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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday morning rant.

Sometimes I wish I could just sit and stare at Robert Pattinson all day long. And listen to his voice. And watch him smile, or pull his fingers through his hair. But alas...it's hard to do when you have a 'so-called' life.
God. Just looking at this picture. It almost makes me cry. And that makes me feel so silly. Want to hear something else ridiculous? Every time...EVERY TIME I watch the movie trailer...and it come to the end where Edward is leaning into the car, looking at Bella...and says...
"You ARE my life now".
I tear up. I do. Robert says it with such passion...such conviction.
I'm too old for this shit. I really am. And yet, I absolutely cannot get enough of Robert Pattinson. I am so bewildered by this obsession. It's mind boggling.
What I really wanted to talk about this morning was why I adore Robert Pattinson so much. I am trying to figure out this burning need to see him countless times a day....OK.
1. He's drop dead dreamy. That truly goes without saying, but sometimes you have to state the obvious first. I mean...the hair...the eyes...the jawline...the smile...the whole package. Oh yeah, and his voice. GOD his voice. I'm a sucker for British accents...but even Rob's voice with no accent is beyond measure.
2. He's not a pretty boy. Yes, he is gorgeous, but he doesn't TRY to be gorgeous. Well, he doesn't have to try. But he goes out in public with wrinkled, ill fitting clothes...sometimes more than a day at a time...and his hair isn't styled and his clothes aren't designer. He doesn't CARE. He doesn't shave most of the time and admits to not washing his hair. But who looks better than he does? NO ONE. He's all the more beautiful because its effortless, and because he stays true to himself.
3. His face. Again...goes without saying..but I'm talking about how his face shows his emotions, especially when he is acting. The clip from "Twilight" when he is in the bedroom with Bella...and he reaches for her...the pain...the struggle to be gentle...to touch her...is so evident on his face. He's going to be a great actor. I can't wait.
4. He's so down to earth. At least so far. He truly seems so surprised that people adore him. And yes...while much of the adoration is connected to the character of Edward...He still seems to want to please his fans. To make them happy by signing endless autographs...being available for Q&As. The bigger he gets, the more that might stop existing...and thats too bad.
5. Did I say how beautiful he is???
6. His smile...his laugh. He really seems like someone that would just be fun to hang out with. He seems like someone who could make you laugh while you share a few drinks...
7. Ok, I guess thats enough of a rant for today. Maybe. I may be back. :)

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