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Friday, November 4, 2011

Rob and Kristen-- Obvious Observations

I honestly don't know what to write here...
So much happened yesterday.
Cement footsies...
Ass grabbing...
Hungry eyes and hands...
Huge smiles.
Giddy excitement.

I'm not a "News" site...
I don't post everything that comes out
(Thank God)
But I do have a few  OBvious OBservations.
One or two.


Robert and Kristen looks gloriously thrilled and happy.
(Yes, Taylor too...)
I mean... 
They couldn't believe they were getting such an honor
and Kristen especially was giddy and smiley.
I could stop here and say the reason they were
so damn happy was because of the hand/footprint ceremony...
But come on guys (it's OBVIOUS)
You know me better than that.

For one thing...
Rob and Kristen will forever be playing footsies in cement.
Sure... Rob talked about messing up...
blah blah blah...
But didn't the guy who was helping them with their
foot placement...
Kinda move Rob's foot to touch Kristens?
Did he? Huh?
I think he did.


Robert cannot stop himself from 
at Kristen.
You all see the major difference
between how he behaved with Ashley
and how he just fucking swoons over Kristen.

It matters not if Taylor is there or not.
And I don't even mean to take him out of the equation.
I like Taylor.
And it's obvious that Rob and Kristen like Taylor.
Kristen often talks about him like he's her brother...
and she acts like that when she's around him.
But Rob and Kristen?
The dynamic is way different.
In fact...
I will go so far as to say...
There isn't anyone that Rob and Kristen react to...
Like they do to each other.
You can pull up how many pictures you want
of Rob with Emilie or Reese... or whoever.
Because while he is always polite and does his job
There is such palpable electricity when Kristen is next to him.
He can NOT stop looking at her.
No matter what they are doing.
No matter where they are.
His eyes are drawn to her.
And his hands.

Or her hands...


Robert is smitten with Kristen.
I love that word.
And it works both ways, folks.
Kristen is just as smitten as Rob is.

It's almost like...
Rob cannot get enough of her.
(Or non deny deny... hahahaha)
Rationalize all you want.
It's there.
It's ALWAYS there.


Robert and Kristen are saying a lot more
than they ever have before.
A lot more.
It's like the dam of silence has sprung a leak...
It's not like the dam burst or anything.
But water is getting through...
You know what I mean?

Of course during the course of all the press...
Rob and Kristen were asked about the wedding
The minister (or priest, as Rob calls him)
comes up quite a bit.
Was it a real minister?
(he was...)
Does anyone but Rob know this?
(It appears they have heard about it now)
What do they think about marriage.
While it seems both like the idea of marriage
Whether they are ready to discuss it at length 
is another story

So Rob was interviewed by Extra
and was asked about the 'real' priest...
First off he said...
"I read something like that, which furiously took the piss out of me.
Because they're like, 'Of course you're not [really married].
' Even if it was a real priest, 
it doesn't make any difference, 
you've got to fill out all these forms and blah blah blah!"

Hmmm... who do you think he is referring to?
I mean... who was complaining and whining (again)
about the validity of what Rob had said about the minister
and the possibility of being really married?
Who is always angry and bitter?
We all know who.
But even with the spittle and foam of hatred
taking the 'piss' out of him
Robert always comes through...
Rob had this to say about it

"We're married in so many different ways. 
I kind of like the idea of that happening, though." 
I believe Robert feels married to Kristen
in all the ways that matter.
(Just my thoughts)
He kind of likes the idea of that happening though.
I'm sure he does.


I know I missed a lot of stuff.
Cute little quips.
Sweet gestures.
Smitten looks.
But it sucks when you can't be online all day long
trying to keep up with this stuff.
I actually hate when SO much stuff happens in a day.
It's overwhelming.
Yet incredibly awesome.
And I can't wait for more.
And more...
And to see just how much water gets out of the dam.

Oh... but...
One more thing from yesterday.


People who were at Kimmel last night
When Kristen was there...
Have said they saw her with Bear.
Not just one person...
A few people saw him.
Is this true?
Is it wishful thinking?
Is it like the floating leg of London?
First off...
Of course Kristen was with Rob in London.
It was her (their) place after all
and honestly...
John was there.
If John was there... Kristen was there.
And where else would Rob go?

But the Bear thing?
People who were there were pretty adamant about seeing him
in the back of Kristen's car.
Is it far fetched?
Not at all.
She probably missed the adorable mutt and wanted
to spend as much time with him as possible.
I didn't see Bear in any videos
and there haven't been any pictures released yet...
But that doesn't mean anything.
Rob was flying in and out of London for months
without anyone being the wiser
and we all know he was there a lot 
more than anyone even realizes...
Oh yes.
As for Bear?
I bet he likes going for car rides!

This post is brought to you by fucking incredible.

That would be Thomas Sturridge.
In every possible way.

And Robert and Kristen
and how they love each other
and for all the incredible moments 
they have shared with us so far...
and all the incredible moments
Yet to come.

It's promo time...
and the twirling is easy.

Bye for now


Berry said...

Hello Everyone! Rose, great post as always! Loving all the Rob and Kristen time! They are just SO Happy together! Can't wait for Breaking Dawn...everyone even Jay Leno has been saying great things!! Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Claire said...

BUTT GRABS??!! PMSL I've missed so much LOL

Claire said...

Anybody care to point me int he direction of any 'butt grab' pics? LOL

Leni said...

Awesome post Rose!
You always say it like it is :)

Leni said...

Wait a second Claire, I have a video..

wig4usc said...

Loved seeing the post today, I wanted to compare and contrast what I noticed from yesterday's activities. I noticed what you did, especially the "kinda like the idea" comment! I watched the MTV First interview this AM, and Rob kept looking over at her and staring. There was one point in the interview where she had her arm trail over the chair and onto his leg. Their conversation makes it abundantly clear these are two people who know each other VERY well!

Fun times, and you're right, Rose, the twirling is easy!!

Kay said...

So much giddy, twirling happiness these days....can't stop smiling!! :D

Happy weekend Rose and Roseland...take care and be happy everyone! <3

wig4usc said...

I want to see the video of butt grabbing too! What I also noticed was her rubbing Rob's waist/hip while taking the photos at Graumann's. One arm up on Taylor's shoulder, the other rubbing on Rob!

