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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rob Explosion

Good grief. Just when I think I have my addiction under control...the cravings are managable....
Robert is everywhere.
A couple of more new 'trailers' have come out the last couple of days. But my absolute favorite...is the 'Theories" one from MSN. It's an actual scene from the movie, and not just voice overs and clips. How in the world did Robert figure out the 'velvet' voice of Edward? How? I mean...the opening scene...she drops the apple...he kicks it up into his hands (the Twilight cover shot) and says "Bella". That's all he says. Bella. And I melted into a puddle of goo. Kristen Stewart is a better actress than I ever knew, if she can be with him, kiss him...be THAT close to him all the time...and not just JUMP that boy.
Robert also won some movie/actor award (sorry for not knowing the exact name...) and the pictures of him are a bit more subdued than recent past. His hair isn't as enormously sexy and huge as usual, and he even dressed up. Ok, he wore a suit...and it wasn't all wrinkled and it looked like it fit him...but lets face it, his hair was still a mess...and he wasn't even close to clean shaven. That's our Rob. He still looked beautiful, didn't he? Yes. Yes he did.
All I find myself doing is watching and rewatching the video clips...the interviews...because now I'm so damn anxious to see this damn movie. I can only imagine what will be coming at me in the weeks leading up to its release. I can take it...that much I am sure of...but it only seems to make me hunger even more for Robert/Edward. I keep forgetting to breathe...

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