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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rob and Kristen-- All Signs Point To Yes









This post is brought to you by the Magic 8 Ball.

 Bye for now


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~J~ said...


ali mac said...

enough said ;0)

Claire said...

Just look at dat ass!!!! Girl's got it going on!!!! LOL

She looked AMAZING in that dress.

Kay said...

Cute post, Rose. LOVE the EW shoot and article - can't wait to see it in my mailbox.

Happy Thursday, Roseland :)

Leni said...

I was just thinking the same thing as I saw that pic!
No wonder that Rob can't keep his hands away LOL

Thanks Rose :)

Groovie said...

Lol! Magic 8 Ball!

Short, sweet & to the point. The pictures speak for themselves afterall.

Hope u are all having a wonderful day! Midnight showing of Breaking Dawn for me tonight, yay!

felicity said...

nough it..straight to the point!!

Claire said...

Leni - His hand seems to gravitate towards it. LOL

Leni said...

Seriously.. and both of them don't even care anymore about the cameras around them LOL

Hope said...

Rose...IT IS CERTAIN indeed!

The EW Pics are so fabulous...but couldn't we have ONE with Rob and Kristen alone??
They are so gorgeous and loved the article!
I agree with Kristen...she can do BOTH indie and big studio films successfully! Nothing is going to hold her back.

Cannot wait to watch "Ellen"...and the hand-holding! Gahhh!!

Going to see BD tomorrow....YAY!
It will be a smashing success!

Hi Everyone!!

Freddie said...

Groovie you’re right. The pictures say it all.

Yesterday was a feast for the eyes – the London Premiere, the EW photo shoot, the Ellen preview - all beautiful to see. There are so many incredible images. I hope Rob and Kristen had a few peaceful moments together after the premiere before having to resume their busy schedules.

Good luck and safe travels to Rob on his remaining promotional events, and I hope Kristen’s creative collaboration on SWATH continues to go well. She sounds so very excited and energized by it all.

The EW interview was a great read. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall to see it. Seeing them interact and feed off each other’s comments would have been gold.

Have a good day all.

Melinda said...

Happy and sappy sighs....that is all...

PipDancer said...


Claire said...

I've just read the EW interview.

OMG they love to wind each other up so much. LOL

I honestly think Rob has said the word ''pussy'' in every single interview he's ever done with EW. LOL

And those pics are so fucking hot UNF

Fiorels said...

Simple, concise and straight to the point :)

How lovely was the EW interview? LOL
I laughed the whole time!
I really hope Rob and Kristen above all take some time off when she's done filming. She looked a bit tired at the London premiere, i meann all the jet-leg she's gone through in like 4 or 5 days! but she was the one who wanted to go...
and her saying "Staying here doesn't seem right to me cause i'm just like you guys..." makes me love her more and more.

i'm watching BD again in a few...
Gosh ladies, I can't wait for you to see it! Seriously... :')
I've been listening to turning page for 3 hours now and feel like crying just by listening to it...

wig4usc said...

I loved my Magic 8 Ball! I recognized the phrases right away! My fave shot from the EW shoot wasn't here. It's the one where Kristin is out in front and Rob has one hand on his hip and the other on his forehead, as if to say, "Man, she's killing me!" LoL

BD to tonight!!!!! Sqeeeeellllll! Not too much the Ninnie's can point to, although rational thought and observations have NEVER. Even their strength!

twilightadrug2me said...

Even though I do not comment, but love reading your stuff, this is an Awesome post Rose! Love the Magic 8 Ball analogy and this is "SO OBVIOUS!"

Sorry that you didn't get to see Tom there as I'm sure you would have died seeing

wig4usc said...

I loved my Magic 8 Ball! I recognized the phrases right away! My fave shot from the EW shoot wasn't here. It's the one where Kristin is out in front and Rob has one hand on his hip and the other on his forehead, as if to say, "Man, she's killing me!" LoL

BD to tonight!!!!! Sqeeeeellllll! Not too much the Ninnie's can point to, although rational thought and observations have NEVER. Even their strength!

Claire said...

Isn't there another premiere tonight? Or is it tomorrow?

Leni said...

I think that tonight is Spain and tomorrow Germany.. is Conan tonight?

Fiorels said...

From Robstenation.

November 17 - Barcelona - Spanish Premiere - Rob, Taylor, and Bill Condon
November 17 - Kristen on Conan O'Brien
November 18 - Berlin - German Premiere - Rob, Taylor, and Bill Condon
November 18 - Rob, Kristen and Tay on Ellen

Leni said...

Thanks Fio :)

I can't keep up with them anymore LOL

Fiorels said...

don't tell me haha it took me 3 hours to catch up on interviews and london premiere stuff! lol

Leni said...

I'm still not done with catching up.. and I doubt that I ever will be LOL

Fiorels said...

Leni- haha i thanks god for zip files bahahaha

katy said...

Hello Rose,

'It is certain. Without a doubt'

Gahh, Rob looked uber hot, yesterday...he can wear a suit like no other and WOW Kristen looked incredible in that gown, just when I think she´s wearing the most beautiful gown I've ever seen, at the next event she wears a even more beautiful dress!!! And got to show some love to Taylor as well, he was looking very nice in that suit!!

OMG, those EW pics...UNF and loved the article!!!

I'm going to see Breaking Dawn Tomorrow...Woohoo!!

Hope everyone is having a great day!!

Karen said...

So simple, so true!

katy said...


I LOVE your new profile pic!!

ali mac said...

lol @ Fiorels, taking three hours to catch up on all the London stuff. I feel like I haven't spoken to my husband or children since the hand and footprint ceremony!!

Leni said...

Thanks :)
..Although we should probably all be thankful to R/K for giving us such great pics <3

Saphire1231 said...

Ahhh Rose... You didn't disappoint!

The eye does not decieve... only the brain of the nonnie does, 'trying to rationalise what they really see, into what they want to see'.

I loved your post... I love Robert and Kristen... I have warm fuzzies going on, and shit eating grin all over my face.

MAGIC 8 ball indeed!

Love Chrissie

Fiorels said...

Love that pic too Leni! <3

@ali mac- hope you are feeding them at least lol

gotta go...
talk to you laters! :)

crisk said...

Rose'm your fan, sometimes I get so upset when I come here and everything is clear again!! Thank you, I'm in Brazil and here I indicate this blog, obviously turned his fan!
I love Kristen, my cause is to be defended her, but Rob is a sweetheart! Here I am with my class, nice post ........... so obvious !!!!!

angelica1 said...

Simple yet perfect,Rose!

Kenzz said...

Perfection, Rose!!

ali mac, I'm in the same boat!

dottie said...

Fun post today, Rose. With such gorgeous pictures, nothing else needs to be said!

I'm seeing BD tonight. Can't wait!

Kenzz, Thank you for the recipe. Sausage in the dressing sounds YUM!

*Waves to all the regs!*

Motherhin said...

I think they've put it as out there as they are going to and we should be grateful for what we get to see. I for one love what they've given us and thank them for allowing us to witness their loving relationship.

The razzing of each other is so familiar after you are comfortable enough in a relationship to be able to call out that person and know that they still love you. I love teasing my husband and he teases right back. It's all in fun and at the end of the day, nothing is taken seriously.

Kristen was more beautiful than I've ever seen her on this promo tour. I can't imagine the grueling schedule but she looked calm, happy, and very confident in her own skin. Such a whirlwind, I bet they are ready for rest.

Teeth said...

Gah! I can't wait until tomorrow.

And I'm going to watch the Matinee because it's cheaper aaaaand I don't want to be around too many twihards <3

deb said...

Hey Girls long time no see Rose my friend you did it again Been away I miss this post I also love the way our 2 are letting the WORLD KNOW that YES they are together by not saying nothing at all LOOK LOOK at THEM that's all you have to do and SEE the LOVE they have for each other YES ROSE ALL SING'S POINT TO YES. :) DEB.

DreamerKind said...

Happy, happy Day!

Soon off to dinner and then BD midnight showing!!!

Will check in later...

Super RN Gas Passer said...

qqqqqqqqqqqq (That is a post from my cat, Max)

Lovely post, ROSE!!!!

Hello to ALL and I am soooo excited...I am going to take Kleenex!


Birdie said...

Ain't it the truth! None so blind as those who cannot see.