Leni said...

Found it - here you go


Claire said...

Leni - Thanks very much :D

Well, well, well. Rob certainly wasn't shy was he?

Look at all the fucks he gives, NONE!!! LOL

He's all like ''There may be thousands of people here and tons of cameras but I'm going to put my hand on my woman's curvacious derriere, and I don't give a flying fuck what anyone thinks.''

It's safe to deduce that Rob is definitely an ass man. But we knew that already ;)

Leni said...

I thought so too.. I mean, he knows EXACTLY that there are thousands of people with cameras behind them and he just doesn't care at all LOL

Claire said...

Does anybody know where that picture of Tom is from?

Also, do you think that Tom and Kristen's Dad have ever discussed the finer points of wearing a fedora? LOL

Rhonda said...

Rose, you were right. November is "FanfuckingTastic" ;)

So many sweet moments from yesterday. I'm still smiling..can't wait to see what's next :)

Hi everyone- I hope it's been a great day. Lots of love...

Rhonda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Leni said...

I think they are even swapping them LOL

I also want to know where the Tom pic is from?!

Rhonda said...

Claire- I meant to tell you, I agree about Kristen's dad. He's just cool...

Sorry, for the delete. Too many typo's, it bugs me ;)

sjjw said...

Hello everyone! Happy happy Friday! I have not been around much, but I've missed you regs. RL has been kicking my ass ~ but guess what? I resigned from the gig that was stressing me out so much! It was kinda a big deal to do it, but if I even told y'all half of the bs I was dealing with, you wouldn't believe it. It all ended when someone complained about the minutes for a meeting, b/c my name was mentioned more than hers! Last straw! I am so outta there!!!! And I feel free....

Anyway, that's enough about ME, because there is just so much, and I agree w/ Rose, almost too much, fun Rob and Kristen and BD stuff out there. I am so excited for this movie. I have a bestie here who always goes with me ~ a bunch of us go actually to all the Twi movies together. We are doing that once again and I can't wait.

Robert, I hope you are well. I believe you have had your surgery. Berry, Clair, Leni, Kay and any I forgot, HI!! I hope to be around a bit more now that I am loose from that ball and chain of a job. OMG.

Have a wonderful weekend - I can't even begin to keep up with all the funness! (not a word, but I like it anyway)


Groovie said...

Yesterday was pretty damn awesome and if fans are exhausted trying to keep up, I can't imagine how Rob and Kristen feel!
The Chinese Theatre thing was super cool. I go to SoCal a few times a year but usually don't go to Hollywood cuz its so busy and touristy. Its been a couple years since I've gone but I'll have to go next time and check out their slab of cement lol!

The MTV interview was so funny and I also thought Kristen was excellent on Leno, especially in regards to the way she handled the older creeper dude talking to her about her "erotica" preferences & calling her hot LOL! Maybe that's why Bear got to tag along to Kimmel, protect his "mommy" from creeper guys hitting on her! Hahaha!

Hope u are all having a great day! We certainly have a lot to keep us busy if we want to escape from real life bs! And it just keeps coming..twi-con tomorrow!

wig4usc said...

@Leni - thanks for sharing that! Its funny, I recall the view from behind during the Eclipse premier was good too, you get to see a lot of not so subtle cues!!! Thanks for the link!

Rhonda said...

Hi Sj- Sounds like you made the right decision :)

Hi Groovie- I thought Kristen was great on Leno too. I loved her dress--she looked beautiful.

Leni said...

You're welcome :)

Hi everyone!

Claire said...

Rhonda - Not only does he wear a fedora, he also wears cool belts too. (I fucking love that)

Claire said...

I'm just watching another video and when Kristen steps on the cement Rob's Dad is clapping really enthusiastically :'''''''')

dottie said...

Great post, Rose! I love these happy, twirly days.

SJ, Congrats on making a positive change for yourself. I'm sure they hated to see you go.

Hello and hugs to all the regs! Hope to chat more later.

sjjw said...

Claire and Rhonda ~ I think Kristen's dad is just too adorable for words. There is just something about him that seems so warm. I agree totally with all you are saying, cool, sweet man! (who obviously adores his daughter. love that)

Hope said...

Rose...fantastic post as usual!

What moved me the most from yesterday was Kristen's exuberance and genuine appreciation at the Grauman's Theatre ceremony.
Loved seeing the parents beaming with joy and pride.

Congratulations to Rob and Kristen...job well done and well-deserved.

Kristen on Leno...Win!Win!
Thrilled to hear her talk about Snow White with so much passion!

Bear in the backseat of the SUV with his mommy...PRICELESS!!!


Melinda said...

TGIFF and the weekend!! I've got to hand it to you Rose, you write some of the best lines..."floating leg of London"...

There have been so many great things happening that it's hard to keep up. I have high hopes that it's just going to keep getting better!

Hope everyone is having a great day/evening so far. Lot's to twirl about!!

Leni said...

Can you post the link for the video? Please :)

Melinda said...

Claire- I agree about Kristen's dad. He seems like a cool cat. Someone on twitter called him a BAMF the other day and I think it's pretty fitting. He I love when he went after a douche pap one time in Kristen's defense. That's a great dad right there.

Claire said...

Mel & sjjw - He certainly is a BAMF

Leni - *youtu.be/bU_3hqQ7ELc*

From 1:10 onwards

Leni said...

Thanks Claire :)

Awww Rob's Dad is just the cutest

Claire said...

I'm going to say something that some here might find controversial.

Rob's Mum and Dad may just be cuter than Rob and Kristen. *RUNS AWAY BEFORE GETTING LYNCHED*

Rhonda said...

Hi Melinda- Yeah, I agree. He's cool as hell....

Hi Hope- I loved seeing Kristen's excitement. I'm so happy for all 3 of them, it was a great honor :)

Rhonda said...

Claire- LOL! I don't know if they're cuter, but pretty damn close ;)

Melinda said...

Hi Rhonda! Wanted to say hello before I head out for dinner. Hope to chat later!

Leni said...

Claire, I would say it's definitely a tie LOL

Hope said...

Hi Rhonda! Have any plans for the weekend?

