm not worried about Rob one bit...he'll be just fine.

Goodnight, fellow Roselanders!!!

DreamerKind said...

Breaking Dawn CD Track

Turning Page

Sleeping At Last:

I’ve waited a hundred years
But I’d wait a million more
For you

Nothing prepared me for
What the privilege of being yours
Would do

If I had only felt the warmth
Within your touch
If I had only seen how you smile
When you blush

Or how you curl your lip
When you concentrate enough
I would have known
What I was living for all along
What I’ve been living for

Your love is my turning page
Where only the sweetest words

Every kiss is a cursive line
Every touch is a redefining phrase
I surrender who I’ve been
For who you are

For nothing makes me stronger
Than your fragile heart
If I had only felt
How it feels to be yours

Well, I would have known
What I’ve been living for
All along
What I’ve been living for

Though we’re tethered
To the story we must tell
When I saw you
Well, I knew we’d tell it well

With a whisper
We will tame the vicious seas
Like a feather bringing kingdoms
To their knees

Thank you/usersloccf

DreamerKind said...

BD Soundtrack Wedding Version

Flightless Bird, American Mouth

Iron & Wine:

I was a quick wit boy
Diving too deep for coins
All of your streetlight eyes
Wide on my plastic toys

Then when the cops closed the fair
I cut my long baby hair
Stole me a dog-eared map
And called for you everywhere

Have I found you
Flightless bird
Jealous, weeping

Or lost you
American mouth
Big pill, looming

Now I'm a fat house cat
Nursing my sore, blunt tongue
Watching the warm poison rats
Crawl through
The wide fence cracks

Pissing on magazine photos
Those fishing lures
Thrown in the cold and clean
Blood of Christ mountain stream

Have I found you
Flightless bird
Grounded, bleeding
Or lost you, American mouth
Big pill
Stuck going down

Thank you/MrCesarflash

DreamerKind said...

Can We Pretend

Bill Withers with Jose Feliciano:

Can we pretend
That from now on
There is no yesterday

Paint a portrait
Of tomorrow
With no colors from today

There's a light that shines
In your face sometimes
That takes my feelings
And wraps them around your needs

But there's shadow hiding
In your heart sometimes
That makes my feelings
Turn back in on me

Can we pretend
The pain is gone
And go our merry way

Paint a portrait
Of tomorrow
With the colors
Bright and gay

Thank you/breathoffreshair360

DreamerKind said...

Be My Light

Michele DeBoer:

And if the storm
Howls through our land
I’ll be your shelter

I’ll be your shelter
If you’ll be my light
If you’ll be my light

And if the world
Should fall to winter
I’ll be your warmth

I’ll be your warmth
If you’ll be my light
If you’ll be my light

And if the skies
Should cloud to darkness
I’ll be your sun

I’ll be your sun
If you’ll be my light
If you’ll be my light

Thank you/adhardehadres

DreamerKind said...

This is the day, and soon it will be the moment, for the Breaking Dawn Part 1, Los Angeles premiere!

Such a wonderful day lies ahead for us.

I have tickets for the midnight showing on Friday.

As excited as I am, I don't want to sleep yet. I'm ready to twirl, swirl, whirl and fangirl. We'll have lots to share.

Hugs for Rose, Smitty, Gruff, Syd and the dear Roselanders, all.

Annie said...

Good morning all!
Happy BD1 premiere day ! :)

@Jenny: Really? I don't see it that way at all. The difference between the displays of affection between Rob/ Kristen and Taylor/ Kristen is as obvious as the enormousness of the Grand Canyon.......I get such a little brother/protective vibe from Taylor/Kristen.

@CandeyQ: Nothing at all to worry about with Rob's career. Kristen's either for that matter.

DK: Hello there! :)

Have a great Monday everyone. :)

angelica1 said...

Morning All!

Annie - The way I always see it is Kristen would never do anything to hurt Rob therefore he must be fine with the way she behaves towards him and if that's the case, it has nothing whatsoever to do with anyone else.

Rhonda said...


IB- Sorry about all your computer problems. Smoke from your laptop doesn't sound so good ;)

Annie & Angelica- Agreed :)

Can't wait to see all the premiere stuff later. Today is going to be a great day!

Have a happy Monday everyone...

Birdie said...