We expect a full report(minus the spoilers).
Have fun all you Roselanders who get to see BD tonight and tomorrow.
I won't get there until Saturday either. Damn that job!

Rhonda said...

Perfect post, Rose <3

Motherhin- Nice comment, I agree.

Birdie- I know, my boss just didn't seem to get that I had an important movie to see ;)

olivia said...

Thank you Rose for the beautiful post today.
Between the London premiere and the EW shoot, you are so right in saying .....
"All signs point to yes".

They look at each other with such joy, admiration and love.

I especially liked the comment by Bill Condon about all brides lighting up when they put on their bridal gown, but Kristen glowing at the moment that she saw Rob as she walked down the aisle.

Enjoy BD this evening....glad that DK and other Roselanders will be able to see the midnight showing. I may be able to go tomorrow after school or perhaps on Saturday, and if not, Sunday for sure!

Hugs for y'all.
Hugs for Smitty and Gruff.
Life is good.

Anna said...

@Rose, I love the emoticon with the pink hair bows. *giggle* I always think of that one as Kristen! I loved the London premiere. Is it just me or do they seem happier when in London???

wania said...

Thank's Rose! Amazing post and beautiful pics!
They are a sight for sore eyes ... huuummm...

DK ... I'm sure your night was wonderful ... share with us ...

Olivia - (hugs) I agree with you about the comment of Bill.

Maybe, I'll see BD, tomorrow ... I hope so ... a lot!

Hugs for all

*I*Believe* said...

Just getting back from the midnight showing...I am still trying to comprehend the is so different from the other movies in the Saga and there is so much to take in....I will have to go see it again over the weekend. Kristen and Rob did a spectacular job!!!! They truly made Bella and Edward's story jump off the pages and come to life.

To all the muffalump nonnies.....view Rose's post and SUCK IT!!!

Annie said...

Good morning Roseland!

@Rose: Truth. Simple........Thank you!

Give it up nonnies ..........Your fifteen minutes of BS is over but then again some people just love looking/sounding foolish, ignorant and embarrassing on the Internet. Such a sad, pathetic bunch they are.

Have a great start to the weekend everyone! BD1 is finally here! :)

Claire said...


Just seen BD!!!!!!!!! I went by myself LOL

OMFG It's fucking AMAZING

The whole wedding is :'''), and Billy is great at the reception

If that is the sex scene cut down then give me the uncut stuff UNF!!!!

When Bella gets on top O__O

Bella teasing Edward in her nighties was so fucking funny PMSL

I thought Kristen wouldn't be able to top New Moon within this series, but she did!!!! :'''''''''''')

When Edward hears the baby thoughts is adorable. They are all giggly and cuddly on the couch.

The birth scene is o_0

Bella looks bad in all the stills and short clips we've seen. But on the big screen she looks ILL.

It's gross yet heartbreaking. Honestly Rob will break your heart during this scene.

It's the best movie of the series IMO. It's also the best E&B too.

Rob and Kristen have to do another movie together, they just have to. Preferably with a different dynamic between the characters they play.

It was so fucking good.

I love you Bill, even though you didn't give me Edward throwing Jacob into the wall. All is forgiven because everything else was perfect.

I also liked the dream sequences that were included.

And also well done to Taylor. He gets shat on a lot but I thought he was excellent. The same can't be said for the wolf pack though OMG LOL.

Claire said...

I can't believe I'm going to say this but even Nikki Reed was good LOL

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Good Morning CLAIRE and All...


Well... I am very very pleased and satisfied... In a way I didnt expect...Having read the book all the way through at least three times and certain chapters more times than I want to admit to... they really captured the heart of this book...

There is not one thing I found lacking...favorite scenes for me..

The Wedding...KRISTEN...I cant adequately express how awed I was by your performance in the whole film, but you shook me to the core in the wedding scene...I could feel "Bella"...her thoughts, fears, awe, and wonder as she walked toward Edward to meet her destiny..

The Dance with Jacob...No offense to Edward but KRISTEN and TAYLOR nailed that one..I guess I was somewhat even more sentimental about it because I know that was the last scene they filmed together...In the book Bella deeply loved Jacob...that emotion was beaautifully reflected in that scene....I LOVE YOU TAYLOR LAUTNER...NOONE could have been a better Jacob...

The HONEYMOON...It was perfection...They captured the exact feel from the book..STEPHENIE MEYER..I know you are over the top pleased with how that came out!

To BILL CONDON and the rest of the PRODUCTION TEAM,SPECIAL EFFECTS, and MAKEUP...My God...What to Say...I have never seen anyone look SO DEAD except for real people that I have seen...I am just shaking my head in total admiration and thanks...Job exceedingly well done!

I will go back, probably this afternoon and enjoy the movie again by myself....

ROSE...I look forward to your comments on the movie...Much love and thanks to you!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Well, one of my paragraphs didnt make it...again (eyeroll)...

ROB...Your performance in the birth scene was perfect! You captured it completely..again exactly as it was written...EXACTLY!

Annie said...

Claire and Super.........Thanks for your reviews. :) So looking forward to seeing the movie!
My sister and her husband are here for Thanksgiving, so we are all going together.

The cinema here had showings at 12:01, 12:02,12:03 and 12:04 AM.

PL said...

I am enjoying reading all the reviews from those of you who have seen BD. Now I'm wondering if I should just go it alone instead of waiting a week for the girls.

It amuses me that for the most part the critics are expressing their dislike yet every major publication has a half or full page article about it. They profess to hate it, but they use it to get readers.

If you attend with men let me know the reactions. Mr PL has watched Twilight and while he won't say he liked it, he certainly asked a lot of questions which is usually a tipoff that he's enjoying something.

Sydney said...

I am supposed to go on Sunday but how the hell can I wait that long? The mountains open for skiing this weekend and a lot of friends are going up. During Breaking Dawn's opening weekend? I don't know where their priorities are. I may be inspired by you Claire, and go this afternoon by myself. I seriously don't think I can wait until Sunday.

Claire said...

PL - I went alone this morning. There wasn't that many people in attendance so there was no screaming or any of that fuckery. I could actually sit and enjoy it. I'm thinking about going again tonight, if I do I'll drag a couple of friends along.

PL said...


I have considered going this afternoon but I'm a bit older than you and I have to say I'd feel silly going opening day. I know that is crazy on my part, but we are what we are.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

PL...Haha..I should feel just like you...I am shameless about work and home...they laugh at me and shake their heads...except for my BFF, she is excited for me and read the books for me and goes to the movies for me and with me, even though she really isnt THAT into it...I have the best girlfriend in the world and we have been friends since 5th grade...I really dont care what anybody thinks... if they have the authorities lock me up and carry me away then maybe I will care then:) I told my hubby after watching the coverage of the BD premiere in LA...At least I dont have any of the Edward dolls and all that stuff....just a few TShirts...OOOOOOH K then!

30 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
30 said...

Hi Roseland!

I decided from previous years experience to skip the midnight showing this time around, but as soon as my daughter gets home from school. I am whisking her in the car and off too see BD! Hopefully a 4:00 showing will not be invested with crazy yelling Twi hards. lol

I hear from fans Kristen was just amazing in this one, Not that I had any doubt I am very much looking forward too seeing Bella as a women.

dottie said...

I agree w/everyone's sentiments about BD. There was so much in the movie to absorb I feel like I couldn't really take it all in on the first viewing! One thing that I wasn't expecting was how many little surprises there were, even in the scenes we know so well from the book.

Kristen and Rob both blew me away. They were so natural it almost at times felt like I was looking in on real life private moments. The energy/chemistry between them, even when BE are at odds, is as as strong as ever-if not stronger! I thought Taylor did a great job too. Bill Condon is a hero! Congrats to everyone involved!

Sydney, Thanks so much for posting Paula's dressing recipe. You can never go wrong w/Paula! :)

Have a great day peeps!

Sydney said...

No problem thoughts exactly about a southern recipe and Paula Dean.

Yay! I recruited someone to go see Breaking Dawn this afternoon. I'm also seeing it Sunday and possible Monday. I'm so excited!

dottie said...

Wow Sydney! I'm sitting here trying to decide if I can wait until my friends come for Thanksgiving to see it again. Have fun!