Claire...yeah, Rob's parents are so cute. Love how they hold hands and he puts his arm around her... sweet. Rob has had a great example.

Melinda...hi...I am right behind you.

Hope everyone has a nice evening.

global said...

Bear was at Kimmel last night! Here are some pictures. So cute!


katy said...

Hi Rose,

Excellent post,

Congratulations to Rob,Kristen and Taylor on their so deserving honour, I'm glad that they had their families and friends there in this special ocasion and I'm especially happy that Rob and Kristen were able to experience this moment together.
AWW, the way Rob's foot is almost touching Kristen's, on that ciment...forever...is just lovely :))

LOVING all the interviews with Rob and Kristen...they just seem SO happy and that makes me happy.

The butt grabbing vid is priceless!!

How SWEET Bear with PapaStew. Bear is bigger and his SO cute!!!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day. Take care.

global said...

I forgot to add to ignore some of the "commentary" around the pictures of Bear at Kimmel last night.

wig4usc said...

I love how Roselanders share so much info, its my best source for info!

@global, thanks for sharing the pics. Did you happen to notice that the guy (K's security, right? Big John??)walking bear is also carrying black high heels?

Rhonda said...

Hope- How are you? I'm going to a 70's themed party tomorrow night. Still trying to decide which direction I should go in for my costume..LOL :)

Rhonda said...

Awww, Bear is adorable-so cute...

Wig4usc- HaHa, I saw the heels too ;)

DreamerKind said...

Wonderful post Rose. Stating the obvious, is obviously great fun and very satisfying to read.

Hello, y'all.

DreamerKind said...

Someone asked if I've had any news from Robert and I have not. Hopefully, he will be posting an update here soon.

DreamerKind said...

A 70's costume party sounds like lots of fun!

Rhonda said...

Hi DK- Yes, I think it will be a lot of fun. Do you have any costume suggestions for me?

Freddie said...

Hi guys,

Melinda - I second that "TGIF" - big time.

I hope everyone is well today. I haven't had a chance to catch up on everything yet but I really appreciate reading Rose's excellent summation of the last ~36 hours.

Congratulations to Rob and Kristen for their accomplishment. dottie and Olivia - thanks for expressing my thoughts on this so beautifully in your comments on the last post.

DK - thanks for the Jane Monheit song the other evening.

Robert - I hope all went well with your procedure earlier this week. We're eager to hear from you.

I'm off for a bit but will try to check back in later.

I hope you are all having a good day. Take care.

DreamerKind said...

Here's a web site that shows lots of costumes from that era that would be easy to create from your own wardrobe.


Off the top of my head, for sure Go-Go Dancer, Disco Babe, hippie, any rock musician type. Have fun and switch it up.

Heading out for a while. Enjoy your Friday.

PL said...

Good evening to all the ladies here.

I have to say I don't follow very many people and places on twitter but my TL today was never stop. All atwitter with Rob and Kristen stuff.


If you're going 70's you could have Farrah Fawcett hair and really wide bell bottoms. I don't know if you sew but you could just add a colorful insert to an old pair of jeans to make them really wide.


Isn't it liberating to be able to just quit an awful job? Good for you.

Rhonda said...

DK & PL- Thanks, I'll see what I can come up with. Everyone will expect me to take the Hippie route, so I'm hoping to surprise them ;)

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, great post. I am still smiling from all the events of yesterday. Rob and Kris seemed so happy yesterday, and they couldn't stay away from each other. You are right, they are different with each other than with anybody else.

I got to see Tom's movie on Showtime last night. He has the most beautiful eyes. The movie was good, and Tom did a fantastic job.

Have a good weekend everyone. I am looking forward to whatever comes next for our two wonderful couple.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

ROSE...Yes...Yes...Yes...Yes...and Yes..."I kind of like the idea of that one day"....I hope I will live to see the happy day!

Did you all see how proud their families were of them yesterday? I was so touched by that...their happiness and total joy and support for their children...surely understanding what a wonderful honor the ceremony was for them...

A lifetime of happiness for all of them...I hope it will always be that way...

Im sitting here home alone and am a little more sentimental than usual....(Yes, I had a few Bloody Marys at the Outback tonight with Ketel...yum..and I love the damn olives..Rose, we havent talked about olives in a while:)

I hope everyone has had a great Friday and has an even better weekend....BD IS COMING...SOOOOON!!!!!!! WooHoo...

beaculen said...

Great post, I feel like it's taken me all day to catch up from yesterday lol. The butt grab video was awesome! lol but the girls comments were funny as hell, she seemed shocked but proud hahaha. Kristen seems so much more at ease, and they all seem very happy to be together again. thaks Rose.

Anna said...

@Rose, Here's the link to Bear at Jimmy Kimmel...Kristen's dad is walking him into the building...that's one lucky dog!!!


wig4usc said...

Oh, Super, you're a woman after my own heart! I love love Bloody Mary's....if you like those, you might like Michelada's too. Its like a Bloody Mary, but a beer version. If you're interested, I have a great recipe!

Anna said...

How cute is it that Kristen brought Bear to Jimmy Kimmel??? I bet she'll be a great mom!!!

Kenzz said...

What wonderfully obvious observations, Rose!! Happy days are here again...

Anna said...

@Rose, I agree too much for one day! Bless their hearts, I don't know how they do it. Rob, Kris, and Tay were awesome yesterday! Stephanie Meyer's speech before they came out for the handprinting was so sincere and heartwarming. She made the ceremony that much more special! I still haven't caught up on everything that happened yesterday. I'm glad the pics of Bear at Kimmel surfaced, I think that is priceless! I don't see Rob in them, but there is no way Kristen and Bear went to Kimmel and Rob stayed behind--I'll never believe it! Glad to hear she is taking some time off to figure out what she really wants to do next. Only because the way she said it sounded (to me) as though she was ready for time off. She didn't stutter on that one! you know what they say...First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Rob, Kristen, & Bear with the baby carriage! It's just the way things work out sometime--lol! Lol--bless their hearts!

Robert said...

hello everyone

i am sorry i am just now getting home surgery was a complete success
moore tomorrow

bedrest for now

Freddie said...

Robert - thanks for popping in to tell us the wonderful news. We'll look forward to having you and your wonderful sense of humour back soon. Take care and sleep well.

wania said...

