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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Good God. Robert Pattinson with sunglasses. Effin' dreamy beyond compare. I seriously need to take a deep breath, I feel like Bella and I stop breathing. Whew.
OK. On to other things. A commercial teaser for Twilight was posted last night. It's only 30 seconds long. Honestly, I have NO idea how many times I have watched that clip. It could add up to hours by now. Robert Pattinson speaks different lines in this clip...
"Get in the car". *THUD*
Yeah, its a little different than the book, because he gets out of the car here...but Robert Pattinson's voice is as perfect as the rest of him. It oozes sexuality.
"I feel very protective of you" *Double THUD*
Good Grief. His voice is velvet.
"You do this a lot?" OK, that is Kristen's line...but Roberts response? A heart breaking smile. Is it the crooked smile that Bella loves? It might be.
I have to close my eyes for a moment...take a deep breath...and compose myself. It's not easy. Seriously.
I am sooo anxious for "Twilight". It is actually stressful to wait for it. I want to see it so bad...but I know that just once will not be enough. And I know that my friends in my 'real' life will willingly go once for me...but more? No. I will probably end up going by myself the next couple of dozen times. Heh. I actually don't have a problem going to the movies by myself. I mean, seriously...sitting in a dark theater isn't really a social thing. I don't need anyone to be next to me to adore Robert. In fact, it might be less embarrassing if I were alone...all my groaning and moaning every time he speaks might give my obsession away! But having to wait for the movie is excruciating. Painful. And then...having to wait for the DVD...Oh man, I don't even want to think about that yet.
I feel like I am wishing my life away...in 30 second increments. And still? I really don't know WHY I am obsessing so MUCH for Robert Pattinson/Edward. I honestly don't know why this is different from other things that I have come across. I don't understand the catalyst here...making Robert Pattinson and Twilight a driving focus of my life. I guess that's another post for another time.
I do have a lot to say about this subject....so stay tuned.

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