I guess promo is officially over now. Hopefully Rob can get some down time, and soon Kristen too when she finishes SWATH.

DreamerKind said...

Hello, hello!

Can't make time to share my BD experiences right now, as I still have stay over company, and we are about to head out for the evening.

I'll just say that BD is now my second favorite Twi movie, after Twilight. It's beautifully filmed and acted, and very satisfying, in all ways.

Will be back late.

Claire said...

DK - The first one will always be my fav too. This one is close behind though.

30 said...

My BD update.

Kristen kicked ass! Seriously she held that movie. Her and Robs interaction felt so real, so heartfelt but Kristen she just blew me away as Bella. I loved BD seriously I was scared I was going to be disappointed in more than one way (besides for the wolfs and there "mind" talks) that was a bit cheesy. lol but if you overlook that,BD is one of the in my book.

P.S. That sex scene..... So hot! :) Here's hoping for some extras on DVD. ha ha ha!

angelica1 said...

Just back from the cinema and all we've done all the way home is rave about how incredible Kristen and Rob were. Their chemistry is always amazing but this was something else entirely. I watched Twilight again a few days ago and I think that helped underline how far they've come.The placement of Flightless Bird had me sobbing! Also, I'm not generally a Jacob fan but I think Bill Condon got it just right this time and I actually like him in this one, I thought Taylor did a great job too. Now I'm just working out how soon I can go again :)

PL - There were a lot of men in the showing I went too. There were very few teenagers and no screaming. I'd say 98% were adults and there were several people on their own and they didn't look pout of place at all. I'd go if I was you!

30 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
30 said...

Angelica I am going too sneak off after work this weekend and go again. :)

Rob and Kristen have both come a long way, I was very impressed.

Claire said...

Ooh!!! I've just watched an interview that Rob did when he was here a couple of days ago. He says he will probably be shooting something in January, but he doesn't know what yet.

Whatcha got planned Rob? Wanna throw us a bone mate? LOL

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, I loved all the pictures, and don't they look happy and so attractive.

I went to see BD last night, and it was wonderful, the best yet. Everybody in the movie did a wonderful job, and I do not see how they can top it next year.

Have a lovely weekend Roselanders, and go to see BD as soon as you can.

angelica1 said...

30 - Yes,I'm wanting to go again now. I have visions of me sneaking out in the middle of the night.LOL

Super RN Gas Passer said...


I did go see it again this afternoon....and I agree with an earlier comment that you pick up more when you go back the second will go several more times before it leaves the theaters...

DK...I am home alone tonight so please call me if you feel up to it when you and your friend return!

Hubby and I are going to see a world class guitarist in Columbia tomorrow night named John Bonamassa..we are going to a meet and greet, then dinner, and the concert starts at 8pm...a perfect end to a wonderful week of Twilight...good times!

Love to All...Have a safe and wonderful weekend!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

OMG... OK...I watched the vids for ELLEN and the Berlin promo... So funny your "HEART" was bigger than enjoy your down time. YOU DESERVE IT...I dont know how you guys hold up to all the travel and etc that goes along with these promos...God Bless You and I love Taylor Lautner so much...Have a wonderful weekend...

deb said...

YEP seen BD last night And all I can say is HELL YA THE BEST ONE EVER I LOVE LOVE BELLAS DRESS And can I say YOU GO THERE KRISTEN YOU KNOW HOW TO LOVE YOUR MAN Yes Bella did look BAD in the birth scene THEY DID A GOOD JOB WITH her Poor Poor Edward You can just see the pain and worry in his eyes I would LOVE to SEE Robert and Kristen do another movie together any kind would be good YEP going to go see it again this week maybe 2 or 3 times more hehehehe Love them all on Ellen today OK ROSE thank you my friend for all your love for our Robert and Kristen I hope you all get to see the movie YOU'LL LOVE IT :) DEB.

Sydney said...

Minor spoilers ahead:

Okay, I'm back. And wow. So, Twilight is still my favorite. The wolves having a conversation in their minds was...too much. It was unintentionally funny. I could have watched an entire movie that just showed the wedding kiss. Bella dying was painful to watch and Rob played that so well it was heartbreaking. Best acting job by the entire trio in this one. Jacob didn't bother me even once (which is saying something). Honeymoon was hot (did anyone else see a little more of Bella then we were supposed to?). Oh and the imprinting scene was great...not creepy and I think they pulled it off. I really need to see it again to process all this. At first I thought this one would be the better of the two...but now...with the flawless stunningness (I know it's not a word) of Kristen as a Vamp...I cannot wait for the next one. Loved it!

Claire said...

Sydney - That wedding kiss OMG. And the music that accompanied it ;) was perfect.

Best Kiss at next years movie awards is in the bag LOL

olivia said...

Thank you Rose, love the new banner and the vampire red background.

Big happy smile on my face. Standing on my chair, clapping and shouting "bravo". I was able to get in to see BD after school today. Thank you to Kristen, Rob, Bill Condon, Taylor and everyone involved. The movie was everything and more that I had hoped for. It was masterfully and lovingly done. So many things to comment on but perhaps the top things for me were:

Not only the most amazingly beautiful wedding ever, but Kristen, Rob and Billy hit it out of the ball park with their emotions. The wedding dress is a masterpiece and absolutely divine on Kristen. The kiss is heavenly and the music that is playing during the kiss will make you cry. It is beyond perfect!

The entire honeymoon overflows with such tender, sweet, honest and even humorous moments. It races by and you want it to last at least twice as long.

Intimate moments between Rob and Kristen on the sofa during the horrific pregnancy. Just makes your heart melt.

The birth and transformation scenes were superbly done. Rob breaks your heart as he plays Edward so filled with grief that he may lose the love of his life, his reason for existence.

Even the imprinting was handled in a very tasteful and lovely manner. Just the right amount of information was presented in several parts of the film to help a non Twi person understand the concept. Kudos to Bill Condon and Taylor.

The film score was perfect. Loved the placement of all the songs. The homage to Twilight, both through music and flashbacks was evident throughout the film and added tremendous emotional richness to several key moments in the film.

The wedding toasts were fun and touching. The toast by Edward to Bella was so very precious, beautiful and delivered in such a heartfelt, real manner. It was lovely.

The movie ended perfectly! Loved it!

So many other wonderful things to comment on, but enough for now. Would like to say however that I wish some of the "battle of the blonde jokes vs. dog comments and the dog bowl scene" would have made it into the film.

The good news.....will be making quite a few more trips back to the theatre to see it on the big screen.
The bad news.....BD II is a year away!

SWatH trailer was shown before BD and it was amazing.

Have a great evening everyone.
Hugs for y'all.
Big hugs for Smitty and Gruff.
Life is good.

Sydney said...

Claire: oh so in the bag. I think there was some wedding tongue in that kiss. And yes...then they kill you with the music. So romantic.

Olivia: I think that was my favorite scene...the little family bonding over the shared love of their baby. Both of them, finally giddy and happy and kissing and cooing to their baby. That was precious.

I forgot...Renee singing at the

Teeth said...

Movie was great. I'm already thinking about when the dvd comes out, can't wait for that COMMENTARY <3

Goodnight Roseland :)

Rhonda said...

Rose, love the new banner :)

I was able to get into one of the late showings of BD last night, and I can't begin to say how much I loved this movie. Bill Condon got it right. He truly captured the essence of the book, and brought the love story back to the forefront, which was missing, to an extent, in the previous two movies I thought.

Kristen was beyond amazing in how she played out the varying emotions that Bella goes through. From the nerves of the wedding, to the joy and exuberence of the honeymoon, the fierce protection she has for her unborn baby, and the heartache she feels for hurting Edward.

Rob was equally as brilliant. The emotion he brought forth during the birthing scene and Bella dying, were heartbreaking and hard to watch, but at the same time, incredibly beautiful.

I thought Taylor was very impressive as well. He really matures Jacob in this one.

Hi everyone- Happy Saturday!

dottie said...

OOOOO! I love the fancy new banner!

Happy Saturday, everyone!

Anonymous said...

What a perfect post, Rose! Sometimes we don't need a lot of words to say what is obvious.

katy said...