Good morning everyone!
Big day today. Best wishes to Kristen, Rob, Taylor, Bill C. and all the Twilight cast! I hope they have a wonderful day and should all be proud.

Thanks for the BD tunes. I'm probably the only one that hasn't heard any yet.

Kay said...

Happy Breaking Dawn part 1 Premiere Day!! I'm looking forward to all of the excitement...wishing them luck and hoping that Rob and Kristen can have some fun in the craziness today. :D

Happy Monday, Roseland...take care and have a great day everyone!! <3


dottie said...

Happy Premiere Day!!! Isn't it exciting?

I got tickets to the midnight showing of BD this Thurs. Have never done that before & hoping I don't live to regret it. LOL

Wishing all of you a great day, especially Rob and Kristen. I hope the LA premiere is as fun as it can possibly be for them. Can't wait to see pictures of them all dressed up and gorgeous!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

ROB and KRISTEN...Happy BD DAY!!! Another special occasion for you two to share...a bond on so many levels...the experience unique to just you two..but the world will be watching and we will be cheering for you!!! Even though we wont be there to have a drink with you we will be drinking just the same...haha...for sure...Us ROSELANDERS will come up with a special drink just for the occasion!!! I think it needs to be RED...so I suggest a COSMOPOLITAN or a BLOODY MARY...any other suggestions will be appreciated...(with the Bloody Mary we can add OLIVES Rose..)


Melinda said...

Hi everyone,

Been road tripping with my mom to go see her side of the family (which is always a hoot!) over the past few days. Trying to catch up.

I've only seen the Letterman taping so far. Mr. Letterman joined the AA (archaic ass) club a long long time ago. I've never been a fan of his.


We fans are getting some amazing movies to watch in the next year with Cosmopolis,OTR, Bel Ami and SWATH!! Excited and happy for both Rob and Kristen for their continued success!

That gif of NR gets me every time. I do love Nick's smirk in that shot! Sucks to be someone that isn't well liked in the fandom.

Today is the Ellen taping I think. I hope that Ellen makes it fun!

Then the premiere later! All in all I say we need to put our dancing shoes on and twirl!

Have a great Monday!

PL said...

Good morning Ladies,

I think people are going to see what they want to see. If they want Kristen to appear to be more affectionate towards Taylor then that is what they will see. They really can't win no matter what they do.

You are a brave soul to go to a midnight showing. I hope you can hear the movie.

Make sure you get your breaks today because you'll need it.

So Nikki is releasing a single today? That really isn't surprising. Let's face it, that's the only way she and that Idol wannabe can get any attention at all is by riding on the coattails of BD. It really is sad.

So I hear there is a Premiere of something tonight. Anyone going to watch?

Kenzz said...

Happy premiere day! So glad I missed the idiot who stopped by earlier... kudos to Rose for her point-by-point response!

pr-pro: Thanks for always giving us the inner workings of these press calls...

DK: Great playlist!! Have a blast at the midnight showing of BD (& you too, dottie!) <3

Anne: I think that's the same interview I read that had me laughing out loud!

Annie: I agree with everything you said!

Freddie: Glad you were able to attend the funeral, I'm sure your presence was comforting...

IB: At least your laptop picked a good time to alight on fire, as they're on sale now! Hope you can get a good deal...

CandeyQ: I wouldn't concern myself with Rob's career. He seems to be doing just fine without our worrying for him!

Best wishes to Rob, Kristen, Taylor, and Bill C. for this evening's premiere and associated festivities...

Have a great Monday...

katy said...

Hello Roseland,

So excited about tonight. The premiere it's around 1 am for me, but I'm definitely not going to miss it.

Happy BD1 premiere day, especially for Rob, Kristen!!

Take care everyone

CandyQ, it irritates me people talking about Rob's career like there was something to worry about, because there is NOTHING to worry about with Rob's career, he is doing just great and is going to continue doing great.

Leni said...

Happy Premiere Day everyone :)

If I’m not too tired when I get home from work I will be watching the live stream for sure :)

@pr pro: I always love reading your interesting comments – thanks!

@Anna: I really loved that interview :)

@Freddie: I’m sure that it meant a lot to your friend that you could go to the funeral!

@DK & dottie: I hope you will be enjoying the midnight showing!

@IB: Sorry about the problems with your computer – it always sucks if they are not working!

Tigerlily said...

Hi to all..