Hi Rose! Post lovely!
It's always great to see Rob and Kristen together and so happy and at ease with everything. I'm happy for them ... they deserve everything wonderful that is happening to them ...
Although let me so pissed when they distort the things Rob talks in interviews .. is something so mean to do because they know how it is authentic in your views and want to screw it up interpreting what he says the wrong way ... so unfair! I love the spontaneity and authenticity of Robert! It is something beautiful and rare these days. It's something to be commended, imitated and not criticized ...

Well .. these days of intense activities for Rob and Kris are making me very well ... helping me ... I am in a difficult time where I have to decide what to do and do not know which way I will ... is something so personal that you can not share with husband, mother, father or brother ... just me... but it's good to vent a little ... Cheer for me!

Robert, glad that everything went right, get plenty of rest and come back soon ...

Hi dear friend DK... sweet dreams...

Great Saturday for all!

Brie said...

Re: I kind of like the idea of that happening, though." WOW!! Was happy u noyiced that direct coment as well..from the horses mouth..indeed! All other web-sites, did not catch it...but, leave it to you sista..u were all on that shit! lol! Nothing gets by u!..WOW!! From his own mouth...I predict a December engagement..just saying...athough I am pretty buzzed...my girlie friends took me out to chill alittle....I am so chilled..LOL I am having a hard time just spelling! HAH!! sorry :-p But I do love u girl and ur blog..u are so faaken awesome! BTW..I did get 2 tix to the David Letterman show on the 8th..hope Rob did not pre-tape...got 2 \tix..taking my Rob-look-alike son w me..he is a trooper! lol! Just hope its not pre-tapped?! Al the best to u and ur repliers..all is awesome! Plz excuse my poor literally skills..not one of my strong points! But, I do enjoy all ur posts and the comments that all post! xo

DreamerKind said...

Hooray! Rest. Then we'll celebrate.

It's so hard to be where you are, but you are going to make it through what is troubling you. Cheers for Wania! Dear girl!

It's Saturday-a big day for R & K, and so much fun for all.

Going to get some rest. Take care Roselanders.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Good Morning ROSELAND...

ROBERT...I KNEW IT!!!! Congrats!!! Rest up and take your time...We will be here when you are ready to tell us about it(only the parts you want to of course:)

WIG...Yes, please...feel free to share the recipe! That sounds very interesting:)


Hope said...

Good Morning !

Robert...So happy to hear your operation was a success!
You are our Roseland miracle..looking forward to hearing more from you soon!

Rhonda...have fun tonight. Did you decide on a costume?

Hope everyone has a great day!

Claire said...

Robert - That's great news!!! :D

Annie said...

Good morning Roseland!

Robert: I'm so happy your surgery was a success.......So happy for you. Take care and rest. :)

Have a great Saturday everyone.

olivia said...

Good morning dear Rose and Roseland,

Just a quick pass through, off to work for half a day.

Welcome back Robert! Wishing you lots of strength, cheer and wonderful good health. Such happiness to hear that the surgery was a success.

sjjw, ((hugs)) for you. To be able to jettison the stress and worries of that gig takes determination and wisdom to know that you need to maintain and guard your own well being and health. May you find a wonderful position, just right for you, that will be a joyful place to be when working.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, the word bountiful pops into my mind.....the interviews for BD have been wonderful and so numerous, it is hard to keep up. So many favorites.....Rob and Kristen have been so giving, revealing and funny in so many of them, but I must say how much I enjoy the warmth and sincerity that Bill Condon shows when he speaks about Kristen and Rob. He not only gets the series, he really seems to understand them as a couple.

See ya later this evening,
Hugs for y'all.
Hugs for Smitty, Gruff and Syd.
Life is good.

PL said...


I'm so glad the procedure was a success. All the mama bears here want to take care of you so if you have a bad day tell us about it and you know you will be lavished with attention and advice. Maybe more advice than you want, lol.

Happy Guy Fawkes Day or Bonfire Night to all our English friends. I don't know which is the correct term for the day/night but it sounds like fun either way.

Leni said...

So happy for you :)
Take care!

Muse said...

G'morning Roselanders!
@Robert - Thx for popping in and letting us know how it went, whoohoo! We're wishing you a prompt recovery so you can give us your male perspective of things, bet you're reading a lot eh?

@wania - whatever u're going thru remember: this too shall pass...I wish with all my might that whatever you decide, it will work out the best for you!
Btw, are you on twitter? Wld like to 'talk' to you if you agree...

@DK - since you hv an increadible knowledge in music can u pls tell me what are those 2 names Rob being on his iPod (BD press junket? A pianist called Arnold smthg and a band named Pato (?) Thx in advance!

@wig - girl, share the Michelada recipe! I'm a beer lover so I 'wikied' it and oh boy it sounds intense! Beer, lime juice, tomato juice, assorted sauces, spices and peppers? A winner! Kind of think Rob wld looove LOL!

A wonderful day for all of us, TwiCon we're ready for ya!

dottie said...

Good morning, Roseland!

Robert, Thanks for taking the time to let us know how you are. Looking forward to reading more from you soon!

Twi Con Day hugs to all!!! :D

Kenzz said...

Good Saturday, Roseland!

Robert: so relieved for you, and looking forward to hear of your continued days/weeks of improvement :)

sjjw: Congrats on freeeing yourself from an additional stress... so happy that you were able to do something about it to make your days better!

DK: Love the new avi, but of course am missing the lady in blue! <3

Rhonda: What costume have you decided on?

Olivia: I "second" everything you said about Bill C!

(hugs) to my friends here in Roseland, including those who stopped by late last night and/or this morning: dottie, Muse, Leni, PL, olivia, Annie, Claire, Hope, Super, DK, Brie, wania (hang in there!), Freddie, & Anna.

Joyful wishes sent to Smitty & Gruff.
Cheers to the fabulous Syd!

Rhonda said...

Hi guys,

Robert- So happy the surgery was a success. Get some rest and check back in when you feel up to it...((Hugs))

Hope & Kenzz- I've decided to channel some Charlie's Angels, so we'll see how it turns out. LOL :D

Happy Saturday everyone- Lots of love..

Melinda said...

Robert- Happy to see you pop by to tell us the surgery was a success! This is great news! I hope you are able to get some rest and come back to chat when you can.