Breaking Dawn is AMAZING. Bill Condon did an Excellent job. Rob and Kristen gave INCREDIBLE performances... Taylor did great as well but... Rob and Kristen are able to show the deepest emotions and feelings...only with their facial expressions...they were both phenomenal!!!!. Kristen from being nervous to get married, to trying to keep her baby and Rob, god, especially in the birth scene, his despair when he was trying to revive her...begging her to live...we could feel his desperation...heartbreaking..I was crying.
Wedding was perfect...very emotional. The dress was beautiful especially the back of the dress and Kristen looked stunning. The really long kiss is just incredibly beautiful! Loved the toasts at the reception.
The honeymoon, I wanted to be longer, because it was SO sweet, funny and beautiful. The sex scene was perfectly sexy and romantic. The scenes where Bella had her sexy nighties on, trying to seduce Edward...was SO adorable!!!
The scene where Edward and Bella hear the baby for the first time and then they cuddle on the sofa were the sweetest scenes EVER!!!…I wanted to be able to rewind it to watch it over and over again.
Bella's transformation with was absolutely perfect!!
I love how they used so much music from Twilight.

Ohh, being Portuguese it was delightful to hear Rob speaking so much Portuguese. And even though he didn’t understand anything that he was saying his accent was really good!!!

Happy Saturday

katy said...

And Rose, I LOVE the new banner absolutely gorgeous!!!

Annie said...

Good afternoon Roseland!

It will be a busy weekend for me but we plan to see BD1 tonight or tomorrow.

@PL: My sister says her husband has no choice but to go with us. :) He liked Twilight and New Moon....Eclipse, not so much because he said there was too much emphasis on the wolves.
I will let you know his thoughts on BD1.
The other males in the group are in whatever mode.

Have a great weekend everyone. BD1 is breaking box office records! :)

ali mac said...

After reading every ones reviews, I think we are all on the same page.

Every time I think about the kiss at the wedding I get goosebumps!!!I loved the speeches at the wedding they were really cute and funny :0)
The honeymoon was absolutely perfect, I just wish it had lasted longer. The difference in the two taxi journeys to and from the honeymoon were really good! I am going to go back to see it on my own to really appreciate it. I think I was too over excited to take everything in.

I actually took a fit of the giggles when the wolves were communicating (a little bit when you laugh in Church) shoulders shaking, but I do understand why they put that scene in.

The birth was absolutely fab!! Rob was just heartbreaking in that scene. The transformation of Bella just left me dying to see the next one.

Roll on the release of the dvd, so as I can study it all in greater detail!!!!!!!!1

Kay said...

Loved, loved, loved BD1!! Feeling so happy, sappy, giddy and twirly today. :D

Saw the movie last night with a group of friends ranging in age from 20’s to 40’s, everyone had seen the other three movies and all but one had read the books at least once...all different levels of Twilight/R&K fangirls. Everyone absolutely LOVED it and we’re all hoping to be able to see it again soon. :)

I felt like Bill Condon brought back the heart, romance and love story that I fell for in the first Twilight movie and Rob, Kristen and Taylor really were fantastic. I’m so thankful and happy that they truly seemed to understand and deliver on what the fans really wanted, or at least what I wanted as a huge fan.

I really can’t say enough about Kristen and Rob’s amazing performances...the depth of their emotions, their chemistry and connection...their interpretation of utter and complete devotion, fear of loss, grief and heartbreak...they both absolutely nailed all of the emotions and completely brought me to those places. They should be incredibly proud of everything they have done for the saga and the way they’ve brought Bella and Edward to life for us. I honestly don’t think anyone else could have done it as well as they have.

Okay, I’ll stop my sappy gushing now...hope you all have a wonderful, stress-free, relaxing weekend out there! <3

PL said...

I broke down and went to see BD by myself this morning. I was expecting an empty theater at 11am and it was over half full with a mix of ages.

I really enjoyed it but I think you have to see it twice, not because you are a super fan, but just because it moves so fast. I wish we had not seen so many clips beforehand because I think the beginning was ruined a little because of that. As everyone has been saying, without Rob and Kristen this never would be the same movie. They were great and I think we were seeing a lot of them in the characters.

Surprisingly, I didn't hate the wolf scenes. I didn't even mind the weird talking because it had to be conveyed somehow. I was especially glad that the pack kept their shirts on throughout the movie because those guys just are not in good shape.

The birth was not as graphic as I was expecting, but still packed a punch. My only complaint is I thought the soundtrack was intrusive in places and would have preferred it more muted.

I decided not to even ask Mr PL. He would have ruined it for me with all his questions.

*I*Believe* said...


I saw BD for the second time. I took daw because I knew where to have her close her eyes. She really like it. Me? I cried through a lot of it. This time I was able to truly endjoy it and comprehend it. As others have said it does move fast. So many things were hared to catch the first time, plus I think I was just too excited. As PL said, this movie would NOT be what it is without Rob and Kristen. They were AMAZING!!!!!

I just love Turning Page, the song Bella walks down the aisle to. I have been listending to it on the soundtrack and it really chokes me up. It is perfect. I also love Cold, when they are washing and cleaning Bella after the birth. I think the music choices were wonderful....wish A Thousand Years would have been in the movie itself, though.

I hope Rob and Kristen get a little R & R and time to enjoy each other and be together!!!!

Freddie said...

I wanted to see Breaking Dawn a second time before I commented. Like many of you, there were a number of scenes that provided real impact. Ironically for me it wasn’t the big three (the wedding, honeymoon or birth scenes) that I enjoyed most – perhaps because I’d already heard too much about them through the interviews and talk show clips. It was two Bella and Edward scenes (no surprise): the first being the one where Edward hears the baby for the first time. It was a touching intimate scene that played more effectively with just Edward and Bella than it did in the book. The second scene was the argument in the medical room. I loved seeing Rob portray Edward’s anger and despair at the thought of losing Bella. I thought both Rob and Kristen delivered beautiful performances that spoke to the love between the characters, and both scenes seemed more honest to me (if that makes any sense).

Like everyone else, I loved the touches of humour including the lingerie scene and Charlie’s reception speech etc.. Thank goodness the theatre was dark or people would have seen the silly grin on my face. My only regret is that the wedding and honeymoon scenes seemed to go too fast. Beautiful sequences like the street scene in Rio, the chess scenes, the vows, the waterfall scenes passed too quickly and didn’t quite culminate in the emotion I had hoped for. I suspect, however, that I’m in the minority here. Maybe I just need to wait for the DVD so that I can view them repeatedly LOL.

I want to thank everyone involved in the project, particularly Bill Condon, and of course, Robert and Kristen for giving us a movie that pays homage to its roots. This was evident in the nuanced performances, the painstaking attention to detail and all the subtle and overt references to the earlier movies. I loved the flashbacks to iconic scenes - the first meadow scene, the cafeteria strut, the van collision scene and the prom dance from the first movie - not to mention the use of past musical themes to underscore new exposition. It is obvious that the movie was a labour of love and gift to the Twilight fans.

Oh, and can I just say that whenever Rob and Kristen smile on camera, they light up the screen. Beautiful couple is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

hi guys just came from BD viewing , i missed the first few minutes, they were already at "i do " nevermind i'm going to see it tomorrow again!
not sure if it was sydney who posted this but i too saw a little bit more than expected of bella's chest it was really quick,i was kinda "? nooo..."

i got emotional realizing how much of twilight was present in film, especially as i watched twilight the night before! they knocked it out of the park with depiction of bella's looking like death, her baby bump was great, rob and kristen really outdid themselves in this one! its crazy how involves you get when they're on screen, the bubble is strong in these two ,it lives on never wavering and steady!!!
what was up with the wigs , can vamps in twilight dye their hair? and i think everyone agrees that wolves scene was cheesy lol it went on too long and their convo wasnt the most comprehensive! otherwise baby renesmee was beautifulllll,i still love charlie he's the best dad ever! kristen was perfect in pre-honeymoon jitters.

the whole movie was perfect nevermind the one two pesky details, and the end , i jump when bella back went bust as she lunged for her bloody juice! and transformation was just top notch her skin looked perfectly white! and yes even nikki reed was good here with little to say , such a shame we got no blond jokes, maybe its on a bloop reel in the near future!
going to watch it tomorrow twice alone so i can soak it in!! was with a friend today she's no fan but is kind enough to go with me as she had a car, but afterwards she was like "a good thing there was the action with the wolves" i'm thinking "who cares about them?!!! mehhh"

although i have to say jacob was his least annoying ever even compare to book covering part1!and i can't help but notice taylor isnt a kid anymore something about him looks or feels different!

ps: did anyone else think denali sisters looked weird rather than breathtakingly beautiful?