Wow I cannot believe we are here already ..Premiere Day..I remember after all the goodness that was the Eclipse Prem.. thinking that it was so far away!

All the best to Kristen,Rob, Bill C and the rest of the cast.

Looking forward to glimpses of 'the bubble' :)

wig4usc said...

Hi, gang!

Happy premiere day! I work a couple blocks from LA Live and Nokia theater, so I took a walk at lunch to check things out. The black carpet looks awesome, huge setup and they were just starting to line people up.

Got tix for the midnight show, it'll be fun! I've been for NM and Eclipse, not too many screamers, liked the experience!

Ready to run home and see if I can catch Ellen! Have fun, everyone!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Just lovely Guys...What a wonderful evening watching the live feed...everybody is so happy and excited...this movie is going to be incredible!

I was so excited to see all the new vampire actors and MacKenzie Foy...Charley looked dapper in his velvet suit!!!

Beautiful Kristen!!!!

Birdie said...

I don't think I have ever seen such a beautiful couple. Rob was absolutely handsome and Kristen knocked it out of the park in that dress. How does she continue to look more beautiful each time we see her? They looked amazing. Cute interviews with Josh H. Hope they enjoy the rest of the night!

*I*Believe* said...

Thank God for livestream!!!! Kristen looked beautifully gorgeous....loved the deep blue on her...Rob's suit's color set off Kristen's dress perfectly!

Loved Joshie's interviews. The E lady was annoying...she kept telling everyone to stand on the white tape :/

Also, what's with Nikki's toga?

Just wondering.

Kay said...

They were totally gorgeous and it was a fantastic night all around...awesome premiere black carpet, can't wait until Friday. :D

#YayPackers :)

Motherhin said...

Okay Kristen killed it tonight. I loved that dress she really just owns a dress and rocks the hell out if it. I feel bad her foot was hurt but good reason to change the shoes! Wouldn't be Kristen if she wore heels the entire night.:D

How funny that she was asked about a ring and it was some random ring?LOL

DreamerKind said...

Such a lovely couple and cast of thousands (just kidding) but it was a very busy black carpet. I watched lots of interviews on several livestreams and my head is still spinning.

Bottom line: Kristen and Rob were glorious, and I can't wait but will, for the midnight showing, early Friday morning, for it's my first one.

Before the movie, I'll have dinner out with a bff, dressed in my new frock with hat (which will come off (hat only) at the movie showing.

We'll down a couple of margaritas to loosen up our pysches. Going to be silly and have fun, but not miss one moment of BD. Of course, will eventually tell you all about it.

Thank you Kristen, Rob, Taylor, Billy, Stephenie, and Bill for a great time tonight. Rock on.

Same to you, fella/fellow Roselanders.

DreamerKind said...

Forgive my misspellings! Blame them on the rush of the premiere and the wine blush on my face, along with the mush called my mind.

DreamerKind said...

Real Nice Clambake (i.e.Premiere)

Carousel (Barbara Ruick, Claramae Turner, Robert Rounseville, Cameron Mitchell & Chorus:

This was a real nice clambake,
We're mighty glad we came.
The vittles we et
Were good, you bet,
The company was the same.

Our hearts are warm, our bellies are full,
And we are feeling prime.
This was a real nice clambake,
And we all had a real good time.

Fust come codfish chowder
Cooked in iron kettles,
Onions floating on the top,
Curlin' up in petals.

Throw'd in ribbons of salted pork,
An old New England trick.
And lapped it all up with a clamshell,
Tied onto a bayberry stick.

Remember when we raked
Them red hot lobsters
Out of the driftwood fire?
They sizzled and crackled and sputtered a song
Fittin' for an angels' choir.

Fittin' for an angels,
Fittin' for an angels,
Fittin' for an angels choir.

We slit 'em down the back and peppered 'em good,
And doused 'em in melted butter.
Then we tore away the claws
And cracked 'em with our teeth
Cuz we weren't in the mood to putter.

Fittin' for an angels,
Fittin' for an angels,
Fittin' for an angels choir.

Then at last come the clams.
Steamed under rockweed and poppin' from their shells.
Just how many of 'em galloped down our gullets,
We couldn't say ourselves, oh,

This was a real nice clambake,
And we all had a real good time.
We said it 'afore and we'll say it again,
We all had a real good time!