Rhonda- Your party tonight sounds like fun. I hope you have a fantastic time rocking it out as a Charlie's Angel!

Finally saw Kristen's Leno interview. It was really cute. Love her "you guys" when everyone awed at her injuries.

The porn dude was...well sometimes I laughed, sometimes I cringed.

For those of you that don't do twitter here is the link for the live stream for Twi-Con tonight if interested:


Happy Twi-Con day!!

Robert said...

i cant even remember what i've told you guys and what i haven't, so i'll just tell you everything. don't remember going in or coming out of surgery. it lasted 12 hours; it was supposed to last 6 hours. it is a 2part surgery, they were supposed to do both parts in one sitting, they were only able to do one, but they did the second part a day later. the doctor came by to see me the next am, i said "i heard you were out late last night" he goes "yeah i heard the same thing about you" then he goes "how ya feeling?" i said "are you familiar with what Regan told the medical staff when they asked him if he had any medical conditions, when he had been shot?" he goes "no" so i told him he said "well i've been shot" and that's pretty much how i feel. here's the funny part though, NOTHING they did changed anything. they were simply putting all the pieces into place and in 3 weeks i go back [when my head is no longer swollen] and they fine tune everything and i should be a violin playing mf at that point

i'll come back a little later....baby steps

how about that dave atell huh?

*I*Believe* said...

Dropping in to touch base. I love that the drought is over. Kristen looks so happy and she is so confident and secure in who she is! LOVE that about her. Robert is so handsome. I am happy that they are enjoying the moment TOGETHER.

Robert~Glad to hear things went well.

DK~late congrats on the good news

I have been fighting a cold/sore throat that the little darlings gave me.

Hope everyone else is well!

DreamerKind said...

Good Evening!

I enjoyed the livestream of the Twi Saga Convention, and especially the awesomeness that is Kristen, Rob, Taylor and Bill!

Felt the questions were in general, silly, but as I like silly, they suited me, maybe not them, but oh well, they amused.

Am wondering if Kristen has to leave tonight or early tomorrow back to the SWATH set, not returning until the premiere?

On Leno, she said she was bruised to the bone and glad of this break to recoup, and I wish her more of the same healing. Certainly, she looks great despite that, ahhh, youth.

Well, here's my take on it; funny Rob, earnest Bill, friendly Taylor and darling Kristen. Lots of love and affection was present throughout, so I'm totally content.

Laundry piles to get started on, this Sweet Saturday night, so I'll be back later.


Super RN Gas Passer said...

IB... I hope you feel better soon!

Good Evening Roseland...

It has been a good Saturday. I bought tickets for BD TODAY...so I am excited!!!!!!

Rob and Kristen...I hope its been a good day at the TwiCon...Have a nice quiet day tomorrow I hope:)

I just watched a great interview with cast members on Robsessed!!! How nice it was...Rob isnt sure yet if he is a grown up or not...lol..I am 55 and Im not sure either! I love Taylor L...He is so amazingly comfortable...

Turn on HGTV RIGHT NOW if you want to see a TWILIGHT HOME RENOVATION!!!!!!!!

Birdie said...

I missed the beginning of the Twicon,but am sure it will pop up somewhere soon. I don't think I have gotten through all the other interviews yet.
All I can say is I totally agree with you Rose. So much happy! I really think Kristen has gotten her groove on. She is infectious. She may get nervous, but she is so much more animated and fun to watch. Rob, delightful, charming and oh so Rob. This promo certainly is more interesting with Kristen and Rob together.

So glad you made it through your surgery. You will be amazed once they have you programmed. We have seen a real increase in these procedures and the patients are so grateful.

Hope you are having fun, Angel.

Have a great night everyone. I have more sifting to do.

Hello Super and DK!

DreamerKind said...

You've got about as much of an idea of who Pato? or Arnold Dramale? are, as mentioned by Rob, as I do.

Never heard of them and can't find any correct info. either.

He might have been a bit vague with the names of the artists on his IP, also.

Besides, as I have learned once before, when Rob made a reference of a composer and I checked it out; he is way over my head in depth and preception.

Zero points for DK! Sorry, babe.

DreamerKind said...

Got your tickets, that's great! I'll check this week and see if I can get into the last theatre they'll show it at, with the least people in it. They already have 5 of them booked solid. I'm talking the midnight show.

It's all over the place, soon you'll see all of it and more of it all, in detailed vids.

Had to laugh at Robert being programmed, and so happy that technology is here so he can be.

OK, so soon, Mr. Shaky and Swollen Head will be no more, but a new man called _ _ _ _ _?

Get well soon with garlic, garlic and more garlic, lol.

That avi is the view from my balcony, taken by yours truly. Hats shall return soon.

(Avoiding the laundry-again, and now will push away from the computer. For real, will push the laundry cart instead.)

DreamerKind said...

The host of the Twi Con Q & A, read a question from someone named, "Birdie". Was it your question? If so, you're famous!

Robert said...


how about the 6 million dollar man because we have the technology

thanks super really a relief to hear you say that

Birdie said...

That was so NOT me! I would hope I would think of something a bit more exciting than that. Seriously between the interviews and the fans, can't they come up with more original questions?

DreamerKind said...

I knew it wasn't you! You are much more clever indeed. Apparently, they were steering away from the many personal questions that were sent in and stayed with movie-related, many times answered, iane, ones.

The Bionic Man? Million Dollar Baby?

DreamerKind said...

I am watching HGTV now but missed the Twilight renovation.
What have you done to me? This stuff is addicting, and I only have a studio. Where is my mansion, in the sky?

Also, will someone throw me a Dina's Party? Please.

olivia said...

Good evening y'all,

Robert, so good to have you back here with us. These few weeks may seem long while you are waiting, but I'm sure that you will be thrilled with the results, as Birdie mentioned, with the fine tuning. How many hours are you away from MDA?

Rhonda, hoping you're having a great time tonight!

IB, get well! No fun being sick. It is hard to avoid sometimes when so many little ones surround you all day long at work. Seems like one or two are always sick with something.

DK, what a beautiful view of the lakes and colorful trees from your balcony. So happy for you!
I agree, HGTV is addicting. My favorite is House Hunters International.