DreamerKind said...

All My Heart

Sleeping With Sirens:

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That I could say
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DreamerKind said...

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DreamerKind said...

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Thank you/Sideout1000

DreamerKind said...

Good morning, Roselanders!

Hasn't this been a wonderful week? I am beside myself with delight, since having watched the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn, Part 1.

Will have a second helping of that rich brew, as soon as I can, and a third, maybe a fourth for dessert.

Twirling, whirling, swirling until my stick straight hair is curling.

Meanwhile, it's time for a little wine, and some rumination.

DreamerKind said...
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DreamerKind said...

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DreamerKind said...

For Kristen, Rob, Taylor, Stephenie, Bill, Wyck, The Cast, Rose & Rose's Roselanders

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DreamerKind said...

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DreamerKind said...

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DreamerKind said...

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DreamerKind said...

I'm so happy tonight, or this morning, and I'm in love.

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An essence of Chanel enthralls me, and am so full of the gifts I have been given.

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DreamerKind said...

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Thank you/MrJazztranscriptions

DreamerKind said...

My gosh, lovelies, if I didn't have to get up early for the estate sale, that may or may not have the ornately carved chairs I seek, I'd stay all night. You know I would.

Kisses, darling ones.

Fiorels said...

Good Morning Roseland!
So happy to wake up to all these BD reviews!
I couldn't wait to hear your thoughts and couldn't agree anymore with everything you said!
I could spend two more words about it now that most of you have seen it lol
By the way, how much more do you love turning page now? Cause that was my fav song from the soundtrack even before but now... now i love it even more if it's possible...


I really liked the beginning even though I'm kinda sorry there was no scene of EB telling Charlie about the wedding haha that would have been hilarious lol
I loved how bella wanted to go barefoot, made me think of Kristen lol
The weeding was so emotional! You could truly see how nervous Kristen was and how she suddenly becomes more self-confident as soon as she sees Rob. Sorry if i mess up with R/K or E/B referring. hehe
I could not avoid smiling thinking about the "supposed-to-be-real-priest" messing up with their names lol and that kiss... well that for sure is one of the best kiss ever so we already know they are going to win again the mtv movie awards this year lol
I also liked the effect of the camera turning around them which reminded me of the prom scene (and considering the song that was playing during that it was more than emotional) and also the fact that all people disappeared cause i remember in the book bella was thinking that they were kissing as if no one was that was beautiful...
The wedding toasts were hilarious! haha Billy, Kellan and Anna are just so naturally funny and during Renee's one i was like o__O WTF?! hahahaha
Edward's speech is just so beautiful :')
I also liked the Bella/jacob dance scene! Like most of you I didn't mind their scenes at all, even though i also found kinda funny the "talk" between wolves lol
The honeymoon was so beautiful and Kristen was so right about the sex scene. I mean they are not even sex scene. Those are pure love scenes. So sweet and romantic in the way she recalls them the morning after... I loved Kristen's giggle when they move from the sea to the bed.. that looked so natural and how turning page's line "i surrender who i've been for who you are" plays right when there's the take of Edward on her chest while she rubs his hair. Seriously... Bill was just great in the caring of such details...
The rest of the honeymoon is so funny and sweet (with Bella's attempts to seduce Edward. LMAO hahaha) and I kinda enjoyed watching Kristen "the chef" in the kitchen! lol
They were just so right when they were saying the beginning is very light and funny and happy and the second part is chaos.
They both kill you in different ways.
Seeing Kristen being so ill was kinda... difficult? That'a way we have never seen her like before...
I really really liked the fight and their performance during that. Rob broke my heart just like Kristen did during the phone call with Charlie...
That tear... :'( followed by one of the sweetest scene ever...Edward hearing the baby's thoughts and them cuddling on the couch. How sweet and perfect was that?
One of the most precious moment ever.
The birth scene was impressive. Like i could feel everyone in the cinema wwere holding their breathes and there was such a high-tension around...
I discovered a couple of days ago that Edward doesnt say anything when he takes Renesmee. I mean he says "it's Renesmee" of course but in the Italian version he says these clear and so soft "ciao... ciao..." that were so sweet... and i couldn't wait to hear it in english... :(
Kristen's performance was excellent, you could see she was really exausted after that and Edward trying to revive her, his "Come back to me, please, baby." was heartbreaking. Like seriously.

Fiorels said...

Also how cute and beautiful is the baby they picked? awww I also like the imprinting scene! that was really well done but what actually made me cry again was all the transformation process with Bella's memories/flashback.
I personally have like this soft spot for the beginning of love stories. They are my favourite parts cause everything is always so new and every smile means so much more and everything so to see scenes from the first movie in the last one, really got me in tears!
And I also got a bit melancholy cause I kinda don't want all this to end and I wish I could go back to the start...
that's why twilight will ALWAYS be my favourite. BD is PERFECTION and it surely is the second one in my list but twilight- that's just magic and different from any other movie that will ever follow in the future.
It's the beginning of EVERYTHING and at the end... you always go back to the beginning :')

Sorry, I didn't even realize I wrote this much. Feel free to ignore me hehe

A big THANK YOU to Bill, all the people that worked on the movie, and Robert and Kristen of course, for giving us another one to dream on! THANKS SO MUCH!

And Rose- I FUCKING LOVE the new graphic. Just saying LOL

Anonymous said...

Hii guys sorry I been so lost n just busy not online much n shouldn't even be but I was reading all ur comments about the movie n wow loved that u guys liked it! I saw it too n even before it started I was crying n I know I'm like the biggest dork but just idk lol it was great n like the ending so real n I had to like even get out the theater for awhile cause I just to like see that n things r a little different for me n kris was amazing it just got alot n I hope when it comes out on DVD I'm able to watch it all! Okay I should really go but wanted to wish u guys a really happy thanksgiving n just be okay n happy! It's my first one cooking so let's see what happens! I know it's a little early but I'm so busy w stuff n I probably won't be around but just wanted to wish u all happy holidays n just enjoy I love this time in the year n so many things to be thankful for so many special people in my life that make it better n I'm so happy to have u Lu always! Okay this got too long n makes no sense n I really should be out stay safe n happy bye

Rhonda said...

Morning all,

I've enjoyed reading all the reviews. I agree with ali mac, it does seem we're all on the same page in absolutely loving this movie :)

Fio- Love the new video :)

Emilia- Happy Thanksgiving to you, as well. Don't worry about the cooking, I'm sure it will turn out great. Take care, sweet girl :)

Happy Sunday, everyone..

Fiorels said...

Emilia- dont worry! i cried too lol happy thanksgiving :) and good luck with cooking hehe

Rhonda - thank you so much :)

I just saw the interview of Kristen talking about cooking Italian food and how much stuff we put in our "gravy" lol
so funny and true haha

PL said...

So nice to see all these sappy reviews of BD, because let's face it, we are all sappy females.

dottie, Yes I said I was sappy.

Good luck with the Thanksgiving cooking. My first Thanksgiving I was one of those unknowing cooks that left the bag of giblets in the turkey. I took out the bag with the neck but didn't realize that sometimes they put another bag in the other end.

Another lovely video.

To everyone else,

If your turkey is in the freezer it is time to take it out!

Somehow that sounded like code, lol.

angelica1 said...

Hi Everyone!

Fio - I'm laughing at Rob not having a clue and just liking to eat stuff.Especially since I've just thrown mine out of the kitchen for moaning about how long beef takes to cook.He was already in the dog house because he won't go to see BD with me tonight.LOL

Emilia - I'm sure Thanksgiving dinmner will be amazing!

PL - Yes, I've done the giblet thing too.I actually like that code!

Hope said...

Rose...LOVE the new banner!

Hi Everyone...LOVED reading all of your reviews.

I saw BD on opening day!
My favorite parts...

WEDDING...THE KISS...The best EVER! I got lost in that moment and NO ONE kisses like Rob and Kristen. I wish Bill saved Rob's expression when he first sees Bella walking down the aisle. Rob's beautiful face captured the entire wedding sequence. PURE LOVE. These moments made up for the disappointing 5 second dance between them.