Thank you/TheTomMunday

DreamerKind said...

Fall At Your Feet

James Blunt:

I'm really close tonight
And I feel like I'm moving inside her
Lying in the dark
And I think that I'm beginning
To know her
Let it go

I'll be there when you call
And whenever I fall at your feet
Do you let your tears rain down on me
Whenever I touch your slow turning pain

You're hiding from me now
There's something in the way that you're talkin’
Words don't sound right

But I hear them all moving inside you
Go now
I'll be there when you call
And whenever I fall at your feet

Do you let your tears rain down on me
Whenever I touch your slow turning pain
The finger of blame has turned upon itself

And I'm more than willing to offer myself
Do you want my presence or need my help?
Who knows where that might lead
I fall at your feet

Thank you/RockKillaz

DreamerKind said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DreamerKind said...

Heard a rumor on Twitter that Kristen, Rob and Taylor are on their way to London. Good for them. They put on a terrific show at the premiere.

I am tired from all of the playtime I had tonight, so I'm checking out now.

Goodbye lovelies. More good times coming for everyone!

olivia said...

Good morning Roseland,

Rob and Kristen looked absolutely beautiful.
What a gorgeous, well matched ( in every way ) couple
Bless their hearts, may they get some rest and quiet time together before the premiere craziness begins anew in London.

They are so lovely together in so many ways. Imperfect, original, unique, to thine own self be true, adorkable, stunning perfection!

So happy that the serendipitous meeting of Rob and Kristen ( during the casting for Twilight ) occurred when and how that it did. Thank you Kristen for your sixth sense and foresight.

Hugs for y'all.
Hugs for Smitty and Gruff.
Have a beautiful day and of course...
Life is good!
THREE more days! Whoop!

Annie said...

Good morning Roseland!
Words such as beautiful, stunning, gorgeous usually is enough of a description but I don't think those words are enough to cover Rob and Kristen at the BD1 LA premiere last night!

I haven't looked at all the pictures yet but words fail me......Rob and Kristen radiate such love, happiness and contentment.

Have a great day everyone.

Leni said...

Kristen and Rob both looked so stunning and beautiful yesterday!

That gorgeous dress looked great against her creamy skin and Rob in that blue-grey suit - no words!

I always love to see how happy they are together :)

Just saw a video where Kristen confirms that she will be attending the UK premiere!

Have a great day everyone :)

Claire said...

Flawless, both of them were fucking flawless last night.

Please can I have your legs Kristen? And could I also borrow your boyfriends jawline to stare at all day? There was some serious jaw porn going on last night LOL.

I hope her foot is okay, she always seems to be hurting herself D:

She'll probably need to take a few months off just to let her injuries heal LOL

Claire said...


According to fans who saw the movie last night (don't know if it's true), there is no first dance between E&B. I'm no huge twi hard but I will be forever bitter if this is the case. It's THEIR wedding FFS. No dance between man and wife yet there is one between the bride and some guy who has tried his best to ruin their relationship -____________-

Leni said...

No dance between Edward and Bella?
That would suck.. i mean she has a whole dramatic last dance with Jacob, she should at least have one with Edward!

Claire said...

Leni - It would suck BIG TIME :(

Leni said...

I usually don't care that much about such details, but come on - a dance between bride and groom is kinda obligatory.

Sydney said...

Claire: the first 15 seconds of this should cheer you right up!

Sydney said...

The link would help:


Claire said...

Leni - You'd think so right?

Sydney - OMFG!!! Dean and Stephanie made sure she knew what was up. I wonder what she said to Stephanie to get that reaction? LOL

Leni said...

@Sydney & Claire:
LMAO .. I would so love to know what she said!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Question...Did Anna Kendrick make it to the premiere? I think I saw interviews with everybody remotely associated with the movie except her...

Claire said...

Super - I haven't seen any pictures of her.

Julie said...

Rob and Kristen were adorable last night, lots of bubble :)
It's so obvious that they're in love, I don't understand how there're people that still can't see it!

Rob hot as always and I loved Kristen's dress (very sexy!) and her attitude, she's a lot more confident these days!
But I didn't like the hair very much :/ I mean, I like the hairdo, but I don't think this kind of style is flattering on her. It highlights her ears too much, it's a bit distracting, it takes the focus away from her beautiful face (the same when she uses her hair down but puts it behind her ears).
I think she looks a lot prettier when she uses her hair down (and she has a beautiful hair), or stylised like the way she used on Letterman for eclipse promo (one of her best looks ever IMO) or at this year's Met Gala.