Watched the LA Twi Con interview with BC, Rob, Kristen and Taylor. Bless their hearts. Grace under fire.

All four most definitely have expressed time and time again how very grateful they are to their fans and how the monumental loyalty and dedication to the series is something that they never imagined nor expected.

It must be difficult and unnerving, however, to be bombarded by such intense screaming, insanely shouted comments and the same questions that you have answered numerous times in the last several days.

Thank you to all four of them for keeping their sense of humor, always giving their very best to each project and continuing to appreciate their fans.

Like where Kristen signed the banner. Couldn't see where Rob signed.

In one press interview yesterday, really smiled when Rob said that Bear was a very well supervised young dog who was not allowed on the internet. : )

Hope Rob and Kristen have a bit of peace and quiet in order to catch their breath and rest before they are back to work on their projects.

Have a wonderful night y'all.
I'm off to read for a while.
Hugs for y'all.
Hugs for Smitty, Gruff and Syd.

DreamerKind said...

To My Mansion In The Sky

Ricky Van Shelton:

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Thank you/selltan

DreamerKind said...

Nice synopsis. They are as you said, and loved for being so.

I love the House Hunting shows, too, and storage units auctions.

Enjoy your evening. (Hugs)

Motherhin said...

Please tell me someone got this comment from Rob during Twicon. Some guy yells out "I love you!" and it's very obviously male. Rob says something like "yeah that sounds like my real fan base." I could not stop laughing after I heard that. I'm guessing Rob wasn't referring to a male fan base there.LOL

olivia said...

Dear DK,
Loved your song. The title made me think of this one below....

So, here is a little giftie for you. Back from 1970, I love this song. Was during my freshman year at university, what a great time!


Really off to read now, am trying to finish A Discovery of Witches.

PL said...

I'm about to have a mini rant here so ignore if that bothers you.

I finally decided to watch video of TwiCon and can I say I am embarrassed to be associated with the female gender at this point. The women in that audience were ADULTS not children and they were yelling out totally inappropriate things. I have to admire Rob, Kristen and Taylor for not just walking out. And then some guy yells to Rob and some are saying he was a woman's husband, what is wrong with people?

I know fans like to hear them speak but I hope next year they don't have to endure any more fan events like that. I think it would be better if they asked several Rob, Kristen and Taylor blog administrators to come up with questions. This might lead to an actual interesting event instead of rehashing the same old stuff. Seriously, do the event organizer's kids get to pick the questions?

Same goes for all the press interviews. It's like one person comes up with the questions and they all go with it. Inane, redundant questions.

I hope Rob and Kristen know that not all of thier fans are clinically insane and most are rational, intelligent people who just like the story of the Twilight books.

Robert said...


i live in lafayette 4 hours from

Birdie, sorry about that

DreamerKind said...

Thanks for the song giftie. Great memories arise for me, too, when listening to "Spirit In The Sky". Like being young, dancing to a different beat, and returning to the elements au naturel.

The HGTV ColorSplash show is on right now, a redecorating of a home in the Twilight-Cullen family style. Was that the one you had mentioned?
Quite interesting, especially when they silence some part of the dialogue, as they discuss decor choices, having watched a sneak preview of BD.

Considering how many trailers and new bits that are being shown now, I've already seen quite a bit of the movie. Guess no one is making me look..

I so hear you. Bet they know who we are (Roselanders are not insane, inane, crazy) and what their real fans think. Just saying.

So happy for you and the new direction you are taking, a road less traveled.

Anna said...

I've been looking at all the videos I missed in the last couple of days~how cute are they? I had to LOL when Kristen went around round Rob to sign on the wedding ring! You know I'm sure there are a gazillion point of views on why she chose that spot but the bottom line is a wedding ring is a symbol of love between two people. Rob/Kristen are sweethearts. Did ya'll see the pic(s) of Rob's dad with his arm around Rob's mom? Next to it was a pic of Rob with his arm around Kristen the same way his dad has his. The caption said "Like father, like son." That's my favorite one out all those photos taken!!! They obviously both come from good people cause the pic of Kristen's dad walking up to meet John to pick up Bear was too cute for words! That's my second favorite! I think my favorite moment was her bringing Bear to tape the talk shows!!!

On another note, may I ask? I'm curious! I spent the whole day with my kids at mall so I didn't get to see any part of Twi Convention til tonight. In the middle of all these tweets were things like "It's a shame she ruined today for R/K." Then I see a tweet from Nikki Reed saying something about being misquoted and she loves her cast/fans. WTH happened today?

Anna said...

Oh, don't ya'll think Kristen should have got a standing ovation for her answer to the question of what is something they would like to say to their fans? She's not 17 anymore. She has literally matured into the beautiful person she is in front of our eyes. I wish Rob would have finished his sentenced when he was saying he watched Tay/Kris grow into adults...lol. When he got to Kristen he stopped teasing! LOL, bless their hearts...Rob/Kris/Tay! I wish them all the best of luck in all their future projects! They deserve it! I would also like to say a saw a trailer for a movie that Peter Facinelli is starring in. I think this will be a cute movie...he a compulsive thief (can't think of word) in this movie. This will be a good movie!

Anna said...

Check this out how cute:


wig4usc said...

Super cute pic, Anna, thanks for including! Sat was my hubby's BDay, so I had to lay off the Twilight Saga bandwagon, I'll need to get caught up tomorrow. I love some pics I've seen so far.

Also need to buy some tix for the midnight show, enjoy the rest of your weekend, Roselanders!

DreamerKind said...

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DreamerKind said...

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DreamerKind said...

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DreamerKind said...

I can idle away the hours like it's nobody's business, that's some talent.

While "prancing" around I've been getting things done. Gah.

Plus, I've gained an hour in my day, this one way, (tick tock little clock) to play or do pay dirt. It will all enfold, as it does.

So lovely to be here in Rose's land with all of you.

Thinking of you, as ever, Ms. Smitty, Sir Gruff, & Sgt Syd.

Good show!

DreamerKind said...

Slow Me Down

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DreamerKind said...

Thanks for posting the pic and your comments. I don't have an answer for your question though. Otherwise, well said. :)

What a sunrise is rising! Ribbons in the sky, glorious.