HONEYMOON...Beautifully shot! Headboard, feathers, waterfall! LOVED it but too short. Left me wanting more foreplay...LOL.
Kristen on we're talking!

BIRTH/DEATH....This is where Rob's performance brought me to tears. Watching his raw, agonizing emotions along with his fierce determination to save Bella was BRILLIANT!!
Seeing Kristen's lifeless, gaunt body on screen was harrowing and nerve-racking to watch!! She absolutely nailed her performance throughout the entire movie.

THE MUSIC....playing Bella's lullaby and showing flashbacks of pivotal scenes from the series put a lump in my throat.
A+ Bill Condon.

MOST EXCITING MOMENT....Bella's body transitioning into a vampire.
GAH....her skin, hair, body and her EYES!!!!

Claire said...

Did I mention just how much I love Charlie in this movie?

Charlie: Are those graduation caps?

Renee: How creative!!

Charlie: (Deadpan voice) Or weird


When Emmett is giving his little speech at the reception and he teases Bella about not getting any sleep for a while. The way Billy takes a drink of his champagne is fucking perfect. He's all like ''Oh shit'' PMSL

Claire said...

The movie has also made $283m worldwide in TWO days. O_O

Fiorels said...

PL- thank you :)

angelica- LOL i laughed to that too! haha i would let him starve for not going to the cinema hehe

claire- i love him so much! haha since Twilight he's always shown his sarcastic and funny side lol

Rhonda said...

PL- Can I just say how proud I am of you for even saying the word sappy...:)

I've done the giblet thing too. I had the bright idea of making our Thanksgiving dinner one year instead of my mother. I was young and hadn't really cooked that much before. It was a massive fail that my family still teases me about..LOL

PL said...


I think it was a rare moment for me probably because I had just seen the movie. Today I think I'm back to normal.

Isn't it great how families won't let you forget your cooking disasters? I forgot to put the water in a cake mix once and the cake was really dry as you can imagine. I have probably made hundreds of cakes in my lifetime but that is the one they all talk about.

Claire said...

I've just seen it for the second time. I love noticing little things you may have missed the first time around.

I love Jasper's face when B&E are pulling away in the car and the camera goes to him and Alice, he pulls a face at Edward like ''hit it son, and hit it hard'' PMSL

Jacob's face when Bella says she's going to name the baby Renesmee. He's like ''okaaaaaaaaaay'' Well played Taylor LOL

The faces of the cleaners when they see the state of the room OMG LOL

Rob speaking Portuguese UNF

Kristen must have been really tired shooting that birth scene, the amount of writhing and shit she had to do had me tired watching it.

When Edward is trying to save Bella is Rob's best performance of the whole series. It was amazing the first time but watching it again you really see the pain and anguish in his face, heartbreaking.

Rhonda said...

PL- You know I was only teasing, but I'm still proud :)

Exactly! They don't talk much about all the great stuff we've fed them, it's the disasters they remember ;)

Claire said...

Also Gil Birmingham for the short time he is the movie is very good. When Irina is talking about what the wolves did to Laurent and the camera goes to Gil he's got a look on his face all like ''yep bitch, we killed him, whatcha gonna do about it?''

Rhonda said...

Claire- I took my mother to see it today. She cried more than I did--it was really sweet watching her :)

I agree. Rob was incredible during that scene...

Claire said...

Rhonda - Awww that's sweet, I hope the tears were because she liked it and not tears because she thought it was awful LOL. I've been on my own twice. I couldn't get anybody to come with me. LOL

Rhonda said...

Claire- Oh no, she loved it! We (my sister and I) convinced her to read the books a long time ago, and she really liked them. Bella is her favorite character :)

angelica1 said...

Claire - We're going again tomorrow,I've been walking around with my pathetic face on,sighing all day and he's finally caved :)

Rhonda said...

Angelica- HaHa..I knew he'd come around to your way of thinking ;)

Claire said...

Rhonda - I'm glad she liked it.

angelica - The 'pathetic face' works a treat for me usually, not when it comes to going to see Twilight films unfortunately. He came with me to see Remember Me and WFE, and he'll quite happily watch The Runaways, but Twilight? Not a chance LOL

PL said...

I think Mr PL would actually like BD because he likes chick flicks. That and war movies, go figure.


Someone in my twitter TL captured the audio of Rob pleading with Bella in the birth scene. It sounds even more heartwrenching when you just hear it without the visual.

Rhonda said...

PL- You should ask him to go...

Claire said...

PL - Seriously, it's my favourite scene in the whole movie.

angelica1 said...

Rhonda - LOL! I can usually bring him round to my way of thinking.

Claire - He loves Kristen so he'll usually put up with Twilight for her :)

PL said...


I don't like watching movies when someone is constantly wanting the synopsis or asking questions and that is what would happen. I'm sure I'll buy the Blue ray and then he can watch.


At the risk of sounding sappy, I totally agree that is my favorite part too, so heart breaking. We heard from Bill Condon that Rob was great in that scene but until I actually saw it I couldn't appreciate the comment.

Rhonda said...

Claire- That's one of mine too. Along with-- the wedding, Edward hearing the baby's thoughts, the honeymoon, Bella crying when she's talking to Charlie, Jacob crying after he thinks Bella is's too many for me to pick just one favorite :)

angelica1 said...

PL - That scene is heartbreaking. I think because you know how the book ends, you don't really see it from Edward's perspective, truly believing he'd lost her and Rob really drove that home.

Rhonda said...

PL- LOL! Seriously, you know I was only teasing, right? I love PL being sappy :)

angelica1 said...

Rhonda - You sound like me, my favourite scene changes about every 7 seconds.LOL

PL said...


I'm just playing with you.

Does anyone know what Edward said to Bella as she was changing, just before he went out to confront the woofs? It sounded like "you're human" but that can't be right.

dottie said...

Hey there! I'm loving everyone's thoughts on the movie.

PL, I am not surprised that even you were affected by BD! ;)

The friend who went w/me was making fun afterward because I took my coat off sat w/it clenched up to my chest through the entire movie. I didn't even realize I did it, I was so enthralled! LOL

Hello to all my pals! Hope you've had a nice week end.

Rhonda said...

Hi dottie :)

Rhonda said...

PL- I didn't quite catch that either..

dottie said...

Hi Rhonda! :)

PL-I thought he said I love you, but it was hard to tell. Someone pointed out that he kissed her forehead just like he did in Twilight when she was in the hospital. I love all those little nods to the past films, especially the original. Makes the sap rise! :D

PL said...


I think you'll be gagging on sap if you see this movie too many times. LOL.

Seriously, I do think I need to see it again because I didn't pick up on half the things you guys are talking about.

angelica1 said...

Hi dottie :)

Rhonda said...

Dottie- I loved all the little nods given to Twilight, especially with the music.

dottie said...

PL, Gagging on sap... what a way to go!! LOL

Seriously, there is so much to take in it's hard to see all of it on the first go round. I'll probably see it 2 more times in the theater because my friends coming for Thanksgiving will want to go, and then another group of friends want to go the week after that. I'll just have to bite the bullet and make them all happy. You know what a sacrificial person I am! :D

Rhonda said...

Angelica- Speaking of favorite scenes, what did you think about the imprinting scene? I always wondered how they could pull it off without it appearing creepy, especially to people who haven't read the books, but they did a great job, I thought.

dottie said...

Rhonda, Me too! Did you notice "My Love" being played at the wedding reception?

I liked Charlie's repeat of Bella's original line about the grad caps. I half expected him to go to Edward's bedroom and say, "no bed??" haha

Hi Angelica!!! :)

PL said...


You are such a giver to make that sacrifice.

I've got to fix dinner now. It's been nice chatting.

dottie said...

I have to run, too.

Later, cuties!

Rhonda said...

Dottie- I've always loved Charlie's sense of humor :)

Bye PL

Freddie said...

Hi ladies,

I hope you are all well. I'm back from my third showing of BD. The audience reactions are as interesting at times as the movie. I'm glad everyone has been enjoying it. I'm sure that's very gratifying for Kristen and Rob.