Excited to see what she's going to wear tomorrow (so happy that she will be there!).

The other twilight girls looked lovely too, except nikki, she looked horrible in that dress and I don't like her anyway, so she never looks lovely to me!

Teeth said...

Dang. I rushed all the way home from my last class hoping for a new post!

I can't wait till Rose writes about last nights events!

wig4usc said...

Hello, Roseland!

I was also hoping to hear Rose's observations, or any of yours! I love the links and things you all notice! I thought everyone looked great, not so sure about the green tunic, though. Any controversy? Any PDA? The vid and pics so far are pretty, but no after party goodies yet!!

Have a good one!

Kay said...

Hey, does anyone have or remember Smitty's Oreo Pâté recipe? The best I can remember, you blend the Oreo cream filling with a package of cream cheese and a little vanilla...was there anything else I'm missing? I'm craving sugar and I think this would be perfect for a thing I have this weekend. :) Thanks!

Hope everyone is having a good Tuesday! <3

DreamerKind said...

Good evening!

I have kept almost all of the Roseland recipes, if anyone would like one. So, here it is:


Okay--oreo pate--lol. Because of the earth's gravitational pull this really can only be made after midnight. First consume about 3 bottles of wine or your other favorite liquor.
Second, get two packages of double stuff oreos or more if you have a bunch of friends who are hungry.
Third, take all of the white stuff and scrape it off the cookies but save the cookies. Put the white stuff in a big bowl.
Fourth, add some cream cheese and a little vanilla. I know--there are no measurements--lol--um--enough that its kind of creamy but not like that much. Remember--everyone will be drunk--it doesn't have to be exact.
Fifth--mix is all together. I've also added melted white chocolate and that was really good.
Sixth--the cookies are like the crackers--you dip them in the white stuff pate and enjoy.
Sorry its not more exact--its really good though.
Monday, November 01, 2010 7:00:00 PM

Kay said...

Thanks a bunch DK!!!

Hehehe...I forgot that I'd need three bottles of wine, too! ;)

Claire said...

Smitty's Oreo Pate sounds quite nice. Although I wouldn't attempt it, I always fuck stuff up LOL.


Apparently there is an E/B dance after all. But it's supposedly very short :(

Now this next gripe has got me fucking raging LOL.

In the trailer we saw Edward throwing Jacob into a wall. That is (again, apparently) NOT in the movie. D:

Why put in the trailer if it's not going to be in the movie? I was looking forward to seeing that sniveling prick get some sort of comeuppance. LOL

JJ said...

So, yesterday a reporter asked Rob "Can we just say that's your girl now (Kristen)? Can we just say 'they're together now'? Can we just say that now?". Rob laughed and said "that's so ridiculous". Anyone with half a brain understands that he's referring to the ridiculousness of the reporter's question, right?
Well, I'm now absolutely convinced that the ninnies don't have a brain, since they're celebrating what they believe was Rob finally denying his relationship with Kristen...


(Wait, what happened to the PR theory? Denying that she's his girlfriend on the premiere of the movie is part of the PR strategy???)

They're saying that we are all in denial now, since we're not addressing the issue, LOL!
Come on Rob and Kristen, give us something cute tomorrow, I wanna see their heads exploding, LOL

Seriously, I can't wait for your next post Rose, I've a feeling it's gonna be epic!

Fiorels said...

Hello Roseland...
Just passing for a quick Hi before sleeping...
slept like 3 hours last night lol but it was so worth it...
Rob and Kristen looked so beautiful :')

So glad we are seeing them together again tomorrow...
Even though... If I think I was supposed to go to London for the premiere but didn't manage to do it since we didn't get any Kristen confirmation I go argggggh... :(
But can't wait...

I'll watch BD tomorrow and will let you know about this e/b dance scene if you want lol

Talk to you soon ladies!
Stay good! <3

Claire said...

Fio - Yes!!! Please let me know. It has been bugging the shit out of me all day LOL

I know I can trust you ;D

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Hi ALL...

DK I thought you were going to the movies tonight...The Oreo Pate sounds interesting...I like the wine part!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Hi FIO...