Time to still my fingers, close my eyes, shut my mind down and cast away. Bye.

angelica1 said...

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Robert - I'm so glad everything went well, wishing you a speedy recovery

OK, back to washing walls,sofas,carpets and bedding. Bonkers Labradors + Muddy garden = Huge mess!!

Muse said...

Morning Roselanders!
Blue sky, emeral green sea, sun shining...this is the one and only Isle Eme!
Amazing interaction b/w B/R/K/T at Twi-Con but I deff agree w/PL, next year they shld pick up questions fr blog admin it will rise the bar!
The awwww moments: Rob's memorable scene - the gazebo; Kris' - the wedding vows (her 'wedding dance w/J' was such a teaser! Rob talking about the audition and K shushing him ('better watch cause this is near and dear); Kris mockingly gunning herself after someone's shout 'my boyfriend is English' duh! And on and on and on...
Ok, I'll hv to give it to Tay, he's focused and very well spoken marketing-wise and he's being very loyal to R&K.
I guess my feelings towards him most certainly derive fr the portrait SM drew for Jake (love triangle...AS IF!) but I insist: he's got a long road to go (not many born to be a star like our Kris), he shld study very hard and choose wise his next works, abs won't take him far eg Syl S, Steve S, Jean Claude etc...
Ok nuff w/the rant LOL

Muse said...

Few msgs 'fore I go:
@DK - Noooo...I don't believe! WOW well, let's make a deal whoever find smthg tell the other ok?

@Anna - you may know by now but SWMNBN* was interviewed by an Italian mag (victim role etc); the fandom descended on her hence 'it hurted she was misquoted' pfiff... AS IF!

@Robert - You were in da house! Lafayette eh? I hv a dear old lady there OMG how I miss NO... Popeye's cajun rice *sniff* 1st time tasted I had to have it a 2nd time, I did not know what gizzard (is that the word?) was, had I known I wld've prob missed one of the best things in there LOL

Ok, happy Sunday to yall!


Rhonda said...

Morning all,

Just now seeing some of the videos from Twicon...

PL- I like your blog administrator idea. I bet Rose would come up with some great questions :)

Angelica- Oh no, it sounds like you've got your hands full ;)

Muse- I want to be where you are. You've painted a beautiful picture, and it's so chilly here today.

Well, the party was a blast. There was a Dj, disco ball, and Gene Simmons look-alike--in full KISS regalia. So much fun....

Kay said...

Good Morning, Roseland!! :)

PL - Absolutely FANTASTIC mini rant!!

I cannot get over the unbelievable behavior of some people. Rob and Kristen's patience with that mess last night was incredible. At least there have been some funny interviews where the journalist's questions or approaches were a little bit different. Josh's MTV First and Kristen on Leno were great and I am looking forward to to Kimmel, Fallon and Ellen in the next couple of weeks. I can't imagine how exhausting the whole press junket/talk show/promo thing is for them.

Even though there does seems to be a large, vocal group of clinically insane Twilight fans, I like to believe that they know there are a lot more of us out here that are just very happy for them in their success and thankful for what they have done for a saga that we love.

The honor of preserving their hands and feet in cement at Grauman's is well deserved and it was wonderful to see them so glowingly happy. It really is going to be fun to watch their continued happiness and success in their lives and careers after Twilight.

Robert - so good to hear that you are doing well, please keep us updated as you are able.

Take care and have a great rest of the weekend everyone!! <3


Rhonda said...

Kay- Agreed. Very well said :)

angelica1 said...

Kay - Totally agree!

Fiorels said...

Really nice post Rose :)
I agree when you say it's almost worrse when ALL this happens all in once lol it's almost impossible to catch up but at the end of the day, I'm just so very happy for them and the great honour it was for them!
I love how Kristen keeps saying that she wished even Steph and the director and producer should have put a hand. So sweet of her!

And now their hand/foot prints will be staying next to each other forever! lol

I loved their families and friends were there. They both have great parents! I think it would be toof unny like a dinner with both families lol I mean Rob's one looks so "english" and Kristens is like badass! lmao.

And how cute Bear is and the fact that she took him with her? awwww

sj- you did the right thing if it was stressing you out!

Robert! - so glad you stopped by! get better soon! <3 You will go through this amazingly!

olivia- i'm with you about appreciating Bill Condon words. You can say he cares so much about the movies and about them!

The questions at the TwiCon were so silly and boring. I really enjoyed the bubble that's always there and I really love when they talk about the audition...

Have a great sunday Roseland...
I'll be cooking some kind of cake with mother and sisters o_O
talk to you later <3

Leni said...

In total agreement!

That party sounds awesome - glad you had fun :)

Have a great Sunday everyone :)

Freddie said...

There are some great comments here this morning.

Kay - I couldn't agree more. Wonderfully put.

Fio - you covered everything I would want to say, so ditto.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend. Take care all.

Vangie said...

HI rose, hi ladies! well that was a night, \lots i'll like to say, but i leave that for another day!

Muse said...

Soo proud! Ok, ok, prob it's normal but then again...

Rhonda said...

Leni- Thanks, it was great fun. I hope you're having a nice weekend :)

Saphire1231 said...

Hello Rose & Roselanders...

Loved the post hon.

Real life keeps getting in the way for me (I am in catch up mode right now lol), so I missed quite a lot of the excitement on the day, but I did catch some of the livestream from the Twi convention yesterday.

My overall opinion was... something is a bit off...

I was embarrassed at some of the inane questions asked, and as for the comments from the villiage idiot faction"" in the audience!!! (How does anyone in their right mind willingly portray themselves so badly with those kind of obnoxious comments???) I am a bit gobsmacked they were not 'frog marched out'by security. It is no wonder I felt Kristen was a bit prickly at times.

Perhaps Rob's "clinically Insane" statement was directed more at the hecklers in the audience.... At times he has such a suttle way of getting his message out there LOL... just maybe this was one of those occassions.

AH well... On to nicer things.

Angelica1... Had to giggle at your 'Bonkers Labradors'comment... I definitely know that one... we have a Chocolate Lab who is a perfect gentleman normally but every night he has a 'potty half hour'and races about like a mad thing, tripping up over all kinds of obstacles left by the kids and skidding on the polished floors.. He very quickly gets let outside so we can minimise the damage LOL.