I loved the look on Rob's face during the lingerie scene. He just looked so incredibly hot, not to mention Kristen looking beautiful in the nightie.

dottie and Claire - I loved the graduation cap reference as well. Sarah Clarke's delivery was hysterical.

Rhonda said...

Hi Freddie :)

Freddie said...

Hi Rhonda - how's it going? Is it Thanksgiving for you guys this week? If so, do you have it off this year given your new job?

Robert said...

okay i've decided to come out of hiding for a while so i can say this

i love all of it the movie the promo the hand holding the giggles the messing with each other the wedding the honeymoon

okay, breaking dawn. here's my 2 cents. if you are already a fan of the franchise, this may be the best movie ever; if you're not then stay home

best wedding scene in a movie ever; most beautiful bride ever. i really love how everyone seems to have let the line between fantasy and reality go. it made it seem like you were actully watching R/K get hitched. boy does rob have a lot to learn about being a groom. you are more than just a prop son, or at least don't ever let the bride hear you say that. how cute was it that she got mad at him for seeing the dress too early and i have to admit rob gets boyfriend of the year honors for this: he noticed she was about to lose it while she was walking down the aisle so he smiled and made eye contact to let her know "it's alright, i got you"

i also love how he said it was silly to have edward, not wanting to have sex on the honeymoon "who wants to play chess with kristen looking amazing in that lingerie"

and boy did she look amazing in all of those sex scenes, just superhot

acting: rob and kristen both were incredible. best i've seen from him and her performance in this one is up there with the cake eaters, joan jett, and the reilly's

i really love rob in all these interviews. he just messes with her relentlessly, but she just goes toe to toe with him

she is so poised on talk shows now and just adorable. you can really see how much conan and jay just love her. she was great on ellen too they all were. letterman can suck it i love how she just does not go on his show

my favorite thing is how open they both are about their relationship, not verbally of course but physically. can't stop touching each other

did she do 5 cover shoots for major magazines this fall? and i was blown away by every one of them

i really hope that when she finishes swath that they both just take some time off and be a couple

dk you dedicated a song to me--how cool am i

can't wait to hear from rose

and i leave you with this--my new favorite comedian,

dave atell

oops i almost forgot the surgery was a complete success my doctor says i am ahead of schedule and he believes that once they fine tune the batttery, you will not be able to tell that i ever had parkinson's disease


Melinda said...

Happy Sunday everyone! It's been a fantastic weekend for Twi fans has it not?? I went to a sold out show Friday night with the girls and then today I went by myself for an afternoon show (3/4 full). I'm still trying to absorb it all.

Twilight will always be my favorite. However Bill and the cast really made Breaking Dawn 1 something very special.

The use of the songs FBAM, Cold, and Turning Page at key scenes. Beautifully, hauntingly, and emotionally charged. Many times lyrics can tell a story when no other words are needed.

Kristen and Rob....thank you for breathing such believable emotion into Edward and Bella in this part of their story. You took us fans on a journey of elation, nervousness, fear, pain (both physical and emotional), passion, tenderness, heartbreak, anger and love never failing.

Edward and Bella wouldn't be the same if it were two other actors playing the part. I firmly believe that it is because of your own connection with one another that allows you to make E/B's connection realistic and believable.

I hope one day you both are able to work together again with the right script. Your chemistry really is magical. Modern day Heburn and Tracy.

Taylor did a great job as well. For once I actually liked Jacob. The scene he did outside near the end was fantastic. He made me tear up with his brokenness.

The wedding was beautiful!! No words. Carolina did such a wonderful job on the wedding dress. Kristen wore it instead of the other way around. Loved it (which makes up for the engagement ring that I don't love).

That birth scene. OMG that was BA.NA.NAS!!! Dude they just went for it. My stomach (both times) tightened up during certain parts of the birth. So well done and superseded what my imagination came up with while reading the lines in the book.

The wolf part. Well it was odd to be honest. That being said I really can't fault them (as this is how SM wrote it) so I think they did the best they could with it. I definitely think that part of the story comes across easier being read than seeing visually.

Things I'm happy about aside from the obvious:

1. Imprinting scene explanation was actually very good. Didn't make Jacob look like a pedo.

2. They didn't include the scene in the book b/w E/J discussing Bella having children with J if they could convince her. The part I didn't like even if I got where SM was going with it.

3. I like how the Cullens were allowing minors to drink at the wedding!! LOL!

Many other things but these are the main ones.

For the negatives...I do wish some of the honeymoon stuff was drawn out a little longer (FLOVE the black nightie scene!). And once again MR emasculated Edward during the part with J/B/wolves at the wedding. It irritates me to no end but I expect it from her. Sad fact.

Moving on from the movie. Ellen was cute and fun. Loved the "cat claws". I was ugly laughing at that.

Conan was fun too. The man needs to keep the beard. He looks so much better with it.

Welp that's my take. Congrats to the cast and crew for an awesome opening weekend and a wonderfully crafted movie. Even though it's a year away already looking forward to BD2!

Now that promo is done and once SWATH wraps up, I hope Rob and Kristen are able to have some much needed down time with family and friends.

Freddie said...

Robert - so wonderful to hear from you and I'm so glad to hear that things are progressing ahead of schedule. Somehow that doesn't surprise me. Attitude counts for a lot.

I love your take on things. I think you summed everything up so well. I too hope that they take a little time to just enjoy life together.

Keep us updated on how things are going.

Melinda said...


Congrats on a successful surgery!!! So happy that everything went well and that after some fine tuning you will be able to do things in life that you haven't for a long time. Cheers!

Freddie said...

Hey Melinda - good summary.

I enjoyed all the BD promo too. With Rob it never gets old because you never quite know what to expect. LOL.

With the Conan interview, the only thing I found was that Conan monopolized the discussion. He didn't let Kristen talk enough. I wanted to hear her, not him. I think Jay gives us a better Kristen interview.

Melinda said...


How is the job going? Is it official yet?

Also I meant to say this earlier in the week when I got back, but I'm sorry for your friend's loss. Glad things worked out so you could go to the service in support.

Rhonda said...

Freddie- Yes, Thanksgiving is Thursday, and yes, I get to have it off! Yay! I'm good, thanks..Hope all is well with you :)

Robert- Nice comment. It's nice to hear from you-so happy your surgery was a success :)

Hi Melinda :)

angelica1 said...

Rhonda - I thought they handled the imprinting really well,I had no idea how they were going to pull it off but they managed.

Robert - Glad to hear things are going well for you.

Melinda said...


Rob really is great in interviews. He has a very expressive face and a great laugh!

Sometimes I think he says crazy stuff (when he is doing an interview with K) just to get a reaction from her. That "dirt of your shoulders" bit on Ellen was so funny and her reaction was great.

Claire said...

Robert - That's great news *Big hugs*

Freddie said...

Melinda - thanks.

The job is in final stages of approval. It has to be approved by global before it can be official. So another couple of weeks and then I'll know. I'm back to work tomorrow after a few days off so I'm going through my usual Sunday afternoon anxiety.

I hope you had a good time with your nieces last week.

Melinda said...

Hi Rhonda and Angelica!

Side note: I've noticed that I use the word great too much. Oh well such is life.

Claire said...

Mel - When they are interviewed together he definitely says stuff to get a reaction out of her LOL

And you're right, he does have a very expressive face. His laugh and smile goes all the way to his eyes. <3

Claire said...

The only time I've ever seen him 'fake' a smile was when he was last on Letterman. Dave cracked a joke that was about as funny as having hemorrhoids and you could tell Rob was thinking 'what a dick'.

Melinda said...

Freddie- Well that's good news. At least things seem to be moving forward finally. Isn't it terrible going back to work when you have had some time off? So hard to get back in the groove sometimes.

I had a great time with family. My one niece got another horse and she was excited to show him off to me when I got up there.

Thanks for asking! :)

Freddie said...

Hey Angelica and Claire.

Melinda - you are so right about Rob trying to mess with her, but I agree with Robert. I think Kristen gives back as good as she gets - in her own way.

I agree with you all on the imprinting. They handled what could be an awkward topic very well with the focus on an older Renesmee.

I confess that I'm still not a Jacob (the character) fan and I never understood why Bella would flaunt her affection for Jacob in front of Edward (e.g. EJ as a possible baby name and commenting that her life was complete with him there). It just seemed disrespectful to Edward. That's my little bone of contention with this part of the story.