Let us know!!!!!

Claire said...

Deadline have just reported that Kristen is in ''advanced talks'' for a part in Akira.

I'll support her her but I hope to god this isn't true. This has disaster written all over it. The hardcore manga fans don't even want this remade, they're quite vociferous about it.

Throw in the fact that they are also up in arms that the actors taking on the roles are caucasian and not asian and they are going to catch some heavy flak.

When Rob was linked to this I was meh about it, but after researching it and looking up Akira fans' opinion on the project as a whole I didn't want him anywhere near it.

Like I said, if she does take it I'll support her, but I hope this is all conjecture.

You think Twilight fans are crazy? These manga fans are a whole different level of cray cray.

Claire said...

Although she did say she was going to take some time off after SWATH to decide what she wants to do next. That doesn't sound like someone in ''advanced talks''. *Clinging to that quote like a boss*

Claire said...

It's also looking to be a franchise. With Kristen saying she wants to do more Snow White movies would she really lock herself down to another franchise? This is going to bug the shit out of me until we get a confirmation or denial, hopefully someone will ask her tomorrow.

Claire said...

I'm off to cry myself to sleep now LOL

MySoCalledLife said...

Hi everyone - Hope you are all doing well :)

It's been ages since I posted, but I've been lurking and reading Rose's posts and all the comments when I can.

We've been so spoiled lately with Rob & Kristen goodies - haven't we?!

Last night was perfection. Kristen's dress was AH.MAY.ZING!! She looked drop-dead gorgeous. And Rob - so handsome and both so happy! What more can we ask for?

@Claire - I saw twitter blow up today about the Akira rumors. It surprises me too that Kristen would want to enter another franchise with such an... um... "passionate" fan-base. But, I guess if anyone is well-suited to handle the crazies, it would be Kristen Stewart, no?!

In all honestly, I kind of hope it's just a rumor, but if it turns out to be true I'll totally support it. She's a smart woman, surrounded by a strong team and a most supportive partner. If she's signing onto this project, I trust that there's a good reason for it. She doesn't do projects she doesn't believe in so...

Speaking of projects - did anyone catch the movie trailer for "Mirror Mirror"??

Guys - it looks soooooo bad. I'm not just saying that because I'm devoted to SWATH... it really looks bad. Yikes - I don't think it stands a chance.

Freddie said...

Hi everyone,

I’m just popping in quickly to say hello, and to pass along a link to one of my favourite pictures from last night. Enjoy.


Have a good night, all.

wania said...

Hi everyone! Quick pass...I miss Roseland ever!

Still stunned by the BD Premiere ... so much things...
Even with a fight between me and Livestream ... so annoying... but worth a lot ... Robert and Kristen were like a dream ... They were so perfect, so complicit...just being them!

Josh MTV ... awn ... best interview of the night ... he is so dear that won a tender embrace of Kristen... Cute!

Freddie - Thanks for the link ... is my favorite too ... So beautiful ... so in love...

Hi DK, sweet friend... see you tomorrow...


Leni said...

Smitty's recipe sounds really great, will try it sometime soon :)

Please let us know about that dance and the Edward throwing Jacob into a wall scene from the trailer!

Thanks for that pic :)

I highly doubt that the Akira thing is true - as you've said, Kristen taking time off AND possibly two more Snow White movies.. Akira doesn't quite fit into that.
Also, Josh asked Rob so many times about some rumors and he (Rob) had never heard of them before..

Excited for UK premiere today!
Have a great day everyone :)

Rhonda said...

Morning all,

Just peeking in briefly before work (it's been crazy)...

I'm still trying to catch up, but I agree with everyone about the premiere--Rob and Kristen looked gorgeous. Can't wait to see what London brings...

I hope everyone has a great day :)

Annie said...

Good morning Roseland! How are you all?
BD1.......London premiere day! :)
Looking forward to every beautiful moment that will come out of that premiere.

Take care everybody. Have a great day.

Kenzz said...

Quick hello to Roseland!

Beautiful pics from LA premier... can't wait to see them in London today... Best of luck to Kristen, Rob, and Taylor :)

Good morning to Rhonda & Annie, see you've checked in this AM <3

Hope to catch up with everyone later today...

Hugs to Rose, Smitty, Gruff, and wherever in the world Syd is *wink*