Robert... So nice to see your post.. I am very glad to know it was a complete success.

Well I do hope the LA premier of BD1 is better policed by security than the twi convention and we have less hecklers about.

I am off now to go peruse some more of the wonderful pics, vids and interviews around the handprinting ceremony etc., I have just loved seeing R/K so touch feely with each other and both have faulty (sometimes non existent) filters more and more these days... so good to see. lol.

With Love and Rainbows to all

*I*Believe* said...

Saphire~not sure what you mean by "something was a bit off"? Could you explain?

Super RN Gas Passer said...

IB...lol...I think she just meant that the lunatic fringe was out in full force there so it wasnt as nice of an event as in times past...stupid questions, hecklers...people are so fu----- RUDE...It takes away from how very special the event should have been when you have idiots around every turn.

Saphire1231 said...

Hi I'Believe...

How to explain? Hmmm (it's a bit nebulous, but I'll try), I think the convention was good for the most part... (really loved the occassional bubble moments).

When I say "A bit off" I mean that I thought I sensed an uncomfortable feeling at times from both R & K which I think was directloy attibutable to the "idiot faction" in the audience and I would imagine, a little tiredness from them both after the incredibly emotive day they had at the Handprinting ceremony and all the celebrations around that - not to mention their hectic promotional schedule.

I also felt that the way the convention was run was less than satisfactory and in their shoes, I might have been ready to leave early lol... It is a testement to their proffessionalism that they "endured" LOL.

Judy my opinion hon. Did not mean to cause confusion.

Love Chrissie

Saphire1231 said...

Oh botheration... We need a spell check on this blog lol... I have fat finger syndrome or something...

directloy.. should read directly


Judy... Should read Just (my opinion).

So sorry for the mistakes! What makes matters worse is that I am a typist by proffession LOL. Although in my defence I am semi retired LMAO.

Love Chrissie

Saphire1231 said...

Oh botheration... We need a spell check on this blog lol... I have fat finger syndrome or something...

directloy.. should read directly


Judy... Should read Just (my opinion).

So sorry for the mistakes! What makes matters worse is that I am a typist by proffession LOL. Although in my defence I am semi retired LMAO.

Love Chrissie

Saphire1231 said...

Oh Good Gravy!!!!

Sorry for the double post!

Kenzz said...

Sapphire (Chrissie): I totally get what you are saying... the questions were completely inane! I can't imagine the level of acting required by these 3 to continue to answer the same questions time after time, while demonstrating unique reactions/answers... EXHAUSTING!!

Robert: HI, HI, HI!!

Rhonda: Charlie's Angels.. tooo funny! And very inspired!

Muse: Sweet pic!

Alright, back to the RL grind...I've got about a thousand things to get to this week, but I'm thrilled to see that Kristen maintains her enthusiasm for the hard work required for SWATH.. (p.s. Smitty, I TOLD you it was meant to be... a role that she was iconically meant to play!)

Melinda said...

Good morning and happy Monday to all,

Robert- Glad you had a chance to catch us all up on what happens next. I hope the weekend has been good to you.

Rhonda- Sounds like fun was had by all at the party. Which "angel" did you go as?

About "TwiCon" - Agree with everything that was said about it. Want to add a couple of other things too.

I get the screaming when they walk in and out of the venue. But if there is another event like this for BD2 I wish Summit would consider a gag order. I.E. no shouting out during the actual q & a or you will be escorted out. If you want to show excitement clapping is appropriate. Something like that. Really most of the people in there were adults so why can't they act like it?

I'm pretty positive that Rob and Kristen know that they do have fans that are not all over them like white on rice every second of the day. I have a feeling that if you get those types of fans at a fan event the atmosphere would be much different and the questions would be some that haven't been asked 2 millions times already.

Rob, Kristen and Taylor did a wonderful job and handled it with a cool head. So kudos to them for being the professionals they are. I would have lost it a long time ago I think.

Time to jet to work. Have a good one.

cc07 said...

I was there from Chinese Grauman Theater to watching Jay Leno and at Jimmy Kimmel at the alley and there are pictures of Bear with Kristen's asst. John. One of the ladies I met even saw Kristen's SUV in Hollywood Blvd and she saw Bear on Kristen's lap and she playing with Bear's ear. That was such a great day and I was so happy to be there. Me and my friend even got a picture with Rob the night before outside Jimmy Kimmel.

sweetleilani said...

Yah that was definitely bear at kimmel, I was there and shot those photos. All the papz wanted to buy my photos n john Stewart is in the photos too, but I did not sell the bear photos.

Leilani Ware
For booktobigscreen.blogspot.com, now I own the domain name and its now Booktobigscreen.net. thank you

sweetleilani said...

Yah that was definitely bear at kimmel, I was there and shot those photos. All the papz wanted to buy my photos n john Stewart is in the photos too, but I did not sell the bear photos.

Leilani Ware
For booktobigscreen.blogspot.com, now I own the domain name and its now Booktobigscreen.net. thank you

sweetleilani said...

Yah that was definitely bear at kimmel, I was there and shot those photos. All the papz wanted to buy my photos n john Stewart is in the photos too, but I did not sell the bear photos.

Leilani Ware
For booktobigscreen.blogspot.com, now I own the domain name and its now Booktobigscreen.net. thank you

sweetleilani said...

Yah that was definitely bear at kimmel, I was there and shot those photos. All the papz wanted to buy my photos n john Stewart is in the photos too, but I did not sell the bear photos.

Leilani Ware
For booktobigscreen.blogspot.com, now I own the domain name and its now Booktobigscreen.net. thank you

sweetleilani said...

Yah that was definitely bear at kimmel, I was there and shot those photos. All the papz wanted to buy my photos n john Stewart is in the photos too, but I did not sell the bear photos.

Leilani Ware
For booktobigscreen.blogspot.com, now I own the domain name and its now Booktobigscreen.net. thank you

sweetleilani said...

Yah that was definitely bear at kimmel, I was there and shot those photos. All the papz wanted to buy my photos n john Stewart is in the photos too, but I did not sell the bear photos.

Leilani Ware
For booktobigscreen.blogspot.com, now I own the domain name and its now Booktobigscreen.net. thank you