Melinda said...

Claire- After THE JAW (lol) it's the laugh lines around his eyes that I love.

Birdie said...

Hello ladies!
I loved hearing all your thoughts about the movie.
I saw it this morning and absolutely loved it. I can't even go into detail about what I loved. I will definitely need to see this multiple times. I almost went again tonight but I thought,"too much"? Haha. I love to go alone so I can totally concentrate.
There is nothing I didn't love about this. Bill C. completely got the heart of the story. Kristen and Rob were amazing. Taylor did a great job,also.
Twilight is also my favorite, but this,as Kristen put so well, brought it all to fruition. The Carter Burwell music has always been my favorite and tugs at my heart. I am not a terribly weepy person, but this movie is so emotional. Let's just say this is another reason I like to go alone. I am also a sucker for romance and Kristen and Rob certainly brought it back in this one. God, I love these two together. They just light up the screen.
I cannot think of anyone else that could have captured these characters and they have so grown in their craft. Kristen had quite a journey and she did it brilliantly. Fantastic job done by all!!
I am so thrilled to hear the surgery went well. Attitude is everything,well that and amazing technology and physicians.

I am on "good feelings" overload. This month has been quite a ride. I have a feeling they are going to take some well-earned time off.

Melinda said...


I agree she gives as good as she gets. It irks me when the fringe see that as disrespect (from either of them). Although it shouldn't because it's been proven again and again they aren't the sharpest tools in the shed.

It's part of their charm and cuteness as a couple.

Okay I'm off to go eat dinner. Have a great night if I don't talk to you again.

Freddie said...

Have a good evening Melinda.

Hi Birdie - glad you enjoyed the show.

Birdie said...

What I loved about the imprinting scene was when Jacob fell to his knee at the end when the baby looked at him. Very sweet.

Birdie said...

Melinda and Freddie,
You both gave wonderful reviews of the movie. Eloquently put.
I think the not knowing is the worst part of the decision making when it comes to a job. Whether it be actually getting it or being sure you want it. Good luck!

Rhonda said...

Freddie- I'm happy things are moving forward..finally, that has to be a relief :)

Also, I get what you're saying, but I always saw it as the connection that Renesmee had with Jacob (even before she was born) that caused Bella to say, and feel, some of the things she did about Jacob.

Hi Birdie :)

Claire said...

Birdie - I thought the imprinting scene was done well. That scene could have came across so wrong in the eyes of an audience, SO WRONG.

And I see in an interview Rob did he stated that he can't wait to promote the second movie because he's got a lot planned for Taylor i.e imprinting. I can't wait PMSL

Birdie said...

I agree. He was drawn to her because Renesmee is a part of Bella. He also saved her from herself when Edward left.

Freddie said...

Birdie - thanks.

Rhonda - that's how I understood it from the book as well, but in the movie Bella says those things before Jacob imprints on Renesmee. So, the lingering triangle references (however small they were) still ticked me slightly. I'm nothing, if not loyal to Edward. LOL.

Birdie said...

I saw that too. He gets such a kick out of teasing Taylor about that. He usually gets a rise out of kristen when he does it.

Freddie said...

Birdie and Claire - you're so right. Promotion next year should be fun. I'm sure we'll get more than one raised eyebrow from Kristen in response to a Rob comment.

Robert said...

one of my favorite things about rob is his realationship with taylor

it would be so easy for him to just ignore taylor until he went away

espeally when you consider that robs girlfriend really truly does love the guy as a little brother

i think it says a lot about rob that he judges taylor for who he is instead of judging him as his girlfriend's friend

now jacob, thats another matter

Birdie said...

Well, how is this for a way to end the day. Twilight is on. My day is complete.

Kenzz said...

Wow, Just sooo much to process!!

Most importantly, my sincerest congratulations to you, Robert, for a successful first part of your surgery. Your optimism and fabulous outlook will hold you in good stead over the next few weeks and months! ((hugs))

Saw BD on Saturday with the hubs... OMG, so many wonderful things to say, but you've all said it so much better than I would, so I'll just say, "Yes!!" Powerful in the connection of E & B, I honestly believe that no other two could have pulled it off as Rob & Kristen have. And Taylor has grown so incredibly as an actor (and, I imagine, as a young man as well). I completely believed in his grief when Bella died.

Long live Bill C., I LOVE you...

Rose... waiting with bated breath for your reaction to the movie <3

Smitty & Gruff... I am in awe... much love to you both.

Syd: Miss you and your hysterically funny comments to Rose :(

Roseland: Have a wonderful Thanksgiving to those of you I might not "see" within the next few days (we're having 16 here, so I'm high on caffeine this whole week to survive!)

angelica1 said...

Hi Melinda, Freddie, Birdie!

Claire said...

Robert - I'm the same. I really like Taylor but cannot stand Jacob. And the fact that I cannot stand Jacob is a testament to Taylor in many ways.

Freddie said...

Robert - LOL. Do you agree with Rob's comment that Edward shouldn't have been so accepting of Bella dancing with her ex (if you call Jacob an ex)?

Rhonda said...

Robert- I didn't like Jacob at all until I read BD :)

Freddie said...

Hi Kenzz - you are every bit as eloquent as the rest of us, as evidenced by your comment now.

Good luck with your Thanksgiving preparations. I wouldn't know where to start (being the lousy cook that I am).

angelica1 said...

Rhonda - I couldn't stand Jacob in BD either so it's a huge testament to Taylor that I actually liked him in the film!

Rhonda said...

Angelica- I agree, because I was really surprised by how much I liked Jacob in this movie ;)

Claire said...

angelica - The same here. When he was crying after Bella died I wanted to give him a big hug. I quickly snapped out of it though LOL

Birdie said...

Hi Kenzz,
Good luck with Thanksgiving. This is a very busy meal. I only need to bring a salad this year,lucky me.
Hi Angelica!

Kristen looks so young in Twilight. It has been so cool watching her grow into this beautiful young woman. It will be such fun to see her become a vampire next year.

angelica1 said...

Claire - Glad to hear it, we need to keep this in perspective he may piss us off again in Pt2 ;)

Rhonda said...

Claire- LOL! That scene got to me too--Taylor did a good job with it ;)

Rhonda said...

Birdie- I can't wait to see vampire Bella :)

Freddie said...

Rhonda, Angelica and Claire - I guess it's inappropriate then that I'm looking forward to seeing mama-bear Bella pummel Jacob when she learns of the imprinting. LOL.

Kenzz said...

Guess I'm in the minority... I've always liked Jacob's honesty about his wants...

Taylor is no doubt a very close friend to Kristen... they have such a sweet relationship, and that sibling-type connection.

I believe Rob enjoys his friendship with Taylor, but the large age difference between the two is probably the biggest obstacle to their relaysh...I'm certain in the coming years, that age difference will "lessen" as Taylor naturally matures :)

Freddie: How are you?? My hope is for your continued, well-deserved success :) Although I have quite the crew for Thanksgiving, I tend to NOT invlove myself in too much of the cooking. (My forte lies in the planning, prep, decorating, sprucing-up...I already have my buffet set; the dining room table clothed in festive linens and china; and have set out at least 25 candles throughout the house. But when it comes to the actual cooking, I leave that to the real "chef" in the family- my hubby!)

Rhonda said...

Freddie- That's most likely to be one of our favorite scenes from next year ;)

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Good Evening Everybody!!!!!

Still "reflecting" about the movie... are so funny and I totally get that you think Kristen is HOT!!!!!(so HAPPY about the surgery outcome)!!!!!!!

Have you read the book? Just curious..You are basing your opinion of Edward playing chess on what YOU would is hard to convey many fine points in the book onto the screen but Edward just didnt want to kill her and he was afraid with all the strength he had as a vampire that he would get "carried away" and accidently kill her....In the book Edwards reaction to the bruises on Bella the morning after was way toned down on the screen adaptation. He was very angry with himself that he had hurt her...Bella posing in the lingerie was absolutely adorable, I agree!

I was afraid I wasnt going to be able to get the EW magazine and then lo and behold, I opened the mail box yesterday and there it was...I had subscribed to the mag several months ago through one of those school Christmas sales campaigns for my nephew, so the first issue it THE VERY ONE I WANTED!!!! Yay!!!

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